1. We are selective with the goods we house. With luxury items, we accept gently used items that have minimal signs of soiling, abrasions, stains, scratches, or tears. We understand that leather is supple and devoid of creasing, that natural tan leather has darkened due to contact with air and human skin although there are no signs of staining. Yet such factors may impact on the product pricing decisions.
  2. Your items must be in a good condition and clean. Garments must be washed and are in a wearable condition.
  3. We do not accept and sell items that are damaged or not suitable for use. If your items do not pass Footurama’s qualification, our buyers are able to reject your items on Footurama’s behalf, and rejected items will be returned to the consignee.
  4. We will verify the authenticity of all the items we house. We will only sell articles with 100% guaranteed authenticity.
  5. Items that include their original boxes, packaging, dust bags, authenticity cards, and/or manuals will provide a better authentication process and are fully encouraged.
  6. What we accept:
    1. We accept clothing, bags, suits, outerwear, shoes, and accessories including small leather goods, watches, hats, jewelry, and belts. For a list of brands we accept, please see our brand list.
    2. We also accept art objects, home wares and furniture as well as vintage goods. Please consult our lists of such items.
  7. What we don’t accept:
    1. We do not accept fake items.
    2. We do not accept any apparel items such as baby or children’s clothes, undergarments, swimwear, gym wears, traditional clothing, costumes, wedding dress or suits, handkerchiefs, or socks.
    3. We do not accept items such as e-gadgets, appliances, curtains or beddings, perfume, cosmetics, food, living plants, and any kind of vehicle.
    4. Apparel: We do not accept any items with brand tags that were removed intentionally, badly stained, has an unpleasant odor, and big holes or other damages caused by moth.
    5. Shoes: We do not accept item(s) that has cracked soles, has an unpleasant odor, badly stained and pairs that come in different sizes.
    6. Accessories: We do not accept item(s) that are broken and are not suitable for use, including watches that cannot be used due to drained battery life.
    7. Goods/Objects: We do not accept item(s) that are awry, torn, badly stained, or has an unpleasant odor.
  8. Any slight damages / imperfections must be described in the Consignment Contract.
  9. Footurama is not legally responsible for any loss or damages caused by unforeseen catastrophes or acts of nature in any kind. However, Footurama is responsible for losses or damages caused by in-store human errors.

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