The Best Dance Workout Videos of 2019

Dreading the gym? Shake up your fitness routine with a dance workout video instead. Dancing can be an intense workout that burns major calories and builds muscle. These free videos will show you the ropes.

Healthline rounded up the year’s best dance workout videos here. Whether you’re into hip-hop, belly dancing, or Bollywood-style moves, there’s something for everyone.

30-Minute Hip-Hop Tabata to Torch Calories

After an energetic warmup, Keaira LaShae leads you through seven hip-hop movements four times with quick 10-second breaks. Between her high-energy direction and great music, you won’t even notice how hard you’re working.

30-Minute Cardio Dance Workout

Simone De La Rue, creator of Body by Simone, created this 30-minute, high-intensity dance cardio workout. The routine incorporates elements from kickboxing, ballet, traditional conditioning movements, plus all of your favorite dance moves, for a fun, effective workout.

30-Minute Caribbean Dance Workout

Selena Watkins leads this 30-minute Caribbean dance workout that’s based on her Socanomics class. She’s backed by two women showing modifications for beginner and advanced movements, so this video is great for people at any fitness level. Grab a towel — you’ll need it!

Dance #LikeNina

Actress and fitness enthusiast Nina Dobrev collaborated with Reebok and the Les Mills team for this video. The result is a hip-hop inspired, 40-minute workout incorporating Nina’s favorite dance moves and tracks. Get your blood pumping and learn some new dance moves all at the same time.

20-Minute STRONG by Zumba Cardio and Full-Body Toning Workout

Sync your movements to the beat in this fast, high-intensity workout. This isn’t a typical dance class; it’s a movement class. The music keeps you motivated to keep moving, and trainer Ai Lee Syarief show you exactly what to do.

Flat-Belly Belly Dance Workout

Join belly dancer Leilah Isaac in this 15-minute standing abs workout. She’ll show you how belly dance techniques and movements like chest drops, chest lifts, and hip shimmy twists isolate your core muscles for a challenging and fun abdominal workout.

Super Fun Cardio Dance Workout

Cassey Ho from Blogilates and Broadway’s Joseph Corella collaborated on this fun, easy dance routine set to tunes from the musical “Grease.” Focus on following Joseph’s direction and nailing the moves, and before you know it, your workout will be over!

‘Main Tera Boyfriend’ Bollywood Workout

“Main Tera Boyfriend” translates to “I am your boyfriend,” a high-energy track that makes you want to move. There’s no direction in this super short, super fun workout, so just follow the Bollywood dancers and enjoy the music.

‘7 Rings’ by Caleb Marshall

Set to Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” and led by Caleb Marshall, this cardio dance fitness routine is quick and fun. Follow Caleb’s direction and practice those fast-paced moves until you’ve got them down.


Learn all the moves from some of your favorite dancers and tracks. Matt Steffanina’s “Finesse” dance tutorial is designed for the beginner and intermediate level. He’s breaking down all the elements so anyone can learn. Make Bruno and Cardi proud!

Lit Hip-Hop Dance Workout

Brandon from 305 Fitness and his backup dancers take you through these fun movements slowly at first before speeding things up to bump up that heart rate. The whole video is under 17 minutes, but you’ll be breathless and sweaty by the end.

20-Minute Walk at Home Exercise

On days when hardcore “dancing” feels like too much, you can still put a little pep in your step. This low-impact video is more challenging than you may think! Follow Leslie Sansone through 20 minutes of marching, skaters, kickbacks, low kicks, and other walking-based movements to spike your heart rate and burn calories.

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With more than A MILLION subscribers to his YouTube channel, the Fitness Marshall has a serious following. And if you love a good dance workout, it’s easy to see why. His workouts are insanely fun, super poppy, full of attitude and they make you sweat. So, pretty much the best thing ever, right? Right.

While every Fitness Marshall workout we’ve done is awesome, these 10 videos are — hands down — our faves. Crank up your speakers and get ready to sweat (and laugh)!

Fifth Harmony: Worth It

There’s a reason why 17 million people have seen this video. Baby, you’re worth it!

Ed Sheeran: Shape Of You

Hilarious. All of it. Now, pat yo’ pancake.

Britney Spears: Work B**ch

Get to work … hair flip!

Sia: Cheap Thrills

For when you want to dance from your soul. (So, um, all the time.)

Anaconda: Nicki Minaj

You knew we’d love one about butts, right? OF COURSE.

Meghan Trainor: Me Too

The only thing better than his facial expressions are the background dancers tearing it up behind him.

Taylor Swift: Look What You Made Me Do

Kinda perfect for Halloween, huh?

Usher: Yeah! Feat. Whitney Thore

Can you imagine walking by and seeing them film this?! EVERYTHING.

Justin Timberlake: Can’t Stop The Feeling

Proof that The Fitness Marshall workouts aren’t just for girls.

Portugal The Man: Feel It Still

Look at you, you little go-go dancer. LOL forever.

Also, guys? He’s on tour! Later this month, Kristen will be at the Fitness Marshall event in Lakeland, Fla., put on by the PHEEL GOOD Foundation (a really cool non-profit started when the founder’s husband, Phil, was killed while riding his motorcycle to work earlier this year, and the mission is to bring communities together to enjoy quality events that make them ‘pheel good’ — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually). Will we see any of you out there — or will you be hitting an event in your neck of the woods?

What’s your favorite Fitness Marshall workout? Hope we’ll see you at the concert! —Jenn

While I’m fairly convinced that we don’t all have “the same number of hours in a day as Beyoncé” (I mean, it just isn’t possible) I do believe that the rest of us deserve to feel just as fierce as she does on a regular basis. This week’s Trainer of the Month Club workout will have you doing just that. AK Fitness founder Amanda Kloots has put together an advanced cardio dance series that will transport you out of your living room and make you feel worthy of shaking it to “Crazy in Love” onstage at Madison Square Garden.

Not only does dance cardio boost your confidence and get those endorphins flying, but even 10 minutes of this type of workout offers a whole lot of physical benefits too. “Physically, dance is a full-body workout that allows you to move every muscle in your body,” 305 Fitness founder Sadie Kurzban previously told Well+Good. “Through dance, you also get the added benefit of connecting brain with body. You’re learning a ton of coordination, agility, neuromuscular control and balance, the kinds of skills that help you in any kind of athletic realm but also definitely help you as you age to preserve your memory and everyday function.”

I’ll be real with you: This series is no joke. But for the first two songs, Kloots will walk you through the moves, so even though it’s technically “advanced” (aka Bey-level) it’s super easy to follow along with the choreography. You’ve got traditional dance moves like cross turns and booty pops mixed with cardio bursts by way of jumping jacks and plain old jumps, and when the ten minutes are up, you’ll feel not only as fierce but also as strong as Beyoncé. Check out the video above, and come back next week for a whole new workout from our (surprise!) December trainer of the month.

For something with slightly simpler choreography, try Kloots’ beginner dance workout or her full-body strength and cardio series, both of which will leave you dripping in sweat and feeling like a super star.

8 Fresh And Fun Free Dance Workout Videos

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Dance workouts are a fantastic way to get in some much-needed cardio, tone your body, and stay fit in a relatively low maintenance and incredibly fun way. With their upbeat music and fast-paced moves, dance workouts are so fun, inspiring, and intensive that they make it easy to forget that they’re supposed to be exercise. Work out those abs with a fun latin inspired routine or try something a bit more relaxed with a ballet themed workout, these videos are about to get you moving and improve your health.

1. “Hot Summer” POP Cardio Dance Workout

Coming in at about 15 minutes, this pilates-inspired cardio workout uses tons of perfectly curated dance moves that help work out your arms, legs, and core. This video features moves that are so cool you might have to break them out at the next family wedding.

2. Bombay Jam Bollywood Dance Workout

This fun Bollywood inspired dance workout is specifically made to help boost your cardio using two different styles of dance. It is fast-paced, intensive, and ridiculously fun. The instructor also encourages watchers to put their own twists, spins, and flair into the exercise, making it even more enjoyable.

3. African Dance Workout

This incredibly fun African dance workout ensures that you use just about every part of your body, from your head to your toes, to learn great moves that help make you feel the burn. The entire video is less than 20 minutes, including the intensive warm ups and breaks, so it is perfect for busy moms everywhere.

4. Toned Legs Dance Workout

You don’t need to do tons of strength training or lifting to give your legs a gorgeous, healthy tone. Just try this 8 minute video! Full of moves that require you to jump, squat, stomp, and bounce, it isn’t the easiest workout out there, but the short timestamp and non-stop action make it perfect for those days when you need a no-nonsense kick in the rear.

5. Calorie Burning Dance Party Workout

Step off of that boring old treadmill and burn those summer indulgence calories with this incredibly fun dance party-inspired workout. Using fast and fun moves this workout helps you burn tons of calories and get in some much needed cardio in a little under 30 minutes.

6. Brazilian Booty Burn Dance Workout

Tone up those glutes in no time with this traditional Brazilian-inspired workout. This routine is full of booty shaking, hip turning, and leg work. Just channel your inner Beyonce and you’ll do great!

7. Fat Burning Hip Hop Dance Workout

This perfect fat burning workout uses simple but effective hip hop dance moves to help you stretch those muscles and tone up your body. From dips and spins to popping and locking, the name might sound intimidating but the moves are perfect for any hip hop dancing newbie.

8. Ballet Dance Workout

A little over an hour of slow-paced but highly effective ballet moves make this dance workout perfect for those times when you need to mellow out but get your workout in at the same time. Don’t worry though, you definitely don’t need a ballet barre to complete these moves.

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A city girl currently living it up in the south with my little family. I love baking, hoarding makeup, and daydreaming. If I’m not writing, I’m probably trying to think up weird pizza recipes or watching Property Brothers.

  • 12 Creative DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards – October 16, 2018
  • 8 Inexpensive Ways To Upgrade Your Bathroom – September 25, 2018
  • 10 DIY Fall Centerpieces For Your Thanksgiving Table – September 13, 2018

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