Best Shoes for Elliptical Machines for Comfortable Workout Sessions

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  • Ellipticals are some of the most popular pieces of workout equipment, and that is for a good reason. They give you the ability to burn a lot of calories more comfortably than with running or even climbing stairs. However, to make the most out of your workout, it’s essential for you to find the best shoes for elliptical machines, especially if you’ve experienced foot discomfort and fatigue in the past.

    In this guide, we’ve collected the top three models, their features, pros, and cons, for you to review so that you can make the most informed choice for comfortable workout footwear.

    Best Shoes for Elliptical Machine Reviews

    1. New Balance Mx608v4

    If you’re looking for optimal support and comfort, the New Balance Mx608v4 trainers are an excellent option for both working out on the elliptical and even going out for a walk or jog at the end of the day. These shoes are available in over 20 different styles, so you can surely find the right pair for your wardrobe.


    The best features of the New Balance Mx608v4 trainers include:

    • Leather construction: To help maintain the structure and integrity of your shoes with regular use, these runners are made entirely out of leather. This also helps to make them far easier to clean if they end up getting dirty and you’ll be able to save a lot of money as you won’t have to worry about buying a new pair in the near future.
    • Dual-density collar: The collar of the shoe (where your ankle rests) is made using dual-density materials, so you have even more comfort and support where your feet need it the most.
    • Padded tongue: Instead of relying on a traditional pair of elliptical shoes that don’t have extra padding in key areas, the tongue of the New Balance Mx608v4 trainers is also padded for optimal comfort.
    • Enhanced foot cushioning: Feet are prone to injury when you’re working out, which is why you’ll want a shoe with extra support at the sole. The New Balance Mx608v4 trainers are equipped with improved heel cushioning, great flexibility in the forefoot, and a shock absorbent midsole for all-day comfort.


    • Comfortable for up to 12 hours
    • Ideal for people with foot and knee ailments
    • The shoes hold up with daily 30-minute walks.


    • Not enough padding around the lateral heel area
    • Poorly made seams around the instep


    2. Puma Women’s Tazon 6

    Another great pair of contenders for the title of the best shoes for an elliptical machine are the Puma Women’s Tazon 6 trainers. These shoes are primarily designed for Cross-Training, which makes them the perfect partner for everyday gym needs, especially when working out on the machines.

    A few of the best parts of the Puma Women’s Tazon 6 trainers include:

    • Synthetic leather construction: If you’re not interested in wearing real leather, these shoes are a great alternative as their material looks and will feel like leather but is vegan.
    • EcoOrthoLite sock liner: To help create a customized fit for your shoe and additional breathability while working out, the EcoOrthoLite sock liner helps promote air movement through your shoe with added orthopedic comfort.
    • Impact absorption: In the heel, you’ll notice it feels like there’s a little bit of extra padding and that is as a result of the EVA in the back of the shoe. The EVA has the sole responsibility of absorbing impact, protecting your legs, knees, and feet from exhaustion.
    • Midfoot saddle: As another feature added for optimal comfort and fit, the midfoot saddle helps to ensure that your feet remain stable inside of the shoe while working out.
    • Keeps feet firm while walking
    • Lightweight and well-constructed
    • Work well for light and heavy exercises
    • Not recommended for people with orthopedic ailments
    • Shoes need to be broken in along the inner ankle


    3. Reebok Men’s Yourflex Train 8.0

    Reebok is another reputable name brand in athletic gear, particularly shoes, and although these shoes don’t come with as many color options as the other two pairs on this list, they do have a stellar number of useful features. If you’re looking for the best shoes for elliptical machines, the pair of Reebok Men’s Yourflex Train 8.0 trainers is it.

    The best features of the Reebok Men’s Yourflex Train 8.0 trainers include:

    • Fabric and synthetic construction: You won’t have to worry about breaking in leather over time with these shoes, as they are made of fabric and synthetic rubber along the sole. With that being said, the fabric is very high quality and the shoes feel nice to the touch.
    • Low-cut training design: There are plenty of features added to the Reebok Men’s Yourflex Train 8.0 trainers to make them more adaptable for all types of training. First, you’ll notice they are low cut, which makes them far more comfortable for ankles. You’ll also see that they come with mesh and an elastic upper part of the shoe for optimal comfort and fit, not to mention breathability as well.
    • EVA midsole: To help prevent your feet from experiencing discomfort as a result of high impact exercises, the EVA midsole absorbs all the shocks, keeping your feet protected.
    • High-abrasion outsole: The rubber outsole of the Reebok Men’s Yourflex Train 8.0 trainers can handle abrasions, which means it can take a real beating over the years and still appear brand-new.
    • Inserted memory foam orthopedic pad
    • Have the perfect amount of cushion for the gym
    • Built with the everyday wearer in mind
    • Do not have funky or extrinsic designs
    • Outer mesh breaks apart over time
    • Memory foam may take some getting used to



    The most important things to remember when you’re searching for the best shoes for elliptical machines are that your feet are protected, you feel comfortable, and you’re investing in a pair of shoes that will last you a long time. With all three of these factors in mind, the Reebok Men’s Yourflex Train 8.0 trainers are surely the best shoes that you can get for working out in the gym, running, CrossFit training, and even going for walks around your neighborhood.

    Aside from the mesh wearing away over time, the overall construction of the shoe is superior to the other models on the list, and you won’t have to worry about maintaining leather or synthetic leather, as they are made of fabric and rubber. With the additional shock absorption and memory foam insert, you can guarantee that wearing the Reebok Men’s Yourflex Train 8.0 trainers for an extended period will not wreak havoc on your feet, keeping you comfortable and focused for the duration of your workout.

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      Whenever you’re at the gym, I’m sure you have probably noticed that most of the people can be found either on a treadmill or stationary bikes. You will less likely find people lining up to be next on the elliptical machine.

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      Well, it’s quite surprising how a lot of people frowned upon the elliptical machine, they think that it’s ineffective and pretty boring equipment. But what they don’t know is that using an elliptical can contribute to an amazing cardio workout, plenty of burned calories and of course, a stronger lower body without the putting your joints on the stress that you’d usually get from running.

      However, for you to maximize your elliptical workout, you have to make sure that you’re wearing the right shoes, the wrong could only get in the way of your workout. So for today’s article, I’ve listed down five of the best shoes for elliptical that you will find in the market today.

      If you want to know what made it to the list, then please keep on reading below.

      Best Shoes For Elliptical: Top Sellers in the Market

      Table of Contents

      1. ASICS Men’s GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoes

      Check price

      Here we have one of the most comfortable running shoes you would probably ever wear and it’s from a reputable brand ASICS. Thanks to its gel cushioning, you will less likely notice the impact and your feet will not feel tired after your elliptical session.

      Another thing I’m sure you’ll love about this shoe is its solid grip on the machine’s surface. Whether you will be on an elliptical or a treadmill, you will feel stable and secure. I also like that this shoe is wider than average running shoes, it also has a bigger surface area that makes you feel more stable while playing disc golf or football.

      Finally, this pair of shoes is also very lightweight yet its support feels as firm as other heavier shoes. What’s even great is that it comes in 15 different color combinations so you can choose one that will suit your preference.


      • It is made of 100% synthetic material that is guaranteed to be durable
      • It comes with a rubber sole that provides incredible grip to the machine’s surface
      • It has removable sock liner so you can use your medical orthotics
      • It’s wider compared to average running shoes


      • The shoe’s interior sides are made of a rough material that feels quite uncomfortable when it rubs against your feet.

      2. Nike Free RN 5.0 Running Shoes

      Check price

      What makes this pair stand out is its sole which is extremely flexible. It will allow you to move freely at the same time forces your leg muscles as well as your feet to work more than what your usual footwear can do.

      In addition to that, this pair also comes in a new groove system that is meant to maximize the shoe’s flexibility. What’s even great is that it sole is much thicker, this means that it will be more stable especially in areas where it tends to wobble.

      Another thing I like about this pair of shoes is that it has a roomy toe box that feels comfortable to the feet. It does not have any seams that some wearers even claim that it can be worn sockless during your workout.


      • It’s available in two models, male and female variety
      • There are 8 color combinations you can choose from
      • It has a super-stretchy upper that is designed to fit like a second skin
      • It features asymmetrical lacing system on its side to relieve pressure on your instep


      • There are some complaints from its customers saying that it doesn’t live to its claim of feeling like you’re on barefoot.

      3. Reebok Yourflex Train 8.0 L MT Training Shoes

      Check price

      Reebok is another famous brand that has been around ever since the 1950s and it has produced some of the most reliable shoes in the market. Reebok Yourflex Train 8.0 L MT Training Shoe is no exception. It comes with several useful features like its low-cut training design, for instance, that makes it more adaptable to most types of training. What’s even great is that you’ll never notice that they’re low cut since it feels very comfortable to the ankles.

      Moreover, the shoe’s upper part is made of mesh and elastic material that delivers ultimate comfort, fit and most of all, breathability. I also like that it comes with EVA midsole that will help your feet prevent from experiencing discomfort which tends to happen all the time every time you do high impact exercises. The EVA midsole will absorb all the shock and will keep your feet protected/

      It also has a rubber outsole that can handle abrasion, this means this pair of shoes can take a real beating through the years and will still look brand-new.


      • It comes with the perfect amount of cushion that is ideal for elliptical machine usage
      • It features mesh and elastic-molded upper which is comfortable to the feet
      • It has a high-abrasion rubber outsole
      • It has lightweight EVA midsole


      • Its outer mesh feels a little flimsy and might break apart through time.

      4. New Balance Men’s Mx608v4

      Check price

      This pair of training shoes are made to be used as walking shoes. Its main feature is it’s suede upper that is then combined with a dual-density collar which aims to provide a secure and comfortable fit.

      It also comes in a lace-up close so it will be easy to adjust to suit whatever the size of your feet is as well to help your feet’s movements. Another thing I’m sure you’ll like is the fact that it’s made from breathable mesh, this will make sure your feet will be kept cool whenever you’re working out.


      • It provides a secure fit
      • Its body is made of breathable mesh to make sure your feet will always feel dry
      • It features lace-up closure that makes the shoes easy to adjust
      • It boasts a new and improved design


      • It has flimsy soles that may fall apart after a few months of using it.

      5. New Balance Men’s Coast V4 FuelCore Athletic Shoes Running

      Check price

      Here’s another incredible pair of shoes from New Balance. This pair of running shoes feature a sleek and fashioning design makes it look like a gorgeous, casual wear sneaker. It’s equipped with cushioned comfort and lightweight flexibility that you’ll need when you’re working out on an elliptical machine.

      In addition to that, the upper of shoes is made of breathable and lightweight synthetic fibers. Plus, it’s also available in several color variations. Another thing I like about this shoes is the Revlite ultra-lightweight midsole foam that makes sure excellent underfoot cushioning and great stability.

      It also uses Memory Foam for its insole with extra padding to provide you the support and comfort that you need.


      • It features super-stretchy mesh fabric that feels so comfortable
      • It has a removable insole so you can use your medical orthotics
      • It provides great fit even those with wide feet


      • Its material is not long-lasting

      Best Shoes For Elliptical: Buyer’s Guide

      You have to remember that not all shoes are made for elliptical machines and there’s no brand that market shoes specifically for ellipticals. So whenever you’re shopping, make sure to look out for these features.

      Shoe type

      Most people who work out with elliptical machine find that the best types of shoes you should consider are the cross-trainers and the running shoes. This is because these two tend to be much more versatile, so it will be much easier for you to get used to the shoes according to your workout needs.

      Moreover, both types of shoes can also provide you with a higher level of stability and support that you won’t find with other shoes, especially those that are made for other types of athletic activities. Cross-trainers and running shoes have been designed to fit the motions of the ellipticals. For instance, the running shoes are engineered by considering its wearer who will be moving in a forward-moving fashion which is a usual movement of elliptical usage.

      Velcro or Laces

      When it comes to the best shoes for elliptical, you can choose between lace shoes or those that close using Velcro; this will be dependent on your preferences. In the end, both types of shoes will be sufficient for elliptical training.

      However, most of running shoes and cross-trainers come in laces. If you’re going to buy laced shoes, just make sure you’re not lacing them too tight or else it would cut off the blood circulation to your toes and will make it very uncomfortable for you to workout.


      Even if elliptical workout can reduce the joint stress, it can still bring your body to a ‘shock’ which can potentially cause damage if your muscles or joints are absorbing too much of the shock. So make sure you are picking a pair of shoes that provides cushioning beneath the balls of your flat feet.

      This will help you stay comfortable and stable in your entire workout duration as it helps avoid the pain like hip pain or achilles tendonitis. In addition to that, you’d also want to balance cushioning with stability. So I highly suggest you avoid those shoes that have rounded or bigger soles. Though some may think they are more cushioned, they can be harmful to your feet (try to avoid the carpal tunnel syndrome or tarsal tunnel syndrome) and workout as they will only cause you to be more unstable on the machine.


      I’m sure you’re already heard what ‘pronation’ is. If you haven’t yet, well it’s simply the way your foot moves or ‘rolls’ as it lands when you’re walking or running. Each of has various level of pronation. So when you’re choosing a pair of shoes, you must consider your level of pronation as well as what you need out of the shoe.

      If you’re an underpronator, you must pick a shoe with more flexibility as the angle of your heel that hits the ground causes a higher level of shock. A flexible shoe would be able to help you make sure that the shock impact will be evenly absorbed, instead of being all absorbed by your heel.

      When it comes to elliptical workout, a flexible pair of shoes will also be able to help you absorb shock, provide arch support as well as stability. It will also give your toes more room to flex when you’re relaxing or pressing down on the elliptical pedals. This will help you keep yourself supported and comfortable and most of all, minimize the risk of hurting yourself like avoid getting achilles tendonitis.


      A great elliptical pair of shoes will often come in a low-top so it can deliver greater support to your ankles and feet. I also recommend you opt for shoes that have wider outsoles and should also be sturdy and firm yet with cushioned midsoles so there will be arch support.

      Soles are usually made of synthetic or rubber material, while the midsoles are often made with foam.


      So there you have it, the list of the best shoes for elliptical that can make your workout more effective and much safer. The right shoes will help you take advantage of the elliptical workout benefits.

      Anyway, I hope this article will help you find the perfect shoes that can meet your demands and preferences. If you still have any more questions, feel free to leave them at the comment section below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

      What Activities Can Cross Training Shoes Be Worn For?

      Cross-Training shoes are generally used for elliptical training and all other kinds of low-impact workouts but are worn to cushion and pad the balls of the feet. They can be ideally defined as shoes that are flexible, provide avid protection and also stand shocks. They are generally chosen keeping in mind, your stride length, foot width and other support needs. The great advantage is that it can put to a number of uses along with training like different sports activities. Exercise regimens, workouts and jogging. Aiding on the fact that they are extremely flexible and light, they are the most affordable accessory for all workout regimes. Check out the best Women’s Cross Training Shoes with Cushioning.

      The most advantageous factor of these shoes is that, according to Mayo clinic walking and training upon cross-trainers will bring about the same results as that of walking on a tread mill. They are basically designed to be versatile, compatible and to aid a supportive base. Cross-trainers however are not a so-good option for long distance running as they are usually less-cushioned then the basic running shoes but they have an amiable bulky structure that helps to cushion your ankle movements.

      Difference Between Cross-Trainers and Running Sneakers

      If you’re constantly at gym or at exercise regimens it would be better to let your trainer/advisor recommend one, or hop into a shop and let the dealer recommend one according to your strides and foot width , or just check out the shoes recommended by sports nuts.

      They are the most economical choice as one of these can be put into various kinds of uses. Like they can be used in,

      Health Clubs:

      Many wear Cross-trainers at gym/health clubs for they provide enough cushioning at the sole and make it flexible, therefore render a help for aerobic activities, weight lifting and cycling.


      They are generally used for indoor games like volleyball, basketball etc. for they aid extra support and maximize foot comfort in and around ankles. They are best chosen to go with out-door tennis activities.

      Specialized Shoes:

      They are not designed for long-running but can be worn for sports that include running for short-distances.

      If you are still confuesed about this,Please check the follow chart which outlines how cross training shoes can be worn for a number of popular sports and exercise activities.


      Are Cross Training Shoes Appropriate?

      Most Important Feature


      Yes Maximize Foot Comfort


      Not for long-running, but the occasional jog is fine Support in forefoot


      For playing once per week or less Cushioning for jumping


      For the occasional match Lateral support for quick cuts on the court

      Weight Training

      Yes Stability

      When to Replace Cross Training shoes?

      In addition to being informed about what activities cross training shoes are perfect for, it is also important to know when you should replace your cross training shoes. According to the popular Dick’s Sporting Goods store, cross training shoes should be able to sustain 100 hours of wear. This is the equivalent of two, one-hour workouts per week for an entire year. More vigorous exercisers may need to replace their shoes every six months. Also, if you notice any kind of wear and tear on your shoes, then think about replacing them for your safety and your body’s health.

      Women’s Running Shoes

      Foot Locker keeps you on stride with the leading supply of women’s running shoes. Our wide selection includes the latest performance models to help you excel on the track, trail, and roadway from the world’s top athletic footwear brands. And for the most comfortable casual kicks when your workout is over, we also carry all-time classic runners as well at today’s hottest running-inspired silhouettes. One of the most essential genres of footwear to sneaker culture, running shoes have been setting fashion trends since the running boom began in the 1970s. Although designed for performance first, their traditionally low-top silhouettes and plush cushioning have made running shoes the perfect option for stylish and ultra-comfortable kicks for daily wear. With the perfect blend of sporty style and all-day comfort, no woman should be without a few pairs of runners in their style repertoire. Foot Locker has been a trusted source for running footwear since the company was founded in 1974. Our knowledgeable staff is there to assist you with all your needs and answer your questions with performance running footwear, ensuring you’ll be laced in the perfect pair for every stride of your next race day or everyday training regimen. We carry the leading brands in running performance, including Nike, adidas, New Balance, ASICS, Brooks, Saucony, Under Armour, and many more. Rest assured that our selection supplies the latest and most advanced technology in support, cushion, and durability that each respective brand has to offer. You’ll find favorites like the Nike Pegasus, adidas Ultra Boost, ASICS GEL-Kayano, Brooks Glycerin, and Saucony Kinvara just to name a few. For casual kicks, you can expect the same unmatched selection of women’s retro running styles and modern running-inspired silhouettes. We carry all of the most celebrated running sneakers from yesteryear, with iconic models like Nike’s Air Max 1, Air Max 95, Air Huarache, Presto, and Cortez, the New Balance 574 and 990, and Saucony Jazz. Each of these timeless sneakers sets you up with comfort and style for miles and miles. Seamlessly mixing performance technology with on-trend aesthetics, you get modern comfort and fashion-forward style with today’s hottest casual-first silhouettes like the women’s adidas NMD and EQT lines, Nike Air Max 270, and New Balance 247 and 574 Sport. Along with our women’s selection, Foot Locker also carries the leading supply of men’s and kids’ running shoes to make sure the whole family is on pace with comfort and great looks. To stay educated on all the latest and upcoming women’s running shoes available, follow the @FootLocker social channels on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

      There are currently 49 pairs of sneakers in my closet (yes, 49). I don’t say that to brag, but rather to reassure you that I know what I’m talking about. Because when it comes to running, a truly no-frills sport, there’s only one piece of gear that really matters: your running shoes. And I’ve tested plenty of them.

      Best Women’s Running Shoes For 2020

      Best For Pronators Edgebounce Adidas Best For Everyday Runs Zante Pursuit V1 New Balance $76.97 Most Comfortable Epic React Flyknit 2 Nike $174.66 Most Supportive Dynaflyte 3 Asics $72.99

      This year, shoes got faster, lighter, and more comfortable than ever. Whether you’re looking for something with extra support and cushion for long runs, shock absorption for speed days, durability for muddy trail runs, or just a solid running shoe that’s also cute, I’ve got you covered with this list of the best running shoes for women in 2020.

      But before getting into the list, it’s important to know that, when it comes to running shoes, there are a few factors to consider. Other than overall size range, one of the biggest distinctions between women’s running shoes and men’s running shoes is that the midsoles of the former tend to be lighter to account for the fact that women in general weigh less than men and have less muscle mass. Thus, sneakers designed for female runners tend to have softer midsoles than those designed for male runners in order to account for the lower degree of impact women’s running shoes typically need to absorb compared to men’s.

      Related Story

      Similarly, unlike, say your biceps or quads, women’s and men’s feet are physiologically different. Female feet tend to be wider across the forefoot but narrower and higher overall, according to research that looked at the feet of 59 female and 39 males.

      Something else that’s often wider on women than men? Hips, generally speaking. Because of this, women are more likely than men to pronate (or roll their feet inward after landing on the outside edges of their running shoes). To account and help correct for this, it’s common for the soles of women’s running shoes to be designed with more supportive materials.

      Okay now, on to the fun stuff, i.e. shoes themselves. Aside from personally testing the sneakers below to ensure that these are, in fact, 10 of the best pairs of women’s running shoes on the market right now, the editorial team at Women’s Health has also incorporated market research, customer review feedback, and intel from product developers and designers into the mix as well. This is all to say that, if you’re looking for a new pair of running shoes, your feet couldn’t be in better hands.

      Best For Pronators: Adidas EdgeBounce

      Edgebounce adidas

      The EdgeBounce is designed specifically for women, who tend to pronate more because of their wider hips. A wider forefoot and heel platform provide more stability. A springy midsole and a comfortable, stretch-mesh upper makes it a great shoe for mid-distance races.

      Best For Everyday Runs: New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit V1

      Zante Pursuit V1 Fresh Foam Running Shoe New Balance $109.95 $76.97 (30% off)

      A fast, low-profile pick that doesn’t skimp on comfort (hello, bootie construction around the ankle!) and is clutch for everyday runs. It’s sleek and lightweight enough to keep you moving fast, but the midsole foam still offers plenty of cushion as you hit the ground.

      Most Comfortable: Nike Epic React

      Running Shoe (8.5, White/Pink/Black) Nike $174.66

      This is Nike’s first running shoe to feature a proprietary foam, called Nike React, and the bouncy return keeps your feet feeling good mile after mile. It’s light for a foam shoe, and the sole is cushiony without being too soft, so you’ll feel protected but still springy while on the run.

      Most Supportive: Asics DynaFlyte 3

      Courtesy Dynaflyte 3 Running Shoe ASICS $72.99

      Asics is typically known for its heavier, more supportive shoes, but the DynaFlyte 3 is super lightweight—in fact, the foam is 55-percent lighter than the industry standard. But it doesn’t skimp on the support the brand is known for, thanks to a re-designed stretchy mesh upper and gel cushioning in the back of the shoe that absorbs shock and helps you keep your stride on point.

      Best For Speed: Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo

      Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 Nike $106.97

      Pro runner Shalane Flanagan races in the Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4 percent—but runners who aren’t chasing records will love the more accessible Pegasus Turbo. The shoe uses the same comfy ZoomX foam technology in the midsole as the Vaporfly. It also has a light mesh upper that’s breathable but super-supportive, along with an aerodynamically shaped heel that’s built to boost your speed. Plus, the rubber sole features technology that will absorb the impact, no matter how fast you’re racing down the road.

      Best For Stability: Asics Gel-Nimbus 21

      Gel-Nimbus 21 Asics $154.95

      This classic Asics shoe has been upgraded with a roomier toe box and even more bounce—two of the big tweaks making us want to rack up marathon miles in ’em. You’ll still get the gel cushioning you expect from Asics, as well as Guidance Trusstic System Technology, which helps improve gait efficiency. And that makes a big difference over long runs.

      Best For Long Distance: Saucony Ride ISO

      Ride ISO Saucony $120.00

      Saucony’s latest manages to be both lightweight and incredibly cushy, with layers of foam in the topsole for major propulsion and energy return—especially great for maintaining race pace during endurance events. Another bonus: The ISOfit lacing system, which allows you to control exactly how tight you want your laces against the top of your foot—something every runner is VERY particular about.

      Best For Gait Correction: Brooks Bedlam

      Courtesy Bedlam Brooks $149.95

      The Bedlam is Brooks’ first shoe to feature its new midsole technology, DNA LOFT. It’s a similar feel to the DNA AMP found in the brand’s Levitate 2 sneaker, but it uses a mix of EVA foam, rubber, and air for a ride that’s a little softer and more protective. It also features Brooks’ GuideRails technology, which directs your feet into proper alignment, making for a more efficient run and helping to prevent injuries.

      Best Deal: Asics GT Xpress

      GT-Xpress Asics $89.99

      The GT Xpress is a bargain for how many miles they’ll last you. The long-distance trainer has plenty of cushion and support, with gel in the sole to absorb shock as you pound the pavement. The upper is breathable and long-lasting, and the rubber outsole is super durable, too.

      Best for Recovery Runs: Hoka One One Clifton 5

      Clifton 5 Hoka One One $199.95

      Hoka’s made its name on shoes that promise plenty of cushion. But the latest iteration of the Clifton delivers major support without adding a ton of weight. That curved sole keeps your stride smooth, and the redesigned upper keeps your foot snug and centered.

      Women’s Running Shoes from

      Whether you run a few miles now and then or you’re gearing up for marathon season, offers a wide selection of women’s running shoes with everything from supportive, long-distance shoes to flexible, barely there kicks with a seamless fit.When you want women’s running shoes full of winning comfort, performance, and a stylish design, our wide selection of shoes is here to help. Maybe you need a neutral, cushioned shoe to help protect high arches or a stability shoe to protect low or medium arches. Maybe you’re raring to go with a pair of ergonomic, minimalist shoes. offers a wide array of women’s running shoes fit for every foot type. Using our handy filters, you can track down your favorite brands, including Saucony, New Balance, ASICS, and more. Be it old school adidas runners or be it overpronation running shoes, we’ve got it all!Race-worthy women’s running shoes often go beyond aerodynamic engineering to encompass eye-catching, reflective palettes.’s selection of shoes includes shoes that are as colorful and on-trend as they are practical. That’s why we offer a handy search-by-color filter. Now you can match your favorite trail shoes or racing flats with your sleek and colorful workout ensemble.You can even dash to the front of the pack using our wallet-friendly price and discount filters. Because everyone’s foot is different, we also offer handy shoe width and size filters. Best of all, if you try on your women’s running shoes and you find they don’t quite fit or you decide to try a different design, we make it easy and convenient to make an exchange when you take advantage of our free returns on eligible items.There’s nothing like a run in a comfortable pair of kicks. At, we hope you’ll find your perfect race companion in our wide selection of women’s running shoes.

      Women’s Running Shoes

      Women’s running shoes are the ideal choice for keen joggers or those who love going for long walks. Thanks to innovative Diadora technology, which guarantees comfort and breathability, you can run in complete freedom, without compromising on style. Discover all the styles and trendy colors or our women’s running shoes. Running in the morning is an excellent way to wake up your muscles and give your day an energizing boost, while in the evening it helps you release the tension built up at home and at work. Despite the stress and commitments of daily life, Diadora’s women’s running shoes help you enjoy a moment of well-being and relaxation, providing maximum comfort and performance during your daily workout. Attractive and comfortable, they are designed with innovative technology and high quality materials which strengthen your stride and cushion impacts, whether you are running or working out. Browse the collection today and choose your favorite women’s running shoe style, or take a look at the Running Clothing section to complete your outfit.

      If you haven’t had this checked yet, don’t stress: read our guide and then go and do so to make sure your favourites work for your runs.

      Women’s running shoes are specifically designed for a woman’s foot. Therefore they’re usually lighter, softer and ergonomically designed to fit a female-shaped foot. That said, if you have bigger feet or wide toes, you might prefer to run in unisex shoes, which can offer a wider toe box to prevent hotspots and blisters. You’ll find some of the best below.

      With any running shoe, make sure you have at least a finger’s width of space at the top of your toes for your feet to expand when they get hot. Most runners will go up at least half a size from your normal shoe size. If you have a history of injuries, then cushioned shoes can help provide greater impact on each foot strike.

      With 2020 now upon us, and with new goals in mind, we’ve set out which shoe will help with your personal needs, experience and aims, so whether the new year is shaping up to be one for speed, and 5K PBs, or you’re looking to tackle longer challenges, here are the best running shoes for women right now… what are you waiting for?

      Image 1 of 9 Image 2 of 9 Image 3 of 9 Image 4 of 9 Image 5 of 9 Image 6 of 9 Image 7 of 9 Image 8 of 9 Image 9 of 9

      1. Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 women’s running shoe

      Record breaking speed with ZoomX foam and uber stylish – at a price that the average runner can afford (just)


      Best for: Intervals, 5Ks, daily training, longer runs Level: Beginner to elite RRP: £159.99

      Reasons to buy

      +Lightweight+Great energy return+Secure fit from the upper due to Flywire cables

      Reasons to avoid

      -Large investment for beginners-May not suit runners with wider feet

      Nike leads the global R&D of running shoes, and the Pegasus Turbo 2, like its predecessor, features Nike ZoomX foam. This model has been updated with a feather-light upper, while innovative foam brings revolutionary responsiveness to your long-distance training.

      You’ll find it feels lighter and more streamlined than the Pegasus Turbo. You’ll still feel the exceptional energy return and plenty of speed. As soon as you slip on this shoe you’ll feel the difference in the lightweight upper. There’s plenty of speed in this model, but it’s a versatile shoe that will transition just as well to longer training and marathons.

      Image 1 of 7 (Image credit: Hoka) Image 2 of 7 Image 3 of 7 Image 4 of 7 Image 5 of 7 Image 6 of 7 Image 7 of 7

      2. Hoka Clifton 6

      Signature HOKA ONE ONE cushioning makes this a shoe you can run in every day, whatever your session

      Level: Beginner to elite (it’s a popular brand for the world’s best ultrarunners) Best for: Daily training, summer races, longer runs, injury-prone runners +Lightweight+Plush fit+Breathable upper+Excellent cushioning for longer runs -Can feel too narrow in toe box-Can take a while to get used to cushioning or ‘bounce’

      The Clifton 6 has shed some weight, but it remains as soft and comfortable as the Clifton 5. Women with larger feet often feel that these oversized shoes aren’t for them, but once you’ve run in HOKAs you’ll never go back. You can’t fault the EVA midsole, and even though these shoes look bulky they are deceptively lightweight.

      If you want to keep running, forever, their cushioning is going to seriously help preserve your joints. As a daily trainer, the Clifton 6 provides a comfortable ride, you won’t get any hotspots and it is a great recovery run shoe. Ideal for those starting a spring marathon.

      Image 1 of 1

      3. Reebok Floatride

      The best cheap women’s running shoe

      Level: Good entry level shoe, yet versatile enough for competitive runners Best for: Speed work, interval training, track, gym, activewear +Lightweight+Excellent value for a performance shoe+Encourages a natural stride -May feel narrow in the toe box and heel

      The Reebok Floatride remains a steal as we come to the end of 2019. With its Energy Foam midsole you’re guaranteed lightweight responsive cushioning. It’s an everyday shoe, with a light mesh upper providing support and ventilation.

      It’s not flashy but it has all the basics including excellent cushioning for urban outings, and a very natural feel. It’s also the perfect shoe for the gym and cross-training. As the most expensive trainer prices rise to nearly £250 per pair, these offer excellent value, especially as they look just as great in a café as in the gym.

      (Image credit: Asics)

      4. Asics GT-2000 8

      Great stability shoes for comfortable rides

      Level: Training for mid- to long-distances Best for: People looking for a support shoe with ample amount of cushioning +Ideal for overpronators+Well padded and comfortable+Open forefoot-construction -Not the lightest-It can be a bit too firm for beginner riders

      The latest version of the GT-2000 8 is the 27th (!) iteration of the of the stability running shoes from the Japanese manufacturer Asics. Launched at the end of 2019, the GT-2000 8 carried over many of the features from its predecessors and also improved on many of them in the same time, using the latest technology from the innovation-driven company.

      The improvements starts on the top: the engineered mesh upper helps the shoes better follow the shape of the foot while the dyed yarn mesh on the sockliner eliminates the need of dying it during manufacturing.

      The patented Trussic system uses a reinforced section in the outsole to prevent the shoes from twisting, helping your feet to land more evenly in each stride. the more natural – yest supported – gait cycle is further enhanced using the Impact Guidance System that encourages natural foot motion. Even the Ortholite collar around the ankle has been designed to reduce friction and to improve comfort on longer runs.

      The Asics GT-2000 8 uses a midsole system called FlyteFoam, which features the signature Asics GEL cushioning in the rearfoot and forefoot area. The GEL technology has long been one of the benchmark levels when it comes to cushioning in running shoes and it is often as comparison to put other cushioning systems in comparison.

      Although the Asics GT-2000 8 offers a lot of support for overpronators – people who land on the inner part of their soles – for the same reason, it is rather firm and focuses on keeping the foot in a certain as opposed to letting it roll freely. People who will benefit the most will be the aforementioned overpronators and neutral runners who appreciate a firmer ride.

      Image 1 of 5 Image 2 of 5 Image 3 of 5 Image 4 of 5 Image 5 of 5

      5. New Balance Fresh Foam Lazr 2 HypoKnit

      Superior comfort and a dynamic fit from the HypoKnit upper

      Level: Looking for PBs Best for: Speed sessions on the track or a fast 5K +Super comfortable sock-liner/integral tongue+Secure heel+Great fashion accessory -Tongue may crease when laces first tightened-Limited dark colourways

      Another great value shoe that is exceptionally comfortable, flexible and versatile. They are undeniably as stylish as they are a performance shoe. The HypoSkin upper provides a dynamic, engineered fit that’s stretchy and is designed to mould to the natural bendiness of your foot.

      The integral tongue allows a seamless interior to the upper in the front of the shoe. The data-inspired midsole design and the Fresh Foam technology offers plenty of comfort for high-impact activity. The hexagonal shaping of the outsole also provides impressive traction. They’re surprisingly light for a well cushioned shoe. This shoe looks both speedy and attractive and has been a favourite in 2019 for its secure, comfortable fit.

      Image 1 of 4 Image 2 of 4 Image 3 of 4 Image 4 of 4

      6. UnderArmour Hovr Infinite

      A cushioned experience with accurate tracking of all running metrics

      Level: Beginners through to competitive Best for: Longer runs where you want lots of cushioning RRP: £120 +Digital connection to performance through UA’s Record Sensor technology+Plush feel in the heel and tongue -Lacks a snug feel-Data connection may be temperamental

      The built-in tech the Infinite offers (a sensor embedded into your insole) means you will connect instantly to your phone, without the faff of having to wait for your GPS watch to find a satellite. This has been a successful shoe since its launch in early 2019 as it offers plentiful cushioning to reduce impact from the ground, and the compression-mesh Energy Web gives great bounce with each stride.

      The thick layer of HOVR foam have made this a great marathon shoe. The EVA sockliner contours specifically to your foot, giving 100 percent support. High impact zones on the outsole are effective, with carbon-rubber traction pods under the heel to enhance confidence. Another great spring marathon shoe that will go the distance.

      Image 1 of 6 Image 2 of 6 Image 3 of 6 Image 4 of 6 Image 5 of 6 Image 6 of 6

      7. Brooks Launch 6

      A lightweight women’s running shoe that combines the speed of a racing flat with cushioning

      Level: Beginners and regular runners Best for: Short to mid-length daily runs RRP: £95 +Good arch support+Great for travelling as so light+Fun designs -May come up half a size too big

      A great value and lightweight shoe, coming in at only 8oz, the Brooks Launch has been one of the most popular light neutral running shoes of 2019. They are so light you don’t feel them, and with the BioMoGo DNA midsole cushioning and rebounding rubber you get a springy ride.

      They are ideal for runners with high arches due to extra support, with a midfoot transition zone shaped to go from heel to toe quickly. The one-piece mesh upper and internal bootie allow your feet to breathe. Available in grey, purple and a fun green with shamrock/clover pattern they are also great to look at. Overall, you will love the light, easy wear of these, which makes them a speedy shoe.

      Image 1 of 6 Image 2 of 6 Image 3 of 6 Image 4 of 6 Image 5 of 6 Image 6 of 6

      8. Adidas Ultraboost 19

      Seamless support and endless energy with the award winning Boost midsole

      Level: Beginner to advanced Best for: All distances, all classes, all outfits RRP: £159.95 +Lots of colourways to choose from+Also great for walking in+Slipper-like fit+Enhanced Boost makes them even bouncier -May feel wide if you have narrow feet-Come up small, so go up half a size to normal

      The 19s are Ultraboost reinvented, to give you an energy fuelled run. They also fit your feet like a glove. They have been successful this year due to the high level of comfort, plus the energy return given by an extra 20 per cent Boost in the midsole. You’ll feel like you are flying.

      The combination of the all new 360 PrimeKnit, which feels very supportive, with the 3D printed heel counter provides much more stability. The outsole is about as strong as you will get for a road shoe, with Continental Rubber ensuring superior traction, even in rain. You get a snug and highly breathable all over fit, that’s flexible but also supportive.

      Image 1 of 5 Image 2 of 5 Image 3 of 5 Image 4 of 5 Image 5 of 5

      9. Saucony Kinvara 10

      This well-loved shoe has held its ground in 2019, being durable and super lightweight

      Level: Beginner to advanced Best for: 10Ks and half marathons +Lightweight and responsive+Versatile for cross-training+Supreme comfort -May find it fits half a size too big-Wide toe box-Limited colourways

      This is the shoe for you if you are focusing on shorter distances next year, with a lot of technology at a decent pricepoint. The EVERUN topsole plus EVA+ midsole gives maximum energy return and a cushioned ride. The engineered mesh upper locks your foot in place, making it a delight to run in.

      There’s just a 4mm offset from heel-to-toe, so you get a natural feel with every stride, rather than relying on the shoe’s cushioning. Expect smooth landings and to feel in touch with the road beneath you. Definitely for those runners who are thinking of speedier runs!

      Image 1 of 5 Image 2 of 5 Image 3 of 5 Image 4 of 5 Image 5 of 5

      10. HOKA Unisex Evo Carbon Rocket

      Having come down slightly in price, these quick-fuelled rocket shoes with a firm carbon plate will see you flying without breaking the bank

      Level: Serious speedster Best for: Short, fast races such as 5K and 10K, speed work RRP: £160 +Lightweight+Stable upper+Good shock absorption+Breathability+Great street appeal with fresh design -May struggle to find your size-May find the carbon plate feels stiff so expect a firm ride-Big investment for a shoe you may not use frequently-Outsole may wear quickly

      Yes, they are slightly more expensive, but well worth the investment. With just a 1mm heel-to-toe offset you will feel your feet flying on the road or track. These go-fast shoes don’t have the signature HOKA cushioning, but the flat carbon plate, shaped like a tuning fork, that sits 8mm above the rubberised foam outsole gives a firm yet cushioned racer.

      The plate is designed for flexibility under the metatarsals, so expect your feet to be supported. These are a firm ride due to the plate and only 1mm drop, so may not suit all runners if you prefer a well-cushioned ride. The amazing colour combination is another reason to snap these up!

      Ever heard of “shrink ’em and pink ’em” ?

      That’s how shoe companies jokingly brief their designers on how to create a women’s version of a shoe — or at least this was the standard until a few years ago.

      Last year, women represented 58% of all the runners in 5k races in the USA, 61% of half-marathons, and 43% of all marathons.

      Finally, shoe companies are realizing that women are a large part of the running population and that women bodies are different from men’s.

      Wider quadriceps angles (Q-angles), lower body mass, and different feet shape are just some physiological differences that grant women different needs when talking about the ideal running shoe.

      Women’s Biomechanics

      While the need for women’s specific running shoes isn’t immediately obvious, there are several factors about a typical woman’s biomechanics that require consideration during the design phase of running shoes.

      Wider Hips Mean Extra Stress

      The first factor is that women have larger hips than men, making it more common for women to pronate outside of the normal range. If you overpronate, it is important to find shoes that support your feet and help reduce the chance of injuries.

      Some of the more common overpronation injuries include:

      • Plantar Fasciitis
      • Shin splints
      • Heel pain
      • Iliotibial Band Syndrome
      • Lower back pain
      • Bunions

      According to a report by Runner’s World, runner’s knee tends to strike women nearly twice as frequently because of the added stress. To remedy this issue, a little extra support through slightly different midsoles or outsoles can go a long way. Furthermore, strengthening your hip muscles can also work to help prevent this injury.

      If you still experience pain around your knee when you run, consider getting orthotics. Orthotics can help stabilize your feet and reduce the impact on them as you run. Custom orthotics can be made to your specific feet, needs, and weight.

      Lower Body Mass

      In general, women have about 15% lower body mass – for the same height – than men, though this can vary among individuals.

      This lower body mass means that shoe designers must consider how much foam is necessary in the midsole (women will likely need a little less), meaning that women’s shoes tend to be slighter lower, softer, and lighter than the men’s version.

      In addition, groves in women’s shoes tend to be slightly deeper, making it easier to flex the midsole on toe-off and accounting for the lower body mass.

      Hormonal Differences

      Women have lower muscle mass than men because women produce less testosterone. This means men tend to bulk up more than women. For example, a woman’s leg has about 60 percent muscle where a man’s leg has about 80 percent muscle.

      Another hormonal that differs between the genders is the amount of estrogen in the body. Women have more estrogen, so they tend to have a higher body fat percentage. The good news is that body fat percentage does not affect your performance aerobically because it does not have a direct impact on peak oxygen uptake levels.

      However, the downside is lower estrogen levels can increase the chance of stress fractures, which happen when too much stress is applied to a bone. A common site for this to happen in women is on the medial posterior portion of the tibia bone (the inside back portion of one of the lower leg bone).

      Foot Shape

      Engineers also should consider the fact that men’s feet tend to be broader and longer on average.

      Women’s feet, on the other hand, have different shape characteristics, especially in the arch, toe, and ball of the foot. For example, women’s feet are normally wider in the forefoot, higher in the arch, and more narrow in the heel.

      To ensure that the sole unit is responsive and fits the foot properly, these factors should be considered when trying on shoes. This also means you may have to try several brands and different types of shoes (neutral, stability, cushioning, etc.) until you find what is right for your feet.

      Many women runners have narrow heels, which may cause issues when trying to find the right fit for shoes. If you fall into this category, lacing the shoes differently can help create a snug fit.

        Try this alternative lacing method for narrow heels:

      • Lace shoes as you normally would
      • At next to last eyelet, put each lace through top eyelet (creating small loop)
      • Thread lace ends through opposite loops
      • Finish tying shoes

      This helps keep your heels snug and creates a tighter fit at the top of your shoes.

      How Women’s Shoes Differ

      Women’s running shoes are built wider than men’s in the forefoot area and narrower in the heel because of the shape of women’s feet. However, women’s shoes are sized smaller than men’s — the latter which are normally wider and sized larger than women’s running shoes.

      Depending on the brand, you may experience different midsole, heel support, or weight of the shoe. Normally women’s shoes weigh less than men, but the midsole and heel may or may not be made of the same materials because women tend to overpronate more than men.

      Can You Run in a Men’s Shoe?

      Some women find running in a men’s shoe more comfortable and fitting rather than running in a women’s shoe. Why is that? It is just the individual shape of the foot.

      Remember that every foot is different and if you find women’s shoes aren’t fitting right, give men’s running shoes a try. If you wear a size 9 in women’s shoes, this doesn’t mean you will wear a size 9 in men’s shoes, usually a size 7 compares. You will have to try on a variety of men’s shoes to find the right size.

      Final Thoughts

      Men and women’s running shoes differ in a variety of ways, including the way our bodies react in them. Make sure you have the right running shoes for your body type, foot shape, and running needs for a more comfortable run.

      These are the running shoes we recommend for women. Which ones do you run in? Let us know in the comments!

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