Alyssa Milano on Fitness, Motherhood, and Her Maxim Cover

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Summer’s sexiest new show Mistresses on ABC may be over for now, but the good news is we can still get our fix of Alyssa Milano as host of Project Runway All Stars, premiering October 24 at 9/8c on Lifetime. We went one-on-one with the brunette beauty for the launch of her partnership with Febreze Sleep Serenity Collection to talk all things Alyssa. So just how does the ageless 40-year-old balance motherhood with work and still look amazing at the same time? Read on to find out! SHAPE: First off, tell us about your new partnership with Febreze and the National Sleep Foundation.Alyssa Milano (AM): Febreze has come out with a sleep serenity collection for the bedroom, and it’s so serendipitous that they contacted me about this product because obviously with me having a baby, I have become obsessed about his sleep and my sleep. We’ve lost sight of just how important sleep is. There’s so much we have to do and it’s hard to fit everything in, but after we put our kids to sleep we forget to think about ourselves. Our sleep is just as important. I love all the scents that Febreze offers, but Moonlit Lavender is my favorite. The Warm Milk and Honey scent is obviously delicious, and the Quiet Jasmine is great too. SHAPE: As such a busy mom and actress, how do you balance motherhood, your career, and taking care of yourself while still managing to squeeze in enough beauty rest at the same time?AM: That’s a work in progress for sure! I definitely don’t have all the answers for that, but the most important things to me are my son and my marriage. Those don’t function to capacity unless I take care of myself, so I try to do the best that I can with everything else. It really comes down to after I put my baby to sleep; I have to spend quality time with my husband. It’s so important. Whether we have a conversation and talk about our day or just watch TV together, we have to have that connection. After that, it’s time to turn off all the electronics, to completely shut down, and try to pamper myself. I try to have a cup of tea or put a mask on my face and make my bedroom smell delicious. Those are all really important things.

RELATED: Why Sleep is Even More Important Than We Ever ThoughtSHAPE: How do you stay in such great shape with so many things going on? AM: Because my time is so limited, my philosophy about working out and staying in shape has become accomplishing the most in the shortest amount of time. And I need to always make sure I’m accomplishing something. I’m way more likely to take my son for a walk to the park and back in the morning than go to a gym. It’s the perfect way to get my cardio in! I get to spend time with him and be super active myself at the same time. I also just started to take dance class, which I love. It’s time for me when no one else is around, and it’s a great workout. I like to take burlesque classes due to my friend who was totally raving about it. It really is just a wonderful way to stay in shape and also have an hour to myself every single week. SHAPE: What about your diet? Do you follow any specific plan?AM: I always like to say, ‘eat less, live more.’ Everything in moderation. I like to eat pretty clean, but I let myself splurge a few times a week. We’ll go out to eat once a week and I have a home-cooked Italian dinner on Sundays, but other than that, I don’t care for rich things. I love good foods where you can taste the natural ingredients, so I’ll have oatmeal for breakfast, and lunch is usually a delicious salad. For dinner, I really love fish. I grill it with vegetables-that’s probably my favorite food! SHAPE: You were on the cover of the July/August issue of Maxim and looked super fit! Did you do anything special to prepare for that shoot, knowing you would be showing a little skin?AM: It was so great doing Maxim! I loved the photographer and everyone made me feel really comfortable. I felt very protected. A weird thing happens after you have a baby… you realize what your body was meant to do. Appearance is not as important as the confidence you feel with being a mom and being comfortable in your own skin. With this shoot, I didn’t want to look like I was trying too hard to be sexy. I just wanted to look like a woman who is happy! For 10 days leading up the shoot, I cut out all carbs. It was really hard to do but also very effective. That kind of thing is never a long-term reality for me but if I need a quick firming fix, it works, especially if I don’t have time to work out every day. SHAPE: Let’s talk about your show, Mistresses on ABC! We were definitely on the edge of our seats during the season finale. What do you hope fans took away from the first season?AM: I hope they feel fulfilled going on the journey with my character. And I hope that throughout the season, they’ve learned to have some passion for her and what she’s going through. The biggest challenge I had was making my character likeable after she did such a horrible thing in the first episode. SHAPE: Were you surprised about which direction the finale was going in when you read the script?AM: YES! I was like, wow… crazy! But it was so smart because I feel like everyone expected to eventually learn who the baby daddy was and that would be a climax moment for my character. And then, after you find out, she flatlines! That was such a smart move by the writers to keep things twisting and turning. SHAPE: What are your hopes for the future of the show? And are you rooting for your character to end up with a particular guy?AM: I just hope my character lives! And I hope her face heels (laughing). That would actually be a really interesting way to start next season. Will Savi make her marriage work or try to go on her own? I’m not on any particular team. I’m on Savi’s team! I hope she just finds happiness and learns to forgive herself for the decisions she’s made.

SHAPE: You’re the new host of Project Runway All Stars premiering in October. What was that experience like?AM: It was such an amazing experience! I loved it! It was a little scary at first, because I’ve never hosted a show before. But it was so fun just to be surrounded by all that young talent. It’s so inspiring to be part of the reality show and realize how real and raw the emotions of a contestant are, and how much they have at stake. You hold their fate in your hands as a judge! And of course, just the be able to wear all the amazing clothing was incredible. SHAPE: Speaking of clothing, tell us about your female sports apparel line! We know you’re a big fan of baseball, is that what inspired you to start designing?AM: Oh, yes! It’s called Touch by Alyssa Milano. I’m just a big sports fan in general, and I was never able to find anything cute or flattering for fan apparel. I learned the stats on how many females there are attending sporting events, and it’s literally 50 percent of the crowd. I figured at least 10 percent of those women were looking for cute, fashionable fan apparel so I decided to try and bring it to them! It’s a really rewarding business endeavor. To see fans wearing it, it blows my mind every single time. It’s also changed bigger corporations into listening to the fashion wants of a female fan, and I couldn’t be more proud! Check out Touch by Alyssa Milano at stadiums across the U.S. as well as,, and, and be sure to tune in to Project Runway All Stars on Lifetime premiering October 24 at 9/8c.

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Lose Weight with Celebrity Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano was born in New York, the daughter of Italian-American parents Lin, a former fashion designer and talent manager, and Thomas M. Milano, a film music editor and a well-known boating enthusiast.

This gorgeous and sexy actress has been around Hollywood since she was a kid. She was best known for her character, tomboy Samantha Micelli during an eighties sitcom entitled “Who’s the Boss.” She’s one of the successful actresses in Hollywood who was able to transform from a child star to adult roles. She’s also been known for her other TV stints like “Melrose Place” and “Charmed” where she played the kick ass witch, Phoebe Halliwell.

She’s a celebrity, a writer and a fashion designer of her own clothing line and still, despite all those responsibilities, Alyssa remains to have one heck of a sexy kitten. What kind of weight loss diet plan does she have? What kind of fitness exercise program does she do? Is it a healthy weight loss program?

Well, let’s find out as Alyssa gamely talks about her healthy weight loss program, her weight loss diet plan and her fitness exercise program.

Alyssa Milano’s Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan

“I believe in moderation.” she says about her healthy weight loss program. “I make sure to keep a good diet plan and I make sure to do my fitness exercise program. Basically, I take care of my body.”

Alyssa Milano’s healthy weight loss diet plan is primarily adhered to the Zone Diet plan. This type of weight loss diet plan is best known to consume a low calorie diet plan wherein each meal as well as snacks has to be 4-% of calories coming from carbohydrates, 3-% from protein, and the remaining 30% from fat. It is otherwise termed as the 40:30:30 ratio diet plan.

Do you want to know more about Alyssa Milano’s healthy weight loss diet plan? Well, you may read the book regarding The Zone Diet plan. However, she doesn’t limit herself with this healthy weight loss diet plan. During her free days, usually on Sunday, she allows herself to have a cheat day from her weight loss diet plan. She eats whatever she wants to consume. Alyssa loves sushi plus her mother’s Italian cooking particularly the rolled spinach lasagna.

Alyssa Milano’s Fitness Training Exercise Program

Aside from having a healthy weight loss diet plan, part of Alyssa’s weight loss plan is having a fitness training exercise program. After all, she can’t achieve such a hot body without being fit and toned!

She actually had started with a fitness exercise program back when she was still young. Her role on Who’s The Boss? continued to garner her millions of fans and this allowed her to create a best-selling fitness exercise program video in 1988 called Teen Steam.
Alyssa Milano’s fitness training exercise program routine includes weight fitness training to tone up her arms and to help tighten the muscles in her legs, Alyssa includes cardio exercise like jogging or running in her fitness exercise program activities. She claims to run at least three miles a day as part of her daily fitness exercise program regimen that is the starting activity of her day.

But Alyssa’s not contented to do just those as part of her fitness training exercise program. No sirree! Because this hardworking woman also makes sure to include attending spinning classes, a type of fitness training exercise program that mimics a long bicycle ride to help build up muscles. Alyssa does this fitness exercise program for 40 minutes at a local gym.

So as not to get bored and to make sure she keeps her body in constant tip top condition, she makes sure to mix up her fitness training exercise program activities. So in addition to doing weight fitness training exercises, cardio exercise by running and jogging and spinning classes, Alyssa also likewise does yoga fitness exercise two times a week.

Alyssa Milano actually some fitness help. Like a lot of other A-list Hollywood celebrities, her healthy weight loss program which combines a healthy weight loss diet plan and a fitness exercise program was greatly influenced by her personal fitness trainer, Gunnar Peterson. Read more about this celebrity trainer, Gunnar Peterson in our celebrity trainers page!

Alyssa does her fitness training exercise program with him to get her body in great shape using the Core Secrets system exercise program.

“My healthy weight loss program especially my fitness exercise program sounds like a lot of work, but it’s really fun, and it’s worth it.” Alyssa shares.

Alyssa Milano is one of those mummies who looks yummy even after having two babies. She is flaunting her weight loss these days and enjoying her happy weight. She recently shared the things that helped her lose all the baby weight she has gained due to her two kids, son Milo and daughter Elizabella.

Before and After Pregnancy

The diva admits to losing about 55 pounds of weight in just over 18 months. She thinks that breastfeeding helped in her weight loss journey. Alyssa took a lot of time to lose weight because she wanted to be kind to herself and be a good mom. The star has not yet achieved her pre-pregnancy weight but she calls her current weight as her happy weight. She is happy and comfortable with her body. Milano admits that she took assistance in losing the last 20 pounds of those 55 pounds because that weight was very hard to lose.

The workout routine of the lovely lady was recently revealed by Yahoo. She tries to spin at least 4 to 5 times every week, does Zumba classes once every week and also does Pilates 3 times in a week. Alyssa thinks that going to the gym is a great way to spend time with herself. Now, she just goes to the gym to have that precious time rather than aiming for losing weight.

Maxim Cover

The gorgeous looking Charmed (1998-2006) actress also admits that working out is bit tough for her these days because she gets tired easily due to her age. She used to get the results of her exercises quite easily when she was younger but now, she has to work harder to see the same results. The diet plan of the Mistresses (2013-Present) actress is very simple. She follows the Atkins diet. Alyssa first started off her weight loss journey by cutting out sugar and carbs, then switched to Atkins diet. She admits that she has some good carbs as a part of the Atkins diet and people mistakenly believe that Atkins diet allows no carb consumption.

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How Alyssa Milano Lost 46 Pounds

Anyone who remembers TV in the 80’s and 90’s is undoubtedly familiar with Alyssa Milano’s raw talent, striking features, and petite figure. After years on the small screen starring in hits like “Who’s the Boss?” and “Charmed,” Milano settled down and had two adorable little ones with talent-agent hubby David Bugliari.

Although mommyhood brought a ton of joy into Milano’s life, she struggled to get back to her pre-baby weight (115 pounds). To help the weight loss process along, she turned to the Atkins 40 diet—the same plan that helped Kim Kardashian lose 40 pounds. On the plan, which requires followers eat no more than 40 net carbs per day, Milano went from 172 pounds to 126 pounds—just 6 pounds heavier than she was when she became pregnant with her second child Elizabella.

If you’re looking to shed some serious weight à la Alyssa, you’re in luck! We recently checked in with her and asked her to reveal all of the low-carb goodies that she stocks in her kitchen—and some mouthwatering ways to enjoy them, too!

Read on to get in the know, and then restock your pantry with her go-to eats so you can start melting away the flab—stat! And once you’ve reached your goal weight, be sure to check out these ways to lose weight and keep it off to stay trim for life!

Category 1: FRESH FOODS

Alyssa fills her refrigerator with these fresh, versatile eats. Stock up to slim down!



“Zucchinis are a great vegetable to have on hand to trim the carbs from your diet,” Milano tells us. “When cut into noodle-like strands, zucchini becomes a wonderfully tender substitute for pasta.” To get in on the zucchini noodle aka “zoodle” trend, check out these spiralizer recipes.


Wild Salmon

“Salmon is a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. The smoked variety can be rolled with cream cheese and thin-cut cucumbers for an easy on-the-go snack or breakfast option,” says Milano. Alyssa is smart to go fish. An International Journal of Obesity study found that eating three 5-ounce servings of salmon per week for four weeks as part of a low-calorie diet resulted in approximately 2.2 pounds more weight lost than following an equal calorie diet that didn’t include fish.


Bell Peppers

In addition to being low calorie and low carbohydrate, bell peppers are a great source of vitamin C—a nutrient that counteracts stress hormones that trigger the storage of belly fat. Alyssa likes to cut them into strips and eat them with a low-carb dip (like guac) instead of crackers or chips.



“With the endless ways to make this protein-rich choice, I can eat eggs at any time of the day,” says Milano. Yes, even for supper! Check out these egg recipes for dinner for some culinary guidance. Whichever way you decide to eat it, though, make sure you consume the yolk. That’s where all of the fat-burning choline is hiding.



“Avocados are loaded with healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and they are really easy to use. They can be scooped right out of the skin and used in salads or sandwiches, or smashed into a delicious guacamole,” advises Milano. For more ways to use the creamy, green fruit, check out these avocado recipes for weight loss.


Spaghetti Squash

“Like zucchini, spaghetti squash is a versatile low carb alternative to traditional pasta,” says Milano, who grew up eating hearty pasta dishes, bread, and rich sauces regularly with her Italian parents. “After they’re baked, the squash strands can be topped with a chunky tomato sauce, curry, or a dressing of olive oil, salt, and pepper. It’s really simple to make.”



“Shrimp is one of the easiest seafood dishes to prepare—and it’s very healthy. It’s delicious served hot as a scampi or chilled alongside cocktail sauce,” Alyssa tells us. Milano likes to make her own using no-sugar-added ketchup and jarred horseradish.


Most packaged food is junk that will rot you from the inside out. But there are some exceptions that make eating for quick weight loss an easier experience. Here are Alyssa’s must-haves.


String Cheese

“String cheese is one of the most convenient low-carb snacks around—my kids and I love it! Your growing muscles will benefit from the extra shot of high-quality dairy protein,” Milano explains. Pair the cheese with a small fiber-rich fruit like an apple or pear to create a perfect trifecta of hunger-taming nutrients: protein, fiber, and carbs.


Kale Chips

“Kale chips are surprisingly tasty, and have the benefit of being made with one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet,” says Milano. We’re big fans of Rhythm Superfoods Kool Ranch Kale Chips; however, kale chips are simple to make at home, too! Simply dress the leaves in a bit of salt, pepper, garlic powder and olive oil and pop them in a preheated 325 degrees F oven for 12 minutes. For more tasty ways to enjoy the leafy green superfood, check out these how to cook kale.


Atkins Harvest Trail Bars

Made with ingredients like peanuts, almonds, creamy peanut butter and whey protein, Alyssa says these snack bars are “a delicious, convenient and nutritious way to stay satisfied until your meal.” With an impressive 8 grams of protein and 9 grams of fiber, it’s no wonder they keep her so satiated! For more healthy bites that will whittle your middle, check out these 50 Snacks With 50 Calories or Less.


Atkins Stone Fired Pizza

Sometimes a girl just has to give in to her cravings, but when she does, Milano does so responsibly by sticking with a perfectly portioned Atkins pizza. One of their Stone Fired varieties carries just 350 calories, an impressive 23 grams of protein and 17 grams of fiber—which is a far cry from what you’d find in a typical slice of takeout, folks! The best part? It tastes awesome: “I can’t get enough of the … shredded cheeses and a zesty garlic pizza sauce…” says Milano, who is currently the spokesperson for Atkins’ “Happy Weight” campaign.


Sure, premade meals and snacks are perfect for when you’re short on time, but if you have 5 minutes to spare, why not whip up one of Alyssa’s healthy and simple recipes? They’re all packed with good-for-you nutrients that can give you the flat belly you’ve always wanted.


Greek Yogurt with Almonds and Berries

Alyssa loves mixing almonds and blueberries into her Greek yogurt. Asides from a filling snack, it also makes for a fast breakfast option. “Greek yogurt supplies about 20 grams of protein per cup, and muscles everywhere have been benefiting from its surging popularity. Blueberries provide plenty of vitamin C, manganese, and antioxidants,” says Milano, who cites keeping up with her kiddos as the major motivation behind her desire to lose weight.


Turkey & Cheese “Unwich”

For a quick and easy lunch, Alyssa will take slices of roasted turkey breast and a slice of deli cheese and roll it around an asparagus stalk or green bean. Turkey and cheese also taste great rolled up in a big lettuce leaf with some a smear of mustard or hummus. Pair it with a broth based veggie soup to round out your meal. For even more delicious flat-belly lunch ideas, indulge in the all-new Zero Belly Cookbook!


Low-Carb Caprese Bite

“Fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese are one of the tastiest pairs out there! Not to mention, tomatoes are full of lycopene, a brain-protective phytonutrient that gives fruits their red hue,” says Milano. To make her Caprese bites at home, take two slices of tomato and top them with chopped fresh basil and shredded mozzarella. Place the topped-off tomatoes on a baking pan and put it under the broiler until the cheese starts to melt—it should only take about a minute. And speaking of speedy recipes that can help you lose your spare tire, check out these 15 Healthy Breakfast Ideas: 5 Minutes, 5 Ingredients!


Apples with Nut Butter

Alyssa keeps afternoon hunger at bay by topping apple slices with nut butter. The combination of the fiber from the apple and the healthy fats and protein from the nut butter is a nutritional winner we’ve always been a fan of. To ensure you’re buying a healthy spread, look for jars filled only with nuts and maybe a bit of salt. If you see any added sugars or partially hydrogenated fats on the label, put it back; it’s a nutritional dud.


Cucumber “Boats”

“Anything with cucumber tastes so refreshing! For that reason, I’m a big fan of making cucumber ‘boats’ filled with ricotta and a sprinkle of seasoned salt. It’s the perfect low-carb snack that provides a low-carb veggie, some protein, and healthy fats,” says Milano.


Celery & Peanut Butter

Celery sticks stuffed with peanut butter is another snack time staple in Milano’s house. “Celery is made up of about 95 percent water, so this is a snack that’s big on nutrition but low in calories and six-pack-killing processed carbs,” notes Milano.


Cottage Cheese with Peach

“A scoop of cottage cheese topped with a small fresh peach is the perfect snack when fresh peaches are in season. Grab a small one, chop it up and enjoy with a ½ cup of protein-packed cottage cheese,” suggests Alyssa.


Berry “Custard”

When she’s craving something sweet, Alyssa makes a “custard” by mashing ¼ cup blueberries with two tablespoons of mascarpone cheese. She tops the mixture off with a dusting of flaxseed meal for a boost of fiber. Talk about a healthy and creative way to satisfy a sweet tooth!


Pineapple with Mixed Nuts

For a simple sweet and crunchy snack, Alyssa likes to enjoy a ½ cup of fresh pineapple with a ½ cup of mixed nuts. She lists walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds among her favorites.

Get the New Book!

Want to lose 10, 20, even 30 pounds—all without dieting?! Get your copy of Eat This, Not That: The Best (& Worst) Foods in America!, and learn how to indulge smarter and lose weight fast!

Alyssa Milano before and after

Alyssa Milano is one of those mummies who looks yummy even after having two babies. She is flaunting her weight loss these days and enjoying her happy weight. She recently shared the things that helped her lose all the baby weight she has gained due to her two kids, son Milo and daughter Elizabella. Her weight loss secrets include a strict diet, constant workouts and a determination to succeed. Let’s know about her weight loss journey a little better.

The Pressure

The beauty admits that she didn’t feel any pressure from the industry to lose weight. The slight pressure she felt was self-inflicted. When she saw celebrity mums losing weight in two weeks time, she was awed by them. She knew that it’s not in her body’s capabilities so she didn’t even try for it, reports Closer Weekly.

Just Getting Through

The former singer admitted that being a mother is an exhausting task. She just had to get through the first two months and they were the toughest. She was also breastfeeding so things were a lot more complicated for her. She gave herself 18 months when she decided that she needed to lose all the excess baby weight off her.

Happy Weight

The diva admits to losing about 55 pounds of weight in just over 18 months. She thinks that breastfeeding helped in her weight loss journey. Alyssa took a lot of time to lose weight because she wanted to be kind to herself and be a good mom. The star has not yet achieved her pre-pregnancy weight but she calls her current weight as her happy weight. She is happy and comfortable with her body. Milano admits that she took assistance in losing the last 20 pounds of those 55 pounds because that weight was very hard to lose.

Alyssa Milano at 6th Biennial UNICEF Ball in Beverly Hills in January 2016

Workout Routine

The workout routine of the lovely lady was recently revealed by Yahoo. She tries to spin at least 4 to 5 times every week, does Zumba classes once every week and also does Pilates 3 times in a week. Alyssa thinks that going to the gym is a great way to spend time with herself. Now, she just goes to the gym to have that precious time rather than aiming for losing weight.

Being Consistent

While talking recently to People, the mother of two shared that when she is being a mum, it’s hard for her to stick to a routine but she still tries to eat right and hit the gym regularly.

No Weight Scales

The former child actor likes to judge her weight loss by seeing the way her clothes fit her. She is not dependent on any scales because she knows that one can get obsessed by them.

Workouts are Tiring

The gorgeous looking Charmed (1998-2006) actress also admits that working out is bit tough for her these days because she gets tired easily due to her age. She used to get the results of her exercises quite easily when she was younger but now, she has to work harder to see the same results.

Diet Plan

The diet plan of the Mistresses (2013-Present) actress is very simple. She follows the Atkins diet. Alyssa first started off her weight loss journey by cutting out sugar and carbs, then switched to Atkins diet. She admits that she has some good carbs as a part of the Atkins diet and people mistakenly believe that Atkins diet allows no carb consumption, reports EOnline.

Alyssa Milano with her husband

The wife of David Bugliari also says that she doesn’t think of Atkins as a diet. She just thinks of it as a part of her lifestyle. It’s the way she eats now and she feels good about it.

Diet Indulgence

The only diet indulgences of the producer are the Atkins peanut butter cups. She says it’s a treat that’s not horrible for her.

The Bond between her Babies

Alyssa Milano’s kids

The doting mother says that her kids are her first priority and she loves that they get together just fine. Her son, Milo reads to his little sister, kisses her and they hug and cuddle a lot on the couch. She says that the connection between her babies is incredibly beautiful to watch.

Finding Balance in Life

The ambassador for UNICEF shared some advice for people who wish to bring balance in their lives. She says that you should focus on the task at hand each day. If you try to do too much at once, you will spread yourself thin. So it’s smart to take one day at a time and focus on things that really matter.

Want to know Alyssa more? Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Did we miss anyone?


Alyssa Milano lost 46 pounds with a low-carb, high-fat ketogenic-inspired Atkins diet. (Photos: Instagram, Celebrity Health Fitness)

Alyssa Milano feels fantastic following her 46-pound weight loss on the low-carb, high-fat Atkins diet.

The 5-foot-2 Milano slimmed down from 172 pounds to 126 pounds with a low-carb, ketogenic-style Atkins diet, as Celebrity Health Fitness has reported.

Like many people, Alyssa was afraid of eating fat. After going on Atkins, she now realizes that consuming healthy fats such as olive oil is a great way to curb hunger and feel satisfied all day.

“I feel so much better than I did before!” said Milano. “You know that feeling when you’re dieting where your stomachs growling and you’re angry and moody? There’s none of that , because you’re getting fats and proteins.”

Kim Kardashian lost 42 pounds in 3 months with the Atkins diet. (Photos: Instagram, CelebrityHealthFitness).

Alyssa Milano began the Atkins diet a few months ago to jump-start her weight loss after giving birth to her second child in September 2014, Examiner reported.

Other celebrities who lost weight on Atkins include Kim Kardashian, who recently lost 42 pounds just 3 months after giving birth to her second child.

Similarly, Kendra Wilkinson used the Atkins diet to lose 55 pounds just 5 months after giving birth to her second baby, as Celebrity Health & Fitness has reported.

Reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson lost 55 pounds in 5 months with a ketogenic-based Atkins diet. (Photos: Instagram, Celebrity Health Fitness)

Low carb, high-fat (LCHF) diets such as the Atkins and ketogenic plans promote rapid weight loss by forcing the body to burn fat for fuel, said obesity expert Dr. Eric Westman, co-author of Keto Clarity.

Dr. David Ludwig, author of the bestseller Always Hungry? Conquer Cravings, Retrain Your Fat Cells, agrees. Ludwig lost 20 pounds in 3 months without feeling hungry or counting calories with a LCHF diet.

Low carb, high-fat diets keep blood sugar stable, suppress appetite, and enhance mood, said Dr. Ludwig, a physician and Harvard nutrition professor.

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Actress Alyssa: Why low carbohydrate is the only diet that works for me to lose weight

Actress Alyssa Milano said she has never experienced Hollywood-induced body-shaming. Not even after she gained fifty pounds with her first pregnancy, and then fifty-five pounds with her second.

Her approach toward the weight gain was, “‘it just is what it is.’ I just fed my body whatever I wanted.”

After the birth of her son named Milo, all the weight came off her five-foot-two-inch frame steadily but somewhat effortlessly. It was not the same after she had her daughter, Elizabella. “The first thirty pounds were alright. But the latter twenty were like dragging teeth. I had to stretch out for support, which in all conscience I would have never have done that earlier, but I needed it.” She turned to Atkins since a low-carb tactic had worked for her in the past, and allied with her favored method of eating. She has since turn into an ambassador for the brand, even writing a weight-loss blog on the website.

One of her major revelations after taking on Atkins will sound familiar to us weightwatchers: Alyssa, forty three, was surprised to see how many additional carbs she was ingestion due to concealed sugars or big portion sizes, even as she believed she was making sensible choices. The famous Dodgers supporter and social media wizard said those habits were healed nearly instantly by recording every bite into Atkins’ smartphone application.

How did you finally lose the baby weight?

It was a sluggish, transitional process. I was descending in that path but I was not doing Atkins since I was worried with, “Oh, I had need to eat a lot of red meat for the protein.” And I do not eat red meat. But I found out that you can have lean meats like turkey and chicken and fish, which is what I was previously eating. And then it was an easy fit. I can do this constantly. This is just fantastically easy, I do not have time to consider about a meal plan. It is all there. And I like the point that I can be part of a community.

What is a typical day of eating for you like? And how do you manage food for yourself, and then for the kids?

For breakfast I normally have some sort of egg dish with chicken sausage or turkey bacon. Lunch is a vegetables and protein. They’ve an actually good cheesy broccoli recipe that I love. I could eat it day after day. That was a new revelation for me: Fat is not bad for you. You can have cream and cheese and really satisfying, tasty foods, and it is okay.

Dinner is usually a fish and some kind of vegetables. I also love any kind of Mexican dish, and I’ve found ways to make it a low-carb dish. Like, turkey ground beef tacos with lettuce cups instead of tortillas. Cauliflower and cheese in place of mac ‘n’ cheese.

How many net carbs do you eat on a daily basis?

Occasionally it will be around Forty grams, some days it goes down to twenty.

What do you do for exercise?

I exercise daily. I like trainings. I do Zumba and a new jazz class and Pilates. I have found out that you will do what makes you cheerful, and this makes me happy. I do not like working out with an instructor. We used to live in a very village mindset, when women would come together and help each other over things. We have grown so away from that but I think it is essential to lift each other up. That is also what I think endures constancy too. You’re a lot less expected to make poor health selections. Your community would be thwarted if they saw you fail.

“Charmed” Actress Alyssa Milano Credits 46-Pound Weight Loss to Low-Carb High-Fat Atkins Diet

Charmed artist Alyssa Milano and her talent-agent companion David Bugliari had their 2nd child, the daughter named Elizabella, back in 2014. Meanwhile the most recent Alyssa Milano pregnancy the forty-three year old fallen from one-hundred-seventy-two pounds to one-hundred-twenty-six pounds. Alyssa Milano’s weight loss is endorsed to the low-carbon high-fat Atkins diet.

When Alyssa had her baby she started eliminating sugar and carbs, and had some achievement, but the last twenty pounds were tougher to lose. She then did her research and observed that the Atkins diet was alike to what she was already doing; though, the Atkins method was just a bit easier to follow.

“I feel so much healthier than I did earlier, it is crazy,” described Milano, who is recognized for her character in the ABC sitcom who’s the Boss? Which aired from 1984 to 1992. “You know that sensation when you go on a diet where your stomach is snarling and you are moody and angry?

There is none of that with Atkins, as you are getting proteins and fats. And it is great!”

Milano’s forty-six-pound weight loss drove the actress to turn out to be the representative for Atkins’ “Happy Weight” crusade. Alyssa also writes a weight-loss blog on the Atkins website where the actress advises low-carb high-fat tips for Atkins dieters.

What Is Alyssa Milano’s Atkins Diet?

Dr. Robert C. Atkins 1st supported the Atkins diet in 1972, after releasing a record breaking book about the diet. The Atkins regime is a low-carb, high-fat, high-protein diet that is frequently suggested for weight loss. The Atkins diet permits a maximum of twenty grams to forty grams of celluloses per day, and contains an unhampered quantity of protein. Though, it also sanctions synthetic sweeteners, and caffeine. Fruit and veggies are also constrained to low sums, which can lead to kidney, liver, and colon problems. The kind of meat is not quantified. In other words, managed meats with nitrates and other fillers are allowed.

All over the years studies have endorsed the weight loss efficiency of low-carb regimes like the Atkins diet. Alike diets comprise the ketogenic diet, the Zone diet, and the Paleo diet. That being said, the Paleo diet comprises large numbers of vegetables and the meat should be organic and grass-fed. Studies have also established that the Atkins diet can develop triglyceride levels, HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol levels, and blood sugar and insulin levels. Low-carb diets also control your lower blood pressure, appetite, and treat metabolic syndrome.

Foods avoided on the Atkins diet contains vegetable oils, sugar, trans fats, grains, legumes, high-carb veggies and potatoes, and fruits like bananas, carrots, apples, turnips, oranges, and pears. The diet contains meat, fatty fish, eggs, low-carb veggies like spinach and kale, and healthy fats like avocados, coconut oil, and extra virgin olive oil. What does Milano regular menu comprises?

The Alyssa Milano diet plan contains 4 stages:

Stage 1: You start with less than twenty carbs every day for 2 weeks, and you eat high-fat, high-protein meals with low-carbon veggies like leafy greens. The method helps kick start weight loss.

Stage 2: Phase two will gradually add some nuts, fruit, and low-carbon veggies into the diet.

Stage 3: When you are close to your weight loss goal, it’s time to increase your carb consumption till your weight loss slows down.

Stage 4: Phase four is the preservation stage where you can eat lots of healthy carbs without gaining weight.

Some of Alyssa’s go-to Atkins ratified favorites in the summer contains the sun-dried tomato deviled eggs, raspberry lime fizz, and the lemony shrimp, chicken and vegetable kebabs.

Other favorites of Alyssa consists of kale zucchini noodles, chips, and salmon with a cucumber base. Though not a weight loss approach, Milano’s Instagram post would suggest she is a supporter for breastfeeding. Alyssa and husband David also have a son, Milo. Milano is also recognized for her TV characters in ABC sitcom Mistresses and Fox soap opera Melrose Place.

The Ingenious Tricks That Helped Alyssa Milano Lose weight

The social activist and actress swears by a few tried-and-true techniques (nothing of which tastes like “diet food”). Alyssa’s resume is as diverse as they come. Definitely, she played the lead in Charmed and Who’s The Boss?, but in the meantime, she has been fiddling in all types of areas, featuring in Project Runway All Stars, crafting a line of luxe paper towels for Viva, and even introducing her own hacking-meets-social-activism comic book sequence, Hacktivist.

But her real concealed superpower is her awareness of low-carb nutrients that does not suck. She has grown into an enthusiast of eliminating starches after getting on the Atkins diet in the recent past, when she struggled to lose the last twenty pounds of baby weight. The diet worked so well that she decided to stick with it, embracing it as a lifestyle, instead of a way to swiftly drop pounds. Here are some of her tried-and-true methods.


Taco nights are particularly popular at Alyssa’s house. “I love any kind of meal I can make for my kids,” she describes. While she puts out regular taco shells for the kids, she will use cabbage or lettuce to cover up hers.

The same goes for sandwiches. “I discover that it is just satisfying to cover any sort of sandwich in a good portion of sturdy lettuce, like butter or iceberg lettuce,” she states. “It provides it a fine crunch.”


Alyssa loves baking pizza, and if she is taking a slice, she will often make it with a cauliflower layer. To save time, she purchases the dough pre-made, but you may well try this recipe.

She will regularly go for a plain cheese piece, but she will splurge on one coating: ranch covering. “I love ranch covering on anything, truly,” she states.



The actress misses cereal or toast, preferring turkey bacon and scrambled eggs most mornings. The protein helps you feel fuller longer.


The Brooklyn inherent grew up in an Italian family, where her mom prepared “Sunday sauce” each weekend (Also known as tomato sauce). “I am really good at making pasta dishes, but unluckily, I cannot have them at the moment,” Alyssa says. But she has found some replacements, like using finely sliced zucchini in place of noodles in her lasagna.


Alyssa has an organic vegetable orchard in her backyard, which makes it easier for her to toss together a salad or throw together an improved alternative to potato chips when she is craving something salty. “I make spinach and kale chips that the children love,” Alyssa says. “I just drizzle them with pepper, salt, olive oil and a squeeze of lemon, then cook them over low heat for fifteen minutes or so.”

You know you have got a crowd pleaser when even kids give it the seal of endorsement.

One more desired carb-free snack? Flavored almonds. “I truly love wasabi pepper almonds,” Milano says.


If Alyssa’s parents come to stay over the weekend and, certainly, just because it is so unquestionably good, the actress keeps a cluster of cheese on hand at all times, to toss together a hasty cheese platter. “There is nothing like a good cheese plate,” Alyssa says, who is a big admirer of aged gouda and bleu cheese. Here is one she piece together for us, which also contains cherries, grapes, strawberries, cured meat and pickles.

courtesy by Alyssa Milano


So many of the most crave worthy coatings on meals improve a ton of taste and calories. (Ahem, ranch, bacon, cheese dressing.) Alyssa adds lime juice or fresh lemon to “nearly in everything,” to give a dish a citrusy kick without turning it into a calorie-bomb.


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For Alyssa Milano, losing weight after welcoming her second baby was no easy feat.

“I don’t know how do it. I didn’t feel pressure from within the industry. Any pressure that I felt was from seeing other celebrities get down to their weight in two weeks, and I know that for me that’s just not in my makeup, biologically, there’s just no way that I could’ve dropped all that baby weight in two weeks,” the 43-year-old actress said of her 55-pound weight loss in a recent interview.

Alyssa while pregnant in June 2014 (left) and in May 2016 (right).

“The only pressure I really felt was self-inflicted pressure, and that was really fleeting,” Alyssa told E! News.

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The former Who’s the Boss star and her husband, David Bugliari — who married in August 2009 — welcomed daughter Elizabella, 20 months, in September 2014. The couple are also parents to a four-year-old son, Milo, who was born in August 2011.

View this post on Instagram

#NationalSiblingDay #BellaAndMilo

A post shared by Alyssa Milano (@milano_alyssa) on Apr 10, 2016 at 4:50pm PDT

“ exhausting, and the only thing you really have is food to get you through those first two months. Especially if you’re breastfeeding,” Alyssa continued. “There comes a point where you’re like, ‘Okay, I’ve kind’ve got to get serious . So I gave myself 18 months.”

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After shedding more than 50 pounds following her daughter’s birth, Alyssa now says she’s at her “happy weight.” “I don’t know if I’m going to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I’m breastfeeding also, that’s a big part of it, so I just call it my happy weight,” she said.

Alyssa Milano talks about the pressure to lose her baby weight

Image via Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Celebrities. They’re just like us. Well, a few of them are — including Alyssa Milano, who recently admitted that some of the pressure she felt to lose her baby weight came from seeing other celebrity moms returning to their pre-pregnant weight lightning fast.

It’s easy to understand why she feels that way. We are inundated daily on social media with photos of celebrity moms only weeks, or even days, after giving birth looking like nothing ever happened. And it puts an unrealistic expectation on us all.

Milano told E! News that any pressure she felt to lose the weight was “self-inflicted,” but that seeing the fast weight loss of other celebrity moms definitely contributed to that pressure. “Any pressure I felt is from seeing other celebrities get down to their baby weight in two weeks.” And sadly, she is only barely exaggerating.

”I just know, for me, that’s just not in my make-up, biologically. There is no way I could have dropped all the baby weight in two weeks, I don’t know how they do it!”

The much-buzzed-about photo of Chrissy Teigen in her crop top after giving birth was posted mere weeks after the model gave birth to her baby girl. Of course, she’s a model and not a Normal, but it’s still tough to understand how any woman can look that incredible so quickly after having a baby. And it’s easy to feel envious and fixate on her amazing progress.

For her part, Milano also can’t wrap her head around the rapid transformations by some famous moms. “I just know, for me, that’s just not in my make-up, biologically. There is no way I could have dropped all the baby weight in two weeks, I don’t know how they do it!”

That makes two of us, Alyssa. I remember being THRILLED to have dropped about 10 pounds beyond the weight of my son by the 2-week mark — and I still had a good 30 pounds to go. Milano says, “It’s exhausting, and the only thing you have really is food to get you through those first two months! Especially if you’re breastfeeding, so hats off to .” And I can only nod remembering those weeks of being parked on the couch, a human milk machine for my infant, with most of my day’s excitement involving whatever my husband was throwing on the grill. Losing the baby weight was the furthest thing from my mind at the time.

That’s where Milano was at too saying, “I gave myself 18 months. I reached my happy weight when my daughter was 18 months, and I did it through Atkins.” She elaborates a bit on what “happy weight” means to her. “There are so many variables, you don’t know what a goal weight is especially when you’re 43 and you just had a baby, I don’t know if I’m going to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.”

The actress lost 55 pounds over the last 18 months through a combination of her diet, spin class, Zumba and Pilates. She sounds comfortable with herself and she obviously looks fantastic, but it’s a reflection of how our society picks at women after they’ve had babies that she felt the need to diet and exercise several days a week to begin with. Or to outline the reasons she took a little extra time to lose her weight, as though she owed anyone an explanation.

Of course, it’s every woman’s personal decision to lose her baby weight (or not) in whatever time frame she wants. Some new moms make it a top priority to get back on track with their fitness routine while others don’t give it a second thought until their child is a bit older — or never. And every single one of those approaches is fine. I know that once my son was a toddler, I got fed up with the extra pounds I was still carrying, so I dieted and exercised to feel better about myself. The problem is when any woman, famous or otherwise, feels pressure to “snap back” after having a baby. That’s a matter that each woman should feel free to handle in any way she likes, without regard for the opinions of others.

While it’s certainly refreshing to hear a celebrity mom talk about how it actually took time to lose her baby weight, it might be even more refreshing to hear from one who didn’t care at all. Either way is fine, but we all know which train of thought is most pervasive in our culture. It’s important for moms to know they’re far more than the number on the scale, and if we keep worshiping women for losing their baby weight before the first month is up, it only adds to the unfair pressure women feel to look amazing right after giving birth.

Alyssa Milano’s Anti-Aging Secrets: Her Natural Lifestyle Choices Keep Her Young

Alyssa Milano has grown up, and most of us have grown up with her. From her days as preteen tomboy Samantha Miceli on Who’s the Boss? to witchy woman Phoebe Halliwell on Charmed, the actress has been a vibrant, relatable and beautiful persona we’ve come to know via television. She was even named a UNICEF ambassador in 2004. Today, with a young family, her Touch licensed sports apparel line, and the wisdom that accompanies adulthood, her commitment to a natural, eco-friendly lifestyle has become another hallmark of her life.

What connection do you see between eating organic foods and maintaining the energy level that your busy life requires?

I think everything that you put into your body has a connection to how well we function in daily life. As a mom of two, eating organic is a priority; when organic is not an option, it’s about finding the healthiest accessible choices.

I eat tomatoes like other people eat fruit and love papaya. I would put avocado on anything. I also like to cook with healthful herbs and spices like garlic and onions, which is natural for an Italian like me. We keep genetically modified foods out of our house.

Which fitness habits embodied by others have you made your own?

In my Who’s the Boss? days, Tony Danza and Judith Light were always active and athletic. Tony would bring in a tap dance teacher and Judith a private trainer during lunch breaks. Being tutored on the set, I had no physical education classes or sports activities, so it was super-important for me to see how self-motivated they were to stay fit and in shape. Their example instilled a desire to take care of myself as an adult.

What role does nature play in your daily life?

I love being outside in my organic garden three or more times a week. Also, the kids and I regularly head outside, which is an easy place to keep them happily and healthfully occupied without my having to jump through hoops.

As an advocate of breastfeeding, which benefits do you think are especially good for mother and child?

In the beginning, a primary benefit is giving your child quality nourishment, including healthy antibodies and other goodies to support health. As they start eating solids, it’s still about maintaining that intimate connection until they’re ready to be weaned and you’re ready to surrender this last physical bond.

How do you balance family life with your acting career?

It’s a hard balance for anyone, especially one who’s detail-oriented and a bit of a perfectionist, like me. The most important thing is to be in the moment, doing the best I can every day. I’ve also learned to be kind to myself when I’m failing to do so or something is annoying me due to some unfortunate imbalance.

How do you and your husband keep both your friendship and love vibrant?

We work hard at maintaining a good and healthy marriage, which can be tested in tough times. I believe that it’s vital to have the ability to laugh; you have to find humor in things, reminding yourself and each other that there is something funny in every daily activity, no matter how mundane or hard. When there’s no time to eat together or be intimate, shared laughter is an easy thing to achieve together. Done daily, it can only make the marriage stronger.

We enjoy date nights once or twice a week when my parents take care of the kids. I’ll put on mascara and change out of yoga pants, even if we’re just hanging out together. Then we do little things like asking how each other’s day went and caring about the answer. We also look for ways we can help each other throughout the week.

What actions does your family emphasize in being stewards of the Earth?

We try to be as eco-friendly as possible, including having lights on timers, conserving water and being kind to animals. I cannot stress how important it is to visit a farm and organic gardens and orchards with children so that they see where their food comes from. We can’t take good food for granted.

In addition to a naturally healthy lifestyle, what else do you credit for your enduring youthfulness?

My secret is happiness. I’ve always said that as long as my laugh lines are deeper than my frown lines, I’m living a good life.

Gerry Strauss is a freelance writer in Hamilton, NJ. Connect at .

Alyssa Milano turned 44 years-old this holiday season (December 19), and we aren’t sure if it’s only the holiday spirit that keeps the actress radiant and young. The beautiful Charmed star has been sharing Christmas joys on Instagram in the form of cute pictures.

Milano posted this picture with Christmas dolls on a table and captioned it, “Playing some reindeer games.”

Playing some reindeer games. #elfontheshelf

A photo posted by Alyssa Milano (@milano_alyssa) on Dec 15, 2016 at 7:09pm PST

Then there’s another one which says, “#Handmade Christmas soaps for my babies.”

#Handmade Christmas soap for my babies. Scented with maple scent from @Brambleberry. They smell like little pancakes when they get out of the bath. #soapcreation #soapporn #soap #DIY #soapshare

A photo posted by Alyssa Milano (@milano_alyssa) on Dec 17, 2016 at 8:33am PST

And the cutest of all her Instagram posts is this one, Christmas decorations of elf hats done on a wall of photographs. I guess the “Elf on the Shelf” has been busy! #elfontheshelf


A photo posted by Alyssa Milano (@milano_alyssa) on Dec 18, 2016 at 8:38pm PST

The Mistress star turns 44 years-old today, December 19, and she still looks ageless. It appears that aging totally agrees with the petite actress. Last year, she got a new pixie haircut for her 43rd birthday, and we are still waiting to see what transformation Milano will undergo this year for her birthday.

Alyssa Milano’s Ageless Beauty Secrets

Diet and Lifestyle: Milano is a vegetarian by choice. She says that by removing animals from our diet, we not only protect them but also lose weight and gain energy. She advises to add protein in the diet through beans, legumes and other meat alternatives.

Hair: Milano is a natural brunette. The key to her youthful look is that she stays true to her natural hair color. She has got highlights like light brown, caramel brown and dark brown done but never changed the base color of her hair. Basically she chooses highlights that are quite close to her base color.

Hair Products: Alyssa Milano uses Wen hair products which she endorses as well. She is the spokesmodel of the brand, too. Wen is a special line of shampoo and conditioner which is lather-free and rich in nutrients.

Girl-Next-Door Look: To get her girl-next-door look, try soft pinks and dusty rose colors. Define the lip line with a lip pencil and fill the lips with a lip brush for a more natural finish. For the cheeks, pick a natural, soft-colored cream blush. Use a pearly highlighter over that to add some natural shimmer. Do the eyes with a brown pencil instead of a black and pick an eyeshadow in neutral colors like mauve, raisin, or pearl. Finish the look with false lashes on the outer corners of each eye.

Beauty Products: She loves sunscreen and uses Corrective Skin Care sunscreen. Her makeup products are from Sheer Cover and her one go-to makeup product is Chapstick to keep her lips moisturized at all times.

Fragrances: Though she dislikes deodorants, Milano loves Clinique Happy Perfume.

Beauty Tips: She recommends to wear sunscreen all the time and advises to stick to one’s natural hair color.

Alyssa Milano is happily married to Dave Bugliari and they have two beautiful children. On her birthday, we wish her all the happiness and success in the world, and we hope to see more of her in 2017.


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