The 5 Best Products for Foot Calluses

Calluses may be common, but that doesn’t make them any less annoying. The thick lesions typically form under bony pressure points on the feet. “They are the body’s way of forming a natural cushion against the rubbing of shoes or other bones like in the case of hammertoes,” says Jackie Sutera, DPM, a New York City-based podiatrist and member of the Vionic Innovation Lab. “Then that cushion, or callus, can become swollen, painful, and unsightly.”

To avoid calluses, opt for shoes that accommodate your foot shape (AKA avoid narrow, pointy, or high heeled shoes). “Once a callus has already developed, shoe gear becomes even more important,” says Dr. Sutera. Consider padding the area and applying soothing creams that can help soften the skin.

“The best way to treat a callus would be to have it evaluated by your podiatrist who can professionally thin it down and sometimes administer an anti-inflammatory medication (oral, injectable, or topical) to reduce the pain and swelling,” adds Dr. Sutera. Not sure what to use in the meantime? Below are the five best products to use if you have calluses on your feet.

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Calluses may be common, but that doesn’t make them any less annoying. The thick lesions typically form under bony pressure points on the feet. “They are the body’s way of forming a natural cushion against the rubbing of shoes or other bones like in the case of hammertoes,” says Jackie Sutera, DPM, a New York City-based podiatrist and member of the Vionic Innovation Lab. “Then that cushion, or callus, can become swollen, painful, and unsightly.”

To avoid calluses, opt for shoes that accommodate your foot shape (AKA avoid narrow, pointy, or high heeled shoes). “Once a callus has already developed, shoe gear becomes even more important,” says Dr. Sutera. Consider padding the area and applying soothing creams that can help soften the skin. (These stylish shoes correct foot alignment.)

“The best way to treat a callus would be to have it evaluated by your podiatrist who can professionally thin it down and sometimes administer an anti-inflammatory medication (oral, injectable, or topical) to reduce the pain and swelling,” adds Dr. Sutera. Not sure what to use in the meantime? Below are the five best products to use if you have calluses on your feet. (Related: The 5 Best Products for Bunions, According to Podiatrists)

If you want to find a cream for dry, cracked feet, you’re likely searching for the best foot cream for calluses. You may be wondering ‘what is the best callus remover cream’ so it’s best to shop around and find creams that have the right ingredients. Calluses can develop when you don’t have the time to get pedicures as often as you’d like. Using lotions that don’t fully moisturize the skin can also lead to calluses. It’s best to choose lotions that have a thicker consistency and contain vitamins and natural ingredients that nourish the skin and eliminate dryness and peeling.

There are also some specialized callus removers that should be used before applying lotion. These callus removers address the hard, stubborn skin on the feet to remove calluses and severely dry skin. Using these products as part of your beauty routine can keep your feet looking like you have a standing pedicure appointment. Here are some of the products that could help you get softer feet and condition the skin to get rid of calluses for great, revitalized skin

PurSources Urea: Best Foot Callus Remover Cream

This is among the best lotion for callused feet, and if you’re on your feet a lot, this cream can definitely come in handy. The cream helps to soften and condition your feet and is made from 40% urea. The moisturizer is designed to penetrate through thick, cracked skin and will smooth the skin, especially if you wear shoes that are tight or constricting on the heels. If you use PurSources on a regular basis, you’ll see results that will last long. The cream contains safflower oil for softer skin, as well as tea tree and chamomile oils, which are antibacterial and ideal for skin conditioning.

The cream should be applied to the skin twice a day for best results, which could be inconvenient for some users. It’s also best to use the cream right after getting out of the shower while the skin is soft.

Pro: The product has natural ingredients and leaves skin soft

Con: If the gel gets on non-callused areas, it could make the softer skin extremely sensitive and cause peeling.

Lee Beauty Callus Remover Gel

This is another one of the best callus cream choices. After just a few applications, you’ll find that your feet will be softer after just a few applications. After soaking your feet for a few minutes in hot water, apply the gel while the skin is soft to help lock in moisture. This gel is designed to help you maintain your pedicure, which helps to save you money in the long run.

The gel is so potent that it will remove years of dry, cracked feet. You may have to use the gel several times before you get the desired results, let the gel sit on your feet for about 10 minutes. However, only apply the gel to the callused areas.

Pro: It only takes about 10 minutes for the product to work.

Con: If the gel gets on non-callused areas, it could make the softer skin extremely sensitive and cause peeling.

Nuonove Callus Remover

This is among the best foot lotion for calluses because of the ingredients and intensity of the moisturizer. The product also gets rid of bacteria and itching, which makes it a good choice for people who have also experienced dry skin as a result of athlete’s foot or other foot fungi. The callus remover is a great alternative to getting professional pedicures, so you can improve the condition of your feet in the comfort of your home.

One of the only possible drawbacks is that the Nuonove product isn’t exactly a lotion. You’ll need to soak your feet for about five minutes in water and apply the remover. After letting the remover stay on the feet for a few minutes, you should wipe the excess off with a pumice stone or washcloth.

Pro: The product has antibacterial agents to get rid of fungus and foot odor as well as calluses.

Con: The product isn’t a lotion, so you’ll need to soak your feet for a few minutes before using the callus remover.

ProLinc Callus Removal

This product contains natural ingredients that will leave your skin smooth and soft. There are several oils and vitamins in the products that condition the skin. The callus remover system contains two products. One product is a gel that is used on the feet after taking a bath or shower. After the skin is slightly wet and soft, you apply the callus gel, let it set on the feet for a few minutes and then remove it.

The heel conditioning cream is a lotion that contains glycerin that makes the skin softer and removes bacteria. The lotion also has camelia leaf extract to make the skin softer.

Pro: The treatment contains natural ingredients, which is ideal for sensitive skin.

Con: The two-step system could be inconvenient for some users, and the heel lotion isn’t as effective without the callus treatment.

Emu Joy Banish Callus Foot and Hand Cream

This product is among the best lotion for callused hands and is made from emu oil. The oil is an emollient that protects the skin against dryness and locks in moisture. The cream can be used on the feet and hands, and penetrates all seven layers of the skin. This means you won’t experience dry skin hours after applying the cream.

Emu Joy has been endorsed by athletes who undergo intense cross training, as well as those who use their hands and feet after workouts and athletic events. The cream is also beneficial because it contains natural ingredients and doesn’t have fillers like mineral oil or petroleum. The product is also suitable for diabetics, since it has antibacterial properties and is a safe way to moisturize heels and palms. The cream is gluten free and also contains natural substances like beeswax, lanolin, comfrey root and chamomile essential oil.

Pro: This callus remover has emu oil, which is ideal for keeping moisture on the skin after your foot treatment.

Con: The product contains essential oils that some users may be allergic to.

Majestic Pure Callus Remover Gel

This callus remover has tea tree oil to rid the skin of bacteria and soften hard, stubborn skin to reveal soft, smooth feet. The gel is also used to exfoliate the skin, which means it will remove dead skin and make the skin feel refreshed. The product is cruelty-free but a small amount should be tested on the elbow to ensure there is no allergic reaction. The gel also contains witch hazel and organic aloe leaf juice to nourish the skin. Witch hazel is also an astringent, which means it clarifies the skin and helps to deep-clean the pores.

Pro: The gel works as an exfoliator, which is similar to getting a pedicure at a spa. Once the top layer of skin is removed, you’ll notice the difference in the look of your feet right away.

Con: A skin test is recommended for the product, which means that the product could cause an allergic reaction in some users.

ProLinc Pedicure Set

If you want to get a spa-quality pedicure at home, this is the best cream to soften calluses. The set contains three products. In addition to the callus cream and heel softener, the set also comes with a cuticle remover. This preps your toes for the polish of your choice. You can safely remove calluses and excess cuticle skin to reveal conditioned skin that is well moisturized.

Pro: The pedicure set contains salon-quality ingredients that make the skin softer, so you won’t have to worry about going to the salon as often.

Con: All products in the set must be used for best results, which makes the treatment less convenient than putting on lotion.

Being Naturals Tea Tree Oil

This product works well for fatigued skin and is powerful enough to get rid of calluses and corns. Tea tree oil is one of the main ingredients, which disinfects the skin and promotes exfoliation. The product is all natural and also contains organic aloe for additional skin conditioning. You’ll likely notice a difference in the look and feel of your skin after the first use.

Pro: The tea tree in the product removes toxins and bacteria from the skin, which is beneficial if you’re suffering from nail fungus or athlete’s foot. .

Con: While the skin may feel softer after the first application, it may take a lot of product to get great results depending on the condition of your skin.

ProLinc Callus Eliminator

This callus eliminator from ProLinc will take away calluses in as little as three minutes. Once you soak the affected area in the solution, you just buff the excess away. The eliminator breaks down the skin to reveal softer heels and feet. It’s quick and easy, so you won’t be disappointed. The brand is trusted and can soften even the most stubborn skin. It’s best to use a lotion or oil after buffing the eliminator from the skin to help the skin retain moisture.

Pro: It only takes about three minutes for most calluses to be removed.

Con: An additional moisturizer may be necessary after using the callus remover to help the skin retain moisture.

Sparedi Callus Remover

Sparedi Callus Remover is the ideal choice for salons. Using it at home is a special treat, since you’ll feel like you’re getting a pedicure by a professional. The product has a pleasant lemon lime scent, but since it’s so potent, be sure to wear gloves before applying the callus remover to your feet.

As you can see, there are several great choices out there when it comes to getting rid of calluses. I would recommend these products since they also contain natural ingredients that are healthy for the skin. These callus removers make your skin softer as well, which decreases the chances that calluses will develop again.

Pro: The product is a great choice if you like going to the salon but don’t have time to get professional pedicures often.

Con: You’ll have to wear gloves to apply the product, which means the product can be harsh on non-calloused skin.


Best Callus Remover Cream

Preview Name Rating More Details
O’Keeffe’s K0320001 for Healthy Feet Foot Cream More Details
Open Naturals Urea 40% Foot Cream More Details
Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak With Epsom Salt More Details

Have you touched the skin on your heel? You may have felt the thick, rough skin. It is the callus, grown in different shapes. Although it is not serious, it can result in irritation. Lots of reputed brands have manufactured creams and oils for curing the foot disease, like a callus.

The most effective creams have a special scientific formula to work on your foot skin. While you are applying the cream, it reaches the internal layer of your foot skin and makes the part softer and smoother. The regular application will help you to reduce the calluses within few days. The dermatologists also think that these creams or lotions are the right products for foot callus treatment. The creams of various brands are available in different ounces, and you may check it out while buying any cream.

Most of the best quality products are usually non-greasy in nature, and thus, they won’t cause the stain to your clothing. The cream also gets absorbed in your skin very fast. The manufacturers may mention the time of using the cream to have the optimal result. Apply the lotion or cream on your dry skin regularly, and it will act as the moisturizer for the feet. While you have chosen a callus remover cream, you have to check the ingredients and their values. In most cases, the brands use natural ingredients for the safest solution.

The cream formula must not have any harsh chemical and should not cause any allergy or discomfort to your skin. You will have no burning or tingling sensation on your feet skin. After applying the cream, you can sleep peacefully. We have now reviewed best callus remover cream from various brands. Read this review and make your decision on buying the product.

Top 3 Callus Remover Creams

1O’Keeffe’s K0320001 for Healthy Feet Foot Cream

To get the simplest solution to our foot callus, we always look for the best products, and O’Keeffe’s foot cream is one of them. This is a concentrated cream, intended for healing, repairing and relieving the cracked feet. It is one of the clinically tested products, and you can get the best result by using it every day. The product is available in different sizes, ranging from 1-pack to 12-pack. You may apply this best callus remover cream after your bath or at the bedtime. These are the right times to moisturize the dry feet or sole.

High-quality ingredients

Glycerin is used as one of the ingredients in the cream, and it helps in retaining moisture for hydration process. The manufacturer has also added water for treating the dry skin cells. Paraffin acts as the barrier to control the skin moisture. Another ingredient, used in the cream is Allantoin, and it is able to soften your foot skin.

Faster result

The cream shows its action in various ways. It instantly increases the skin’s moisture content, develops a good protective layer and prevents the loss of moisture. The cream can reach the internal layer of skin, penetrating the rougher and thicker surface. Most of the users have found better outcome within some days.


You won’t have to be concerned on the adverse effect of the cream on your skin. The product is designed to give you a positive result. Although you may have allergy issues, you can still use the cream. However, you can speak to your dermatologist to get better instructions from him.


  • Safe for all users;
  • Contains no scent;
  • Non-greasy cream;
  • The most effective ingredients.


  • For some users, it takes time to show results.

2Open Naturals Urea 40% Foot Cream

When you are looking for natural and safe foot cream for curing the calluses, you will surely find the brand name, Open Naturals. Open Naturals has applied the special formula to manufacture its foot cream. With the process of rehydration and by adding moisture, this cream works for your skin. You may apply the cream on the dry skin of your elbow and your feet. Thus, by paying for one cream package, you can treat calluses on different spots. Buy this 4oz package from Open Naturals and reduce your callus problem by using the cream regularly. The cream must not have contact with the open wounds or bleeding skin.

40% urea-

Urea is one of the natural skin components. It’s a hygroscopic component, capable of binding moisture in the outer skin layer. It has anti-microbial and anti-itch properties. Due to its keratolytic nature, it is capable of breaking down the links of dead cells. That is why the manufacturer has applied it for the product. The 40% urea formula is effective for soothing and softening your skin.

Other ingredients–

There are other natural constituents, used for the product. Chamomile, Aloe Vera, and Tea Tree Oil- these are some other potential ingredients in this foot cream. The oil is intended for preventing the bacterial and fungal effect on your feet. You will get a fresh sensation in your feet and other parts, where you have applied the cream. The ingredient list also includes safflower oil, deionized water, methylparaben, propylene glycol and many more.


  • Moisturizes the knee, feet, and elbows;
  • Therapeutic solution for all men and women;
  • Removes all the rough patches of your skin;
  • FDA approved the product.


  • Strong smell.

3Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak With Epsom Salt

This blue colored package of foot callus solution gives you a cool sensation. For pampering your feet every day, you can rely on this product. The tired looking, cracked feet gets the best treatment from this product. This oil is best for those users, whose feet remain active throughout a year. While you don’t like to invest in a professional spa, you can use this product. You can better soak your feet in this oil at nighttime, and you will surely find the softer skin in the morning.

Original formula–

The manufacturer has created a unique formula for this callus remover cream. The ingredients, used for the product, not only cure the calluses but also act as the remedy other foot skin issues. There are 6 essential oils, which have high potentials for treating your skin. Tea Tree oil, present in it, works best for Athlete’s Foot, ingrown toenail, sweaty skin of the feet, a fungus of a toenail, odor in the feet and calluses. Thus, for healthy toenails and feet skin, you can rely on this best callus remover cream.

Feet aching reliever–

While you have calluses on the feet, you can feel aching. To reduce the discomfort and aching, this product gives the right solution.

Dissolve fast–

While you like to have a foot bath or spa, this formula works for you. Soak your foot in this solution, and have a refreshing sensation in your feet. You can soak the feet for 15 to 20 minutes, and enjoy an aromatic bath for your foot.


  • Clean the toenails and feet;
  • Prevents bacterial effect;
  • Makes the feet skin softer;
  • Good fragrance;
  • Never affects your toenail polish.


  • Pricey;
  • Small package.

From the above comprehensive review, you can find out the effectiveness of callus solutions. Treat your feet skin disease, and walk comfortably with no pain.

The Best Foot Callus Removers of 2020 Reviewed

A callus is a hardened or thick layer of the skin that results from abnormal walking tendencies and ill-fitting shoes. Most cases are asymptomatic and painless. However, when neglected for long, callus can transform into deep fissures that are susceptible to bacterial infections. To manage your calluses and avoid such adverse outcomes, you should do two things. First, look for high quality and comfortable shoes that are of the correct size. You will not only walk better but also eliminate pressure points that predispose people to callus. You should also have one of the best callus removers at home. These handheld items enable people to shave dry or compacted skin without irritation or injuries.

List of the Best Foot Callus Removers

Last update on 2020-01-17 / Source: Amazon Affiliates / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

10. ELAVAE Callus Remover for Feet

Many people with dry and sensitive skins have a hard time using most of the electric callus removers available online. Irritation and injuries are also common, while individuals with weak and or arthritic hands find them hard to use. If you are one of them, ELAVAE callus remover will be a good remedy for you. Its extra-strength professional formula is one of the best for treating corns and callus for many reasons. First, if you hate the feeling of a file or a wheel grinding your skin, you will love using this product. To remove calluses, all you have to do is apply a generous amount on the affected area and let it do the legwork. It softens cracked heels naturally. You can then use a fine rasp or file to fade and clear callus without irritation. ELAVAE is safe for kids and adults.

What We Like
  • Skin-safe callus remover
  • Works with files and rasps
  • Safe for most individuals
  • Long-lasting (4 fluid ounces)
  • Spa-grade experience
Our Verdict

ELAVAE is a novel liquid-based callus remover that is beneficial to kids and adults. It softens both callus and corns natural. Thus, using a file or rash, you can fade and ultimately remove rough bumps on your feet without irritation. Expect spa-grade results.

9. Niuta Colossal Foot Rasp/File and Callus Remover

Niuta is a simple-looking foot rasp and file that doubles as an excellent callus remover. If you have used foot mask, gels, or electric removes with poor results, here are a few reasons why it delivers. First, its handheld design is easy to use. It is also light and easy to maneuver in tight spaces, which most people like. While grooming at home, you can reach and “clean up” the rim and sole of your feet. Moreover, made from stainless steel (surgical-grade), it slices rough and or rugged skin without irritation. It is also good for soothing cracked heels, removing foot corns, and trimming dead skin on a budget. The plastic handle and frame of this device is comfortable, non-slip, and resistant to water.

  • Ergonomic plastic handle
  • Rustproof rasp (stainless steel)
  • Painless grooming experience
  • Light and portable design
  • Medical-grade callus remover
  • Limited product warranty

Niuta does not rust, corrodes, nor slips in use. The medical-grade stainless steel and plastic used to make its rasp and handle are also durable and non-irritant. Whether you have rough skin, foot corn, or callus that needs trimming, order a new one now.

8. Capspace Pedicure Foot Rasp File

The average cost of a foot massage is between $30 and $90. Thus, if you need three to four sessions to remove callus, the costs can shoot quick. Fortunately, the Capspace foot rasp/ file delivers similar results at a fraction of the cost. Each package consists of four double-sided foot rasps for grinding dead skin and callus. The rasps are light, long, and comfortable handles (plastic) with a hole for hanging. As such, while grooming, you can reach most areas of your feet without the help of another person. Finally, all rasps support wet/dry micro sanding. Thus, devoid of your skill level, you can use them immediately after a bath without irritation.

  • Wet/dry micro sanding
  • Long and comfortable handle
  • Package of four-foot files
  • Convenient hanging hole
  • Money and timesaving items

Capspace is an efficient manual foot rasp for grooming both dry and wet skin. You get four rasps in each package, each with a comfortable handle and a dynamic micro sanding contact that works like a charm. Thus, if you have cracked heels that require a bit of love and care, this is the item to use. It is also beneficial to people with rough feet, dead feet, and heavily calloused skin.

7. PRITECH Electric Foot Callus Remover

Manual scrubbers such as Capspace require a bit of time and effort to smooth heavily calloused skin. To save time without injuring or irritation, you will need an electric remover such as PRITECH. It is fast, portable, and powered by a Li-ion battery that you can recharge and reuse many times issue-free. It also has a dependable electrical system with a rough and smooth roller for clearing hard cracked or dry skin. Once charged, you flick a button to switch on grinding. The wireless system of the PRITECH callus remover has a run time of 45 minutes. It also has automatic smart protection that prevents injuries and an IP67-rated waterproof shell (plastic) that prevents short-circuiting.

  • Waterproof plastic shell
  • 45-minute run time
  • Automatic smart protection
  • Fast charging Li-ion battery
  • Portable cordless design
  • Water-resistant (IP67-rated)

Due to its water-resistant design, you can use the PRITECH in the shower without its system malfunctioning. It also has a long-lasting battery-powered design with two rollers (rough and smooth) from grinding callus and smoothing the skin. With one, you will solve your embarrassing foot problems fast, safely, and professionally.

6. IWEEL Electric Callus Remover

Himalayan salt lamps are good for the skin. The best eye serums, on the other hand, slow aging and restore the youth of delicate skin around the eyes. However, to smooth calloused or cracked feet as well, add an IWEEL callus remover to your grooming tools as well. Its electric system is powerful and safe, while the three roller heads provide handle most grooming jobs. You can use it to smooth crusted or calloused skin without irritation. It is also good for fading corns and smoothing rough skin fast and with no harm to men and women. The heads are interchangeable to get custom results. Furthermore, you can refill then when worn, which makes IWEEL a cost-effective tool for day-to-day grooming.

  • Interchangeable rollers (three)
  • Powerful electric system
  • Easy to maneuver (light)
  • Rechargeable battery (1200mAh)
  • Adjustable speed (1700 and 2000x/min)
  • Waterproof design (IPX7-rated)

To smooth rough bumps on your feet or deep calluses, IWEEL is one of the best products to use. Its powerful electrical system handles both light and heavy-duty grinding jobs effortlessly. It is also safe, rechargeable, and has a waterproof shell that lasts for long.

5. Probelle two-Sided Callus Remover

For decades, men and women have used a foot file to maintain smooth and inviting feet. Even though mode of action has remained the same, novel designs such as Probelle ease callus removal. Its dual-sided nickel contact is not only durable but also grinds dry and dead skin effectively. The handle, on the other hand, has a comfortable and long-reach design that makes callus removal fun. While grooming, you can reach most areas of the foot. You can also maneuver it easily for faster and safer grooming at home. Probelle is a dual-sided item (coarse and medium). The rough side is for grinding thick and heavily calloused skin. The medium side, on the other hand, leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.

  • Hypoallergenic foot peel
  • Long-lasting nickel contact
  • Long and smooth handle
  • Efficient double-sided design
  • Light and easy-to-use design

Although manual, this double-sided probelle foot callus remover rarely disappoints. Its double-sided design can grind and smooth thick callus without irritation. It also has a lightweight design with a long and smooth handle that boosts reach. While grooming, thus, you can access and soothe all areas of the feet effortlessly.

4. ZIZZON Foot Care Pedicure Callus Shaver/Remover

Proper foot care involves cutting and grinding thick, rough, and or hardened skin to have a smooth finish. Unfortunately, because most callus removers only scrape skin, they take a longer time to be effective. Furthermore, by heating the skin, their high friction wheels irritate people with sensitive feet. ZIZZON takes care of such issues. For a one-time affordable price, you get a two-in-one handheld device that doubles and a shaver and remover. It also has a thick wooden handle that fits comfortably in hand and a stainless steel rasp that does not deform or rust over the years. Finally, due to its precise gap (0.5 mm), ZIZZON is suitable for removing callous, dead skin, hard skin, and cracked skin safely.

  • Shaves and grinds the skin
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Comes with free blades (10)
  • Long-lasting wooden handle
  • Money back guaranteed (100%)

ZIZZON is a handled shaver and grinder that works without irritating the skin. Its long-lasting design (steel and wood) has interchangeable components. Thus, more than one person can share this callus slicer and remover without cross-contamination.

3. Lee Beauty Professional Callus Remover Gel

The Lee Beauty Professional is an ideal product for people with deep and troublesome callus. Formulated as a gel, it works well on most skin types. It also comes in a portable bottle that you can use anywhere at any time in three simple steps. First, apply the gel on the affected area and let it sit for 2-3 minutes. Then, wipe the gel, file your feet with a pumice stone, and rinse feet in a foot bucket to get rid of loose skin. Thus, in just 10 minutes, you will have the smooth and soft feet you have dreamt of for many years. Lee Beauty has a satisfaction guarantee (100%).

  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Portable squirt bottle
  • Non-irritant callus remover
  • Very easy to use at home

Lee Beauty Professional is a gel-based callus recover that is among the safest for men and women. It is effective in 10 minutes, is safe for men and women, and delivers excellent results without irritation. If you have used electric or manual grinders with poor results, try out this one. It is reputable globally because of its efficacy.

2. Emjoi Micro-Pedi 3D POWER Callus Remover

Emjoi Micro-Pedi 3D POWER is a battery-operated callus remover that is twice as powerful as its competitors are. Many attributes give it a competitive advantage over other brands with these being the standout ones. First, its 3D motion system is unique. By oscillating up to 20 times every second, it breaks down hard skin without irritating people. It also spins (360o degrees) 30 times per second and has a flexible roller (patented) with mineral particles that do an excellent job always. Used as directed, your skin will feel smooth and rejuvenated. You will also clear callus naturally without harming and or irritating your sensitive skin.

  • Unique 3D motion
  • Spinning and oscillating head
  • Buffs jugged skin safely
  • Electrically operated system
  • Very easy to set up and use

Emjoi Micro-Pedi 3D POWER is an electricity-powered callus remover that buffs jugged skin seamlessly. It is fast, portable, and has a flexible head that does not irritate people while in use. It also has a long-lasting design with a comfortable handle that people like.

1. Own Harmony Electric Callus Remover

Own Harmony is a rechargeable foot file (electronic) with an 18-month warranty. The three interchangeable rollers on offer are effective on most skin types, while its light and portable design is beneficial to frequent traveling. If you have struggled with cracked heels for some time now, this is one of the best remedies. The pumice stone used to grinding callus is safe and durable, while its Eco and wallet-friendly design appeals to most people. Own Harmony is a robust item with a limited 18-month warranty.

  • Limited warranty (18 months)
  • Wallet and Eco-friendly design
  • Light and portable remover
  • Safe for most skin types
  • Electricity powered system

With Own Harmony, expect a battery-powered callus remover with an 18-month warranty. It grinds thick and deep callus without irritation. It is also powerful yet easy to use, which people like.

Best Products To Remove Dead Skin From Your Feet

Preview Name Rating More Details
Sparedi Callus Remover, Mint Eucalyptus More Details
Miracle Foot Repair Cream ,2 Pack with 60% Pure Organic Aloe Vera More Details
Glass Pedicure Callus Remover More Details

The flaky and dry skin on the feet is a common condition that affects a lot of people globally. So if you are suffering from this condition, don’t worry about it any longer because everything you need to know to get it treated will be shared with you as you read on.

Although dry skin on the feet has no severe health condition, the irritation it causes can make one feel awful and ashamed of showing one’s feet publicly.

I could remember some years back when I suffered from this condition. All my favorite sandals were abandoned because they will expose my bad feet to the public which I’m not comfortable with. Unlike me, I go to the beach with covered shoes and jeans just to make sure all my body was covered. At a time, it started affecting my self-esteem because I wasn’t able to wear my favorite outfits and I became ashamed of myself.

With determination, I took out time to make research on the best possible ways to treat dead skin on the feet and I was glad I finally found some effective methods. Within a few weeks from the treatment, all the dead skin were replaced with fresh and smooth skin!

As we are about to look at some effective ways to handle dead skin on the feet, I will like to reiterate that dry or dead skin is just a skin that hasn’t been exfoliated for a very long time. So to get it to the normal state, you need to exfoliate it.

Having said that, let us look at the three effective products that will help you get rid of dead skin on your feet.

1Sparedi Callus Remover made from mint Eucalyptus

Effectiveness & safety

My number one recommendation for removing dead skin from the feet will definitely be Sparedi Callus Remover. Why is this my top choice? It is highly effective and it takes just some few seconds before you start to see amazing results.

No matter how tough or rough your feet may be, Sparedi Callus Remover is made to tackle any issue related to dead or dry skin. It is safe to use and it saves you a whole lot of time trying to deal with dry skin on your own.

This product is a podiatrist and dermatologist tested product so you don’t have to worry or fear about any health complications. Once applied on the affected areas, it breaks down the unpleasant calluses in just a few seconds so you can just buff or file them away – no cutting for whatsoever is required during the process.

Dimensions & Content

Sparedi Callus Remover comes in a tube-like container that has dimensions 2” x 2” x 8” and weighs 1.2 pounds. The content inside is a gel that contains a useful substance that helps dissolve calluses or any dead skin in less than a minute.

Aside calluses, Sparedi Callus Remover is also very effective in dealing with cracked feet. I have used this product personally and I have also recommended it for a number of friends and family and I can confidently tell you that this product is full of praise from all the users.


Although it is very safe to use, the manufacturer of Sparedi will always tell you it’s for professional use only. Before using, you must also go through the direction of usage thoroughly to avoid any complications. Also, when applying you need to wear gloves for protection.


  • It is highly effective and takes just seconds to see amazing results;
  • It is safe to use;
  • You hardly see any negative comment about this product;
  • It tackles the toughest calluses you could think of;

2Miracle Foot Cream For Dead Skin Repair On The Feet – Made From Organic Aloe Vera

Effectiveness & Safety

Another amazing dead skin repairer that works almost as effective as the Sparedi Callus Remover is the Miracle Foot Cream Repairer. Just like the name, this lotion works like a miracle because it helps to exfoliate your feet from dead or dry skin in just a short period of time.

Unlike most foot cream repairer, Miracle foot cream is safe for diabetics and it is specially formulated to penetrate fast and deep to give you the desired relief you crave for. Miracle foot cream is also helpful in dealing with Athlete’s Foot Symptom.

Best time to use

The best time to apply this cream is in the night so it can work all through the night. By the next morning, your feet would have become as smooth and fresh as a baby. It is effective for cracked heels and feet. It also works fine for unpleasant odors, relieves itching and rejuvenates achy feet.

Place of production & composition

This product is produced in the United States and has been in existence for over thirty years helping millions of people. It is made from 60 percent pure organic aloe vera which is a good agent for tackling dry, cracked and itchy skin forever. This amazing healing cream has helped millions of people all over the world to restore their feet to the normal state.

The fact that it helps to deal with foot odor makes it a good product that is worth mentioning on this list.


  • Highly effective in getting rid of dead skin;
  • Produces result with a short period of time;
  • Made in the United State;
  • Safe for diabetics;
  • Made from organic aloe vera.


  • Has a strange smell when applied;
  • May not be the best for the long-term dry skin.

3Pedicure Foot File, Glass Pedicure, Pedicure Rasp Callus Remover

Place of production and composition

The Pedicure Foot File Callus Remover is the third product we recommend for getting rid of dead skin on the feet. This beauty product is made in Czech Republic from 100 percent genuine glass of the best quality.

Effectiveness and safety

If you are suffering from any form of physical foot condition such as dry feet, smelly feet, rough feet, etc. this product can help bring your feet to normal condition. A long-term application of this tool can promote smoother and healthier skin on the sole and heel of the foot.

Pedicure foot file is safe and gentle to use. Do the filing gently in any direction, focusing on the targeted tough skin and hard calluses around the heel and sole of the foot. This tool comes with two-sided filing surfaces – one fine side and one slightly coarser side.

The good thing about this tool is that it is safe to use, hygienic, and reusable. It has a non-porous glass surface that prevents the spread of unhealthy fungus and bacteria. Unlike other nail files, the Czech glass foot file can be washed, sterilized and re-used on several occasions.

For better and effective result, it is recommended that you shower before using so as to soften the skin around the feet. After using the file, it is advisable to wash under running water and use a soft towel to dry.


  • Safe to use;
  • It is effective;
  • Made from high-quality Czech glass;
  • Can be reused multiple times;
  • The glass surface prevents the spread of unhealthy fungus and bacteria.


  • You must take caution when filing in order not to cut your skin;
  • You have to bathe the affected area before using this product.

The 3 Best Callus Remover Gels

Calluses aren’t inherently bad — if for instance, you’re a guitarist, callused fingers can make playing guitar more comfortable. Calluses are just the result of skin becoming thick and tough due to repeated exposure to friction. But if you aren’t actively looking to build-up a hard protective layer of tissue, then you’ll be happy to know that the best callus remover gels are both extremely effective at eliminating calluses and unlike a pumice stone or buffer, don’t require any elbow grease.

Unlike abrasive callus removers, like the aforementioned pumice stone, gels use ingredients like salicylic acid, potassium hydroxide, and urea to moisturize the hardened skin, breakdown bonds, and make calluses easy to peel away. Even if you’ve never personally used a gel before, you might have experienced their super effective results the last time you visited a nail salon to get a pedicure, where callous removing gels are the secret to a professional pedicure.

When it comes to knowing which callus removing gel is going to really be able to get the job done, don’t worry, I’ve rounded up the best callus remover gels that, depending on your specific needs, will break down tough layers of tissue to reveal baby-soft skin.

1. A Fast-Acting Formula That Can Start Dissolve Calluses In Three To Five Minutes

ProLinc Callus Eliminator is formulated with potassium hydroxide, glycerin, propylene glycol, and other chemicals to dissolve dead skin cells in just three to five minutes. Fans of this callus remover say it works best if you use it with a pumice stone or scrub sponge to remove your dead skin and calluses. Just apply liberally to your toughened, stubborn skin. Wait about three to five minutes. Grab a pumice stone or gentle scrub sponge and scrub at the hardened callus so that you exfoliate your skin and loosen your callus. This is an aggressive formula, so gloves should be worn when using it, be careful not to apply it to open wounds, and those with sensitive or reactive skin should spot-test before using it.

2. A Cream-Gel That Can Be Used To Remove Calluses As Well As Prevent Them

This callus cream-gel can be used both as a preventative measure to keep skin from forming calluses and corns and as an effective treatment. The key ingredient that makes this product so powerful is urea. In fact, a whopping 40 percent of this callus-removing formula is made up of urea. For background, urea is carbamide cream that is often used in treatments for psoriasis, dermatitis, and other skin conditions that leave you with dry, raw, irritated skin. In this cream, it works to loosen dry skin cells while hydrating cracked, scaly skin. While some urea creams can irritate your skin, this one is infused with natural ingredients like soothing aloe vera extracts and anti-bacterial tea tree oil. Blended together, they create an exfoliating treatment you can use on your feet, elbows, hands, knees, and anywhere else you experience calluses and corns. Apply the fragrance-free formula twice daily to these areas and reviewers say it will soften cracked heels and toes and (with regular application) keeps your skin soft and smooth.

3. An Easy-To-Use Chemical-Free Exfoliating Scrub That Buffs Away Calluses And Dry Skin

This exfoliating scrub gel for calluses and dry skin is free from harsh chemicals, synthetic detergents, and preservatives and instead relies on salt and plant extracts to break down dry skin and buff it out of existence. Since it is a physical exfoliator, you don’t need a pumice stone to maximize results, simply apply this gel to dry feet and gently massage your heels and toes for one to two minutes before rinsing your feet with warm water. Reviewers say this gel treatment, which doubles as a deep cleanser that gets your blood circulating, really helps soften cracked feet and is so effective you may find yourself skipping foot cream altogether.

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How to treat corns and calluses

Corns and calluses are hard, thickened areas of skin that form as a result of friction or pressure on the skin. Corns and calluses develop naturally to help protect the skin underneath them. To treat corns and calluses, dermatologists recommend the following tips.

Corns and calluses are hard, thickened areas of skin that form as a result of friction or pressure on the skin. Corns and calluses develop naturally to help protect the skin underneath them.

Calluses can develop anywhere on the body where there is repeated friction, such as a guitar player’s fingertips or a mechanic’s palms. Corns develop due to bone pressure against the skin. They are common on the tops and sides of the toes and on the balls of the feet. Corns can be hard and dry or soft and mushy. Common causes of corns are arthritis or poorly-fitting shoes.

To treat corns and calluses, dermatologists recommend the following tips:

  1. Soak the corn or callus in warm water. Do this for about five to 10 minutes or until the skin softens.

  2. File the corn or callus with a pumice stone. First dip the pumice stone in warm water, and then use the stone to gently file the corn or callus. Use circular or sideways motions to remove dead skin.

  3. Be careful not to take off too much skin. Doing so could cause bleeding and infection.

  4. Apply moisturizing lotion or cream to the area daily. Look for a moisturizing lotion or cream with salicylic acid, ammonium lactate, or urea. These ingredients will help gradually soften hard corns and calluses.

  5. Use padding. To protect calluses from further irritation during activity, cut a piece of moleskin – available at your local drugstore – into two half-moon shapes and place around the callus. To prevent a corn from making contact with your shoe, surround the corn with donut-shaped adhesive pads – also available at drugstores.

  6. Wear shoes that properly fit. A common cause of corns is a shoe that isn’t the right size and shape for your foot. To get the right fit, shop for shoes at the end of the day, when your feet may be slightly swollen. In addition, ask a clerk to measure your foot, and choose shoes that aren’t too loose or tight.

  7. Keep your toenails trimmed. Toenails that are too long can force the toes to push up against your shoe, causing a corn to form over time. To remove this pressure, keep your toenails trimmed.

Most corns and calluses gradually go away when the friction or pressure causing them stops. However, if you aren’t sure what is causing your corn or callus, if the hardened skin is very painful, or if you have diabetes, see a board-certified dermatologist.

Best product for callused feet

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