Best walking shoes for women

1. Ryko Women’s Devo Plus 2 Walking Shoe

With more than 1,100 positive reviews on Amazon, these walking shoes seem to be a customer favorite. They’re lightweight, breathable and not too bulky.

2. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19

Binder likes this shoe because it has a “GuideRail” system, which offers passive stability. “This technology keeps the foot in a neutral position and only comes into play when needed,” she explains. If the walker pronates (Binder says the majority of people have some degree of pronation), the guide rails balance the foot back into position. If there isn’t any pronation, then the shoe doesn’t overcorrect.

3. New Balance Women’s 860v10

This shoe falls in the stability category and can be identified by the medial side of the shoe where you see the marbleizing. Binder loves this shoe (and the Brooks above) because these running shoes provide more comfort than typical walking shoes due to the additional cushioning that helps absorb the impact and protects the joints. If you do have inserts or orthotics, she says that both of these shoes can accommodate them comfortably.

4. New Balance Women’s WW1865 Walking Shoes

This walking shoe for women is considered one of the lightest walking shoes currently available on the market. In addition to being lightweight, the shoe is very padded with extra cushion and is made with synthetic material making it durable for long-term use.

5. Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST 2

“I highly recommend these for neutral-arched or low-arched people,” Cunha says. “They provide great stability and have extra padding for shock control.

6. ASICS GEL-Quantum 360 5

These shoes are heavier, but durable, and can be worn for longer periods of time as they have been specially designed for walking on rough and rocky surfaces. Recovering from a foot or ankle injury? Cunha says this is your best option.

7. ASICS Women’s GEL-Excite 6 Running Shoes

Did you do a foot diagnostic test at a running store and determine that you have flat feet? Shvets says this is your best bet and is a great supportive running shoe that can be used for walking.

8. FitFlop Lulu Flip Flops

For when summer is right around the corner, Schvets says that this is a comfortable walking shoe that offers arch support (much better than your standard flip flop) and looks great on your foot.


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Take a look at your feet. Are you wearing shoes with good arch support? It’s quite possible that those dirty old sneakers (even the wrong type of new shoes) may be exacerbating any foot and heel pain you are experiencing. And in a perfect world, you’d need to stay off your feet to let your “dogs” heal properly. But most of us work and do stuff all day… which is why we’ve got you covered and have rated the best shoes for heel pain.

Back to your shoes. When you look at them, do you notice obvious wear paterns on the heels of the outsole? How about the arch supports fitted on the inside of your shoe? Did you even realize it was there? If not, you probably don’t have enough support and your stride is suffering as a result, causing you to over-pronate (or supinate).

Its worth noting that if you have sharp morning pains that tend to return in the afternoon, you might just have plantar fasciitis – which you can probably imagine is no fun. Regardless of your condition, you will need to formulate a plan to correct your walking gait and provide the arch support your feet require.

Benefits Of Arch Support Shoes vs. A Normal Shoe

No doubt you’ve done your due diligence and scoured the internet for that one golden solution. The good news is that there is likely a solution out there tailored just for you. You just need to find it. And, if you’ve already been to a Podiatrist (or two, or five), they’ve probably already recommended changing your footwear to include good arch supports as an initial measure… or perhaps they’ve even suggested adding the proper insoles to the shoes you already have in order to manage the heel pain. Conservative treatment is always the first step in treating any sort of mallady, especially if you have plantar fasciitis.

Finding the best shoes for heel pain is no doubt tops on your list and, according to studies and other heel pain sufferer’s testimonials, should provide you with some initial level of relief.

So, why specially designed shoes over what you currently wear?

Shoes with Good Arch Support will provide…

  • Proper support for your fascia ligament
  • Specifically designed mid and insoles for proper shock absorption
  • Often podiatrist-designed for comfort and support
  • Motion control to correct Over-Pronation or Supination, which encourages proper walking motion

Normal Walking Shoes focus on other areas, NOT designed to treat ailment. They are…

  • Often constructed for breathability and comfort, not necessarily for total foot support
  • Comfortable, but not designed to correct improper walking gait

Both types of shoes may offer fantastic support. Shoes with good arch support, however, are designed for your situation and to stabilize improper walking form. Other shoes offer cushioning, flexibility and styling options, but may not fully support you where you need it the most. Your arches.

Of course, that’s not to say that they CAN’T work for you. Especially if you add the appropriate orthotic insert.

Common Complaints About Shoes With Arch Support

1. Expensive vs. non-specific shoes

2. Arch support shoes takes time to get used to

3. Company sizing sometimes incorrect

Group Studies and Statistics

Much like research studies on the benefit of a quality orthotic, the proper shoe – fitted with orthotic technology – reaps the same success. There are multiple studies proving the efficacy of arch supports in relieving pain for those with plantar fasciitis.

In one study, it was concluded that foot orthoses and night splints, together, provided a better quality of life through significant pain relief and better foot function in as little as 12 weeks, while still improving over the course of 52 weeks.

Foot orthoses and anterior night splints were effective both short-term and long-term in treating pain from plantar fasciitis.

There have been a number of other studies touting the same benefit of combined, conservative treatments… especially those incorporating the use of an orthotic device. You can see more studies on the benefit of orthotic support that have been referenced in this post.

How We Rate The Shoes


(click image to enlarge)

Image Model Price Rating
Brooks Ghost 11 $120 5/5
Brooks Addiction Walker $120 4.5/5
Merrell Jungle Moc $75 4.5/5
Vionic Walker Classic $100 4.5/5
New Balance 990v4 $160 4/5

1. Brooks Ghost 11

The Brooks Ghost 11 is actually a running shoe, but it’s such a good shoe for plantar fasciitis that we had to include it for you to review for yourself. Brooks is obviously one of the best shoes with arch support, and this one not only looks good but it is also functional for your needs – especially if you spend a lot of time walking. This lightweight, neutral shoe comes with a breathable mesh upper and has their Crash Pad outsole for maximum shock absorption. Brooks recommends this shoe for those with medium-to-high arches

Pros: Super comfortable for most – Ghost 10 had the best reviews for plantar fasciitis, but running out of stock – Lots of arch support – Great running and walking shoe – Lighter than other shoes on list – Nice heel cushioning

Cons: A couple people receiving incomplete order or possibly previously returned – More of an athletic shoe than a typical work shoe

2. Brooks Addiction Walker

Another highly rated shoe with good arch support is the Brooks Addiction Walker, which gets plenty of good reviews from the plantar fasciitis group. It’s billed as more of a casual shoe, but almost has the fit and feel of a running shoe. Leather constructed, with strong support and slip-resistant sole make this one of the best sneakers for plantar fasciitis and related heel pain. Brooks recommends this shoe for those with flat-to-medium arches.

Pros: Comfortable walking shoe – Lots of positive heel pain reviews, their go-to shoe – Available in wide fit – Moderate arch support – Cleans very easily

Cons: Might run a bit small – Some do not like the stiffness – Expensive – A few shoe quality complaints – May lack a bit of traction on wet floors

3. Merrell Jungle Moc

The Merrell Jungle Moc slip on shoe is one of the most highly rated shoes on the list. They’re versatile and can be work at work, for walking and have a rugged outsole that is great for hiking. This shoe is designed with pig suede upper, a contoured footbed with moderate arch support, organic odor control and air cushion support in the heel.

Pros: Good floor traction – Plenty of design options – Above average comfort and fit – Easy slip on – Many say it’s a good fit out of box – Can be worn at work or around town – Lots of plantar fasciitis support

Cons: Few complaints of being slippery on wet surfaces , be warned – Some squeeking complaints – A couple mentions that the color they chose is slightly off from picture

4. Vionic Walker Classic

The Vionic Walker Classic is consistently rated as one of the best shoes for heel pain. Not only are the reviews overwhelmingly positive as far as seeing a reduction in pain and overall purchase satisfaction, the Walker Classic is among those as having the APMA Seal of Approval. They come with the patented Orthaheel contoured arch support and a deep heel cup specifically designed to correct your stride.

Pros: The go-to brand for plantar fasciitis sufferers (repeat buyers) – Excellent arch support – Feels comfortable and offer nice total foot support

Cons: May lack footbed cushioning you want – Might have to buy a size up – Some complaints of premature wearing

5. New Balance 990v4

The New Balance 990v4 is a popular addition to their classic 900-series shoe. This particular shoe line has been known to offer a balance of cushioning, stability and motion control. And while there is a newer version available, this particular shoe comes with more favorable reviews. It’s manufactured with dual-density collar foam for comfort, their ENCAP midsole technology for stability and a pigskin mesh upper that gives it that classic New Balance look. This particular shoe is also made in the USA.

Pros: Mostly comfortable fit out of the box – Solid arch support – Nice balance between support and cushioning – Good for running as well as everyday walking and casual wear – Good quality

Cons: High price point – May not have the full arch support you require – Few complaints of receiving bad quality or knock-offs

Other Men’s Shoes With Good Arch Support
Skechers Go Walk 3 Saucony Grid Omni New Balance MX608v4


(click image to enlarge)

Image Model Price Rating
Vionic Walker $100 5/5
Vionic Kea Trainer $100 4.5/5
Brooks Addiction Walker $120 4.5/5
Saucony Grid Omni $60 4/5
Ryka Devotion Plus 2 $65 4/5

1. Vionic Walker Classic

The Vionic Women’s Walker shoe is engineered with the patented Orthaheel arch support and deep heel cup, which has been specifically designed to correct your walking gait. And, since the founders of Vionic are Podiatrists, you can have faith in knowing the shoe was constructed for your condition. What’s more, this shoe has been given the APMA Seal of Approval. We’ve rated it as the best shoe for plantar fasciitis.

Pros: Excellent arch and overall foot support – Good shoe for nurses and those on their feet all day – Lots of previous plantar fasciitis customers for this shoe

Cons: Toe box may be a bit tight for some – Arch support is a little rigid – A bit heavier than other shoes

2. Vionic Kea Trainer

What more can we say about Vionic? They’re on just about every list when talking about what works best for plantar fasciitis, because the arch support is fantastic. The Kea Trainer is another comfortable women’s casual shoe. It is made with a lightweight mesh upper, removable EVA orthotic and durable rubber outsole. These Vionics look playful and come in several color options to choose from.

Pros: Very comfortable fit – Run pretty true to size – No hassle, easy to slip on – Great for walking and working all day – Can go well with slacks

Cons: Few complaints heel slippage in this style – May have to order up for wide feet – Some complaints of a chemical smell out of the box

3. Brooks Addiction Walker

The Brooks Addiction Walker is another highly rated women’s walking shoe. It offers a leather upper and a slip-resistant outsole, but more importantly, it provides strong support for low arches to correct over-pronation issues. The diagonal rollbar positions the arch support to promote a natural walking motion. Brooks is always in the conversation when talking about shoes with good arch support.

Pros: Leather – Easy to clean – May be a good shoe for overweight women – Excellent overall foot support with nice stability – Plenty of arch support – Great if you need an all black or all white shoe

Cons: Might have a break in period – Seems a bit clunky for some – Not the most stylish shoe

4. Saucony Grid Omni Walker

The Saucony Grid Omni is a nice choice for the moderate-to-severe pronator. It’s a sporty and plush leather walking shoe that keeps you comfortably upright for long periods of time, as well as providing stability from impact with its Rearfoot Grid System. This shoe isn’t waterproof, doesn’t win any awards for styling, but it gets the job done and is rated highly for plantar fasciitis relief.

Pros: Great arch support – Plenty of stability – Comfortable fit – Have plain black and white sneaker options – Seems to be a fairly accurate sizing fit – Wide option available

Cons: Can be a bit stiff out of the box – Some feel they are a bit large and bulky – A few previous squeeking complaints

5. Ryka Devotion Plus 2

It turns out that the Ryka Devotion Plus 2 walking shoe isn’t just stylish and fun, but it also has great support for your feet. They are designed with an anatomically precise footbed, a lightweight EVA midsole and rubber pod network to add cushioning to the outsole. The Rykas are comfortable, affordable and seem to work pretty well at minimizing heel pain at work or when walking around.

Pros: Fit pretty true to size as per most – Lightweight – Nice cushioning in the footbed – Good price point – Great for walking and working on your feet – Multiple mentions of enough space in the toe box

Cons: Shoe designs are unfavorable to some – Few complaints about shoe quality and breaking prematurely in different areas – Padding in the tongue is not good

Other Women’s Shoes With Good Arch Support
Skechers Go Walk 3 Orthofeet Coral New Balance WX608v4


Well, there you have it, the absolute top shoes with good arch support, as per the people who have been through what you are going through and who have documented their recovery. These shoes have by-and-far the majority of supporters and have been chosen based on their success in treating several types of foot ailments. And why not, they work better to curb the aches and pains of being on your feet all day long! Take it from people suffering with plantar fasciitis, these are the best shoes for heel pain.

It’s worth noting that you should have a plan for supporting your feet around the house, on those hard floors or out and around the yard. Consider supplementing your shoes with a supportive house slipper or a good orthotic flip flop. Going barefoot will only aggravate your fascia ligament and exacerbate foot pain, so treat your feet right.

Flat-footed runners face a number of challenges in finding the right running shoe—not least of which is a glut of conflicting information on the topic. The internet and your local running store will likely urge you to buy a shoe with more arch support. Experts in the field of sports injury will instruct you to do the opposite. So who do you trust? Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer—the optimal shoe for you largely depends on your gait cycle, range of motion, and individual foot, among other factors. But there are a couple of features to look for in running shoes that may help make your low arches feel more supported and comfortable—and a couple of shoes that have been known to work well for flat-footed runners. Read on for our picks and buying advice.

Cushion for Days Beast 18 Brooks $159.95 Best for Classic Stability 860v9 New Balance $125.00 Wide Foot Favorite Arahi 3 Hoka One One $104.95 Best for Overpronators Gel-Kayano 26 Asics $160.00 Best Crowd Pleaser Dyad 10 Brooks $130.00

The Two Kinds of Flat Feet

Some runners have anatomically flat feet, and other runners have what’s known as “collapsed arches,” which are flat because of a muscle weakness. Although the two types can look very similar, how you approach buying shoes for them varies widely, says Dr. Kimberly Davis of the RunLab, an Austin, Texas-based clinic that assesses running biomechanics and offers physical therapy and training.

Dr. Davis says that when it comes to shopping for a shoe for a flat-footed runner with collapsed arches due to muscle weakness, you can add arch support until the foot gets stronger and can support its own arch. But with an anatomically flat foot, arch support just sends stress up into the knee where it can lead to knee problems. That’s why it’s important to know what type of flat foot you have before you settle on a shoe—and take into account not just your foot but your entire body, including knees, hips, and range of motion.

Medical Body Scans/Getty Images

On Overpronation and Arch Support

Runners with flat feet tend to overpronate, which is when the arches of the foot roll inward after landing. (However, this isn’t true across the board—there are plenty of flat-footed runners who are biomechanically sound and efficient, and don’t experience any overpronation.) Up until recently, the running industry steered overpronators toward stability shoes to control this motion. Gradually, all that is starting to change with the realization that stability features don’t do much to correct the natural cycle of the foot, though some runners prefer having them. Dr. Davis says people with flat feet often have really flexible feet that never get rigid for the push-off. “The footwear industry tries to solve that by putting an arch support in there to give them an arch or create suppination in the foot,” she says. “But that foot is structurally built that way, it’s not something you can solve with a shoe.”

A Full-Contact Midsole

Jay Dicharry, author of “Anatomy for Runners” and director of the REP Lab in Bend, Oregon, agrees arch support can be detrimental because the arch is by nature dynamic, and having extra structure there can stop your foot from moving. Dicharry says flat-footed runners should put more focus on seeking out a shoe with a straight “last,” which is the mold that dictates the shape of the shoe. A straight-lasted shoe has a wider midfoot base and less of a cut-in, a profile that has fallen by the wayside in favor of hourglass-shaped shoes. Most current shoes don’t provide much of a solid support surface for flat-footed runners, he says. “The problem is all these hourglass shoe shapes look nice on the wall, but when someone with a flat foot puts weight on one, part of their foot is bearing weight on the fabric upper,” he says. “The upper doesn’t work as a midsole for foot support. Feet do well when they’re on an even surface.”

Flat Feet Are Just One Aspect Among Many

The truth is most running shoes will work for most runners; however, if the shoes you’re using aren’t comfortable immediately or if you’re experiencing any pain while running, you should try a different pair. Get your movement pattern analyzed, whether at a clinic like the RunLab or even a running store that offers gait analysis. Once you have more information about your feet and movement patterns, you can provide all that information to a running store to find the best shoe for you. Don’t be afraid to take a shoe out for a test run following assessment before purchasing anything.

How We Picked These Shoes

Every shoe here has been evaluated and vetted by our team of test editors. We research the market, survey user reviews, speak with product managers and shoe fitters, and use our own experience running in these shoes to determine the best options for flat feet. Most models have been tested by our staff, and those that haven’t have been carefully chosen based on their value, comfort, and performance.

Brooks Dyad 10

Brooks Dyad 10 $129.95

  • Wide at the forefoot
  • Soft cushion
  • Can feel bulky

The Dyad has a spacious fit and wider platform, which gives flat-footed runners a straighter last for more contact in the midsole. Dual Arch Pods at the midfoot are designed to provide stability without interfering with a neutral stride; the shoe’s soft feel is intended to adapt to different feet. Injury-prone and injured runners have also found that this shoe has enough space to accommodate orthotics.
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Brooks Beast 18

Brooks Beast 18 $159.95

  • Soft cushion
  • Wide at the forefoot
  • Long-distance shoe
  • Might feel too beefy for shorter distances

Runners who like soft cushioning in a heavy-duty distance shoe have long been fans of the Beast and Ariel (the women’s version). The shoe has a wider platform with extra midfoot support and some added stability features, which many of our wider-footed test runners have appreciated. It also sits on a straighter last, which can help some flat-footed runners make more contact with the midsole instead of the upper.
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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20

Trevor Raab Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 $115.15

  • Lighter mesh upper
  • Smoother ride than previous versions
  • Doesn’t excel for speed workouts

This latest version of the Adrenaline, one of our longtime favorite stability shoes, uses guide rails to prevent pronation without hampering neutral runners. We recommend it as a shoe for the flat-footed simply because it’s a shoe that works for lots of different types of runners, largely due to firm but not-too-firm cushioning through the midsole and a smooth ride.

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Saucony Echelon 7

Amazon Saucony Echelon 7, $129.90+

  • Wider through the midsole and forefoot
  • Durable

Runners with flat feet or low arches have had a lot of luck with the Echelon. A neutral shoe with little arch support and a wider platform through the midsole and forefoot, the Echelon provides plush cushioning and the durability to handle high-volume training and long miles.
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Saucony Freedom ISO 2

Saucony Saucony Freedom ISO 2 $159.84

  • Comfortable, breathable upper
  • Soft, flexible ride

The Freedom ISO is a bolder-looking neutral shoe with lots of bouncy cushioning underfoot and a stretchy, unstructured upper that gives your forefoot plenty of space to breathe and stretch. Saucony describes the fit as a dynamic one that adapts to the runner’s foot shape and motion—our runners found it to be quite comfortable, with a soft, flexible ride. A new ISOKNIT upper on the 2 makes the shoe even cozier than before.
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Saucony Guide 13

Saucony Guide 13 $119.95

  • Smooth ride
  • Durable, bouncy midsole
  • Not as much support as the Omni

Built for comfort and cushion at the expense of a little extra weight, the Guide 13 is a somewhat burly shoe with moderate stability features. At the midsole, a TPU frame combats overpronation without being too obtrusive, and lots of bouncy foam keeps you rolling through your stride.

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New Balance 880v9

New Balance New Balance 880 V9 $139.99

  • Soft cushioning
  • Breathable upper

Runners with lower to flat arches should check out New Balance’s 800 series, which are engineered on a largely unsculpted last and offered in a variety of widths. Shoes in the 880 series provide plush neutral cushioning and a responsive ride. The latest model runs slightly smaller but has a more breathable upper than its predecessor, the 880v8.
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New Balance 860v10

New Balance 860v10 $129.99

  • Nice mix of cushion and responsiveness
  • Medial post to offset pronation
  • Could feel overbuilt for neutral runners

The 860 provides more stability than the 880, so if you’re a runner accustomed to more stability features, you might prefer this model. The shoe has lots of cushioning and support through the midsole, including a dual-density “medial post” designed to offset overpronation.
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Asics Gel-Kayano 26

Courtesy of Asics Asics Gel-Kayano 26, $159.69+

  • Firm midsole
  • Works for many different types of runners
  • Smooth ride

The Kayano has long been a favorite with our flat-footed testers for its dual-density midsole and firmer foam through the arch. Make no mistake, this is a stability shoe designed to correct overpronation—but one that works for a lot of people. The ride feel is smooth, with layers of plush cushioning underfoot.
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Asics GT-4000

ASICS GT-4000 $109.01

  • Lots of midsole support
  • Broader, straighter last

Asics describes the GT-4000 as its “flat-foot hero.” The shoe sits on a longer support piece and a straighter last than the brand’s other shoes. Other features include a broader base intended to disperse shock over a larger surface area, and a lightweight midsole designed for lots of support and cushioning.
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Hoka One One Gaviota 2

Hoka One One Gaviota 2 $149.95

  • Tons of cushion underneath
  • Some runners felt these ran too wide

Like most (if not all) Hokas, the Gaviota is fully cushioned by a thick slab of lightweight EVA foam and rubber. It’s a stability shoe, with denser midsole cushioning designed to guide your foot into place as you move through your stride. Flatter-footed runners tend to love Hoka shoes—not just for that added support but also for that fail-safe blend of protective cushioning and responsiveness.
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Hoka One One Arahi 3

Hoka One One Arahi 3 $129.95

  • Firm cushion
  • Lots of stability
  • Might feel too wide for some runners

The Arahi is proof that a stability shoe can still feel lightweight and responsive, as opposed to bulky or clunky. With an open construction and roomy forefoot section, this iteration of the shoe brings a lot of comfort and cushion to runners of all foot types—especially runners with slightly wider feet.
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Nike Air Zoom Structure 22

Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 $120.00

  • Pronation-fighting stability wedges
  • Our test team liked the style
  • Stiffer at the heel than previous iterations

For flat-footed runners who prefer Nike’s style, the Air Zoom Structure 22 is a favorite. The shoe has lots of cushion and added stability tech through the midsole, including foam wedges at the ankle designed to smooth transitions and cut down on overpronation. A heel counter holds the foot in place, as does a close-fitting upper made from engineered mesh.
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Altra Provision 3.5

Altra Provision 3.5 $119.95

  • Lightweight
  • Very roomy toebox

At the core of Altra’s philosophy is a dedication to creating running shoes with an enlarged toe box, so the foot can expand and toes can fan out, and a zero or very low drop from heel to toe. For many runners, this widened shape, plus a straighter last, works well for flat and wide feet. The Provision is Altra’s moderately cushioned shoe with a widened heel and guide rails for stability. Runners with all foot shapes have found it to be comfortable and supportive enough to give up their orthotics.

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Best Men’s Tennis Shoes With Arch Support: Racket Shoes For Supination & High Arches

Why Do You Need Extra Arch Support?

If you have higher than average foot arches, then you’ll probably have noticed that your ankles and knees feel somewhat sore after a few sets of tennis. Although flat feet is a more common condition, high arches is something that certainly exists too.

The foot arch is the body’s natural suspension system. Held together by ligaments and tendons between the metarsal and tarsal bones, the feature a distinctive shape.

However, they are not all the same height. While the neutral foot arch is often used as the basis for designing shoes, some people may have low or even high foot arches.

While many people continue life without noticing, those with particularly pronounced arches may experience discomfort elsewhere in their legs. This is because the arches don’t necessarily receive enough support and experience an imbalance within the shoe.

Consequently, they may experience a condition known as supination.

What Is Supination?

Underpronation and supination or interchangeable terms used to describe the side effect of having high foot arches. Given that the arches are quite high, the feet don’t splay on the ground correctly.

Consequently, the ankles and knees will compensate and position themselves at an angle. If the feet undertake intensive sport or footwork that is similar to tennis, it’s often the ankles and knees that take the most strain.

The result can be quite painful and since the feet aren’t sitting properly inside the shoes, they may also experience other conditions such as bunions or even plantar fasciitis.

How To Cater To High Arches When Playing Tennis

Given the intensive lateral movement involved in tennis, the feet undertake considerable punishment even during the most laid-back sets.

Fortunately, most of the footwork places pressure on the toes rather than the midfoot so the feet require less protection than when running. However, due to the unique foot movement required for tennis, there are fewer features that help reduce discomfort.

For instance, motion control is a feature that you often see on running shoes that help different forms of pronation. Motion control often consists of heel counters or roll-bars that ensure a natural stride and foot landings.

However, this only really helps for long strides forwards and backwards. Meanwhile, tennis requires lateral stability, which consists of wide outsoles that prevent accidental missteps.

High arches mostly benefit from deep cushion and increased support. Deep cushion will ensure that the arches are properly cradled while the heels are properly locked in place. Not only will this reduce pronation from inside the shoe, it also supports the arches so they aren’t taken too much punishment.

Meanwhile, other types of support can come from stability. However, shock absorption and energy return will also help reduce the stress caused by impacts when making sudden and heavy movements.

What Next?

Now that you’ve read about the best men’s tennis shoes for high arches, peruse some related guides to see other recommendations:

  • Best Men’s Shoes With Arch Support
  • Best Running Shoes For High Arches
  • Top Tennis Shoes For Men

Best Men’s tennis Shoes With Arch Support Guide Reviewed by Max D., on 30th December.
“Great help and much less fatigue after practice. My previous shoes gave me ankle pain and I didn’t know why. This guide helped me find the right pair to improve my game.” Rating: 5.0 ★★★★★

Asics® for High Arches

If you have a high arch in your feet you will need proper supporting footwear, which can prevent injuries and damage to your feet in the long run and provide you with better comfort when walking and running.

Asics have some exceptional shoe models and ranges which are aimed at providing the correct support and comfort in a high arched foot.

High Arches and Associated Issues

The arch of your foot is the slightly curved area between your heel and the ball of your foot. Usually, this area is slightly elevated in a normal arch, but there are individuals who have a much higher curve, or a very low curve and those who have a completely flat arch.

For individuals who have a very high arch whether it is a genetic trait or was caused by underlying conditions, there may be many issues related to this type of arch, and special care and footwear are an absolute must.

Conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Bifida, Polio, and Strokes are some known causes of an unusually higher arch.

Some Issues associated with a High Arch consist of;

  • Foot and Ankle Instability – With a higher arch, both or one of your heels are usually tilted towards the middle of your body which can cause an unstable ankle and foot increasing your risk s of ankle sprains, injuries, and pain.
  • Hammer Toe – This is a foot deformity which usually affects the second, third and fourth toes, where the toe will bend in the middle and a hammer or Z-shaped appearance is created. Hammertoes are painful and can interfere with wearing shoes as this may cause pressure and pain.

  • Claw Toes – When your toes take a Claw Like shape and position and dig into the soles of your feet it is known as Claw toes. This condition can cause pain and make your shoes fit improperly and feel much tighter.

  • Metatarsalgia – One of the most common causes of Metatarsalgia is a High Arche. Metatarsalgia is a condition of the foot where the ball of the foot becomes painful, inflamed and may even burn. The symptoms are usually at their worst when you walk or stand.

  • Plantar Fasciitis – A stabbing and burning pain in the heel under the foot and almost into the ankle which is at its worse when you get up from a long period of being off your feet.

At Home Remedies for High Arches

There are a few things you can do to help alleviate pain and symptoms caused by Higher Arches and in order to correctly address and support this arch type;

  • Medication – Over the counter and anti-inflammatory pain medication will help quite a bit in pain relief and reducing inflammation caused by a high arch.
  • Icing – Ice on swollen and painful areas of the feet, legs, and ankles can likewise provide effective pain relief and a reduction in swelling.

  • Proper Footwear – The right footwear with special arch support and features for High Arches can help to support this arch type and prevent issues.

  • Night Splints – This is ideal for Plantar Fasciitis Relief, which is another symptom related to a Higher Arch Type. Night Splints stretches the arch of your foot and the calf muscles.

  • Foot Pads – Any cushioned footpad cand be worn inside your shoes to provide pain and pressure relief where you need it.

  • Orthotic Devices – Custom designed or store-bought Orthotic inserts and pads can help to provide ample support and cushioning to correct the issues and symptoms and provide pain relief, which is associated with having a higher arch.

Features of a Good Asics Shoes for High Arches

  • Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Cushioning provides ample support and shock absorbency in the areas most affected by a higher arch.
  • Goga Matt and Goga Max technology ensures excellent shock absorbency and bounce back.
  • High abrasion and durable rubber outsole provides good traction and slip resistance.
  • Cushioning in the insole such as air-cooled memory foam, or EVA foam cushioning provides comfort and pressure relief.
  • Wider width and flexible mesh and synthetic uppers that accommodate painful toes and other issues related to a Higher Arch such as Hammeryoe and Claw Toes.

Reviews: The Best Asics Shoes for High Arches

Listed are our top favorite Asics brands and models in shoes for High Arches;


Trail Running Shoes for High Arches

Reviewed by: David Alegeta Score: 97.5

The Gel Venture is a running shoe from Asics that offers excellent cushioning and arch support that is also suitable for a higher arch type.

  • There is rearfoot gel technology to attenuate shock and provide cushioning.
  • The removable sock liner allows you any orthotic device of your choice for better support.
  • An AHAR high abrasion resistance trail-specific outsole for outdoor running and walking.
  • Soft and flexible uppers design from synthetic materials.


Shoes for High Arches

Asics Gel Kahana 8 – Men

Score: 97 By David Alegeta

Asics Gel Kahana 8 – Women

Score: 97 By David Alegeta

The Gel Kahana is another top choice when it comes to the best athletic shoe models for a higher arch.

  • Comfortable and smooth synthetic uppers with breathable mesh inserts.
  • Rearfoot Gel cushioning for better shock absorbency and a DuoMax midsole support system for stability and motion control.
  • The Trusstic System reduces the weight of the sole and retains structural integrity.
  • Also features a trail-specific lug outsole for outdoor trail walking and running.


Running Shoes for High Arches

Asics Torrance – Men

Score: 97 By David Alegeta

Asics Torrance – Women

Score: 97 By David Alegeta

Introducing the Torrance which is also a forgotten model, has some of the best features for a higher arch type.

  • An everyday-wear stylish athletic sneaker type for walking and casual wear.
  • Breathable textile and synthetic uppers construction with a lace-up closure.
  • The tongue and collar are slightly padded for comfort and there is an inside fabric liner to wick away moisture.
  • A very lightweight shock-absorbing foam midsole and a durable rubber outsole.


High Arch Walking Shoe

Asics Gel Cumulus 21 – Men

Score: 98 By David Alegeta

Asics Gel Cumulus 21 – Women

Score: 98 By David Alegeta

Your best choice in a walking shoe for higher arches, that offers excellent shock absorption along with many other fantastic features, you cannot go wrong with the Asics Gel Cumulus.

  • Features comfortable and lightweight mesh and synthetic leather uppers offer excellent breathability and comfort.
  • A durable and solid rubber outsole ensures good grip and traction as well as excellent shock absorbency.
  • ComforDry technology keeps your feet dry and fresh.
  • Front and the rearfoot gel cushioning to reduce shock during impact and give added support.
  • A great shoe for long periods of walking or standing when you have a higher arch as it protects your heels and balls of your feet.
  • Available in a few colors to choose from.


Walking Shoes for High Arches

Asics GEL-Nimbus 21 – Men

Score: 96 By David Alegeta

Asics GEL-Nimbus 21 – Women

Score: 96 By David Alegeta Another very popular and well known model from Asocs is the Gel Nimbus, the latest is their 21.

  • The Asics Gel Nimbus provides excellent shock absorption and GEL-Cushioning. There is a heel clutch system for a more secure fit and stability.
  • Ideal for a high arch and supination is the excellent arch support along with the rearfoot support.
  • The Fluidfit ensure and adaptable fit and the Fluidride technology ensures smoother transitioning and gait efficiency.
  • Some color options are available for your perusal.


Supination High Arch Running Shoes

Asics Gel Equation 8 – Men

Score: 98 By David Alegeta

Asics Gel Equation 8 – Women

Score: 98 By David Alegeta

The Asics Gel Equation 8 is a tough and durable athletic shoe with a comfort system ideal for higher arches.

  • The uppers are manufactured from breathable mesh with durable synthetic overlays.
  • The plush tongue and collar are padded to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.
  • There is a removable foam insole and rearfoot gel cushioning system for more comfort, support, and shock absorbency.
  • The Trusstic System reduces the overall weight of the sole unit while retaining the structure and providing lightweight stability and control.
  • The Asics High Abrasion Rubber used on the AHAR model outsole provides superior durability and traction on all surfaces.


Asics Gel Excite – Men

Score: 98 By David Alegeta

Asics Gel Excite 4 – Women

Score: 98 By David Alegeta

The Asics Gel Excite is a fun and vibrantly colored shoe from Asics with all the features you need to support a higher arch.

  • Textile and synthetic uppers available in many boll d and vibrant color options to choose form.
  • Rearfoot Gel cushioning and a shock absorbing midsole for comfort and support.
  • Smooth moisture wicking interior linings and a removable sock liner.
  • Fetuare the AHAR high abrasion resistant rubber ouytsole, with lug patterns for better grip.


High Arch Running Shoe

Asics Kinsei 6 – Men

Score: 98 By David Alegeta

Asics Kinsei 6 – Women

Score: 98 By David Alegeta

The Kinsei range from Asics will provide High Arched runners with the best stability and support functions.

  • The uppers are made from flexible and breathable mesh with supportive synthetic overlays.
  • Features an Impact Guidance system and Trusstic technology that aid in dispersing impact correctly and keeping your feet in perfect natural alignment.
  • Comes with a Comfortable gel cushion that provides effective shock absorbency.
  • Durable and very high traction outsole.
  • Many color options are available in this model.


Supnation Control High Arch Shoe

Asics Gel Foundation 13 – Men

Score: 98 By David Alegeta

Asics Gel Foundation 13 – Women

Score: 98 By David Alegeta

The Gel Foundation 13 is one of the most favored running shoes among athletes with higher arches.

  • Synthetic and mesh uppers are breathable and supportive.
  • A Trusstic system allows for better stability, control and gait efficiency, in a higher arch type to control pronation.
  • The Rearfoot and Forefoot gel cushioning attenuates shock and provides cushioned comfort.
  • A SPEVA midsole for enhanced shock absorbency and cushioning.
  • There is a durable and robust rubber outsole with a high traction tread.

Index Table: Top Rated Asics Shoes for High Arches

No. Shoe Men ♂ Women ♀ Features Brand Score
1 Asics® – Trail Running Shoes for High Arches Gel Venture 6 Gel Venture 6
  • AHAR Outsole
  • Gel Cushioning
  • Removable Sockliner
Asics 97.5
2 Asics® – Shoes for High Arches Gel Kahana 8 Gel Kahana 8 Asics 97
3 Asics® – Running Shoes for High Arches Torrance Torrance
  • Lightweight Midsole
  • Breathable Lining
Asics 97
4 Asics® – High Arch Walking Shoe Gel Cumulus 21 Gel Cumulus 21
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Gel Technology
  • ComfortDry
Asics 98
5 Asics® – Walking Shoes for High Arches GEL-Nimbus 21 GEL-Nimbus 21
  • Arch Support
  • Gel Cushioning
  • Heel Clutch
Asics 96
6 Asics® – Supination High Arch Running Shoes Gel Equation 8 Gel Equation 8
  • Rubber Sole
  • Gel Cushioning
  • AHAR
Asics 98
7 Asics® – High Arch Walking Shoe Gel Excite Gel Excite 4
  • AHAR Outsole
  • Gel Cushioning
  • Removable Sockliner
Asics 98
8 Asics® – High Arch Running Shoe Kinsei 6 Kinsei 6
  • Impact Guidance System
  • Trusstic Technology
  • Enhanced Rubber Sole
Asics 98
9 Asics® – Supnation Control High Arch Shoe Gel Foundation 13 Gel Foundation 13
  • Breathable
  • Rubber Sole
  • Trusstic System
Asics 98

The 15 Best Shoes with Good Arch Support for Men

Saucony Guide ISO 2

Saucony is one of the most trusted and most popular brands when it comes to performance running shoes. This American brand was founded more than a century ago in 1898 in Pennsylvania along the Saucony Creek. Even though Saucony has undergone a few ownership changes throughout the years, they have remained true to their roots of creating some of the best racing and running shoes on the market.

Fun fact: the company once featured a pronunciation guide to their name by printing “sock a knee” on their boxes.

Saucony offers a strong entry on this list with the Guide ISO 2. It’s designed for both stability and cushioning. It features a dynamic design that conforms the shoe fit to your feet for a more customized feel. The Saucony EVERUN and PWRFOAM topsole and midsole construction provide pressure relief, comfort, and strong stability support with every step.


Hoka One One Gaviota 2

Hoka One One was founded in 2009 by two veterans in the shoe industry. The founders were former employees of Salomon, a French company that made snow sports and hiking equipment. With expertise gained from being at the forefront of cycling and snow sport technology innovations, the two founders set out to create a shoe that is better. What they ended up inventing was something fundamentally different – the “maximalist” running shoe. This was a shoe that was designed with extra cushion for maximum structural support.

The Gaviota 2 is a shoe that is designed with overpronators in mind. The distinct extra cushioning and Hoka One One’s proprietary J-Frame design guide your foot to a more neutral pronation during every step. These features make for a shoe that cradles your foot, providing optimum support in low impact walking and in high performance situations such as race running.


New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo V4

New Balance is a brand of running shoes that’s well-known for comfortable footwear that offer great support. The company was actually once named the New Balance Arch Support Company. They probably dropped the longer name for brevity and impact, but they definitely didn’t drop the mission. Even after more than a century in the business, this American multinational shoemaker still produces high-performance shoes with features that provide optimal arch support.

New Balance enters this list of the best shoes with good arch supports with the Fresh Foam Vongo V4. This is a running shoe with superior midsole support that’s attained with the use New Balance’s proprietary Fresh Foam material. The Fresh Foam Vongo v4 is designed to keep your feet supported and cushioned for protection and comfort. Feel the stability with each stride with a pair of Fresh Foam Vongo v4 on.


Brooks Beast ‘18

Brooks is a brand that doesn’t want to be pigeonholed merely as a running shoe manufacturer. They make it clear that they are a “running company” that offers many different products for runners and not just shoes. With this said however, the shoes that Brooks produces are some of the world’s best. They’re constructed with the goal of making your runs more comfortable, enjoyable, and faster.

The Beast ’18 is a well-engineered marvel from Brooks. It features a spacious toe box for added comfort even during the longest runs. It is also constructed with enough cushioning as well as their very own Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar to provide the maximum support for flat arches. This isn’t a minimalist shoe to be sure. When you put your feet inside, you’ll immediately be greeted with a plush feel that envelops your feet. This is made possible through the use of the Brooks Super DNA midsole.


Asics Gel-Kayano 26

Asics is a well-known footwear and sports equipment and apparel company from Japan. However, the name isn’t Japanese. Asics stands for “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano” which is Latin for “A Healthy Soul in A Healthy Body.” Even through the first shoes produced under the Asics brand were for basketball, Asics is famous nowadays for their running shoes. Asics running shoes are regarded as elite performance footwear.

Asics comes strong on this list of great men’s shoes with good arch support with their offering –The Gel-Kayano 26. The Gel-Kayano 26 provides terrific shock absorption capabilities with the use of GEL technology at the heel. The sole also features the Guidance Trusstic system that guides the foot with each step. This combined with a firm foam along the inside of the shoe prevent overpronation through what they refer to as the Dynamic Duomax system. This makes it ideal for flat-footed individuals who require added arch support.


LOWA Z-6S Desert Boots

The LOWA name is a portmanteau of the first two letters of the founder’s name, Lorenz Wagner. This Bavarian brand has been around since 1923. The company was first set up to manufacture brogue oxfords. Today, they produce shoes for daily wear as well as performance footwear for hiking, mountaineering, and tactical sports. The shoes that they produce are built for stability and function. They are ideal for long treks as well as for daily use by individuals that need stable arch support.

The LOWA Z-6S Desert boots are made for rugged trails in the most demanding environments. They are made to be lightweight and comfortable but also heavy duty. These boots feature a high cut design for added ankle support. Sturdy stabilizers are also embedded into the sole to guide and prevent over pronation.


ECCO Men’s Helsinki Oxford

ECCO is a shoe manufacturer hailing from Denmark. The brand is famous for their leather shoes, sandals, and boots. They also produce casual sneakers and golf shoes as well as performance footwear for hiking and other demanding outdoor sports.

ECCO’s entry on this list is the Helsinki Oxford. It’s a sturdy leather shoe with a comfortable yet very supportive sole. This ECCO offering is made with freedom of movement in mind. The toe box is designed in such a way to be non-restrictive. The insoles are soft, providing an initial sense of comfort that enhances your walking experience. This is complemented by ECCO’s Polyurethane soles that are designed to be tough yet flexible enough to provide support and comfort in all the right places. This material allows the shoes to conform to your foot’s shape for a more personalized fit.


Brooks Addiction Walker

The running company from Seattle has another entry on this list – The Addiction Walker. With such a thought-provoking name, these shoes don’t disappoint with their superior features. The Addiction Walker is a performance walking shoe for those who like to walk. It’s built with advanced foot support and anti-slip outsoles.

The soft cushioning provided by Brooks’ BioMoGo DNA material provides impact resistance, preventing discomfort and injuries. The Addiction Walker is made specifically for superior arch support. If you are flat footed, the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar design utilized in these Brooks shoes will guide your stride to prevent over pronation, allowing you to walk in a more neutral alignment.


Dansko Men’s Wayne Slip On

Dansko is an American shoe manufacturer that became what it is today because of a tiny European influence. While on a trip in Europe, the founders discovered the beauty of Danish clogs and brought the idea back to America. Since their founding in 1990, Dansko has been perfecting their Euro-inspired clog design to better provide arch support to provide high levels of comfort even after hours of standing and walking. The shoes that Dansko produces are high-performance footwear that nurses, doctors, teachers, and chefs wear for unbeatable comfort during prolonged periods of standing and walking.

Their first entry on this list of great shoes with awesome arch support is the Wayne Slip-On shoe. The Wayne black leather yet sporty slip on design works great for casual or office wear. Everything about this shoe is geared towards comfort and support. If you’re using orthotics, you’ll be glad to know that this shoe will accommodate them well after taking out the removable footbed. Even out of the box, the stock features and design of the Wayne Slip-On already provide excellent support. The outsole is made of rubber that absorbs impacts while the midsole is made of soft Polyurethane that molds to your feet for comfort.


Dansko Men’s Jackson Loafer

With Dansko’s mission of manufacturing impressive European clog-influenced footwear that features good arch support, it’s no wonder that they have another entry on this list. The Jackson Loafer is a casual shoe that is less sporty than Dansko’s previous entry on this list. The Jackson Loafer is a slip-on that has a 100% upper and a synthetic rubber outsole that’s designed to be slip resistant. The midsole utilizes molded EVA for added shock absorption. The arch support is optimized with Dansko’s proprietary comfort upgrade system that incorporates EVA and TPU materials in the arch and heel stabilizers for gait guidance and all-day support and unrivaled comfort.


Merrell Men’s MOAB 2 Mid Ventilator

Merrell is a leading manufacturer of high-performance hiking boots. Merrell literally has a strong foothold in the outdoor sports industry. They are popular with hikers, mountain climbers, campers, and even those who engage in water sports such as rafting. This is because Merrell shoes are stylish, functional, and most important of all, comfortable. Aside from their well-known hiking boots, Merrel also produces casual and work shoes.

Merrell enters this list of the best shoes with good arch support for men with the proud MOAB 2 Mid Ventilator. MOAB stands for “Mother of All Boots,” so you know that this Merrell boot is made to be awesome. The high-cut MOAB has a remarkable stable arch support provided by an EVA footbed. This footbed incorporates strategic arch and heel support that is made even better with an arch shank made out of molded nylon.


Timberland Pro Ridgework Comp Toe Work Boots

Timberland is an outdoors lifestyle brand that was founded in 1928 in Boston but is now currently based in New Hampshire, USA. Timberland is known for production of high-performance boots for casual wear as well as specialized hiking boots. Today, the Timberland brand is also emblazoned on sandals, casual shoes, and sneakers, but the overall Timberland DNA is still very apparent with their outdoor sport inspired designs.

The Ridgework Comp Toe Work Boots are extremely functional. Everything from the waterproof uppers made of leather down to the anti-slip, oil resistant outsoles these work boots are fitted with are made with function in mind. Even with a strong focus on functional features, Timberland still has made it a point that these boots be comfortable enough for all-day wear.

The Ridgework comp toe Work Boots feature Timberland’s Anti-Fatigue technology, which utilizes shock absorbing footbeds as well as shock diffusion plates for added arch support. These work together with their proprietary Stable Stride platform to guide your foot in preventing over pronation.


KEEN Men’s Detroit XT Waterproof Boot (Soft toe)

KEEN is a footwear company based in Portland, Oregon. The brand traces its history back to 1999 with the invention of the Newport Sandal by its founder and namesake, Martin Keen. However, the company was only founded in 2003, four years after the invention. The KEEN line of footwear spans from sandals to heavy-duty work boots and shoes.

The KEEN entry on this list of shoes with effective arch support is the Detroit XT Waterproof Boot. Based on hiking footwear form and function, this KEEN boot is heavy-duty yet comfortable enough to wear every day. It features an anti-slip outsole for added stability and a footbed design that features their proprietary KEEN KEY TECH FLEX technology as well as their trademarked METATOMICAL footbed design for superior structured arch support.


Skechers Go Walk Max – Privy

Skechers is a very popular brand of footwear that initially focused on stylish casual shoes and skate footwear. The brand later expanded their focus and now also has successful sport shoe lines for its more active customers. It’s currently the third largest athletic shoe brand in the US.

The Skechers Go Walk Max – Privy is an athletic shoe that’s built to maintain your comfort even after long periods of walking and standing. The mid and outsole feature high level cushioning with the use of Skechers’ very own Air Cooled Goga Mat technology. Their 5GEN sole also utilizes memory retention foam to create maximum foot support at the right points.


Dunham Men’s Burlington Oxford

The Dunham brand has been around since 1885. It was founded by two brothers in Vermont, USA. Their first boots were built to provide protection to pioneers who braved the outdoors of New England. Today, after more than 100 years into the business of shoe manufacturing, Dunham still continues to make sturdy high-performance shoes that provide comfort and optimum support.

Dunham enters this list with the Burlington Oxford. This shoe features a classic design in full grain leather that’s treated to be waterproof. The seams are also sealed for full waterproofing. For enhanced comfort, the footbed is made of EVA. The Burlington Oxford also utilizes a nylon stability shank in the midsole for sturdy arch support. This also guides the foot to a more neutral gait, preventing over pronation.


Best sneakers arch support

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