Your 4-Week Plan For Guaranteed Fat Loss!

The world of fitness has become Hunsberger’s passion, and a huge part of her lifestyle.

“Over the years, I’ve studied the ins and outs of training, nutrition and creating a lean, strong body,” Hunsberger says. “My workouts are intense, focused, and structured with the intent of sculpting a lean physique, complete with muscle symmetry and definition.”

As Hunsberger points out, you don’t need to train like you’re about to step onstage to achieve a lean, muscular, defined physique. If lean is the look you’re after, Hunsberger has a training program to help anyone—newbies and longer-term lifters alike—to lose fat and achieve rock-solid conditioning.

This program combines some of Hunsberger’s most effective bodybuilding approaches. These include her personal techniques for getting ready to step on the competitive stage, and her approach to living a lean lifestyle.

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A Balanced Attack for Better Fat Loss

This weeklong training plan for fat loss—which can be repeated for four weeks and cycled into your routine as needed—hits all the major muscle groups, paying special attention to typical trouble spots like abs and glutes.

This balanced attack to hit every muscle group evenly helps you develop a proportional, symmetrical physique. And you don’t need to drive yourself to exhaustion and failure on each and every exercise. Instead, Hunsberger has you concentrate on feeling each muscle as it contracts and lengthens. Still push yourself to lift as much weight as is comfortable, but the goal is to forge a more powerful mind-muscle connection from workout to workout and week to week.

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Build Muscle to Burn Fat

Keep in mind, getting lean isn’t simply about blasting body fat. It’s also about keeping or adding muscle, which will help you burn fat even at rest. This training plan revolves around a hypertrophy-focused rep range of 8-15 reps per set, taking only 45-60 seconds of rest between.

Hunsberger’s choice to go heavy, but not to the extreme, was borne of her own trial and error.

“Once I was happy with the strength I gained from lifting heavy, I started looking at other ways to fine-tune my physique,” she says. “Now, my focus has shifted from lifting to failure to lifting with emphasis on the mind-muscle connection. I do this by adding various training tools and techniques to make the exercises more challenging.”

More Work in Less Time: Your Fat-Blasting Plan

To squeeze in more work in less time, this Pennsylvania native also uses supersets, controlled negatives, and mixes in a number of different exercises and a variety of training equipment to keep her workouts fresh and challenging.

As you’ll see, some exercises involve as many reps as possible (AMRAP), but if you reach 20 reps, be sure to increase the weight in the next workout. Hunsberger’s workouts take 45-75 minutes, with the emphasis on lifting to build muscle and burn fat. They also include cardio if needed.

Throughout the program, you’ll weight train five days per week, with a sixth day of cardio. Here’s how Hunsberger structures her 4-week fat burning program:

  • In Week 1, do 3-4 working sets, training in a 12-15 rep range. The aim here is to set your baseline, find a challenging working weight, which should be a weight you can handle for 10-12 reps before hitting failure. Your split throughout the program includes two upper-body focused days, and two lower-body focused days, with a final full-body active-recovery workout to round out the training week.
  • In Week 2, bump up your working weights so you reach failure at 8-10 reps, and drop your rep ranges on the working sets to the 6-12 rep range. Throughout the 4-week program, keep the same resistance load for all working sets of a given exercise, increasing the weight from workout to workout as needed. Don’t forget to warm up before lifting heavy, and don’t jump up to a heavier weight if you’re not ready—that’s a recipe for injury.
  • In Week 3, bump up the working set count to 4 sets per exercise, but keep the same weights as in Week 2. This way you’re still progressively overloading your muscles by adding volume, which helps burn calories and increase the overall workout intensity.
  • In Week 4, keep the same working weights as before, but increase to 5 sets per exercise, once again increasing the progressive overload through a higher volume.

Think Lean, Be Lean

What you eat and how you structure your workouts are critical factors in your fat-loss transformation. But an overlooked weapon in your battle to look your best is your own mind, according to Hunsberger. For long-term, lean-lifestyle success, you must develop a strong mindset.

“During this program, I encourage you to make goals and assess them at the end of each week,” Hunsberger explains. “Sit down and be honest with yourself—look at where you were successful during the week and where you can improve. Develop a mindset where you strive to better yourself every week. Small changes over time become long-term, sustainable habits.”

Training, diet, recovery, and reflection can put you on the path to a strong, lean, and fit lifestyle.

“I’ve come a long way from doing nothing but cardio and ab circuits,” says Hunsberger. “And I’ve included the principles that helped me become successful. I’m proud to say this program surely would have inspired my 17-year-old self.”

Sara Hunsberger’s 4-Week Fat-Blasting Workout

Day 1: Legs 1 Superset 3 sets 15 reps+ 7 more exercises

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Day 2: Chest, Abs, Shoulders, Triceps 1 Band Pull Apart 3-5 sets 5 sets, 15 reps + 7 more exercises

28-Day Home Workout Challenge for Total Beginners

You’ve wanted to start working out for a long time now, but there’s always something in your way.

  • You open a YouTube video and can barely follow the exercises…
  • You plan a workout and end up running out of time again…
  • You really want to start going to the gym but don’t know how…

Ok, it’s time to strip a fitness routine down to essentials and finally stick with it!

Here’s why the following home workout plan is a great first step toward getting in shape and losing weight:

  • No equipment required
  • Simple exercises even total beginners can do
  • Short, under 15-minute workouts
  • Only 3 exercises per workout – easy to remember
  • Only 3 workouts per week
  • Time-based workouts – adjust intensity to your level
  • 28-day (4 weeks) duration is ideal to create a habit

What are the rules for this home workout challenge?

This simple home workout challenge doesn’t have many rules:

  • Do all 3 workouts each week. Choose any day/time that suits you.
  • Do as many reps as you can with good form. Write down the number of reps and see if you can do more next week.
  • Rest 30 secs to 1 min between rounds. Add some rest between the exercises if needed.

The “Stick With It!” Home Workout Challenge

Your main goal: stick to a workout plan for 4 weeks, no matter what.

All you have to do is download and print the challenge week by week and do your first workout whenever it suits you:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Download full plan (PDF)

What can you expect from this challenge?

The point of this challenge is to get you to start working out regularly and create a habit. This is exactly what most people fail to do before they actually see results.

This challenge will prepare you for a more detailed and personalized workout plan, such as the 12-week workout plan in the adidas Training app.

Start small and increase the intensity later…

This is the foundation of all successful body transformation stories.

You could be the next success story!


30-day fitness challenges to do at home

If you’ve ever felt that sinful pinch after gobbling down a juicy, cheesy burger, you’re not alone. Every so often we’re hit with the realisation, “man, I should really work out more,” and so we make resolutions to finally #getfit.

Once you feel that glimmer of motivation, don’t let it slide. You don’t even have to worry about looking for a gym to get started – just head for these 30-day fitness challenges to conquer, so you can work out in the comfort of your home without the need for costly equipment or memberships.

P.S. We equipped ourselves with an Apple Watch with cellular connectivity from Singtel to get us through this series of workouts. Read on to find tips on how it worked for us.

1. Blogilates 30-Day Flat Abs Challenge – get on the floor for that flat tummy

The reverse crunch

For those who are motivated at the premise of being able to work out while lying down, Blogilates’ 30-Day Flat Abs Challenge may be just the workout for you, plus you’ll crunch your way to sculpted abs.

The challenge is basically a series of simple reverse crunches, leg lifts and roll-ups. You’ll start with something as easy as 3 moves a day with just 5 crunches each, and eventually work your way up to 22 reps of each move. The challenge also encourages you to drink more water as the days go by and the workout becomes more intensive.

Head here to get started.

2. One Punch Man Challenge – basic workout moves with maximum intensity

It’s pretty motivating to follow a workout that’s inspired by a Manga character who’s supposed to be the strongest man in the world. It helps too, that the workout you’ll be doing actually comprises basic moves like push-ups and sit-ups, just that it’s intensified by up to 100 times.

For 30 days, all you have to do is:

  • 100 x push-ups
  • 100 x sit-ups
  • 100 x squats
  • 10KM run

For those who don’t already work out on a regular basis, start with a lesser amount of reps and then increase the number as your body gets more used to the workout. For example, begin with 50 reps and a 5KM run, then increase to 70 by week 2, and aim to hit a goal of 100 by your final week.

Do away with bringing a bulky phone out for a long 10KM run. The cellular function on the Apple Watch lets you receive important notifications, take calls, stream music and track your route on-the-go.

P.S. While you’re out and about, take advantage of the StepUp program via the My Singtel app, which lets you sync your steps to earn free mobile data.

3. 30 Days of Yoga challenge – daily video guides to follow

Sometimes the best way to truly relax is in your safe space, a.k.a. the comfort of your home. Yoga with Adriene has daily video guides for you to follow in her 30 Days of Yoga challenge, and they’re all free!

You won’t need to worry about setting aside too much time out of your day either; each session takes just 15-30 minutes to complete. Here, yoga instructor Adriene Mishler provides explanations on how to follow each pose, so you’ll be able to keep up easily.

The 30-day challenge progresses from basic poses to more advanced ones. Each has different perks from relaxing poses, to those that focus on specific parts of the body, as well as playful exercises to break away from monotony.

Practice how to regulate your breathing patterns with the Breathe app on Apple Watch

Once you’ve completed this, check out some of her other 30-day yoga challenges:

  • TRUE
  • Dedicate

4. 100 Squat Challenge – rep your way to a toned booty

It doesn’t take much to notice that we’ve entered an era that glorifies the booty. Blogilates’ 100 Squat Challenge has 30 squat exercises that sculpt your lower body while burning fat and building muscle. It targets your glutes, legs, tummy and lower back.

The Lateral Squat: Balance on one leg while extending the other.

The challenge is as straightforward as its name suggests: you basically achieve 100 squats a day, with variations of the classic old squat to tone different muscles of the lower body. The exercise won’t be repetitive either; you can break up your 100 squats into 10 different types, doing 10 reps each.

Squat pulses

It’s common to leave your phone aside or tuck it into your pocket while working out but if you’re constantly worried about trampling on it or losing it, an Apple Watch will ease your mental load.

It’s cellular connectivity also means that you’ll always be contactable in case of an emergency and won’t have to be fumbling around or falling out of a pose just to pick up the call.

Head here to get started.

5. The 30 Day Jump Rope Challenge – keep track of your progress via an app

The jump rope may seem like a toy out your ‘90s childhood era, but it’s fast turned into a reliable workout method that allows you to burn calories quickly while improving overall coordination.

And you don’t even have to find a personal trainer: The 30-Day Jump Rope Challenge is a mobile app in itself, so you can follow pre-programmed workouts and track your progress easily. Here, you’ll be able to create custom challenges, incorporating different jump rope skills like backward jumps and single-leg jumps for variety.

Image adapted from App Store

Download the app on iOS or Android to get started.

6. 30-Day Plank Challenge – build core strength through plank variations

Plank up-downs

Planking may involve minimal movement, but it has maximum impact on strengthening your core muscles. Enter the 30-Day Plank Challenge which incorporates variations of the basic plank to increase your overall strength and stability, working your entire body including your arms, legs and abs.

Keep motivated while working out with your favourite tunes. You can easily stream your music playlists via your Apple Watch with Singtel’s cellular connectivity.

You start off with a basic plank to hold as long as you can, before incorporating rocking planks and hip dip planks, to name a few. All you have to do are 30-second planks during the first week, and then increase the time till you’re able to do full 1-minute planks. The 30-day challenge includes a rest day every 4 days, so your body has time to recover in between.

Head here to get started.

7. Darebee 30-day challenges – simple movements that contribute to the bigger picture: a toned bod

One of the most efficient ways to incorporate “weights” into your workout is by simply using your body weight itself. Darebee has a series of beginner-friendly 30-day workouts that only require the most basic of workouts to keep fit, from simple punches to knee lifts and toe-touching, to name a few.

Reaching for your toes can be an exercise in itself

In fact, it’s possible to combine a few workouts at one go to target a variety of needs like #legday or core strengthening. You can even include 1-minute meditation sessions each day, and track your bedtime, water intake and diet to get the most out of your body transformation.

The Punch Out challenge starts with just 80 punches a day, but by day 30 you’ll be doing 500!

Head here to get started.

Conquer these 30-day fitness challenges

Your fitness journey doesn’t have to be limited to gyms and personal trainers. These 30-day challenges are a great way to work on self-discipline and are convenient ways to get in a workout in the comfort and vicinity of your home.

There are a mix of exercises that target specific areas of the body while improving overall strength and endurance, so don’t be afraid to push yourself and try something new.

Stay on top of your fitness routine with Apple Watch Series 4

It goes without saying that tech plays a huge part in our everyday lives – exercise included. With a wealth of information and tutorials out there, you’ll be able to improve your workout regime, all thanks to the convenience of technology.

The Activity App on the Apple Watch tracks how many calories you’ve burnt, your active minutes, and how much you’ve stood that day. You can set personal goals and challenge others to see who completes their rings first.

Tracking your progress is incredibly easy and you can stay up-to-date on the latest challenges, especially if you have a handy gadget to help keep you on top of your game. Enter the Apple Watch Series 4, which has built-in fitness goals for you to explore, like outdoor exercises, pilates and weight training. Plus, it monitors your heart rate while you’re exercising.

The Apple Watch Series 4 is water-resistant too!

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Just add on their NumberShare plan (from $6.90/month) which acts as an eSIM to activate its cellular connectivity – it comes with 3 months’ free subscription too.

Don’t worry about bringing your phone out and having to leave it unattended or risking damage while you’re exercising – just strap your Apple Watch onto your wrist and you’re good to go!

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#YOdulting with Singtel

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The 30-Day Gym-Free Fitness Challenge

Let’s face it: You don’t always treat your body like a temple. That’s OK! Those beers aren’t going to drink themselves, and it’s called a Netflix binge for a reason. But it’s always good to have balance. Maybe you should join a gym, right?

WRONG! So, so wrong. Instead of spending money on a gym membership, what you really need is a month-long fitness challenge — something that tells you exactly what to do every single day, no equipment or gym required.

Jump to each day’s workout

That’s exactly what we’ve got for you. The Gym-Free Fitness Challenge consists of 30 equipment-free workouts (plus an initial assessment) designed to hit all the strength, cardio, and flexibility guidelines suggested by the American College of Sports Medicine. And it’s totally free.

You’ll do one workout a day to help develop a consistent habit, with most workouts lasting no more than 30 to 45 minutes. You’ll get each day’s workout delivered to your inbox, with illustrations and videos to help you along.

What you’ll need

Not much! Just a basic timer, comfortable clothes, plus an interval timer app if you don’t want to keep track of intervals on a basic timer (Interval Timer and Seconds are good iOS options, while Tabata HIIT Timer and Seconds will work for Android). Tip: Each workout is illustrated, and you can click the links to see a video.

You can slow the exercises down to make them easier, speed them up to make them harder, or add dumbbells for an even greater challenge. Even intense or difficult exercises, like burpees and push-ups, have modifications so they’re accessible for most fitness levels. And if you decide you can’t do a certain exercise for any reason, you can contact me directly on Twitter @girlsgonesporty for an alternative option.

Really, you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot, and a whole lot to gain. The program is designed to condition you from head to toe, improving your strength and cardiovascular fitness while challenging your balance, coordination, and flexibility.

30 Day Fitness Challenge – Workout at Home

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– 30 day abs challenge
– 30 day full body challenge
– 30 day butt challenge
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Each challenge has 3 difficulty levels, from beginner to pro. Find the workout that’s best for you. Try the best workout app, Begin your 30 day challenge now, and after 30 days, you may find that your emotional and intellectual fitness improve along with your physical fitness.
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Look, getting in shape is hard work. It requires time, commitment and perseverance… but it doesn’t need to overwhelm your life, especially when you’re just getting back into the swing of things. Instead of diving into a two-hour-a-day, five-day-a-week program you know you’ll just quit once you end up too sore to roll out of bed, why not ease your way in?

That’s why I put together this simple 30-day fitness challenge. Even exercise physiologists with master’s degrees in exercise science (yes, I’m talking about me) sometimes fall off the fitness wagon and need to ease their way back into an active life. If you want a simple start, you won’t do better than this challenge. It’s just one exercise a day, every day, for 30 days. You can even accomplish the suggested sets and time as you see fit. For instance, if three minutes of jumping jacks is too much to do at once, break it into six, 30-second segments. The point is to prioritize and complete each daily challenge, setting yourself up to build the baseline strength and confidence you can apply to a more stringent program.

Of course, you should always speak with your doctor before starting any exercise program, so schedule an appointment before you get started.

More: 12-day fitness challenge

Image: Becci Collins/SheKnows

Jumping jacks

Just like you used to do in PE class, start with your feet together, your arms at your sides. Hop both feet out laterally as you swing your arms out to the side and over your head. Immediately hop your feet back to center as you swing your arms back to your sides. If you have knee, hip or back pain, try stepping the exercise out by tapping one foot out laterally each time you swing your arms over your head, alternating which foot you tap to the side.

Air squats

Form is important when it comes to squats, so if it’s been a while since you’ve done a few, you might want to set a chair behind you as a prop to help promote good form.

To do air squats, sometimes called body-weight squats, stand with your feet roughly shoulder distance apart, your toes angled slightly outward. Keep your weight centered over your heels (not the balls of your feet or your toes), then initiate the squat by pressing your hips back as if you were about to sit down in a chair. As you press your hips back, begin bending your knees to lower your glutes toward the floor. Keep your abs contracted, and look forward to prevent your chest from tipping toward your thighs. When your knees are bent to roughly a 90-degree angle (or, if you’re using a chair as a prop, when your glutes tap the chair lightly), press through your heels, and reverse the movement to return to standing.

Modified pushups

Start on your hands and knees on the floor, your feet lifted, ankles crossed. Position yourself so your palms are slightly wider than shoulder distance apart and your body forms a straight line from your knees to your forehead. Bend your elbows, and lower your chest toward the floor, allowing your elbows to angle backward slightly, forming a 45-degree angle between your upper arm and your body. When your chest is about 3 inches from the ground, press through your palms, and extend your arms to return to the starting position. Make sure you don’t crane your neck or drop your head between your arms as you perform each pushup.

More: Best mind-body workouts


You can perform the plank in a modified (knees on the floor) or full plank position. To perform the full plank, start with your forearms and knees on the floor so your elbows are positioned directly under your shoulders. Contract your core — the muscles spanning between your hips and your shoulders — and step your feet behind you so your body is fully extended, forming a straight line from heels to head. Make sure your hips don’t sway toward the floor or jut up toward the ceiling. Hold the position steady for the time allotted.

To modify the plank, simply perform the same exercise but with your knees on the floor. It’s best to try the modified position on your first few tries, then move to a full plank when you feel ready.

High-knee marching

Stand tall, your feet hip distance apart, your knees slightly bent and your core engaged. Shift your weight to the left, and draw your right knee as high as you can in front of your body as you swing your left arm forward, right arm back. Place your right foot back on the ground, shift your weight to the right, and draw your left knee as high as you can in front of you, this time swinging your right arm forward, your left arm back. Continue this alternate-leg marching movement for the duration of the exercise.

More: Take the president’s adult fitness challenge

Walking lunges

Stand with your feet hip distance apart, your knees slightly bent and your core engaged. You can place your hands on your hips or allow your arms to swing freely. Take a wide step forward with your right foot, and plant your right heel on the ground, allowing your left heel to come off the ground. Keeping your torso tall and centered between your feet, bend both knees, and lower your back knee toward the ground. Just before it touches down, press through your front heel, and return to standing. As you do so, lift your left foot from the floor, and swing your left leg forward into another lunge. Continue walking forward, alternating the lead leg as you perform the recommended number of lunges.

Make sure to keep your front knee behind your toes (your weight focused in the heel of your front foot) as you perform each lunge.

Chair dips

Sit on the front edge of a sturdy chair, your knees bent and feet together, and grip the front of the chair with both hands, just to either side of your hips. Press through your palms to lift your glutes from the chair so you’re supported by your hands and feet. Keeping your core engaged, bend both elbows, and begin lowering your glutes toward the ground, just in front of the chair. When your elbows form roughly 90-degree angles, press through your palms to extend your arms, and return to the starting position.

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10 Minute Short Workouts – Plank Challenge:
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7-Day Weight Loss Workout Challenge for Beginners


  • 92.5K
  • 4.6K

An integral part of a lifestyle change is making the decision to do it. Since you’re here reading this, you clearly want to make that change! Good for you! Taking part in a workout challenge is a fantastic way to jump start your fitness journey. This 7-Day Weight Loss Workout Challenge for Beginners is an excellent place to start.

Work Hard, Look Great

This challenge will test you both physically and mentally. It will require hard work and dedication, but the results will be well worth it! With this challenge, you will lose weight & inches and gain strength & confidence! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be difficult. We’re going to show you exactly what you need to do in order to be successful!

Remember that you can do anything that you set your mind to. Once this 7-day challenge is over, it’s imperative that you keep on working towards a healthier lifestyle. This means continuing to eat right and exercise regularly. A healthy lifestyle should be a permanent change, not a phase with a temporary goal. In order to help you along, we’ve included some of our best tips to enhance your results.

Healthy Living Tips

1. Drink water

When you have water available 24/7, it makes it easier to stay hydrated. Drink a glass of water when you first wake up and continue to drink periodically throughout the day. In total, you should drink 64-80 ounces (8-10 glasses) of water each day. You know you’re hydrated when your urine is clear or nearly clear.

2. Sodas

Give up sodas, including diet varieties, as they contain either loads of sugar or artificial sweeteners. Some of my clients have noticed that drinking diet soda increased their sugar cravings, causing them to make unhealthy choices. Check out the 30 Day No Soda Challenge.

3. Avoid junk food and fast food

You’d probably be amazed at how fast calories can add up from junk food and eating out. Instead, cook at home and discover how easy it is to transition from a diet filled with processed foods to a clean eating plan. Click here for endless SkinnyMs clean eating recipes!

4. Eat Right

Eat more fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, lean protein, and low-fat dairy; and avoid overly processed foods that are packed with sodium and refined sugar. Eating nutrient dense food will help you lose weight and feel better!

5. Eat smaller portions

We recommend eating three small meals and two to three clean snacks each day. Also, using smaller plates can help to keep your portions in check. To make this part of the challenge even easier, join the Skinny Plate Club.

6. Read labels

It’s important to look at the labels and ingredient list. If the product contains refined sugar, enriched white flour and is high in sodium, it’s a food best left on the shelf. If you can’t pronounce each of the ingredients or know what they are, you probably shouldn’t be buying it. Reading the ingredient label is a must if your goal is to know exactly what goes into your body. A great tip is to skip the grocery aisles and stick to the perimeter of the store where the fruits, veggies and fresh protein is!

These six tips will help you to greatly improve your diet. The majority of your weight loss progress will come as a result of healthy eating. Learn more about clean eating by reading 7 Simple Steps to Clean Eating!

Weight Loss Workout Challenge for Beginners:

What you need: Set of dumbbells (5-10 lbs) / a chair / an interval timer (Gymboss is a free app download).

What to do: Perform all exercises for 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds after each one. Complete each routine 3 times and rest 1 full minute after each circuit.

Exercise not only helps to burn excess calories, but it also changes your mind set. By working out each day, you train yourself to make better, healthier choices. Each of the workouts involved in this challenge take less than 20 minutes, making them totally easy to accomplish! You will work every muscle in your body by participating in this challenge, which will lead to stronger, more toned muscles.

When you eat right and workout consistently you WILL get results! Are you ready to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle? Let’s get started! If you’re unsure of how to perform a particular exercise, we’ve included instructional videos for each one, below!

Monday :

1. Leg Raise
2. Plank
3. Hip Extensions left side
4. Hip Extensions right side
5. March in Place

Tuesday :

1. Military Press
2. Plié/Sumo Squat
3. Stiff Legged Deadlift with Dumbbells
4. Heel Touches
5. High Knees in Place

Wednesday :

1. Goblet Squat
2. Knee Touches in Place
3. Tricep Kickbacks
4. Rear Leg Extension left leg
5. Rear Leg Extension right leg

Thursday :

Rest Day – Take a brisk 30 minute walk

Friday :

1. March in Place
2. Traditional Crunch
3. Chair Squat
4. Wall Push-Up
5. Bodyweight Glute Bridge

Saturday :

1. Toe Reach
2. Alternating Lunges
3. Lying Oblique Twist
4. Body Weight Squat
5. High Knees in Place

Sunday :

1. Russian/Mason Twist
2. Knee Push-Ups
3. Alternating Reverse Lunge
4. Reverse Crunch
5. Knee Touches in Place

Instructional Videos

Leg Raise


Hip Extensions

March in Place

Military Press

Plié/Sumo Squat

Stiff Legged Deadlift with Dumbbells

Heel Touches

High Knees in Place

Goblet Squat

Knee Touches in Place

Tricep Kickbacks

Rear Leg Extension

Rest Day – Take a brisk 30 minute walk

March in Place

Traditional Crunch

Chair Squat

Wall Push-Up

Bodyweight Glute Bridge


Toe Reach

Alternating Lunges

Lying Oblique Twist

Body Weight Squat

High Knees in Place

Russian/Mason Twist

Knee Push-Ups

Alternating Reverse Lunge

Reverse Crunch

Knee Touches in Place

What did you think of our Weight Loss Workout Challenge for Beginners? How do you feel? Share your results with us in the comment section, below!

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Editor’s Note: Originally Published: Jan 1, 2014

30 Day Fitness Challenge

Of all the items you take care of, your smartphone ranks pretty high up on the priority list—because it’s home to your email, your connection to friends and family, your entertainment for long grocery store lines, your countless feeds, and frankly, everything else. While you’re on your phone perhaps checking out the best health and fitness apps, add one more: The straightforwardly named 30 Day Fitness Challenge app is a free way to make sticking to a “work out every single day” goal that much easier. Depending on whether you’d like to tone your full body or focus on glutes, arms or abs, you can select a program that matches your needs. New to working out? No worries! This program features easy, medium, and hard levels, as well as hands-on instruction. Though each workout usually takes under 15 minutes, it’s enough to motivate you to head to the gym and log in a longer sweat sesh.


Staying physically active is essential to health—The Mayo Clinic recommends 150 minutes of fitness a week, but what you consume is equally, if not more, important. The issue many people face is pinpointing their specific areas of weakness in their eating habits. Whole30 is a program that cuts out dairy, gluten, soy, legumes, alcohol, and sugar for 30 days. It’s a bit tricky to follow since so many foods have hidden ingredients, but once you’ve completed the 30 days, you gradually add back these foods to see how your body responds. Armed with this information, you can shape your meal plans to steer clear of dairy, if it’s making you bloat, gluten if it’s not sitting well with your tummy, or another food that’s causing you problems.

Whole30 says no-no to dairy, so here are some alternatives.


Believe it or not, a little om can actually be a game-changer for your physical and mental health. A 2014 study published in Psychoneuroendocrinology and conducted at Carnegie Mellon University found that 25 minutes of meditation three days in a row appeared to a have an impact on stress levels. Countless apps—like Headspace and Calm—offer challenges to keep you inspired to incorporate meditation into your routine. Even if you can’t squeeze in 25 minutes a day, consider implementing a meditation practice before bedtime to encourage better sleep and reduce stress.

Here are some ways to sneak some meditation into your life.

Pinterest targeted challenges

If you’re a new parent or a super-busy professional, or if logging sessions at the gym isn’t your style, an at-home fitness challenge might be your best bet. When you search Pinterest, you’ll find plenty of targeted challenges that will help you plank longer, go deeper into your squats, build some killer abs, or improve the lift of your bum in your go-to denim. Many of these challenges are created by trainers and won’t take more than 10 minutes out of your day. Even better, it could inspire you to try other methods of fitness when your calendar clears. This resistance band workout will work your whole body.


Though technically not a challenge per se, Aaptiv is a smart choice for a seasoned exercise enthusiast who already knows how to burpee, mountain climb, high knee and jab, cross, hook, and uppercut. With a variety of workouts and fitness levels, this audio-only instruction is a smart way to stay focused and perfect your form. Consider encouraging a few pals to sign up for a membership so you can work out together from your respective homes, or at the very least, hold one another accountable to at least squeeze in a half-hour on the daily.

Can you pass these everyday fitness tests?

Kayla Itsines Challenge

Roman Stetsyk/Famous Australian fitness Instagrammer Kayla Itsines wants you to get in shape. What started as a social media account has blossomed into a wide variety of workout plans—including the original BBG program, with workouts, meal recommendations, and other helpful tips. With very little equipment, you can complete all of Itsines’ workouts and potentially see changes in just a few weeks. It’s ideal for travelers or a newbie to fitness who is ready to get serious. Just watch out for these exercise moves that actually work against you.


If 30 days feels a tad overwhelming, why not adopt a leap-year mentality and go for 28 instead? FitGirls Guide, which was also made popular thanks to Instagram, is a 28-Day Jumpstart Program with all the tools you need to transform your lifestyle. In addition to a full workout plan that requires zero equipment, FitGirls also gives a meal plan that can be tailored to any diet, regardless of whether you’re gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian. If your pals aren’t along for the adventure, don’t worry: There’s a huge community behind FitGirls, so you’ll always have some online support if you need a push. With your real-life friends, try these fun social activities that double as workouts.

Dry January

After the countless holiday parties and New Year’s celebrations, your liver is basically begging for a break. In addition to causing some major headaches and dehydration, excessive drinking can pack on the pounds. Since most alcohol is high in sugar and tough for your body to break down, boozing it up on the regular could be adding more to your waistline. One 30-day challenge that’s to-the-point is dry January, in where you forgo any vino, beer, or cocktails until February. While it might be a tad awkward in social settings, challenge yourself to grab a soda water with lime and be the designated driver—and ahem, Instagram photo taker—for the evening. If you’re doing the bartending, try whipping up these delicious mocktails.

Daily Burn

Especially if you work from home, wrangle children 24/7, or travel for work, online workouts make squeezing in exercise less stressful. If you get bored searching through countless YouTube videos to find one that’s actually effective, consider a Daily Burn membership. You’ll get specialized workout plans based on your goals, the opportunity to buy fitness equipment, including a heart-rate monitor to ensure that you’re putting in maximum effort and other features, as well as a live workout every morning. Make it your goal to complete a full month of these, kicking your mindset—and your bum!—into healthy gear. Check out the secrets of women who work out every day.

90 day workout challenge

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