Best Workout Underwear for Men

The Most Important Workout Gear? Your Underwear

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There’s already enough things to worry about at the gym. Did the last guy wipe his gross sweat off the bench? Will there be any dumbbells left by the time I finally make it over to the rack? If I do one more set will I actually pass out? The last thing you want to worry about your underwear.

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Yes, there’s a pretty hard and fast rule about free-balling in the gym. You just don’t do it. Man parts are to be secured at all costs. You want something light and breathable but underwear that also offers security. No one wants to spend half their session adjusting their junk in between sets.

How to Prevent Chafing

Chafing is a result of your skin rubbing together or together with fabric to create red, irritated, painful patches that can really derail a good gait. Prepping skin prone to chafing with something that is reduces friction is key. and we recommend using something such as Vaseline, BodyGlide or Gold Bond Body Powder. Areas that are quick to chaif include thighs, armpits, nipples and groin.

To further prevent chafing, avoid cotton, as it traps moisture and can increase the likelihood of rough, red spots. Anti-chafing fibers such as nylon, polyester and rayon from bamboo are going to be the best bet in keeping your boys cozy.

Best Materials for Men’s Athletic Underwear

As mentioned, synthetic fabrics have proven to be the way to go when it comes to active underwear, but there are some natural fabric options that provide breathability and moisture wicking that will keep movement at a maximum while also helping to prevent chafing.

Nylon. By far the most popular fiber for running and athletic apparel, nylon often originates from a source such as coal or petroleum and is quickly finding a lot of competition from fabrics that can be more eco-conscious.

Polyester. Polyester is another plastic based fabric. It is lightweight, durable and breathable and stays much drier than a lot of other natural fabrics. However, it doesn’t have antibacterial qualities of natural fibers.

Spandex. Almost always mixed with another synthetic fiber, spandex can stretch and expand to offer unrestricted movement while retaining its shape over time.

Bamboo. Bamboo is a great soft, sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to synthetic fibers. It’s naturally sweat-wicking and anti-bacterial.

Wool. Believe it or not, merino wool is ideal for both hot and cold weather as it is temperature regulating, breathable, sweat-wicking and anti-bacterial.

Best Workout Underwear for Men

You don’t necessarily have to splurge on an expensive pair of workout-specific tights to avoid the bunching that boxers will inevitably cause, or the chafing that those damn briefs bring with them. You can opt for a pair of underwear designed uniquely with your manhood in mind.

From anti-odor to stretch material to pouches that are made just to perfect cup your twig and berries — we’ve compiled a list of the best underwear that simply let you go ahead and workout.

Best Men’s Pouch Underwear

Saxx Platinum Boxer Brief

These will keep you both cool and dry but the highlight for these performance boxer briefs is the comfort pouch designed to keep your package right where it belongs. Saxx offers a quick dry material with a moisture wicking, anti-fold waistband and an ergonomic, split-panel design for added comfort. The last thing you need is your underwear riding up. Uncool.
$28 at

Best Men’s Microfiber Underwear

Under Armour ArmourVent Mesh Series 6”

Anti-chafe. This is a holy word. Chafing is not the business. Neither is your underwear smelling like you’ve worn them a few days in a row. UA handles that with anti-odor tech that keeps odor-causing microbes at bay. There’s also micro-mesh fabric that makes these durable and increases ventilation. You want a snug fit but not drawers that are choking your boys. UA claims these are like wearing nothing at all, but it’s better than that. It’s like a hug for your nether regions.
$30 at

Best Men’s Breathable Underwear

MeUndies Boxer Briefs

Made of breathable micromodel which is three times softer than cotton (that’s soft) but won’t chafe the way cotton does. And this soft micromodel uses ethically sourced, natural and sustainable fibers to make sure your packed pouch not only feels good, but does a little good as well.
$24 from

Best Men’s Spandex Underwear

Jockey RapidCool Midway Brief

Doesn’t matter what anyone says. Guys can have fun with their underwear too. Jockey comes through with lightweight microfiber for a lightweight fit that moves with you and helps keep you cool by wicking moisture, while odor-fighting technology helps you feel fresh instead of funky. Mesh panels provide high-speed evaporation and flat seams feel smooth against your skin. They also offer a handful of fun colors and patterns alongside the stretch fabric and allows for free range of motion you’re free to run, row or do enough burpees to give you nightmares.
$19.99 for 2 at

Best Men’s Running Underwear

2(X)ist Micro Speed Dri

Perfect for the guy that is not down to go commando on his Sunday morning run. Sometimes the inner lining of your running shorts just ain’t gonna cut it. Or the short-shorts are a little much so you opt for bigger shorts that don’t offer that necessary cuppage. The Micro Speed Dri by 2(X)ist features a 6.5-inch length so you don’t have to worry about your boxer briefs peeking out the bottom of your shorts and offers an all-important contour pouch. Remember that necessary cuppage?
$24.95 for 3 at

Best Men’s Cooling Underwear

Adidas Sport Performance Climalite Trunk

If underwear is going to be snug, it needs to be soft and Adidas features lightweight, super-soft fabric that’s easy on your skin and tagless waistband to further avoid any irritation. You’re already in the gym, you’re experiencing enough discomfort as it is. Climalite’s stretch fabric allows for multi-direction movement so you’re good whether you’re crushing a lifting session of playing a pick-up game.
$26 for 2 at

Best Men’s Support Underwear

Reebok Performance Boxer Brief

With a comfort waistband and no opening, Reebok’s performance boxer briefs are as close to basic compression shorts as underwear can get without actually claiming to be compression shorts. It won’t increase blood flow like compression might, but it will keep your man parts dry with its sweat-wicking material. There’s also no ride up, so you won’t have to worry about bunching or digging out wedgies while your cycling or running.
$22.99 for 3 at

Best Men’s Quick Dry Underwear

TSLA Cool Dry Brief Mesh Stretch Trunk

The 9-inch inseam make it almost impossible for these to ride up so worry not. You will not have to go digging into your crotch to fish out your underpants. TSLA has all the important features, quick dry material, flat stitching for comfort, breathability and elasticity so they hold their integrity. There’s also a 3-D geometry for free movement. One less thing to worry about.
$9.98 for 2 at

Best Men’s Compression Underwear

Mack Weldon Proknit 8″ Boxer Brief

This Proknit boxer brief is a better kind of compression underwear. It supports without constricting, chafing or overheating thanks to it’s 25 percent elastane, breathable mesh zones and cooling NILIT breeze yarn technology.
$34 at

Best Men’s Cooling Underwear

UnderGents Boxer Briefs

Using sustainable, nature-based CloudSoft micromodal provides unbelievable softness along with support and stretch to keep you comfortable and in-place. Add to that being free of harsh chemical, petroleum based micro-fibers and many synthetic materials that retain more heat. With a silk-like feel these boxer briefs are more absorbent than cotton and have great breathability to keep you cool, dry and odor free all-day long — workout or no workout.
$19.99 at

If you’ve been working out in regular old underwear, you’ve goofed, big time. Take your workout to the next level by upgrading to one of the above workout-specific undies – you’ll never go back.

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As far as controversial trends go, we’ve seen some wild ones—from the ultra-low-rise jeans of the early 2000s to the heeled flip-flops of last year. But one of the most controversial trends of all time is apparently back and just as polarizing as ever. Rising to fame in the early 2000s and then making an under-the-radar comeback in the last few years, the trend you never thought you’d see again is here: the visible thong.

That’s right, visible thongs are making a quiet comeback. What was once a favorite of early-2000s pop stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera is popping up on today’s coolest fashion people like Jennifer Lopez and Emily Ratajkowski. We saw this trend bubbling up sporadically in 2018 and 2019, but here we are only a few days into 2020, and we’ve already spotted it on a few of the most influential fashion girls. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but based on the evidence below, it looks like this trend is just beginning. Visible thongs, whale tails, whatever you want to call it, all signs point to this controversial trend sticking around for a while.

A group of wise prophets once said, “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly,” and that’s the only way to preface the information I’m about to drop here: exposed thongs are trying to stage a comeback. Let’s all take a moment of silence before we embark on this journey together…

Over the weekend, Versace Men’s Spring 2020 runway show unfolded in Milan. A total of 58 looks, comprised of both men and womenswear, ranged from leather to suiting to animal print. But amongst the lineup of very Versace prints and silhouettes, one late ’90s/early ’00s trend snuck in: an exposed (and bedazzled) thong paired with low-rise pants. Perhaps more importantly, it was worn by none other than Bella Hadid.

Bella Hadid on Versace Men’s Spring 2020 runway in Milan. Getty Images

If you’re confused about the significance and severity of the situation here, let me remind you of a key line that our Founding Fathers once wrote in the Constitution, “anything Bella Hadid wears shall become a trend immediately.” I don’t make the rules, people, I’m just reporting the facts.

Of course, the return of the exposed thong trend shouldn’t come as a complete surprise. With fashion’s current obsession with nostalgia, we’ve seen the return of just about every ’90s and ’00s trend (from ultra-tiny sunglasses to heeled flip flops and so on) in the past few seasons. It was only a matter of time until wearing our underwear above our pants became a Thing again. Most recently, Hailey Bieber brought the exposed thong to the red carpet at this year’s Camp-themed Met Gala. Nostalgic camp, it seems, is having a moment outside the Met Costume Exhibition too.

Hailey Bieber in an Alexander Wang gown at the 2019 Camp-themed Met Gala in May. Getty Images

As well as being worn by every It girl of the early 2000s (Britney, Xtina, Paris, etc.), the exposed thong also notoriously made it to many red carpets of the past. Gillian Anderson famously wore the look to an Oscars after party in 2001, while Halle Berry and Christina Aguilera both hit red carpets in thong-baring dresses in the year 2000.

From left: Gillian Anderson in 2001, Christina Aguilera in 2o00, and Halle Berry in 2000. Getty Images

The exposed thong’s status was of course cemented with the 1999 anthem, “Thong Song” by Sisqo. Love it or hate it, how many questionable trends have received a full-on bop in their honor? The correct answer is: that thong thong thong thong thong.

If anyone has the power to bring back this polarizing trend in the year 2019, it’s Bella Hadid. But are we all ready to show off our thongs again? In this economy? Only time (and our Instagram feeds) will tell…

Shop the Best Thongs to Get The Look:

Soire Confidence G-String Cosabella $19.50 Pettra Embroidered Tulle Thong Agent Provocateur $63.00 3-Pk. Invisible G-String Leonisa $20.00 Sheer Thong Myla $41.85 Petit Jardin Embroidered Thong La Perla $75.00 5-Pack Stretchy Thong Panties FELINA $45.00 Nichole Hipster Briefs HONEYDEW INTIMATES $18.00 Versace Logo Thong Versace $50.00

Problem: Visible panty lines

Kaspars Grinvalds/

You think you’re looking smoking in that body-con dress, clingy skirts, or fitted pair of pants, then you catch a glimpse at your tush as you walk out the door. Oh, the dreaded VPL! The solution is a seamless thong that’s undetectable no matter what you wear over it, says Lyn Lewis, CEO of Journelle. She recommends the company’s Estelle Thong. “It has a scalloped-edged back and thin microfiber front, so it lays flat against the body,” says Lyn Lewis, CEO of Journelle. If thongs aren’t your thing, don’t worry, there’s still a solution for you. “Sometimes, bigger is better,” says Larissa King, Senior Designer at Hanky Panky. “Full-cut briefs with low leg openings are practically invisible under clothes,” says Larissa King, senior designer at Hanky Panky. Look for a pair in which the front leg opening sits in the natural crease, between your hip and leg, and the back leg sits fully under your bum. Try: Chantelle Soft Stretch Seamless Full Brief or Hanky Panky Signature Lace Betty Brief. Once you get your undies under control, you’ll want to avoid these common bra mistakes, too.

Problem: Waistband cuts into your mid section

The best way to avoid having elastic cut into your hips is to avoid panties with heavy elastic trims. Opt for styles with wider waist bands or those that sit higher on the waist, which will help contain more of the midsection instead of cutting into it. Try: Warner’s No Pinching. No Problems Seamless Hi-Cut. “Also, undies trimmed with soft, stretchy spandex lace have enough give and hold to keep your panties in place, but are soft enough to keep from leaving harsh indentations in your skin,” explains King. Try: Hanky Panky Signature Lace V-Front Short.

Problem: Elastics cut into your thighs

If you’re feeling the elastics around your thighs and legs pinch, you might want to consider bottoms with a higher cut. “One of the comfiest pairs we carry are the OnGossamer Solid Mesh Hip Bikini,” Lewis says. “The material is super soft and the elastic isn’t restrictive, so it feels like you aren’t wearing anything.”

Problem: Bumps and bulges

If your panty is creating problems (aka bumps and bulges), it’s time to toss ’em in lieu of a smoothing silhouette. Alicia Miller, fit expert at Chantelle, suggests a pair with a control panel at the front for some extra shaping to the lower abdomen. Try: Chantelle Hedona Smoothing Full Brief or Yummie By Heather Thomson Jasmina Shaping Thong. For more smoothing solutions, check out the best shapewear for every type of dress.

Problem: Camel toe

When your panties creep up into your nether regions it causes, what is often referred to as a “camel toe.” While we love a seamless panty, if the fit is off, it can contribute to this issue. Since there aren’t seams to hold them in place, they shift and settle into places where many of us would prefer that they not; this is especially important for workout wear. “Make sure that the crotch has a little dimension to it and a stretchy trim, otherwise your undies may shift, and your yoga pants may end up being more revealing than you’re comfortable with,” cautions King. “Our BARE collection of second-skin microfiber undies was specifically designed to eliminate this issue.”

Problem: Undies riding up in the rear

Panties can ride up for a few reasons. If they’re too small, there isn’t enough fabric in back to cover your bum. If they’re too big, the leg opening may be too large and doesn’t have sufficient tension to hold the panties in place. “It can also be a design issue. Panties with no leg trim (lace or elastic) are harder to fit correctly. It’s also trickier (but completely possible) to find panties with cheeky-cut backs that stay in place,” explains King. Her suggestion: Go to a lingerie boutique or department store and try on a few different styles (over your own undies, of course). Move around in them—touch your toes, sit down, stand up, walk in place—and see which stay put. These are the fitting room mistakes you need to stop making now.

Problem: Undies falling down

Like pretty much anything, if your panties are falling down, it probably means they’re too big—or they’ve stretched due to wear and improper care (more on that later). Try a size down and see if it solves the problem. (Hey, sometimes the simplest solutions are the most overlooked.) Wondering what undie style is going to suit you best? Find out the the best underwear for your butt shape.

Problem: Panties show through white pants

Of course neon colors and jet black hues are a no-no with white pants, but what about white? The answer: A resounding no! “What ends up happening is the bright white undies contrast with your skin and practically glow under your light-colored clothes,” says King. Your best bet is to find undies in a color that blends with your natural skin tone. Luckily, companies like Hanky Panky and Naja are recognizing that “nude” isn’t just one, two or even three shades, and offering a spectrum of skin tone lingerie.

Problem: Sweating down there

This isn’t a glamorous topic, but hey it happens—particularly if you work out. If your panties offer no breathability and you feel like you’re sweating in your neither regions, Miller recommends switching to a cotton bottom or one with a cotton gusset and a moisture wicking fabric. Try: Eberjey Pima Goddess Low Rider Bikini. (Here are 13 things your vagina secretly wants you to know.)

Problem: Your panties are falling apart

If your lingerie isn’t lasting, chances are you’re making a major washing (and drying) mistake! The absolute best way to care for your undergarments is to hand wash them in cool water with a specially-formulated lingerie wash and hang dry, advises King. Washing skivvies incorrectly is just one of the underwear mistakes that can mess with your health and style.

10 Best Active Underwear for Women

Are you active? Good for you! Are you a runner, a boxer, a yoga addict or a cross fitter? Do you go to the gym at least twice a week? If you work hard to keep your body in shape, then keep on reading.

As one of the most personal pieces of clothing, active underwear can’t be tried on — making it complicated for you to see if it’s a good fit or not. You can only make your decision based on friend’s recommendations, brands you know and trust, the type of materials, and aesthetic criteria such as colors or fit. Lastly, the price will be your last indicator.

Choosing the right active underwear requires a bit of research, but we’ve done the work for you. First, when you practice a sport, you need comfortable activewear which will absorb sweat and keep your body warm — or regulate your temperature if you go outside. You also need underwear that has good elasticity. So what types of activities do you need active underwear for? Which materials are good? How do you balance sexiness and sport performance? Let’s explore.

Active Underwear by Sport Type

Yoga: A sought-after practice across the world, yoga — which has 14 different types — has numerous benefits from improving your flexibility to clarifying your mind. Whatever your intentions are — and preferences for either the sweaty Ashtanga or Vinyasa yoga to more relaxing, calming Yin or restorative yoga — you will need comfortable, light, and absorbing underwear. Yoga wear is utterly sexy and you need the right panties to go along with your yoga pants. Find invisible tight-fitting undies that stay unseen underneath your yoga pants.

Running: Did you know that running makes women more attractive? A study also showcased that after a 9-month period, runners reported having greater sex with their partner. Running has great benefits as it increases bone mineral density. A perfect running attire requires a good pair of pants or shorts, good sneakers, and the right active underwear. As you run, you need to prevent your body to be cold. High-waist underwear may also keep your back in place when jogging. Choose anti-microbial and odor-resistant undies to go running.

Boxing: As a sport, boxing requires athletic prowess. The required attributes of boxing encompass power, strength, eye coordination, and endurance. For those of you who love boxing workouts, find underwear that stays in place and keeps moisture away. For high-intensity sports such as boxing, find underwear made of breathable materials like mesh and with a comfortable shape to maintain and support your body in your active moves.

Cycling: Riding a bike is a fun exercise which has countless health benefits such as decreasing stress levels and protecting you against various diseases from cancers to strokes. Cycling is also accessible to everyone — no matter how old you are.

For cycling, go for padded cycling shorts if you practice long hours. Go for a quick dry and lightweight underwear that fits your cycling pants.

Rock climbing: If you fancy rock-climbing and wish to prepare yourself for the Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya or Rinjani in Indonesia, then you need the right outfit and underwear.

Go for underwear that provides support and comfort without squeezing you while you work out. Prefer materials that keep the sweat away and dry easily and thermo-regulate your temperatures as temperature may change from one climb to another such as mesh or nylon.

CrossFit: Popping up around the world as its popularity increases, CrossFit is a form of high-intensity power fitness (HIPT). The benefits of CrossFit include improving agility, performance, and flexibility. Many may wonder if this sport is safe as it requires to lift some weights. If you work alongside a trained fitness professional, then CrossFit is for you.

To choose your best underwear for a good session, go for undies that stay put so you don’t have to keep adjusting them.

Dancing: Choosing the right dance undergarments is important if you practice dance regularly — or if you are a professional dancer.

Will it be classical or contemporary dances or more explorative types of dance from Balinese to Afro? Select a hidden, high quality and appropriately supportive dance underwear. To keep you fresh and cool, pick up breathable materials and go for nude underwear to keep a discreet look.

Best Materials For Performance Underwear

Depending on where you live and exercise, whether it’d be outdoor or indoor, and the types of workouts you will go for, you need to choose the right materials for your active underwear.

For example, if you actively workout in Montreal in the summertime, then you won’t need the same materials as if you were planning to hike in the countryside somewhere in Asia. Here are some of the most common materials and fabrics for your active underwear:

Wool: An all-purpose fabric, wool is good for hiking, running, or backpacking.

Pros: Wool has some perfect properties. It wicks moisturize easily, repels odors and thermo-regulates your body temperature, making it a good selection for outdoor activities. On top of it, wool is very comfortable and provides support, plus dries very fast.

Cons: Wool doesn’t last as long as cotton or nylon.

Nylon: A synthetic fabric that’s been around over a hundred years, nylon is popular for active underwear.

Pros: Lightweight, nylon can match your body shape perfectly and keep the body free of moisture. Plus, nylon has a heightened level of comfort and breathability, making it one of the best fabrics for active sportswear, especially cycling and running, and is also known for its great elasticity.

Cons: Nylon has a limited life span.

Spandex: Almost 60 years old, spandex has been famous since Olivia wore them in “Grease” (1978). A synthetic fabric which is also known as Lycra or Elastane worldwide, spandex was first used to replace rubber.

Pros: Spandex fabric provides excellent stretch and is form fitting, making it an ideal material for sports like boxing or rock climbing that requires extreme movements. Spandex is also water resistant and antimicrobial providing the best protection for intense outdoor activities. Finally, Spandex comes in a variety of shapes and colors and can stay fit after many uses.

Cons: Spandex fabric is quite sticky, and doesn’t allow the body to breathe that easily.

Cotton: Versatile, cotton is a natural fabric that is widespread and has multi purposes.

Pros: A favorite and perfect everyday fabric, cotton keeps your body free of moisture and provides smooth comfort while protecting you against temperature changes. Furthermore, cotton insulates and is hypoallergenic, being a good material for sensitive skin.

Cons: The biggest drawback of cotton fabric is that it absorbs moisture, making it not so great choice for an intensive, active workout. Choose cotton fabric if you practice a sport that is more gentle such as Yin yoga.

Environmentally-friendly fabrics: you may wonder what are the most environmentally-friendly fabrics for your workouts? Go for materials that are naturally breathable such as plant-based materials or organic cotton.

Find Your Shape!

Whenever you work out, you can select between different shapes for your underwear. For dancing, you can go for a discreet thong and for cycling, select a comfier but less sexy shape.

Here are the most common shapes for active underwear:

Classic briefs: Timeless and popular, classic briefs bring the right level of support and protection and are ideal for any situation. If you seek a moderate amount of coverage, this shape is the best! Classic briefs are great for practical workouts such as running, walking, or going to the gym.

Hipsters: A favorite of dancers and gymnasts, hipsters underwear provides security while allowing flexibility in the moves you make. Providing full coverage but leaving the waist free, hipsters underwear leave enough space for another garment. I’m a big fan of hipsters underwear since they cover well and leave the waist free to make graceful moves.

Bikinis: One of the most famous underwear shapes in the world, bikinis feature a narrower side seam and a shorter rise and is perfect if you are after a minimalist — yet covering enough — underwear. Bikinis are comfortable and easy to find throughout many stores as they are very popular.

Boyshorts: cozy and comfy, boyshorts protect the lower tummy and keep your butt looking nice. Not every girl loves thongs, so boyshorts are a good compromise between elegance and a bit of glamour without sacrificing comfort and style. Boyshorts are good for girls looking for intense, rewarding gym workouts.

Thongs: The sexiest and most discreet of all active underwear, thongs are a good choice for yoga or dancing, or whenever you need thin and light materials over your skin. They come in a variety of colors but choose a nude or black thong depending on the color of activewear (pants or shorts).

Shorties: Provide the largest security and coverage and are a good choice if you go cycling or running outside, or even if you do baseball or basketball. If you want the maximum comfort and support, then shorties are for you. While not very sexy, they are the most comfortable.

High waisted underwear: Preserve the elegance of your shape. High waisted underwear also provides good comfort for your back, making it a great choice. Although slightly less elegant than a thong, high-waisted underwear balances between sexiness and comfort in the best possible way.

Final Tips to Choose Your Active Underwear

Decide what to wear according to the type of sport you practice and the season.

Pick up a variety of shapes, colors, and brands.

Always choose underwear from well-known brands to ensure there are no added chemicals that may damage your skin.

If you have sensitive skin, please choose hypo-allergenic materials.

Don’t wash your underwear at high temperatures, especially for nylon or lycra as you may damage the material.

Don’t wear a shortie with a yoga pant and don’t wear a thong if you go hiking.

Male underwear won’t fit you! So don’t steal your boyfriend’s super cool active underwear.

If you want to order online, look for your right sizes from XS to XL. Choose the best size according to your weight and body length.

Take care of your underwear and preserve them in a dry environment after washing them.

When going to a public laundry, ensure you don’t forget your underwear in the machine.

The 9 Best Sweat-Wicking Underwear For Women

When it comes to workout clothes, I’m typically more interested in function than fashion. I want high-performing, anti-chafing, moisture-wicking fabrics from head to toe, and that includes my underwear. Luckily, with the rise of athleisure, it’s never been easier to find the best sweat-wicking underwear for women.

Unlike those awful mesh shorts and cotton T-shirts you remember from gym class, today’s workout clothing is made with high-tech fabrics and designed for efficiency. So why not have that technology extend to your underwear?

Underwear with sweat-wicking fabric eliminates moisture quickly so you can stay dry even when you’re working up a real sweat. This won’t just make your workout more comfortable, it will also keep your underwear from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. And these high-performing panties don’t just stop there. Many brands have taken their performance fabric further by combining the sweat-wicking fibers with odor-eliminating, antibacterial, and temperature-regulating technology — so you can rest assured the next time you’re at the gym this underwear will work as hard as you do.

Available in every style (yes, even thongs), these performance panties will keep you comfortable, so that whether you’re into yoga, spinning, or running, you can workout harder, longer.

1. A Pack Of Temperature Regulating Panties

These Hanes X-Temp underwear have revolutionary temperature control that promises to adapt to your activity level. This means, not only do the underwear wick away sweat when your body heats up, but they also slow evaporation, so your body holds onto heat longer when you’re cold. These high-tech panties are also super soft and tag free, so they’ll keep you comfy all day.

2. A Pair Of Fast-Drying, Odor-Free Underwear

These diamond-knit mesh underwear were designed to be odor-resistant, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying which means not only are they great for the gym, but they’re ideal for multi-day treks. Pack them on your next overnight hike for a pair of underwear you can easily rinse out and hang dry in no time.

3. A Pair Of Anti-Chafing Shorts

Full coverage underwear will save you from chafing. This pair is made with quick-drying microfiber and has mesh panels down the side for added temperature control. Plus, the wider waist and leg bands help them stay in place.

4. A Set Of Super Stretchy Thongs

For many women, a comfortable thong may seem like an oxymoron but that’s not the case with this three-pack of sweat-wicking thong panties. They’re tagless and seamless so you won’t chafe, and they have four-way stretch so they move with your body.

5. A Pair Of Boyshorts That Won’t Ride Up

This underwear is laser-cut and seamless for optimal comfort and minimal ride up making them perfect for working out and wearing to work. Made from a nylon and spandex blend, the moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry.

6. A Pair Of Breathable Bamboo Underwear

The most comfortable clothes are the ones you don’t feel like you’re wearing — and that’s the case with this bamboo underwear. They’re super soft, breathable, antibacterial, thermo-regulating, and of course, moisture-wicking.

7. A Thong With Anti-Odor, Anti-Chafe Technology

“I got them for hiking in Zion in July and they were exactly what I needed to keep dry and away moisture,” one reviewer says about this thong — but that isn’t where the benefits end. This pair is also designed to fight odors and prevent chafing thanks to its laser-cut edges, four-way stretch, and microbe-fighting material. Best of all, it’s extremely soft and actually stays put without giving you underwear lines.

8. A Pair Of Panties With Power To Do Good

Be apart of a great cause when you purchase these super comfortable panties. The Under Armour Power in Pink line is donating $10 million to John Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center to help with health, education, and innovation. The moisture-wicking panties — which come in 12 different colors — are seamless, smooth, lightweight, and feature four-way stretch for maximum comfort.

9. A Pair of Padded Underwear That Is Perfect For Cycling

This padded, moisture-wicking underwear is perfect if you cycle or spin. It has a built in pad that’s antibacterial and provides a comfortable cushion for between your butt and the bike seat. They’re thin enough to wear undetected under your shorts or pants, and have a yoga-inspired waistband for a more comfortable fit. Plus, the soft breathable fabric will keep you dry and comfortable on even long rides.

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Finding the perfect-fitting pair of underwear can be tough enough, but add yoga pants to the equation, and you have a serious struggle. Because anyone who owns yoga pants or leggings knows all too well: That stretchy (but oh-so-comfy) fabric can reveal all sorts of lines.

The search for the right pair of no-show underwear becomes especially tricky when you need to work out in them. Thankfully, we’ve found several pairs that will stay put and always appear seamless. Whether you’re twisting your torso into triangle pose or just want your butt to look great on a grocery store run, these picks have you covered.

Calvin Klein Invisibles No-Show Thong



Not only is this thong super-soft, but with its laser-cut edges, panty lines won’t stand a chance. Plus, the fit is so spot-on you won’t need to make any awkward wardrobe adjustments during yoga class. “They don’t move around,” says Rebecca Weible, founder of Yo Yoga! in New York City. “And the fact that they are cotton helps keep you covered if you discover your leggings are more sheer than you thought!”

Victoria’s Secret Lace-Waist Cheeky Panty

Victoria Secret


Thongs aren’t your thing? You’ve got other options, like these lace and cotton undies. “The cheeky’s are great because they offer coverage without riding up too much and have only a discreet panty line, if any,” Weible says. So when you hit the yoga mat you won’t need to worry about wedgies.

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TC Fine Intimates Wonderful Edge Boyshort



It may seem impossible for a pair of boyshorts to be invisible under yoga pants, but this thin, laser-cut pair defeats the odds. One reviewer says these are her go-to under yoga pants: “I’ve ordered a slew of different panties aimed at finding a pair that was both comfortable, and didn’t show lines under fitted athletic wear. And, I’ve finally found them! They truly don’t show any lines even under tight, spandex-y clothing. No, really, they don’t!”

Aerie Bikini Underwear



Made from a stretchy, soft cotton, these bikini-fit undies sport a charming lace trim. And beyond the comfy factor, the fabric delivers a solid fit. “I’m a small woman but I certainly do have a bootie and this fits beautifully with no lines showing when I’m practicing yoga,” says Claudia Matles, who teaches yoga in the Hamptons and New York City. “I love the breathable feeling of the fabric as well as the quality.”

Hanky Panky Women’s Low Rise Thong



With over 4 out of 5 stars and more than 100 reviews, customers seriously dig this 5-pack of thongs: “Best underwear on earth,” one wrote. “The lace is so soft and they fit perfectly. Yes, they are pricey—but worth every penny.” And as long as you keep them out of the dryer, they last forever, says the reviewer.

Carrie Morgan, a yoga instructor at The Yoga Loft in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is also fan of the fit. “They lie super flat so that no matter the fabric of the pants, you can’t see them,” she says.

Under Armour Women’s Pure Stretch Hipster



This no-show underwear is designed to wick away sweat, and the fabric is seamless, stretchy, and super comfortable. When editors tested a slew of workout underwear this was one of the favorites. The primary reason: It didn’t show any lines and wicked away sweat. “I forgot I was even wearing underwear,” our reviewer said. They “laid really flat against my skin and made my butt look pretty good—if I do say so myself!” noted another.

Socks and Underwear

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