Summer typically sees a peak in Australia’s love affair with Frozen Carbonated Beverages, but this season sales per unit should jump even higher with 7-Eleven having announced new price points for their contribution to FCB, the Slurpee.

At the same time, the brand has launched new flavours, including Strawberry Shortcake, Caramel Apple Pie, Coconut Raspberry Slice and Slurpee ‘Zilched’ Salted Caramel (which contains less than 1 per cent sugar and is Australia’s only low sugar frozen carbonated beverage).

The Slurpee has also been given a new look, featuring artwork from a range of emerging Australian and international artists and illustrators.

A still from 7-Eleven’s current Slurpee advertising.

7-Eleven Marketing Manager Jessica Richmond said Slurpee was a “genuine Australian icon” enjoyed by several generations of people.

“We’ve listened to what our customers want from Slurpee; a fun pour-your-own experience, new flavours and great value,” she said.

“So we’re giving them a fresh new look in our stores and our cups, and an incredible line-up of flavours, including brand new Slurpee Zilched flavours – and all for only $1 for a large cup.”

“We’re expecting a huge response from customers.”

Slurpee has been reputed as Australia’s most famous FCB for almost 40 years, with a constantly changing range of flavours.

Participating 7-Eleven stores will also give away exclusive Slurpee With July being National Hot Dog Month, Big Bite hot dogs will cost just. How much does a 7-Eleven Slurpee cost in California? 5, Views · Do large and extra large Slurpees at 7-Eleven cost the same price?. Customers can get a free small Slurpee at 7-Eleven on Thursday. Bite hot dogs will cost just $1 on both 7-Eleven Day and on National Hot.

How much does a 7-Eleven Slurpee cost in California? 5, Views · Do large and extra large Slurpees at 7-Eleven cost the same price?. Take a brainfreeze daydream and explore our new and classic Slurpee flavors, Find Slurpee at a 7-Eleven near you, available 24/7. How can we help?. 7-Eleven relaunched the Slurpee nationally on September 29 this year, at a range of new price points: small Slurpee now 80 cents, was $; large cent sugar and is Australia’s only low sugar frozen carbonated beverage).

7& 4 w wind chill last week, and what do they want? Slurpees. Feb 12th via Twitter / @JMysh. @7ElevenCanada Cool drinks like #Slurpees while dipping. The day you get to decide how much you’ll pay for a large Slurpee. itself, which is a very cool thing, indeed―all the proceeds from all the large Slurpees from across Canada will go to Food Banks Canada. Only at 7-Eleven Canada. Today, 7-Eleven customers consume about 14 million Slurpees a month on average; 19 countries serve them. Next, don’t miss these 33 things fast food workers.

The only way to improve upon a Slurpee on a hot summer day is to make that The featured Slurpee flavor for ‘s 7-Eleven Day is Blueberry Lemonade and the Slurpee Lite flavor is sugar-free Cherry Limeade. The Price Is Right . displays that were also hopefully planned and very much controlled. On July 11, customers at 7-Eleven stores will receive a free small Slurpee. To celebrate, customers on July 11 (aka 7/11) receive free Slurpee. 7-Eleven is giving away free Slurpees on Thursday, July 11 — 7/11 Roamer canned wine, cold-pressed juices, hot entrees and many more.”.

7-Eleven Will Let You Fill Any Cup You Want With Slurpee for $1.50 Today

7-Eleven is hosting Bring Your Own Cup Day on Friday and Saturday, when customers can fill any vessel they like with Slurpee for only $1.50.

To best take advantage of the offer, you’ll want to look for the largest cup possible, and in previous BYO Cup Days, some customers have gotten very creative. Tea kettles, oversized beach pails, water pitchers, empty milk jugs, and baseball helmets have all been used for maximizing 7-Eleven customer Slurpee hauls.

The countdown has begun! #BYOCupDay is this weekend August 18-19 from 11AM-7PM! Are you prepared for the challenge? @tatelovett

— 7-ELEVEn (@7eleven) August 15, 2017

It’s not like you can fill up a garbage can with Slurpee, though. There are some restrictions. Namely, any cup must fit upright within the Slurpee machine’s 10-inch hole. Cups must be water-tight, clean, and food-safe as well, and 7-Eleven asks that customers limit themselves to one cup apiece on Bring Your Own Cup Day.

Other than that, it’s up to you to figure out how to best enjoy the special promotion. The deal is in effect from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Friday, August 18, and Saturday, August 19, at participating 7-Eleven locations all over the country.

— Slurpee (@slurpee) August 14, 2017

Movie theater concession stands frequently offer a combination of deals on popcorn, candy, drinks, and other treats, but that bargain isn’t always so great for your waistline. With plenty of options at theaters today, it’s easier than you might think to make a smarter choice — if you pick carefully and share with your friends.

Check out these movie food favorites and some healthier options, depending on what you crave.

Slushie vs. soda: Which is a healthier snack choice at the movies?

Aug. 11, 201704:34

What you usually eat: A small popcorn with butter, about 950 calories

Try: A medium popcorn, without butter, about 700 calories

Movie popcorn is cooked with oil and it’s already higher in calories than the air-popped variety. Downsizing is a great idea, but you should also skip the extra butter. Just one pump is around 120 calories, and a few pumps almost doubles the calories in a small popcorn. Sharing a medium popcorn is around 350 calories, or choose a small popcorn without butter for about the same calories. Don’t be fooled by the word “small,” because any size is sharable. And no one needs a “free refills” tub. A small serving of popcorn goes a long way to keep you full — the combination of fiber and air can boost that satisfied feeling.

What you usually eat: Half a box of Peanut M&Ms, about 315 calories

Try: Half box of gummy bears, around 200 calories

Gummy bears, snacks, candyAlamy stock

For a sweet treat at the movies, stick with gummy bears. Piece for piece, they have about 30 percent fewer calories compared with the Peanut M&Ms. Don’t mistake the peanuts in the candy shell for a healthy choice. Just eat a handful of nuts, if that’s what you’re craving. Plus, it takes longer to eat gummy bears because they’re so chewy. And don’t be fooled by the box size of the candy. A half box of each of these treats is only about 25 pieces.

Trending stories,celebrity news and all the best of TODAY.

What you usually drink: A “medium soda,” about 300 calories

Try: A smaller slushie, around 200 calories

slushie, icee

Both of these beverages are laden with sugar, so it’s best to stick with a low-sugar or no sugar drink like water. But keep in mind that a medium soda, even with loads of ice, can be as big as 30 ounces! But when the choice is between a soda and a slushie, like an ICEE, choose the slush to lower the calories by around 30 percent. Made with more water and ice, the slush is “watered down” more than the soda. Depending on the flavor, a 12 ounce ICEE has about 190 calories.

What you normally eat: Nachos with cheese, about 750 calories

Try: Soft Pretzel Pieces with mustard, around 450 calories

Movie theater concession stand, food, nachos, pretzel, junk foodGetty Images stock

Both of these high-calorie, salty snacks are best to share. One soft pretzel is really the equivalent of about five slices of white bread, but mustard is nearly calorie free, so dip away for added flavor. With nachos, nearly half the calories of the nachos come from the cheese. If you’re hankering for those chips and cheese, there’s no food rule that says you need to finish all the cheese with the chips, so dip that chip wisely and, as always, share that gooey goodness.

What you normally eat: Fried mozzarella cheese stick, about 500 calories

Try: A hot dog with mustard and sauerkraut, about 275 calories

Hot Dog with sauerkraut and mustardAlamy stock

It shouldn’t be a surprise that fried cheese is not a calorie bargain. Just five sticks have about 500 calories! An all-beef hot dog is a better choice when seeking a savory food, plus it has an added dose of protein. But do skip chili or cheese toppings, and just stick with mustard and sauerkraut, which only has around 10 calories for half a cup.

If you can’t decide…

Pick up a Kiddie Pack.

Many movie theaters offer a “kid’s pack,” which is a mix of some popcorn, a fun-size candy, and your choice of drink. In addition to providing a little taste of everything, it’s also one of the best calorie bargains around. Choose water, or a low-calorie soda for a combo of around 280 calories.

And not all movie theaters have only processed foods. Some movie theaters now offer healthier options like lean beef jerky, roasted nuts, sunflower seeds, and even whole dill pickles, as well as a variety of bottled low-calorie drinks.

And if you’re trying to avoid eating at the movies altogether, bring along some sugarless gum or mints to keep your mouth busy, along with a bottle of water or your favorite low-calorie drink.

Calorie information sourced from Calorie King and brand websites.

Madelyn Fernstrom is NBC News Health and Nutrition Editor. Follow her on Twitter @drfernstrom.

Selling slush is one of the most profitable drinks you can sell. Our customers are making up to £7,000 additional profit each year (the average being £4,000).

Keeping your customers happy is easy when selling Mr Slush. They will keep coming back if you serve a quality branded drink brand rather than cheap, purchased on price, unbranded product. Equally important is having a superior machine that will give you years of trouble free use and the peace of mind knowing we’ll have an engineer on your doorstep quickly if you experience any issues.

Look at the profits that can be achieved. Regardless of the size drink sold, you should yield an average of £550 per case of Mr Slush syrup. You can spend a little less on cheap unbranded slush and save yourself 1p per drink. However, we’re confident you won’t enjoy the same levels of returning customers as enjoyed by our retailers. Here’s an overview of our costs and sell prices, including profits achievable.

* Cost includes the syrup, slush cup and straw spoon.

How Much Profit Will You Make? (based on 9 months trading. VAT and product costs excluded)

Selling a medium 9oz drink at £1.20. Net profit is £0.86 after VAT.

9oz Drinks per Day Sales Value Net Profit
15 £4,860 £3,483
25 £8,100 £5,805
40 £12,960 £9,288
50 £16,200 £11,610
75 £24,300 £17,415
100 £32,400 £23,220

How do we stack up against ‘Free on Loan’?

Considering free on loan? We don’t offer this option. Why? First of all, there is no such thing as free. Free on loan machines are often cheap, 2nd hand machines. They are rarely brand new. They don’t look anywhere near as aesthetically pleasing and are not as reliable as new premium equipment. Downtime = lost sales and lost profits.

Also, you will probably be tied into a minimum monthly purchase contract with inflated slush syrup prices.

It will always cost you more with Free on Loan.

How long does it usually take to pay for your slush equipment?

We have placed thousands of slush machines over the years. The average time it takes our customers to pay for their slush machine is 4-6 weeks. The record is 8 days.

Lease or purchase?

Either option work well for our customers. You’ll receive 2,000 drinks either way (twin and triple machines). That’s enough to pay for the entire purchase price once sold or pay for at least 2 years lease payments. Leasing is 100% tax deductible and at the end of the term, you own the machine which then also has a residual value of £1,000.

The Cool History of the Slurpee

When President Obama commented that the Republicans were standing around drinking Slurpees while the Democrats were busy creating real change in Washington, it caused quite a storm. Now that he’s sitting down with the new Republican leadership, the so-called “Slurpee Summit” is the talk of the nation. While most of us have had one of 7-Eleven’s frozen concoctions, there’s plenty more you probably don’t know about this too cool drink.

A Happy Accident

Like so many great inventions, the Slurpee was created by accident. In the late-1950s, Omar Knedlik of Kansas City owned an old Dairy Queen whose machinery was always breaking down. When his soda fountain went out, he improvised by putting some bottles in the freezer to stay cool. However, when he popped the top, they were a little frozen and slushy. Folks loved them and started requesting “those pops that were in a little bit longer.”

Realizing he had a surprise hit on his hands, Knedlik built a machine in the back room using the air conditioning unit from a car that would create slushy soda by combining and freezing a flavor mix, water, and carbon dioxide to make it fizz. He held a “Name the Product” contest and the winning entry was “ICEE.” With help from an engineering and manufacturing company in Dallas, the ICEE machine was redesigned and sold to a few convenience stores throughout the early 1960s.

But things really took off when, in 1965, 7-Eleven licensed the machine, but called the drink by a different name to make it unique for their stores. The name Slurpee was coined by Bob Stanford, a 7-Eleven ad agency director, when he described the sound made while sipping it through a straw.

Kids Love ‘Em

Thanks to inventive advertising aimed at the growing youth market, Slurpees were an instant hit with the Woodstock generation. The cups featured colorful, almost psychedelic designs, and the flavors — “Fulla Bulla,” “For Adults Only,” and “Kiss Me, You Fool” — were edgy for the time. 7-Eleven ads were so popular that radio DJs were getting call-in requests for Slurpee commercials. One 1970 campaign featured a full-length song, “Dance the Slurp,” written by one of the founding fathers of radio jingles, Tom Merriman. It was released on free, promotional 45 rpm records available in 7-Eleven stores. The catchy little tune was a huge hit at the time and its influence even extended into the late-1990s, when turntablists Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow used the song as the inspiration for their 1999 album, Brainfreeze. Because so few copies of the giveaway album still exist, copies of “Dance the Slurp” regularly go for as much as $50 on eBay.

In the 1970s, 7-Eleven started selling special cups with images of sports stars, comic book characters, early video games, and even rock bands. The cups kept kids coming back to complete the entire collection. Later, limited edition Slurpee flavors started accompanying the cups to create a complete marketing package. This is a tradition that has continued today through promotional tie-ins with video games, professional wrestling, and extreme sports.

In recent years, Slurpees have come in annual summer movie cups and flavors. Dating back to 2002, when the tie-in for Men In Black II was a blackberry drink, the promo cups and flavors have grown more and more elaborate (and popular). The biggest hit so far has been the Iron Man franchise, with special collector’s cups that feature 3-D character designs and a special helmet dome lid. They’ve been sold on eBay for three times what they originally sold for in the store. However, for The Simpson’s Movie in 2007, they went beyond just redesigned cups and wacky flavors. Select 7-Elevens were converted to look inside and out like Kwik-E-Marts, the 7-Eleven parody on the show, complete with “Squishees,” the cartoon world’s version of the Slurpee. The tie-in flavor that summer was Woo-Hoo Vanilla Blue, probably one of Homer’s favorites.

The Slurpee Factory

You’d think the last thing Canadians would want is a frozen drink. But every year since 1999, Winnipeg, Manitoba, has been crowned the Slurpee Capital of the World. Detroit sells the most cups of any U.S. metro area, but the largest single Slurpee-selling store in the U.S. is the one in Kennewick, Washington, which locals have dubbed “The Slurpee Factory.” Overall, North Americans sip almost 13 million Slurpee drinks every month. And since 1966, close to 6.5 billion Slurpee drinks have been sold, enough to almost fulfill your dreams of buying the world a (frozen) Coke.

Happy Birthday to Us

Every year since 2002, on July 11 (that’s 7/11, of course), the company celebrates its birthday with “7-Eleven Day.” Only in this case, the customers get the present — free 7.11-ounce Slurpees for the first 1,000 people through the door of participating stores. It’s estimated that the company gives away over 5,000,000 Slurpees to happy customers on this one day.

But Is it Kosher?

In case you were wondering, almost all Slurpee flavors are considered kosher pareve (food that is neither meat nor dairy). There are a few, such as Diet Pepsi and the Jolly Rancher mixes, that are considered kosher dairy (due to the chemical tagatose in the artificial sweetener), while others, like the popular Piña Colada drink, are not certified at all. Some 7-Eleven stores get the machines themselves certified kosher, which the store owners use as a selling point for their Jewish customers.


As any regular Slurpee fan knows, one of the best parts about the self-serve drink is being able to mix flavors from different dispensers. According to Slurpee market research, 41% of slurpers never mix their flavors, 37% always do, and 21% will mix every once in a while. The most popular combinations use the Coke flavor as a base, with a fruity mix on top — often Wild Cherry or Piña Colada. But of course for the really daring, there’s always the “Suicide Slurpee” — mixing a little bit of every flavor from the row of dispensers.

No Wonka Required

Some of the wilder Slurpee flavors on tap have been Grapermelon, Darth Dew (a tie-in with Star Wars), Bubble Yum, Banana Cream Pie, Mango Bango, Red Licorice, Purple S-Cream, Slurpurita Pomegranate, and Shrekalicious (a tie-in with Shrek). Most of these and other wild and wacky flavors sound like they could come from a factory run by a guy named Wonka. But in fact, most are the invention of the mad scientists at the Dr Pepper Snapple Labs in Plano, Texas. (Yes, they make Snapple and Dr Pepper flavors, too).

To create a new Slurpee flavor requires a savvy combination of science, senses, and marketing. One of their biggest challenges is keeping up on flavor trends, such as knowing that exotic fruits like acai, yumberry, litchi, and dragon fruit are becoming popular with consumers; whereas previously hot flavors, like mango and pomegranate, are now commonplace. Of course just because it’s popular doesn’t necessarily mean it will taste good. They go through numerous rounds of product testing until they get the flavor just right. But once they’ve locked down the taste, they have to consider the name, the color, and the consistency of the mix when it’s cooled to the standard 28 degrees Fahrenheit. The process can take weeks or even months to go from concept to your corner store.

Purple for the People

For the upcoming Slurpee Summit, 7-Eleven has offered to provide symbolic Slurpees — red for Republican, blue for Democrat, and a new flavor, “Purple for the People,” which combines the two colors. So far, their offer has not been accepted, but some in the White House say the drinks could still make an appearance. Regardless, the pending sit-down has been reason enough for 7-Eleven to launch a massive promotional campaign in the form of the Slurpee Unity Tour, a cross-country trek from 7-Eleven’s Dallas headquarters to the nation’s capital, giving away free samples of their new purple drink to Slurpee fans along the way.

This isn’t the first time 7-Eleven has gone political. Since the 2000 Presidential election, the company has run a promotion called “7-Election,” where customers vote by purchasing special red or blue coffee cups printed with each candidate’s name. The cups are scanned at check-out and automatically entered in this unscientific, but surprisingly accurate poll – in 2000 and 2004, the number of coffee cup votes and the number of actual popular votes for both candidates was only off by 1 or 2 percentage points. While 2008’s 7-Elections results were still correct, they gave the election to Obama by a landslide — 60% to 40% — when the margin was really only about 7%.

Those Slurpees that 7-11 stores across the country are handing out today might be free, but they will only serve to make you fatter and unhealthier in the long run,

According to a health blog in the Los Angeles Times, an 8-ounce Slurpee (only one size customers like) has about 70 calories – and no nutritional value whatsoever. Plus, like all pop drinks, it is loaded with sugar – about 17 grams; as well as 20 milligrams of caffeine.

However, be aware that Slurpees also come in much larger sizes — 16, 22, 32 and even 44 ounce sizes (so one can multiply the amount of sugar carbs and caffeine in the larger servings).

According to, a 16-oz. Coca-Cola Classic Slurpee has 130 calories; a Fanta Orange Slurpee contains 132 calories; a Wicked Apple Slurpee contains 120 calories; and a Goji Berry Cherry Slurpee contains 134 calories.

In addition, according to CalorieKing, to burn urn the calories from drinking one Slurpee, you would need to walk for 18 minutes, jog for 7 minutes, swim for 5 minutes or cycle for 10 minutes.

MUST READ: 7-Eleven Free Slurpee Day: A Recipe for Belly Fat?

Diet Coke finally rolls out Slurpee at 7-Eleven

Bruce Horovitz USA TODAY Published 10:21 AM EST Feb 26, 2014

Diet Coke now wants you to slurp happiness.

Diet Coke Frost. Diet Coke

The nation’s top-selling diet soft drink brand, after 31 years, says it has finally cracked the code on how blend its low-cal formula into a Slurpee that tastes good. The Diet Coke Cherry frozen beverage rolls out exclusively Wednesday at 7-Eleven stores nationally under the Slurpee brand name. But the name will change in late May to Diet Coke Cherry FROST when sales of the frozen drink expand beyond 7-Eleven to other convenience chains and retailers that also sell frozen, carbonated drinks from machines.

With summer almost within tasting distance, beverage giants and convenience store retailers already are preparing for their busiest season. Even as diet and health-conscious consumers push for more sugarless drinks, it’s been a challenging path for convenience chains to create low-cal frozen beverages that pass the taste test. 7-Eleven didn’t nationally launch its Slurpee Lite platform until spring of 2012.

A 20-ounce Diet Coke Cherry Slurpee has 30 calories and 12 grams of carbs.

Back in the mid-2000’s, 7-Eleven briefly sold a Diet Pepsi Slurpee, but that didn’t last long. The first diet Slurpee it rolled out nationally was in May, 2012, with Slurpee Lite Fanta Sugar-Free Mango, says Margaret Chabris, a 7-Eleven, spokeswoman.

With more than 7,800 U.S. stores, 7-Eleven is a logical place for the the soft-drink kingpin’s diet brand to enter the frozen beverage market. 7-Eleven, after all, is “a setting famous for delivering frozen perfection,” says Stuart Kronauge, general manager of sparkling beverages at Coca-Cola North America.

To nudge consumers to try the new drink, 7-Eleven will offer consumers a free coupon from its 7-Eleven app, says Nancy Smith, 7-Eleven’s senior vice president of fresh foods and proprietary beverages. Consumers also can text “DietCoke” to 711711 for a free, small Slurpee download.

7-Eleven also plans product sampling of the frozen beverage in at least five markets, says Chabris.

Diet Coke plans to add other diet flavors to the frozen line later this spring, after the beverage expands to other retailers.

Published 10:21 AM EST Feb 26, 2014

Health agencies reveal what’s really in your slushie

TWITTER Australian health agencies have launched a campaign to warn people about the effects of frozen sugary drinks.

People drinking a slurpee or slushie to cool down in the summer heat could be sucking down an entire week’s worth of sugar in a single sitting, health agencies warn.

LiveLighter and Rethink Sugary Drink, an alliance of 18 health agencies in Australia, have teamed up to launch the ‘Don’t Be Sucked In’ campaign, warning that some large- size frozen drinks contain as much as 20.4 teaspoons of sugar.

That’s almost half an entire week’s recommended maximum in a single cup.

The campaign graphically depicts a person sipping on a large cup of bulging, toxic fat and will be plastered at Melbourne bus and tram stops for two weeks.

They’re cold, cheap and tempting but frozen sugary drinks can contain up to 30 teaspoons of sugar. This summer we’re encouraging you to stop and think when it comes to frozen sugary drinks.

— LiveLighter (@Live_Lighter) November 26, 2017

* Is the food industry to blame for making us fatter?
* Sugary drink makers move away from sugar
* The case for and against a sugar tax in New Zealand

“These cheap frozen drinks might seem refreshing on a hot day, but we want people to realise they could easily be sucking down an entire week’s worth of sugar in a single sitting,” the Australian Cancer Council’s Craig Sinclair said on Thursday.

Health agencies warn that people drinking a slushie could be slurping down an entire week’s worth of sugar.

— Sky News Australia (@SkyNewsAust) January 11, 2018

The campaign is an effort to counteract cheap frozen drink promotions over the summer, the group said.

“At this time of year it’s almost impossible to escape the enormous amount of advertising and promotions for frozen drink specials on TV, social media and public transport,” Sinclair said.

The alliance also recommends a 20 per cent levy on sugary drinks.

Drinking sugary drinks increases your risk of tooth decay #dontbesuckedin #howmanyteaspoons #SugaryDrinksProperNoGood

— Apunipima (@Apunipima) November 29, 2017


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These Fast Food Treats Are Way Better for You Than a 7-Eleven Slurpee

7-Eleven celebrates their birthday by giving out free Slurpees | 7-Eleven via Facebook

Convenience store and Slurpee creator 7-Eleven doesn’t celebrate its birthday with a cake or party. Instead, it uses July 11th as an excuse to give free Slurpees to the masses in a summer frenzy unlike any other. And while the nonexistent price tag is obviously tempting, health professionals warn against treating the Slurpee like just another drink. In reality, it’s a summer treat that packs a ton of calories, carbohydrates, and sugars in every sweet, refreshing sip.

An average 11-ounce 7-Eleven Slurpee (the size they give away for free) packs 175 calories, 48 grams of carbohydrates, and a ton of harmful chemicals through food coloring and preservatives. So while we’d never pass up a free Slurpee (or three or four) there are a few summer treats you can go for that won’t break your calorie bank.

McDonald’s chocolate chip cookies

The name ‘McDonalds’ isn’t exactly synonymous with healthy eating, but their chocolate chip cookies aren’t as terrible as you’d think. Each cookie has 140 calories and 12 grams of sugar — a surprisingly low count for a summer treat and certainly lower than a frozen soda.

Dairy Queen’s fudge bar

It’s tough to resist a Dairy Queen blizzard or dipped cone, but neither will do anything good for your health or waistline. Still, if you find yourself struggling to order at the DQ drive-thru, there’s an option that won’t break your calorie budget. The no-sugar-added DQ Fudge Bar is your best bet: it’s 50 calories, fat-free, and as the name indicates, doesn’t add in extra sugars and preservatives.

Unicorn Frappuccino | Starbucks

Starbucks’ scones

A Starbucks’ Frappuccino sounds like the refreshing summer treat you need the quench your thirst (and get a move on in the morning). However, the cream-packed beverages aren’t great for you, and even the “lite” options add in artificial sweeteners to make up for the lack of fat and sugar.

There are other Starbucks options you can buy to help you start your day and satisfy your sugar cravings. Their petite vanilla scones are 120 calories each with 8 grams of sugar and 4.5 grams of fat. Add a natural green tea or iced coffee onto your order for a caffeine kick.

7-Eleven is giving away free Slurpees today, July 11 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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