Best Hair Straightening Products for Curly Hair

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It’s that special time of year, let’s venture down the path in how to straighten curly hair. For curlies, when the weather gets dry, cold, many of us decide to be adventurous with our curls for the holidays. Many of us know the woe and joy that can come applying heat to our hair whether it’s via the blow-dryer or flat iron. It’s got a different texture, hangs around our face differently, and we can even run our fingers through it. Whether you love it or hate it, straightening curly hair never gets old, but they are ways to keep your natural hair protected, nourished, and healthy. Here are our best serums, heat protectants, and tips for how to straighten curly hair throughout the straightening process.


The first thing to know about serums is that they are all about strength. They work to cover up dryness, heal damage, and nourish your hair. The best serums contain natural ingredients that work together to tame frizz and work as a finishing product for your hair. Some serums can be used before/after your straightening process, but think of them as the icing on top of a very elaborate cake.

Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Finishing Oil Serum

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If you want a silky smooth finish, this is your winner. It’s light, silicone-free and works to lock in your moisture instead of weighing it down or building up product gunk.

Mizani Thermasmooth Smooth Guard Serum

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This heat protectant hair primer contains smoothing coconut oil for no-frizz hair despite high humidity and conditions hair for shiny hair. A must have for fragile, brittle hair, this hydrating treatment protects against split ends and hair breakage with professional hair strengthening ingredients.

Curlfriends Shine Hair Gloss

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A gloss is always the best way to finish out the grueling and hot process of straightening your hair. Remove the frizz, flyaways, and sleek down that straight hair with just a few drops. The key to gloss is to use it sparingly, don’t over saturate your hair and give it an oily appearance.

Heat Protectants

If serum is the ying of straightening, then think of heat protectants as the yang that helps complete the perfect picture. Most heat protectants help replenish moisture in curls while defending them from the damage heat can do. Heat protectants are a must-have to keep your curls healthy as you are applying and afterward to keep them dry at bay.

Cantu Thermal Shield Protectant

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No frizz, flyaways, or fry are key to this thermal protectant that keeps your curls healthy up to 425 degrees. The magic ingredient is shea butter that provides moisture and a light hold.

Tresemme Thermal Creations Protectant Heat Spray

This is one of my personal favorites I’ve been using for years when straightening my curls. The lightweight spray is great as a pre-protectant that won’t leave your flat iron sizzling or your hair frying. The biotin enriched formula will also leave your hair super soft so no worries about over drying.

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Mielle Organics Mongongo Oil Thermal & Heat Protectant Spray

Protect your hair with our Thermal & Heat Protectant Spray. This spray is specially formulated with Mongongo Oil to protect the hair from extreme heat temperatures. The ultimate solution for repairing split ends, eliminating frizz and adding shine.

Outside of products, you should remember these key tips for maintaining your straight hair:

  • You can’t control the weather, so pick your days to straighten your hair wisely so rain/snow doesn’t ruin your hard work.
  • Finding your ideal straightening combination will take time. Whether it’s serum, blow dry, flat iron, heat protectant or all of them, there will be trial and error.
  • Don’t keep reapplying heat to your hair. Try to spare daily or repeated usage of the flat iron on your hair, depending on the length of time your hair will be straight, make sure to keep as much heat off it when it’s done to prevent damage.

Are any of these your favorites? Share with us in the comments below.

Top 15 Best Hair Straightening Products and Some Tips and Tricks

Monica Davis October 4, 2019 Views: 106,165 Top 15 Best Hair Straightening Products and Some Tips and Tricks 4.8 (1222 votes)

Hello, ladies! Have you heard about hair straightening products that can make flat ironing easier and faster and your hair – healthier and shinier? If so, you probably wonder how to choose the best hair straightening cream or gel. And if you haven’t – welcome to my blog, this post is waiting for you!

Preview Product Rating Price
Complex Brazilian Keratin Blowout Straightening… 385 Reviews $79.95 Check on Amazon
Vitamins Leave In Conditioner Cream – Ethnic… 120 Reviews $18.98 Check on Amazon
PHYTO Phytodéfrisant Botanical Smoothing Balm,… 172 Reviews $22.50 Check on Amazon
Bumble and Bumble Bb Straight Blow Dry Balm, 5… 232 Reviews $28.22 Check on Amazon
Garnier Hair Care Fructis Style Smooth Blow Dry… 86 Reviews $6.98 Check on Amazon
TIGI Bed Head Straighten Out 98% Humidity Defying… 133 Reviews $8.79 Check on Amazon
Suave Professionals Anti-Frizz Cream – 3.5 oz – 2… 45 Reviews $13.99 Check on Amazon
L’ANZA Healing Smooth Smoother Straightening Balm,… 138 Reviews $26.00 Check on Amazon
BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT Thermal Straightening Balm, 8 oz 44 Reviews $28.00 Check on Amazon
MATRIX Total Results Mega Sleek Shampoo with Shea… 39 Reviews from $4.00 Check on Amazon
JASON Flaxseed Hi-Shine Styling Gel, 6 Ounce Tube 228 Reviews $7.59 Check on Amazon
Smooth Viking Forming Cream for Men, High Hold and… 705 Reviews $11.70 Check on Amazon
American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel, 8.4-Ounce… 17 Reviews $23.27 Check on Amazon

I’m Monica, and today I’d like to talk about the best products for straightening curly hair and products to keep hair straight after straightening it with tools like a flat iron. Also, I’ll answer some of the questions I get asked most often – ‘cause what’s the point of writing such a post without giving away some handy tips about straightening curly hair products? And as a stylist, I have quite a few up my sleeve.

Flat ironing is a fast and effective way to have your hair straight. Yet, such styling may still damage hair due to the high temperatures. And that’s the moment when hair straightening products come to the rescue. Many of them can actually protect your locks from heat, nourish and moisturize them. Also, some hair straightening products for curly hair can be used instead of flat ironing so that your locks get the chance to restore after high temperatures.

I’ve made three top lists of the hair straightening creams, balms, and gels – depending on the hair type. Eager to find the best products for straightening natural hair? Wonder what product to choose for straightening curly black hair? Curious about hair straightening products for men? Then my post is just for you!

Best Hair Straightening Products for Black Hair and Afro-American Hair

Well, let’s start with the best products for straightening natural African-American hair. Such hair can be pretty hard to tame, so for styling it, you need really strong and effective treatment. Also, these are great hair straightening products for black hair as well. So if you are a proud owner of the dark head of hair, you may want to take a look at these products 🙂

Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment Set: One of the Best Keratin Hair Straightening Products

$79.95 Check on Amazon

This set includes an original formula Keratin treatment and a clarifying shampoo along with a sulfate-free shampoo and a sulfate-free conditioner. The Keratin hair treatment helps straighten and smooth your hair for over 3 months. It contains argan oil, coconut oil, proteins, and amino acid complexes to moisturize your hair and make it healthier. As a result, you will get soft and elastic locks that are much easier to manage – who wouldn’t want that? I find this treatment to be one of the best permanent hair straightening products.

To perform the treatment successfully, you will need a flat iron that can maintain 450°F heat level, a blow dryer, a comb, and a clarifying shampoo. Be careful and read the instructions before the procedure.


  • this Keratin Hair Treatment helps you straighten, smooth, and repair your locks;
  • it also reduces frizz and kinkiness;
  • the treatment makes styling much easier and faster;
  • it’s suitable for virgin, colored, and chemically-treated hair.


  • you need someone to apply the treatment on your hair – this is very difficult to do on your own.

Argan Hair Leave-in Conditioner Cream for Men and Women

Sale $18.98 Check on Amazon

This cream is made to moisturize, nourish, and soften your hair. Also, it reduces frizz, repairs and protects your locks against split ends which is just as important. This sulfate-free treatment contains natural herbal complex that makes your locks healthier and easier to tame. I have normal medium-length locks, and it’s the best hair straightening cream I’ve ever used. Yet, it doesn’t work that well on thick coarse hair.

If you’re worried about animal testing, you will be glad to know that this product is cruelty-free and it’s not tested on animals.


  • this cream repairs softens, and moisturize your locks without making them heavy;
  • it has a nice smell;
  • suitable for both men and women;
  • hair doesn’t feel greasy or oily;
  • cruelty-free product.


  • doesn’t work well with really thick hair.

PHYTO Phytodefrisant Botanical Straightening Balm: One of the Best Straightening Products for Curly Hair

Sale $22.50 Check on Amazon

This heat-activated hair primer will prepare your locks for a healthy and beautiful blowout. It can be used to reduce frizz, soften, moisturize, and protect your hair during styling. The benefits are cumulative, meaning that over time of regular use your hair becomes more and more manageable and soft.

It’s one of the best products for straightening hair if you prefer natural ingredients. This sulfate-free balm is 99% botanical, and the key ingredients are chamomile, sage, horseradish, and mucilage plant. Also, it’s cruelty-free which is a key factor for many people.


  • this balm softens and moisturizes your hair;
  • it’s a great treatment to protect your hair during heat-activated styling;
  • really good at reducing frizz;
  • hair doesn’t feel greasy or heavy;
  • sulfate- and cruelty-free balm.


  • it may seem pretty pricey.

B&B Straight Blow Dry Balm: Best Straightening Product for African-American Hair with Cumulative Benefits

Sale $28.22 Check on Amazon

This styling balm helps straighten your locks, smooth them, and protect them from heat during styling. It seems to be heat-activated, and if you try to apply it to wet hair without the blow drying, there probably won’t be any improvements.

Like the PHYTO Botanical Straightening Balm, this treatment makes your hair more manageable with every use. Comparing with other black hair straightening products, this one has only one solid con – the price.


  • this balm makes your hair soft, silky, and healthy-looking;
  • great at reducing frizz;
  • smells great;
  • hair doesn’t look greasy.


  • pretty pricey.

Garnier Fructis Blow Dry Perfector Straightening Balm: Semi-Permanent Hair Straightening Product that Lasts up to 24 hours

$6.98 Check on Amazon

This straightening balm makes blow-drying your hair much easier, creating frizz-free, smooth, and shiny locks. Such a result may last up to 3 days which is quite impressive! The balm contains argan oil from Morocco that helps create this shiny and silky look.

Also, the smell is just great which is a nice bonus. My verdict – this is the best straightening product for black hair I’ve come across so far!


  • this straightening balm makes your hair soft and shiny;
  • helps reduce frizz for up to 24 hours;
  • smells great;
  • the blowout lasts a long time.


  • recently, the price has just skyrocketed.

Best Straightening Products for Natural Hair

Now, let’s look at some good products for straightening natural hair. There are creams and balms along with shampoos and conditioners, so you have many options here. When choosing the products for straightening natural hair, consider your hair length and overall condition.

TIGI Bed Head Straighten Out Straightening Cream: Top-Notch Product for Natural Hair

$8.79 Check on Amazon

This treatment can be a great help in blocking out humidity, and it’s called a 98% humidity-defying straightening cream for a good reason.

To create a blowout that will last a long time, apply the cream to damp hair and comb it through to distribute the treatment evenly. Then, blow-dry your locks until they’re completely dry and use a flat iron to straighten them. And enjoy your professionally-looking blowout! Can I say it’s the best hair straightening cream for natural hair? No, but it worked on my hair pretty great. So I am sure it’s worth a try.


  • this cream is pretty good at blocking humidity and reducing frizz;
  • works well on really thick curly hair;
  • the structure may seem thin and sticky;
  • makes your blowout last longer;
  • has a nice fruity smell.


  • doesn’t work well on biracial hair.

Suave Professionals Anti Frizz Cream: Natural Hair Straightening Product to Finish Your Look

$13.99 Check on Amazon

This lightweight cream, containing silk protein and vitamin E, helps smooth your locks and reduce frizz for up to 24 hours. It’s supposed to work even better if you’re using other hair products of this brand – such as Sleek Shampoo Conditioner and Anti-Frizz Cream.

Use this cream as a surface finisher to complete your blowout, making hair shiny and smooth. For fine textures, use it on dry hair. And if your locks are medium or thick, you can also apply the cream on wet hair for extra frizz control – and then again on dry hair to smooth flyaways.


  • this cream is great at controlling frizz and flyaways;
  • works well on both thin and thick hair;
  • doesn’t weigh hair down;
  • smells great.


  • if you use too much of the cream, your hair may feel too sleek or greasy.

L’ANZA Healing Smoother Straightening Balm for Natural Hair That Features Heat Protection

$26.00 Check on Amazon

This straightening balm will smooth your hair and reduce frizz, leaving you with shiny, soft, and naturally-looking locks. Its Keratin Healing System heals and protects your hair, while organic coix seed straightens curls and waves. Also, this straightening product for natural hair provides your locks with thermal protection up to 482°F.

To straighten, apply a small amount of the cream on damp hair. Then blow dry it with a round or flat brush to achieve maximum smoothness.


  • this cream stops frizz, softens hair, and protects it from heat;
  • leaves hair color rich and vibrant;
  • creates naturally-looking shine;
  • doesn’t weigh hair down.


  • the balm may leave residue if you apply too much of it.

Brazilian Blowout Thermal Straightening Balm(not available)

Try this instead:

$79.95 Check on Amazon

This straightening balm features a unique humidity resistant formula that helps straighten curls and regulate frizz.

Also, this heat-activated treatment locks moisture in and protects your hair from heat during styling. It will leave you with smooth, shiny, and manageable locks – and what else do you need for a great blowout? Comparing with other straightening natural hair products, this one works great, yet it’s recommended for normal hair.


  • this balm blocks humidity, reduces frizz, and provides your hair with heat protection;
  • makes flat ironing easier and faster;
  • creates awesome shine;
  • smells great.


  • it’s recommended for normal hair so the balm may not work well on fine or thick hair.

Matrix Total Results Sleek Shampoo & Conditioner Liter Duo: Combo of Hair Straightening Products for Natural Hair

Sale from $4.00 Check on Amazon

These are professional hair straightening products that will leave you with much softer, shinier, and more manageable hair after the very first washing.

Also, this combo significantly reduces frizz and even works as a detangler. The shampoo doesn’t feel harsh, and the conditioner is pretty thick, just as you want it to be.


  • the Matrix shampoo and conditioner control frizz, smooth your hair and leave it tangle-free;
  • they smell clean and airy;
  • if your skin is very sensitive, you may break out from this product, so don’t use it too often and carefully rinse it off as soon as possible;
  • the shampoo and the conditioner both have just the right texture.


  • it doesn’t feel like it rinses clean.

Best Hair Straightening Products for Men

That’s not a secret – some guys also want to have their hair straight. So, I’ve decided to do some research, and here are my top 5 hair straightening products for guys. It’s based primarily on reviews by Amazon users, yet I took into account my clients’ comments about these particular hair straightening products.

JASON Flaxseed Hi-Shine Styling Gel: One of the Best Straightening Products for Curly Hair

Sale $7.59 Check on Amazon

If used properly, this styling gel will leave you with soft and shiny hair with a great deal of volume. It contains the unique blend of panthenol, plant proteins and extracts, and flaxseeds. Using natural ingredients is one of the main concerns of the JASON company.

What’s more, their products aren’t tested on animals. So, you can see why I prefer to use their men hair straightening products when working with male clients.


  • this gel controls frizz and adds a lot of shine to your locks;
  • works great even on thick untamable hair;
  • suitable for color-treated or permed hair;
  • has a pleasant smell;
  • cruelty-free.


  • one may find this gel rather drying, especially if you already have dry ends.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Straight Fixation Styling Crème: Provides Your Hair with Heat Protection

Sale $6.28 Check on Amazon

Keep the frizz under control and make your hair sleek and straight for up to 24 hours with the best hair straightening cream for men. It contains milk protein and sweet almond oil that help condition your hair without weighing it down.

And the unique ThermaGard complex protects your locks from heat during styling. Your blowout will last for a couple of days without feeling greasy – isn’t that a dream?


  • this cream leaves you with shiny, sleek, and soft locks;
  • provides your hair with heat protection;
  • works well on even coarse, thick hair;
  • great at controlling frizz.


  • compared to some salon brands, this one may not impress you that much, but overall, this cream does the trick.

Smooth Viking Hair Care Forming Cream for High Hold and Matte Finish: Hair Straightening Product Designed Specifically for Men

$11.70 Check on Amazon

This styling cream will mold your hair in any style you want. It contains organic argan oil, natural soybean oil, beeswax, and green tea extract – the ingredients that not only make this treatment effective but also keep your hair and scalp feeling healthy and nourished.

Such things are one of the main concerns of the Smooth Viking company – the fact that is always pleasant to know.


  • this styling cream is suitable for various hair types including thick, thin, straight, wavy or curly;
  • its strong hold formula helps you maintain the hairstyle throughout the day;
  • the result may not be that shiny;
  • doesn’t make your hair greasy or oily;
  • has a pleasant smell.


  • it seems to be designed especially for men, yet there are some Smooth Viking products for women.

Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair Gel: Ultra Strong Men’s Hair Straightening Product(not available)

Try this instead:

$79.95 Check on Amazon

Are you looking for a perfect styling gel for creating vertical hairstyles? This Got2b hair gel is an excellent choice as its hold is strong enough to mold your hair in almost any style you want. This treatment delivers ultimate control without being sticky or flaky.

Plus, it’s quite easy to wash out with just a little amount of shampoo. What a handy styling product for men, isn’t it?


  • this gel features a glue-like strong mold that helps make any hairstyle you want;
  • it isn’t sticky or flaky;
  • doesn’t weigh hair down;
  • has a nice smell.


  • doesn’t work well on fine, thin hair.

American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel: Best Hair Straightening Products for Curly Hair That Holds Up Against Humidity

$23.27 Check on Amazon

This non-flaking gel is enriched with natural extracts that add shine to your hair and make it look thicker. Also, it contains a dual polymer complex that provides high hold with a high shine, and the low pH prevents drying the scalp and the hair.

Plus, this gel holds up pretty good against high humidity which is a critical factor for some people.


  • this gel provides very high hold, prevents flaking, and holds well even on humid days;
  • prevents your scalp and hair from drying;
  • works great even on thick hair;
  • has a nice light smell that doesn’t overpower colognes or an aftershave;
  • lasts all day.


  • it may seem a bit pricey.

Hair Straightening Products – Q&A

Here, I’d like to answer a couple of questions that I get asked most often.

Are these hair straightening products harmful to my locks? What are the safest products to use when straightening hair?

Some of the modern products can even improve your hair condition if used properly. For example, the Argan Hair Leave-in Conditioner Cream that I mentioned before contains natural herbal ingredients that make your hair healthier and nourish it. Or take PHYTO Phytodefrisant Botanical Straightening Balm, for instance, that softens your hair, moisturizes it, and protects from heat during styling.

So, look into ingredients carefully and follow the instructions when choosing and using products for straightening hair. Be especially cautious if you’re allergic to some components, and don’t use products that contain these ingredients. Always observe the safety procedures.

Overall, straightening hair products is a good complement for a flat iron or other styling tools. Some products make flat ironing noticeably faster and easier, and the result can impress you! But be ready to spend some time finding the one that works for you. Finding African-American hair straightening products may be especially difficult since this hair type is tough to manage.

Why should I use hair straightening products after all?

It’s totally up to you, but as I just said, hair products for straightening hair can significantly improve your experience with a flat iron. Some hair straightening products such as Brazilian Blowout Thermal Straightening Balm make flat ironing faster and easier, giving you the shinier result.

Other products, like L’ANZA Healing Smoother Straightening Balm, protect your locks from heat during styling. Not to mention, they usually have other useful features such as controlling frizz or softening hair.

Most modern flat irons are pretty safe to use, yet heat can still damage your locks. And using hair straightening products can help condition hair, nourish, and moisturize it. Not a bad thing to do to your own hair, right?

How do I treat straightened hair?

First, try to straighten them with minimal damage – choose a straightening tool that works better for you: straightening brush, hot air brush or flat iron; select the right heat level for your hair type, and always use a heat protectant. Try to reduce usage of a blow-dryer and let your hair air dry when it’s possible. When it comes to styling, the less heat is always the better.

Second, use those hair straightening products that nourish your hair, moisturize it, and protect from heat damage. Choose them depending on your hair type. Moisturizing shampoos, hair masques, and argan oil (and other oils) will come in extremely handy, too.

As a Conclusion

Well, I believe this post was at least a bit helpful for you. My top lists are based on my own experience and that of my numerous clients. Also, I always examine hair straightening products reviews before choosing one, and I highly recommend you to do so. I have to admit, some of them may be fake, but in those cases, their authors are to blame.
We’ve talked about 15 hair straightening treatments that I find to be rather effective. Some of them work well for thick Afro-American hair, while others are suitable for normal hair. And there are even various products for men – the fact that many people get stunned to find out 🙂

Finally, let’s discuss what to bear in mind when choosing or using hair straightening creams, balms, and gels.


  • define your hair type, and look for a treatment that is suitable for it;
  • choose a hair product depending on your concerns – making hair softer, adding shine, moisturizing, etc;
  • pay attention to the ingredients, especially if you’re allergic to some of them;
  • if you care a lot about nature and animals, look for the products that are cruelty-free and aren’t tested on animals;
  • if you have color-treated, damaged or fragile locks, be especially picky when choosing hair products for straightening curly hair;
  • read other people’s reviews and ask your friends, relatives, and your stylist for advice.


  • carefully read the instructions and follow them;
  • use a product in a well-ventilated area;
  • always observe the safety procedures;
  • don’t use too much of treatment so that your hair won’t feel oily or greasy;
  • some hair straightening products are heat-activated meaning that they will work only in combination with a flat iron, a Headkandy straightening brush or other styling tools;
  • some products should be applied on damp hair, while others work better on dry hair – find this out before using 🙂

Hair straightening products can be a great help if used properly. They nourish and moisturize your locks, protect them from heat damage, control frizz, make flat ironing easier, and ultimately – help you create a wonderful blowout. And all of that – for quite a reasonable price. At least, in most cases 🙂

When it comes to hair care, there are plenty of options, and that’s not always that great. With so many hair straightening products available on the market, it may be hard to choose the one which will work for you. I guess, sometimes it’s this process of trial and error.

So, ladies, have you ever used any hair straightening products? Which one is your favorite? Do you find them useful at all? Feel free to leave your comments below. I would be glad to read them all!

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The Best Way to Straighten Curly, Frizzy Hair

If you have curly or wavy hair prone to frizz, you’ve no doubt envied the sleek, smooth tresses models and celebrities always seem to have. Who wouldn’t want to have that kind of seemingly effortless hair, at least for a day or two?

Unfortunately, the dream of straight, thick, flowing hair day after day is never as easy as the ads and fashion magazines make it seem. Shampoos and conditioners claiming to straighten hair absolutely don’t work, and styling products, while helpful, can’t do the job alone. The key is a combination of the right products, the right tools, the right techniques, and, sometimes, a trip to the salon.

Let’s get down to some straight talk about curly hair with the Paula’s Choice Research Team!

You Can Successfully Straighten Your Hair at Home

Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, straightening it yourself can be time-consuming, but it’s also cost-effective and convenient. It requires a high-heat blow dryer and/or flatiron, a great round brush, a good straightening product, and hair serum for a smooth, shiny finish.

High-heat flatirons, blow dryers, and good brushes are easy enough to find. Blow dryers simply need to be 1875 watts and flatirons must heat at least to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (look for these heat ratings on the box). Flatirons should have a ceramic plate rather than a steel plate because a steel plate can pull and tear hair. You need high heat because you can’t straighten curly hair or create a lasting style without it.

For brushes, just choose the type your stylist uses or look for similar versions at the drugstore. As for styling products, in most cases, what your stylist uses is great, but you don’t need to buy the same products to get the same results. In reality, there are brilliant styling products at the drugstore that work just as well if not better than those at the salon. What we’re saying is: You don’t have to spend a lot of money on styling products!

Which Styling Products Work the Best?

The smallest differences among straightening products often make or break how they perform for any given person. For example, for someone with thick, heavy hair, a lotion-like smoothing product can be best, but if you have fine hair, a lightweight spray can do the trick, and gels can work better for those with normal hair that needs a bit more lift. For best results, finish with a silicone serum or spray appropriate for your hair type (serum for thick hair and a spray for thin or normal hair density).

Here are some of our favourite options for different hair types that will get you started in the right direction:

Note: Although most of these straightening products claim to protect hair from heat damage, they cannot come through 100%. These products help minimise the damage, but they’re not an invincible shield. High heat is always damaging to hair, regardless of what the product says.

Technique is Everything

Here’s how to straighten your hair at home, step-by-step:

  1. Wash and condition your hair. Use a gentle shampoo and a smoothing conditioner to prepare your hair for the straightening process. Straightening, no matter how gentle you are, is tough on the hair, so “babying” it with gentle hair-care products beforehand can help prevent more damage.
  2. Towel dry your hair until it’s more “damp” than “wet.” This means less time spent blow drying your hair, and that’s a good thing! Try a microfiber towel, which is gentler on the cuticle of the hair than regular towels.
  3. Smooth a dime-size amount of a straightening cream, balm, gel, or lotion throughout the hair to get it ready for blow drying and flat ironing. Make sure you don’t overdo it; too much can make your hair limp instead of straight!
  4. Using a round bristle brush, carefully pull your hair straight as you blow it dry. You can alternate between your blow dryer’s hotter and cooler settings to make sure you’re not overheating your hair. Keep doing this until your hair is completely dry. Note: If you have very thick, curly hair, this can take a while! If you have a good round-brushing technique you can be done at this stage, but for lots of people it takes a bit more effort to get the smooth, straight (but not too flat) look you want. But don’t worry: Using the flatiron will get the job done.
  5. NEVER use a flatiron on damp hair—you must blow dry your hair first. Using a flatiron on damp hair can lead to damage that literally breaks the hair because the temperature of the flatiron on damp hair can cause the water in the hair to literally boil, and then burst the hair shaft.
  6. Put the top half of your hair in a bun or clip it on top of your head. Divide the bottom half of your hair into small sections about one to two inches wide. Using a comb, pull out a section of hair as taut as possible with one hand, while smoothing a flatiron along that section with the other. Start at the roots of the hair and move to the end in one fluid motion, then repeat a couple of times to make sure that section of hair is straight. After one section is done to your satisfaction, repeat the process on the other sections.
  7. If you want a fuller look, apply a volumising spray at the roots as you flatiron each section.
  8. When the bottom part of your hair is done, unclip the top part and begin working on those sections. Use a handheld mirror to check the back of your hair in a separate mirror to make sure you didn’t miss anything.
  9. When you’re all done, use a small amount of a silicone serum or spray for a smooth and polished look. Serums work best on coarse, thick hair, while sprays are preferred for normal to fine or thin hair.

Keratin Straightening Treatments (such as the Brazilian Blowout)

If regularly straightening your hair is getting tiresome (and it is tiring), you can consider a popular process called thermal hair straightening, also known as keratin straightening or “The Brazilian Blowout.” This straightening process definitely works: The results are impressive and able to defy even the curliest of locks, plus it lasts and lasts, at least until the chemically treated hair is trimmed or the roots start growing out.

Before you book that appointment, however, know that thermal straightening is neither easy nor cheap. It’s a multistep process that can take as long as three hours, and, depending on the length and thickness of your hair, cost between $175 and $350.

The process starts with a shampoo. You may be told that it’s to protect your hair from the damage caused by the heat and chemicals used during the treatment, but it’s really about cleansing your hair to remove any build-up—no shampoo can prevent the damage this treatment causes.

Typically what follows is a straightening solution that’s applied to the damp hair, which is then blown dry. After this, the stylist uses a flatiron to get the hair as straight as possible, then rinses the hair (without shampoo) and applies a conditioning mask (which is really just a conditioner) that sits on the hair for a minute before being rinsed.

After the mask is rinsed, a styling serum is applied, and then the hair is blown dry once again. By the time all this is done, you have unbelievably straight hair that requires little styling time to maintain the appearance. Note: This is the step-by-step process recommended by the Brazilian Blowout company. Your stylist might not use the same number of steps, and might not perform them in the same order, depending on the type of keratin straightening the salon offers.)

Claims that thermal straightening doesn’t damage hair are not true in the least. Anything that alters the structure of your hair is damaging. Unfortunately, the companies that make thermal hair-straightening products typically don’t share their ingredient lists, and legally they don’t have to do so because any product used strictly by licensed hairstylists and that is not being sold to the public does not have to include an ingredient list (Source:

You may have heard some controversy surrounding the safety of the Brazilian Blowout process. In 2011, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent a letter to the makers of Brazilian Blowout products stating that they mislabelled the product as “formaldehyde free,” when, in fact, it does contain the liquid form of formaldehyde, and stating that the high heat used in the Brazilian Blowout process released formaldehyde into the air, where it could be inhaled (you can read the FDA’s letter here). Brazilian Blowout settled a class action lawsuit over the matter in 2012, but was not required to reformulate its products, which it maintains are safe. Similar products are believed to use formaldehyde and/or to include formaldehyde-derived ingredients because this chemical is integral to how these thermal straightening products work.

Even if the chemicals in the straightening formula weren’t problematic (and when used as directed they should be safe, but that’s debatable and a potential risk you must consider), the flat ironing process is always damaging to your hair. The thermal iron reaches up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Think about it this way: The boiling point of water is 212 degrees Fahrenheit, so how can 400 degrees be anything but damaging? That’s why claims to the contrary are 100% false.

Perhaps the one negative—or positive depending on your outlook— is that after the treatment your hair will be really, really straight. Be prepared for your hair to possibly not even hold a curl. For some, perfectly straight hair can seem lifeless, and you may finally find out what your friends with straight hair have been complaining about every time you’ve coveted their smooth, orderly locks. The grass is always greener, indeed!

Your Hair Was Professionally Straightened. Now What?

Inevitably, you’ll be told at the salon that you need to use special products to maintain your look. That is largely a sales pitch. The Brazilian Blowout or keratin straightening brands have several products; for example, the Brazilian Blowout brand has no fewer than seven “aftercare” products! In all honesty, there are plenty of drugstore products that will condition and smooth your hair just as well for a fraction of the price. Look for products that will be gentle on your hair, and choose styling options designed to reduce frizz (like silicone-based serums). After shelling out for the salon service, there’s no reason to pile on additional costs with products that, despite the sales pitch you’ll hear, are no different from their drugstore counterparts!

What about when your hair starts to grow and the untreated hair at the roots comes out curly again? Depending on how fast your hair grows, the new growth that appears will need to be straightened as well, though this is generally less time-consuming and less expensive than the original treatment.

Most hair types will have success with thermal straightening, except for some hair of those of African descent or hair that is double-processed or highlighted. African hair can be too fine and too fragile to handle the chemicals and heat, leading to excessive breakage and damage. For highlighted hair, the varying textures (healthy versus dyed—the dyed part being far less healthy) require different processing times, which cannot be accommodated by the thermal straightening system. And, if hair is already double-processed, forget it—at least if you want to keep some semblance of relatively healthy, smooth, intact hair!

Ultimately, there’s no super-speedy way to transform curly or frizzy hair into stick-straight locks. You have to consider how much time, money, and effort you want to spend to get this look—and, of course, how long you want it to last, which determines whether you straighten your hair daily or go to the salon for a longer-lasting treatment.

10 Fixes for Frizzy Hair (That Actually Work)

Now is the perfect time to stock up on your favorite frizz-fighting products, but we know you don’t want to waste your cash on serums that promise magical results but don’t deliver (we’ve all been there). We’ve narrowed down our top recommendations for anti-frizz products that actually work.

1. Controlled Chaos Curl Creme

This is the curl crème of a curly girl’s dreams. A bit of this curl-enhancer springs coils to life, keeps frizz under control, equalizes porosity and provides amazing shine. Controlled Chaos Curl Crème creates beautiful, bouncy curls without the dreaded sticky, crunchy, or oily feeling. Lavender extract soothes and smooths curls to perfection.

2. DevaCurl Heaven in Hair

If you can’t manage to reduce your frizz no matter what serum, oil, or gel you use, then you may want to consider your moisture. If your hair is dry or you live in a humid place, your hair will expand as it absorbs moisture from the air. If you ensure that your hair is fully moisturized and completely dry before stepping out of the house, you can cut down the chances that your hair will expand into a frizz halo. A deep conditioner like this intensive deep moisture treatment by DevaCurl will hydrate your curls and help prevent frizz before it starts.

3. Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle

This lightweight Curl Junkie product probably won’t provide enough hold for girls with very curly or coily hair, but it’s great for girls with waves or type 3A curls. It controls frizz and adds shine to your hair, making your curls pop! A tip: this product works best if you air dry your curls.

4. Jessicurl Confident Coils Styling Solution

If you’re fighting frizz, look for silicone-free products like this one. Silicones strip the hair of natural moisture, which can be especially damaging in the summer months.

Confident Coils also has “Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice,” otherwise known as aloe vera. Aloe vera is a natural conditioning agent–its essential vitamins and minerals will restore your hair to good health, and that means less frizz! It has even been linked to increasing growth rate.

5. Curly Hair Solutions Tweek

If you have frizzy hair, you want to avoid hairspray. Hairspray promises to control frizz and keep flyaways in check, but its high alcohol content actually contributes to frizz.

This silicone-free cream is a great alternative to hairspray. It can be used throughout the day to refresh your hairstyle, bringing bounce and shine back to your curls.

6. Darcy’s Botanicals Tucuma Butter Moisture Whip

One look at the ingredients list is all the convincing you will need. This Darcy’s Botanicals butter is packed with moisturizing oils and tucuma butter, which brings natural shine to dry, damaged hair. It’s provides the conditioning and control that users will need for locs, twists, and braids.

This product is also an anti-humectant. Humectants tend to upset the balance of moisture in the summer–they will either suck the moisture out of your hair or they will attract water from the air into your hair, making your hair more susceptible to frizz. Avoid frizz and dryness by sticking to anti-humectants.

7. DevaCurl DevaTowel Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towerl

Using a traditional terry cloth towel will draw the much-needed moisture out of your hair and create friction when you dry your hair. Friction and dryness will definitely lead to frizz, so trade in your terry cloth for a microfiber towel or an old t-shirt. We love the Deva Towel, it’s great to dry and enchance curls without causing frizz. Use your microfiber towel or tee to gently blot your soaking wet hair and then use the popular curly method of plopping.

8. Jane Carter Solution Curls to Go Shine On Curl Elixir

When your hair is particularly dry and frizzy, hair oil is a great fix. Oils are great sealers and conditioners, which makes them great for achieving frizz-free hair! Try a homemade recipe or opt for an oil like this Jane Carter Curl Elixir, which is enriched with Argan, Aloe Vera Gel, Macadamia Oil.

If you have wavy hair, be patient when it comes to finding an oil blend that works for you. If an oil is too heavy, it will weigh down your waves. Check out this article to learn more about the best hair oils for waves.

9. Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel

“I had a sample of Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel and, for kicks, I gave it a try on a day when I felt my hair was hopeless. I couldn’t believe the results, particularly in the area of definition. This serum-like product is completely non-sticky and it disappears into my hair. It provides natural curl definition without a hint a frizz.” — 3B user gardencurls

If you have thick, curly hair and you can’t find a styling cream that works for you, I would definitely recommend trying this product–a Best of the Best 2012 winner–or another similar gel. Because gels are heavier than creams, they’re great for providing all-day hold.

10. Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Avocado + Quinoa Co-Wash

Shampoos can be harsh on curly hair because they strip the oils from hair that is naturally lacking in moisture to begin with. Dry, stripped hair can lead to frizz, so opt for a more moisturizing cleansing option like a co-wash. Or if you feel a co-wash is not cleansing enough for you, you could alternate between your shampoo and a co-wash. This co-wash by Briogeo is consistently voted as a favorite by the NaturallyCurly community, and here are 9 more co-washes and cleansing conditioners that we love.

Have you found a frizz fighting product that really works for you? Or are you still on the hunt?

This article was originally published in June 2013 and has been updated to replace discontinued products.

10 best anti-frizz hair products: Oils, masks, sprays and serums that tame unruly locks

Whether it’s wind, rain, snow or humidity, there always seems to be an obstacle between you and perfect hair. Frizz is simple enough to prevent in theory, but in practice it’s easy to exacerbate the situation and leave hair a lank, greasy mess that somehow still doesn’t manage to do what you want.

When it comes to reducing frizz, the key is to take preventative action. Priming your hair before styling can make all the difference, locking your style into place from the offset.

As the day wears on and the elements take their toll, there’s also the option of spot-fixing your frizz, or using an overnight treatment to restore your hair to its former glory.

But with so many options out there, it’s tough to find the right solution for your hair type. Fine hair requires different treatments to thicker, coarse hair, and straight hair will respond differently than natural curls.

We tried out a variety of oils, mists, gels and sprays to find the best solutions to our frizz problem. Read on to find your perfect product.

You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers ,but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. This revenue helps to fund journalism across The Independent.

Living Proof instant de-frizzer, 208ml: £25, Living Proof

While a lot of products promise to prevent frizz before styling, how do you tackle it afterwards? Rather than weighing down dirty hair with additional oils, this product is a dry-conditioning spray that helps seal the cuticles in dry hair. It applies like a light hairspray, softening and smoothing your hair as it goes, and helps extend your style in between shampoos. Our tester was impressed with how drastic the difference was – several hours after using this product, her hair had withstood the rain without frizzing up. This one is light enough to work on all hair types, and as it’s so quick-drying, it’ll also leave curls – natural or not – set exactly how you want them.

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Coco & Eve super nourishing coconut & fig hair masque, 212ml: £34.90, Cult Beauty

You probably recognise this product from Instagram, where it’s a firm beauty blogger favourite. Thankfully it’s more than just a pretty face – this product is transformative, hydrating dry, frizzy hair in just 10 minutes. Combining raw virgin coconut, fig essence, argan oil and shea butter, it’s also sulphate and paraben-free, which means it doesn’t leave any buildup of product, despite how heavy it feels when you first apply it. Our tester applied it to damp, slightly towel-dried hair before brushing through with the masque’s free tangle tamer. Once rinsed off, her hair felt and looked luxurious for several washes, and there was a significant difference in frizz. As an added bonus, it smells divine.

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Ouai anti-frizz sheets: £20, Space NK

As ingenious as they are handy, Ouai’s sheets slip right into your bag and calm down even the wildest frizz in just a few wipes of your hair. Each pack contains 15 sheets imbued with coconut oil and shea butter which work to condition locks and neutralise the static that causes frizz in the first place. These sheets contain just enough oil to soothe hair back into place, rather than running the risk of weighing it down and leaving it greasy as can often happen with oil-based products. They might not be the most cost-effective option in the long-run, but are ideal for special events when you want to make sure your hair stays pristine.

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OGX kukui oil anti-frizz hydrating oil, 118ml: £6.99, OGX

Hair oil is your best friend when it comes to controlling frizz, but regulating the amount you use is a different story. Too little oil will make hair vulnerable to further frizz but too much will leave it lank and greasy. This OGX offering solves the problem by regulating how much oil is actually dispersed onto your hair. Our tester found it worked best when spritzed over towel-dried tresses, but was also impressed by how effective it was on day-old hair – rather than emphasising any existing oiliness, it worked to hydrate and soothe frizziness at the scalp.

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Color Wow dreamcoat supernatural sealant, 200ml: £24, M&S

If you’ve ever felt like your hair is so frizzy that even attempting to style it is pointless, then this product is a gamechanger. After applying it liberally to damp hair, we blow dried each section using a rounded barrel brush. Calling it a “dreamcoat” and “supernatural” isn’t an overstatement – this sealant transformed the texture of our tester’s hair, leaving it sleek and extending her shampoo cycle by a whole day. It even holds the frizz at bay for multiple washes. However, those who prefer a quick frizz solution might want to save this one for special occasions as the sealant requires blowdrying to activate its effects, which can be lengthy for an everyday routine.

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Slip pure silk pillowcase: £85, Feel Unique

Fixing frizz doesn’t have to take effort. This silk pillowcase prevents damage to your hair as you sleep – which, considering we apparently spend a third of our lives in bed, is more critical to the state of your frizz than you think. While cotton clings to hair and pulls at the root throughout the night, in turn drawing moisture from your locks, silk lets your hair move freely. Not only does this reduce the amount your scalp sweats, therefore cutting down the grease in your hair, but it stops tresses from getting tangled and frizzy throughout the night. Our tester noticed the decrease in the frizziness of her hair just one night in and after a week of using this pillowcase, her locks were much sleeker than usual.

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IGK good behaviour spirulina protein smoothing spray, 186ml: £27, Space NK

Keratin treatments are the ultimate frizz cure, but can be damaging to your hair in the long-run. IGK formulated this product to mimic the results, enriching the spray with spirulina proteins to coat hair with a protective layer. When spritzed into damp locks before blow-drying, we found that our hair was less frizzy and felt more nourished than usual. It also doubles up as a heat protectant, streamlining the number of products in your routine.

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Bumble and Bumble anti-humidity gel-oil, 150ml: £24, Look Fantastic

Defrizzing curly hair is a risk as there’s always a chance products will flatten your natural texture. Thankfully, Bumble and Bumble understand hair like no other, creating this gel-oil hybrid to transform frizz into controlled, sleek curls. What we liked most about this product is its ability to perfect hair whether it’s air-dried or blowdried – a rarity with anti-frizz formulas. However, this is definitely designed for those with thicker hair, as it might weigh down finer strands.

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We Are Paradoxx secret weapon conditioner, 250ml: £20, Harvey Nichols

Everything in the We Are Paradoxx hair range is vegan, organic and 90 per cent plastic-free, with their quality thankfully matching the standards of the brand’s moral ethos. This product is a multitasker, working as a leave-in treatment, finishing balm and traditional moisturiser. Whichever way you choose to use it, hair is left soft, smooth and detangled, as well as smelling absolutely heavenly. Our tester found it most effective when used as a finishing balm, with just a few dabs controlling frizz at the scalp without a greasy after-effect.

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Oribe impermeable anti-humidity spray, 200ml: £41, Cult Beauty

Applied like a regular hairspray, this product acts like a shield against frizz. Not only is your hair left immune to humidity, but it doesn’t weigh it down and eliminate any existing texture. To get technical, it uses a unique copolymer, panthenol and vitamin B5 to condition, volumise and protect the hair shaft. However, the key takeaway here is that it locks down your hair for the rest of the day, no matter what kind of style you’re setting.

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The verdict: Anti-frizz products

For the best all-round choice to reduce frizz, Living Proof’s instant de-frizzer is ideal for any hair type. However, if you’re looking for something to leave your hair sleek and glossy after styling, you can’t beat Color Wow’s dreamcoat supernatural sealant.

IndyBest product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing.

The Best Products for All Types of Frizzy Hair

Photo: Plume Creative/Getty Images

“Frizz is not a hair type. It’s hair reaching into the atmosphere, looking for moisture,” says Cal Ellis, a curl master and an educator at DevaCurl. “In almost all cases, it’s a result of dehydration.” Frizz occurs when the scales on the hair’s outer protective layer, called the cuticle, splay out in different directions like frayed rope. In healthy, hydrated hair, the cuticle is sealed and compressed, giving a smoother, shinier appearance.

The two main triggers of frizz are friction and a high level of moisture in the air, says Lauren Trahan, a senior chemist at Living Proof. That’s why you look like the bride of Frankenstein when it’s humid or after a night of tossing and turning against your pillowcase. It’s also why restoring moisture to your strands is crucial for frizz-free locks. “When hair is damaged, the cuticle is more prone to lifting,” Trahan says. “And when the cuticle lifts, there’s more potential for tangles and friction, which cause even more frizz.”

It’s a vicious cycle, but it can be broken. Here’s how:

If You Have Tight Curls

Curly hair is more frizz-prone than other types because the cuticle in curvy strands is inherently more likely to lift. To keep your curls shiny and defined, start in the shower. Shampoo and condition with a gentle, sulfate-free formula, such as Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo ($22; and Conditioner ($24;, then apply a cream-based styler to wet hair so you can retain the maximum amount of moisture, Ellis suggests. Next, apply a detangling primer, like Davines Love Curl Primer ($27;, for definition. Then add texture and volume with a styling whip, like DevaCurl Wave Maker ($26,, or a gel, like It’s a 10 Miracle Defrizzing Gel ($17, For thicker curls, use a bit more product than directed on the bottle, and apply it section by section, making sure it saturates hair evenly. “Remember that products work only on the hair they’re on, so applying them haphazardly will not control frizz properly,” says Sal Misseri, the owner of Reverie Salon in Chicago. (Here’s more on how to style wavy and curly hair.)

If You’ve Got Long, Loose Waves

“For wavy hair, focus on products with weightless moisture, because too much heaviness can stretch out your waves and actually make them disappear,” Ellis says. Stick with a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo, then prime damp hair with a blow-dry milk, like Kérastase Aura Botanica Lait de Soie ($37; If you’re still seeing frizz after styling, Trahan suggests tamping it down and enhancing shine by spritzing on a very lightweight oil, like Living Proof No Frizz Instant De-Frizzer ($29; (Related: This Spray Finally Solved My Summer-Frizz Hair Struggle)

If You’ve Got Straight Strands

Although straight hair is naturally less prone to frizz, it can become damaged and dry-and then frizz up. Use a pea-size amount of a super lightweight priming cream, like OGX Protecting + Silk Blowout Thermal Primer Cream ($9,, to keep your hair silky soft and safe from heat. Comb through to make sure the product is distributed evenly, and blow-dry with the nozzle pointed downward toward the ends of your hair to help smooth the cuticle, Misseri says. (Try this two-minute blow dry technique.) You can also touch up dry hair and remove static with a few swipes of an oil-coated hair sheet, like Ouai Anti-Frizz Sheets ($18;

What are Your Best Products for Frizzy Hair?

Whether your hair is ultra fine or coarse and curly, all hair types are prone to frizzing at some stage. Luckily, with our wealth of expertise in fighting frizz, we’ve rounded up our best products for frizzy hair, whatever your hair type, whatever the weather!

Best Products for Curly Frizzy Hair

Good news curly girls, although your locks may be prone to frizzing, we’ve got great products for curly frizzy hair! To define your curls whilst controlling your frizz, spritz our Frizz Ease Dream Curls Daily Styling Spray to wet hair. Simply spray evenly from root to tip and scrunch with your fingers!
If your curls are extra thick or coarse, pur Extra Strength Serum on soaking wet hair and then style as desired. This will give you a smooth and glossy foundation to any style and protect your hair from heat and humidity! If you’re unsure about which serum to use on your hair, read through our handy hair serum guide to discover your ultimate Frizz-Ease partner.

Best Products for Straightening Frizzy Hair

Most of us have straightened our hair only for the humidity or rain to transform our sleek ‘do into a frizzy mane. Straightener addicts, rejoyce! We’ve got the perfect solution to keep your style sensationally smooth. Simply spritz our 3 Day Straight Straightening Spray onto wet hair before blow-drying and straightening to seal in a long-lasting straight style, whatever the weather.

Best Products for Dry Frizzy Hair

A lack of hydration can make your hair more likely to frizz, so begin your hair care regime by combatting the dryness & you’re on track to a long-lasting, frizz free style. Add moisture back into your locks and prevent the appearance of future damage with our best products for dry frizzy hair like our Miraculous Recovery Shampoo and Miraculous Recovery Conditioner. For an extra boost, treat your hair to our Miracle Drops Hair Masks. Perfect for travel, our handy miracle drops sachets are ideal to instantly hydrate your locks after basking on a beach. For a professionally groomed and ultra shiny finish, apply one pump of our Nourishing Oil Elixir through your hair for optimum smoothness and shine.

Best Products for Fine Frizzy Hair

As experts in fighting frizz, we’ve realised that those of you with fine hair can also suffer with frizz and flyaways and traditional frizz repelling products can weigh your locks down. Meet your smoothing saviour – Weightless Wonder Featherlight Smoothing Crème! This lightweight crème transforms frizzy AND fine hair to smooth styles without weighing your hair down. Plus, you can apply onto wet or dry hair! Pop into your handbag and touch-up during the day to perfect your style.

Best Products For Frizzy Hair in Humidity

Even in the most humid of climates, we’ve got our est products for frizzy hair in humidity to help you maintain a smooth style. After drying and styling, lock in smoothness by using one pump of our Perfect Finish Serum to boost shine and add a final layer of frizz protection against the humidity. Serums can be a little tricky to use, so we put together this helpful guide on how to apply hair serum.
Now rainy walks to work seem more bearable and summer humidity not as bitter-sweet, style and perfect your locks knowing you can brave the rain and enjoy the sun with the guarantee that your style will stay smooth all day with our top anti frizz hair products.

CURLS tend to have a mind of their own, but we’ve got a few great solutions with our selection of the best curly hair product.

Whether you’re looking to give your natural curl a better definition or banish frizz, there are quite a few product to choose from, depending on your budget.

11 Credit: Getty – Contributor

To help you sift through the many options out there, we’ve selected the best products that curly-haired folk swear by – and that you can easily purchase online.

What’s the best product for frizzy curly hair?

The general rule if you have curly hair when it comes to shampooing?

Use a gentle, low-foaming, sulphate-free shampoo when possible and wash hair infrequently so you don’t rob it of essential oils.

Conditioning those curls is also crucial, so invest in a super-hydrating conditioner or leave-in conditioner to get every inch of hair nourished and hydrated.

11 From lightweight shampoos to moisturising gel-oils, these are the best curly hair products you need to know about

A weekly hair mask is another mainstay to strengthen and repair those fragile strands.

When it comes to styling your curly hair, you’ll want a lightweight cream or gel-oil that combats frizz, that won’t weigh hair down and leaves it looking shiny.

Here’s our round-up of the best products for curly hair around.

1. Cleanse and nourish thick, curly hair: Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo

11 Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Shine

  • Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo, £10.99 from Look Fantastic – buy here

Finding the right shampoo is essential to keeping curly hair in its best condition – and you also don’t want to over-wash it.

The pros recommend a sulphate-free, low-foam shampoo like Shea Moisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo, with gorgeous, nourishing ingredients like coconut oil and silk protein.

It cleanses the scalp gently and protects against breakage and you won’t need to use it more than once a week.

2. Achieve silky-soft, defined curls: Noughty Wave Hello Curl Defining Bundle

11 Noughty Wave Hello Curl productsCredit: Noughty

  • Wave Hello Curl Defining Bundle, £15.72 (Was £20.97) from Noughty – buy here

Noughty haircare products tick all the boxes when it comes to gentle, natural, vegan hair care – at great value for money.

This curl-enhancing set contains sea kelp, avocado oil and mango butter to nourish curls and tame frizz, and fans love its smell and shine.

One satisfied customer said: “The curl cream gives my hair the same effect as it does when sitting in the sun and scrunching, (no more hard work – woohoo), all I need do is finger it through and leave to air dry.”

3. Intensely moisturise and detangle: African Pride Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner

11 African Pride Shea Butter

  • African Pride Shea Butter, £5.07 from Amazon – buy here

A heavy-duty moisturising conditioner is essential for curly, wavy, coily hair, and this popular shea butter product from African Pride does a good job hydrating, detangling, smoothing and adding plenty of shine to curls.

For best results, use daily and enjoy as the compliments start flooding in.

4. Deliver volume & shine: Cantu Shea Butter Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream

11 Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Moisturizing Curl

  • Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream, £6 from Amazon – buy here

A sulphate-free, shea butter product that you can apply to damp hair and scrunch up to style, Cantu has a cult following among the curly-haired.

It manages to moisturise locks, define curls and leave hair looking shiny.

Fans love that it’s “affordable and effective” and “marvellous for frizzy hair,” with one declaring: “I’m in love with this product! I have naturally curly and dry hair and this product saves my day every time I use it.

“I use it on dump hair (just a tiny amount is sufficient) and then simply dry it. The result is amazing: my hair is hydrated, soft, and maintains the style all day! Highly recommended.”

5. Hydrate and hold your curls: Bumble and bumble Curl Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil

11 Bumble and bumble Curl Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil

  • Bumble and bumble Curl Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil, £24 from Boots – buy here

A lightweight gel-oil hybrid, this Bb product hydrates and holds curls without weighing hair down, while the blend of Brazilian oils keeps hair shiny and glossy.

Fans love it so much they call it their “holy grail,” “saving grace” and “amazing on so many levels.”

One customer declares: “I have been religiously using this product for a little over a year now. My hair is thick and textured and I like to wear it natural.

“This product lets me do that. Because it is a gel-oil, it has the moisturizing effect of oil but it is lightweight like a gel. It leaves my hair shiny and soft without making it crunchy like most gels.”

6. Define your curls: Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream

11 Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream

  • Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream, £22 from Amazon – buy here

A curl-defining, frizz-fighting product with Argan oil and proteins to hydrate, detangle and strengthen, wavy-haired gals love this product for encouraging their waves to go curly.

People love how it softens hair – and rave about its delicious smell.

7. Improve your curls’elasticity and bounce: Project Beauty Hairgurt Curl Perfecting Yogurt Hair Masque

11 Hairgurt Curl Perfecting Yogurt Hair Masque Coconut Açaí

  • Project Beauty Hairgurt Curl Perfecting Yogurt Hair Masque Coconut Açaí, £8.85 from Lucky Vitamin – buy here

The DIY yoghurt hair mask is now a sulphate-free, botanical-blend premium product with coconut, açaí and quinoa to improve the condition of your curls.

Great for nourishing, softening and leaving hair smelling like a yummy pudding.

8. Restore your curls to their form glory, cruelty free: Aveda Be Curly

11 Aveda Be Curly Shampoo (250ml)

  • Aveda Be Curly Shampoo (250ml), £20.50, Lookfantastic – buy here

Aveda’s curly hair line is known to be one of the best on the market and this shampoo is the perfect to start with if you want to try it out.

This gentles shampoo will cleanse your hair while combating frizz and is also a great way to kick-start your shine-boosting regimen in the shower.

We love its refreshing citrus aroma and the fact that Aveda is a completely cruelty-free brand is a wonderful bonus.

Once converted, you can complete the set with Aveda’s Be Curly Conditioner and the Be Curly Enhancer.

is a completely cruelty-free brand. There is no animal testing occurring on their products or ingredients

9.Banish frizz: Percy & Reed Oh-So-Smooth Frizz Fixer


  • Percy & Reed Oh-So-Smooth Frizz Fixer (150ml), £15 at FeelUnique – buy here

If you have super frizzy hair that’s hard to tame, this light mist is the ideal product for you.

Its formula contains Sweet Almond Seedcake Extract that creates a humidity resistant shield around each and every hair strand, while Coconut & Moringa Oils moisturise and enhance shine.

Spray it over dry hair, for a smoothing effect and to reduce any humidity induced frizz.

What’s better for curly hair gel or mousse?

Whether gel or mousse is better for your curls will very much depend on the thickness of your hair.

Mousse may be better for thinner hair, it will be enough to keep your hair steady for hours without weighting them down or making them look greasy.

But gel usually works harder in keeping hair in place, so it’s a better option for those with thicker curls. It will hold them steady no matter the weather and give you more sculpting ability if you’re after a particular style.

How can I make my curls more defined?

There are a few things you can do to get rid of the frizz and get well defined curls.

First, make sure you keep your hair well- moisturised.

Curls that are too dry will never achieve the same definition than well moisturised ones.

Try to set aside some time aside weekly do a regular hydrating treatment or masque, once or twice a week.

Another tip is to start styling your curls while they are still wet straight after you had a shower. Start with a leave-in conditioner to control your hair and seal in moisture before you begin the rest styling process.

Finally, make sure you use a diffuser when drying your hair. It can help even out your curl pattern and boost the volume of heavy curls, giving more body to your hair.


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Super sleek strands have long been the order of the day, whether it be tonging our lengths into submission or relaxing away texture with chemical relaxers. But a new movement has been slowly emerging. One that embraces every kink, curl and fly-away.

From fine hair, to straight hair, curly hair and, yes, frizzy hair, here’s to celebrating every different type of ‘do. That said, it’s also natural to want what you don’t have, which is why keratin treatments, wigs and styling tools were created for those who fancy experimenting with their style.

As relaxed, insouciant and natural as a bit of frizz is (sexy bed hair, eat your heart out), if you prefer some smoothing action to tame those suckers and de-fluff, we’re here for that, too. This is your ultimate expert-guided handbook, no matter if you’re looking to free your frizz, or would rather see it straightened out.

Less shampoo = less frizz

Frizz can be caused by so many different things, from humidity to the wrong hair cut, and dry or damaged hair. And one thing that can exacerbate the latter, is over-cleansing. Particularly with fine hair that’s prone to flyaways.

If you’re looking for a smoother finish post-wash, “Make sure you only shampoo light, do not vigorously rub the hair and finish with a cool water rinse after your conditioner,” says Antony Rawlings, Creative Director at Lockonego for Redken.

He also recommends adding a mask into your routine once a week (or more often if you have a course or curly hair type).

Air dry vs blow-dry

A huge debate when it comes to frizz is whether blow-drying or air-drying gives smoother results, and the answer usually varies from person to person.

Larry King is team blow-dry, recommending those with frizz to “use a smoothing nozzle on your hairdryer and always finish with the cool shot to smooth down the cuticle. Invest in some great products to help; adding Redken’s Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame before you start your blow-dry will make a real difference to how long it lasts.”

If you prefer to air-dry, Antony says to style the hair while it’s still wet so that it dries smooth, rather than trying to shape it once it’s dry.

Don’t brush your hair

Or rather, try not to brush it too much.

“Overbrushing can damage the ends and cause them to frizz”, says Larry, who recommends a round brush for when you do use one, so that “you’ll have more control over the ends and can get in tighter to the root to smooth.”

If your hair starts to go frizzy halfway through the day, Larry says to reach for the hairdryer rather than a brush. “You can run the hair dryer back over your hair during the day. It doesn’t have to be wet to smooth it over, just add a little smoothing product and re-smooth using your round brush and hairdryer. I love the Dyson Supersonic (£299) because it doesn’t cause heat damage, so you don’t have to panic about going back over it again.”

As for the bristles of your brush, Antony recommends going for boar bristles to prevent breakage and defrizz. Try the Denman Pro-Tip Boar Bristle Round Wooden Brush (£12.99 from Superdrug).

The secret to serums

Ever tried smoothing your frizz with a serum and ended up looking like a grease monkey?

Larry advises: “distribute the product thoroughly through your hands first, then start at the back of your hair and apply to underneath, leaving that final top layer til last.” This way you’ll only be using the smallest amount of residue.

Antony also recommends trying the new Redken Frizz Dismiss Oil Mist, “because it’s light and in a mist form, so it smoothes flyaways and static without weighing hair down.”

And if you’re heading out on a particularly humid day, he says to follow your serum with a humidity spray on top. “But always spray on to a brush and then brush through the hair instead of spraying directly on top.”

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