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This is the first time anyone has laid bare the connections between Corbyn’s Labour and the enemies of the UK for all to see. 

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Figure 1 – Screenshot of whole network

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This shows the structure of the Hard Left and its influence upon the Labour Party. Note the prominence of the following:

  • Jeremy Corbyn
  • John McDonnell
  • Seumas Milne
  • Len McCluskey
  • Jon Lansman
  • Momentum


Figure 2 – Screenshot of network, but without Jeremy Corbyn

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Comparison with Figure 1 shows that the network remains almost unaltered even though Corbyn and all of his links are removed. The structure of the Hard Left and their influence upon the Labour Party remain in place and are concentrated upon McDonnell and Milne.

If Corbyn were to resign as leader tomorrow, the Labour Party would remain exactly as it is now. The Hard Left would continue to drive the Labour Party’s agenda via McDonnell, Milne, McCluskey and Lansman.

Figure 3 – Screenshot of the Radical Left in Education

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The radical Left in education originates from the Postmodern intellectuals of the 1970s and beyond (shown in blue, from the top of the screenshot). These in turn have driven the agenda of much of the radical Left in education. This agenda has activated postmodern ideas throughout the education system. It affects everyone from five-year olds to postgraduate students at university.

Notice that this influence reaches right into the heart of the Labour Party and dominates the thinking of the leadership, mostly via Seumas Milne.

Figure 4 – Screenshot of influence of radical Left upon Corbyn

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The many groups of Hard Left activists have direct links with Corbyn, Milne and McDonnell.

Figure 5 – Screenshot of influence of terrorist sympathisers upon the Leadership

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This screenshot shows how close some of the many groups which are either sympathetic to terrorism, or apologists for it. In all cases the “terrorist sympathies” lie exclusively with groups who are opposed to the UK and its way of life.

Published by traitorschart

This J2 Assessment was collated by a team with significant experience in academia and intelligence; in the military and political life of the United Kingdom. It is with sincere regret that traditional Labour voters have had to point out that the Labour Party, as we knew and supported it, has been hijacked by groups of hard Left and radical Islamist cadres who, unlike Labour of old, do not have the nation’s interests at heart. These usurpers are too often antisemitic and say anything to get their hands on public money and power.