Stainless Steel Water Bottle – 1L (34 oz)

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    • LIFETIME WARRANTY – This bottle is designed to last forever! Durable 18/10 stainless steel outer shell is tough and corrosion resistant, while 18/8 food-grade stainless steel inside maintains cleanliness and integrity of taste. Buy this bottle and you’re in the Tribe fam – if it ever breaks just message us and we’ll hook up a replacement.
    • INSULATED – Double wall vacuum sealed design keeps cold water cold for an entire day! Hot liquids can stay super hot for 6+ hours, and pretty hot up to 12 hours. It’s kinda like a thermos, but way cooler!
    • ECO FRIENDLY – Save tons of plastic from being produced by using our reusable Eco Bottle instead of cheap disposable bottles. No plastic in this product – It’s BPA free and made with clean, durable stainless steel, and capped with bamboo to keep that nature vibe with you at all times.
    • LEAK PROOF – Airtight silicone lid gasket guarantees your bottle will never leak, even in the most rugged situations. Having an airtight seal means you can multipurpose the bottle and keep soup and smoothies fresh too. Nice!
    • 34oz / 1000ml
      Height: 12.5″ (32.5cm)
      Base: 3.1″ (8cm)
      Mouth: 1.7″ (4.3cm)

    Whether you want hot coffee in the mountains or ice cold water at the beach, we’ve got you covered! Hot stays hot, cold stays cold, and the outside of the bottle won’t condense or change temperature.

    If you’re headed out for a hike, fill er up with ice cold water in the morning, then enjoy cool refreshment in the afternoon! Also great for coffee and tea, you can sip on delicious hot beverage all morning into the afternoon.


    We’re passionate about the outdoors, so we made a rugged bottle that can take a beating while keeping your drinks fresh. Buy a quality bottle once and it will last you a lifetime. The lid won’t strip at the screw point, a fault of other reusable water bottles.


    Did you know 50 Billion plastic bottles are used per year in the US? And only about a quarter of those get recycled. Did you also know that disposable plastic bottles can leach chemicals? That’s no good! Tree Tribe’s got your back to +1 your health and save the Earth from more trash.


    • Bottle Inside: 18/8 Food-Grade Stainless Steel
    • Bottle Outside: 18/10 Super Durable Stainless Steel
    • Lid Gasket: Silicone
    • Lid Top: Bamboo


    Rinse with soap and water when you get it, now you’re good to go with super fresh water anytime.

    Simply rinse after use. If you use it for smoothies (it’s great for this!), we recommend rinsing the bottle with soap and water out right after you use it, much easier to clean!


    We usually ship from New York within 1-2 days of receiving the order.

    International orders: We ship to most countries but if you’re not able to ship to your country at checkout please contact us.

    *For international shipments, you might be responsible for a VAT or import tax on delivery. It depends on the country.

    You can check our standard shipping rates on our Shipping Page.

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    We’re pretty flexible, we want you to be happy. If you’re not stoked on your product, you can return within 30 days for a full refund.

    FREE RETURN SHIPPING in the USA – we’ll provide you with a pre-paid shipping label.

    For international returns, we give a full refund and don’t charge any stock fees, we just ask that you cover the shipping cost.


    We appreciate our planet and want to make a positive impact. We work with organizations around the world to plant a tree on every sale.

    Tree Tribe represents the Earth, nature, and spreading good vibes.

    Why trees? Because trees are awesome! They produce food and oxygen, revitalize the soil, clean the environment, provide homes for wildlife, and boost the overall health of the planet. On a local level, trees provide food, shelter, and economy to communities around the world.

    If you want to learn more, check out our Tree Map.

    If you’re into the outdoors or just want to support planting trees, join our Tribe on Instagram @treetribevibe.


    We believe in creating high quality products that last for the long run.

    Our water bottles carry a lifetime warranty. This covers breakage, serious dents, or anything that causes the bottle to not function properly.

    Scratches and battle scars aren’t covered, but they add character and make the bottle cooler anyway 😀

    Redeeming your warranty

    1. Contact us with your order number and send a picture of your damaged bottle.
    2. Pay the shipping fee (here are the rates)
    3. We’ll send you a brand new bottle.

    *It’s hard to damage these bottles but if it does happen, we got your back 👍

Stainless steel bottle blue 1000 ml / 1 liter

hydro2go® dynamic X-Alps bottle series 950ml

✅ STAY HEALTHY & VITAL – Food Safe 18/8 Stainless Steel is just the right material for your beverage: Free of BPA, BPS, softeners, phthalates. The capacity of the vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottle is exactly 950 ml – ideal for school, sports, fitness, outdoor and traveling.

✅ PURE DRINKING EXPERIENCE: The drinking bottles are very easy to handle with their non-slip surface, the replaceable lids are very easy and safe to use. With the double-walled insulated construction, liquids remain cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. A very functional Thermo drink bottle for 365 days a year.

✅ 3 PRACTICAL LID: The covers included in the delivery are compatible with all hydro2go stainless steel hydration bottles: 1. Dynamic sports lock 2. Stainless steel lock 3. Patented lobster clasp.

✅ YOUR FAIR COMPANION – Grandiose longevity. Guaranteed environmentally friendly. The hydro2go stainless steel bottles go with you through difficult times. Available in sizes: 350ml, 530ml and 950ml.

✅ 100% PREMIUM QUALITY: The silicone sleeve provides maximum longevity of the stainless steel bottle and prevents unwanted scratches and bumps. We rely on our excellent quality of bottles and offer you a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel water bottles. Put your Premium Vacuum Flask NOW in the cart.

Ready to ship, delivery times:

Germany and Austria: 1-3 business days
Delivery remaining countries of the European Union (EU): 3-7 working days

Heiss peck sports bottle Adidas model of the tiger popularity
1) Durable preeminence! Strong ゾコ (plastic)
The plastic strong ゾコ adoption that the bottom of the porch is worthy of hard use.
The washable firm porch of washing machine OK.
2) One push open & locking automatically function
A cover is open by a one push!
I automatically lock it if I close a cover!
Because it is locking automatically, I expand, and there is not lapse of memory, and Locke is reliable.
3) Is easy to care for it
・It is ガバ っと cleanliness direct washing at wide-mouthed 7cm
・”The super clean processing” that is hard to get a dirt and a smell
4) The nice points
・I am strong and adopt oblong chest YKK fastener
・Disassembly is easy! One-touch putting on and taking off belt
・The use of sports drinks is OK, too.

Specifications Body size (about): 8.7*9.5*26.9cm (※ 1)
(width X depth X height)
Body mass (about): 0.55 kg (※ 2)
Capacity: 1.2L
Cool effect※
Six hours: 9 degrees or less
※It is a number not to include 1 porch.
※It is the number including 2 porches.
※ I fill a product with cold water in room temperature 20 degrees±2 degrees to the bottom end not to do, and the cool effect is temperature of the water when water temperature left you unattended since 4 degrees±1 degree in the state that I placed vertically for six hours.

Adidas steel water bottle

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