Finding workout apparel that fits throughout your pregnancy can be a challenge. Luckily, our experts are here to help you find the best maternity workout clothes.

Want to stay active while pregnant but having a hard time finding comfortable, functional maternity clothes? We get it. As outdoor adventure-loving moms, we know how hard it is to find the best maternity leggings, bottoms, bras, and tops. Not only do you want hardworking fabrics that won’t wear out, but it needs to feel great and look good.

That’s why we’ve spent several pregnancies researching and testing the best maternity workout clothes. From the most comfortable leggings around to a do-all sports bra and belly-friendly mountain bike shorts, we’ve got you covered.


Best Maternity Leggings

Most Comfortable: Matletik Deluxe Legging ($100)

These leggings are comfortable. Like buttery soft, never-want-to-take-them-off comfortable. The fold-over panel keeps them securely in place but won’t cause any itching or discomfort on your belly. And the Max Dri polyester-spandex material wicks moisture to keep you dry and cool while working out.

The thicker fabric means you don’t have to worry about the leggings being see-through. But they can also get a bit too warm during a hot, high-intensity workout. Made in Canada, these Matletik leggings will fit throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

We wore them several times a week for 9 months straight, and they show no signs of wear. They wash up great and feel amazing all day long.

See the Matletik Delux Legging

Best Fun Print: Beyond Yoga Maternity Midi Leggings ($98)

Finding a good pair of yoga pants that will grow with you is hard to do. Many that we tried were either way too tight, too loose, or annoyingly see-through. But Beyond Yoga has figured out fit, comfort, and durability.

One tester’s favorite feature about these particular tights is that they are not black like most maternity leggings. Instead, they come with a little pop.

And while they are technically made for yoga, these have become my everyday staple pant, as they feel good and work in all situations. Whether working out in the gym, going on a hike, or running after a toddler, these work great (and look good) in all situations.

See the Beyond Yoga Maternity Midi Leggings

Best Budget Leggings: Isabel Maternity by Ingrid and Isabel Leggings ($35)

Ingrid and Isabel’s Target line, Isabel Maternity, works well and won’t break the bank. These leggings aren’t as buttery soft as our favorite Matletik pick, and they don’t feature a fun print like Beyond Yoga’s Midi. But they clock in at just $35 and will keep you going all pregnancy long.

The crossover panel helps them stay in place while keeping you cooler than a full panel. The material is thick enough to be opaque but thin enough you won’t overheat. We’ve worn these through two pregnancies, and they’ve held up great.

See the Isabel Maternity Leggings

Best Maternity Shorts & Pants

Title 9 Dream Skort ($59)

Title Nine makes amazing women’s gear that is made by women and tested by women of all ages, sizes, and abilities. And while the brand doesn’t have a line of maternity-specific wear, many of its clothes are designed by active mothers who know what mothers need and want: clothes that are functional, flattering, and multidimensional.

My favorite piece for my growing and changing body has been the Dream Skort. Its waist belt felt great through the second trimester. The material is stretchy and breathable. And the shorts underneath aren’t too short or too long, making it a great skirt to wear for all activities. I’ve been wearing it for biking around town, doing yoga, and even standup paddling.

See the Title Nine Dream Skort

Shredly Curvy MTB Shorts ($105)

If you’re still feeling comfortable enough to get on your bike, these shorts by Shredly were amazing for keeping us on the bike well into the second trimester. The stretchy waistband and roomy cut for the hips make it a great bike short for women of all shapes and sizes, including pregnant women.

The zippered vent zips are great for hot rides, and the side pockets are streamlined yet roomy enough to fit snacks and a phone. And you can feel good about wearing them because the fabric is 100-percent recycled and comes in a variety of fun patterns. The chamois is sold separately for these shorts.

See the Shredly Curvy Shorts

Stio Women’s PTV Jogger ($119)

These lightweight, breathable, stretchy joggers from Stio are downright amazing. The stretchy, weather-resistant, and soft Relance microfiber material performs impressively well in all conditions.

From beachcombing to hikes, cool morning runs, and lounging on the back deck in the evenings, the PTV joggers quickly became a favorite for summer adventures. The best part is that the waistband is stretchy and soft enough to fit comfortably under or over a growing belly.

See the Stio PTV Jogger

Best Maternity Workout Tops

Beyond Yoga Spacedye Grow and Glow Tank ($95)

Let’s be honest, when working out while pregnant, you need something that will support your growing belly and boobs. Beyond Yoga has an expansive and much-loved selection of activewear, and the maternity line is no exception. It’s quality-made and thoughtfully designed.

The most popular of the brand’s tank tops is the Grow and Glow Tank, and the reasons became obvious after trying it on for the first time. The fabric is soft, stretchy, and supportive while the cut of the tank top is both flattering and technical.

The high neck keeps the cleavage at bay, and the built-in bra is comfortable and ultra-stretchy, so it grows with you. The side seams are inset and comfortably expand as you get bigger. Depending on your bust, it may be best to go up a size.

See the Beyond Yoga Spacedye Grow and Glow Tank

The Bao Bei Pro Belly Band ($64)

While not technically a shirt, we have to mention this supportive essential for active mamas. The Bao Bei Pro Belly Band was designed by a physical therapist who saw a need for a support band that would support and help women throughout their pregnancy.

It’s the only belly band on the market that has a 360-degree support system, creating a lifting up and hugging feeling for the belly. This helps alleviate lower back pain, round ligament pain, and pelvic pressure.

GearJunkie contributor Chelsey Magness wore this every day during workouts and found it helped take the pressure off her legs while also serving as a reminder to keep good form and posture. Unlike other belly bands that only compress, making it hard to breathe, the Pro Belly Band encourages you to breathe fully and naturally expands with your growing belly.

See the Bao Bei Pro Belly Band

Best Maternity Sports Bras

Cake Maternity Lotus Bra ($50)

Looking for a bra that will easily transition from pregnancy to nursing? Then the Lotus Bra is just what you need. The wide straps offer full support, without any pinching or pulling. The nylon-elastane-blend fabric is soft against the skin and washes up easily.

Best of all, it moves seamlessly from pregnancy to nursing and pumping. Pull-aside cups make for easy access and allow for hands-free pumping.

See the Cake Lotus Bra

Brooks Rebound Racer Sports Bra ($30-68)

Whether pregnant or not, this is one of our favorite sports bras. What sets this bra apart are its front adjustable straps and back keyhole closure for a customized fit. The removable Velcro straps make it one of the best options that you can both nurse and run in.

Anyone looking for extra support and an easily adjustable fit will get their money’s worth out of this bra. It’s available on Amazon in limited sizes now.

See the Brooks Rebound Racer Sports Bra

Best Maternity Base Layers

Arctic Lynx Mid Weight Maternity Top ($79) and Base Layer Bottom ($89)

Arctic Lynx was founded by an athletic mother who was desperate to find a piece of active maternity wear that actually worked. Both the top and bottom are made out of a fast-wicking, smooth polyester fabric that is comfortable and chafe-free. The stylish fit makes it so that they can be worn on their own or as a layering piece.

We used these for hiking, biking, yoga, rock climbing, and even running errands in them as a standalone layer. Through it all, they provided temperature-regulating comfort. Be warned: They will make you want to get out and move.

Have a favorite piece of maternity workout gear we didn’t include? Let us know in the comments for future updates to this article.

You want to stay healthy and active when you’re pregnant, but to do that you need proper maternity workout clothes.

Trying to squeeze yourself into pre-pregnancy clothes or choosing clothes not designed for exercise can cause uncomfortable pinching, chafing, and even result in dangerous overheating.

The good news is we’re here to help keep you as fit, healthy, and comfy as possible.

Here’s how to pick the best maternity workout clothes to keep you moving.

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How Is Workout Gear Different From Leisure Wear?

There are a lot of jokes out there about how yoga pants have become the new uniform of pregnancy and motherhood. Because they’re comfy, stretchy, and forgiving, women have taken to wearing them both in and out of the home.

But while they’re commonly referred to as “yoga pants,” the truth is that very few of them are truly designed for use while practicing yoga. The same is true of other types of clothes — whether t-shirts, sports bras, or sneakers. Though they have some visual similarities, leisurewear and athletic wear are engineered very differently, and if you’re planning to exercise, it’s important to choose maternity workout clothing that’ specifically designed for that purpose.

From cut, fabric, and design, athletic wear is designed for free movement during exercise.

Best Fabric for Maternity Activewear

It’s understandable you’d gravitate toward natural fabrics — especially when you’re pregnant and you only want the best — but if you’re planning to work up a sweat, synthetics are your best bet.

The reason is that synthetics tend to wick moisture away more quickly, preventing dampness, chafing, and overheating.

Here are some common fabrics you may run into:

  • Cotton: Cotton is the gold standard in the clothing industry for comfort, especially since it’s an all-natural, renewable resource. However, the problem is that it stays damp and keeps moisture against the skin, so it’s not a good choice for workout wear if you’re planning to sweat it out.
  • Wool: Wool is another all-natural material and this one does wick moisture well. However, it’s also known for trapping in heat. Wool is best used for mittens and ski socks; it’s a terrible choice if you’re hitting the gym.
  • Lycra/Spandex: Lycra and spandex are actually the same man-made material. Comprised of at least 85 percent polyurethane polymer (1), it can stretch up to 600 percent of its size and wicks moisture well. It’s great for both comfort and performance while working out.
  • Polyester: Polyester is another synthetic fabric that’s widely used for workout gear. It doesn’t absorb moisture, is lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, and durable (2). Its only drawback is that it can trap bacteria, so over time may develop an odor.
  • Nylon: Yet another popular synthetic fabric, nylon wicks moisture, dries quickly, and is mildew resistant. It also stretches and recovers easily for a supportive, comfortable fit.

How to Choose the Best Maternity Workout Clothes

When buying maternity workout clothes, look for the following:

  • Developed for Maternity: With the only possible exception being sports bras, choose clothing that was specifically designed for athletic use during pregnancy. While your husband’s oversized t-shirts or your old pre-pregnancy yoga pants may technically fit, they won’t provide the same level of support or comfort.
  • Fit: Choose clothes (especially pants) that are fitted close to the body. When wearing baggy leisure pants, you run the risk of tripping which is especially dangerous in pregnancy. The same goes for shoes; though slip-ons may be comfy on your ever-expanding feet, they don’t provide the same level of support and safety as a fully-fastening shoe.
  • Seam Placement: Your clothes will be in direct contact with your skin, which may be getting extra sensitive — especially toward the end of pregnancy. Be aware of where they cut the seams, and if possible choose seamless or low-profile seams to prevent chafing and irritation.
  • Fabric: Unless you’re doing a low-intensity activity like yoga, choose synthetic fabrics. They’ll help keep you dry and cool without feeling uncomfortably restricted. Well-designed clothes will also keep your blood circulating as normal and prevent you from overheating.
  • Support: Choose clothes that have a good level of support for your breasts, belly, and back. Don’t expect nighttime camis to function as sports bras just because they’re stretchy, and don’t expect thin leggings to work in your step class if they don’t have a fully-functioning belly panel.

The Best Maternity Workout Clothes of 2020

Fatigue, mood swings, aches, pains, and the whole gamut of hormonal changes you’re experiencing may mean you sometimes don’t feel like lacing up your walking shoes or heading to the gym. But exercise during pregnancy has so many benefits that it’s worth keeping it up. Comfy, nice-looking workout gear goes a long way to making it all that little bit easier!

Best Maternity Workout Pants

You don’t want to be constricted, but you don’t want to be tripping over the legs of your pants, either. The safest way to work out while pregnant is with form-fitting workout gear that moves easily as you bend and stretch, and isn’t loose enough to pose a tripping hazard.

1. Mumberry Activewear Yoga Pants

Perfect All-Rounder

Check Price

These workout pants have a belly band that not only keeps your pants from falling down, but it also provides support, compression, and upward lift. Basically, it’s a lightweight belly band built right into your yoga pants, relieving back and joint pressure and helping you maintain proper posture. It even has a pocket in the back big enough to hold your smartphone!

2. Ingrid & Isabel Active Capri Maternity Pant

Sleek Silhouette

Check Price

These capri-length workout pants will keep you from overheating with the shortened leg, and wick sweat away from your skin with the synthetic construction. The full belly panel provides belly and lower-back support, but the cutout in back allows you to have less fabric touching your skin and causing your temp to rise.

3. C & C C9 Champion Under the Belly Cardio Pant

For the Cardio Bunnies

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These pants are polyester construction so they don’t retain moisture, and they have enough room that they won’t be constricting during your workout — but the leg openings aren’t so big that you will trip over them. They also sit under the belly, meaning you won’t have fabric rubbing on your bump and causing you to overheat while you’re working out.

Best Maternity Workout Tops

You don’t want to be overheated while working out. Cotton is okay if your workout is low intensity, but if you think you’ll be sweating heavily then opt for a synthetic fabric. A looser fit is acceptable for your top, so choose whatever makes you feel comfortable, whether that’s a form-fitting tank or a breezy, flowing tee.

4. Mumberry Maternity Workout Tank

One Piece Wonder

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This workout tank has a built-in belly band to provide extra support during your sweat session — and it even comes with a guarantee. If it doesn’t offer you support, you can return it free of charge. It also includes a built-in bra to minimize the layers of fabric you have to wear, and is constructed of 4-way-stretch synthetic fabric that won’t chafe and will wick moisture off of your skin.

5. LWJ 1982 Seamless Maternity Shirt

Soft, Stretchy and Simple

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This lycra/spandex top is soft and stretchy to cradle your bump and stay out of the way of your workout. It comes in a couple different color options, both which wick moisture away, keeping you cool and dry. And, for the more modest mama, the sleeves keep you more covered than your typical workout tank.

6. Bloom Maternity ‘Workout Buddy in Progress’ Tank

Most Adorable Slogan

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This tank top is made of cotton so it’s not ideal for your most intense workouts, but we just couldn’t resist the adorable “Workout Buddy in Progress” lettering over the bump. For the fitness-loving mama, it’s a great addition to her wardrobe — whether at the gym or just lounging around the house on a Saturday.

Best Maternity Workout Bras

Your breasts are not only heavier than normal, but they’re probably sensitive, too. Choose a bra that will keep your girls in place — and that means offering support, not just elastic coverage. Skip the stretchy night nursing bras or camis and instead opt for a good-quality, thick sports bra.

7. Fittin Racerback Sports Bra

Boobs’ Best Friend

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This ultra-supportive racerback bra isn’t developed specifically for pregnancy, but will provide the extra care and support your breasts need during this time. It has Climacool technology, which helps maintain a comfortable temperature, and it also comes with removable breast pads for you to use (or not) depending on your preference.

8. AKAMC Removable Padded Sports Bras

Great for Smaller Busts

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This bra is made of breathable and moisture-wicking fabric, while the criss-cross back makes a super style statement. It also has removable breast pads, and was developed just for moms and their unique support needs.

9. Aibrou Wirefree Maternity Bra

Wonderful Wire-Free

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This soft, supportive bra has built-in nursing panels so you don’t have to sacrifice functionality for support. It is wire-free so it won’t cause discomfort while you’re working out, and also has built-in removable, washable breast pads.

Best Maternity Workout Leggings

While they might be called “maternity leggings,” what you really want for working out are form-fitting yoga pants. True leggings typically aren’t thick enough to provide full coverage of your behind, and are commonly constructed of cotton. Instead, opt for pants made of synthetic fabric that won’t become sheer when stretched.

10. Beyond Yoga Maternity Capri Leggings

HIgh Performance Fabric

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These polyester/spandex capri leggings are thin enough to breathe but thick enough to cover your behind. They have a full belly band to make sure they stay in place during your workout, and come in three different colors to fit your personal style.

11. Cloya Active Maternity Capri Pant

Easy Comfort

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These workout pants are constructed of a four-way stretch fabric so they will comfortably hug your belly, not constrict it. The belly band can be worn up or folded down, and the innovative flat-lock stitching minimizes chafe and irritation.

12. Ingrid & Isabel Active Mesh Capri

Something a Little Different

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These pants have funky style with their lower-leg mesh cutouts and the mid-weight jersey weave is supportive and offers full coverage. They have a full belly panel to keep them hoisted while you’re doing squats, and are made of nylon — which means they not only resists moisture, but also odors.

Best Maternity Workout Shorts

You already run hot since you’re carrying around a full-time heater in your belly, so it’s no wonder you want to wear as little fabric as possible while working out. Choose shorts that aren’t constricting and provide enough coverage for you to stretch and move without being self-conscious.

13. My Belly Mama Cotton Shorts

Short and Sweet

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These sexy, form-fitting shorts will hug your curves and won’t restrict your movement. They’re machine washable and dryable for easy maintenance, and their super-short length will keep you cool in the hottest temps.

14. HDE Women’s Maternity Yoga Shorts

Pretty but Practical

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These yoga shorts are made from a comfy cotton and spandex blend to accommodate your growing bump. The breathable fabric will keep your cool in summer and at a very reasonable price point, they won’t break the bank either They also have an adjustable internal waistband to customize the fit, and come with pockets for your convenience.

15. Motherhood Under Belly Maternity Shorts

Low and Out of the Way

Check Price

The under-belly waistband on these shorts helps to keep you from overheating, and the cotton fabric keeps you cool by allowing your skin to breathe. The straight-leg design won’t hug your thighs like spandex, so they are a good choice for the woman who doesn’t want her workout gear to be so form-fitting.

Best Maternity Workout Capris

Capris are a great option for keeping cool during workouts. They offer full coverage so you don’t have to worry about putting on a show while doing squats, but still allow plenty of air flow on the lower leg to keep you cool.

16. PattyBoutik Mama Shaping Crop Yoga Pants

Cropped to Keep You Cool

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The V-back on these workout capris not only increases airflow and reduces the amount of fabric that can overheat you, but the design actually helps support your belly and reduce lower back strain. And the 3D panel is engineered to help keep your pants from falling down by cradling your belly, not simply fitting over it like an oversized elastic waistband.

17. Ingrid & Isabel Active Capri Maternity Pant

Affordable Quality

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The synthetic construction ensures that these pants are breathable and moisture-wicking, and their thickness ensures that your bum will stay fully covered. The belly panel offers both back and belly support, and can be worn up or down depending on your preference.

Best Maternity Workout Yoga Pants

Let’s be honest — not all yoga pants are bought to practice yoga. But if you’re actually planning to work out in your yoga pants, make sure they’re made from a synthetic, moisture-wicking material, aren’t too constricting in the belly, and don’t become sheer when you bend over.

18. Three Seasons Maternity Yoga Pants

Loose and Lovely for Lounging

Check Price

These yoga pants with a slight flare at the leg opening will allow you free movement without hugging your body. The belly band can be worn up or down based upon your preference, and they are machine washable for ease and convenience.

19. Lamaze Maternity Yoga Pants

Ultimate Relaxed Fit

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These comfy pants have a hint of spandex, giving them stretching properties so you don’t feel constricted. They also have a relaxed leg so they don’t show off all your imperfections, and have a mid-belly panel that won’t cause you to overheat.

Best Maternity Workout Belts

Your back already has enough stress — you don’t want to exacerbate it further. However, you can’t just use a regular workout belt when you’re pregnant. You need to pick a belt specifically designed for your pregnant body.

20. Cabea Baby Belly Band Sport Maternity Belt

Wear it with What You Have

Check Price

This band was designed specifically for workouts, is latex free, and antimicrobial to prevent post-workout stink. It was designed by a female health professional to make sure it hits all the marks you need for adequate support, and is available in sizes up to XXL, meaning it will fit and function better than a “one-size-fits-all” belt.

21. AZMED Breathable Abdominal Binder

This support belt helps ease any potential back pain because it puts less pressure on your spine. Your belly will be lifted a little, which lessens discomfort on your back, and you’ll also get some reprieve from pelvic and hip pain. This size can fit a belly up to 46 inches.

Best Maternity Workout Underwear

You don’t want your underwear riding up or slipping down when you’re working out. Choose ones with solid, stay-put elastic. And while cotton is typically your best bet for underwear, if you’re planning to work up a sweat you may want to opt for synthetic. However, avoid polyester as it can trap bacteria which will result in an odor.

22. Kindred Bravely Pregnancy Panties

Under the Bump, Full at the Back

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These bikini-style briefs won’t cause you to overheat since there isn’t extra fabric covering your midsection, and the full bottoms won’t ride up and give you a wedgie. Made primarily of rayon they’ll wick sweat and moisture from your skin, which will help keep you cool and dry during your workout.

23. KUCI Bamboo Fiber Maternity Underwear

Smart Eco Option

Check Price

Bamboo is a great fabric choice for workouts because it’s all-natural and wicks away moisture while not trapping bacteria that can cause odor or infections. These briefs fit all the way over the belly so they won’t fall down while you’re active, and also offer a little bit of support to your belly in the process

Best Maternity Workout Shoes

Don’t overlook your footwear when working out. A proper, supportive maternity shoe can be the difference between comfort and pain in your back, hips, and feet. Choose ones that feel supportive to prevent rolling your ankle, but have a little bit of wiggle room in the event your feet swell. And, most of all, make sure they have good arch support.

24. Skechers Sport Empire Sneaker

Slip-on Simplicity

Check Price

These shoes have a bungee lace design, meaning you don’t have to be able to reach your feet to fasten them. Still, they are supportive and won’t slip off, and the fabric upper will allow your feet to breathe and allow a little “give” for feet that may swell a bit as pregnancy progresses. They also have Air Cooled memory foam so your feet don’t overheat, and a shock-absorbing midsole to help keep your joints happy.

25. Champion Women’s Gusto Cross Trainer

Wardrobe Workhorse

Check Price

These comfy yet affordable shoes have a memory foam insole for good support and shock absorption, and a fabric exterior for easy cleaning and breathability. They do require you to tie them, but if you’re past the point in your pregnancy where you can comfortably tie your shoes, you can replace them with elastic ties and they become sporty slip-ons.

Your Turn Mama

Ladies, we all need to stay healthy, pregnant or not. But it’s hard to keep motivated if you’re in hot, scratchy, uncomfortable gear that bunches and rides up in all the wrong places. Get the right clothes to help keep your workouts on track, and it could help not only your energy levels, but also your postpartum recovery.

Do you have any workout secrets for when carrying your giant belly already feels like a workout? Do you recommend any maternity activewear that are perfect for those of us keeping fit while pregnant? If so, share in the comments!

Ruben Chamorro/Katie Buckleitner

Because I’d categorize myself as pretty fit before I got pregnant, I thought I’d be one of those people who’d be able to do a CrossFit or HIIT class with no problem. ALOL. Instead, as soon as I was six weeks along, I basically couldn’t (and still can’t, let’s be honest) even breathe after walking up 10 steps from the subway platform to the street, and all I wanted do to was drink ginger ale and go to bed at 6pm. Ah, the things no one tells you before you get pregnant.

Once the second trimester hit, though, I instantly started to feel better, and I could begin to mentally wrap my head around hitting the gym. I went to slip on a pair of my stretchiest yoga pants before my Ballet Beautiful session only to find that they did. Not. Fit. WTF do I do now? I thought. At that point I was showing a bit but definitely thought my spandex pants would have coddled my belly; instead, I felt like they were cutting off my air supply. Luckily, I had a leotard, some tights, and a pair of shorts that worked in a pinch.

Lululemon Lululemon Align Pant II 25″ $98.00

  • Super-soft fabric
  • Stretchy
  • Comfortable waistband offers bump support
  • Long-lasting
  • Hidden pocket
  • High-rise cut
  • Only goes up to size 14

Post workout, I immediately asked our fitness editor for help. I explained my dilemma, and she told me I had to try Lululemon’s Align Pant II leggings. She’d heard from other pregnant women that they’re known for subtly stretching with their growing bellies. Really? I was skeptical but also desperate and down to try anything.

I ripped open the package to examine the leggings when they arrived a few days later. They looked like regular yoga pants, TBH, so I couldn’t figure out why they were so magical—until I put them on that night. Turns out, my colleague WAS RIGHT. Here’s why:

1. They’re SO insanely soft.

If you’ve yet to become pregnant, spoiler alert: Your skin might itch like crazy, so the last thing you want lying on your belly is a scratchy pair of yoga pants. But this material is beyond anything I’ve ever slipped on before. It’s made from Lululemon’s sweat-wicking, trademarked Nulu fabric that is “buttery-soft,” as the website touts, and they’re not fucking around. I swear, the leggings are legit so comfortable that I now understand why women just wear them around town while running errands.

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2. They’re lightweight and high-rise.

This means they feel like air (AKA barely there), and the waistband is like a built-in belly band that offers your bump the support it needs. Oh, and said band doesn’t dig into your skin, leaving behind a lateral indentation like an equator that you think may never go away. Instead, the fabric gently hugs you—a reminder that it’s got you without forcefully holding your torso hostage to the point where you feel like you can’t breathe. I’m about to be nine months pregnant, and the pants STILL fit like a perfectly tailored, not-too-tight glove.

3. They still look brand new.

Here I am, mid-workout, with David Kirsch in my Lululemon Align II pants. Carly Cardellino

After countless workout classes (my go-tos are prenatal yoga, Sweat With Bec, personal-training sessions with David Kirsch, and Ballet Beautiful), I’ve washed these pants a ton, and they’ve retained their vibrant black hue and soft-to-the-touch feel. (Just remember to follow the directions to machine wash them with like fabrics in a cold, gentle cycle, and lay them flat to dry.)

Pregnant or not, I can’t recommend these workout pants enough, and neither can other women: Since documenting my workouts on IG, other previously or currently expecting moms have DM’d me to rave about how they won’t wear any other legging.

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned from being pregnant, it’s to consider (and take) the advice of moms when they tell you the same thing en masse—because they know WTF they’re talking about.

Ruben Chamorro

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Carly Cardellino Carly Cardellino was the beauty director at Cosmopolitan.

The Non-Maternity Lululemon Leggings I Lived in During Pregnancy

As a work-from-home health writer, I pretty much live in leggings (when you don’t have to go to an office and you usually break up the workday with midday sweat sessions anyway, it happens). Given that I regularly write about fitness trends and gear, and that I enjoy working out in a variety of different ways myself, I’ve also tried my fair share of this particular athleisure item.

So, when I found out I was pregnant, I figured I was in luck: I’d be able to wear my go-to wardrobe of leggings all the way through my pregnancy — right? At first, that plan worked. For a few months, I could still wear any one of my many pairs, with no need to get picky about which one I chose.

But soon enough, everything started to feel… tight. Once-comfortable leggings dug into my stomach or grasped my thighs tighter than they had before. Some made breathing while running difficult, and others squeezed at my ankles too much. This is when many moms-to-be invest in maternity leggings (and there are lots of amazing options out there), but I was looking for a pair that I could wear after pregnancy, too, with space for my bump to grow now.

Thankfully, I had one knock-out winner in my closet already: Lululemon’s beloved Align leggings ($98; They were one of the softest pairs of leggings I had ever felt when I first came across them years ago. Slipping into them now became a new form of recovery.

The Align pants were designed for yoga (maybe because they really let your lower body move) and are made of Lululemon’s proprietary Nulu fabric, which is sweat-wicking and lightweight. Before I was pregnant, I wore them after long runs or during easy yoga classes. But I soon came to realize that they were *also* perfect for pregnancy.

Unlike so many of my other leggings, my Align pants felt even better now than they had pre-pregnancy. They worked with my growing bump, never felt too tight and helped me continue working out. I quickly picked up two more pairs in one size up from my pre-pregnancy size.

While they’re certainly not as supportive as other leggings (nor do they claim to be), the Align pants truly have been the only leggings that I’ve continued to wear whether I’m sweating at the gym or lying on the couch. They’ve been a big part of why I’ve been able to continue working out and feeling comfortable throughout my pregnancy (well, as comfortable as you can feel with a baby on the way).

Of course, I’m not the only one to notice this. Many moms-to-be have raved about these pants before, praising their stretchy, comfortable fabric and durability. Go into any Lululemon store yourself and state your problem (pants don’t fit, pregnancy to blame) and you’ll likely be told the tale of the Align, too.

As for what I’ll be wearing when I leave the hospital — and in the days (and weeks?!) that follow? I think you know.

My Favorite Fit Pregnancy Products {from leggings to belly oil i’m sharing all}

i asked if you wanted the insider details on my favorite fit pregnancy products and you said yes. so i’m sharing my top 20+ fit pregnancy essentials — from workout gear and activewear to belly oil and body pillows.

Like your typical ‘fit girl’ when I found out I was pregnant I was like let the #fitpregnancy begin! But I’ll be honest, maintaining #fitpregnancy status isn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be.

Pregnancy has been an adventure. I’ve never disliked raw veggies and salads {first trimester}, or made a special trip to the grocery store to cure my craving for cold, sweet oranges {second and third trimester}. I’ve never napped so hard {first trimester}, or had trouble sleeping {third trimester}. I’ve never realized how hard moving your body on a daily basis can be while you grow a human inside you {and that covers all three trimesters}.

But over the course of the last 7-8 months I’ve discovered some fit pregnancy essentials that have made it all a little easier. So today, I’m excited to share my top 20+ favorite fit pregnancy products with you!

My Favorite Fit Pregnancy Products

From workout gear and activewear to belly oil and body pillows, I’m sharing all my favorite fit pregnancy products.

Fit Pregnancy Fitness Essentials

  1. A bigger water bottle – I’m talking 48-50 ounces ladies because I’m thirsty all the time.
  2. A thicker yoga mat – because you spend a lot more time in table top and those thin mats just don’t cut it for the knees.
  3. Yoga block – because reaching your toes or the mat becomes a lot harder as your belly grows, and it’s great for sitting on while holding a wide squat to open up your pelvic floor.
  4. Lighter dumbbells or adjustable dumbbells – low impact barre workouts and yoga sculpt workouts call for lighter dumbbells.
  5. Circle resistance bands – again great for adding lower body resistance to barre, yoga and pilates workouts.
  6. Slam ball – my go-to low impact cardio to get my heart pumping for my modified HIIT + strength training workouts {because those still feel good for me, but note that you should listen to your body and doctors/midwives recommendations for your pregnancy activity as everyone experiences pregnancy differently}.
  7. Amazfit Arc Activity Monitor – great for monitoring your heart rate during workouts, as well as, tracking your steps and sleep habits {you can see me wearing this on Instagram here}
  8. Stability Ball – great for adding to prenatal workouts {assisted stability ball wall squats}, sitting on throughout the day to alleviate lower back pain, and I plan to labor with mine as well!

Fit Pregnancy Activewear + Athleisure

Leggings + Joggers

  1. Lululemon align pant II – I know these are a bit more on the expensive end {$98}, but I’ve pretty much lived in them since I discovered them in my second trimester. Trust me ladies, they are worth the investment. It’s like wear buttery, soft leggings that you can workout in, wear casually, or dress up {from the gym to going on live tv these leggings have been with me throughout my entire pregnancy and I’ve absolutely got my money’s worth}! You can see me wearing these on Instagram here.
  2. Old Navy Go-Dry Drawstring Joggers – these have also been my comfy lounging at home or the coffee shop sweats and I plan to pack these in my hospital bag as well.
  3. Belly Bandit BDA {before, during and after pregnancy} leggings {pictured above} – whether you’re an over the belly or under the belly mamma, you’ll love these leggings for lounging and casual/dressy wear. However, I wouldn’t suggest them for working out in. Also, order a size up as they run a little small. You can also see me wearing these on Instagram here.
  4. Mumberry Maternity Activewear Workout Capris with Belly Band Support – if you’re looking for true maternity workout capris these are it. With built in over the belly support these capris are great for the third trimester when your baby bump starts to get heavy. You can see me wearing these on Instagram here.

Sports Bras

  1. Moving comfort sports bra {aka sports bra turned nursing bra, pictured above} – I discovered this gem on sale at Athleta and was like talk about a 2-for-1 deal. Since I’m in need of bigger sports bras, I thought this was a real win getting one that I could wear post-baby for nursing too!
  2. Old Navy Go-Dry Seamless Light Support Sports Bra – my favorite for barre, yoga and pilates workouts, as well as, lounging around the house {or using as a swimsuit top when you decide to go to the waterpark at 33 weeks pregnant}.
  3. Old Navy Go-Dry Medium Support Sports Bra – my favorite for HIIT + strength training workouts as it provides more support and has a higher neck {aka less cleavage}.
  4. Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer III – I was able to find some of these jems on sale around the holiday’s and took advantage; these have great support for all types of workouts.

Tanks + Tees + Longsleves

  1. Athleta finish fast tank {pictured above} – these have been my pregnancy workout tank top go-to’s as they have ruching down both sides of the tank. Therefore, I’ve been able to wear my regular, pre-pregnancy sized tank and it’s just growing with me throughout pregnancy. Talk about the best of both worlds.
  2. Athleta finish fast tee – same as the above just as a tee with side-ruching instead of a tank.
  3. Athleta high neck shadow stripe chi tank – these tanks are a bit more flowy and I love the high neckline {again less cleavage for my expanding chest}. You can see me wearing this on Instagram here.
  4. Lululemon Power Y Tank – these are my ‘maternity tank tops’ I purchased one black and one white tank in larger size {size 10} and I pretty much live in these as they have a built in cami-bra and I pretty much refuse to wear a real bra {because mine are all too small}. So I don’t use these for working out, but I wear them everyday as my ‘bra’ under my tees and sweaters. You can see me wearing this on Instagram here.
  5. Mumberry Maternity Activewear Workout Tank with Belly Band Support – similar to the Mumberry Maternity Activewear Workout Capris, if you’re looking for a true maternity workout tank this is it. With built in back and belly support, and a built in bra, this tank is great for the third trimester when your baby bump starts to get heavy. Also comes in a tee and long sleeve. You can see me wearing the Mumberry Maternity tee on Instagram here.
  6. Old Navy Go-Dry V-Back Tee – a comfy longsleeve to wear to the gym, studio or coffee shop. You can see me wearing this on Instagram here.
  7. Maternity Cowl Tunic from Target – my sister-in-law borrowed this sweater to me and it’s my go-to for everyday athleisure wear.

Fit Pregnancy Supplements

Please note that these are the supplements that best fit me and my pregnancy, but every body and pregnancy is different so please check with your doctor/midwife before taking any supplements.

  1. Garden of Life Raw Prenatal Vitamins – I wanted a prenatal vitamin with minimal additives or fillers and from my research this was the best fit for me.
  2. Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA – because my prenatal vitamin does not include prenatal DHA, I take these separately.
  3. Vital Proteins beef liver capsules – I talk about the benefits of beef liver capsules in this blog post, but ultimately it’s a great way to get more vitamin a, as well as, boost every b-vitamin {including folate which is also important for pregnancy} and all the fat-soluble vitamins {that’s a, d, e and k}.
  4. Vital Proteins collagen peptides – I stir these into my coffee, oatmeal, and green smoothies to get more protein in my diet. And collagen is the most abundant form of protein in the body and the basic building block of our bones, joints, skin, hair and nails {aka great for growing a human}! These also come in pre-portioned, on-the-go stick packs.
  5. Vital Proteins Vanilla Collagen Whey – again another great way to add protein to my diet, especially post-workout!

Fit Pregnancy Skincare

  1. Dr. Hauschka Blackthorn Toning Body Oil – I have a couple girlfriends who’ve sworn by this body oil during pregnancy, and as a result didn’t get any stretch marks. So I’m following their lead and so far I’ve been loving this belly oil. I apply it every night {and I love the smell too}!
  2. Osea Malibu Skincare – it’s like I’ve reverted back to high school with hormonal pregnancy breakouts, but I didn’t want to use harsh products with chemicals while pregnant. I discovered Osea Malibu and I’m in love with their natural, vegan product line which uses only the best ingredients {seaweed, plants, flowers, salts, botanicals and essential oils}. I love their:
  • Blemish Balm – I seriously don’t think I’ll ever use another face moisturizer as long as I live.
  • Sea Minerals Mist – a skin toner has never felt so cool and refreshing.
  • Ocean Cleansing Mudd and Red Algea Mask – because who doesn’t want to feel like they have a spa in their own home with mudd masks.

Fit Pregnancy Sleep Aids

  1. Boppy Total Body Pregnancy Pillow – this list is short and sweet, but when a friend borrowed me their total body pregnancy pillow it was the best thing that ever happened to my restless nights. We’re talking back, belly, leg and total body support ladies!

Fit Pregnancy Snacks

  1. Spoon Optional Super Greens – getting greens in has been hard throughout pregnancy as I just haven’t craved them like I normally do. Enter Spoon Optional Super Greens sippable soup; it’s great for breakfast with a side of eggs or the perfect pre/post barre workout snack! {This is a local MN company that I love and currently their delicious soups are only available in MN, but hopefully they’ll be expanding soon}.
  2. GoMacro Bars {Cashew Caramel is my personal favorite} – I always have a couple of these bars tucked away in my purse for snacking, which I tend to do a lot more of these days.
  3. WholeMe Granola Clusters {Lemon Berry Chia is my favorite} – I have to buy the pre-portioned packs of these paleo, gluten-free and Grain-free granola clusters or I’ll eat an entire large bag in one sitting. It’s that good. The perfect snack on the go or even better for topping yogurt and green smoothies!

So there you have it, my favorite fit pregnancy products from workout gear and activewear to supplements, skincare, sleep aides and snacks!

And I must say, although my meals, sleeping habits and workouts all look a little different these days, I’m truly amazed by what the female body can do! Now if I can just keep this baby bump moving for 7 more weeks, because from what I’ve seen in my birthing classes, a natural labor really is the biggest workout of your life.

PS – I’ve recently learned about using a rebozo {or shawl} in my birthing classes to have your partner lift your belly and release your broad ligaments…let’s just say it feels amazing in the third trimester! You can learn more and put your partner to work by watching this YouTube Video.

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This post does include affiliate links. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make nourish move love and all the content you see on this blog possible.

Who doesn’t love a good pair of yoga pants?

They’re comfy, flattering, and non-restrictive. Paired with the right top, they can even be stylish. It’s no wonder they’ve become the unofficial “uniform” of motherhood.

If you’re pregnant, you probably want a pair of the best maternity yoga pants to keep you comfy for the duration of your gestation.

But with all the options on the market, which one is best?

Here’s everything you need to know before you buy your next pair — and recommendations on which one to pick to match your style.

We ♥ honesty! Mom Loves Best earns a commission through the following hand-picked links at no extra cost to you.

Why Do Moms Love Yoga Pants?

Yoga pants have developed a reputation as a popular everyday clothing choice for mothers these days, both during pregnancy and in the years immediately following.

This is for several reasons.

  • Comfort: For most mothers, comfort is key. If you’re running after littles or trying to get through the work day while pregnant, you don’t want to be tugging on uncomfortable clothes.
  • Movement: Mamas are always on the move. Whether they’re bending down to wipe up a spill, playing on the floor with their little one, or are just constantly shifting around to find the most comfortable position for their pregnant belly, yoga pants are non-restrictive and allow for freedom of movement.
  • Ease: With such a wide range of silhouettes (and since black seems to be the most popular color), yoga pants are easy to pair with all kinds of tops. Plus, since they’re stretchy, pulling them on is a breeze.
  • Forgiving: Our bodies change during pregnancy, and nobody likes the constant reminder that they’re rapidly expanding, or that they haven’t bounced back quite like they’d hoped. With yoga pants, there are no zippers or buttons to remind us that we haven’t quite returned to our former selves.
  • Support: The gentle spandex provides support and (dare we even say?) shape to our bodies to make us feel more confident. Even if we’re not working out on the regular, yoga pants can make us feel like we have been.

Choosing the Best Pregnant Yoga Pants

Here are some things to consider when shopping for maternity yoga pants:

  • Where you plan to wear them: Are you looking for pants to do yoga? If so, you want fitted ones that won’t slide up your leg when you’re in a pose (1). Do you just want comfy pants that will pass for black trousers at the office? Then you want straight-leg, unfitted pants. Think about the look you’re going for before purchasing your pants, and choose a pair that mirrors that silhouette.
  • What you plan to wear them with: Do you have a bunch of long maternity tunics? Then fitted, cropped yoga pants will look cute, almost like Capri leggings. Do you wear tighter tops to show off your growing bump? Then flare-legged pants will provide a nice balance to your shape. After you buy your pants you want to make sure you’ve got complete outfits, so survey your clothing and see what kind of pants will best complement your existing wardrobe.
  • What type of fit you need: Fit is important — this cannot be overstated. Even though yoga pants are known for their stretch, if you don’t choose the proper size they can instantly become see-through and lead to embarrassing situations. Consult the brand’s sizing chart, and choose accordingly.
  • What fabric they’re made of: Cotton is often held as the gold-standard natural material, but it’s actually a terrible choice if you’re using your pants as workout gear. Even though cotton wicks sweat from your skin, it absorbs and holds onto it, leaving your clothes damp. So cotton is a comfy, soft, and breathable fabric if you’re wearing your pants to work or around the house. But if you’re actually exercising? Choose a synthetic fabric like polyester to wick sweat and moisture from your skin and leave you feeling comfortable and dry during your workout (2).

The Best Maternity Yoga Pants of 2020

So few clothing items can do as much for you like a pair of the best pregnant yoga pants: they’re comfy, versatile, and if you get the right pair they can be miraculously flattering from behind, if you know what I mean.

Here are our top 13 picks for 2020:

1. Ingrid & Isabel Active Capri

Best Short Leg Maternity Yoga Pants

Check Price

Sometimes, your legs need to breathe. Capri yoga pants are a great compromise between shorts and full-coverage pants. Wear them to the gym if you’d like, but I’d rather pair them with a cute maternity tunic for an easy, effortless, stylish outfit.

This pair offers both quality and versatility. The belly panel is not simply an extra band of fabric as you see in other pants, but is actually a four-way panel designed to provide support in all directions as your belly grows.

What’s more, you can fold down the panel in the early stages of pregnancy or in your postnatal period.

Finally, the stitching was designed to lay flat to minimize uncomfortable chafing.

2. PattyBoutik Crop Leg Yoga Maternity Pants

Best for Back Support

Check Price

Pregnant women often experience back pain, leading to miserable days and sleepless nights. If this describes your experience, a pair of yoga pants designed to support your back can help. Look for a pair with a specially designed back and super stretchy, but supportive material.

PattyBoutik has created pair of yoga pants specifically designed for pregnant woman struggling with back pain. With full tummy support and a fashionable mid-calf cut, they’re great for everyday use.

Back pain can occur during pregnancy when your body has a hard time supporting your growing belly. These pants have a form-fitting 3D cut with a full-coverage front panel. Your belly is supported without excess pressure being placed on any specific point.

Maternity yoga pants often have a tummy panel, but not many pay attention to other areas of the garment. We like this pair because of the special v-shaped back design. It provides even more support for your tummy while also reducing lower back pressure.

The material for the pant is made of a soft, stretchy blend of nylon and spandex. It’s moderately thick so you get decent coverage, but also breathable for comfort.

3. PattyBoutik Shaping Series Yoga Pants

Best for Your Booty

Check Price

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you don’t care about your shape. Choosing the right yoga pants can help mould your booty and keep your derriere looking good… even if the rest of you feels a little frumpy.

A blend of shapewear and athletic wear, these pants can help give your butt a lift while still giving plenty of supportive coverage so you’re not self-conscious.

They’re machine washable and come in a wide range of sizes for multiple body types.

4. Beachcoco Fold Over Lounge Pants

Best Plus-Size Maternity Yoga Pants

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Just because yoga pants are stretchy, doesn’t mean that size and fit don’t matter. To ensure maximum comfort (and to prevent embarrassing situations such as see-through bottoms), it’s important to choose a pair that was made to fit your body. If you’re a plus-size woman, here’s a great option to consider.

Made of 95 percent cotton with just a touch of spandex, these pants are available up to size 3XL.

With a slight flare at the bottom which gives a flattering outline that’s different from workout pants or leggings, these can be worn in many different situations.

There are several neutral-colored options if you’re hoping to pass them off as regular trousers, but also many bold-colored belly band choices too, if you’re going for that extra fun pop of color.

5. Evacus Versatile Lounge Pants

Best Everyday Wear

Check Price

You want bottoms that feel like yoga pants but look like legit trousers? No problem — choose a solid-color pair with a straight leg; tapered, form-fitting bottoms scream workout gear, which won’t fly at the office.

The wide-leg design flows all the way to the floor, giving your legs more room for comfort, and a visually slimming effect.

Less fabric against the skin means less itching, chafing, and sensitivity, especially during those final months of pregnancy.

Made of rayon and spandex, these super-sleek pants can either be worn above the belly, or rolled down if you prefer to leave your tummy bare.

6. Motherhood Petite Secret Fit Yoga Pants

Best for Petites

Check Price

Not all bodies are built the same. If you’re 5’3 or under, you’re likely best served in the “petite” section to keep from having your pant legs drag on the floor. Petite pants are made with a shorter inseam to fit your shorter stature.

From the maternity clothing experts at Motherhood Maternity come yoga pants designed specifically for expectant mamas of short stature, and they’re fitted with their patented “secret fit belly.”

Made of cotton and spandex, these pants are also boot-cut, giving visual balance to your frame (and extra space for your ankles when they’re swollen).

7. Cloya Active Capri Pant

Best Over-the-Belly Maternity Yoga Pants

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While some women prefer below-the-belly waistbands to prevent rubbing on their itchy, sensitive tummy (especially later in pregnancy), there’s no denying the support that over-the-belly waistbands can provide. In addition, they prevent you from showing too much skin when you bend over or lift your arms, so they’re a good option for moms who prefer to dress more modestly

Made of nylon and spandex, these pants are designed to grow with you, and keep the fit snug and proper throughout your pregnancy.

The belly panel is higher in the front and lower in the back, providing coverage and support without compromising on comfort or breathability. The stitching is also designed to minimize chafing.

This is important not only in the thigh area, but in the belly panel which can otherwise irritate your tummy and cause it to itch.

8. Beachcoco Wide/Straight Comfortable Pants

Best for Big Thighs

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You want comfort and movement, not restriction and wedgies. Choosing a pair of pants that provides extra room in the thigh can keep you comfy.

The flowing fabric coupled with the straight-leg design is just what you need if you’re hoping to flatter your figure.

Made in the USA of rayon and spandex, these pants are super soft and comfy.

You can also wear the waistband over your belly or roll it down if you prefer.

9. HDE Lounge Pregnancy Pants

Best Cotton Maternity Yoga Pants

Check Price

When you’re pregnant, you don’t want uncomfortable materials rubbing up against your sensitive skin. Sometimes it feels best to stick with the basics, and cotton has been the soft, go-to material for years.

Made of 95 percent cotton with a 5 percent hint of spandex to give you that soft stretch you want, these fun pants come with a colored band in the belly to give you that extra POP.

While they’re definitely workout pants (no fooling anyone if you wear these on date night, sorry), sometimes comfort beats fashion, especially when you’re expecting.

With a slight flare at the bottom, these pants make for a flattering silhouette that can be worn during all seasons — and may even work for you after baby is born.

10. Belly Mama Maternity Yoga Pants

Best for Tall Women

Check Price

If you wanted capri pants, you’d order capri pants. If you’re of above-average height, make sure you get the full coverage you want by ordering pants that are made specifically for tall women. “Tall” sizes come with a longer inseam to cover your whole leg, all the way down to the ankle.

If you’re 5’9 or taller, this pair of pants just might be your new best friend. With an inseam over 36 inches, they’ve got extra length to cover your ankles so you can walk around confidently.

Made of cotton and spandex, these provide both fashion and function— and if you’re sneaky, you might even get away with wearing them to the office, too.

11. Fishers Finery Yoga Pants with Pockets

Best With Pockets

Check Price

Whether it’s a hair tie, a tissue, or the rock that your toddler just picked up and can’t bear to part with, you’ve always got things in your pockets. With these pants, you don’t have to trade pockets for comfort. You get both.

While these aren’t technically maternity pants, they’re forgiving enough that you could get away with buying a size or two up and wearing them under your belly, at least during early pregnancy. And they’ll definitely remain a staple after your baby arrives.

Made of thicker material, you won’t have to worry about the embarrassing transparency issue.

The mid-rise cut will give you a little extra belly support when you’re recovering postpartum, and the flattering boot-cut silhouette will help your figure look sleek.

12. Beachcoco Knee Cropped Active Lounge Pants

Best Budget Pick

Check Price

I get it. If you’re only wearing maternity pants for a few short months, you don’t want to spend a fortune. The good news is that you can get quality and comfort for cheap these days.

Made of 95 percent cotton with just a touch of spandex, these pants are not only a light touch on your skin, but also your wallet.

With a flattering belly band that can be worn up or down based on your own preferences, these cropped pants will provide comfort through the warmer months — and you won’t have any mom-guilt for buying them because they were so cheap.

13. C9 Champion Under the Belly Cardio Pants

Best Non-See-Through Maternity Yoga Pants

Check Price

You remember that big hullabaloo from a few years back when that popular fitness clothing company was slammed for making yoga pants that were essentially transparent? Well, don’t let that happen to you. Choose pants that are thick enough to provide full coverage — and even though they’re designed to stretch, don’t stretch them to their limits or you’re asking for trouble.

Made primarily of polyester (instead of the traditional cotton), these pants will provide functionality with full coverage.

They’re soft and have ample stretch, but the material still wicks away moisture and won’t give your neighbor on the next mat an eyeful when you bend over at your next prenatal yoga class.

My Lululemon Must-Haves for Pregnancy

I receive a lot of questions about maternity activewear and my response is always that I haven’t bought any maternity-specific workout apparel. I have been able to more than get by with leggings, shorts, bras and tops that I already own in addition to adding a few extra pieces sized-up to my collection. The majority of my must-haves for pregnancy are Lululemon so I thought it would be helpful to share them!

I’m pretty lucky to spend most of my days in activewear. It’s pretty much my standard uniform given my career teaching yoga, running a yoga studio and writing a health blog. 🙂 I consider myself fortunate that I haven’t had to spend a lot of money on maternity clothing given that I haven’t had to get dressed to go into an office. I can only imagine that is a challenge!

That said, I know that MANY of you also appreciate the comfort of athleisure and I think you’ll love these Lululemon picks. They’ve worked great for me for everything from runs to gym workouts to yoga practices to daily leisure. And if you’re NOT pregnant, don’t worry! None of these picks are maternity-specific and they are standard uniform for me when I’m NOT pregnant too!


Clockwise from top left…

  • Cool Racerback Tank: I can’t sing the praises of this tank enough. It’s so comfortable and plenty long enough to cover the bump. I’m still wearing this tank at 39 weeks. I’ve been able to wear it in my normal size and one size up throughout all of pregnancy.
  • Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew: this is the short sleeve version of my most favorite long sleeve Lululemon shirt ever that you’ll see below. It’s a great T option for summer that is long and stretchy. I recommend sizing up in this one. I even like the sized-up when I’m not pregnant just for a little extra room and comfort.
  • Essential Tank: this is a great option if you’re looking for something with a looser fit. I also like to tie it off at the side to hug the bump. I wear this in my normal size.
  • Power Y Tank: if you’re looking for a tank with a built-in bra, this is a good option. It’s plenty long enough to cover the bump BUT one caveat is that if you’re feeling a little busty in the chest area due to pregnancy hormones, you might want to take a pass on this tank. It doesn’t offer a ton of support. I’ve worn this in my regular size and one size up.
  • Free to be Wild Bra: I can’t sing the praises of this bra enough. I have no fewer than six of them. It’s so comfortable and looks great layered under tanks. You’ll definitely want to size up for pregnancy.
  • Blissful Zen Wrap: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve layered comfy wraps/cardigans over maternity tanks and Lulu tanks during pregnancy. This one is a great one to add to your collection!
  • Swiftly Long Sleeve Tech Crew: this is one of my top Lulu picks of all time. I have so many of these long sleeved shirts and they are crazy comfortable. I love them for running, dog walking, errand running…you name it! They’re great for pregnancy because they’re long and stretchy. I can wear this top in my normal size but prefer it sized up for pregnancy.
  • Define Jacket: if you need a lightweight layering jacket, the Define Jacket is perfectly stretchy for pregnancy and a nice length to cover the bump late into pregnancy. I would size up here.
  • Free to Be Serene Bra: this bra gives you a fun strappy back but offers more coverage in the front than the Free to Be Wild Bra. If you need a little more support and coverage, go with the Serene. Size up for pregnancy.


Clockwise from top left:

  • Wunder Under Hi-Rise Crops: you just can’t go wrong with Wunder Unders. They are Lululemons signature pants and I love my crops for daily wear. I have been able to wear these in both my normal size and sized-up during pregnancy. I also like the non-hi-rise if you’re more comfortable with something sitting under your bump.
  • Speed Up Shorts: these are nice for running and will sit under your bump comfortably. Definitely size up and note that they are also available in a longer length.
  • Align Crops: if you do one thing, whether you’re pregnant or not, PLEASE BUY THE ALIGN CROPS OR PANTS. You guys, I cannot even begin to express to you how comfortable these crops are. I wear them almost every single day. They have been a godsend in pregnancy. The Align crops and pants feature Lululemon’s “naked” feel and are so buttery soft…but not see through! The girls at Lululemon told me that they are their “unofficial maternity pants” because so many pregnant mamas love them.
  • Align Pants: here is the longer ankle-length pant fit for the Align.
  • Hotty Hot Shorts: I am a huge fan of Lululemon’s Hotty Hot Short. I find that they run big so when I’m not pregnant, I size down. In pregnancy I have worn what would be my regular size in Lulu. These are also available in a longer length.
  • Wunder Under Hi-Rise Pants: confession…I never bought maternity jeans! I got buy with some stretchy jeggings and black Lululemon Wunder Under Pants. I can’t tell you how many times during the cooler months that I wore these with boots and long sweaters/tops. Note, these are a lot longer than the Align pants and mine hook under my heels. (I’m also a shorty!) I can wear these in my normal size and sized up. Here’s the non-hi-rise fit.

(Photo Scott Broome Photography)

I hope you guys have found this post useful! Like I said, these are all Lululemon favorites that I know I will continue to wear and love throughout my postpartum period as well. I can personally vouch that everything you will find here is so comfy as well as very functional! And if you do size-up for pregnancy and then find yourself with Lulu that’s a little too big, I’ve found that gently-worn Lululemon sells extremely well online! Just an FYI.

What are your Lululemon must-haves?

Have you experienced the life-changing amazingness of the Align pants?

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I’ll begin by saying that I am not expecting!!!

I posted a preview of our photo shoot on Instagram, and I received an avalanche of text messages from friends asking if I was!! My sweet friend and fellow blogger, Natalie, who is a little over 20 weeks pregnant is the beautiful, glowing mom-to-be that I am featuring in this post. You can find her at thirtyeightfive. She came to me with the question, “What did you wear while you were pregnant, and particularly for working out?” I immediately thought that a girls day out shopping trip to lululemon athletica Knox Street was exactly what was needed, to show her some of my favorites.

As a mom of two, I have first-hand experience with the frustration and challenge of finding things that are flattering to wear while your body is changing…

When I was pregnant, I wanted pieces that looked great, were comfortable, and were cost effective. With a limited wardrobe during those months, you also want the pieces you purchase to work in different ways. That is where multi-funtional lululemon pieces work so well for pregnancy, and afterwards! I wore my regular sizes at the beginning and then sized up when I needed to as time passed and I grew. After baby, I was able to go backwards size-wise, through those pieces, wearing them as I shed the baby weight. Lululemon does not stretch out, so the items I wore while I was pregnant were in perfect shape to wear after, and as an added bonus, they don’t look like maternity wear. Because, who wants to wear their maternity clothes after baby? No one!

As not to cause confusion, lululemon does not make an actual “maternity” line.

However, there are certain styles that work particularly well for pregnancy. These pieces will be our focus in this post! With Natalie as my model, we are going to show you the best lululemon pieces for maternity and post-delivery. For most people, after baby arrives, there is the added challenge of dressing around a body that is in transition. There are people who can wear their regular clothes immediately after delivery, I was NOT one of those people!! My lulu really came in handy as my body was recovering and I was getting back into shape. We will show you the looks below, two active and two lifestyle. As you will see, the lines are blurred with some items, and you can wear them in more ways than one! At the bottom of the photo, the pieces will be listed along with the reasons they are great choices for moms-to-be! And, everything will be listed at the bottom, with links to shop!

Active: Run Times Tank + Roll Down Wunder Under Crop

Shown above:

  • Run Times Tank (in Heathered Toothpaste/Toothpaste): A light, breezy tank that is also offers support! Made of four-way stretch luxtreme, which is breathable and wicks sweat. Has a drawcord on bottom hem that can be extended or cinched to accentuate that cute bump!
  • Roll Down Wunder Under Crops (in Cotton, Heathered Black): The High Rise Waistband is AMAZING!!! I am a loyal Wunder Under wearer, and I love this new version of my beloved Wunder Under! Natalie said that these felt great on her belly, not constricting at all. You can wear them pulled all the way up, or rolled down under the belly. Also will be great for the weeks after baby arrives, when you want to feel pulled in, yet comfortable. These come in lots of different colors and fabrics. They are a style in my lulu wardrobe!

Active: Cool Racerback Tank + Roll Down Wunder Under Pant

Shown above:

  • Cool Racerback Tank (in Bumble Berry): Another core lululemon piece that is released in new colors regularly. This tank is a basic that will get tons of wear. It is thick enough to wear alone, yet thin enough to layer. It does not have a bra built in, so you can wear whatever is fitting you best while you are expecting. Very important. This tank is cut long, leaving room for that belly to grow. I love how it looks on expecting moms, as it shows off the figure a bit more.
  • Roll Down Wunder Under Pants (in Black): Same as Wunder Under crops above, just a longer length

Active or Lifestyle: Find Your Centre Wrap

Shown above:

  • Find Your Centre Wrap: Lulu wraps are the best for maternity! I had a Savasana Wrap when I was pregnant, and I wore that thing until it would not button anymore, and then I wore it as a cardigan. Fingers crossed that they will release it again this year. The Find Your Centre wrap is made of Stretch French Terry, and has a hood, pockets, and thumbholes.

Lifestyle: Wrap it Up Sweater + Cool Racerback + Roll Down Wunder Under Pants

Shown above:

  • Cool Racerback (in Petal Camo Printed Black Deep Coal): Same description as above…
  • Wrap It Up Sweater (in Black): Incredibly soft and sweat wicking Merino wool sweater that can be worn buttoned or draped open. This piece that is on my list for fall, too. It has elbow patches, zippers, pockets, thumbholes, and is long enough in back to cover your bottom…sounds like the perfect sweater to me!
  • Roll Down Wunder Under Pants (in Black Grape): Same description as above…

Lifestyle: Anytime Dress + Vinyasa Scarf + Toms Wedge Booties

Shown above:

  • Anytime Dress (in Heathered Bordeaux): This is truly a go-everywhere dress! It has a flattering slim fit, with ruched sides, so you can adjust the length. It made of lululemon’s Vitasea fabric, which is a cotton-Lycra blend that is super stretchy, soft, and comfortable. Such a versatile piece that can be worn alone, or layered with tights or leggings once it is colder. You could really dress this piece up by adding some statement jewelry for a night out. I think I’m going to need one of these!
  • Vinyasa Scarf: LOVE these circle scarves! They are warm, cozy, and the snaps provide so many ways to wear them. I have even heard that some of you resourceful mamas out there have used them as a nursing cover!
  • Toms Desert HIgh Wedge Booties: These booties are super cute and comfortable for everyday. They look equally as good with a dress as they do with a leggings or jeans.

Shop the Look: Dressing the Bump, Lululemon for Moms-To-Be

For a lifestyle lululemon look, try these pieces:

I hope you enjoyed this feature! If you wore your lululemon throughout your pregnancy and afterwards, definitely comment and let us know which pieces were your favorites…

**Special thanks to our beautiful mom-to-be model, Natalie Bridges, for sharing your bump + lululemon athletica Knox Street for hosting our Style Session!**

Hello Happy People! How are y’all today!?

I have always wanted to write a post about what the best Lululemon for pregnancy is, but, until now, I never really had any personal experience with it! As of now, I am almost 6 months along.

Mostly, you’ll want to have things that can “grow” with you.

Right now, my absolute favorite “cold weather” pants are my Pleasing Pants. I bought them in all three colors (black, polar cream & limitless blue) when they came out, in 2012. They are still in amazing condition. They are SUPER stretchy & the low waistband allows your belly to “protrude” over it completely comfortably.

Limitless Blue Pleasing Pants

The next pants on my pregnancy must-have list are the Still Pants. Lululemon no longer sells the Still Pants, however, I find that every couple of years they’ll release pants that are very similar to the Still pants, such as the “Be Still” pants.

Still Pants in Dune

Align pants are fabulous for pregnant ladies because they can really stretch, but the fabric is designed to hold its shape, so they can stretch with you, without losing their ability to fit you once you’re no longer holding baby in your tummy.

Baby-Body-Friendly Tops

The No Limits tank will always be my favorite, but it might not be an option for some due to the size of the bra. The built-in bra that is inside the No Limits tank is basically the Flow Y bra, attached to the light circle mesh structure that is the no Limits tank. This bra is designed for small-busted women and provides good support for A/B cups. If your chest measurement grows by much, I don’t know that this bra will stretch alongside the extent of the growth in your chest measurement, as they no longer fit mine. However, I have known some women to be able to wear their No Limits tanks throughout their pregnancies as the circle mesh portion of the tank is extremely stretchy and will easily cover your pregnant belly. On top of that it looks amazing on pregnant women when I’ve seen it worn.

For those of us whose busts have grown considerably during pregnancy, to the extent that we need new bras, Lululemon tops with built-in bras may not be an option, unless they’re particularly stretchy (perhaps one made of Luxtreme or light Luon would be a viable option for some? All of mine are too small now). For us, the Cool Racerback is my favorite, core-product option. If I was going to be especially picky, I’d suggest the Extra Long versions of this top which were released in 2011.

  • Here is the extra long version in Ziggy Wee Caspian
  • Here is the regular length in Ziggy Wee August Glo

The next tops I would recommend are the 105 F Singlets. These are amazing. I love them in general, but they fit nicely over my belly and they’re really stretchy.

  • I wish there were some shorts or skirts I could recommend, but I don’t want to recommend anything that would be too difficult to find, so, other than Still Shorts (which haven’t been available in years), and a few one-off cotton shorts, I can’t think of anything that would be stretchy enough and recently, currently, part of the core collection or easy enough to find on ebay/poshmark/etc to recommend to you.

    I will say that some things I own in light luxtreme are still ok, but the fit isn’t great. They just look off. But technically, I can get them over the belly. I want to commit to adding some things to this, if I think of anything else- especially shorts/ skirts. I’ve got three months here left to figure out what in my collection still wants to fit me. If I find anything, I’ll update this post. In the meantime, if you’ve ever been pregnant, let me know in the comments what items from your collection still fit you during most of it! Thanks!

    Best maternity workout clothes

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