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The backpack has been the primary way people shuttle their items around since the term was first coined in 1910. Unfortunately poorly designed backpacks have been the source of poor posture and even chronic back pain in countless children, students, and adults alike.

An ergonomic backpack should be thickly padded, come with wide “S”shape shoulder straps, and waist or chest straps to evenly distribute the weight of the backpack across your upper body.

Considering the frequency (almost daily) that most of us use a backpack to carry our laptops, binders, and everything else under the sun, it’s critical to invest in an ergonomic backpack that doesn’t destroy your posture or lead to back strains over time.

In this reviews guide I look at the 5 most ergonomic backpacks you should get for the sake of your body and the precious items you carry every day. Each of them offer something unique in terms of size, features such as anti theft protection and water proof material while adapting the same essential ergonomic principles that make them easy on your back even after prolonged usage.


10 Rules of Good Backpack Ergonomics (Infographic)

Regardless of how ergonomic a backpack is, there are some basic rules of good ergonomics when handling a backpack you should always follow:

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Now on to my picks.

Best Ergonomic Backpacks at a Glance

  1. Kopack Laptop Backpack – Most Comfortable Shoulder Straps
  2. The Friendly Swede Waterproof Backpack – Most Heavy Duty Hiking backpack
  3. Outjoy 17.3 inch Laptop Backpack – Best 17″ shockproof laptop backpack
  4. Ambor Business Laptop Backpack – Best 17″ laptop bag for Gadgets
  5. Uoobag KT-01 Slim Business Backpack – Most Compartments to Organize Your Stuff

1. Kopack Laptop Backpack– Most Comfortable Shoulder Straps

Bottom line: Scratch-, water-, and abrasion-resistant backpack ideal for school or work

The Kopack checks all the important points when it comes to a good ergonomic backpack. The “s” shape shoulder straps curve to the lines of your back, and are thicker and more well padded than most competing backpacks’ straps. Combined with a well padded back that is breathable, and even with a heavy load, wearing the Kopack is extremely comfortable.

It seems the thickly padded and “s” shape of the shoulder straps are a huge hit with many owners. Several people commented that even with a full load (laptop and books), there is little burden on the shoulders. Easily accessible hasps at the front lets you quickly adjust the length of the straps to bring the backup closer to you, further reducing any burden when it’s fully loaded.

Like most modern backpacks, this bag from kopack has a compartment for a laptop (15.6 inches or smaller) and pockets for items like tablets, pens, notebooks, and phones. This backpack has a dual-layered anti-theft metal zipper (which the manufacturer says is knife-resistant) and a back pocket near the lumbar to store valuables (like the Uoobag). One side has a mesh pocket while the other has a zippered pocket.

The nylon outer fabric is scratch-, water-, and abrasion-resistant, which provide more protection of users’ valuables compared to backpacks with cotton fabric.

With dimensions of 11.8 by 18.1 by 6.3 inches (L x H x D), the Kopack backpack is relatively compact, very comfortable to wear, and inexpensive to boot. University students and office workers alike will appreciate the simple aesthetic and affordable price.


  • Durable backpack with dual-layered zippers and anti-theft protection
  • Fits laptops up to 15.6 inches
  • Foam thickened straps are especially comfortable
  • 17 compartments to stay completely organized
  • USB outlet to house your power bank and charge your devices
  • Water resistant all around.


  • Slightly small compartment space
  • A few users reported quality issues with straps and zippers

2. The Friendly Swede Waterproof Backpack– Best Heavy Duty Hiking backpack

Bottom line: Heavy-duty waterproof bag that is ideal for working and hiking

While the Kopack backpack seems to be designed with an urban setting in mind, the Friendly Swede (like a tour guide to the King’s Trail) aims to take you off the beaten path – go take a hike (literally) with this one. The backpack sports reflective details and a built-in emergency whistle just in case.

There is also a padded laptop pocket should you choose to use this in the urban jungle. The water-resistant and industrial-grade 500 denier polyvinyl tarpaulin fabric helps protect your possessions; while this seems to provide better water protection than the Uoobag, note that the easy-access front pocket (with its velcro closure) is not fully waterproof.

Instead of zippers, the bag has a roll top seal. Shoulder, waist, and chest straps shape the backpack to conform to the user’s body.

Bottles can be stored in the mesh pockets on each side. In addition to the laptop pocket, the inside houses an organizer mesh bag and carabiner. Though less sturdy in structure than the Uoobag, this backpack can fit more, holding up to 33.6 liters in volume and measuring 18.5 by 27 inches (L x H).

Don’t forget the lifetime warranty and customer support.


  • Industrial-grade fabric and emergency features make this bag perfect for outdoor use
  • Waterproof design for optimal protection for your stuff against the elements


  • Side mesh pockets are not sturdy and cannot hold heavy items
  • No sturdy frame means that ergonomic support rests on the integrity of the straps

3. Outjoy 17.3 inch Laptop Backpack– Best 17″ shockproof laptop backpack

Bottom line: Sturdy waterproof and ergonomic bag with shock protection for laptops

People with expensive laptops or gadgets will want to take note of the Outjoy Backpack. The hallmark of this large 17.3″ laptop backpack is the velcro-closed airbag in the main compartment that is shock proof. This protects your laptop and gadgets not only from failure when dropped, but scratches and bumps that could devalue your investments.

The Outjoy backpack is made of a waterproof outer fabric, and has a pocket with a rain cover for extra water protection. With both layers combined, even pouring rain can’t penetrate the laptop to spoil your valuables inside.

The ergonomically shaped back is covered by a breathable mesh that helps with ventilation. Due to the large size of the backpack, a breathable back is very important in a large backpack.

Like the Kopack, the Outjoy backpack has a sturdy design with several compartments to store phones, pens, and other small items – it even has a keychain and earphone outlet. The backpack measures 12 by 9.8 by 19 inches (L x W x H) and holds up to 32 liters.

T|he Outjoy backpack is your best bet for shuttling expensive laptops and gadgets around thanks to to well designed shock proof compartment. A six-month warranty that includes replacement and quality support doesn’t hurt either.


  • Shock Proof main compartment and waterproof design
  • Many compartments and sturdy ergonomic design enables users to carry many items
  • Thickly padded back with mesh material for breathability


  • Issues with weak strap buckles and/or straps, especially with a fully loaded bag
  • Some users have noted that 17.3-inch laptops do not fit in the laptop pocket

4. Ambor Business Laptop Backpack– Best 17″ laptop bag for Gadgets

Bottom line: Best waterproof ergonomic backpack for large laptops and gadgets such as headphones.

The Ambor laptop backpack is ideal for gamers, music lovers, and gadget holders that love to carry all their tech wizardry with them on the go. Inside the backpack is a USB cable that’s connected to a dual USB and headphone jack to let you charge your phone or listen to music easily on the go, all the while keeping your gadgets safely in the bosom of the backpack.

Being a gadgets centric laptop, logically the bag is waterproof. This is often an overlooked feature that’s super critical if you own any expensive gadgets. While a water resistant backpack can only resist light rain, a waterproof one like the Ambor laptop is what you need if you are often caught without a large umbrella in heavy rain.

And finally as far as security for your valuable gadgets, there is a password-protected anti-theft lock for the main zippered compartment that stores the laptop (up to 17 inches).

In terms of ergonomics the breathable mesh and adjustable shoulder straps are thick though unfortunately not as thickly padded as some other backpacks such as the Kopack. There is a lot of leftover slack in the should straps to enable you to tie them around your stomach if needed to fully secure the backback from moving when you’re running.

The Ambor backpack has a maximum load capacity of 20 liters and measures 11.6 by 7.5 by 19.7 inches (L x W x H). With 30-day money-back-guarantee and a 12-month warranty, anyone with large laptops or lots of wired gadgets can’t go wrong with the Ambor waterproof laptop with a secure lock.


  • Built in USB cable with external USB port and headphone jack to connect your devices on the go.
  • Fits up to 17″ laptops
  • Main laptop compartment is 100% waterproof
  • Password protected lock to protect your valuables.


  • Small power bank pocket limits product compatibility and possibly charge capability
  • There have been a few complaints about lack of waterproofing ability

5. Uoobag KT-01 Slim Business Backpack– Most Compartments to Organize Your Stuff

Bottom line: Well-built ergonomic backpack with the most compartments we’ve seen.

This backpack is aesthetically and functionally well-designed for utility and storage. Measuring 12.9 by 6 by 18.8 inches (L x W x H), the backpack fits 15.6-inch laptops or smaller (thick laptops may not fit). What makes this backpack shine is the number of well thought out compartments to organize everything you can imagine neatly, so everything is easily accessible.

The dual-zippered main compartment is where you can put your laptop, and can be locked with a buckle ring as an anti-theft measure, with another anti-theft waist pocket for storing valuables.

The backpack also has a pocket for an iPad or tablet, two zippered side pockets to hold water bottles or small items, and several small compartments for pens, notebooks, and keys. It even has a sunglasses buckle to store your sunglasses when not in use. In total the backpack carries up to 22 liters in volume.

The water-resistant tear-proof nylon fabric offers protection against water, though users note that it is not effective in heavy rain. The back panel is ergonomically contoured (the anti-theft pocket pads the lumbar) and is padded with a pressure-reducing and breathable foam.

The Uoobag KT-01 Business Backpack with its large collection of compartments is perfect for students and business people who carry everything from their laptop, ipad, phones, to sunglasses and other small items in the backpack and want everything to be easily accessible.


  • High-quality design and sturdy build
  • Large number of well thought out compartments
  • Fits up to 15.6″ laptop
  • Waterproof fabric and anti-theft measures provide protection for your belongings


  • Inelastic build – overloading one compartment can restrict access to others
  • Water can still get inside the backpack, where the colored dye can stain clothing

What to Look for in an Ergonomic Backpack

The backpack is the traditional multi-item storage system, but proper posture must be maintained especially as the backpacks concentrates the weight distribution to the back. Ergonomically designed backpacks can prevent chronic health issues like scoliosis or compressed discs.

Many people need to bring multiple items as they go, whether it be to university or to work. As we become more reliant on technology, the need to bring our electronics opens up additional requirements in a backpack as well.

We provide several considerations for new buyers to ponder when selecting an ergonomic backpack.

Ergonomic padding/build

Like office chairs, backpacks with S-shaped backs will uphold the natural curvature of the back when carrying loads. Padded backs and shoulders can improve ergonomic comfort. Chest, shoulder, and waist straps can mold the backpack to conform to your body shape, which is useful for backpacks that don’t have sturdy builds.

Sturdily built backpacks help your posture because they don’t bend out of shape when carrying oddly shaped objects. However, no amount of ergonomic features can outweigh (literally and figuratively) the weight of your loaded backpack – carrying heavy items over the long term can cause back pain.

Anti-theft features

Electronics aren’t cheap, and as users store their valuables in portable backpacks, anti-theft features are a must. Knife-resistant zippers, and slash-resistant pockets lined with stainless steel cables are effective measures to counter those the greedy.

Pockets near your lumbar are great for storing your precious iPhone or the One Ring because they are inaccessible to others when you wear the backpack. Keep a close eye on that backpack though – anti-theft measures can be circumvented by the resourceful. Thieves may target the zipper teeth to get around a zipper lock, or slash the backpack to bypass the durable zippers. The above benefits are great for those who want a little more security, whether they are travelling abroad or taking public transportation to work or school.

Water-resistant/waterproof material

Like the Wicked Witch of the West, electronics can be ruined by water. A backpack that prevents water damage is a necessary purchase when transporting electronics or important documents.

Note that there is a difference between water-resistant and waterproof materials. Water-resistant materials can resist water to a certain extent – such materials can usually safeguard your valuables in light rain or snow, but protection is not guaranteed in heavy rain; water-resistant materials are tested to withstand a water pressure within a certain range. On the other hand, waterproof materials can resist much harsher conditions like heavy downpours or snowstorms; waterproof materials are tested to withstand a water pressure greater than that of water-resistant materials. Due to the extra protection afforded by waterproof backpacks compared to water-resistant backpacks, the former is more expensive than the latter.

Shock protection

In life, the worst thing to happen to us (other than using unwarranted hyperbole) is to drop our electronic gadgets on the floor. Therefore, getting an ergonomic backpack with shock protection is advantageous for those who want to carry their laptops, tablets, or phones around. Built-in airbags or padded pockets are examples of shock-proof measures.

Compartment number and size: Since most backpacks nowadays come with a compartment for a laptop, the size of your desired backpack depends on the size of your laptop. Backpack size may also be an important consideration for those who need to fit their bags in school lockers or overhead compartments on planes. The number of compartments or pockets in the backpack can increase functionality, which is ideal for people who are carrying different items like pens, tablets, and textbooks. On the other hand, fewer compartments can allow for more versatility, which is useful when packing for overseas travel, outdoor activities, or exercise.

Ergonomics shouldn’t just be limited to chairs or computer peripherals, but everything our bodies come in contact with, such as your backpack. Whether you are going on a hike in the mountains or a business trip in the city, a well-designed backpack or even slingbag will do wonders to ensure that poor posturing won’t impede your efforts. Moreover, specialized features such as extra padding to protect your valuable laptop for shock, water proof material to safeguard your contents from getting wet, and anti theft features to ensure you don’t become the victim of a skilled pick pocket make investing in a good ergonomic backpack a no brainer.

Last Updated on September 20, 2019

If you’re a student, a backpack commuter, a hiker or anyone who uses backpacks, you have the idea of how backpacks can be a miserable thing to use for a long time.

Backpacks are usually heavy and put a lot of load on your spines.

As a result, you get fatigued so quickly.

However, some good packs on the market will not only make it easy for you to carry but also help you get rid of the back pain.

To know more about the best backpack for back pain, have a look at our review of 7 top backpacks in the market.

List of 7 Best Backpack for Back,Shoulder & Neck Pain

  • JanSport Odyssey Backpack
  • Vaschy Vintage Leather Backpack
  • Uoobag Tigernu Series Business Laptop Backpack
  • Tigernu Slim Padded Ergonomic Computer Bag
  • Osprey Packs Jet 12 Kid’s Hiking Backpack
  • Osprey Packs Farpoint 55 Men’s Travel Backpack
  • The Friendly Swede Waterproof Backpack

Quick Comparison

Backpack Capacity Editor’s score Price
JanSport Odyssey 39 L
Vaschy Vintage Leather 20 L
Uoobag Tigernu Series 22 L
Tigernu Slim Ergonomic 24 l
Osprey Packs Jet 12 kids 12 L
Osprey Packs Farpoint 55 40 L
The Friendly Swede Waterproof 33.6 L

Review of Our Favorite Backpack For Back Pain

There are a few hundreds of backpack models in the market. A small number of them is made to be ergonomic, and from that list, we have picked out the ones that provide high quality at a reasonable price.

JanSport Odyssey Backpack

First in our list is this Backpack from JanSport. This is one of the few backpacks with ample room for everything you need while traveling and still has a longer lifetime than you could expect.

To Describe the features of this backpack; there are a few exceptional qualities of this bag that make itself a distinguishable item amongst the ones from the competitors.

Firstly, it comes with lots of pockets. You have a pocket for almost anything you need. Laptop, Tablet, Phone, power adapter – anything you can think of, this bag a has a pocket for that.

Then the most attracting part is the outer side. The fabric is durable and stylish. The matte black color along with zippers and straps give the bag a premium look. It’s neither too flashy nor it looks dull, the appearance is perfect for any situation.

A common complain backpack users give is that they lack in comfort. But Jansport provided padded waistband, shoulder straps, and chest straps. All these make the bag comfortable to carry for a long time.

One exciting thing about the padding is they are air permeable. Usually, the foam gets warmer from the body heat, and it stays that way, but with this pack, there’s no chance of that as the heat will dissipate in the air and keep your temperature fresh.

The last important thing to note that this bag is not waterproof. It is, however, little bit water repellant that will save you from drizzle but not in times of heavy rainfall.


  • 17-inch laptop room
  • Very large size
  • Top class design
  • Very Comfortable


  • Not Waterproof
  • All inner pockets don’t have zippers
  • Making materials are not up to the mark

Vaschy Vintage Leather Backpack

On to the second, we have a casual leather pack from Vaschy. This one is made from casual leather and looks simple yet fashionable. It has 20 liters of room to house your books, laptops with still having the good looks.

The most Appealing thing about this backpack is that it has a magnetic front leather flap which can be closed with a pair of leather belts. The weak side is there’s no locking mechanism, so you have to have the bag on the watch.

On the inside, there is a laptop compartment and two large pockets. The large main pocket has a zipper around it and water bottle on the side. Furthermore, the main pocket zipper can be concealed under the fabric which makes the bag a little more secure.

The laptop compartment can house up to a 15-inch sized laptop. And the other bag dimensions are satisfactory. And still, this pack weighs only 1.22 kilograms. It’s an ideal bag for school or college going students.

This vintage pack could be a great companion to your schooling, traveling, or any trips. The cowhide leather keeps the marks and shades from your uses, so you genuinely get a companion that holds the memories on it.

  • Good quality leather
  • Standard look under a budget
  • Velcro laptop sleeve
  • Sturdy build
  • Not waterproof
  • Not very comfortable

Tigernu Anti theft laptop backpack for business

The name says it’s anti-theft. And, this one is a multipurpose backpack with higher levels of security. A perfect item for businessmen, women or school going students.

The most notable feature of the backpack is that it houses one laptop compartment and one tablet compartment and besides also lots of space with these two pockets. The bag is slim and mostly targeted towards keeping books or business gadgets.

It is made With ergonomics in mind. Shoulder elastic straps are padded and allow air permeability to keep the heat away. There’s also an adjustable belt that can help fix the tightness on your back.

Unlike other bags that have less number of rooms and get messy, this bag has separate rooms for all your necessities. You won’t have to keep digging in to find your stuff because you will know where the pockets are.

The outer fabric comes in 5 colors and styles. It is waterproof and made out of tear resistance textured nylon. The material is easily wipeable in case of dirt buildup. The fabric is also anti-scratch; all these features make the bag great for any rough use.

  • Zippers are good; pockets are sewn well
  • 9 zippered pockets
  • Good value compared to budget
  • Gorgeous color
  • Rugged backstraps
  • Uneven bottom – unstable bag
  • Not enough hang loops

Tigernu USB Laptop Backpack for Business

This is the second laptop backpack from Tigernu in our review. It is also a multipurpose one with a USB port — a great companion for business, school or just for carrying laptops and gadgets.

The essential traits of the backpack are that it has a laptop pocket and two other pockets to keep books, clothes or necessary items. The bag is slim and mostly targeted towards keeping books or business gadgets.

As for the build quality of this backpack, it is pretty well. It is ergonomic and has shoulder rubber straps with padding and allows air permeability to keep your body temperature low. There’s also an adjustable chest belt to tighten on your spine.

The fabric is waterproof and made of textured no tear nylon. The fabric can be wiped easily. It is also a scratch proof, durable and non-toxic eco-friendly material. The nylon fibers are very lightweight yet super durable.

However, the differing factor of this from the other Tigernu bag in our list is that this one has way lots of pockets. Nearly every gadget you can think of has its compartment. Be it mobile, tablet, laptop, power bank – each of them has a room.

  • Great money value
  • Beautiful Colors
  • Convenient to carry with trolley strap
  • Secure coded lock for zippers
  • Uneven bottom – unstable bag

Osprey Packs 12 Kid’s Backpack

The Osprey Packs 12 kids backpack can be stated as one of the best beginner-friendly bags for kids in the market. It’s decently sized yet easy for small kids to carry as well.

A significant factor that determines if a pack is good for kids s the way it allows to distribute packing load. Packs built for adults put pressure all around the spine and shoulder, but in case of kids, this design might do some severe damage to kids.

Upper body strength in kids is not as much as adults. Their bones are not thick & the bag should be designed so that it puts pressure on the hips which is the denser bone and not around the shoulder or spine, this is what osprey have achieved.

The External fiber of this bag is made of Nylon, and it’s very light. There is a nice pocket for keeping bottles, and several inside compartments are there to keep your hiking gears.

Although the name says it’s a kids backpack, anyone can use it. Especially, it can be a good choice for beginner hikers. However, as the pack is targeted towards kids, the capacity is scanty. It’s recommended to carry up to 1.5 liters.

  • Sturdy build quality
  • Proper weight distribution
  • Both side water pouch
  • Comes in good colors
  • Somewhat narrow sized, not good for carrying bigger items.
  • Bit expensive for children bags

Osprey Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack

Osprey Farpoint 55 is the best companion for long travels. This pack has a large capacity, and you can also add many other items with it by hooking to increase the load. It can carry them all.

The Back comes in two solid colors; jasper red, and volcanic grey. The low profile colors combined with the lightweight nylon synthetic fabric have made this backpack very big yet easy to carry anywhere you go.

Its most exciting feature is on the inside. There is a light with a frame that distributes the weight evenly around the hip belt. Just like the other osprey pack in our list, this one is also designed the way large backpacks should be created.

The bag comes with a stowaway daypack that you can unplug when not needed and can also fit your chest if you like. This allows the bag to have a slim profile. The unisex back panel and the hip belt can be stowed inside as well.

There is a lack of stability in big backpacks like this, but osprey designed this with dual front compression straps. The compression belts will hold the bag tightly, and if you also use the hip straps, you have total stability even with higher loads.

  • Very high-quality build
  • Lightweight fabric and structure.
  • Fabric doesn’t scuff, stays neat and clean all the time
  • Detachable daypacks
  • Large compartments
  • Water pockets are not stretchy
  • The frame is a bit large
  • Zip cover is hard to stow

The Friendly Swede Waterproof Backpack

On to the last item in our review and this is a backpack that is different from the rest of our list. It’s made out of industrial grade tarpaulin and is one of the toughest all weather packs available in the market.

To describe the friendly swede waterproof backpack, this is one of the best combinations of functionality, design and optimal ergonomics. The bag weighs a measly 2.2 lbs and holds up to 33.6 liters and has up to 70 lbs load capacity.

Its fabric material is heavy duty tarpaulin of 500d PVC. More so, it’s double stitched to last long. The waterproof cover is made of reflective material to help you increase visibility at night time.

On top of the bag, there’s a roll-top closure. The bag achieves the highest levels of waterproofing. Keep in mind that although it is waterproof, you should not put it in total submission as it’s not designed to handle that well.

Overall, the backpack is very comfortable to carry with you anywhere. It is spacious so you can put all your stuff inside on the go.

  • Completely waterproof
  • Durable for a long time
  • Great value for the price
  • The build materials are made out of heavy duty plastic and metal
  • Made thick and strong
  • New ones have a chemical smell, but it goes away quickly
  • The straps can rip if comes in contact with sharp objects
  • Inside pocket threadings are weak
  • Adjustment straps are wiggly

Why Some Backpack May Cause Pain?

Backpacks are an incredible solution to transport your essentials, but what happens when they become more of a problem rather than a solution?

Different studies over the years have taken place to figure out the number of injuries that are caused by backpacks. The results are alarming.

A particularly disturbing input was from Dr. Cindy Gellner, a certified physician in pediatrics. Dr. Gellner mentions that each year, almost 14,000 children require attention after suffering injuries backpack-related.

It certainly is an issue that needs addressing. That’s why we focused on the common reasons why some backpacks are responsible for back pains, and what to do to avoid them.

  • Improper Content Organization

If you’ve been looking or bought a backpack recently, you probably found out plenty of ergonomic products designed to give you the best experience possible.

Well, some back injuries also come from not having a suitable backpack to store the things you’ll need for the day. When that happens, there’s no other choice but to toss everything inside, causing the weight to shift to the bottom of the backpack which puts more stress over your shoulders.

To avoid those issues, make sure to get a backpack with the proper compartments to keep your items, tools, and devices. Some brands offer more than ten exclusive compartments! Including one for the laptop, electronic devices, and more.

Using them correctly and organizing everything inside makes everything easier by distributing the content’s weight.

  • Excessive Weight Beyond Limit

One of the reasons why a backpack causes injuries is because people put too much weight in it, sometimes more than recommended.

People often consider there are certain items they can’t leave behind, but there’s a limit to what you should put in it. The backpack might be able to withstand the weight and keep things together, sure, but your back will suffer the consequences eventually.

Keeping the backpack lightweight is one of the smartest decisions you can make. There’s no need to force your back carrying stuff that you’re not even going to need in the first place.

  • Using Only One Shoulder

It is safe to say that the majority of people have carried their backpacks using one shoulder at least one time. Whether it is unconsciously or because people want to look cool, using one shoulder to hold the weight of the backpack, even if it is low, is not recommended for people of any age.

Also, it creates unnecessary additional problems while your body is trying to compensate and keep up with the uneven weight you’re putting on yourself.

This issue causes the spine to lean towards the opposite side taking a toll on your middle back, the ribs, and the lower part of your body, focusing on one side instead of the entirety of your back.

Muscle imbalance is an issue capable of producing muscle strains, spasm, and back pains, too.

Carrying the backpack with the correct pose and using both shoulders to take care of the weight equally, are necessary actions to ensure your body doesn’t suffer from back pains that you could avoid altogether.

  • Lack of the Required Strength

If you’re going to pile a massive amount of items inside the backpack, you better be strong enough to carry it.

Most of the times, back pains are caused by backpacks because the children are not strong enough to endure all the weight over their shoulders. It is understandable, though. They’re in the process of growing, and it is the father’s or tutor’s responsibility to know when it is enough.

For adults, it is quite similar. Many people consider that they can put up with it, but sooner realize that’s not the case.


Back pains are a serious issue that, sadly, most people don’t consider how dangerous they are. If you live a life abusing what your shoulders and body can endure, there will be nothing but pain once you’ve grown an old age.

What Features to Look For Before Buying a Backpack for Backpain?

Back pain is an unfortunate and regular issue that most people face while performing certain activities. It can be quite annoying because it limits the possibilities of what you can do.

Also, it is more of an issue in the modern era where you have to carry tools and items around, from the house to the office, and vice versa.

Fortunately, there are incredible backpacks to help you carry your items without suffering or producing intense back pains.

Today, we’ll be going through the essential characteristics you must look for in a backpack to reduce back pain and make your life easier.

  • Ergonomic Design – Comfort First

Back pain is capable of ruining the best days for anyone, but there are different methods to keep them in check.

Backpacks, for instance, must be designed to be a comfortable support transportation method for every type of person, even for those who don’t suffer physical pain.

How do manufacturers achieve that? It is possible because of the ergonomic design that the best-quality backpacks have. They feature the S-Shaped padded shoulder straps, as well as the padding back build.

This combination of features makes it possible for adventurers to adjust the shoulder straps without getting too tight, or feeling uncomfortable against the body.

  • Quality Construction Materials

A backpack often is synonymous of adventures.

While it is not always the case, most of the audience targeted are people who need a proper and effective method to carry their things during outdoor activities.

Regardless of how you decide to use it, a backpack should always feature the most durable materials for their manufacturing process.

From the highly elastic sponge and breathable fabric to the durable texture capable of resisting water and scratches; it should always keep your items safe under different circumstances.

Nylon fabric is one of the most popular materials for backpacks. It may have its disadvantages, but nobody can deny the protection it provides against water.

You also want to keep an eye out for shock protection. Back pain can happen any time at the least expected moments, and there’s a slight chance you will have to stop for a second and put down the backpack.

In those situations, to maintain the integrity of every item inside if you drop the backpack, a shock protective design comes in very handy as well.

  • Organizing Compartments

It might not seem like a big deal, but having your tools organized in the backpack is way much better than tossing them inside.

Throwing the items in the backpack without any organization makes their weight accumulate at the bottom of it. For people with back pain issues, that is not ideal at all.

Instead, you must look for a backpack that offers suitable compartments for your tools. There are brands like the Kopack Backpacks that feature up to 17 slots! That’s right. If you enjoy keeping your items and tools with you every day, a high amount of slots will give you all the space you need.

Placing tools like the laptop in the proper slot compartment distributes its weight around the shoulder straps, making it easier to carry them without uncomfortable pain issues.

Besides, isn’t it better to have your stuff neatly organized, instead of having to dig at the bottom of the backpack to find them?

  • Safety Measures

The purpose of the backpack is to carry your items from different locations, but many issues could come up along your way. Theft, accidents, and other unpleasant scenarios are something you must consider to guard the integrity of everything you’re storing in the backpack.

Fortunately, many backpacks provide safety measures to protect your items.

If you use electronic devices regularly and carry them around, make sure to get a backpack with a convenient hidden compartment for those expensive devices that you don’t want to lose.

As an example, you have backpacks with zippers that can be locked in certain positions to store your laptops. This hidden compartment is an easy-to-access area without having to take out all of your other items in the public eye.

If you suffer from back pains, don’t let it keep you from enjoying life the best you can. Look for a backpack with the features listed above, and you will see the improvement in little to no time.

Carrying your items was never as comfortable as it will be once you have the best backpack for back pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is an ergonomic backpack?

Ergonomics is a scientific term that means designing product while keeping in mind about human health factors. Ergonomically engineered products maximize productivity and reduce fatigue or discomfort.

Ergonomic backpacks are specially designed to keep you comfortable as well as providing efficiency while you carry your items. These bags reduce pressure on your neck, have padded straps and is constructed evenly, so it has well-balanced weight.

  1. Are backpacks better for your back?

Yes, using a backpack instead of shoulder bags or other kinds of bag is a better idea. If we carry in one side, this might cause higher muscle growth on one hand, neck tightness or shoulder ache. You also lose balance with them.

But backpacks are constructed in a way that it’s evenly weighted and because of the padded straps, it distributes its weight evenly on all over your shoulders. Unlike a one-sided bag, a backpack has better balance as it evenly distributes the load on both sides.

  1. Can carrying a heavy backpack hurt your back?

Yes, it can hurt your back.

Although backpacks are better in general if you carry heavy loads, it can cause your spine to lean back while you are trying to lean forward to keep the posture. The pressure from two sides compresses your spine and may cause hip/back pain.

  1. Does wearing a backpack help posture?

It can help posture if you carry a load that is not too heavy for you. If you carry an even load and the weight is distributed as well, it is good for your posture. But you have to keep in mind that you should not lean backward as it can cause issues.

Some people also like to use chest weights to help balance the posture on both sides of the spine. You can also try that.

  1. Where should a backpack sit on your back?

A backpack should optimally sit 2 inches below your shoulders and go not less than 2 inches above your hips.

If there is a chest strap, adjust to having it 1 inch below your collarbone. On that position, it will not reduce your arm movement and still be not too loose.

  1. How many liters should a school backpack be?

Usually, school backpacks that are 20-24 liters in capacity are more than enough for almost any use. For young children, you don’t need this amount of size, and you should instead try to focus on sturdy ones.


After going through our list of best backpacks for back pain, I hope you have some ideas to save your back with your backpack. But you should also keep in mind that using a good pack is only one part.

You should take care of your spine in all the ways possible. And stay safe while carrying heavy packs as the increased loads can quickly do big damage that you don’t want to happen.

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Brian Millar is the owner and author of Backpackreviewed. Brian spent every possible minute outside. His passion for the outdoors led him to earn a degree in Biology from Nebraska Wesleyan University in 2010. A guy who is trying to get away from his desk so that he can fish, hike, travel and just be in outdoors!!!

If you suffer from back or shoulder pain, going to work, college or for a day out can become a dreaded task. Why? Because these tasks all require carrying extra weight on your back.

Fortunately, there are a range of backpacks on the market to help make the task of carrying your books, laptop and travel luggage less of a burden.

So what are the key things to look for when choosing a backpack when you suffer from back pain? For starters, backpacks with suspension systems can help you redirect the weight from your shoulders to your hips.

Shoulder straps should be padded and made of a breathable material like nylon to avoid sweat. There are a range of other features like size, weight and interior layout to consider.

To make things simpler, we have selected 15 backpacks designed for comfortable wear and explained why each is suitable for sufferers of back pain.

JanSport Odyssey Backpack

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At the top of the list is the JanSport Odyssey Backpack, which incorporates many (if not all) of the features you ought to look out for if back pain is an issue.

The wide, S-shaped strap curves out away from the neck, which is far more comfortable than a vertical strap. In addition to adjustable straps, there are sternum straps with semicircular cross-sections, which help to redirect the weight of the bag to the hips.

The backpack is also lightweight and contains multiple sections so you can arrange heavy items at the back and put lighter items in the outer pockets.

Finally, the padding is made of breathable material so you won’t get too hot carrying it in the summer.

The product is ideal for a range of uses and is durable, fashionable and most importantly – comfortable.

HICKPRO 20L Travel Backpack

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The HICKPRO backpack is very impressive, especially considering that it is one of the most affordable products on this list.

It is incomparably lightweight and folds up to pocket size. This makes it ideal for traveling as you can pack it in another bag to reduce space when you are not using it.

The wide and adjustable, breathable mesh shoulder straps are comfortable to wear, just like all HICKPRO products. The material is also waterproof and comes in a range of colours.

There are no sternum or chest straps but for an average load, this product is fantastic.

JanSport Big Student Backpack

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JanSport are a reliable brand who have been making backpacks since 1967. This has given them plenty of time to nail their design for maximum comfort and practicality.

The straps are that ideal wide S-shape and the straps are adjustable and breathable. There is plenty of room for all your books and different pockets so you can spread the weight appropriately.

JanSport aim to be a lifetime brand so they will repair any breaks, although the product is highly durable so it is unlikely you will need this service.

High Sierra Loop Backpack

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The high Sierra Loop backpack is suitable for a range of lifestyles. Its comfortable size, multiple pockets and key fob hook make it a good choice for a day hike as well as your daily trip to college or the office.

There is a dedicated spot for your tablet and the hook makes attaching camping and hiking essentials like water bottles or torches simple to attach.

The backpack is equipped with a suspension system to transfer the weight from your shoulders to your hips, reducing the burden of your load.

All straps are adjustable so you can find a comfortable fit and the backpack is strong, affordable and highly durable, even in wet weather.

It also comes in a range of colors and designs so it really is suitable for all.

KOPACK Slim Business Laptop Backpack

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This backpack is not only a great choice if you suffer from back pain, but it’s ideal for the urban consumer who rates savvy features for added convenience.

The design is water resistant and includes a hidden laptop zone so you can hide your valuable items. It also comes with a detachable USB charger port so you can charge up your phone on the go.

There are 17 slots overall so if you’re a dedicated organizer, you will delight in the opportunity to find a place for all your things. In terms of the ergonomic design, KOPACK have taken care to make sure the backpack is as comfortable as possible.

The adjustable straps enable users to redistribute the weight so there is less strain on the back and shoulders.

The S-shape padded shoulder straps and padding also mean the product is extremely comfortable to wear.

The breathable fabric will combat sweat on a hot day too, so you won’t feel the need to wear the bag on one shoulder to cool down.

KOPACK Anti-theft Laptop Backpack

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Out of the two KOPACK backpacks on this list, it’s entirely a matter of subjective opinion which you prefer. Both are highly rated and come with a tonne of pockets and added features.

This backpack claims to be theft-proof and if you try to find the zipper on the image, you will see why.

There is no way for pickpockets to easily get in. The straps are adjustable and breathable, just like with the previous backpack and the padded shoulder straps join at the top, to ensure that weight is evenly distributed on both sides.

This is actually pretty handy as it makes it easier to find comfort without having to meddle with the adjustable straps.

eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack

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This product from eBags has comfortable, padded straps and an air-mesh back panel. It has an added feature of a removable, adjustable sternum strap which helps to prevent the bag from slipping.

This is an attractive feature for those who suffer back pain as it means that the weight won’t shift back up from your hips when you are in a hurry.

As well as the precautions taken to ensure comfort, eBags have also included several easy-access department and an AC-adaptor garage.

This product is a little pricier than our former listings and it is the high quality and organized storage which you are paying for.

In terms of the ergonomic design, the product is certainly comfortable but its suspension system is not too different from the previous listings.

Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Backpack

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This lightweight backpack can pack a punch. It is made of tear and water resistant material and includes a double-layer bottom piece so you can carry a heavier load.

The shoulder straps are adjustable and the sponge padding will relieve some of the stress from your shoulders.

There is also a chest strap which is a bonus if you suffer from back pain as it keeps the bag more securely in place.

There are plenty of pockets so you can spread the weight of your luggage and the bag folds up so you can avoid extra luggage fees if you want to take it on vacation.

At only 0.7 lbs, this backpack is a good choice if you suffer from back pain but don’t want to give up hiking on your vacation.

BOLANG Water Resistant College Backpack

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This unisex backpack proves that you don’t need to trade in style for comfort.

The lightweight nylon bag is ergonomically designed to offer maximum back support and comfort. It contains 4 main pockets and 6 smaller pockets so it is ideal for college and work, but is suitable for travel too.

The breathable back padding is made of high density sponge, so it is surprisingly comfortable to wear.

In addition to comfort and utility, BOLANG backpacks are also conscious of aesthetics and their range of designs are highly attractive.

On top of all of this, their bags come with a one year warranty, which you shouldn’t need to use considering their backpacks are impressively durable.

CAMEL CROWN lightweight Hiking Backpack

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The Camel Crown hiking backpack is ultralight and highly durable, thanks to its extra thick lightweight fabric.

One of the attractive features of this product is the fact it not only has adjustable straps, but utilises adjustable chest straps to keep the bag securely in place.

There are multiple compartments for all your things and the ventilated back structure will keep your back cool and relieve your shoulders of some of the burden.

At the end of the day, weight is weight, but at least with Camel Crown you can trust that the burden of this weight will not fall too heavily on your back.

Outlander Ultra Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack

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The Outlander Hiking backpack comes in a range of colours and sizes, all made of water-resistant, durable nylon fabric.

This is another backpack which can fold down to pocket size, but not at the expense of much needed compartments and pockets.

The reason we have chosen this over the many other lightweight products on the market is down to Outlander’s reputation as a brand.

This backpack doesn’t come with chest straps like some of its competitors, the wide, adjustable and breathable straps but it’s still a good choice if you are seeking comfort along with practicality.

Mozone Casual Lightweight Backpack

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This product from Mozone is also made of sturdy nylon and is lightweight, so if you’re already burdened with a heavy load, this backpack won’t add to it.

The padded straps are thicker than those on most backpacks, which means they are even more comfortable on your shoulders.

Another good feature is that the compartment for laptops has extra cushion so it’s protected if you are carrying a full load. The bag is quite attractive and has multiple compartments.

Again, if you are looking for a backpack which is fashionable but isn’t going to cause your back and shoulder pain to flare up, the Mozone backpack is worth investing in.

G4Free Large Lightweight Travel Backpack

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This highly affordable backpack is made from high quality, water resistant fabric and aims to be ultra-durable while also being ultra-lightweight.

It is impressive how much you can actually fit into the bag, which claims to be able to carry 40L when full. The backpack is actually so lightweight that you can fold it into a pocket which will fit in your purse.

As well as being lightweight, the backpack includes adjustable and breathable padded shoulder straps so it is comfortable too.

Additionally, it includes chest clips so you can tighten the backpack to your body, meaning the weight is distributed all over and your shoulders consequently won’t be burdened with all the hard work.

It comes in a range of colors too.

INSOW Lightweight Packable Travel Backpack

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In case none of the packable ultralight backpacks we have highlighted so far have stood out for you, here is the JINSOW take on the concept.

The ergonomic design is similar to the other backpacks on this list, with breathable adjustable shoulder straps. The additional sternum straps as we have said already, will redistribute the weight from your shoulders to your hips.

The bah is spacious and comes with lots of pockets and compartments with quick access. JINSOW backpacks are covered with a lifetime warranty and they promise a 100% money back guarantee.

XIANGI Packable Backpack

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I have included this final backpack as it has quite a unique design. The backpack folds into a carriable briefcase size bag so you can carry it easily when the bag is empty.

The product uses nylon material which we cannot emphasise enough as a great material if you want something strong but breathable and lightweight.

The shoulder straps are S-shaped and made of mesh with plenty of padding.There is also a chest strap so the XIANGI backpack really does nail the key features you should be looking for if you suffer from back pain.

My only criticism is that it only contains one zipped compartment, so you can’t distribute the weight across the bag.

Nevertheless, with all its great features and a 100% lifetime warranty, this backpack is a strong contender.

Do you travel a lot and the backpack you have been using before halting severe issue to the overall health of your body? You need to find the best laptop backpack for back, neck and shoulder pain

Those bags do not distribute weight to the overall body and your back is the subject to carry heavy loads around.

The backpacks that are good for your back are never meant to cause any health hazard to the users.

They are designed to offer extra portability, as you place your important content and take them with you around on your back.

If you are more concerned about your physical health then don’t forget to buy a backpack with back support

The backpacks have been a primary source for people to carry their items around. The term first surfaced in 1910 and from that time, it has become the primary way for the people to shuttle their clothes, shoes, laptops and other necessary items and travel around.

Table of Contents

Now, the era we are living on, we are using a perfectly designed backpack. They fall right on every criterion of an ergonomic backpack.

They are thickly padded, come with S shape shoulder strap, with waist and chest straps to distribute the weight across our body.

Moreover, they are budget-friendly and would not break your bank in purchasing one item. These are some of the best laptop backpacks you can pick and add extra portability to your life.

Here is the Best Laptop Backpack for Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain in 2020:

In this guide, we are going to review the top 5 best laptop backpack for back pain in 2020. You need to look at the mentioned products and see what these backpacks have to offer for your body and the items you carry around.

The products enlisted offer something unique targeting a wide array of people. You will have many amazing features such as anti-theft protection, waterproof material while adapting some of the essential principles which will be easy on your back for prolonged usage.

1) Incase Icon Pack

If you had been searching the best backpack, you would have come across Incase most of the time.

Incase is a world-known brand and has been best-selling on biggest shopping portal Amazon.

The brand offers a wide range of products as per the user’s pocket size.

If you do not want to spend much and want to experience the same feature as Incase Icon, you can have Incase light. Incase light features almost the same design, quality-built, and material but half of the size.

I personally feel the Incase Icon is far better than light, as it offers a spacious place to put laptops and other accessories.

Incase Icon offers the most storage compartment including small zip-up pocket. The backpack is lined with soft material to protect the precious products in it such as laptops and mobile phones. You can drop this backpack anywhere without damaging to your products put inside.

The back pain is perfect for placing a 15-in laptop, MacBook in its larger apartment. The backpack houses three large compartments and you can use this much of space to place anything you want.

The ergonomically designed customized backpack has many other splendid features to offer. It is engineered with airflow channels, with proper ventilation.

The ventilation design is integrated into its back panel and shoulder straps so that the user must not feel any hot.

The straps are designed in a way to distribute the overall weight to the body. The user would not be carrying the hefty bag on the back only, which causes back pain or bad posture.

The main 15-inch compartment is integrated with the highest quality padding. The padding offers optimum protection to the precious metal placed inside.

The fabric with which the backpack is designed offers the longest possible durability. The fabric even withstands wear and tear; you will be putting your money into something valuable.

The medium-sized side pockets designed help you placing smaller gadgets. The side pockets are totally great to place anything you want to access without opening the zips. You can have a 9.7 inches iPad pro there and listen to your favorite music.

The backpack is a breeze for the people suffering back pain just because of the poor quality designed backpack. This backpack comes in a wide range of colors as well.

You can choose your favorite color and travel in style. The look is captivating and it keeps your things stored and protected from potential theft.


  • Three main large compartments to place your laptop and other gadgets
  • Comfortable and a customized design
  • The dedicated laptop padded compartment renders optimum protection.
  • Quick access to your gadgets placed in the side pockets.


  • The stitching of the straps began unraveling within months
  • No space for the clothes

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2) North Face Big Shot – One of Best Backpacks for Back Pain

If you have been looking for a backpack for casual things like for school, college or work, North Face Big Shot falls every criterion. And there is no doubt that it is one of the best school backpacks for back pain

This comes to no surprise this we added North Face product in our list of a top backpack for back and shoulder pains. The North Face products are recognized durable, strong and withstand wear and tear.

The backpack is bigger compared to the rivals who come at the same price. They come with flex vent injection-modeled shoulder strap.

The straps can be customized to the shape of your body. The front hip strap helps you distribute the backpack weight to the whole body.

The backpack is rainproof and weatherproof. The content within the bag will remain dry even after rainfalls.

I am not saying, you put the bag in the water pool and expect nothing will be impacted. The content will become wet after the backpack is sitting for an extended period of time.

The item is made of quality synthetic; you would not feel a single unraveling at any corner of it.

The North Face Big Shot is a completely redesigned model, made to offer extra 33-liter space.

You can carry around your laptop and other tools such as wrenches, repair kit and others for mountain biking. The designed at the front help you placing anything smaller you want. You can put your phone there, water bottle or music system to listen to your favourite music.

The hip and sternum straps are padded, specifically designed for prolonged hours. The padded straps also help people suffering back or shoulder pains.

The inside pouch or pockets are of great use. One can have them stored anything that you need not as much during your ventures.

This houses an internal fleece pocket for sunglasses or mobile phones or watches.

For the people who are travel enthusiasts and want something sturdy to handle much of weight, the North Face front runner would fill the bill.


  • Deep interior space
  • Front hip strap
  • Side pockets
  • Internal fleece pocket to store important luxuries


  • Too big to carry for normal use

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3) Osprey Farpoint 55

These days whatever product comes in use, it must look elegant. Whether you are wearing a sunglass or looking for a backpack, it must add aesthetics.

If you are looking for a sober-looking Backpack, Osprey Farpoint 55 is a fine product to grab. The Osprey Farpoint is a perfect product for long weekends.

Whether you are planning to have traveled around Asia or wanted to explore the countryside around your birthplace, this backpack fits your needs.

The backpack is designed to hold up 50 pounds of weight, carry your laptop with an urban aesthetics and zip-off.

The unit is made of quality material, nylon, ripstop material. The brand ensured a sturdy built along with durable fabric, the fabric adds to the overall weight.

Here the case is different, in spite of using the high-quality extra capacity fabric, the overall weight is less than normal casual backpacks.

The main compartment is large enough to hold your laptop and other accessories. You can safely place your electronics there and use the lockable sliders to add an extra layer of security.

The main compartment is extremely safe and any pressure would not damage the placed product.

The straps feature dual front compression; these compressions render optimum comfort when a user wears this backpack. The users, who face back pain due to the hefty backpacks, would not feel anything at all. The harness straps offered to cover your shoulder with leaving no gap between the back and bag.

The padded harness straps reach your armpit with sternum straps ends your collar bone, reducing the overall weight from the back and distributing it to the overall body.

The body of the backup is finalized. You will not be sweat out entirely as the ventilation will make reach air to all parts of your body.

This makes it a perfect travel companions, you put your extra sweaters and clothes and pack it, and no water will reach it even in a thunderstorm. The body of the backpack is rainproof, weatherproof.

No damage to the product will happen, in any climate change until unless you do not drop it in the water pool.

This comes with a detachable day pack provides extra storage space and organization. You can detach the smaller daypack and take it around whilst you need to roam around carrying important stuff.


  • Padded handles provide extra comfort
  • Stowaway back panel for placing important but easy to access accessories
  • Lock sliders add an extra security layer
  • The harness strap fully wrap around your body to distribute weight
  • The daypack can be attached to the main harness to provide extra portability


  • Attaching and reattaching of the daypack to the main backpack takes time

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4) Kopack Laptop Backpack – One of Best Backpacks for Students

The backpacks have become one of the most essential parts of our daily life. Students, housewives, travelers, businessmen find it very helpful, placing their stuff and carry them around.

There is truth that this is one of the best backpacks for students with back pain but, when we say a backpack, it normal considered as only students or travelers use the backpack, not a businessman.

For them, it is understood that they only travel in suitcases. The businessman also uses backpacks when travelling to and from the office.

For them, looking officials, plus cool at the same time is important. For them, Kopack Laptop slim backpack falls right.

The Kopack backpack is slim, looks elegant, and comes with essential features. This checks all the right boxes and made it an excellent pick for a businessman to carry this bag to and from the office or even around the world travelling.

The bag features a detachable USB cable what you can use to charge your phone when travelling. Just connect the outside cable which is connected to another USB port to provide juice to your phone.

The backpack houses laptop compartments behind the straps. The straps add an extra layer in the security of your laptop, which makes it anti-theft laptop compartment.

The padded back and straps are something important, especially for the people who face severe back or shoulder pain carrying a hefty bag.

The 1.5mm thickness EPE inside and S shape design fits your needs and distract the overall pressure to the body.

The backpack features a dual layer zipper. We see the single layer zippers are easy to stab using a knife. The dual layer zipper with extra tooth hold together enables zipper strong to resist against a knife stab.

The bran has put special attention to the zipper quality and design. The zipper is heavier than counterparts, adds extra durability.

The extra side pockets offer great space to place your eyeglasses or music system and listen to the music everywhere you go.

The unit offers two main compartments. The first larger area is dedicated to the laptop or MacBook and other offers a multi-function file slot.

The padded back is made of breathable mesh and offers extra durability and adjustment

The Kopack Slim laptop backpacks feature a variety of pockets, 17 in all. You get extra space and pockets to put your stuff around.


  • Anti-theft laptop comportment is a feature one must value
  • Comfortable design
  • Weather and Rainproof
  • Padded back and straps add extra comfort
  • Extra pockets


  • Have to adjust straps to access laptop

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5) The Friendly Swede Waterproof Backpack

If you are looking for a backpack for hiking and other working conditions, Friendly swede fills the bills.

This backpack takes to the less traveled path and takes care of you with many additional features.

The backpack sports reflective details and features an emergency whistle in the case of an emergency.

The Friendly Swede Dry Backpack is a nice blend of aesthetics and advanced features.

It showcases a perfect combination of timeless design, ergonomic and useful functions.

This bag 47 x 68.5 cm and has the capacity to hold 33.6 LITERS. The weight capacity is much more than you ever received from a backpack, 70pounds.

The total weight of the bag is less than you ever imagine, around 2.2 pounds. In this deep backpack, you can travel with literally anything you desire or need. You can take sweaters, shoes, clothes, electronics and much more for travelling, hiking, rafting, sailing or skiing.

The designers and manufacturer put special attention to the design and ergonomic. The bag features a padded laptop inner pocket, organizer mesh back, and a carabiner to store anything you want quickly.

The back and waist straps are padded comfortable to wear and can take you anywhere without any feeling of pain to the back, neck or shoulder.

Another extensive feature, the emergency whistle has been integrated with the straps’ buckle. The whistle is immensely useful when you go out in the woods, or want to get attention in an emergency.

You get this option close to your hands and very useful in case of emergency.

The brand advertises this bag as a hiking, skiing and other ventures targeting backpack. They have added extra reflectors strap on the front of the bag to enhance visibility.

When you are out on woods or go somewhere exploring the countryside alone, it adds to the visibility. You will be visible to the other members of the team.

The two extra spacious mesh pockets on the sides add an extensive feature. You can carry around the water bottle, or coffee thermos or your audio system to listen to the favourite songs around.

The bag is made of heavy-duty 5000 PVC tarpaulin material with double stitched. The seams and holders stand against the weather and rainfall without damaging the content placed inside.

Instead of zippers, what see in normal backpack, the brand has used roll top seal? Shoulder, waist and chest straps add comfort to your back, neck, shoulder, and chest.

The brand proclaims the bag is water resistant but not waterproof. It would not uphold the water submersion; the user needs to be extra careful with the electronics and other precious equipment around.

The device cannot be used as a floatation device when you dropped into the sea and float.


  • High-quality industrial grade fabric used
  • Great emergency features such as Emergency whistles and visible straps on the front of the backpack
  • Waterproof design
  • Ergonomically designed perfectly for hiking, skiing, and other ventures


  • The side mesh pockets cannot hold bulky items

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The Final Thought:

You need to know that ergonomics is not merely restricted to computers, chairs, and other peripherals. It must be added to anything you use on a daily basis such as a backpack.

Whether you need to travel around the world for business, or on a hiking venture a well-designed, ergonomics backpack will ensure your things transported safely without impeding your efforts.

The specialized features such as straps padding, back padding, waterproof built, Anti-theft ensure safety to your content.

We hope this guide best laptop backpack for back pain helps you in choosing the product you have been looking for.

While crafting this lift, we took hours to finally come up with the products best suited for every condition you pose.

If you are confused and could not decide yet which option to go with, believe in us, and pick Incase Icon.

The unit embedded with stands out feature and offers spacious space to fill-in. I personally feel the bag is more than a backpack, as it lined with the soft material to protect your equipment inside.

Any frequent hiker will tell you that cheap gear can cause serious back pain. If you’re looking for the best backpack for back pain, then you’ve come to the right place. Injuries can ruin your day on the trail (I’ve had my share).

Brand Name Price
Osprey Daylite Plus Check
North Face Borealis Check
Thule Enroute Blur 2 Check
TETON Oasis 1100 Check
Black Diamond Bullet 16 Check

You might be surprised to know that your backpack might not be causing the problem. Sure, there are better quality backpacks you can use – but poor form or stiff muscles and joints can also be contributing to back pain.

I used to avoid back pain when hiking, but you can only ignore it so long before it becomes a major problem. I wrote this article to discuss all things around backpacks and back pain – so you can avoid my mistake. Everything from stretching, working out your back muscles, and different ways of strapping up will be covered here.

After covering all the different movements and exercises you can do, I’ve made a list aimed to find the best backpack for back pain. I also included the pros and cons for each backpack, so you can choose the best product that suits you.

This is a long post so sit back (pun intended) and grab a cup of coffee. You can use this guide to have a better hike next time on the mountain. And for more backpack information, check out my list of the Best Backpacks of 2018.

Why do Backpacks Cause Back Pain?

Backpack pain can be caused from a number of different reasons. Too much weight loaded in the backpack, poor form when carrying, and a lack of upper body strength are some potential reasons for back pain. Each one of these reasons can be corrected, so check and see if one of these problems sounds familiar.

1. Too Much Weight In Backpack

The most obvious reason for backpack back pain is too much weight. This issue isn’t new and has been occurring with children in schools for decades. A 2004 issue of the Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics found that, wearing a backpack weighing more than 20% of the student’s body weight can cause back pain.

This means that an adult man weighing 200 pounds could experience back pain carrying more than 40 pounds on his back. Although this 20% weight recommendation was meant for children, it’s not extreme to think that 40 pounds could cause back pain.

Add this amount of weight on your back, then add the extra burden of hiking and navigating around tough terrain. The next time you find yourself packing for a trip, remember to only bring the essentials. Pack smart and bring exactly what you need.

2. Poor Form When Carrying

Now this doesn’t mean to scrap everything just because you have some back pain. You might be experiencing discomfort due to poor form while carrying your load. It doesn’t take a massive amount of weight on your back to get injured. All that’s needed is poor form in order to tweak your back.

First follow the 20% rule. Although it should be noted that some believe 15% of your body weight should be the maximum carry weight. Always make sure that the straps are adjusted correctly and the backpack is close to your body. You want to avoid a low hanging backpack around your waist, as this will only create more tension on your upper body.

When packing before a hike, always remember to pack heavier items first. You want to avoid having a weight imbalance with the bag, because this will create further discomfort and backpack sway. And remember, you should always be wearing both straps correctly. This isn’t middle school – wearing one strap isn’t cool.

3. Lack of Upper Body Strength

Another reason for backpack back pain is a lack of upper body strength. Just like any good athlete, you should definitely exercise your upper body to improve your muscle endurance when it comes to hiking. There are a number of different exercises you can do for hiking, to improve upper body strength.

Barbell deadlifts, pull-ups, and dumbbell rows are all great exercises to improve the strength of your back. But you should know that only exercising your back will cause a muscle imbalance. You should include your whole body when it comes to weight training. In addition to having a strong back, you should also train your shoulders, chest, arms, and legs.

Having an all-around strong frame will increase your ability to carry more weight and make you a better hiker overall. Don’t worry about packing on too much muscle – this isn’t bodybuilding. When developing muscle for hiking you want to focus on muscle endurance. For training purposes this would mean using lower weights with a higher number of sets.

So What’s the Best Backpack for Back Pain?

If you improve in the above areas and still feel back pain, you might want to consider other options. Replace the root of the problem – your backpack. I listed this step after the others, because it’s possible to solve back issues without spending any money.

The more hiking tips you know will only help you on the trail and decrease the chance for injury.

Below I’ve come up with a solid list of backpacks that are back friendly. They’re built with high quality materials and are specifically made for the avid hiker who experiences constant, nagging back pain. If you’re interested in any of the products below, the links will redirect you to Amazon where you can check out the most updated price.

1 – Osprey Daylite Plus

The Osprey Daylite Plus is my go to backpack for day hikes. You can check out my full review here. It’s not only the best all around backpack, but you can use it for school, traveling, or even going to work. The unique design will mold to your back and you won’t even notice it’s there.

Pros: Build quality is amazing, decent price | Cons: Small for week-long trips

2 – The North Face Borealis

The North Face is known for creating well-designed backpacks in the outdoor space. When it comes to back pain, the Borealis
features a flexible yoke, a very comfortable padded mesh back panel and a breathable lumbar – so you don’t have to worry about sweating on longer hikes.

Pros: Custom injection-molded shoulder straps | Cons: Not rain proof

3 – Thule EnRoute Blur 2 Daypack

This is a versatile backpack you can use for all types of travel. The
large main compartment keeps your main gear separated from electronics. When it comes to back pain, the EnRoute Blur has padded shoulder straps, a padded back panel and adjustable chest straps. It also has a crush proof pocket for sunglasses and fragile gear.

Pros: Chest straps and padding are very comfortable | Cons: Color choices are limited

4 – TETON Sports Oasis 1100

The Teton Sports Oasis is a great choice if you’re on a tight budget. It’s lightweight, comfortable and offers all-day comfort. There’s also a notched foam stabilizer, so you won’t have any part of the backpack digging into you. Overall, this is a great beginner backpack for the outdoor enthusiast.

Pros: Lightweight and has a notched foam stabilizer | Cons: Some areas lack in quality

5 – Black Diamond Bullet 16

The Black Diamond 16 Bullet is a great backpack for all-day comfort. It comes with internal and external zippered pockets for all your gear and a hydration hose port. When it comes to back pain, the Black Diamond Bullet features a removable foam back panel and a 20 mm webbing hip belt to keep you secure.

Pros: Comes with foam back panel and hip belt | Cons: Could have better water bottle holders

Avoid Back Pain with Smart Packing

Once you’ve found the best backpack for back pain, your next step is loading it up. There are many different packing methods used for hiking. If you’re going on a day hike, you obviously don’t need as many items compared to a week long hike. For the sake of this article I will cover the best methods to pack your bag, in order to avoid back pain.

Consider Backpack Capacity

Before loading up your backpack, make sure you have the right tool for the job. In other words, the backpack you bring should match the items you need. So if you’re planning on a simple day hike, you can avoid bringing a large bag capable of fitting pots, pans, and sleeping gear.

You always want to bring the things that are absolutely necessary and leave behind luxury, or comfort items. If you still find that what you need is too heavy, you should consider upgrading your arsenal of tools. I guarantee you that any hiking equipment you have can be replaced by something lighter.

Even Weight Distribution

Even if you didn’t overpack, the way you place items in your bag can affect how it rests on your back and shoulders. You always want to place the heaviest items in the bottom of your backpack. Failing to follow this step will create uneven weight distribution with your backpack and place unnecessary strain on your back.

Examine your backpack from the side to see if it’s top heavy

One way to check your backpack weight distribution is simply by looking at it. Stand your backpack upright and look at it from a side angle. If there’s too much weight at the top you will see a clear bulge. Rearrange your items until you visually see an even line up the whole back. This shouldn’t be a perfectly straight line by any means, but it will be clear if the weight is top heavy.

Place Items You Need At the Top

So you’ve carefully loaded up your backpack with only the hiking essentials and you have perfect weight distribution. Now it’s time to hike right? After all, you have the best backpack for back pain. But there’s one more important factor to consider – that is, having your most important items at the top of your backpack ready for easy access.

It’s easy to forget that once you begin your journey, you’ll need to reach all those items you’ve carefully packed. Of course, things will move around once you get going, but if you can pack the most important items on top it will only make things easier. What if the important items are on the bottom? You’ll either have to do some rearranging or find a backpack that has a bottom access zipper.

Lower Back Pain When Walking Uphill

Some people experience lower back pain when walking up hill. There can be a number of reasons for this, but I will address two here. Pain in the lower back can be due to incorrectly wearing backpack straps, or by only wearing one strap. Regularly carrying a backpack over one shoulder can make the spine lean to one side, which places more stress on your lower back.

Another reason for lower back pain when walking uphill can be from a lack of development in the leg muscles. The biggest muscles used when walking uphill are your glutes. Creating a leg training program where you specifically target your glute muscles will build strength in your legs. As a result, this could remove tension and pain on your lower back when walking uphill.

Even if you have the best backpack for back pain, you’re the only person who can correctly explain the level of pain you’re in. If you believe your back pain is severe, you should always speak to a medically certified professional. Having the mentality to just “walk it off” can only make things worse and could cause more damage in the long run.

I hope that you’ve gained some valuable insight regarding backpacks and back pain. Remember that replacing your bag is not the end all solution, as there are many other factors to consider. Before upgrading your gear, try decreasing your backpack load weight, improving your form, or even gaining more upper body strength.

If all of those suggestions don’t work you should then consider a new backpack. There’s no one perfect backpack to solve all pain – so I listed the items above to help you make that decision. Everyone is different, so you need to decide what the best backpack for back pain is yourself.

Best Hiking Boots for Plantar Fasciitis

How to Avoid Hiking Knee Pain

Is Your Bag Wrecking Your Back?

If you’re experiencing shoulder, back, buttock, and arm pain or tingling in your hands — unhealthy handbag habits could be to blame. Let’s look at some of the culprits and how you can avoid causing serious injury to your spine.

First, your tote’s too heavy

Sure, being prepared for a possible Walking Dead scenario has its advantages, but it’s also putting endless stress on your hips and shoulders. The continued off-kilter angle that you subject your body to could also result in your gait becoming unbalanced, says Backe.

Lightening your load is the best way to ensure that your muscles and shoulders stay healthy. “Simply reduce the weight of your handbag to the point where you don’t feel any noticeable strain from carrying it.”

Your bag gives no support

“I’ve seen countless patients come into my practice complaining of pain in the shoulders, neck, or in the middle of the back,” says Backe. “Nine times out of ten, they’re carrying some huge, overloaded whopper of a bag that would really be better suited for hiking than a day at the office.” Using a backpack can relieve tension because it distributes weight properly when worn correctly.

If you don’t like the idea of using a backpack, he recommends getting a handbag with good, firm grips that have some added padding to help reduce the strain on your muscles. Also make sure to avoid totes with chain links or skinny straps that will dig into your shoulder. “The styles you wear should not impede your ability to get through your day effectively and comfortably.”

You’re too one-sided

“We’re creatures of habit and tend to carry things with the same arm,” says Dr. Caleb Spreiter, a chiropractor based in Oklahoma. When you have a heavy bag on the same shoulder for long periods of time, he explains, it’ll cause the shoulder to begin to roll forward and down which stretches the muscles in the upper back and neck. This will eventually lead to weak muscles and more severe issues like thoracic outlet syndrome. To prevent this, Spreiter recommends alternating sides throughout the day.

Waiting too late for pain symptoms

Instead of waiting for pain to strike (and risking further injury), Spreiter recommends doing three sets of 15-20 reps of resistance shoulder exercises with lighter weights to improve the strength and endurance of weak upper back, neck, and shoulder muscles.

Back pain and shoulder pain is a common pain caused by using a backpack relative to the load you are carrying. Although there are other sources of back pain apart from using a backpack, this post will focus on how to avoid back pain from carrying a bag and we will show you the best backpacks for back pain.

Also, detailed in this post is the best laptop backpack for back pain, best laptop bag for back pain, best backpacks for back support, and the best backpack for shoulder pain. We are also concerned about how you can avoid back pains in the future hence the post contains detailed information on how to wear a backpack without hurting your back.

Oh! don’t forget the tip at the end of the post for your kids. Most children cry for help when backing their bags in school. The expert tip will help teach your kids how to back their bag correctly, avoid backaches from childhood, and you can choose the best choice of backpack for your kids.

Therefore, if you have back pain, shoulder pain or neck pain as a result of using an ergonomic backpack and you have promised never to use one again – hold on! I can assure you after reading this post you won’t throw your backpacks out again.

Firstly, let me show you why your backpack causes back pain and why the backpack hurts shoulders.

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Why do Backpacks Cause Back Pain and shoulder pain?

Generally, heavy backpacks cause pain to the back and to the neck most especially non-ergonomic backpacks.

When you carry too much load in a standard bag, the weight of the load will point downward hence tension will be on your shoulder and hips and this will eventually result in back pain and shoulder pain.

Below are other reasons you have back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain after carrying a backpack.

Carrying your Backpack Wrongly

Some students like carrying their backpacks in style by using only one shoulder strap and this put pressure on the spine. Following the 20% rule, the maximum weight you should carry on your back should be 20% of your body weight and the weight should be shared equally on both shoulders.

Unfortunately, only one shoulder is carrying the whole weight when you use one shoulder strap, as a result, the pressure is placed on the spine and this leads to back pain and shoulder pain.

Poor design of Backpacks

Another important reason why we experience back pain and shoulder pain after carrying a backpack is because of the bad design of the bag.

These poor designs include tiny shoulder straps, unequal length of the shoulder strap, backpack without back support and uneven weight distribution. Therefore, always watch out for the backpack design before purchasing it.

Hey! We’ve established the major reasons why your backpack could be a source of back pain or shoulder pain. Now let’s check out how you can avoid incurring pains when you use your backpack but first, select the backpack that suits you among these fifteen.

Top 15 Best Backpacks for Back Pain Review

Osprey Packs Fairview 40 Women’s Travel Backpack – Best Hiking Backpacks for Bad Backs

Check Price Here

The Osprey pack Fairview is the best backpack for back pain for women that love traveling or hiking. Interestingly, the bag features an internal Lightwire frame suspension system for transferring the load to the hip belt from the harness and this helps prevent back pain.

Also, the best hiking backpacks for bad backs come with two internal compression straps to compress and secure your loads. You can add loads up to 40 pounds in this backpack and yet you won’t feel the weight when carrying the bag because of its lightweight feature.

Therefore, if you are searching for a great gift for your mother, sister or mother-in-law who loves hiking and traveling then the Osprey Fairview is the perfect ergonomic backpack for you.


Secured compartment for Laptop and tablet

Comes in various sizes (Small, Medium and large)

Padded shoulder strap

Stowaway back panel and hip belt

Front compression strap to keep gear stable while packing


Designed specifically for women

The North Face Surge Laptop Backpack 15″- Sale Colors

Check Price Here

If you are looking for a very good backpack for school or work that is perfect for men and you want to avoid back pain, shoulder pain or neck pain then the North Face Surge Laptop Backpack is the perfect choice for you.

The backpack for back pain comes with a laptop compartment, padded mesh back panel, padded shoulder straps, and comfortable sternum strap. The multi-compartment makes it a good backpack for school.

When we compared the awesome features of the backpack to the price, it was obvious the quality of the bag exceeds the price.


Fleece-lined media pocket

Elastic webbing for cord management

Padded tablet sleeve and laptop compartment


No warranty

P.MAI Premium Valletta Leather Laptop Backpack for Women with Wristlet I 15-Inch Executive Laptop and Notebook Computer Backpack

Check Price Here

This is one of the best backpacks for back pain have ever seen and yet it’s made for ladies. Generally, I think the best backpacks for back pain and the best backpacks for shoulder pain are made with women as the target audience.

The P.MAI premium Valetta leather laptop backpack for back pain is a classy and bold backpack for stylish ladies. It features a laptop pocket (fits 15”), multiple interior organizer pockets, key hook, and a convenient new trolley strap to easily slip over your luggage.

I can assure you with this backpack you will command a classy look and no pain either on the back or shoulder.


  • Magnet closure zippers
  • Padded straps with a breathable air mesh material
  • High-quality leather
  • A free wristlet and dust bag

High Sierra Swerve Laptop Backpack, Great for High School, College Backpack, School Bag, Business Backpack, Travel Pack, Laptop Sleeve, Perfect for Men and Women

Check Price Here

So here is the best backpack for high school that prevents back pain and shoulder pain. High Sierra is known for producing quality school bags and this product is not an exception.

The backpacks for back pain has a lot of compartments and large enough to store all your books for school or clothes for travel. Coupled with the backpack is a suspension system shoulder strap that makes heavy loads light and comfortable to carry.

Also, the backpack comes with a lot of zippers making it easy to access all compartments without disorganizing your bag. Therefore, if you are looking for a good and affordable backpack for school then here is your best choice.


Padded bottom panel

Adjustable compression straps

Padded air mesh shoulder straps

Fully padded laptop sleeve

Multi-compartments and water bottle pocket


Poor zipper design

Knomo Luggage Beauchamp Business Backpack

Check Price Here

If you work in an office or you like going to work with backpacks but you are scared of back pain caused from carrying a backpack then you need the Knomo luggage backpack.

Here is the best backpack with back support and the best professional backpack for back pain. The bag comes with a padded laptop section and a padded strap to reduce shoulder pains.

Also, the backpack has a pocket with RFID blocking for storing your phone, bank cards, and passport to ensure you’re not prone to identity theft.

Lastly, the Knomo business backpack is perfect for your business trip, office work and school trips.


  • Comes with many pockets and compartments
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Perfect for professional environments

eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack for Travel, School & Business – Fits 17″ Laptop – Anti-Theft – (Solid Black)

Check Price Here

Do not be deceived by the looks – this backpack can contain all your travel materials without hassle. The backpack comes with several compartments with room for everything you need. The bag has a compartment for laptop, tablet, folders, key leash, business cards even pen loops.

Also, the producer has your comfort in mind hence; the best bag for back pain comes with a contoured strap, air mesh back panel, and a fully padded back support.

In addition, a crush proof pocket for AC adapter was added and a security lock for theft.

Therefore you can use this stylish bag has a backpack or convert to a briefcase without fear of theft.


Sleek design

Excellent quality

Stowaway backpack straps

Multi-compartment and Ac adapter pocket


It does not have a lightweight feature

Best Backpacks for Shoulder Pain

Osprey Packs Atmos AG 65 Backpacking Pack

Check Price Here

Here is another cool backpack from Osprey – Atmos AG 65. This backpack is highly comfortable for walking long distance or hiking because of the antigravity suspension.

Compared to the Osprey Packs Fairview which is designed specifically for women, the Atmos AG can be used by both men and women. This best backpack for back support comes with really cool features hence you can say goodbye to back pain and shoulder pain.

Also, you can use the bag when you go camping as it comes with a sleeping bag compartment and an internal hydration reservoir sleeve that can hold up to 3 litres of water.


Inside and Outside compression straps

Adjustable harness and Fit-on-the-Fly hip belt

Dual zippered pockets with web attachment points

Large front mesh pocket with safety whistle


Zippers hard to open or close with one hand

No space to accommodate a laptop

Incase Icon Pack, Navy Blue, One Size – Best Laptop Backpack for Back Pain

Check Price Here

For a light user, this best laptop backpack for back pain is the best for both school and work. The backpack features a sleek design with padded shoulder straps making it perfect for you if you are searching for a backpack that won’t cause you back pain or shoulder pain.

Also, the pack features multiple compartments making it a good choice for organized office workers.

It’s also a good choice for classy high school student has it can hold your books and laptop with good weight distribution.


Sternum straps

Airflow channels in the moulded back panel

Fully padded laptop compartment

Spacious and organized storage


No water bottle pocket

Lowepro Med CPAP Bag – TSA Compliant CPAP Backpack Fits ResMed, Phillips Respironics, Other CPAP Machines

Check Price Here

The Lowepro Med CPAP backpack is a unique backpack recommended for medical practitioners or if you like to travel with the CPAP machine.

This best backpack for back pain is very sturdy and perfect for avoiding lower back pains. The bag can function as a CPAP bag, Laptop bag, and a daypack as it comes with a sternum belt, rain guard and a padded hip belt.

Lastly, this backpack fits the TSA standards making airline travels very easy therefore you can travel with confidence.


Great for transporting CPAP

3-in-1 backpack

Separate compartment for your CPAP machine and hose


It does not have a lightweight feature

Watch How to Use a CPAP Machine – Here

Mountain Warehouse Traveller 60 + 20L Rucksack – Durable Backpack

Check Price Here

This two-in-one bag is a product of Mountain Warehouse. The rucksack and daypack are detachable and can accommodate all your travel materials. The ergonomic backpack features an adjustable shoulder strap to prevent back pain and shoulder pain.

Also, the backpack has a rain cover for rainy seasons, a chest strap and hip strap for even distribution of load. Contained in the bag are several compartments for easy storage.

Therefore, with this backpack, you can be sure of preventing back pain or shoulder pain while carrying all your belongings on a trip.


Large rucksack (60 liters) and a detachable daypack (20 liters)

Adjustable shoulder strap and hip belt

Rain and flight cover


No warranty

Eagle Creek Deviate Travel Pack 60L W

Check Price Here

This backpack is one of the best backpacks for shoulder pain among many others mentioned in this post. But there is a peculiarity to this bag which is the ultralight feature – no matter how you stuff this bag with a load it will still be light when you carry it.

Also, this ergonomic backpack can be transformed into a duffel bag with the check-in fly and can also serve as a rain cover. Added to the awesome features are the contoured shoulder strap, hip belt, and a 15L daypack.

Lastly, with the internal suspension system added to this backpack, you can be sure the weight of your load will be distributed evenly across the bag.


Ultralight backpack

Flexflo suspension system

Central lock point

3L hydration bladder compartment


Hydration tube not included

Best Backpacks for Neck Pain

Samsonite Novex Perfect Fit Laptop Backpack Black

Check Price Here

The Samsonite Novex back pain backpack helps reduce pain not only on the back but on your neck and shoulder.

Here is one of the backpacks that are good for your back because it is intuitively organized, comes with good zippers and divided compartments.

Also, the backpack with back support comes with a padded compartment for your computer and protects it from shocks while traveling.

Therefore, if you are searching for the best laptop backpack for back pain, you can pick the Samsonite Novex perfect fit laptop backpack.


  • Business-class backpack. Sleek, Sophisticated and Professional look.
  • Smooth zippers and firm structure
  • Fits perfectly under a plane seat
  • Super lightweight and versatile


  • The stitches on the hanging strap don’t last long

Travelon Anti-Theft Boho Backpack, Mosaic Tile, One Size

Check Price Here

The Travelon anti-theft backpack is one of the best backpacks for back support on the market. The backpack is one of those backpacks that don’t hurt your back no matter how much load you carry.

Also, the Travelon backpack has space and the compartments are well organized to suit your taste.

In addition, the backpack for people with bad backs comes with a wall zipper pocket and a drop pocket to help you easily locate and quickly grab items.

Lastly, the beautifully designed backpack has an adjustable, padded, slash-resistant shoulder strap that allows for comfort and a top grab handle lets you load and unload effortlessly.


  • Soft Fabrics
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use


  • The backpack is not water-resistant

Tiding Vintage 15.6 Inch Men’s Crazy Horse Real Leather Convertible Backpack Laptop Messenger Bag Large Briefcase Daypack Travel Bag

Check Price Here

The Tiding vintage leather backpack is one of the best backpacks for back pain because of the quality material used to make the messenger bag.

The backpack is convertible into a messenger bag when you don’t feel like carrying it as a backpack.

Also, the backpack comes with multi pockets to carry wallet ,books, iPad, other tablet.

In addition, the backpack is Suitable for Mountaineer, outdoor sports, hiking, traveling, camping, business trip. In fact, here is the best hiking backpack for bad backs.

Lastly, the hiking backpack comes with a padded and breathable mesh back to avoid stains on your clothes and bring you more comfort.


  • Heavy duty zippers
  • Quality leather
  • Rugged stitching and straps

XD Design Bobby Compact Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack with USB Port (Unisex Bag)

Check Price Here

Here is another good backpack for back pain. The XD design Bobby backpack is one of those backpacks with a good back support.

Moreover, the backpack comes with a protective layer and a cut-proof protection board which makes the backpack durable and efficient for work use.

Also, the backpack straps are designed in a way that the backpack does not hurt the shoulders. The backpack includes compartments which hold a laptop up to 14″ and a tablet up to 9″.

Lastly, the backpack comes with an integrated rain cover, and zipper closure, therefore, you have the best bag for back pain with the XD Design backpack.


  • Perfect for fashion and security
  • Efficient for day trips
  • Great anti-theft, anti-slash and water-resistant backpack


  • Difficult to open

Best Backpacks for Back Pain – Our Top Choice

Buy Now

Out of over 500 backpacks recommended for back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain we conducted detailed research using the comprehensive features listed in the post as a criterion and we came up with this super classy backpack as one of the best backpacks for back pain.

The overall best backpacks for back pain is the P.MAI Premium Valletta Leather Laptop Backpack. This backpacks for back pain has a sleek design, good shoulder straps, and a perfect fit for both adults and kids.

Therefore, if you need the best backpacks for back pain that can fit into any occasion and still make you stand out then you can put a stop to your search and pick our top choice.

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How to Avoid Back Pain and Shoulder Pain from Carrying a Bag

Back pains and shoulder pains from carrying a backpack are not peculiar to adults, it is also common among children and high school students, therefore, read these tips to your kids before they wear their backpack today.

Firstly, never wear your backpack on one shoulder. Always wear both shoulder straps of your backpack to even the weight of the bag.

Pack your backpack smartly. Whenever you are packing a bag, always put the heavier load down and make use of all compartments. Organizing your load in multiple compartments helps spread the weight of the backpack content evenly.

Your backpack should be on your back not your hips therefore, adjust the shoulder strap till your bag is comfortable on your back.

Always use the backpack chest strap or waist strap. The waist strap helps to relieve weight on the shoulder and distribute the weight to the hips.

Wear your backpack smartly; it should be stable on your back not swaying side by side.

Best Bag for Back Pain on Budget

Check Price Here

After a careful review of over 10 best backpacks for your back and best backpack for shoulder pain, we chose the North Face Surge Laptop Backpack 15″ as the best bag for back pain on budget. This backpack features super awesome qualities for its price.

Therefore, if you are on a budget and you need a backpack to prevent back pain or best backpack for shoulder pain either for school, work or travel I recommend The North face surge laptop backpack.

Below are few criteria’s you should consider when choosing good backpacks for back pain for work, school or travel.

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By what method Can A Quality Backpack Reduce Back Pain or Shoulder Pain?

A high calibre, ergonomic backpack can lessen back pain because of the savvy structure. For example, ergonomic knapsacks ordinarily have thick, cushioned ties that help to spread the weight equally over your back and shoulders, which lessens pain and improves the act.

It likewise implies that your muscles are progressively loosened up when you’re wearing the backpack, so you’re less inclined to experience the ill effects of stressed, stiff muscles.

This is significant on the off chance that you wear your backpack every day and if you wear backpacks that are good for your back. All things considered, back pain may appear to be a minor bother, yet in the event that you wear the backpack every now and again, it will modify your back after some time.

This can cause long haul medical issues sometime later, (for example, mechanical back pain or nervous tissue), particularly in the event that you as of now experience back, neck or shoulder issues. So in the event that you have any back issues as of now, you should put your resources into the best backpacks for back pain and backpacks with best back support!

How to Choose the Best Backpacks for Back Pain

Listed below are comprehensive features we checked before picking the 10 best backpacks for back pain and the best backpack for shoulder pain. Also, if your kids’ backpack is lacking one of these features you should consider changing the backpack before the child starts complaining of back pain.

Good Shoulder Straps

The very first thing you should watch out for is the backpack shoulder strap since most of the weight will be concentrated on the shoulders. The shoulder strap must be well padded, wide and strong enough to withstand the weight of the bag.

With the help of padding on most ergonomic backpacks, the pack becomes comfortable to carry and reduces the strain on your shoulder. Also, make sure the shoulder strap is adjustable to prevent chafing.

Padded Chest and Waist Strap

Apart from a good shoulder strap, an ergonomic backpack should come with a padded chest strap and waist strap. The chest strap will help reduce strain on your shoulder while the waist strap will provide support and help distribute the weight between your back and hips.

Also, the chest strap makes your backpack comfortable to carry apart from the technical advantage so you should always take note of the waist and chest strap when choosing good backpacks for back pain.

Pick your Size

Comfort is a major factor to always consider when wearing your backpack and carrying a backpack bigger than you will not give you your desired comfort.

Although both large and small ergonomic backpacks are comfortable to use if you don’t have a big and strong upper body, you should go for a small backpack. Smaller backpacks are light and accommodate little items making it comfortable to carry.


Some people pick backpacks randomly even when it does not fit into the desired purpose and this does not only cause pain to their body but also damage to their property. It is wrong to use a hiking bag in place of a laptop backpack; the two are used for different things.

Therefore, before purchasing a backpack, think about the purpose and pick the backpack that fits into your desired purpose. Don’t pick a backpack meant for an adult for young children.

Backpack Design

Lastly, you should choose your backpack according to the design you desire. Some backpacks are designed with very interesting features like – ventilated back, water-resistant, weight distribution, and plenty compartments.

However, don’t forget these designs are made for your comfort therefore if your backpack is lacking good features and the design is not comfortable just check below and pick a better one.

Normal Back Problems

If you travel frequently, you can experience back pain from time to time. Back pain is normal in pregnancy. It can also be the result of some everyday activity or poor posture.

Although it can affect people of any age, it is significantly more common among adults aged between 35 and 55 years.

Learn what causes lower back pain while pregnant and that which you can do in order to ease or avoid backache when pregnant.

Generally, I recommend you go for backpacks that are good for your back, go for the best backpacks for back support and the best backpacks for back pain. But if your back pain persists for more than two days then you should visit a doctor.

Normal Neck Problems

Your neck is composed of the vertebrae that are believed to extend from the skull to the upper portion of the torso. A stiff neck is a typical problem that affects folks of all ages. A stiff neck might become painful every time an individual attempt to move their neck or head. The best method to relieve a stiff neck is dependent on the reason.

Just about everyone experiences neck pain at some moment. Pain in the neck and back is caused due to numerous factors and can influence your day-to-day routine considerably.

Usually, it lasts for a short time, but if it is taking longer than usual, it can be a symptom of a serious problem. Make certain that the pillow you use adequately supports your neck without resulting in any excessive bending. Seek immediate advice with your physician if the pain doesn’t go away or worsens. When choosing your bag always go for the best backpacks for neck pains.

Normal Shoulder Problems

The vast majority experience shoulder pain in light of the fact that the delicate tissue within the shoulder has turned out to be harmed.

This can be brought about by challenging work or conveying substantial things.

Nonetheless, there are additionally progressively significant issues that can cause shoulder pain, for example, disengagement, a break, joint pain, detachment, a rotator sleeve tear or rotator sleeve ailment.

On the off chance that you think your shoulder pain is brought about by a complicated issue, you ought to unquestionably address a medical expert before purchasing an ergonomic rucksack.

This is because they may suggest a physical treatment (which could incorporate utilizing ergonomic gear) however they may likewise prescribe something unique, for example, medical procedure. But always watch out for backpack that hurts shoulders, go for the best backpacks for shoulder pains.

Tips To Wear a Backpack without Hurting Your Back

  1. Do not bend over the waist when wearing a heavy backpack. Always bend using both knees
  2. Exercise your upper body and learn an exercise that helps with back strengthening
  3. If you are walking a long distance, use a rolling backpack.
  4. Visit the doctor, the moment you start noticing pains on your back, waist, shoulder or neck.

10 Comfortable Bags to Carry If You Have Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can leave your back, shoulders and arms aching. So what do you do when you have to go out, but carrying your keys, wallet and other essentials causes even more pain? For starters, having the right purse or backpack can make journeys out much more bearable. You’ll want a bag that distributes the weight across your body without putting undue pressure on tender points, is lightweight, and has enough room for your things without being too big.

Here, our Mighty community shares the bags they carry that have been comfortable despite their chronic pain. Whether you’re a student who needs a supportive backpack for carrying books or you’re just looking for a small handbag you can grab on your way out the door, hopefully you’ll find some ideas here that won’t weigh you down.

1. Sash

“I don’t even have mine yet, but I’ve seen many comments from users that Sash bags are great for people with pain — and also those with mobility issues as they leave your hands free. They are cross body, light weight and well balanced,” Carolyn Worthington said.

Buy the bag featured above for $79 from Sash.

2. Fabletics

“ a small lightweight backpack from Fabletics. It’s not bulky and is made of a light, water resistant fabric which feels silky and the straps are faux leather. It’s great for light things but also fits a . I love it because it looks smart but I can’t use handbags because of dislocations,” Mighty user moggie said.

Buy the backpack featured above for $14.97 from Fabletics.

3. Vera Bradley

“I carry a very lightweight Vera Bradley purse that has a built-in wallet. Also has an adjustable strap so I can carry it cross body too!” Beth Paulsen-Spear said.

“I love the Vera Bradley mailbag style…it’s stylish and crossbody, so I switch it from shoulder to shoulder depending on which shoulder or side of my neck is in the least amount of pain,” Amy Looney said.

Buy the bag featured above for $64 from Vera Bradley.

4. Dakine

“Dakine — I have a backpack, more than three crossbody bags, and the rolling luggage. I like the colorful patterns and there’s so many styles to choose from,” Nik Willison said.

Buy the bag featured above for $25 from Dakine.

5. Sakroots

“Sakroots backpack purses. Super cute and comfortable! They also have plenty of space for whatever the day might need,” Sammi Kretschmar recommended.

Buy the backpack featured above for $74 from Sakroots.

6. Berghaus

“I really like my Berghaus Twentyfourseven backpack, which has padding but doesn’t feel too bulky and is more appropriate for heavier-duty carrying,” moggie said. “I really stay away from carrying more than a tiny thing other than in a backpack because I find the asymmetry uncomfortable. Sometimes for a small item like some keys and a bus pass, a cross body bag is good but I don’t like to rely on them.”

Buy the backpack featured above for €40 from Berghaus.

7. Everlane

“Everlane Crossbody or Everlane Form Bag. Both can be worn as a shoulder bad or as a crossbody. They are lightweight, comfortable, and although not very large, they carry quite a bit and hold up very well,” Mighty user Dani said.

Buy the bag featured above for $190 from Everlane.

8. The North Face

“I had a North Face that had quite a bit of padding and was relatively comfortable to wear. I was a science major in college, so I had a lot of heavy books and whatnot to carry around. I’m sure I had way too much in my backpack, but I think if you didn’t load quite so much in, it would work great,” Jackie Russ said.

“My North Face backpack was well worth the money! It’s got a lot of padding so even carrying school books and my laptop together don’t bother me too too much,” Alyssa V. said.

Buy the backpack featured above for $55 from The North Face.

9. Rolling Cart

“Upon my chiropractor’s request, I carry an almost empty bag. When I need to actually carry heavy stuff, I use my rolling bin (teachers know what I’m taking about),” Aleya G. said.

Buy the rolling cart featured above for $39.99 from Amazon.

10. Fanny Pack

Fanny packs have a bit of an “uncool” reputation, but consider: they’re small, lightweight, keep all pressure off your shoulders and back and keep your hands free, ideal if you’re using a cane, walker or crutches. If you only need to carry a few essentials, a fanny pack or “belt bag” (as some trendy stores are calling them now) might be a comfortable way to go.

Buy the belt bag featured above for $17.90 from Forever 21.

If you have shoulder, neck, or back pain, you know it can be debilitating and frankly, pretty darn miserable. But what you may not know is that carrying a heavy tote or purse—something many of us do daily—can be a contributing factor to your discomfort.

“When weight is applied to one side of the neck and back from a single strap bag, it may lead to overuse strains or aggravate existing injuries,” says Armin Tehrany, MD, board-certified orthopedic surgeon and the founder of Manhattan Orthopedic Care.

That doesn’t mean you have to leave your laptop or workout gear at home, though. Toting around your workweek essentials while keeping pain at bay is as simple as swapping your go-to bag for a backpack, Tehrany says. And despite what you may have heard, you don’t need a special type of backpack to stay pain free, either.

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“Carrying a backpack is much safer than a single strap bag. Since it distributes weight evenly it prevents neck, shoulder and back pain, Tehrany explains.

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We know what you’re thinking: I can’t carry a backpack to the office! But if you have a stylish and functional one, you absolutely can! Over the past few years, knapsacks have had a comeback in a big way, with new, chic designs replacing designs reminiscent of middle and high school.

To help you find a bag that’s right for you, we’ve tracked down the best the Internet has to offer. From small bags with just enough room for a book, phone, and wallet to larger packs with designated compartments for fitness gear, laptops, and more, you’ll find loads of stylish picks right here.

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Travelon Women’s Anti-Theft Signature Slim Backpack

Not only does this bag have plenty of room for all your daily office and weekend essentials, but it’s also ideal for keeping your valuables safe while traveling. The bag features RFID-blocking card and passport slots and slash-proof shoulder straps.

Buy now: $41,

Everlane Modern Twill Single Snap Backpack

With its ultra cool, minimalist design, no one in a million years would mistake this knapsack for a kindergartener’s. The main compartment of the larger version has room for a laptop, your lunch, and a few other small things, as well as two side slip pockets for easy access to a water bottle and other on-the-go items. The small pack, however, is better suited for those who pack light. There’s a small interior slip pocket for your wallet, keys, and phone in addition to a bit of space for a few handheld essentials.

Buy now: Small, $55,

Buy now: Large, $65,

Splendid Ashton Backpack

Two interior and two exterior pockets give this high-quality faux-leather backpack a practical design that’s office-appropriate.

Buy now: $89,

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Tumi Voyageur Just in Case Travel Backpack

This ultra lightweight bag is just as great for everyday use as it is for travel. The nylon interior holds up strong to stinky gym gear and snack spills. And the Add-a-Bag sleeve allows the pack to slide onto the handle of any rolling luggage bag easily. (And speaking of luggage, did you know you could save up to $50 every time you fly by investing in one of these roomy carry-on bags?)

Buy now: $95,

Tommy Hilfiger Julia Smooth Large Dome Backpack

This laptop compatible, minimalist backpack comes in three bold colors.

Buy now: $77,

Relieve neck pain with this simple move:

State Bags Greenwood Lorimer Leather Backpack

This lightly pebbled leather bag has a padded laptop sleeve that holds most 12-inch devices as well as three large exterior pockets for quick and easy access to keys and other essentials.

Buy now: $235,

Incase Icon Access Compact Backpack

If you’re looking for a knapsack that will help you stay organized, this is it. This durable nylon bag has a slot for laptops up to 15-inches, as well as other compartments to store smaller items, like glasses, mints, pencils, and tech accessories.

Buy now: $40,

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Le Donne Leather Distressed Leather Womens Backpack

Ditch your purse and cart your things around town in this small backpack with a perfectly worn-in look.

Buy now: $88,

Rebecca Minkoff Julian Nylon Backpack

The dog clip hardware gives this lightweight pack a unique look, while the outside pockets provide practical storage options for ladies on the go. Loving the design but looking for something leather? You’re in luck! The Julian Backpack also comes in three shades of pebbled leather ($295,

Buy now: $145,

Herschel Supply Co. City Mid Volume Backpack

This canvas vintage-inspired design isn’t big enough to double as a weekender bag, but it’s the perfect size for an iPad, water bottle, umbrella and a few other everyday essentials.

Buy now: $55,

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Scarleton Chic Casual Backpack

If a purse-alternative that’s affordable and polished is what you’ve been looking for, you’re in luck, because we’ve found the perfect one! In addition to the scarlet red version pictured above, it also comes in brown, light blue, navy, and black.

Buy now: $23,

Matt & Nat Mini Fabi Faux Leather Backpack

This black on black design is faux-leather, but you’d never know by looking at it. Its minimalist design looks sophisticated and is sure to enhance any office- or weekend-ready look.

Buy now: $145,

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Lululemon Athletica Get Set Backpack

Typically tote your gym gear to work? This is the bag for you. This sleek, modern knapsack has pockets for your laptop, cell phone, stinky shoes, sweaty gear, and water bottle.

Buy now: $128,

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Michael By Michael Kors Kelsey Large Backpack

Padded straps and a special zippered compartment for your tablet are just two of the highlight features of this graphite-colored design.

Buy now: $178,

Dana Leigh Smith Dana Leigh Smith is currently a senior branded content editor for Women’s Health and Prevention specializing in nutrition, food, and health; she previously worked for Eat This, Not That!

What Are the Best Purses For Back Pain?

No woman’s wardrobe is finished unless it has an accessible purse. On the other hand, quite a few women like to fill their purse up with not only the things they need but a number of other items and knick-knacks as well.

What’s the result? A purse that’s really too much for a pair of slender shoulders to have the responsibility for carrying. Lugging around a heavy or big purse every day can eventually give you or someone you love back pain, if not also neck and even shoulder pain.

Keep reading to learn what factors make the best purses for back pain, several specific product recommendations, a list of potential alternatives, and the importance of stretching every day.

Reviews: Best Purses for Back Pain

There are too many good and great purses out there for back pain to possibly list all here at once. Still, the following are 5 recommendations you should consider as a starting point in your shopping either for yourself or someone that you truly care about.

Teemzone Slim & Minimalist Clutch

Where to Buy: | $39.00

Ergonomic clutches are proving to be a meeting ground between women looking for a pain-free purse and men wanting a good-sized wallet. Carry the essentials you need in the palm of your hand. As much as they protect your back, they also protect your identity with a distinct composite metal that blocks out most RFID signals from unauthorized scanning.

Convenience is further extended with a design that makes it easy to push cards and out, reducing back strain from having to dig into your purse or wallet. Don’t worry, there’s room for up to a dozen cards, so retail therapy is still easy to do.

AmeriBag Classic Leather Healthy Back Bag

Where to Buy: |

The teardrop structure of bags like these relieve the weight other bags would place on your shoulders and neck, instead opting for an even distribution along the back for considerably more comfort. Thick and padded shoulder strapping means even less strain when carrying this, and the adjustability of it lets you carry it many different ways.

This innovatively ergonomic bag has enough space and organization to make for a very effective purse, but you can also use it as a gym bag or for other functions as you need.

Minicat Small Crossbody Bag

Where to Buy: | $18.99

If you’re looking for small, then this bag is pretty much the end of the road. It’s tiny in size, but most women can fit their phone, keys, money, credit cards, and some lipstick without much effort.

The interior lining features a fuzzy material that prevents damage and friction to your phone. Affordable and available in many different colors, this minimalist look will have your back and neck saying big thank you’s.

Vera Bradley Tote Shoulder Bag

Where to Buy: |

It’s hard to carry anything by Vera Bradley and not be considered fashionable. The Parisian Paisley look can be just pop that your outfit needs too.

This is a lightweight purse featuring an in-built wallet to save space and time. The adjustable strap can be fitted to your size and shape, and you can extend it out for a cross-body carry. If one of your shoulders starts getting sore, then just quickly and easily swing it around to the fresh side of your neck.

Dakine – Jo Jo Women’s Crossbody Bag

Where to Buy: | $26.96

This brand knows a thing or two about comfortable item storage and transport, between their crossbody bags, backpacks, and rolling luggage. The variety of styles and colorful patterns are a big hit with many users.

If you’re looking for a good purse for back pain for yourself or just as a good gift for a senior you love, then consider their Jo Jo women’s crossbody bag. This robust shoulder bag has a spacious compartment for your essentials, and the shoulder strap is adjustable for customized fitting. Only 7.4 oz. in weight, it’s created using recycled materials so you can help save the world while saving your back.\

Buying Guide: What Should You Look For In A Purse For Someone With Back Pain?

Several factors come into play if you’re looking for a purse for yourself or someone you care about who has back pain.

Lighten Your Load

For starters, you should only tote 10 percent of your total body weight in any bag, and even less is preferable. If you have a bag that weighs 5 pounds even when empty, then you’re not starting off right. An excessive load can make your neck and head jut a bit forward instead of remaining directly over your shoulders. This results in back pain, neck tension, and headaches.

Shorter Straps Are Better

Secondly, forget shoulder bags with long straps. These will tug you into a C shape as you lean to one side. The purse bumps your hip, and the strap will slip enough that you keep hunching your shoulder to try and keep things in place. While they’re attractive to some, chains are also a bad idea since they can gouge your flesh.

Easy Access Reduces Twisting and Torquing

Third, you want easy access. Anything that has plenty of compartments and pockets makes it easier to find the things you carry. Having to dig around inside your bag can strain or twist your back, resulting in misalignment of your spine and more back pain.

Light Materials with Few Adornments

Fourth, you want light materials without a lot of detailing. Options like nylon or leather are better than anything heavier, especially if adorned with heavy stones, studs, buckles, or metal hardware.

Smaller is Generally Better

Fifth, smaller is better here. Small bags are harder to weigh down with too much stuff. They’re also easier to carry right, which could over your shoulder while tucked underneath your arm, held in your hand, or over your forearm or in your elbow crook.

Shoulder bags need to fall closely to your center of gravity when possible, which is usually near your waist or navel, although maybe a bit higher for petite women. Busty women need to avoid shoulder bags of all kinds since their alignment might already be dragged out of whack just due to their physique.

Alternatives To Purses

It’s always great to start looking for ergonomic purses and bags to help out your own back pain or someone else’s. However, they don’t always make for very stylish choices.Fortunately, there are many alternatives to purses.

Sashes with Compartments

For starters, there are now decorative sashes that can be worn with your attire that feature purse compartments or storage. These garments simply take the idea of a shoulder strap and replace it with a crossbody sash, ranging from simple and stylish to elegant and formal.


Backpacks can also work in many settings, so long as they have both straps. Fanny packs get a bad rap, and they have for a long time; yet, they’re still very effective. Consider either of these if you are using a walker or cane to get around.

Multiple Use Bags

An exciting new area of development is that of multiple-way bags. These can be used as backpacks, shoulder bags, and cross-body bags. Such versatility should be welcome in any wardrobe.

Summary and Final Recommendations

When it’s all said and done, regardless of what bag you choose, you need to remember to do your daily stretching. Spending just a few moments near the end of your day stretching the right way can help you unwind the imbalances that result from heavy handbags. Get a small therapy ball you can use to roll out trigger points and their associated tensions in certain muscles.

Check in with your body regularly. If you continue to have back pain, or you start experiencing tingling and/numbness in your arms and hands, or suspect you may have fibromyalgia back pain then you should consult a doctor, orthopedist or chiropractor.

You always want to be stylish and fashionable enough to feel great about yourself and occasionally draw compliments, but how great will you really feel if your fashion sense defies physical sense because of chronic pain? Use what you have read here to look and feel great at the same time, regardless of your age or condition.

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