adidas Women’s Pure Boost X Shoes (Black/Sun Glow, SS16)

Let each stride power your next. Leave doubt behind and let determination push you on. These running shoes are built for nonstop forward motion.
Made for runners with a neutral gait, a snug, sock-like upper delivers nonrestrictive arch support so you can move with instinct, while a boost™ midsole invigorates every step with light, fast energy. An optimal fit plus dynamic cushioning means you’re ready for any challenge.
The longer your runs, the more kilometers you log each week. And the longer you keep up your routine, the less your feet will appreciate shoes created for a man. The sock-like fit that offers all-around support and full boost™ midsole keeps every stride charged with light, fast energy.

Featured Technology:

Floating Arch – Female Specific Support

The ‘floating arch’ is a new concept from Adidas running, following research into the unique contours and movements of the female foot via a motion tracking technology called Aramis.
Currently in the running market most female footwear is just an adaptation of footwear designed for male runners, without really taking into consideration the differences in heel size, arch height and foot expansion.
It was found that when a women’s foot is bearing weight, e.g. during a foot strike when running – the foot creates a greater angle in the arch than that of men as women’s ligaments are more flexible. To meet the needs of today’s female athlete, the floating arch offers a much more natural fit with a supportive sock-like feel.

  • Female focused design
  • Comfortable sock like fit
  • Adaptable support
  • Boost Cushioning – Endless Energy

    Boost is a ground breaking innovation in cushioning. It provides more energy return than any other foam cushioning material in the running industry, combining soft comfort with responsive energy for the ultimate running experience.
    The Adidas Innovation Team have also tested in various conditions and found that whether in the heat or in the cold and after countless kilometers, it performs more consistently and doesn’t lose its cushioning properties like standard EVA.
    Developed in partnership with BASF to create a midsole material that can do something never before possible. Made up of thousands of small energy capsules, Adidas’ Boost cushioning technology has set a new standard within the running industry.

  • More cushioning
  • Higher energy return
  • Great performance
  • Read More

    adidas Ultra Boost ST “Sun Glow”

    2015 was a banner year for adidas’ running imprint. Not only did they claim to have created their best running model ever, but they delivered on the promise with the introduction of the adidas Ultra Boost. The Primeknit upper and Boost cushion system not only created one of the most technologically advanced runners on the market, but it also doubled as a lifestyle offering co-signed by the likes of Kanye West. 2016 will bring a new iteration of the instant-classic in the adidas Ultra Boost ST. Designed to be a more stable offering with bolstered support throughout, the design is a bit sleeker and performance based than last year’s installment. Sharp angles give a forward motion motif to help get you going while the latest colorway utilizes a vibrant Sun Glow tangerine finish exclusively for the ladies. Reflective 3M speckling lands throughout the three stripe branding and heel. International spots like JD Sports have this pair in stock today. More photos below.

    Source: JD Sports


    Jun 9, 2016

    • Megan Ann Wilson

    Stylist and occasional athlete Megan Ann Wilson tries out new, innovative or weird fitness products for espnW. Have a product you want her to test before you buy? Let us know at @shegotgame and @espnW.

    In my effort to pack light yet smart when I travel, I typically gravitate toward gear and clothing that can work for a number of situations — especially when it comes to shoes.

    On a recent trip to New York I took part in the Adidas Fitness X launch, in which the company displayed some new lines of sneakers and fitness apparel, where I tested out the new Adidas Pure Boost X training sneaker (the cross-training cousin of the Pure Boost X running shoes I’d tried out earlier). There were a range of activities at the event, so I was able to put the trainers to the test. Could these work as go-to travel shoes, suitable for workouts and walking around?

    The rundown

    Like the running shoes, the trainers have a narrow fit and snug, floating arch support. The sock-like upper is a mix of a neoprene-type fabric. Knitted panels and mesh overlay on the heel and toe area act as laces anchors, so you can adjust for a tighter fit as your workout dictates. The combination of textiles and the smart lacing system makes for a streamlined, close fit.

    The midsole on the trainers is extra cushiony but still quite light. The outsole has a traction pattern that flexes and adapts as you move. There are holographic branding details on the tongue, heel and toe that are equal parts practical, for greater visibility at night. It’s a more heavy-duty version of the original sneaker, but still has an overall minimal aesthetic and feel.

    The test

    I wore the shoes from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., which included a workout. The arch is pretty aggressive compared with regular sneakers. I have a high arch, but still developed a foot cramp at first. But as the training session went on and we then moved on to more low-impact activities — like eating avocado toast — the foot pain was gone.

    The cushioning is responsive, which was great for activities like burpees when you need a little bounce in your step. I did find that I had slippage in the heel area of the shoe as the material isn’t quite as tight fitting as the running version of Pure Boost X. But the mesh overlay on the upper allowed me to tie the sneaker tighter, after which I did get better heel lock down during the workout. This mostly happened during more yoga-style activities like planks, when I usually prefer to go barefoot for more grip on the mat. I noticed that heel lift was less of an issue when I took it on a few runs around New York or worked out on a hardwood floor.

    We had a HIIT session right in the sun, but my feet didn’t get sweaty or sticky throughout the day. My feet felt less fatigued when wearing the shoe compared with other training shoes that I own, and after the eight hours of wear, they were broken in perfectly.

    Worth the money?

    The Adidas Pure Boost X Training retails at $120 and comes in a mix of bright, printed styles as well as more neutral colorways. Having worn it for training, running and casual wear, I prefer it to the running version of the Pure Boost X thanks to the additional cushioning and heavy-duty upper. I’d buy it for the fit, comfort and ease of use — it’s the rare combination of a minimal, lightweight and stylish shoe that’s cushioned enough for long workouts. Keep in mind, the Pure Boost X line is best for a narrow to standard width with a high to normal arch. If you have flat feet, you’re better off for a more neutral shoe.

    Choosing Adidas training shoes for men and women

    Imagine standing in the middle of a shoe store before a grand display of different Adidas training shoes. It can get overwhelming. You are faced with a sea of shoes that look all the same. In order to select the right pair, you should consider several factors.


    Footwear is a tool which has to be chosen based on your needs. First of all, think carefully about the kind of exercises you will be putting your training shoes through. Based on the type of activity they are intended for, all training shoes from Adidas can be split into two categories:

    Best Adidas training shoes for weightlifting – December 2019

    • Adidas workout/cross-training shoes

    These trainers are designed to be versatile and can serve for anything from high-impact cardio workouts, sprinting, and stretching to lifting moderate weights. They are also crafted to be lightweight and flexible to promote freedom of movement in all directions. Their upper units are made of breathable mesh or knit materials to keep the foot fresh. Adidas workout shoes are typically equipped with a low-profile midsole which keeps the wearer closer to the ground for better control. The midsole unit can be made of a traditional responsive EVA foam, a highly responsive and plush Boost, or a firmer and heavier Bounce compound. At the bottom, these shoes are lined with a durable rubber compound that has various tread patterns to provide grip on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

    • Adidas weightlifting shoes

    If lifting heavy weights takes up a large portion of your gym workouts, then you should consider this category. Unlike their cross-training counterparts, Adidas lifting shoes have a robust construction, featuring a sturdy and incompressible platform. It allows the wearer to lift a loaded barbell up without losing force or stability. The elevated heel of these shoes comes in handy during squats, cleans, and jerks to take the pressure off the Achilles tendon and help the athlete maintain a proper posture. The upper unit in this footwear can be made of genuine leather, synthetic leather, or Powerweave (a proprietary tightly-woven material) which hug the foot in a snug and supportive way, delivering a secure foothold. Given their intended purpose, Adidas weightlifting shoes can only be used on indoor surfaces and are not recommended for walking, jumping, or running.

    Fit and sizing

    Training shoes from Adidas are created for both men and women. The men’s shoe sizing scheme typically ranges from US size 4 to 14.5, while the women’s shoes range from size 5 to 13. These trainers are most often available in full and half sizes. In terms of width, they are usually offered in a Medium profile, which is D for gentlemen and B for ladies. So, if you are in search of wide workout shoes, you may have to turn to other brands.

    Adidas training shoes generally run true to size. However, the upper and cushioning as well as the form of a particular model may affect the fit. Upper materials, such as the Powerweave and synthetic leather, fit more snugly than mesh or knit and do not stretch that easily. That’s why it is important to do research on a particular model before purchasing it, especially if you’re ordering online and have no opportunity to try it on first. At, we gather all available information and user reviews to give you an understanding of how each shoe fits. Just click on any of the products above to find out more.

    When in doubt, you can try ordering several pairs in different sizes to see which one fits best. The official Adidas website and most online retailers facilitate for free and easy returns to make online shopping a more pleasant experience.


    Pricing plays a considerable role in our purchases. Good thing Adidas manufactures training shoes at different price points. Their shoes typically range from $75 to $250; however, you can cop a pair for as low as $50 during a sale. Below is what you can get for each price point:

    • $75 to 100: Adidas training shoes at this price point are typical everyday workout shoes with a minimal number of special technologies.
    • $101 to 150: These are the mid-priced Adidas training shoes. Most of these trainers have special technologies installed in the midsole (like the Boost cushioning).
    • $151+: Adidas training shoes at this price point are usually made for weightlifting and powerlifting exercises. Weightlifting shoes tend to be more expensive than regular training shoes as they are more durable and are made from higher quality materials.

    Notable Collaborations

    Stella McCartney

    In 2005, Adidas tapped English fashion designer, Stella McCartney, to produce a line of Adidas training shoes and activewear for women that mixes soft femininity and high-performance. Her signature style of playful prints, fashion-forward design, and vibrancy is evident in her creations.

    Adidas training shoes created: Adidas Pureboost X TR 3.0

    Frequently asked questions

    How do I tell if my Adidas training shoes are fake?

    There are plenty of ways to tell if your Adidas training shoes are fake or not. Here are things you should look out for to spot a fake.

    • Eyelets: If the shoe has metal eyelets, chances are your shoe is fake. Adidas only utilizes non-metal eyelets, except for some older models. These metal eyelets also tend to pop off the shoe easily.
    • Stitch: As a leading sportswear brand, Adidas has high-quality control. If you find uneven stitches or unfinished seams on your training shoe, it is definitely a knock-off.
    • Serial Numbers: Each training shoe model is assigned a corresponding serial number. The serial numbers can be found on the label under the tongue. Authentic Adidas training shoes have a different serial number for the left and right shoe, which should also match the serial number on the box. The fakes, on the other hand, have the same serial number for both shoes and might differ from the one on the box.
    • Logo: Real Adidas training shoes have the logo stitched on the quarters or carved on the tongue or sole. Bogus pairs only have stickers or printed logo that easily wear off. You should also keep in mind that the signature logo of Adidas training shoes is the Three Stripes.

    How to take care of training shoes?

    Due to the strenuous nature of cross-training, it is difficult to avoid getting your Adidas training shoes dirty or smelly. Here are ways you can make your training shoes look like new again:

    • Spot clean: If you notice any stains, clean them as soon as possible to prevent them from settling into the fabric of the shoe.
    • Brushing: Brush off dirt and dust, taking care not to brush too hard as to avoid scuffing the material. You can use an old toothbrush for this.
    • Wiping: Wipe your training shoes with a washcloth soaked in soapy water. It is the best way to get rid of superficial stains on the upper. You can then rinse the washcloth in warm water and wipe the affected areas to rinse off the detergent.
    • Restore laces: You can wash your shoelaces for light stains and dirt. If they are beyond cleaning, you can replace them instead.
    • Storage: In order to keep your shoes smelling fresh, store them indoors at room temperature. You can also insert paper towels and newspaper after each wear to soak up moisture. For intense stench, you can also sprinkle some baking soda in the interiors.
      Above all else, NEVER wash your shoes in a washing machine or dry them using a radiator or an external heater as these are surefire ways to destroy your Adidas training shoes.

    Can Adidas training shoes be customized?

    Although Adidas offers customization services for its running, street, and basketball shoe lines, there is no option yet for training shoes. You can go to unofficial trainer customizers in your area. Keep in mind though that they don’t work directly for Adidas, so the quality of work is not guaranteed.

    12 best Adidas training shoes

    1. Adidas Power Perfect 3
    2. Adidas Powerlift 4
    3. Adidas Adipower 2
    4. Adidas Crazy Power RK
    5. Adidas Crazytrain LT
    6. Adidas Leistung 16 II
    7. Adidas CrazyTrain Elite
    8. Adidas Pureboost Trainer
    9. Adidas Athletics 24/7 Trainer
    10. Adidas Essential Star 3
    11. Adidas Icon Trainer
    12. Adidas Alphabounce Trainer

    AuthorNicholas Rizzo

    Nick is a powerlifter who believes cardio comes in the form of more heavy ass squats. Based on over 1.5 million lifts done at competitions, his PRs place him as an elite level powerlifter. His PRs have him sitting in the top 2% of bench presses (395 lbs), top 3% of squats (485 lbs) and top 6% of deadlifts (515 lbs) for his weight and age. His work has been featured on Forbes,, Elite Daily and the like. Collaborating along the way with industry leaders like Michael Yessis, Mark Rippetoe, Carlo Buzzichelli, Dave Tate, Ray Williams, and Joel Seedman.

    [email protected]

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