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    Balmain Boots | Louis Vuitton | Freddy WR.UP®

    I have been pretty busy lately, therefore, I didn’t really get the time to share any posts about ‘what I’m wearing’. However, now that I got the time, I thought of sharing my views about my latest designer purchase: Taiga Ranger Leather Balmain Boots!

    Balmain Taiga Ranger Leather Boots

    When I shop for designers, especially for shoes, it needs to be very different and unique. I absolutely love the popular French brand Balmain. Their shoes are my favorite as the brand speaks, edgy, confident and modern. When getting Balmain Taiga Ranger Leather boots, I opted for the rose color because I own Timberland boot which is kind of similar in design.

    I always wanted to own pink boots! They are so cute, plus the pink boot is a statement boot by the way. I saw these Balmain Taiga Ranger Leather Boots in two other colors – black, in addition to beige. I liked the boots in those colors too but this rose color was by far the best and edgier. Balmain fashion brand is popular for making stylish and bold shoes and most of their boots are lace boots. However, these, in particular, have zipper closing which makes it all the more unique. If you too love such boots, there are other boots from Balmain with a zipper-like such as Perforated Boots, Suede Tundra Boots, and Taiga Leather Combat Boots.

    About Balmain Boots – Taiga Ranger Leather

    These Balmain Taiga Ranger Leather Boots are crafted from pure leather. They are perfect designer shoes for women designed with small heels. I personally love the design as it makes all my outfits look super chic and edgy. I wouldn’t say these boots are fit for any occasion as its design is pretty casual. Thought it can be paired with almost any outfit, it’s not ideal to be worn at a formal event for example.

    What to Wear the Balmain Boots with?

    If you own similar designer boots or plan on getting one of these, there are numerous ways you can style these boots. I personally feel that it is better to wear this statement boot with a solid color, in particular, to highlight the boots in the best way. I only wear this with a black outfit which I think is best for this.

    1. Pair It With Solid Color

    Generally, you can make a statement by pairing your designer Balmain Taiga Ranger Leather Boots with a solid color. For example, I chose to pair it classic ‘all-black’ outfit. I wore this pretty black top paired with black pants from Freddy WR.UP® Shaping Effect. As you can see the look is pretty simple but it compliments my designer boots perfectly. To complete my look, I carried a Louis Vuitton handbag and accessorized with a Bvlgari wristwatch and a bracelet from Cartier JusteunClou.

    I applied minimal makeup for a natural look to go with my look, finally, I added some amazing curls to match my edgy boots and outfit. By the way, I think everything blended together pretty neatly. What do you think? 🙂

    2. Pair it with Distressed Jeans and T-shirt/Sweats

    You can pair your designer Balmain Taiga Ranger Leather Boots with blue or white distressed jeans and a plain white t-shirt. This is a simple yet very attractive look.

    3. Pair Balmain Boots with a Mini Dress

    Here’s another idea, for instance, you can throw on your favorite mini dress, preferably solid color and wear these or similar designer boots with it.

    What I’m Wearing:

    TopPantsHandbag Wristwatch Bracelet BootsHair Street Vendor in Rome Freddy – WR.UP® Shaping Effect Louis Vuitton Bvlgari Cartier – JusteunClou Balmain – Women’s Pale Rose Taiga Boots ONYC® – Light Relaxed Straight –

    How would you style your designer Taiga Ranger Leather Boots? Share your views with me in the comments below.

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    Balmain taiga ranger boots

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