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The unfortunate truth is that the modern American diet doesn’t provide adequate amounts of essential nutrients. Many people turn to multivitamin pills to help fill the gap. Finding a supplement that will work for you can be tough if you have trouble swallowing tablets and capsules.

Luckily, chewable and gummy multivitamins are becoming more and more popular – not just for kids! In this article, I’ll share some of the most important things to look for in a multivitamin and my picks for the best gummy multivitamin on the market right now.

Image Product Product Details Our #1 Rated

Smarty Pants Gummy Vitamins

Adult Complete Daily Gummy Vitamins

A chewable gummy for both men and women, which contains 13 essential nutrients. Six gummies per serving. Our #1 Rated

Smarty Pants Gummy Vitamins

Adult Complete Daily Gummy Vitamins

A chewable gummy for both men and women, which contains 13 essential nutrients. Six gummies per serving.

Nature Made

Multi Plus Omega 3 Gummies

Multivitamins and omega-3 gummies, in natural orange, lemon and strawberry flavors. Minimal 1-3 grams of sugar.

Nature Made

Multi Plus Omega 3 Gummies

Multivitamins and omega-3 gummies, in natural orange, lemon and strawberry flavors. Minimal 1-3 grams of sugar.

Quality Nature

Multi Vitamin Adult Gummies

Orange, cherry and strawberry flavored multivitamin gummies for both men and women with all essentials.

Quality Nature

Multi Vitamin Adult Gummies

Orange, cherry and strawberry flavored multivitamin gummies for both men and women with all essentials.

Kirkland Signature

Adult Multivitamin Gummies

Natural flavors include tropical fruit, mixed berry and strawberry with vitamins & minerals for overall health.

Kirkland Signature

Adult Multivitamin Gummies

Natural flavors include tropical fruit, mixed berry and strawberry with vitamins & minerals for overall health.


The Average American Diet

One look at the current eating habits of Americans shows that many people don’t get enough of the right foods while getting far too many of the wrong ones. Over 60 percent of individuals fail to meet the US Dietary Guidelines’ recommendations for vegetables, fruits, dairy, and oils. (source) Fruits and vegetables in particular, are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals. A poor diet means high risk of nutrient deficiencies.

Water-Soluble Versus Fat-Soluble Vitamins

Vitamins fall into two categories: water-soluble and fat-soluble. Water-soluble vitamins include the suite of B-complex vitamins and vitamin C. (source) Examples of fat-soluble vitamins are A, D, E, and K. (source) The difference between the two groups lies in availability. Water-solubles are not stored in the body whereas fat soluble vitamins are stored in the liver and adipose tissue.

In practical terms, you need to replenish your body’s stores of vitamins that are water-soluble everyday. While your body has a supply of fat-soluble vitamins, you still need to keep the tank full, so to speak. Adequate intake of these nutrients is just as important as their water-soluble counterparts.

Why Take a Multivitamin?

Taking a multivitamin is a convenient way to ensure you are getting proper nutrition even if you’re not following the healthiest of diets.

While you probably know that eating fruits and vegetables is part of a good diet, the cost is an obstacle in many households. A study by the Harvard School of Public Health found that a healthy diet costs about $1.50 more a day than an unhealthy one. (source) If you’re on a limited budget, that amount can add up quickly. A multivitamin can help solve these issues.

If your diet includes a large portion of processed foods, it most likely lacks nutrition. The convenience of processed foods comes at a price. Processing can leach out valuable nutrients, especially water-soluble vitamins. The Center for Disease Control estimates that processed foods and restaurant meals make up to 75 percent of your sodium intake. (source)

Advantages of a Gummy Multivitamin

Many people opt for a multivitamin that includes minerals. When you need nutrients like calcium, the size of the pill you need to take gets larger. Some individuals may have difficulties swallowing large pills for a variety of reasons both medical and psychological. (source) While multiple doses offer an alternative, there’s also the risk of forgetting to take a second or third pill.

You may think halving or crushing your vitamin is a good way around it. Many multivitamins are timed release because of the different absorption rates of the nutrients. That means that using a pill cutter or crusher will result in completely inaccurate dosing. A gummy multivitamin offers an excellent—and tasty—alternative.

How to Choose the Best Gummy Multivitamin for Adults

Multivitamins are not created equal. Your nutritional needs and the recommended dietary allowances (RDA) vary as you age. (source) That means that you shouldn’t just take the same vitamin that your child takes. The RDAs for most nutrients increase with age.

Which Vitamins?

You should begin by narrowing down your choices of a gummy multivitamin by choosing one that includes the full complement of the essential 13 vitamins. The point of taking a multivitamin is to keep the number of pills you need to take to a minimum. It will keep your costs down and help to ensure that you get proper nutrition every day.

The Right Dose

Check the label for the percentages of RDA of each vitamin. More isn’t always better. A surplus offers no extra value for a water-soluble vitamin because you’ll excrete the excess. For a fat-soluble vitamin, it can lead to unhealthy high levels of stored vitamins.

This video by Allied Services IHS discusses the importance of good nutrition all through your life.

The Best Gummy Multivitamins for Adults in 2020

Our #1 Rated our #1 rated


SmartyPants Adult Complete Gummy Vitamins

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Our rating

Of all the multivitamins we considered, the SmartyPants Adult Complete Gummy Vitamins was one of only two to state that it contained all 13 nutrients. Additionally, it’s hard not to be impressed with a product that makes taking fish oil taste good.


Contains fish oil

Reasonable RDA percentages for nutrients

Users report it has a great taste Cons

High price

Most calories per serving at 50 with 8g of sugar

Low amount of riboflavin

Six gummies for the daily dose

Our #2 Rated our #2 rated

Nature Made

Nature Made Multi Plus Omega3 Gummies

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Our rating

Nature Made Multi Plus Omega3 Gummies are one of the two products with fish-derived oil. The amount of oil, however, is half that of SmartyPants. The 2000 IU for vitamin D stood out since there is still some discussion in the scientific community if the current RDA of 600 IU is adequate.


Contains fish-derived oil

Only need take two a day Cons

Some users report vitamins drying out

Users report mixed opinions on taste

Some users might not like its sugar coating

Our #3 Rated our #3 rated

Quality Nature

Daily Multi – Gummy Vitamins for Women & Men

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Our rating

The Daily Multi Gummy Vitamins was the second of our two choices that contained all the 13 essential vitamins. It was also the only Kosher option of the bunch. And like SmartyPants, it was much more expensive that our other picks. This vitamin also stood out because of the users’ reports of its great taste.



Contains all essential vitamins

User reports rave about the good taste


Only 30 servings per container at two vitamins per day

High price

Our #5 Rated our #5 rated

Kirkland Signature

Adult Gummies

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Our rating

Kirkland Signature Adult Multi Gummies contain all the B complex vitamins. We liked the fact that it has United States Pharmacopeia (USP)-verified ingredients. While the RDA percentages were reasonable for fat-soluble vitamins, the 833 percent of B12 stood out. For the price, it’s a good value if you buy online and want to avoid shipping costs.


Contains no lactose


or wheat

160-ct bottle contains 80 servings for the most amount of servings per purchase


Contains only ten vitamins

Users report mixed opinions on taste

Some issues about vitamins sticking together


After considering the pros and cons of each gummy multivitamin, our pick is the SmartyPants Adult Complete Gummy Vitamins. While it was the most expensive, we were swayed by its nutritional profile that included fish oil.

We were also impressed by the fact that it contained organic cane sugar as opposed to corn or glucose syrup found in other products. And we had to take our hat off to a product that can make taking fish-derived oil a treat.

Do Gummy Vitamins Actually Work?

There’s been an exciting makeover happening in the adult vitamin section of your pharmacy and you’ve probably noticed it. The shelves used to be filled with dry bottles of pills of all sorts and sizes, but recently those vitamin tablets have morphed into something a little more fun: gummies.

Gummy vitamins are increasingly popular, and for good reason. They work, and they taste amazing. It’s not only children who love gummy vitamins, either. Their winning taste and appealing texture have made gummy vitamins popular with adults, too. But despite how good they seem, do gummy vitamins actually work?

In short, yes. Gummy vitamins can work just as well as the traditional vitamin. Just like all supplements, when researched and taken carefully, gummy vitamins can actually offer some benefits that you don’t get with the tablet version.

Vitamin Content

The most important consideration is whether or not the gummy vitamin actually gives you the same nutritional content as more traditional vitamins. And actually, the answer is the same for both. Whether the vitamin is in pill or gummy form, you need to be sure you are checking the dosage. This is also true for multivitamins, to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you are looking for in your multivitamin and in the right balance.

When picking your gummy vitamin out, you should be reading the label and checking quantities. Be sure to reference the daily recommended intakes for each of the vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that should be present in a balanced, healthy diet. Think about what vitamins and minerals you already regularly get enough of and what you need to get some more of and choose your gummy vitamin accordingly. Although gummy vitamins are delicious, always follow the directions to use and don’t overdo it by taking too many!

Taste and Texture

One of the biggest differences gummy vitamins have over traditional vitamin tablets is the taste and texture of gummies. They aren’t tart or gritty, and so we can enjoy them while getting our daily vitamin boost. These soft gummies also mean they’re easy to swallow and you probably won’t need any water to get them down if you don’t like the texture of traditional chewable tablets.

Chewing has more benefits for gummy vitamins, too. Chewing actually helps our bodies absorb the vitamins faster because the teeth and saliva start working away at them right away.

The flavour of gummies is another big difference over traditional pill vitamins. Gummies come with a yummy, fruity flavour that make it easy for those with a sweet tooth to enjoy. That means you may remember to take them more regularly!

Vitamins Can Be Fun

Making something fun automatically makes it more enjoyable. Taking vitamins is no different. Lots of adult gummy vitamins come in cool shapes and colours that can make any grown-up feel a little like a kid again. Of course, your adult gummy vitamins are not for kids, so you need to ensure that they are kept out of children’s reach, and in a child-proof bottle, to prevent children from snacking on them.

Additionally, gummies can stick in the teeth, so it’s important that teeth are cleaned after chewing on a gummy vitamin. Even with sugar-free gummy vitamins, there can still be some residue. If taking the gummy vitamins in the evening, be sure to do it before your final tooth brushing of the day. In addition, if you need to watch out your sugar intake, take consideration of the sugar in the gummies.

Yes, They Work

Gummy vitamins are convenient, and there are some considerations that are different from traditional vitamin pills, but with the same careful attention to quality, gummy vitamins can work well to give you or your kids a fun, healthy boost of nutrients. As with all dietary supplements they can only be of benefits when the dietary intake is inadequate. Be sure to do your research and check with your healthcare provider before starting to take vitamins so you can be sure that you’re getting exactly what you need.

Centrum® Chewables

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

◊ Statistical information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

+ Not a replacement for cholesterol-lowering drugs.

++ Based on number of nutrients compared to prior formulation.

†† Supportive but not conclusive research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease

† Applies to all Centrum products except Flavor Burst and Centrum Liquid.

** Refers to Vitamins C, E, and Beta-Carotene.

ϵ Antioxidants including Beta-Carotene, Vitamins C & E, Selenium, Zinc and Manganese help fight free radicals*

2 Based upon doctor recommendations and sales.

§ B-Vitamins help support heart health.*

° Zinc and B-Vitamins help support normal brain function.*

‡ Vitamins A, C, and E, and Lutein help support healthy eyes. This product is not intended to provide daily intake of Lutein. Take with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

¥ B-Vitamins support daily energy needs.*

^ Vitamins C and E support normal immune function.*

v Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium and Copper

± B-vitamins aid in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.*

µ Based on number of nutrients; Among leading Women / Men 50+ multivitamin brands.

” Among leading gummy multivitamins.

∇∆ Refers to Copper, Manganese and Zinc.

> Biotin, Vitamins A, C, and E help maintain healthy appearance.*

< Vitamins D and B6 help support muscle function.*

♦ A combination of Vitamin D and calcium helps maintain strong bones*

• B-Vitamins help support heart health, brain health, energy and metabolism. Vitamins A, C, E and zinc help support normal immune function and healthy eyes. Calcium and vitamin D help support bone health.* Adequate calcium and vitamin D are necessary for bone health. Centrum® MultiGummies® and Centrum® VitaMints® do not contain calcium. Take with a calcium-rich diet.

~ Non-GMO applies to Centrum® and Centrum® Silver® tablets only. To learn more about our non-GMO standard, click here.

∞ Includes 11 nutrients to support whole body health including B-vitamins to support heart health, zinc and B-vitamins to support normal brain function, and Vitamins A, C, and E to support healthy eyes.* Not a replacement for cholesterol-lowering drugs.

∆ A combination of 12 nutrients helps support whole body health including Biotin, Vitamins A, C and E to help maintain healthy appearance.*

0 Based on women 50 years of age and older and/or based on men 50 years of age and older.

τ BB-12® is a trademark of Chr. Hansen A/S

ϒ If you have chronic digestive issues or other medical conditions please consult with your doctor to determine the best regimen for you

How to Pick the Best Multivitamin for You

Towfiqu Photography/Getty Images

You don’t head to the gym or out for a jog without preparing all of the essentials: sneakers, headphones, water bottle. But do you prep for your day with one of the best multivitamins for women?

Chances are, you don’t pop one daily—almost half of women under age 40 don’t, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Big mistake, since more than 90 percent of women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s don’t meet their vitamin and mineral requirements through diet alone—and you need that multi even more if you exercise. (Science confirms this to be true: Falling short in these seven vitamins can make your workout feel tougher.)

“Vigorous workouts raise your body’s vitamin and mineral requirements, so it’s practically guaranteed that you won’t get enough nutrients from food,” says sports nutritionist Dawn Weatherwax-Fall, R.D., coauthor of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sports Nutrition.

Keep reading to learn about the surprising new reasons that a multi is a must, plus how to find the best multivitamins for women (we’re sharing label details to look for and naming brands!).

The Best Multivitamin for Women: How to Choose

Drugstores carry more vitamins than nail-polish shades, but that doesn’t mean you can pick just any old one. Consumer Lab recently found that more than half of the 21 multivitamins they tested didn’t contain the nutrient amounts listed on the label. Even worse, some capsules failed to release ingredients properly or were contaminated with toxic lead. (Related: How Safe Are Dietary Supplements Really?)

So how do you choose the best multivitamin for women? The highest-quality products tend to be store brands from major chains (Target, Wal-Mart, and Rite Aid) or big-name companies (One A Day, Vitamin World, Centrum, and Puritan’s Pride). In addition, check the label for these three criteria:

  • At least 600 IUs vitamin D. Don’t settle for the 400 IUs in some multis. You need more of this supervitamin, which promotes strong bones, boosts immunity, regulates blood pressure and, in one study, was associated with a 50 percent lower risk of breast cancer. (Think you need more? Here’s how to pick the best vitamin D supplement.)
  • 18 milligrams iron. Young women need this amount to make up for what they lose every month through menstruation, yet many multis have no iron at all because men and older women can get too much. (It’s an especially important mineral for active women!)
  • 400 micrograms folic acid. Anything less than this daily dose may not be enough to help prevent birth defects.

5 Reasons to Make One of These Best Multivitamins for Women a Daily Habit

  1. Curb cravings. A multi may make you less hungry when you’re dieting, studies reveal. Researchers think that it short-circuits the body’s natural response to calorie cutting, which is to boost appetite to counter vitamin deficiencies.
  2. Keep energy up. A good vitamin prevents low iron, which makes you drag during workouts and may also cause hair loss. One in 10 women is low in iron, with vegetarians, vegans, endurance athletes, and anyone with heavy periods being especially vulnerable. (Related: Iron-Rich Foods That Aren’t Steak)
  3. Safeguard your heart. The ingredients in many of the best multivitamins for women have been linked to a lower heart disease risk. But it’s an aid to—not a substitute for—fruits and veggies, which may deliver other disease-fighting compounds.
  4. Stave off breast cancer. Taking a multi may cancel out the breast cancer risk incurred by drinking alcohol. The supplement may correct alcohol-triggered deficits of B vitamins that encourage tumor development, research shows.
  5. Get pregnant. Multi users have a 41 percent lower risk of ovulatory infertility, finds a Harvard School of Public Health study. Folic acid and other B vitamins appear to help promote healthy ovulation.

Multivitamin Myths: Fact vs. Fiction

Pop quiz: If you work out hard, you need tons of supplements, right? Not necessarily, but certain capsules and products can help your endurance on those long runs. Here, some common myths, and what you really need to know. (Related: How to Buy the Best Anti-Aging Supplements—That Are Actually Legit)

True or False: Athletes should take extra B vitamin supplements.

False. Research shows that intense exercise increases your body’s need for several B vitamins, which help repair muscle damage and reduce levels of homocysteine, an amino acid linked to increased heart disease risk that rises in people who exercise for more than 12 hours weekly. But don’t pop a separate B supplement. The best multivitamins for women who lead active lifestyles include at least 100 percent of the daily values (DV) for riboflavin, B6, B12, and folic acid, says Melinda M. Manore, Ph.D., R.D., a professor of nutrition and exercise sciences at Oregon State University in Corvallis.

Working out puts you at special risk for vitamin D deficiency.

True. Over half of women don’t get enough D, but athletes are especially likely to have low levels. Scientists think it’s because they have another healthy habit: slathering on more sunscreen than the average woman (UV rays are a key source of D). Low D may affect muscle function and bone health (it’s crucial for absorbing calcium to protect bones during high-impact sports). All women should aim for at least 1,000 IUs daily, but active women need up to 2,000 IUs. When choosing a D supplement, be sure to factor in what you get from your multi and calcium supplements.

All those different energy bars do the same thing.

False. Many bars are high in protein and fat, which may upset your stomach—the last thing you need in a marathon. You need a bar that packs highly digestible carbs, which convert quickly to glucose to fuel working muscles. Have 30 to 60 grams of carbs per hour to keep you truckin’ (one good bet: Power Bar Performance Bars). After exercise, a bar with 6 to 10 grams of protein (such as a Clif bar) will help rebuild broken muscle fibers. The best bars have sodium and potassium to replace salts you sweat out but aren’t overloaded with vitamins you already get from your multi. (Related: Is It Healthy to Eat an Protein Bar Every Day?)

Common Questions About Multivitamins for Women

“Why does my multivitamin turn my pee such a bright shade of yellow?”

“Contrary to common belief, it doesn’t mean you’re urinating away nutrients,” says Weatherwax-Fall. “It’s a healthy sign that your body is metabolizing the B vitamins in your multi and protcessing out any excess.”

“Why do I need extra calcium?”

Multis don’t have the recommended 1,000 milligrams because the pill would be too big to swallow (this mineral has large molecules!). To get the calcium you need, take a separate supplement of 200 to 400 mg that also has 100 to 200 IUs of vitamin D to aid absorption. Just don’t pop several calcium pills simultaneously or at the same time as your multi: Your body can absorb calcium in small doses only. (Bonus: The Best Calcium Sources For Vegans)

“Can I OD on vitamins if I also eat fortified cereal?”

Yes. You could get too much folic acid. So stick with your daily multi and skip the cereal, or take your multi every other day. (Hint: To remember which day to take your multi, jot it down in your planner.)

“Do vitamins expire?”

You bet. (Just like sunscreen!) When buying, make sure the expiration date is at least a year away. Once you bring the bottle home, store it in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

“Does it matter when I take my multi?”

Yes. It’s best to take it after a meal, because the food in your belly boosts your body’s uptake of nutrients.

3 of the Best Multivitamins for Women (All Are Chewable!)

A multivitamin is one of the best tools you can add to your health and fitness arsenal to optimize your health and perform at your best, but oftentimes they’re dry, chalky, and hard to choke down. Not anymore! While you may be too old to enjoy Flintstones Gummies vitamins, these chewable best multivitamins for women are just as fun, tasty, and colorful as their kid counterparts-and pack essential nutrients adult women need. (Related: Are Personalized Vitamins Really Worth It?)

  1. Naturemade Calcium Adult Gummies. These are perfect for adults who are searching for a slightly more pleasant, tastier way to get the daily recommended amount of calcium. They don’t contain any gluten, synthetic dyes, preservatives, or yeast, and come in cherry, orange, and strawberry flavors. ($25.99 for 100, amazon.com)
  2. One a Day Women’s VitaCraves Gummies. A complete multivitamin designed specifically for women, these come in orange, cherry, and blue raspberry flavors and provide B vitamins to help you stay energized from morning to night, as well as calcium to support bone health and vitamins A, C, and E for skin health. ($20.10 for 150, amazon.com)
  3. Centrum Flavor Burst. Designed specifically for active men and women, these boast antioxidants and B vitamins to help maintain energy. ($26.83 for 120, amazon.com)
  • By Janice Graham and Alanna Nunez

The 5 Best Women’s Multivitamins

Few wellness tasks are as stupefying as shopping for a multivitamin. How do you know you’re not just peeing all your money away? Why do some of them upset our stomach (and which don’t)? And what’s the difference between multi’s for men and multi’s for women, anyway? Plus, with the different vitamin and mineral combos each of these multivitamin brands have, it can feel like you need an advanced degree in nutrition studies just to figure out which capsule to take with your morning OJ..

Women’s multivitamins come with the promises making you a healthier, shinier, newer, stronger you… but which supplements are best? We tried dozens of multivitamins for women from the biggest brands to the newest up and comers, to find out which brands are best based for young women, female athletes, and women over 50. We even narrowed down the list to the best women’s multivitamins in six categories overall.

Note: Multivitamins shouldn’t be seen as replacements for a healthy diet or medication. It’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor before beginning a new fitness, nutritional, and/or supplement routine. Individual needs for vitamins and minerals will vary. The list below simply includes our favorite brands and shouldn’t be taken as medical advice.

Best Women’s Multivitamins

Best User Experience
Ritual Essential Ritual Essential

A subscription-based multivitamin with incredibly transparent ingredient sourcing, easy-to-take capsules, and a minty scent.

Best for Women Over 50
Rainbow Light Vibrance Women’s Multivitamin Rainbow Light Vibrance Women’s Multivitamin

With 20 ingredients, this is packed with nutrients and also seems to benefit gut health.

Best for Young Women
Care/Of Care/Of

Care/of creates custom multivitamin packs based on a user’s response to their online quiz. Each pack can include a variety of supplements tailored to the user.

Best Ingredient Sourcing
Ritual Essential Ritual Essential

A subscription-based multivitamin with incredibly transparent ingredient sourcing, easy-to-take capsules, and a minty scent.

Best for Athletes
Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women Multivitamin Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women Multivitamin

With over 40 total ingredients, this multi has a particular focus on performance and recovery for active women.

Keep reading for a detailed breakdown as to why we picked each of the winners, along with the runners-up in each category.

Best User Experience

Ritual Multivitamin

Ritual Essential Multivitamin

Ritual Essential was the favorite user experience. When you unscrew the cap the first time, you’ll immediately notice that the vitamins doesn’t smell the way you might expect a vitamin containing omega-3 to smell: like fish. Instead, the the vitamins smell and taste like mint. Each bottle contains a food-grade insert infused with pure peppermint to keep your vitamins smelling minty fresh. That means that even though they contain a heart-helping ingredients (algal oil) which usually has an oceanic aroma, the vitamins don’t smell like seaweed.

Plus, we don’t hate that it gets delivered right to our door every 30 days. The only downside is that take two pills, as opposed to one.

Check out our review of Ritual Essential!

Ritual Essential Ritual Essential

A subscription-based multivitamin with incredibly transparent ingredient sourcing, easy-to-take capsules, and a minty scent.

Best for Women Over 50

Rainbow Light’s Vibrance Multivitamin capsule compared in size to an almond

Rainbow Light Vibrance Women’s Multivitamin

Rainbow Light Vibrance Women’s Multivitamin was our number one pick for women over 50. Rainbow Light Vibrance offers two types of multivitamins: energy & balance, or stress relief. We think this certified organic supplement is good for women over the age of 50 because of it packs in vitamins and minerals that may support estrogen metabolism, promote steady energy, and help bolster the immune system. Plus, the formula includes 25 million CFU of probiotics, plus prebiotics, and a full spectrum of plant-sourced digestive enzymes, so it could be especially beneficial for women with gut health issues.

Rainbow Light Vibrance Women’s Multivitamin Rainbow Light Vibrance Women’s Multivitamin

With 20 ingredients, this is packed with nutrients and also seems to benefit gut health.

Best Multivitamin for Young Women

Care Of Multivitamin

Care/of Multivitamin

Care/of was our overall favorite multivitamin for women 18-34. Answer a few questions about your goals, lifestyle, and values, and get setup with a pack of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and probiotics. Care/of’s aim is to simplify the process of getting your daily nutritional needs and make it more affordable (and easier) than the bottles you’d pick at your local drug store. Monthly subscriptions start at $20 and go up depending on your particular blend- to keep the cost down, we recommend staying away from the speciality blends and herbs which add up quickly. Bonus, if you’re looking to become pregnant, pregnant, or nursing they also offer a prenatal regime that’s specifically designed to be soft on the stomach.

Best Personalized Multivitamins Care/Of Care/Of

Care/of creates custom multivitamin packs based on a user’s response to their online quiz. Each pack can include a variety of supplements tailored to the user.

Best Ingredient Sourcing

Ritual Essential Review

Ritual Essential is the brand that we found most transparent about their ingredients. According to Ritual’s research, most women are lacking in nine specific nutrients, but they wanted to deliver those nutrients in a single pill. The resulting pill is a lineup of vitamins K2, D3, B12, and E, plus boron, iron, magnesium, folate, and omega-3. On their website, Ritual provides where in the world each of the 9 ingredient is from, an explanation of ‘why’ the ingredient is essential, and the research that explains why each ingredient is in the form it’s in. So not only is the brand transparent about what’s in the tablets, for every ingredient there is a convincing why.

Ritual Essential Ritual Essential

A subscription-based multivitamin with incredibly transparent ingredient sourcing, easy-to-take capsules, and a minty scent.

Best for Athletes

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women

Optimum Nutrition OptiWomen Multivitamin

Optimum Nutrition OptiWomen was our top pick for athletes. Optimum Nutrition developed Opti-Women to specifically to meet the unique needs of active women who want the best for their health and body. With over 40 active ingredients (that’s a lot!) including botanicals, antioxidants, minerals, and gender-specific herbs, Opti-Women is a high-potency supplement that goes beyond the scope of your everyday multivitamin.

The biggest drawback is that many of the botanical and herbs in the pill (like garcinia cambogia extract, butchers broom powder, and grape seed extract) are not particularly well-researched, so there’s no saying if they’re actually doing anything or not. Oh, and because your body can’t absorb that many vitamins all at once, it may turn your pee bright yellow.

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women Multivitamin Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women Multivitamin With over 40 total ingredients, this multi has a particular focus on performance and recovery for active women.

Women’s Multivitamin Ingredients (and What Vitamins Should Women Take On a Daily Basis?)

Many multivitamins come in his & her varieties while others are sourced and made specifically for women, and a third category of supplements for women creates for-you-specifically vitamin packets that get delivered right to your door. While different companies take a different approach to gender-specific nutrition, many multi’s-for-her place an emphasis on ingredients like biotin, collagen, and copper that may help hair and nail health, a common concern among women. You can also expect to find more iron, vitamins C, E, and K, as well as calcium and magnesium in multis made for women.

Biotin: It’s not just for luscious locks (though research shows it helps with that too), biotin has been shown to boost nail health, according to a Swiss study published in Cutis.(1)(2)

Zinc: Take a look at your nail? Discolored? Split? It could be a sign of zinc deficiency, according to research in the Journal of Drugs & Dermatology.(3)(4) Zinc plays a crucial role in healthy cell division, and because our nails grow so quickly, signs of deficiency make themselves known on your nails quicker than other areas. It may also help with protein synthesis, which means it may help athletes recovery faster.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is an antioxidant that has been shown to protect the body against free radicals.(5)

Vitamin B Complex: Think of B complex like like a factory made up of 11 incredibly diligent workers who ban together to create and sustain the bodies energy supply by breaking down the micronutrients we consume (fats, proteins, carbs). So while there are many different kinds of B vitamins (thiamin (B1), riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), folate (called folic acid when included in supplements), vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin or methylcobalamin), they work together in your bodies operations. If you follow a gluten free, vegan, or vegetarian diet you may be missing some B’s.

Folic Acid: Whether you’re growing out your nails, promote mental health, or looking to fight inflammation, this ingredient has some serious potential benefits. And if you’re trying to cut pounds, here’s a bonus: one short study from Clinical Nutrition suggests that even a low-dose daily folic acid supplement could reduce inflammation in people who are overweight.(6)

Vitamin C: Also known as Ascorbic Acid, this vitamin is best known for boosting the immune system (though despite popular belief, mega-doses probably won’t protect you against the common cold and other diseases).(7) But it also helps in the production of collagen and wound healing.(8) Because our bodies cannot store Vitamin C, we need to get it either through food or supplementation regularly.

Vitamin D: Vitamin D is involved in many bodily processes, including building proteins and enzymes, boosting the immune system, and fighting inflammation. It’s also good for bone health, which is why we look out for it in supplements in the 50+ crowd. Because it’s tricky to get the right amount from food, most people have to get the rest of your daily needs through sun exposure and supplementation.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is an antioxidant that may help prevent damage to the body’s cells. Which is why it is essential for functional and structural maintenance of cardiac, skeletal and smooth muscle.

Vitamin K: Vitamin K can help reduce inflammatory markers; research shows that it may help protect against heart disease, as well as osteoporosis.(9)

Iron: Some of the benefits of iron include increased energy, better brain function, and healthy red blood cells.

Collagen: Collagen is the buzzy wellness ingredient. It’s actually a protein found in the connective tissue in our bodies, which means it’s in our skin, hair, muscles, bones, and even blood vessels. This is an especially interesting ingredient for women looking to reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve skin hydration.(10)

Magnesium: Magnesium is important for many processes in the body such as regulating muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure and making protein, bone, and even DNA.

Calcium: Vegans in particular should be on the lookout for this ingredient in their multi’s because they’re not getting it from it’s most common source: dairy.

Omega 3: You already try to seek out healthy fatty acids in your food (cue: avocado toast and salmon sushi)—but according to research, more than 70 percent of women don’t get enough omega-3s in their diet. Which is a problem because the may promote a stronger immune system, support cardiovascular, joint and vision health, strengthen skin, hair, and nails, and even enhance nutrient absorption and metabolic function.

Boron: Naturally found in prunes, almonds, and raisins, no one wants to drink that much prune juice. That’s why many multi’s include it for bone, heart, and joint health.

Coenzyme Q10: We consider CoQ10 a bonus ingredient anytime it shows up in a multi. It’s an antioxidant, which is a substance similar to a vitamin, and is found in every cell of the body. Your body makes CoQ10, and your cells use it to produce energy your body needs for cell growth and maintenance. Because levels of it decrease as we age, some seek supplementation.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid: Found in every cell in our body, alpha-lipoic acid is an antioxidant that may help with inflammation. We naturally produce ALA in our body, but like collagen, our levels of it decrease as we age. So whenever we see it in a multivitamin, we’re especially amped for older woman.

Probiotics: It all started with yogurt. But now the buzz on probiotics are everywhere. These good bacteria help the body function more efficiently while bad bacteria do the opposite. If there are too many bad bacteria and not enough good bacteria, the balance of our microbiome get’s thrown off. And when our microbiome is off we’re left susceptible to disease-causing organisms and the runs. Probiotic supplements may help keep our gut happy, and they also have some potential health benefits like reduced blood pressure, improved cognitive function, better sleep quality, and weight loss.

What Are The Health Benefits Of A Multivitamin?

The question of supplements are confusing are confusing to many people. After all, shouldn’t eating a whole, fresh, unprocessed foods diet provide all the necessary vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients we need?

The answer is yes and no. Even with a “perfect” diet, many things (like stress, sleep schedule, and even the storage and transportation of food) make it tough for you to get nutrients you need solely from the foods you eat. And some studies do show that incorporating nutritional supplements can improve certain health markers.

But the vitamin and minerals you should take and prioritize change with each stage of life. Just remember, whatever your age, a multivitamin can’t make up for a bad diet.

Picking the Best Multivitamin for You

We tried dozens of multivitamins to land on this list of the best on the market for you whether you’re a young woman, over the age of 50+, an athlete, or just want to bolster your overall health. We looked at the ingredients, price, taste, and quality for every one of these supplements and while plenty of people have different ideas as to what constitutes a “quality” multivitamin, we think we’ve put together the best darn guide to picking multivitamin on the interwebs.

And remember if you suspect that you have a vitamin deficiency, it’s best to talk to your healthcare provider about getting work done to see if you’re low in any particular nutrient. Then from there, you and your doctor can work together to determine what particular foods you should be eating more of, or if a supplement makes sense for you.

Oh, and if you don’t go with one of the brands we mentioned above, note this: Vitamins and supplement claims do not have to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. And the amount of studies done on any particular type of supplement (single vitamin capsules, multivitamin pills, or otherwise) are relatively few.

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What vitamins and minerals does a woman need?

Everyone’s nutritional needs are a bit different. However, there are some vitamins and minerals that women tend to need more of as they age.

Women under 40 years of age

Share on PinterestDuring pregnancy, a woman will have a higher RDA for most vitamins and minerals.


Iodine is crucial for the healthy development of a baby’s brain during pregnancy.

According to a 2012 national survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), women between the ages of 20 and 39 years had lower iodine levels than any other age group in the study.

Women in this age group are the most likely to become pregnant. The RDA for iodine for this group is 150 mcg.


Folic acid is essential for women during the years that they can reproduce because it reduces the risk of birth abnormalities, especially those involving the spine and brain. Folate also helps create red blood cells and aids in protein digestion.

The CDC recommend that pregnant women, and those who may become pregnant, take folic acid supplements. Women 18 and older who are not pregnant need 400 mcg per day.

Women aged 41 to 50 years


Women who are in perimenopause are at a higher risk of developing iron deficiencies. Iron is a mineral that is essential for reproductive organs and functions. Iron is also important for:

  • energy production
  • wound-healing
  • immune function
  • red blood cell formation
  • growth and development

The RDA for iron for women in this age group is 18 mg.

Calcium and vitamin D

As women age, they are at increased risk of developing osteoporosis, which is a condition that weakens bones and increases the risk of fractures. Calcium and vitamin D are essential for good bone health.

The RDA of vitamin D for adult women under 70 years of age is 15 mcg. The RDA for calcium is 1,000 mg for women aged 19 to 50 years.

Women aged 51 to 60 years

Vitamin B-6, B-12, and folic acid

Women aged over 50 years need more B vitamins than other women. B vitamins are crucial to overall health.

Vitamin B-6 is involved in over 100 known enzyme reactions and is essential to immune health. Vitamin B-6, B-12, and folic acid also help with:

  • red blood cell production
  • energy production
  • protein metabolism
  • cognitive development
  • nervous system function

Research also indicates B vitamins may lower the risk of many conditions that impact older women more frequently.

According to the FNB, 10 to 30 percent of older people do not get enough Vitamin B-12 because they cannot absorb it properly. The FNB recommend that people over the age of 50 years should take supplements or consume more foods fortified with vitamin B-12 to meet their RDA.

Calcium and vitamin D

Due to changes in hormone levels, women who are in postmenopause are at even greater risk of developing osteoporosis.

In a 2013 study that followed 36,282 postmenopausal women in the U.S. over 7 years, researchers concluded that the women who took calcium and vitamin D supplements might have reduced their risk of hip fracture.

The RDA of calcium is 1,200 mg for women over the age of 50 years.

Women aged over 70 years

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential to bone health and helps maintain muscle mass. As people age, they naturally begin to lose bone and muscle mass. People over the age of 70 need more vitamin D than younger people.

Feel your best at every age: the best vitamins for women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s

Taking vitamins and supplements is a great way to boost your nutrition at any age. But choosing the right supplements is often overwhelming–there are a lot of options out there. Among the many options, each can play a number of roles in the body and touts various health benefits. Depending on your diet, lifestyle, routine and life stage, some supplements will hold distinct advantages over others.

To quickly give you a lay of the land: there are 13 vitamins and 16 minerals that are necessary for the body to function optimally. In addition, there are other sources of nutritional and health support with potential benefits, like fish oil or herbal supplements.

Women in their 30s, 40s, or 50s have very different biological needs, and often have unique goals related to their health, as well. We understand that choosing the most appropriate vitamins and supplements can be a daunting decision, so we’ve done the research to break down which vitamins and supplements are priorities at the various stages of life.

The best vitamins and supplements for women in their 30s

1. Folic acid(also known as folate or vitamin B9)

Biologically speaking, women in their 30s are considered to be in their childbearing years. Whether you are planning to get pregnant or not, taking folic acid during these years helps maintain health. Folic acid, also referred to as folate or vitamin B9, supports brain health and cell reproduction, enhances verbal fluency and memory, and is believed to enhance one’s mood.
Folic acid is especially important for women who are thinking about having children and for women who are pregnant, and thus is a key ingredient in prenatal vitamins. In fact, while most people think of prenatal vitamins as something to take once you’re already pregnant, it may be more beneficial to start taking them before becoming pregnant. When taken up to 6 months before pregnancy and throughout, prenatal vitamins can help reduce the risk of having a child with birth defects of the brain or spinal cord.

2. Iron

Iron is an important supplement for women in their 30s. Iron deficiency can arise in women who don’t consume a lot of meat, athletes, pregnant women, and women with moderate to heavy menstrual cycles.
Taking an iron supplement can support your health, but be careful not to over-supplement with iron. Taking too much iron can cause vomiting, abdominal pain, and other symptoms. Iron overdose can be especially dangerous for kids, so if you are taking iron supplements, take care to ensure that they’re out of the reach of children.
Dr. Jeff Gladd, an integrative physician, has commented about the importance of monitoring iron levels, “It is always best to work with your doctor to determine your iron needs. Having a percent saturation of iron and ferritin level done via blood work will help you know whether iron supplementation or your current dosing is right for you.”

3. Antioxidants: Vitamin C and Vitamin E

Vitamin C and vitamin E are powerful antioxidants and support healthy skin from the inside out.
Vitamin C helps support the immune system and supports the creation of collagen, which supports skin’s youthful, soft, and elastic appearance. Due to their antioxidant properties, vitamins C and E may even help maintain skin health over time. Many people even apply vitamin E oil topically to skin injuries to help prevent scars or speed up the healing process.

The best vitamins and supplements for women in their 40s

1. Fish oil

Women in their 40s generally have a unique set of nutritional needs. Women at this stage are preparing to enter peri-menopause, the stage that precedes menopause, and may start to experience hot flashes. Fish oil, which contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids, is a great supplement to support overall health during this time. It also supports heart and brain health, both of which are essential for maintaining well-being beyond the 30s.
Dr. Gladd advises that not all fish oils are equal. “When looking for fish oil, be sure to opt for wild-caught fish sources and versions tested to be free of mercury and other toxic components.”

2. Vitamin B-Complex

A vitamin B-complex is made up of 8 vitamins — thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), vitamin B6, biotin (B7), vitamin B12, and folic acid. These B vitamins work together and individually to support mood, digestion, sleep health, and likely a welcome boost of energy since they help convert food into fuel. They also support the cardiovascular system and can help maintain nail, hair, and skin health.

The best vitamins and supplements for women in their 50s

Vitamins and supplements can help support health through menopause. For women in their 50s, menopause is often a significant change that affects the body. High priority supplements for women in their 50s include vitamin D, calcium, turmeric, and omega-3 fatty acids.

1. Vitamin D and Calcium

Vitamin D is an especially important vitamin for women in their 50s. By helping the body absorb calcium from food, vitamin D helps promote bone health. Taking vitamin D in conjunction with calcium can help support and maintain healthy bones.

2. Black Cohosh

It can be stressful to try and determine which supplements are helpful during menopause that won’t cause side effects or affect your health negatively. Black Cohosh is often a recommended supplement because it may offer benefits such as supporting healthy aging and hormone support.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric is another great supplement for women in their 50s. Turmeric supplements are made from turmeric root, a plant grown in India and other regions. Turmeric is a yellow spice commonly used in Indian food, like curries, and has been used in traditional Indian medicine for centuries. It is a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to support joint health and likely supports brain health.

Nutritional supplements support a healthy lifestyle

Nutritional supplementation, along with certain herbal products, can be an integral part of your health regimen. However, to be truly healthy as you age, it’s important to maintain the traditional pillars of wellness: a balanced diet, regular exercise, and adequate sleep.

Whatever your age, it is important to pay attention your body’s needs as they evolve, and to understand the unique factors influencing your health. If you do decide to take supplements to help achieve your health goals, select those made from the highest quality ingredients possible.


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  • Healthy Directions Dr. Sinatra Healthy Men Multivitamin
  • Healthy Directions Dr. Sinatra Healthy Women Multivitamin


  • Garden of Life Vitamin Code For Men 83.9
  • Garden of Life Vitamin Code Perfect Weight 83.7
  • Nature’s Way Alive Max Potency Multivitamin 82.6
  • Rainbow Light Men’s One 82.2
  • Garden of Life Vitamin Code For Women 82.2
  • NOW Foods Adam Men’s Multivitamin 81.9
  • NOW Foods Eve Women’s Multivitamin 81.8
  • GNC Mega Men 81.0
  • Carlson Labs Super 2 Daily 80.9
  • Rainbow Light Women’s One 80.9
  • GNC Mega Men Energy & Metabolism 80.8
  • Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men 80.4
  • TwinLab Daily One Caps 80.2
  • Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw One For Men 79.9
  • Controlled Labs Orange TRIad 79.7
  • CBH Super Multivitamin for Men and Women 79.5
  • Rainbow Light Rejuvenage 40+ 79.4
  • Life Extension Two-Per-Day Multivitamin 79.3
  • GNC Women’s Ultra Mega 79.1
  • Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women 78.7
  • Bodybuilding.com Foundation Series Multivitamin 78.1
  • Irwin Naturals Living Green Liquid-Gel Multi 78.1
  • Source Naturals Life Force Multiple 76.3
  • Universal Nutrition Animal Pak 76.3
  • MusclePharm Armor-V 76.2
  • MaxiSorb Max For Men 75.8
  • Advocare Coreplex 75.6
  • MET-Rx Active Man 75.5
  • New Chapter Every Man’s One Daily Multi 74.8
  • MegaFood Women Over 40, One Daily 74.2
  • Legion Triumph High-Performance Multivitamin 73.8
  • Nature Made Multi For Her 72.2
  • Nature Made Multi For Him 72.1
  • USANA 103 Mega Antioxidant 72.0
  • Nature Made Multi with Iron 71.7
  • One A Day Women’s Multivitamin Plus Healthy Skin Support 71.5
  • Nature’s Way Alive Liquid Multivitamin 71.4
  • New Chapter Organics, Only One Multi 71.2
  • Heaven Sent Naturals Balanced Essentials 71.1
  • New Chapter Every Woman’s One Daily Multi 69.2
  • NOW Foods Daily Vits 69.0
  • Dr. Mercola Children’s Multivitamin 69.0
  • Kirkland Signature Adults 50+ Mature Multi 68.5
  • One A Day Men’s Health Formula 68.4
  • Applied Nutrition Men’s Liquid Soft-Gel Multivitamin 67.9
  • Natrol My Favorite Multiple, Original Multivitamin 67.8
  • Myogenix MyoVite 67.6
  • Universal Naturals Daily Formula 67.0
  • Kirkland Signature Daily Multi 66.1
  • Nature Made Men’s Pack 65.5
  • Amway Nutrilite Daily 65.4
  • Universal Nutrition Uni-Vite 64.8
  • Deva Vegan Multivitamin 64.8
  • Herbalife Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex 63.1
  • Trace Minerals Kids Multivitamin 62.9
  • Child Life Essentials Multivitamin & Mineral 62.4
  • One A Day Women’s 50+ Healthy Advantage 61.9
  • Trusted Nutrients Men’s Daily Complete 61.3
  • Nature’s Plus Animal Parade Liquid Multi-Vitamin 60.8
  • Rainbow Light Kid’s One 60.5
  • Vitafusion Women’s 56.8
  • Yummi Bears Organics Multivitamin 54.7
  • Vitafusion Men’s 54.6
  • Vitafusion MultiVites 54.1
  • One A Day VitaCraves Gummies with Omega-3 and DHA 53.9
  • One A Day Men’s VitaCraves Gummies 50.5

There are no products that match all your filters.

The 15 Best Multivitamins for Men

There are many multivitamins designed specifically for men, which vary in form and price.

The following are some of the best options to consider.

1. Rainbow Light Men’s One Multivitamin

This food-based vitamin is tailored for men and provides added support for heart, reproductive and prostate health. One tablet contains 100% of the recommended daily intakes (RDIs) for nearly all essential vitamins and minerals.

It also contains a blend of vegetable juices, digestive enzymes and probiotics.

This product is free of gluten, dairy, peanuts, soy, eggs, fish and shellfish, making it an excellent choice for men with food allergies.

Amazon rating: 4.1 stars

Price: $35

2. Smarty Pants Men’s Complete

This chewable multivitamin contains 15 essential nutrients for men in six fruit-flavored chews. It contains the active forms of vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) and folate (methylfolate) for better absorption.

It also provides CoQ10 and omega-3 fatty acids for heart health and lycopene and zinc for prostate health (3, 4).

The chews are non-GMO and free of common allergens, including milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy, gluten and wheat.

These chewable vitamins have 11 grams of carbs and 7 grams of sugar, so if you’re watching your carbs, a tablet or capsule vitamin may be a better choice.

Amazon rating: 4.2 stars

Price: $25

3. Megafood Men’s One Daily

It’s made from non-GMO whole fruits and vegetables and contains no animal products, making it suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

It’s free of gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, fish and shellfish. Unlike many other multivitamins, it can be taken on an empty stomach.

Amazon rating: 4.6 stars

Price: $35

4. Garden of Life Vitamin Code Men

This raw-food multivitamin contains a blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from 23 fruits and vegetables. Four capsules provide 100% of the RDI for nearly all the essential nutrients, except calcium and magnesium.

It’s formulated to promote energy and bolster heart, prostate, digestive and eye health. It also contains live probiotics and enzymes for digestive support (3, 4, 5, 7).

This multivitamin is vegetarian and gluten- and dairy-free, with no added fillers.

Amazon rating: 4.4 stars

Price: $53

5. Nature’s Way Alive! Once Daily Men’s

One daily tablet contains 22 vitamins and minerals, 12 digestive enzymes, 14 greens and 12 varieties of mushrooms.

It also contains adaptogens like ginseng and eleuthero for energy, saw palmetto and lycopene for prostate health and resveratrol and CoQ10 for heart health (3, 4, 6, 8).

This product is free of gluten, wheat and soy and has no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sugar.

Amazon rating: 4.1 stars

Price: $12

6. GNC Mega Men

Two caplets of this multivitamin contain 100% of nearly all the essential nutrients for men, except calcium and magnesium.

It also packs 400% of the RDI for vitamin D for immune support and bone health, selenium and lycopene for prostate health and antioxidants to protect against cell damage (4, 9, 10, 11).

Additionally, it contains a fruit and vegetable blend, key amino acids and nutrients for brain health, such as inositol, choline and grape seed extract (12, 13).

Amazon rating: 4.5 stars

Price: $30

7. NOW ADAM Men’s Multiple Vitamin

Two capsules contain 100% of the RDI for nearly all the essential nutrients for men, except calcium, magnesium and copper.

Not to mention, this multivitamin packs plant sterols and CoQ10 for heart health and saw palmetto and lycopene for prostate health (3, 4).

The softgel formulation may make it easier to swallow than a tablet or capsule.

It’s free of sugar, yeast, wheat, milk, egg, shellfish and preservatives. However, it does contain soy.

Amazon rating: 4.2 stars

Price: $17

8. Centrum One A Day Men’s Health Formula

One tablet of this multivitamin includes all essential nutrients for men, except iron.

However, it provides less than 100% of the RDI for several important nutrients, including thiamine, niacin, biotin, calcium, magnesium and vitamins A, E and K.

It’s formulated to support heart health, energy and metabolism and also provides 300 mcg of lycopene, which may support prostate health (3, 4, 5).

This multivitamin is free of gluten, wheat, dairy, fish, shellfish and artificial colors and sweeteners.

Amazon rating: 4.5 stars

Price: $15

9. New Chapter Every Man’s One Daily

One tablet of this whole-foods multivitamin contains the majority of the essential nutrients for men other than iron, magnesium and calcium.

Moreover, it provides herbal and superfood supplements for heart health, immune support, stress and energy, such as maca, ginger, turmeric and chamomile (14, 15, 16, 17).

This multivitamin includes beneficial probiotics and is fermented, which may make it easier to digest and allows it to be taken on an empty stomach.

This product contains fermented soy and wheat but meets the FDA requirements for gluten-free foods. It’s also non-GMO verified, 100% vegetarian and certified organic.

Amazon rating: 4.2 stars

Price: $23

10. Source Naturals Men’s Life Force

Three tablets of this multivitamin deliver at least 100% of the RDI for most of the essential nutrients for men. However, it does not provide adequate amounts of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, chromium and iodine.

It also features herbal support for men’s health concerns, including energy, prostate health and reproductive health (4, 5).

The recommended dosage of this vitamin is three to six tablets per day, so if you have trouble swallowing pills, a one-a-day style vitamin may be the way to go.

This product also contains soy, so it’s inappropriate for people with a soy allergy or intolerance.

Amazon rating: 4.2 stars

Price: $22

11. Nature Made Multi For Him

This iron-free, one-a-day tablet contains 22 essential vitamins and minerals specific to men’s health.

Additionally, it packs the antioxidants vitamin C, selenium and beta-carotene. Unlike many of the other products listed in this article, this is a basic multivitamin and mineral supplement with no added herbs or superfoods.

It has no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives or yeast and is gluten-free.

Amazon rating: 4.3 stars

Price: $8

12. Vitafusion Men’s

This gummy multivitamin supplies 15 essential nutrients for men in two berry-flavored chews.

It’s formulated to meet the specific health needs of men as well as to support energy metabolism and a healthy immune system (5, 9).

What’s more, it’s gluten- and dairy-free and contains no artificial flavors, sweeteners, high-fructose corn syrup or synthetic dyes.

Two gummies contain 4 grams of carbs and 3 grams of added sugar.

Amazon rating: 4.4 stars

Price: $10

13. INNATE Response Formulas Men’s One Daily Iron-Free

One tablet of this food-based multivitamin is designed to support energy levels, heart health and immune response (5, 9, 15).

It’s made from real fruits and vegetables, which may be easier for your body to digest and absorb, compared to synthetic vitamins.

This product contains more than 20 key nutrients for men, as well as a blend of superfoods and herbs for antioxidant and immune support.

Amazon rating: 4.3 stars

Price: $39

14. Naturelo Whole Food Multivitamin for Men

Four capsules of this multivitamin formulation contain extracts of 24 different fruits and vegetables. They also provide at least 100% of the RDI for all of the essential nutrients, except calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron.

Because this multivitamin is made from food, it has active forms of vitamin B12 and folate. Its vitamin C is derived from acerola cherries and its iodine is sourced from kelp.

Additionally, it contains digestive enzymes, probiotics and herbal blends that support brain, heart, prostate and eye health and antioxidants like green tea, turmeric, ginger, resveratrol and CoQ10 (3, 4, 7, 18).

It’s non-GMO, gluten-free and does not contain soy, gelatin, egg, dairy, corn, yeast, caffeine or fillers. As a result, it’s a great option for both vegetarians and vegans.

Amazon rating: 4.6 stars

Price: $45

15. Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

Three tablets of this multivitamin provide 25 essential nutrients for men as well as 1 gram of amino acids. It offers 100% of the RDIs for most vitamins and minerals, with the exception of calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamin K.

It also contains superfood and herb blends for antioxidant support and reproductive health.

In total, it’s comprised of over 75 different ingredients.

This multivitamin contains ingredients from oysters, so those with shellfish allergies should avoid it.

Amazon rating: 4.1 stars

Price: $35

Summary There are several multivitamin products designed to meet the specific nutrient needs of men. Multivitamins are available across a wide range of prices and forms.

Last Updated: January 28, 2020

This is where you will find only the brands which passed our lab’s quality analysis. Our quality analysis, which is our basic supplement screening process, simply filters product that do not meet the following criteria:

  • The supplement must contain at least 95% of the vitamin quantity claimed by its label (5% deterioration is the standard allowance for storage and delivery)
  • The supplement must contain NO IMPURITIES OR ADDITIVES, such as artificial coloring, etc.

After the screening process, each product is graded according to additional criteria:

  • Vitamin diversity – The variety of vitamins within each supplement. Finding a well-balanced supplement will promote overall health and helps to resolve broad-spectrum deficiencies.
  • Potency – the amount of vitamins within the supplement, measured in mg.
  • Price – self-explanatory, however it is important to remember that in most cases you get what you pay for.

You might notice that there are no gummy or chewable vitamins on this list, which is because gummies and chewables contain 40%-70% less vitamins and minerals than standard multivitamins. We’re looking for the best of the best.

As men and women have different dietary needs, we have included multivitamin options which are specific to either gender. In addition to our top picks for men and women, there are two general-purpose multivitamins and our top prenatal vitamin choice.

Preview Best OverallProduct Title OPTIMUM NUTRITION Opti-Men, Mens Daily Multivitamin Supplement with Vitamins C, D, E, B12, 240 Count Garden of Life Multivitamin for Women – Vitamin Code Women’s Raw Whole Food Vitamin Supplement with Probiotics, Vegetarian, 120 Count Centrum Adult (200 Count) Multivitamin / Multimineral Supplement Tablet, Vitamin D3 Carlson – Super 2 Daily, Multi + Omega-3s + Lutein, Heart & Vision Health, Optimal Wellness, 60 soft gels Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal Multivitamin, Whole Food Prenatal Vitamins with Iron, Folate not Folic Acid, Probiotics, Best Vegetarian Non-GMO Gluten Free Prenatals for Women, 180 Capsules CHR Score 4.5/5 4.3/5 4.25/5 4/5 4/5 Amazon Prime Benefits Price $35.50 $28.97 $11.99 $22.43 $41.90 Best Overall PreviewProduct Title OPTIMUM NUTRITION Opti-Men, Mens Daily Multivitamin Supplement with Vitamins C, D, E, B12, 240 Count CHR Score 4.5/5 Amazon Prime Benefits Price $35.50 PreviewProduct Title Garden of Life Multivitamin for Women – Vitamin Code Women’s Raw Whole Food Vitamin Supplement with Probiotics, Vegetarian, 120 Count CHR Score 4.3/5 Amazon Prime Benefits Price $28.97 PreviewProduct Title Centrum Adult (200 Count) Multivitamin / Multimineral Supplement Tablet, Vitamin D3 CHR Score 4.25/5 Amazon Prime Benefits Price $11.99 Preview Product Title Carlson – Super 2 Daily, Multi + Omega-3s + Lutein, Heart & Vision Health, Optimal Wellness, 60 soft gels CHR Score 4/5 Amazon Prime Benefits Price $22.43 Preview Product Title Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal Multivitamin, Whole Food Prenatal Vitamins with Iron, Folate not Folic Acid, Probiotics, Best Vegetarian Non-GMO Gluten Free Prenatals for Women, 180 Capsules CHR Score 4/5 Amazon Prime Benefits Price $41.90

#1 Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

Overall Rating: 4.5

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men is a comprehensive blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Optimum Nutrition has been around for a while and has gained a solid reputation for quality supplements. They also have a strong and loyal customer base and offer frequent discounts to new and returning customers.

Our analysis has shown that their multivitamin contains the promised ingredients listed on the label – which alone puts them above half of other multivitamin supplements.

Given the diverse nutrition profile, purity of ingredients, and positive customer reviews – this places Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men as our Best Multivitamin for Men of 2020.

Vitamin diversity: 4.25

Potency: 4.75

OPTIMUM NUTRITION Opti-Men, Mens Daily Multivitamin Supplement with Vitamins C, D, E, B12, 240 Count

  • High potency multivitamin for active men. 75+ ingredients in 4 performance blends. 25 vitamins & essential minerals and 1 gram of free form amino acids, 1,500 iu of vitamin d
  • We are aware that some consumers have reported product crumbling when opti men tablets are removed from the original container and put into pill carrying cases. The product is safe to consume. The crumbling is due to excess exposure to moisture in the environment when put into the pill carrying cases. There have been isolated reports of crumbling in original bottle as well. We are implementing changes to increase the integrity of the tablet when stored in all containers. You may notice a change in a color of the tablet as a result
  • We recommend that the product be stored in the original container and kept in a cool, dry place. Be sure to put lid on tight and do not leave containers open for extended time

$35.50 Buy on Amazon

#2 Garden of Life Vitamin Code For Women

Overall Rating: 4.3

Garden of Life is another great company with a solid reputation.

Our analysis showed excellent purity of ingredients and the promised amounts of each vitamin and mineral. Most importantly for a Women’s multivitamin, this supplement contains high amounts of calcium and magnesium – as well as other key nutrients that should be in any Women’s multivitamin.

Given the effective amounts and broad spectrum of the right vitamins and minerals, along with very positive customer ratings, Garden of Life Vitamin Code for Women earns the title of Best Multivitamin for Women of 2020.

Vitamin diversity: 4.3

Potency: 4.3

Garden of Life Multivitamin for Women – Vitamin Code Women’s Raw Whole Food Vitamin Supplement with Probiotics, Vegetarian, 120 Count

  • MULTIVITAMIN SUPPLEMENT: Specially formulated multivitamin for women with breast support made from nutritious and RAW whole foods
  • MULTIVITAMIN WITH PROBIOTICS: Vitamin Code Women’s multivitamin includes live probiotics and enzymes plus antioxidants for extraordinary health and vitality
  • WOMEN SPECIFIC: This women’s vitamin includes folate, calcium, magnesium, zinc and Vitamin A, C, D3, E and B Complex for women’s nutritional needs

$28.97 Buy on Amazon

#3 Centrum Adult Multivitamin

Overall Rating: 4.25

A solid general multivitamin with a greater diversity of vitamins than most competitors.

Vitamin diversity: 4.5

Potency: 4.0

Sale Centrum Adult (200 Count) Multivitamin / Multimineral Supplement Tablet, Vitamin D3

  • Includes 200 tablets of Centrum Adult daily multivitamin supplement for men and women
  • Backed by over 35 years of nutritional science, Centrum is the most complete multivitamin, with Centrum’s highest levels of Vitamin D3
  • Age adjusted for adults under age 50 with key nutrients to support energy, immunity and metabolism (2)*

$11.99 Buy on Amazon

#4 Carlson Labs Super 2 Daily

Overall Rating: 4.0

A potent alternative to our general vitamin supplement picks, targeting fewer vitamin quotas.

Vitamin diversity: 3.75

Potency: 4.25

Carlson – Super 2 Daily, Multi + Omega-3s + Lutein, Heart & Vision Health, Optimal Wellness, 60 soft gels

  • Helps maintain good health
  • Packed with essential vitamins and minerals
  • Provides the important omega-3s EPA and DHA

$22.43 Buy on Amazon

#5 Garden of Life Vitamin Code RAW Prenatal

Our overall Prenatal vitamin pick, the best vitamin for prenatal care!

Vitamin diversity: 3.5

Potency: 4.5

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal Multivitamin, Whole Food Prenatal Vitamins with Iron, Folate not Folic Acid, Probiotics, Best Vegetarian Non-GMO Gluten Free Prenatals for Women, 180 Capsules

  • PRENATAL MULTIVITAMIN: Specially formulated women’s multivitamin made from nutritious RAW whole foods
  • MOM TO BE: Our prenatal vitamin for women is designed for BOTH mom and baby during pregnancy and lactation
  • PRENATAL MULTI: These prenatal includes probiotics, ginger, vitamin D and zinc for digestive support

$41.90 Buy on Amazon

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