Low Carb Dessert Recipes

It doesn’t matter if you’re a chocolate lover or a cheesecake fan, you can make your weight loss journey a little sweeter with the help of these easy low carb dessert recipes from Atkins®. Satisfy your sweet tooth while maintaining your low carb diet with our dessert recipes for brownies, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, and more.

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  • 6.9g Net Carbs Lemon Mousse Parfait with Lime Crema and Toasted Walnuts
  • 1.8g Net Carbs Almond Butter Protein Truffles
  • 1.4g Net Carbs Almond Panna Cotta
  • 7.5g Net Carbs Almond Torte with Chocolate Sauce and Cherry Garnish
  • 5.1g Net Carbs Almond-Raspberry Cupcakes
  • 9.8g Net Carbs Apricot-Apple Cloud
  • 6.4g Net Carbs Atkins Chocolate Slushies
  • 2.4g Net Carbs Atkins Cinnamon Pie Crust
  • 4.7g Net Carbs Atkins Coconut Layer Cake
  • 1.8g Net Carbs Atkins Cookies
  • 2.7g Net Carbs Atkins Cuisine Brownies
  • 3.6g Net Carbs Atkins Pie Crust
  • 5.5g Net Carbs Avocado Chocolate Mousse
  • 10.8g Net Carbs Baked Pear Fan
  • 4.8g Net Carbs Basic Custard Ice Cream
  • 9.5g Net Carbs Berries with Chocolate Ganache
  • 2.9g Net Carbs Bittersweet Chocolate Brownie Drops
  • 6.3g Net Carbs Black Velvet Cupcakes
  • 2.6g Net Carbs Blackberry Clafouti
  • 8.5g Net Carbs Blackberry-Orange Sorbet
  • 2.9g Net Carbs Blackberry-Peach Compote
  • 5.1g Net Carbs Blueberry and Almond Protein Mousse
  • 6.5g Net Carbs Buche de Noel
  • 2.1g Net Carbs Cafe Caramel Panna Cotta

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18 Keto Desserts That Make the Diet Even Better

When you’re cutting down on carbs and saying “so long” to sugar, you might be wondering how dessert—which, after all, involves sweets by definition—is supposed to fit in.

Thankfully, it’s not as much of a head-scratcher as you might think. Thanks to a ton of keto-friendly ingredients on the market these days, you can enjoy a piece of cake or a fudgy brownie just as easily as any other sweet fiend out there—you’ve just got to make it yourself! So grab your keto-friendly dark chocolate, your favorite alternative sweeteners, your nut flours, and of course, your butter. It’s time to master keto desserts.

1. No-Bake Low Carb Strawberry Lemon Cheesecake Treats

Doing away with the pie crust, this take on cheesecake gets right to the point: the luscious, smooth filling. With layers of tart strawberries cutting the richness of the cream cheese mixture, this parfait-like treat is both decadent and refreshing.

2. Keto Vanilla Pound Cake

Rich and buttery, pound cake isn’t usually associated with healthy eating, but all the eggs and sour cream in here fit comfortably within a keto diet plan. This recipe cuts down on the carbs by using almond flour and corn-derived erythritol as a sugar alternative.

3. Vegan Coconut Macaroons

Going keto might compel you to start experimenting with ingredients you would have never used otherwise. These vegan treats, for example, are held together with aquafaba—the liquid from a can of chickpeas, believe it or not. Still, the shredded coconut and the smooth chocolate on the bottom make them taste like the mouthwatering macaroons you know and love.

4. Grain-Free Maple Pecan Cheesecake Bars

If plain cheesecake can be a bit too bland for you in the texture department, this recipe helps jazz things up. Between the crumbly almond flour pastry and the pecans studded throughout the filling, there’s enough crunch in here to keep the boredom at bay.

5. Easy Orange Cake Balls

Coconut flour replaces the regular kind to keep these cake balls keto. Even better, these cakes require no baking. Just mix, roll, and enjoy.

6. Cacao Butter Keto Blondies

With plenty of butter—of both the regular and the cacao variety—plus coconut cream and eggs, these squares turn out exactly the way blondies should: dense, fudgy, and totally addictive. They’re the type of dessert you can feed to non-keto people, and they’d never know the difference.

7. Keto Carrot Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

Aside from the almond flour base, not a whole lot about this recipe is that different from a regular carrot cake. You’ve got your carrots (duh), your spices, and of course, that non-negotiable cream cheese frosting, all of which make for a delectable—and not overly sweet—end result.

8. Keto Low-Carb Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Don’t let the need for an ice cream machine throw you off; you can also make this in a food processor and freeze in a loaf pan. The keto ice cream tastes as close to a standard butter pecan scoop as you can get. Summertime treats just got a little bit sweeter.

9. Keto Pumpkin Cheesecake Mousse

Stir some real pumpkin purée into your whipped cheesecake to give it some more depth of flavor, not to mention a tasty source of fiber. Since the mousse takes only 15 minutes to whip up, you’ll be making it often, regardless of the season.

10. Keto Avocado Brownies

Not that going butter-free is really a concern on keto, but swapping it out for avocado makes these brownies suitable for any dairy-free dessert eaters you’ll be serving. For extra fudgy results, be sure to underbake slightly!

11. Keto Lemon Bars

New motto: When life gives you lemons, make keto lemon bars. Buttery, dense, and zesty, these delicious squares are a great way to get fruitiness without the carbs.

12. Almond Joy Chia Seed Pudding

Chia pudding may be a popular breakfast item, but the addition of cocoa powder and dark chocolate chips automatically qualifies this version for dessert. Whip it up in the morning to have a cool treat waiting for you in the evening.

13. Keto Coconut Mocha Donuts

Donuts with coffee in them? These may be part of our dessert roundup, but they’re just asking to be breakfast. Thankfully, they’re packed with satisfying ingredients like fiber-rich coconut flour, eggs, and coconut oil, so you could totally get away with enjoying one in the morning.

14. Pistachio Toffee Cups

Pistachio is a seriously under-utilized nut, but this recipe reminds us why we need to use more of it. The chopped nuts become part of the caramel-like filling in these bite-size chocolates for a milder but much more unique alternative to peanut butter cups.

15. Sugar-Free Chocolate Bark With Bacon and Almonds

We probably had you at “bacon,” but if that’s not already reason enough to make this sweet and savory bark, consider the fact that it also requires only three ingredients and no oven. There’s nothing not to love about it.

16. Avocado Popsicle With Coconut and Lime

High-fat desserts can feel heavy fast, so serving them chilled is a great way to lighten things up. These eye-catching popsicles use avocado to get the necessary texture of ice cream, but generous pours of lime juice provide a pop of flavor to keep them from weighing you down.

17. 3-Ingredient Keto Peanut Butter Cookies

File this under “easiest way ever to satisfy a cookie craving.” With no flour in the mix, these are all about pure peanut buttery goodness. There’s even a no-sweetener option!

18. Keto Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies

If you haven’t tried the chocolate and sea salt combo yet, boy, are you in for a treat with this recipe. Just a sprinkle of the savory stuff perfectly offsets the naturally sweet, soft, and chewy cookie, giving these so much more depth than the average chocolate biscuit.

An easy high-protein, low-carb dessert, made with just a handful of ingredients. Get the recipe: High Protein Jell-O Mousse (Two Sleevers) Launch Gallery 10 Photos

Don’t you love it when desserts can double as breakfast? Treat yourself to these low-carb, high-protein recipes that are delicious enough for dessert but healthy enough for breakfast!

There are a few questions that I consistently get asked when people find out I live a low-carb lifestyle.

“How do you live without chocolate?”

I definitely don’t.

“How do you live without bread?”

I definitely don’t do that either.

Why would you want to live without either of those things? For me, it’s always been important to remember that living a low-carb lifestyle doesn’t mean depriving myself of the foods I love, or not being able to enjoy the foods we celebrate with or the foods that hold a special place in our heart.

It’s about finding low-carb breads (the best 90 second keto bread with almond flour) and low-carb desserts (keto fudge with cocoa powder) that taste just as good as the “real” thing and that satisfy my sweet cravings. Then we balance the low-carb desserts with nutritious fare like protein-packed low-carb dinners and plenty of roasted vegetables and low-carb salads.

There’s another piece of the balance puzzle. Low-carb, high-protein desserts! Many of these recipes are packed with nutritious ingredients and can double as a healthy snack or even a light breakfast.

When you click through to the gallery, prepare yourself for some major drooling over these low-carb desserts like gummy bears, chocolate protein pudding and edible cookie dough. Wipe your chin, and then just feel very good when you realize the treat side is balanced with healthy ingredients like greek yogurt, chia seeds, almond flour and collagen peptides. Go ahead and treat yourself…in a healthy way!

10 Low-Carb, High-Protein Desserts to Treat Yourself

Launch the gallery to take a look at 10 low-carb, high-protein desserts to treat yourself in a healthy way. Don’t forget to pin the image below to save them for later!







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From fat bombs, to mug cakes, to cheesecake and chocolate mousse…these 10 low carb and Keto Desserts are quick and delicious treats, require minimal ingredients, and are perfect for any occasion.

Sweets and treats are hard to come by in the low carb world, unless you make your own. Luckily we have low carb bloggers out there that do all of that baking science for us so we can have some yummy low carb sweets! I have compiled this list of 10 Keto Desserts that I think look absolutely delicious. I hope you agree and you give them a try!


One of the most used flours in keto baking is almond flour. This is essentially ground almonds and it is primarily what I use in my keto dessert recipes.

Almond flour is expensive, but I can usually find it at wholesale stores for a better deal. If you do not have a wholesale store near you, you can find almond flour at almost any grocery store or it can be purchased on Amazon.

You can also make your own almond flour using my tutorial here: How to make almond flour

You will find there are different types of almond flour such as finely ground and blanched. I usually go for finely ground as it has the best texture.

Even though almond flour is more expensive than coconut flour…it is much less temperamental and yields more consistent results, especially if it is weighed with a food scale as opposed to using measuring cups.


I have been experimenting with my low carb treats and I have discovered sunflower seed flour! This is essentially ground up sunflower seeds and it measures just like almond flour.

Any of the recipes can use sunflower seed flour to replace the almond flour.


Coconut flour is probably the second most popular flour to use in baked goods as it is also nut free. It is coconut flesh that has been dehydrated and ground. It is actually the flesh that is leftover from making coconut milk.

I have a few recipes using coconut flour but it is temperamental because it is so absorbent.

It has it’s advantages, though, as it is much less expensive than almond flour and you use much less.


My favorite keto sweeteners for keto desserts are Swerve and Lakanto.

Swerve is a brand that is made with a combination of erythritol and stevia plus their own proprietary flavorings. It is a 1 for 1 substitute for sugar, unlike pure stevia. It makes very tasty keto baked goods and it is found at Walmart, Whole Foods, or Amazon. They make a granulated version, powdered, and brown sugar.

Lakanto is another version I really like (dare I say more than Swerve) but it can only be found online. It is made with Monk fruit and is also a 1 for 1 substitute for sugar and comes in granular, powdered, and brown sugar varieties.

I prefer the taste of the Lakanto as it has less of a cooling effect. I think it is the closest to sugar as you can get at the moment.


Almost all keto desserts need a liquid and that’s where these all fall in. I know you’re probably thinking…”Jennifer, greek yogurt isn’t keto!” But, did you know it actually has less carbs than sour cream? I have been using it in my baked goods lately and it makes them so fluffy like in my Almond Flour Muffins!


With all of that information, here are 10 recipes I have developed just for you!

The Best Keto Cheesecake

This really is the best low carb and keto cheesecake. Even my non-keto family proclaimed “This is the best cheesecake I have ever had!”

Keto brown Butter Pralines

These keto pralines with pecans and cream are the ultimate easy holiday dessert…my whole family loves them and only 1 net carb! A quick cook on the stove then they only need a few minutes to firm up in the fridge.

Keto Chocolate Mousse

This low carb and keto chocolate mousse is decadent and super easy to make. Uses only 4 ingredients (heavy cream, sweetener, unsweetened cocoa, and vanilla) and no chilling required!

Keto Chocolate Cake with Whipped Cream Icing

This delicious keto chocolate cake only uses one bowl, has the perfect cake texture, and the whipped cream icing is perfectly sweet. This combo will squash any chocolate cake craving! A super easy ketogenic dessert recipe.

No Bake Keto Cheesecake Fluff

Easy creamy and fluffy, this keto cheesecake fluff only requires 4 ingredients. Top with your favorite keto crumble (suggestions given in the recipe)

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

These keto chocolate chip cookies are so easy to make with only 1 bowl and 2 net carbs per cookie! Over 55 reviews can’t be wrong!

Keto Mug Cake

This chocolate keto mug cake is another one of my favorite quick treats! I give instructions for vanilla and chocolate keto mug cakes!

Sugar Free Chocolate Pie

Low Carb chocolate pie that has a silky smooth sugar free chocolate pudding filling in a melt in your mouth almond flour and butter crust.

Low Carb Blueberry Crisp

This Low Carb Blueberry Crisp is unbelievably delicious and so easy to make! I was devouring this yummy blueberry crisp in less than 30 minutes!

Sugar Free Chocolate Bark with Bacon and Almonds

Only 3 ingredients and 30 minutes are between you and this decadent sugar free chocolate bark with bacon and almonds. This low carb dessert is so easy to make, there will be no excuses to fall off of the low carb wagon.

I hope you enjoyed these Keto Dessert recipes! Please check out my treats section for more keto desserts!

In the recipe card below, I have my recipe for butter cookie fat bombs. They are the perfect easy sweet treat to have on hand anytime you need a little something for your sweet tooth.

Did you make any of these Keto Treat recipes? Tag me on Instagram so I can see! @lowcarbwithjennifer

10 Keto Desserts for Any Occassion

From fat bombs, to mug cakes, to cheesecake and chocolate mousse…these 10 low carb and Keto Desserts are quick, require minimal ingredients, and are perfect for any occasion. 5 from 5 votes PIN RECIPE Course: Dessert Cuisine: American Keyword: keto dessert recipes, keto treats, low carb desserts, recipe for keto desserts Prep Time: 10 minutes chilling: 1 hour Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes Servings: 10 Calories: 114kcal Author: Jennifer Banz


  • 1 Cup
  • 2 Tablespoons
  • 3 Tablespoons Melted Butter
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • pinch of salt


Recipe for butter cookie fat bombs

  • Combine all ingredients in a small bowl. The mixture should be wet enough to stick together. Scoop out 1 tbsp of the mixture at a time a roll into a bal. The balls should be 1 1/4 inch in diameter. Refrigerate for 1 hour, if desired


  • NUT FREE KETO DESSERTS: Almond flour can be replaced with sunflower seed flour for a nut free option in any of these recipes.


Serving: 1fat bomb | Calories: 114kcal | Carbohydrates: 3g | Protein: 3.5g | Fat: 9.6g Watch Jennifer cook family friendly keto meals on her Youtube cooking showSTART HERE

Who says low carb means no sweets? Even with prohibitions against sugar, grains and processed foods, the good news is it is possible to satisfy a craving for dessert while being low carb! We find ways to add a little sweetness into our lives every day! In fact, our low carb desserts are way better than sugar filled ones, and we can prove it!

Below are a ton of keto desserts (low carb dessert recipes) with the best assortment of ingredients. Most importantly – they’re keto-friendly and oh so sweet!

Why Low Carb Desserts?

It turns out that limiting carbohydrates and emphasizing fat contribute to weight loss and overall good health. Understanding the body’s fuel priorities explains this phenomenon. Carbohydrates are the cheap, go-to source of energy for your body. As carbs get digested, they convert to glucose (sugar) and are burned for fuel. If you consume too many carbohydrates, no other macronutrient (protein or fat) get used so your fat lingers and even adds on if you fail to burn all your carbs.

Restricting carbs forces your body to burn its stored fat, creating ketones, another source of energy the body can use (instead of glucose). When this occurs, the body enters a metabolic state called ketosis, i.e. burning fat-derived ketones instead of carb-derived glucose. It’s a much more efficient metabolic state which will result in the reduction of the stored fat and longer lasting energy without the ups and downs of blood sugar levels.

Beyond weight loss, minimal carbohydrate intake is connected to significant improvement in general health. In fact, many indications of risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, various forms of dementia and epilepsy—to name a few—are greatly reduced after eating low-carb consistently.

With all of the positives, you might just forget about dessert altogether. The good news is that you don’t have to.

Healthy Sweetener Can Help the Waistline Go Down

Any keto desserts that make the carb cut will likely be sweetened with something other than sugar. That’s why our low carb desserts incorporate a variety of sugar substitutes, among them sugar alcohols. These are so named because their molecular structure resembles sugar yet they are neither digested nor metabolized as sugar. Of the most often used is stevia, a natural sweetener that results in nearly no insulin secretion—as opposed to sugar that spikes a sharp insulin response. Likewise, erythritol stimulates a lower insulin response than sugar. Each of these substances produces a sweet taste very close to sugar yet neither converts to glucose or interrupts ketosis — a must when eating low carb desserts.

Gratifying the Sweet Tooth (Within Limits)

Keto desserts are as varied as non-low carb desserts themselves: from brownies and chocolate mousse to ice cream and key lime pie. Adding low-sugar fruit like berries also expands your choices, adding dishes like blueberry cheesecake and raspberry ricotta crepes to the array of delicious options. With all of these appetizing prospects, though, you should bear in mind one caveat: just because sugar alcohols are not sugar does not mean they can be consumed without limits. While they are better for teeth and have little to no calorie content, they can be harder on the digestive tract when eaten beyond one or two servings. Probably the best rule of thumb to follow is to give your cravings just enough sweets to tame them.


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Leave the oven off with simple no bake low carb desserts that can be whipped up in no time. These easy recipes are perfect for all your summer gatherings!

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I’m always looking for simple last minute desserts to bring to gatherings with family and friends. And, in the summer, it’s often too hot to be turning on the oven. Easy no bake low carb desserts are the answer!

When I’m looking for easy sugar free desserts to make, I look for ones that are quick to prepare. These desserts often need at least a couple hours to chill, so they aren’t completely instant. However, it is great that you don’t have to keep an eye on the oven or deal with heating up the kitchen in hotter weather.

Since there’s no baking involved in these easy no bake low carb desserts, many use gelatin to stiffen them. I always look for grass-fed gelatin because it has a better nutritional profile. But, regular gelatin is fine too if it’s all you can find or afford.

Here’s my list of 27 easy no bake low carbs desserts found at on all my favorite low carb recipe sites. You’re sure to find one or two recipes to try this summer!

27 Easy No Bake Low Carb Desserts

Peanut Butter Cheesecake

An easy no bake peanut butter cheesecake with a simple chocolate almond flour crust from Low Carb Yum. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser and looks fabulous on the dessert table.

Mini Berry Cheesecakes

Mult-colors of red, white and blue make these mini cheesecakes from Keto Diet app a festive treat for the 4th of July. Or, you can replace the blueberry with cocoa to add a chocolate layer.

Cheesecake Salad

Another one of the quick no bake low carb desserts that’s perfect for celebrating the Fourth of July. It’s a mix of blueberries and strawberries in a sweetened cream cheese base.

Chocolate Lasagna

You’ll love this chocolate lasagna from Low Carb Maven. It’s got a cookie crust topped with a cream cheese layer, a chocolate pudding layer, and a whipped cream layer.

Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Because there’s no eggs, this simple coconut flour chocolate chip cookie dough is safe to eat without baking. And, it mixes up quickly in a bowl for an instant keto friendly treat.

Blueberry Cheesecake

If you need a quick recipe to share, try this no bake blueberry cheesecake from Ditch the Carbs. It sets in the fridge so there’s no need to turn on the oven.

Irish Cream Cheesecake

This quick cheesecake in-a-jar is flavored with homemade low carb Irish Cream. It’s one of our favorite low carb desserts to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Strawberry Mousse Pie

For a pretty summer treat, try this easy strawberry mousse pie from the Sugar Free Mom. It’s luscious and creamy and sure to be a hit even with those not on a low carb eating plan.

Mascarpone Cheese Mousse with Berries

It doesn’t get much easier than a simple mascarpone cheese mouse layered with berries. Layering in blueberries and strawberries makes it a colorful sugar free treat for the 4th of July.

Dairy-Free Cheesecake

If you’re avoiding dairy, you’ll love this easy cheesecake from Maria Mind Body Health. It’s made with an almond milk based low carb dairy-free cream cheese spread by Kite Hill.

Cheesecake Mousse

When I’m looking for quick low carb desserts to make for a party, cheesecake mousse is one that always comes to mind. Although it’s great plain, it can be taken up a notch with added sauce, fruit, or chocolate chips.

Easy Strawberry Fluff Dessert

This easy strawberry fluff dessert whips up quickly in a blender or mixing bowl. We like to top it off with some chocolate shavings for a quick summer treat.

Key Lime Cheesecake in a Jar

I like to make these cute key lime cheesecakes in jars to keep portion sizes under control. Even my friends and family who aren’t low carb love these little sugar free treats.

Pumpkin Cheesecake

A delicious pumpkin cheesecake by the Sugar Free Mom. It’s a great Thanksgiving dessert that’s quick and easy to prepare and keeps the oven free for all the other holiday food preparation.

Peanut Butter Mousse

I love the flavor of peanut butter so it’s a flavor that shows up regularly in my low carb desserts. However, it’s easy to sub it out if with sunflower seed butter you have an allergy.

Coffee Cheesecake

If you’re a coffee lover, you’ll appreciate this rich and delicious cheesecake that doesn’t require any baking. It’s one of the best no bake low carb desserts you’ll ever make!

Ricotta Cheesecake

I love to make this ricotta cheesecake in mini sizes for better portion control. And, it’s a nice change from the regular cream cheese based no bake desserts.

Lime Cheesecake

A simple lime cheesecake from Ditch The Carbs that’s super simple to prepare. It uses a sugar free jello base that’s blended in with cream cheese and lime zest.

Banana Split Cheesecake

This easy banana split cheesecake is a fantastic looking treat that makes enough for a crowd. It’s always a popular dessert even with those who aren’t sugar free or low carb.

Strawberry Chia Pudding with Almond Milk

When I need a quick snack or easy breakfast, nothing beats this strawberry chia pudding made with almond milk. It only requires one bowl, a little stirring, and a cold place to store it.

Chocolate Chip Nut Butter Bars

For the easiest chocolate chip bars ever, try these no bake ones made with nutter butter. I used cashew butter, but any nut or seed butter works in the recipe.

Grasshopper Pie

This grasshopper pie by All Day I Dream About Food is one of the easiest low carb desserts you can make to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a little green. And, it tastes amazing too.

Chocolate Mousse

My kids love this easy chocolate mousse recipe and they don’t even care that it has no sugar. It tastes great and whips up in no time for a simple snack the whole family will enjoy.

Lemon Cheesecake

This lemon cheesecake by Ditch The Carbs is always a winning sugar free dessert. It sets up right in the refrigerator so it’s perfect for the hotter months when you don’t want to turn on the oven.

Black Forest Cheesecake Mousse

For a simple summer treat, try my no bake black forest cheesecake mousse topped with shaved chocolate or a fresh cherry. It can also be used to make a sugar free pie.

Raspberry Cheesecake Mousse

A simple raspberry cheesecake mousse made with only 5 ingredients. The Sugar Free Mom makes this dessert without any sugar alchohol too!

Pumpkin Mousse

It’s so quick to make a no bake low carb pumpkin mousse with cream cheese and pureed pumpkin. And, it can be added to a pie crust to make a tasty no bake pie.

Need more ideas? Check out these keto no bake desserts.

While I don’t personally follow the ketogenic diet, I am a huge advocate for snacking on keto-friendly foods.

It’s no secret that my sweet tooth in rampant 24/7. Not a day goes by where I don’t crave something sweet, and more often than not, twice a day. However, before I started intentionally snacking on keto-friendly treats, I would end up mindlessly snacking and snacking.

I’d heard of the keto diet, but I’d always assumed that it was protein heavy, dairy-heavy and void of any sweets.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Looking through my recipe archives, I found that many of my forgotten snacks and desserts happened to be ketogenic friendly. In fact, my favorite brownies and 2 minute English muffin fit the bill.

Over time, I found that the easiest and healthiest way to satisfy my sweet tooth was with keto desserts, especially ones which required no baking and were basically a zero carb dessert. I personally found the combination of healthy fats with some protein to really keep my fuelled in between meals. It also stopped the cravings completely!

Also check out 19 Easy Keto Dessert Recipes.

To kickstart the warm season approaching, here are a plethora of simple low carb and keto friendly no bake desserts and snacks. They all require barely any prep time and just a handful of ingredients. You’ll also notice that there are many chocolate and coconut treats. Before you raise your eyebrows thinking they may contain sugar or something fake in them, I promise you they won’t- Every single recipe are low carb desserts without artificial sweeteners!

Not only are all these recipes below low carb and keto friendly, they are also 100% paleo and vegan too. It’s rare to find vegan ketogenic recipes, but there are over 20 delicious ones!

Simple Keto Desserts

3 Ingredient Coconut Crack Bars

Many keto-friendly recipes contain coconut, and these crack bars have to be my favorite- 3 simple ingredients, freezer friendly and literally ready in minutes!

They also make the perfect topping for coconut brownies and peanut butter coconut bars.

  • Calories- 108
  • Net Carbs- 1 gram
  • Fat- 11 grams
  • Protein- 2 grams

Homemade Keto Crunch Bars

The traditional chocolate crunch bars get a keto makeover! Loaded with nuts and seeds, it’s easily adaptable to use any nut or seed butter of choice- We love almond butter or sunflower seed butter!

  • Calories- 155
  • Net Carbs- 2 grams
  • Fat- 12 grams
  • Protein- 7 grams

Homemade Bounty Bars

A chocolate coconut combination which tastes like the traditional candy bar! 4 ingredients, 20 minutes! The high-fat low carb alternative is so satisfying, you’ll never buy a bounty or a mounds bar again

  • Calories- 111
  • Net Carbs- 2 grams
  • Fat- 11 grams
  • Protein- 1 gram

No Bake Brownie Cookies

As a huge fan of all things brownie batter, this keto no bake cookie is your answer.

Soft, fudgy, minimal ingredients- You really have no excuses to turn on the oven!

  • Calories- 97
  • Net Carbs- 2 grams
  • Fat- 7.5 grams
  • Protein- 4.5 grams

Chocolate Coconut No Bake Balls

More of the chocolate coconut combination? I’m not complaining!

These fat bomb chocolate coconut balls are deceptively satisfying- For such a small snack, you’ll be amazed at how much energy you’ll have between meals!

  • Calories- 40
  • Net Carbs- 1 gram
  • Fat- 4 grams
  • Protein- 1 gram

Pineapple Coconut Bars

Pineapple on a keto diet? This isn’t a joke! While pineapple is traditionally a high carb food, you’ll actually be using pineapple extract! All of the pineapple flavor, minus the carbs.

When paired with coconut, it’s like a healthy tropical dessert bar!

  • Calories- 108
  • Net Carbs- 1 gram
  • Fat- 11 grams
  • Protein- 2 grams

Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars

Is there any better pairing that chocolate and peanut butter? I think not! These no bake bars taste like a Reese’s peanut butter cup, but healthy AND low carb! It’s ready in 5 minutes and if this is what keto snacking entails….I’m swayed!

  • Calories- 139
  • Net Carbs- 2 grams
  • Fat- 10 grams
  • Protein- 8 grams

No Bake Brownies

Raw, flourless brownies packed loaded with nuts, cocoa and seeds and NO refined sugar- It’s a keto dieter’s dream! Super fudgy, gooey and the perfect after dinner treat even better tasting than the original!

  • Calories- 185
  • Net Carbs- 4 grams
  • Fat- 15 grams
  • Protein- 9 grams

Chocolate Coconut Crunch Bars

Crunch bars with some added chewiness, thanks to the shredded coconut. Take it up a notch and add some pepita seeds to it too!

  • Calories– 155
  • Net Carbs- 2 grams
  • Fat- 12 grams
  • Protein- 7 grams

Brownie Batter Bites

Poppable chocolate fat bombs which taste like brownies! An easy 3-ingredient recipe which literally takes minutes and the BEST chocolate fix, the healthy way!

  • Calories- 97
  • Net Carbs- 2 grams
  • Fat- 7.5 grams
  • Protein- 4.5 grams

Lemon Coconut Crack Bars

Lemon and coconut is such an underestimated combination! A simple zest of lemon to a coconut heavy dessert can take it up a notch- It’s a taste and texture lovers dream!

  • Calories- 108
  • Net Carbs- 1 gram
  • Fat- 11 grams
  • Protein- 2 grams

No Bake Carrot Cake

As a huge fan of carrot cake, being able to enjoy these keto-friendly bars after dinner has been the ultimate dessert. Although the flourless cake version of this is also pretty stellar….

Healthy Homemade Snickers

My all-time favorite candy bar! Enjoying candy bars on a ketogenic diet? These secretly healthy snickers bars are loaded with the good stuff, which is all keto friendly! The gooey caramel works well in the protein bar version of this too!

  • Calories- 125
  • Net Carbs- 4 grams
  • Fat- 7 grams
  • Protein- 5 grams

4 Ingredient No Bake Coconut Cookies

Back with the coconut again! These soft and chewy cookies are like edible pillows. Freezer friendly, they are perfect to hoard in the freezer for when the sweet tooth strikes unexpectedly!

  • Calories- 40
  • Net Carbs- 1 gram
  • Fat- 4 grams
  • Protein- 1 gram

Peanut Butter Crack Bars

There is a reason why these bars have ‘crack’ in the name- You really won’t stop at one. Saying that, it IS an oxymoron. These healthy peanut butter bars are so satisfying, you’ll be able to control yourself.

  • Calories- 113
  • Net Carbs- 1 gram
  • Fat- 8 grams
  • Protein- 4 grams

Raspberry Coconut Crack Bars

A small portion of raspberries goes along way- Adding some tartness to the sweet coconut, this would be the perfect keto-friendly summer dessert!

  • Calories- 134
  • Net Carbs- 1.9 grams
  • Fat- 11 grams
  • Protein- 3.5 grams

Ferrero Rocher No Bake Cookies

Chocolate and hazelnuts merge beautifully together to make these low carb cookies which taste like a ferrero rocher! Soft, fudgy and secretly low carb!

  • Calories- 103
  • Net Carbs- 1.8 grams
  • Fat- 7.5 grams
  • Protein- 4.5 grams

Banana Cream Coconut Cups

Think of banana cream pie in a popable fat bomb form? The gooey coconut butter center is flavored with banana extract, to ensure it is 100% low carb!

  • Calories- 82
  • Net Carbs- 1 gram
  • Fat- 8 grams
  • Protein- 2 grams

Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies

Back with the chocolate peanut butter combination! A creamy peanut butter filling covered in low carb and sugar free chocolate! Not a fan of peanut butter? Cashew butter or sunflower seed butter work great!

  • Calories- 99
  • Net Carbs- 1 gram
  • Fat- 7 grams
  • Protein- 4 gram

No Bake Coconut Cookies

The most easiest 3 ingredient keto cookies ever- No baking required!

A simple 2-step process to squash your cookies and desserts cravings in one!

  • Calories- 99
  • Net Carbs- 1 gram
  • Fat- 10 grams
  • Protein- 3 grams

Chocolate Coconut Fat Bombs

A copycat version of the popular keto cups, these coconut fat bombs are the OG for any keto follower!

  • Calories- 99
  • Net Carbs- 1 gram
  • Fat- 10 grams
  • Protein- 3 grams

If you are following a ketogenic diet, don’t feel deprived- These 20 healthy easy no bake dessert recipes will have something for everyone, and keep the sweet tooth in check!

Atkins diet dessert recipes

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