Every kitchen needs a mini blender. Although the bigger grinding tasks are accomplished with a mixer grinder, for small purposes, a mini blenders fulfills the needs. Whether you want to make a smoothie or just blend some vegetables to make a stock, a mini blender will come in handy. You don’t want to use your big grinder all the time, right? Therefore getting a compactly sized mini blender will work.

Here, after carefully reviewing a large number of products in the category we have enlisted the best ones. So check them out and pick the mini blender which meets your needs the most. Skip to the best mini blender on Amazon.


List of Top Best Mini Blenders Review

10. Hamilton Beach Mini Blender

Hamilton has made a notable place in the market for its kitchen appliances. Every product from them is worth every penny. This mini blender is no exception and serves the purpose with perfection.

Key Features:

  • The capacity of the blender is 14 oz.
  • It is perfect to prepare smoothies, shakes and other icy drinks.
  • Due to the travel lid drinking directly from the jar becomes easy.
  • The size of the jar is small and compact so easy to carry anywhere.

9. SharkNinja Nutri Ninja Pro Personal Blender (BL456)

Coming from Shark Ninja this is another wonderful product in the category of mini blenders. With a powerful motor and stable base, it becomes one of the best products to splurge.

Key Features:

  • The mini blender comprises 900 W of a powerful motor.
  • There is a twist on the spout lids feature for easy pouring of the juices.
  • The manual pulse feature helps in easy crushing the ice, seeds, stem and other products.
  • It is made up of BPA free materials therefore easy to use.

8. Hamilton Beach Mini Blender (51101BA)

This is another wonderful mini blender from Hamilton that works perfectly to blend and make shakes and smoothies. Being small in size you may use it while traveling and make your own healthy drink anytime.

Key Features:

  • It is easy to operate and can be used by anyone.
  • The blender can provide smoothies, shakes, juices in little time and fewer efforts.
  • The one-touch processing is the most alluring feature of the device.
  • It works with 175 watts powerful motor.

7. Magic Bullet Blender

The mini blender from Magic Bullet comes in a set of 11 pieces. Small in size and compact and ergonomic in design it makes one of the best product in the category of mini blenders.

Key Features:

  • It can perform multiple functions including chopping, blending, whipping and much more.
  • It can make a variety of juices and shakes with little efforts and in lesser time.
  • There is 250-watt high-torque power base.
  • It is made up of high-grade materials, therefore, lasts forever.

6. NutriBullet Mini Blender NBR-1201

The best in the category of mini blender comes from NutriBullet. Coming in gray this is a 12 piece set and works perfectly in blending fruits and vegetables. It makes shakes, smoothies, and juices in a lesser time.

Key Features:

  • It pulverizes the fruits and vegetables so that blending occurs smoothly.
  • The 600-watt motor makes blending an easy process.
  • It comes with additional accessories like one tall cup, flat blade, emulsifying blade and much more.
  • Warranty of one year backs the product making it more alluring.

5. Oster Mini Blender BLSTPB-WBL

The mini blender from Oster is equipped with all the essential features. Coming in light powder blue color, the device looks perfect to keep in the kitchen. It has a powerful motor for high precision in blending.

Key Features:

  • It looks more like a sports bottle so that you may carry it while traveling.
  • There is 250-watts powerful motor in the blender.
  • It is dishwasher safe so easy to maintain.
  • Since it is made up of BPA free materials, it is perfect to use.

4. Hamilton Beach Mini Blender (51102)

Coming in white color this is another amazing mini blender from Hamilton. The perfect size and right dimensions, all help in contributing it as one of the best. Being sporty it can be used while traveling as well.

Key Features:

  • There is a travel lid in the blender for easy pouring or drinking directly.
  • It comprises stainless steel blades for high precision in blending.
  • The one-touch blending is an additional perk one gets with it.
  • It can make a variety of shakes and smoothies in a few minutes.

3. Hamilton Beach Blender (58149)

Working with a powerful motor this mini blender from Hamilton could become your ultimate choice. The right dimensions and perfect size makes it a great product to use.

Key Features:

  • It consists of a glass jar to shakes and smoothies.
  • It is multifunctional and can make a variety of shakes in lesser time and fewer efforts.
  • The 700 watts powerful motor blends everything perfectly.
  • The blades are made up of stainless steel and are highly durable.

2. Ninja Mini Blender (QB900B)

With the capacity of 16 ounces, this mini blender from Ninja is perfect for all. Whether you are traveling or using it at home, it will fulfill the needs and provide you with a perfectly blended drink.

Key Features:

  • The product is multi-functional and can chop as well.
  • There are two convenient sized jars for bringing versatility in function.
  • It comprises easy-flip pour spout and no-slip base as well.
  • The anti-splash design makes it unique.

1. NutriBullet Pro Mini Blender

Coming from NutriBullet this is a professional grade mini blender. The presence of a powerful motor helps in processing the blending work with high precision. It comes with many additional accessories to make blending more fun.

Key Features:

  • This is a 13-piece mini blender which works with a higher speed and precision.
  • It pulverizes the fruits and vegetables along with seeds for a perfect blending.
  • There are blades made with stainless steel for ideal blending work.
  • A warranty of one year backs it.

Having one of these mini blenders in your kitchen means easing your day to day task. With them, you don’t get the mess to clean the big grinders all the time for small blending purposes. So choose one product wisely and easy your kitchen work to a great extent. Small in size they are easy to store as well.

So in which product you are investing?

Best Single Serve Blenders 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

Last Updated: January 8, 2020

Blenders can be very useful kitchen tools. But if you like to blend smaller amounts, like a single smoothie, you may need a blender that is specifically designed for that purpose. Not all blenders work well with small quantities, so you’ll probably want to find a great single-serve model.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you find a great blender. We tested the best brands available and came up with this list of 2020’s 10 best single-serve blenders. For each brand, we’ve written a detailed review, comparing price, design, power, materials, and warranty so you can feel confident in your choice.

Blending a single serving doesn’t have to be difficult, and we hope this ranking, plus the buyer’s guide at the end, will help you find a great model.

Quick Comparison of our Favorites

Model Price Warranty Editor Rating
Ninja BL456
(Best Overall)
Check Price Limited Lifetime 4.85/5
Hamilton Beach 51101AV
(Best Value)
Check Price 1 Year 4.65/5
NutriBullet NB9-1301
(Premium Choice)
Check Price 1 Year 4.60/5
Cuisinart CPB-300 Check Price 3 Years 4.45/5
Cincred Personal Check Price 4.40/5

The Best Single Serve Blenders

1. Ninja BL456 Single Serve Blender – Best Overall

Our favorite single-serve blender is the Ninja BL456, a lightweight, attractively-priced model with plenty of features and a powerful motor.

This streamlined machine, which weighs a compact six pounds, has a strong 900-watt motor with stainless steel blades that easily crush ice. It has just one speed and no automatic settings, so although you won’t be able to customize your settings, it’s incredibly easy to use. The package includes 18- and 24-ounce blend-in travel cups with twist-on lids, which are conveniently made of BPA-free, dishwasher-safe plastic, plus a 75-recipe cookbook.

With no larger pitcher, the BL456 won’t be able to double as a full-size blender, so it will work best if you only blend small amounts. In testing, we found that the gaskets are lower quality and may need to be replaced fairly often, and purchasing replacement blades can be expensive. This machine is backed up by an impressive lifetime warranty, though it doesn’t cover the blending cups and you will have to pay shipping fees.


  • Lightweight and reasonably priced
  • Easy to use and clean
  • BPA-free, dishwasher-safe plastic
  • Two sizes of blend-in cups
  • Strong motor and blades
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Only one speed
  • Small capacity with no larger pitcher
  • Warranty doesn’t cover cups or shipping
  • Less durable gaskets and expensive replacement blades

2. Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender – Best Value

If you’re looking to save money, you may be interested in the Hamilton Beach 51101AV Personal Blender, which we found to be the best single-serve blender for the money.

This tiny 1.8-pound model comes in a range of bright colors and is sold at a very low price. At 175 watts, the motor is less powerful and needs to rest between blends, but it can handle basic blending. You have the choice of one or two blend-in BPA-free 14-ounce cups with travel lids. The cups, lids, and blades are dishwasher-safe, but if you want them to last longer, you may prefer to hand wash.

The 51101AV has a very simple one-button interface, with only one speed. This model can’t handle hot liquids, and we found the motor and stainless steel blades less durable. Hamilton Beach offers a one-year warranty.


  • Very low cost and lightweight
  • Comes in a range of bright colors
  • Choice of one or two BPA-free cups with lids
  • Dishwasher-safe cups, lids, and blades
  • Simple, easy to use interface
  • One-year warranty


  • Less durable and powerful motor and blades
  • Can’t handle hot liquids
  • Only one speed
  • Motor must rest between blends

3. NutriBullet Single-Serve Blender

If you’re looking for a premium model, you may want to look at the NutriBullet NB9-1301 Pro High-Speed Blender, a compact but powerful machine that produces an impressively smooth blend.

This attractive 5.5-pound model, which comes in a nice range of colors, has a strong 900-watt motor and a durable stainless steel extractor blades. The package includes two higher-capacity 32-ounce blend-in travel cups with flip-top lids, plus a healthy recipe book. The cups and lids are made of BPA-free, dishwasher-safe plastic.

Though it’s stylish and powerful, we found that this machine wasn’t quite worth its higher price, with leaking issues and less durable plastic components. NutriBullet offers a one-year warranty and the option to purchase an additional four years of coverage.


  • Attractive and compact
  • Durable stainless steel blades
  • Powerful motor
  • Includes two higher-capacity blend-in cups
  • Easy to clean
  • One-year warranty with optional extension


  • More expensive
  • Only one speed
  • Cups may leak
  • Less durable plastic components

4. Cuisinart CPB-300 Blender

The sleek Cuisinart CPB-300 Blender could be another good choice, offering a range of blending options at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, it’s also less powerful and feels less durable.

This light four-pound model has a less powerful 350-watt motor but offers three speeds, including a pulse option. It has a sleek silver body and a simple three-button interface, plus safety features like a safety lock and auto-stop. The package includes a 32-ounce blending jar, an eight-ounce chopping cup, and four 16-ounce blend-in travel cups, all with lids and made of BPA-free, dishwasher-safe Tritan plastic. It also offers two self-aligning blade assemblies, specifically designed for blending and chopping.

We loved all of these options but didn’t like how much space all of the accessories took up, as the cups don’t stack. The motor isn’t really strong enough to crush ice, and the cups aren’t very durable and are prone to cracking. Cuisinart offers a good three-year warranty.


  • Attractive and lightweight
  • Reasonably-priced
  • Three speeds and several safety features
  • Range of BPA-free, dishwasher-safe blending containers
  • Includes two self-aligning blade assemblies
  • Three-year warranty


  • Less durable cups
  • Less powerful motor
  • Accessories take up a lot of space

5. Cincred Single-Serve Blender

The Cincred Personal Countertop Blender is another visually appealing, low-cost option, though it also has fewer features and a very small capacity.

This 2.25-pound single-serve blender comes with a small 15-ounce blend-in travel cup, made of dishwasher-safe, BPA-free Tritan. The 250-watt motor is prone to overheating and doesn’t handle ice or frozen produce well, so it may not work as well for smoothies or other cold blends. We found the four-tip stainless steel blades to be fairly durable.

Attractive and compact, this blender is also simple to use. There’s no interface: to turn it on, you align the blending cup and push it down. You don’t get a choice of speeds and there aren’t any settings you can adjust. Cincred offers an impressive lifetime warranty.


  • Easy to use and low cost
  • Attractive and compact
  • Durable Tritan blend-in travel cup
  • Durable stainless steel blades
  • Impressive lifetime warranty


  • Less powerful motor overheats easily
  • Small capacity
  • Not strong enough for ice or frozen produce
  • No choice of speeds

6. Sboly Single Serve Blender

Sboly’s 10USSY621BK Personal Blender is lightweight and low-cost but doesn’t have a strong motor and requires extra prep time.

This fairly handsome model has a straightforward one-button interface and weighs only 3.3 pounds. The 300-watt motor isn’t particularly powerful and can’t blend for more than a minute at a time, and the manufacturer recommends cutting harder produce down to one-inch cubes. The base is equipped with a handle and a safety lock, plus a four-tip stainless steel blade.

You have the choice of one or two 20-ounce Tritan cups with lids, and the package comes with a bottle brush, a silicone ice cube tray, and two silicone O-ring replacements. Sboly offers a 90-day quality assurance guarantee and a two-year overall warranty.


  • Low cost and lightweight
  • Simple interface
  • Many included accessories, like O-ring replacements
  • 90-day quality assurance and two-year warranty


  • No choice of speeds
  • Smaller capacity
  • Less powerful motor
  • Requires some prep time

7. KACSOO SPOW Blender (Single-Serve)

If you’re interested in a travel-friendly blender, the KACSOO SPOW Single-Serve Blender may be your pick. This tiny, battery-operated model allows for quiet, wireless blending but isn’t very powerful and is more expensive than its features justify.

At only 1.65 pounds, this model will fit in any kitchen, gym bag, or suitcase. You can charge the battery via an included USB charging cable, and blending is completely wireless. The dual powered motor is surprisingly quiet but not strong enough for ice or frozen fruit, so you may need to cut your fruits and vegetables down to one-inch cubes and use crushed ice. The one-button interface has indicators to show charging status. The stainless steel base and four-tip blade feel fairly durable, though the blades are small for blending.

We found charging the blender inconvenient, as it has to charge for three to five hours before use and can’t be used while charging. The 15.5-ounce blending jar is made of high-quality glass and has a travel lid but is also inconveniently small. KACSOO offers a two-year warranty.


  • Lightweight and very portable
  • Battery-operated with included charging cable
  • Simple one-button interface
  • Durable stainless steel base and four-tip blade
  • Glass blend-in travel cup with lid
  • Two-year warranty


  • Somewhat expensive
  • No choice of speeds
  • Small blades and less powerful motor
  • Must prepare produce
  • Must charge for three to five hours

8. Homgeek Single Serve Blender

Lightweight and low-cost, the Homgeek Single-Serve Blender could be your pick, though it has a few design flaws and doesn’t feel as durable.

This 2.76-pound machine has a less powerful 300-watt motor attached to a four-tip stainless steel blade assembly. It comes with two 20-ounce blend-in travel cups made of BPA-free Tritan plastic. The base features a safety lock and a convenient handle. The blender is simple to clean using the manufacturer’s recommended method of blending water and lemon for 20 seconds.

In testing, we found that the cups can be difficult to detach from the blade assembly, and the blender requires quite a bit of stirring to blend smoothly. We also found that the cup may leak while blending. Homgeek offers a basic one-year warranty.


  • Lightweight and inexpensive
  • Easy to clean
  • Four-tip stainless steel blade
  • Durable blend-in travel cups
  • One-year warranty


  • Less powerful motor
  • Cups can be difficult to remove
  • Must be stirred to blend smoothly
  • Cups may leak

9. BILACA BL200A Single-Serve Blender

The BILACA BL200A Single-Serve Blender is also inexpensive and lightweight, but there’s a reason it’s toward the end of our list. The motor isn’t strong enough for smooth blending and the machine doesn’t feel durable enough to last long.

Though the stainless steel base is attractive, this 3.65-pound model’s less powerful 300-watt motor is a big drawback. The package includes two 18-ounce blend-in travel cups with lids, both made of BPA-free Tritan, plus a four-tip stainless steel blade assembly. You can buy extra travel cups from the company, and the blender has a good safety lock feature.

This easy to use machine has no interface or choice of speeds. To turn it on, you screw down the cup. We found the blender as a whole to feel less durable, so it may not be for you if you blend regularly. BILACA offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty.


  • Lightweight and low cost
  • Attractive base and durable blades
  • Easy to use
  • Includes two sturdy blend-in cups with replacements available
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and one-year warranty


  • Less powerful motor
  • Less durable overall
  • No choice of speeds

10. Willsence TB18s Blender

Our final pick is the Willsence TB18s Personal Blender. This model is last on the list because it’s not well designed for smooth blending and isn’t durable enough for regular use.

Inexpensive and weighing only 2.64 pounds, the TB18s is designed for blending and grinding, with dedicated blade assemblies for each mode. The package includes a 20-ounce blend-in sports bottle with a lid, cup sleeve, and four-tip extractor blade, plus a grinder cup with a two-tip grinding blade. The 300-watt motor isn’t strong enough for heavy-duty blending, and we found that the blender needs to be shaken or stirred to blend fully. The base has a safety lock and automatic overheating protection, and the one-button interface is simple to use.

The included blending containers, though made of BPA-free Tritan, aren’t very durable and crack easily. Unfortunately, Willsence doesn’t offer replacements, so you may have to replace the whole blender if your containers break. Willsence backs this blender up with a two-year warranty and 12 months of technical support.


  • Inexpensive and lightweight
  • Works as a blender and a grinder, with dedicated blades
  • Includes several accessories
  • Easy to use one-button interface
  • Two-year warranty and one-year technical support


  • Less durable containers
  • No replacement containers available
  • Must be stirred for full blending
  • No choice of speeds

Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve seen our list of the 10 best single-serve blenders, you’re about ready to start shopping. But how do you make sure you’re choosing the model that will work best for you? Keep reading to find our quick guide your most important options.


You may want to consider what you typically blend. If you like to blend ice, frozen produce, or hard vegetables, you may want to purchase a blender with a higher wattage, around 900 watts. If you only blend soft ingredients or are willing to cut your produce down before blending it, you may be fine with a less powerful motor, rated around 300 watts.

Single-serve blenders also come with two power source options. If you want the most powerful blender, you’ll probably want to stick with the most common variety, which is electric. These models must be plugged in to operate, like classic blenders.

If you want something more travel-friendly, you may be interested in a battery-powered model. These blenders are powered by rechargeable batteries. You’ll have to remember to charge them ahead of time, but because they blend wirelessly, they’re easy to use while camping or traveling.


How often would you like to use your blender? If you blend every day, you’ll probably want to make sure your selection is strong enough to last. Look for durable base and blade materials like stainless steel and tough blending containers made of either shatter-resistant Tritan or glass.

Operation and Features

Because they’re so streamlined, single-serve blenders typically have fewer features than full-size blenders. This means that most models won’t let you adjust the blending speed. If you want to be able to customize your blend, you may want to look for one that offers high and low speeds or a pulse feature.

The tradeoff for having fewer features is that these blenders are very simple to use. The most common type has a simple interface with just one button, which you hold down for as long as you’d like to blend. A less common variety has no interface or buttons at all. This type of blender turns on when you attach the blending container and push it down.

If you’re particularly interested in safety features, you may want to look for models with safety locks that will prevent the blender from turning on by accident and overheat protection that will automatically turn the motor off to keep it from burning out or even starting a fire.

Image credit: Ninja BL456 Blenders, Amazon


You may want to consider how much you’d like to spend on your new blender. You can purchase a good single-serve blender for the price of a few store-bought smoothies, though the least expensive models are often less durable and less powerful. If you’re willing to spend a little more, you could end up with a blender that has a strong, durable motor and a sturdy body, plus additional features.

Weight and Capacity

Single-serve blenders are typically streamlined and simple, so they weigh only a few pounds and have fairly small capacities. You may want to think about how much blending capacity you need, as well as how much space you have in your kitchen. Keep in mind that while these blenders are generally light and have small footprints, they’re also fairly tall, so you may want to check the listed dimensions against your available space.


How do you feel about warranties? If you like the security of a good warranty backing up your appliances, you may want to pay attention to the details. All of the models we reviewed have at least a one-year warranty, but some offer multiple years, optional extensions, or even lifetime guarantees. You may also want to look at what each warranty covers, as some only apply to the motor or charge expensive shipping or repair fees.


Our favorite single-serve blender is the Ninja BL456, which is lightweight, well-priced, and very powerful. If you’re working with a smaller budget, the compact Hamilton Beach 51101AV Personal Blender offers great value. And if you’re shopping for a premium model, the attractive NutriBullet NB9-1301 Pro High-Speed Blender could be for you, offering a strong motor and high capacity.

Shopping for a great single-serve blender doesn’t have to be a chore. No matter what you’re looking for, there are plenty of great models on the market. We hope this ranking of the 10 best single-serve blenders, complete with comprehensive reviews, helps you find your new favorite appliance. Enjoy your new blender!

We also recommend that you read our Green Smoothie Blender buying guide. It’s a great read!

Featured image credit: NutriBullet Pro – 13-Piece High-Speed Blender, Amazon

Best Mini Blender [Updated 2020] – Guide to the Top Portable Blender

This guide (updated for 2020) is all about finding the best mini blender for your specific needs. These blenders are perfect if you need a simple portable blender for travel, small kitchen, or work.

In this comprehensive overview I focus on the most compact blenders that take up little space, are easy to store, and easy to travel with.

Mini Blenders vs Personal Blenders

I look at mini blenders as a subcategory of personal blenders in that they both blend a single-serving portion but mini blenders are smaller and lower powered. Mini blenders also are lightweight, compact, and in the lower price range of single-serve blenders.

Personal blenders can be larger in size, offer more capabilities, more accessories, more power, and have a wider price range compared to mini blenders. We don’t include our favorite personal blender models in this guide.

Who Would Want a Mini Blender ?

Compact mini blenders are small and typically designed for making small batches of smoothies, protein shakes, blending baby food, and basic food prep tasks.

These blenders are typically under 300 watts and have smaller containers under 24 ounces.

They are excellent blenders for small spaces like dorm rooms, travel, and if you want a portable blender at work.

The motors on these blenders are fine if you want a small-portion smoothie but they will typically start to struggle blending certain ingredients like hard raw vegetables, fibrous vegetables (celery and kale), and hard nuts or seeds.

If you are looking to make frequent green smoothies with a wider range of ingredients then a stronger single-serve blender would probably be a better fit for you.

Compact Blender Positives and Negatives

Positives: The main advantage of portable blenders is that they can perform simple blending tasks in a small space. They offer decent power for their capacity and many are very affordable.

Negatives: Mini blenders are really ideal for small portions and specific uses like easy blending tasks (protein shakes or fruit smoothies) and food prep. The container sizes are smaller than most personal blenders. Also, mini blenders can wear out faster from overheating if you try to use them for blending jobs like crushing ice and thick smoothies.

The criteria above as well as performance, reviews, independent tests, reliability, and price point were all considered when choosing the following mini blenders as my top choices. The blenders are ranking in order of preference.

Editor Note: While the blenders I chose below offer good quality for the price they can be prone to breakage from misuse. The motors on most mini blenders work fine if you use enough liquid and don’t try tasks like crushing ice. For the low cost of these blenders, they are pretty reliable if you use them for what they are intended for. The compact size will also require you to have the ingredients in small pieces before blending.

Best Mini Blenders

#1 Hamilton Beach – Overall Best Mini Blender

Hamilton Beach has multiple small blender models and the most popular is the 51102 which comes with 2 jars and 2 lids (They also have 51101, 51101BA, 51103 which are the same blender with slight variations and similar price).

The unique design has the blade built into the jar as one piece which requires less components and easy clean up. The downside of having the blade attached is when you take the jar on the go you have the blade base attached on the bottom.

I like the wider cup design of this compared to some other mini blenders as it is easier to fit ingredients into the cup, the blade has more surface area with the ingredients, and the wide cup makes it easier to clean.

It works best for simple blending tasks as it has a 175 watt motor and small 14oz jar. This blender has many positive user reviews about its ability to make baby food, simple smoothies, purees, grind coffee beans, salad dressings and even frozen drinks. It It is NOT intended for hot liquids and may struggle with thick smoothies. It is perfect if you want an ultra compact blender as it measures 11 inches tall x 5 inches wide and weighs less than 5 pounds. The cord wraps underneath the blender base for easy storage.

Hamilton Demonstration Video:

Positives: Over 3000 consumer reviews with overall positive feedback and many raving reviews for this low cost blender. (See Review #1 and Review #2 . Great mini blender for smoothies. Good Housekeeping tested this blender and gave it 4 out of 5 stars with high ranks for blending smoothies. It is powerful enough to blend frozen fruit and ice but make sure you use enough liquid when doing so.

The 51102 model comes with 2 blending jars so you have a backup. The jar has a nice wide mouth for easier cleaning and is easy to drink from. Also, the base of the cup fits well in car drink holders. Simple to use and clean up.

Negatives: The 175 motor will limit the versatility and types of ingredients you can use compared to a more powerful blender. It uses a pulse button for blending so you have to manually push the pulse button to do short pulses until the ingredients are blended. (If you hold the pulse button down the entire time then you may wear out the blender faster and cause it to overheat).

Overall Opinion: For the low price, the Hamilton Beach 51102 blender is a good option. It is my favorite mini blender for smoothies and is a good mini blender for baby food. Also, it is the perfect travel blender because it can easily fit in a travel bag.

Overall, it is a great choice if you have realistic expectations on what you can blend (Example: You can’t make hot soups or try to crush ice only). Read the instructions for proper use.

#2 Oster My Blend Review – Runner Up Choice

The Oster Blend N Go MyBlend is my 2nd choice and is a popular inexpensive blender for making quick healthy shakes. It was our top pick as a protein shake blender for the gym and for taking on-the-go because it is portable, simple to use and very low cost. It measures 15” Tall x 5” wide x 5” deep so it is a little taller than other portable blenders.

This blender uses a 400 watt motor (250 blending watts) which is more powerful than the Hamilton Beach mini blender above.

The most unique feature is the 20 ounce BPA free container that looks like a sports bottle. While the bottle is stylish looking and great for taking your drink on the go, I prefer the wider Hamilton Beach cup which is more user friendly and has more blending space for the blade.

The Oster My Blender is reasonably well built for the low price and I like that it has a re-settable fuse to prevent overheating. (Overheating can happen with low powered blenders because they take longer to blend).

MyBlend Demonstration Video:

Positives: It blends well if used properly (meaning that you need to use enough liquid when blending). It tested well at Good Housekeeping with high marks for blending. It can blend fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables pretty well with enough liquid. It is VERY low priced for the good performance. It is powerful, simple to use, and the travel cup is easy to drink from.

Negatives: It isn’t intended for use with ice and can struggle if you don’t use enough liquid. The narrow container can make it more difficult for raw ingredients like fibrous vegetables and nuts to have enough room to properly blend and not get stuck at the bottom. Note- It is great for blending liquids,powders, and soft ingredients. While many reviews are positive, there are some user complaints about durability.

Overall Opinion: Oster mini blender offers reasonable power for a very low price. It is an excellent travel blender and is perfect if you want a small lightweight blender for work or the gym. In comparing the Hamilton Beach vs Oster mini blender, I have a slight preference for the Hamilton Beach because of the multiple user-friendly cups and more compact design.

#3 Magic Bullet Mini Review – Smallest Smoothie Blender

The Magic Bullet Mini is a compact version of the best selling Magic bullet. I’ve written extensively about the larger Nutribulllet blenders which I really like and the Magic Mini Bullet is tiny in comparison measuring 9 inches tall by 5 inches wide.

The 120 watt Mini bullet comes with a 12oz or 8oz which is plenty of power for that cup size. The Mini Bullet has the same wide cup design of their bestselling models which allows plenty of room for the blade to properly blend all ingredients.

(NOTE- Mini Bullet accessories are not interchangeable with other bullet blenders) .

It is designed to blend small portions and can easily make soups, smoothies, dips, and sauces. It is not designed to crush ice. It is really designed for blending easier ingredients as we found in our Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet tests. If you want a slightly larger more powerful blender then see our Nutribullet blender comparison.

Mini Bullet Demonstration:

Positives: With enough liquid it blends very well and can puree ingredients faster than other blenders this size. It is very compact and a decent portable blender for very small spaces. You should be able to blend everything in under 15 seconds with this blender.

Negatives: The 12oz container might be limited for some people as it will only hold enough ingredients to blend down to about an 8-10 ounce smoothie. There are some complaints from some consumers about it overheating but that is usually because people blend for too long with a mini blenders. It can struggle in blending some harder ingredients. More expensive than other portable blenders with this power.

Overall Opinion: I love Nutribullet blenders and the Mini Bullet is a decent tiny blender for simple tasks. The main reason I ranked it lower is that it is 2x the price of the Hamilton Beach blender and the Oster My Blend. The MiniBullet can blend some ingredients better than the top mini blenders but the 12oz jar can be more limited. It is a pretty good blender for the size and design.

#4 Bella Rocket Blender Review

The Bella rocket is a compact blender with multiple cups and blades. It has a 240 watt motor and is marketed for its ability to multi-task such as chopping, blending, and food prep.

It is very compact measuring about the same height as the Hamilton Beach blender. It comes with a blending blade, milling/grinding blade, 1- 13oz cup, and 2- 22 oz cups with travel lids.

Positives: This is a very compact blender and low priced. It has reasonable reviews after being on the market since 2012. The overall feedback is above average with well over 3000 user reviews on this blender across multiple retailers like Amazon, Macy’s, and Walmart. I like the extra blade and accessories that come with this blender for such a low price.

Negatives: The 240 watt motor can be limited and take a little longer to blend. Some complaints of it being loud and problems with durability. It can struggle with blending hard smoothie ingredients and nuts.

Overall Opinion: The Bella Rocket blender is a decent compact blender and provides a lot of value for the low price. It is surprisingly very lightweight at under 5 pounds. I ranked it at #4 in our list because it is so compact, well priced, and has decent accessories. I give a slight preference to our top picks over the Bella due to user feedback and performance. For more details, see our comprehensive Bella Rocket Blender review.

#5 Epica Personal Blender Review

Epica is a newer kitchen appliance brand and their compact blender model was introduced in 2016. It offers a 250 watt motor with powerful 23,000 rpm. Nice 2 year warranty. Small 5.25” footprint.

Positives: Decent power and a nice design look for this low price point. Generally good reviews and simple to use. Demonstration video of Epica blender provides perspective on its size.

Negatives: A less known brand that isn’t widely sold except on Amazon. At these low price points, I put more weighting into how long a blender has been on the market to make sure they have had a enough time for users to comment on its reliability.

There are a couple complaints about the blender failing within the first year that are worth reviewing but overall the reviews are positive.

Overall Opinion: The Epica has some a nice clean design for the low price and competes well with other blenders at this price point. I would go with the more reputable Oster MyBlend versus the Epica since they have similar design, power, size, features and price.

#6 Cuisinart Mini Blender Review

The Cuisinart mini blender CPB 300 provides nice power for the compact size with 350 watts of blending power. It comes with a 32oz blending cup, four 16oz blend and go cups, one 8oz chopping cup, blending blade, and a chopping blade.

I love the large 32oz cup so you can do larger portions than many of the other portable blenders. This Cuisinart blender has a narrow design and would be a good gym blender or portable blender with the 16oz cups.

Positives: Has multiple control buttons for high, low, and pulse which is great if you will be doing more than just blending. It has a really nice mix of features and power for the size. Cuisinart’s higher power and larger 32oz cup provide more versatility than other miniature blenders.

Negatives: The biggest issue with this blender is price at 3x the Hamilton Beach. For mini blenders, the Cuisinart is heavier than the others which isn’t as ideal if you want a portable travel blender.

CPB 300 Overview video

Overall Opinion: I like Cuisinart appliances although their blenders don’t usually rank near the top in blender tests. The CPB 300 does offer a lot of power and useful accessories compared to other small blenders but you pay a high price for that that. It is a little heavier than our top choices so Cuisinart might not be the best portable travel blender. At this price point you start to compete with more powerful personal blenders which is why we ranked it lower than our top picks.

Blenders That Were Not Chosen

Black and Decker Fusionblade – Good for smoothies and protein shakes. Simple controls. 275 watts blending power with 2 20oz jars with twist on travel lids that that you can take on the go.

It measures 14 inches tall and 5.5inches wide so it isn’t the smallest blender but it is similar in size to the Oster My Blend and has a small footprint. This isn’t a bad blender but our top picks are better choices.

Oster My Blend Pro Series BLSTPB2-WBL – The Pro series is similar to the Myblend blender that we reviews above but the Pro series version offers 350 watts blending power(100 watts more than the Original My Blend) and has a more stylish to-go bottle. The reason I didn’t choose this blender over the original My Blend version is that the Pro Series has more complaints about the design where the blade assembly breaks.

Tribest Compact Blender – Tribest PB 150 has 200 watts and measures about the same size as the Hamilton Beach mini blender that we reviewed above. The Tribest performs okay in various independent comparison tests but not enough to justify the high price. Also, it is loud. It is priced over 4x the Hamilton Beach blender.

Mini Ninja Blender – There isn’t a specific Ninja blender that is called a mini blender but the most portable are either 1)Popular Nutri Ninja blender which is larger than the mini blenders in this article and 2) Ninja Express Chopper which is like an upside down blender that is designed more for chopping and food prep but does well with pureeing simple smoothies. The Ninja Express is compact, lightweight, and customers generally love it. It might be a good fit if you want the ability to blend and do food prep. For more information about Ninja blenders, see our detailed Ninja Blender review.

VonChef 4 in 1 Multifunctional Blender – This blender has a lot of accessories and features which looks amazing. VonChef is made by DomuBrands which is located in Europe. I couldn’t find much feedback or tests to rate it. I want to wait a while until it has been on the market longer as there are complaints about the 220 watt motor struggling. Read more reviews here

Other Portable blenders that I didn’t include Keyton, Haier Portable Blender, HomeGeek, and Cosori.

AUTHOR NOTE: I didn’t include mini hand blenders in this guide because they are too weak and are really only intended for light whipping and frothing. I also excluded portable USB blenders as there aren’t any that we like at the moment due to reliability issues and unknown blender manufacturers.

Final Thoughts

The top mini blenders that I ranked in this post are based on many factors and are all good choices. This guide was focused on mini blenders for portability and size.

I included demonstration videos of all the blenders I chose so you can get a perspective of size since the focus of this guide is compact blenders.

There are other portable blenders that we included in our best battery powered blender guide that you you might find useful depending on your needs.

If you just want a simple, compact blender that is easy to take on the go then I like the Hamilton Beach.

If you have a question then please leave it in the comments below. Happy Blending !

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The Best Personal Blenders of 2020

Credit: Reviewed / Jackson RuckarBest Overall Ninja Fit

While it was a close race to the top, Ninja’s most basic model of their Nutri-Ninja, the Fit, ultimately earned its place as our favorite personal blender. It’s the Goldilocks of the category: not too big and powerful, not too small and weak, but just right. We were impressed by its speed and strength when whipping up fruit smoothies, which turned out smooth as can be, and its 700-watt motor’s relatively low noise level while grinding away.

While the blender’s design isn’t visually stunning, it’s black-and-silver base is sleek and unassuming and, most importantly, small and light enough to easily be stored away. The blender’s 16-oz. containers with measurement marks are similarly sleek and perfectly transportable (they come with tight travel lids!) for on-the-go sipping. The Fit requires users to hold the container down or use the “pulse” method while blending, but this precaution works to prevent motor burn-out and means the blender will last longer than many of its counterparts. It’s so fast, you might not even notice.

As a proud owner of the Fit for seven months, I can attest to its capabilities throughout daily use (and misuse). I’ve used it to mix up smoothies and shakes, blend butternut squash soup, whip up salad dressing and dips, and even grind granulated sugar into powdered sugar. While I don’t recommend that last one, the Nutri-Ninja Fit has taken everything I’ve thrown at it in stride. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose personal blender that’s portable and powerful in equal measure, this is your guy.


  • Fast and efficient

  • Durable

  • Easy to transport and store


  • No buttons or automatic programs

  • Limited volume

ADVERTISEMENTCredit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar Best for Smoothies Magic Bullet Blender 11-Piece Set

If you’re on the hunt for a basic personal blender that will provide your daily smoothie/health shake and nothing else, consider the classic, oft-imitated Magic Bullet. Fast, simple, and very transportable, the Magic Bullet is designed with busy people in mind. While it only has a 250-watt motor, it’s strong enough to handle frozen fruit and most other ingredients with the appropriate amount of liquid added to the blending container.

Throughout testing, the Magic Bullet produced some of the silkiest smoothies with the least fuss. Thanks to their cylindrical shape (no crevices!), its blending containers were also a breeze to clean. Unlike the Nutri-Ninja, the Magic Bullet can also be turned on and remain on without being held down, an appealing convenience. This blender belonged to one of my housemates, and I used it to make smoothies most days for a full year. For the price, wattage, and functionality, you won’t find anything better.

  • Very affordable

  • Easy to clean

  • Blends smoothly

  • No buttons or automatic programs

  • Low wattage that can’t handle hard ingredients

How We Tested

The Tester

Hi, I’m Cassidy, Reviewed’s kitchen writer, and a recent college grad, which means I’ve basically lived off of small, portable kitchen tools for the past 5 years. Throughout my time in undergrad, I used three of the blenders in this round-up with regularity—the Magic Bullet (which belonged to my housemate), the Hamilton Beach (which belonged to my boyfriend) and our winner, the Nutri-Ninja (my own). I saw them at their best and at their worst, saw them after being misused and brought back to functionality, and saw them on days when I had just enough energy to make myself a liquid meal and continue studying. As a result, I know a lot about the ins and outs of these little appliances, from which containers would leak in my bag to how much liquid you need in each to make them operate smoothly.


For this ranking, I wanted to mesh my previous understanding with the new testing-driven numbers and figure out which products should truly reign supreme. In the past, I’ve also tested some of the best affordable blenders using similar methods.

Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

The Tests

Personal blenders are primarily designed to make single servings of smoothies and shakes, so that’s where we focused our testing. I ran each blender through two main tests—mixing brightly colored yogurt and blending up a strawberry-banana smoothie. The yogurt test was used as a visual indicator of mixing capabilities, demonstrating the blades’ reach within the container and how quickly the blender could mix distinct red and blue yogurt into a purple union.

The smoothie test was exactly what it sounds like—how well can this blender whip up a fruit smoothie? I took into account speed, noise level, and ease of use while the blender was on, and then smoothie quality, lid tightness, and ease of cleaning when all was said and done. When evaluating the blenders and blending containers themselves, I prioritized portability, design, accessories, and wattage, among other factors.


While some blenders were clearly more powerful than others thanks to their higher wattage and larger size, I found that bigger didn’t always mean better—these blenders were usually louder, more difficult to clean, and had high-reaching blades that couldn’t handle small amounts of liquid. To me, the ideal personal blender should be distinctly smaller and more portable than its full-sized counterparts. What’s the point of keeping a large blender base on your counter if you only want to make a 16-ounce smoothie?

Personal Blender, Immersion Blender, or Full-Sized Blender?

While this ranking focuses on personal-sized blenders, there’s also your immersion blenders (not to be confused with immersion circulators) and regular full-sized blenders to consider. If you’re not already a kitchenware connoisseur, you’re probably wondering, “Why are there so many types of blenders? Are they actually that different? Do I need to own every single one?!”

The answer to that last question is no, you don’t necessarily need all three. When it comes down to it, they all use the same mechanics to blend, mix, and pulverize food and drinks into whatever form you choose—but choosing which blender for your kitchen will make life a lot easier.


Full-sized blenders are great for making icy cocktails, health smoothies, milkshakes, and other drinks for more than one person at a time. High-end models, like our favorites from Breville and Vitamix, can also be used to make soups, dips, nut butters, and other tricky foods. Most people have some kind of this blender sitting around their house, and they’re the ideal choice for larger households and people who like to entertain. Personal blenders, however, are ideal for individuals or couples who rarely need to blend a lot at once—they’ve exploded in popularity since everyone started juicing and making health smoothies for those post-gym vitamins. They’re easier to store, clean, and transport than full-sized blenders, and their containers are ideal for on-the-go sipping. If you’re looking for a quick blending solution and don’t need to make a lot of anything at once, you can probably forgo a full-sized blender in favor of a personal one.

Immersion blenders are the odd-one out, but they’re still incredibly useful. Also called hand blenders, their wand construction and lack of blending containers make them portable, simple, and perfect for hot foods. I use mine to make pesto, whip up homemade mayo and whipped cream, and blend butternut squash soup. If you’re like me and enjoy cooking but aren’t trying to feed a family or outfit a full kitchen, pairing an immersion blender and a personal blender can help you cover all your blending bases without taking up too much room.

Other Personal Blenders We Tested


The NutriBullet belongs to the same family as the Magic Bullet, and their relationship is obvious from appearances—the NutriBullet is essentially a larger, prettier Magic Bullet, branded for its special “nutrient extraction” capabilities (let’s be real, it’s just a blender). It’s a great multi-purpose personal blender that’s hugely popular online, and it ran through our tests without an issue. Unfortunately, its wide containers, heavy base, and flimsy travel attachments kept us from awarding it the top spot on this list.

If you’re looking to make a lot of smoothie at once and drink it around the house, the NutriBullet is a good option—but if you plan to take the cups with you on the go day after day, you’d be better off with a more travel-friendly blender. And don’t be fooled by claims of its superiority in extracting nutrients—put the same ingredients in any of these top-performing blenders, and you’ll get the same results.

  • Stylish design

  • Blends well

  • Sturdy, durable base

  • Oversized—hard to transport and store

  • Flimsy travel attachemnts

ADVERTISEMENTNinja BL487 Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Pro Complete

By far the most advanced personal blender on this list, the Nutri-Ninja Auto-iQ Pro Complete adapts to multiple jar attachments, mixing and pulsing to your desired consistency in each with the push of a button. It’s a funny-looking, futuristic blender with a massive base, much closer to a full-sized blender than a personal one. While it performed well in most of our tests, it left our smoothie frothy and borderline warm after a pre-programmed minute of blending. It also omitted a burning rubber smell on first use, and its blades sat too high to reach the small amount of yogurt I added during our initial mixing test.

One of my coworkers (who runs marathons!) swears by her older model of the Auto-iQ, so we don’t think it’s a bad product. That being said, the base is unnecessarily large and complex for a personal blender. The newest model has a full-sized blending container attachment, so it’s worth checking out if you’re interested in a machine that can do both—but if you want something that won’t take up much space, don’t bother.

  • Advanced programs

  • Multiple jar attachments of different sizes

  • Base is too big for a personal blender

  • Made some smoothies frothy and warm

  • Blades sit too high in the container

Oster BLSTPB MyBlend

The Oster MyBlend looks like someone stuck a Gatorade bottle on narrow blender base—it’s clearly designed to appeal to fitness fiends who are used to shaking up pre- and post-workout drinks in these kind of bottles. Due to their narrow openings, I found the containers difficult to fill and clean, and their tinted colors make them look dirty even when clean. And while the Oster churns out a decent smoothie, it’s extremely loud when starting and stopping, so much so I was afraid something was wrong.

It’ll do the job for a low price, but seems unlikely to stand the test of time—and you’d be better off with a less difficult product.

  • Very affordable

  • Decent at blending

  • Very loud

  • Containers difficult to fill and clean

  • Unattractive design

Nutri Ninja Pro BL456

Like the Auto-iQ and the NutriBullet, the Nutri-Ninja Pro is a large, powerful blender with misplaced energy. It’s the oversized version of our winner, the Nutri-Ninja, accommodating 24-ounce instead of 16-ounce containers. Like those of the Auto-iQ, its blades sat too high in the blending container to reach the initial amount of yogurt we added for the blending test. Its heavy, wide base houses a 900-watt motor strong enough to pulverize frozen fruit and the rest for smooth drinks, but it comes at the cost of counter space and portability.

If you want a personal blender this big, you should really just buy a standard blender, or a hybrid with smaller jar attachments—there’s nothing personal or portable about 24 ounces of liquid food. These containers are not friendly for cup-holders or hands.

  • Strong motor can handle most ingredients

  • Oversized—both base and containers are too big

  • Blades sit too high in containers

Hamilton Beach 51103 Single-Serve Blender

This tiny plastic Hamilton Beach blender doesn’t have the inverted design common to the rest of the personal blenders on this list—rather, the blades are built directly into the base of the blending container, as they are in most full-sized blenders. While this doesn’t speak to its actual capabilities, it makes drinking out of the container directly an odd experience—and it means there are zero replacement parts available to you if you lose or break something.

Throughout testing, the Hamilton Beach got the job done, but couldn’t produce as smooth of smoothie as the competition. Its blending button feels flimsy and breakable, and I can say from my own experience (my boyfriend owned this exact model) that the motor doesn’t last very long. Ultimately, it’s the cheapest blender on this list, in more ways than one.

  • Very affordable

  • Small and convenient to store

  • Not very durable, and no extra parts included

  • Blades are built directly into blending container

  • Smoothies aren’t the smoothest

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  • The Best Blenders Under $100
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Are you planning to change your diet and eat right so as to increase your health and longevity, but not ready to spend a ton of time preparing the necessary leaner, greener meals to achieve that goal?

If so, a good personal smoothie blender would certainly be a wise investment to make these healthy eating habits more accessible to yourself and your family.

Why The Personal Blender Is A Great Appliance To Have

Here are things that you can expect from the best personal blender!

First, an individual blender helps create endless culinary creations quickly and conveniently. In less than 5 minutes, this space-saving appliance can turn your favorite ingredients into a heart-healthy frozen dessert. Getting more veggies into your daily lives is no longer a boring chore.

Second, compared to all the other types out there, this single cup blender is less expensive and a lot easier to operate. No professional skills are required to perform the usual tasks, as long as you have the necessary ingredients at hand. Without a doubt, it will exceed your expectations for such a low price point.

Last but not least, the compact blender can be an extremely well-made kitchen tool with the look and feel of a high-quality instrument. It will be powerful enough to replace old appliances that overwhelm the space but lose the functionality to ensure safe operation and a long lifetime in everyday use.

Who Should Buy A Personal Blender

For health-conscious folks, a good personal blender is an essential kitchen tool, delivering them along the path of a well-balanced life.

Or if you are someone who is truly passionate about cooking but has a tight work schedule, then you probably need a gadget to help getting your cooking done in a short amount of time. A personal blender would also be helpful in that situation.

As a single-serve unit, the personal blender is particularly good for simple jobs like smoothies or protein shakes, making it easy to take small batches of tasty, hearty frozen treats on the go.

Blending is no longer a hassle, since you don’t need to make the usual mess that would result from using a full-size blender. Also, there will be minimal wastage since we can make a fitting portion.

How To Choose The Best Personal Blender

Frankly, finding the right blender is never an easy task, especially when there is an abundance of models and product brands available on the market these days.

To remedy this, follow the instructions below to learn how to buy the best personal blender.

Motor Power

To ensure longevity and proper functionality, a useful personal blender should come with a wattage from 300 to 900 watts.


Since these are single-serving blenders, it becomes impractical if they take up too much space in your countertop. Thus, you should look for blenders with a nice size and small footprint which fits your cabinet easily.

Cleaning Process

Not only should a good blender provides users with more versatility, it has to be easy to clean as well. For safety and easy cleaning, consider searching for a machine featuring BPA-free and dishwasher safe materials.

Review of the Best Personal Blenders 2020

Without wasting any further time, let’s move on to our best personal blenders list, which covers some of the most important characteristics of each unit so as to help you decide which one is the right for you.

  1. NutriBullet Pro – 13-Piece High-Speed Blender – Best to Buy in 2020
  2. NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender – Best Single-serve Blender
  3. Sboly Smoothie Blender Single Serve Small Blender – Best Small(mini) Personal Blender
  4. Vitamix S30 S-Series Blender Professional-Grade – Best Vitamix Personal Blender
  5. Ninja BL455_30 Nutri Professional Personal Blender – Best Ninja Personal Blender

Top-rated Personal Blenders Comparison Chart

Product Motor power Capacity Warranty Material Type
NutriBullet Pro
(Editor’s Choice)
900 watts Up to 32 oz 1-year Stainless Steel
NutriBullet NBR-1201 600 watts Up to 24 oz 1-year Polycarbonate
Sboly Smoothie Blender 300 watts 20 oz 1-year Stainless Steel, Tritan
Vitamix S30 790 watts Up to 40 oz 5-year Stainless Steel
Ninja BL455 1000 watts Up to 24 oz 1-year Plastic

Here’s our picks for the Best Personal Blenders.

1. NutriBullet Pro – 13-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System – Best to Buy in 2020

Featuring a powerful 900-watt motor with patented stainless steel blades designed for heavy duty usage, the NutriBullet Pro is capable of breaking down even the toughest fruits and vegetables into creamy, drinkable smoothies or nutritious protein shakes.


  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • High power
  • Excels at making smoothies
  • Affordable price


  • Useless books
  • Motor damage from overheating

At less than $100, this unit is an ideal balance of style, power and durability. Compared to the regular NutriBullet models, it has a stronger motor, better performance and is worth the extra money.

For example, while blending frozen fruits or hard seeds, you don’t have to stop the process to shake or stir the contents constantly, as it will blend on its own without any fuss.

As for accessories, it comes with two to-go lids and 24 ounce and 16 ounce BPA-free cups, making it convenient to take your morning shakes on the road.

That said, the included Nutribullet Pocket Nutritionist and Blasting For Optimum Health Recipe Book are full of useless information. I have the feeling that they’re printed with the purpose of advertising the brand rather than providing users with useful recipes or any meaningful health education.

Another word of caution: the machine isn’t intended to run for more than 60 seconds without the risk of overheating. So, between each cycle, let the motor cool down for 5 minutes, as recommended by the manufacturer.

Despite the minor nitpicks, so far, NutriBullet has successfully made many versatile, high-quality personal blenders, and the one in this deal is not an exception. It has a solid, quality construction and can pulverize almost everything. If you want to prepare a balanced meal with perfect nutrition, it deserves a spot on your countertop.

2. NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System – Best Single-serve Blender

The NutriBullet NBR-1201 lives up to its name with a powerful 600-watt motor and three patented, stainless steel blades for a very reasonable price.


  • Powerful and works well for the price
  • Compact size
  • Fast


  • Loud
  • Cannot break up seeds
  • Requires shaking when blending
  • Lack of speed setting

Developed with a 600-watt motor, this blender itself does a great job of pureeing both soft and tough foods, such as carrots, spinach and others, even when they’re frozen. It’s also able to make salsa, soup and salad dressing.

Thanks to its simple design, the cleaning process is just a breeze. It’s even easier to clean than a juicer. Like any other NutriBullet blenders, it’s covered with a 1-year limited warranty on product and included accessories.

To use the machine, simply place your prepared fruit or veggies into the container, add the appropriate level of ice or water, and then cover it with the lid. Turn this cup upside down and set it into the base unit properly which will help activate the inside blades automatically.

Some have claimed that after days of use, they have experienced a leaking issue. But I can say without a doubt that this is just a problem for those who don’t read the instructions in the manual, which states clearly you should not try to put too much stuff in the unit. This means you need to leave enough air in the mug to let blending comfortably occur or liquid will run out from any gap it comes across. So, follow the instructions – do not overfill it and always screw the base on securely and your device will work without any issues.

Of course, there are a few complaints: (1)It’s quite loud. You may wake up your roommate if you have the habit of morning blending. (2)Sometimes it does require a few shakes or removing the cup to get smooth content. For ideal blending and saving time, you should cut the ingredients into smaller pieces. (3)It does not pulverize seeds particularly well, despite claiming so in advertisements.

But other than these minor problems, it seems like a great purchase for improving your daily meal with more greens, and would enable super fun activities with your family members.

3. Sboly Smoothie Blender Single Serve Small Blender – Best small(mini) Personal Blender

With a simple one-touch operation, the Sboly Blender allows for easy operation, helping users to reach a soft-serve consistency in as little as 10 seconds.


  • Quieter
  • Simple cleaning
  • Additional silicone ice cube tray and cleaning bottle crush
  • Compact


  • Can’t blend hot liquid
  • Weak at pulverizing tough ingredients

Unlike other blenders that are too bulky and overwhelm the space or which don’t make sense with other parts of the kitchen design, this small yet powerful unit has a polished stainless steel appearance and unique handle design which can easily go with a variety of decors. Plus, it is not super quiet, but it isn’t as loud as the regular size ones.

Offering an additional silicone ice cube tray for more enjoyment and backed by a 90-day quality assurance guarantee and 24-month satisfaction warranty this blender is surely reliable enough to warrant an investment.

Except for the blender base, all parts are dishwasher safe. They are also BPA-free and FDA certified to ensure healthy and safe drinking with ETL certification according to Amazon. So, it is totally suitable to make baby food at home which is more nutritious, contains no chemical additives and is more economical than the store-bought versions.

Since the power delivered by the motors is quite low (300 watts), the machine isn’t supposed to do tough stuff or function continuously for more than 1 minute. This means it cannot handle frozen fruits or hard vegetables very well. It also can’t be used to process boiling liquids.

For such a low price point, that is expected. Fortunately, it does a great job of crushing ice cubes, which have a size of around 0.4-0.6Oz. Be aware if these factors should play a crucial role in whether or not you purchase this unit.

4. Vitamix S30 S-Series Blender Professional-Grade – Best Vitamix Personal Blender

Made in the USA with foreign components, the Vitamix S30 model is comprised of much higher quality materials and superior engineering compared to many others in the single-serve segment.


  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Variable speed control
  • Solid construction
  • Space saving


  • Pricey
  • Weighty
  • Not suitable for blending hot foods

Despite the tiny size and lower motor power, it functions as well as the larger versions, having no problem in pulverizing flaxseed, raw carrots, pineapple, all frozen foods and ice. Just make sure there is a little added liquid at the bottom of the container to support the operation.

Built primarily for individual use, this model is an amazing gadget that perfectly meets the needs of a single person, or perhaps two people who are light eaters. Its size is really a bit too small for a family of 3 or more. Unless you’re making a very small batch of smoothie, the full-sized Vitamix blender seems to be a better choice.

Furthermore, it isn’t light-weight by any means as advertised. Therefore, if you are looking to travel with it, you may be deeply disappointed.

In other areas, it’s relatively quiet, easy to clean, has good sized blending cups, super sharp blades, and a massive blender base. It also comes with a variable speed control with pulse function that offers users complete control, so they can alter speed to suit the task at hand. Plus, the small footprint design, adding elegance and luxury, makes it an ideal appliance for limited-space.

Yes, there is no denying that the price is a bit on the expensive side, but if you don’t mind paying for a higher level of durability, then this machine certainly won’t let you down.

5. Ninja BL455_30 Nutri Professional Personal Blender – Best Ninja Personal Blender

Now let’s talk about the most basic, yet most powerful Ninja personal blender – the BL455.


  • Powerful
  • Inexpensive
  • Nice looking
  • No leaking issue


  • Hard to clean blades

Although mostly known as a competitor to Nutribullet Pro 900 Series, the machine carves out a style of its own and is proving to be a top performer in the blender industry.

With its compact size, a reasonable price, additional on-the-go jars and easy cleaning parts, it’s a smart upgrade that adds a number of the features missing from the BL456 900 watts version, giving you greater reliability and versatility. In my opinion, it’s totally worth the extra $30.

In terms of performance, it’s good for multitasking, especially for making smoothies and crushing ice cubes. Just watch out for the loud and obnoxious sound that it makes.

Like most other single-serve blenders, it doesn’t have a typical control panel, multiple speed settings and on/off button. It’s operated by pressing the top of the cup against the base unit. We have to hold down the cup while the machine is working until reaching the smooth texture.

Furthur available as a refurbished version which offers nothing different than the new option but at a lower price, it could help you get the perks of having the technology that you want while still saving some serious money. Plus a one-year warranty gives greater peace of mind as well as better meeting the needs of those who are running on a tight budget.

The Best Personal Blender’s

The personal blender is a wonderful invention. After first being inspired by Joe Cross’s documentary fat sick and nearly dead – I decided to lose the excess weight gained by take away, huge mocha’s and muffins at my then, corporate gig.

Three years on and my original NutriBullet 900 pro is still going as strong as ever. I’ve recommended it to friends and family – wanting to get into blending. Although I have upgraded since then, I can highly recommend this blender to anyone wanting to give the green smoothie diet a shot.

Below I have put together an info-graphic to help illustrate finding the best personal blender – tailed to your needs.

After 6 months of intensive gym routines following Joe Manganiello’s Werewolf Workout, green smoothies with the NutriBullet Pro and sever cut back on the takeaway, muffins and mocha’s I was fitter and leaner than ever.

After the 6 months, I decided to upgrade to the Vitamix S30 for one major reason – soup. The NutriBullet dose an amazing job at creating green smoothies but after a while (if you are like me) you’ll want a little more variety.

Below, I’ll go into the finer details of each bender – to give you a clear picture of each.

The Magic Bullet & Original NutriBullet

As shown above, these original models are perfectly suited to people wanting to blend soft ingredients together. This includes powered protein, fresh banana, fresh berries, greek yoghurt – basically anything soft.

#1 #2 ★★★★★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★★★★ Magic Bullet NutriBullet Chop, blend, grind, mix, mince or whip up your next meal with the original Magic Bullet The NutriBullet offers premium nutrition extraction for those with an active lifestyle 250 watt 600 watt 6 Cups 3 Cups Single Speed Single Speed No Pulse No Pulse 2 Blades 2 Blades Contains BPA BPA Free 1 Year Warranty 1 Year Warranty Dishwasher Safe Dishwasher Safe 3,300+ Amazon Reviews! 8,200+ Amazon Reviews! $ Low $ Low

As you can see, the power delivered by the motors in each of the models is quite low. As a result, they don’t tackle frozen ingredients or nuts very well. Seeds are often missed and smoothies come out lumpy.

If you are after a personal blender to tackle protein shakes, fresh smoothies or basic deserts, either one of these will do the trick. They are cheaper than the alternatives in this review and a good place to get your feet wet.

The Nutri Ninja Auto IQ & Nutribullet Pro 900

Next up is the every reliable Nutribullet Pro 900 and the newer Nutri Ninja with Auto IQ. As stated earlier, I have had used the Nutribullet for over 6 months and can vouch for the reliability and consistent results – bestowed the title best personal blender in this review.

Just as well known is Ninja’s range of blenders. The Ninja Auto IQ offers a little more punch with the same results. It also works a little differently as it cycles between pulsing, blending and pausing. It also offers 2 automated blending settings.

#1 #2 ★★★★★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★★★★ NutriBullet Pro 900 Ninja Auto iQ NutriBullet Pro offers premium nutrition extraction for those with an active lifestyle The Ninja professional blender range will inspire healthy living for your entire family 900 watt 1000 watt 4 Cups 3 Cups Single Speed Single Speed No Pulse Pulse Plastic Drive Socket Plastic Drive Socket 1 Year Warranty 1 Year Warranty Dishwasher Safe Dishwasher Safe 400+ Amazon Reviews! 1,600+ Amazon Reviews! $ Med $ Med

Both blenders excel at breaking down frozen ingredients, provided you add the right amount of liquid such as water or coconut water. Smoothies produced by both blenders result without the lumps, missed seeds and half crushed nuts.

The Nutribullet Rx & Vitamix S30

The biggest thing that separates these two blenders aside from their larger price tags is their ability to make creamy soups. I would have happily crowned the title to the Vitamix S30 if it weren’t for the price.

Both blenders are of a more solid build and offer the best overall results. The Nutribullet Rx offers more power while the Vitamix offers more features and a super long 7-year warranty – testament to the quality of the blender.

#1 #2 ★★★★★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★★★★ Vitamix S30 Nutribullet Rx Making delicious and healthy blended beverages is a cinch with the Vitamix S30 The NutriBullet offers premium nutrition extraction for those with an active lifestyle 790 watt 1700 watt Variable Speed Single Speed Pulse No Pulse Metal Drive Socket Metal Drive Socket 1 Doubled Walled Cup 2 Single Walled Cups 7 Year Warrant 1 Year Warranty Dishwasher Safe Dishwasher Safe 90+ Amazon Reviews! 1,100+ Amazon Reviews! $ High $ Med

If you are on the lookout for an upgrade and have the budget, the Vitamix S30 is the way to go. The Nutribullet Rx dose have a few flaws such as the lack of an Off / On switch should ingredients become stuck tho its results are impressive.

To Conclude

As you can see, there are quite a few blenders to choose from out there and it can be tricky to sort through them. Keep in mind there are other blenders I have not included in this list such as the Bella Rocket Pro that may serve you just as well. This round up of blender have proven to be the most reliable and sort after on the market – hence their selection.

When all’s said and done, the Nutribullet Pro 900 is the best of the selection given its performance to price ratio plus its served me well. For more versatility and greater control, the Vitamix is the way to go. It will set you back more – but it’s well worth the investment in my opinion.

The Best Personal Blender

After using Amazon’s top-rated personal blender for 18 straight months, analyzing 20 additional models and then narrowing down to a final seven that we tested over 40 hours, the NutriBullet – Pro 900 Series was our pick for best personal blender. It blended with lightning-fast ease, was fun to use and delivered good value at a sub-$100 price point. The Black+ Decker – PB1002 Fusion Blade is our under-$30 pick.

Table of contents

  • Personal blenders vs regular blenders
  • Why trust us?
  • Compare the best personal blenders
  • How we tested
  • Side-by-side feature comparison
  • Best overall: NutriBullet – Pro 900 Series
  • Best under $30: Black+Decker – Fusion Blade
  • Other single-serve blenders we tested
  • Long-term testing notes

Personal blenders vs regular blenders

In doing our research, we had to make a decision about where personal blenders ended and where regular blenders began.

There are several great blenders out there, but they aren’t “personal”. Bigger blenders tend to offer the ability to blend for much bigger families and also more advanced features like the ability to make hot soup or deliver churn-free ice cream.

On the negative, they also tend to be much larger than average, take up a lot of space on your shelf, and run at much higher price points. We define personal blenders as single-serve units that allow you to blend and also consume your smoothie in the same container.

Bigger blenders almost always require you pour from a bigger container into a smaller one, and for this reason, are harder to clean, more expensive, and a better model for a cooking professional or family than someone looking for that on-the-go boost with little maintenance and also, less-than-egregious cost.

Some of the models we considered had hybrid setups — a blending container that also doubled as a to-go cup, while also including a bigger base for family-sized smoothies.

We passed on reviewing most of these options in this round because they didn’t fit the “personal” archetype we aimed for, which most of the time meant little-to-no frills to allow for the most convenience at the lowest cost. However, we did do a test of all blender options in our more general blender review.

The exception to this in our blender set was the Vitamix – S30, a $300+ blender that received such high marks in the personal blender category that it was worth considering despite containing additional attachments and a bigger price point.

Why trust us?

Our main tester has owned a Hamilton Beach personal blender for almost two years, and also fits the archetype of the most common personal blender user. That is, they want a good tasting smoothie, but want it fast, and also don’t want have to work too hard for it… or have to work too hard afterward in cleaning it.

In addition, nobody in our test group had kids (or additional cooking wants), so there wasn’t much need for a much bigger or fancier blender.

We spent 40+ hours in total researching and testing personal blenders, comparing research from Consumer Reports, CNET, WIRED and more in order to come up with our own criteria and conclusions from a starting point of existing, reputable data sources.

We also consulted with two team members with years of experience cooking and contributing to their own cooking blogs, Shef Sherry and Hungry Huy, for their opinions of what makes a personal blender stand out from the pack.

In our research, there were several high rated blenders that emerged, which made selecting the best of the best difficult. We ultimately ended up going with a final seven:

Compare the best personal blenders

How we tested

In addition to pure blending power, the most obvious attribute of a quality blender, we also tested and indirectly came upon several other differentiating qualities that contributed to a seamless, quality experience… or didn’t.

First, the circumference of the blender bottle opening made getting some powders and fruits into the bottle difficult. My scooper for protein would have splashed protein all over my kitchen floor on the Oster Blue or Black+Decker models, which meant I needed to use a spoon, creating more dishes, or waste some of my expensive protein powder down the kitchen sink.

A wider opening means getting your favorite ingredients into the glass without a problem. Too wide and you’re impacting on the usability/portability of these bottles. Thankfully, none of the personal blenders really fell in that range. However, some did fall in the difficult-to-pack range, which added some annoyance to the process in terms of additional cleaning or wasted ingredients.

The next functionality aspect we looked at before we started blending was actual cup size. While we did want a personal, single-serve blender, we also wanted the option to blend a meal from these blenders… and not just a snack. If you only use personal blenders for a snack or small meal, the Hamilton Beach (14oz cup), Bella (16oz) and Tribest (16oz) models may work for you.

In addition to their inability to generate a full meal, smaller cups, on average, made blending more difficult for the motor and caused all three of these models stress when compressing several bigger fruits in a smaller area. Even if you don’t care about making a shake of 16 ounces or more, a bigger cup size is preferable for an improved blending experience.

Another characteristic worth thinking about is the sheer size of the blender. One reason people buy single-serve blenders is because they take up little counter space on average. However, this isn’t always true.

The Vitamax S30, although high powered, will take up a sizable amount of space in a small kitchen. Comparatively, Hamilton Beach’s inexpensive model takes up very little and would be a worthy companion of any 300 square feet New York apartment.

We next looked at the noise levels of each blender. On average, each blender hovered around 100 decibels (dB) when we ran them against an average assortment of ice/frozen fruit and etc using a noise meter. For context, ambient noise is around 45 dB.

Tribest’s model screeched to the loudest levels, ringing in at 106 dB, while the expensive and efficient Vitamix came in at an efficient, less noisy 96 dB. In addition, the Vitamix, unlike the other blenders, has a speed setting, which means you can significantly reduce the noise of the blender at lower levels. Blending slower at the 4th level on the Vitamax brought the noise level down to 85 dB.

If you don’t want to wake a baby (or a roommate who will cry about it), but you still desperately need your breakfast smoothie, the Vitamix is your best option.

Luxury Pick: Vitamix – S30

At upwards of $300, the Vitamix S30 is an expensive but high quality blender.

See Price at Amazon

Once we had thought through all the main functions, it was time to start measuring blending efficiency. To best control amongst the seven, we used the exact same ingredients in each blender, and put them in in the exact same order against the blade — a pretty normal but fairly difficult test for each blender to run against, with several different ingredient types to challenge it.

From there, we timed how long it took to get to an even blend. An even blend was defined as the visual point at which the smoothie reached an even consistency with a single, common color and no uneven chunks.

The ingredients for the seven smoothies we blended were:

In general, the blenders performed in line with motor power, with the 250 watt and below models, the Oster Blue, Tribest and Hamilton Beach all taking one minute plus to blend the concoction.

The Oster Blue technically also required an extra ingredient shake in order to get it to perform, which likely had something to do with its narrow opening contributing to a less-than-optimal blending experience despite being on the highest end in wattage of the lower-end models. Over the long term, this is a common occurrence for lower-wattage blenders.

The NutriBullet dominated the competition in terms of time to even blend, managing an impressive even blend time of 12.47 seconds, 18 seconds better than the next-closest result. As mentioned previously, the pure power of the NutriBullet’s 900 watt motor made it not only effective, but fun to use, too.

Depending on your want, time to blend might not be overly important. It’s nice to be able to blend in 12 seconds, but if you’ve got a minute, you can live with the Hamilton Beach or Black+Decker models.

However, it’s going to be a pretty common occurrence for the Hamilton Beach, Bella and Oster Blue models to struggle out of the gate, which means more than just a slow smoothie — there are also some implications on the durability of the motor, as I’ve had one Hamilton Beach blender break in the past year after wearing it out from repeated uses and struggles to blend.

Comparatively, the higher powered motors of the Vitamix and NutriBullet models feel sustainable (and the Vitamix has a five year warranty), so there’s a sense that you are also getting a better investment in the higher end, more powerful motors, too.

It’s not totally fair to rate the Vitamix exclusively on blend speed, either — of the models we tested, the Vitamix was the only one with blending speeds and a pulse option, giving you more flexibility in your end product if you’re looking for finesse in your personal blender.

My guess, if you’re the typical personal blender user, is that you aren’t, but in case you someday imagine that scenario, it could be something to look into investing in.

Finally, once the smoothie is enjoyed, you also have to worry about the fun part — cleaning. The wider mouth personal blenders made this the easiest process, allowing you to clean out the hard-to-get areas of the cup easily and without struggling if you happened to leave it on the table overnight.

Comparatively, the Hamilton Beach made it hardest given the blending cup and blending blade fit within the same apparatus, making it difficult to clean hard-to-get-to pieces of the blade if you forget to wash it out immediately.

For both cleaning purposes and convenience when building your smoothie, wider mouth openings are superior.

Side-by-side feature comparison

When you put everything together, your blender choice comes to a few decision points: budget, use case, and need to have control (or power) when blending. To make comparison easier, we’ve drafted this chart highlighting the main points of our tests in addition to the blender features of the top seven models, so you can make that decision for yourself.

Given we compared so many products, this image might be a little hard on the eyes. Click the image to enlarge and see it full width.

Best overall: NutriBullet – Pro 900 Series

The NutriBullet Pro 900 is the best combination of every nice-to-have feature in one package — and at a price much more affordable than the Vitamix S30, which comes in at 3x the cost: $375 to the NutriBullet’s $91 at the time of this writing.

Our Top Pick: NutriBullet – Pro 900

A powerhouse blender without the cost, the NutriBullet is our pick for best single-serve option on the market.

See Price at Amazon

The bullet’s blending speed, at 12.47 seconds, is almost five times better than the group average of 58 seconds. The power makes blending fun, too — it might not make you healthier by default, but if it’s more enjoyable to do, it may make you more likely to reach for a smoothie than a sandwich.

The wide base also makes it easy to make shakes without mess and also clean up without pain. It’s a bit loud, but nothing out of the ordinary for such a powerful blender.

Best under $30: Black+Decker – Fusion Blade

If you don’t want to throw down $90+ for a blender, the Black+Decker – PB1002 Fusion Blade is the best bang for your buck, performing solidly at right around $25. Powered by the most powerful motor of the lower cost models at 275 watts, the Black+Decker blended our difficult concoction in just under one minute.

Best Under $30: Black+Decker – Fusion Blade

A great all around blender for those who don’t want to spend more than $30.

See Price at Amazon

In addition, the Black+Decker has a two year limited warranty, a year longer than the rest of the cheaper models. On the downside, its 2 ½ inch opening made making shakes a little bit messier to clean up on average — but that opening shouldn’t be enough to shy you away from a purchase decision if you’re looking for a solid, reliable blender you can use day in and day out.

Other single-serve blenders we tested

The Vitamix – S30 blender was the most expensive model we tested, with an average price of around $350. While the Vitamix performed nicely on every point, very little about it warranted making it an expensive recommendation for the average personal blender user.

Unlike the other models, it also has a 40 ounce compact container that makes family blending possible. But if you want a personal blender, you probably don’t care about that use case for the most part.

Similarly, it has speed options and also a pulse option, giving you more precision. Yet again, though, that level of precision is rarely needed for the on-the-go smoothie. These options also make the Vitamix the biggest personal blender we tested — taking up considerable shelf space, which may come at a premium depending on where you live.

The Hamilton Beach – 51101AV had been a constant in our kitchen for years, and at around $15, it’s great value for the price. You won’t go wrong with a blender like this, but you won’t go right, either. I used it consistently for 18 plus months and consistently went with my go-to of mixed fruit, protein and maybe a banana.

Also Great: Hamilton Beach – 51101AV

The cheapest model tested, the Hamilton Beach won’t bring you any frills, but it can deliver you a shake.

See Price at Amazon

Enter these product reviews, and within the first five minutes with the NutriBullet, I realized what the Hamilton Beach was missing: power, fun, and ease. Even compared to its low priced comparable, the Black+Decker, it comes up short in several key areas: motor gusto, cup size, warranty, and ease to clean.

The Tribest -PB250 was one of our least favorite models. It had the second fastest blending speed, but was also priced at $70, had a narrow opening, and was the loudest model we tested. Very little about it seemed to warrant the $70 price point. If it had priced in the $30 range, it might be a different conversation.

The Oster – BLSTPB was another well-rated, low priced model at right under $20. It had some positive attributes, but it tested at the bottom of our time-to-blend list, taking 83 seconds to fully mix our recipe concoction. The narrow opening/bottle size was a likely contributor, and said size also made the Oster difficult to clean.

Bella – 13330‘s brought it in the middle of the pack with a solid blending speed, opening circumference and ease to clean. However, it was slightly beat by Black+Decker in speed, cup size, and noise level, making it the 2nd best choice in that price range.

Long-term testing notes

We originally published this post in July of 2016. Although we had been using personal blenders for years, it was the first time we had used the NutriBullet Pro. We had read some reviews with concerns about the long-term durability of the product, so were interested to test it on a long timeline to see if we experienced the same problems.

Now three years later, we haven’t ran into issues with durability. We’ve been running the NutriBullet almost daily, and are still in love with its power and usability. Cleaning is a synch, it easily blends through difficult mixtures, and there have been no signs of wear and tear. In fact, at one point we started filming a video of the NutriBullet, and because of that, stopped using it daily and instead substituted the Oster. It was a nightmare in comparison, getting clogged almost every single time, causing spills, and in general, clearly showing why he had made the NutriBullet our first choice in this post.

Another member of the Your Best Digs team has been extensively using our under $30 pick, the , and is still happy with the choice. She mentioned having to be cognizant of not overfilling the cup given the units less-impressive motor, but that’s to be expected for a cheaper unit. Overall, we’re still confident in that pick.

That said, if the Nutribullet or the other blenders on this list still don’t catch your fancy, we highly suggest you check out our larger blender review for additional blending options.

Far exceeding the competition in power, but staying close in price, the NutriBullet is our selection for top personal blender.

See Price at Amazon

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Bryan is our cooking and kitchen expert, with more than 15 years of experience of cooking and testing kitchen products. When outside of the kitchen, he enjoys woodworking, photography, videography and figuring out how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. He thoroughly enjoys discovering the best, whether it’s ingredients or equipment, and finding products that can stand the rigors of daily use.

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The Best Ninja Blender for Smoothies and More!

Ninja is a well-established company who have released quite a few blenders over the year’s. For this review, I’ve decided to hone in on Ninja’s top three performing blenders with the highest customer satisfaction to price ratio.

#1 #2 #3 ★★★★★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★★★★ Ninja Master Prep Professional Nutri Ninja with Auto iQ Ninja Mega Kitchen System Perfect for a small family making smoothie and salsa’s Perfect for individual making smoothies, dips and more Perfect for other functions such as soup and cooking prep 450 watt 1000 watt 1500 watt 1 Speeds + Pulse 2 Speeds + Pulse 3 Speeds + Pulse No Programs 2 Programs No Programs 0 Cups 3 Cups 2 Cups BPA free BPA free BPA free 1 Year Warranty 1 Year Warranty 1 Year Warranty Dishwasher Safe Dishwasher Safe Dishwasher Safe 4,200+ Amazon Reviews! 1,600+ Amazon Reviews! 1,600+ Amazon Reviews! $ Low $ Med $ High

The Best Ninja Blender for Smoothies

The answer to this question comes down to the size of your family and if you would be happy to pour your smoothie into a separate cup. For individuals, the Ninja Auto IQ is the way to go. For small families, the Master Prep will work just fine.

The best ninja for smoothies goes to the Nutri Ninja with Auto IQ. As you’ll see in the demonstration below, its capable of emulsifying anything you place in the cup. It does a great job with ice, nuts and seeds such as flax seeds.

For larger quantities, the Ninja Master Prep will do the job. It’s not as powerful as the Ninja Auto IQ and won’t break down smaller ingredients such as seeds nearly as well. Ice will result in a snow like substance and salsa’s look amazing.

The Nutri Ninja Auto iQ

Famous for its ability to make green smoothies, the Nutri Ninja Auto iQ has you covered. Unique to the Auto iQ is the way it blends your ingredients. Watch as it cycles through a combination of blending, pulsing and pausing to a digital count down timer.

The Auto iQ comes with two smoothie programs and manual pulsing + blending. The two programs target your smoothie – Ultra for a stronger blend of hard ingredients that include nuts, seeds and frozen items. Use the regular iQ program for softer ingredients such as mango.

Using the Nutri Ninja with Auto iQ is as simple as filling the provided cup with ingredients – following one of the 30 provided recipes. Select between the automated blending programs and wait for the counter to reach zero. Attach the sip lid for portability or consume on the spot.

If you’d like to see more including customer reviews, pricing and additional features – See more on Amazon.

See More

The Ninja Master Prep Professional

Ninja’s Master Perp Professional makes for a perfect entry level blender for the kitchen. Coming in at less than a third of the price of Ninja’s Mega Kitchen System, this blender will tackle most common blending tasks. From vibrant salsas to thick shakes – its great value for money.

To use, simply fill the pitcher or prep bowl with your chosen ingredients. Attach the pod shaped blender base to the top of the container – lining it up with insertion point. Press down on the large silver button to begin blending.

Lift to remove the pod shaped blender base form the container. Remove the containers lid by gently lifting – there are no latches that hold it in place. Carefully remove the sharp 6 pronged blade and serve.

If you’d like to see more including customer reviews, pricing and additional features – See more on Amazon.

See More

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is designed to be an all-in-one blending solution. The blender will set you back double what you’d expect to pay for the Auto iQ. The extra money affords you more versatility – giving you the ability to create soups, smoothies, deserts, sides and more.

As with all Ninja blenders, you need to be careful when handling the blades as they are extremely sharp. Their bulky design can make ingredients difficult to load, so be sure not to use your fingers to push ingredients down.

The Mega Kitchen System creates a fine powder when blending ice; sorbet comes out soft and creamy without any lumps and doe can be formed in under a minute. The single serve cups attach directly to the base to create green smoothies although the results are not quite as good as those from the Nutri Ninja Auto iQ.

If you’d like to see more including customer reviews, pricing and additional features – See more on Amazon.

See More

As you can see from the above video, the Ninja offers a good range of blenders. The results may not be as good as those from the traditional brands such as Vitamix or Blendtec (hence the lower ratings) but they certainly offer good value for money.

The Ninja Master Prep Professional makes for good entry level blender for everyday tasks. The Nutri Ninja with Auto iQ is the best ninja blender for smoothies and cold soups you can heat up separately. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is the swiss army knife of the kitchen, capable of blending anything and everything.

Blender Model Price Review Ninja Master Prep
4,200+ Amazon Reviews!
★★★★★★★★★★See More $Low Ninja Auto iQ
1,600+ Amazon Reviews!
★★★★★★★★★★See More $Low Ninja Kitchen System
1,600+ Amazon Reviews!
★★★★★★★★★★See More $Low

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Ninja is a well-reputed brand among blender industry. That is why we had been researching on some best ninja blender for smoothies that offers excellent service for many years. It’s a great tool help as kitchen aid as well. And we know how important it’s to smoothie lover to get the best quality smoothie blender in right price point.

5 Best Ninja Blender for Smoothies Purposes for Your Ideal Kitchen

Recently we have tested some Ninja blenders that can make perfect smoothies. The 80+ hours of trial and error and enormous mess in the kitchen we end up getting these final five. So, here is for you five best Ninja blenders for a smoothie that anyone would like. Check them below,

1.Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender with 1000-Watt Base

If you want a large size of capacity heavy-duty blender, you can look at this model, the Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender. It can hold around 4-6 cups of liquid at a time.

The blender has a simple control unit with 5 touch buttons for power pulse, speeds. It has a six-bled assembly that covers the entire jar. That means, unlike another blender the food not only blend in bottom and mesh. The whole blade wand cuts crushes and makes perfect consistency. That is why the mixer can make a drink or smoothie faster than others.

The transparent jar of the blender is durable and made of BPA free polycarbonate. Infect all other parts of the mixer is food-grade safe and usable for the dishwasher.

Important Features

  • Large size 72 oz. Professional jar with 64 oz of capacity for making large batches.
  • Powerful 1000 watts of the motor which can make all blending and equally long-lasting.
  • The lid lock sits securely so minimize leakage problem.
  • Good at crushing ice like snow.
  • Durable, sharp size blade assembly cuts more efficiently.
  • All the parts BPA free and dishwasher are safe.
  • Blends very quickly.

Features we don’t like

  • Make loud noise.
  • The blender is big and won’t fit in a standard kitchen cabinet.

>>>Check Ninja Price on Amazon<<<

2. Ninja Nutri Pro Personal Blender with 900 Watt Base

Here is another ninja blender for smoothies with a powerful motor and single serving cups. The Ninja Nutri Pro Personal Blender comes with an 18 oz. Smoothies and 24 oz cups. These have a twist on the spout covers so you can take your drink while you are going out.

The motor has 900 watts of power which are very efficient to crush solid items like nuts, rice, seeds, etc. the blender has stainless steel blades that are equally sharp, thick and durable. It quickly smashes through ice, skins, seeds, stems and makes your drink very smooth and tasty.

The lids make the storage of carrying much more comfortable. It does not come with any extra speed setting or pulse button to control the moton. Yes, it has the pulse option, but you have to apply manually. Just press the blender cup while it’s running. However, if maintained all the parts including base properly will last for a long time.

  • Powerful 900 wattages of the motor which durable also.
  • Transparent handy smoothies cups and with Spout Lids.
  • All the parts are dishwashable and BPA free.
  • Makes any juice, smoothie or puree within a short time.
  • Comes with 70 different recipes.
  • Manual pulse system takes time to figure out to use.
  • The warranty covers out motor only.
  • The cups materials get stains easily.

>>>Check Price on Amazon<<<

3.Ninja Personal Blender for Shakes, Smoothies, Food Prep, and Frozen Blending with 700-Watt Base

You can get efficient blending at a decent price if you get the Ninja Personal Blender with 700 watts. Compare than other 900, 1000, and 1100 watts of motor its little low, but the main performance is possible. It can quickly prepare all nutrient-rich super juice, make protein shakes and smoothies.

The blender comes with 2 16 oz Nutri ninja cups, slip & seal lids and 50 recipe cookbook. You can make one serving of drink in a single cup. This blender is good at bullet-proof coffee also.

The size of the power pod, coffee cups and covers are easily storable in the average size of a kitchen cabinet. It’s a modern, sleek blender that is a quick solution for your busy rational life. And the cups come with sip and seal lids and fits with most car cup holders.

Therefore it’s a small blender; you need to cut all the ingredients into small pieces and add water, milk or yogurt. It does not well at blend whole fruits. However, the blender has manual pulse option so you can blend all the ingredients at different consistency as long as you need. Overall, if maintain the mixer properly will serve many years without much problem.

  • Simple easy to use 700-watt power pod.
  • Good at blending frozen fruits and veggies.
  • Includes two cups, two sip & seal lids for versatile use.
  • All the blender parts are dishwashers like the lids, cups, and blades.
  • Very affordable price.
  • Comes with 30-recipe different recipe inspiration guide.
  • It also takes a lot to get the top ingredients mixed in.
  • The cups are hard to clean properly.

>>>Check Price on Amazon<<<

4.SharkNinja Ninja Professional Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt Base

For professional power, speed and performance you can choose SharkNinja Ninja Professional Countertop Blender. It comes with a heavy-duty 1100 watts of the motor with an xl size pitcher and two 16 oz of nutri ninja cups. This plastic pitcher can hold up to 64 oz of liquid at a time. This ninja blender for smoothies is a total crushing blender. That means it has 6 assembly blades top to bottom that works on the entire pitcher. The blender perfectly crushes ice for your drink, storing mussels, fruits for the party.

It has three speed settings low, medium and high with a pulse and self-serve function. All these features let you customize the control so you can handle different ingredients and make perfect items.

Like other Ninja blender models, this one also comes with all BPA free parts and dishwasher safe items. These are overall easy to clean by hand too.

  • High powerful 1100 watts of the motor that gives a professional performance.
  • Three different speed settings with Pulse and single-serve functions.
  • Total 72 oz. of entire crushing pitcher for making large batches of drinks.
  • Comes with two 16 oz Nutri Ninja Cups with to-go lids for taking drinks on the go.
  • All the parts are BPA free and dishwasher safe.
  • All the parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel blades which are durable and easy to clean.
  • Crush ice like powdery snow.
  • Take big storage space for all the cups, pitcher and lid on countertops or cabinet.

>>>Check Price on Amazon<<<

5.Nutri Ninja Personal Blender with 1000-Watt Auto-iQ Base

Last but not least, here is an affordable, smart and efficient Ninja blender for daily professional use. The Nutri Ninja Personal Blender it is pre-program blender which knows how to blend, crush or stir. It comes with two different sizes of small cups but when you combine into them, the done the operation without needing any pause or stir. Most of the blender even the ninja single serving blenders often give you this type of problem. They blend half of the ingredients well, but some of the chunks remain on top which now comes down without string or shaking. But the IQ ninja pretty much over this problem.

It comes with a strong pro extractor blades that break down whole food, ice, seeds, and nuts very quickly. So, all the smoothies and drink test smooth and very tasty.

The blender comes with three 18, 24, 32 oz Tritan Nutri ninja cup, three-spout lids, a recipe book with 30 different recipes and an instruction book.

  • Makes foam less silky smoothies every time.
  • A twist on lid for simple on-the-go sipping.
  • Simple couch button for multiple operations including on, pulse, blend, etc.
  • 1000 watts of the base motor for fast crushing and blending.
  • Affordable price.
  • Get hot easily if uses more than 60 secs.
  • The blender is loud.

>>>Check Price on Amazon<<<

Why choosing a right smoothie blender is so essential?

This answer is hidden why you should need drinks like a smoothie or how smoothie is efficient as a diet. The smoothie is the right balance of all nutrition. It’s tasty, easy to make and quickly digestible. When you eat raw, or cooked and assimilate process start right after you put the food in the mouth. But there still some steps to go for final digestion and absorbed the nutrition. Therefore, a smoothie is already blended so; it’s easy to digest for the stomach and get the most nutrition out of it.

So, a blender do the job to make a smoothie in the right consistency. It needs to break down the food cells to bring out all the hidden oil, flavor, and nutrition to make the drink equally healthy and enjoyable. And Ninja Blenders do it all. However here are some other reasons that will explain why selecting the good-quality smoothie blender is essential.

Blender can mix the leafy greens into a smooth paste which is very important for easy digestion. That is why green smoothies are best for getting maximum fiber and other vitamins.

The name stands for it; smoothie blender makes all chunk free smooth every time. You will hardly find anything like seeds or pulp in it.

Another good thing about smoothie blender is, when it runs for a long time and heat the motor automatically, the temp reaches the food. It depletes the nutrients to a considerable extent and makes it more healthy.

You can make smoothies is standard blender but will never test well as close as smoothies from smoothie blender. Its a necessary sign of owing a good smoothie blender that everytime it makes a smoothie, the smoothies are all creamy and delicious.

Buying Guide: What to look for before buying the Popular ninja blender for smoothies


What is the essential part of a car? The engine/machine. Same is for blender, the essential part of the mixer is its motor. So make sure your smoothie blender has enough power to perform certain things. Like, crushing nuts, seeds or ice, etc.

Pro tips:

Get smoothie blender with minimum 600 watts. If it’s a single serving blender, then the power will be little lower, like 250-300 at least.


When comes with blender blades most people think of sharp edges. But its not all about sharpness. A blender blade needs to be thick, durable and made of high-quality metal. The torque power comes with the motor so, even a dull blade can pulverize ingredients when it spins in 300 mph.

Pro tips:

Get thick stainless steel made blades with 4-6 leaves.


Not only the materials the construction of blender container is significant. Poorly constructed jar often has leakage issues. Some container is fully detachable, means you can remove the blade base as well. It helps a lot in cleaning. Otherwise, cleaning it in all through down is hard and risky.

Pro tips:

Get a blender that is made of BPA free content. Also, it has to be leak-proof seal so can eliminate the leaking issues. It’s better to have blended with self-cleaning features.

Additional parts and warranty

Blender with a warranty is a great relief for the consumer. Most of the great mixer comes with long years of warranty support.

Also, some blender balds offer spare parts in case of emergency replacement to add more pots for making drinks.

Ninja sells refurbished blender also with warranty. That is a big deal. The band is very confident about their products and service that is why they offer all the possible facility to serve their customers.

So, that is the end of our review on Ninja Blenders. These are fantastic five that you could invest your hard earn money. All these blenders are good for the long run. And these are not only best at smoothie; these ninja blenders for smoothie can also be good at other jobs that an ideal kitchen blender should do.

Rita C. Donnell (Jennifer) has spent the last 26 years studying and practicing nutrition science. She has used a larger part of this time in improving people’s livelihoods. Read More

Best Personal Blenders for Smoothies 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

Last Updated: January 3, 2020

The blender has been a staple appliance in kitchens across the planet for many years. Over time, the personal blender came onto the scene as a matter of convenience for users dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.

A personal blender is a quick way to blend up a smoothie or protein shake at any time of the day for those with an on-the-go lifestyle. There are many options available, so choosing one can be confusing.

We’re here to help by guiding you through our top 10 choices with detailed reviews, along with a buyer’s guide.

Our Favorites of 2020 Compared

Model Price Warranty Editor Rating
Ninja QB3001SS
(Best Overall)
Check Price 1 Year 4.85/5
(Best Value)
Check Price 1 Year 4.60/5
NutriBullet NB9-1301
(Premium Choice)
Check Price 1 Year 4.55/5
Tribest PB-150 Check Price 4.40/5
Hamilton Beach Check Price 1 Year 4.35/5

The 10 Best Personal Blenders for Smoothies

1. Ninja Personal Blender – Best Overall

The Ninja QB3001SS Personal Blender has a 700-watt motor base with pulse technology to pulverize ice and frozen fruits and vegetables. The set includes the base, two 16-ounce cups, two sipping lids, and a recipe guide. All removable parts are BPA-free plastic and dishwasher-safe. The noise level ranks between “not quiet” but “not loud.” This model can also chop seeds and nuts to add extra protein to your smoothie and is capable of grinding coffee beans and spices. The cups are seven inches tall and fit in most car cup holders, and the entire unit is light and easily portable.

Like most personal blenders, this unit is not designed to handle hot liquids, so please use caution. Larger sized cups are not available as attachments.

With the ability to crush ice and frozen fruit, combined with the price, this is our best overall choice.


  • Affordable
  • 700-watt motor
  • Two cups with lids
  • Moderate noise level
  • Grinding ability


  • Small cups

2. Oster Personal Blender — Best Value

The Oster BLSTPB-WPK Blender is more than affordable. It has a 400-watt motor with 250 blending watts and one-touch blending. The cup attachment is a 20-ounce sports bottle with a carry hook lid. It’s made with BPA-free plastic and is also dishwasher safe. This model is available in four fun colors.

This model works well with ice and frozen fruits and vegetables, but not so much for green smoothies using fresh produce. It’s best to plug in the unit after attaching the bottle base because it will engage quickly and could damage the plastic on the blade assembly. Extra bottles and blade assemblies are available separately. Fortunately, this brand offers a three-year satisfaction guarantee and a one-year limited warranty. However, the low wattage keeps this one out of our number-one spot.

If you’re looking for an economically priced model to make basic smoothies, this choice may be what you need. For the price and convenience, we believe that this is the best personal blender for the money.


  • Inexpensive
  • Sports bottle convenience
  • Three-year satisfaction guarantee


  • Not for leafy greens
  • Low wattage motor

3. NutriBullet Blender – Premium Choice

The NutriBullet NB9-1301 High-Speed Blender is a 13-piece blender system. The motor base has 900 power watts that can handle anything your smoothie requires, such as nuts, seeds, hard produce, leafy greens, and ice. The system includes the base, one emulsifying extractor blade, two 32-ounce cups with lids, two lip rings, two lip rings with handles, and a recipe book. The extractor blades are constructed of stainless steel to break down dense ingredients. The cups, lids, and rings are BPA-free plastic and dishwasher-safe. It’s also available in 11 colors if you want to coordinate with your kitchen or show off a little personality. This purchase also comes with a recipe site membership featuring over 700 smoothie recipes. Extra cups and blades are available for separate purchase.

This model tends to be louder than others, so if an occasional blast of noise is an issue in your household, you may want to look elsewhere. Pay attention when preparing to make a smoothie because if you pack the cup too full or don’t tighten the ring enough, it will leak all over your countertop.

As the most expensive on the list and the most powerful, this is our premium choice.


  • 900-watt motor
  • Large cups
  • Extra rings and cups


  • Expensive
  • Loud

4. Tribest Personal-Blender

The Tribest Pb-150 Personal Blender is an ultra-compact model with a sleek and modern appeal. The compact design provides portability. It comes with two 16-ounce BPA-free blending cups with storage lids. While these are dishwasher safe, unfortunately, the tops aren’t sipping style, so you’ll have to remove the cover to drink from the cup.

This blender is compatible with mason jars. Accessories for this capability, like plastic lids and O-rings, are available for separate purchase to make the blender more versatile. The base motor has 200 watts of power, making this blender weaker than others, and it may struggle with ice cubes or large chunks of frozen fruit. As an advanced safety feature, operation is prevented when the blending blades are not completely enclosed. This choice is a lightweight model of four pounds and comes with a one-year warranty.

If you tend to make smoothies daily, this may not be your best choice. However, for light use, it may be a good fit for you.


  • Ultra-compact
  • Two blending cups


  • Slightly pricey
  • 200-watt motor

5. Hamilton Beach 51101AV Blender

The Hamilton Beach 51101AV Personal Blender is unlike other personal blenders that operate by pushing the container down on the base — this model has one-touch blending with an on/pulse button when you’re ready to roll. Due to the 175-watt motor, this pick is ideal for protein shakes. It comes with a 12-ounce travel mug and lid that goes from base to cup holder in a quick amount of time. With BPA-free plastic construction, it’s also dishwasher-safe, but don’t forget it in your car. Hand washing can be a bit troublesome as you try to clean the blades in place to scrub them.

Oddly, the blade base isn’t detachable, making this an awkward travel cup. With the weak motor, it doesn’t work well with frozen items, including ice, and these will overwork it. The blades tend to move chunks around instead of crushing them. There is a one-year limited warranty.

If you’re on an extremely tight budget and enjoy shakes without frozen items, this may be a consideration for you. If you’re a smoothie fanatic, keep looking.


  • Economical price
  • One-touch blending
  • Portability


  • 175-watt motor
  • No frozen items
  • Small container
  • Non-detachable blade

6. Sboly Smoothie Blender

The Sboly SYBL-002 Smoothie Blender is another one-touch blending model that comes with a 20-ounce blender cup, a silicone ice cube tray, and a bottle brush. As a bonus, it has two additional silicone O-rings in case you need them. This model has a slim style and a compact footprint, making storage easy. In terms of safety, operation will not begin until the blender cup is locked in place and has an automatic shutoff to prevent overheating. With this little machine, you should be able to blend a smoothie in 10 seconds, which is good because you can’t blend continuously for more than one minute, and recovery takes about 20 minutes.

With a motor power of 300 watts, it will successfully blend ice and cut frozen items into small pieces. If you enjoy bulletproof coffee, be cautious with this blender, as the manufacturer doesn’t recommend using boiling liquids over 190 degrees Fahrenheit. There are frequent complaints about the lid becoming too tight after blending and being challenging to remove.


  • Economical
  • Extra O-rings


  • No boiling liquid
  • Lids stick

7. COSORI Personal Blender

The COSORI C011-PB Personal Blender has a sturdy base motor with 800 watts and a blade base with three different edge blades to ensure the right consistency. Unlike other personal models, this unit has three buttons for start/stop, auto, and pulse. The auto preset blends for 40 seconds, which includes three-second intervals with one-second breaks for 10 rounds. You can take control of the pulse button if that’s more suitable to your needs. It comes with two 24-ounce containers, one 12-ounce container, one storage lid, one travel lid, a cleaning brush, and a recipe book. All removable parts are BPA-free plastic and dishwasher-safe.

This model should not be used for hot liquids, and contents should not exceed the max fill line. Overfilling the blending container can overwork the motor and cause breakdown; however, there is an overheating protection function.

A common complaint with this blender is the difficulty of screwing the blade attachment to the containers. With questionable durability and a slightly high price, the choice is further down on our list.


  • 800-watt motor
  • Three-button control
  • Two container sizes


  • Slightly pricey
  • Easily overloaded
  • Low durability

8. Deik TB23YM Blender

The Deik Tb23YM Personal Blender is an affordable option with a simple design. It has decent strength in the 500-watt motor to blend up your favorite smoothie. It comes with the base, two-blade sets, two 20-ounce cups, two travel lids, two anti-slip sleeves, one grind cup, and a user’s manual. You can also purchase extra cups if needed. This option is not a twist and push, like many others. Once you add your ingredients, screw on the lid and lock it in the base, push the button, and the blender does the rest. Don’t let go for more than 60 seconds, and be sure the liquid-to-solid ratio is three to one.

Circulation with a fair amount of frozen fruit is difficult with this blender. If you like your smoothies thick, this may not be your best option. Careless use will cause leakage and overheat the motor, so don’t overfill or press the button for more than a minute. Additionally, the cups are limited to 20 ounces, and larger cups aren’t available. Also, the cups are tall and narrow, which works well with cup holders, but you may have to shake the contents during blending to bring everything together. The connection piece is plastic and may break easily if you’re not paying attention.

Overall, it’s a decent model for the low price, but you’ll need to be gentle with it for the desired result.


  • Affordable
  • Coffee grinding cup
  • Compact


  • Requires sufficient liquid
  • Plastic connection
  • Narrow cups

9. Cincred Personal-Blenders

The Cincred Personal Countertop Blender is a mini-model with a 15-ounce cup, making it ideal for traveling. The cup maxes out at 12 ounces, but it’s the perfect size for a quick smoothie treat. Once you fill the container with your ingredients, attach the lid, and align it to lock in the base. This blender is not a start-button model, so you have to push the cup down on the base to start the blending. It also comes with a sipping lid when you’re on the go.

While this tiny model handles ice and frozen fruit well, it doesn’t work well with leafy greens. If you enjoy a green smoothie, this isn’t your blender. The plastic construction is flimsy; however, this brand offers a three-year warranty and notably has excellent customer service. This model works well for a single user or two users patient enough to share. If you need to prepare smoothies for multiple people, though, this isn’t your best bet.


  • Inexpensive
  • Blends well


  • Small capacity
  • Additional cups not available
  • Flimsy plastic

10. BILACA BL200A Blenders

The BILACA BL200A Personal Blender is ridiculously affordable and boasts the lowest price on our list. This model is on the flat side of power with a 300-watt motor, but it does have four stainless-steel blades. This system includes the base and two 18-ounce travel bottles with sip lids. Additional containers are available for purchase. Unlike many models, the housing is stainless steel instead of plastic, providing more durability. For safety, the blending won’t begin until the container is locked in the base.

With the low power, it’s easy to burn this motor out quickly, so be cautious and don’t overload the unit. Leafy greens are a no-go, and a substantial amount of frozen fruit will prove to be frustrating. This model works well for protein shakes or a beverage without frozen fruit and ice. If you want an everyday machine for thick smoothies, this isn’t your best choice.


  • Inexpensive
  • Two travel bottles


  • Low power
  • No leafy greens
  • Struggles with frozen items
  • Easy to overload motor
  • Loud

Personal blenders are intended to be small, compact, quick, and easy to use. They’re typically designed for one to two users and geared toward protein shakes and smoothies for health-minded consumers. When searching for a personal blender to fit your needs, there are a few things to keep in mind, such as power, cleaning, size, capability, accessories, and cost.

The lower the wattage on a blender, the less likely it can crush ice and most frozen items. If you enjoy thick smoothies, you’ll want a machine with a stronger power base. However, if you’re more of a protein shake guru, a low-powered model would work well. Although personal blenders range in price to fit any budget, a higher wattage will beget a higher price.


Personal blenders today are made with BPA-free plastic and are easily cleaned in the dishwasher. Some blending containers are tall and narrow or have a tighter bottom than top. Narrow containers are not easy to wash by hand, though a bottle brush will work well on goo that’s stuck to the bottom. Filling the container with a small amount of water and giving it a quick blend will also help. If cleaning is a priority for you, pay attention to the size of the container, as well as the shape.


In general, personal blenders are small and don’t take up much space. However, the size of the base could be awkward, depending on where it needs to be stored. If you’re looking for an easily portable model, determine if packing it in a suitcase would be feasible.

The blending containers vary from model to model. Some are a sports bottle type and others are cups. If you need a large capacity, look for a model that has that size available. Also, certain models only come with one container and may or may not have additional cups available for purchase.


Most folks who purchase personal blenders have smoothies in mind. You’ll want a blender that can crush ice and frozen fruit. Certain blenders don’t have the power to pulverize ice effectively. This issue can leave you regularly removing and shaking the blending container to move around stuck chunks.

Many personal blenders are twist and hold for blending to engage while others are press button and hands-free. Consider which you prefer and what’s more convenient for your needs.


Certain blender models offer additional attachments for purchase. For your household, you may want other containers, cups, or bottles. You also probably want to know if replacement parts are available. Even though a personal blender isn’t necessarily a considerable expense, you still want to make that value last as long as possible.


  • A comparison of popular baby food blenders
  • Vitamix 5200 vs 7500: Which Blender is Better?


Some blenders are insanely cheap; however, the blending abilities correspond to the price. Be mindful of your needs compared to your budget, and you’ll be able to find your way to the perfect match.

As with any small kitchen appliance, longevity is typically an issue. Weigh your options and don’t have high expectations. Keep in mind that personal blenders aren’t intended for cooking purposes but can usually handle more than smoothies. Personal blenders are also made with plastic, meaning that many containers will crack or break over time and with heavy use. If you tend to favor green smoothies using fresh leafy greens, be diligent with your research, as many smaller personal blenders don’t handle leafy produce well. The goal is to drink a smoothie and not need a fork.

Here’s a note about O-rings. These silicone rings found in lids or blade assembly bases will break down over time. You’ll want to be able to replace those if possible. You’ll also want to check them periodically for cleanliness. Food particles can work their way underneath and create mildew over time. Be diligent.

Personal blenders vary from sleek and stylish to plain and simple, and choosing one can be fun. We hope our reviews have helped you identify a few that you like. As a reminder, our best overall choice is the Ninja QB3001SS Personal Blender, with 700 watts of power and an affordable price. The Oster BLSTPB-WPK Blender is our best value choice. It has a low price and a sports bottle container. Our premium choice is the NutriBullet NB9-1301 High-Speed Blender, with a whopping 900 watts of power and the largest container capacity of 32 ounces. We wish you well on your health journey!

Other popular buyer’s guides

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Featured image credit: Your Best Digs, Flickr

7 Handiest Personal Blenders – Individual Meals Every Day

Adopt a new lifestyle – why you should buy a personal blender

A smaller blender isn’t just a choice—it truly is a lifestyle.

You have to adjust some of the choices you make when shopping or when choosing the ingredients or your drink or for your soup when you are dealing with a personal blender, since it is usually much smaller in size.

Especially if you don’t have enough space in your home to host a larger blender, a personal blender can definitely be beneficial in saving space.

The convenience of a personal blender is also a beloved factor. Especially for a dedicated smoothie drinker, time might not be on their side in the morning. A personal blender can make it extremely convenient to throw together a smoothie or a shake in the morning—especially if you’re on the go. The best part is, clean up is also really simple, since you don’t have to wash the blender, pitcher, and lid all separately.

Not only is a blender capable of being that reliable barista in a small package, but it can also whip up some incredible dressings and sauces for your meal. Especially if you’re trying to eat healthy, creating your own salsas and dressings is a great alternative to knowing all the ingredients that go in it. A personal blender can be a great tool to have around the house—even if you already have a larger blender. It complements the other one greatly, especially if you have small “jobs” needing to get done.

It’s important to note, of course, that using a smaller blender means that you won’t be able to make that much in volume. You’ll also have to keep in mind that you might need to use more liquid in your smoothie or cut your fruit and veggies smaller.

However, one of the best thing about blenders is the fact that they are portable—and also can slide in anywhere in your kitchen. A large, clunky blender won’t be able to slip in the corner of your kitchen cabinets behind the protein shake container, it will have to sit out on the counter or you have to clear space underneath. A smaller blender has decent power for smoothie and shake making and can also fit really well in your kitchen.

Another great advantage is the fact that they are generally much more affordable than a larger blender which has more power and more capacity. So, if you’re on a budget, these personal blenders should definitely be considered your go-to when it comes to purchasing a blender.

Take care of your blender – simple tips

As we mentioned, these personal blenders will work better with smaller jobs, like single-serve smoothies or protein shakes. They can also whip up vinaigrettes in a matter of seconds. However, it’s important that you recognize the limitations of a smaller blender so that you won’t break it.

Normally, when purchasing a personal blender, you’ll get a guide with it that states what can and cannot be placed inside to be ground up. Follow this list and stick with it. You can get tips and hints to work your way around some of these inconveniences.

A few other tips to help you when working with a personal blender are:

  • Make sure you stay with the rules that come along with the blender. If you have certain ingredients that shouldn’t be placed inside—don’t just “try it out”, those “rules” are there for a reason.
  • Limit your drink consumption to the fill line. If you overfill your personal blender, you’ll have a mess all over your kitchen counter. You’ll also probably then think it’s a seal problem—but it isn’t.
  • Especially if the guidelines that come with the blender tell you that hot liquids should not go in the machine—don’t put hot liquids or carbonated liquids into the personal blender!
  • Make sure to cut up all fruit—especially when frozen—before placing it in the blender to blend into a smoothie.
  • Use the recipe book if it comes with one! This can definitely be beneficial in the long run and save you time instead of continuously looking up smoothie recipes.
  • Remember that there will usually be a time limit for continuous run with the blender. Abide by these guidelines or you might burn the motor!

Single serve delicious smoothies

Especially if it’s just you who loves smoothies or you and your loved one have completely different tastes, a single-serve blender is the perfect size.

Leftover smoothies that have been sitting in the fridge are the worst—so are protein shakes! Once left in the fridge overnight or for the day, you’ll notice that something usually forms at the top and it has to be mixed again to fully look in order. Therefore, NOT having leftover smoothies when you’re blending for one person is the best. You can also save a lot of money by not having to cut up the entire banana, etc.

Single serve delicious smoothies are going to be your best, convenient friend when you’re on your own personal fitness and health journey.

What would a personal blender cost?

Before you break your budget by going out to buy an expensive blender, you should definitely consider a personal, smaller blender to keep with your budget.

This way, not only will you save money at the cash register (or online cart payment) from the get-go, you’ll also save money long-term since you won’t be using too many ingredients for your smoothie and waste money that way with throwing away leftovers, etc.

Normally, a personal blender will cost around or less than just $100. This much money is so easy to save up for—even with your regular costs. There are also budget-friendly blenders, like the PopBabies Personl Blender, which can save you even more money, only putting you back less than $50!

Features to consider while buying the best personal blender

Before you go ahead and make the purchase of your personal blender, make sure to consider a few features—which ones are the most important for you—and compare one brand’s blender to the next. Of course, we’ve already made this a bit more simple with our comparison table, but go ahead and take a look at the features to see more.

Overall size

The best part about these personal blenders is the fact that they don’t require much space and can fit virtually into any small area in the kitchen for storage. However, something like the Golds Gym Personal Power Blender, which is one of the most powerful personal blenders on our list run a bit tall—not like the Fitness Blender Ninja Collection, which is built perfectly for this reason.

Especially if you have a modern kitchen, you’ll come to find out that it probably is amazing for top-of-the-line appliances and convenience but lack in storage space.

Cup capacity

The cup capacity—and the number of cups is another important feature to consider. If you’re on your own and only needing to make a smoothie or shake for yourself, you won’t need a bigger cup capacity, like with the Flexzion Vacuum Blender, which holds up to 50 oz. However, you’ll also need a good amount of space to fit all the fruits and veggies you want to grind up, so, a cup capacity of PopBabies Personl Blender, of only 17 oz., might be a bit too small.

Stainless steel, removable blades will not only increase the life of your blender and make it less susceptible to breaking, but it will also make it much easier to clean after you’re finished making a smoothie or protein shake. You can easily remove the blades from the blender and wash them with soap under running water by hand (or of course, stick them in the dishwasher).

Automatic programs

Especially with the personal blenders, you might come to find out that they don’t have too many pre-programmed options for chopping, grinding, puree, etc. They normally come with just the pulsing option or just a few programs.


Especially if you live with other family members or if you’re living in an apartment which shares a wall with others, you’ll definitely want your blender to be pretty quiet. The motor is where the noise generally comes from, as well as the material it is made out of. So, before making the purchase, check out previous customers’ reviews to check out if they complain about noise.


Normally, since they are smaller containers, these personal blenders will be made from plastic, which makes it much lighter and also less susceptible to breaking. However, the plastic is definitely of lesser quality in the long run because of odors and stains. Fortunately, you can easily maintain that by keeping your blender clean and running it through with soap and water after every use.

Consider the speed and modes

Normally, these portable blenders come with a few speeds—but the two-three speed options are enough for whatever you would like to make. You can also enjoy the pulse setting, which allows you to control the speed and the blending much more than just letting it run on your own.

With a personal blender, you’ll also notice that the power is generally much smaller than those large blenders, like the Tribest PB-250XL-A, with only 200w. However, you will also notice that we have a much more powerful blender on our list at 900w: the Ninja Nutrition Pro, and 1000w: the Golds Gym Personal Power Blender.

But you should also know that power isn’t everything. The design of the blade and the shape of the container can also make a huge difference in efficiency.

Is there more?

Of course!

Lastly, before you swipe that card, you’ll also need to consider a few other features, like:

  • Blending Recipes to Follow
  • Portable Cups and Lids (quantity and sizes)
  • Safety Features if kids are around

You’ll also want to check the warranty.

If the manufacturer backs these personal blenders up with a warranty of, normally, it’s 1-year limited, then it will mean that it’s a high-quality personal blender.

Best Personal Blender Review – Updated 2020

Welcome to our complete guide on finding the best personal blender for your needs. Newly updated for 2020. Personal blenders which are also commonly called “Single-Serve Blenders” have become the fastest growing segment of the blender appliance category due to the popularity of healthy smoothies.

This is a comprehensive overview and ranking of the top personal blenders on the market based on our experience, testing, reliability, performance, and customer feedback. We will continually update this guide as the market changes. -> In a hurry ? read about our #1 choice.


In recent years there have has been a growing number of choices for single serve blenders. Some of the most popular models are from smaller brands who only target the small blender market. Many of the larger kitchen appliance manufacturers have also added compact on-the-go blender models to their product lineup.

In this guide we only focus on the single-serve models. We do not include any of the full-size countertop blenders that also come with individual size containers.

The main differentiation when comparing blender models is power, accessories, and features. They can range in price anywhere from $25 to more than $200.

Who Should Buy a Personal Blender

Single serve blenders are perfect for making small portion recipes, healthy smoothies to go, and fast morning protein shakes. They also work well for activities like chopping nuts and pureeing sauces in small quantities.

Small blenders offer a wide range of capabilities for their size but they aren’t as powerful as many full-size blenders and are limited in the amount of ingredients that they can blend.

The common reasons that people choose a compact blender over a full-size countertop blender is the compact size, price, and ability to quickly make small batches.

How to Choose the Best Single Serve Blender

As we mentioned earlier, there is a wide price range of individual size blenders. Generally price will determine how powerful the blender is and its features.

The low price models typically have weaker motors which can only handle simple blending tasks like milkshakes or fresh fruit smoothies but will struggle in pureeing more difficult ingredients like kale, nuts, and seeds. Also, weaker motors can overheat or break sooner if you try to blend more difficult ingredients.

As you move up in price you will generally get a more powerful motor(600+ watts) that can handle larger capacities and provide better blending performance.

Besides power the other factors to consider are features and accessories. For features, most single-serve blenders have simple controls and single speeds but some models offer variable speeds and preset functions. For accessories, the models will vary in cup sizes, multiple blades, various to-go containers, and recipe guides.

IMPORTANT TIP – Container width can affect the usability of the blender. Narrow containers such as the Black and Decker Fusion Blade, Oster My Blend, and Hamilton Beach Personal Blender can make it difficult to add ingredients, clean the container, and allow enough room for the blades to finely blend the ingredients.

Nutribullet and Ninja single-serve blenders offer more user-friendly wide mouth cups. While not a huge factor, container width is something worth considering.

Our Top Blender Picks

#1 Nutribullet Pro 900 – Best Personal Blender

We have written extensively about Nutribullet blenders and used them ourselves for years. The Nutribullet Pro 900 is our favorite model based on its performance and price. See our Nutribullet Pro Review. It is our top choice for best personal smoothie blender.

The Nutribullet Pro has been on the market for years and has top reviews from consumers and many independent blender comparison tests.

It will blend ingredients faster than cheap personal blenders and the 900 watts is enough power to puree difficult ingredients like nuts, seeds, and fibrous vegetables such as kale. The 32oz “Colossal” cups can hold enough raw ingredients to blend down to a full meal replacement size smoothie or multiple smaller portions.The cups measure over 4 inches wide which provides plenty of surface contact with the blades for blending efficiency and performance.

It is simple to use with no control buttons and hands free blending. For size it measures 15 inches tall and is light enough to be easily stored.

There are multiple variations of the Nutribullet 900 which are all the same blender motor base but the difference is in the accessories offered. We linked to the most popular package.

Overall, the Nutribullet 900 is an excellent blender for the cost and is an excellent choice if you are focused on making healthy smoothies.

#2 Breville Boss To Go – Premium Personal Smoothie Blender

The Breville Boss To Go is a powerful compact blender that has performed very well in independent blender tests.

It was introduced into the market in 2016. It features 1000 watts of power with a sleek modern design and comes with two specially designed tumbler cups (16oz and 23oz) .

When it comes to performance, the Breville’s Boss To Go ranks near the top for its ability to make smooth, silky smoothies.

Testers found that the Breville Boss To Go blended some ingredients more finely than the Nutribullet. The reasons we rated it 2nd is: #1) Price is 50% more than Nutribullet 900 and #2) Some user complaints about Breville’s cup locking tabs not lasting.

Overall, the Breville has a solid feel and quality design. It ranks near the top for performance among independent small blender tests. For more details read our extensive Breville Boss To Go Review.

#3 Jamba Quiet Shield Blender – Nice Variety

–> 2020 Update – This Jamba blender model has become difficult to find and we will remove it from this post if it continues to be out of stock. This Jamba blender is built by Hamilton Beach and Hamilton Beach’s Weston Brand makes blender model #58919 which has the identical look and specifications as the Jamba quiet blender and could be a good substitute.<–

The Jamba Quiet Shield blender is made by Hamilton Beach and offers a unique combination of being both a single serve blender as well as a top loading conventional blender. It is slightly larger than other single-serve blenders but smaller than a full-size countertop blender.

It comes with both a 20oz single-serve and a 32oz top loading container. It has the added bonus of a sound dampening cover for lowering the noise.

Features a powerful 1200 watt (1.6 horsepower) motor and is one of the few single-serve blenders that provides variable speeds. It offers a generous 5 year limited warranty which is more than other blenders in this category.

For performance, Consumer Reports testing found that the Jamba blender did “very good in overall performance”. Other independent tests found that the Nutribullet 900 and Breville provided a slight edge in performance over the Jamba Quiet Shield for blending consistency and results.

The Jamba is well priced and is a good choice if you like the ability to have a top loading pitcher. The noise dampening feature is a nice bonus if you make smoothies in an apartment or early in the morning.

We like the Jamba blender and it is a great option especially for the price. We gave a slight ratings edge to the Nutribullet and Breville due to blending performance, compact size, and ease of use.

For more details on the Jamba blender, see our extensive Jamba Quiet Shield Blender review.

#4 Nutri Ninja – Good Power and Price

Ninja makes a wide range of blenders and their Nutri-Ninja models represent their personal size blender product lineup. They have multiple models in their Nutri-Ninja product line which we detailed in our Nutribullet vs Ninja comparison but the main base model is the Ninja BL456 (Formerly the BL450) which is similar to the Nutribullet 900.

The Nutri Ninja is VERY popular and has solid ratings from users and independent tests (America’s Test Kitchen choose this blender as their favorite personal blender) .

Some tests and users found that the Ninja didn’t perform quite as well as the Nutribullet when blending more difficult ingredients like fibrous Kale, but the Ninja Pro is priced much less than the similarly powered Nutribullet 900.

The two issues we have with the Nutri Ninja Pro are 1) You have to hold the jar down while blending so it is not handoffs and 2) The largest cup is 24oz (compared to Nutribullet’s 32oz). While both issues aren’t a major issue but they should be considered.

Overall the Ninja BL456 is very well priced and worth considering but we gave a slight edge to the Nutribullet for performance, hands off blending, larger cup, and personal experience using Nutribullet for a long time with no issues.

SIDE NOTE – Ninja also makes various full-size blenders that work with their Nutri Ninja single-serve cups if you want the versatility of both a compact and full-size blender. For more details, see our guide to Ninja Blenders.

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Other Personal Blender Reviews

Listed below are some of the other compact blenders on the market worth mentioning that we didn’t pick among our top choices.

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender

The Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender (Model 51101BA) is the lowest cost blender and has 175 watts of power. Simple one touch button and 14oz jar. With 175 watts it is limited in its power and capacity at 14 oz so it can only do small portions. It is nice if you need a small blender for travel as it is lightweight and compact.

While it is inexpensive, the limited power and capacity make it harder for blending harder ingredients and it can take longer to blend. It is fine if you want a simple small blender for basic fruit smoothies, blending cooked baby food, or mixing protein shakes.

Otherwise, if you want to make green smoothies or use a wider range of ingredients in your smoothies then we would go with a more powerful single serve blender.

Bella Personal Drink Blenders

Bella blender brand offers a couple of different compact blenders.

Bella Rocket Personal Blender – The most popular model is the Bella 12 Piece Rocket Blender which is very affordable and offers 240watts of blending power with 21.6ounce capacity. It is a decent little blender but like the Hamilton Beach it is limited in its capabilities due to its motor strength. For the price it offers nice options but we would prefer the more powerful Nutribullet 600 or 900 for better results and larger capacity. See our detailed Bella Rocket Blender Review

Bella Rocket Extract Pro 700 – Bella came out with a higher priced model called the Rocket Extract Pro 700 watt blender to compete with the Nutribullet 600. The Rocket Extract Pro offers the most power for the money among its peers. It has been on the market for 4 years and has decent reviews including good test scores from America’s Test Kitchen.

The reasons we didn’t choose this blender as a top pick is because there are user complaints about the blender leaking and issues with quality over time. Generally the overall reviews are positive because it offers nice features for the money but we are concerned with the quality over time. Personally, we prefer the Nutribullet because it has far more positive reviews and independent testing than the Bella but the Nutribullet is twice the price. (Another option is the Nutri Ninja which is the same price as Nutribullet 600).

For the low price, the Bella Rocket is worth trying if you just want to get started with simple smoothies or will only use occasionally. It will struggle with pureeing some ingredients in green smoothies. There are more reliability complaints about this blender compared to our top picks but you could buy an inexpensive appliance warranty with the Bella blender for peace of mind.

Tribest Personal Blenders

Tribest makes a couple of different individual blender models. The PB-150 is their initial model with 200 watts has 200 watts and a range of accessories. The PB-250 is slightly higher cost as it offers a grinder set. The Tribest PB-350 has the same 200 watt motor base as the PB250 but offers an accessory kit to work with Mason Jars (related article: Mason Jar blenders). All these models are pretty expensive for what you get in comparison to competing personal blenders. The WireCutter rated the PB-150 well in their tests as a top pick for small blending tasks like simple shakes, dressings, and sauces but is limited in its performance due to its small motor and 16 ounce container size.

Tribest also offers one of the only personal blenders with a glass jar called the Tribest PBG-5050-A Glass Personal Blender. This model is too new to the market to have much feedback but the main issue we have with it is the high cost.

We didn’t pick the Tribest as a top choice because it is quite limited in its capacity and power and has a high price for its features compared to other small blenders.

Black and Decker FusionBlade

The FusionBlade blender is inexpensive and works relatively well. It offers a 20oz blending jar and 275 watts of power which is at the high-end for power compared to other single-serve blenders in this price range.

GoodHousekeeping gave this blender 3.5 out of 5 stars as this blender performed well in their various blending tests for making milkshakes, frozen drinks, and grinding coffee beans, but it didn’t do as well making smoothies. A nice benefit of this blender is the 2 year warranty which is longer than the typical 1 year blender warranty offered by many manufacturers.

While this blender is very inexpensive, the downsides are its performance with blending green smoothies and the narrow mouth bottles can be less user-friendly. Otherwise, it is a decent small blender for the price especially for simple tasks like blending protein shakes. If you want a more versatile personal blender for making green smoothies then consider our top picks.

Vitamix S30 Blender

2020 Update – This blender was discontinued by Vitamix in 2019 but is still available at various retailers.

The Vitamix is considered the top blender brand by most culinary professionals and Vitamix full-size countertop blenders are used in commercial kitchens throughout the world. With that quality and reputation, Vitamix blenders are on the expensive side because they are built to last.

Vitamix introduced their S series blenders to compete in the growing small blender market. The lowest priced model is the S30 which comes with both a 20oz and 40oz container. It has a 790watt motor and is well built like all Vitamix products. The two containers are good sizes for versatility.

SIDE NOTE – If you already have a Vitamix blender then you can now get a Vitamix Personal Cup adapter to use the S-series personal size cups with your traditional full-size C-series or G-series Vitamix blender.

The reasons we didn’t include this as a top pick is because of the high price and the performance wasn’t noticeably better than the Nutribullet or Breville. It has pretty good reviews from Consumer Reports and CNET but there are other user reviews that indicated the S30 was finicky in its consistency.

Overall, the Vitamix S30 is well built but reviews seemed mixed on its performance to justify the high price. Honestly, for the high price of the S30 you might as well get a full-size refurbished Vitamix for less which will provide more versatility. You could always add the Vitamix personal cup adapter later on if you really want the functionality of a single-serve. If you are new to Vitamix then see our extensive Vitamix review guide for our top choices.

Cuisinart CPB 300

We love Cuisinart food processors and they have had a personal blender on the market for many years. The CPB 300 is a 350 watt compact blender with a 32oz jar, four 16oz travel cups, and 8oz chopping cup. It is very compact and has nice electronic touchpad controls.

The reviews are generally good but there are some complaints about it overheating. Also some users said it doesn’t perform well making smoothies although it depends on the ingredients you are using. The Sweet Home compared it to other individual blenders and said it couldn’t blend thick smoothies without the motor getting hot.

If you watch this video, you can see that the Cuisinart CPB 300 struggles making a smoothie at the 1:20 minute mark and has difficulty pulling the ingredients down to the blade.

Overall, the Cuisinart is nice for simple blending tasks like a protein shake, basic fresh fruit smoothie or basic food prep. It is not one of our top choices because the 350 watt motor will struggle blending green smoothies and thick smoothies especially with ingredients like nuts, frozen fruits, and fibrous vegetables.

If you are on a budget, the Cuisinart is reasonably priced at just below the Ninja BL456 but it is 3x the price of the Hamilton Beach blender. We would prefer to pay slightly more for the more powerful Ninja or one of our top picks if you will be making a lot of smoothies.

See Cuisinart CPB 300 Current Price

There are many personal size blender available but we continue to stay with the Nutribullet Pro as our top choice for performance and price.

The lower priced small blenders are usually under-powered for green smoothies and limited in their capabilities, but they can be good for small blending tasks and simple ingredients. The higher priced models are good choices for quality and performance but they start to compete in price with the full size blenders which offer more blending power, features, and quality.

The top choices that we listed above offer a nice balance of performance, ease of use, and price. If size and portability are the most important criteria for you then take a look at our mini blender guide.

Let us know if you have any questions !

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