Through AKT, Anna combines all of her years of expertise in performance and training to create a cross-training technique that offers a 360 degree lifestyle approach to fitness with a highly curated program of the best workouts available today (dance, HIIT, Pilates, yoga, toning, circuit training, conditioning). Her groundbreaking approach combines the personalization of private training with the exhilarating energy of group exercise to give clients everything they need under one roof. After 15 years of personally bringing these services to her clients, Anna now has a team of over 75 people, which continues to grow as she auditions to find the best dancers and trainers to join her incredible family of elite experts for locations across the United States.
Her experience as an artist, coupled with her expertise in fitness, led her to create her own brand and chain of luxury fitness studios, AKT. As CEO and Founder of AKT, Anna has opened studios in NYC, East Hampton, and CT, as well as an in-studio elite private training certification, created specifically for dancers. Her first DVD, Expecting More: The Complete Pregnancy Fitness System for Fit and Healthy Moms-to-Be, received rave reviews internationally, and received a Gold medal at the National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA). She has since released her signature workout, Happy Hour, on DVD, the AKT streaming membership app, her renowned 8-week AKTransformation Program, retreats in Mexico and Costa Rica, and continues to train and travel internationally to teach and expand the AKTechnique. Anna has been featured in Vogue, The NYTimes, Cosmopolitan, US Weekly, The Today Show, Good Morning America, SELF, Glamour, Shape, WWD, E!, InStyle, W Magazine, Women’s Health, Well&Good, and is currently a contributing editor for People Magazine. She was seen as the co-host for the prime time ABC series “My Diet Is Better Than Yours,” and her latest (and greatest) partnership announcement is the birth of her son, Brooks Emerson Wesley.


Shakira, Kelly Ripa, and Sarah Jessica Parker have bangin’ bodies, so when I was able to take a class from the personal trainer they all share, I was ecstatic.

Stepping into Downtown Dance Factory in New York City, I was greeted by a very petite and extremely toned woman wearing a zip-up hoodie and tight black pants: Anna Kaiser, creator of AKT INMOTION. “I just sent Kelly Ripa to climb the Empire State Building,” she said casually before we went into the studio. I knew I was in for something exciting.

And the next 90 minutes didn’t disappoint-in fact, a new term should be coined for working out thanks to Kaiser’s classes. After attending one you’ll feel like you just drank a large batch of..let’s call it “motion potion.” The high is incredible and the results speak for themselves.

When creating her classes “Happy Hour” and “S&M,” Anna made sure that the 60 or 90 minutes you spend with her is all you need to get in your cardio, flexibility, and strength conditioning. She incorporates hip hoppin’ dance choreography (that’s easy to follow!) with yoga and Pilates movements and weight exercises interspersed, constantly shocking your muscles and allowing for active recovery sessions that make, literally, every second count. And they’re addictive, thanks to AKT INMOTION’s philosophy of “movement with a purpose.”

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“The majority of us spend anywhere from three to ten hours-or more-being active and working out every week. Why not develop a skill and get better at something while you are getting the best full-body workout?” Kaiser says. Plus who doesn’t want to leave their workouts feeling like a back-up dancer for Beyoncé?

Kaiser began her fitness career at the Reebok Sports Club/NY and The Sports Club/LA. She then served as chief content officer for Tracy Anderson while also doing personal training. And then there’s her dance experience.

“Dance has been a driving force in my life for 25 years. From music videos and hip hop, to jazz and musical theater, to ballet and classic modern dance, I have had extensive exposure to a variety of techniques that inspire my own electric style,” she says. This variety includes touring with the cast of FAME!, serving as the principal dancer in the movie Enchanted, and appearing in her music videos with her client Shakira.

Good thing dance is exactly what energizes and motivates Kaiser. “There’s nothing that helps clear my mind and improve my mood more than sweating in a room with my friends to some amazing new music and feeling stronger and taller every time I walk out. It’s truly incredible,” she says. “I’m addicted. And the results aren’t half bad either.”

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AKT INMOTION is opening a new studio this spring in New York City. The trainers-who must be NASM-certified, have at least five years’ experience as a professional dancer, and more-bring a mix of expertise to the studio, including Pilates, the Czech method, TRX, and injury prevention. Sounds like a dance party to me!

For a taste of the classes at home, try out Kaiser’s abs series in the below video.

  • By Heidi Pashman

I Did Karlie Kloss’s Workout for One Week—and Here’s What Happened

Steve Granitz/WireImage

When celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser calls and invites you to do a 5-day intensive workshop with her that mimics the exact workout she does on her famous clients, you don’t say no. At least I don’t say no. Because Kaiser, founder of AKT In Motion, is one of the most motivating, positive, brilliant minds in the fitness industry. And she kicks major ass. This worked out perfectly since I was in the mood for a major ass-kicking.

So I said a resounding YES and shortly after found myself waiting patiently inside her Nomad studio one Monday morning a few weeks ago for day numero uno of the aforementioned workshop. On the agenda: 5 days of intensive classes, all led by Kaiser, that would give me a taste of the full scope of the concept behind her workout. (Her method, by the way, is an exercise routine rooted in functional movement combining circuit training with HIIT, strength, toning, dance cardio, Pilates, and yoga.) Oh, and PS, Kelly Ripa, Karlie Kloss, Shakira, and other beautiful bods in Hollywood all call her on the reg to whip them into shape.

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Day 1: Happy Hour, her signature dance cardio class (below). We start with a warm up before we start rocking out to a beast of a playlist that gets us through an hour + of sweat drenching cardio. Anna (who by the way just had a baby), is working harder than any other person in the room, as revealed by all of our heart rate monitors that are displayed on a screen at the front of the studio. Her energy is palpable, and I leave the class feeling incredibly inspired and excited for the week of classes ahead of me.

Image zoom

Day 2: I leap out of bed in the morning without hesitation (this is rare. Unheard of, actually) and make my way to the studio for Sweat Dream, a cardio-strength combo class using resistance bands hung from the ceiling. This class is no joke. By the end of the hour I can barely move my arms. But just like yesterday, Anna’s energy gets me through it, no problemo.

VIDEO: How to Get Toned Arms Like Kelly Ripa

Day 3: I wake up this morning extremely sore, as anticipated. But I feel great. Today’s class is called Tone, which consists of 45 minutes of total body toning followed by 15 minutes of foam rolling and deep stretching. This is actually the perfect day for this class because I am in desperate need of stretching. I am 10 minutes late which puts me in a state of panic the whole subway ride uptown, but I finally make it. Bonus: My heart rate is already through the roof and I’m sweating, and I haven’t even started the workout. The first 45 minutes are a challenge (think Pilates and barre-inspired strength moves) but it’s the cool down that really throws me over the edge. Yes, the cool down. We work our fatigued muscles out on the torture device known as the foam roller and suddenly I’ve never been so desperate to get back to toning. It hurts. BAD. The best kind of pain that is so brutal yet you know is doing your body so much good. By the time 15 minutes has ended I feel like I just had a 90-minute massage. I leave class and head immediately to Paragon Sports to pick up a foam roller for my apartment. I’ve used it every day, ever since. It’s changed my life.

Day 4: Due to the aforementioned foam rolling, I feel pretty good. I am sore from head to toe but oddly also feel refreshed and renewed. I head to day 4 of class, known as 4Play. (4 exercises x 4 circuits, done through a combination of HIIT intervals and functional strength training, using weights, bands, balls, and anything else you can think of). This. Is. Hard. SO hard. I think about quitting, but then I look over at bright-eyed bushy-tailed Anna, and I instantly erase that thought from memory. As a plow through a series of weighted squats, I ponder how it is that she is pouring sweat and exerting more energy than all of us, yet doesn’t look tired in the least bit. Then I think about how she has a newborn at home and begin to wonder how many hours of sleep she got last night (Two? Three, maybe?) I decide to squat lower and suck it up because I literally have zero excuses not to.

Day 5: The last day of the workshop! One would think I would be thrilled to be done with this journey of torture, but in actuality, I woke up this morning feeling sad. For the entire week, I committed to something that was doing my body, mind, and soul an incredible amount of good. I started each morning with one of the most positive, upbeat, inspiring woman I know. I tested my body to its limit. And I feel incredible. I go to class (a combination mixer of all of AKT’s offerings) and give it my all. I collapse into a sweaty fetal position on my mat at the end.

Image zoom Courtesy

What did I do after? Go directly to the spa? Throw my gym shoes in the trash on the way out the door? No. I immediately went to the front desk and signed up for a double class for the next morning. Crazy? Yes. True story? Double yes.

I’ve been addicted ever since. And my body has never felt better. Karlie, I understand your obsession.

For more information about AKT In Motion,

“Named One of the Top 5 Streaming Workouts By Vogue Magazine.”
International fitness expert, Anna Kaiser, curates the best workouts from her four AKT studios, and private celebrity sessions, and is bringing them to you via AKT On Demand.
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“AKT has made it addictively easy to get in the best shape of your life.”
– Shape Magazine.
The AKT workout is a ground-breaking fitness technique developed by fitness expert, Anna Kaiser (co-host of ABC’s My Diet is Better Than Yours.) Combining interval training, sculpting, toning, dance, HIIT, and yoga, the AKT workout’s fun, innovative, and an ever-changing curriculum will deliver the results you never thought were possible. Celebrity clients including Kelly Rippa, Shakira, Karlie Kloss, Emmy Rossum, and more, stay in shape with Anna’s workout routine. AKT has been featured in Vogue, Self, Cosmopolitan, NY Times, and their digital counterparts as THE workout to get you in shape in 2016. Studios in NYC, Hamptons, and CT.
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There’s a reason I didn’t make it into my high school’s dance company (my best friend forced me to audition, and I still haven’t forgiven her): It’s because I can’t dance. At all. Since that humiliating afternoon, I’ve pretty much avoided dance-inspired workouts (except for Bollywood, of course) at all costs.

But then I heard about Anna Kaiser and her new AKT Inmotion dance cardio classes.

Kelly Ripa has been taking Kaiser’s classes for several years, and since she was an early SoulCycle and Physique57 adapter, she seems to have a knack for finding the next big fitness thing. Then I found out Sarah Jessica Parker also trains with Kaiser five days a week. And then, okay, I was sold. So I hightailed it over to Kaiser’s new Upper East Side studio in NYC to see if all girls just wanna have fun on the dance floor.

If anyone can inspire me, it’s probably Kaiser. She’s had parallel careers in dance and fitness, teaching classes at the Reebok Sports Club and choreographing Broadway shows, eventually working on music videos for pop stars like Shakira. Kaiser’s also worked with Gwyneth’s guru Tracy Anderson, who’s arguably this generation’s Jane Fonda when it comes to dance cardio. So I feel I’m in good hands when I start this new workout…even though, okay, I’m terrified.

I arrived at the sleek new Upper East Side AKT studio in NYC amidst a group of women who all seemed to know what to do. Great. As I stepped out onto the state-of-the-art bouncy floor, I flashed back to that fateful afternoon in high school. (Wait, what’s a chassé again?!)

Courtesy of AKT Inmotion ‬

“Welcome to 90 minute S&M!” instructor Adam Sanford grinned. After being told I was a newbie, he physically dragged me out of the farthest back corner of the room. “Ooh, here, let’s get you to a spot so you can really see what’s going on.” Again: Great.

According to Kaiser, you can have two left feet and do the class successfully; most clients have never been dancers. “You’re using the principles of dance and the correct alignment from sports medicine and strength conditioning to give you both the fun and the excitement but also the structure and educated technique of sports training,” Kaiser told me.

The workout started with movements that required some arm and feet coordination, but I kept up and was able to follow it. The room worked up a sweat pretty quickly, and then we were instructed to hit the floor for a series of challenging plank movements. At this point, I knew it was going to be what I like to call “a two-water-bottle class.”

The session—which is available in a 60-minute version called “Happy Hour” as well as the 90 minute “S&M”—alternates ten minute dance intervals with yoga and strength moves in between. Although they give you a brief respite from all the leaping around, they are not the least bit restful. But that’s okay.

As the class progressed, the choreography got harder. My cockiness at mastering the first few combinations evaporated when we hit a turn/leap combination. Rather than endanger the lovely woman standing (or should I say jumping and flexing?) next to me, I stopped trying to turn altogether, jumping for few counts until I caught up with the rest of the class. Then we hit the leaping portion, which was downright exhilarating.

I never fully got the whole routine, which we repeated multiple times. I felt comfortable with about 75% of it—the rest I faked and just tried to keep up. I found myself concentrating so hard on the moves that 90 minutes really flew by.

The only part of the class that made me really uncomfortable was the end. The instructor turned off the lights, flipped on a disco ball, and broke us up into “performance” groups. Each small group performed for the rest of the class amidst much hooting and hollering. I opted to sit it out, because I wasn’t really ready to put myself out there in that way. But I wanted to come back and master it. Badly.

Kaiser wants her technique to be progressive. “You take the foundational vocabulary and build on it. Learn a dance routine, then the next week you learn a different routine and put the two together,” she said. “You need a core group of people who are willing to put the time in. I love seeing people grow and change.”

To that end, she recently switched over from a drop-in pay model, which is common in boutique fitness studios, to a monthly membership, which costs $450 per month. There will still be drop-in classes available twice a day if you’re a commitment-phobe, or you can book a private session with Kaiser or another trainer for $200/hour.

And yes, AKT’s in expansion mode. Kaiser plans to open an LA studio in the foreseeable future, and she told me she’s working on making digital content (she can’t reveal what this will look like yet) available this spring to people who are traveling or don’t live near a studio.

As for me, I now have the theme song from Fame running through my head constantly, and I’m actually not mad at that. At all. Watch out, dance floor. I’m coming for ya.

AKT Continues Nationwide Expansion

Club Industry was not involved in the creation of this content.

DENVER (September 2019)– AKT, the popular boutique fitness studio developed by Celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser, will open their first Colorado location in Denver at 2445 E. 3rdStreet in Cherry Creek North. The new studio will be one of 25 AKT locations expected to open by the end of 2019 – including a second Denver location at Lot Twenty Eight in RiNo.

In 2013, dancer, choreographer, and certified fitness instructor, Anna Kaiser, opened her first AKT studio on the Upper East Side of Manhattan after successfully introducing her privately trained clients to the revolutionary cardio-based dance workout. She has since become the preferred trainer for high-profile clientele, including LIVE with Kelly & Ryan host, Kelly Ripa as well as international singing sensation, Shakira.

Rooted in functional training that allows the body to move in a dynamic way, each AKT studio class is between 45-60 minutes in duration and incorporates a full spectrum of fitness elements from dance to strength training and plyometrics. With four unique class modalities – dance, bands, tone and circuit, AKT is a workout for all body types and fitness levels.

“I created AKT to provide consumers with a unique and ever-changing workout experience focused on something no other fitness concept does — a kinetic approach to physical wellness with a cutting-edge in pop fitness culture,” said Anna Kaiser, founder of AKT. “Since opening our first studio in 2013, AKT has become much more than a workout for so many; it provides a sense of support and inspiration. We are excited to bring the AKT culture to the west coast and look forward to celebrating our new studio space with the Denver community.”

The 2,000 sq. foot facility will be housed in the former A Line Boutique space and was reconfigured to foster a collaborative work environment and a culture that combines the personalization of private training with the community and electric experience that a boutique studio offers. AKT Cherry Creek will be home to one state-of-the-art studio outfitted with top-of-the-line fitness equipment.

AKT recently entered into a franchise partnership with the curator of top boutique fitness concepts, Xponential Fitness, subsequently resulting in rapid and consistent growth for the AKT community. Denver studio owners, Shannon and Bruce Jaeger were also the first franchisees to sign on. “We wanted to do something different and helping AKT expand their brand was exactly what we were looking for. We were hooked after our first class and wanted everyone to experience the energy and excitement that we did. I am beyond thrilled for AKT to make its first home in Colorado in the heart of Cherry Creek. We can’t wait to wow everyone when our doors open.”, said co-owner, Shannon Jaeger.

AKT currently has studios in New York – including East Hampton, Upper East Side and NoMad, New Caanan, Connecticut and Orange County, CA. Additional AKT studios are slated to open in Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Detroit and Denver.

The studio is currently offering a Founding Member special for a limited time only. To find out more about the AKT workout, studios and membership, please visit the AKT website. Follow AKT Cherry Creek on Facebook or Instagram for the latest news, trends and information.

AKT is a revolutionary fitness technique rooted in dance and functional training. Developed by international fitness expert, Anna Kaiser, it combines circuit training, HIIT, strength, toning, dance cardio, Pilates, and yoga to deliver a high-energy, fun workout. The ever-changing curriculum keeps your muscles guessing, ensuring members never plateau and provides a full-body workout experience. Studio locations include New York City, Hamptons, Connecticut and Orange County, CA. For more information on AKT, visit

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