Why Corbynites Lie

This video was created by the Chart compilers’ video editor. It explains the ideology behind the Hard Left which allows them to lie to get their revolution. It helps explain why the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party feels so at ease lying, whether about Virgin Trains’ free seats, the scale of the Labour party’s antisemitism crisis, or laying wreaths at the graves of Islamist terrorists. Lie for the Revolution. 


Published by traitorschart

This J2 Assessment was collated by a team with significant experience in academia and intelligence; in the military and political life of the United Kingdom. It is with sincere regret that traditional Labour voters have had to point out that the Labour Party, as we knew and supported it, has been hijacked by groups of hard Left and radical Islamist cadres who, unlike Labour of old, do not have the nation’s interests at heart. These usurpers are too often antisemitic and say anything to get their hands on public money and power.

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