10 Hen Party Ideas For Pregnant Brides

Arranging hen parties for pregnant brides is a mammoth task. Not only have you got to entertain the hens, but you’ve got to make absolutely sure that your bride-to-be can actually join in with whatever you’re doing.

So, how do you make your hen do fun and memorable, while not excluding or endangering the pregnant bride?

After considering safety, travel and level of physical effort; we’ve come up with ten hen parties for pregnant brides ideas that are fun, entertaining and suitable for both hens and expectant mothers.

Read on for some pregnant hen do inspiration!

1. Afternoon tea or barbecue

A classic for a reason. Afternoon tea is a simple-to-organise, all-welcoming, blissfully elegant, and terrifically easy-going event that will suit a slightly uncomfortable bride-to-be to the ground. She can sit on her throne enjoying tea and scones while having a laugh with her nearest and dearest. Just make sure you have appropriately respectable table decorations to add extra glamour.

But, perhaps this is a bit too safe — even for pregnant brides. Why not get the grill flaming, throw some drinks in a ice bucket and crack open the deck chairs for an all-day barbecue instead? The soon-to-be bride can sip alcohol-free beer and cider, and this leaves you and the hens free to have a few drinks in the sun, too. Serve your food and drink using hen party tableware to make it feel more special for her.

Doc says: “Ensure all the meat you serve the pregnant bride is well-done”.

2. Murder Mystery Night

If you’re certain she wants to get out of the house for her hen do; suggest a Murder Mystery Night. These are great fun and safe enough for pregnant brides, granted that she isn’t too easily scared.

Murder Mystery Nights take you on an eerie but hilarious crime adventure, where you play a part in a twisting plot. It’s definitely not a serious affair. The acting and script are very tongue-in-cheek, and you could even all go as a gang of 1920s’ flapper girls to get into the era.

Murder Mystery events take place in spooky buildings all over the UK, so you’ll easily find somewhere nearby. Usually, you can book up to 15 hens in one tour and these typically last for about four hours, so it should fine for a pregnant bride’s swollen feet. Plus, you almost always get a multi-course meal in the package, which will pick her energy levels up nicely.

3. Rent a cottage

Probably a good one for brides in the early pregnancy stages (you don’t want a soap-style birth); take her and the hens away for a weekend in the countryside! Rent a cottage, decorate with plenty of hen party themed balloons, and simply pack your time with relaxing walks, pub lunches, film nights, and pamper sessions. You can even book a personal chef to come out and cook for you all one evening!

Getting away is ideal for pregnant brides who want to soak up every opportunity for a baby-free home before the big day.

4. Evening at the theatre

You know your bride-to-be better than us. If you think she’s after a calm, sophisticated evening; why not whisk her off to the theatre? You could enjoy a meal before or after, and have a drink or two at the interval to make sure she gets to chat to all of her hens.

Perhaps you have a different show in mind. If she’s clinging to her wild side like a fireman to his hose, get her front-row seats to a strip show. She gets a comfy seat, so it’s still a great hen party idea for pregnant brides, and you could take it up a gear with personalised hen party sashes.

5. Spa afternoon/day/weekend

Like our afternoon tea suggestion, we’ve thrown in another hen do classic. What does a (possibly) bloated, tired, restless, and uncomfortable pregnant bride want more than anything? A spa session. From facials and manicures to massages and thermal treatments, many spas offer special mother-to-be packages that you could treat her to, while you all enjoy the hot tubs, saunas and luxury sessions of your own.

Depending on how far along the pregnancy she is (or just how long she wants to be with you all), you could make this a spa weekend, day, or even afternoon. If she’s very close to the finish line, why not play it safe and book a mobile spa that comes to you?

Doc says: “Pregnant brides should avoid using hot tubs and saunas, due to the risk of dehydration and overheating”.

6. Themed night in

The big question is; how do you inject the same level of entertainment into a hen party for a pregnant bride? With a theme, of course! If you’re going for a night in, you need to organise your own fun. Start by finding out her favourite TV show, book or character and then build the whole night around it — she’ll be centre of attention without having to exert herself.

Does she love Harry Potter? Make a wizard-style scavenger hunt using questions about the book and get everyone to dress up as a witch or wizard. Obsessed with Eastenders? Decorate the room to look like the Queen Vic, serve her mocktails and alcohol-free drinks, and do a pub quiz on the soap. Watched Dirty Dancing a thousand

times? Pair up all the hens before the night and tell them they have to do a dance routine for the pregnant bride to judge before the big mock/cocktails competition!

Finish off the night with some cheeky hen party games to make sure everyone remembers what they’re celebrating!

7. Daytime activities galore

If she likes to keep busy and learn new things, a workshop is an ideal hen party idea for pregnant brides. There’s everything from nude drawing classes and shoemaking sessions, to jewellery customising and shoe decorating. (In fact, why not opt for a pottery lesson to complement her Dirty Dancing themed night in later on?)

With child or not, she’s the bride-to-be and this is her hen do. So, make her the centre of attention with a fun photoshoot activity — including hair-styling and make-up. She can go full Demi Moore, or choose to make it all about her hen party. Either way, it’s an amazing keepsake for her to treasure.

Activity workshops take place all over and many hosts even come to you, which is convenient for heavily pregnant brides.

8. Flashy car ride

Hen parties for pregnant brides was always going to be a challenge. You want to make a fuss of her, but you’re not sure at what point she’ll need a rest. The ideal solution: luxury vehicle.

Car services up and down the country offer a great election of stretch limousines that you can book for the whole night and most firms will let you decorate your ride with party banners, too.

With a bar for the hens and spacious leather seats for her, everyone’s happy. And if this isn’t enough, tell her you’ve organised a surprise destination and whisk her off to sing at a karaoke bar or see a cabaret act! Again, she won’t have to stand around much and it’s still got that touch of ‘girls-night’ fun to make a fantastic hen night for everyone.

9. TV fun

If your pregnant bride is a diehard television fan and doesn’t mind a bit of travel; treat her to a day immersed in her favourite programmes. Shop around and you can find escorted guides and activities dedicated to TOWIE, Masterchef, Game of Thrones, Gavin and Stacey, Strictly Come Dancing, and more.

As a hen party idea for pregnant brides, we think this is a great way for everyone to have fun, while making sure she’s still centre of attention.

Doc says: “There might be some activities in these itineraries that aren’t suitable for a pregnant bride-to-be, so check before you book”.

10. Night out

We know we’ve gone on about tiredness and bloating, as well as harped on about the pregnant bride’s grumbles… But there’s actually no reason why you can’t give your bride-to-be an old-fashioned hen do night out!

Here’s our perfect pregnant bride hen party idea:

  • A few weeks before, choose your theme and get everyone a fancy dress outfit.
  • Begin the hen night with cocktail-making at home (mocks for the bride).
  • Then, we have a respectable round of ‘Pin the Junk on the Hunk’.
  • Next, it’s a board game — perhaps ‘Did You Ever vs. Would You Ever’, since drinking games are off the cards for her sake.
  • Now, down the drinks, pack the ‘Scavenger Hunt Cards’, and head out.

Although she can’t experience the night like she used to, she will still have a fantastic time. (If you’ve ever watched your friends drunk, you’ll know how rewarding it can be.) The cards will keep the laughs rolling and you could even hire a ‘Butler in the Buff’ to make it a classically ‘cheeky and cheerful’ hen night.

For more ideas to make your hen party special for your pregnant bride, check out our hen do themes, partyware decorations and personalised products.

9 Hen Party Ideas for a Pregnant Bride

Being pregnant might mean you can’t down tequila shots by the dozen at your hen party and you’re probably less inclined to try a pole dancing class, want a stripper gyrating in your face, or go on some form of zip-lining retreat. (But you know, each pregnant lady to herself!) But that doesn’t mean you can’t still have the craic. If you’re planning a hen party for your expectant pal, or you have a lot of pregnant hens in your posse and want to choose activities they can all enjoy, we’ve come up with a list of hen party ideas for a pregnant bride. Activities that are fun, raucous, memorable and most importantly, will make your gal feel special!

Photo by Sarah Jansson via 100 Layer Cakelet

1. Hire out a Cinema

A great idea for a laid-back hen, there are lots of beautiful private cinemas available to hire around the country (including the new Devlin Hotel in Dublin which is fab, FYI), all you need to do is choose one of your bride’s favourite films, bring along lots her favourite snacks, and enjoy!

For more information: Check out our guide to private cinemas in Ireland.

Photo via Show Me Your Mumu

2. Go for a Spa Weekend

While there are some treatments and spa experiences pregnant women are not advised to avail of, a luxurious pregnancy massage, a pedicure, and a float in the swimming pool might sound like heaven to your bride, and will make an enjoyable hen party for the rest of the hens too. For a more budget-friendly version, you could go for mani-pedis or visit a blow-dry bar.

For more information: Check out our guide to the best spa weekends in Ireland.

Photo by Haute Off The Rack

3. Do Karaoke

If you’re only used to doing karaoke several drinks in, it might seem daunting at first. But once a few people in the group are loose enough to get things started, you’ll all be screaming Cheryl Lynn’s ‘Got to be Real’ into the mic in no time. Book a private booth for maximum comfort and zero onlookers!

For more information: Check out our guide to karaoke bars in Dublin and around Ireland.

Photo by Liz Banfield via Style Me Pretty

4. Host a Sex Toy Party

Just because you’re drinking virgin cocktails through your willy straw doesn’t mean you can’t have a raucous hen party. Thoroughly modern Irish company, Sex Siopa, offers fun, informative and educational parties, where your hens can learn about the history behind the toys, and have open conversations about how they work with wonderful owner Shauna. Fun and a little bit different for all your hens, without relying on the bevvies!

For more information: Visit sexsiopa.ie.

Photo by Niamh Smith, The Photography Hub via One Fab Day

5. Go for Afternoon Tea

A tried and tested idea for an alcohol-free, or at least alcohol-light hen party, there are so many options for afternoon tea in Ireland, from a vintage afternoon tea bus to high tea in a five-star hotel in Dublin. Look for somewhere that suits your bride’s style to make it a more personalised celebration.

For more information: Our picks for afternoon tea in Ireland.

Photo by Julie Michaelsen Photography via Bloved

6. Go for a Slap-up Meal

Planning a hen party is often about keep costs low when you’re factoring accommodation and packing in lots of activities. But when you simplify it to one element, you can go all in on something special instead – like a fancy meal somewhere really extravagant. Look for tasting menus or private dining to give it an added sense of occasion. Eat like royalty AND go home to your own bed after, sounds like heaven to us!

For more information: Check out our guide to private dining restaurants in Dublin.

Photo via Show Me Your Mumu

7. Have a Slumber Party

Whether you do it in one of your homes, or rent a big house in the countryside, a slumber party is always a fun idea for a hen. Get in some face masks, have board games and old films on the go, get a take away and lay on lots of snacks, and you have the makes of the perfect night in. Just make sure the bride gets to sleep somewhere comfy!

For more information: You’ll need our hen party playlist for your inevitable impromptu dance-off!

Photo by Svetlana Strizhakova via Bridal Musings

8. Get Hands-on

Cookery classes, flower-crown making, life-drawing, the options are endless for a hen party activity that’s fun, creative, and hands-on, without being too physical. Choose something thoughtful and tailored to your pal so her hen do feels special and personalised!

For more information: Get our ultimate list of hen party ideas.

Photo by Liz Banfield via The Knot

9. Go To The Bingo

Got a pregnant bride with a competitive streak? Why not play some bingo? A novel night out that’s lots of fun and who knows, you could always hit the jackpot. There are local bingo nights all over the country, so do some research and find your nearest spot.

For more information: Visit jackpotts.ie

Photo by Karyn Louise Photography via 100 Layer Cake

Tips for Planning a Hen Party for a Pregnant Bride

  • Talk to the bride, and ask her what she wants for her hen. Her stage of pregnancy and how she’s feeling will dictate what you should do. It all depends on how active she wants to be, how much she’s able to eat, and even how late her current bedtime is.
  • Don’t make assumptions and don’t compare your bride to other pregnant women, she might be up for a yoga retreat and some hiking, or she might want to do nothing more than park herself on the couch for the weekend, both are pretty great options!
  • Unless your bride expresses otherwise, avoid having an event that’s too boozy. A couple of drinks is totally fine, but you don’t want the rest of the guests hitting the cocktails, and the bride feeling left out. Come up with a special signature virgin drink made of your friend’s favourite flavours.
  • If your bride isn’t pregnant, but some of the hens are, try to be mindful of the whole group. You should, of course, plan the hen around the bride, but including opt-in or opt-out elements is an inclusive work-around for others.
  • Keep your plan flexible in case your bride needs a little more chill-out time on the day, particularly if you’re planning the party a few months out, it’s hard to predict how your bride will be feeling.
  • Try not to loop the hen party in with a baby shower (again, unless the bride requests it), they are different events, for different milestones, with very different vibes, so should be treated separately!
  • Check out our favourite hen party companies for more inspiration on planning something unique.

Get more hen party planning tips and ideas!

Feature image: Michelle Roller via 100 Layer Cake

The Pregnant Bachelorette Party with Alcohol Free Bachelorette Party Ideas

Maybe your bride to be that you are planning a bachelorette party for is pregnant. Or maybe some of your bridesmaids are pregnant. You are likely trying to plan a bachelorette party celebration that is more friendly to people who might not be drinking or partying as much as the traditional bachelorette party. We are here to help you with some alcohol free ideas for a bachelorette party that is friendly to people who might not drink and friendly to the pregnant group!

Spa Time

You can take the group to a local spa in the town or city that you are doing the bachelorette party in. We recommend searching on Google and Yelp in the city that you plan on spending your bachelorette party weekend in. Some good ideas for a bachelorette party that wants some relaxing spa time would be:

  • Blow outs
  • Get your nails done
  • Facials
  • Massages
  • Take a makeup class

Getting pampered is always a great time. Any group will have fun doing any of these options or a combo of the options to have Spa bachelorette party theme. If you want to have part of the bachelorette party weekend involve a spa night at the airbnb, house you are staying at or your hotel you can also host a spa night at home. We would include some of the following if you are going to do the Spa Bachelorette Party Theme.

Spa Bachelorette Party Gifts and Decorations Ideas we LOVE

  • Robes for each person in the bachelorette party.
  • Slippers for the bachelorette party gifts.
  • Face masks for each person to use for the spa night or spa party part of the bachelorette party.
  • Nail polish as bachelorette party gifts.
  • Spa cookies – see photo below for inspiration. (We would reach out to local cookie and dessert shops wherever you are having the bachelorette party to see if they could make you something like these).
  • Spa bachelorette party t-shirts.
  • Personalized Spa headbands to wear while you are getting spa services done! These would make for super, super cute bachelorette party photos too!
  • We love the look of these cute eye masks that are actually spa bachelorette party invites!
  • You could also pick up some bath bombs as bachelorette party gifts for the group!
  • Spa face masks photo booth props are so fun for photos too!

Flower Crown Workshop or Floral Arranging Class

If you are heading to a city in the US where there are frequently bachelorette parties then you might be in luck! We are Fetes de Fleurs (glad you found us). We are a flower party business. What does that mean? We host flower workshops where we teach groups like bachelorette parties how to make beautiful things like flower crowns and floral arrangements. If you can make something creative with flowers and greenery then we are ready to flower party with your group!

We offer the following Floral Workshops:

  • Flower Crown Workshops: We bring all the supplies for making flower crowns to your airbnb, house or hotel and teach your bachelorette group how to make flower crowns. You can see the list of locations where we have bachelorette party hosts here. If we don’t have a host in your city or location that you are hosting a bachelorette party in just send us an email at [email protected] We also can make you flower crowns and send them out in the mail to you so you can wear them on your bachelorette party weekend. We also do what are called, Flower Crown Party Kits.
  • Flower Crown Party Kits: These are sent to you in the mail. They include all supplies for making flower crowns in cute pouches with all instructions to make flower crowns. We work with your POC on your bachelorette party on what colors your group might want to have in your flower crown party kits.
  • Flower arranging classes: We can come to your location to teach your group how to make flower arrangements. Please fill out the form here if you are interested in doing a floral arranging workshop as part of your celebration.

We are friendly to all kinds of parties and groups! We are a great option if you are looking for something that is not just about drinking on your bachelorette party weekend. We are a great option for the bachelorette party group who wants to learn a new skill involving flowers and that is girly, and relaxing! Most of our bachelorette party groups find flower crown making and floral arranging to be very relaxing and a great option if you have a group who doesn’t want to drink the whole weekend or maybe there are some people in the group who are pregnant.

Workout Classes

Workout classes are a great way to spend time with the bride tribe who maybe doesn’t want to drink or has some mom to be girls in the group. Even if you aren’t pregnant or do drink alcohol we think you should get in a group workout class while you are celebrating your bachelorette party weekend. There are so many fun classes in the cities that you might be going to. Research the city and the types of workout classes that the city or spot might have. If you are staying at a hotel the hotel likely has classes that you can take at their gym or that they can guide you to locally. I would highly suggest checking out what locals do for workouts there to see what classes might be the most fun to take. Try finding some local options to support local! We also always write up fun workout classes that you can take on your bachelorette party weekend in the cities that we are in! Check those our on our blogs on our site too.

There are tons of fun workout bachelorette hashtags and sayings that you can use for workouts for a bachelorette bash. Here are some of our favorites that we have seen:

  • Getting hot before tying the knot
  • Sweating for the wedding
  • Gotta squat before I tie the knot
  • Kettlebells before wedding bells
  • No pain, no champagne
  • White dress workout
  • Slay for the big day
  • Hot mess to wedding dress
  • In it for the long RUN

We found tons of cute . I love a lot of these options. There are also always great options on Etsy if you search your theme of your bachelorette party. At some point we hope to sell things like this on our e-commerce part of our website. 🙂

Beach or Pool Time

If you are heading to a location where the weather is going to be perfect for relaxing outside we highly suggest booking a hotel or an airbnb with a pool that you can use. Pool time is a perfect way to relax outside with your girlfriends without having to drink or party. I love a relaxing time at the pool or beach (or both- let’s be real). So if you are looking for a bachelorette party theme that involves relaxation and fun in the sun check out locations that allow you to spend time relaxing at a pool or the beach or both! We love the beach bachelorette party theme!

Check out our post about how to host a beach bachelorette party theme here.

You can also shop all beach bachelorette party items on Etsy here.

We suggest getting your group of friends or your bachelorette party gifts that can be used at the beach. Some of our favorite things for a beach bachelorette party or a pool bachelorette party are:

  • Beach hats to wear in cute photos!
  • Beach bags with a hashtag on them or a theme of the weekend.
  • Matching bathing suits with the bachelorette party hashtag.
  • Towels that have a cute saying on them or all match!

Seems like ladies are using the #beachlorette hashtag or #beachbach for this bachelorette party theme!

High Tea Brunch

In most cities and locations that you might be spending a girls weekend or a bachelorette party there are options for high tea. I would recommend searching Google for the city that you are going to and high tea or tea. That will give you back some good results. I love the tea bachelorette party. You can have a nice time enjoying your company of your friends while having tea and if someone does happen to want to drink I bet you could as well. This is a great option for a classy bachelorette party who might want to do a brunch option that is more fancy.

I am going to do a whole post on the Tea bachelorette party theme or a bridal shower tea luncheon because this is too good! There are so many fun ideas for this theme.

Check out this banner that says, “let’s par tea!” Such a cute addition to a tea themed party! So grab your pals and let’s have tea with the bride to be!

We love doing activities as part of a bachelorette party or girls weekend. These are just options that we love. So think about your bride to be and what she loves to do! Maybe she loves candles. Then try and find a candle making class for part of the bachelorette party. Think outside the box, ladies. There are lots of locals in cities around the US who do classes and workshops. Even if they don’t offer them you might be able to reach out and ask them if they would do a custom class for your group while in town celebrating. Some businesses just don’t know to offer this kind of thing. So if you come up with an idea of something you want to do and research it for the city that you are going to you will find people who do those things. Reach out to them and see if they could do something custom for you!

Hope these ideas for a sober bachelorette party or a bachelorette party that is mom-to-be friendly help you in your bachelorette party planning! If you want to talk to us about anything floral related for your weekend celebrations just email us at [email protected]! We can’t wait to do a floral workshop with your group.

Extreme and Cool Bachelorette Ideas

Some of you will want to feed your wild side with a thrill-seeking adventure. If your friends are just like you, go nuts! A night out at the bar pales in comparison to the enjoyment and bonding you’ll experience when you all hit the height of adrenaline.

  • White Water Rafting

Whitewater rafting is the safest way to “put your life on the line”. Guided tours are hosted by professionals that know the river like the back of their hand. They’re in complete control but that’s definitely not how it feels when you step into the raft and dip your paddle in the water for the first time.

You and your girls are up against nature. Your hearts will pound and screams will fly. But there’s really no danger and you’ll come out feeling like you just defeated death. However, we should warn you that your cheeks may hurt from smiling too much.

  • Zip Lining

Many bachelorette parties prefer trees to the water. If that sounds like you, look up your nearest zip lining course and book your tour. Being suspended above the ground and whizzing past the trees is a thrill that all your friends can enjoy. This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity, so make sure to keep your camera close by.

  • Go Karts

Go karts are a rush! If this is your bachelorette drug of choice, call ahead and see if you can get the track to yourselves. No doubt you’ll be in a playful mood, and it’s best to avoid others while your attention is beating your besties around the track.

So make sure to prepare a few prizes for the fastest lap time or, depending on your friends, whoever does the least amount of damage to the kart.

  • Visit Festival or Concert

If your gal pals are slightly less on the adrenaline junky side of things but still looking for an adventure, there’s no better bet than a music festival. These events have been growing in popularity, quality, and attendance year-over-year throughout the entire globe. Regardless of your musical taste, amount of time available, and desired destination you’re sure to find a festival ideal for your group.

  • Karaoke

If you’re working with a tight budget or just don’t have the time for a concert, make your own “festival” with a night out at the karaoke bar. Bring your favorite playlist, break up the evening with food and activities, and make sure to bring your camera!

Play Bachelorette Party Games That Don’t Suck

If you’ve come this far and still haven’t found your idea of the best night out perhaps a cool night in is in order. Invite the gang over for a series of appetizers and classic bachelorette party games.

  • Photo Scavenger Hunt

This is tons of fun. Print out a challenge list of photos to take throughout an evening. Make it creative and challenging, but not impossible. The goal is to have an album by the end of the night that you and your friends can laugh about for years to come.

Some great ideas are a photo of a man handing over his underwear, a photo of you dancing up on the bar, a condom from a random guy, kiss on the cheek from the bouncer…. you get the picture.

  • Wig Out

This isn’t exactly a game or activity, more of a frame of mind with accessories. Donning a vibrant wig can instantly transform your personality and makes for a fantastic photoshoot. For this reason, you can hire a professional photographer or just take turns snapping pics with your phones.

Either way, vivid-color wigs set a certain mood and really creates a theme to have fun with.

  • He Says, She Says

Laugh the night away with a DYI gameshow. However, it takes a little research to find the perfect questions, and a little planning to call the Groom and get his responses. After that act as gameshow host, as the questions, and see if the Bride’s answers match the groom’s.

Whichever player guesses how many answers will match wins the prize!

  • DIY Pin The Kiss on Ryan Gosling Game

Think Pin The Tail On The Donkey, but for adults. Post a photo of Ryan Gosling – or any other Hollywood hunk that floats your boat – gloss your lips with bright red lipstick, dawn a blindfold, and see who can get closest to his lips.

Winning is fun because you get the prize, but it’s equally funny to miss completely while your friends capture everything on video. Sporting hilarious or sexy wigs should top your list of bachelorette slumber party ideas. Adding this layer of fun makes the night more entertaining.

  • Bachelorette Photo Challenge

We want to end this post by circling back to the photo challenge. So, ask any woman who’s been involved in bachelorette party or shower games and they’ll all tell you that this is the most memorable part.

In fact, there are plenty more photo challenge options, and plenty more fun bachelorette party ideas like ‘what does he call his Johnson?’ where you have to ask random men how they refer to their special areas. There’s scavenger hunts, bridal bingo, and so much more. Each of these is also excellent alternatives for bridal shower.

Embrace your wild side and have the night of your life. And, in case you forget, make sure to take classy Before photos of the entire bachelorette guest list followed u by (usually trashy) after photos when the night is coming to a close. Be selfish and have fun!

Hosting a bachelorette or hen party? These are twenty of the best bachelorette or hen party games I could find, ones that I personally would play and that sound absolutely hilarious. Some of the games require you to get up and go on the town (aka man hunt) and others are best for a party at home! Whatever bachelorette party you’re planning, these bachelorette party games will have everyone laughing!

Hilarious Bachelorette Party Games

I put together this list of 20 bachelorette party games based on ones that I think would be fun to play. There is everything from classy games to ones that are bit more suggestive, it is a bachelorette party after all! There are three different categories of games so you can find the type of games you’re looking for. My recommendation is to pick three – one active, one printable, and one that’s all about the bachelorette. It is her day after all. Enjoy! When you pin these games, please pin any individual games from the original site!

Printable Bachelorette Party Games

These games are ones you can print out, pass around to everyone, and play. They’re a bit more low key but can easily be just as hilarious depending on what the answers are!

Printable What’s On Your Phone Game – players score points based on things they have on their phone including everything from a Lady Gaga song in their playlist to having made a picture of them with a guy on their phone. Download the printable here.

Sexy Scattergories – A sexy version of the fun Scattergories party game but not too sexy. Players have to come up with words in a certain category starting with certain words without coming up with the same word as someone else. Get the printable here.

Famous Movie Love Quotes – Players have to try to guess the movie these famous love quotes are from! Get the printable here.

Finish the Bachelorette’s Sentence – Players have to finish the sentences on these printable game cards with what they think the bride to be will say. Whoever matches the bride most wins. Full instructions and printable here.

A Love Song – This one is designed for a bridal shower but is good for a bachelorette party as well. Players have to come up with the correct title for scrambled up love songs (e.g., Woman in Crimson becomes Lady in Crimson). Or try the movie title version A Love Story. Get the free printable here.

Active Bachelorette Party Games

These are games that will get the bachelorette and her girlfriends up and moving. Some of the games can be played at home and others require a little outside fun!

Swing Your Ding-A-Ling – Players tie an orange around their waist and try to use it to knock another orange as far as possible. Full instructions here.

Weenie in a Bottle – Players have to try to be the first to get a hot dog in a bottle! It’s more difficult than it seems. Full instructions and details here.

I Dare You – A printable dare to-do list where players can earn points from doing something as simple as cartwheel to something more complicated (and worth more points) such as getting phone numbers from five guys. Get the printable to-do list and scorecard here.

Stick It In the Hole – Similar to many of these hilarious bridal shower games, this one is a quick game where players have to try to be the first person to stick the end of a broom into a toilet paper roll. Full directions and a couple of other fun games here.

Toilet Paper Lingerie – Players have to use toilet paper to make either a romantic or naughty piece of lingerie. I can only imagine the things people might come up with! Full instructions here.

Bra Pong – I couldn’t find the actual instructions for this game but the idea is simple – bounce ping pong balls and try and land them inside of bras glued to a poster board. You could do whatever you want with the rules if someone makes or misses it like having a truth or dare jar – if they make it, they choose truth or dare. If they miss, they have to do a dare. Or play with teams and give each bra a point value – team (or individual) with the most points wins a Victoria Secret gift card.

Kiss the Lips – Blind fold players and instead of having to pin the tail on the donkey, they must try to land a kiss on the lips of a blown up photo. Full instructions here.

What’s In the Sock – Before the party, put things a bride might use on their wedding night (e.g., massager, candle, lingerie, lotion) in socks. Players must use only their feet to guess what is in the socks. Full instructions here.

Don’t Say It – A Bachelorette party game of taboo. Get people to guess a certain word without saying any of the “don’t say” words on the card. Hilarious to see what people come up with! Get the card set and instructions here.

Man Hunt – Players have to go on a scavenger hunt to find all of the types of men listed on these printable scavenger hunt cards. Everything from a man over 50 to a guy wearing plaid.

Banana Ring Toss – Players have to try to toss a ring around a large inflatable banana. Full instructions here.

Bachelorette Minute to Win It Games – These were designed for a bridal shower but they’d be perfect for a bachelorette party as well. 20 different games including everything from lipstick Pictionary to Put a Ring on It. Get full instructions here.

Bachelorette Party Games All About the Bride

These games are ones that are really mostly for the bride to play where everyone else sits and watches and enjoys the fun! Guests participate by providing items for the games but mostly it’s about a little fun for the bride!

Stylish Bride – The blindfolded bride to be is given unique pieces of clothing and accessories and must put them on blindfolded. Full instructions here.

Drop Your Panties – Guests are asked to bring a pair of clean panties to the party. The bride must go through the basket of panties and guess who brought them based on the style, color, etc. Full instructions and a printable instruction card here.

Bachelorette Balderdash – Guests have to guess certain things about the bride to either try and guess what she’ll answer OR to come up with a creative answer instead. Free printable and instructions here.

How Well Do You Know the Bachelorette – Pull a card from this card desk and see how well you know the bachelorette. All types of questions – funny and serious! Get the cards here.

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Bachelorette Party Food Ideas (2020 Guide)

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If you are hosting a bachelorette party, you have probably already come to the realization that you are going to have to feed all of those people something. If you are heading out to a brunch, lunch, or dinner then people can pick their own food and decide what they are going to eat. However, if you are starting off the party at your place before hitting the bars or hosting some type of shindig where the food duties are on you, then you are going to want to put together an easy, affordable, delicious bachelorette party menu. This is a lot easier than it sounds, so do not worry that you are going to be spending all of your time handling food duties. Instead, you can throw together a high-quality menu with relatively little effort, making sure that your girls have something in

What Type of Menu Do You Want?

Before you can start planning your menu, it is important to think about the kind of menu that you want. Are you serving a sit-down dinner? Do you have a theme that can be continued with an in-theme menu? Are you looking for appetizers and other finger foods? Are you serving a brunch, lunch, or dinner? Before you can start planning your menu, you need to have a good idea of what kind of food you want to serve. Then, you need to consider whether or not the bride of any of the guests have any special dietary needs? Are there any food allergies, food sensitivities, or religious food requirements? Does anyone eat a special menu, like vegetarian, vegan, low-carb, or keto? While you are certainly not required to create an entire menu that focuses on any one guest’s special dietary needs, you do need to make sure that you have food that all of your guests can eat and enjoy.

Do You Want to Eat Penises?

This is an important question. If you look around for bachelorette party food ideas, you are going to see penis-shaped pastas, penis-shaped egg molds, penis cookie cutters, ideas for penis cakes, penis-shaped suckers, etc. The naughty take on food is not limited to penises; there are plenty of boob and vagina themed foods for LGBTQ bride. Deciding whether or not you want to include these foods is kinda important. Your group will either think they are hilarious or find them a little off-putting. If you are guessing whether or not they will appreciate them, we are going to suggest skipping these sexually themed foods or at least not featuring them as a central part of your menu. Want to include them? Then, maybe have penis-shaped pasta in a pasta salad, rather than committing to an entire selection of penis-shaped foods. The reasons we suggest this is that, our experience is that people may laugh at novelty foods, but they do not really tend to eat them. If you want food that does not go to waste, you want to use the penis sparingly!

Do You Have a Theme?

Is there a theme for the bachelorette party? Some themes naturally lend themselves towards certain types of food. Doing a fiesta party? Then, your menu is going to lean towards Mexican and Tex-Mex favorites. Having a brunch? Obviously, you will want to pick some breakfast favorites for your guests. Mermaid party? You will probably have plenty of seafood on the menu. So, keep your theme in mind when planning the menu. Also, remember that many things can be tweaked and designed to mesh with your theme. For example, anything that is artificially colored can be colored to go with whatever theme you choose.

Bachelorette Party Brunch

Brunch is the go-to meal for many a bachelorette. Which is fantastic, because brunch is a super-easy meal to throw together, with casual elegance and effortless style. If you are having a brunch, then we highly suggest you have a mimosa or bellini bar. These two cocktails are not only breakfast and brunch-time favorites, they are also an affordable way to liquor up your bachelorette party! This menu is great for a stand-alone bachelorette brunch or as one of the meals to include if you are renting a party house for a destination party.

Spinach Salad (recipe serves 6 as a side dish)

  • 1 large bag of washed spinach leaves
  • 2 jars of mandarin oranges (drained)
  • ½ chopped red onion
  • 1 point sliced strawberries
  • Your favorite vinaigrette dressing (we love Brianna’s Creamy Balsalmic)

Easy Quiche (serves 6-8)

  • Frozen pie crust (in pan)
  • 6 large Eggs
  • ¾ cup milk (for an extra decadent quiche, substitute half and half)
  • 2 cups of your favorite quiche fillings

Mix eggs and milk, season according to taste (a little dash of pepper and salt is enough for some folks, but we add some Tony Chachere and garlic powder) add in the quiche fillings, and pour into the frozen pie crust. Place the pie crust on a cookie sheet and put into a 350 degree oven for 40 to 50 minutes or until the top is golden-brown and a knife inserted into the center comes out clean.

Quiche is a classic brunch favorite for lots of good reasons: it tastes good hot, room temperature, or chilled; it is super-affordable; it can be prepped ahead-of-time; and it can be customized for a wide variety of dietary restrictions. For the two cups of filling, there are some classic combinations: bacon, spinach, and white cheese; mushrooms, peppers, and cheese; ham and cheese; and shrimp, crawfish, and cheese. We use pre-shredded cheese and add about ¼ cup of frozen mirepoix (also known as the Cajun trinity, this is a mix of chopped celery, onion, and bell pepper that adds some flavor and crunch to almost anything savory) mix from the grocery store.

French Toast Casserole (serves 8 to 12)

Everyone loves French toast, but it is simply not practical to make individual French toast for every guest at a brunch. Instead, you can use this decadent make-ahead French toast recipe, and pop it in the oven to serve piping hot at brunch!

  • 1 loaf French Bread
  • 3 cups half-and-half
  • 8 large eggs
  • 2 T. sugar
  • 1 t. vanilla
  • 1 t. bourbon or whisky
  • ¼ t. cinnamon
  • ¼ t. nutmeg

Slice the French Bread into even-sized slices; enough to cover the bottom of the casserole dish or pan that you are using. (For a 9×11 pan, and a standard-sized loaf of bread, this means approximately 20 1-inch slices). Grease the pan, then line with the pieces of bread. Mix together all other ingredients in a mixer and then pour the custard over the pieces of bread. Refrigerate overnight, then cook at 350 degrees for 35-45 minutes.

You can keep this recipe simple and sprinkle the French toast with powdered sugar when you pull it out of the oven or top it with a special topping or cream-cheese icing. We like it served with plain maple syrup!

Bachelorette Party Lunch Menu

Looking for something with more savory options and less of a breakfast feel? No problem. We have you covered with this easy menu, which lets you do a lot of the prep work ahead of time, and still makes you seem like a master chef. We use pre-cut fillets in this recipe, because that makes them easier to serve, since they are already portioned. 4 fillets should be about a pound of salmon, and you can always ask your seafood counter to help ensure you have evenly sized fillets. You can also use this recipe to cook an entire salmon, but you may need to adjust your cooking time for even cooking.

Salmon with Lemon and Dill Butter Sauce (serves 4)

  • 4 ¼ pound salmon fillets
  • ¼ cup of butter
  • 2 lemons
  • 2 T. lemon juice
  • 1 t. fresh or dried dill
  • Salt to taste
  • Pepper to taste

Slice into circles and line the bottom of a greased 9×11 baking pan with the lemon slices. Place the salmon fillets on top of the lemons slices. Mix together melted butter, lemon juice, and dill weed and pour the mixture evenly over the salmon fillets. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.

Steamed Asparagus (serves 4)

  • 1 bunch of asparagus, washed, and with the ends snapped off
  • ¼ cup white wine
  • 1 T. lemon juice
  • 2 T. butter
  • 1 T. crushed garlic

Pour the wine into a microwave-safe baking dish. Lay the asparagus in the dish, avoiding it being jumbled together. Add the lemon juice and crushed garlic to the melted butter and pour over the asparagus. Microwave on high for 4 to 7 minutes. Remembers, asparagus is supposed to retain some crispness when you cook it; less time is usually more!

Dill Potatoes (serves 4)

  • 1.25 pound or 1/4 package of pre-washed, mix-color baby potatoes (our absolute favorite for this recipe is the Perfect Pair mini potatoes you can find at Sam’s Club).
  • ½ c. butter
  • 2 T. dill
  • 1 t. powdered garlic
  • Salt

Place potatoes in a greased 9×9 pan. Mix dill and powdered garlic into melted butter and pour over potatoes. Bake for 25 minutes in a 350 oven. (Note that the baking time for the potatoes and the salmon is the same, which means you can prepare them at the same time).

Banana Pudding

Banana pudding is one of those desserts that feels simultaneously sinful and like you are taking a step back into childhood. It is also a great dessert for entertaining, because you make it ahead and then chill it, so there is no prep-work required before serving. We are including a recipe that uses a boxed pudding mix to keep things simple for folks, but you cannot go wrong if you use the classic homemade recipe on a box of Nilla Wafers!

  • 1 large package of instant vanilla pudding mix
  • 2 c. half-and-half
  • ¾ c. milk
  • 1 t. vanilla
  • 1 box of vanilla wafers
  • 6 bananas, sliced.

Using a hand mixer, beat pudding mix, milk, vanilla, and half-and half for 2 minutes or until mixture thickens. In your greased casserole or trifle dish, lay ¼ of the vanilla wafers. Cover with 2 sliced bananas. Cover with 1/3 of the pudding. Repeat layers, ending with a layer of vanilla wafers on the top. Bake at 325 degrees for 20 minutes.

Now, there are two ways you can handle your banana pudding. You can bake it, chill it, and serve it covered with whipped topping or sprayed whipped cream, which is easy and delicious. However, if you want to take it up a notch, then before you baked your pudding you are going to want to make a meringue layer for the top, cover it with the meringue, and bake at 325 degrees for 20 minutes or until the meringue begins to brown.


  • 4 large egg whites
  • 2/3 c. granulated sugar
  • 1 t. vanilla

Beat egg whites and vanilla at medium speed with a mixer until soft peaks begin to form (usually 1 to 2 minutes, but if you are experiencing humidity, this can take a lot longer). Gradually add sugar and beat on medium until stiff peaks form (usually 3 minutes). Then stop beating; if you continue to beat the mixture, your peaks will start to break down.

Bachelorette Party Dinner

If you are planning a whole dinner for a bachelorette party, it can get a little daunting. That is because nighttime bachelorette parties usually have an additional activity attached to them, which means that you are likely to be dining and dashing. Going in for a full-dinner means that you are going to be stuck with clean-up when you get back and that your departure can be delayed if anyone fails to show up for dinner on time. We thoroughly dislike this idea. So, if you are throwing a bachelorette party dinner and you feel like you have to provide the sit-down experience, we are going to suggest you serve some variation of our lunch menu. Otherwise, if you are throwing an evening or night-time bachelorette party, we are going to suggest you just lay in plenty of appetizers and finger-foods for your crowd. We are also going to suggest that you save yourself the hassle of a lot of cooking and prep-work and use your local warehouse club’s frozen appetizer and fresh party sections to round-out a great appetizer menu.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Meatballs (cover with an equal mix of grape jelly and spicy ketchup and heat in your crockpot. We know that sounds disgusting, but it is delicious!)
  • Fruit and Cheese Party Tray
  • Tapas Platter
  • Oven Roasted Wings
  • Cheese Wheel
  • Veggie Tray
  • Mini Croissants
  • Assorted Crackers

Boozy Bonuses

Now that we have given you some great ideas for bachelorette party menus, we want to give you some options to help round out the menu at almost any bachelorette party.

Drunk watermelon slices

  • Watermelon
  • ¾ cup liquor
  • 1 c sugar
  • 2 t. lime juice
  • Sea salt or rimming sugar
  • Mint (optional)

Slice a watermelon and place in a baking dish. Combine your liquor, sugar, and lime juice in a saucepan, dissolve the sugar, and then pour over the watermelon. Let the liquor sit in the watermelon overnight. For a mojito-themed treat, we use rum and will garnish with rimming sugar and mint. For a margarita-themed treat, we use a combination of Triple Sec and Tequila and will finish with a sprinkle of sea salt.

Drunk strawberries

  • Strawberries
  • Champagne
  • Sugar

The amounts you use depend on how many strawberries you want. Clean strawberries and place them in a bowl. Sprinkle liberally with sugar. Then pour champagne over them. Want some more kick? Use vodka instead of champagne!

Grown Up Root Beer Floats

  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Your Favorite Alcoholic Root Beer

Put a scoop or two of vanilla into a chilled beer mug. Cover with root beer. Enjoy. (Helpful hint- not everyone likes root beer. No problem. You can easily recreate this recipe with rum and coke or an alcoholic grape soda.

Chocolate Truffles

  • 1 pound dark chocolate (make it easy on yourself and get it in chips)
  • 1/3 cup heavy cream
  • 2 T. butter
  • 1/3 c. alcohol of your choice
  • Cocoa powder, coffee, sea salt, powdered sugar, or chopped nuts

Place the chocolate in a bowl. Heat the cream and butter, but do not boil. Pour heated cream and butter over the chocolate, add alcohol, then mix until smooth. Chill until cold-enough to easily work with (usually 2 hours in the fridge will do the trick). Use a tiny ice-cream scoop or melon baller to make bite-sized balls. You can also roll by hand. Roll finished truffle in chopped nuts, cocoa powder, powered sugar, sea salt, or even sprinkles.

We absolutely love this recipe because it is so easy, requires no baking, and can be modified to suit anyone’s tastes. You will frequently hear these made with whisky or bourbon, but we like them with amaretto covered with chopped almonds, or with Irish Cream and dusted with a combo of finely ground coffee and cocoa powder!

Sophisticated Jello Shots

Jello shots are a fun way to get your drink on, but, their normal little plastic cup appearance makes them a little out-of-place at a classy bachelorette party. Have no fear; it is totally possible to make a sophisticated looking Jello shot.

6 small citrus fruit (you can use lemons, limes, or oranges for this recipe, and the fruit you choose will probably depend on what goes best with your party theme)

2 packages of Jello (whatever flavor you choose)

1 c. of the alcohol or alcohols of your choosing; flavored vodkas work really well here!

Cut the citrus fruits in half and hollow them out. Mix together your Jello according to package directions, substituting 1 c. of alcohol for 1 c. of the water. Using something milder, like champagne or wine? Substitute all of it in the recipe. Pour the Jello mixture into the hollowed-out citrus shells, then refrigerate till set. Once set, cut into wedges. We love a pretty visual contrast with these adult shots, so try pink flavors, like strawberry or pink lemonade, inside the lemons, blues with the greens for an underwater feel, and reds with the oranges!

Vodka-Soaked Gummy Bears

  • Vodka
  • Gummies

Pour the vodka over the gummies and let sit for at least 4 hours. The longer you let them sit, the more powerful they will be. This is a dessert where it is perfect to use “naughty” themed items, like penis or boob shaped gummies. Looking for a milder impact? You can use champagne instead of vodka.


You may be completely stressed out about bachelorette party food, but you do not have to be. Whether you are expected to provide a full meal, some snacks, or just some awesome desserts, we have you covered. Looking for more ideas? Head over to our forums and find out what other bachelorette party planners have done for their menus.

As Maid of Honor, one of your main duties is to send your best friend off in style with a wild and terrific party. Or if the bride is more low-key, perhaps a nice quiet evening in good company. There are lots of things you can incorporate into a bachelorette party to make the event more unique and fun, but some of the main things to focus on are location, drinks, food, and accessories like bachelorette party shirts and bridal party shirts. Here are some ideas to consider for each category, as well as a few tips and pointers on making the evening the best it can be!


Nothing sets the mood of the party more than the location. While it should be special, it should also suit the bride’s personality. Wild childs may delight at a party spent dancing the night away with her friends; quieter brides may prefer a day, or weekend, of pampering at the spa. Just know that not all bachelorette parties have to take place at Chippendales or feature a male stripper in your cousin’s living room. Here’s a few ideas for a classier, man-free time with the gals.

  1. Rooftop Hotel Pool: If you live in a city, and want to feel far away and pampered at the same time, check out local hotels in your area that have rooftop hotels. If you live in New York, the Gansevoort is an incredible option; in Boston, try the Colonnade; in Los Angeles, The Peninsula. Soak in the views, the warm sun, and the time spent drinking fruity concoctions with your friends. If there’s not a suitable hotel in your area, consider taking a weekend getaway.
  2. Spa Day: A day at the spa is a great choice for a bachelorette party, as it is the quintessential female way to gather and bond. Book a few massages, pedicures, facials, and manicures and prepare for a day of gossip and giggling. If the spa is the party’s main event, make it even more special by renting a limousine and toasting with mimosas beforehand, or make the spa trip a precursor to a night out on the town.

3. Karaoke: This is your friend’s last night out as a single woman, so it’s time to toss back a few cocktails, get silly, and indulge in some self-humiliation! No better way to do that than with karaoke. Look into what’s available in your area – perhaps a bar or a private room – and you may want to invest in some cheesy, coordinated outfits. This is a scenario that will probably require a designated driver. Make it fancy by renting a limo and if there’s more than one karaoke bar in your town make a night of it by going on tour.

4. Road Trip: It’s a big occasion for your friend, so consider even taking a few days off of work and taking an old-fashioned road trip. Look into camping in the woods, staying at the beach, or just aimlessly driving lesser-known roads and ending up where the road takes you. Road trips are both adventurous and relaxing at the same time. See some new surroundings, meet some salty locals, rent a cabin in the woods, or bond around a campfire. Whatever you decide, it will definitely be a trip your friend will remember forever.

5. Wine Tour: Going on a tour of local wineries combines lots of interest into one. First, there’s great wine; second, there’s a road trip; third, there’s beautiful scenery. And did we mention great wine? Not all bridesmaids will have this option readily available, since not every state has a booming wine region, but you would be surprised at how many do exist outside of California. Just plan around the driving – hire a limo or stay in a quaint bed and breakfast in the region. Ready your taste buds and put on your matching bachelorette wine tasting tees, it’s time to hit the grape vine.

6. Las Vegas: No surprise here – Vegas is the number one destination for bachelor and bachelorette parties alike. And it’s no wonder why – there are spas and terrific, high-end restaurants on just about every corner, more rooftop pools and fancy hotels than you can count, and a nightlife that stands out above all others. Limo services are plentiful, as are dance clubs (both exotic and mainstream) and live music performances. Order in room service to pre-game or try cuisine from one of the many world-famous chefs in town. Throw on your Vegas bachelorette gear and hit the town!

7. Champagne Brunch to Slumber Party: A bachelorette party is one of the better excuses out there to get a little tipsy in the a.m. And to make it even more fun – and to eliminate the possibility of any tipsy driving – extend the party into the night with a full-on slumber party. Start off by cooking a gourmet brunch, play games and open gifts in the afternoon, and cap it off by baking cookies and watching girly flicks in the evening.

8. New York: Like Vegas, New York is a city that never sleeps and has options galore for bridesmaids looking to plan the party of a lifetime. Start with dinner at any one of the city’s upscale restaurants, move on to a strip club or jazz bar, or go on a good old-fashioned bar crawl, like this one recommended by New York Magazine. Want to spice up your bar crawl with matching outfits? Check out all of the trendy bachelorette bar crawl shirts and accessories we have available for you on Bridal Party Tees. If you’re in New York for more than one night, spend the day traversing the city’s many wonderful museums before heading out for a little misbehavior at night.

9. Island Time: Everyone loves a beach vacation. Throw some bikinis in a bag and head for the nearest island getaway. Charter a sunset boat ride or booze cruise for your party and look into staying in a stylish resort with complete spa services. Nothing will let your friend know you care more about her than a few ocean-side massages and pina coladas.

10. Comedy Show: If you’re staying local, think about taking in a nice dinner, followed by a comedy show and some drinks out afterward. Nothing will put the bride in a better mood and make her forget any pre-wedding jitters she might have than a night of hysterical laughter and female bonding. Check out the calendars at local comedy clubs and see who’s coming to town in future months.


Drinks are essential at a bachelorette party, and the fruitier and girlier the better. Even if the bride doesn’t normally partake, she make may an exception for this occasion. Just make sure you have some non-alcoholic beverages available for those attendees who prefer to abstain.

1. Champagne: Champagne and wine are obvious choices for a bachelorette party. They’re great drinks no matter what the time of day or situation, however, if you’re going to be drinking for a long period of time, you might want to limit champagne to a certain time frame in order to avoid the nasty hangover so commonly associated with bubbly. Think about more common drinks like mimosas or Bellini’s or check out any one of a number of more creative champagne cocktails.

2. Cosmopolitan: The quintessential girly drink, Cosmos are bright, fun, and delicious. If you’re making them on your own, go wild with some colorful and creative garnishes; if you’re ordering them out at a bar, ask your bartender to add a little extra triple sec to make them extra sweet.

3. Chocolate Martini: Few things are as decadent and pleasing as a yummy chocolate martini. Prepare this on your own for a very special house party treat or order it for the members of your party after dinner in lieu of desert. Tip: Godiva makes an excellent chocolate liqueur – ask for that at the liquor store or from your bartender.

4. Lemon Drop: Lemon Drops are sweet, sugary and light and they can be served as either a drink or a shot. If you serve it as a drink, dip the rim of a martini glass into sugar and strain the mixture into the glass. Serve it as a shot by just straining it into 1 oz. portions.

5. Bahama Mama: Combine rum, coconut rum, grenadine, orange juice and pineapple juice together to make this sweet, tropical drink that’s colorful and girly. Definitely a must for those of you planning a bachelorette party at the beach.

6. Buttery Nipple: This creamy drink or shot made with vodka, Irish cream, butterscotch schnapps, and coffee flavored liqueur is beloved by all females alike, mainly for the fact that it tastes literally like cake. It’s a festive shot that goes down easy and will be a total crowd pleaser at your party.

7. Fuzzy Navel: Made with orange juice and peach schnapps this is the kind of drink that is right up a girl’s alley. It’s light, fruity, and packs a punch. Serve it at a summer party on the beach, as a brunch cocktail alternative, or order up a round for the ladies at the club. This drink often gets voted one of the top girly drinks of all time.

8. Appletini: The Appletini’s trendy factor has given it something of a bad rep, but this does not discount its popularity. It’s sweet, tart and a festive bright green. It’s very girly, very tasty and a perfect drink to feature at a bachelorette party.

9. Sex on the Beach: Nothing is more fruity, tropical, or widely liked than the Sex on the Beach, which is made by combining cranberry and pineapple juices, peach schnapps, and vodka and accenting with a orange slice. Sex on the Beach even has a saucy name, making them suitable for the bacheorette who likes to live a little. Another drink that can be served in a glass or as a fun shot.

10. B-52: If your party prefers creamy and decadent over tropical and fruity, the B-52 is an excellent choice. Fill a shot glass with one-third Kahlua, Amaretto and Bailey’s Irish cream and down it!


With all this drinking going on, you’re going to need something to soak up the alcohol. Bite-sized items and finger foods are the perfect party nosh for a mingling affair that’s casual and fun. Even if you are going to dinner, maybe you’re considering a pre-party with appetizers? Here are a few yummy options you can cook yourself or pass on to your caterer.

1. Canapes: The perfect finger food, canapés are bite-sized, crispy snacks where cheese or hearty spreads like pesto or olive paste are piled along with meats or veggies on top of a crisp bread of some sort. There are so many different canapé recipes to be found on the Internet, so just pick the one that suits your taste the best.

2. Fondue: Fondue is a special treat and a great idea for a big party. Just cook up a pot of cheese or chocolate, buy some metal spears, and cut up some fruits, breads, and vegetables for a great, crowd pleasing dip.

3. Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Like fondue, chocolate covered strawberries are a special treat that, while often associated with romantic occasions, are equally as popular at an all-female event. Make your own easily in 30 minutes or order up a few dozen from a local bakery.

4. Spinach and Feta Mushrooms: Stuffed mushrooms are a popular appetizer that are easy to make and palatable for all tastebuds. There are many ways to make stuffed mushrooms, so search your recipe books if you’re looking for something a little more exotic.

5. Nachos: Nachos are a crowd pleaser in any situation. Stick to tradition or go outside the box with some delicious recipes like this one for Lobster Nachos with Asian Guacamole and Spicy Sour Cream made on wonton crips rather than tortilla chips. True heaven!

6. Burgers: There are many ways to take a fresh variation on the typical beef and ketchup burger, like this recipe for a beef burger topped with mozzarella, tomato salsa, and basil mayonnaise. Also check out some yummy recipes for lamb burgers with a mint yogurt sauce or Asian-style turkey burgers with pickled cucumbers.

7. Strawberry Fruit Desserts: Try a traditional summer strawberry shortcake or get creative with a strawberry cream puff. Whatever you decide, the strawberry is the perfect summer fruit to use in a great dessert. There are so many recipes out there that incorporate them – from cheesecakes to blintzes.

8. Pizza Bianca: A light pizza made with rosemary, garlic and olive oil makes a light alternative to pizza or a nice, thin bread to accompany a salad or pasta meal.

9. Spinach Artichoke Dip: Another popular appetizer choice is a creamy spinach artichoke dip. Break up some crusty bread or slice up some zucchinis and squashes and dip away. Dips are a must at a group event like this, so go nuts with different types.

10. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cupcakes: Few things are richer and better tasting than the combination of peanut butter and chocolate. Plus, cupcakes are the perfect party dessert – easy to make and eat! Decorate the tops with wedding-related icons, like bells, veils, or rings.

Accessories and Favors

When you’re throwing a bachelorette party, it’s a good idea to incorporate some of the standard bridal party accessories and favors. Some are somewhat cliché and cheesy, but feel free to take some classier liberties with old party standards. And what’s a party without presents? While everyone should bring something special for the bride-to-be, memorable keepsakes and party favors are also completely appropriate. After all, you’re all in the wedding!

  1. Tiaras: Like the prom, a bachelorette party is the type of occasion where sparkly tiaras are appropriate. If you look hard enough, you can find tiaras that declare who’s the bride-to-be and who’s not. In fact, you may want to invest in one of these just for the bride and find something less-flashy for the bridesmaids. Even if your bachelorette party is going to be a nicer affair, tiaras are still a great option for a little fun with your ensemble.

2. Personalized T-Shirts: If the party is going to more casual, have some fun making your own customized T-shirts. The Bride Tribe could have each attendees name printed on the back. Get funny with the bride and get her buzzed with T-shirt sayings like “Buy me a beer, my wedding is near!” or “Buy me a shot, I’m tying the knot!” Make sure the bridal shirts identify who’s who in the party and make sure the bride to be stands out.

3. Feather Boas: For a night out at the bars or singing karaoke, make sure everyone in your party has a different colored feather boa with the bride’s boa being, of course, white. The coordination of this accessory will let the crowd know you’re all together celebrating a special occasion. Plus, boas are fun and a bachelorette party is an excellent excuse to get a little costumey.

4. Costume Jewelry: Throw a bachelorette party with a theme and further unify your group with some fun, loud costume jewelry. Make it a 1920s flapper theme or indulge in the sophisticated and demure looks of the 1940s. Whatever your theme, there’s sure to be some gaudy, plastic bracelets out there to suit your style.

5. Veils: Get the wedding started early and outfit your girly group in some statement-making veils. You can be as elaborate as you want with floor-length veils or play on the veil theme in a more subtle way by buying a shorter style that simply frames the face. This is another accessory that can be applied to the bride only to make it clear that it’s her night.

6. Pinups and Phalluses: What bachelorette is complete without phallic-shaped straws and a few male pinups around the room? So cheesy, but so fun. Shake up even the most refined party with some of these saucy items.

7. Shot Glass Necklace: Keep your drinking apparatus handy and wear it around your neck! Shot glass necklaces are terrific accessories for a bachelorette party and it’s something everyone can take home with them afterward. This is a party item that definitely helps set the mood.

8. Wear All White: One great idea that’s both obvious and subtle at the same time is to make everyone in your party wear all white. Or have just the bride wear white and have all the bridesmaids wear another color. Have fun with fashion, separate yourself from the crowd, and look great. 9. ”Diamond” Rings: Give everyone in your party some bling with fake “diamond” rings. Of course the bride to be gets the biggest one of all. This is an accessory that will tie your group together without being overly obvious.

10. Disposable Cameras: Don’t let a minute of this hilarious and fun evening go undocumented. Give everyone a disposable camera to take along with them. At the end of the evening, develop all the film and make a keepsake album for the bachelorette.

Tips for a Great Party

Now that you have most of everything you need, here are few tips and pointers to ensure the night to remember goes smoothly!

  1. Music: Music sets the mood more than any other item at your party. Stick with the classic girl power mantras like “I Will Survive” and “It’s Raining Men.” Pop it into the stereo at your house party or listen to the tunes on the way to your venue. There are plenty of event-appropriate mix CDs out there to buy or get clever and make your own.
  2. Games: Loosen your bride to be up with some fun, lighthearted games. There’s the classic “Pin the Macho on the Man” and the timeless game of Truth or Dare or look into one of the many card and board games made explicitly for bachelorette parties.
  3. Moderation: It’s going to be a long day, night, or weekend. And since drinks will likely be involved, you need to remember to drink in moderation. Limit yourself to a drink per hour and drink lots of water in between drinks. With such a wild group someone needs to remain in control and be concerned about everyone’s safety.
  4. Designate a Driver: If your party is going out for an evening of bar hopping, you’ll need to either appoint a designated driver for the group, travel only by taxis or limos, or have a third party person that can come pick you all up at the end of the night. Don’t ruin a good time by getting into a car accident or worse.
  5. Research: Before you even start thinking about setting a date for the party, research what the bride to be in your group is interested in doing. Take hints from her personality and then look into what’s available that will suit her style. If you’re not planning to make it a surprise, consider even asking her straight out what she’d like to do. Being thorough is a sure way not to disappoint.
  6. Plan!:Do not wait until the last minute to throw something together. While there is something to be said about spontaneity, it’s not always a virtue in situations like these. For example, if you’re planning a July party at the beach and you wait until the weekend before to reserve a room or a camping spot, chances are you could get shut out. Don’t let a little laziness ruin your ideal party.
  7. Checklists: When planning a party, you’ll want to make a checklist so you know you’ve got everything under control. Depending on how much responsibility you’re putting on the other attendees and bridesmaids, you may want to make an individual checklist for each person invited, especially if others are expected to help with the arrangements or bring something along.
  8. Don’t Rule Out Men: It may sound counter intuitive to the bachelorette party tradition, but if the bride to be has a best guy friend that she holds near and dear it’s OK to invite him along. Or maybe you want to reserve some time for just the girls? Then invite him to attend a portion of the festivities, maybe right at the beginning or at the end. The point of the party is to honor your friend and surround her with love so don’t leave out the people that matter to her most.
  9. Value Responsibility: Whoever is in charge of keeping the order over this raucous affair should take responsibility for a few key things, like bringing extra cash, a map of the area, phone numbers for cab companies and a list of addresses for every place on the agenda for the evening.
  10. Have Fun: Whatever you do at the party remember to have fun! Regardless of whether you’ve had a bad day or whether something isn’t going how you planned, don’t let a sour mood ruin the experience for the bachelorette. At this party, you’re a slave to someone else. Keep a positive attitude and have a blast!

With these tips, all of your planning is bound to result in a one of a kind bachelorette party, so why not customize one of a kind tees for the occasion? We have countless designs to help you make countless memories. Visit CustomizedGirl.com, and design your custom bachelorette party apparel today!

Eat it Up PARTY People!


A perfect menu can be one of the most difficult tasks in a party girl’s life. There are so many options online! And searching for ideas can leave you hungry, overwhelmed and considering hiring a caterer. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your delicious dishes.

Making it a “Bachelorette Party” Menu

What makes it bachelorette food? Pink and phallic? Yes! Throw some edible glitter in there and you’re all set. Unfortunately having a spread of this kind will most likely leave you with just deserts and cocktails…. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but be prepared to branch out. Bachelorette Party Foods should both feed the guests and add to the party atmosphere. Think indulgent flavors and scintillating displays, foods that are fun to make and a pleasure to eat. Specific foods and recipes should be selected to work within your theme. Another fun way to be Bachelorette specific is to use creative language and come up with your own names for menu items. Serve up “Beefcake kabobs”, #Mancrushmonday Munchies, or simply make a “Ballsy” cocktail.


Food can easily set the stage for the type of occasion you want. A specific theme should be reinforced at every opportunity but especially when it comes to food. If your theme is more general or the opposite (highly abstract) then replace “theme” with “tone.” Example: Naughty parties do well with more spicy and exotic foods (Mexican, Brazilian, Sushi, Peruvian, etc) and embellish the daring with bold colors and unique mixtures.


We all know there’s a “wedding season” that means your most likely looking to serve up some summertime snacks, but whenever the event is, make sure you select seasonal ingredients. You’re far more likely to get better flavors from local ingredients grown in season.

Ask the Bride

Believe it or not, once you get caught up in pinning and planning the perfect menu, little things like whether or not your BFF recently started a new eating plan in preparation for her nuptials are suddenly forgotten. Cater to her favorites and build the rest of the dining plan around that.

Ask about Allergies and Preferences

In our world of Vegan Food Sharing and Gluten Free menus, the debate between dietary needs and wants has become a tense and unpleasant conversation and no fun for anyone. Opt to believe in your guests’ right to choose and find out ahead of time if there a specifications. Most people with food allergies are happy to list the foods that are easiest for them to digest or bring their own if needed. You don’t have to suddenly become a Paleo expert though, talk to your guests so they can help you hone in on what you want to serve and also let them know you’re doing the best you can to meet everyone’s needs but they should be prepared to help you do that.


As fellow foodies, we enjoy many varieties of chow regardless of the price point but you still want to get a general idea of what your party budget is.


Are you out on the town, in your home or someone else’s? Keep this in mind when you’re planning the menu. If you have to haul the dishes around than maybe pass on the shrimp cocktail?

Enlist Help

Be ready to answer the inevitable “What can I bring?” with a specific request. The truth is, most people want to help. Let them. Give them two options to choose from and don’t shy away from specifics in order to ensure the food is what you want it to be. For example, “Yeah, Tiff, I’d love you to bring something! How about chocolate cupcakes or picking up some ice?” Your girl can take the easy (yet pivotal ice or beverage detail) or she can make like Cupcake Wars and bring the best GD cupcakes anyone’s ever had. Plan the work and work the plan- Feeding the masses, or a few wasted besties at a bachelorette party can take work. It’s not all fun and games and penis straws. The best way to keep your stress level down and spirits high is to look ahead and create a plan of action. Then do your damndest to follow that plan. Consider who you can rely on for help, what day to do the shopping, etc. Then chop and prep the day before and get as much done before the party day as you
possibly can. You don’t want to be sequestered to the kitchen “finishing up a few things” when the other partygoers are picking teams for the scavenger hunt.

Keep it Real

In all honesty there is a bevy of information on how to have and do the “perfect” party. And that’s great, but as party experts we can tell you that no one cares as much about the perfect cake as they do about laughing, having fun and sharing with their fierce girl group. Take a moment to remember this is a party. If you have to sacrifice perfection in order to get things done then don’t worry about it, turn up the music, pass around the glasses and cheers to having a great bachelorette party. It will be “perfect.”

Bachelorette food party ideas

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