I know we are all mourning the fact Target kicked some of our favorite labels like Merona and Mossimo to the curb. Those inexpensive T-shirts and leggings took many of us through all of our pregnancies and beyond. If something got torn or stained, you never stressed because there was always a fresh table of goodies waiting for you on your next trip. The cherry on top was you knew you weren’t going to break the bank.

I know, I’ve cried about it, too, but now I’m totally over it. Because Target has a new clothing brand in town, A New Day, and it will zap any lingering feelings of longing you were having about those old brands. After all, there is nothing like a new, even better looking lover to mend a broken heart.

A New Day offers menswear-inspired pieces, flirty skirts, comfy pants, dresses, blazers, and plenty of the soft T-shirts we all love. I mean, Merona who?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Target realizes their customers want to feel like they are at a boutique without the hefty price point. “People are looking for something that is more curated and meaningful to their specific lifestyle,” said Mark Tritton, Target’s chief merchandising officer.

As soon as I started fondling the cute dresses and tops on a shopping spree with my sister and our daughters, I knew I was a goner. I literally got weak in the knees after trying on this perfect dress. It wasn’t clingy, nor did it make me look like I was wearing a potato sack. I legit felt like I was sporting a nightgown.

Pull your hair up in a messy bun and throw on a heel, flip-flops, or your favorite bootie. Totally slammin’ over skinny jeans or leggings, too. It leaves you looking like you put way more effort into your appearance than you actually did. What more could we ask for?

I can’t even talk about this shirt dress. Seriously, I’ll wear a men’s shirt all day with my favorite Converse while I run around doing all the things moms are expected to do. I mean, no waistband that cuts into me when I sit down? Yes, please.

While we are talking about waistbands, just look at these pants. They are tailored yet flowy, and the tie detail in the front is so flattering and cute, how can you pass them up? They are the perfect thing to dress up your favorite vintage T-shirts, sweatshirts, or flannel button-downs.

And look, you don’t have to miss your old Merona T-shirts at all because these are even better and have the same price point. A New Day doesn’t disappoint with their selection of long sleeve T-shirts which come in 11 colors, and short sleeve T-shirts which come in 9 colors. All soft and comfy as ever.

And my favorite part? Nothing is over $50. That includes the jackets. Listen, we all know the difference between want and need, and we all need this jacket for fall. It looks fantastic with sneakers, rain boots, or a sleek pump (if you’re feeling fancy).

All the pieces mix and match; there literally isn’t one piece you can’t pair with another. This line kills it no matter the occasion, from weddings to the carpool line.

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Leave the kids home and treat yourself.

Target Debuts a New In-House Women’s Fashion Line and It’s Really Cute 

Part of what makes a Target run so pleasurable is the chance to pop by the clothing department for an unexpected fashion score. Usually it’s something from the megabrand’s famous collaborations with high-end designers—the exaggerated square-frame Lanvin sunglasses and sharply cut Altuzarra blazers still hold a place in our weekly wardrobe rotation—or it could be a piece from its recent partnership with style website Who What Wear.

VIDEO: How a YouTube Star Shops Target

That’s about to change with the launch of A New Day, or A.N.D., the company’s own in-house line of shoes, accessories, and apparel for women. The collection reads a good deal trendier than Mossimo or Merona (both of which are being phased out), but nothing seems too tricky to pull off for the non-street-style-stars among us. “The brand includes a mix of fashion-forward pieces and updated basics for a great value, truly embodying the modern Tar-zhay,” says Mark Tritton, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer for Target.

We’re especially taken with any of the reworked shirting—there’s a blue pinstripe button-down with cha-cha sleeves that could easily go from the office to Sunday brunch—and the glen plaid suiting and tie-front trousers are also smart bets for fall. Prices are in Target’s usual (and very doable) range—from $8 to $49.99—and 100 of the styles will available in sizes X to 4X and 14W to 26W.

The goods debut in-store and online starting August 27, with a wider selection rolling out in the following few weeks. In the meantime, preview a few of the looks below.

It’s a New Dawn…



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Launched in Fall 2017, A New Day is one of twelve new in-house brands being launched by Target over a period of two years and will focus on women’s ready-to-wear apparel, ranging from tops to bottoms to accessories. It’s a kind of J. Crew meets Zara meets Target’s friendly prices combination. While not a direct evolution, this new line replaces Target’s previous women’s brand, Merona. The new identity for A New Day has been designed by New York, NY- and San Francisco, CA-based COLLINS.

Merona, the brand being replaced by A New Day. We helped name this new apparel page turner “A New Day” — personifying the idea that Target guests view every day as a new chapter in their life—a new chance to write their own story. The acronym A.N.D. is also leveraged as secondary naming approach to emphasize that the clothing line is made to be combined with and punctuate each guest’s own, unique style story.

COLLINS project page

Logo.Logo animation.

There is no direct comparison to Merona so not worth analyzing the old logo but worth mentioning how un-youthful it looked, with its old-fashioned contrasting serif. A New Day, on the other hand, exudes youthfulness. The clothes have a great freshness to them that’s well reciprocated by the identity. Typeset in a monospace layout, the logo is airy and contemporary with its use of a thin slab serif font. I’m not sure the “new” in italic makes a difference or not, positive or negative… it’s just kind of there. I like how the logo plays with the name being able to be read as “and”, subtly conveying the idea of mixing and matching pieces. The main bone-peach-off-white indescribable color is quite nice and a welcome respite from the bold-vibrant-in-your-face color trend.

Hang tags.Sewn labels. Shoes. Shirt.

Despite it’s relative fragile presence — it’s not a thick wordmark or bold symbol — the logo looks great in all kinds of apparel-labeling situations from embroidered on a label to stamped on the inside of a shoe.

Boxes. Hosiery. Detail.

For the packaging that needs more content, there is an introduction of a great script typeface that complements the typewriter-y brand font and softness of the color. The integration of the product photo in those hosiery boxes is pretty masterful too.


Overall, this is a really great brand launch and positioning, aptly portraying the line as fashionable but approachable and unpretentious. It’s also worth mentioning what a great job Target is doing both with A New Day and men’s brand Goodfellow in genuinely showing diversity and accessibility through their models (colors, shapes, sizes, hairstyles) without feeling insincere or as if there is a quota to be met. It is, maybe, after all, a new day.

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Target just launched a new line of women’s clothing for fall, and it’s making us impatient for temperatures to drop!

The line, A New Day, is a collection of chic basics and statement pieces that are meant to be mixed and matched. Think embroidered jackets, menswear-inspired blazers, button-ups, and a range of flats, heels and ankle boots that can translate from the office to weekend brunch.

Floral embroidered shirt, $17.99, Target


Floral embroidered shirt, $17.99, Target

The line also includes a range of crossbody handbags perfect for fall.

Clutch with cross-body strap, $19.99, Target


Clutch with cross-body strap, $19.99, Target

This new women’s collection is part of a major style overhaul at Target, which is phasing out many of its mainstay clothing brands, including Merona and Mossimo.

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Target has long been a one-stop-shop for basics like T-shirts and cardigans, but with A New Day (and its corresponding menswear brand, Goodfellow & Co.) the retailer seems to be stepping into new territory, offering not only wardrobe staples but daring statement pieces that, well, don’t look like they came from a discount store.

Tiered sleeve shirt, $24.99, Target


Tiered sleeve shirt, $24.99, Target

“These brands are the perfect example of what makes Target ‘Tar-zhay,’” Mark Tritton, Target’s executive vice president and chief merchandising officer, said in a press release.

Plaid top coat, $39.99, Target


Plaid top coat, $39.99, Target

In true “Tar-zhay” fashion, the pieces in the A New Day collection are on-trend but affordable. Prices max out at $45, with many items in the $15 to $25 range.

Poppy d’Orsay pointed toe ballet flat, $22.99, Target


Poppy d’Orsay pointed toe ballet flat, $22.99, Target

And several of the items are available in size XS to 4X, meaning women of many different body types can shop the same collection.

Bell sleeve poplin shirt, $27.99, Target


Bell sleeve poplin shirt, $27.99, Target

Here are just a few more of our favorite looks from the new women’s line, including this flattering midi skirt that can be dressed up or down.

Pleated midi skirt, $24.99, Target


Pleated midi skirt, $24.99, Target

This striped shirt can be worn as a dress, or as a pretty tunic with skinny jeans or leggings.

Striped shirt dress, $27.99, Target


Striped shirt dress, $27.99, Target

This boyfriend blazer is modern, but timeless enough to wear again next fall.

Plaid boyfriend blazer, $34.99, Target


Plaid boyfriend blazer, $34.99, Target

A New Day is available now in stores and online, and jewelry and accessories will be added to the collection in September, according to Target.

2 new clothing brands are coming to Target — and you’re probably going to want everything

  • Target has announced that three new brands will be available in stores and online by August 3.
  • The launch features a new women’s clothing brand called Wild Fable, a men’s clothing line called Original Use, and a range of tech products called Heyday.
  • Each new Target brand intends to fuse style and affordability, with all clothing products being sold for under $40, and all tech for under $60.

Target has been on a roll with announcements this past year — especially when it comes to introducing new clothing and style brands.

Last summer, the department store chain announced that it would be discontinuing some of its most well-known clothing lines to make room for new brands, like A New Day and Who What Wear. Months later in April, Target also introduced a line of $7 beauty boxes that are available in stores and online.

Target is now shaking things up once again with the announcement of two new clothing brands — Wild Fable and Original Use — and one new style-focused tech brand, Heyday.

The three brands will all be available in stores and online by August. Target

Announced on Target’s corporate website, a representative for the company said that these three brands are aimed at Target’s “next generation of guests.”

For inspiration, Target executives met with teens and young adults across the country. They worked to “listen, learn and ultimately create new brands that deliver amazing style, quality, value — and that special spark of joy — like only Target can,” Mark Tritton, Target’s executive vice president and chief merchandising officer, is quoted saying on the store’s corporate website.

Another key element of these three new Target brands is inclusivity, which is evident in the Wild Fable line.

The line features retro style pieces, but is still trendy. Target

Wild Fable clothes are available in sizes 0 to 26W and will be sold exclusively at Target.

Each piece retails for under $40. Target

The same can be said for Original Use, which strives to be inclusive by featuring “Big & Tall” sizes.

The Drop Shoulder Reversible Kimono Bomber Jacket retails for $40. Target

Original Use is a street style-inspired brand, with some pieces costing as little as $10.

Original Use will be available to purchase on August 3. Target

Target’s new tech line Heyday takes a little bit of a different approach, merging style with dependable electronics.

A selection of Heyday’s tech offerings. Target

After the announcement of the three new brands, Target shoppers shared their excitement on Twitter. Customers seemed particularly interested in the women’s line, Wild Fable.

—Ash (@itssuperashley) August 2, 2018 —≫ 𝕋𝕠𝕣𝕚 ≪ (@ToriMyslinski) August 2, 2018 —🦇 (@sailormoonica) August 1, 2018 —Kayleigh Faulkner (@misskayfay) August 1, 2018 —Erika Juarez (@EriWalrus) August 1, 2018 —Brittney♡ (@brittney4751) August 1, 2018 —💐☀️💐 (@Emmyray98) August 1, 2018

And while Wild Fable is available now in stores across the country, one store got an early preview of Original Use, which isn’t expected to hit stores until August 3.

—Breanna Thomas (@BreannaVMTL) August 2, 2018 —Margaret Giannone (@MargaretGianno1) August 1, 2018 —Stefanie Sanders (@StefTargetVM) August 1, 2018 —Justin LeSauvage (@VisualJustinChi) July 31, 2018

If you’re interested in checking out any of Target’s new brands, visit its website or head to a store. With so much excitement from customers, there’s no telling how long everything will remain in stock.

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