This “J2 Assessment” was collated by a team with significant experience across academia and intelligence; in the military and political life of the United Kingdom.

It is with sincere regret that traditional Labour voters have had to point out that the Labour Party, as we knew and supported it, has been hijacked by groups of hard Left and radical Islamist cadres who, unlike Labour of old, do not have the nation’s interests at heart. These usurpers are too often antisemitic. These radicals say anything to get their hands on public money and power, deselecting mainstream Labour Party members.

This is the first time anyone has laid bare the connections for all to see. 

There is only one message to draw from this Chart. It is a Traitors’ Chart.

May the evidence as laid before you in this Chart be taken as a warning. Labour voters must understand that the nature of Corbyn’s Labour Party is unlike anything in Labour Party history. Corbyn and the Hard Left have kept the Labour brand on the tin but changed the contents of the tin, so a vote for Labour is not a vote for what we all knew to be The Labour Party. Corbyn’s Labour Party is more like Podemos in Spain or the PSUV in Venezuela, seeking wholesale revolution and the overthrow of capitalism. Labour voters never voted for that in the past and we feel they should be told. Look at the Chart and see for yourselves.

Ask yourselves this simple question:

Why would you buy a ticket for a hijacked plane?

The messages to be drawn directly from the publicly searchable and irrefutable evidence in the Chart are clear-cut:

  • There is no longer any reason to vote Labour. Any other party should get your vote. A spoilt ballot is worth more than a vote for Corbyn’s hijacked Labour.
  • These haters of the United Kingdom think they are stealing the Labour Party from generations of sound Labour voters who mean well for their country. They cannot be allowed to get away with hoodwinking the people of the United Kingdom.
  • If you always vote Labour, at the next election DO NOT. Warn all your friends and family. Labour in its current form is no longer Labour. By doing so you shall be colluding in treason.
  • Jeremy Corbyn is key to the hijacked Labour Party but his removal changes very little. There are plenty of others waiting in the wings who will try to take on his extremist, Marxist line.
  • If you can help either by donating to further support our efforts, or by supplying further information about Hard Left cadres and their links (all dealt with in complete confidence), then please do not hesitate to do so by pressing the relevant buttons on this website.

We felt that it was high time the UK Public were given the true picture of these traitors masquerading as Labour. Every man and woman must do their duty. Why should we spend our lives fighting against these enemies of our country only for them to hijack a well-known political party and try and hoodwink the country we love?


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