When packing for an adventure, sunglasses are optional for some people. For us, they are absolutely required. Hiking? Pack ‘em. Running? Pack ‘em. Traveling? Pack ‘em. They don’t weigh much and when you’re spending hard-earned time and money to have fun, don’t waste it by squinting the whole time.

Some sunglasses excel at one thing, like mountaineering, for example. Others are generalists, easily transition from running to fishing to setting up the barbecue grill like a champ. These are the best do-everything sport sunglasses for men.


Julbo Arise

Having good sunglasses in the mountains on sunny, snowy days is critical. What starts as a squint can turn into serious eye damage. Julbo has been making some of the best mountain glasses for years and the brand has applied its top-notch lens technology to a newer performance lifestyle line.

The Julbo Arise is available with normal, polarized or REACTIV Performance lenses. The REACTIV lenses change with the light — put them on at the beginning of the day and you’ll never have to take them off. An internal anti-fog coating keeps things clear and an external oil-repellent coating makes them easier to clean.

Zeal Optics Incline

In an age of oil shortages and plastic alternatives, plants have come to the rescue.

The Zeal Incline is a polarized, super lightweight pair of sunglasses that make landscape greens and blues pop. ProFlex rubber on the temple tips and nose bridge keep them in place whether you’re heading up or down. Zeal’s Z-Lite thin injection uses less material, which allows them to weigh less. However, what really sets them apart is they’re made of plants. The lenses feature Ellume bio-plastic and the frames have Z-Resin Bio-Plastic. Save the planet and look rad at the same time.

Spy Dirty Mo 2

Established in 1994 by a few action and motor-sport junkies, Spy celebrates 25 years in 2019 making some of the most iconic sport sunglasses in the world. The Dirty Mo 2 is an update to the classic Dirty Mo with a bigger squared lens and lenses that make you happy. Literally.

The strong and flexible Grilamid frames with distinct Spy styling house the new HD+ lenses with Happy Lens tech. The brand has combined its clear, high definition HD lenses with its short-wave blue light blocking Happy lens, which keeps you alert and gives your eyes a break.

Oakley Coldfuse

Inspired by the design of the eye, Oakley’s new Ahryis line includes bold statements meant to attract attention. The single round element on each side holds every one of the 24 pieces together. Each Prizm lens is designed specifically for certain conditions: indigo for medium light, peach or black for bright light, etc. They’re also available with HD Polarized options for hitting the water.

Rudy Project Rydon

Sometimes simple and effective is the way to go. The Rydon, an updated version of the classic sports glasses from 15 years ago, nails the essentials. They are lightweight with interchangeable and photochromic lenses that change with the light. You might stand out a bit at a dinner party with these shades but they are a solid choice for running or riding.

Rheos Coopers

Scuba divers must find sunglasses everywhere they go. If you spend any time near the water, your shades (maybe the last five pairs) have probably gone for a swim. The young couple that founded Rheos was sick of losing sunglasses in the water and decided to create floating sunglasses that still look good.

The Coopers are the brand’s take on the classic wayfarer but made from ridiculously lightweight TPX frames that float. They come with a long list of features like polarization, hydrophobic coatings, anti-fog coatings, and oleophobic coatings that repel oily substances. You’ll never have to replace a pair lost to the ocean again but at only $50 you could probably afford to.

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If you’re looking for the best sports sunglasses you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put our eyes on the line testing the very best shades money can buy. Whether you’re running, cycling, golfing, or fishing this list is for you.

  • These are the best sunglasses

After hours of intensive testing, we’ve come to the conclusion that the Oakley EVZero Prizms are the best sports sunglasses you can buy. They’re packed full of optical tech, and really impressed us with their colour tuning capabilities.

Of course, while we think the Oakleys are the best they may not be suited to your sport or budget, so we’ve reviewed four other excellent sports sunglasses.

We also tested the ace Rydons from cult cycling brand Rudy Project – these are an adaptable pair of sunglasses which are perfect if you need prescription lenses.

Nike’s expensive Vaporwing Elite sunglasses were also put to the test, with their aerodynamic design informed by flight technology and space age materials. Hey, if they’re good enough for Mo Farah they’re good enough for us, right?

If you like your sunglasses with a Hawaiian-twist the Maui Jims are a stylish alternative to the others on this list. They look like fighter pilot’s visor, and we that that’s pretty awesome.

We also have the more affordable Adidas Raylors – can they match the performance of other more expensive sunglasses?

How to choose the best sports sunglasses for you

There’s a few things you need to consider before buying a pair of sports sunglasses. The first thing is where you’ll be wearing them – certain lens coatings are tuned and designed to improve contrast and clarity in specific environments. So if you’ll be wearing these shades in a wooded environment a trail lens will be better at picking out details than a lens intended for road use.

The second thing is whether you want glass or polycarbonate lenses. We think glass is clearer, but polycarbonate is less likely to shatter if you take a tumble.

Weight is also important to consider, obviously, the lighter the sunglasses the better – especially if you’re competing in a sport where split seconds count.

There are several key features you should look for; interchangeable lenses can be useful if you want an adaptable pair of sunglasses, advanced materials can feel better on your skin, and shield lens designs provide better coverage than two individual lenses.

We’ve tested all of these sports sunglasses by wearing them on a bright day in a number of different environments, including wooded areas, a grass field, and on the road. They’ve also received the shakey head test, and, of course, we’ve got nice and sweaty in them.

So how did we rank them? Read on to find out… (and be sure to read the full reviews as well).

The 5 best sports sunglasses you can buy today

The Oakley EVZero shades are the best sunglasses we’ve tested. But if you’re looking for an alternative, here the five excellent sunglasses we’ve tested.

1. Oakley EVZero Range Prizm Trail

These lightweight tech-filled shades offer superior off-road performance

Reasons to buy

+Contrast / colour enhancement+Comfortable and light

Reasons to avoid

-Questionable styling-Not for everyday use

In terms of optical performance, the Oakley EVZero Prizms are easily the best sunglasses we’ve reviewed. The lens technology that Oakley has included here make them a real standout performer.

The frame design is lightweight, comfortable, and durable, but the styling and harsh colour tuning mean that these shades aren’t suitable for everyday use. If you’re looking for sport-specific sunglasses which give slight advantages in a competition – these provide them.

Read the full review: Oakley EVZero Range Prizm Trail

2. Maui Jim Night Dive

Stylish Hawaiian brand Maui Jim can hold its own in the sports segment

+Excellent field of view+Streamlined design -Lacks ventilation-Expensive

The Maui Jim Night Dives are a stylish, and ultimately, extremely practical pair of sports sunglasses. They look like a fighter pilot’s visor and provide an excellent field of coverage from harmful rays. They’re packed full of tech and certainly worthy of your attention.

The only downside we can find is the lack of ventilation – it can get very hot behind that big lens.

Read the full review: Maui Jim Night Dive

3. Rudy Project Rydon

Cult cycling brand Rudy Project make the most adaptable sunnies we’ve tested

+Small and robust design+Easily interchangeable lenses -Doesn’t provide full coverage-Weighty

The Rudy Project Rydon’s are a very impressive pair of sunglasses – we love the small robust design and how adaptable they are with 16 different lens options, 25 different frame colours, and of course, the adjustable frame.

The small lenses mean these shades don’t provide as much field of view coverage as the larger shield sunglasses, but these are a great choice for prescription wearers.

Read the full review: Rudy Project Rydon

4. Nike Vaporwing Elite

Ultra lightweight shades which can take a pounding

+Aggressive design+Lightweight and durable -Peripheral vision distortion-Expensive

The Nike Vaporwing Elites look great, they’re aggressive and intimidating which we really like. The sunglasses are also the most durable we’ve test – thanks to the polycarbonate lens.

The polycarbonate lens does also come with downsides – they’re not as strong optically as others we’ve tested – especially when it comes to peripheral vision.

Read the full review: Nike Vaporwing Elite

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Eagle Eye: 12 Best Sports Sunglasses For Men

Tifosi Podium Shield Sunglasses

While these are not the most pricey sports glasses, they do offer up some stellar features, like a flexible Grilamid Tr-90 construction (a transparent, flexible, lightweight, UV-resistant nylon) and hydrophilic rubber ear and nose pieces to keep them securely on your face through even the most intense of exercises. And, although the lenses are non-polarized, these shades offer up 100% UV protection, making them great for any long-form outdoor activity.

Purchase: $40

Zeal Optics Equinox

With their frame made from Z-resin bio-plastic and a pair of polarized Ellume bio-plastic lenses, these versatile and flexible shades are a superb companion for any high-energy activity and promise to weather through without fail. And their lightweight construction, strategic venting, and unobtrusive styling won’t bog you down in the middle of a workout. In fact, you might even forget you’re wearing them.

Purchase: $78

Spy Optic Screw Wrap Sunglasses

Perhaps the biggest name in action-sports eyewear – and with good reason – Spy has a long history of offering up superb products and these, their Screw Wrap Sunglasses, are no different. These non-polarized performance shades are made from a combination of a lightweight Grilamid frame and polycarbonate lenses – each of which featuring a clever ventilation cut-out in their upper corner. And the Hytrel nose and temple pads are sure to keep these retro-futuristic glasses snug on your face.

Purchase: $94

Under Armour Thief

Designed with baseball players in mind, these sleek glasses feature the ability to flip the lenses up via a hinge, so whenever the need arises you can get the shade out of your eyes without having to carry the glasses around or find a place to set them. The frames are built from a combination of super tough titanium and Grilamid, which offer up great strength and flexibility. And the lenses, made with ArmourSight technology, are 10 times stronger than ordinary polycarbonate and give the wearer 20% more undistorted peripheral vision.

Purchase: $100

Julbo Vermont Classic

Boasting the most unique styling of any of the glasses on our list, Julbo’s Vermont Classics are the ultimate throwback to the brand’s mountaineering roots. These glasses feature circular Cat. 4 lenses with flash +AR coating – excellent for protecting one’s eyes from the risks of snow-blinding – a leather nose-piece for a comfortable fit, and leather side shields to guard the wearer’s eyes from any winds that might whip around while hiking those mountaintops. And the wraparound arms ensure that these shades will stay right where you put them.

Purchase: $150

Smith PivLock Arena

Featuring an unusual frameless wraparound design, Smith has designed these glasses to perform in the most extreme conditions while still offering both protection and comfort. With a two-position adjustable nose piece and slide-on temple ends, these hydroleophobic (water, dirt, and smudge resistant) glasses feature TR90 frame accents and a carbonic TLT lens. And they come with Smith’s lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.

Purchase: $160

Electric Stacker

If you’re not the type for wraparound lenses, you like side shields, but want a more contemporary and modern style, these Stackers from Electric might be the shades for you. The Grilamid frames feature a removable eye mask – so they can be adjusted to be worn for work or for play. The OHM polycarbonate lenses offer 100% UV protection and up to 98% blue light protection and they’re anti-reflective, hydrophobic, and smudge-resistant, as well.

Purchase: $180

Bollé Breakaway

Made for cyclists with the intention of creating a pair of sunglasses that are unobtrusive, yet still effective in their protection. These glasses come equipped with Thermogrip temple tips and an adjustable nose guard, hydroleophobic lens coatings, anti-fog treatment, UV protection and impact-resistance. And the photochromic lenses, which adjust their darkness to suit incoming amounts of light, make them an excellent option for any level of sun-exposure. And they come in a number of different lens and color options.

Purchase: $190

Maui Jim Waterman

Inspired by the passion, history, and tradition of all those who love and participate in water related sports, these durable nylon-framed glasses – with additionally supportive rubber inlays – are perfect for anyone who finds themselves frequently out on any body of water, be it a river, lake, ocean, or otherwise. With the brand’s proprietary Clearshell coating, the lenses are polarized, scratch resistant, and offer 100% UV protection – and even block out up to 99% of glare, so you can enjoy the clarity of the view no matter the brightness of the sun on any given day.

Purchase: $216

Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm Road

Another eyewear option that is optimized for cycling, Oakley’s Prizm Road glasses boast the brand’s 40 years of heritage and technology in their design. With their razor-sharp patented High Definition Optics, Prizm lens – a technology which fine-tunes vision based on environment – and a hassle-free Switchlock easy-change lens, these glasses offer the utmost in quality and range of vision. And the Unobtanium nose and ear grips increase their hold despite perspiration.

Purchase: $210

Rapha Pro Team Flyweight Glasses

Looking more like something you’d see in a futuristic science fiction film than on a modern-day athlete, these glasses from Rapha – which were inspired by classic aviator shades – feature a bronze mirror standard one-piece Carl Zeiss lens that reduces both glare and blinding reflections. They’re also hydroleophobic and offer 100% UV protection. And the high-strength flexible Grilamid polymer frame is sure to stand up to whatever punishment you can throw its way.

Purchase: $220

Nike Vaporwing Elite R

If you like to go fast, there’s not a better eyewear option than these Vaporwing Elite R glasses from Nike. With a Nike + Zeiss wraparound lens – which offers 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays – these glasses offer the wearer an uninterrupted view of their surroundings in both comfort and style. They also offer increased ventilation and moisture wicking channels to keep you cool and the sweat out of your eyes. And the self-adjusting nose pad makes sure you’ll get the perfect fit every time.

Purchase: $395

When you are taking part in outdoor sports like running, hiking, and climbing, or even if you are backpacking, you need to protect your eyes from ultaviolet rays and other hazards, like strong winds or small insects that can be very annoying.

Are you looking for the best hiking sunglasses? We need to focus on polarized sunglasses that block UVA and UVB. At the same time, the glasses must be comfortable as well as rugged and durable, not to mention ready to protect you from dust and flying debris.

Check out other gear reviews to find the best hiking watches, climbing ropes, and GPS for hiking!


  • Oakley Radarlock Path
  • Julbo Trek Polarized
  • Oakley Half Jacket
  • Julbo Bivouak
  • Smith Optics Pivlock V2
  • Julbo Vermont Classic
  • Spy Optics Cutter Mate
  • Mira Breeze R
  • Duduma Polarized
  • Openroad Sports


Today I’m going to review the best sunglasses so that you can find the one that best fits your needs!




USE: Hiking, running, cycling, winter sports


PROS: Great performance, interchangeable lenses

CONS: Expensive

The Oakley Radar EV features resistant polycarbonate lenses in a modern design. These sunglasses are perfect for any outdoor sport because they are really lightweight, durable, comfortable and flexible.


USE: Mountaineering, winter sports


PROS: Side protection, sweat protector

CONS: Price

The Julbo Trek sunglasses provide ultralight eyewear protection and resistance. This model comes with removable side shields to protect you from lateral rays and intense glare, and removable sweat blocker on the upside of the frame.


USE: Running, cycling, outdoor sports


PROS: Casual design, good construction

CONS: Small lenses with less protection

The Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 features comfort, protection and durability with an awesome interchangeable lens design. These sunglasses provide high optical clarity lenses, a tight grip and great impact resistance.


Check price on: Amazon – REI

USE: Trekking, snow sports


PROS: Lightweight, resistant, extra protection

CONS: Not cheap

The Julbo Bivouak mountain sunglasses provide maximum protection in extreme conditions. They feature a comfortable and solid grip and 360-degree adjustable temples. In addition, they have side magnetic wings to add coverage and extra protection.



USE: Cycling, hiking


PROS: Lightweight, wide-angle vision, interchangeable lenses

CONS: Aren’t polarized

The Smith Optics Pivlock V2 is designed for high speed and competition. The set comes with interchangeable lenses that adjust depending on light conditions. As a result, these are great sunglasses for running and biking!


Check price on: Amazon – REI

USE: Trekking


PROS: Retro design, great lateral wind protection

CONS: Aren’t polarized

The Julbo Vermont features a combination of traditional style and modern performance. They include old-school leather side covers, a leather nosepiece and pre-curved flexible temples for a tight hold behind the ears.


USE: Everyday use, outdoor sports, cycling


PROS: Good design, comfortable

CONS: Don’t offer as much protection

Spy Optics Cutter sunglasses have a modern and casual design with great features like polarized lenses, a resistent plastic frame and a ventilation system to prevent lens fogging.



USE: Daily use, trekking, outdoors


PROS: Strong, durable, lightweight

CONS: Aren’t high-end

The Mira Breeze sunglasses have one of the coolest designs on the list at a great price. They have polarized lenses to provide a perfectly clear vision, and a comfortable, resistant frame. They are affordable, tough and lightweight!


USE: Multi-sport


PROS: Good value for money

CONS: Aren’t high-end

Duduma Polarized sunglasses are pretty simple, but well constructed. They feature polarized lenses and UVA and UVB protection in a stylish, durable and ultralight design. This model is really popular among many different athletes.


USE: Running, cycling, outdoors


PROS: Cheap

CONS: Nose piece isn’t very comfortable

Openroad Sports sunglasses feature not only a polycarbonate frame making them tough and ultralight, but polycarbonate lenses too. They are very resistant to impact, and are perfect for hiking and other outdoor sports!

A few things to consider before buying trekking sunglasses:


Polarized lenses have the ability to reduce glare and protect your eyes. This is especially important for water sports and hiking in bright-colored and snowy areas. I’d always recommend that you get polarized lenses for better protection.

Photochromic lenses are designed to automatically adjust to changing light conditions and intensity. They get darker on sunny days and lighter on cloudy, dark days.


A good pair of sunglasses should protect against the sun, wind and small debris. At the same time, they should offer 100% protection against UV rays.

Although the quality of the lenses is important, the shape of the frame is another factor to consider. The sun’s rays affect our eyes from different angles. Therefore, depending on the activity and type of exposure, our sunglasses should adapt to the shape of our faces and cover the eyes properly.

Some models include elements for extra protection. This is the case with side protectors for lateral rays or upper protectors that prevent sweat from getting into the eyes.

We all have different facial features, so it’s not always easy to find a model that perfectly suits one’s face. The nose piece is among the most crucial parts of sunglasses. Look for comfortable models that are equipped with soft, ergonomic nose pieces.


If you are a hiker or adventure lover, you will probably hit your sunglasses against branches or drop them at some point. Anti-scratch lenses will better withstand all those situations.


Glass lenses offer the best optical clarity and great scratch resistance. They are usually more expensive and not so impact-resistant.

Polyurethane lenses provide great optical clarity while offering awesome impact resistance. Because of its great performance, they tend to be quite expensive.

Polycarbonate lenses also provide good optical clarity and impact resistance. They are cheaper, although they are less scratch-resistant.

Plastic lenses tend to have decent optical qualities, especially for their price. They are the cheapest option and are generally very lightweight. However, keep in mind that they are easily scratched and not as resistant to impacts as other materials.


You don’t want to invest your money into a new pair of sunglasses that falls apart after a few days. A good frame must be resistant, comfortable and flexible. Metal frames have good designs, although they can be somewhat uncomfortable. On very sunny days and depending on the model, they may get too hot.

Nylon alloys and other high-strength plastic materials provide comfort, strength and great overall performance.


When we practice outdoor sports, we must take care of our eyes. Many people think that sunglasses should be worn only on sunny days. This isn’t always the case. The sun’s rays are strongest between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., but that’s not the only time when the sun’s rays affect our eyes. The sun’s rays can easily pass through the clouds, so it doesn’t matter whether the sky is cloudy or not.

Glare and reflections are especially annoying. Therefore, it’s advisable to keep a pair of sunglasses on hand if you’re planning to be near snow, water or clear terrain such as sand. At high altitudes, near the equator or in countries with a weakened ozone layer (like New Zealand), the effects can be even more damaging.


Ultraviolet (UV) rays are located just past the violet part of the visible light spectrum. Sunlight is its main source. There are three types of UV rays:

– UVA rays have longer wavelengths and pass easily through glass. After several studies, some doubts still exist regarding whether UVA rays are harmful to the eyes.

– UVB rays are the most dangerous rays. That’s why it’s important to use sunglasses and sun block. Sunglass lenses must block these rays.

– UVC rays don’t reach the Earth because our beloved atmosphere blocks them.

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  • Best Sunglasses for The Outdoors

    Sunglasses have become increasingly more advanced in recent years, meaning that if you regularly spend time outdoors then you’ll be spoilt for choice of designer sunglasses!

    When looking for sunglasses for the outdoors it’s important to choose shades that are polarised to block both UVA and UVB rays. At the same time, the sunglasses you choose must be comfortable (not to mention stylish) as well as rugged and durable, so that they can withstand being knocked and dropped.

    So what sunglasses are right for you? That will depend on what, exactly, you like to get up to when you’re outside:

    Best Sunglasses for Sport

    When it comes to high performance sports, the best sunglasses will keep your eyes fully protected no matter where in the world you are. You wouldn’t wear the same sneakers for jogging through the city as you would for running up a mountain, and the same philosophy applies to eye protection: the best sunglasses for your sport will depend on the kind of sports you enjoy.

    For snow sports look for glasses with mirrored lenses; although these are easy to scratch, they also have the highest level of anti-glare protection, making them ideal for the extreme sunlight you find at high altitude. Oakley offers a range of great robust mirrored sunglasses ideal for snow sports.

    For high speed sports, such as running or cycling, look for a pair of wraparound sunglasses. These are designed to protect your eyes from all angles, meaning that you’ll be fully protected from any flying debris or dust. Sports wraparound sunglasses are also snugly and securely fitted, meaning it’s unlikely they’ll fall off no matter what you’re up to. Finally, if you’re looking for glasses to wear when working up a sweat then look for anti-fogging lenses and frames with side ventilation so that you’re sweat won’t stick to your skin.

    Best Sunglasses for Working Outdoors

    If you’re looking for outdoors sunglasses because you work outdoors then the shades you choose are likely to be very different to those you would wear when you’re feeling sporty. You’ll want a pair of shades that are comfortable and that will fit your face snugly, so that you won’t have to adjust them all day long.

    Polarised sunglasses will be essential to protect your eyes from long days in the sun, but the style and shape will largely depend on your personal preference. Many people who work outdoors swear by Ray Ban (with are traditionally well suited to yard work, farm work and other outdoor labour) whilst others prefer the high specs that they receive from wrap around sports-inspired sunglasses. Provided the level of UV protection and polarization offered by your preferred shape is high, it really is up to you!

    Best Sunglasses for Outdoors Leisure

    And if you need sunglasses for outdoor leisure? Well then the world is your oyster! You can wear almost any sunglasses for outdoor leisure use, provided your eyes are being protected from the dangerous rays of the sun!

    For days at the beach and friendly family BBQs we love the sunglasses from the Maui Jim range. They’re fun and fashion-forward whilst also offering high levels of UV protection and being sturdy enough to withstand being dropped, trampled on by the neighbourhood kids, and a little rough and tumble in the park!

    If you’re looking for something a little more flashy and even more fashion-forward then why not look to Marc Jacobs? Although typically associated with high fashion, and often considered best suited for women that brunch, the Marc Jacobs range is surprisingly durable, offers a great range of different sizes, designs and tints, and you’re sure to find a perfect pair to suit your face shape too!

    Spy Dirty Mo 2 ($170)

    (Photo: Courtesy Spy Optic)

    For years we derided black frames as timid, fun-deficient defaults. Why go colorless when bright options abound? Spy explains why with the special-edition Dirty Mo 2 and its soft-matte frames that suck up light like an eyewear-shaped black hole. These sunnies forced us to abandon other notions, too. We used to look down on grayish lens tints for being blah and not truly sport- or speed-worthy, because they flatten the view and reduce contrast. Well, blah has been killed by techy optics like Spy’s polarized, color-neutral synthetic lenses, which are high-def, deep, and color enhancing nearly to the point of synesthesia. It’s also time to back off snottiness about these curvy-lens sport wraps being embarrassing relics of the nineties, fine for outdoor sports and recreation but not for the street. Spy squares off the retro design while retaining functional wrap-back lenses for wide, unobstructed vision and protection from sun and wind. This is a true multisport wonder, great for most casual and hardcore athletic pursuits, that also shows style savvy. The look is too much for normal business and dress-up, but so is most maximum-strength fun.

    Buy Now

    Dragon Alliance Monarch XL ($159)

    (Photo: Courtesy Dragon Alliance)

    Best for Big Guys

    We tip our hat to Dragon, which appeals to the wide faced and melon headed with the Monarch XL. These shades, with their glossy black frames, are clean, handsome, and high quality, especially the optically sharp synthetic polarized lenses in dense gray, which slay glare and tame brightness. We DQ this one for serious outdoor activities, though—the frames are too slippery, and the flat lenses let in wind and light at the sides.

    Buy Now

    Bollé Ada ($79)

    (Photo: Courtesy Bollé)

    Best for Laid-Back Weekends

    Casual women’s frames in the same flat gray as a Navy warship? Bolle rocks it with flashy blue mirroring, which does a good job of mitigating glare. Gray-tinted synthetic lenses make your world easy on the eyes, even when the sun is shining bright. That tone makes for simple on and off, with almost no color-shift weirdness. Large lenses afford coverage, but do it quietly. Everything about the Ada is chill.

    Buy Now

    Raen Friar ($185)

    (Photo: Courtesy Raen)

    Best for the Urban Jungle

    These fashion glasses aren’t cheap, but this level of sumptuous detail and design could easily cost twice as much. Wire cores in the temple pieces—bendable for the perfect fit—are things of beauty shining through bluish hand-cut acetate. Ditto the Frank Lloyd Wright–looking ornamental metal at the hinges. The warm brown tint (not the usual citified gray) of the polarized synthetic lenses pumps up visuals. Driving in hellish suburban glare, we had a sleepy passenger try on the Friar. She sat up and yelled, “Wow!”

    Buy Now

    Oakley Clifden ($193)

    (Photo: Courtesy Oakley)

    Best for Mountains and Snow

    Glacier-glass-style side shields are having a moment, and the Clifden is worthy of the alpine. Oakley improves on the past: these shades are much lighter than the Arctic kind, and the synthetic lenses curve generously, for better peripheral coverage and wider vision. The side shields come off for a less calculated look, while the view through the mirrored silver and tinted wine-red lenses is wondrous, even without a trace of snow on the ground.

    Buy Now

    Tifosi Aethon ($80)

    (Photo: Courtesy Tifosi)

    Best for Riding and Running

    Any nicely featured, single-lens racing shield for $80 is notable, but this one has a synthetic lens that automatically changes tint with available light. It lets in about 28 percent of full-strength sunlight, and 75 percent—­almost clear—when the levels are low. The design’s sex appeal falls short of performance shields costing three or four times as much. But the Aethon punches way above its price point, with crisp optics, huge coverage, security, comfort, and low weight.

    Buy Now

    From Winter 2020 Buyer’s Guide Filed To: OpticsStyleEyesSunglassesClothing and Apparel Lead Photo: Inga Hendrickson

    The Best Sports Sunglasses For Every Occasion

    Buy from SunGod | £45, polarised £70

    Best For Changeable Weather: Scicon Aerotech

    The tint of the photochromatic lenses on these sunglasses automatically adjusts according to the amount of sunlight hitting them, making them great for cyclists and runners on days where the sun occasionally disappears behind clouds. The photochromatic lenses also come into their own when you move under a forest canopy during a run or ride, and offer clear vision in the dappled light that can be a nightmare when flying down tree-lined hills on a mountain bike.

    There are four swappable lenses to help best suit the light conditions you’re expecting to face with your workouts, and the fenders on the bottom – which offer extra protection to the lenses in case of a crash – can be removed to enlarge your field of vision.

    Buy from Scicon Sports | £224

    Best For Music: OptiShokz Revvez

    OptiShokz is the company behind the excellent AfterShokz bone-conducting headphones, which play audio through your cheekbones, leaving your ears clear so you retain awareness of your surroundings while exercising outside. That bone-conduction tech has now been added to this pair of sporty sunglasses.

    The ends of the arms sit against the back of your ear, delivering music, podcasts or whatever else you’re listening too directly to your noggin. The battery life of the glasses is six hours, though rest assured they’ll still protect your peepers from the sun after that – you just lose audio.

    Adding this tech to the frame of the glasses makes the Revvez heavier than other pairs, but they’re certainly a smart option for those who want to listen to music on sunny days, not to mention the fact that you’ll probably get away with using them in running races where standard headphones are banned.

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    Best Oakley Women’s Sunglasses of 2019

    The Oakley Women’s Sunglass category hasn’t received the attention that it deserves. Plain and simple. Oakley has recognized that fact and addressed it with new women-specific sunglasses in their lineup. We are here to shine some light on the subject and give you our top picks for Oakley Women’s sunglasses.

    Many of the frames on this list embody a more unisex style while others feature cat-eye lens shapes and a more feminine fit. We’ll kick off the list with lifestyle frames and move towards sport-specific options. We also have a review of the Oakley Women’s Spring Collection of 2019 where we dive a little deeper into some of the newer releases.

    Most Popular Oakley Women’s Sunglasses

    Top Knot

    Oakley Top Knot in Matte Rose Tortoise with PRIZM Rose Gold Lenses

    Shop Oakley Top Knot

    Get a pair of sunglasses that can meet any of your daily demands with ease. The Top Knot is a fashion forward frame made for women on the go. Whats especially nice for women is that the no-slip and no-snag nosepads won’t get caught in your hair if you happen to rest them on the top of your head. Flexible spring hinges make the Top Knot an excellent fit for all the larger heads out there.

    Rev UP

    Oakley Rev Up in Matte Brown Tortoise with Brown Gradient Polarized Lenses

    Shop Oakley Rev Up

    The Rev Up will keep you cool even when your day heats up with the Advancer System. This works by raising the sunglasses forward on your nosebridge to increase airflow between your face and the sunglasses. Thicker temple arms keep sunlight at bay and give you the protection you need in an everyday pair of sunglasses.

    Low Key

    Oakley Low Key in Vampirella with PRIZM Tungsten Lenses

    Shop Oakley Low Key

    The Low Key was an instant favorite from the Oakley Women’s Spring 2019 Collection. An on-trend lens shape and temple accents give you the confidence for any task that comes your way. Like the Top Knot and Rev Up, this frame also features Unobtanium nosepads for all the grip you need.


    Oakley Frogskins in Black Ink with PRIZM Ruby Lenses

    Shop Oakley Frogskins

    Originally introduced in 1984, the Frogskins continue to be an Oakley staple in the lifestyle lineup. O Matter frame construction and Plutonite lenses will hold up to any daily abuse you put these sunglasses through. There are many different renditions of this frame you can check out in our review of the Frogskins Collection. This sunglass has a medium fit but it is also available in a smaller fit as the Frogskins XS.

    Split Time

    Oakley Split Time in Navy with PRIZM Sapphire Polarized Lenses

    Shop Oakley Split Time

    As the name indicates, you can really split your time between sport and lifestyle activities with the Split Time. The saddle Unobtanium bridge provides more contact points with your nose and keeps the sunglasses from sliding down your face. Embrace the classic aviator look in a sunglass that is capable of much more than just casual wear.


    Oakley Moonlighter in Velvet Black with PRIZM Rose Gold Lenses

    Shop Oakley Moonlighter

    The Moonlighter takes subtle design cues from the Frogskins with a slightly more feminine touch. The brow line of the Moonlighter dips a little lower int he middle creating a more cat eyed look than the Frogskins. The other main difference is that you get Unobtanium nosepads for grip and a classic saddle nosebridge vs a keyhole. The fit of the Moonlighter is also slightly smaller than the Frogskins.


    Oakley Feedback in Polished Black with PRIZM Black Polarized Lenses

    Shop Oakley Feedback

    The Feedback has been a part of the Oakley Women’s collection for a few years running. This wire frame features adjustable nosepads and a double bridge for the classic aviator style. The tip-to-tip retention at the end of the temples is snug so we recommend this sunglass for smaller heads.

    Half Jacket 2.0 XL

    Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL in Polished Black with PRIZM Black Iridium Lenses

    Shop Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL

    The Half Jacket 2.0 XL is what our opticians typically recommend to most women because of its size. It is a size smaller than the Flak 2.0 XL but larger than the Flak XS which puts it at a solid medium. Don’t worry, the ‘XL’ refers only to the lens shape. In this case it means ‘extended lens’ because the bottom of the lenses are curved to provide you with more coverage but still avoid contact with your cheeks. It is also available in a standard fit version if you have high cheekbones.

    EVZero Ascend

    Oakley EVZero Ascend in Polished White with PRIZM Road Lenses

    Shop Oakley EVZero Ascend

    The EVZero Ascend adds a cat eyed look to this sport-driven model. You get everything you love about the EVZero including a full rimless frame and Unobtanium grip on the nosepads and temples. With the absence of a frame, this sunglass weighs essentially nothing which makes it very comfortable when worn for extended periods of time.

    EVZero Blades

    Oakley EVZero Blades in Matte Navy with PRIZM Indigo Lenses

    Shop Oakley EVZero Blades

    Want a more retro-inspired look than the Ascend? The EVZero Blades have you covered. Literally. This sunglass is perfect for nearly any sport because it gives you the protection you need and will stay in place when you are moving around and breaking a sweat. It is available with a wide variety of PRIZM lens options to boost contrast and make details easier to see.

    Radar EV Path

    Oakley Radar EV Path in Matte Black with PRIZM Trail Torch Lenses

    Following the shield theme, the Radar EV Path has more frame structure than the EVZeros. Built in vents in the top of the shield keep you cool so you don’t have to worry about fogging when you are at the peak of your workout. The Radar EV Path pictured above features the all-new PRIZM Trail Torch lens. See how this lens compares to the traditional PRIZM Trail for your next adventure.

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