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Instagram nearly broke when three popular bloggers headed to Target’s headquarters on a secret visit a few months ago. The entire plus size community speculated and gossiped about what these girls were working on. I know, because I heard these conversations for myself (don’t you wish you knew that tea!)

Turns out Nicolette Mason (NicoletteMason.com), Chastity Garner (GarnerStyle.Blogspot.com) and Gabi Gregg (Gabi Fresh.com) were not only starring in the look book for Target’s new plus size line, AVA & VIV, but also got a chance to consult on the new brand.

This is the first in-house plus size line that Target has ever done. And let’s dead the rumors immediately. These bloggers did not design any of these garments. They were brought in to consult after the design process was already completed.

But for some reason it feels like we’re not excited and the buzz that you would think something of this magnitude would garner is not happening. I have a few theories though. One of which is that y’all just hating. Period. I mean, someone has to be the bad guy and say it.

It’s been a tough long exhausting rode for plus sized woman and you would think after all the complaining we’ve done we would be just a little excited that a brand answered and delivered. In a perfect world, right?! You can never please everyone, so I will digress.

My main theory (and the point to this post) is that the presentation of the other items NOT seen on a model aren’t visually wowing us. I know that it’s completely standard to showcase garments like this so I totally get it. Target may even be saving a few coins going this route. But in this case those plain frumpy photos of each garment not perfectly styled on/by Gabi, Chasity or Nicolette give this collection no life whatsoever. And I wholeheartedly believe this to be a pretty great start.

I personally think that if Target were to adopt some of the practices that retailers like Forever21 or MissGuided use, this collection would sell out in a matter of minutes. Dear Target! Go ‘head and hire someone (Gabi would be perfect) to style EVERY SINGLE PIECE!

Sometimes it’s difficult to see the greatness in something when it’s not covered in bells and whistles. I mean isn’t that why we love style bloggers like Gabi, Chasity and Nicolette. I’ve gone to their blogs on many occasions and gotten inspiration. I’ve purchased tons of pieces that I would have never bought on my own, just because they styled it up and made it look expensive and chic. And at the end of the day, don’t we all want to “look like a bag a money.” (Head nods and winks to the person who can tell me what song that is! I honestly don’t know.)

Well that’s the end of my rant.

AVA & VIV will be available in Target stores in mid-February through March and online at Target.com on Feb. 22. For now, you can get a taste via all 104 images from the new collection. Click any image below to start the slide show.

P.S. Every item costs less than $80.

Ava and viv sizing

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