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Whether you’re the owner of naturally curly hair, or you just want to make sure you’re your hair is looking super sleek and straight, hair straighteners are the answer. We’ve got you covered with our wide selection from a range of top brands. Today’s designs are ultra-quick to heat up and easy to use, so you can ensure your morning getting-ready routine goes smoothly, with the hair to match.

Looking for the perfect set of hair straighteners? Start by checking out our selection of BaByliss hair straighteners. If you have thick hair, then choose a set with wide ceramic plates; this will help you to make short work of your hair straightening routine. Meanwhile, keratin-infused plates will give you the level of shine you’ve been searching for. From a go-to hair care brand, our Remington hair straighteners are a brilliant alternative to get sleek, salon-style hair in no time. You might opt for a set featuring suspended plates, cleverly designed to catch each and every hair so not a single one is out of place. Alternatively, consider a model, which offers the potential for both straightening and curling in one, this’ll save on space in your hair styling drawer. Not found the set for you? Tresemme hair straighteners are another high-quality option, heating up in just 15 seconds ñ perfect for those mornings when you’re in a hurry to leave for work. And if you’re really serious about getting a straight-from-the-salon style, check out our Cloud Nine hair straighteners. Their mineral-coated floating plates are ultra-gentle on your hair, and you get a choice of five temperature settings too. If you’re serious about hair care, these are a worthy addition to your collection. For rehydration using innovative ionic steam, check out our Nicky Clarke hair straighteners.

Regardless of which hair straighteners you decide on, it’s important to dry your hair first, and a hair dryer is just what you need here. They’re the perfect way to get a classic, bouncy blow-dry too. If you’re not so keen on wearing your hair straight, consider some hair crimpers for body and texture. And whether you love the look of corkscrew curls or loose waves, check out our BaByliss curlers.

BaByliss Flat Iron Review

A few weeks ago I asked my Instagram friends to share what they feel is the best flat iron on the market. I was on the hunt, and having used the same CHI flat iron for over a decade, I was clueless. Hands down, there were two brands that received the most recommendations: GHD and BaByliss.

Always the one to research every purchase, no matter how big or small, I decided to take this information to my hair stylist, Jasmine. Low and behold I learned that she used – and swore by – a Babyliss flat iron, too! With all this in mind, I decided to pull the trigger on my own Babyliss hair straightener. The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated 1.5-inch Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron to be exact. And I’m excited to share that it’s a WINNER!

Honestly, this is the best flat iron I’ve ever used. Here’s why…

I love this flat iron because…

1. You can straighten a section of hair with just 1-2 passes.

And I mean straighten. My hair has quite a bit of texture and is naturally on the curly side. So getting it to look straight and sleek is a struggle. Or I guess was a struggle. The BaBylissPRO gets it smoother and straighter than ever before.

2. It’s not as damaging as other hair straighteners.

This goes hand in hand with point #1. The fewer passes you need to straighten, the less heat you’re putting on your hair. Thus, a lower risk of heat damage! As an additional safety measure, I also apply heat protectant to my hair (Neuro Style Prime HeatCTRL Blowout Primer) before I blow dry and style it.

3. It makes your hair super shiny.

This hair straightener has a built-in ionic generator. That generates negative ions, which dissipate water…like moisture that creates frizz. It smooths the cuticle layer, too. So the result is a ton of shine and a frizz-free finish! (Source)

4. It’s under $100!!!

Never did I think I would find a professional hair straightener for under $100. But I snagged the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated 1.5-inch Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron on Overstock for just $88. Plus free shipping! Truly such a solid value for the quality. I was expecting to pay far more given all the recommendations and that a professional used it. I’m pumped that I didn’t have to break the bank to get something exceptional. 🙂

Although I didn’t need a new curling iron, I did buy the matching 1 1/4 in curling iron (the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 1.25″ Curling Iron)
because it was only $30-ish! And it’s the exact one Jasmine uses when she does my hair, so now I’m able to replicate the same shiny, loose curls she gives me in the comfort of my own home!

Oddly enough, while doing my research I learned that BaByliss is actually a Conair brand. If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know I have a ton of Conair curling irons and swear by their quality and longevity. So I’m confident that these “higher end” products will be even better!

>> So what questions can I answer for you all about this flat iron? The curling iron? Drop them in the comments and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

PS: If you love playing around with your hair, Jasmine and I created some tutorials on easy hairstyles for long hair earlier this year. So be sure to check them out!

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