While traveling solo or with your significant other can be fun, there’s something about going on a trip with your best friends. From Vegas to Greece to Australia, there’s so much of the world that is better to see with your friends by your side.

Here are some of the best destinations to visit with your best friend!


Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Mardi Gras aka “Fat Tuesday” is the last day for Catholics to indulge before Lent begins. In New Orleans, this means masked balls, colorful parades, loud music, and beaded necklaces.

If you can swing it, try staying in the French Quarter or in a hotel that’s walking distance. They close down the French Quarter to vehicular traffic and taxis are few and far between.

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Hit the Beaches in Mykonos

Greece has become the ultimate hot spot for beach parties, and each year Mykonos beach bar parties get better and better. With tourists touching down every single day, it’s no wonder that world-famous DJs stop by to play.

All of the beach bars in Mykonos will give you a direct view of the Aegean Sea making it the perfect place to grab a few drinks and dance the night away.

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Road Trip Around Iceland

Iceland has popped up on the radar recently and for a good reason. With hiking, geothermal pools, waterfalls, and an iceberg beach, Iceland is a place like no other.

The Ultimate Iceland Ring Road Trip Itinerary

Pull an All-Nighter in Vegas

Sin City is always a good time, especially when you have your best friends with you. With clubs like Omnia, Marquee, and Tao, there’s no shortage of drinks and good music.

If you want to test your luck, there are no shortages of casinos like the ARIA, the Palms, and Bellagio. During the day, you won’t want to miss out on an epic pool party at one of the chic hotels along the strip.

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Picnic at the Eiffel Tower

Stop by Motte Picquet-Grenelle and pick up some wine, bread, and cheese before heading to the Champ de Mars. There’s never a wrong time to have a panic under the Eiffel Tower but gather everyone up and go at sunset.

Not only will you be able to see a gorgeous sky but you’ll be able to catch the amazing light show!

Five Reasons France is the Perfect Place to Picnic

Attend a Festival

Who doesn’t love music? There are many different festivals to choose from Coachella to Tomorrowland and from Ultra to ACL. Even events like The Yacht Week and Burning Man are amazing experiences to share with your bestie. What do they have in common? The sense of community you feel with your friends and strangers you meet.

Incredible music goes hand in hand with an unforgettable time, no matter which event you choose.

The Ultimate Survival Packing Guide for Burning Man

Ski Trip in Austria

Did you know that Austria has some of the best skiing in the world? Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, take a weekend to ski with your best friends.

There’s also The Ski Week in Austria, Japan, Canada, and Aspen. World class resorts, mountains and music, and making new friends while skiing makes The Ski Week an incredibly fun time.

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Backpack Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia attracts visitors from all over the world with its lush jungles, diving, and incredibly tasty food. It truly caters to any budget.

The best part about traveling the region is the convenience. Southeast Asia has made backpacking incredibly easy!

Visit destinations like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Singapore!

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Glamp in the Pacific Northwest

Glamping means camping without the bugs, mud, and tents. Sounds perfect, right? There are many beautiful amenities in the Pacific Northwest from Oregon, Washington, and Alaska.

Whether it be a lookout tower, a yurt, a cliffside tent, or a treehouse, the options are endless. With fall right around the corner, now is the perfect time to enjoy the cooler weather and the leaves changing color.

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Go Scuba Diving

Scuba diving requires a built-in buddy system, so it’s the perfect activity for you and your bestie.

There are countless destinations to scuba dive around the world. It’s an underwater world that’s just waiting to be discovered. You can see everything from whales to sea turtles to stingrays to sharks!

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Be a Kid Again at Disneyland

There’s no happier place on Earth than Disneyland. Whether you grew up going or have never been before, the nostalgia of Disneyland will have you feeling like a kid again.

After a day on the Teacups or Space Mountain, indulge in some dole whip or a churro. You’ll never want to leave!

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Visit Harakuju in Tokyo

The Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo is renowned for its colorful street art and quirky fashion. In this neighborhood, you’ll find trendy coffee shops, small bars, vintage stores, and upmarket boutiques. With everything from photo booths to cute food to girly nail salons, it’s the perfect place for a girl’s trip.

Updated: 1/5/2019 | January 5th, 2019

While many of us dream of traveling the world (or at least taking a few months off from work in pursuit of adventure), it’s not always feasible, even for those with the best of intentions. A lot of things can get in the way.

I frequently talk about long-term travel and round-the-world trips, but I know that realistically, not everyone can or wants to enjoy this style of travel. I don’t think traveling the world is hard, but I also know that what I do isn’t for everyone.

Some people just want to go on a cheap vacation for a few weeks. Not everyone has the time or luxury to take an extended trip.

So what do you do when you only have a short amount of time and a short amount of money?

What are some budget vacation ideas that aren’t about traveling the world?

Even if I won’t find you backpacking Cambodia for three months or walking the Camino de Santiago, there are many ways to get on the road and see the world without breaking the bank! Here are eight cheap travel ideas if you are cash-strapped and/or time-poor:

Cheap Vacation Idea 1: Be a Local Tourist

How often do you visit the tourist sites in your own city? Hardly ever, right? I know New Yorkers who have never seen the Statue of Liberty and Bostonians who have never walked the Freedom Trail. I once took a Dutch friend on a tour of Amsterdam because, despite growing up there, she had never seen the local attractions that lure millions of visitors to the city every year.

We’re all guilty of this. It took me five years to see the Jim Thompson House in Bangkok (even after living there), and I’ve still never been to Bunker Hill in Boston despite spending the first 24 years of my life there.

We always put it off until tomorrow, because when we live in a city, we think there is always a tomorrow.

We get so caught up in our daily lives we forget that we can have a cheap vacation in our own city. We don’t have to go anywhere!

If you’re short on time and money, there’s no better way to spend some free time than to wander your own city. No matter what its size, it has a number of wonders that you’ve never seen or even known about because you just don’t like! We’re busy leading our lives and following our routines. It’s normal but let’s look at your home with new eyes.

Be a traveler in your own town!

Important tips: When you become a local tourist, check out of your house and into a hotel, hostel, or guesthouse. It’s important to get out of your familiar environment because if you stay home, you’ll find something to do around the house and create excuses for why you can’t sightsee. Moving to a different location can help give you that feeling of adventure, excitement, and unfamiliarity.

Moreover, be sure to go to your local tourism office and get a city tourism pass. These cards allow you to see a wide range of local attractions for free or reduced prices and can be your way to see your local sites on a budget. They aren’t just for outsiders!

Want to learn how I travel the world for free? GET MY FREE GUIDE

Cheap Vacation Idea 2: Travel Regionally

Travel brings to mind faraway and exotic destinations. It invokes images of all the places we’ve dreamed of and seen in movies. Because of that, few people look in their own backyard for adventure — as my Aussie friends always tell me before they jet off somewhere, “Mate, you’ve probably seen more of Oz than I have!” — but it offers just as many places to travel.

I could say the same thing as my Aussie friends. I grew up in Boston, and from there, I could visit New Hampshire, the woods of Maine, the bed-and-breakfasts of the Berkshires, or the farms of Vermont. New York was a four-hour car ride from home. How often did I do that? Not often enough!

Exploring your own region is an underrated and often overlooked aspect of travel. It gets the occasional lip service in magazines, but driving across the United States made me realize how much our own countries have to offer us and how often we overlook that for some foreign place.

There’s something special about being a stranger in your homeland and realizing you really don’t know much about it as you thought.

We think because we’re born in a place we understand it but every country has regional differences that make it unique and, unless we travel to see and experience them, we’ll never fully understand the place we call home.

Driving across my country (the U.S.) taught me a lot about it. It gave me a deep appreciation for it, the people, and the diversity within its borders. It broke down stereotypes and misconceptions I had about the different regions in the US. My time exploring my own backyard was just as important to my growth as any trip to a foreign country.

If you’re on a limited budget, can’t afford a flight or a trip to exotic lands, or just want to do something different, don’t forget that you can always travel your own country. It can be just as powerful as visiting another country.

Cheap Vacation Idea 3: Go to National Parks

The great outdoors present a great chance to go somewhere on the cheap. Camping, after all, costs very little money. Camping fees in national parks are as little as $15 USD per night in the United States, $15-40 CAD in Canada, $10-60 AUD in Australia, and $17-22 NZD in New Zealand. And in many places in Japan and Europe (especially Scandinavia), you can camp on public lands for free. Additionally, you go camping stocked with all your own supplies and accommodation (i.e., a tent), so you don’t have to worry about spending lots of extra money. Your food bill can be whatever you spend on groceries and nothing more.

You don’t need to love camping to spend time in the national parks, either. Personally, I hate camping. I’m not the camp-in-a-tent kind of guy; I need toilets, beds, and hot water. Luckily, many parks provide cabins. While hiking the Grand Canyon, I stayed at a national park lodge at the bottom. I had a room in a dormitory, but for a few nights, it was the cheap accommodation I needed.

There’s almost always a park nearby and spending a few days with nature is not only good for your wallet but also good for your soul.

Along these same lines, Camp in My Garden is a website that lets people camp in someone’s backyard (or garden). Got an RV that needs parking? Check out RV with Me, which finds cheap parking and overnight solutions for RV owners!

Cheap Vacation Idea 4: Book a Last-Minute Cruise (or Book Far in Advance)

Cruises are normally very expensive, affairs with a seven-day Caribbean cruise costing over $600–700 USD per person for a small interior room. And, if you’re traveling alone, you often have to pay the price of two people since not many cruise lines offer single traveler rooms!

But, if you’re the last passenger running onto that ship, you can find some sweet deals.

Cruise lines always offer incredible last-minute deals. No ship’s captain – or cruise company – wants to leave with half the cabins empty. If you wait until a few weeks before departure, you can find some really amazing deals as cruise lines scramble to find passengers. Plus, cruise operators always throw in some on-board amenities, free upgrades, and cash vouchers to sweeten the deal.

The website CruiseSheet often has cruises as low as $30 per day! (It’s the best cruise booking website in the world!)

Conversely, if you book over a year in advance, cruise lines also offer amazing low fares for early birds.

Cruises are the one form of travel for which I recommend visiting a travel agent if you’re part of a big group. They have wonderful working relationships with the operators and can score better packages than booking online.

After you book, keep an eye out on prices, because if they drop, you can often call your travel agent or the cruise company itself to get a partial refund or vouchers to use for dining and alcohol on the boat.

READ THIS —> (and how to save money once you are on board.)

Cheap Vacation Idea 5: Think Outside the Box

Forget Mexico and go to Guatemala. Skip Paris and head to Budapest. Forget Italy and see Greece (it’s really cheap!). Ditch Brazil and take on Bolivia instead. The list goes on and on. There are countless cheap alternatives and budget destinations around the world!

Travel counter to the prevailing trend.

Zig when everyone zags.

If people are going in the summer, you go in the spring or winter. Skip the popular destinations and head off the beaten path a bit.

Contrarian travel will save you a bundle of money. It’s like reverse commuting. While others heading into the city in the morning for work are stuck in traffic, you breeze the opposite way hassle free. The same is true for travel.

The more you are a contrarian in where – and when you go – the better off you’re wallet will be. Plus, you’ll enjoy destinations more because there will be fewer crowds. No one loves a crowd!

READ THIS –> Click here for 10 Destinations to Visit on a Budget to help give you ideas on where you to go!

Cheap Vacation Idea 6: Book a Last-Minute Tour

Just like cruises, tours are best booked last-minute. Tour companies need to fill the seats just like cruise companies, because once that trip departs, they still have the same costs. Last-minute tour bookings work the same way as cruise bookings.

Why are tours so cheap last-minute? Well, think about how people plan vacations. You get the time off work, you book your vacation, you buy your flight, and you go. Since people pre-book, prices are higher in advance because these companies understand booking patterns and then price accordingly. As departure time nears, companies know people aren’t likely to turn up and book on departure day, so they sweeten the price to increase bookings. So take the time off work, wait until the week before, see what’s cheap, and then go.

My favorite company, Intrepid Travel, often offers 15–30% discounts on last-minute tours.

Cheap Vacation Idea 7: Become a House Sitter

Accommodation can eat into the cost of a trip big-time. You might get a flight deal, but then accommodation — even if you can find it cheaply — might push the cost of your trip into unaffordable territory. A way around that is to stay somewhere for free. While I like Couchsurfing, it’s hard to do that for two weeks without annoying your host. A unique way to overcome this is to house-sit for someone while they are on vacation. You get free accommodation, a kitchen to cook in, and the chance to explore a destination in depth. It’s a pretty unique way to travel and one that I know a lot of world travelers take advantage of. You can even do this in your own region too, to cut down on transportation costs.

READ THIS —> How to Become a Housesitter

Cheap Vacation Idea 8: Grab a Cheap Flight

Nowadays, you don’t have to guess where the cheapest flight from your home would be. You can look up a whole list of flights (from cheapest to increasingly more expensive) using a site like Momondo or Google Flights. With those sites, you can type in “(the closest airport to you)” for your departure city and “everywhere” for your destination. Then a list of the cheapest flights appears in front of your very eyes, so you can choose where to go within your budget. This is how I decide where to go when I don’t have a specific place in mind. It’s a great tool!

Here are some other great airline booking sites where you can find deals:

  • Skyscanner – Skyscanner has a very intuitive platform that lets you search for an open-ended trip. If you’re not 100% sure where you want to go (or when) then start your search with Skyscanner.
  • Kiwi – Kiwi recently updated their search platform, making it much more intuitive and user-friendly. You can also search multiple cities and countries at once, making this a must-use platform when looking for budget flights.
  • AirTreks – If you’re looking to plan a multi-city trip, AirTreks offers great deals for round-the-world adventures with multiple stops.


Not everyone can jump overseas at the drop of a hat or spend six months backpacking around Europe or Asia. A fancy vacation to Mexico may be out of your reach. But while you might not have a lot of time or money, luckily there’s more than one way to see the world. These cheap vacation ideas may be exactly what you’re looking for!

Travel is simply the art of going somewhere new and different and exploring everything the place has to offer. It doesn’t matter if you have two days, two weeks, or two months. Use these cheap vacation ideas and go explore – on a budget!

Want more? Read these articles to get more specific destination ideas for where to have a budget vacation:

  • Five Destinations Under $30
  • Cheap Places to Visit on the US Dollar
  • 10 Best Places to Travel on a Budget

Want to Learn How I Travel the World for Free?

Stop paying full price! Download our free guide to travel hacking and learn:

  • How To Pick a Credit Card
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  • Is Travel Hacking Really a Scam?


Book Your Trip: Logistical Tips and Tricks

Book Your Flight
Find a cheap flight by using Skyscanner or Momondo. They are my two favorite search engines because they search websites and airlines around the globe so you always know no stone is left unturned.

Book Your Accommodation
To find the best budget accommodation, use Booking.com as they consistently return the cheapest rates for guesthouses and cheap hotels. I use them all the time. You can book your hostel – if you want that instead – with Hostelworld as they have the most comprehensive inventory.

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance
Travel insurance will protect you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It’s comprehensive protection in case anything goes wrong. I never go on a trip without it as I’ve had to use it many times in the past. I’ve been using World Nomads for ten years. My favorite companies that offer the best service and value are:

  • World Nomads (for everyone below 70)
  • Insure My Trip (for those over 70)

Looking for the best companies to save money with?
Check out my resource page for the best companies to use when you travel! I list all the ones I use to save money when I travel – and I think will help you too!

Cheap Vacation Ideas: 19 Budget Trips for 2020

Sometimes the hardest part of planning a vacation is answering the question “where should I go on vacation?” The beach? Overseas? The Great Outdoors? And where to go if you want to avoid spending a bundle?

Don’t be overwhelmed—start using these cheap vacation ideas to inspire wanderlust, or head over to Groupon Getaways to browse live deals across the country and the world.

1. Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe: Hotel Deals | Things to Do | Sightseeing Deals

While Tahoe ski resorts can be pricey, the rest of the area is marked by charming state parks that offer sensational natural beauty for a fraction of the cost. Stand high above the Lake at Emerald Bay State Park, accessible for a small parking fee.

2. Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach: Hotel Deals | Things to Do | Sightseeing Deals

Traveling with family? One of your best cheap vacation ideas is Myrtle Beach, with its bustling, boardwalk, amusement parks, family restaurants, and arcades. And in the summer, there are several spots along the coast with beach access.

3. Maine

Maine: Hotel Deals | Things to Do | Sightseeing Deals

Maine’s official tourism slogan is “Vacationland,” and you’ll see why as soon as you reach the coast. Picturesque, rocky, and dotted with lobster-roll shops, Maine’s coast beckons travelers to dip their toe in the Atlantic and then browse its charming and not-too-tacky tourist towns. If you’re on a budget, spend a lot of your time at Acadia National Park, maybe the prettiest spot on the East Coast, and with an admission fee of $25 per vehicle for a whole week.

4. Cancún

Cancún: Hotel Deals

Cancún is the place to enjoy any water-sport activity imaginable, from snorkeling and stand-up paddle boarding to sailing and Scuba diving. Sounds expensive? It’s cheaper than you might think—choose an all-inclusive resort to get the best bang for your buck. You could even bundle an all-inclusive resort with airfare (search for the ✈ symbol on Groupon Getaways Cancun deals).

5. Palm Springs

Palm Springs: Hotel Deals | Things to Do | Sightseeing Deals

You can find some of the world’s best spas for such treatments in Palm Springs, a 40s and 50s-style desert oasis for R&R, famous for its hot springs and golf courses. You might have to save up for a luxury spa session or a round of 18, but the desert also holds gorgeous state parks and retro-cool hotels that aren’t so expensive.

6. Great Smoky Mountains

Great Smoky Mountains: Hotel Deals | Things to Do | Sightseeing Deals

Around 11 million visitors come to Great Smoky National Park every year, and for good reason: entrance to the park is totally free. Spot black bears and elk, climb to the top of Clingmans Dome (the tallest point on the Appalachian Trail), and then head to kitschy Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge for a show. There are few inexpensive vacation ideas as family friendly as this.

7. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic: Hotel Deals

Nothing says “vacation” like a picture-perfect Caribbean beach, a tropical drink in your hand, and a palm tree providing just the right amount of shade. To find it without breaking the bank, look to the Dominican Republic, and check out the all-inclusive resort packages on Groupon (usually in the resort-laden Punta Cana area).

8. Minneapolis

Minneapolis: Hotel Deals | Things to Do | Sightseeing Deals

The Twin Cities might not jump out as a hot vacation destination, just because … aren’t the winters there really, really cold? Well, yes, but that means mild, uber-pleasant summers, and with 22 lakes in Minneapolis alone, it’s a major recreational spot for biking, swimming, and kayaking. Start your morning in the city’s Chain of Lakes and finish your afternoon at the post-modern Walker Art Museum. And if you do decide to visit in the winter, remember: Mall of America is just next door.

9. Las Vegas

Las Vegas: Hotel Deals | Things to Do | Sightseeing Deals

One of the best cheap vacation ideas…assuming you keep yourself to a reasonable budget at the casinos. If you’ve never been to Las Vegas, you might be surprised how affordable a trip to Sin City can be, especially with snatching a hotel room, which go as low as $19/night. And if you want to catch an affordable show, there are plenty of options under $50.

10. Atlantic City

Atlantic City: Hotel Deals | Things to Do | Sightseeing Deals

You’ll find similar prices to Vegas in Atlantic City, which in the summer doubles as both a casino hotspot and a beach destination. Keep your gambling expenses to a set maximum and you’ll find both spots should be well within your budget.

11. Alaska

Alaska: Hotel Deals | Things to Do | Sightseeing Deals

If you’re headed to Alaska, you can visit Denali National Park—home to North America’s tallest mountain—for only $10 a person, making it one of the best budget vacation ideas for the summer. If you live in a hot climate, it might be refreshing to enjoy Alaska’s summer climate, when average high temperatures in Anchorage hover around 60 degrees.

12. Italy

Italy: Hotel + Airfare Deals

European vacations are not cheap, but you can see millenia-old ruins, sip amazing Tuscan wine, taste wood-fired pizzas…and maybe not spend as much as you think. Air- and hotel-inclusive packages to Italy could help you save, and while each package is different, many take you to whimsical Rome, Renaissance-obsessed Florence, and Venice’s iconic canals.

13. The Poconos

The Poconos: Hotel Deals | Things to Do | Sightseeing Deals

If mountains are more your style, try the Poconos of Pennsylvania, a scenic area with a number of romantic resorts and B&Bs. East Coasters have seen the Poconos as the perfect weekend getaway for decades, drawn by a number of small lakes and forested trails.

14. San Diego

San Diego: Hotel Deals | Things to Do | Sightseeing Deals

Laid-back and perpetually warm, San Diego often seems like a winter paradise, especially for anyone living north of San Francisco. With the Pacific coastline as a backdrop, there are plenty of attractions you can see for cheap, including the spectacular Cabrillo National Monument on the Point Loma Peninsula. (Hint: if you’re heading to the world-famous San Diego Zoo, you can buy admission through Groupon.)

15. New Orleans

New Orleans: Hotel Deals | Things to Do | Sightseeing Deals

If some of our budget vacation ideas are a little too chilly for your taste (especially in the winter), head to the Big Easy, which is warm and welcoming during January, February, and March. The French influence here means you’ll find plenty of delicious meals in candlelit restaurants.

16. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls: Hotel Deals | Things to Do | Sightseeing Deals

Hey, for Americans, visiting Canada still counts as “going out of the country” for your vacation. Niagara Falls is your best bet for a budget international trip, since hotel deals there offer not only restaurant credits, but also vouchers for local entertainment and the casino. You also can pair a visit here with a trip out to the Niagara-on-the-Lake region, best known for its ice wine.

17. Atlanta

Atlanta: Hotel Deals | Things to Do | Sightseeing & Tours

Year-round pleasant weather, comfort-food restaurants, important historical sites, and a museum dedicated to sampling sodas—what’s not to like about Atlanta? From the World of Coca-Cola to the CNN Studio Tour to the Birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr., Atlanta has more to see and do than you might think. We recommend saving some cash by picking up this deal to the SkyView Ferris Wheel, an Atlanta icon in Centennial Park.

18. Orlando

Orlando: Hotel Deals | Things to Do | Sightseeing Deals

You’re probably thinking: an Orlando vacation can be cheap? Well, it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think. A hotel in the land of theme parks can be quite affordable–there are several options on Groupon starting in the $35-$60/night rage. And while those theme parks can be pricey, at the very least you can snag a deal for a free theme park visit at Universal Orlando Resort.

19. Ireland

Ireland: Hotel + Air Deals | Things to Do | Sightseeing Deals

If you have a travel bucket list, seeing the bright-green hills of Ireland has to be on it. And this might be a good opportunity for you to see it for yourself, since we often offer air-inclusive vacations for less than $1,000/person. Check here to find an Ireland trip that works for your budget.


Best Family Vacations in All 50 States
You might be surprised which spots we picked for Illinois (it’s not Chicago) and New York (it’s not NYC). Why You Should Consider Wellness Resorts for Your Next Vacation
We look at three types—yoga, weight-loss, and meditation retreats—to help determine the right resort for you.

Ready to bite into a Philly cheesesteak or cycle from brewery to brewery in Alaska? We’ve researched some of the best trips to take in your twenties in the USA, developing this stellar list of getaways each with their own special allure.

Terrific Trips For 20-Somethings

Bungalow bar crawling in Austin, dog sledding in Anchorage, shoreline speed boating in Miami, and motor scooting around Denver. If any of that appeals to you, read on for our shortlist of fantastic trips for 20-somethings. The following destinations have big personalities and plenty of flavor. Discover their unique dining and music scenes, cultural institutions, and outdoor pursuits, and you’ll certainly want to come back for more.

Along with incredible attractions and activities, these places host some superb vacation rentals, too. Booking a rental is often an affordable lodging option, and you’ll enjoy extra space, private outdoor areas, and amenities like a full kitchen and laundry. Not to mention you can stay in the heart of your destination, getting a more authentic local experience. You’ll be free to follow your own schedule, cook your own meals (more money savings!), but still be perfectly located to explore.

From Sin City to the Steel City, here’s our roundup of some of the best vacation spots for 20-somethings in America. And once you decide on a destination, you can book all your tours, activities, and attraction tickets right on TripAdvisor. Plus, our new 24-hour cancellation policy means you can pre-book before arriving, but still have the flexibility to cancel if your itinerary changes.

Nashville, Tennessee

If you’re a music lover, then Nashville is no doubt one of the best trips to take in your twenties. Don’t leave Music City without catching a show at the Grand Ole Opry. There are so many great things to do in Nashville that it’ll be hard to narrow down—but you might consider this adult-only comedy singalong tour, a two-wheeled guided cycle route—including tips on where to eat, drink, and play—or this open-topped party bus tour. Spend some time hanging out in hip East Nashville for its arty feel, fantastic eateries and, of course, more live music.

Find a beautiful Nashville rental property

Book Nashville tours, tickets, and more right on TripAdvisor

Anchorage, Alaska

“We returned to this lovely cabin in the woods to see if it was as magical as it was when we visited last November. We were not disappointed!” — TripAdvisor Reviewer

Glittering glaciers, stunning parks, jaw-dropping wildlife: Anchorage is a stunning place to visit with a plethora of amazing activities for 20-something travelers. While you’re here, check out the Alaska Native Heritage Center, dine on king crab or reindeer sausage, go dog-sledding, or, if you’ve timed your trip right, catch those Northern Lights. You can get the lowdown from a local on a biking and brewery tour, complete with complimentary beer tasting and appetizers. Alternatively, have your camera ready for this Insta-worthy full-day tour of Turnagain Arm and Portage Valley, including a tram ride, cruise, and in-the-know city tips.

Find a special place to stay in Anchorage

Book Anchorage tours, tickets, and more right on TripAdvisor

Charleston, South Carolina

No stranger to travel awards, Charleston is certainly worthy among the best trips to take in your twenties. Explore this impossibly pretty place on a downtown culinary tour, unlock its sordid past on a dark side walking tour, or spook yourself out on the popular Ghost and Graveyard tour. Surfers can test out the waves at Folly Beach and art enthusiasts should investigate the exhibitions at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art. However you choose to spend your day, wind it up with some satisfying southern cooking.

See all Charleston rentals on TripAdvisor

Book Charleston tours, tickets, and more right on TripAdvisor

Austin, Texas

Welcome to the live music capital of the world! There are several quirky tours to help you see the city your way—by Segway, paddleboard, bike, and more. On a hot day, take a dip in Barton Springs Pool or Jacobs Well spring. In the evening, experience the food trucks and bungalow bars of Rainey Street or the street art and music venues of East Austin.

Find a great place to stay in Austin

Book Austin tours, tickets, and more right on TripAdvisor

Las Vegas, Nevada

The ultimate party town, Las Vegas is a firm favorite with 20-something travelers, who flock here to witness the lights of the Strip, catch a wild Vegas-style show, and take advantage of the nightlife that goes on until the sun comes up. You can save money and skip some queues with a Las Vegas Explorer Pass, or escape the bright lights and see the stunning scenery of Red Rock Canyon on a scooter car tour.

Find a sweet pad in Las Vegas

Book Las Vegas tours, tickets, and more right on TripAdvisor

Miami, Florida

“This condo was perfect. It was exactly like the pictures and actually exceeded our expectations. It was close to everything and the view was amazing. The rooftop pool was breathtaking.” — TripAdvisor Reviewer

Good times abound in super-sunny Miami. You can zip along the coastline on a speedboat tour to spy on the island homes of the rich and famous, discover the city’s Cuban heritage on a Little Havana food and walking tour, or simply grab some blades and see South Beach the Miami way. At night, swerve the swanky high-end clubs and go for one of the relaxed beachside lounges with killer views. From March to September, check out the Pérez Art Museum’s Third Thursday event, with DJs, art exhibits, food and drink.

Find a cool Miami rental

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Kauai, Hawaii

The spectacular island of Kauai is dotted with waterfalls, blanketed in rainforest, and fringed with coconut palms. What’s not to like? It’s an incredible trip in your twenties with some of America’s most stunning scenery—why not take it all in by zipline, by kayak, or by airvan? Hikers will love the trails through Koke’e State Park and the island’s arty hub of Hanapepe is well worth a visit to pick up a souvenir. Be sure to swing by the Dolphin in Hanalei for fresh seafood with your sunset views.

Find a great place to stay in Kauai

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Jackson, Wyoming

Set in the Jackson Hole Valley, this spot is one of the best vacation spots for 20-somethings who want an active getaway. Skiing in winter, exciting white-water adventures in summer, plus a great range of eco tours and guided fishing trips. Stop by the National Museum of Wildlife Art to witness its incredible collection, including works by O’Keeffe and Warhol. Or, don your cowboy boots for beers and some western dancing at the Cowboy Bar.

Find a great place to stay in Jackson

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Start with your Liberty Bell selfie, then move on to all the other wonderful things Philadelphia has to offer. Choose the atmospheric Philly By Night tour, a fine art walking tour or even a pub crawl. This place is alive with festivals and events, especially in spring and summer; you can grab a bite to eat while swinging in a hammock at Spruce Street Harbor Park or follow Parks on Tap, a movable beer event that takes over green spaces around the city. For the ultimate taste of Philadelphia, grab a Philly cheesesteak from Geno’s Steaks.

Find a great place to stay in Philadelphia

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Denver, Colorado

Denver is a super-fun destination for 20-somethings, home to all sorts of happenings celebrating theater, music, food and drink. It’s also close to the Rocky Mountains for outdoor exploration of all kinds. You could choose to see the city on a motor scooter city tour, taking in sights like LoDo (Lower Downtown), the Coors Field baseball park, and the Denver Art Museum. Or you might prefer this craft beer crawl with a local expert. The River North Art District is worth a look for its free events and installations.

Find a great place to stay in Denver

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Missoula, Montana

A good way to begin exploring this mountain city is a scenic cycle along the Riverfront Trail. You can also get to grips with the Northern Rockies on a mountain bike, play a game of disc golf, or explore the backcountry on horseback. Beer fan? You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to craft breweries, so make sure you stop to sample the local creations. And don’t leave town without snapping Missoula’s beloved vintage carousel.

Find a nice place to stay in Missoula

Boise, Idaho

“This studio was very artistically appointed with all the little touches to make it welcoming. Hosts were especially accommodating” — TripAdvisor Reviewer

This sports-loving city is home to the Boise River Greenbelt (a lovely place to linger), the Art Deco Boise Art Museum, and an exceptional dining scene. Join the queue at Big City Coffee for delicious baked goods, and then book a table at Fork for tasty, locally sourced food and drink. You can turn your city tour into a game with this smartphone-based scavenger hunt, which takes in major landmarks and outdoor art. Cover all the top brunch spots on this Sunday tour, followed by a scenic hot-air balloon ride at sunset.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Steel City welcomes you in with its impressive city skyline, far-spanning bridges, and leafy parks. They’re sports mad here—hockey, football, baseball—so you can catch a game whenever you visit. Then there’s the unmissable Andy Warhol Museum in the North Shore neighborhood, home to the largest Warhol collection in the world. You can dine on top-quality Asian food in Squirrel Hill, or forage in the Strip district for fresh produce to enjoy back at your rental.

Find a great place to stay in Pittsburgh

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New Orleans, Louisiana

“One does not visit NOLA and not hit up Bourbon Street.” “Bourbon street is the Times Square of NOLA…a sensory overload and a smorgasbord of lasciviousness. Lots of energy and excitement.” “If you like the weird, wild and wacky this is the place for you.” — TripAdvisor Reviewers

Old-world charm, live music playing into the night, incredible cocktails, and as many po-boys, beignets, and oysters as you can eat—NOLA may very well be the best trip to take in your twenties. You can get your bearings on a scavenger adventure or a Segway experience, or go bar to bar on a drunk history tour. Drop in on the city’s excellent summer festivals and be sure to explore the hipster stretch of Magazine Street, with its coffee stops, craft brews, and vintage finds. Of course, leave yourself at least a few hours (or more) to take in famous Bourbon Street.

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Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville is another top recommendation for travel in your twenties. You’ll find all the artisan coffee and craft beer you could wish for, plus regular live music that’s free to enjoy. Also free of charge is the Greenville County Museum of Art, which houses American art from the colonial era to the present day. A wander across the suspension bridge in Falls Park on the Reedy is a must. If you want the local lowdown, try a guided tour.

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Top-rated vacation destinations in North America

When it comes to living your best life, why not reach for the top? Traveling is one of the very best ways to live big, and we’ve compiled a list of North American destinations that have proven their A-list status to travelers.

These visitors expressed their impressions through verified Expedia reviews throughout 2016. Scoring the highest star ratings from 3.9 to 4.5 out of 5, in categories for friendliness, cleanliness, comfort, and overall quality, these places curry favor by letting guests know they’ll be treated well and rewarded richly.

This list includes cities with 600+ reviews, scaled down from over 4,600 cities that met the criteria, and ranked in order from highest to lowest of the 50 best. From hotels that pull out all the stops to attractions that leave you speechless, the charms of these places pack a big punch, offering hospitality worthy of a prize. Here are the top-rated vacation destinations.

1. Wailea, Hawaii

Via Flickr/belindah

Hawaii understands dream-worthy vacations, and Wailea takes top tier in the eyes of our reviewers. Dive right into your visit with fresh air, clear water, and pristine coastal views as you learn to navigate a standup paddle or surfboard at a lesson with Maui Wave Riders, 5 miles north. For a post-surf refresher, the cocktails at Gannon’s will leave you with the warm fuzzies as you catch a fiery sunset from the best vantage point on Maui. Stay for dinner, or head to Morimoto Maui, where the chef is a celeb, the scene is serene, and the food is next-level. After an experience of that caliber, tawdry digs will not do. Rest easy—the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea goes above and beyond in beauty, comfort, and hospitality.

2. Quebec City, Quebec

As one of the oldest European settlements in North America, Quebec City sets the standard for aging gracefully. Take Hotel Le Germain, for instance. The building is 100 years old, but the interiors are sleek, modern, and stylish. The bustling Old Port Market is less than half a mile west, and freshness is a virtue here, from just-picked produce to breads straight from the oven. Don’t let the name Old Quebec throw you off—while this 400-year-old neighborhood is the historic heart of the city, it remains vibrantly alive with art, culture, and activities. Explore the grounds of Citadelle of Quebec, then let history carry you away on a horse-drawn carriage ride with Caleches Quebec. Quench your thirst with a barrel-aged sanctuaire at Le Castor, one of the best microbreweries in the city. Old world meets new in the culinary creations at Café Saint-Malo, where authentic French plates will renew your appreciation of perfection.

3. Springdale, Utah

Via Yelp/Jak Leroy D.

Unwavering natural beauty surrounds this tiny town, where you will be transported to your own “Westworld” (albeit a much more peaceful one). Start your adventure by checking into Pioneer Lodge, where the Old West façade and rustic woodsy details recall another time. Never fear, the pool and spa, on-site restaurant, and comfortable beds will keep you grounded in contemporary amenities. Beyond the hotel, the world stretches wide. Don’t let the vast desert and awe-inspiring landscape overwhelm you. Zion Rock and Mountain Guides are experts in this field and will ensure the experience of a lifetime. Stay in the moment and let someone else document your time when you venture out with Zion Adventure Company. They work with Enlighten Photography to capture the day, while you focus on keeping your adrenaline levels in check. After a day of canyoneering, refuel at Bit & Spur Restaurant & Saloon.

4. Victoria, British Columbia

If this were a beauty contest, these other cities might be in trouble. Though, judging on merit, Victoria still lands in the top five, so it’s obviously a city to be reckoned with from any angle. Stately splendor is on display at Hatley Castle, where the gardens, which feature statues, pavilions, hedges, and fragrant blooms, rival the house in loveliness. Live like royalty at Chateau Victoria Hotel & Suites. Book in-room spa treatments, take a dip in the indoor pool, and sip a nightcap at Clive’s Classic Lounge. Refreshed for a day of exploring, spend quality time with the incredible exhibits at the Royal British Columbia Museum. Take a walking tour of the untoward in Victoria’s Forbidden City, and learn about the underground activities that gave life to the zig-zagging alleyways and hidden courtyards of Canada’s oldest Chinatown. For eye candy that you can eat, the classic French dishes at Brasserie L ‘Ecole satisfy visual and literal hunger.

5. Calgary, Alberta

Via Yelp/Fairmont Palliser

Sunshine might not be first on your lips when you mention Calgary, but with nearly 2,400 hours of clear skies per year, Calgary is Canada’s sunniest major city, and one of its top-rated vacations. Soak up some of those rays at Heritage Park, a living history museum set on 127 acres of land. Taste the bounties of the sun when you sample fresh produce at the Calgary Farmers Market, where you can also find everything from spices to natural soaps and soy candles. Keep your stay super walkable by booking a room at the Fairmont Palliser, from where you’ll be shopping Stephen Avenue Walk and perusing the collections at Glenbow Museum in less time than it takes to check in. Also a stone’s throw from your new digs is Saltlik Steakhouse, where nothing but the best Certified Angus Beef will pass your lips

6. Cambria, California

Via Flickr/martin_vmorris

This tiny village embodies quaint coastal living, where you can slow down and give the finer things in life the attention they deserve. Take in this gorgeous edge of the west as you stroll along the mile-long boardwalk at Moonstone Beach. Dolphins and otters have been known to visit, and if that isn’t magical enough, you may also find one of the moonstones among the rocks that gave this beach its name. If liquid gold is more to your liking, go to 927 Beer Company, the best (and only) brewery in town. Savor local specialties like abalone with grapefruit vanilla beurre and sea salt at The Black Cat Bistro. Then fall asleep to the sounds of the waves at the Fog Catcher Inn and awake refreshed for a day of awe and exploration at the famed nearby Hearst Castle

7. Paso Robles, California

Paso Robles is the place to relax and breathe—body, mind, and soul. This Southern California town is famous for its thermal aquifers, and there is no finer way to unwind than soaking in warm, soft waters. River Oaks Hot Springs Spa can sort you out with private indoor and outdoor mineral spas in scenic settings. Book a facial or massage, then let the whirling water carry your cares away. Nourish your brain at Studios on the Park, an open-studio center with on-site galleries and working artists. The space holds frequent events and classes, offering visitors an enriching experience. Hemingway said it best when he noted that wine brings more enjoyment than “any other purely sensory thing,” and this region excels at this transporting liquid. Rabbit Ridge Winery & Vineyards is a charming, family-run option, where you’ll also find award-winning olive oils. Once the wine has won you over, La Bellasera Hotel and Suites will seal the deal with its sophisticated comfort and inviting Enoteca Restaurant & Bar.

8. Cambridge, Massachusetts

As home to one of the most prestigious universities in the country, Cambridge knows a thing or two about smarts. And what’s the wisest thing you could do but to head to this top-rated city? Don your thinking cap at the Harvard Art Museums and commune with masters of the visual arts. Learn from the locals, and get yourself to Harvard Square, where a day of shopping, entertainment, and people watching is sure to teach you about the area. Augment your personal library with a few treasures from Bryn Mawr College Bookshop, then cozy up with one at Porter Square Hotel. The smartest thing you’ll do all day, however, is going to Bondir Cambridge, where you will be treated to a masterclass in quality eating.

9. Ashland, Oregon

Shall we compare Ashland to a summer’s day? With so much natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere, the city is the perfect place to spend a summer’s day, at any rate. Start your morning at Noble Coffee Roasting, where the finest organic coffee will have you penning sonnets in its name. Next, make a date with Lithia Park. There, meandering Ashland Creek, a manicured Japanese garden, and sprawling woodlands set the scene for an enchanted afternoon. If boldness be your friend, take a journey with Indigo Creek Outfitters, during which you can face the raging waters of Hell’s Corner. When it’s time to hang up your paddle, in the Garden Suite at Lithia Springs Resort, you’ll nestle near the flowers of middle summer. Oh, did you know Ashland is home to the renowned Oregon Shakespeare Festival? Now you do, and you know what the Bard says, “Knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.”

10. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston’s got charm, and there’s no denying it. Earning every inch of its top-ten status, this city’s best things to see and do rival those of any destination of note. Let it woo you as you stroll through the historic district on a walking tour with Charleston Footprints. You’ll see the elaborate architecture, 18th-century ironwork, and detailed doorways the city is famous for. If the neighborhood sweeps you off your feet, stay at HarbourView Inn, which, true to its name, offers one of the best vantage points in town. Once you’ve rested up, take a short walk to Charleston City Market, where you could spend a whole day getting lost in art, food, and culture. Pick up a sweetgrass basket while you’re there—handwoven from indigenous bulrush, they’re quintessential Charleston. Saving the best for last, reserve a table at Husk Restaurant for an heirloom meal steeped in low country roots.

11. Montreal, Quebec

Montreal embodies the je ne sais quoi, earning visitors’ affections with landmarks as stunning as Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal and areas as charming as Old Montreal. Stay in the latter at LHotel Montreal, where eclectic art adorns colorful walls in a made-over 1870 building. If that piques your interest, hold onto your feather-trimmed hat, because this city blends the fresh with the historic with poise and finesse. Taste its delights on the Mile End Local Montreal Food Tours. The culture-rich neighborhood has the most artists per capita in North America, so make a stop in one of its galleries. Galerie d’Avignon won’t disappoint. For a meal that will keep you guessing, go to Provisions Restaurant, where there is no menu. The ever-evolving plates are bright, fresh, and worthy of a picture that could hang in any gallery.

12. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is on fire, and, no, we don’t mean literally. This Minnesota city makes best-ofs left and right, from foodie lists to most bikeable mentions. With plenty of quirky watering holes, world-class art, fine hotels, and winning restaurants, it’s easy to see why this city’s got you so crazy right now. Add Hewing Hotel to your plans. It will strike your fancy with hip woodsy details, a rooftop Finnish sauna and spa pool, and attention to guests’ comfort at every turn. Get to know the city (and one of its favorite things) on a Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tour. Meet locals and taste local brews as you’re guided to craft breweries throughout the city. For a taste of something truly of the region, go to Matt’s Bar & Grill for a Jucy Lucy. This Minnesota institution is the original home of the burger with a molten secret—the beef patty is filled with melty cheese! If you’re feeling refined, the exhibits at Minneapolis Institute of Art are a satisfying way to spend an afternoon, and dinner at Spoon and Stable should round out your evening just fine.

13. Whistler, British Columbia

If you’ve been to Whistler, you understand its high marks. This place is the perfect spot to feel a world away while enjoying all the creature comforts. Start by staying at The Fairmont Chateau Whistler, considered by many to be the best hotel in town. Spacious rooms decorated in clean lines scream quality, while the ski-in ski-out feature wastes no time in delivering you straight to nature. Whistler Olympic Park has seen athletes earn top accolades, and you may feel like you’ve won gold when you take your turn baseboarding or ski jumping. Change out of your gear and enjoy all the shops and restaurants of Whistler Village, but make sure to stop at Bearfoot Bistro, where you’re promised more than a meal. Suit up in a parka and sip vodka in the ice room, or learn to saber a Champagne bottle in the underground cellar…oh, and enjoy some of the best food in Whistler while you’re at it.

14. Lahaina, Hawaii

Via Flickr/Brian Roberts

Our reviewers know how to praise a good thing, and Maui has captured their kudos again, with guests awarding it as a top-rated vacation spot. It’s no small wonder when you consider it houses such spectacular spaces as the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa. The oceanfront property covers 40 immaculate acres and features rock waterfall pools, penguin feedings, and a reflector telescope—the projections will leave you swimming amongst the stars. When you return to earth, make sure you land at Old Lahaina Luau. It’s a rich cultural experience that is frequently voted Maui’s best. Speaking of best, family-owned Mama’s Fish House will likely serve you the most delicious fish you’ve tasted, whether it be grilled in macadamia nut pesto or smothered in panang curry and coconut milk.

15. Kihei, Hawaii

Via Flickr/Ted Eytan

The left coast of Maui really knows how to work it; Kilhei sits in the geographic center between this list’s #1 and #14 picks. It holds plenty of its own bragging rights, however, the highest of which is its desire to take care of precious resources. Don’t think it’s all work and no play, though. You can do your part to help preserve the land while having the time of your life on an excursion with Maui Eco Tours. Surf, SUP, snorkel, or explore during small, private tours that help keep harmful human impacts to a minimum. Let your taste buds in on the action with a tasting tour at Maui Brewing Company. The brewery prides itself on locally sourced ingredients and a strong commitment to the community and the ‘aina (land). Feel a beautiful connection to your surroundings when you check into the Kohea Kai Resort Maui; the aesthetics of island life inspired the décor.

16. Boston, Massachusetts

History, culture, a youthful population, and world-famous bars, make this east coast city a must-visit. Head to Union Oyster House, the oldest running restaurant in the United States.

17. Washington, D.C.

History and patriotism aside, the thriving restaurant scene in D.C. is worth putting the nation’s capital on your travel bucket list. (Psst: reserve an experience at two-Michelin-starred restaurant, Minibar.)

18. Chicago, Illinois

Iconic buildings, parks, hot dogs, and sports stadiums are just a few of the reasons you haven’t really seen America until you’ve been to Chicago.

19. Bellingham, Washington

Push boundaries when you visit Bellingham, the northernmost city in the contiguous United States. Explore the downtown Cultural Arts District and catch a show at the historic Mount Baker Theatre.

20. Sedona, Arizona

Rejuvenate in Sedona, where a kaleidoscope of color paints every vista, and world-class resorts are masters in pampering.

21. Rosemont, Illinois

An unspoiled village just outside of Chicago, Rosemont by any other name would small as sweet. Its hotels, restaurants, and entertainment options make it a prime spot from which to explore the region.

22. Key West, Florida

Miles of coral reefs, colorful conch houses, sparkling blue ocean, sizzling sunsets, and bright key lime pie paint a pretty picture in Key West. (Hint: Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe is the best place to taste the famous dessert.)

23. La Jolla, California

The woodsy atmosphere of Torrey Pines, seaside shine of La Jolla Cove, postcard-worthy clifftop views, and pristine downtown streets lend this city its unforgettable style and ease, making it one of the most popular vacation destinations.

24. Schaumburg, Illinois

Grab a bike and cycle to the farmers market, Prairie Center for the Arts, and Trickster Art Gallery before cruising the miles of biking trails that run through this charming village.

25. Vancouver, British Columbia

Plan to stay a while, because this city offers so much to see and do. Its 14 distinctive neighborhoods, amazing restaurants, museums, boutiques, music venues, and markets really add up to high marks.

26. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans knows how to party, and it also knows how to treat its guests to a warm welcome, unrivaled comfort food, music in the streets, history in the architecture, and hospitality in its soul.

27. Treasure Island, Florida

With beach access at the end of every adjacent street, Treasure Island is a must-do for those who love sand between their toes and warm rays on their skin.

28. Napa, California

American wine country that rivals Europe’s finest, this stretch of California land delivers the best in scenery, food, and ambience.

29. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is having a moment, and more people are choosing this destination than ever. Maybe it has something to do with the award-winning restaurants, vibrant performing arts scene, lively cultural districts, and rich history.

30. Solvang, California

Follow your bliss to Solvang, where cheerful Danish culture and architecture meet California easy attitudes. Surrounded by beautiful vineyards, this historical village will keep a smile on your face.

31. Garden Grove, California

Come for the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival, a huge community gathering that celebrates local agriculture with rides, food, and a star-studded parade over Memorial Day weekend.

32. Bozeman, Montana

Big Sky Country is known for its wide open spaces, but Bozeman packs a lot of activity in 19 square miles. Dine and drink at 14 North, shop the boutiques downtown, and learn about the area’s past at Gallatin History Museum.

33. Park City, Utah

Outdoor enthusiasts who haven’t been to Park City: you have a new assignment. Skiing, horseback riding, bobsledding, and mountain biking in beautiful scenery are just a few of the ways to enjoy nature around the city. Reserve a seat at Savor the Summit, a popular outdoor dinner party that celebrates local restaurants.

34. Seattle, Washington

Music, coffee, and culture put Seattle on the map, and you’ll see why when you sample the goods for yourself. The famous skyline, lush parks, and walkable waterfront are added bonuses, making Seattle one of the best places for vacations.

35. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

There’s more to this place than its deep ties to U.S. history, though that’s reason enough to visit. Farm-to-table restaurants, area vineyards and distilleries (try Reid’s Orchard and Winery), and lively festivals introduce visitors to the Gettysburg of today.

36. Portland, Oregon

Portland’s creative energy is as potent as the craft coffee the city prides itself on. With such lush natural surroundings, it’s no surprise the city’s chefs, artists, makers, and musicians are so epically inspired.

37. Asheville, North Carolina

Mountain vistas, laidback locals, hip neighborhoods, and famous attractions make this North Carolina city an enviable destination. Take one of the essential scenic drives, and join a behind-the-scenes tour of the palatial Biltmore.

38. Newport, Rhode Island

Newport has been attracting America’s finest since the Gilded Age, and it’s plain to see why. Surrounded by sea, this city is a glittering coastal jewel. Take in local highlights (like historical mansions and rocky bluffs) from the famed Cliff Walk.

39. Laguna Beach, California

Quintessentially California, this city has coastal parks, hidden coves, walkable trails, public art, farmers markets, and sunset vantage points that will have you singing the theme song from “The O.C.” with gusto.

40. Durango, Colorado

If seeing more national parks and monuments is a life goal, make Durango your next vacation spot. It’s the perfect basecamp from which to explore San Juan National Forest, Mesa Verde, Chimney Rock, and more.

41. Chandler, Arizona

Chandler’s parks and public spaces, walkable (and shoppable) downtown, and surrounding nature provide endless ways to discover the captivating American southwest.

42. Henderson, Nevada

At the center of a Nevada trifecta, Henderson is the gateway to Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam, and Lake Mead in a tranquil residential environment that is full of nature trails, museums, cultural events, and art.

43. Orange, California

Southern California’s abundant sunshine and relaxed attitude make it a beloved destination for travelers, and Orange adds to the charm with pre-1920s historical homes and buildings, clean parks and lakes, and vibrant Old Towne.

44. Bellevue, Washington

Boomburbs like Bellevue are giving their bigger neighbors a run for their tourist dollars with draws such as open outdoor spaces, local libations, cultural attractions like the Bellevue Arts Museum, and sightseeing opportunities in mellow settings.

45. Kapaa, Hawaii

Pair outdoor adventures with shopping excursions in this Hawaiian town. Kapaa Beach Shop will set you up for water sports such as surfing, snorkeling, and diving. Then head to Kinipopo Shopping Village, where you’ll be sure to find a keepsake to bring home.

46. Naples, Florida

It’s no accident that this area is called Paradise Coast and is one of the top places to vacation. See its beauty for yourself and visit Naples Botanical Garden, take an airboat tour of the Everglades, and walk along the soft silty beaches.

47. Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Water sport enthusiasts take note: Fort Myers Beach is prime for parasailing and kayaking, and the wide sandy stretches invite you to relax and take it easy.

48. Palm Desert, California

The Southern California desert landscape is still and silent, perfect for a meditative getaway. Palm Desert is tucked against towering mountains, which provide a sense of protection from the expansive surrounding wilderness.

49. Moab, Utah

Iconic Arches and Canyonlands National Parks evoke classic western film imagery, but nothing beats the in-person views in this unique part of the country.

50. New York, New York

Even if you’ve been to New York, you’d be smart to visit again. The city is a living organism, constantly changing and moving. And we don’t have to tell you it’s also home to the best restaurants, hotels, attractions, and cultural districts in America.

If a beach getaway with unlimited indulgent meals and exquisite cocktails sounds like your idea of a vacation, then we’ve got some great options for you. These all-inclusive resorts are among the best in the Caribbean and Mexico — and they sits right on the beach. What’s more? They’re adults only, so you can enjoy some R&R without getting interrupted by squealing kids. So whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway with your honey, a solo re-set, or a girl’s trip, read on for the best adults-only all-inclusive resorts on the beach.

1. Excellence Oyster Bay, Jamaica

Pricing for Excellence Oyster Bay

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Looking for sun, blue seas, perfectly white sand, and a just-lively-enough adults-only atmosphere on your own secluded Jamaican peninsula? Excellence Oyster Bay might be perfect for you. Here, you’ll find spacious rooms and suites, all with terraces that feature private hot tubs or pools, and almost all with a view of the sea. The dining options are numerous, classy, and varied, including an extensive breakfast and lunch buffet, plus Italian, Spanish, and Asian a la carte options for dinner. The resort has one of the nicest spas in the area, which includes a relaxing hydrotherapy circuit, and the white-sand beach stretches the length of the resort. The vibe here is luxurious without being pretentious, and evening shows draw large crowds of resort guests. The private peninsula setting makes you feels worlds away from the rest of Jamaica, or anywhere else, which is what resort life is all about. Looking for something even more exclusive? Check out their beach villas, which are new as of 2019.

2. Sandals LaSource Grenada

Pricing for Sandals Grenada Resort & Spa

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This 225-room luxury all-inclusive, couples-only resort is set over a sprawling 17-acre property on the southwestern tip of Grenada. It’s definitely geared for romance rather than partiers, with romantic touches such as fire pits, gazebos, and swinging chairs on a pier looking out over the water. All of those features add up to make the property distinctly Sandals. Some rooms have private pools, soaking tubs, and butler service, and the sophisticated, modern decor is a major draw here. The white-sand beach is lovely, if a bit small for the size of the property.

3. Le Sivory Punta Cana by PortBlue Boutique, Dominican Republic

Pricing for Le Sivory Punta Cana By PortBlue Boutique

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Le Sivory Punta Cana is a great adults-only with a quiet, luxurious vibe. It also has a secluded beachfront location that’s hard to beat. There are only 55 rooms here, all with terraces or patios and many with private pools, ocean views, and hot tubs. Dining proves to be incredibly popular with previous guests, and we loved it when we visited in 2018. You can expect a range of dining options, from gourmet fare to casual open-air dining with beach views. The beach here stays blissfully uncrowded and peaceful. You won’t find any wild party nights, and amenities include a beautiful pool, spa, and fitness facilities. The peace and quiet — in a region not always known for it — makes Le Sivory Punta Cana a stand out.

4. Excellence Playa Mujeres, Mexico

Pricing for Excellence Playa Mujeres

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