This past Saturday I finished my first round of a new Beachbody program, 80 Day Obsession. Now, for those of you who haven’t heard about it yet, 80 Day Obsession is just that: 80 days of being obsessed with clean eating and solid workouts. It’s also a program that’s built to target the abs and booty specifically, although I feel like overall it was a full-body toning situation. Every workout is different, which keeps it interesting, and they’re all filmed live, so you see the struggle of the entire cast.

First off there are a few things you should know:

  1. I did every. single. workout. Even when I was sick I made it happen.
  2. I did NOT do the eating plan, although I did use the containers to get my portion sizes back in check. I didn’t do the eating plan because I have a past of disordered eating and I know that I could easily fall into that again if I get too stringent with food rules.
  3. You don’t need to join a challenge group with a Beachbody coach (I did not) to do the program; however, if you struggle with motivation to do the workouts or to follow the eating plan then it might be a good way to get that extra dose of encouragement.
  4. As such I did not use Beachbody’s whole line of supplements (Shakeology, Energize, Recover, etc) nor did I buy the sliders and bands required for the program from them either. I got my sliders from Academy (sorry, can’t find the link), and these are the bands I purchased from Amazon.


Because I know this is everyone’s favorite part – i.e. the “did it actually work?” part – I’m going to start here. I’m also not going to be sharing exact numbers outside of inches lost because I know that for so long it was a huge trigger for me with disordered eating and body dismorphia, sooooo…sorry if that’s what you came for. You’ll also notice that there’s no before and after photo, and that the picture at the top is just me in some clothes I wore on Saturday.

Before you ask what gives, you have to know that for me – and even what they preach in 80 Day Obsession – the non-scale victories are what matter the most. Those are things like being stronger in a certain move than the first time you did it, going up in weight, ability to carry my kids further or for a longer period of time, sliding into a new pair of pants. So while the photo above may seem dumb, the reality is that for me it represents going down two pant sizes (and even these pants being a little too big in the waist). I could just as easily have shown you a photo of me in a few pairs of my workout shorts that are now too big and practically fall off when I’m needing to run or jump.

Over the course of 80 days my final results were losing 13 inches all over my body, wearing pant/dress sizes smaller, do full-out pushups, and a huge amount of growth in my ability to lift heavy weights. In fact, by the end of the program, I really should have been lifting heavier…I just didn’t have the heavier weights available to do so. Pretty good problem to have! However, one of my biggest wins was the fact that I really did stick hard and fast to something for 80 days. I have friends who can tell you I didn’t want to, but I did it and that has taught me so much about the power of willpower! Non-scale victories are the best!


  • IF you do the program as it’s meant to be done, you will absolutely see results.
  • As a former NASM and CI certified personal trainer, I really appreciated the programming in that it focused on a variety of moves: compound, balance challenges (so important), functional movement, cardio, etc. When you’re committing to 45-60 minute workouts, you want to get the most bang for your buck and I feel like overall it delivered on that.
  • You will experience non-scale victories that will lead to a stronger, more motivated you from the inside out. That sounds cheesy, but I’ve found it to be true. It will be hard, but when you stick to it you will enjoy the way you feel!
  • The containers will help you reign in portion sizes. I used them to do that, although I’ve been sticking with my intermittent fasting way of eating vs. the timed nutrition aspect from the program.
  • The videos are filmed live and Autumn Calabrese (the trainer) does the full workout with you. This is HUGE for me because I absolutely cannot take a trainer seriously who doesn’t do the full workout. In this program she does, and I really appreciated that.


  • It does require a little more to start up (sliders, bands, a good range of weights) than a normal Beachbody program, and I don’t think that all of the supplements are necessary. Of course a coach and the cast of the program swear up and down that they are, but I disagree.
  • Autumn gets a little annoying about 4 weeks in. The same old jokes, the same silly song references, etc. The way she corrects form is great, her instruction and motivation is great, but after a while it gets a little hard to listen to day in and day out. I muted her and cranked up the music a LOT.
  • I would have preferred more cardio. I’m not a cardio queen and I don’t want to train for any kind of race; however, I just love the way cardio helps me from a mental standpoint and it was hard to not have the extra time after the workouts to do 20 minutes of jogging or something. Just my preference, but I really missed cardio!
  • Some of the moves were hard on my joints, mainly my wrists. Luckily I was able to modify even more so than the modifier, but if you have major joint issues you’ll definitely want to check with a doctor before you start this program.
  • This isn’t necessarily a con, but I will note that you really need to have some kind of a base of fitness before starting this program. It’s not one you can go from couch potato to just hopping into from nothing in my opinion. It would be safer to do another Beachbody program, like the 21 Day Fix or something, before jumping in with 80 Day Obsession.


I mentioned up there that while I have definitely seen results that I’m really proud of (and of course want to keep going with), I just can’t deal with 80 more days of Autumn at the moment. She puts together amazing programs and I really respect her work, but the personality while on camera really started to wear me down. So I’ll likely be doing another round in the Fall, but definitely not before then!

My plan is to do Shaun week this week (another program on Beachbody on Demand), which is really cardio-focused, and then start next Monday with P90X. P90X is an older program, but I have always wanted to do it and now I have the confidence that I could complete it and have more great results! A lot of my Instagram followers have asked for more fitness-related content, especially on my stories, so I’ll be working to deliver that for you guys there. If y’all have any questions that I didn’t answer, though, please just drop a comment below and I’d be happy to answer! Also, if you are looking for a Beachbody coach, I know a few that I’d be happy to recommend!



I am so excited to be re-launching this site. The last year has been a crazy roller coaster ride for me that has led to amazing, life changing opportunities and I want to share this journey with my fans. So my first few blogs on this site will be a series to catch up on what went down this year. When I say it was crazy, I mean that in the BEST way possible. How can I describe the overall experience? Imagine your life long dream finally coming true and winning the lottery at the same time. That’s how this felt! I still wake up and pinch myself some days wondering “is this real life?!” As I take a moment to reflect on the last 12 months, there are 5 major events that stick out in my mind. Each one of them brought me one step closer to fulfilling my biggest dream, which brought me here, getting to share this dream with each and every one of you!

The first event was Jan 7th, 2013. My meeting with Carl Daikeler, the CEO of Beachbody. I had spent the last year and a half developing a portion control system to help my clients with weight loss without eliminating food from their diet. I had just completed development in Oct. and a few short months later it ended up in the hands of product development at Beachbody. I received a call that they wanted to meet with me to discuss purchasing the system as well as developing a workout program to go with it. Ok for those not familiar with the fitness industry this phone call alone is HUGE!!! It is acknowledgment from the biggest fish in the fitness sea that you are doing something right.

When i got off the phone I was in shock, I had no idea what to expect from this meeting. My brain was going a million miles a minute. Did they really want me? Would I lose all control of the company I just spent the last year and a half developing? What would they offer me? Do I need an attorney? Did that phone call really just happen? Yes, these are just a few of the questions that entered my brain in 2.2 seconds. Then I had to spend the next 2 weeks waiting for Jan. 7th to arrive. It seriously felt like the LONGEST 2 weeks of my life. Good thing the holidays were upon us, they kept me distracted. Finally the big day arrived. I spent plenty of time in the mirror debating between workout clothes or business casual for the meeting and finally settled on my favorite jeans, a tank top, blazer and heels. Obviously this is a very important detail…lol ok no its not but it was for me. I drove to Santa Monica, entered the Beachbody building, went to the second floor and checked in and then I waited. It was just a few short minutes (that felt like forever) until I was escorted to a huge conference room with a table that was big enough to seat 20.

Bring on the racing heart, knotted stomach and sweaty palms. Four women came into the room and introduced themselves. Little did I know these 4 women would later make up my development team. I have to say they are 4 AMAZING women and I could not be luckier to have them working with me. Ok back to the story. Last to join us was Carl. In he came, I had no idea what to expect but when I think CEO of a billion dollar company, I think suite, tie, all business, no nonsense. Well Carl is no nonsense but thats it. He has on jeans, tennis shoes and a button-down. He’s easy going and funny. He asked me to tell him about myself, how the idea for the product came to be and why I wanted to sell. After answering these questions and telling him about myself he laid it all out there for me. No nonsense, he explained exactly what he was interested in collaborating with me on, how the buyout would go and what my part of the Beachbody family could be if he were to make me an offer. Needless to say I was very excited. That was it, that was the end of the meeting. Everyone thanked me for coming and said they would be in touch.

I left Beachbody Jan. 7th feeling good about the meeting but obviously nervous. I was so scared this might be another “close but no cigar” opportunity. I had had so many of them up to this point, I didn’t want to get my hopes up. A week later the email came in saying Beachbody did want to go ahead with the deal and I would receive the official offer in the next week. I signed on to the Beachbody family in March of 2013 and we got to work on development of the 21 Day Fix. This meeting was the start of a new life for me. It was the beginning of my dreams coming true. It was the moment that ALL the years of hard work paid off. Thirteen hour work days, no sleep, blood, sweat and tears (yes there was plenty of all of it) had all been worth it. This was the moment where I realized I was finally going to get to share my passion for health and fitness with the world and maybe, just maybe, I would get the chance to help change someone’s life for the better.

This was just the beginning. I had NO IDEA what was in store for me. There would be plenty of highs and lows along the road but it would all be worth it. Check back next week to see where my journey went from there.
Your partner in health,

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5 Slider Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

When it comes to developing a muscular core, Pilates has long been the game changer of choice. But you don’t need one of those fancy, space-eating, expensive reformer machines to work your way to awesome abs. Instead, you can use similar techniques with a few small gliding discs called sliders. They’re smooth on the bottom, so you can glide along a slick surface—think tile or wood floors. The sliders make you work to balance, which will help strengthen your core muscles.

“Sliders are a wonderful and inexpensive way to improve balance, stability, and core strength,” says Jenn Seracuse, director of Pilates at Flex Studios in New York City. “The beauty of working with sliders is that you’re always multitasking—every exercise requires an enormous amount of core involvement, making your workout more efficient and effective.”

Strengthen your core with these 5 slider exercises

Slingshot lunge

Stand with your left foot on the floor and your right foot slightly further back on the slider with your heel lifted. Hinge forward at the hips as you bend your left knee and send your right leg back, keeping it straight. Without moving your spine, straighten your left knee, bringing the slider forward again and keeping your right leg straight. Repeat for 1 minute, then switch legs.
Make it harder: Before bringing the slider forward, lift your right leg and balance for 10 seconds.
Make it easier: Hold onto a chair or wall for balance.


Begin in a modified plank with hands on the floor and knees on the sliders. Keeping your shoulders over your elbows, inhale to slide back and lower your forearms to the floor keeping your spine straight. Exhale to extend your elbows 45 degrees, bringing your spine forward into the modified plank and keeping your abdominals engaged to support your lower back. Repeat for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
Make it easier: Instead of lowering down to your forearms and rising up again, just slide back and forward from your shoulder joint, either on your hands or your forearms.

Oblique pike

Start in a plank position with hands on the floor and legs crossed with right leg in front, and your toes on sliders. Rotate your right hip down toward the floor, keeping your shoulders square. Inhale. Exhale as you lift your hips and bring your legs in toward your chest, keeping them as straight as possible and your shoulders over your wrists. Inhale to extend back into plank position, keeping your abdominals engaged. Repeat for 30 seconds, then switch sides.
Make it easier: Stack your shins on the sliders with feet to one side in a modified plank and lift and lower your waist.


Stand with arms straight out in front of you, your feet hip-width apart and parallel, your left foot on the floor and your right foot on the slider. Bend both knees into a deep squat, then shift your weight onto your left leg. Slowly extend your right leg out to the side, keeping your hips and spine completely still and your standing hip, knee, and ankle in one line. Focus on stabilizing your standing leg while keeping the inner thigh of your gliding leg engaged (to protect your knees). Repeat for 1 minute, then switch sides.
Make it harder: When your right leg is the gliding leg, open your left arm out to the side while keeping your right arm at shoulder height each time you glide. Reverse when your left leg is on the glider.

Knees to chest

Start in plank position with hands on the floor and toes on the sliders. Inhale, lifting through your abdominals and keeping your shoulders over your wrists, then exhale to slowly bend your knees and draw them under your hips. Then inhale to extend your legs back into plank position, keeping your abdominals engaged. Exhale. Repeat for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
Make it easier: Place your knees on the sliders in a modified plank. Bring your knees in and out by lifting your hips. You can also do the exercise balancing on your forearms.

Where to buy sliders

Smart sliders help you get a safe, solid workout. Here are a few to try:

  • Elite Core Sliders These sliders have two sides: the smooth side for carpet and the fabric side for hardwood floors. $20, elitesportzequipment.com.
  • Valslides The 10-inch-long pads allow you to modify the movements to your own personal workout level. $30, valslides.com.
  • Slidez The nonslip pattern will grip your feet and hands securely, a feature that’s great for beginners—no slipping, only sliding here. $30, sklz.com.

*Before starting any new exercise routine, make sure to check in with your doctor.

Table of Contents

If you’ve spent any considerable amount of time in a commercial gym, you’ve probably seen these things called exercise sliders. If they weren’t actively in use at the time, you probably had absolutely no idea what they were or what they were used for. They come in a variety of different shapes but most often they’re disk shaped. They’re normally coloured in vibrant, neon colours too, like something straight out of an 1980’s home workout video.

Best Exercise Sliders Reviewed

Gorilla Warfit Loops, Exercise Sliders and Rope

Sale $15.93 $14.93 Check Price on Amazon

Gorilla Warfit have crafted the absolute best bodyweight workout enhancing package on the market. Just one of those products by itself for this price is excellent value, but all three together? It’s a bargain that can’t be missed. Resistance loops, exercise sliders, jump rope and a nice carry bag to keep everything together. You have everything here to do a million different workouts without ever getting bored or running out of ideas.

Even with all three pieces together, everything is very light, compact and extremely portable. You could squeeze the carry bag into your gym bag, holdall, backpack or even suitcase and travel with it without compromising any room or weight.

With this one package, you can get an awesome workout, literally anywhere and any time.

RunRRIn Core Sliders and Resistance Bands

No products found.

If you want to try exercise sliders and resistance bands at the same time, then RunRRIn have you covered. In this excellent package, they include a pair of core sliders, a set of 5 exercise loop bands and a handy carry bag to keep everything safe and together. Both sliders and resistance bands can really enhance your exercise regime and breathe new life into an old, boring and stale bodyweight workout or circuit. If you want to try both these exercise enhancers but are unsure or a little overwhelmed as to what to do with them, you’ll be happy to know that an instruction manual is included to show you how each piece of equipment works and how they can be used in the larger context of a full workout.

You can choose from either black cylinders or a more vibrant, 80’s style pastel blue colour.

Elite Sportz Equipment Exercise Sliders

Sale $29.99 $10.97 Check Price on Amazon

These exercise sliders are extremely compact and low profile yet people of all different hand sizes and feet sizes can use them without issue to get a killer workout. Their compact size means that you can easily travel with them anyway. They work perfectly on any surface so there’s literally no limit to when and where they can be used. They’d help give you a stellar workout at home, in a hotel or anywhere else.

By their very nature, exercise sliders are low impact. Meaning that people of all fitness levels, health and ages can use them without inviting injury or undue pain and discomfort. Using these sliders can help strengthen your core, your ligaments and joints and even improve your flexibility to help prevent injury whilst improving your fitness.

LYOU Exercise Sliders

Sale $8.99 $7.19 Check Price on Amazon

Part of the charm of the exercise sliders is their appearance. They’re often brightly coloured and just generally look like fun. And they are fun. Tough and gruelling when used correctly, but definitely fun. LYOU offer their exercise sliders in the colours of black, pink, yellow and green.

All colours, except from the black of course, are bright and vibrant to get you in the mood to get moving.

LYOU have ensured that their sliders are extremely versatile and compatible with a variety of different surfaces. If you like to work out in your front room for example, you’ll all set. Whether you have hardwood floor, carpeted floor, tiled floor, etc. these exercise sliders will work perfectly. They can even be used on artificial grass without catching, snagging or tearing or otherwise not working properly.

Each slider only weighs 0.22 pounds. That is absolutely nothing. You can chuck two of them in a gym bag and you literally will not feel any difference in weight as they’re so light.

iHeartSynergee Core Sliders

$9.95 Check Price on Amazon

iHeartSynergee have created these with durability in mind. As with any excellent product that is exploding in popularity, you’re always going to have shady companies popping up providing you with shoddy products. These products will fall apart with minimal use or just not work at all. Luckily, iHeartSynergee are not one such company. They have done everything in their power to make sure that their sliders hold up against your tough workouts. They move and slide as smooth as can be without catching on your carpet or hard flooring. No scratching or snagging and you can use them again and again without them falling apart or compromising their structural integrity.

Bright colours are all the rage, these sliders are available in colours of black, red, yellow, green and pink.


The simplest and most effective way that exercise sliders can be described is that they make standard exercises, mainly bodyweight exercises, and make them harder. As the slider part of their name suggests, they slide along the floor. How this ties into the exercise part of their name is that you place your hands and feet on them and do your typical exercise and they move and thus make the exercise more difficult and more strenuous.

For example, push-ups. You’re doing push-ups but you place your hands on an exercise slider each. As you go through the motions of the exercise, you’ll be using your muscles, particularly your core, to stop the sliders from sliding away whilst performing the push-ups. The exercise is now that much harder because you have to stabilise the exercise sliders to stop them from sliding away… and falling flat on your face.

These sliders can be used with a ton of exercises including squats, lunges, mountain climbers, etc. As well as being used to create new variations of common exercises but with different/more broad range of motions, etc.

You can chuck exercise sliders into a bodyweight workout or a circuit training workout and up the intensity immensely! All with just a couple of plastic discs.

If you’re bored of bodyweight exercises, it can easily happen, then you exercise sliders are both a great way to invigorate a tired regime and increase the difficulty so you can continue to make solid progress in the comfort of your own home.

80 day obsession sliders

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