12 Types of Girlfriends Everyone Has Met


Regardless of if you’re the LSGS (Last Single Girl Standing) in your group of friends or if you’re taken, you probably recognize changes in your best gals’ behavior when they’re in new (or old!) relationships. After dating for a while-and experiencing enough failed could-have-been-somethings-you know how frustrating it can be to watch your friends go from fun and independent to crazy and obsessive in the time it takes to update their Facebook status.

From the woman who didn’t leave her boy-crazy tendencies in middle school to the one who is attached-at-the-hip to the love of her life, there are many girlfriend types you’ll meet-or become!-throughout the dating stages before marriage.

Here are 12 everyone knows.

The “I Can’t Do Anything Without My Boyfriend” Girlfriend

That girl who used to be at every concert with you and sign up for those BYOB painting classes? She’s suddenly lost all ability to leave her apartment without her boyfriend. Tuesday’s wine night with the girls? He’s there via text.

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The Girlfriend You Love to Double Date With

It’s great when your friends love your boyfriend. It’s better when you can talk him into double dates (like, every weekend!). You love this friend because she’s your partner-in-crime: watching the playoffs, letting you be a supportive girlfriend, all the while gossiping over beer. Or you know, when you have a hiking weekend with your main men, she remembers the champagne for camping (win, win!).

The “Let Me Snapchat/Instagram This First” Girlfriend

It’s their anniversary. You know because she’s Snapchatted you twice, Instagrammed the flowers he sent, and told you about the dinner reservations. You’re anticipating tomorrow’s gchat-and also wondering what she’s enjoying more: his company or the “likes.”

The Girlfriend Who Is Surprised by Romance

He sends her flowers, leaves her note by her coffee, remembers the little things, and never forgets to text her good night. You think it’s sweet, she’s feeling a little odd about being, well, courted. It’s funny when she’s a bit squeamish over meeting a Mr. Good Guy after dating so (so, so!) many bad guys. (And hey, it’s okay if you’re a little envious!)

The “I Can Somehow Relate This to Him” Girlfriend

This one falls under the impressive category. Regardless of what you’re talking about-your trip to Europe, advice on asking your boss for a raise, or your dog’s sudden allergic reaction to new medicine-somehow, Mr. Wonderful gets a mention. If the guy is a dog whisperer, a former tour guide, or a CEO, you’re in luck. If not, we know your pain.

The “I’ve Been Meaning to Breakup for Years” Girlfriend

They met in college eight years ago. They moved in together three years ago. Everything is smooth sailing, but there’s no ring or wedding plans in the future, and neither are in any hurry to move things forward. You know she isn’t exactly happy-and pretty sure she doesn’t think he’s her end-all-be-all. When will the other shoe drop?

The Just for Fun Girlfriend

While half of your Facebook feed is getting engaged, buying houses, and talking about nurseries, this girlfriend doesn’t have a clue where her relationship is going-and doesn’t mind. She’s having the time of her life with Mr. Right Now: vacations, sex outdoors, drinking too much at Taco Tuesday, and other things that make you blush. She’s in no rush to settle down, which inspires you to ditch those F.O.M.O anxieties.

The Girlfriend Who Can’t Make Plans

The Cheating Girlfriend

You know it, your friends know it, the dog they adopted together knows it. The only one out of the loop is your friend’s boyfriend. No one wants to break the news to him, but you all feel bad and wish she’d cut him loose before she ruins him for anyone else.

The “I Don’t Have a Boyfriend!” But She Really Does Girlfriend

They’ve been seeing each other for months. They’re sleeping together. When they’re together, you can see the chemistry-but your friend is so afraid of commitment (and of settling) that she refuses to label whatever it is they’re doing. (Even if everyone knows what they’re doing is falling for one another.)

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The Really, Really Happy, Blushing Girlfriend

She was the one who called you crying after yet another bad date, wondering when it would ever be her turn. She’s the one who gave everyone dating advice but was always single herself. She’s the one who didn’t believe her time would ever come-and suddenly, it did. Sometimes you want to tell her to stop being so giggly and excited, but really, you’re just terribly happy for her.

The “I’ve Met the One” Girlfriend

The best type of girlfriend? The one that you forget is actually in a relationship because she’s so relaxed, so much herself, and so content because she’s with not only a really great guy but one that’s the best match for her. You know he’s The One for her (and she probably does too)-but she doesn’t have to shout it. Or tweet it. You’re just waiting for that save-the-date.

  • By Lindsay Tigar

(Picture: Getty)

Sometimes it’s not so much arm candy as alarm bells candy.

So let’s play a game of Boyfriend Bingo with this list of hunks.

Here’s 15 types of boyfriend every girl has had (or at least seen her friends with).

1.The short one

He’s the type to state his height as 5ft 9 on his dating profile but, when you turn up on the date, you find you have developed some sort of hunch back to stop yourself feeling like the BFG.

Kiss goodbye to that pair of heels that make your legs look great – you can’t even wear Crocs now as the rubber soles are too thick.

2. The fake gangster

Ray Winstone is his idol – but he went to private school (Picture: Moviestore Collection/Rex)

He’s got tattoos, a graffiti tag and an accent like Phil Mitchell.

But alas! He’s also got A*s from his posh school, a mother who pays his rent and a hidden history of childhood skiing holidays.

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3. The tight one

He will be the one to pipe up at the end of a meal with your group of friends, ‘Err guys, I only had one beer and no wine so I will be paying £2.75 less, hope that’s ok.’

Then he refuses to order an Uber and waits hours for a night bus, while you muster all the self-control you have not to pay for a taxi yourself.

Like you did last time… and the time before.

4. The dick

You find yourself making excuses as pathetic as, ‘he hasn’t replied since last week as he doesn’t know how to work his Whats App properly’ while your mate gears herself up for an hour decoding session of a one-word text.

5. The gym guy

Face it, he loved it more than you (Picture: Getty)

There are three people in your relationship – you, your man and the gym.

A few weeks in you realise his muscles are simply made up of 125,642 pieces of grilled chicken and a strawberry protein shake.

6. The one that looks like your brother

He’s funny, kind and good looking.

But you get asked all the time whether you are brother and sister.

Avoid awkward incestuous feelings with fail-safe response, ‘You think he looks like me? That must be why I fancy him so much! HA HAHAHA!’

Then walk away.

7. The drunk one

At first it was part of his rock ‘n’ roll charm but when he turns up drunk to your Nan’s birthday lunch, you realise this could be a problem.

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He lives his life like an Oasis song is playing in the background and mainly eats Pot Noodle.

8. The hairball

Hugh Jackman’s got nothing on him (Picture: Twentieth Century Fox)

He is 99 per cent hair but fear not!

This gives you permission to grow a small beard and your leg hair in to a thick, warm layer of fur during the winter months.

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9. The tall one

You probably haven’t looked him in the eye for a fortnight and you recognise him more from his chest rather than his face.

10. The bore

He showed no warning signs on your first couple of dates, but you feel you could punch yourself in the face when you’re with him just for some light entertainment.

11. The really, really ridiculously good looking one

(Picture: UIP)

Even you, his girlfriend, struggle to remember his surname sometimes, as you’re not listening to what he has to say.

12. The over-protective one

Even a text from Domino’s is a cause for concern with this paranoid dude.

Your status says you’re his girlfriend but all the signs say you’re his two-year-old child who can’t leave the house unaccompanied.

13. The musical one

He’s so passionate about his band, Ravaged Seals, he has their name tattooed on his hip in Comic Sans.

14. The old one

Case in point (Picture: Gareth Cattermole/Getty)

He’s a silver fox – established, sexy and knows what he wants.

But you can’t help but get a weird, queasy feeling when you see all his friends are married with mortgages.


15. The colleague

It’s hard to keep the romance alight when you have to navigate minefields like stinking out the whole office with your homemade lunch, seeing him flirt with Sarah from Sales and waking up late realising you now haven’t had time to shower for three days.

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Relationships come in so many different forms. What kind of relationship do you have? The type of relationship that you have can depend on your personality as well as the dynamic that you have with your significant other.

It is always important to discuss what kind of relationship you want with your significant other. Communication and honesty are essential.

There is such a wide variety of relationships that you and your significant other can choose from. Think about what you both want and need from each other.

Do you need your girlfriend or boyfriend to be with you and only you? Or do you want to date other people as well?

Would you like a relationship where you spend almost all of your free time together or do you want a relationship where you get to keep your independence?

Remember that you and your significant other are the ones who get to define your relationship. You have to work together to find the relationship that suits both of you.

If you are unhappy with your relationship or find yourself thinking that you might want something different than what you have now, then you have the ability to have the kind of relationship that you want for yourself.

Read about out the relationships below to see which one fits yours or to find out what kind of relationship is the most ideal for you.

Types of Relationships

1. Monogamous

A monogamous relationship is what we tend to view as the traditional relationship. It is a relationship in which two people have decided to be exclusive and are only with each other.

When you decide to be in a monogamous relationship, you are committing yourself to that one special person in your life. This man or woman will be your one and only love.

While a monogamous relationship sounds like an ideal situation, it is not without its challenges. You have to be patient and find ways to keep the spark going.

Monogamy is not for everyone and some people do not do well in this kind of relationship. If you feel like you cannot have just one partner, then monogamy might not work for you.

Sometimes people get bored in their relationships or they wonder what they might be missing out on. If you are in a monogamous relationship, it is important that you do not let your eyes start to wander.

Cheating can threaten a monogamous relationship. In many cases, infidelity can even end the relationship that you have with your significant other.

You definitely do not want to break the trust in your monogamous relationship. Remember that it important to have open and honest communication with your partner.

There are times when people will try to test the boundaries of their monogamous relationship. Someone might do this by flirting with other people. Even if nothing really happens, flirting with someone outside of your monogamous relationship is still wrong.

In a monogamous relationship, there can be something comforting about the thought that you have someone who is completely devoted to you. Romantically speaking, your partner’s attention will be completely on you.

2. Open Relationship

An open relationship means that the relationship is not limited to just the two people. The people who are in an open relationship are open to dating other people as well.

This is the opposite of a monogamous relationship. Like in any relationship, there should be trust and communication in a healthy open relationship.

An open relationship should not necessarily be seen as a free for all. It does not mean that you can just do whatever you want.

Even though it is an open relationship, you cannot neglect your partner. You should still set rules and boundaries and there are many different elements to think about.

You might decide that you are okay with your partner being emotionally involved with other people. Or you might feel like you are okay with your partner being intimate with others as long as they do not develop feelings.

Are you okay with seeing people that you know or should the other people involved be strangers? That is for you and your partner to decide.

Some people who are in an open relationship might talk about the other people that they are seeing. Others may feel uncomfortable doing so and will prefer to know as little as possible.

In an open relationship, you will also want to establish how much time you can spend on the other people you see. You might be okay with going on dates or you might prefer that these encounters are just hookups.

You will also want to establish what is and is not okay in the bedroom. There might be certain acts that you just do not feel okay about. If that is the case, then you should say so to your partner and ideally, they will respect your wishes.

Some people do not want their partner to kiss the other people that they are seeing as they feel like kissing is too romantic and intimate.

If you are in an open relationship, then you should always remember to be safe. Remember to check in with your significant other on a regular basis and to make sure that you are respecting each other’s wishes as well.

3. Polyamorous

In a polyamorous relationship, the number of people is more than two. Other people are welcomed into the relationship and it is not considered cheating because everyone is in a relationship together.

This is a little different than an open relationship because all of the people are involved with each other, while open relationships are kept more separate. In an open relationship, there is one main partner, while in a polyamorous relationship, there are several partners.

In a polyamorous arrangement, everyone’s lives are more intertwined and sometimes everyone will even live together under the same roof. You will have to make sure that you all get along.

This type of arrangement can make the relationship a little more complicated at times since there are more emotions, needs, and dynamics to take into consideration.

Remember to sit down with your partner to discuss your guidelines and rules. In any relationship, you have to be on the same page.

This can especially apply to a polyamorous arrangement. Usually, the two main people in a polyamorous relationship are called the dyad. Then there are the additional people you bring into the relationship. Sometimes, this addition will not work out.

If you want to be in a polyamorous relationship, then it is important that you choose another person that you both would enjoy. On the other hand, not everyone will be romantically involved in a polyamorous relationship.

Other times, this person will seamlessly become a part of your relationship. Try to spend equal time with your partners. It is important that everyone can get along well.

It is only natural to want to feel included, so make sure that you do not make anyone in this arrangement feel neglected or left out.

Jealousy is something that can happen all too easy in any relationship, let alone a polyamorous one. Make sure that you stay on top of how everyone is feeling.

A polyamorous relationship can get complicated because of all the different people and feelings involved. If you are in a polyamorous relationship then you should always be honest and talk about your feelings. Respect each other’s boundaries to make sure that nobody gets hurt in the process.

4. Long-distance relationship

A long-distance relationship can really test the strongest of relationships. This is when two people are in a relationship but they live far away from each other.

Sometimes when two people live far apart, they decide to no longer be in a relationship. It can be hard work to be in a relationship where you cannot see your significant other on a regular basis.

Some people decide that they still want to be together regardless of distance, and that is what a long-distance relationship is. In a long-distance relationship, there will often be many phone calls and visits.

Instead of hopping in your car to visit your significant other, you might have to hop on a plane. It can be frustrating but for the right people, a long-distance relationship is worth it.

Ideally, long-distance relationships are just temporary and there is a plan one day for the two people in the relationship to live together. This can be hard to plan as one person will have to decide to leave their job, family, or friends to live with their significant other.

To make a long-distance relationship work, communication is key. Even though it is important in any relationship, it really is essential here because you are not seeing each other on a regular basis.

Because you do not see each other all the time, you have to find ways to keep the relationship interesting. You can even be romantic and send each other things in the mail. Try writing each other letters the old-fashioned way.

Some people will think that you are crazy about being in a long-distance relationship. But if you really love each other, then it will be worth it.

5. Dominant and submissive relationship

If someone is in a dominant and submissive relationship, then that means that they are either dominant or submissive in the bedroom. Some people even switch between the two roles of dominant and submissive.

50 Shades of Gray is an easy example of a story that has a dominant and submissive relationship. In a typical dominant and submissive relationship there is bondage and a variety of toys used in the bedroom.

Even though the idea of dominant and submissive applies heavily to the bedroom, a dominant and submissive aspect to a relationship can apply to all aspects of this couple’s life. The dominant person will take the reigns and be the leader while the submissive one will want to please them.

While this kind of relationship is considered wild by many, it still has its own set of boundaries. There are rules that should be followed and you should respect each other’s wishes in the process.

In this kind of relationship, you still have to make sure that you are being respectful and safe with each other.

6. Co-dependent relationship

A co-dependent relationship is one where the two people in it are always attached at the hip. They are rarely seen without each other and it feels like they do everything together.

It might even seem as if these people cannot function when they are apart. This is when a co-dependent relationship becomes unhealthy.

In a healthy relationship, you should be able to be apart from your significant other sometimes. You should not have to rely on them for everything.

Sometimes your significant other will need a night out with friends or they will be apart from you because of school or work. That is why it is important to not become overly dependent on them.

7. Casual relationship

A casual relationship is usually one where the relationship is relatively new. You and this other person have been seeing each other, but you have not necessarily defined the relationship.

You might not even be calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend yet. You may even be seeing other people or maybe you are not.

People who are in a casual relationship typically do not meet the other person’s family members. Sometimes they will not even meet the friends either.

Because people in casual relationships are not serious, they typically do not introduce each other to the important people in their lives. This makes sense because there is no commitment on either end.

In a casual relationship, people like to keep their options open in case another possible person interests them. If you know that you cannot handle this type of dynamic, then do not enter into a casual relationship.

You should feel comfortable asking for what you want and need in a relationship, whether that means settling down and being serious.

8. Friends with benefits

A friends with benefits situation is not exactly a relationship. It is a relationship in which two people agree to be intimate but with no strings attached.

In this situation, there should be no romantic feelings involved. You are not boyfriend and girlfriend and you are not exclusive. This is purely a casual, physical relationship.

It can be tricky to enter into a friends with benefits situation as you will be attempting the physical part of a relationship without there being any emotional attachment at all.

This person will not be your partner, your girlfriend, or your boyfriend. This will just be a person that you are attracted enough to hook up with.

If there is no commitment, then why agree to this type of relationship? For some people it feels more beneficial to have an arrangement where there are no expectations.

People who want to have friends with benefits enjoy the freedom to experiment in the bedroom. It is a way for them to have fun without having to worry about the complexities of a committed romantic relationship.

In a friends with benefits arrangement, you have to worry a lot less about hurting the other person’s feelings. You do not have to be obligated to do things you do not want to do and you are not tied down to one another.

Despite your best efforts, one of you might develop feelings anyway. It is important to be honest and communicative in this arrangement.

There are some questions that you might have to ask yourself about your friend with benefits. How would you feel if this person met someone else?

How would you feel if your friend entered into a monogamous relationship? Would you be okay or would you actually feel pretty bad?

Do you think your friendship will be able to survive this sort of intimacy? Will you actually be able to stay friends with this person?

Just because you and your friend are being intimate, it does not mean that it will develop into an actual relationship. Some friends with benefits situations can even last for years.

Sometimes friends with benefits take a break from each other and then they will resume their relationship again much later down the road.

Sometimes they step away from each other if they find a girlfriend or boyfriend. And then sometimes they reconnect again later on if that relationship does not work out.

9. Engagement

An engagement is an arrangement that happens when two people who are in a relationship decide to marry each other.

In order for two people to become engaged, a proposal has to happen. Traditionally, the guy will talk to the girl’s parents about his intentions to marry her. If the guy is really traditional then he will ask the girl’s parents for their blessing.

Different cultures have different customs when it comes to engagement. Usually, there is an engagement ring involved.

Traditionally, a proposal is a well-thought-out event. Usually, it is the guy who does the proposing but sometimes it is the woman who does it instead.

There are many ways to propose to someone. You can do it at a restaurant or where you had your first date.

Proposals are usually planned in secret and the other person either does not know that they are about to get proposed to or they do not know how and when it will happen.

Even though proposals are a surprise, you should talk about marriage together just to make sure that you are on the same page. If one of you does not want to get married or does not feel ready for it yet, then you should not try to get engaged.

When two people become engaged, then they will begin to plan their wedding. Some people have short engagements of a few months while others will be engaged for a few years.

10. Toxic relationship

A toxic relationship is not the kind of relationship that you want to be in. This is a relationship that is unhealthy.

What you have going on might be toxic because of one person in the relationship or both people involved might be at fault. If someone in the relationship is being harmed, intentionally or unintentionally, then it might be a toxic relationship.

In a toxic relationship, you will see more than just the occasional ups and downs. Instead, it is more like an emotional rollercoaster that is draining and damaging to a person’s wellbeing.

If something bad is happening in the relationship pretty much every day, then that is a serious red flag that your relationship is not a healthy one.

Here are some other signs that you might be in a toxic relationship. You might feel like your significant other has a bad day and then takes it all out on you.

This person might be relying on you to solve all of their problems and to fix everything for them. While it is important to be there for a loved one, they should not try to put the entire burden on you.

Some toxic relationships are even abusive. Abuse can be physical but it can be mental and emotional as well.

You might feel like this person is always trying to control you and that you have to walk on eggshells around him or her. Those are just a few signs of a possible toxic relationship.

While some toxic relationships can be saved, both people have to be willing to change things for the better.


As you can see, there are many different kinds of relationships out there. Now that you know what kind of relationship you want, talk to the person that you are with about your goals for your relationship.

Do not be afraid to tell them what you want and need from them. That way you can both be on the same page.

Remember to communicate with each other and be honest. That is how you can have a strong, healthy relationship, whether it is one that is monogamous, polygamous and anything else under the sun.

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I would consider myself a pretty funny person and I love to tell jokes and be told jokes. I think a really good joke can honestly make the world go around. But sometimes being the funny girl has its downside especially when your jokes fall flat on a bad day. And being the funny girl or goofy girl becomes your only identifier in most situations but especially dating. It seems to be that the goofy girls get resorted back to the friend zone even though they can make some of the best girlfriends. So here are some things to know if you’re dating the “goofy girl”.

1. That isn’t their only identifier

*The face I make when someone can only tell me that me being funny and cute is the reason they like me* Are these the only two adjectives you know?

2. They will make you laugh like nobody’s business

3. They are masters of both partying and relaxing

4. A good night in with them can be just as fun as going out

5. No day is the same when you’re with them

And this one is a real killer because sometimes having the same day over and over again is just too much and too boring in some cases. I mean like Einstein said insanity is the act of doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

30 Funny (& Totally Accurate) Girlfriend Memes To Share With Your Best Girlfriend Ever

Girlfriends of all sorts deserve to feel special on National Girlfriend Day

It’s time to celebrate, because National Girlfriend Day is this Wednesday, August 1! If you have a girlfriend in your life that you adore, this day is a great excuse to show her how much she means to you. Likewise, if you are a girlfriend yourself, cheers to you and being the awesome woman that you are!

Regardless of what any commitment-phobic bachelors out there may think, let’s face it, there’s actually a lot of great perks to having a girlfriend.

As women, we love to take of care and celebrate our significant other. We are there to cheer you on. From the days of high school when we were rooting for you in the championship game or as an adult when you take on a new job, your girlfriend is going to be your biggest fan. We want to see you succeed.

We look forward to doing things together, whether it’s a hike outdoors, catching a baseball game, or just watching a movie. Sometimes it’s the smallest moments that mean the most, and we enjoy making those memories with our love.

One of the best benefits of having a girlfriend though, is that she is someone who is going to be there for you. She’s the girl you can talk to when you’re having a tough day and will be there to build you up when you need it most. She’s got your back.

That being said, relationships also have way of bringing out the worst versions of ourselves too. Well, that’s where the internet is undefeated when it comes to providing us hilarious and relatable memes that we can have a good laugh at, especially when it comes to all things girlfriend.

Whether you are a girlfriend or you have one, celebrate National Girlfriend Day with the best, funniest — and most accurate — girlfriend memes.

1. Communication is key.

“When you’re waiting for him to apologize but he don’t know he did something wrong because you didn’t tell him because he should know.”

2. All the feels.

“When your heart is full of love and warmth because of your significant other and you’re overwhelmed by how much you adore them.”

3. Even the little things are cute.

“I’m the easiest girl to please. Like you real life could take me to 7-11 to get a slurpee and I be like, ‘awwww you got me a slurpee’.”

4. I still care.

“When you’re mad at bae but still wanna check on his a–.”

5. Things aren’t always what they seem.

“Having a girlfriend: expectation vs. reality.”

6. Husband material.

“When he opens doors for you, texts back fast, calls randomly, surprises you with gifts, and is a man of God.”

7. …But I do know.

“Me: I know exactly where I want to eat.”

“Inner me: Tell him you don’t know.”

8. Keeping it real.

“Me as a girlfriend: Those flowers are great but did you bring any garlic bread?”

9. Goals.

“My kind of relationship.”

10. Don’t go…

“Me: K, bye goodnight.”

“Him: Bye.”

“Me: ….”

11. From one extreme to the other.

“I have two moods.”

12. I’m right here.

“When you’re with bae and they start smiling at their phone: Excuse me but your happiness is sitting right here.”

13. Whoops.

“When bae ain’t texting back and you ready to start World War 3 but then they hit you with, ‘sorry babe I took a nap’.”

14. What, no kiss?

“When babe falls asleep and doesn’t message back: What about goodnight kisses?”

15. Mmmm hmmm….

“This how your girl sits and stares at you when you’re telling her a story that involves any other female.”

16. I didn’t mean it.

“When you tell bae to leave you alone and bae actually leaves you alone: Get back in here and love me!”

17. Beg your pardon?

“When your girlfriend is arguing with her dad and she says, ‘My boyfriend isn’t scared of you!'”

18. Meant for each other.

“When you’re in a relationship and you’re both crazy.”

19. No shame.

“You took 4 hours to respond and think I’m gonna text back within the next minute? You right.”

20. Oh, okay…

“When you throwing random mood swings at your man but he’s handling it well.”

21. Friendship and love.

“When you tell your mans all the tea ’cause he your best friend too.”

22. All smiles.

“When you sleep over at his house and in the morning he says, ‘Good morning beautiful’, and you there all happy.”

23. Looking good.

“When my man gets home with a fresh haircut…”

“Me: Next thing I knew I was pregnant.”

24. That’s mine.

“When a girl looks at my boyfriend.”

25. The simple truth.

“You’re the only person I want to fall asleep next to.”

26. Haha, too funny.

“Jealous girlfriend on the motorway.”

27. The dog knows what’s up.

“My dog’s reaction to realizing my girlfriend is driving us on our road trip…”

28. Let me think about that.

“When his point is valid and you just kinda sit there like…”

29. Sweet dreams.

“When you have a cute conversation with bae before bed.”

30. Spot on.

“When you had a bad day and you finally see bae.”

If you’re searching for the best quotes and memes to share with the people you love (or just want to feel inspired yourself) … look no further! From the sweetest love quotes, inspirational sayings, and hilarious friendship truths, we’ve got you covered.​

Jill Zwarensteyn is a writer and Michigan native. When she’s not writing, Jill enjoys Zumba class, travel, and referencing classic Seinfeld episodes.

Love is in the air as the month of February came (yeah, February 14 is near approaching). I admit that I’m not an expert when it comes in relationship or love matters. I’m also aware even at my very young age that love and relationships are somewhat hard to argue and understand. If I misjudged, misunderstood, overstated and understated such terms in this article, my sincere apology for that matter.

1. The Detective-Spy- Lawyer
Wew! Be extra careful of what you do or else you’ll definitely just mess up. If you will do something not nice to her eyes, you better watch out! Your girlfriend might follow you (or maybe she’s ahead of you). If you’re going to cheat, make sure not to leave any evidences (usually she will check your phone, email, facebook account, etc). Always ready yourself for her non-stop interrogating.

2. The Drama Queen
The best drama actress goes to…my girlfriend. You know what sucks more? She is always the bida (protagonist) and you’re always the kontrabida (antagonist)! I really don’t know if they are just an attention seeker, acting, being such a brat or what! Cries in front of you, wants always to defend her, and wants always to care for her and lot-of-dramatic moves. Argghh, can I pull down her hair, slap her face and knock her down? Excuse me! I just want to remind you that this is not a drama movie that you have to act like you are always the pitiful one.

3. The Superwoman
You are one of the luckiest guys on earth if you have a girlfriend like her. All your needs are comin’ right away. You don’t have to worry because she is always there to make sure that everything’s okay. Chef, housemaid, secretary, doctor, principal, nurse, etc (check!)! She is certainly more like Mom than a girlfriend. It’s such a shame for you if you’ll just take her for granted and find some brat out there.

4. The Come-and-Go
Today, your status is ‘in relationship’ then tomorrow is back to ‘single and available’. Can’t think of a reason on why it has to end so soon like that? Simply because both of you are not ready to be in a relationship. It’s not that you are not meant to be, it’s just that not everything you want, you will have it. Things don’t work out for both of you. Usually, you will encounter her when you decided to have a one night stand.

5. The Love-for-Convenience
It’s quite a shame for me (because I am a girl too) to include this but it’s true. Some girls usually find a guy who can support them not just emotionally, physically, romantically but also financially. Let’s not being hypocrite here! All of us want to have a better or stable life not just for a while but last a lifetime. Gold-digger? Nope. Just practical. She will learn to love you in the long run (or maybe not at all)

6. The Insecure
Girls do have a lot of insecurities in life (guilty here). She wants to be the prettiest girl in the universe. She wants to be your center of attraction and attention. She wants to be your “everything”. You better have a bundle of patience if your girlfriend is like her, guys!

7. The Romantic
Love songs, red roses, romantic places and love stories. C’mon guys! This will not eat your ego if your girlfriend has a lot of better things to do and places she knows when it comes to love matters. She just wants to make things romantically wonderful and perfect. Girls want to have their love stories end always with a happy-ever-after. So bare with us!

8. The Nun
I’m not literally saying a nun like a very religious one here. No boyfriend since birth, still a virgin and very sensitive and conservative. She follows a very strict rule in your relationship: Ghost Rule. No touch, no holding hands, no kiss and definitely no sex until you propose to her and get married! C’mon baby, I know that this one is very hard to find and I’m sure it will take you a very long wait. But she is worth the wait and I think that’s what all guys are looking for, am I right? (I guess).

9. The One that Got Away
Ex-girlfriend. Not all relationship last forever. Some (or I think mostly) guys don’t took their girlfriends seriously. Just fling! Flirtationship. Or maybe they have a misunderstanding. Or maybe they are not ready. Or maybe they needed more time to think or what they called soul-searching. Or maybe they are not meant to be. That’s why they decided to broke up with each other and finds their happiness in a separate ways. “It’s not you, it’s me” is the common line in breaking up with someone else. Love will find its way back to where your heart belongs. Don’t lose hope especially to those who broke up but still love each other. And of course, please DON’T ASSUME that they will come back!

10. The Boss
This is also called the Perfectionist. This is the type of girlfriend who is very demanding and most of the time commanding. She is always right when it comes to everything. What you wear, how you look, how you stand, etc. Although it helps and improves you a lot but c’mon, don’t you think that she’s crashing your male ego.

11. The Bitter One
This is definitely the type of girlfriend who can’t move on and can’t accept that the relationship they build together either in a short term or long term was over. She has lots of what ifs and what could-have-been. What if we did not broke up or let him go? What if I fight for him? Paano kung hindi na ako nag-inarte noon (what if I did not make some damn excuses before). WHAT IF. Mostly, when you say that ‘you know what, you’re full of bitterness’ she will immediately deny it. C’mon! Stop being such a damn loser. When you broke up with your boyfriend, leave it behind. Still hurts? Just think that you will just shop inside the mall and leave your heavy baggage to the counter!

12. The Jealous Girl
Sometimes it’s nice to know that your girlfriend is jealous ‘cause it means that she is afraid to lose you. But it’s not necessarily too often. It came to the point that even your mother or sister, she will get jealous too. Sometimes she crossed already the boundary on your private life. Even the little things you do, she finds it fishy. Wooh!

13. The Masochist
I think this is a type of girlfriend who is head over heels in love with her boyfriend. Even if she found out that her boyfriend was kissing with someone else. She’s aware that her boyfriend is kicking her out of his life. Even though her partner is cheating she just ignores it for the love of her life. Usually, she practices herself to be numb in everything. Pretentious. Pretending that everything’s okay. She rather hurt herself than accept everything is falling apart. She doesn’t want others see her like a weak lamb. Trying to hide her shattered being that’s why she decided to be strong.

14. The Perfect Girl
She has a beautiful face, oozing sex appeal, sexy, has a saint attitude, has a brilliant mind like Einstein and she is a girl whom you can be proud to face to everybody. She is your dream girl. Exactly, a DREAM GIRL which in reality didn’t exist. Just in your wildest dream. That’s why it’s called “Dream Girl”. Just kidding.

Note: This article is based from what I observed and my own point of view only. Sorry for the not-so-good words I used in this article. And I’m sorry girls if I hurt your ego (I didn’t mean it). No hard feelings here.

Video of The Day

While the country is celebrating Women’s Month, the Record found it fitting to investigate the different types of girlfriends around us.

While it is said that women have different types of personalities, and even more than one personality, it is important to know if she is a keeper or not.

Below is a list of the different types of girlfriend. Which one are you?

The chilled out one

This type of girlfriend is basically too cool for school! She will never ask for her boyfriend’s social media passwords or check his phone or be too concerned about who he is hanging out with. She expects her boyfriend to be faithful but doesn’t believe in having restrictions in her relationship.

The classy one

This is the type of girlfriend who loves all things fine! She has a thing for candlelight dinners and suave parties. She is always dressed to perfection and everything, from her eyeliner to her heels, is always on point. She is an absolute charmer!

The psycho

She checks your texts, she’s always right and heaven forbid you forget to call her – you might as well have slept with someone else. Not to mention, her mood swings are giving you serious whiplash. Yep, this is the sort of crazy jealous nonsense some of you poor saps have to deal with. Top tip: Get out as fast as you can and never look back, you are only sailing on a sinking ship.

The gamer girlfriend

This is the girlfriend who will probably ruin her boyfriend’s Need for Speed (NFS) record! She loves to play video games and is a pro at them. She will prefer playing video games and drinking beer to going out on a fancy date – any day.

The witty-sassy one

This one is the Chandler of girlfriends! She is witty and has a sarcastic something to say for everything! Her humour is what causes a lot of raised eyebrows in public settings – some out of appreciation, some out of jealousy and some out of awe!

The food lover

This one is Joey in female form. She LOVES food. She loves her pizzas and pies and believes in fries before guys… Well, except her guy, of course.

The I-don’t-care-how-I-look girlfriend

This type of girlfriend believes in inner beauty more than she does in looks. It’s not like she doesn’t like to dress up… She does and she will, but only when it’s a special occasion. But most of the time, she isn’t bothered about how she looks because she is busy conquering the world!

The texter girlfriend

This type of girlfriend loves to text. She may not have much to say on the phone but she can text all day and all night about all things that happened or didn’t happen to her. Also, she is the queen of emojis, and no, you cannot beat her at her game!

Sources: http://www.popxo.com and http://www.thetab.com

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Types Of Girlfriend

Women Every Man Should Date At Least Once

July 31, 2013 Share Tweet Flip 0 Shares

Some men have a rigid type of woman they go for: High achiever, dirty sense of humour, vinyl collector. Personally, I steer away from having a specific type. How do you know if you really like someone until you’ve dated them? And don’t your needs, desires and ideas of attraction change over the years? Variety, as they say, is the spice of life. So before you settle down to one wonderful super-woman, make sure you’ve dated a few unsuitable ones too. Like these.

The Alpha
She’s more experienced than you, possibly older and definitely wiser. She’s not like the ditzy girls you’ve been out with before; Alpha has a PHD, mortgage on her own is immaculately groomed at all times. She knows what she wants – in the bedroom, boardroom and beyond — and it’s incredibly attractive. But it takes a strong and secure man to be with an Alpha woman, one who’s happy to stay home with the kids whilst she kicks arse at work and not be fazed by her success.

The Homebody
You met when her dinner party turned into a mini party and a mate of a mate introduced you. She’s hugely social but favours nights in, cooking and drinking with friends or the local pub rather than fancy clubs. You like her because she avoids conflict or drama and makes you feel looked after. She’s good in relationships and doesn’t do one-night stands. You’ll date for a couple of years before either the passion dies and one of you craves something more exciting, or you’ll get married and move to Hertfordshire.

The Hot Mess
Rarely awake before midday (unless still up from the night before, of course), she’s got bed-head hair, kohl-smudged eyes and a smoking hot body toned from dancing and tanned from festivals. You met on a night out and your dates start in Dalston and end in Vauxhall. Hot Mess is not looking for a boyfriend; she’s looking for a party-buddy. But whilst a long-term relationship may not be on the table, you’ll have a hell of a time dancing on them.

Your Mate
You’ve always fancied her a bit, but considered her one of the boys rather than viable girlfriend material. Then, one night, both single and intoxicated, one thing leads to another. Before you know it you’re shagging your best friend. Which is fine. You probably feel more comfortable around her than any other girl you’ve been out with. She’s hot, makes you laugh and might actually be The One. Or, you’ll wake up with a head full of regret and ruin one of your strongest friendships.

The Kooky Girl
She’s works with children, in art or for somewhere non-profit. She’s prone to cancelling because she doesn’t like to plan, instead relies on instinct. You’ll spend nights drinking red wine out of jam jars, talking about feelings or having tantric sex. Compared to your need for planning, structure and organisation, Kooky Girl is a breath of fresh air and helps you chill out a bit. But the flakiness might bug you eventually.

The Totally Unsuitable Completely Inappropriate Woman
Your boss, mate’s sister or ex-girlfriend who broke your heart. The slightly crazy co-worker, vacuous socialite, married woman or girl your friends hate because she already slept with two of them and can’t be trusted. Dating someone who is explicitly wrong for you is important not only to help you realise what you want from a relationship, but you’ll have one hell of a story to tell for years to come.

10 types of girlfriends

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