[Review] Alpha Industries Slim N-3B initial review/thoughts

‘Bout a week ago I ordered an Alpha Industries Slim N-3B Parka in Size M for use in winter, and as it came a few days ago I wanted to give you guys my initial thoughts/small review of it.

A little background first, the reason for buying this jacket was that I lost my old puffer jacket and I needed something warm for the Minnesota winter. After looking around a bit, the Alpha Industries N-3B was in my price range (it’s $200) and it looked like it would be warm. Now, last winter we hit -40F with -60F windchill, so I need something that would stand up to that. This jacket has nylon shell and fill, 6 pockets, 4 on the front, 1 on the inside, and 1 on the left sleeve, storm cuffs, storm flap, fake fur in the hood, waist cord on the inside, and removable fake fur trim on the hood.

When I first ordered the jacket I was a little worried because the fill is nylon, not down or some other material, and I wasn’t sure it would be warm enough. However, upon actually wearing it out in the cold it more than does its job. This is a heavy jacket, with a lot of lining, and it does a good job of keeping me warm. However, the downside of this is that it can get uncomfortable if you’re not in cold weather. I’ve found that wearing this inside, even for a little while, results in me becoming very warm, especially with the fur attached to the hood. It does a good job of blocking out the wind, and the storm cuffs and zipper that comes up over your face are really nice. If your hands get cold there are pockets on the front that you can put them in, although I wish they had better insulation and were a little lower on the jacket.

The fit was also another place of worry for me, as for a lot of there products AI sticks to the original military designs which are really broad, but the slim version of the N-3B fit’s quite nicely. I’m 6’1″, 165 lbs, with a 32″ waist, 36″ chest, and 39″ hips, and 31″ arms and this jacket (Size M) fits spot on. The sleeves are just the right length, and the jacket is not too broad while still providing room for multiple layers underneath for the coldest of days. The quality of this parka is pretty good. In a few places there are some loose threads, but overall nothing looks like it’s gonna fall off/apart, the stitching is nice and straight, and the materials feel nice and strong.

As for how it holds up the cold, I’ve used it in a few low 20’s weather conditions and I was completely warm. The storm flap did it’s job and kept the wind out, and the length meant that the gap between my pants and shirt was covered, so I didn’t get cold there. So far, it does it’s job very well.

In review,


  • very warm

  • storm flab, storm cuffs, and long zipper protect you from wind

  • removable fur adds even more warmth

  • quality is good

  • $200 cost is very nice


  • not for anything but properly cold days, if you wear this on 40F+ days or inside you will overheat, especially with the fur on the hood

  • pockets need better insulation and positioning

  • zipper can be kinda fucky, if you don’t get it lined up perfectly it has a tendency to stick and not want to zip or unzip

  • hood could be better a little roomier

In the end I’d give this jacket an 7.5/10, it does it’s job well and looks nice, but there are some design features that get in the way of a better score

here’s a small album of the jacket.

Alpha slim fit parka

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