You’re Wearing the Wrong Sneaker During Your HIIT Workouts

You have a favorite crop top for hot yoga class and a sleek pair of compression capris perfect for boot camp, but do you put the same focus on your go-to sneaker? Just like your choice apparel, footwear isn’t one-size-fits-all for every fitness activity. In fact, wearing the wrong footwear for your workout can actually put you at risk for injury. As more and more women are tackling box jumps and burpees (there are now more CrossFit boxes internationally than Starbucks locations in the United States), the demand for a shoe that can withstand a hardcore sweat session, kettlebells and all, is rising. (Related: Incredible New Sneakers That Will Change the Way You Work Out)

“You’re already making an investment in the clothes you wear, a gym membership, and your time,” says Fernando Serratos, product line manager for Asics. “It’s a no-brainer to invest in the right footwear that makes you perform your total best and crush what you set out to do. You want to get these workouts in and make them count.”

Not to worry: Where there’s a demand, there’s supply. Big-name brands are recognizing the need for training-specific footwear. Just this month, both Nike and Reebok released shoes, the Metcon 3 and Nano 7 respectively, designed for HIIT workouts. Asics, a longtime favorite among runners, is even dabbling in the field, releasing the Conviction X.

But how are these sneakers different from your go-to half-marathon pair? Here’s what you should look for in a training shoe:

1. Essential stability: It’s important to protect your foot during high-demand workouts. Your ankles and heels crave a locked-in feel for lifting weights, and your mid- and forefoot also need support. “Running is a linear activity, but HIIT training is very different, ” says Kristen Rudenauer, Reebok’s senior product manager for training footwear. “Movements such as side shuffles, pivots, jumping jacks, cutting between cones, ladder work, planks, and push-ups-you need support from front to back.”

2. The right fit: Most running specialty shops will advise customers to shop a half to full size up to accommodate foot swelling while running multiple miles. But in training shoes? Not so much. “We don’t recommend that you size up when selecting a training shoe,” says Nike master trainer Joe Holder. “Due to multidirectional movements and the need for stability while training, having a fit that’s true to foot size is important.”

3. A focus on breathability: Things get hot when you’re tackling your third round of mountain climbers. “You’re already working hard enough,” says Serratos. “You want something that’s not going to make your feet so sweaty. Lightweight wicking fabric is essential.” Look for an option with mesh panels to help you keep your cool.

4. The right amount of traction: Between climbing ropes and hopping small hurdles, fast-paced workouts require optimal traction. Look for a firm outsole, often with added rubber in the forefoot, to help you flash through quick movements without a slip.

5. The perfect look: As more and more shoes in this category hit the market, it’s easier-and more fun-to find a style that suits not just your performance needs, but also whatever look you’re going for. “At Nike, we know that when athletes look good, they do well and perform better,” says Holder. Both Nike and Reebok allow consumers to customize their training shoes, picking everything from the color of the laces to the logo.

6. Good shelf life: The general rule of thumb for running sneakers is to swap them out every 300 to 500 miles (or 4 to 6 months). With training, it’s not as black and white. You want to look for a sneaker that’s going to withstand wear and tear. “The telltale signs you need a new pair is if there are visible excess compression lines along the sidewall, loss of structural integrity, or the rubber is peeling off of the bottom,” says Rudenauer.

  • By Emily Abbate @emilyabbate

HIIT will enhance your endurance and metabolism. Luckily, for HIIT, you won’t require complex equipment.

But, you’ll need shoes with enough lateral support (but be fairly minimal) for the rough HIIT movements.

These shoes will allow HIIT motions (for resistance + cardiovascular exercises) – up, down, forward, & backward.

Hopefully, this guide helps you pick one. So, let’s get started!

Reviews: Top 7 Best Shoes for HIIT Training 2020

1. RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe – Our Top Pick

My encounter with Ryka Influence was once I noted that I couldn’t easily pivot, twist and turn in my regular and longtime Saucony bestie shoe. Ryka Influence is a high-performance running shoe, and it’s even rarer to now trip while in my HIIT sessions. This HIIT shoe great style – awesomely colored and dynamic design that most women will love.

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With the top traction outsole, the HIIT shoe comes top on the cross training platform. Therefore, Ryka Influence comes with all the characteristic features of a great HIIT shoe: grippy traction, great insole cushioning, Direct fuse Support & Flex foil Layers, which significantly aid the required lateral movements.

With the N-gauge Eva, this shoe will absorb larger movement impacts and thus give you greater traction and energy. Further, this technology will keep you boot as good as new as it’ll keep the shoe’s shape. The HIIT boot as a dual-density foam that will provide excellent cushioning for you when you’re landing or foot-striking.

With an excellent fit for a woman’s foot shape, Ryka Influence also offers excellent comfort, cushioning and HIIT movements’ control. In addition, it is highly breathable as it comes with a mesh (synthetic) upper. Further, its dual-impact midsole will give you additional cushion on your heel and forefront.

Ryka Influence has highly stable support. Therefore, it’ll easily absorb the impact from your running and jumping – which still keeping your stable and ready to awesomely take the following lateral movement or rep.

+ Pros: Has N-gauge Eva that maintains the shoe shape and absorbs impact, uses Direct-fuse Technology and Flex Foil technology.

– Cons: Tends to run wide.

2. Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0 DuraCage Upper For Olympic lifts – Runner-Up

CrossFit Nano 4.0 comes out like the versatile HIIT trainer – second for best shoes for HIIT training. RopePro and DuraCage overlays will support the shoe’s mesh-based upper are designed to enhance rope climbing but also great for HIIT. Further, the RopePro protection wrap allows greater support and bite in your rope climbing.

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As a regular in the cross-fit line of shoes, CrossFit Nano 4.0 is great for box jumps and the pulling Olympic lifts. You’ll love its top shock absorbing and support, in addition to having minimum drop differential that’s great for your high-intensity training.

3. PUMA Women’s Cell Riaze Heather Cross-Trainer Shoe

PUMA Cell Riaze is one of those shoes that looks like it is very track inspired. It seems like they are something like Mr. Bolt may have put on himself. Its low profile but would still be flattering to women. It comes with a beautiful heel stabilizer that makes the shoe to be amazingly stable and hence will provide adequate support during the HIIT training.

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PUMA has also added a synthetic overlay all around the top of the Cell Riaze that gives you the ability to tighten the laces as tight or as loose as you want them to be.

This shoe has excellent traction and hence as you into fall (fast changing seasons, huh!), you’ll benefit from the shoe’s top stability. It has an hourglass shape that’ll hug your foot and equally leave enough room for the Tootsie with not inappropriate cramping.

You’ll love the padded tongue and collar and the rubber sole for increased traction. PUMA Cell Riaze has EcoOrthoLite sock liner and comes with the EverTrack abrasion-outsole. It has a cushioned midsole and heel.

I found the shoes to be great for HIIT training or sprint interval training (SIT), running and gym exercises as they have excellent arch support.

Caution: you’ll notice that PUMA Cell Riaze could be slippery, particularly with wet surfaces. Further, Cell Riaze is not water-proof and hence will soak even with little amounts of water.

+ Pros: Excellently padded and will fit your feet, great for people with flat feet, It offers awesome ankle and foot support, and its suitable for female HIIT athletes who are fashion conscious.

– Cons: Sadly, PUMA Cell Riaze is not appropriate for HIIT athletes having narrow feet and it’s Relatively pricey

4. PUMA Tazon 6 FM – A Low-Profile shoe for HIIT

For HIIT Training, the PUMA Tazon 6 FM would be a great alternative. I truly adore the sporty silhouette for the PUMA Tazon 6 with its low-profile midsole and it’s awesome cushioning at the back and around its heel.

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In addition, it has extra cushioning on the tongue and collar. The HIIT Training shoe is designed from synthetic leather which gives you that authentic look you need for when walking out.

In addition, it has a soft-foam insert to increase your comfort while you are working out. Interestingly, PUMA Tazon 6 is not just a running shoe but will also endure very harsh environment when you are doing plyometrics and weightlifting.

+ Pros: Lightweight, Sharp and stylish, Comfortable, Highly stable shoes and Great running shoes for Achilles tendonitis.

– Cons: Shoe material is rigid

5. Reebok Crossfit Speed TR – With Backheel and RopePro technology

Reebok’s CrossFit Speed TR is excellent for HIIT training such as Tabata regimen since it offers top versatility and comfort. I actually loved that the shoe is highly breathable and it’s usable in multiple workout plans.

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It has a back heel and RopePro technology to ease your push-up workouts. It’s cushioning will not affect your lifting workout and awesome for jogging and running. Described as a highly versatile shoe, Reebok’s CrossFit Speed TR, however, lacks adequate support for heavy lifting and Gibala regimen.

Reebok CrossFit TR shares the same design elements as the Nano 6.0. There is no kevlar on the sides of the upper to help you out with traction when you’re rock climbing. It looks like it does but the pattern is just there for aesthetics.

There’s also a lot going on with the sole of the shoe the Reebok cluster speak to you has a multi-directional tread pattern on it that does an extremely good job of providing you with traction.

The speedster also has a rope roll on the middle portion of the shoe like the Nano 6.0 but it’s much smaller by comparison. The sole is still fairly stiff and nonetheless overall the sole on the speed TR doesn’t compress too much and the majority of the padding comes from the very soft Enzo.

It is a more responsive and faster shoe that will be great for your HIIT workouts such as running and heavy squats. You’ll find the shoes great on stability in your overhead squats. Despite being a perfect fit for your feet in HIIT training including the Vollaard regimen, you’ll require to ‘break into’ the shoe. Reebok’s CrossFit Speed TR’s body is breathable and light while its sole ensures an appropriate thread to keep you in good control and stable.

Video: Reebok Speed TR 2.0

6. ASICS Gel-Fit Sana – Lightweight design Giving barefoot feeling

ASICS Gel-Fit Sana 3 is a comfortable shoe that you’ll discover to fit flawlessly in your feet for the chosen size. I would say the shoe outdoes other cross-training giving your proper feet support in the HIIT training like Tabata regimen.

Improved Traction: ASICS Gel-Fit has the tread pattern (herringbone) and AHAR Plus that is patented, which will give you additional traction while working out. Lightweight HIIT shoe: The ASICS Gel-Fit Sana 3 has a lightweight design that will make you feel like you are working out barefoot.

It has a MONO-SOCK that will stretch to make the shoe’s upper more flexible. Also, it has a flexible upper, which will provide adequate support in your HIIT exercises. Extra support and stability, Light and easy to fit, Easy to slip onto your feet and Comfortable fit in Zuniga regimen.

– Cons: Not suitable for people with wide feet

7. New Balance Minimus 20v6 – For Cross-training & lifting

The Minimus 20v6 Trainer is great when you are mainly focusing on lifting workouts in your HIIT. But why/ well, this shoe’s midsole has the Rapid Rebound technology that’ll give you excellent bounce-back when you’re sprinting or jumping.

I must say that this is a minimalist shoe and hence you won’t require excessive support. Created from mesh and synthetic material, the HIIT shoe is well-ventilated, which is also complemented by the spacious toe box. The Minimus 20v6 also has a tongue that is “burrito” that’ll hug your feet as you work out.

Further, it comes with a heel drop (4mm) to maintain you in a neutral position for HIIT. In addition, its Vibram outsole will give you great underfoot traction plus an external heel clip.

8. Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 6.0 Cross-Trainer Shoe

Finally, on the list of the best shoes for HIIT training is this Reebok Crossfit Nano 6.0 that will give you great fit due to its having a heel counter and anatomical shape. In addition, the shoe has a sandpaper-texture that’ll give you extra grip as you climb using ropes.

It has polyurethane “NanoShell” and a minimal heel rise that makes it highly breathable, comfortable and very stable. Its solid platform and outsole proved for your climbing, jumping, squatting or running.

Reebok Crossfit Nano 6.0 will fit excellently due to its high natural and anatomical design. To allow you to cover longer running distances, the show has adequate cushioning and retains the 4 mm drop from the Crossfit Nano 5.0. Compared to 6.0, the 6.0 has a thicket tongue that can move which is great for HIIT motions.

Buyer’s Guide


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3 Metcalfe, Richard S., et al. “Towards the minimal amount of exercise for improving metabolic health: beneficial effects of reduced-exertion high-intensity interval training.” European journal of applied physiology 112.7 (2012): 2767-2775.


5. HIIT barefoot /using minimal shoes?

Best Cross Training Shoes For Men

Are You Wearing The Right Workout Shoes? Here’s How To Tell

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The AskMen editorial team thoroughly researches & reviews the best gear, services and staples for life. AskMen may get paid if you click a link in this article and buy a product or service.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they want to start working out again – or if they simply don’t care enough – is stuffing their feet in the first old pair of shoes they can find. Most likely, it’s a dingy old pair of running shoes. You know, the ones that you haven’t untied since last summer; the ones you just jam your feet in until you can pull the heel around your foot.

Yes, they are comfortable. But so are those old house slippers under the bed, and you don’t work out in those. You want to perform your best in the gym and that means having support no matter what movements you’ll be doing. If you are crossing training that means you want a shoe that can handle weight lifting days when you might be crushing heavy squats or deadlifts but can also hold up when you’re sprinting, jumping or laboring through a high intensity interval workout and cursing your way through a gang of burpees.

Advanced weightlifters and CrossFitters might invest in a pair of Olympic weightlifting shoes with an elevated heel and a thick Velcro strap to fasten them him for power cleans and snatches. Some lifters will opt for anything with a flat bottom or zero “drop” between the heel and forefoot, which is optimal for creating a solid flat surface for squatting. You can easily catch a dude in the squat rack popping out of a deep squat with a couple hundred pounds while wearing an old pair of white low-top Converse Chuck Taylors.

But for most us, we need one shoe that can do it all, whether you want to spend the day pumping iron, demolish a bodyweight HIIT or chop through a spicy session full of heart-pounding plyometrics.

So what are you really looking for? You need stability for lifting and flexibility that lets you mixed it up in your HIIT workout and can handle explosive bodyweight movements and changes in direction. And on top of that, you should look good while you sweat too. With that in mind, let’s take a look at breakdown of the best cross trainers of 2017. But first, let’s go over a few things:

Things To Know

  • Fit: Sure, you want the shoe to be comfortable. But most important is having room in the toe box when you’ll inevitably spread your toes when jumping or squats. When trying shoes on, wiggle your toes and make sure your digits are have room to breathe.
  • The Drop: If you’re in the market for a cross trainer you want a shoe that is versatile and that means you need to be able to hit the weights in them too. Look out for a shoe with little to “no drop” from the forefoot to the heel, giving you a solid, flat surface for squats and deadlifts and even Olympic lifts if you’re feeling spicy.
  • The Running Rule: Yes, you can run in cross trainers, but they also are not running shoes. They should be comfortable but we won’t recommend plugging through a 10-miler.

Nike Metcon 4

Best For: Anything you want to do in any gym you want to do it

The Metcon 4, which launched Jan. 1, touts a lightweight haptic fabric on the upper that makes it the most breathable and most durable training shoe yet. It has all the usual Metcon features from the flat bottom to the firm, enforced heel that makes it perfect for squatting and lifting. The upper also features rubberized tri-star shapes that allow for multidirectional grip, making them suitable for side-to-side motion, quick changes in direction and still tough enough for rope climbs.
$130.00 at

Reebok Nano 8

Best For: CrossFit-style workouts

On the surface, Reebok’s newest Nano edition looks just like the previous model. Looks. That’s the keyword. The Nano 8 offers the minimal drop, security and wide toe box that’s expected but comfort is where the new shoe excels. The Flexweave upper gives a durability and breathability upgrade. The Flexweave technology interlocks fibers to create a single surface construction, improving over stability. It’s certainly more flexible than the Nano 7 but biggest difference is comfort. A thicker insole makes them immediately softer on your feet and the cushioned collar locks you in while keeping your ankles from abrasion.
$130.00 at

Nike Lunar Prime Iron II

Best For: Explosive workouts

In case you don’t need all the bells and whistles that a Nike Metcon offers, consider the Lunar Prime II a slightly scaled down version. The “Lunarion”” cushioning provides soft, lightweight absorption while the rubber thread ensures the shoe remains durable regardless of what surface you’re training on. The flywire integration on the laces keep you locked in, making this train perfect for sprinting, box jumps, bounding and any dynamic movements your that challenges your body.
$80.00 at

No Bull Project Trainers

Best For: Strength Workouts and HIIT training

Sometimes you need a little reminder to get moving . No Bull writes in right on the shoe “for visibility when you need it most,” they say. Whether your training session is all about lifts, sprints, sled pushes or rope climbs or all of the above, these trainers are prepared for it. The upper is a seamless one-piece construction for more durability and offers high carbon lateral and medial guards on the sidewalls for added support.
$129.00 at

Athletic Propulsion Labs Ascend

Best For: Lifting and boot camp workouts

APL’s first training shoe is built for comfort but it not short on style. There’s minimal rubber on the outsole, which keeps the shoe at a light 9.9 ounces and a 8mm drop keeps your feet in a natural position for lifting and squatting. APL’s Propelium technology is made to maintain the structural integrity of the midsole, which just means that the is constructed to take a beating and look good doing it.
$200.00 at

Asics Conviction X 2

Best For: High Intensity Training

Made to handle any tough workout, the Conviction X 2 is built specifically for taking on HIIT workouts. A new uppwer, with seamless construction and a perforated sockliner, Asics upgraded the fit on this newest rendition. The highlight though, is the Lace Garage techonology that allows you to tuck in and hide the laces.
$119.95 at

Under Armour Charge Ultimate 2.0

Best For: High Volume Sessions

At first glance, admittedly this shoe looks a bit clunky but reviews about its performance have been positive because of the shoe’s durability. It’s coated in TPU for added support and features a external heel counter and medial flat knit panel. The foam sockliner allows for increased comfort.
$99.99 at

Inov-8 All Train 215

Best For: All The Things

Inov-8 became one of the more minimalist shoes that you would see in the gym but the brand was the first to design a shoe that could take on the riggers – the burpees, box jump, rope climbs – that you might encounter in a CrossFit WOD. Now they’ve taken that zero drop, lightweight and flexibility and meshed it with the stability and comfort of a trail running shoe. So drop the barbell and hit the trails.
$109.95 at

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The best gym training shoes 2020: Options for HIIT, weights and CrossFit workouts

  • Kit yourself out: Best gym gear for women
  • Pack smart: Best gym bags for men and women

An all-round gym shoe is a great option if you only want one pair and never know what your workouts might look like – but if you’re really serious about a specific type of training, you may want to invest in something a bit more focused.

Here we pick our favorite shoes for training in, with specific options chosen for men and women. Those options are based on the reviewer preference but each shoe is available in both male and female versions.

Best for general training

Under Armour HOVR Apex

If you love explosive workouts full of box jumps, burpees, and sprints, you’ll need a shoe that will soften the landings and boost your energy return. The Under Armour HOVR Apex is designed just for this – it features layered support, allowing you to move forwards, backward and side-to-side with ease. Though they are best placed for stationary dynamic movements due to the thick outsole.

Under Armour’s HOVR foam is designed to rebound back the energy you push into it with each movement, helping to power you back off the ground. With a thick sole and 8mm offset, these shoes are a bit chunkier than your average gym shoe – if you like plush support, cushioning and bounce then these are for you.

Read our full UA HOVR Apex review

Nobull Water Heather Trainer

These water heather trainers wouldn’t be out of place with any casual streetwear, but they’re more than just good-looking. Nobull makes classically designed shoes with all the key features you’d want in a training shoe, but with no outlandish claims as to what they’ll help you achieve.

The one-piece upper is durable, breathable and flexible for ease of movement no matter what your workout is, and since the material is abrasion resistant it’ll stand the test of time. The lugs on the sole are textured to suit both indoor and outdoor training, plus the inner sole is designed to grip on those all-important rope climbs.

The 4mm heel to toe drop will help you feel steady on the ground and responsive as you move. If you want one simple investment shoe that’ll do you for the gym, pub, and work, it doesn’t get much better than these.

On is a brand that most of us would associate with running, that’s why the Cloud X is such a surprising addition to the massive range of shoes the company now has available.

The technology that sits within the Cloud X is identical to the other models that fall under the iconic On umbrella. Although it is still classed as a running shoe, we’ve found its real strength lies in general training, covering everything from gym workouts to HIIT, CrossFit and shorter runs.

It’s a lightweight shoe, coming in at 226g (8oz) for men and 187g (6.6.oz) for women, but still maintains a fair bit of cushioning on the outsole – good for high impact training like jumping around or short sprints on the treadmill. That special outsole design is actually made to handle impact at different angles, which is a big bonus when you’re moving around sideways as well as forwards.

The other thing we really like about On shoes is that they’re generally really comfortable as soon as you take them out of the box – we’ve found ourselves putting on the Cloud X for the gym in the morning and leaving it on all day.

Best for CrossFit

inov-8 F-LITE 235 V3

Although inov-8 has historically been associated with hard-wearing trail shoes, its range of workout trainers contains by far some of the best out there today. From the massive selection of options to choose from, our pick of the bunch is the F-LITE 235 V3.

The focus here is all-natural movement. Think functional fitness exercises like climbing, crawling, jumping and sprinting. The shoe is designed to allow that natural movement as easily as possible whilst still offering a level of support and protection. That protection is not only from shock absorption in the midsole, but through the clever ROPETEC material upper – designed to offer increased durability as well as traction.

If you’re looking for a shoe for HIIT and CrossFit-style workouts, it’s spot on. Light, really comfortable and exceptionally good at gripping multiple surfaces for when you need to jump around and shift your weight quickly. The 4mm drop means you can use them across multi-disciplines and the mesh fabric upper helps to stop your feet getting too sweaty.

Designed for the demands of CrossFit, the Reebok Nano 9s work just as well for strength training as they do for HIIT, mobility and cardio machines. They feature a midfoot support cage to give you a firm base when you’re lifting heavy – it helps prevent your feet rolling in or out, which can lead to injuries and imbalances further up your biomechanical chain.

The Flexweave upper allows your foot to flex freely as you move through dynamic movements, while the rubber outsole will offer you extra grip for rope climbs. While the Nano 9 isn’t a running shoe as such, Reebok has taken into account the fact that running sometimes features in WODs (and your standard gym session!) so they’ve added cushioning for comfort while you pound the streets or treadmill.

There’s also a TPU heel clip to help stabilize your rearfoot. All in all, a strong all-round training shoe which lends itself well to a wide range of classes and workouts.

There aren’t many products out there with the functional fitness credibility of the Metcon series. Now on its fifth iteration, it’s truly a force to be reckoned with for anyone looking at all-purpose training shoes.


Designed to offer a range of benefits across the whole span of functional training disciplines, the Metcon 5 (a blending of ‘metabolic’ and ‘conditioning’, if you were wondering) has some nice features added to it. As well as a special abrasion-resistant material on the upper for gripping ropes on the way up and letting you slide on the way down, there’s the inclusion of a removable Hyperlift insert that adds an additional 8mm (taking it from 4mm to 12mm overall) to your heel to toe drop – it won’t turn them into a lifting shoe, but it helps makes certain movements easier if you lack mobility.

This recent addition to the range also has a good balance between stability and flexibility. It’ll cover you for more static movements like thrusters and wall balls, whilst still allowing you the freedom to jump around and crawl across the floor.

New Balance has been making some major waves in the running world over the past year. As a result, it’s easy to forget that it also delivers an extremely credible CrossFit style shoe in the form of the Minimus Prevail.

Coming in at 284g for men and 243g for women, it’s one of the lighter functional fitness shoes you’ll find on the market with a lot going for it in terms of durability and features. The perforated knit upper allows a high level of breathability for sweaty workouts whilst the 4mm drop outsole has been developed by Vibram. That means that not only do you get a tough, hard-wearing build but there’s also an impressive level of grip that’s especially noticeable with lateral movement.

Overall, you get a very nicely balanced shoe that’s comfortable whether you’re lifting weights or tackling a killer WOD. It also features a TPU External Heel Stabilizer and comes in a range of attractive colorways. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, the previous models are often available at a lower price and are well worth a look if you don’t mind losing some of the more recent design features..

Nike Zoom Fearless Flyknit 2

If you’ve tried a Nike Flyknit running shoe, you’ll know exactly what appeals about them – the Flyknit upper is ultra-light and seamless, so much so that you can forget you’re wearing it. It’s this, and the fact it’s highly breathable, that Flyknit lends itself just as well to gym training as it does to running.

The Zoom Fearless blends this upper with Zoom Air cushioning for a bouncy, responsive feel, plus a grooved sole to let your foot flex naturally. Like the Nike Metcons, the Zoom Fearless has a low profile design which helps you feel stable, but with a touch more cushioning to help you power through the dynamic movements of boxing, circuits and dance classes comfortably.

Our favorite bit? This range of shoes is made with recycled materials – the equivalent of six plastic bottles per pair – so you can work out assured that you’re doing your bit for the environment too.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep

Yes, it may look like something from sci-fi film but this shoe offering from Nike has been specifically designed for people doing HIIT and interval workouts.

How does it work? Well, the alien design is made to offer a high level of both cushioning and support, two things that Nike believes are fundamental to HIIT and interval training but aren’t found together in the majority of training shoes.

That wide chunky forefoot incorporates Zoom Air cushioning to take the brunt of the impact when you’re landing, while the thicker heel adds stability for lifting movements. Nike have also added a snug ribbed upper on the front of the shoe to keep your foot held in tight as you move around as well as something called a ‘Burpee Break’ which lets your foot bend naturally when you’re doing things like a plank, mountain climber or, as you’ve probably guessed, a burpee.

Best for lifting

Reebok Legacy Lifter

If you’re serious about lifting weights, you’ll need a serious weightlifting shoe – and Reebok’s Legacy Lifter is just the thing. With a 22mm drop, these shoes raise your heels above your toes to aid your ankle mobility when doing squats, deadlifts and snatches.

It may not sound much in the grand scheme of things, but considering most running or training shoes feature a drop of 4mm to 12mm, it’s a significant difference. The Legacy Lifters feature two Velcro straps so you can feel as secure as possible as you shift those weights, plus they have rubber soles for traction on smooth lifting platforms.

If you like to vary your training and can only afford one pair of shoes, these might not be the best shout for you as they’re so specialized to weight lifting, but if you’ve got the budget and need to boost your mobility then the Legacy Lifters are perfect.

Nike Romaleos 3 XD

Like the Reebok Legacy Lifter, the Romaleos range has long been a favorite amongst the weightlifting community. If you’re looking for a well-rounded lifting shoe it has a lot going for it, from great stability in the heel to an impressive level of flexibility in the front foot if you’re planning on doing movements aside from static lifts.

Nike made a number of modifications on previous models, from developing it into one of the more lightweight options on the market – something that helps when performing dynamic movements like jumping – to the inclusion of one large velcro strap for a more stable fit.

The shoes come with two interchangeable inserts, a softer one for more functional movements and a harder one if you’re planning on focusing your training session on heavy lifting, and the honeycomb rubber grip on the heel plate will keep you from slipping on any surface you’re likely to find in a gym.

Adidas Power Perfect 3

Another great option if you’re looking for a solid all-round shoe that’ll suit beginner to intermediate lifters –especially if you’re aiming for something significantly more cost-effective.

The Power Perfect 3 is designed for a nice balance between comfort and support. At the front, there’s extra width, a high level of flexibility and impressively breathable mesh. For support, there’s a reinforced heel, an updated hook-and-loop strapping system and a stiff EVA midsole.

The 19mm heel height should be more than enough for most weightlifters and the outsole grip means you won’t be sliding around when you’re trying to hit those PBs, especially when you’re training on a less than perfect gym floor.

If you want to modify you’re training with a lifting shoe but don’t want to fork out the big bucks, then the Power Perfect 3 is a great option, especially if you’re a beginner.

Best High Intensity Interval Training Shoes

HIIT, which basically means High-Intensity Interval Training, is one of the latest fitness trends in workout routines today. If you are looking for a fast way to get fit, and to burn those nasty calories, then HIIT is your answer.

How Does a HIIT Workout Work

HIIT is a cardio workout where you do short bouts of high-intensity workout routines, that allows you to push yourself to the limit for short periods.

These intense bursts of energy, in turn, rev up your metabolism, while your body then slowly normalizes itself over the next few hours. So generally speaking, while your body is returning to normal functioning you are still burning calories for a few hours while doing nothing at all.

HIIT is not a difficult workout, but rather intensive and hard work, it will most definitely push your limits, and similarly your pain threshold. You can likewise look forward to some aching muscles the next day, that is if you have done the exercise correctly and effectively.

in this video you will see an example of a HIIT fitness routine

Benefits of a HIIT Workout

As I have said before the main benefits of a HIIT workout are to burn calories and for fitness, as well as core strength.

  • Time Saving – It is an easy and fast routine work out, which is particularly beneficial to individuals who do not have much time on their hands for a long strenuous workout.
  • Strength – You will generally become stronger, fitter, as well as healthier, as a result of HIIT fitness Training.

  • No Equipment – In addition, you likewise do not need much, or any gym equipment for that matter, most HIIT routines require no equipment at all and uses your own body weight as a training tool.

  • Slimming – Although you should not count on HIIT to lose weight, you will burn calories and lose inches, but rather stay away from the scale, as it may be deceiving. Keeping in mind that fat burns and muscles are strengthened, muscle weighing more than fat.

How To Prevent Injuries with an HIIT Workout

Here are some of the main factors to consider in practicing safe HIIT workouts

  • Warm up thoroughly before commencing to your workout, in order to prevent injuries.
  • Make sure that your workout program or coach is legit, and knows what they are doing. Not following a good program with adequate rest periods will end up in injuries.
  • Concentrate on your form and technique first which is most important for the workout to be effective and to avoid further injury.
  • Make sure to give enough time for rest in between intervals, and recovery after your workout.
  • Make sure that you get the right nutrition and adequate sleep for your body to recover and restore itself, as it is with any other form of sport or exercise.

Features of a Good Workout Shoe for HIIT

HIIT is a workout that needs features of a cross-training shoe, so here is what to look for.

  • Traction – Good Traction in the outsole for hard and slippery indoor surfaces.
  • Cushioning – Adequate, but not too much responsive cushioning for good energy return.
  • Uppers – Breathable and flexible, lightweight uppers to keep your feet cool and allow for fast and easy movement.
  • Stability – Good stability features to prevent injuries.
  • Shock Absorbency – Outstanding shock absorbency!!

Reviews: Best HIIT Workout Shoes


HIIT Workout Cross Trainers

The Reebok Flexion is a cross-training shoe that fuses gym, athletics and other training methods, ideal for HIIT fitness training.

  • Breathable and lightweight mesh and synthetic uppers.
  • Designed to enhance performance.
  • Durable and thick shock absorbing rubber outsole.
  • Soft cushioned insoles and smooth moisture-wicking linings.
  • Available in a few color options.
  • Man Made
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top” from arch
  • designed for performance
  • comfortable sole


Breathable Cross Trainer for HIIT

The Nike Metcon 4 is designed for demanding to cross-train, and will, therefore, offer you the same for HIIT training.

  • Breathable and flexible mesh uppers with a 3D print and Flywire cables integrate with the laces.
  • The drop in midsole guarantees a stable heel and a more flexible midfoot.
  • The firm rubber in the heel ensures durability and stability for high-intensity training.
  • A versatile Crossfit and High-Intensity Training shoe.


Lightweight Training Shoe for HIIT Routines

Lightweight, fashionable and fierce, that is what the Puma Prowl ALT and Axelion is in a nutshell. This innovative and revolutionary design will give you full performance and support.

  • Stylish and comfortable uppers in textile, that is lightweight and breathable.
  • A durable high traction rubber outsole.
  • Comfortable and supportive footbed with a low top arch.
  • Available in a variety of color designs for every taste.
  • Ideal for running and training performance.


Crossfit Trainer for HIIT Workouts

Perfect for HIIT, the versatile Crossfit Nano 4.0 from Reebok is designed specifically for high-intensity interval routines and Crossfit training.

  • Mesh-based uppers with DuraCage and RopePro uppers to enhance rope climbing and provide support.
  • Excellent for jumping and pulling lifts, good shock absorbency and adequate cushioning.
  • Minimum drop and better support and stability for weight training and fitness training.
  • Good traction in the rubber outsole.


HIIT Crossfit Shoe

For a more natural workout, the New Balance 20v6 gives you a more grounded feel during your workout, for better strength training.

  • Comfortable and flexible textile and synthetic uppers, that offers a lightweight yet snug fit.
  • No-Sew material application to prevent chafing.
  • The Revlite midsole offers responsive and lightweight cushioning.
  • A burrito tongue and asymmetrical heel with molded foam for a natural heel fit.
  • Good Meta support and a high traction outsole, for better movement and stability.


High Interval and Crossfit Trainer

Yet another exceptional Crossfit training shoe that fits the bill as a HIIT training shoe.
This shoe is highly breathable and versatile enough to use for multiple workout routines.

  • Breathable and lightweight uppers with a flexible fit, for easy movement.
  • A rubber sole with a multi-directional tread pattern for better traction on slippery floor surfaces.
  • The footbed is cushioned with soft ENZO just enough for HIIT training.
  • Back heel and RopePro technology for push-ups and rope climbing.
  • Excellent control and stability capabilities.


HIIT Training Shoes

Superb Training shoes from New Balance that are ideal for HIIT Training and Cross Fit Training routines.

  • Synthetic and textile lightweight uppers.
  • A durable and slip resistant VibramOutsole.
  • Molded External Counter.
  • Offers rapid rebound and energy return.


Wide Width HIIT Shoes

Cross Training shoes from Inov-8 that are superbly flexible and offer excellent grip for HIIT training.

  • Sticky Grip durable rubber outsole.
  • Next Generation Meta-Flex technology for multi-directional flexibility.
  • An External Heel cage for stability and control.
  • Soft and lightweight uppers.


Breathable HIIT Shoes

Under Armour offers you one of their best HIIT training shoe models with all the features that you may require.

  • Durable textile uppers with the Threadborne embroidered design that is breathable and provides structural support.
  • Webbing loops for an enhanced fit.
  • Lateral rubber forefoot wrap for traction and stability.
  • A comfortable cushioned midsole.

In Conclusion

Let’s face it, a HIIT training regimen is hard work, and this should be something that you really want to do. Though the health benefits are exceptional, commitment is a large requirement in this form of training.

In general, the right pair of shoes for HIIT is a necessity, and I have found that some cross-training models have ideal features for this type of training.

Summary Table: Top-Rated HIIT Shoes

No. Shoe Men ♂ Women ♀ Features Brand Score
1 Reebok® – HIIT Workout Cross Trainers Flexagon Force Flexagon Force
  • High Traction
  • Cushioned
  • Lightweight
Reebok 97
2 Nike® – Breathable Cross Trainer for HIIT Metcon 4 Metcon 4
  • Breathable
  • Flexible
  • 3D Uppers
  • Rubber Heel
Nike 97
3 Puma® – Lightweight Training Shoe for HIIT Routines Axelion Prowl Alt 2
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Low Top Arch
Puma 97
4 Reebok® – Crossfit Trainer for HIIT Workouts Nano 8.0 Nano 8.0
  • Minimum Drop
  • Cushioned
  • Shock Absorbency
  • RopePro
Reebok 96
5 New Balance® – HIIT Crossfit Shoe MX20V6 WX20V6
  • Natural Feel
  • Meta Support
  • Revlite Midsole
New Balance 96
6 Reebok® – High Interval and Crossfit Trainer Crossfit TR Crossfit Speed TR
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • RopePro
  • ENZo Cushioning
Reebok 97
7 New Balance® – HIIT Training Shoes MX517V1 WX40V1
  • Vibram Outsole
  • EVA Midsole
New Balance 98
8 Inov-8® – Wide Width HIIT Shoes F-Lite Bare-XF 210
  • Flexible
  • High Grip
Inov-8 97
9 Under Armour® – Breathable HIIT Shoes Threadborne Fortis Threadborne Push
  • EVA Sockliner
  • Forefoot Wrap
  • Cushioned Midsole
Under Armour 97
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Asics® HIIT Shoes

High-Intensity Interval Training is a fast-paced and extremely rigorous training routine that needs a shoe that will endure and pick up the pace.

Asics have some superb training shoe models which deem ideal for HIIT training.

Choosing the Best HIIT Shoes and Why Your Need Them

A good HIIT shoe should make you feel that you are connected to the floor surface that you are training on, particularly for weight lifting where you need a much more stable base. Yet because of the vast range of exercises which include cardio, sprints, box jumps and even rope climbing you need FLEXIBILITY as well as extreme DURABILITY in a sjoe.

Friction is another major issue with this type of training where many individuals struggle with shoes that chafe and cause blisters.

What Not to Wear for HIIT training

  • Running Shoes – Running shoes can be used for both running and walking, but should never be used for HIIT training. They do not offer nearly enough base stability or flexibility for this type of routine.
  • Casual Sneakers – I feel I should not even have to mention this, but unfortunately your fashionable pair of sneakers or canvas shoes are exactly and only that, fashionable wear. They are not durable enough and do not offer proper support for any form of sports or training.

  • Walking Shoes – Walking shoes are similar to running shoes with a bit more weight and stability. They too are designed for comfortable walking and to offer maximum shock absorbency rather than flexibility and stability required for HIIT training routines.

Asics HIIT Shoe Benefits

Some Benefits of a Good HIIT Shoe Includes;

  • Stability – Stability features allow better grip and a solid stance when performing weight training routines.
  • Flexibility – Flexibility in the uppers gove s you a fit that moves and conforms to the shape and movement of your feet. Flexibility in the sole allows easier lateral movements and better stability and grounding.

  • Durability – Durable materials such as High abrasion-resistant rubber on the outsole and durable midsole and upper materials give you a more mong lasting shoe.

  • Seamless and Smooth Interior – Most Asics shoe models have a smooth and seamless lining that also has moisture-wicking technology which prevents friction, chafing and overheating.

  • Cushioning – The gel and midsole cushioning found in Most Asics shoe models offer excellent shock absorbency and comfort particularly when sprinting and doing Boxing Jumps in your routines.

Features of a Good Asics HIIT Shoe

  • An Ortholite sock liner for comfort and moisture management.
  • Lightweight Bounceback cushioning.
  • Gel forefoot and rearfoot cushioning.
  • Flexible fit uppers with mesh and synthetic overlays for breathability and structural integrity.
  • Lower profile for better control AHAR high abrasion-resistant rubber outsole that is more durable.
  • SPEVA Midsole for better shock absorbency.
  • Cushioned footbed or insole.

Reviews: The Best Asics HIIT Shoes

Below we have some of the Top rated and most favoured shoes from Asics that are ideal for HIIT Training Routines;

1 Reviewed by: David Alegeta Score: 97.6

The Asics Gel Craze 4 is an excellent choice of High-Intensity Interval Training shoe.

  • The uppers are durable and breathable with smooth moisture-wicking interior linings and a comfortably cushioned footbed.
  • There is Fuze GEL technology made with Fuze GEL and Foam for lightweight comfort and cushioning, in the midsole.
  • The AHAR outsole that has high abrasion rubber also placed at all critical areas for reinforcement and durability,
  • A Solyte midsole is lighter than SPEVA or EVA and yet provides excellent shock absorbency.
  • Available in many color options to choose from.


HIIT Trainer

Asics Gel-Fit Sana – Men

Score: 97 By David Alegeta

Asics Gel-Fit Sana – Women

Score: 97 By David Alegeta

The Gel-Fit Sana is a highly recommended training shoe by many HIIT enthusiasts who enjoy its superb comfort and performance.

  • Breathable mesh fabric upper with an external heel cage constructed from woven bands, for better support and security.
  • It also features the high abrasion AHAR rubber sole for excellent traction and grip, as well as durability.
  • The uppers create a stretchable Mono-Sock Fit System for a more comfortable fit.
  • Look forward to the high impact absorbing Gel cushioning to reduce shock and protect your ankles.
  • The low profile midsole is ideal for weight lifting.
  • Available in a large varaition of colors.

dual_ 3

Cross Training and HIIT Shoes

Asics Conviction X – Men

Score: 97 By David Alegeta

Asics Conviction X – Women

Score: 97 By David Alegeta

The Asics Conviction is another superb training shoe that is versatile enough and is one of the Best Asics Cross Training Shoe that fits also for HIIT training routines.

  • The uppers are created with lightweight and breathable mesh uppers with synthetic overlays for comfort and support.
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel cushioning to absorb shock in critical areas.
  • Features a hidden Trusstic system provides excellent stability and better gait efficiency.
  • A padded tongue and collar for a snug fit.
  • The outsole is made from durable high abrasion-resistant rubber.


Heavy Lifting HIIT Shoe

Asics Gel Fortius 2 – Men

Score: 97 By David Alegeta

Asics Gel Fortius – Women

Score: 97 By David Alegeta

The Gel Fortius from Asics is a highly durable and lightweight training shoe, ideal for rigorous HIIT training routines.

  • Durable synthetic uppers that are lightweight and breathable.
  • A lower profile for weight training.
  • The uppers feature RhynoSkin synthetic leather, and there is a breathable air mesh tongue and vamp.
  • The stitched-down toe bumper provides additional resistance.
  • Durable high abrasion resistant rubber outsole.



Asics Gel 195-TR – Men

Score: 95 By David Alegeta

Asics Gel 195-TR – Women

Score: 95 By David Alegeta

The Asics Gel 195-TR is one of the best available HIIT training shoes for routines that incorporate more cardiovascular activities.

  • Highly Breathable synthetic leather and mesh uppers with a padded tongue and collar for a comfortable fit.
  • The DuoMax dual-density comfort technology absorbs shock and provides ample cushioning and support.
  • A non-marking AHAR rubber outsole for better grip and durability/.
  • There is heavy-duty SPEVA foam cushioning for added support and shock absorption in the midsole.
  • Available in wider sizes and other color options for you to choose from.


Asics Gel-Quantum – Men

Score: 98 By David Alegeta

Asics Gel-Quantum – Women

Score: 98 By David Alegeta

  • Fabric uppers construction with synthetic overlays for structural integrity and lightweight bretahability.
  • A durable and high traction rubber outsole for all surface types.
  • Rearfoot GEL cushioning that attenuates shock for smoother transitioning.
  • Cushioned and shock absorbing EVA midsole that is more solid and durable.
  • An Ortholite comfort and moisture managing Sock Liner that is cushioned and keeps your feet dry and cool.

Index Table: Top Rated Asics HIIT Shoes

No. Shoe Men ♂ Women ♀ Features Brand Score
1 Asics® – HIIT Training Shoes Gel Craze 4 Gel Craze 4
  • GEL Midsole
  • AHAR Outsole
Asics 97.6
2 Asics® – HIIT Trainer Gel-Fit Sana Gel-Fit Sana
  • Mono-Sock System
  • Gel Heel Cushioning
  • AHAR Outsole
Asics 97
3 Asics® – Cross Training and HIIT Shoes Conviction X Conviction X
  • Gel Cushioning
  • Rubber Sole
  • Trusstic System
Asics 97
4 Asics® – Heavy Lifting HIIT Shoe Gel Fortius 2 Gel Fortius
  • Low Profile
  • Breathable
Asics 97
5 Asics® – HIIT Shoe Gel 195-TR Gel 195-TR
  • SpEVA Cushioning
  • Non-Marking Outsole
  • DuoMax Comfort
Asics 95
6 Asics® – HIIT Shoe Gel-Quantum Gel-Quantum
  • EVA Midsole
  • Ortholite Sockliner
  • GEL Cushioning
Asics 98

Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping: Reviews of High Bounce Picks For Vertical Jump & Dunking

Last Updated on December 28, 2019

Basketball shoes are not created equal:

Some are designed for speed while others are more suitable for jumping…


You want to get the best of both worlds, especially if your position requires you to rebound, dunk, and to do a lot of vertical and aerial maneuvers.

Don’t worry because we have all the information you need to find the best basketball shoes for jumping.

We’ve concluded:

The #1 recommendation for getting more air is the Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier 10 SFG, which has amazing traction and will provide you with soft landings for your biggest leaps.

Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping for 2019 Reviews

We think these basketball shoes will help you jump higher:

  • Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier 10 SFG Basketball Shoe
  • Nike Men’s Hyperdunk X Team Basketball Shoe
  • Nike Kyrie 3 Basketball Men’s Shoes
  • Adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce Basketball Shoe
  • Under Armour Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive 3 Basketball Shoes

See what makes these shoes better for jumping:

Product Details
#1 Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier 10 SFG Basketball Shoe Editor’s Choice

Superior Lockdown

  • Star Rating: 5
  • Sole Feature: Multidirectional Design
  • Price: $$$
Check Price
#2 Nike Men’s Hyperdunk X Team Basketball Shoe

Extra Bouncy

  • Star Rating: 4.2
  • Sole Feature: Wavy Traction Design
  • Price: $$$
Check Price
#3 Nike Kyrie 3 Basketball Shoes Kyrie Irving Mens

Decent Traction But Overpriced

  • Star Rating: 4.1
  • Sole Feature: Unique Suspension Pods
  • Price: $$$
Check Price

1. Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier 10 SFG Basketball Shoe

Whether you are on offense or the defense, the Soldier 10 will not fail you.

Its trademark lace-less strap system still offers maximum lockdown and encompasses the entire foot – from the toes to the ankles to prevent slippage. The multidirectional outsole design allows a full transition of power without interruption.

Incorporated with Nike’s signature Zoom Air, you can expect this shoe to have the best cushion support. It truly deflects the impact of hard landings.


The efficient strap system dispenses with the need for complicated straps that eliminate the cumbersome lacing process.

The lockdown is excellent. Your feet don’t feel like your feet are slipping or that the shoes are going to come off.

It has excellent comfort and support. It can take on those hard landings with ease. It is also quite responsive and accommodates those high-impact movements.

It has excellent quality. It can hold up well against a lot of abuse.

Many people said the fit is just right. They did not have issues finding the right size for them.

Ankle support is also commendable, according to many users. They did not experience ankle and heel pain even after using it for a long time.


Some said the straps takes some time getting used to.


2. Nike Men’s Hyperdunk X Team Basketball Shoe

One of the best-performing basketball shoes since 2008, the Hyperdunk X is a mainstay in the basketball shoe industry because it truly delivers what is expected of it. It boasts of a textile upper that has lightweight and breathable functions.

Like the previous Nike shoes, these are also incorporated with the Zoom Air technology for excellent cushioning.

It has a ¾-bootie design for easy entry. The laces are extra-large to provide more superior wrapping and a more secure fit. The soles also feature wavy traction to provide a top-notch grip on the soles.

When it comes to traction, this will not disappoint. Many people commend how good its traction is, no matter what sources you are playing on.

The cushioning does not fail. It is bouncy and has a good impact dispersion capability.

The materials are durable and can accommodate rough usage. Many did not have issues with textile upper comfort. It doesn’t seem to require a lot of breaking in.

Many users also said they did not have issues finding a good fit. These seem to be true to size and can also accommodate different types of foot shapes.

There are worries about heel slippage. It also minimizes side to side feet movement.

It comes with an excellent TPU wing that keeps the foot contained. This can enhance performance.

There are those who said this shoe is a bit difficult to put on. Some also lamented on how soft the rubber outsole is, which might not make this ideal for outdoor basketball.


3. Nike Kyrie 3 Basketball Men’s Shoes

Kyrie’s agility on the court is mostly due to his well-honed skills and partly due to the shoes he is wearing. The Kyrie 3 is designed to facilitate rapid and fluid movements. They suit different kinds of players, especially those who have a need for jumping shoes.

They have a custom feel to it as well as excellent traction and responsive cushioning system.

Take a quick look at the soles and you will see a unique pattern. It comes with independent suspension pods that are designed to provide the best traction so you can make those abrupt movements with ease. It also features a unique sole curvature that allows wearers to play using any kind of angle.

We like the overall look and style of this pair of basketball shoes. The black and white version has subtle detailing that is worth taking a closer look. There are also textured ones that make an impact when it comes to style. It is stylish enough to be worn outside of the court.

The designers paid extra attention to the fit to respond to the needs of Kyrie who often has explosive movements. That is achieved with it’s Flywire internal support mechanisms. This provides a good foot down, so there are no extra movements that can cause slipping. This material is lightweight and made from the most durable fiber materials.

The heel has been integrated with the Nike Zoom Air, a kind of responsive cushioning system that enhances comfort and support.

It feels lightweight according to many wearers. The shoe did not feel like they are dragging the feet down.

There were those who said these shoes run small and that they are not great for people with wide feet.


4. Adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce 2018 Basketball Shoe

The Pro Bounce is one of the best basketball shoes for jumping because it is specifically crafted for explosive and quick maneuvers. They have different types of players in mind, hence the reason why this shoe is great for different purposes. But for jumping, its lightweight features make this a sterling choice.

Aside from the lightweight and breathable upper material, it also allows players to jump higher with its superior ankle and Achilles support. Completely padded to provide support and comfort to these areas, you get excellent performance while wearing these shoes.

The textile upper boasts of durable Forgefiber that ensures it will last longer, no matter how much you subject it to.

This is easily the most stylish shoe on this list. You also have different color options to choose from, which makes this pair of shoes a good choice as an everyday pair of shoes as well.

It features a Bounce technology that delivers the best midsole comfort and top-notch impact absorption. You can use it all day without suffering from fatigue. Many users report not feeling any kind of pain or dull ache after a day of usage.

The base design is simple and does not detract from the overall look of the textile upper. The traction has a spiral-like design that also has a substantial grip on the floor. The grippy soles also makes this a good outdoor shoe.

It keeps the feet contained. The Forgefiber offers adequate support even on the sides, so there is no worry that your feet will slide out. It also has a cable lacing type of containment system.

Quick direction changes can be achieved with this. It has a highly responsive design that makes a player more agile.

It is so comfortable, it doesn’t require break-in time.

This also features 2 inches of the base so you get added height for jumping.

There were those who have wide feet who said this is one of those shoes that fit them better.

Quality-wise, these are good. There were no issues of damage or falling apart after just a few basketball sessions.

There were those who were a little unsatisfied with the ankle support provided by these shoes.


5. Under Armour Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive 3 Basketball Shoes

A good stretchable material is what makes an excellent basketball shoe for jumping. Just take it from this one from Under Armour that features the ClutchFit technology. This technology features a material that promises more stretch, more support, and more breathability to make the average basketball player perform like a superstar.

It features a unique bear-trap lacing system that allows for superior lockdown. Top-notch support and padding have also been integrated into the heel, especially the Achilles area in order to support your feet when doing those jump shots.

It also features an Ortholite sock liner that absorbs moisture and prevents bad bacteria that cause smelly shoes.

Excellent fit and excellent support, this basketball shoe provides the best features to make those intricate shots happen. The internal layer has Micro G foam that absorbs impact.

The textile upper is breathable and has a good stretch that allows flexibility. Users can make a wide range of foot movements with it.

There is a lot of stability and support to the heels and Achilles, thanks to its excellent internal shanks.

It keeps odor at bay with its Anti-odor liner technology. That means you can go in between washes without worrying about a smelly shoe.

The herringbone pattern of the soles offers great traction. It provides excellent control to users.

Many people commend this shoe for being comfortable. They said they have used this to walk all day and did not experience pain.

It has a decent weight. It is not too heavy that it prevents you from achieving those explosive movements.

Many also said this is easy to break-in.

There were those who said it is a bit difficult to slide your feet in without opening the laces all the way.


Which is the Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping – A Quick Look

Great Power Transition: Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier 10 SFG Basketball Shoe. If you are looking for a shoe that can deliver more power when doing those jump shots, this is an excellent choice. It is capable of transitioning the power to respond to your movements so you won’t experience any stall.

Excellent Traction: Nike Men’s Hyperdunk X Team Basketball Shoe. We think this is your best choice if you are looking for top-notch traction, which is one of the key components when you want to make those jump shots. It has good support and comfort as well and seems to have excellent footdown as well.

Great Footdown: Nike Kyrie 3 Basketball Men’s Shoes. The internal design of the Kyrie 3 provides the most excellent footdown. It keeps the feet in place, so there are no excess movements that can get in the way of explosive movements and can even cause foot injuries.

Most Lightweight: Adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce Basketball Shoe. The lightweight properties of this pair of shoes can’t be beaten. That makes it a stand out when it comes to doing jumps and making quick direction changes. If you want to be as agile as you want while playing basketball, this can be a good choice for you.

Best Fit Support: Under Armour Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive 3 Basketball Shoes. Support is indispensable when doing these jump shots. This is why we recommended this one from Under Armour. The ClutchFit technology ensures there is good internal cushioning support to enhance performance and prevent injuries. It is also chock-full of features, even more than the previously-mentioned shoes have to offer.

Out of all these options, we think the best among the best is Adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce 2018 Basketball Shoe simply because of its excellent weight. Since you are looking for a pair of basketball shoes fit for jumping, you would want the most agile and the most lightweight shoe around to make you feel like you are flying. This shoe fits the bill.


We have many more recommendations on the best basketball shoes for different kinds of needs. Don’t forget to visit our guide to the best basketball shoes and check out our reviews and recommendations to find the basketball shoes that will enhance your performance.

Best Shoes for Jumping Rope –Investigated and Tested

Aug 11, 2018 · 10 min read

On the off chance that there are exceptional tennis shoes for running, strolling or wellness, at that point the correct shoes for rope bouncing do exist. What’s more, it’s not just a promoting snare, that lies behind this inclination, however something more essential for you as a client — your wellbeing and security.

In this way, to maintain a strategic distance from wounds and feel super secure amid your bouncing rope exercise, it is smarter to offer inclination to such games shoes, which are intended to keep the stun stack on feet and make your hopping practices agreeable.

Underneath, there are ten suggested models for hopping with the rope, which were completely researched, tried, and assessed by our group. Welcome to locate your ideal shoe in this display.

10 Best Shoes for Jumping Rope

These best shoes for jumping rope are made of material on the best and they have an elastic multi-surface footing outsole with flex grooves for the better footing control. The padded soles are made of EVA foam (ethyl vinyl acetate) and they have flex areas. The shoes are light and have cushioned tongues. They will give you the essential adjust and support, particularly if your feet are somewhat tight.

2. Inov-8 F-Lite 195 Cross-Training

The F-Lite 195 shoes, delivering by Inov-8, are great and quality footwear for rope hopping, and also for different sorts of physical activities. They fit the two people. The best is manufactured and this material is significantly more grounded than calfskin, giving the best possible level of ventilation of the internal space of shoes. These are lightweight, flexible cross-preparing shoes with ropetec holds and infusion, shaping EVA padded sole.

3. ASICS Men’s GEL-Acclaim

These ASICS sneakers for hopping rope by are mainstream around the globe because of their well-thoroughly considered outlines and solace for activities to fulfill numerous and notwithstanding requesting needs. The best is made of engineered calfskin and work, which make them light, firm, and breathable. The restrictive Rearfoot GEL Cushioning innovation gives better effect ingestion. On account of the colossal help to the feet and lower legs, they fit for some, exercises, including hopping over the rope.

4. New Balance Men’s MX1267

The man-made preparing shoes MX1267 by New Balance give a flawless foot control, strength, and flexibility. The shoes include both PROBANK and QUIX innovations for sheltered and agreeable multi-directional developments. Because of the balancing out outer foot sole area counter, they ensure well your rear area and lower legs. The highest point of engineered work helps the feet breathing, however these shoes are somewhat tight.

5. Nike Flyknits

The Nike Flyknit shoes for hop rope highlight a remarkable outline, creative sole and great breathability. They are consummately appropriate for both high impact exercise and hopping over the rope. The shoes are regularly lighter in weight than standard broadly educating shoes, yet in any case they ensure the fundamental help. The upper is intended to adjust to your foot and feel like a sock. The upper material encourages the wind stream due to the perforted Flyknit board that trails up towards your lower leg and aides scattering the warmth. Cushioning retains well stuns when landing. While attempting them, make certain that there is sufficient space under the feet balls.

6. Vibram Five Fingers

Vibram Five Fingers shoes were first intended for shoeless sprinters. Be that as it may, the shoes are a standout amongst the most agreeable and flexible available for different games. You can have a genuinely shoeless involvement with enough security on cleared streets in these shoes. Having somewhat stunning appearance, they are light above all else. Their thin sole enables you to organize your bounces decisively. Bounces in such shoes are brisk, specialized, and practical. Such shoes will help you in fortifying your toes.

7. Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 5.0

Wearing Nano 5.0 is critical on account of activities in which shoes assume a vital part, for instance for rope practices with high and twofold hops. These durable games shoes are for those individuals who need to discover light, firm, and adaptable shoes for exercise sessions. Nano 5.0 have an implanted DuPont Kevlar work upper with CMEV padded sole and anatomical rear area and footbed. They are intended to shield your feet from harm and to give you a decent help. They have the work external for the wind stream and quality.

8. Xero Shoes Prio

These Crossfit shoes have an elastic bottom and a foot-first outline which leaves enough space for the toes. They are intended for individuals doing light exercises on simple surfaces, and for appropriate stance while bouncing, running, climbing, and so on. They are perfect for doing on-the-spot works out. They offer a firm and solid control to ensure the little bones of your feet and balance out your lower legs. Your knees and hips require this padding to lessen your danger of harm amid steady hopping movements.

9. Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV

The Nike Air Monarch IV preparing shoes are made for the competitor searching for extraordinary padding with a strong and steady calfskin upper part. The shoes have a Phylon padded sole and Flex grooves furnishing the common adaptability with each progression. The strong elastic outsole has forceful footing designs. These games shoes have a blend of the best attributes for hopping and running — life span, adjust, support, and additional cushioning. As normal running shoes, they show great highlights of securing lower legs and ligaments.

10. Under Armor Apollo Speedform

These preparation shoes are useful for both indoor and open air preparing. They have an imaginative SpeedForm innovation, conveying zero diversion while hopping and running. The punctured upper with ultrasonic seal guarantees a decent breathability. Formed froth footbed adjusts precisely to your foot and dispenses with slippage. The two men and lady will value their engaging plan.

What Are The Right Sports Shoes to choose for Rope Jumping?

The determination of bouncing shoes requires an extraordinary consideration. For hopping, not all games shoes are appropriate. Clearly, you will feel awkward in artful dance shoes or ski boots when bouncing. They don’t assimilate blows extremely well and don’t decrease the heap on your legs while bouncing.

Shoes must give an adequate help to your feet. The side help of your tennis shoes ought to give the steadiness on the sides of the feet when landing. On the off chance that you utilize shoes with delicate elastic soles, at that point they can back off your developments. In the event that you bounce on shoes, shins are quite often strained. More often than not, toward the finish of each bounce, you have to evacuate around strain in the muscles of your lower legs, shins and Achilles ligaments.

The correct hopping shoes ensure the stack of your toes on the off chance that you hop on a too hard surface. They additionally shield the feet from rope hits. The agony in the lower leg territory can emerge from hopping on a delicate cover or due to wearing shoes with delicate elastic soles.

Bouncing with Rope Barefoot

Someone would lean toward rope seizing home shoeless. On the off chance that you are rope bouncing without shoes, shin shanks have the chance to unwind. Podiatrists propose that bouncing shoeless enables your feet to create and reinforce the embellishment muscles which control the feet developments. Additionally, preparing additional time without shoes makes joints and muscles more grounded. When hopping over the rope, make an effort not to hit your feet by the rope. It can be agonizing. All things considered, rope bouncing without shoes is for the most part protected, gave your bones, joints, and muscles are in great conditions. At that point, the drawn out utilization of shoes can essentially affect our feet. On the off chance that we wear shoes for over 5 hours every day, our feet will probably be debilitated with time. It is to take note of that bouncing is a stun stack on leg joints (knees and lower legs) and the spine, so it is smarter to wear sports shoes with a delicate and springy underside where the feet are safely settled. Shoes will stifle the stun and spare the joints and tendons of conceivable harms.

How to Buy Best Bounce Rope Shoes?

When purchasing sports shoes for rope hopping, you better focus on a few focuses:

  • Material

A standout amongst the most essential elements of hopping shoes is to guarantee great air trade without hindering ordinary perspiring. It is for this reason producing organizations sew the highest point of games shoes exclusively utilizing “breathing” manufactured materials with a work structure. Inside, just characteristic textures are permitted. Try not to purchase tennis shoes with elastic additions for inside enhancement or you will experience the ill effects of calluses. The internal edge of value tennis shoes ought to have an uncommon blown roller that shields the lower leg from rubbing. It is to take note of that the material, in the event that it isn’t honest to goodness cowhide, has properties to destroy and end up extended. Models of tennis shoes, made of bona fide cowhide, don’t destroy, and despite what might be expected, such models recoil a bit with time.

  • Cost

The cost of value shoes ought to be sufficient. Great quality games shoes are made of top notch materials, so they cost as needs be. Purchasing great and costly preparing shoes, you should focus on the safeguard, since this element transforms a standard combine of shoes into know-how and, obviously, builds their cost. The correct decision would be shoes marked Air, Gel, Grid, Wave, and so forth. These markings are connected to where the damper is found — in the toe top or the foot sole area part. A few shoes have a safeguard on the two sides, others — on just a single.

  • Weight

Weight of games shoes alludes to two angles. The main viewpoint is your weight. On the off chance that you have an over the top weight, at that point you may require supporting shoes. Another part of the weight is the heaviness of the shoes. Anyway, great shoes for hopping ought not be excessively huge or overwhelming. As a rule, for hopping rope, the lighter are the shoes, the better. Fortunately brandishes shoes have a tendency to end up lighter and lighter in weight with time on the grounds that new materials are designed and utilized.

  • Quality

Under the visual assessment, the clear imperfections ought not be watched. Paste stains, scratches, messy and uneven creases are prohibited. Shoes for rope jumpings must have anatomical highlights and help evading issues. The engineers are attempting to guarantee that the tennis shoes withstand overwhelming and rehashing loads. Along these lines, just quality models are however much as could be expected solid and will serve you for quite a long time, even with a functioning use.

  • Back

Regardless of whether the upper piece of the shoes is texture, the back part should be firm to forestall bowing internal. The firm back is expected to settle your foot rear area in the Achilles ligament territory. Additionally, the back guarantees the ideal position of the foot. The back of the bouncing shoes ought to be sufficiently hard and made of common materials inside. The back stun framework helps limiting effect stacks on the foot. Be that as it may, with all the unbending nature of the back, its upper edge must be delicate and sewed by two lines.

  • Toe Cap

Its primary component is flexibility. It’s anything but difficult to check by pushing on your toes while you are in. The scratches ought to show up, which vanish immediately at that point. The arrangement of amortization must lessen the weight on the foot when the weight is exchanged from the toe to the rear area. Another essential component is the adequate space for your toes for moving and unwinding them. In any capacity, your toes must not be squeezed inside.

  • Insoles

They should be removable. It is inadmissible for the insole to be stuck to the sole. On the double, it is conceivable to think about the maker of such shoes as “deceitful”. It is vital to have the capacity to haul out the hosed insole and dry it. On the off chance that the insole is hauled out and everything is all together, focus on the following minute — under the insole, there ought not be any container, but rather just quality creases, which ought to likewise be noted). Cardboard in shoes prompts expanded sweat of the foot, and, furthermore, it rapidly crumples with the dampness.

  • Sole Flexibility

A decent sole permits twisting in a specific place, one way as it were. This place is simply in the territory that curves on the off chance that you remain on tiptoe. Bowing in any wrong place is either an indication of a damaged item or a phony. In the event that you remain on tiptoe, your shoes should twist in the best third part. The safeguards must be additionally present on the adaptable sole. Numerous makers today are utilizing new advancements, delivering soles for sports shoes as a mesh for better adaptability. Nonetheless, along these lines, they are not sufficiently solid, and the sole rapidly destroys.

Primary concern

In this way, at last, your decision of bouncing shoes ought to be founded on the data expressed above, also on your individual inclinations, physical conditions, and capacities. The aftereffect of right decision of preparing shoes will be an attractive appearance, as well as your chipper state of mind.

Best Shoes for Jumping Rope

If you have wondered about it, then yes, there are appropriate footwear types and inappropriate footwear types to wear for Rope Jumping.

Whether you do it as a sport, professionally or as a beginner or just as a form of exercise or recreation, wearing proper shoes for Rope Jumping is vital for protection against injuries and overuse injuries, as this is a high impact practice.

Jumping Rope as a Workout

The popularity of Rope Jumping has literally exploded over the past few years. Rope Jumping is one of the oldest forms of training and is excellent for fitness and ability levels in athletes and sportsmen and women.

Here are a few of the simple Rop Jumping benefits that you can expect;

  • Boosts Fat Burning – You can easily burn roughly around1,300 calories per hour from Rope Jumping, and there have been case studies to prove this!
  • Increases Muscle Engagement – You engage more muscle groups during rope jumping, and therefore there is an increase in muscle strength and building when you do Rope Jumps.

  • Better Cardio – Rope Jumping increases your heart rate up to three times faster than any other exercise routine and offers similar benefits to aerobics, with less impact on the joints.

  • Improves Mental Alertness – Jumping Ropes helps to develop the left and right hemispheres of your brain to enhance spatial awareness, improve reading skills, and enhance overall mental alertness.

  • Fun and Easy – Jumping Ropes is a fun, exhilarating and relatively easy way to effectively achieve all your fitness goals and improve your health and overall well being.

Why You Need Shoes for Jumping Rope and What To Look For

As with any other sport or activity, you need the right tools for the job, and with Jumping Rope that includes proper footwear. Wearing improper shoes will not only impact the effectiveness and overall experience of Jump Roping, but it will affect your rhythm and can lead to injuries lie shin splints and ankle injuries.

A Good Jumping Rope shoe should protect you from injuries, absorb shock when your feet strike the ground, keep your feet comfortable when you train, as well as look appealing.

Here are few general Tips in Choosing the Right Jump Rope Shoes;

  • Personal Preference – Choose something that is comfortable for you to wear, what you like, wearing and feel good in and that is appealing to you.
  • Support – Look for good ankle and arch support in general, find out if you have a low, high, or neutral arch in order to get the right type of support for your specific arch type.

  • Comfort – Cushioning and smooth interior linings provide comfort, as well as features such as breathability and flexibility.

  • Stability – Stability features are ideal to protect your ankles and heels, as well as to prevent excessive pronation.

  • Shock Absorbency – A cushioned midsole and shock absorbing pads particularly in the heel area is vital for protection aganst impact and injuries caused by heavu impacts.

  • Sole – Look for a uniform solid sole rather that an inclined or drop heel. The sole should be flexible and durable.

Features of a Good Shoe for Jumping Rope

  • Uniform and flexible sole, no grooves or elevated heels.
  • Breathable and flexible uppers.
  • Cushioned insole.
  • Shock absorbing midsole.
  • Stability features.
  • Heel cup or stabilizer.

Reviews: The Best Shoes for Jumping Rope

These are your best shoe types, brands and models for Rope Jumping;


Jumping Rope Shoe

The Speed trainer 2.0 from Adidas is a lightweight training shoe with EVA cushioning and high traction control.

  • Breathable and lightweight synthetic and mesh uppers with a breathable mesh interior lining to keep your feet dry and cool.
  • A durable rubber outsole with high traction control on a variety of surfaces.
  • Shock absorbing and cushioning EVA midsole.
  • Lightly padded tongue for comfort and a comfortable footbed.


Jumping Rope Cross Trainer

The Inov-* model cross training shoe has ideal features to be used for Jumping rope and similar sports and exercise routines.

  • Synthetic uppers construction with Meta-Flex Technology in the forefoot for more natural flexing as well as a Metcradle lacing system for a more secure and reliable fit.
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor workouts, speed training, and jumping ropes.
  • A powerful cushioned midsole for lightweight shock absorbency.
  • Durable and high traction rubber outsole.


Jumping Rope Training Shoe

These are two superb New Balance Training shoe models with a design and features ideal for fast speed training and Jumping Ropes.

  • Breathable and lightweight synthetic uppers.
  • A supportive heel with a stabilizing heel counter.
  • Revlite Midsole, For cushioning and shock absorbency.
  • Stability T-Bar for support.
  • Moisture wicking smooth interior linings.
  • High Traction rubber outsole.


Cross Trainers for Jumping Ropes

The perfect fitting Jumping Rope shoe with a Bootie heel construction for ankle protection, and Nano Weave breathable and flexible designed uppers.

  • Fabric and textile uppers that are extremely lightweight, flexible and breathable with a NanoWeave, Design.
  • A low cut design with a Heel bootie construction for better ankle protection and stability.
  • A durable high-Abrasion rubber outsole ideal for jumping.
  • Comfortable shock absorbing and cushioning CMEVA midsole.


Jumping Rope Athletic Shoes

The Under armor Speedform Apollo is an athletic running shoe with features that are ideal for jumping rope and similar sports and exercises. This is a lightweight and flexible shoe with a supportive heel and ankle protection, as well a good shock absorbency.

  • Breathable, lightweight and stretchy uppers construction with Dry Knit fabric that dries fast and is well ventilated.
  • An adjustable lock down heel strap, To protect your heels and ankles, and for better stability.
  • A cushioned midsole for shock absorbency and comfort.
  • Additional heel cushioning.
  • Strategically placed flex grooves for more natural movements.
  • A solid rubber outsole with high impact zones for better resistance and durability.

Index Table: Top Rated Shoes for Jumping Rope

No. Shoe Men ♂ Women ♀ Features Brand Score
1 Adidas® – Jumping Rope Shoe Speed Trainer 2.0 Speed Trainer 2.0
  • EVA Midsole
  • Breathable
Adidas 97
2 Inov-8® – Jumping Rope Cross Trainer 195 V2 195 V2
  • Lightweight
  • Cushioned
  • Shock Absorbing
  • Flexible
Inov-8 97
3 New Balance® – Jumping Rope Training Shoe MX517V1 W630
  • REVlite Midsole
  • Lightweight
  • Stability Heel
New Balance 96
4 Reebok® – Cross Trainers for Jumping Ropes Crossfit Nano Weave Crossfit Nano Weave
  • CMEVA Midsole
  • Lightweight
Reebok 98
5 Under Armor® – Jumping Rope Athletic Shoes Speedform Apollo Speedform Apollo
  • heel Lock Down
  • Cushioned
  • Flex Grooves
Under Armor 96

  • 5/5
  • 2 ratings

2 ratingsX

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0% 0% 0% 0% 100%

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the verve behind the latest fitness workout routines. Such as the CrossFit, Beachbody’s insanity, or Tabata. Distinguished by its bouts of high-intensity activities between cycling, weightlifting and swimming with following recovery sessions.

Best shoes for HIIT Men Workouts are for the people looking to get fit the fast way. Athletes preparing for competitions, to burn calories, or to improve core strength.

The high-intensity bursts allow you to thrust yourself to the limits for brief intervals. The routines hybridize resistance training with cardiovascular training to develop demanding workout patterns that help you stimulate muscles in every possible way.

In turn, revving your metabolism during and after those bursts of energy. Essentially meaning that you’re still burning up your calories hours after doing the exercise.

Top 10 Best Shoes for HIIT Men are listed Below

No. Product Name
1 ASICS Men’s Gel-Quantum 180 Check Price
2 Reebok CROSSFIT Nano 8 Flexweave Check Price
3 ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Check Price
4 Nike Metcon 4 Check Price
5 Reebok Men’s Lifter Pr Cross-trainer Check Price
6 Adidas Powerlift 3.1 Shoes Men’s Check Price
7 New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v8 Check Price
8 PUMA Prowl Alt 2 Sneaker Check Price
9 PUMA Women’s Fierce Core Check Price
10 PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe Check Price

Benefits of HIIT Workout

The main benefits of a HIIT workout are:

Time-saving – for people with limited time who can’t afford time for strenuous long workout routines. It’s a pretty manageable and fast routine shoe for HIIT workout.

Strength – HIIT is particularly recommended for a fitter healthier life and you’ll overall grow stronger.

Slimming – Essentially you will burn calories meaning you’ll burn fat and lose inches. But it can be deceiving to measure on a scale as muscles grow predominant and they are more weighing than fat.

No Equipment – you won’t need much or sometimes any gym equipment at all. Because almost all HIIT routines rely on your body weight as a training tool.

In a Hurry? The list of best shoes for HIIT men, after 42 hours of research is right here. Let us dive right in without any further ado!

Features of Quality Workout Shoes for HIIT Men

Traction – for grip and control on slippery or hard terrains

Cushioning – moderate, but not too much receptive cushioning is required for energy impacts

Shock Absorbency – extraordinary shock-absorbing is needed

Uppers – flexible and breathable for moisture control, lightweight for easy and robust movement

Stability – to avoid injuries stability is required

Let’s dive in Top 10 Best Shoes for HIIT Men Reviews

ASICS Men’s Gel-Quantum 180

The Asics Gel-Quantum 180 is the most reliable shoe with useful features and technology. High performance together with the Gel cushioning technology gives superior comfort. You probably won’t complain about the price once you’ve used it.

Like most of the other customers, you’ll enjoy the extra cushioning, high performance, lightweight with Trusstic system, and ample comfort. The AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) technology utilized in the outsole give added comfort and durability.

The lightweight Solyte technology cushioning midsole makes the shoe light and offers coziness. Breathability with the Comfordry X-40 Sock liner guarantees moisture management and irritation-free upper. With six different color choices, the shoes give off a sleek modern look.

Though the Gel cushioning gives extra comfort and support, it does take a toll on the responsiveness of the best shoe HIIT men. The shoe also offers effective traction with its AHAR technology used on the outsole. It is a good mix between bendy and stiff on the flexibility front.

The shoe offers an appreciable combo of technology and features throughout with a higher price tag.


  • Moisture control and breathability with the Comfordry sock liner
  • Durable and aesthetic employing modern technology
  • Gel cushioning with outsole on the forefoot and rearfoot
  • Lightweight long-lasting cushioning offered by Solyte midsole
  • Ample cushioning for long runs


  • Shock absorbing – well cushioned with Gel-cushioning technology
  • Spring-embedded for additional cushioning and comfort in the rear-foot
  • Supportive and comfy fits the upper part of shoe snug properly Traction
  • Breathability – ComforDry sock liner provides significant moisture control and breathability
  • Lightweight – Trusstic system reduces the overall weight


  • Traction loss when wet
  • Wider heel for some users

Reebok CROSSFIT Nano 8 Flexweave

One of the first and emanate name in best shoes for HIIT men and CrossFit shoes. The Nano has been around since 2010 and in its 8th iteration

. Reebok has made significant improvements to the upper making it more flexible and exuberant. The novel upper design keeps the shoe more breathable and foot support is firm.

The shoe fits all the modern needs of high-intensity interval training, over the years. Reebok has been improving its shoes to support the tough sporty movements and activities of HIIT and CrossFit. Nano 8 provides a stronger and stable base for heavy weightlifting.

While for the high-intensity movements the dual-density midsole works perfectly. And the foot moves freely with the low ankle profile of the shoe. Though somewhat on the pricy edge of the spectrum the Reebok Nano 8 best fits the unique HIIT sport.

It also serves as a fashion statement as the shoe comes in several colors and style options.


  • Upper made with modern Flexweave technology
  • Amazing breathability in the upper with an exclusive figure-eight design
  • Outsole made of high abrasion rubber
  • For enhanced flexibility flex grooves beside the outsole and forefront
  • Midsole foam of dual density
  • For protection and durability, Toe Section technology is used
  • Lower profile for enhanced ankle agility


  • Durability – intended for unique requirements of CrossFit athlete
  • Several styles, customization, and colors
  • Flexible forefoot supports rightly during runs, sprints, and plyometrics
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Removable sock liner works for custom orthotics
  • Stable heels and roomy forefoot space allowing for toe splaying


  • Not intended to prolonged running
  • Heel slippage

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6

The Gel-Venture 6 designed with high traction and support for the foot. The traction makes it the best fit for durable trail running.

The crafting by ASICS is appreciable delivering durability with extra comfort. Using the new Rearfoot Gel technology in the midsole the shoe offers ample cushioning and shock absorption.

The latest in the Venture series prides itself with the improved midsole and upper. The breathability provided with the upper’s strong mesh keeps the foot secure and cool. The outsoles are made from lugs that are arranged multi-directionally which provides a strong tread.

The high level of protection, comfort and with a reasonable price tag this shoe fits the requirements of best shoes for HIIT men trainers.

  • AHAR outer sole material for improved durability
  • For traction and grip, multi-directional lugs employed
  • Gel technology on rearfoot for shock-absorbing
  • For better breathability synthetic mesh upper
  • 10mm drop
  • The strengthened heel collar and sides


  • Strong reinforced build
  • Outstanding traction
  • Breathable synthetic mesh
  • Extremely durable
  • Extra flexibility
  • Upper and mid sole restyled
  • Affordable price


  • Unresponsive
  • Heavier than forerunner

Nike Metcon 4 – Best Shoe For HIIT Workouts

Check out More than 20+ Colours

Nike activewear is very well known because it serves a variety of activities. Its energy states alike of athletes and average consumers.

Everyone from active best shoes for HIIT men to casual runners can easily find the right footwear for them. Metcon series was specifically introduced for HIIT trainers. The weight lifters have grown in popularity due to its low profile and technological features.

The latest is the Metcon 4 in this line, prides itself with the traditional flexible. Yet durable footwear for high-intensity training sessions.

On slippery surfaces, the outsole offers excellent traction and grip during rope climbing for instance. While the breathable mesh upper gives flexibility with moisture and temperature control overall the workout.

Nike offers the wearable in a variety of colors for everyone’s style needs. Though on the not so bright side the Metcon 4 does have some issues i.e. heel slippage and fitting narrower than its predecessor.

  • Traction and sturdiness with a solid rubber outsole and a tri-star tread pattern
  • For support and balance 4mm drop-in insole
  • Breathable comfort with sandwich mesh upper
  • Durability with 3D haptic technology
  • Customizable and variety of color options


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Stabilizing posture improved
  • Well-built with comfort in view
  • Low-drop develops the right positioning
  • Abundant colorways
  • Adored design and style


  • Heel slippage
  • Not planned for extended use

Reebok Men’s Lifter Pr – Cross-trainer

Reebok Lifter is a hybrid type of shoe that can be utilized for both cross-training (HIIT) and weightlifting. The shoe provides a very stable base for performing all high-intensity workouts. The heel of ¾” enables weightlifting much easier.

The material used in the upper is genuine leather which is pretty lasting from wear and tear. The interior is made of anti-friction material that keeps the foot from sliding eventually stabilizing the foot.

The dual system of straps and lacing keep the feet secure inside the shoe. The grooves on the shoes give a strong grip and traction during all types of workout.

While Reebok has used rubber soles in this shoe, which is of not high-quality material. But still gives the flexibility and coziness during a range of movements. The Lifter comes in four diverse color fusions and gives a stylish and outstanding look to the shoe.

  • Rubber outsole provides grip
  • Flexcage technology with Velcro straps for comfort and stability
  • Ortholite moisture-absorbing sock liner
  • Upper made of leather with perforations for airflow
  • Broad outsole for additional stability
  • TPU heel


  • Affordable sports shoe
  • Rubber outsole provides the needed softness and flexibility
  • Toe box upper is full-grain leather while rear end upper is synthetic leather
  • Interior is anti-friction material so provides stability
  • Grooves designed for improved traction and grip
  • Comes in four different color combinations with a stylish look


  • Odd fit
  • Toe box too broad

Adidas Powerlift 3.1 Shoes Men’s

Check out different Colours you Love

The Adidas Powerlift 3.1 has won the Best Value award amongst Men’s CrossFit shoes. Since their initial release, the Adidas Powerlift has grown in popularity and the third in this series brings a lot to the table.

They’re not very expensive as compared to other similar shoes on the market. It delivers a lower heel, and with single strap design. The shoe tenders sufficient security during all the high-intensity workouts.

Stable and sturdy shoes work well for different HIIT workout routines. It has a lower heel made with high-density EVA which is shock absorbent as well as durable.

This versatile weightlifting and intense workout shoe are one of the top choices for its durability and design marque.

  • Breathable mesh and lightweight leather upper
  • Single thicker strap design for security
  • Mesh collar keep dry and cool
  • Weight distribution plate for greater stability
  • Midsole wedge for stability and cushioning
  • Synthetic leather for durability


  • Sleek and stylish design with lots of color options
  • Hybrid design with lower 0.6” heels
  • Wide platform with snug upper delivers brilliant support
  • Reasonable price with a superb cost-to-performance ratio
  • Rather lightweight sturdy build quality
  • Durable and steady


  • Narrower than expected
  • EVA heel more compressible

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v8

In the athletic footwear industry, New Balance has proven its name and popularity since the twentieth century. Though the company now builds all kinds and levels of athletics and wearables, the shoes remain their admired products.

The Fresh Foam is one of the top-selling lines, owing to the cushiony and soft midsole. Overall considerably smoother experience.

The latest in this line 1080 V8 is the highest-rated model in the athletic best shoes for HIIT men of this brand. The newest version maintains the extra cushioning the brand is famous for but somewhat less responsive than its previous iterations.

It has several width options, durable traction, and a stable ride that make the user of all preferences and needs very comfortable in using it.

  • Hexagonal gripping lugs with blown rubber outsole
  • Midsole made of fresh foam contains concave hexagon pattern
  • Upper built with Fantom Fit technology
  • Breathable and durable mesh
  • Flexibility with flex grooves in the forefoot
  • Heel to toe drop of 8mm
  • Appears to be much heavier than it weighs


  • Hexagonal outsole grips perfectly
  • Comes in several width options
  • Supporting and stable with a wider footprint
  • Fitting upper tailored for comfort
  • Offers a steady and smooth ride
  • Extremely durable
  • Cushioning and supportive wear


  • Heavier than average
  • Price to value is not inline

PUMA Prowl Alt 2 Sneaker – Best Shoe For Men HIIT

Check More Images & Colours

Puma Prowl Alt 2 is the latest in the brand’s stylish and sleek looking training shoes with every functionality included. This classy model comes in monochrome grey or black colors.

Not only these pair have elegance in its bag but it features wonderful shock absorption with the cushioning in insole and midsole. Puma has maintained its brand name and does fit the vast array of requirements of a HIIT workout routine.

The IMEVA material utilized to make the midsole is a lightweight variant of EVA foam that is generally used in shoes for shock absorption and to disperse the impact of the shocks. One will enjoy the shoe with Soft foam sock liners added cushioning.

The upper is made with mesh and for added support, three straps are introduced in the toe area which also prevents slipping. The lacing scheme is another amazing feature that runs from midfoot completely to the heel, and you have the privilege to decide where you need the most batten down for a great exercise session.

  • Breathable and lightweight mesh upper
  • The soft foam sock liner
  • IMEVA midsole
  • Rubber lightweight outsole
  • Lace closure fully modifiable


  • High traction durable rubber outsole
  • A low top arch footbed is supportive and comfortable
  • Stylish textile upper and super comfy
  • To fit everyone’s taste come in a variety of colors
  • Perfect for intense training and running


  • Too tight for some users
  • Arch support lacking

PUMA Women’s Fierce Core – Cross-Trainer Shoe

Check out More Colours

PUMA Fierce Core features a special airaprene technology for more breathability and comfort. These are perfect for intense training of HIIT and CrossFit with extreme flexibility and sturdy material.

The outsole is made of imported rubber give the needed traction and grip in weightlifting or wall pushups for example.

The exhilarating feature of this shoe is their lace-free slip-on bootie, while with the locking mesh and caging facility gives extra support during exercises. The outstanding grip keeps your balance intact and gives a secure feeling.

With the pull taps with padded tongue and collar for easy on and off adds extra comfort and trouble-free usage. The outsole foothold is another important aspect and gives a strong grip during the diverse set of exercises.

  • Metallic detailing with Ariaprene breathable upper
  • Slip-on boots
  • Ideal locking, support, and stability with caging and mesh overlays
  • Stress-free on/off with pull tabs at tongue and heel
  • Grip and traction with rubber outsole
  • Stability with a thick heel on both sides
  • Reduced internal friction with flatlock stitching


  • Ariaprene technology
  • Superb balance
  • Comfort at its best
  • Inner mesh
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Amazing traction
  • Shock absorption
  • Varied color options with sporty style


  • Rather Bulky
  • Difficulty in on and off

PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM

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In the athletic world, PUMA is a renowned brand with its competitive sports equipment, attire, best shoes for HIIT men. PUMA has proved to be a success with its wide variety of quality athletic shoes.

The Tazon 6 FM is for everyday athletic use and for running. The outsole is made of thermoplastic urethane at the center, while the heel has EVA foam. Overall giving a strong diverse mix of cushioning, springiness and protection.

The synthetic leather used on the upper gives a sleek look and works well on the breathability aspect. Though somewhat less flexible it gives more durability to the shoe.

The EcoOrthoLite liner is both antibacterial, breathable and adds to the cushioning as well. The outsole also incorporates the TPU piece, which adds to comfort by stabilizing the pace and reducing shocks.

  • EcoOrthoLite liner
  • Stylish and attractive design
  • EVA and TPU applied outsole
  • Synthetic leather upper


  • Stylish athletic design
  • Strong and comfy cushioning
  • Excellent for all-around use
  • Pretty durable
  • Highly stable and secure


  • Not designed for running
  • Insufficient ventilation

No other type of exercise has shown such significant progress in the latest years like the HIIT workout. The best shoes for HIIT workouts are a difficult task to adopt but it’s so necessary and obvious like the oxygen for the deep divers.

There is no way you can be successful in a HIIT workout without wearing the right shoes. This kind of shoes can be protective for all the foot curve and ankle areas and the same time strong and rigid on the outsole.

These features can give you a sense of great standing and grip as well as a more complex touch to the ground which is the prerequisite when performing HIIT exercise. You need well-trained legs and muscles so that you can stand the sudden changes in rate and effort when doing HIIT exercise.

On the other hand, the shoes are supposed to protect not only the normal anatomy of the feet but also give you a sense of comfort and style in every move. That is why the most famous HIIT shoes are the ones that are flexible and durable at the same time.

Our Top 5 Picks

Best Shoes for HIIT Workouts

1. Nike Metcon 4 Women’s Running Shoes

This modern series of Nike shoes are having all the characteristics you may ask from a compatible with HIIT exercise pair of shoes. First, they have a great insole that keeps you comfortable during exercise. They are called the best shoes for plyometrics and they have lots of reasons to support this statement.

The Nike shoes are always softer than their competitors having more cushioning on the sensitive parts of the feet like the arches and the foot curve.

Then, these shoes are presenting to the public a great outsole air tube that can absorb all ground abnormalities and even protect you from mild impacts when jumping. This is just what you need when you are having HIIT exercise where most of your body receives excessive pressure for a large period of time.


  • Extra-large cushioning that embraces the heel area.
  • Ultra-hard outsole that gives you more durability.
  • The sockliner can easily cooperate with all orthotics.
  • There is also a breathable upper mesh to enhance the airflow.
  • They are stylish coming in various types and colors.


  • There is little room for the toe fingers which may be annoying.
  • There is no foamy insole to separate the outsole from the other layers.

2. ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

This is really the number one type of shoes for HIIT exercise presented by ASICS to the modern public. There is no other opponent in the market for this kind of shoe. They are considered to be one of the best shoes for HIIT workouts that could also be used for leisure and other extra-athletic activities.

There is no other company like ASICS in terms of safety for the user and more options about the longevity of the shoe form. Voted as one of the best shoes for insanity.

The upper mesh and shaft are more than loose and breathable giving unique comfort to the user. Additionally, the sockliner is made of quality materials so that the connectivity with external aids is guaranteed.

  • The new ASICS comfort fit gives everybody the proper attention.
  • There is a durable rubber alloy on the outsole giving greater grip.
  • The insole is softer than all the competition.
  • There is more room for the forefoot giving you extra movability.
  • The flexible heel area adds on to the comfort of use.
  • Sizes are sometimes difficult to find.
  • The lacing system keeps on being basic.

3. PUMA Women’s Riaze Sneaker Black

One of the most popular pair of shoes ever presented by PUMA company. This specific type of shoes is registered as the best shoes for HIIT workouts as it can assist you to find your lost performance when training. The shoes are wider in the center of the feet and this gives you a sense of comfort never felt before.

The outsole is rigid enough to deal with all the potential problems when running but is also flexible to give you improved access to any kind of exercise.

The mesh is strategically placed in the center of the shoe so that the sensitive parts of the feet are interconnected and distressed.

Finally, these are the shoes that can give you more cushioning to the heel area and protect the ankle no matter how hard you are performing HIIT training.

  • Longer mesh gives more breathability to the shoes.
  • The insole has a special anti-microbial layer for better hygiene.
  • The outer leather parts of the shoes are more waterproof.
  • There are fewer plastic parts on the shoes to reduce their weight.
  • The outsole has special lugs on it to make sure proper traction is gained.
  • They are made primarily for women that make men look for other brands.
  • The shoes are not compatible with external orthotics.

4. Reebok-CROSSFIT-Flexweave-Cross-Trainer

As Reebok is the world-known company for its quality shoes, the Crossfit series has been said to be the best shoes for HIIT training. They are also considered to be the best HIIT shoes that have been made for unsex use since they have special style characteristics that match both sexes.

The insole is one of a kind and can easily take the shape of the person wearing them. This is really helpful especially for a person with feet deformities that find it extremely hard to wear shoes when training.

The outsole is made of special rubber particles that are heat resistant and can help you find your balance no matter how slippery the terrain may be. The forefoot area is ample enough and the toe fingers have their own room so that they provide enough balance to the whole body when running or exercising.

Finally, the lacing system of the Reebok shoes is by far the most sophisticated across the competition. With a single strap embracing the foot arch and the ankle area, there is no chance that the shoes would abandon your feet no matter how intense the training may become.

  • There is a SMART lacing system keeping you on track all the time.
  • The fabrics are special lightweight to make shoes more comfortable.
  • The outsole keeps on being durable and flexible at the same time.
  • The FOAMY technology of the midsole gives a great fit to everyone.
  • There is more space for the sensitive parts of the feet.
  • There is no chance you can remove the insole since it is integrated into the shoe.
  • You don’t have such a great variety of colors and styles to choose from.

5. New-Balance-Women’s-Arishi-Running

The New Balance series of HIIT shoes are well-known for their extreme quality and their ability to make you outperform when you are wearing them. Scientists in New Balance is aware of the modern tension of the market to combine special shoes that are good both for training and for leisure time. This is exactly what women are asking for when buying a new pair of shoes.

The New Balance shoes are said to be the best shoes for HIIT workouts and can help you find a great balance between your sports life and social life as well.

The inner side of the shoes is made of quality leather so that it keeps absorbing the excessive sweat when working out. The outsole is flexible so that you can anticipate any possible hurdles on your way.

Finally, the shoes have special holes on the upper mesh that keep the air flowing downwards and adjust the thermal shock that feet are undertaking every time you train.

  • Extra durable outsole with bigger lugs for better traction and grip.
  • The outer leather is great for water resistance under any weather.
  • The insole is comfortable and extra-cushioned to the heel area.
  • There is more room on the sides of the shoe to address wide feet problems.
  • The midsole has the EVA technology that helps your feet assimilate the shape.
  • There is less room for the toe fingers compared to other series.
  • The outer leathers may wear off by sunlight action after a few months.

6. Adidas-Performance-Powerlift-3-1-Cross-Trainer-Utility

While Adidas is well known for soccer and tennis shoes there is also a special series that is great for the HIIT training addicts as well. The Powerlift series is said to be one of the best shoes for HIIT training since they incorporate all the features that you need in order to be successful when training or competing.

Their outsole is perfectly balanced on each side giving you improved ability to run in uneven surfaces without the fear of sliding down and getting injured. Not to mention, that the extra lugs applied on the external part of the outsole are helping you to maintain a sustainable balance across the slippery fields no matter how harsh the external conditions may be.

The insole is softer than any other shoe you have ever tried and has more sensible cushioning in the foot curve and heel area to make sure that small vibrations will never harm your feet.

  • Very lightweight shoes that improve performance.
  • The external rubber alloy is not fading away or affected by heat and water.
  • The style is unique, and you can always be the center of attention.
  • There is a very thin upper mesh giving you room to walk around freely.
  • The forefoot area has more space for the toe fingers enhancing the stability.
  • The midsole has no foamy interval and cannot give you much comfort.
  • There is no separate lacing system apart from the basic one.

7. RYKA Women’s Tenacity Cross-Trainer Shoe

RYKA has been always the innovation power in the shoe industry. There is nothing more to say about the RYKA shoes that they are considered to be among the best shoes for HIIT workouts and can be with you for a long period of time. Provided of course, that you are treating them gentle and wash, rinse and keep them in a safe place.

However, the durability of RYKA shoes is tremendous and can give you a competitive advantage when you are competing with others. The outsole keeps on being the most durable part of the shoes and this can give you enhanced grip regardless of the slippery roads you are walking on.

Finally, the insole is soft and tender and can also give you lots of comforts when you are constantly walking or training. The reality is that an intelligent cushioning system is applied all the time especially on the heel area where the vast majority of pressure is exerted when having a HIIT training program.

  • Great variety in colors and shapes match all tastes.
  • The upper mesh and shaft are extremely breathable.
  • The inner fabrics are specially made to enhance the heat containment.
  • There is more friction produced between the road and the outsole.
  • The forefoot area has more flexibility which in turn increases the stability.
  • The external orthotics on the sockliner and not easy to remove.
  • There is no anti-germ layer to keep your shoes safe and clean.

8. Inov-8 Men’s F-Lite 195 Cross-Training Shoe

There is nothing more precious than having a pair of athletic INOV shoes in your closet. They are registered as the best sneakers for HIIT when taken for granted after a long day at work. They can serve for acute training as well as for a walk in the park. The INOV company has managed to combine all the great features that you are asking from a kind of shoes like that.

The outsole is rigid enough to keep your feet in close touch to the ground. You can easily balance on INOV shoes since the outsole is more useful outdoors than indoors.

The midsole is soft and made of foamy material which can easily take the special shape of the user’s feet. This is important since most nerves are passing from the foot curve which is supported by the high-tech midsole.

Finally, the outer parts of the shoes are made from a combination of synthetic leather and fabric that reduces the total weight of the shoes. This can give you extra stamina when you are trying to compete and gathering all your strength to beat your opponents.

In that case, the INOV shoes can help you miraculously.

  • The extra-long insole gives more comfort.
  • Smart lacing system keeps the shoes firmly attached.
  • The midsole has a foamy material that can make you feel comfortable.
  • The outsole is flexible and durable for enhanced traction.
  • There is less effort needed to put the on and off due to the intelligent mesh.
  • Shoes are not available in all parts of the world and online.
  • There is less variety for women INOV shoes.

9. Nike Metcon 4 Men’s Cross Training Shoes

Once more the Nike company has made its miracle. The new series of Metcon men running shoes are the best shoes for HIIT and there is nothing you can do to change that. The HIIT training is getting more effective when you are wearing such kind of shoes and can give you more strength to get in the first row of your opponents.

Shoes are characterized by a roomy interior especially in the forefoot and midfoot area where all the sensitive areas of the feet are located. The cushioning is placed directly where the heel area is, while the foot curve is getting less aggravated by pressure against the road.

This type of shoe has more lacing options to choose from. Apart from the classic laces, there is also a big strap embracing the foot arch which can give you more stability and safety when running.

Finally, the outsole is equipped with larger lugs that are going to give you enough grip and traction even when you are running through the rain.

  • Anti-bacterial interior keeps your hygiene high.
  • The outsole is made of quality rubber that doesn’t wear off.
  • The EVA midsole gives extra comfort to the user.
  • There is a smart lacing system making easy to put on the shoes.
  • The external heel protector reduces the danger of injuries.
  • No great availability in sizes.
  • The upper mesh and tongue are connected which makes it hard for some athletes to get used to that.

10. Reebok Men’s Crossfit Sprint TR Training Shoe

The Reebok company keeps on producing extremely quality shoes that are meant to become one of the best shoes for HIIT workouts. They are recognized among the users for their intense quality and their ability to increase their stamina when training.

The upper mesh is softer than ever before and interconnects to the tongue. This feature gives the athlete the option to remove the tongue when he is not needing it to enhance its endurance while training.

The fabric which makes the interior is sweat-absorbent in such a way that there is no need to change your shocks when you are walking or running.

The outsole is rigid enough so that you ensure there is no wearing off due to harsh weather conditions. The midsole is specifically designed to give you more comfort when you are running and even when you are facing multiple impacts and hurdles.

  • Longer outsole gives you more comfort when running.
  • The insole is sweat absorbent and soft.
  • The outer layer is waterproof no matter how rainy the weather may become.
  • Less effort needed to put on the shoes.
  • The lacing system gives extra strength to the user.
  • There is no variety in colors and shapes.
  • You cannot remove the sockliner to adjust any orthotics.

Criteria To Choose Best shoes for HIIT workers

Stability and Support

Stability is the most important aspect while you are looking for the best shoes for HIIT workers. They have done intense movement in their working place. So, a shoe with proper stability as well as support takes a great role for them. Without proper stability, you will lose your balance for walking smoothly. And without adequate support, you may fall on some injuries or various foot problems.

Arch and Heel Support

A shoe with arch and heel support is very much preferable for HIIT workers. Perfect arch and heel support keep you away from falling different types of injuries. The intense workout needs an extreme level of support. Therefore, you should look for these features.

If you have overpronation or under pronation, arch support can give you relief to some extent. The sudden directions or extra energetic works can be handled perfectly if you have the perfect arch support. Arch and heel support also helps to reduce developing plantar fasciitis.


You should look for such shoes that offer supportive outsoles. Supportive outsoles are designed to keep you relax. They allow you to move easily with proper mobility and comfort. If you have broken ankle, heel or any part of the foot, adequate as well as the cushioned outsole is mandatory for you. It is better to pick a supportive one rather than a good looking one. Because in working hours you need more support rather than style.


Traction is another important consideration for a good shoe. As HIIT involves quick as well as frequent movements, it needs excellent traction. You need to save you from slipping. When you are jumping or running quickly, traction can protect you from falling.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ques 1. What kind of shoes should I wear for HIIT?

Ans: HIIT is heavy energetic training where the trainee needs proper support and strength. With supportive shoe he can be more flexible. They should wear those shoes which are supportive. Some of the shoes we recommend.

Ques 2. What are the best sneakers for HIIT training?

Ans: Sneakers are lightweight rather than any other shoe. In HIIT training it can be very comfortable for the trainees. Some of the best sneakers for HIIT training you can also find them in most famous websites as their suggestions.

Ques 3. Can I wear running shoes for HIIT?

Ans: Unfortunately, running shoes are not good enough for HIIT training. Running shoes are designed for passing a long distance. Their shoe drops are commonly measured by about 8 millimeters. Where HIIT needs different types of the cushion. A significant amount of cushioning keeps you protective. Therefore, running shoes shouldn’t wear for high-intensity training. You can wear as you wish but it is not recommended.

Ques 4. What are the best shoes for boot camp?

Ans: Where you are in boot camp, you need excellent stability, cushion, and stability. Boot camp shoes should be lightweight and proper in traction and grip. For instance, some of the best shoes for boot camp can be mentioned. They are: Inov-8 All Train 215, NOBULL Training Shoes, PUMA Fierce Core, New Balance 608v4, PUMA Tazon 6 FM, New Balance FuelCore NERGIZE

Awesome List of 10 Best HIIT Workout Shoes

There are a lot of pairs that you can possibly select to be your favorite HIIT shoes. Only the most competent and durable ones are these that will get you to the top of the HIIT trainees. This is ensured only by the inner quality of the shoes and their special characteristics.

HIIT training requires more strength that can give extra credit to the above shoes. All the shoes are equally competent to give you more for what you pay and you can rest reassured that when purchasing them you will be able to compete with all possible opponents.


What kind of shoes should I wear for High Intensity Interval Training?

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is CRAZILY popular right now, and for good reason.

These classes are super-tough, but you get results incredibly quickly. In today’s article we will look at the best shoes for high intensity workouts, and our favourite P90X! We’ll also discuss why running shoes should be avoided.

How do these classes work?

Usually, you do 20 – 40 seconds of high intensity exercise (burpees, ski jumps, press ups etc.) followed by a short rest period (e.g. 10 seconds).

As you are working so hard, the duration of the classes are often a bit shorter than other classes, which means you get a better workout in less time – what’s not to love?!

This type of training gets you fit really fast as you are pushing your body to the limit.

It also gives your metabolism a real kick up the ass, and you can keep burning calories for up 24 hours after the workout!

Tabata, Metafit, Insanity, P90X, Barry’s Bootcamp, Metcon are all super popular workouts right now.

What kind of shoes should I wear for High Intensity Workouts?

HIIT training is quite new, and while the class formats are well-established, few instructors have given thought to the best types of shoes for their participants to wear.

Can I go bare-foot in an HIIT class?

First of all, we would NEVER recommend doing this type of training bare-foot! There is WAY too much impact on the jumping exercises. You do need some cushioning to absorb that impact or you are going to absolutely kill your knees, hip, back and ankle joints.

Is it OK to wear running shoes for HIIT workouts?

Let’s face it, most people work out in running shoes.

This is great if your main activity is running, but running shoes are NOT RECOMMENDED for other types of exercises. There are three important reasons:

  1. Running Shoes are designed to support the foot in a forward-motion only! In HIIT training, you move forwards, backwards, side-to-side and up and down!
  2. Running Shoes tend to have some degree of arch support. While this is beneficial to many runners who are repetitively putting weight and pressure through the soles of their feet, it is not really necessary for a 30 minute HIIT work-out.
  3. Running Shoes usually have quite a bit of cushioning, to support the joints and muscles as the foot strikes the sidewalk. HIIT training is a mish-mash of different exercises. While there are jumping exercises where some degree of cushioning is useful, there also exercises which are performed lying down or on your front.

What about the best shoes for other high intensity classes like Spinning?

See here for best shoes for spinning classes: Best Shoes and Kit for Spinning Classes

What shoes are recommended for HIIT workouts and classes?

Here are the 3 main features to look for:

  • You want a flattish shoe without excessive arch support
  • The shoe should provide support not only at the front of the shoe, but also at the rear and sides
  • The shoe should be mildly cushioned

There are 3 shoes that we recommend for Tabata, Metafit, Insanity, P90X, Barry’s Bootcamp, Metcon and other HIIT workouts:

Reebox Zig Energy Shoe:

This is actually a basketball shoe, but that’s OK! If you think about all the movement basketball players make – forwards, sideways, turning, jumping – it’s pretty similar to the movements done in a HIIT class!

This video explains some of the benefits of the Reebox Zig shoe:

We also like these shoes from Asics:

  • DuoMax® Support System: A dual density midsole system positioned to enhance support and stability, positioned sport specifically
  • Rearfoot GEL® Cushioning System: Attenuates shock during impact phase and allows for a smooth transition to midstance
  • SpEVA® Midsole Material: Improves bounce back characteristics and decreases midsole breakdown.
  • Trusstic System® Technology: Reduces the weight of the sole unit while retaining the structural integrity of the shoe
  • Width Specific: Designed and built on lasts and molds that are tooled specifically to designated widths.


  • Mix up your fitness routine with the versatile performance of the ASICS® Gel-Craze TR 4 cross-training shoe.
  • Open mesh and synthetic upper materials.
  • Lace-up closure.
  • Padded tongue and collar.
  • Breathable fabric lining offers a great in-shoe feel. Molded foam insole. Solyte® midsole is lighter than standard ASICS EVA and SpEVA® foams. FluidRide™ midsole technology provides the ultimate combination of bounce back and cushioning properties. Rearfoot GEL® Cushioning System attenuates shock during impact phase and allows for a smooth transition to midstance. AHAR® rubber outsole delivers long-lasting durability. FluidAxis™ technology creates anatomical grooves


These super-tough shoes have been specifically designed to support jumping, forwards/backwards and lateral movements.

They even come with an anti-microbial sock lining to keep your feet dry and fresh!

Recommended by Men’s Fitness as one of the best training shoes for non-running activities.

Best shoes for High Intensity Training verdict:

For optimal support, comfort and cushioning during HIIT training, we’d recommend a cross-trainer (NOT a running shoe) that is flattish and provides some degree of cushioning.

Our recommendations are the Reebok Zig Energy Basketball Shoe and the men’s and women’s Asics Gel Training Shoes

10 Best shoes for HIIT Workouts

To find the best shoes for HIIT workouts is a demanding quest that takes a lot of time to come to perfection. If you know about HIIT, then you know that it’s a compilation of several workouts that are high intensity. Therefore, you need a perfect shoe to withstand the pressure that will protect both your feet and ankles.

Running shoes are designed to move in one direction; forward. Therefore, they may not be ideal for HIIT workouts. You need cross-training shoes that can move in any direction.

What are HIIT Shoes?

Shoes that are specially made for HIIT are more durable and flexible than all the other categories. They have a higher upper mesh and shaft, which can embrace the leg, and the metatarsals area should be adequately protected from any pressure.

Another essential feature is the outsole. Most quality HIIT shoes have some durable rubber alloys in the outsole area, which becomes rigid enough to produce more friction to the ground. This is needed to anticipate the slipping phenomena in uneven terrains that you usually meet when training in HIIT methods.

Why HIIT Exercise is Better for Your Health

The HIIT exercise is equally beneficial for all the systems of your body. It constitutes a constant change between aerobic and anaerobic exercises that can develop your muscles while giving you more stamina and exercise the respiratory system as well.

People suffering from higher blood pressure will find HIIT exercises exclusively better than anything else they may have tried in the past. This is because these exercises can easily reduce blood pressure and make you feel a lot healthier.

Another great benefit to your overall health has been the transformation of your muscle-skeletal system. The pressure coming from your exercise can easily make your bones a lot healthier and active. At the same time, the ligaments are getting closer to each other and create a perfect environment for your development.

For people that suffer from acute pain, the adoption of HIIT workouts regularly could be very beneficial. They give you more flexibility to the foot curve and can develop the mass of the muscles there.

This workout also gives more energy to the body. When performing HIIT exercises, there are more chances to burn fatty acids. They also provide more energy to the body instantly in the form of sugars. This, in turn, nourishes your muscles without aggravating your sugar bloodstream levels.

Finally, people who perform HIIT regularly have their feet relieved from the pressure of everyday chores. These exercises can stretch the ligaments of the ankle and forefoot to give more flexibility that can overdrive the painful symptoms of various diseases.

So, if you are suffering from deformities, the best advice would be to start HIIT exercises.

Features of a Good HIIT Exercise Shoes

HIIT exercise shoes are usually a lot different than the regular ones. They have a greater forefoot area to withstand the intensity of the exercise, unlike other types of shoes.

The best shoes for HIIT Workouts come with more lugs on the outsole to offer greater stability to the user and increase the traction and grip to the ground. Made from lightweight materials, these shoes let the airflow passing through their mass, removing all sweat from your feet.

These shoes have a midsole that is usually made of a foamy material to absorb all the shocks from the external environment. This midsole also has greater insulation to keep the water out and also give more protection to the user from the adverse weather conditions.

Finally, the HIIT exercise shoes have a specially designed sockliner area where orthotics can be easily adjusted. This happens because most of the HIIT athletes are suffering either from foot diseases or foot injuries and are sometimes in need of such external mechanisms to support their walking abilities.

Features of HIIT Shoes:

  • Greater forefoot
  • Larger lugs on the outsole
  • Breathability
  • Extra insulated midsole
  • Sockliner

Our Top Picks

Reebok Men’s Crossfit Sprint tr-m, Dark Sage/Flux… Nike Women’s Metcon 4 White/Metallic Silver Ankle-High… ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe, Frost… – – – – – – Reebok Men’s Crossfit Sprint tr-m, Dark Sage/Flux… – – Nike Women’s Metcon 4 White/Metallic Silver Ankle-High… – – ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe, Frost… – –

These are some of the best shoes for HIIT, now available on the market:

1. Nike Metcon 4 Cross Training Shoes

For Men’sFor Women’s

The Metcons shoes have a great shape and are considered to be one of the best shoes for HIIT workouts. This pair has a lightweight profile making it easier to wear when running. Also, the outer part of the shoes is more waterproof than the common type of shoes in the category.

Not to mention, the shoes have a more sophisticated cushioning in certain parts of the footbed like the heel and the foot curve. That is why the Metcon shoes are among the most comfortable shoes to wear when training. The upper mesh and shaft are more breathable than all the other and make it easier for you to wear from prolonged periods.

Finally, the insole has a special layer than is anti-microbial, adding up to the overall hygiene of your feet.

  • Come in a great shape
  • They are light
  • Waterproof
  • Sophisticated cushioning
  • Anti-microbial layer
  • If you want to purchase them, you’ll need first to confirm their availability

2. ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

For Men’sFor Women’s

These shoes are among the best for HIIT workouts for women regardless of their title. Hard exercises are easier when wearing these shoes thanks to their great aerodynamic shape giving more energy at any time to the user.

The insole is the most comfortable part of the shoes. The cushioning applied to the heel makes the pain go away, especially to people suffering from chronic foot pain.

Not to mention, the outer leather part of the shoes is waterproof enough to give you more protection against heavy rain while training.

Finally, the shoes have an excellent forefoot area, which gives more movability to the toe fingers. This enables you to be more stable while training and can take all your pain away.

  • Aerodynamic shape to give people more energy
  • Comfortable insole
  • Has a waterproof outer leather part
  • Great forefoot area to enable mobility of toes
  • Users have complained of the shoes losing shape in one month
  • The gel in the shoe moves around and makes the experience uncomfortable

3. PUMA Women’s Cell Riaze WN Sneaker

These shoes are the best HIIT workout shoes that are currently in the market.

They have more space than the usual ones. They give people who are suffering from pain on the heels or any other a chance to do these workouts without any issues.

The cushioning on the heel and foot curve areas is revolutionary. It consists of special microfibers that absorb the user’s weight. They also protect the footbed from the pressure coming from the ground.

Finally, these are the most stylish shoes you could ever have in your closet. Coming in multiple colors and shapes, the shoes are there to make sure when working out, you still look stylish.

  • Have more space than regular shoes
  • Microfibers to absorb a users weight
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Some users complain the sizes are too big to fit
  • The fabric is lighter compared to previous versions

4. Reebok Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker

For Men’sFor Women’s

These Reebok shoes are specialized in retaining the natural shape of the feet with no pain involved during the training.

They have a longer upper mesh and shaft to protect the foot arches as well as the ankle areas. This feature gives them also the chance to safely bend the shoes on your feet, respecting the anatomy of your metatarsals.

The smart lacing system is strategically placed to exert the less needed pressure to keep the shoes safe on your feet. Additionally, Crossfit shoes are energy absorbent, especially in the outsole area. They have more friction when starting to run. But, less grip to the ground when running at a higher speed to give you back all the lost energy.

  • Have RopePro that protects you during rope climbing
  • There is the toe tection that makes the shoe durable mostly in the toe area
  • Energy absorbent
  • Lacing system to help exert less pressure on your feet
  • They start ripping after some time

5. New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi V1 Running Shoe

For Men’sFor Women’s

These New Balance Arishi shoes are ideal for ladies. This particular series has been presented to the public as one of the best shoes for plyometrics and has stayed at the top of the ranking for longer than any other opponent.

The upper mesh and shaft are very strong and flexible to keep the feet safe against any controversial pressure from the ground. There is special care taken for the ankle area, which is adequately protected and supported.

The insole keeps on being softer than the competition and has unique cushioning in the heel area to keep you pain-free from any impact.

This Arishi shoe has a lacing system that uses state-of-the-art laces to give more safety when running that the shoes to keep them on your feet every time.

  • 84% said the shoe fits as expected
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • If not careful, you can easily buy knock offs.

6. Adidas Powerlift.3.1 Cross Trainer

For Men’sFor Women’s

Are you looking for the best shoes for HIIT workouts? Well, the Adidas Powerlift shoes fit the description.

These shoes have a particular midsole layer that supports the user’s weight when needed and keeps your footbed pain free when lots of pressure is exerted from the ground.

Additionally, the outsole is rigid enough to withstand the adverse weather conditions (rain or sun) and the same time is equipped with high-tech lugs, which give you more grip and better traction over all kinds of terrains.

  • They are lightweight
  • Durable
  • Air mesh to help your feet breathe
  • Midsole layer to support your weight
  • You may need to buy one size larger than you wear because they are narrow

7. PUMA Fierce Core Cross-Trainer Shoe

For Men’sFor Women’s

By now, you know that PUMA is one of the leading brands, which means they deal in quality.

These shoes are well known for their higher upper mesh and tongue that protect women’s ankle joints when performing hard training.

What stands out in these shoes is that the outer part is made of quality textiles that make the shoes lightweight and breathable. The material used helps you to lower the temperature of the inner feet and ensures your feet don’t sweat.

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Come in a variety of pairs
  • They are true to size
  • Stylish
  • Light
  • Some people claim they wear down after a month

8. Inov-8 F-Lite 195 Cross-Training Shoe

For Men’sFor Women’s

Here’s another great type of shoes from a revolutionary brand that produces high-quality shoes all the time. This special edition is specially made for men and has been characterized as one of the best shoes for HIIT workouts, which can make the difference when you wear them.

The outsole makes less noise than other shoes and enables you to run faster with less fatigue.

The insole keeps on being softer than the average, while the cushioning system embraces the whole footbed for better care of your feet while exercising.

  • Light
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Wide toe boxes
  • Designed for men
  • There are complaints of the shoe ripping off

9. Nike Metcon 4 Running Shoes

For Men’sFor Women’s

If you are a Nike fan, then you probably know their tagline, ‘Just Do It’ Nike has been a leader for the longest time now. If you are looking for comfort and less pain, having these Nike Metacon shoes will work for your HIIT workouts.

These shoes have an upper mesh that is soft and embraces the whole foot arch for safer use. The laces are stronger than ever before and securely attach the shoes to the feet.

Finally, the insole has a special anti-microbial layer that prevents infections while improving your total hygiene.

  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Fits well
  • Designed in a way that helps keep our feet secure
  • Light
  • The rubber on the side may start peeling off after some time
  • The sole wears off easily

10. Reebok Crossfit Sprint TR Training Shoe

For Men’sFor Women’s

Look for a shoe that makes all the difference. If you are shopping for the best shoes for HIIT and you want a pair that makes a difference, look for those with a longer shaft and a softer tongue that embraces the foot arch.

These Reebok Crossfit shoes have stronger side parts to prevent supination and pronation issues after extended use.

The genuine leather keeps all the water out of the shoes, making them waterproof. The insole is soft enough and is easily removable when you need to wash and rinse it.

  • Comes in various colors
  • It has mono-mesh protection that protects you when rope climbing
  • Comfortable
  • Have a narrow fitting
  • Sole rips off after some time


If you work out, then you know how important it is to have well-fitting shoes that won’t give you blisters. You need the best shoes for HIIT workouts to help you achieve your workout goals faster. We have compiled a detailed list of the best shoes to help your purchasing decision become easier.

Best shoes for hiit

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