Researchers Tested Which Male Body Shapes Women Find The Most Attractive. It’s Not Good News, Men

If you are a man with a female partner and you don’t have the perfect body, go ahead and ask her what kind of body type she prefers in men. We’ll wait.

Ok, have you done that? If she said anything other than “massive rippling abs”, “oiled bulging biceps”, or “pecs that can dance up and down on command”, there’s a good chance she’s lying to you out of kindness, according to a new study from Griffith University, Queensland.

The study was aimed at testing how important physical strength is to men’s bodily attractiveness. Photographs of headless male torsos were shown to groups of women, who were asked to rate either their attractiveness or their physical strength. Some were normal university students, the others were men who worked out three to five times a week. The strengths of all the men were tested.

For the purposes of science, here are some torsos for you to rate in your own heads.

A muscly torso. The kind of which you’d see in a “get HENCH in three weeks with this one weird trick” advert. / Iulian Valentin.A less classically muscly torso. Perhaps that is why the owner is hiding in a bush? / Skeronov

How did you rate those? According to the new research, if you rated the less well-muscled body you are in a tiny minority. In fact, of the 160 women surveyed, not one found the unmuscled bodies more attractive.

“We weren’t surprised that women found physically strong men attractive… what did surprise us was just how powerful the effect was,” lead author Aaron Sell told The Guardian.

“Our data couldn’t find even a single woman that preferred weaker or feminine male bodies.”

The biggest predictor of how attractive the men were to the women in the study was their perceived physical strength. The men thought to be the strongest made up 70 percent of the men thought to be the most attractive. After further analysis, the researchers also found that women preferred tall and lean men.

The research, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B counters the idea that strength only makes you attractive to the opposite sex up to a point, where you are perceived perhaps as “too muscly” and become less attractive again. The team put this down to previous studies being conducted with line drawings, rather than actual photographs.

The hottest male bodybuilders spend hours upon hours working out, flexing in front of the mirror and otherwise looking fine. These athletes are all about looking good, building muscle and showing their bodies off for modeling jobs, bodybuilding competitions and adoring fans. Sure they walk around in next to nothing to showcase each bulging muscle but we’re certainly not complaining.

Whether done professionally or on an amateur level, bodybuilding is the process by which men and women build muscle while losing fat, all to a pretty extreme level. These famous bodybuilders and weightlifters don’t just spend time in the gym working with weights but also follow strict diets, tan often and polish their muscles with oil before competitions and other events. Bodybuilding isn’t just a hobby or activity, for many it’s a complete lifestyle. Male body builders travel in packs – so odds are, if you know one, you know many.

That said, it’s no coincidence that some of the most popular and most successful bodybuilders in the world are also some of the sexiest. On the amateur circuit, Sami Al-Haddad, Ali Tabrizi and Mohammed Touri are just a few of the recent World Amateur Bodybuilding Champions who are also very easy to look at.

What are the names of some hot body building men? But the raw sex appeal certainly doesn’t stop there. Everyone from Binais Begovic to Johnnie Jackson to Christian Engel are both impressive with their bulges but also with their good looks. Really, it’s harder to find unattractive male bodybuilders than it is to find a whole group of incredibly sexy male bodybuilders.

Hey Girl! Check Out These Hot Pics of Ryan Gosling.

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Sexy Pics of Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling went from Mickey Mouse Club to man of our dreams. The Canadian actor and musician has wowed us with romantic roles in “The Notebook”, and “Crazy, Stupid, Love” but he’s really showed his acting prowess in “Behind The Pines” and 2018’s “First Man.” The non-typical Hollywood type, Gosling seems like a sensitive guy. He often takes hiatuses from making movies to be with his kids and beautiful wife Eva Mendes. A sensitive guy who loves to read, ride motorcycles, play in a rock band but doesn’t take himself too seriously is hard to find. Enjoy this scroll of Ryan Gosling’s sexiest pics. Shirtless pics of Ryan Gosling are just the half of it. These hot photos of Ryan Gosling show us so much more.

Ryan Gosling said his Mormon upbringing made religion very important in his life. He had trouble in school but loved performing and was inspired by the film “Dick Tracy.” Here’s more of Ryan Gosling’s bio

Date of Birth: November 12, 1980

Place of Birth: London, Ontario, Canada

Height: 6 ft 1 inch

Weight: 180 lbs

Net Worth: $60 million

Despite his hot body, Ryan Gosling doesn’t spend much time at the gym. Instead he’s focused on social causes, directing and his passion project- his Moroccan restaurant Tagine in LA. Not let’s heat things up with more sexy pics of Ryan Gosling.


Ryan Reynolds’ personal trainer Don Saladino took to Instagram on Sept. 18 to share two eye-catching photos of the hunk flaunting his muscles while shirtless during his prep for his 2018 film ‘Deadpool 2’.

Ryan Reynolds, 42, got a little praise from trainer Don Saladino when the workout instructor took to Instagram to post photos of the actor shirtless to prove he knows how to help people get into the best shape of their lives! Don’s post included two photos of a standing and smiling Ryan showing off his six pack muscles while wearing green pants over Calvin Klein underwear that was sticking out over the top of the hem. In the caption, he revealed the photos were taken while he was helping Ryan prepare to film his 2018 movie Deadpool 2 and also promoted a podcast. “Here is a never before seen pic of @vancityreynolds during his prep for @deadpoolmovie 2. This guy keeps getting better every year!😉 To listen to the ‘How to look like a Superhero’ Podcast swipe up in my stories. Thank you @slate for having me on,” the caption read.

It didn’t take long for fans to react to Don’s post and they naturally had a lot of positive comments. “My dream shape,” one comment read. “Oh my my my,” another read. “This guy is literally the reason I started working out. 💪” a third response read. Other followers just posted simple heart-eyed emojis and/or hearts, proving the photos made quite the impression.

When Ryan’s not preparing for movies and looking amazing, he’s spending time with his family. The father-of-two is getting ready to welcome a third child with wife Blake Lively, 32, and he recently took to Instagram to share the joy by posting Blake’s baby bump in honor of her birthday on Aug. 25.

Don’s latest pics of Ryan definitely didn’t disappoint fans! We’ll be on the lookout to see if he shares anymore that they can gush about!

  • 1. Robert Pattinson
    Age: 23
    Single? Yes
    See him next: In the much-hyped Twilight sequel New Moon on November 20.
    “Kristen and I have a weird connection that translated on screen in Twilight but the hottest actor stuff doesn’t really mean anything. You have a month maybe with all this heat and hype and if you don’t capitalise on it, someone else will.”

  • 2. Johnny Depp
    Age: 46
    Single? Has two children with singer Vanessa Paradis
    See him next: In The Rum Diary, followed by Alice in Wonderland, as the Mad Hatter

  • 3. Hugh Jackman
    Age: 40
    Single? Married to actress Deborra-Lee Furness, father of two
    See him next: As a frontiersman in Unbound Captives

  • 4. David Beckham
    Age: 34
    Single? Married to Victoria Beckham, three sons
    See him next: Back in LA where he returns to play for LA galaxy next season

  • 5. Brad Pitt
    Age: 45
    Single? Has three biological kids, and three adopted with actress Angelina Jolie
    See him next: In World War II film Inglorious Basterds

  • 6. Zac Efron
    Age: 21
    Single? Dating his High School Musical co-star Vanessa Hudgens
    See him next: In ghostly romance The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud

  • 7. George Clooney
    Age: 48
    Single? Yes
    See him next: In comedy Up In The Air

  • 8. Chace Crawford
    Age: 23
    Single? Yes
    See him next: In Gossip Girl and hard-hitting drug flick Twelve, alongside Kiefer Sutherland

  • 9. Justin Timberlake
    Age: 28
    Single? Dating actress Jessica Biel
    See him next: New album TBA

  • 10. Colin Firth
    Age: 48
    Single? Married to film producer Livia Giuggioli
    See him next: Alongside Julianne Moore in the drama A Single Man

  • 11. Channing Tatum
    Age: 29
    Single? Married to his Step Up co-star Jenna Dewan
    See him next: GI Joe: The Rise of the Cobra alongside Sienna Miller

  • 12. Wentworth Miller
    Age: 37
    Single? Dating Amie Bice
    See him next: In the action film Bioshock, out next year

  • 13. Ed Westwick
    Age: 21
    Single? Dating Jessica Szohr
    See him next: On Gossip Girl or alongside Gemma Arterton in next year’s Wuthering Heights

  • 14. David Tennant
    Age: 38
    Single? Yes
    See him next: In the period drama Glorious 39, with Bill Nighy and Julie Christie

  • 15. Enrique Iglesias
    Age: 34
    Single? Dating ex tennis pro Anna Kournikova
    See him next: album TBC

  • 16. Jensen Ackles
    Age: 31
    See him next: Alongside Jared Padalecki in the spooky TV thriller Supernatural

  • 17. Colin Farrell
    Age: 33
    Single? Yes
    See him next: In The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. Heath Ledger was originally cast in the role now being shared by Colin, Jude Law and Johnny Depp.

  • 18. Josh Holloway
    Age: 39
    Single? Married to Yessica Kumala
    See him next: In romantic comedy Stay Cool

  • 19. Chad Michael Murray
    Age: 27
    Single: Engaged to former One Tree Hill extra Kenzie Dalton
    See him next: After six years on One Tree Hill, Chad has left the show to purse new acting gigs.

  • 20. Paul Walker
    Age: 35
    Single? Engaged to model Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell
    See him next: In heist flick Takers alongside Matt Dillon and Hayden Christensen

  • 21. Alex Pettyfer
    Age: 19
    Single? Yes
    See him next: in Beastly, a modern-day take on Beauty and the Beast

  • 22. Gerard Butler
    Age: 39
    Single? Yes
    See him next: In this month’s The Ugly Truth with Katherine Heigl

  • 23. Jake Gyllenhaal
    Age: 28
    Single? Dating actress Reese Witherspoon
    See him next: In romantic comedy Nailed, alongside Jessica Biel

  • 24. Jonathan Rhys Meyers
    Age: 31
    Single? Dating model Reena Hammer
    See him next: In the debauched period romp Tudors, followed by romantic comedy From Paris with Love, next year

  • 25. Josh Hartnett
    Age: 30
    Single? Yes
    See him next: In thriller Bunraku with Demi Moore

  • 26. Jude Law
    Age: 36
    Single? Yes
    See him next: As Watson in Sherlock Holmes in December, plus The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

  • 27. Shia LaBeouf
    Age: 23
    Single? Yes
    See him next: In New York, I Love You with Blake Lively, Natalie Portman and Orlando Bloom

  • 28. Chris Pine
    Age: 28
    Single? Dating actress Beau Garrett
    See him next: In the thriller Carriers this Autumn

  • 29. Christian Bale
    Age: 35
    Single? Married to Sandra “Sibi” Blažic
    See him next: In 80’s boxing film The Fighter

  • 30. Cristiano Ronaldo
    Age: 24
    Single? Yes
    See him next: At Real Madrid. Manchester United were paid £80 million for him, making Ronaldo the most expensive football player in history

  • 31. Daniel Craig
    Age: 41
    Single? Dating film producer Satsuki Mitchell
    See him next: As the gorgeous James Bond – the next instalment is set for 2011

  • 32. Ewan McGregor
    Age: 38
    Single? Married to production designer Eve Mavrakis
    See him next: As a furniture robber turned salesman in Electric Slide

  • 33. Matthew McConaughey
    Age: 39
    Single? Expecting his second child with model Camila Alves
    See him next: In Nascar thriller Hammer Down

  • 34. Orlando Bloom
    Age: 32
    Single? Dating model Miranda Kerr
    See him next: In the collection of romantic stories New York, I Love You, later this year

  • 35. Rafael Nadal
    Age: 23
    Single? Dating Maria Francisca

  • 36. Clive Owen
    Age: 46
    Single? Married to actress Sarah-Jane Fenton
    See him next: In the crime thriller Inside Man 2 with Denzel Washington

  • 37. James McAvoy
    Age: 30
    Single? Married to actress Anne-Marie Duff
    See him next: In the historical drama The Last Station based on Leo Tolstoy

  • 38. Leonardo Di Caprio
    Age: 34
    Single? Yes
    See him next: In the Martin Scorsese thriller Shutter Island, out next month

  • 39. Milo Ventimiglia
    Age: 31
    Single? Yes
    See him next: In action film Around, followed by next year’s action film Order of Chaos

  • 40. Will Smith
    Age: 40
    Single? Married to actress Jada Pinkett Smith
    See him next: Rumoured to be starring in a comedy kid’s flick Monster Hunter

  • 41. Fernando Torres
    Age: 25
    Single? Married to Olalla Dominguez
    See him next: On the pitch for Liverpool as their star striker

  • 42. Jason Statham
    Age: 36
    Single? Yes
    See him next: In the muscling flexing thriller 13, next year

  • 43. Keanu Reeves
    Age: 44
    Single? Yes
    See him next: In next year’s Hollywood thriller Stompanato, with Catherine Zeta Jones

  • 44. Noel Fielding
    Age: 36
    Single? Yes
    See him next: In quirky comedy Bunny and the Bull, followed by more Mighty Boosh next year

  • 45. Russell Brand
    Age: 34
    Single? Yes
    See him next: In Shakespeare’s The Tempest, alongside Helen Mirren

  • 46. Ryan Reynolds
    Age: 32
    Single? Married to Scarlett Johansson
    See him next: In Paperman, in which he plays an imaginary superhero

  • 47. Tom Welling
    Age: 32
    Single? Married to former model Jamie White
    See him next: Flexing his superpowers in Smallville

  • 48. Ashton Kutcher
    Age: 31
    Single? Married to actress Demi Moore
    See him next: In sex comedy Spread with Anne Heche

  • 49. Brandon Flowers
    Age: 27
    Single? Married to Tana Brooke Munblowsky, two kids.
    See him next: With his band The Killers – their next ablum TBC

  • 50. Cam Gigandet
    Age: 26
    Single? Has a baby daughter, Everleigh, with actress Dominique Geisendorff
    See him next: The Twlight star has scored his firth leading role in drama flick Five Star Day

There are plenty of reasons to want a strong set of abs. They’re tough as hell to work on, so they can provide a fitness challenge. Or maybe you just want the perfect poolside pic for Instagram. But whatever your motivations, there are some things about having a six-pack that you can only know when you’re on the other end of the process. In a thread on Reddit, guys with visible, chiseled abs are sharing the things they learned that surprised them after they achieved their rock-hard stomach goals.

One guy said that getting abs didn’t do as much for his overall body image as he thought it would. “Buffing up my shoulders, chest, and arms did way more. Gave me a ton of confidence,” he said. “You don’t get many opportunities to take your shirt off without looking like a douchebag.”

In fact, the lack of everyday scenarios in which it is acceptable to go shirtless came as a disappointment to newly anointed ab owners, and affected their motivation. “This is why I skip leg day sometimes when I’m busy in the week,” said one commenter. “I wear pants all day at work, I don’t have a lot of opportunities to show off my legs anyway. Even when I wear shorts, I don’t see a difference.”

Plenty of guys said they take the same attitude about abs: if hardly anybody is going to see them, what’s the point? “Don’t forget that abs are the hardest part to get, you can get a hard belly but abs you have to train specifically,” said one guy. “I knew lots of buff dudes that had a clean belly, and they were pretty fit, they just didn’t work out for it, most dudes don’t work out for the abs, and to be honest I don’t know why people are so obsessed with them.”

However, on the rare instances when they did take their shirts off, guys with six-packs recalled their partners getting the “Christmas morning” look when they saw their sculpted stomachs. “When I have a girlfriend it’s worth it,” said one commenter. “She took great pleasure in touching my stomach. Now that we broke up, it’s like a savings account.”

Another guy, however, found that having abs actually negatively affected his love life. ” got my ego up the roof, which raised my selection standards for girls, and now I get laid a lot less,” he admitted. “To summarize, not worth it buddy.”

Elsewhere on the thread, one man made the rather bold claim that having abs (and specifically, training his abs) made him better in bed.

“I work my abs daily and run daily no matter what other workouts I do, thus my endurance is extremely good,” he said. “When having sex, that is one area my lady loves. When she says don’t stop, there is no need in the slightest to adjust, slow down or take a break no matter the position. So core strength and endurance play a huge role, and generally the more you do the work, the more vascular and pumped your muscles and abs become and that’s when she will look down and run her hands over my abs and moan extra and comment about the visuals… and that my friends, is the sole reason I hammer my abs and run everyday. That moment, that feeling I get making her feel that way… rocks my world.”

Feeling motivated? Here are six ways to get washboard abs. And remember: abs might be finished in the gym, but the foundations are built in the kitchen.

Philip Ellis Philip Ellis is a freelance writer and journalist from the United Kingdom covering pop culture, relationships and LGBTQ+ issues.

11 ‘She’s The Man’ Plot Holes That You Totally Never Noticed

If there’s one teen comedy that defined 2006 it was She’s The Man. The highly quotable film — featuring a then-popular Amanda Bynes and then-unknown Channing Tatum (my, how 10 years can change things) — was hilarious, unique, and… did I mention Channing Tatum? It had all the fixings to become an instant teen classic. Except for the fact that — like all good teen comedies — there were so, so many hilariously random plot holes. And I mean, this doesn’t lessen the film’s quality at all — you probably didn’t even notice the She’s The Man plot holes when you first watched it (again, keep in mind: Channing Tatum was there and he can be awfully distracting). But, if you were to go back now, you’d almost certainly be questioning everything.

Let’s recount the basic plot here, so we can wrap our head around that first: She’s The Man is loosely based on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. It follows Viola Hastings (Bynes), a soccer player that decides gender politics within organized school sports are unfair (preach!) and decides to stick it to the man by impersonating her twin brother at an all-boys boarding school — all in an attempt to beat the boys team at her own school and prove that girls can kick just as much ass. If that sounds complicated that’s because… well, it kind of is. Now, let’s talk plot holes, shall we?

1. Yeah, No — They Couldn’t Just Cancel The Woman’s Soccer Program

alyssanicole28451 on YouTube

Apparently, there’s a federal law that prohibits schools from denying anyone to participate in a sport activity based on their gender. Oops. There goes the movie’s whole plot.

2. How Does Viola Get Away With Missing Two Full Weeks Of School?

Movieclips on YouTube

Viola takes her twin brother’s place at Illyria — fine. But… Viola is enrolled at Cornwall? How would she be able to miss two full weeks of class? There’s literally no explanation in the film.

3. How Does Sebastian Just Go To London?

And what? We’re supposed to believe that a high schooler has the funds to just take time off school and go to London without his parents noticing? And that border officials didn’t question the fact that a teenager was entering their country in the middle of a school year with no explanation and no adult supervision?

4. How Does Viola Get Dressed And Undressed?

Wouldn’t Duke start to find it weird that Viola left the room every time she needed to change? Or that he never saw her in a towel? He had to have suspicions.

5. OK, The Whole Carnival Scene Should Have Been So Much Harder To Pull Off

That’s too many outfit changes. It’s too confusing. My suspension of disbelief is becoming unsuspended.

6. There’s No Way Duke Wouldn’t Recognize Olivia As Sebastian At The Booth

meeicoss on YouTube

Their beds are right next to each other. They spend almost every waking moment together. How could he not be at least a little alarmed that this woman looks exactly like his roommate!?

7. And There’s No Way Olivia Kisses The Real Sebastian Without Noticing

Do these people kiss each other without opening their eyes EVER?

8. They Would Not Just Stop That Soccer Game

Movieclips on YouTube

I mean, I get that this needed to happen, but still.

9. The Soccer Game Is So Full Of Mistakes

So full of them. For one, Viola is off-side when she nets the winning shot. Then, the game just ends on a goal, which doesn’t happen. There has to be some sort of signal/whistle, and that’s not found here.

10. The Flashing Scene Misses An Important Detail

During the whole film, Viola has to wear an ace bandage to hid her boobs. But when she reveals that she’s a girl at the final game, she lifts up her shirt, and surprise! No ace bandage.

11. The Débutante Ball Couldn’t Have Happened Like That

There’s no way the characters could have paired up for the débutante ball at the end because escorts are chosen way in advance. Everyone wouldn’t have been able to switch that late in the game. Also, Viola joins the débutante process two weeks before the ball, and you usually have to go through at least a year’s worth of preparations.

I know it seems like I’ve just shattered all your She’s The Man memories, but the good news is that, despite all these plot holes, the film’s just as hilarious as it was 10 years ago. Promise.

Images: Dreamworks Pictures; Giphy (6)

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