9 Stylish Beach Cover Ups For Every Body Type

For a confident strut down the boardwalk this summer, you’ll need a winning combination of bikinis and beach cover ups!

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Beach Cover Ups to Match Your Personal Style

1. Sarong

One of the most popular types of beach cover ups around, this trendy beachwear is popular for the right reason: It covers up areas you want concealed while also giving you a more graceful silhouette. Its versatility and functionality allow it to be used in so many ways, making it a beach essential.

One piece is all you need to complete your summertime OOTD. Because it can be worn in numerous ways — as a skirt, a wrap-style dress, or even a shawl or scarf — you extend your wardrobe without having to shell out too much cash.

If you want to make a fashion statement, choose a brightly colored sarong with unique patterns that will compliment your swimsuit!

To wear it as a short skirt, simply fold it diagonally in half, wrap it around your waist, and gather the two ends and tie a knot on the side. If you’re going for a long skirt, wrap the sarong horizontally around your waist, pinch both corners, make a knot, and twist it to one side of your hip to expose a bit of leg as you walk.

2. Tunic

This fashionable swimsuit cover up is a long, flowing top that hits at mid-thigh level. It is often made from lightweight fabric and may even be embroidered or beaded.

Because it tends to have long sleeves, it can successfully hide problem areas around the arms, hips, and midriff—making it perfect for any body type. Wear this with a hat and big sunglasses for the perfect OOTD.

For pear-shaped women, tunics with side vents, a slightly tapered waist, and wide neck opening are an ideal choice for flattering the hips and thighs. To balance out your bottom half, consider wearing accessories like chunky earrings and necklace that draw attention your upper body.

If you are apple-shaped, choose a nice V-neck tunic that directs attention to your neck and face. For those with a full figure, make sure your tunic isn’t too clingy or too loose so you can show off your collarbone and wrists.

3. Sun Dress

This is one of the most popular beach cover ups you can own, especially if you’re the type who loves to dress up a little at the beach. A sun dress is any woman’s throw-on-and-go summer piece, and it can be short, long, strapless, or any other way you want!

What’s great about sun dresses is they are cool, fresh, and easy to pull on and off over a swimsuit. There are so many designs suited for every body shape, so you can easily find a piece perfect for you this summer season.

For a universally flattering dress shape, go for the A-line! It has a balanced cut that gives a nice and forgiving silhouette—from petite to hourglass and everything else in between.

If you’re eyeing a classic style that’s looser than an A-line, consider a wrap sun dress. The wrap accentuates your curves, while the tie-waist creates the illusion of a smaller waist.

If you don’t want anything clinging to your body, go for a boxy shift dress. This figure-skimming sun dress does not place any real emphasis on any particular feature, so you get a balanced silhouette (and the perfect airy bathing suit cover up) .

4. Playsuit

In today’s fashion, playsuits, jumpsuits, pantsuits, rompers, and dungarees are all one and the same. In a nutshell, these beach cover ups simply mean a “one-piece outfit.”

Expect them in different styles: strapless, asymmetrical neckline, sleeveless, backless, or with full coverage. Many playsuits are made of lightweight material perfect for the summer heat — you can even find them in crochet or lace.

One of the best things about a playsuit is that it’s perfect for any body type, and dressy enough for more formal beach events like dinner dates or parties. Pair it with flip-flops, flats, tennis shoes, or espadrilles—pretty much anything you can think of!

5. Robe

If you want to keep warm after playing in the water, robes make great beach cover ups. Because they’re typically made of the same fabric as towels, they have extra high absorbency for quick drying.

There are different styles that fit most. Kimono robes and hooded robes make great personal changing rooms so you can easily change in and out of your wetsuit even in public.

For a more stylish look, waffle wraps are great for the ladies, while velour wraps are perfect for men. These are easy to carry around, presentable enough to walk around the resort or hotel in, and keep you warm and dry without the need for a separate towel.

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6. Kaftan

A traditional garment worn in Morocco, Africa, and the Middle East, kaftans are experiencing revived popularity as plus size cover ups. What’s great about them is that you can dress them up or down, making them perfect for any casual or formal look.

This luxuriously comfortable and breezy clothing is a reliable, go-to item for special beach events because of its versatility. Pair it with accessories and a trendy beach bag, and get ready to party all night long.

It comes in many styles, patterns, and colors to fit your taste. This naturally slimming garment hides bulges, making it great on all shapes.

7. Kimono

This traditional Japanese garment is fast gaining popularity as beach a cover-up. This adaptable and versatile piece is normally worn ankle length, but most beach kimonos are knee length with sleeves that reach a little below the elbows.

With an oversized, floaty design, you can easily add elements to enhance your overall beach look. For a stylish, boho vibe, pair your kimono with an oversized straw hat, jean shorts, a bikini top, pair of open-toe sandals, and cool shades.

8. Wrap Dress

The wrap dress on a breezy summer’s day. #classic pic.twitter.com/DScWrt04VQ

— Jui Chaska (@GlobalmodelsJui) July 24, 2019

For an effortless resort-wear look, go for wrap dresses. These easy-to-wear garments are notoriously flattering on all body shapes and sizes, making them great beach cover ups.

If you are pear-shaped or looking to add curves, choose a piece with a V neckline to enhance your bust and slim over the hips. If you have a short torso, choose one with a plunging neckline to get that lengthening effect.

For ladies who prefer a little more coverage, a wrap dress with a knee-length hemline will do the trick. For a night out at the beach, go for a piece with a deep V neck.

9. Maxi Dress

Your summer outfit isn’t complete without a maxi dress. It’s not just a go-to piece you can easily dress up or down, but also a stylish swimsuit cover up.

Typically form-fitting at the top and loose-fitting at the bottom, one may think it isn’t ideal for every body type. But by choosing the right style and color, anyone can create a flattering silhouette that draws attention to a curvy waist.

Here’s a way to wear this trend for summer: accessorize with drop earrings, colorful sunglasses, and open toe sandals. Add a headscarf or straw hat for an effortless, casual vibe.

Sometimes, a little bikini isn’t exactly the most comfortable to walk or run around in at the beach. Even the most confident women still need some backup when not basking under the sun or swimming. This is where you need the best beach cover ups for your body type. They are not only trendy, but also come in a variety of styles flattering for every body type.

Do you have a favorite beach cover up? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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Stylish beach cover-ups are what women always need to have when they go to the beach on summers. After swimming or sunbathing, a stylish beach cover-up would be a great compliment as you walk along the beach. The fact is what kind of cover-up that you prefer since there are a lot of them on the list? Also, how can you find the high quality cover-up that looks stylish and expensive on you with affordable price? Worry no more ladies, this review is here for you. Just scroll down, and you will see 10 stylish women beach cover-ups waiting for you to select.

1. MiYang Women’s Floral Lace Beach Bikini Cover-Up

Check on Amazon.com

Nothing is better than brining styles to the beach with you on summer. After swimming, you might want to walk along the beach or go get some drinks from the mini bar. This is the lightweight cover-up that you can easily put on or take off no matter where you go. It is made of 100% polyester and silky materials for comfort and coolness in hot weather. The size is adjustable, and you can wear it for tanning salon, poolside, or beach. 4 colors are available for you: red, white, black, and green.

2. NFASHIONSO Women’s Fashion Tunic Cover-Up

Check on Amazon.com

Here is the boho style cover-up that brings you style and compliment as you walk around. It is made of cotton and lace along with precise design for the best look no matter where you go. The fabric is soft and comfy which keeps you comfort even the weather is hot. The design features openwork intricate crocheted patterns, scalloped edge on the bottom and at the end of the sleeves. This cover-up is ideal for casual wear, beach, poolside, outdoor party, and anywhere.

3. Yonala Women’s Classic Beach Cover-Up

Check on Amazon.com

I find this one simple and attractive as you can wear this cover-up with style and comfort. It has the style of pullover with middle length along with classic stripes. This cover-up is the stylish and bright beachwear that you can wear for any occasions you’re in. It has unique design of see through that creates sexy and stylish look as you walk. The cover-up is perfect for bikini, swimwear, beachwear, bathing suit, monokini, tankini, and more.

4. Simplicity Women’s Oversized Cover-Up

Check on Amazon.com

This is the perfect cover-up dress that you can wear with swimsuit, bikini, and more. It is incredibly soft and comfortable as it is made of high quality chiffon material. With sexy and semi-design, you can show off your stylish bikini with style as you wear this cover-up. It features a horizontal stripe design and cute hobo tassels along the trim. This cover-up is loose-fit and easy to wear since it is lightweight with its airy design for summer hot days.

5. MyGift Collection Plus Size Cover-Up

Check on Amazon.com

Walking on the beach with style, that sounds great for summer vacation! It is the plus-size swimsuit cover-up that is made of crocheted lace in an eye-catching floral design. This cover-up has the elastic waistband that allows it to conform your figure as you walk. It also has the flowing and half length sleeves that are made of lightweight fabric for great comfort. This cover-up will surely keep your cool while the v-neck and floral crocheted design brings all the styles.

6. Amourri Women’s V-Neck Cover-Up

Check on Amazon.com

This cover-up comes with the design of free-flowing breathable function that brings comfort for you. The cover-up is soft and lightweight which makes you look hot but feeling cool under the cover-up. It also features long and loose sleeves along with v-neck design that is easy to put on and take off. With front strap, you can easily adjust your waist to shape perfect figure as you walk. The color and patterns on the cover-up is bright and stylish enough to brings all eyes on you.

Check on Amazon.com

Boho style always bring the coolest look no matter if it dress or accessory. This cover-up comes with drawstring closure that allows you to adjust the size to fit your figure. With polyester, you know it the high quality and durable cover-up that you can wear for years. The fabric is absolutely lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear as it is stylish and cool. You can wear this cover-up as swimsuit cover-up, cocktail dress, sleepwear night gown, and more.

8. Dora Bridal Women Hollow Cut Cover-Up

Check on Amazon.com

This unique cover-up has special design that shows you a special and fashion look as you walk. It is eat to cover up which makes the best wrap skirt for you on summer vacation. This cover-up is made of polyester which is comfortable and breathable despite the hot weather in summer. With daringly sexy and charming of the cover-up, it will collect the compliments and styles for you. It looks simple but so stylish that you will love to wear with your swimsuit or bikini.

9. Aaronano Women’s Summer Beach Cover-Up

Check on Amazon.com

This cover-up has the impressive and delicate look that offers fashion and flawless style to you. It is lightweight which is easy wear as well as put on and take off. This cover-up allows you to feel comfortable and enjoy your vacation with styles. The cover-up has open sides which is perfect for layering over any swimsuit you put on. With see through design, you can easily show off your swimsuit with style and sexy look. There are 3 colors for you to choose: black, white, and pink.

10. HENGSONG Women Beach Cover-Up

Check on Amazon.com

Another sexy boho beach cover-up that you might want to wear on the beach this summer. With special design, you can use it in 3 different styles base on your preferences. You can turn it to beach cover dress, beach cover blouse, and beach cover cardigan kimono blouse. It is made of cotton blend which is easy to wear especially put on or take off. This cover-up makes a perfect choice to any swimsuit you wear no matter where you go. It fits great, and its style never runs out.

Beach season is almost here, and that means going bathing suit shopping. But that’s only part of scoring a truly sun-tastic ensemble. To complete your seashore style, don’t forget to slip on a cover-up.

Not only do some of them provide extra protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays, but all of them transition from water to watering holes with zero effort.

We consulted with stylist Melissa Garcia on what to look for when you’re trying on cover-ups. Her first piece of advice? Make sure the piece gives you peace.

“This might sound silly but the No. 1 thing to (make sure) is that your cover-up actually covers up. They are designed to allow you to go shopping or to lunch straight from the beach and pool so you want to be sure that you are covered up and comfortably so!” Garcia told TODAY.

Plus, if you’re staying at a resort and need to walk through common areas like the lobby, a cover-up is a must, said Garcia.

When you’re out shopping for one, said Garcia, “definitely look for one that is lightweight, quick to dry, easy to throw on and off and, of course, comfortable! Also be sure to think of the colors and patterns of the bathing suits you already own so the cover-ups you get complement your suits.”

But beware: Sun-protective clothing doesn’t take the place of sunscreen, cautioned dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner, who is the director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital’s Department of Dermatology. He recommended wearing a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.

“Ideally you should cover the body with sunscreen. I recommend a quarter-sized dollop to the face and an amount that’s the size of a standard shot glass applied to the rest of the body. For added benefit, make sure to wear sun-protective clothing, hats and sunglasses,” said Zeichner. “Rash guards are great at preventing sunburn by physically blocking UV light from burning the skin.”

The best beach cover-ups we’ve found

  • 1. Jeasona Bathing Suit Crochet Dress Cover Up, $20, Amazon

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We love the drawstrings on the sides and the comfy, effortless feel. It’s also earned a 4.4-star rating from close to 900 reviews.

  • 2. Tavik Beach Throw, $44, Nordstrom

This cute dress doubles as a sarong and a beach blanket.

  • 3. Speedo Hooded Cover-Up, $25-$44, Amazon

This no-frills dress is great to slip on after a full day paying in the water.

  • 4. Roxy Essentials Long Sleeve Zip-up Rashguard, $45+, Amazon

This number protects your arms, zips up and blocks UVA and UVB rays.

  • 5. Becca Serengeti Cover-Up Pants, $78, Nordstrom

Pair these pants, which come in blue or beige, with a solid colored one-piece swimsuit that can easily take you from the beach to dinner.

  • 6. Free People Going Places Convertible Jumpsuit, $45 (usually $98), Nordstrom Rack

Get two items for the price of one with this piece that easily goes from strapless jumpsuit to wide-leg pants.

  • 7. Mikoh Toyama Beach Sarong, $46, Saks Fifth Avenue

Snatch up this casual sarong in either black or hot pink.

  • 8. Coolibar UPF 50+ Beach Cover-Up Dress, $63+, Amazon

You can get this cute dress in a variety of colors, and it provides major sun protection to boot.

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Heading to the beach or pool this summer? There are as many ways to cover up pre- and post-dip as there are swimsuits to choose from—from goddess gowns to borrowed menswear. And who better than Vogue’s editors to turn to for ideas? Fashion news editor Steff Yotka never heads East without a vibrant men’s button-down, while accessories director Willow Lindley sticks to a foolproof basic: the white cotton shirtdress. Meanwhile, features editor Lilah Ramzi’s responsibly-made cover-up is actually a matching top-and-skirt set, or you could shake things up with an embroidered Hawaiian shirt, as recommended by associate market editor Madeline Fass.

Of course, a caftan or robe is the classic route for après swim. Senior fashion news writer Emily Farra lives in her block-printed caftan, while jewelry director Grace Givens prefers a more bohemian style with embroidery and tassels. As for the most surprising—and surprisingly versatile—cover-up? That prize goes to associate market editor Madeline Swanson, who uses her tie-dyed dish towels as sarongs, crop tops, and even beach blankets.

Here’s to covering up creatively this summer; shop 11 ways to do it below.

Vaquera Bingo bra button-down

VAQUERA $340 Shop Now

Chioma Nnadi, Fashion News Director

I’ve always loved those photos Peter Lindbergh shot for Vogue back in the late ’80s of the supers—Christy, Linda, et al.—frolicking on the beach in white button-downs and bikini bottoms. Though I’m no supermodel, I will say that I’ve tried that cover-up styling trick myself, and it’s actually pretty flattering and much easier to pull off than you’d think. My favorite button-down right now is Vaquera’s bingo bra shirt (as the name suggests, it comes with this ingenious built-in bra), and I plan on wearing it all summer long over my bikinis.

Double Rainbouu S/S Hawaiian button-up shirt

NEED SUPPLY CO. $190 Shop Now

Steff Yotka, Fashion News Editor

I maintain that the best beach cover-up is a man’s shirt. Jeff Goldblum wears this one routinely; do I need to say more?

Mairik Adana top and skirt

THE TOT $600 Shop Now

Lilah Ramzi, Features Editor

I was just in Portugal for a friend’s wedding and packed this linen two-piece set by Mairik to wear between dips in the pool and lunch on the terrace. I’m a big fan of the label, as the pieces come in the highest quality of linen (you know because it actually looks good when it wrinkles) and feature traditional Armenian embroidery work (geometric lace insets and knotted threads). Best of all, Mairik’s founder Janet Karapetian employs Armenian women and Syrian-Armenian refugee women. It’s a novel way to keep their age-old needlepoint traditions alive—and yes, I’ll admit it’s not the most casual of cover-ups, but never mind that.

D’ascoli Samarkand cotton midi-dress


Grace Givens, Jewelry Director

You can never go wrong with a D’Ascoli cover-up! They’re perfect if you need something to transition from day to night.

Khaite Enzo wool polo shirt


Monica Kim, Senior Fashion News Editor

Sadly, I can’t really swim anymore (my hair is bleached, so salt water and chlorine both ruin it). The silver lining is that I now get to sit under a sun umbrella and worry less about wearing appropriate beach clothes. A loose knit top with a deep-V neck and a little short are pretty foolproof. I love this polo set from Khaite, which I’d happily wear around the city too.

SZ Isle frock in camel and soft pink stripe


Emily Farra, Senior Fashion News Writer

Best beach cover UPS

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