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I would like to address this.
I am that kind of Rep. It is the Vita Moist the formula has been updated and Avon updated the name and packaging.
This is pretty normal for any business. I have had a few of my Vita Moist customers tell me this works just the same and they like the small changes. Sadly not every change will please every single person. If you do email Avon at the as someone suggested they do listen. They have brought back products when a large enough call for them as been made. Also anyone who orders this product and finds they do not like it return it for your money back Avon has always stood behind their products.
Sadly Avon does have to discontinue products it sometimes frustrations me when it’s a product I like they do not do it because they are selling lots of it they do it because they have a very small amount being sold. A company must and should make decisions to keep it whole and healthy we have lost enough jobs due to companies failing so while it does annoy me I also understand the need for it.
Avon and our Reps care about our customers I’m truly sorry anyone does not like the Vita Nourish I have a few that love it I see here a couple don’t and I’m sad to hear it.
But Avon has many wonderful products I just cannot imagine that there is not one that will give you the boost of moisture needed and these Avon Basics are pretty much about lots of moisture. A lighter formula does not mean it does not give you the moisture you need it means that the formula can be absorbed into your skin better.
I will also be sending a copy of these requests to bring the old formula if you do the same that will just mean more voices they will hear. It may not bring it back it all depends on the number I wish it could be different.
Best Wishes
Erin Campbell
Avon Ind. Sales Rep

Avon vita moist body lotion

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