Best For: All fitness levels who want a quick workout

Available: iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, iPhone and iPad-You can download it here.


This isn’t technically an app, but we at Green Blender love this! Sam DeBrule, the creator of this project, sends a 15 minute bodyweight workout to your inbox every morning. Each workout focuses on a different body part and is customizable based on your fitness level. You can track your progress, view your stats and refer friends for an added bonus!

Best For: Those looking for a quick workout you can do at home, no equipment required.

Available: Everyone! You can sign up here.

Noom Weight Loss Coach

Description: Nearly 90% of all users have lost some amount of weight. This app takes the stress out of dieting and exercise and adds in a lot of fun. The free application offers weight loss tips, fitness advices, features a cardio trainer, a program allow you to test your fitness level as well as preset and personalized fitness programs. The application goes beyond the traditional fitness tracker;. users of Noom have the opportunity to connect with community members through social media, track real-time results, as well as earn points and rewards. Each day, the developers of Noom challenge its community by promoting a daily task, giving you the opportunity to connect with and motivate others with similar fitness goals.

Best For: Anyone looking to lose weight within a community of like-minded people.

Available: iOS and Androids. You can download it for iPhones here and Androids here.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Description: This free fitness app allows you to record and track progress with just about any distance-based sporting activity, such as running and cycling. Endomondo Sports Tracker tracks duration, distance and calories burned, and display your route on a map. You can post your workouts, see your friends and other Endomondo user’s workouts, and even receive exercise advice and motivational talks. Another great feature of this app is that you can set a time, distance or calorie goal, or set a previous workout or a friend’s performance as your target, allowing for even more motivation. This app will get you moving and the features will keep you in motion!

Best For: Runners, cyclers and other distance-based exercise.

Available: Android and iOS and you can download it here.


Description: This free app contains a list of over 1300 exercises, all categorized by what specific muscles you’d like to work out and what equipment you have at your fingertips. Each exercise has an animation, accurately describing the safest way to perform it, as well as detailed information about the specific exercise. You can create your own workout programs designed specifically to help you reach your fitness goals, holding you accountable and keeping you motivated. With JEFIT, you can also log in your stats, track your progress and see your friend’s stats as well. Within the JEFIT community you can join conversations about nutrition and get training advice. Your fitness goals may be personal , but your journey to get there doesn’t need to be solitary.

Best For: Bodybuilders

Available: iOS users can download it here and Android users can download it here.

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FitQuote is a simple little App to help keep you motivated to achieve your fitness goals. It will show you a new quote every day.
“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” ~Zig Ziglar
Features include:
• Daily motivational/inspirational fitness quote
• Configurable reminders to view your daily quote
• Collection of customizable background photos
• Show a random background photo from the collection each day
• Choose a specific background photo to display all the time
• Choose your own backgrounds photos
• Save quotes you like (available on iPhone, iPod)
• Remove Ads (requires premium subscription)
FitQuote is free to download and use. We also have a Premium subscription that unlocks the premium features noted above.
If you choose to subscribe, your Premium subscription will automatically renew each year and will charge your credit card through your iTunes account.
• Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
• You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings.
• Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
• Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.
FitQuote privacy policy:
FitQuote terms of use:

10 Fitness Apps to Get You Moving and Motivated

You started the new year with the best intentions, but somehow life just got in the way of your fitness goals. The gym was packed, your kids were sick, you worked too late, it was raining—the excuses are easy to come by. But you can still do this! You don’t need to rely on pricey classes and personal trainers to get fit this year, all you need is your phone and a little bit of motivation. We’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best free apps to get you moving this winter.



is one of the original fitness tracking apps, but don’t write it off just because it’s not the “hot new thing” anymore. Runkeeper allows you to set goals, create a fitness plan, and then track your runs, walks, and cycling sessions with your phone’s GPS system. It’s the perfect tool for staying accountable and motivated, since you can track your progress over time as well as connect with friends in order to cheer (or heckle) each other on.

Find it: iOS; Android


No time to exercise? Forget hour-long spin classes and 10 mile runs. All you need for an effective workout is a chair and seven minutes. The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout helps you squeeze fitness into your day when it works for you. If you choose to include the warm up and cool down sections, each workout is about 11 minutes. You can choose the intensity level, and the app will coach you through the entire workout.

Find it: iOS; Android


If you’ve ever dreamed of a world where you’re rewarded for choosing carrot sticks over doughnuts and you actually get paid to work out, the Pact app could be for you. This free app allows you to commit to a set workout schedule or health goal each week—and then you bet (with real money) that you’ll be able to follow through. If you don’t hit your goal, your credit card gets charged. If you crush it, you’ll reap the rewards (financed by other app users who didn’t achieve their goals). Finally some motivation you can take to the bank!

Find it: iOS; Android


YouTube sensation Cassey Ho’s energy and spunk will distract you from the fact that your abs are on fire during her pilates-inspired workout videos. The free Blogilates app provides workout videos, recipes, and a supportive community forum, and you can always upgrade to receive weekly workout schedules for $0.99 per month.

Find it: iOS; Android


Charity Miles

combines the ease and convenience of a typical fitness tracker with the warm fuzzies of doing something good for others. Just open the app any time you set off on a run or walk to get coffee and you’ll earn money for the charity of your choice (choose from over 30) for each mile you move. The app has already raised over $2 million from its sponsors.

Find it: iOS; Android


If you’re tired of hitting the snooze button five times every morning, check out the Yoga Wake Up app. It’s designed to help you ease into your day by providing free yoga routines that you can do right from your bed. The 10-minute audio classes lead you as you set a daily intention, stretch, stretch, and meditate. You may even start looking forward to that alarm going off.

Find it: iOS


Do you love to run but have a bad habit of quitting halfway through your planned route? The Zombies, Run! app keeps you moving by putting a pack of blood-thirsty zombies hot on your trail. It streams your usual running music, but when you hear zombies running and breathing down your neck, you know it’s time to pick up the pace. The game even allows you to collect supplies and help fellow apocalypse survivors.

Find it: iOS; Android


Let’s be honest: Getting fit and staying healthy is not all about the workouts. If you celebrate your five-mile run by wolfing down an entire pizza, you’re not going to hit your goals. The MyFitnessPal app helps marry your nutrition and exercise goals. This tracking app allows you to log your workouts as well as all your meals and snacks for the day. Their food database contains over 1,000,000 items, so it’s easy to log your store-bought or restaurant meals, too. They also have free discussion forums where you can connect with other health seekers.

Find it: iOS; Android


Some of us will just never be gym people. If you dread the drone of the treadmill or smell of those locker rooms, get out into nature for your workout instead. Once you download Yonder, simply enter your location and the app will pull up suggestions for hiking, biking, kayaking, and skiing in your area. It even includes reviews of each trail from fellow users. So grab your phone and get some vitamin D while you work up a sweat this winter.

Find it: iOS; Android


If you purged half of your belongings during your minimalist phase last year, no sweat: You don’t need any fancy equipment to get in a great workout with the Freeletics app. It contains over 900 bodyweight workouts that are tailored to you and your fitness level.

Find it: iOS; Android

My Favorite Smartphone App for Fitness Motivation

I wake up every morning with the framework for a healthy day in place:

– I wear a Fitbit

– I pretend to keep a food journal

– I plan to meditate daily

– I have the seven-minute workout app on my smartphone

I always have the best intentions, but once the day gets going, I free-fall into the madness of work, parenting, and taxi-cab hailing combat. By 8p.m. I end up passing out rather than working out. But I’ve recently picked up a trick to kick myself into gear: a little friendly competition.

Last week I interviewed Kevin Plank, founder and CEO of Under Armour, the athletic gear company that makes even the coolest Nike execs work up a sweat. The day’s hot topic was Under Armour’s recent acquisition of the technology company MapMyFitness, a super cool app for the super cool athlete. I’m neither super cool nor a super athlete, but when Kevin noticed that we both wear a Fitbit, he challenged me to “map it!”

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Logging running routes, daily food intake, and workout routines may suit some people, but I wasn’t enthused. Then I learned about the app’s social component-I can encourage, antagonize, and compete against my friends who also map their routines? Game on!

If Kevin, the King of Sportswear wants to take me on, I’m fully prepared to out plank Plank. I’m just left wondering if I can really dominate this MapMyFitness game. Who else is out there mapping? Under Armour execs, TV anchors, and what about Under Armour-endorsed athletes? (I’m talking to you, Tom Brady!)

If you’re like me and self-motivation just doesn’t get the job done, maybe a little fitness-app competition is just what you need to ignite your need to get moving. It’s worth a shot!

  • By Stephanie Ruhle

The 42 Best Health and Fitness Apps

14. Foodility

If you’re looking for an effective way to keep track of diet and exercise but could do without all the bells and whistles, this one’s for you.

Straightforward, elegantly designed and a snap to use, this food and fitness journal app is a minimalist’s dream in both form and function. Record your meals, physical activities, water intake, and weight by posting customizable sticky note-style entries on your calendar.

Push notifications keep you on track, multiple viewing options give you different perspectives, and new updates allow you to export your monthly diary to PDF, so sharing your progress is a breeze. Clean and simple.

Free on iOS.

15. MyFitnessPal

There’s a reason MyFitnessPal continues to dominate the health and fitness app landscape after 13 long years on the market.

The app’s database contains more than six million foods, so you can log just about everything you put in your body from Starbucks coffees and energy bars to homemade veggie lasagna thanks to a nifty recipe calculator.

You can also set exercise and diet goals as well as tap into’s vast online community for support, tips, and motivation.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

16. Lifesum

Choosing to live healthier doesn’t have to mean turning your entire world on end. Take things step by step with this robust, uplifting app featuring goal-based programs that emphasize small, sustainable changes over quick-and-dirty dieting.

Pick an objective such as to lose weight, build muscle, or eat better). Then punch in your exercise, water, and eating habits manually or use the handy barcode scanner.

In return, you’ll get reminders, feedback to improve your diet, 1,000+ healthy recipes, and eye-catching graphics to keep you on the ball.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

17. Rise

Need a little extra push to keep your eyes on the prize? This highly interactive app is just what the doctor ordered — literally.

Sign up for a subscription (costs vary) that meets your needs and you get linked up with your very own nutritionist intent on helping you develop and stick to a personalized health regimen.

Send photos of your meals and log your activity for a constant supply of feedback, tips, tweaks, and rewards from a real medical professional.

It’s not free, but with plans starting at $60 per month, it’s definitely cheaper — not to mention way more convenient — than hitting up an IRL clinic.

Free download with in-app purchases on iOS.

18. Fooducate

This colorful, engaging app seriously ups your grocery game. Scan barcodes or search manually for any item for instant access to plain-spoken nutritional information, a personalized letter grade detailing each item’s value, plus suggestions for healthier alternatives.

Beyond the cart, it monitors your sleep, exercise, calorie and macro intake, mood and hunger levels, then analyzes all of the data, and gives you feedback on to how to better meet your goals.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

19. Nourishly

This sleek, intuitive system connects you straight to your medical team so you can keep on top of nutrition goals and habits, mood and mental health, daily activity, meal planning, and dietary management.

This app is especially helpful if you’re dealing with food-related health concerns like diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, and GI issues. The approach is holistic — no calorie counts here — and focuses just as much on emotional well-being as it does on physical.

The coolest part is receiving safe and secure (a.k.a. HIPAA-compliant) support from your dietitian, nutritionist, psychologist, doctor, personal trainer, or whoever else you’ve got in your corner, right there in the app.

Free on iOS and Android.

20. Oh She Glows

Whether you’re a lifelong vegan or just trying the Meatless Monday thing on for size, this ridiculously glossy recipe app from cookbook author Angela Liddon has your back.

It’s stocked with 140+ plant-based meal ideas (120 of which are also gluten-free), each accompanied by gorgeous photos, cooking tips, and complete nutritional info.

Plus, it gives you the ability to filter for dietary restrictions and allergies. Free seasonal bundles and constant updates keeps things fresh and you can even download recipes for offline access. And did we mention it’s downright beautiful?

$1.99 with optional in-app purchases on iOS and $2.49 with optional in-app purchases on Android.

21. Yummly Recipes + Shopping List

This is one smart app. Dial in your dietary restrictions, allergies, and preferences, give the thumbs up to a handful of suggested recipes that appeal to you, and you’ll get a slew of recommendations tailored to your specific tastes and needs.

It also learns as it goes, so every time you mine its giant database for new healthy dish ideas, it gets a better sense of what you’d like to cook next.

As if that weren’t easy enough, you can also add ingredients to a shopping list with a click of a button, and get whatever you need delivered right to your door through Instacart.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

22. Waterlogged

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, hydration is huge. That’s where this personalized water intake monitor comes in.

Take photos of your preferred drinking vessels — bottles, cups, mugs, champagne flutes, Big Gulps, whatever — check in when you finish a glass, and it automatically keeps tabs on your hydration levels throughout the day.

Progress graphs, wearable tech integration, and push notifications will show you how close you are to completing your daily goal.

Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

Apps for fitness motivation

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