7-Day Bootcamp Workout Plan

Whether you’re getting bored with your usual workout routine, or you are ready to jump start your fitness program, SparkPeople’s 7-day Bootcamp Workout Plan can help you get real results! I created this 7-day workout plan for people of all fitness levels. It’s called “Bootcamp” not because it’s highly intense, but because it involves daily exercise and commitment. That may sound daunting, but each workout can be tailored to your own fitness level, and you also get to pick activities that you enjoy.
How it Works

  • Do one video (below) each day. Each video will only take you 10 minutes or less to complete. For some of the videos, you’ll need dumbbells (but if you don’t have any, you can improvise with some easy-to-hold household items like soup cans or beverage bottles). If you want to work harder or increase the intensity, use a heavier weight and/or repeat the video one or two more times.
  • Do five 30-minute cardio sessions per week. You pick the activity and intensity and anything goes! (Get over 110 cardio workout ideas here!) You can walk, bike, jog, jump rope, swim, do a fitness class or video—anything that gets your heart pumping! The more variety, the better! If you’re new to exercise, aim for 30 minutes (or as close to that as you can manage, gradually increasing over time). If you’ve been at it a while, go longer—up to 60 minutes per session.
  • Follow the plan for 4 weeks. Four weeks of daily exercise is no small feat! This a great introduction to exercise if you’re just starting out, since the videos make strength training easy with detailed instructions on form. But even if you’re an avid exerciser, following this plan for a few weeks can add variety to your current program, which can help you bust a plateau and continue seeing results.

Refer to the chart below for the 7-Day Bootcamp Workout Plan . (Click on each link to see the video, a printable version, and to add it to your Fitness Tracker!)

Video Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
Cardio (none) 30 minutes 30 minutes 30 minutes 30 minutes 30 minutes (none)

More Bootcamp Tips
Feel confused about this? Find the answers to common questions below.
How much weight should I lift?
The answer is different for everyone. When strength training, you should use a weight that is challenging enough that you feel fatigued by the end of each set, but not so hard that you can’t perform the exercise in good form. You might need to try out a few different weights to find out which works best for you. If you’re newer, start with a low weight to really master the exercise in good form.
What if I miss a day?
If you miss a day, you can move on to the next day or do two videos in one day. This workout plan should be thought of as a guideline, so if you mess up here and there, don’t worry—just get back to it!
How can I track my workouts?
All the videos (except Day 1) are strength training workouts. You can add each strength-training video to the strength training section of your Fitness Tracker by clicking on the button at the bottom of each video page.

The Day 1 video is a cardio workout. You can easily track it and calculate your calories burned in the cardio section of your Fitness Tracker. Simply go to your Fitness Tracker, scroll down to the cardio section, and click “Add Cardio.” In the search box, type in “Bootcamp.” You’ll see a workout entry called “SparkPeople 10-Minute Bootcamp Cardio Workout Video” in the results. Select that entry, add the number of minutes you exercised (approximately 10 if you completed the whole video), and then click the “Add Exercise” button. This will add the workout to your tracker and also estimate your calories burned.
What if I can’t do some of the exercises?
Most of the videos will give you ideas to modify your workouts. But if there’s any reason you can’t do a certain exercise, don’t feel pressured to try it. You can modify it as instructed, decrease your range of motion, use less weight (or no weights), or just skip the exercise entirely. Be sure to listen to your body and work at your own pace.
When should I start?
You don’t have to start on any particular day or week. The Bootcamp plan was designed to begin (Day 1) on a Sunday, only so that you do less exercise (no extra cardio) on Saturday and Sunday. However, you can start Day 1 on any day of the week. Or if you’d rather, you can begin in the middle of a week, starting on a Tuesday with Day 3, for example. As long as you do the videos in order, you don’t need to worry about what days you do them on.
What if I have more questions or need support?
Join our 28-Day Bootcamp Workout Challenge to connect with other people who are following this workout plan. There, you’ll also get weekly emails to help you stay motivated and reach your goals!
Overall, this Bootcamp will make sure you’re targeting each of your major muscle groups in new ways. By doing a different workout each day, you’ll have more fun and be more likely to stick with it! Enjoy!


Here at Burn Boot Camp, we understand that there are a lot questions in the way between you and your first time in one of our gyms. To prepare you best, we’ve gone ahead and answered the questions we hear most frequently.

How Do I Find My Nearest Location?

To find the location nearest you, visit our locations page.

How Do I Get Started?

We always encourage prospective members to Start Your Trial! Visit our Start Your Trial page to sign up for your FREE 14 Day Test Drive at the location nearest you!

What Can I Expect From Camp?

Burn Boot Camp workouts are designed to maximize your results in just 45 minutes. We skip the pre-registration and waiting lists and get started as soon as you walk in the door! No matter the time of day, all Burn Boot Camp locations host camp times that are most convenient for the men and women within their community. Visit various Burn Boot Camp locations across the country at no additional cost.

What Kind of Workout Style Is Burn Boot Camp?

We understand the monotony of a repetitive workout routine, so we set out to make Burn Boot Camp an even mix of challenging exercises, unique programming and a fun atmosphere. It is our mission to make sure that you never do the same workout twice and always aim for continual progress. Make sure to check out our weekly protocol to stay up to date with the workouts for the week!

How Much Is Burn Boot Camp?

To learn more about membership options visit our memberships page. For more in-depth details, contact your nearest location for further information!

Will I Know What Type of Exercise to Prepare For?

Our Weekly Protocol is uploaded onto the Burn Boot Camp App, Instagram account and Facebook page, every Sunday. Our programming for the week is designed to never utilize the same muscle group(s) two days in a row. This scheduling tactic gives members the ability to attend camp 4-6 times per week, while also providing them with ample time for rest and recovery.

What Else Does Burn Boot Camp Offer Me?

All members, including those on trial, have full access to unlimited Focus Meetings, free access to childwatch, unlimited camp times and full-access to any gym at no additional cost. Most importantly, the Burn Boot Camp community is unlike any other!

What Should I Wear To My First Session?

We encourage members to wear activewear paired with running or cross-training shoes. Avoid shoes with thick soles, and be sure to check your shoes for dirt and mud as our gyms are all equipped with a carpeted “floating floor”. Headbands, hats, tall socks and any other workout gear is fair game!

Should I Eat Anything Before Camp?

Absolutely! You should never workout on an empty stomach. Prior to attending camp, grab a nutritious snack such as a hard boiled egg, a piece of fruit, or even a protein bar!

How Often Should I Come to Burn?

Our program is designed as a “one stop shop” to help members exceed their physical, mental, and emotional aspirations. The average Burn client trains 4.8 times per week, but as a beginner we encourage you to take one rest day between camps, for your first two weeks. Everyone is different, so make sure to schedule a focus meeting with your trainer, as soon as you get started!

What If I Have a Past Injury, Current Injury, or Mobility Restriction Can I Attend?

When suffering from a current or past injury, please consult with your doctor prior to beginning a new exercise routine. When you begin your journey with Burn, you will fill out a Par-Q ensuring your safety during camp. All of our Burn Boot Camp certified personal trainers are knowledgeable in modifying movements and exercises according to the individual needs of their members.

What Is The Rapid Fat Loss Program and How Do I Sign Up?

Our RFL program gives you the opportunity to snag a spot at a gym that is scheduled to open within your community. We have a limited number of spots reserved for this free 30 day offer (yes, free) and all you have to do is sign up on the location page of the gym nearest you. From there, you will receive a welcome email to give you the 411 on how and when to get started!

Summer Boot Camp: Arms Workout

Summer is just right around the corner and that means it’s time to start strengthening and toning up for the season. In this three-part workout series, exercises for the arms, core and legs will have you looking your best and feeling confident in your swimwear, party dress and summertime attire.

This Bikini Boot Camp series begins with a workout that is sure to tone up your upper body. Sculpted arms and shoulders balance out the lower body, helping to create the illusion of a slimmer waist and hips. This workout includes basic upper-body exercises with an added burst of body-weight movements to help you get tank-top ready.

All you need for this workout is a set of dumbbells, approximately 20 to 30 yards of space and a timer. After a brief warm up, perform and repeat sets 1-3 and then complete the workout with the Upper-body Finisher, a multiple-exercise movement pattern that works the last bit of upper-body strength you have left.

Set 1: Chest/Triceps

Push-up – 30 seconds

Begin in high plank position, arms shoulder-width apart. Lower the body down until the elbows are at 90 degrees, then push back up to the starting position.

Triceps Dips – 30 seconds

Sit on the edge of a raised surface, such as a step, bench or curb. Place the hands on the edge, with the fingers pointing forward and the heels about 3 feet in front of you. Lift the body off the bench and bend the elbows to 90 degrees. Once you reach the bottom of the movement, press down into the bench to straighten your elbows, returning to the starting position. NOTE: Do not perform this exercise if you have shoulder issues.

Bear Crawl – 1 minute

Begin in a quadruped position, hands under shoulders and knees under hips. Leading with your head, lift the knees off the ground and beginning crawling forward.

Set 2: Back/Biceps

Bent-over DB Row – 30 seconds

With dumbbells in your hands and a slight bend in the knees, hinge forward from the hips, keeping a neutral spine. Pull the dumbbells up toward the hips, lifting your elbows toward the sky, and then release back to the start.

DB Biceps Curl – 30 seconds

With palms facing forward, bend at the elbow and lift dumbbells up toward shoulders and then release the arms back down to your sides.

Crab Walk – 1 minute

Begin seated on the ground, feet flat and arms behind you with fingers pointing toward your feet. Leading with your head, lift the hips off the ground and begin traveling backward, keeping your hips high and weight equally distributed between your feet and arms.

Set 3: Shoulders

DB Shoulder Press – 30 seconds

Begin with dumbbells at shoulder height, palms facing inward. Press both arms overhead and return back to the starting position.

DB Reverse Fly – 30 seconds

With dumbbells in your hands and a slight bend of the knees, hinge forward from the hips, keeping a neutral spine. Pull the dumbbells up toward the hips, lifting your elbows toward the sky, and then release back to the start.

Jumping Jacks – 1 minute

Jump the legs wide and raise your arms out to the side and overhead. Jump the legs back in bringing arms back to your side. The emphasis should be on full range of motion through the arms, meeting the hands above your head at the top, and arms completely by your sides upon the return.

Repeat sets 1-3, resting 30 seconds in between each set.

Set 4: Upper-body Finisher

Begin with dumbbells in your hands, arms by your side. Perform the following sequence for 15 reps.

1. Squat, place dumbbells on the ground, jump or step back the legs into high plank position.
2. Perform one push up.
3. Jump or step up to a squat.
4. Perform one row followed by one reverse fly.
5. Stand up, and bend the elbows to bring the dumbbells to shoulder height.
6. Perform one shoulder press and then release the arms back to the starting position.


We have developed our own unique way of working out at RWCT.

  • Every class starts with a cardio and core warm-up “core-dio”.

  • From there we split into groups and focus on our body part of the day in strength building and toning circuits!

  • Finally we are ready for our cardio circuit! In this circuit you will combine a strength exercise that you have learned with our H.I.I.T. Cardio Circuit!

We are the only gym that focuses on a different muscle group each day. You will also get a great cardio and core “core-dio” workout in every class. We offer Upper Body classes, Lower Body classes, Cardio classes, and H.I.I.T. Bootcamp classes. Best of all every
class can be modified for a “Beginner” or can challenge the Fitness “Expert”.


Our Bootcamp classes are total body workouts that offer bursts of High Intensity Cardio Circuits and Total Body Endurance Circuits. Again it is intended for any level of fitness from Beginner to to the Expert. You can expect various exercises in varying timed circuits or stations meant to confuse the muscles and your Cardiovascular System. We use body weight exercises, suspension training, Kettlebells, Dumbells, and much more in our Bootcamp classes. All levels are welcome.


Kickboxing is a fun way to step away from the weight training and challenge your body in a different way. You will get a great total body and cardio workout in our Kickboxing Bootcamps. Expect to kick, punch, jump rope, and so much more! You can bring your own gloves or borrow a pair of ours.

Workout of the Week: Sculpt That Upper Body!

Posted by cms-support

December 7, 2018 • 4 min read

Strong muscles make your upper body look sexy and amazing. Want some for yourself?

Today’s upper body workout will chisel your arm and chest muscles to perfection. Don’t worry…we also mixed in some leg and core work, so you’ll feel the fat melt off in multiple places on your body!

This workout is a freestyle time trial: you’re tasked with performing a set number of reps per exercise. You can finish these at your own pace, so try to complete each rep with good form. Pro tip: remember to control your breathing as you perform each rep. Trust us, it helps!

Let’s get to it!

Warm Up

High Knees

Forward Lunges

Butt Kickers


Time: 2 minutes

Repeat: 2x

Transition Time: N/A

Time at End of Warm Up: 2:30

Station #1

Jumping Jacks

# of Reps: 100

Repeat: N/A

Transition Time: N/A

Time at End of Station: Will Vary

Station #2

Pull Ups – Find a bar you can hang from without your feet touching the ground. Pull yourself up until your chin clears the bar, then lower yourself back into starting position.

# of Reps: 20

Repeat: N/A

Transition Time: N/A

Time at End of Station: Will Vary

Station #3

Sit Ups

# of Reps: 20

Repeat: N/A

Transition Time: N/A

Time at End of Station: Will Vary

Station #4

Wall Sits + Bicep Curls

# of Reps: 20

Repeat: N/A

Transition Time: N/A

Time at End of Station: Will Vary

Station #5

Supermans – Start face down with your arms and legs extended straight out. Lift your legs and arms while keeping your stomach on the ground and your head looking forward. Make sure your arms and legs form a straight line across your body. Briefly hold, then return to starting position.

# of Reps: 20

Repeat: N/A

Transition Time: N/A

Time at End of Station: Will Vary

Station #6

Man Makers – Start in the push up position, with both dumbbells in your hands and on the ground. Pull each dumbbell up, then hop into squat position standing up. Do a deep squat, then press each dumbbell up as you rise during the second half of the squat. Return to starting position and repeat.

# of Reps: 20

Repeat: N/A

Transition Time: N/A

Time at End of Workout: Will Vary

Lose fat, eat clean, and enjoy life without limitations.

I’m so excited to have my pal Rachel from Daily Routine Fitness here again for the second fitness post of the three-part series, and one of my FAVOURITES: upper body workouts! Let’s face it, us moms get a killer workout naturally from carrying around our babes (hi biceps!), but speaking from personal experience, it also ruins my posture and leaves a lot of muscles neglected!


I’ll let the pro take it from here!

Hi it’s Rachel here from Daily Routine Fitness!

I feel like the upper body is one of the parts, as ladies, that we kind of skip over. We focus so much attention on firm butts and tight abs that we skimp on this very important area. Not only do strong, lean sculpted shoulders look great in tank tops and summer dresses as warmer weather approaches, but strong arms are also essential to our everyday activities.

By adding just 10 minutes of strength training for the upper body 1 or 2 times a week, we can prevent conditions like sore backs, tight necks, and restless sleeps (and who doesn’t need more sleep?).

When your body is constantly tight and sore, our sleep patterns suffer. When we are not well-rested, our bodies’ hormones, mood, and energy dip very low, causing problems like weight gain, fatigue, and emotional mood swings.

I love these movements because they make sense and are so important for my everyday activities as a mom. Whether you’re lifting children into car seats, carrying groceries, or working a physical job, these movements will help to increase your strength, avoid injury, and create beautiful lean arms for your spring wardrobe.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Pick a weight with which you can perform each movement with control 12-15 times.
  • Repeat the circuit 3x.
  • Perform each movement for a count of 4 up and 4 down.

Things to watch for:

  • While performing, make sure not to lock your joints in the movement.
  • Perform slowly and with control.
  • Keep your core tight throughout each movement.
  • Press shoulders away from the ears and do not arch your back.

1. Wide Shoulder Press

Holding weights in hands, bring your arms to a 90 degree position and slowly press weights up till there is a small bend in the elbow. Slowly bring your elbows down to be in alignment with your shoulders (at a 90 degree angle) slowly return to starting position

2. Tricep Kickbacks

Lean your upper body slightly forward, bring your navel towards your spine, elbows close your ribs and with a slow controlled motion start to extent the arms behind you. Keep your elbows pressing into the rib cage as you press the arms back. Squeeze your triceps and return to starting position.

3. Shadow Boxing

With light weight in the arms, slowly cross your arms across the body to begin. The motion will be as though you are punching the air! Slowly return to starting position, engage your core and repeat the opposite side. Once you have the motion down, speed up the motion and get your heart rate up!

4. Narrow Shoulder Press

With palms facing one another slowly press your arms straight up above the head, leaving a small bend in the elbow to protect the joint. Slowly lower the weight and return to starting position.

5. Back Fly

Lean body slightly forward, bring navel to spine keep arms straight and slowly bring them into a open fly position. As you open the arms feel the shoulder blades come together and squeeze your mid back. Make sure to drop your shoulders away from the ears as you perform this movement.

6. Bicep Curl

Hold your elbows about one inch away from the body. Slowly bring weight up towards your shoulders and with control lower down to a fully extended arm. Feel your bicep stretch and squeeze through out this movement. Make sure to pick a weight that is challenging.

Photography by Steph Shulz Photography

Workout gear from RYU Apparel

THANK YOU to the BARREROOM for the beautiful workout space!

Workout of the Week: Full Body Blast!

Posted by cms-support

December 22, 2017 • 3 min read

Want a workout that will burn so much fat off your body, you’ll almost feel like you’re cheating?

Our “Full Body Blast” workout is just the thing you need. You’ll feel the burn in your legs, arms, shoulders, and more! There’s nothing that beats that post-workout feeling, when you feel tired but accomplished.

You’ll also challenge your body at various stations throughout the workout. Each station pushes you with different pieces of equipment: there’s a rope station, a suspension station, a plyo station, and a free weight station.

If you do this workout in a group, have everyone start at a different station, then rotate after a few minutes. Specific guidelines are below!

Your body wants to feel amazing. It’s time to make that happen!

Full Body Extension

Jumping Jacks

High Knees

Mountain Climbers

Time: 2 minutes

Repeat: 2x

Transition Time: 30 seconds

Time at End of Warm Up: 2:30

Suspension Station

Primary Movement: Alternating 1 Leg Squats (3 Per Side)

Secondary Movement: Alternating Squat + Curtsey Lunge

Time: 3 minutes

Repeat: 3x

Transition Time: 30 seconds

Time at End of Station: 6:00

Rope Station

Primary Movement: Rope Claps

Secondary Movement: Inverted Shoulder Press

Time: 3 minutes

Repeat: 3x

Transition Time: 30 seconds

Time at End of Station: 9:30

Plyo Station

Primary Movement: Bulgarian Split Squats (5 Per Side)

Secondary Movement: Alternate Between Jump Lunges, Lunges, and Squats

Time: 3 minutes

Repeat: 3x

Transition Time: 30 seconds

Time at End of Station: 13:00

Free Weight Station

Primary Movement: Curl -> Press

Secondary Movement: Plank Shoulder Taps

Time: 3 minutes

Repeat: 3x

Transition Time: 30 seconds

Time at End of Workout: 16:30

Need the equipment for this workout? Come down to Fit Body Boot Camp; we have everything you need AND you can try out 3 workouts for FREE! to learn more.

This 45-Minute Burn Boot Camp Workout Builds Strength and Stamina

Who needs equipment anyway? Research shows that bodyweight training can be just as effective as a stint in the weight room, since it requires you to utilize the muscles throughout your entire body. Bodyweight workouts are also a great way to sweat because they’re free of charge, easily modified, and can be done just about anywhere (your bedroom included).

In this video, Burn Boot Camp founders Devan and Morgan Kline lead their own 45-minute full-body routine that works every muscle group for a total toning workout. Follow along and sweat it out as you tackle some of the strength and conditioning exercises described below.

RELATED: The 10-Minute Bodyweight Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Don’t have time to watch? Here are three top moves from this intense workout!

High Knees: From standing, alternate raising each knee toward the chest as fast as you can for 30 seconds. Be sure to raise the knee to waist-level or higher.

Mountain Climbers with Jump Knee Tuck: From a plank position, begin to do classic mountain climbers by alternating bringing the knees toward the chest as fast as you can. After two full climbers, pop up to stand and do a jump knee tuck, driving the knees up toward the chest as you jump in the air before returning to your starting plank position. Repeat sequence for 30 seconds.

Russian Twists: Sit on the ground with legs bent and raised to 45 degrees in front of you. Lean upper body toward the floor so that the core is engaged. Clasp hands together in front of you and reach them outside the left side of the body, then the right as you twist your upper body to face each side as fast as you can. Continue twisting for 30 seconds.

Barry’s Bootcamp is the same no matter where you go. Here’s how they do it.

It doesn’t matter which of the 50-plus Barry’s Bootcamp locations you visit for a workout. At each one, you’ll have a similar experience.

You’ll first use a stripped-down website or app to book a fitness class. It will be confirmed with branded emails. After that you walk into a spartan fitness studio right by the collection of branded clothing, buy branded water, go stand on a branded treadmill, lift branded weights, while a nice instructor shouts commands at you wearing branded apparel in a highly-structured workout. Afterward, you can visit the branded juice bar and take a shower using branded towels.

Plain and simple

“I don’t see online and offline as two separate things,” says Barry’s creative director Rob Gonzalez of the company’s maniacal focus on consistency.

Founded in 1998, Barry’s Bootcamp is boutique workout studio in with locations in 25+ cities and nine countries (and growing). It’s a 60-minute whirlwind where an energetic instructor will command you to run, jog, and lift weights in a small room soaked in red light and lined with treadmills.

And it’s one of the primary players in a fitness space entirely disrupted by digital products and social media.

Big box gyms are fading and smaller brands are taking their placef. Think SoulCycle, Orange Theory, Flywheel, Flybar, SLT, Peloton, and many, many others.

A workout isn’t just a workout; it’s an extension of one’s identity, and the successful brands reinforce that at every turn. Standing out means absolutely nailing the brand and customer experience, and picking a very specific kind of person.

It’s 2019. If you’re just a place to work out, you’re going to get lapped.

“Crossfit was the beginning of that clubby feel,” says Gonzalez. “Fitness is evolving that it’s not a place to just work out its a place to network—and even do business.”

So we asked Gonzalez for his advice for maintaining a consistent brand experience across web, mobile, retail, and beyond.

Barry’s Creative Director Rob Gonzalez

1. Keep the team small

For Gonzalez and his team of six, that means being clear about the north star of the brand and keeping the feedback loops tight without a ton of approvals. When you’re representing the brand across multiple mediums, after all, it’s easy to lose something in the translation.

“I try not to look at what other people are doing . There’s a reason why I was hired,” he says. “I get inspired by weird things. It’s whatever I feel is cool. If I want to use neons, I’ll use neons.” And he says support from leadership is what makes it possible. “They always tell me ‘I trust you guys will do the right thing.’”

Rosè, right this way.

“When you’re representing the brand across multiple mediums, after all, it’s easy to lose something in the translation.”

2. Protect the north star

Gonzalez says he thinks of the Barry’s brand across all platforms referencing a yearbook of a very specific kind of high school.

“It all starts with photography and language,” he says. We like to keep everything a little gritty and a little sassy.”

He continues. “The brand is the photography and the people in it. What are they doing? Are they laughing are they having fun? What are they doing with our product?”

Are we having fun or what?

“I just ask, does it feel fun? Does it look fun? If not, we’re not going to do it.”

3. Walk through every step as the customer

When your customer experience is part-digital, part-retail, part-gym, part-spa, there are lots of potential touch points.

“It’s the little things. I sit behind the reception desk and I see that clients get excited that you know their name,” he says. “So then in the digital space, we create emails that say their name first.”

Gonzalez says that most clients are going to Barry’s as a small part of their active life, so they try to design all parts of the experience for that, making it easy to shower, work out, shop, and move on.

A small example is that the smoothie bar is branded as “fuel” at every opportunity and clients can order their drink before their workout via an app, so it’s ready to grab and go as soon as the workout is over.

Smoothies await for clients to grab after a workout

Another example: Gonzalez notes that his team started to notice that clients were bringing their business meetings to Barry’s. “We often have buyouts where teams buy out the entire space. They meet, they work out, and then head to a restaurant across the street. That’s why we have tables and wifi. And we’ll never ask you to leave, you can hang there all day.”

4. Maintain the brand for future platforms

When pressed, Gonzalez says he optimizes the Barry’s brand for community. But recognizes that the future of fitness may be in streaming and take home devices.

“People have Netflix, Hulu, and now Peloton. That’s the next move for us: streaming.”

He continues, “What is Instagram but a giant digital community? Why cant streaming be the same? What if I see my friend joining the 6 a.m. streaming class? I can do the same. There’s always a way to keep the essence.”

Barry’s in London

That also means not falling prey to trends or “best practices” if they don’t make sense. For example: Barry’s never runs retargeting ads online. They want to make it easy to sign up for people who are interested, but they’re not in the business of convincing anyone.

And as the brand grows, Gonzalez finds himself thinking more like a fashion creative director as the brand partners with brands like Nike.

Where the futures of fitness and fashion meet

“What you see at, say, H&M, is what’s happening to fitness. For them, it’s about leveraging other people’s customers. For us, it’s about people using our brand. We’re cool. People want to work with us. You’ll see us working with apparel brands soon,” he says adding that being selective and choose the right partner is important.

“I just ask, does it feel fun? Does it look fun? If not, we’re not going to do it.”

5. Remember which platform endears you to customers

Whether it’s streaming or elsewhere, Gonzalez remarks that if they don’t absolutely nail the workout experience, not much else will matter.

The “red room,” where the workouts happen.

“There’s always going to be those people that are going to want to get out of their house and go to the safe space where they can disconnect from any distraction,” he says. “People tell me ‘Barry’s gave me support, a family that I can rely on.’ You know, there’s a lot of people that meet their significant others here. It’s insane.”

Want to learn about other great brands?

  • Steal these ideas from the Sprout Social design team
  • How Google designs with curiosity
  • Nintendo Labo and the future of interactive games
  • While I love the outdoors, it’s tough to get away for a hike on the weekdays with work- instead, I’ll typically take classes at various studios and gyms. When I moved to NYC in 2014 for grad school, several classmates raved about a new fitness subscription service at the time called ClassPass. Fast forward three years later, and I’m still a loyal subscriber on their 5-class per month plan for $65. It’s great for getting in some quick workouts on weekdays after work. I’m a huge fan of Barry’s Bootcamp on the platform, but the plan only allows me to go there twice a month.

    For those not familiar with Barry’s, it’s a chain of high intensity interval training studios with several US locations and a few international ones as well. While I enjoy their workouts and would love to take more classes, my bank account says otherwise – a-la-carte classes cost $32 a pop in San Francisco! I was determined to replicate some of the workouts at home (unfortunately, my apartment building does not have a gym), so I decided to take a look at how much it would cost to DIY Barry’s Bootcamp at home.

    A Rundown

    Barry’s Bootcamp classes typically run 50 minutes long with 50% of class time devoted to floor work and 50% to treadmill running. Each day of the week has a different focus – for example, Mondays are “Arms & Abs” and Fridays & weekends are “Full Body” days.

    The Barry’s Bootcamp Treadmill

    Though I would love to have access to a treadmill, my “cozy” city apartment says otherwise. Barry’s uses Woodway 4Front treadmills, which have a thick, low-impact tread that I love. The 4Front is pretty sizable, so they also make home-friendly versions like The Mercury (narrower) and The Path (shorter).

    Look at those treads!

    Unfortunately, these cost a pretty penny – the 4Front treadmill retails for $11,000. Yes, you’re reading that correctly. So, I won’t be including this in my final tally below – instead, I’ll be including the very free version of running outdoors 🙂

    Normal Equipment:

    Step Platform
    This is central for the floor cardio exercise portion of Barry’s, used for step ups, planks, sit ups and more. It also doubles as a handy storage solution – resistance bands and other small items can be stored in the risers.

    The Step Original Aerobic Platform with 4 Risers – $43

    I already have some sad, neglected weights at home – but they’re only 3lbs and 5lbs, which don’t quite cut it. After a quick scan on Amazon, I spotted these CAP Barbell Color Coated Hex Dumbbells that range from 3lbs to 50lbs. I love that they come in different colors – I’m a huge sucker for things like that. Prices range from $10 – $75 per single dumbbell, depending on weight.

    Booty Bands
    Used for strengthening hips, leg and glutes (hence the nickname), these SPRI Xercuff Resistance Bands are pretty versatile and comfortable to boot. I typically use the red (medium) weight band, which retails for around $16.

    Resistance Bands
    These are great for upper body strengthening – you can buy them in singles for $9 to $16 from Reehut, or get this Black Mountain set that includes 5 different bands with interchangeable hand grips and leg bands for $20.


    Exercise Mat
    This isn’t something explicitly used in class since the floor is rubberized, but is useful for home workouts. With 1/2″ thick padding, not only will an exercise mat protect your knees and hands, but it will also protect your flooring from weights and impact. I’ve used SPRI mats in several different types of classes, though you could go with a myriad of brands that have similar offerings.

    This SPRI 1/2″ Exercise Mat is $20, and a similar BalanceFrom 1/2″ Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap is also $20.

    Credit to IHRSA for the photo

    So how much does this all cost?

    Let’s tally it up:

    Step Platform with Four Risers – $43
    2 x 10lb Blue CAP Barbells – $30
    1 x 15lb Blue CAP Barbell – $30
    Medium (Red) Booty Band – $16
    Set of Resistance Bands – $20
    Exercise Mat – $20
    Total = $159

    Not too shabby for a home setup that can be used for months, if not years. Especially considering that 5 classes at Barry’s would be the same cost!

    I Tried Barry’s Bootcamp – Read this First

    Overall Thoughts

    I loved the workout that day! Love, love, loved it! It was a butt-kicker though! I love doing HIIT mixed with weights and get a little pump from a challenging workout that leaves me breathless – but that’s not for everyone. Like I said earlier, I did see two men leave during the workout, I’m not sure at what point they left, but I know they didn’t come back because their treadmill and floor station were empty the second half of the workout. Yikes!

    For runners – The treadmill portion will be a breeze, as long as you are used to running at a faster pace for short distances. I know runners that don’t enjoy going faster than a ten-minute mile, if you fall into that category, the sprints may be a challenge. Regardless of whether you run sprints or not, the floor and strength exercises may be new to you, so give yourself some grace. I would suggest the first time that you are there, go a little lighter with your weight selection than you think you can do. Don’t worry about what everyone is lifting – it’s your workout!

    For lifters – If you are someone that avoids the cardio side of the gym at all costs, the treadmill will probably be your challenge. Stay at the lower range of the running, and just focus on the fact that it will be short-lived. You will not be running for 60 minutes straight! When you hit the floor, try to keep your ego in check – the rep ranges will probably be higher than you are used to, so you don’t want to grab your max weight, think 12-15 rep range unless they tell you otherwise. If you grab a weight that is too heavy, you will end up burning out fast! Remember the room is dark and NO ONE has any idea what weight you are using!

    Whether you fall in the running or lifting camp, you have to be prepared for a challenging workout – get yourself physically and mentally prepared! The instructor is super motivating and the atmosphere makes you want to push yourself much harder than if you were working out alone.

    The real sign it was a challenging workout was the number on my Fitbit! I let it run for a few minutes after the workout until my heart rate was coming down, but for me to burn over 700 calories is A LOT (depending on if you’re male or female, weight, etc, you will burn different amounts). That is a pretty good indicator that it was a seriously tough workout, although I loved every minute of it! Now, it could be that another workout with a different instructor might not be so demanding physically… but be prepared for a tough one if you go, just in case!

    If you are looking for a serious butt-kicking workout experience and love to feel the “I just did that!” pump afterward – give Barry’s Bootcamp a try! It’s a fun, heart-pumping workout that will burn some serious calories! Have you tried Barry’s Bootcamp? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, we’d love to hear about your experience!

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