Can Athleisure Makeup Stand Up to Workouts In 90-Degree Weather?

Though I *fully support* everyone wearing as much makeup as they damn well please, I rarely ever wear lots of makeup myself and never when I’m working out. Leaving even just a trace of it, I’m convinced, will give me all the zits in the world. Derms back that up, saying that face makeup, in particular, clogs pores, which can lead to breakouts. Plus, I love to let the hard work from my post-shower skin-care routine ~*radiate*~.

But with new formulas developed by athletes for athletes, I had to see if it was possible to have a pristinely flawless complexion during a typical week of workouts. Because even if I wasn’t going to start getting made up before my next workout, I am a very sweaty woman. (Sorry if it’s TMI, but it’s true!) And yes, there are times that the skin-obsessed like myself want to wear a base, too.

So is athleisure makeup the solution to every sweaty woman, weekend warrior, or hardcore athlete’s makeup conundrum? I put three to the test on a 5-mile loop of my neighborhood, attending a Vinyasa class, and doing a Nike Training Club HIIT workout in my backyard. Here’s how they held up.

Running with Beauty for Real

I’ve been a relatively regular runner for almost a decade now, and have tackled distances from a few miles all the way up to a disastrous 26.2 miles (one time only, thankfully). All the races that I’ve competed in, interestingly, have had photographers on the route, which stresses me out because as mentioned, I don’t normally get made up to work out. Somehow I always end up looking both red-faced and washed out in the photos. So for my run with Beauty for Real, I decided to test out MVP, the brand’s tinted moisturizer that not only provides a more even complexion, but has SPF 25 as well. While in an ideal world it would have an SPF of at least 30, it did shave a few minutes off of my getting-ready routine-always a plus in my book.

I followed up with their Bronze+Glo stick to highlight and add natural-looking depth to my round face. Because I never go halfway with anything, I followed up with their Shadow Stix in Gold, which had such a creamy application-plus staying power-that it’s earned a permanent spot in my makeup bag. I also lined my lids with their I-Line in black and finished with the Hi-Def Mascara in Just Black.

I felt weird pounding the pavement with makeup on, particularly eye makeup. I rarely wear any to begin with, especially before a 5-mile tempo run around Queens. After a solid 45 minutes in yes, 90-degree weather, I did a selfie check as I basically sprinted (yes, even after that tempo run) into the shower. And the eye makeup, well, it was a mess. I’m not sure if it’s because I oddly have oilier lids to begin with and thus often have problems with any eye makeup (especially mascara) staying put, but I looked like a drowned raccoon. The mascara was probably the biggest offender there, as the creamy shadow seemed to stay put. Because sometimes, creamy makeup looks ever better when you’re sweaty.

Vinyasa Flow with Sweat Cosmetics

Although Sweat Cosmetics just launched in 2015, the small, well-edited collection of face makeup was made by athletes, for athletes. Foundation, bronzer, and highlighter all come with built-in brushes and are refillable to keep costs to a minimum. The sheer ease of using Sweat Cosmetics’ products is enough to sell me (the powder bullets simply click into the brush applicator) and that lit-from-within no-makeup makeup look is exactly my jam.

I decided to put it to the test during a 90-minute Vinyasa flow class at a high-end Hamptons yoga studio (When in Rome, right?) to make sure Sweat Cosmetics didn’t come off when the beads of sweat started to roll down my face.

Although the bronzer and illuminator both seem a bit glittery upon application, the powder pays off with a not-too-shimmery, covetable glow that really doesn’t feel like it’s trying hard at all-nor like you have makeup caked on your face. However, their SPF 30 foundation is their hero product, in my opinion. Being the most concerned with my monthly hormonal nemesis that’d recently flared up-an angry under-the-skin cyst that’ll pop up about 21 days into my cycle (not that I’m counting)-I needed a foundation that could pull double duty as a concealer on an already-difficult-to-cover zit. But this formula did the trick. With just a few clicks and swipes, I had an even complexion free of said hormonal zit and an inevitable bit of summer-induced hyperpigmentation-all without looking like I was wearing any makeup at all. Plus, the formula’s mineral SPF provides superior sun protection. I could feel the physical UV blocker while in the car on my 10-minute drive each way.

After 90 minutes of twisting, inverting, and posing, I was pretty sweaty. But when I did a quick mirror check (important in yoga regardless when looking at one’s alignment), I noticed not a single stitch of makeup had moved and that my Warrior I and my complexion were both flawless enough to fit right in at the Hamptons. The tl;dr: I’ve found my new favorite foundation.

HIIT with High Endurance Cosmetics

Considering the makeup brand’s name, I figured no line would be better put to the test against a killer Nike Training Club workout in the park than cosmetics literally called High Endurance. Admittedly, HIIT isn’t my specialty-I’m much more comfortable contorting in yoga or running a race than I am following a choreographed, strength-focused routine. So if I was going to trip over myself in public, I figured looking cute while doing it wouldn’t be the worst decision ever.

I turned to my haul from High Endurance Cosmetics, a makeup line created by a mom and marathoner. Certified cruelty-free by PETA, H.E.C. offers a smartly curated selection of products designed to make you look like your best self no matter what you’re doing, whether you want to look more au naturel or go majorly bold. For my workout, I used their SPF 25 BB cream, concealer, liquid liner, mascara, brow gel, and setting spray, along with their newest product, a collection of matte lipsticks.

With punny names and cute AF packaging, High Endurance Cosmetics may not seem like the real deal, but WOW is it sweat-proof. I’m talking dripping buckets while doing burpees, push-ups, and planks. The BB cream and concealer stayed put through the 45-minute session, but even more impressively, so did the liquid liner and mascara-practically impossible on any given day for someone with lids as oily as mine, let alone during a workout. To say that High Endurance Cosmetics is, well, high endurance, is a huge understatement: This stuff is INCREDIBLE. Like, maybe the best waterproof makeup I’ve tried, as it washed off just as seamlessly as it stayed put with just a bit of an oil cleanser. The mascara has this cool-looking brush that actually works hard at separating lashes while also making them appear fuller-basically made for race-day camera mugging. (No surprise that it’s sold out as of press time.) Same with their matte lipsticks, which stayed put through class, lunch, and an afternoon at the pool. My sister-in-law and I are currently arguing over their punchy pink hue, Urban Ballerina.

Plus, with prices on par with any prestige makeup line (or frankly, less) and that fresh-to-death packaging, High Endurance Cosmetics wins the ultimate battle of athleisure makeup for me. For now, that is.

  • By Rachel Jacoby Zoldan @rjacoby13

Let me start things off by making one thing clear: I am not a fitness enthusiast. I’m a strong believer in running only when someone is chasing me, eating pretzels as opposed to twisting my body into one, and sitting on the sidelines rather than sweating it out on the field. That being said, I can occasionally — very, very occasionally — be convinced to participate in physically demanding activity if it’s actually fun. Luckily for me, SoulCycle is one of those workouts.

My very first class was with a group of co-workers, and despite my initial “Oh god, why are you making me do this?” attitude, I loved it. After we finished our ride, I packed up my things and headed back to the office to finish up some projects, blissfully unaware of what had happened to my makeup while I “tapped it back.” How I made it to the office without passerby crying and shielding their children’s eyes as I passed, I’ll never know. Because when I finally peeked at the mirror, I looked like a hybrid between the matchmaker from Mulan and those guys who opened the lost ark in Indiana Jones.

After washing off the sad remains of my formerly fierce-as-hell winged liner and giving up on a head of limp, stringy hair that would make Severus Snape jealous, I got to thinking: what sort of beauty products could actually last through intense physical activity? By no means do I recommend wearing a full face of makeup to your Sunday morning pilates class, but there must be other people who fit workouts into their lunch break. Are they stuck reapplying melted makeup and redoing their hair after every single class?! How exhausting! We all can’t look like Taylor Swift leaving the gym.

The SoulCycle Experiment

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Grace Hitchcock

Inspired by these questions, what became lovingly known as “the SoulCycle Experiment” was born. My goals: (1) uncover which long-wear makeup products would stay on during a demanding exercise class; and (2) which dry shampoos could revive damp, listless locks after the deed.

So, I created five individual looks featuring products advertised as “long-lasting,” then booked five SoulCycle classes to test them at. Disclaimer: I am not a makeup artist, so these were truly DIY styles. I also rounded up five dry shampoos to use after each spinning session. To give each pairing of makeup products and dry shampoos an equal chance to compete, I stuck to the same routine:

  • putting on my makeup at the same time each day
  • scheduling each class for the same weekday time slot (4:30pm)
  • washing and styling my hair the exact same way before every class
  • drinking from the same water bottle and using the same type of towel during class
  • giving myself the same 15 minutes of “cool down” time before taking after-class photos

The results I found were surprising — in a good way. See so for yourself . . .

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Grace Hitchcock

Gym makeup has as many supporters as opponents. Does it really clog pores and ruin your skin? Or does it not affect your skin at all? Let’s take a closer look at best makeup for working out, and see if it’s worth it.

Best Makeup for Working Out – What Products To Use?

There are several ways to approach the best makeup for working out.


Strong makeup for fitness is not a good idea. Sweat in combination with make-up ingredients can clog pores and cause pimples. Fortunately, this only applies to high coverage foundations and concealers. Lighter cosmetics are allowed, although they should also be used in moderation.

Makeup for the gym should be delicate and consist of, among other things, a light liquid mineral foundation (the pressed powder ones, unfortunately, clog the pores a little) or BB cream. We only want to level the skin color, hide redness or bruises under the eyes. You only should use concealer if you really, really must. Otherwise, it’s best to avoid it.

If you’re exercising in the outdoors, it’s essential to apply a filter cream to your face. Particularly in summer, when the sun is hot, and while skiing in winter, when the sun’s rays are reflecting off the snow – it’s when a layer of protective cosmetics is essential.

When you’re exercising in an enclosed room, the filter is unnecessary and even inadvisable – like any other cream, it will be an extra burden on sweating skin.

When working out, you should completely give up on your daily use of foundation, especially if it is a high coverage one. Replace it with Beauty Balm, or BB – it’s lighter, doesn’t clog pores, and effectively evens out and hides minor imperfections. Don’t use any additional concealers or powders, as your skin will still shine during exercise. Cheek blusher and bronzer are totally unnecessary – you will get natural blushes when exposed to heat.

Keep in mind, that powdering a sweaty face is a very bad idea. Note: For oily skin that is prone to eczema, it is worth to buy beauty care products with salicylic acid, tea oil or zinc. They should be the base for make-up for the gym.

Our Top Picks

Sale $26.00 See On Amazon Price incl. tax, excl. shipping Evian Facial Spray, 10.1 Fl oz (903) $18.00 See On Amazon Price incl. tax, excl. shipping See On Amazon Price incl. tax, excl. shipping


When going to the gym, you shouldn’t go for a dramatic look. Skip on eye lines or cat’s eyes. Put aside eye shadow, crayon, and eye-liner, which can easily smear under the influence of sweat, and as a result, irritate the eyes and leave dirty streaks on the eyelids.

How about a mascara? You could use a waterproof mascara to give your lashes some more volume if you need to. If you use a regular mascara, it will wipe off quickly, and most likely leave a bruising mark around your eyes. Not nice.

$21.68 See On Amazon Price incl. tax, excl. shipping Sale $18.67 See On Amazon Price incl. tax, excl. shipping Sale $15.65 See On Amazon Price incl. tax, excl. shipping


A moisturizing lip balm should enough for the lips – using lipstick for fitness classes is also not the best idea. The colour will wash off quickly as soon as you reach for a sip of water or accidentally rub your lips with your hand. If you’re exercising outside, a lipstick with sunscreen will help. In winter, moisturize your lips well with a good nourishing lipstick to prevent frost and wind from chapping your delicate skin. When exercising indoors, it is best not to use any lip product at all or only apply a conditioning lotion. You can use a lightly colored lip balm to make your lips stand out a tiny bit more.

Sale 3,887 Reviews Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm, Quenched, 1 Tube

  • MAYBELLINE BABY LIPS MOISTURIZING LIP BALM: Achieve intense lip repair & eight-hour hydration. Use throughout the day or apply at night for a hydrating overnight lip mask. Lips are visibly renewed…

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Best Makeup for Working Out – Is it safe?

“New year, new me” – I’m sure each of us has made such a New Year’s resolution at least once. It is at the beginning of the year when gyms and fitness clubs are being flooded with newcomers wanting to completely change their bodies and their lives. Normally, after a month or so everything comes back to normal and only the most persistent ones remain.

Apart from choosing the right shoes or outfit for training, we also pay a lot of attention to makeup. Some ladies cannot imagine going out for the proverbial buns to the shop without a full make-up, others have no problem showing themselves in au naturel version. We understand that not everyone likes to show rounded eyes, uneven skin tone, or the new eczemas on the face, no matter if exercising privately with a trainer, in a group with good colleagues, or especially in a gym full of anonymous people.

What’s more, we realize that there’s not always enough time to wash off the foundation or mascara after work, when you’re halfway through town, already late, stuck in traffic, trying to get to the gym in time for the classes you had to book 2 weeks in advance. But is wearing makeup for physical exercise a good idea?

Is it Worth it Wearing Makeup For The Gym?

If your complexion does not require many adjustments and you look good without make-up, give it up. You’re most likely, going to sweat intensely during exercise. Every additional layer that makes it difficult to breathe is a burden on your skin. What’s more, sweat and high temperatures promote greater exfoliation of the epidermis. Clogged pores plus old, exfoliated skin is the best way to develop pimples and blackheads.

But what if your complexion is problematic and your daily make-up is a must?

There is a good way to do this. Go for a gentle make-up that minimizes the risk of irritation and is resistant to abrasion. This kind of make-up, made with special lightweight cosmetics, shouldn’t hurt even delicate skin.

“I only use concealer. Such a light makeup shouldn’t affect my complexion badly.” – we’ve heard it countless times in the gym changing room. So what about that kind of makeup for the gym? Most dermatologists won’t agree with this popular opinion. Sweat and elevated body temperature caused by physical activity leads to the opening of pores, and these are often blocked by heavy makeup, or to be more precise, the foundation. This leads to the formation of pimples and peeling of the epidermis. Besides, heavy make-up for the gym will not look perfect after an hour of cardio or weightlifting, and there is nothing worse than the sight of the foundation pouring down your face.

You’re still not convinced?

It’s not just a matter of sweat. During exercises, we touch mats, weights, grips or just the floor, which are never super clean, even despite frequent disinfection. It’s a perfect habitat for germs. Now imagine, that people normally touch their faces 3.6 times per hour on average, and you’ll realize that it is not only sweat that affects acne formation and skin condition.

In an ideal world, we should wash off our makeup, cleanse our face and apply a moisturizing cream or serum before a fitness class or gym training. If you work out outdoors you would use a sunscreen or a suitable frost protection product. After the workout that routine would be repeated.

What if we don’t have time for this or don’t want to show our imperfect self to the world? What kind of makeup for the gym to use that won’t hurt our skin?

Best Makeup for Working Out – What Else Should I Know?

A few years ago, popular cosmetic brands noticed how important it is for women to look good in the gym or when working out. That’s why some of them have developed special products dedicated to enthusiasts of sports activities. Gym makeup is focused on technologically advanced cosmetics, which are based on natural ingredients and SPF filter. It is always worth having some of the most important products handy, such as moisturizing cream (or serum), BB cream, hydrolate (softer than a tonic, will not irritate reddened skin), lip balm, and wipes or makeup remover.

Pupa, among others brands, introduced makeup design predominantly for training. The line called “Sport Addicted” includes a special concealer, powder, lip balm, mascara, refreshing mist, deodorant wipes, cryo-gel or Makeup Fixer.

The Clinique Fit offers a fluid with SPF40 filter, mattifying moisturizing cream, face and body spray, and refreshing wipes.

IsaDora offers a medium coverage foundation “Active. All Day Wear Make-Up”.

Tarte Cosmetics also has its products for girls who love sports. “Athleisure Beauty” includes vegan deodorant, lightening cream, waterproof mascara and matting powder.

Another choice is Puma x Maybelline line, which includes a highlighter, matte liquid lipstick (16 hours durability!), smudge-resistant mascara and waterproof eyelid shadows in the form of a crayon.

Best Makeup for Working Out – Bottom Line

Thanks to new production technologies, you can easily buy cosmetics that will not clog pores and at the same time effectively camouflage skin imperfections. These are perfect candidates for your best makeup for working out makeup bag. However, it is important to apply them sparingly and wash your face immediately after exercise.

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It’s no secret that the best way to treat your skin while you’re at the gym is to leave it bare and let it breathe; wearing make-up to work out has always been the ultimate beauty faux pas. But, with the hashtag #gymselfie accruing more than 1.6m hits on Instagram, and rising, gym makeup is showing no sign of taking a seat.

It’s little wonder, really. After all, the gym is no longer just the space where you exercise. Boutique studios have become the place to go to have business meetings with benefits, hang out with friends, even score a date.

“Exercising has become a more social activity,” says Hannah Symons, beauty and personal care analyst at Euromonitor. “This is where you meet new people these days.” Hence the ever-increasing popularity of wearing makeup to the gym. But that doesn’t negate the effects makeup can have on your skin while your pores purge themselves of toxins.

“Some makeup can interfere with the way your body regulates your temperature and end up trapping sweat in your pores, which can lead to bacterial issues and breakouts”, says leading London dermatologist, Dr Sam Bunting.

The key? Wear products that won’t wreak havoc on your skin while you do good for your body.

“It’s OK to wear makeup while you work out, as long as you use non-comodegenic products that won’t clog your pores”, Dr Bunting adds. “It’s also advisable to get rid of sweat by cleansing your skin post workout. You can always reapply your makeup afterward.”

Want to wear makeup to the gym? You do you, just try to use skin-friendly products specifically designed to wear while you work out.


The Cooling Primer

Constantly rubbing your face with a sweat towel can wick it of it natural goodness so put it back in with a vitamin-infused primer. This one is non-greasy and sweat resistant. It also cools redness should you want to apply it after morning cardio.

SportFX Recovery Gel Cooling Primer, £9.99, sportfx

The Base

If you want glowing skin, but don’t want to pack your skin with powder, try this oil-free, hybrid moisturiser. It’s non-comedogenic and contains light-reflecting pigments to highlight all your high points. Think Kate Moss-esque cheekbones.

Tarte Cosmetics Athleisure Brighter Days Highlighting Moisturiser, £27, Tarte Cosmetics

The Concealer

Not only is the formula waterproof, it’s high coverage, so even if your bags won’t pack up and go, you can hide them

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye, £21, QVC

The Foundation

No one wants to be the person in the spin class with a beige-smeared white towel. This foundation is sweat-proof for up to 80 minutes, so it won’t stream down your face or transfer.

Sweat Cosmetics Twist Brush +Mineral Foundation SPF30, £42, Sephora

The Blush

The breathable, oil-free gel formula allows it to seamlessly sink into skin, without clogging your pores or streaking, no matter what you throw at it during the day.

Arrow Revive Cooling Cheek Tint, £14, Birchbox

The Mascara

This mascara actually repels water to the point you can actually see beads of water fall from your lashes.

Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara, £19, Eyeko

The Brow Gel

Ever done a full TRX class with a monobrow because you wiped your forehead? This won’t let that happen. It’s completely waterproof, smudge-proof, transfer-proof and lasts up to 3 days.

Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel, £19.95,

The Whole Range

No time for a after-yoga rinse? As well as a few key makeup pieces, Clinique’s new FIT range includes face and body cleansing wipes to sweep away bacteria, mattifying moisturiser for covering that Bikram sheen and even a neutralising face powder that gets rid of flushed cheeks. No more post-workout tomato face.


CliniqueFIT Post-Workout Neutralizing Face Powder, £27,

Read on… Experts Beauty Tips To Help You Workout Harder and the best 30 tips to get you glowing skin.

Sometimes gym makeup is unavoidable. You might be heading to the gym after a long day of work, squeezing in a workout between plans, or crushing on a fellow gym goer – maybe even your trainer. Or maybe you’re just one those women who wouldn’t be caught dead in public without a full face. Whatever your reason, first things first: wearing makeup to the gym is fine. What’s not fine is how hard it is to find makeup you can sweat in.

While the makeup industry may put more emphasis on golden or super glittery products, the industry’s latest innovations in sweat proof makeup are pretty impressive. From Laura Mercier’s Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear Foundation, to E.L.F.’s entire Active collection of makeup specifically designed for working out, to CliniqueFIT’s gym-worthy line up, there are makeup products for the gym that work.

The next time you pack your gym bag, you can stop worrying about whether your mascara will be running hard than you are. Shop the best makeup you can wear at the gym here – and stay fit, fabulous, and fierce.

10 best sweat-proof makeup products

If you wear makeup during exercise, you’ll already be familiar with the battle to stop mascara from smudging and foundation from sliding off your face mid-workout. But whether you’re training for a marathon or hitting the gym, you shouldn’t have to worry about your appearance.

We put everything from eyeliners to lip balms to the test to find out which brands have the best sweat-proof versions, testing how easy they were to apply and reapply, if they lived up to the brand’s claims and how long they lasted during exercise. From running up to 20 miles in the rain and sunshine to attending sweaty exercise classes, we tried each product under extreme conditions and here are the ones that work.

Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara, 8ml: £19, Eyeko

If mascara is the one product you always wear, make sure you coat your lashes in Eyeko’s waterproof version when exercising. It will survive sweaty gym classes and 20-mile runs in the wind and rain (yes, we tested this), making it hard to beat. The actual mascara lengthens and lifts lashes to give a flake-free finish, while you only need one coat to achieve a natural look. It is tricky to get off with normal makeup remover though, but Eyeko’s Mascara Off Wipes will do the job, without irritating the eyes.

Buy now

Elemis Hydra-Boost Serum, 30ml: £46, Elemis

It’s important to keep skin hydrated when taking on exercise challenges, whether that be an hour spin class or running a marathon. Elemis has made this simple to do with its nourishing serum that keeps skin moisturised and refreshed. Apply before and after exercise to boost your complexion and get rid of that dehydrated, post-workout redness. It may be on the more expensive side but you can use it as your daily moisturiser, too – you’ll see visible results quickly.

Buy now

Smashbox Photo Finish Iconic Primer Stick: £22, Smashbox

A good primer is an easy way to keep makeup in place, whether you’re exercising or not. We found this mattifying version ideal for wearing on a run, though. It’s great for keeping sweat and shine under control, and it’s super lightweight on the skin, meaning you don’t feel like you’re clogging pores with a heavy product. Skin looks soft while makeup is easy to apply over the top, and we think it has good staying power. Match with a finishing spray for maximum hold.

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Wunder2 Wunderbrow Extra Long-Lasting Eyebrow Gel: £19.95, Feel Unique

If you’re serious about getting your brows in shape, Wunder2 has created a gel that lasts for up to three days, so there’s no need to worry during a workout. Coming in five shades, we’d recommend gradually building up coverage by filling sparse spots first, as it really does stay put after application. If you want to remove it early though, use an oil-based cleanser and cotton pads to wipe away. We loved the look of our brows after use and its long-lasting capabilities are seriously impressive.

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Clinique Fit Workout Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 40, 30ml: £20.50, Clinique

Clinique has a whole sweat- and humidity-proof range of makeup to keep you looking fresh during exercise. From mascara to lip and cheek flush, it covers all areas. We picked out the foundation as our favourite though because it’s great at concealing that inevitable red face. With SPF 40, you’ll also gain the protection you need when exercising outside and its lightweight consistency still allows skin to breath. We found it stayed on during a 14-mile run, although its runny consistency did make it harder to apply (you only need to use a little each time).

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Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, 6ml: £14.50, Stila

A long-lasting eyeliner is an essential in the beauty world. But when it comes to exercising, you’ll need one that won’t smudge under pressure. Stila’s waterproof liquid eyeliner is the ideal solution as it’s easy to apply with its precise, slimline wand. And once on, it does not come off, proven by our 20-mile run in the rain. You’ll need to use a good makeup remover to eventually remove it, but it’s worth it if you’re looking for a super-strength liner. Available in a variety of shades.

Buy now

Elizabeth Arden Lip Eight Hour Cream Intensive Lip Repair Balm, 12ml: £20, Feel Unique

Dry lips are often one of the first signs of dehydration during exercise, so if you’re looking for a helping hand, try Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream. A small amount will keep lips nourished for hours (as promised by the name), even if you suffer from more extreme dryness. And although it’s more expensive than your average lip balm, the pot will last for months – you’ll find you need to use it less and less over time, too. It’s also the ideal size to throw in your handbag on days off.

Buy now

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, 118ml: £24, Look Fantastic

If you don’t want to invest in new makeup, buying a good setting spray is a great way to keep things in place. We’d recommend Urban Decay’s version, which is oil- and paraben-free. Apply after you’ve completed your makeup in an “X” and “T” formation and your products will stay in place. There’s no stickiness or shine either, which other setting sprays can be prone to. We were pleased with the results after a 15-mile run, and it’s a simple way to make your current makeup sweat-proof.

Buy now

Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF 15, 30ml: £31, Bobbi Brown

Another foundation to consider is Bobbi Brown’s long-lasting option. It provides full coverage, glides across the skin and isn’t messy to apply. It gives a matte finish and lasts well, too – we did a 15-mile run in damp weather and were pleased to see a good level of coverage remained at the end. And with an impressive 30 shades, there’s one to suit most skin tones.

Buy now

Green People Gentle Cleanse and makeup Remover, 50ml: £13, Green People

Green People produces natural and organic skincare products including this alcohol-free makeup remover, which is gentle on skin. Removing tricky waterproof products (including all mentioned in this round-up), it can be applied quickly and leaves skin feeling soft and nourished. Simply rub into your face and use damp cotton pads to wipe away makeup. It also has a pleasant floral scent that lingers on the skin.

Buy now

The Verdict: Sweat-proof makeup

We love Eyeko’s Sport Waterproof Mascara because it simply doesn’t move, whatever your exercise regime. Elizabeth Arden’s lip balm is ideal for day-to-day use, while Urban Decay’s setting spray is great for those looking to sweat-proof their current makeup collection.

IndyBest product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing.

Source: Best Health Magazine, Summer 2012

We couldn’t help noticing the ‘athletic chic’ trend on the spring/summer runways. It was defined by bare-bones makeup with an emphasis on glowing skin and strong eyebrows. Hair was a sleek ponytail, or worn loose and wet-looking. In clothing, it popped up as streamlined ‘team’ stripes, toggle closures, track jackets and sweats done in luxe fabrics; or skirts or tees in neoprene and high-tech mesh fabric.

Whether you’re inspired by a fresh-faced model or Canada’s Olympic athletes with their glowing skin and no-fuss hair, here’s step-by-step advice from a makeup artist and a hair pro to give you a look that’s flattering for play and for work.

How to get the minimal makeup look

Because it’s a clean, fresh look without a lot of coverage, Toronto-based makeup artist David Allan Jones, who worked backstage at the Stella McCartney show in Paris, says, ‘Beginning with smooth skin is key. Use a scrub or mask at least once a week.’

Face and cheeks: Start with a tinted moisturizer for a sheer effect, then apply concealer with a little brush to only the areas where you need it’usually under the eyes, around the nose and over blemishes, says Jones. Blend well with the brush.

For that all-important glow, Jones likes sweeping a larger eyeshadow brush over a pearlescent cream stick highlighter and applying it over the tops of cheekbones, up the temples and on the brow bone. End with ‘a dab to the inner eye corners to help brighten eyes.

Buff a cream blush in a peachy shade onto the apples of your cheeks with a blush brush or fingers. You can even sweep bronzer (in a caramel shade) over cheekbones and temples, and across the chin.

Eyes: The big runway message for this sporty look was a fuller brow. Enhance yours by brushing brow gel (a clear gel, often on a mascara-type wand, to smooth unruly brows and ‘set’ them) up through the brows’this allows you to see the areas you need to fill in. Use a brow pencil that’s one shade lighter than your brows. ‘This looks the most natural,’ says Jones. To soften, brush brows up and out with a baby toothbrush or an old mascara wand. For the rest of your eyes, keep the look pared down with taupe eyeshadow on the lids (or skip this), and perhaps a thin line of black or brown eyeliner close to the upper lashes, plus black mascara.

Lips: Sport a clear or tinted conditioning lip balm.

How to style slick hair

It’s a toss-up between a chic ponytail, and damp hair that gives new meaning to wash and go.

For a polished pony, Terry Ritcey, Montreal-based national educator for Redken, likes applying a creamy paste-wax styling product to damp, towel-dried hair to ensure a sleek texture, distributing it from roots to ends using the fingers. Blow-dry, then brush back (for the smoothest results, use a fine-toothed comb or a boar-bristle brush). Secure pony in a covered elastic. ‘It can be worn low, mid-height or high’when it’s high, ‘it looks more playful,’ says Ritcey. Side part or no part? That’s up to you. Flatiron hair from the elastic downward. When you’ve almost reached the bottom, in a quick movement, give the flatiron a little flick, which will add some movement to hair, Ritcey suggests.

As for that damp-hair look’great for when it rains, but not always suitable for work’go for a modified version. Work the same cream wax into towel-dried hair. If you have coarse hair, or it tends to get frizzy, mix the wax with a few drops of anti-frizz serum. Run fingers through hair, and out the door you go.

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Simple Sporting Makeup: So you want to wear makeup while getting active?

This is an easy-to-do with minimal products, simple sporting makeup look.

Lots of us girls like to partake in sports in some form or another and there’s no harm in wanting to look good while sweating it out. I, for one, like to look half decent while working out or, as I learned last week, while out clay pigeon shooting!

Last Saturday was National Ladies Shooting Day and I decided to design a simple sporting makeup look for the occasion. (Although, when I say ‘designed’, I mean I did my makeup in ten minutes with very few products.) I thought it would be the perfect look for anyone who plays sport, but who isn’t ok with going makeup free. As women in sport, we should be able to play seriously and feel good doing it. And if that means wearing makeup, so be it.

The basis of the look was makeup that would be natural, long-wearing, sweat-resistant and easy and quick to apply.

Take a little inspiration from tennis star Anna Kournikova. Her look is fresh, bronzed skin, with definition around the eyes. You can tell she is wearing a little makeup but it’s not too heavy so it still looks natural.

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At the National Ladies Shooting Day event that in Courtlough Shooting Grounds in Balbriggan, the style was impressive. All the ladies were there to shoot but they certainly looked great doing it. Stylish clothes, hair and makeup were all present on the day. I emanated Kournikova’s sporty but pretty look. I wanted nice skin with natural contouring that wouldn’t look out of place on a sports day out.

Use these products for a simple sporting makeup look:


MAC Face and Body €31.50

Face and Body is a long wearing foundation that lasts on the skin for up to 15 hours. It feels really light almost like you aren’t wearing makeup and gives a gorgeous natural finish.


Bare Minerals Bare Pro powder €31.00

This mineral powder will set your foundation and keep it in place.

Bobbi Brown Bronzing powder in natural €37

This is a natural bronzing powder to give you a sun kissed glow and lightly contour your face.


L.O.V The Glazed Metal Cream Eyeshadow €8.99

This is a cream eyeshadow so it’s super quick to apply and lasts for hours. The applicator is like a lipgloss applicator rather than a pencil. Swipe it on and smudge all over your eye with your finger. We’re talking 30 second eyeshadow.

L.O.V Dual eyes 2in1 Contouring eye pencil €7.99

This is so easy to apply. You can choose to use the thinner end for natural eyeliner or if you like a heavier black line use the thick end.

MAC Extended Play Mascara €20.00

This mascara is wonderfully long wearing and smudge proof. It wont wipe away easily and will withstand tears or rain.


Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in Tangerine €21

These lip comfort oils will keep your lips conditioned and hydrated while adding a light glossy colour.

Is it important to you to find a balance between style and sport? Could you be stylishly sporty?

Best makeup for sports

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