Best cycling shoes 2020: 17 top-rated road cycling shoes

Your feet are one of the most important contact points on a bike, so it’s vital to choose your cycling shoes carefully. There’s a lot of choice though, so it can be hard to know what’s best.


Do you need to spend big bucks to get the latest pro model or can a cheaper option perform just as well?

Some love a gleaming white pair of disco slippers, but these can be hard to keep clean (especially in the UK). Others prefer classic black, but some might say that black shoes are boring.

Cycling shoes can also vary wildly in fit and intended use. It would be easy to throw lots of money at the problem and end up with a set of shoes that don’t suit your unique foot shape or riding style.

We’ve put in the hours and crunched all the numbers, so you can find the best cycling shoes for your performance requirements and budget. Once you’ve considered all of the options, keep reading to the end for our buyer’s guide to road cycling shoes.

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The best cycling shoes in 2020, as rated by our expert testers

Shimano S-Phyre RC9

5.0 out of 5 star rating Shimano’s S-Phyre RC9 shoe. Shimano

  • £320 / AU$499
  • Our top-rated road shoe
  • Brilliant all-round performance

Shimano has quietly been making some of the best cycling shoes for a while, and the S-Phyre RC9 is one of our absolute favourites – indeed it’s the only pair of shoes on this list to receive a five-star rating.

Dual BOA IP1 dials and the wrap-around, microfibre uppers offer a secure overall hold, without any overly tight areas. Arch support is customisable via included changeable inserts, so you shouldn’t need to shell out for custom insoles either, unless you’ve got really specific fit requirements.

Built around Shimano’s stiffest carbon sole, these are Tour de France proven race shoes. They’re not cheap, but we found the fit, performance and comfort to be seriously impressive. We think they look great too, and the electric blue is particularly lovely, if you like lairy shoes.

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Latest deals

Bont Riot Road+ Boa

4.5 out of 5 star rating Bont’s Riot Road+ Boa shoe. Bont

  • £150 / $182
  • Heat-moldable fit
  • Supremely stiff carbon sole design

With their supremely stiff, heat-moldable carbon soles, the Riot Road+ Boa shoes bring Bont’s distinctive design philosophy to a lower price point.

The tub-shaped carbon soles are supremely stiff, making for a strikingly efficient and supportive pedalling platform.

Bont claims its last offers a more anatomical fit straight out of the box, compared to other cycling shoes. But that fit can be fully customised at home by simply popping them in the oven for 20mins at 70°C/160°F, before putting them on and tightening them up.

Our tester found them to run slightly smaller than other shoes, so check the fit carefully when buying (a good reminder not to just rely on the stated sizes with shoes).

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Giant Surge Pro

4.5 out of 5 star rating Giant’s Surge Pro shoe. Giant

  • £275 / $385
  • Innovative carbon sole design
  • Freedom of foot movement

The Giant Surge Pro shoes use an innovative carbon sole design, where stiff plates on the forefoot and heel are linked what Giant calls an ‘ExoBeam’. This allows for a stiff, efficient pedalling platform without restricting the uppers at the sides of the shoe, like a traditional, flat sole.

The upside of this design is an increased range of movement for your midfoot and ankle, adding comfort without compromising performance. A choice or arch inserts adds an element of customisation.

They’re only available in all black or white, so if you’re looking for something spicy, this might not be for you. Otherwise, they’re a pro-level shoe at a good price.

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Giro Sentrie Techlace

4.5 out of 5 star rating Giro’s Sentrie Techlace shoe. Giro

  • £220 / $250
  • Comfort and aesthetics
  • Stiff carbon soles

Sitting just below Giro’s top of the range shoes, the Sentrie Techlace nevertheless has the wonderfully rigid soles Giro shoes are renowned for. The shoes are also a bit cheaper, which is always welcome.

The combination of Velcro, Techlace and a Boa dial means the aesthetics might be a little divisive, but we think they look great – they’re certainly unique anyway.

Giro contends the Techlace system brings the best of laces and on-the-fly adjustability, and while we don’t think it’s necessarily a game-changer, we’re nevertheless inclined to agree.

A roomier fit and water repellant Exofibre upper mean these might be an ideal road shoe for winter riding, when you want to put on thicker socks and the risk of getting soggy feet substantially increases.

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Mavic Cosmic Ultimate SL

4.5 out of 5 star rating Mavic’s Cosmic Ultimate SL. Mavic

  • £340 / $360
  • Incredibly lightweight yet efficient
  • Extremely well ventilated

The Mavic Cosmic Ultimate SL shoe is billed as a pro-level climber’s shoe, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Weighing in at just 436g per pair in a size EU45, these are seriously light shoes. Mavic achieves this using seamlessly constructed uppers, consisting of a TPU skeleton bonded to an ultralight mesh, and a single Boa dial to tighten the shoe. This sits on Mavic’s Full Carbon SL sole, which has a stack height of just 6.5mm.

The upshot of this construction is that it makes for an incredibly well ventilated shoe – if you make a habit of climbing Mont Ventoux in July, you’ll really appreciate this… But if you live somewhere a little cooler, you might find your feet get chilly more often.

Available in black, white or yellow, but we recommend the yellow because it’s the colour of Le Tour and therefore better.

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Sidi Wire 2

4.5 out of 5 star rating Sidi’s Wire 2 shoe. Sidi

  • £330 / International pricing TBC
  • Excellent power transfer
  • Comfortable fit

The Sidi Wire 2 shoes aren’t the lightest shoes on this list, but they look, fit and perform brilliantly – you’ll likely be very happy with a pair of these unless you’re a weight weenie.

Our tester found them to have quite a narrow fit, but was able to easily find the right size by simply going a half size larger than usual, which is something not offered by many other brands.

Sidi persists with its own closure dials, but these work just fine. The only drawback is that they can be a little fiddly to operate with gloves on, compared to a standard Boa dial.

Overall, these shoes quietly go about their business, providing great performance across the board.

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Specialized S-Works 7

4.5 out of 5 star rating Specialized’s S-Works 7 shoe. Specialized

  • £340 / $400 / AU$500
  • Wider fit
  • Excellent security and comfort

Specialized has poured a lot of resources into developing its shoe range recently, and the S-Works 7 shoes are the result of all that development.

A roomier toe box and more generous Form Fit last, compared to the previous generation, make these a better fit for slightly wider feet.

We found them to be very comfortable, with the Dyneema Mesh uppers and Body Geometry designed footbed providing a secure fit without restricting your feet in any way.

Specialized says the FACT Powerline carbon sole is the stiffest it’s ever produced, and it certainly seems to be good enough for Peter Sagan’s monstrous power levels.

They look the business too, with a classy finish and lots of colour options available.

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Specialized Torch 3.0

4.5 out of 5 star rating Specialized’s Torch 3.0 shoes. Specialized

  • £200 / $200
  • Performance, weight and comfort
  • Price

They might lack the S-Works moniker, but the Specialized Torch 3.0 shoes perform like shoes costing £100 more.

Taking clear design inspiration from the S-Works 7 shoe, the Torch 3.0s have a similar fit system of two Boa dials and Velcro strap across the forefoot. This makes for easy and precise fit adjustments.

We did find that we had to unhook the top Boa lace from its anchor in order to get the shoes on however, which is a minor inconvenience.

Once on, though, they feel great. The fit is generous, with good arch support and there’s plenty of support around the heel cup to prevent any slippage while climbing or sprinting.

Specialized says the FACT carbon sole rates as 8.5 on its stiffness index, compared to 15 for the S-Works shoe, but we found them plenty stiff enough for everything.

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Suplest Edge3 Pro

4.5 out of 5 star rating Suplest’s Edge3 Pro shoe. Suplest

  • £310 / International pricing TBC
  • Small brand novelty
  • High quality finish

Suplest might be a small Swiss brand, but it makes shoes that can compete with cycling’s leviathans. The Suplest Edge3 Pro shoe is its top of the range model, worn in the WorldTour by Swiss time-trial champion Stefan Küng.

An ultra-stiff Ergo 360 carbon sole provides an efficient pedalling platform, while the microfibre upper uses a wraparound design that integrates the tongue for a consistent fit.

Fit adjustment is managed by dual Boa dials, so you can customise fit across the length of the shoe. A thin layer of carbon is also incorporated into the uppers to alleviate localised pressure from the Boa laces and dials.

They gain a little weight over other high-end offerings, but their performance, fit and high quality finish leave little to be desired.

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Bont Helix

4.0 out of 5 star rating Bont’s Helix shoe. Bont

  • £349 / $399
  • Custom fit
  • Lightweight and extremely stiff sole

The Helix is Bont’s top of the range racing shoe, with a design focussed almost entirely on generating maximum power transfer from your feet to the pedals.

As with all Bont cycling shoes, they are heat moldable for a completely custom fit. They also have the tub style sole design that lends them such extraordinary stiffness.

Bont has thankfully moved to a Boa closure system, which makes for easy adjustment before and during your ride.

The price is high, but these shoes genuinely feel unlike anything else on the market. The level of stiffness is a bit bonkers, to be honest, so they’re not really an endurance focussed shoe. If you’re looking for pure performance though, look no further.

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Fizik R1 Infinito Knit

4.0 out of 5 star rating Fizik’s R1 Infinito Knit shoe. Fizik

  • £350 / $376
  • Race shoe stiff
  • As comfortable as slippers

Right on trend, the Fizik R1 Infinito Knit uses a stretchy, highly breathable, knitted fabric in its construction. The idea is to complement traditional synthetic materials to allow for a more comfortable fit and greater breathability.

A water repellent treatment also stops them from letting in too much moisture if the weather takes a turn, but they’re definitely still more of a fair weather shoe.

We found them to be at their best while riding hard in hot temperatures, where the stretchy knitted fabric can accommodate your foot swelling with the heat. The sole is plenty stiff enough for racing and the uppers provide a very comfortable fit with great foot stability.

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Fizik R3 Aria

4.0 out of 5 star rating Fizik’s R3 Aria shoe. Fizik

  • £265 / $300
  • Sleek aesthetics
  • Effective wraparound upper design

Fizik uses its renowned Microtex material for the uppers – the same material it uses on its saddles. It lends the shoes a very sleek appearance and supple fit, but is also highly durable, easy to clean and resilient in bad weather.

The front Boa dial controls the fit across the forefoot, while the rear dial adjusts the overlapping heel surround, creating a snug, even fit without any fabric bunching or pressure points.

Tiny laser cut perforations and dedicated vents in the sole make for better ventilation than you might expect. Pedalling stiffness is also impressive for the price.

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Scott Road Comp BOA

4.0 out of 5 star rating Scott’s Road Comp BOA shoe. Scott

  • £100 / $120 / AU$150
  • Great price
  • Good fit and performance

Despite being Scott’s lowest priced road shoes with Boa fasteners, the Scott Road Comp BOAs are still great performing shoes.

They have a nylon and glass fibre composite sole, which helps bring the cost down. It isn’t as stiff as a full carbon sole, but it’s perfectly adequate for everyday use.

Comfort is good and the fit is more generous than Scott’s higher end, racier shoes, making them a better fit with thick socks.

They look very classy for an entry-level shoe too, with a good range of colours available.

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Shimano RP9

4.0 out of 5 star rating Shimano’s RP9 shoe. Shimano

  • £174.95 / $221.45
  • Endurance focussed design
  • Comfort

The Shimano RP9 shoes sit in a rather unique position as a high-end shoe designed specifically for endurance riding and comfort, rather than outright stiffness and racing performance.

A redesigned heel cup means the shoe fits so well around the rear of the foot that the rest of the shoe only needs minimal tightening to achieve a secure fit.

Up front, the fit is roomier than Shimano’s more race-focussed shoes. Our tester did note that arch support could ideally be more aggressive, but interchangeable foam supports are included, so it’s possible to tune this to a degree.

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Shimano RW5

4.0 out of 5 star rating Shimano’s RW5 road shoes. Dave Caudrey

  • £109.99 / $145.49
  • Warm, dry and comfortable
  • Good value

They might not be sexy, but there’s no denying the difference that a dedicated set of winter cycling shoes can make to your riding.

The sole is constructed from reinforced nylon, with a carbon plate added at the cleat interface for additional pedalling stiffness. The cleat fittings are also compatible with three-bolt road and two-bolt SPD cleat systems, so these are perfect if you want to use double-sided pedals on your commuter bike, for example.

Shimano’s Dryshield membrane covers the whole of the uppers and the inners are fleece lined, so your feet will stay dry and warm in even the harshest of conditions.

Yes, they’re more expensive than a pair of overshoes, but they perform so much better. If you have to regularly ride in cold and wet conditions, you owe it to your feet to try these shoes out.

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Sidi Shot

4.0 out of 5 star rating Sidi’s Shot shoe. Sidi

  • £359 / $549
  • Classic Italian styling
  • Solid construction

The Sidi Shots might be one of the most expensive shoes on the market, but it’s hard to deny their appeal.

They’re not the most technically advanced shoes out there, but they have a sturdy construction that makes them feel like they’ll last for ages. And, of course, there’s that classic Italian styling. With a lot of cycling shoes all starting to look very similar, we love that Sidi continues with its classic euro-pro aesthetic.

Fit across the shoe can be adjusted in a novel way, with an adjustable heel enclosure and two of Sidi’s own dials across the front. It makes for a shoe with plenty of adjustability, but Sidi’s dials are slightly more complex to use than Boa dials.

The carbon sole isn’t the thinnest, but it’s plenty stiff. This might not be a lightweight shoe, but it’s certainly made for racing, and a young Colombian by the name of Egan Bernal recently won a pretty big bike race wearing these shoes.

  • Read our review of the Sidi Shot cycling shoes

Specialized S-Works EXOS

4.0 out of 5 star rating Specialized’s S-Works EXOS shoe. Specialized

  • £450 / $500 / AU$600
  • Unique design
  • Amazingly light

We know aero is everything these days, but it’s always cool to see ultra lightweight bits occasionally come around.

The Specialized S-Works EXOS shoes are one of those products that elicits a “Wow” and our test pair (size EU45) weighed an astonishing 347.2g. That’s just 173.6g per shoe.

Fortunately, considering the price, this drop in weight doesn’t come at the expense of functionality. They use a Dyneema mesh upper, which is a synthetic fabric that is lightweight and supple but doesn’t stretch.

The sole is thinned, relative to the Specialized S-Works 7 shoe. This also helps shave a few grams, but it’s still a very stiff sole. Specialized rates it as a 13 on its Stiffness Index, which is the same as its S-Works 6 shoe.

Our tester found them to be ideal for riding in hot weather and on long climbs where the breathable mesh uppers and light weight makes them ideal. Sadly, such cutting-edge tech doesn’t come cheap, though.

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Road cycling shoes buyer’s guide

Shopping for cycling shoes can be a bit of a nightmare with so many options, and your local shop probably doesn’t stock everything you might want to try on.

Once you’ve been cycling for a while, you might have an idea what works for you, but if you’re just starting out it can be daunting. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a short buyer’s guide to help you get to grips with the basics.


Cycling shoes, like any other shoes, are built around what’s called a ‘Last’. This is essentially a mould, shaped like a foot, that brands use to shape their shoes. Every brand has a different last, based on their own fit philosophy. Finding a shape that works for you is obviously very important, but the only way to find out is really to try shoes on. So make sure you either go in to a shop in person or buy from an online retailer with a good returns policy.


As with most things bike related, carbon is the material du jour when looking at cycling shoe soles. It does make sense though; prized for its ability to be stiff yet lightweight, carbon really is an ideal material for making cycling shoe soles.

The downside is, of course, cost. Entry level shoes tend to use nylon or glass fibre composite soles in a bid to save money. These are likely to be slightly more flexible than full carbon soles, but will still be streets ahead of standard training shoes, so it’s certainly not a huge loss if your budget doesn’t stretch to carbon.

Closure system

There are three main closure systems in use today. The most popular are Velcro straps or wire laces with micro-adjustable dials (Boa and similar).

Occasionally you even get a combination of both. Velcro straps have the advantage of being cheap, effective and easy to use, so you’ll often find these on lower-end shoes. On higher end shoes, Boa and other similar dial systems tend to dominate due to their ability to precisely control fit.

Traditional laces have also had a bit of a renaissance in the last few years, so if you like a classic look you’ll have a few more options now, just remember you won’t be able to adjust your shoes on the bike.

Other features

It’s always worth considering what type of riding your shoes are designed for. A lot of road cycling shoes are designed to be ridden in hot weather, for example, meaning they’re very breathable and won’t offer much protection from the elements.


If you live somewhere where the weather is invariably cold and wet, it’s worth considering if those sort of shoes are really the right choice or if you’d be better off with something more robust.

The best cycling shoes for summer

To choose the best cycling shoes for summer we’ve gathered here are some of the freshest lines and best cycling shoes on the market today. We may be in the thick of the best time of the year – the Spring Classics season – but we’ll soon be approaching the summer months and it seems only fitting that we showcase the glitziest cycling shoes around. They’re bright, they’re white, and they’ll make you want to buy a brand new pair of socks every time you wear them…

Here are the best cycling shoes for summer

1. Specialized S-Works 7

The Specialized S-Works 7 is a comfortable, highly efficient and well-engineered shoe, but suffers minor fit niggles and doesn’t come cheap. While the swanky metal boa dials might be the first thing most people notice, it’s the custom-fit insoles that won us over.

Still, our most lasting impression of the S-Works 7 shoe is one of extremely impressive rigidity. Stiff both in their soles and the uppers, you’ll need to check the fit works for you, while riders after the very coolest shoes might still find them slightly warm.

Read our review of the Specialized S-Works 7 here

2. Fizik R1B cycling shoes

The R1Bs sit at the top of a very pretty range in the Fizik shoe department, with the simple, curvaceous design punctuated only by some small ventilation holes and the Boa dials for a very sophisticated look.

Fizik says the Boa dials are able to adjust the heel cup of the shoe as well as around the forefoot, making for a close fit and better power transfer.

Rather than pulling two opposing sides of the upper together, the dials, located on the outside of the foot, pull the inside of the upper over the top and down, effectively turning the shoe itself into the strap. Clever.

3. Giro Empire SLX cycling shoes

At just 185g in a size 42.5, there’s no doubting that the Empires are pretty light, and as well as the fabrics used, this is probably largely down to the fact that they use laces rather than a ratchet or dial. Laced shoes came into fashion a couple of years ago, but they still look cool, and if history is anything to go by, they work.

With a look that showcases a mix of modernity and tradition, the Empire SLXs are one of the most stylish shoes around.

4. Northwave Extreme Pro cycling shoes

Designed for performance, but also very comfortable for long days in the saddle. The new Extreme Pro shoes are among the most instantly-comfortable we’ve worn in a long while.

Using a double dial system, the cable this pulls doesn’t run through the usual plastic inserts, instead threading through loops composed of something called Dyneema cable. More like a soft tape, even with the dials notched up before a big effort, this ensures they’re never anything but slipper-like in terms of comfort.

Read our review of the Northwave Extreme Pro here

5. Shimano RP9 cycling shoes

The RP9 was designed as a halfway house between Shimano’s top end R321 model and the more entry level options. It comes with a carbon sole and heat-moldable uppers and insoles – a range of which are provided, depending on foot arch.

The shoe itself is very smart indeed, and belying of its price tag, coming in either matte white or black, with a textured finish and a classic Velcro and buckle fixture combination.

6. Sidi Wire cycling shoes

As well as being one of the most reputable and best known shoe brands on the market, if there’s one thing that Sidi does well, it crams its footwear with gadgetry.

The Wires typify that and come bedecked with Sidi’s trademark adjustable heel retention system, an adjustable strap, and intricate dials to tighten everything together.

The gleaming pearl white finish could hardly look more pro, either.

7. Specialized S-Works Exos cycling shoes

The Specialized Exos range comes in two different shoes, both of which claim to be the lightest in the world. With the Exos clocking in at a feathery 150g (claimed weight for size 42) this makes them the lightest production shoe with a Boa dial closure. This leaves the Exos 99 at (you’ve guessed it) 99g, as flat out the lightest production road shoe ever.

For both models, the bulk of this saving comes from the all-new Dyneema uppers which feel tissue-paper thin, yet somehow manage to remain tough and durable.

Read more about the Specialized S-Works Exos here

8. Giant Surge Pro cycling shoes

Comfortable, close-fitting shoes with oodles of tech. Turning the Sure Pro over the most noticeable element is the thin bar of carbon that runs down the centre of the sole. Dubbed the ‘ExoBeam’ it’s designed to be stiff, but allows for a certain amount of twist to protect ankle and knee joints from becoming strained during pedalling.

Combined with a snug fit and cunning heel-retaining material, these super-rigid shoes ensure no effort is lost to flex or slippage.

Read our review of the Giant Surge Pro here

9. Sidi Kaos cycling shoes

Sidi produces race-orientated shoes and the Kaos is no exception. Given this, their buky weight may come as a surprise.

Still, offsetting this extra mass is above-average durability, comfort and stiffness. Plus, the heel cup is perfectly moulded so there’s no movement when powering up the road, something complemented by a ratchet system whose reach can be adjusted to fit most foot shapes and a self-styled wire system that wraps everything up snugly. Not the most breezy we’ve tried, they should nevertheless outlast more feathery alternatives.

10. Vittoria 1976 Evo cycling shoes

Light thanks to an incredibly thin sole and relative lack of inner lining, don’t let the styling fool you – like one of those veteran riders who leave you in the dust, the Vittoria’s retro looks belie a shoe that’s resolutely firm and thin.

Light, thin, and with lots of vent holes in their microfibre upper, they won’t cook your feet either. Pre-empting the trend for laces, their supple upper stretches to remain comfortable as the foot expands mid-ride.

This does mean they’re less supportive than some but when you’re ploughing down the road, it’s hard to notice. For serious modern racers, the Vittoria 1976 EVOs remain a genuine if retro-looking consideration.

Buy now from Amazon for £74

Cycling shoes have come a long way since their inception. Today, a variety of designs are available to assist cyclists for optimal performance while on the saddle.

With the abundance of choices, the search for your ideal bike shoes could be daunting. Don’t fret! You’ve come to the right place as RunRepeat has piled everything you need to know to make the most fitting and informed decision for your unique preferences.

Cycling shoes explained

Cycling shoes are simply footwear designed and built for the most efficient biking experience. As mentioned, there is a wide variety of models to choose from. Before you make a decision, factors such as type and vigor of the cycling you plan to do should be put into consideration.

Some of the hallmarks of bike shoes are their narrower design, rigid soles, relatively lighter weight, method of attaching the footgear to the pedal, and innovative closure systems.

Best Cycling shoes – January 2020

Materials and design

Most bike shoes are characterized by a relatively snugger fit and stiffer soles than casual shoes. Due to this, they are not meant to be walked on for extended periods. Their upper materials are usually made from lightweight textiles that are not easily penetrable by liquids. However, most cycling footwear (especially road shoes) employ several air pockets for ultimate breathability, which compromises water-resistant features.

Upper materials come in several choices: synthetic, synthetic/mesh, leather, suede, and knit.

Given the snug fit of cycling shoes, closure systems are designed to prevent pressure points across the top of the foot. Newer fastening systems such as BOA dials and ratchet buckles also aim to provide easier on-the-fly adjustments while on the bike.

Down below, soles are engineered to provide rigidity to aid in the efficient transfer of energy onto the bike. Most bikers deem that the stiffer the sole, the higher the power transfer is. However, the level of rigidity is still relative, as some prefer a little bit of flex to maintain comfort throughout the ride.

Cycling shoes’ soles come in three variations: carbon composite soles, full carbon soles, and unidirectional carbon. Carbon composite soles are crafted from a combination of carbon fiber and nylon – it is the most flexible out of the three. Full carbon and unidirectional carbon fiber soles are the same but the latter is designed with the fibers going in a single direction, providing a stiffer feel.

Pedal systems

Today, there are two types of pedal systems cyclists can choose from – Clipless and Flat. To put it simply, clipless bike shoes employ a variety of holes in the sole to accommodate cleats that clip onto the bike’s pedal. This system allows the footwear to attach to the pedal for a better connection.

Clipless systems are designed to let the rider use most muscular groups in the legs as the cyclist can both pull the pedal upwards and push it downwards. It is said to provide better power transfer compared to the flat pedal system.

Clipless shoes employ three varieties of hole numbers depending on the cycling activity. 2-hole clipless shoes, also known as SPD, are usually seen on mountain bike shoes. 3-hole shoes, often called SPD-SL or Look, are commonly placed in road bike shoes, while the 4-hole type is the least common. The more holes, the more attached the footgear is to the pedal.

Finally, flat cycling shoes usually display a skate-inspired aesthetic. They do not have holes in their soles and instead have a regular sneaker sole look. However, their outsoles are characterized by excellent traction to help keep the foot planted on the bike while pedaling. Flat bike shoes are usually seen on MTB shoes and casual/commuter bike shoes.

Different types of men’s and women’s bike shoes

Cycling involves a variety of activities and disciplines, and for each type, a particular design of cycling shoes is recommended. Read on to find out more.


Cycling on paved roads entails smooth, long rides with some downward slopes and climbs. Moreover, some of the most popular cycling competitions are held on smooth pavement. With this in mind, road bike shoes employ the stiffest soles compared to other types of cycling. This allows ultimate energy transfer but isn’t recommended for prolonged use off-bike.

Moreover, since mounting off the bike isn’t often done in road cycling, this footwear has smooth soles with rubber pads to aid in those short times you need to stand or walk.

Road shoes usually employ a 3-hole cleat system that clips onto the bike’s pedals. They are lightweight and feature ventilation holes for improved breathability. The price range for road shoes falls between USD 60 to USD 550. Some of the brands that offer top quality road shoes are Mavic and Fizik.


The sport of Triathlon comprises of three continuous endurance races. It usually includes swimming, cycling and running. Due to the competition’s nature, cycling shoes made for Triathlon are characterized by features for smooth and quick transitions such as easy draining, fast-drying materials, and on-the-fly adjustments.

Triathlon bike shoes are basically road cycling footwear aesthetic-wise with tweaks intended for the fast-paced sport.


Also called Velodrome, track cycling is a racing sport usually held on a venue with a specially-built surface. Bikers are required to go around the course and finish a certain number of laps in the fastest time. The shoes used for track cycling are also essentially road shoes, but companies have applied a number of changes to accommodate the needs of the racers. They tend to be very minimal in design and usually employ the traditional lace-up fastening.


Due to the rugged and often unpredictable nature of mountain trails, MTB shoes are crafted to be burly, protective, and rugged. The uppers are characterized by impact-resistant features while soles employ aggressive lugged treads for grip and durability.

Mountain cycling shoes come in two different pedal attachment choices: clipless and flat. Clipless MTB shoes make use of the 2-hole system for easier clipping out and planting of the foot. The cleats are recessed into the sole to allow the rider to walk or hike whenever needed. Flat mountain bike shoes, on the other hand, resemble skate kicks but with a lot more grip and stiffness.

Moreover, mountain biking activities could further be broken down into several disciplines, each possibly requiring a different type of MTB shoes. Check out Sidi and Giro’s lineup of mountain bike shoes.


Tour cycling is defined by the leisurely riding of the bike in long distances. This activity comprises of being off the bike for sightseeing and exploring; hence, cyclists usually use flat cycling shoes or clipless shoes with recessed cleats. Touring bike shoes often compromise the level of sole rigidity for traction.


Casual or commuter bike shoes utilize relatively softer soles than road bike shoes. They also feature a sneaker-like design complete with molded midsoles. Most casual cyclists make use of Five Ten’s mountain bike shoes due to their suitable features.

This category also includes the sandal type of cycling footwear. Cycling sandals usually employ the 2-bolt cleat system. One of the manufacturers of cycling sandals is Shimano.


Often called Spinning shoes, they got their name after the fitness club that popularized this type of workout. This activity is done inside gyms and fitness centers on a stationary bike. Specialty indoor cycling shoes aren’t widely available, so practitioners usually buy either road or mountain bike shoes, depending on the pedal used in their local club.


Winter cycling shoes are designed for riders who want to stay active despite the chilly weather. Companies have designed this footwear with insulation and high-top profile for maximum coverage and protection against the cold, wind, and moisture. There are winter versions for both road and MTB shoes.

How to choose cycling shoes

There are several factors needed to be considered to arrive at the most informed decision one could possibly make. These are purpose, closure system, pedal system, and fit.


The first step in figuring out which cycling shoe you need to get is to know what type of cycling you plan on doing. The different disciplines have been discussed above. Once you decide on this, the choices will be narrowed down, and you’re one step closer to your ideal pair.

Closure systems

Cycling shoes employ a variety of fastening systems to provide optimal performance and options to satisfy a wide range of preferences. Brands have even designed proprietary closure technologies to offer alternatives to the market. But what are the different types of fastening systems in bike shoes?

The most common closure system employed in today’s cycling shoes is the innovative BOA dials. It is connected to thin wirings placed throughout the upper that cinch everything when the dial is tightened. The BOA system offers a lightweight and on-the-fly adjustment.

Another option is the Ratchet buckle. This fastening usually secures the top part of the foot and comes with Velcro straps to clinch the mid and forefoot sections. It provides easy adjusting while on the saddle and prevents pressure points, but it is the heaviest out of all the closure types.

The Velcro straps are usually employed in Triathlon cycling shoes or in combination with other closure types. These straps are easy to adjust while cycling and they are lightweight as well.

Last, but not least, is the traditional lace-up system. Although many of today’s cyclists get turned off by the lack of adjustability of laces, plenty still prefers it for its feather-like weight, proven efficiency in securing the foot, and the assurance of no hotspots.

Types of pedal systems have been discussed at the top part of this article. If you missed it, please scroll up to find out more.

Cycling shoes’ fit is engineered to be narrower than that of the everyday trainer. This relatively tight fit is designed for improved power transfer and to prevent the foot from sliding around inside the shoe while pedaling. As for measurements, most cycling shoes come in European sizing, so it is beneficial to know what your EU size is.

Note that each company uses different sizing. For example, Northwave’s size 42 in men’s could fit differently from Shimano’s size 42 in men’s.

Read on to know more about the correct fit of bike shoes.

Getting the right fit

A proper-fitting bike shoe feels quite tight yet comfortable. The snuggest part should be in the heel area, and there should be enough toe room in the front. There also shouldn’t be excessive pressure on the instep. Most cycling shoes won’t stretch over time, so they must be comfortable from the start. Here are some tips you can try for your next shopping trip:

  • It is recommended to visit your bike shop and get your feet measured in the afternoon as they tend to swell slightly as the day progresses.
  • Bring socks you would wear with your cycling shoes.
  • Ask for a store employee to measure your feet in European sizing. This way, it is done by a professional and is more accurate.
  • Try several pairs on. Expect all cycling shoes to feel stiffer and snugger than regular footwear, but make sure that nothing is pinching and causing restrictions.
  • Stand and walk short distances around the house or store. There shouldn’t be more than half an inch space from your toe to the shoe’s toecap. Make sure that there’s no heel slippage too.
  • Mimic pedaling moves by sitting down on a bench and stretch out your legs with your feet flexed, then move your feet downward as if scraping something off the shoe’s toe caps. While you are doing these movements, observe if there are any slippage or pinching.
  • Assess the shoe’s overall comfort. Feel if there are noticeable seams that could cause blisters. Make sure the closure system does not bring about pain and pressure. And lastly, observe if the footbed provides enough support and cushion to counterbalance the sole’s rigidity.
  • If you plan on doing long rides, it is best to check the shoe’s weight as well. Heavier pairs could make long trips more challenging.

Wide feet

Since cycling shoes are engineered to be narrow, cyclists with wide feet often find themselves putting more effort into finding the perfect pair for them. Hearing this, brands have paid attention and produced models created on specialty wide lasts. Check out some of the wide cycling shoes below:

  • Northwave Extreme (Road)
  • Shimano RP9 (Road)
  • Giro Apeckx II (Road)

Women’s models

Due to the ladies’ naturally narrower foot shape, exclusive for women cycling shoes are essential. Although most bike footwear could be converted into women’s sizing, the width could be bothersome for a few. Hence, it is crucial to know that companies have been releasing women-based bike shoes. Some are listed below:

  • Sidi Alba (Road)
  • Shimano XC5 (Mountain)

Frequently asked questions

Where to buy cycling shoes?

Since cycling crossed over to the mainstream many years ago, all the gear needed for the activity have also been readily available. However, cycling shoes could almost be exclusively found in bike stores. This guarantees cyclists that cycling shoes are authentic, and the fitting will be done by a professional.

To help you save time, effort, and energy in searching for the ideal cycling pair for you, we have gathered all the essential info about every bike shoe model available. Just click on a shoe or input the name in the search bar to reveal everything you need to know about it.

Why are cycling shoes expensive?

Cycling shoes are specialty footwear built and engineered for cycling efficiency. Materials, designs, and technologies employed in these shoes aren’t ordinary. Above all these, everything has to be durable and lightweight.

Making a pair of good quality cycling shoes requires a significant amount of craftsmanship and skill. It has been proven that the better the quality and lighter the weight, the more expensive the bike shoe is. Hence, the saying “you get what you pay for” serves true when investing in cycling shoes.

How to take care of cycling shoes?

Proper care will help you get the bang for your buck in the long run. How? It will aid in prolonging your pair’s lifespan and provide optimum assistance with every pedal. With unpredictable conditions when cycling, it should be expected that your shoes will either be dirty, muddy, or wet after each session. Here are some tips you can do to keep your footgear looking and smelling fresh.

Clean your shoes after every session before putting it into storage. To clean it, make a solution of warm water and dishwashing soap, then dip an old toothbrush in the mixture. Proceed to brush your pair in gentle circular strokes until clean.

Squeeze newspapers inside the shoe while you’re cleaning it to let moisture and liquid be absorbed.

Spray your shoe’s hardware with lubricant to clean out the gunk and ensure that they function properly.

Apply a water-repellent solution to your shoes to prevent liquid and dirt from sticking to your shoes. This step should only be done when needed.

Regularly check for screws or any component that needs replacing such as BOA dials, ratchet buckles, laces, heel pads, etc.

Take out the insoles to let the shoe “breathe” and air out.

Store your pair in a cool, dry place that is out of the sunlight’s reach.

When to replace cycling shoes?

The obvious answer to this is when the wear and tear start to affect the comfort and performance of the shoe. But the question “how long does a pair of bike shoes last?” involves a more subjective answer, as it all depends on how often the user wears it and in which discipline of biking it is being used for.

Usually, road shoes last longer than mountain bike shoes. This is due to the smooth and predictable terrain of the pavement. Moreover, the first ones to break are typically the closure systems with hardware and soles.

Which cycling shoes to wear with toe clips?

Although clipless and grippy flat bike shoes are the main choices of cyclists today, there are still a few who prefer riding with toe clips. Toe clips are made from either metal or plastic attached to the front of the pedal. They are shaped after the toe box of the shoe and prevents slippage during the forward motion of pedaling.

Any bike shoe with recessed cleats should work fine with toe clips.

What are the accessories for cycling shoes?

Bike shoes come with accessories to further aid in the cyclist’s comfort and performance. Each brand offers a distinct set of accessories, but some of the most common ones are insoles with a variety of arch support, laces, and overshoe.

Overshoes are made from waterproof materials. They are usually worn over the cycling shoe during winter to protect the wearer’s foot from the elements such as water, dirt, and chilly wind.

Can cycling shoes be used for spinning/indoor cycling?

Yes. Due to the technical features of traditional cycling shoes, they are actually preferred by most studios. Some cycling clubs even rent out cycling footwear to their patrons, but for hygienic purposes buying your own would be best. Although there are indoor cycling-based models available, these shoes are basically patterned after the traditional ones.

Which bike shoe to use depends on the model of stationary bikes being used in your local club. For example, both Peloton and Soul Cycle use cycling shoes with the 3-bolt cleat system, while the original Spinning class use 2-bolt pedals. Make sure to inquire first before purchasing your pair.

15 best cycling shoes

  1. Giro Empire SLX
  2. Giro Empire VR90
  3. Five Ten Kestrel Lace
  4. Five Ten Freerider
  5. Giro Empire E70 Knit
  6. Giro Sentrie Techlace
  7. Giro Cylinder
  8. Five Ten Hellcat Pro
  9. Sidi T-4 Air Carbon
  10. Fizik Terra X5
  11. Five Ten Freerider Pro
  12. Shimano RP901
  13. Giro Empire ACC
  14. Five Ten District Flats
  15. Sidi Alba

Best Road Bike Shoes – Where Power And Price Meet

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Ready to upgrade your road shoes? Here’s the line-up of the best road bike shoes you can get for your money.

Foot comfort is critical. One of the last things you want is for your feet to acquire hot spots or go numb during those half-century weekend rides that you have planned this year.

The downside with shoes is that it is difficult to “test-drive” them. In order to really test your shoes, you really need to mount cleats to them and take them for a spin — ironically, mounting cleats often nullifies your ability to return them.

So here are a few tips and reviews to help you get the best road cycling shoes.

Make Sure That Your New Shoes Fit Correctly:

Your shoes need to not slide around on your heel. However, you need plenty of room in the toe box to allow for good blood flow. Cycling shoes don’t typically have as much give in them as tennis shoes do, so if they rub on your little toe when you first put them on, they will likely still be rubbing that little toe 1000 miles down the road.

The other important thing is to make sure that the cleat mount is far enough back to allow you to mount the cleat directly underneath the ball of your foot — or even behind the ball of your foot. This is typically ok on name brand shoes, but I have seen a few off-brand shoes that don’t have good mounting positions on them.

When you get your new shoes try them on and check for fit. Then, have someone help you mark your approximate ball-of-foot position on the shoe. Typically you can use a pencil or sharpie to make a nearly invisible mark that lets you make sure that you have enough room to mount your cleats properly.

How To Size Your Bike Shoes Demonstration

Road Shoes vs. Mountain Shoes

Basically, the road shoe has a 3-point pattern on the bottom so that you can attach a road cleat. Road cleats are larger than the cleats you use for mountain biking or for spin class and deliver better power to the pedal.

Some road riders opt to go with mountain bike shoes so that they can have a little tread around the cleat. Mountain bike shoes are also a little bit easier to unclip.

Bottom line, Road shoes are stiffer and more powerful — and are perfect for the rider who is serious about their mileage. Riders who want some flexibility in their shoe and cleat are better going with a mountain bike style shoe.

Best Road Bike Shoes Around $100

Here are a couple of top-notch road shoes that will let you blow the peloton away, while still leaving enough mad money for that pair of aero wheels you’ve had your eye on.

Shimano SH-Rp2 Road Shoe

This has got to be one of the best value in road shoes on the market.

Designed to be an entry-level shoe, there is very little of his entry level about this shoe. I have a long history with Shimano shoes, and in my experience, they are designed for the long haul. It is not uncommon to see a Shimano shoe that has lasted for 5+ years of riding.

It has been my experience that the uppers of a road shoe are what tends to wear out first. Thanks to the tough, stretch – resistant synthetic leather upper, the issue is able to handle lane, sun, and heat, without prematurely breaking down.

Thanks to the tough, stretch – resistant synthetic leather upper, this shoe is able to handle rain, sun, and heat, without prematurely breaking down.

Since this is an entry-level shoe, Shimano uses a fiberglass sole. Fiberglass soles are very stiff and efficient …they’re just a little heavier than carbon soles. However, many carbon soles that you see being sold at this price point, are extremely weak and actually rip apart as the miles build.

In my experience, I would much rather have one of these super – durable fiberglass soles, instead of a competitor’s no-name “carbon” sole.

I also find that these shoes have the perfect amount of breathability to help keep your foot from overheating and becoming uncomfortable on long rides.

Whether you are seeking your first road shoe, or simply an affordable road shoe that can handle heavy mileage, this is an ideal choice.

Finally, I am most impressed with Shimano’s last. The shoe shape works well with a wide variety of feet and has been my go-to shoe for a long time. Once you’ve ridden a Shimano Shoe, you are pretty much guaranteed to be a fan for life.

Shimano 2016 Men’s Sport Touring Road Cycling Shoes – SH-RP2 (Black -…

  • Off-set Strap relieves tension at highest point of the foot
  • Extra cushioned tongue for added comfort
  • Optimum pedaling efficiency and compatibility
  • Lightweight glass fiber reinforced nylon sole
  • Indoor cycling friendly SPD and SPD-SL cleat compatible

The Louis Garneau Men’s Revo

Depending on what special you find, you can often pick up this shoe for just over $100.

It is another excellent road shoe to consider. Louis Garneau is one of those companies that makes sure their products do not only work well but that they also are comfortable and stylish. In other words, they put a lot of care into their products.

In a lot of ways, this shoe is much like the Shimano above. You get synthetic and mesh upper, with three straps to keep your foot in place.

This shoe pulls in a couple of nice features that the Shimano leaves out. To begin with, the HRS90 (Heel Retention System) layers an extra piece of material around the heel of the shoe and ties it tightly to the sole. That way, you don’t lose any power on your upstroke.

The other feature that I really like is the extra ventilation in the sole of the shoe. This is actually a feature that Shimano incorporates into their shoes at a higher price point, and it is nice to see Louis Garneau introduce it for so little money. It really makes a difference when it comes to keeping your feet cool on long, hot rides.

We could argue all day about which shoe is “stiffer”. I feel like the Shimano is, and hence the reason my vote goes there. Unless you are racing, both shoes are going to deliver enough power that you won’t have anything to complain about.

Louis Garneau 2015 Men’s Revo XR3 Road Cycling Shoes Black/White-37

  • synthetic-and-mesh
  • New high-density Ergo Air II nylon outsole with patented multivent system
  • HRS-90 system, Synthetic leather and cycling mesh upper
  • Ergo Air Cool Stuff blue insoles for warm temperatures
  • Decentered straps, Main strap with ratchet closure and Velcro straps

Road And Pedal Sets — Ideal for Beginners

Here, I am only going to discuss road bike shoes. These are shoes with the three-hole pattern underneath for mounting the large, road-specific cleat.

However, mountain-style cleats are also excellent for new road riders. These smaller cleats offer more walking surface on the shoe and are easier to clip in and out of. For a great list of beginner road shoes that accept the smaller, mountain cleat, read my review of the best spin class shoes. They are 100% compatible and offer some great options.

A Great Deal On Men’s Road Shoes – The Venzo Shoes And Pedal Set

Typically, you would be hard-pressed to find a pair of shoes for $75. But shoes and pedals? Now you are just messing with me!

This set comes with a LOOK-style cleat which is one of the easier road cleats to get used to using. It gives you a solid platform for delivering all of the power you can and allows you to efficiently pedal down — and pull on the upstroke.

Climbing hills has never been easier.

I would not expect these shoes to last more than a couple of seasons. The problem that I have seen is that, eventually, the upper will separate from the sole — typically midway through the second season of riding.

But, you’ll still have the pedals and cleats that you can move over to your next pair of shoes, so it is a great way to get started for very little money.

Gavin Elite Road Cycling Shoe – 2 and 3 Bolt Cleat Compatible

  • Micro adjustable buckle for fine tuned fit and comfort
  • Nylon fiberglass sole with air-flow vents
  • Synthetic microfiber leather with breathable mesh
  • Designed for comfort
  • Compatible with: 2 or 3 bolt including Look Delta (Peloton compatible), Look Keo, SPD,…

A Great Shoe For Women Beginner Cyclists – Shimano SH-WR35L

I probably should not “pigeon hole” this shoe in the “beginner” spot. Compared to the Venzo’s above, these shoes are bomb proof.

Quality and durability-wise, these shoes are a large step up from what the Venzo shoe offer.

To begin with, this shoe uses a lot of synthetic leather for all-weather strength. And then Shimano is one of the best when it comes to joining the upper to the sole, and I have yet to see one of these shoes tear out. Not that it couldn’t happen, but it would take a lot of mileage.

The other nice feature is the triple strap. These three velcro straps are carefully placed to help eliminate hot spots and make sure that your foot stays comfortable no matter how long you pedal.

Finally, this shoe offers you the ability to go with any cleat design. It is pre-drilled to accept both the mountain cleat and the road cleat, so you can start out with whichever cleat you like, and then switch as you go along — it is all up to you.

SHIMANO SH-WR35 Women’s Shoes

  • UPPER: Multi-layer stretch-resistant synthetic leather and mesh
  • Triple off-set straps prevent pressure points
  • Structurally flexible insole conforms to a wide variety of foot shapes
  • LAST: Women’s Specific Fit
  • SOLE: Glass fiber reinforced polyamide sole

Does Anyone Make Road Shoes For Wide Feet?

For the longest time, the only way to get an “E” width cycling shoe was to stop by your local bike shop and have a mold cast of your sole for expensive custom shoe design.

A few years ago Shimano rose to the need and rolled out a line of affordable, wide-width cycling shoe.

If you have already made it this far in my blog post, you already know that in my experience, Shimano shoes are a high-quality shoe, with a long track record of holding up under constant use.

Designed with the long lasting synthetic leather upper, and large mesh windows for ventilation. The R088 is ready for any ride.

In addition, all of Shimano shoes to use the Dynalast technology which allows for a small amount of flex in the sole. This provides better circulation and more foot comfort over long rides than a completely rigid sole will.

I also like the ratchet strap near the top, for on-the-go adjustment. Sometimes during a long ride, you find that your food needs to be loosened or tightened slightly. The unique racket design makes it easy to do so without dismounting the bike.

At the end of the day, it is an excellent shoe, for an affordable price. The fact that it is available in wide width is just an added benefit.

Shimano Men’s RP3 Road Cycling Shoes

  • Off-set Strap relieves tension at highest point of the foot
  • Supple padded tongue feels great
  • Optimum pedaling efficiency and compatibility
  • Lightweight glass fiber reinforced nylon sole
  • Indoor cycling friendly SPD and SPD-SL cleat compatible

The Best Road Bike Shoes For Men Around $300

The very best? I’d have to go with Sidi. The only problem with Sidi is that once you’ve worn a pair of these shoes, you will never be able to wear anything else.

The key thing to recognize is that this is a departure from anything else on this page. These shoes are the pro-level package and are ready to take you to the top of the Alp de Huez in a rage of cheering fans.

What shoes are those? The Sidi Wire Carbon

Now, most of my readers have absolutely no interest in paying the hundreds of dollars required to get your hands on one of these shoes.

And they are not the best value.

The best value would be the Sidi Genius 5.

Sidi’s are so far above all of the competition, that it is unfair to put them on the same page as other “shoes”.

Quick-drying, wicking, breathable, water-resistant uppers. You are comfortable no matter what weather you pedal into.

The ratchet system for adjusting the shoe is unlike anything else on the market. Just twist to adjust. And, instead of just tightening across the top of your foot, the whole system is made to cradle the foot.

Between the type of material used and the ratchet system, you kinda feel like you are wearing house slippers. They are that comfortable.

But pedal up a mountain with them, and the power transfer is absolutely stunning.

It’s no wonder that they are favorite among the pros.

The whole package is so excellent, it is unnerving.


  • Upper Material: microfiber, mesh
  • Closure: buckle, hook-and-loop
  • Sole: Millennium 4
  • Cleat Compatibility: 3-hole road
  • Recommended Use: road cycling

Best Road Bike Shoes For Women Riders

For Women cyclists, it seems as though they are often offered the “dregs” of the sport.

Granted, cycling does not appeal to as many women as it does men, but that doesn’t mean the ladies can’t have cool gadgets, too.

Furthermore, it seems as though it has been universally decided by shoe manufacturers that white is the only appropriate color for a ladies’ shoe.

Apparently, they have never tried to keep white shoes clean.

The Pearl Izumi Race RD cycling shoe really fills a vital niche in the industry. It is a top quality shoe, with catchy graphics, available in black

The 1:1 power plate delivers a very efficient ride, without compromising comfort. They also spend more time developing an anatomically correct last, which greatly enhances comfort.

The new design emphasizes ventilation, ensuring those toes stay comfortable all summer long.

It is a top notch shoe, that is customized to meet the lady cyclist’s need for a classy, durable and functional shoe.


  • Lock that winning pace in with the efficient and powerful Pearl Izumi W Race Rd III…

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Best Women’s Cycling Shoes

Women’s Cycling Shoes Reviews

Today, women are participating in mountain and road cycling just as much as men. While their bikes may be designed somewhat differently, their needs are the same whether on the trail or on the road. Cyclists require certain gear and apparel to make them safer and more comfortable and to enhance their performance. Among the most important apparel when it comes to cycling are the shoes. Cycling shoes, whether for mountain bikes or road bikes, are specifically designed for integration into the pedals on your bike. They are also designed to offer the rider the utmost comfort combined with optimal power transfer to the pedal, enhancing the rider’s overall performance and control of the bike. Women’s cycling shoes are much like men’s, only smaller and shaped to fit the foot profile of the average woman. They are often secured with ratcheting buckle straps, have low-profile designs, and have cleats or clips to integrate into compatible pedal systems.

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  • Buying Guide

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    Most Popular Women’s Cycling Shoes


    5/5 Product Rating

    These simple, clean, white cycling shoes are everything a cyclist needs to perform her best on the road without the flashy looks or bells and whistles that only serve as excess weight and aesthetic distraction. The SH-WR35s have a combined synthetic and mesh upper construction that is both durable and breathable. The shoes feature a fiberglass reinforced polyamide sole that does well to grip the surface of road bike pedals, while offering up additional support to the insole for shock absorption, comfort, and power displacement. Three simple hook-and-loop straps keep your feet snugly secured within the shoes to ensure you retain control of the cycle. The shoes feature Shimano’s fitMesh inserts in the uppers to maximize airflow to help keep your feet cool and dry. As a name synonymous with cycling parts and accessories for decades, Shimano has recognized that there will always be a demand for products specifically geared toward women cyclist. The SH-WR35 Road Cycling Shoes are one of those products, as they are designed to fit a woman’s narrow foot and offer necessary support and comfort.

    • Synthetic and mesh upper construction is durable and stretch resistant
    • Polyamide sole makes transitioning from street to flat to clipless pedals easy
    • fitMesh inserts offer plenty of breathability

    – Anthony Dawson

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    Best Overall Women’s Cycling Shoes

    Pearl iZUMi

    4.8/5 Product Rating

    Like the men’s model of the same name, the Pearl iZUMi Women’s All-Road II Cycling Shoes are straightforward yet packed with design features designed to enhance performance for recreational and competition road cyclists alike. They are constructed of a synthetic and mesh upper flanked by a manmade rubber sole. The shoes have an anatomic closure that follow the natural anatomic contours of your feet in order to help eliminate the build up of hotspots and reduce pressure from your instep. A select-grade nylon and composite fiber footplate is lightweight and provides the just the right amount of stiffness via its concave shape to give the most anatomic support. The iZUMi All-Road IIs are designed with a low-profile look that work for indoor and outdoor track riding. Like the men’s version, the women’s Pearl iZUMis are compatible with SPD cleats like those used in many spin classes. Fortunately, for such a high performing shoe, the iZUMi All-Road IIs are offered at a very reasonable price compared to the competition.

    • Nylon and composite fiber footplate with concave shape provides support to the arch of the foot
    • Low-profile look available in black or white suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    • Shoes designed to help relieve pressure onset by high-performance riding

    – Anthony Dawson

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    Best Budget Women’s Cycling Shoes


    4.6/5 Product Rating

    The Giro 2013 Women’s Factress Road Bike Shoes are designed for the highest levels of competition in mind. They are perfect for those training for high-level races, and for taking straight to the road for the race itself. The Factress shoes are made of a synthetic leather and Teijin microfiber upper, that combined with an interior Aegis anti-microbial lining provides moisture-wicking abilities and plenty of breathability. The shoes have a comfortable, arch-supporting insole and use Giro’s SuperNatural Fit Kit that offers adjustable arch support to allow for the best levels of power placement. The shoes can be securely tightened using a ratchet and two hook-and-loop straps. The Giro Factress shoes are also outfitted with Easton EC90 carbon fiber soles that provide a non-slip grip on most pedal systems.

    • Three available colors: black/white, black pearl/fuschia, and chrome/white/teal
    • Teijin microfiber construction and Aegis anti-microbial lining offers breathability and odor control
    • SuperNatural Fit Kit allows for adjustable arch support

    – Anthony Dawson

    Women’s Cycling Shoes Buying Guide

    Like other sporting activities that humanity undertakes, cycling has different arrays of gears meant for it specifically. Women’s cycling shoes are specifically made for women to perform maximally in their cycling activities. Because of the popularity of cycling as both a sport and a hobby, different biking shoes are available on the market. Different manufacturers designed these shoes, and many of them were not made from the same materials. Because of the different brands available on the market, many women cyclists are not finding it easy to get the most fitting cycling shoes.

    Pros of Women’s Cycling Shoes

    If you are a professional cyclist, you need to acquire the best shoes. You gain a lot when you use the best professional shoes. It would help you to perform better because they are designed for that purpose. It grips firmly on the pedal. It provides support for your legs and toes. It helps you to preserve your energy.

    You can now see the enormous benefits you get when you use the correct women’s cycling shoes for your sporting activities. If you are one of those female cyclists finding it difficult to procure the right biking shoes. The following tips would be helpful for you.

    Tips on Buying Women’s Cycling Shoes

    Here are the important useful tips you should always refer to when you want to buy the best professional cycling shoes.

    Where to Use the Shoes

    The first point you have to consider when you want to buy the shoes is the where they would be used. This is essential, as it would help you to buy shoes you will use for the proper sporting event. If you want to engage in road cycling activities, you have to look for shoes designed for such activity. If you are looking for shoes for road cycling, focus on shoes that are light, streamlined, and with minimum tread. This is because road cycling requires a little walking. If you are looking for a mountain bike shoes, you should look for shoes suitable for hiking. These shoes should be stiff and should clip very well on the bike pedal. Such shoes should have enough tread as you can also walk around with such shoes.

    Consider the Issue of Clips

    Another important factor you have to consider is the issue of clips. Mountain biking shoes should clip better than road biking shoes. These biking activities require different clipping. If you are an amateur road cyclist, you will require shoes that clip very well on the bike pedal. The advantage of clipping shoes is that it is easier and faster to jump in and out of the cycle, as the shoes clip well and fast. If you an experienced road cyclist, look for shoes that does not clip very well as it would help to improve on your performance. The problem with using shoes that do not clip fast is that is not easy to jump in and out of the bike. It is important that you look for shoes most appropriate for the type of clipping you want.

    Consider the Specialty

    Again, this has to do with the type of cycling activity you want to do with the shoes. If you are a professional cyclist, it is advisable to look for triathletes specialty shoes. The advantage of this type of shoes is that they dry very fast; you can wear them after swimming, as it does not take time to dry. The shoes are easy to slip, so it would save you time, as you are not required to tight or lose the race from time to time. The point here is that you should always look for the biking shoes specifically designed for the type of biking activities you want to do with such shoes.

    Consider the Look and Shoe Style

    Because there are varieties of biking shoes in the market, you have to look into the issue of style, color, design, and fitting of such shoes. It is better you buy shoes compatible with your desires and personality. Think of fashion as well. Look for a fashionable woman’s biking shoes. The interesting thing is that with the various brands and designs in the market today, you will not find it difficult to get shoes that match your personality.

    Look For Shoes Compatible with Your Lifestyle

    These days, women do not buy cycling shoes just for cycling activities, there are women who look for such shoes to lose weight and improve their overall endurance. These shoes are used for both indoor and outdoor activities. You have to consider the important features of each brand before you spend your money on any of them. You have to think of thinner fabric shoes. These shoes would be more durable and lightweight. Moreover, you have to consider the issue of venting. This is important, as your feet need sufficient air as you are cycling or doing a work out with such shoes. The quality of the shoe soles is another useful factor you have to consider. Stiff shoe soles are recommended if you want to use the shoes for other activities other than cycling. Always look for women’s cycling shoes that are compatible with your lifestyle.

    Choosing the Right Brand

    If you do not have any brand in mind, you can easily make a choice. You can consider such issues as their features, cost, and durability. Various brands have different features, compare these features, and determine those that are most suitable for your needs. The time you spend in comparing the various brands and their features is not a wasted time.

    Selecting the right shoes is all you need to enjoy the healthy lifestyle you want. It will also improve your performance. Although there are different types of women’s cycling shoes available in the market, these tips would help you to make a nice choice. It focuses on what is very comfortable for you, what fits well on your bike pedals, improve your overall performance, and achieve a healthy body. You can enjoy your cycling shoes most when you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

    Buyer’s guide: best budget cycling shoes under £120

    With pro-level cycling shoes costing upwards of £300, it’s reassuring to know that you don’t need to spend anything like that much to get decent footwear for riding in.

    In fact, when we investigated the huge range of options available for under £100, we were impressed with what we found across the board.

    The fastening method accounts for a significant part of the cost, with high-tech BOA metal laces ramping up the price.

    Velcro straps and laces are cheaper, while still a perfectly serviceable means of keeping your foot in place.

    There are two main cleat formats: an SPD-style with two bolts, or the three-bolt design.

    SPD’s smaller, recessed cleat makes walking easier, so suits touring or commuting, but also reduces the contact area.

    Three-bolt designs have become the road bike standard, and is geared to a racier approach.

    Here are the best budget cycling shoes under £120:

    Editor’s choice:

    1. Giro Savix

    Kissing the top of our price band are the Savix shoes and it’s quite clear what the extra cash gets you, with the BOA dial-lacing system.

    A technical piece of kit, BOA brings many benefits for cycling shoes, in that it’s light, has a low profile and offers a fantastic level of control for adjustment on the move.

    As most riders will simply pull the front Velcro strap tight and leave it there, the BOA L6 system works across the mid and upper sections of the foot with the dial pulling the high-tensile wire in at 1mm increments, providing fine adjustment, while the release mechanism allows a quick exit.

    Giro has opted for the Look and SPD inserts in the nylon sole so the majority of pedal systems will work with this 542g pair.

    A traditional or averagely proportioned fit with a good length, Savix offers plenty of useful adjustment and support that made for one of the comfiest shoes here.

    Verdict: Impressively comfortable, and the BOA fastening is a bonus on a shoe at this price. 9/10

    Buy now from Evans Cycles from £80

    Best of the rest:

    2. Bontrager Circuit Road

    A somewhat different take on the BOA lace system, Bontrager’s Circuit Race shoe uses two Velcro straps with just the broad top strap running the L5 Boa for compression and a super snug feel without over-tightening the mid foot.

    At the same time, this also narrows the space for your foot to enter the shoe, which may prove awkward.

    Fit-wise, we found they had a broad toe box and ample volume that when combined with the power of the BOA lace could easily create pressure points in the synthetic upper.

    Mesh panels across the toe and in the sole to aid cooling and help keep your foot comfy, while Bontrager uses what they call PowerTruss in the sole – in effect a triangulated beam along the nylon composite arch – to increase stiffness and therefore power transfer, which is very effective for a sub-£100, 536g shoe.

    Verdict: A combination of BOA and Velcro fastenings provides a secure fit, while the sole is notably stiff. 8/10

    Buy now from Evans Cycles for £100

    3. Diadora Trivex II

    Here’s a list of two sportsmen that have worn Diadora kicks during their careers: Alejandro Valverde and Roberto Baggio.

    Need I say more? I don’t think so. Not much comes cooler than the Italian sports brand best associated with the 1990s and even despite the velcro strapping, the Trivex II will have you looking like a hot stepper.

    Buy now from Wiggle for £90

    4. Pearl Izumi Select RD IV

    More often than not, Pearl Izumi kit comes with ideas others have yet to feature and the Select RD is no exception, thanks to the 25-degree straps.

    By angling the straps so that the closure is more towards the heel, Pearl Izumi believes the upper fit is superior as it better follows the contour of the foot when closing, which in turn means the upper closes with less chance of discomfort-causing folds.

    As with all our test shoes, these were a size 43 but came up small, perhaps by a whole size, but it’s clear that the Select offers a low-volume shoe with a well-sized toe box.

    A composite fibre plate in the sole increases stiffness and simultaneously keeps weight down, the pair weigh 572g, and are designed to work with both two-bolt and three-bolt cleats, while the EVA foam heel with rubber tread gives good grip when walking.

    Verdict: The straps are low-tech Velcro but an angled design provides excellent adjustment and security of fit. 8/10

    Buy now from Amazon from £106

    5. DHB Dorica

    Wiggle’s in-house brand DHB really upped its shoe game around 18 months ago and prime among its options was the Dorica.

    It appeals to the fashionable cyclist with its simply design and laces giving it that retro feel while the synthetic upper offers a modern, breathable experience.

    The nylon sole is plenty stiff while a rubber heel guard makes walking around a doddle.

    Verdict: A great, cheap choice for the fashion-conscious cyclist, the DHB Dorica will have you feeling like Coppi in no time.

    Buy now from Wiggle for £80

    6. Shimano RT4

    Wearing a more conventional style, the RT4 (the initials stand for ‘Road Touring’) is very much designed to conceal your cycling superpowers when off the bike thanks to the attractive grey synthetic leather upper, closed with classic laces.

    On the underside, Shimano has opted to make RT4 suitable for the smaller two-bolt SPD cleats alone; the cleats are recessed into a more built-up rubber sole, so you won’t clip-clop your way around the office, although the glass-fibre reinforced shank plate ensures they still offer a stiff platform for pedaling, even if they don’t bend well for a natural gait.

    Comfort-wise they were a hit, offering a well-proportioned option in every metric, with a slightly greater volume in the toe box.

    Laces need to be worked like running shoes to get the best fit from these slightly heavier 652g shoes.

    Verdict: Comfortable, stylish and versatile, these look as good off the bike as they perform on it. 7/10

    Buy now for Wiggle for £90

    Read our guides to the best budget bike computers, best budget cycling helmet and best budget bike wheels

    The best cycling shoes will make riding an altogether more pleasurable experience, regardless of your ability. Why should you buy dedicated shoes for cycling? The main appeal being clipped into the pedals which improves efficiency as you turn the cranks, but the best cycling shoes are also comfortable which enables you to ride for longer without any chafing.

    Cycling shoes are not exclusive to road bike users either. There are bike shoes for mountain bike riders as well as triathlon bike pedal-pushers, not to mention commuters. Bike shoes for the latter group of riders look inconspicuous enough so you don’t have to feel embarrassed for wearing them in public riding your electric bike. After all, you are only trying to maximise pedalling efficiency.

    Bike shoes can also be used for indoor training. Mount your bike on a turbo trainer and pedal in your home, safe from the weather. Or get a decent indoor exercise bike, like the Wattbike Atom, and pop your pedals on it so you can ride indoors like there is no tomorrow, too.

    Now, on with your cycling socks and let’s go find out which are the best cycling shoes to buy.

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    • Best cycling glasses
    • Best winter cycling gloves
    • Best bike computers

    How to buy the best cycling shoes

    There’s a huge range of shoes out there for all budgets and finding the right pair can be a minefield – because everyone’s feet are slightly different shapes and sizes, it’s best to try before you buy.

    Entry-level cycling shoes will typically have a nylon sole, with mid-range options adding a smattering of carbon fibre to increase the torsional-rigidity. The most expensive cycling shoes will have a full-carbon sole, with the added stiffness helping to convert all of your effort into forward motion.

    There’s also a number of closure systems available, ranging from old-school laces to velcro straps, ratchets and fancy dials that let you adjust the fit down to the millimetre.

    • Best cycling backpack
    • Best cycling water bottle
    • Best cycling gilet

    The best cycling shoes, in order

    (Image credit: Fizik)

    1. Fizik Transiro Infinito R1 Knit

    The best cycling shoe is also an excellent choice for triathlons


    Weight: 503g (size 42) Cycle Shoe Type: Three-bolt Outsole: R1 outsole – full carbon unidirectional Available sizes: 37-48 (37 to 47 also in half sizes) Other features: Replaceable heel skid plate

    Reasons to buy

    +Excellent build quality+Multipurpose+Adjustable fit

    Reasons to avoid

    -Hefty price tag

    The Fizik Transiro Infinito R1 Knit combines the stiff, race-orientated feel of road shoes with a design that facilitates quick and easy foot entry at transition – after all, the Fizik Transiro Infinito R1 Knit is a triathlon shoe at heart. What makes it the best cycling shoe is exactly the multi-purpose nature of these shoes: it can be worn on a triathlon race as well as on a road race. And it looks pretty amazing too.

    One thing is for sure: regardless of what cycling principle you’re into, you would like to avoid ill-fitting shoes, especially on longer rides. The Fizik Transiro Infinito R1 Knit was designed to provide a comfortable ride without socks – a feature that might sounds music to the ears of triathletes.

    There are too many technologies that went into the Fizik Transiro Infinito R1 Knit to detail here so we’ll stick to the key benefits; that’s why you’re here anyway. The forefoot area can be adjusted to infinite precision using the using the aptly named Infinito system, which is a textile webbing in place of plastic lace guides. This closure system pulls the eyestays inwards consistently from all directions for a more supportive and comfortable fit.

    The upper is made out of a machine-knitted material that adjusts to each riders feet so you’ll feel locked in, even if you wish to tackle the full Ironman cycling distance – the whole 112 miles.

    As for the outsole, the R1 full-carbon sole plate is stiff for maximum power output with vent openings channelling the airflow through the sole to keep your feet cool as you pedal.

    All the premium features come for a premium price tag, though: the Fizik Transiro Infinito R1 Knit was designed for and is used by pro athletes who will pay the extra money for being lighter and quicker than the rest of the competition.

    But we can also say that for a not-so-extreme price, you can gain access to the kit of the champions and gain advantage over the rest of the peloton, either on a triathlon race or a road race.

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    • Zwift: ultimate guide to getting fit without setting foot outside
    • How to get fit fast at home with indoor cycling

    (Image credit: Giro)

    2. Giro Savix Women’s Road Shoe

    Light and stiff shoes for female road racers

    Weight: 305g (size 39) Cycle Shoe Type: Three-bolt/Two Bolt Outsole: Injected nylon Available sizes: 36-42 Other features: Dye cut insoles +Boa dial system for a snug fit+Woman specific fit -User reports suggests it can be slightly under your usual shoe size

    The Giro Savix Women’s road shoes can be used with either road (3 bolt) or mountain bike (2 bolt) cleats, although we wouldn’t say they are all that ideal for MTBs, but in case you are in an emergency situation where you might have to use the Giro Savix on a mountain bike, rest assured you can.

    The injected nylon outsole makes the Giro Savix stiff so you won’t lose power as you turn the crank hard. The die cut insoles add comfort, while the synthetic upper enhances breathability and keeps weight to a minimum.

    The upper can be adjusted precisely thanks to the Boa L6 lacing system in 1 mm increments, and there is also a macro release function for a quicker exit. The upper is synthetic, not knitted, but the Giro Savix still fits fine. Some user reviews mention sizing not being 100% accurate but then this is the case with any running/cycling shoes: it’s impossible that a shoe will fit all types of feet perfectly.

    (Image credit: Specialized)

    3. Specialized S-Works 7 Road Shoes

    Maximum comfort and power transfer in one stylish package

    Weight: 450g (size 42) Cycle Shoe Type: Three-bolt Outsole: Carbon Available sizes: 36-49 Other features: Boa fastening, titanium alloy cleat nuts +Stiff carbon sole plate+PadLock heel construction holds firmly -Pretty expensive

    The Specialized S-Works 7 Road Shoe is made for maximum power transfer. The Powerline carbon sole is light yet stiff and the Padlock heel system holds the heels firmly but not too tight so you can ride even longer distances in comfort.

    On the top, the Dyneema material doesn’t stretch when pulled on, making sure that your foot stays where it’s supposed to – in the shoes. The Boa S3 Snap dials allows riders to adjust the the fit to every minute detail, should you want to.

    The speedy Specialized shoes are definitely on the pricey-side but if you’re happy to pay the price, you’ll get one of the fastest shoes in the market that are also stylish and as comfortable as slippers.

    (Image credit: Fizik)

    4. Fizik R5B Road Shoe

    Value for money

    Weight: 250g (size 42.5) Cycle Shoe Type: Three-bolt Outsole: Carbon-reinforced nylon outsole Available sizes: 36-48 +Good balance between features and price -Less rigid than best-in-class shoes-Going up half a size from normal shoe size is suggested

    The Fizik R5B strikes an excellent balance between top-end features and affordability, making this slipper our top all-round choice for roadies.

    The laser-perforated upper is made from a material called Microtex, said to be lighter than leather. In reality, it provides a close, unobtrusive fit around the foot – just what you want from a cycling shoe – and is easy to wipe clean after a ride in mucky conditions.

    The micro-adjustable Boa dial means you can fine-tune the fit on the fly, while the carbon-reinforced sole sits in that all-important sweet spot between rigidity and comfort. Sure, it’s not as outright stiff as a top-end racing shoe, but as an all-rounder it hits the mark.

    (Image credit: Mavic)

    5. Mavic Allroad Elite Shoes

    The best commuting bike shoes

    Weight: 295g (size 42) Cycle Shoe Type: Two Bolt Outsole: Energy Carbon Comp Available sizes: 36-48 Other features: Lace closure, Ortholite insoles +Comfortable on and off the bike+Ortholite insoles+SPD compatible -Not the best ventilated shoes

    The stiff sole of cycling shoes is great when it comes to effective power transfer, but it’s not ideal when you need to walk around in them off the bike. If you’ve ever seen people wearing bike shoes off the bike, you know the added rigidity doesn’t help walking all that much.

    Enter the Mavic Allroad Elite Shoes. The rubber outsole is not only less stiff but it also has an anti-slip tread for walking on slick concrete or pavement. The comfort is further enhanced by the lace closure on the top (as opposed to Boa-style fastening) which also makes the Mavic Allroad Elite Shoes less conspicuous.

    In the shoes, you’ll find the OrthoLite insole which offers comfort on the soles of your feet – just like in the Salomon Alphacross trail running shoes.

    At the bottom, the composite sole is made from a combination of fiberglass and nylon for added rigidity to provide a good energy transfer index (Index energy transfer: 80) but without making it too stiff.

    (Image credit: dhb)

    6. dhb Dorica MTB Shoe

    Go retro with these mountain bike shoes

    Weight: 270g (size 42) Cycle Shoe Type: Two Bolt Outsole: Energy Carbon Comp Available sizes: 36-48 Other features: Lace closure, Ortholite insoles +Great price point+Retro looks -Outer layer wears rather quickly

    Lace-up cycling shoes have been all the rage over the past few years, providing a slice of old-school cool for the weekend group ride. The Dorica may be dhb’s entry-level shoe but it undoubtedly looks the part and is backed up by performance to match.

    Laces aren’t just for looks. Some riders prefer the inherent adjustability offered, as you can tweak the fit across the front of the entire shoe. Once you’ve done them up, there’s a little tab on the tongue to tuck the laces into.

    Otherwise, the semi-perforated upper helps provide ventilation for sweltering mid-summer rides, while the nylon sole can accept either a three-bolt road or two-bolt mountain bike cleat.

    Best Spinning Shoes For Women – Indoor Cycling Shoes Comparison 2020

    Your Exercise Bike January 25, 2020 2

    At home, indoor cycling or joining a spinning class is a great way to build lean muscles and get in shape. And while the spin bike is what you initially need to start, the right cycling clothing is what keeps you spinning every day. Without the proper spinning shoes and shorts, indoor cycling is nor comfortable neither safe. And if you are not comfortable exercising, it won’t be long before you stop using your spin bike.

    So, here is the deal! Whether you are a novice or an elite spinner, you need to be equipped to enjoy your spinning workout and to actually want to do spinning more than once a week. Therefore, one of the first cycling clothing you may want to look for is spinning shoes. And for that, we researched the market to find the best spinning shoes for women.

    There are at least two types of best spin shoes for women. The SPD and the SPD-SL shoes. And many women’s indoor cycling shoes are either compatible with the spd and spd-SL pedals or you can use a converter to make them compatible. So, regardless of what type of spinning pedals your bike has, you shouldn’t have a problem using any of the best cycling shoes for women in this review.

    However, not all the spin bikes have the SPD cleat pedals to allow you to exercise with spinning shoes. Therefore, you need to buy spin bike pedals with spd cleats to be able to use the indoor spinning shoes for women listed in this female cycling shoes review.

    Editor’s Choice

    Every month we search and find the best indoor spinning shoes for women to make sure our readers get the best value shoes for the money.

    Our top picks for the best cycling shoes for spinning for this month are the Louis Garneau Ruby 2 women’s elite cycling shoes and the Giro Empire E70 women’s spinning shoes with carbon outsole. They offer all the benefits of spinning shoes while being quite affordable.

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    • What is the best cycling shoes for women
    • Best cycling cleats
    • SPD to SPD-SL adapters and vice versa
    • Spinning shoes vs cycling shoes
    • Benefits of spinning shoes

    With no further ado here are our top 10 picks for the best women’s spinning shoes for spin class and indoor cycling to help you enjoy and focus on your workout.

    1. Shimano SH-TR5W Women’s Cycling Shoes

    Whether this is your first investment into the clipless spinning shoes or you’re looking to replace an old pair of kicks, these indoor spinning shoes for women by Shimano add a bundle of comfort to your indoor cycling. The SH-TR5W women’s road cycling shoes are made of high-quality materials and sold in three colors.

    With 3D breathable mesh for optimal ventilation, and SPD and SPD-SL cleat compatibility, they are the best women’s spinning shoes in our review. TR5W Shimano women’s indoor cycling spin shoes can pair with two-bolt and three-bolt cleats so you can use them with your mountain bike, road bike, and spin bike.

    Shimano TR5W spd spinning shoes feature quick strap and extra-wide collar that makes it easy to put them on and take them off. The heel loop also makes it easier to get your finger through the loop to quickly secure the shoe during transitions. The TR5W Shimano women spinning shoes are made and designed to fit female cyclists. Compared to unisex spinning shoes, they are more comfortable and fit better the female users. The spd/spd-SL cleats are not included with the Shimano SH-TR5W women’s road cycling shoes.

    SPECS ……………………☟
    Compatible Cleats: SPD and SPD-SL (Two-bolt and three-bolt cleats)
    Cleats: NOT Included
    For: Women
    Shoe Brand: Shimano

    2. Fizik R5B Donna BOA Shoe with Fuschia Trim

    Frizik is a popular spinning shoe brand that has been developing the women best cycling shoes in collaboration with leading professional cyclists. This is why the R5B women spinning shoes feature the proper cut, sizing, and styling specifically for female riders. The R5 spinning shoes are light, fast, secure, and comfortable – and also complemented by one sailcloth strap.

    The outsole features stiff reinforced Nylon for better power transfer. The insole is supportive and comfortable to ensure that every precious watt goes straight into your pedals. The diamond-shaped laser-cut perforations help to keep the footwears cool and the reflective heel cap offers visibility on the road.

    R5B women’s spinning shoes are compatible with road pedals also known as SPD-SL pedals. Therefore, you can’t use these cycling shoes with SPD pedals unless you purchase a set of adapters. In these women indoor cycling shoes, the cleats are not included.

    Overall Fizik R5B Donna BOA Shoe with fuchsia trim is great quality and definitely some of the best comfortable shoes for women in spin classes.

    SPECS ……………………☟
    Compatible Cleats: SPD-SL (Three-bolt cleats)
    Cleats: NOT Included
    For: Women
    Shoe Brand: Fizik

    3. Pearl Izumi Women’s Spinning Shoe

    Pearl women exercise shoes feature a class-leading comfort and unmatched power transfer. What makes them one of our favorite women’s spinning shoes is their durable synthetic material and the perfectly fitting female design. The Pearl Izumi cycling shoes deliver an ultimate race performance.

    The superior outsole stiffness, weight-saving materials and the smart implementation of new technology are combined to create these unique women spin bike shoes. The combination of arch support structure and the EVA foam heel absorbs impact and eliminates uncomfortable seams and hotspots.

    With the precision of a micro-adjustable BOA reel system, these spinning shoes fit any rider precisely, easily and comfortably. The extremely lightweight bottom and durable materials make the Pearl Izumi some of the best shoes for spinning.

    These women spinning shoes are designed for SPD shoes with two-bolts. Therefore, if you need to use SPD-SL cleats, you will need spd-SL converters.

    SPECS ……………………☟
    Compatible Cleats: SPD Cleats (Two-bolt cleats)
    Cleats: NOT Included
    For: Women
    Shoe Brand: Pearl

    4. Pearl Izumi Women’s Road Cycling Shoe

    Sold in white and black colors, the Pearl women cycling shoes are highly rated cycling clothing for women. With over 40 top user ratings, these Izumi v4 road cycling shoes are perfect spinning shoes for women for the spin class and at home use. These shoes are designed for summer and spring cycling with breathable textile materials.

    Therefore, the ventilation of these women cycling shoes in the spinning classes will prevent your feet from getting too hot. And the arch support design adds extra comfort to your indoor cycling routine. The 3-strap closure also removes pressure from your instep to eliminate hot spots.

    The Nylon composite power plate brings lightweight stiffness and durability during the cycling and for off-the-bike adventures, the lugged rubber outsole provides superior traction. Overall, the Pearl footwears are good value for the money and with no doubt, they are great spinning shoes for women to use with spd pedals.

    Built by one of the top brands that make cycling clothing for women, these cycling shoes can be used indoor and outdoor. They are MTB cycling shoes, meaning they are compatible with spd pedals but not the SPD-SL. However, you can also use them with SPD-SL cleats if you attach the adapters mentioned below.

    SPECS ……………………☟
    Compatible Cleats: SPD Cleats (Two-bolt cleats)
    Cleats: NOT Included
    For: Women
    Shoe Brand: Pearl

    5. Shimano Women’s RP2 Road Cycling Shoes

    With no doubt, Shimano is one of the best spinning clothing brands. They are popular around the world for their cycling shoes, pedals, and other spinning kits. The brand manufactures high-quality spinning clothing for women and men. The SH-RP2W Shimano spinning shoes are one of the brand’s best-selling women cycling shoes for narrow feet. Shimano cycling shoes for women for spinning have a narrower heel cup, reduced volume, added support at the instep and a smaller toe box.

    They are women’s specific fit and designed based on women’s anatomy to provide the maximum comfort for the female cyclists and to secure the foot for a more efficient upstroke. With multiple ventilation points on top and on the outsole, these Shimano shoes keep your feet cool during indoor cycling. SH-RP2 cycling shoes for women have triple straps that prevent uncomfortable pressure on the foot during the exercise.

    What makes these Shimano shoes one of our favorite indoor cycling shoes for women is their SPD and SPD-SL cleat compatibility. You can use these cycling shoes by Shimano with the two main cycling pedals (MTB and Road). The lightweight glass fiber reinforced nylon sole provides balanced of stiffness and compliance to transfer the power better into the pedals.

    The synthetic leather that is used in these cycling shoes for women by Shimano is supple and stretch-resistant. It’s also lighter, stronger and more durable than natural leathers. The RP2 Shimano spinning shoes are one of the best cycling shoes for spinning that feature supple padded tongue for more comfort as well as integrated air intake and exhaust system to keep your feet dry and fresh.

    SPECS ……………………☟
    Compatible Cleats: SPD and SPD-SL Cleats (Two-bolt and three-bolt cleats)
    Cleats: NOT Included
    For: Women
    Shoe Brand: Shimano

    . Reebok Women’s Actifly Indoor Cycling Shoes

    Specifically designed for spinning classes and indoor cycling, the Louis Garneau women spinning shoes are the best indoor spinning shoes for women. While they are a bit more expensive compared to other spinning shoes for women, they are worth every penny that you invest.

    GARNEAU & REEBOK indoor spinning shoes feature ultra efficient outsole with air channels and breathable insole to keep you cool during an intense spinning workout. The upper part of these women indoor cycling shoes are made from synthetic leather and mesh for optimal airflow and maximum comfort. Looking at the materials and ergonomically fit design, it’s not difficult to say these Reebok products are the best spinning shoes for women.

    The composite reinforced sole used in these women’s spinning shoes offers a stable and firm platform. Therefore, you can have powerful fluid stokes. The hook and loop fasteners prevent unnecessary pressure on your feet and also make it easier to put the Reebok women’s spinning shoes on and get started.

    The mesh materials prevent from overheating and dry faster between spinning class sessions. Last but not least, these top GARNEAU & REEBOK women’s indoor spinning shoes are compatible with SPD AND SPD-SL spinning cleats.

    SPECS ……………………☟
    Compatible Cleats: SPD and SPD-SL Cleats (Two-bolt and three-Bolt cleats)
    Cleats: NOT Included
    For: Women
    Shoe Brand: GARNEAU & REEBOK

    7. Tommaso Pista Women’s Road Bike Cycling Spin Shoe

    One of the best-selling and highly rated spinning shoes for women are the Tommaso Pista cycle shoes for spinning. While they are budget so very much affordable, they can offer comfortable outdoor and indoor cycling workout. They feature a versatile design that makes them perfect for road riding, commuting, touring, and spin class use.

    Tommaso spinning class shoes are compatible with SPD-SL and the SPD pedals. Therefore, you wouldn’t need the extra adapter to use different pedals. These cycling shoes for spinning have two years manufacturer’s warranty and 100% free fit return policy which is pretty unique on the market.

    In order to eliminate any extra pressure on the foot and to offer precision ergonomic fit, Tommaso cycling shoes for spinning class feature Velcro straps. The hook and the high-quality velcro straps also add comfort and security to all of your rides.

    These shoes for spinning by Tommaso feature fiberglass reinforced sole that allows you to get the most out of every pedals stroke. The Tommaso Pista spinning shoes provide optimal stiffness and maximize power transfer to allow exercisers to ride longer and faster. Another reason that puts the Pista shoes among the best shoes for spinning is durable synthetic leather and the ventilated mesh portions that help cool your feet with ease.

    SPECS ……………………☟
    Compatible Cleats: SPD and SPD-SL Cleats (Two-bolt and three-bolt cleats)
    Cleats: NOT Included
    For: Women
    Show Brand: Tommaso

    8. New Balance 09v1 Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoes

    Thanks to the high-quality and durable materials the New Balance shoes for spinning class are made of, we decided to add more than one pair of indoor cycling shoes from this brand to our spinning shoes reviews. The 09V1 are cycling shoes for women indoor and outdoor use. They look more like your casual sneaker shoes and feature velcros rather than laces.

    The textile breathable material allows your feet to stay cool during intense indoor cycling workout which is another reason they are chosen for women’s best spinning shoes review. The hidden inner shank plate and the EVA mid-sole transfer the power efficiently to the pedals.

    While for $80 they are considered cheap spinning shoes, they offer on the bike and off-the-bike walking comfort for the users. As far as the user fit goes, these are the best spinning shoes for women with narrow and average feet (not super wide).

    You can use the New Balance spd spinning shoes with SPD pedal systems. If you are looking for spinning shoes for women under $90, I suggest you consider the 09V1 as these New Balance women’s spinning shoes are comfortable and the best value for the money.

    SPECS ……………………☟
    Compatible Cleats: SPD Cleats (Two-bolt cleats)
    Cleats: NOT Included
    For: Women
    Shoe Brand: New Balance

    9. Zol Predator MTB Mountain Bike and Indoor Cycling Shoes

    With highly-rated 50 reviews on Amazon, the Zol footwear are the best cycling shoes for wide feet and indoor spinning. Known as one of the best women’s spinning shoes, the Zol Predator SPD shoes for spinning feature mesh leather and breathable materials to keep your feet cool.

    These spinning cycling shoes are compatible with SPD pedals and if you want to use them with SPD-SL/Road pedals, you will need adapters. What makes the Zol shoes the best women’s cycling shoes for spinning is their ergonomic comfortable design, carbon fiber velcro straps, and affordable price.

    These spinning spd shoes keep your feet safely secured while pedaling and the carbon fiber designed heel cup provides foot stability for better exercise. The lightweight materials of Zol women’s spd spinning shoes bring extra comfort during the workout.

    The double injection fiberglass nylon sole combined with perforated insole helps drain sweat and adds the right amount of stiffness to transfer maximum power to the pedals during cycling. Overall, the Zol cycling shoes for spinning women are a great option for indoor cycling and spinning classes for a good price.

    SPECS ……………………☟
    Compatible Cleats: SPD Cleats (Two-bolt cleats)
    Cleats: NOT Included
    For: Women
    Brand: Zol

    10. Tiebao women’s spinning shoes with clips and pedals

    Tiebao created cycling shoes for women with all the bits and pieces that you would need for spinning. With these cycling shoes for women with clips, you won’t compromise on fit or durability. With their sleek new design and fiberglass-injected nylon sole, these women’s spin shoes are a wise investment.

    The Tiebao women’s spinning shoes with cleats can be purchased for less than $70. The fit is further fine-tunable with three velcro straps that provide more security, ensuring that riders with narrower feet don’t experience heel slippage while pedaling. Allowing for efficient power transfer throughout your spinning workout, the shoes’ fiber-glass composite sole will make sure that you won’t lose watts.

    These women’s cycle shoes for spinning don’t include pedals or cleats but considering the price, it makes sense. If your spin bike doesn’t have the spd pedals, you will also need to purchase pedals and cleats in addition to the Tiebao spinning shoes for women.

    The Tiebao cycling spinning shoes are compatible with Delta, Road, and MTB pedals. Overall they are some of the best cycling shoes for spinning and many consumers are happy with their purchase.

    SPECS ……………………☟
    Compatible Cleats: SPD Cleats and SPD-SL Cleats (Two-bolt and three-bolt cleats)
    Cleats: Not Included
    For: Women
    Brand: Tiebao

    11. TIEM Slipstream Ladies Spinning Shoes

    The Tiem women’s spinning shoes are designed to fit your feet correctly, provide top-notch breathability, and the best power to every pedals stroke. Despite the fact that these indoor spin shoes are new in the market, they have gathered quite a reputation for comfort, price, and design.

    To start, the Tiem indoor cycle shoes have the slip-on construction and single strap closure system. This helps give you a quick tightening and release when you need it. The straps are wide so you can “lock” your feet into these indoor cycling shoes for women without squeezing your feet or casing hot-sports.

    The outsole is made from nylon which is not as stiff or thin as carbon outsoles. The less rigid sole makes it extremely comfortable and highly recommended for novice and intermediate women indoor cycling enthusiasts. It helps give you good power transfer from your legs to your pedals.

    The tongue is attached that is meant to hug your foot in all the right places to give you the most support and comfort on your indoor spin class rides.

    These best women’s indoor cycling shoes have a comfortable insole that is high-quality and was created to ensure that comfort and performance never compromised in all season.

    TIEM recommends choosing a half size down from your normal athletic shoe size for a secure, optimal fit when buying these women’s spin shoes. The US women sizes are available on Amazon.

    Last but not least, seen on many best indoor cycling shoes reviews, the Tiem indoor spin shoes are compatible with 2-bolt SPD system. The recessed SPD cleat assembly and rubber outsole allow you to easily walk around the studio while off the bike.

    I’d recommend these best indoor cycling shoes for women if you’re looking for a very affordable shoe with the less rigid outsole to keep your feet comfortable during intense spin classes. However, if you are a pro cyclist, you may want to consider indoor cycling shoes for women that have carbon soles.

    SPECS ……………………☟
    Compatible Cleats: SPD Cleats (Two-bolt cleats)
    Cleats: NOT Included
    For: Women
    Brand: Tiem

    What are the best spinning shoes for women?

    The answer to this question depends on what purposes you want to buy the spinning shoes for:

    1. Indoor cycling only ( Louis Garneau Women’s Tri X-Speed III for SPD-SL pedals and the Pearl iZUMi for SPD pedals)
    2. Indoor cycling and outdoor cycling (The SPD and SPD-SL compatible Pearl iZUMi V5)
    3. For indoor and outdoor cycling and also off-the-bike walking (SH-CT5W, SPD and CLICK’R pedal compatible)

    Best Cycling Cleats

    Some spinning pedals and indoor spinning shoes are sold with cleats while most shoes don’t have the cycling shoes cleats included. Therefore, you will need to buy the cleats for spinning shoes separately. There are two main models of spinning shoe cleats: the SPD also known as MTB cleats and the SPD-SL also known as Road cleats. And depending on the type of your bike’s pedals, you can purchase either the SPD or the SPD-SL cleats.

    • If your spin bike has the SPD pedals, you are going to need these cleats.
    • But if your indoor cycling bike has the SPD-SL pedals, you are going to need these other cleats.

    If you want to purchase a full package of spinning shoes with cleats and pedals, check out Venzo women’s spinning shoes.

    SPD to SPD-SL Adapter

    If your bike’s pedals are SPD but the spinning shoes that you like are compatible with SPD-SL pedals and vice versa, here is your solution! You are going to need what’s called the adapters/converter. They allow you to exercise using your SPD shoes with SPD-SL pedals and vice versa. So, here is what you need to buy if you want to exercise with spinning shoes that are different from your bike’s pedals.

    SPD-SL to SPD adapter
    SPD to SPD-SL adapter

    Women Spinning Shoes – Buyer’s Guide

    Cycling shoes vs spinning shoes

    When it comes to spinning shoes for women, it’s perfectly fine to wear your favorite outdoor cycling shoes. Although, you might find that some shoes that work well outside feel too hot and sweaty indoors. Most outdoor cycling shoes feature thicker layers and protective materials to keep your feet safe in case of incidents. And since you are exposed to the fresh air while cycling outside, the shoes don’t feel too hot. But when you do spinning for 50 minutes indoor, it’s better to have workout clothing with a little more ventilation.

    SPD and SPD-SL Shoes

    There are two types of spinning pedals and two types of spinning shoes. Before purchasing any of our best training shoes for women, make sure they are compatible with your exercise bike pedals. With this being said, many of the best spinning shoes in this review are compatible with both, the SPD and the SPD-SL shoes. At the bottom of each spinning shoes women review, we describe what pedals are compatible.

    SPD-SL and SPD Cleats For Cycling Shoes Women

    The cleat is what you attach to the bottom of the spinning shoes. Some best road bike shoes for women come with the cleats. So, you don’t need to purchase cleats for spinning. Also sometimes the spd/spd-SL cleats for spin shoes are included with the pedals. However, if your pedals and spinning shoes don’t have the spd cleats or SPD-SL cleat, you can buy them separately.

    Benefits Of Spinning Shoes

    Spinning shoes provide a more comfortable and stable cycling exercise. They don’t slide off the pedals and don’t slip forward and back during exercise. Therefore, you can concentrate and focus better on your spinning session. On the other hand, cycling sneakers without clips are loose and you won’t feel firm and as stable on the exercise bike. They can also slide off the pedals and cause injuries.

    • Better power transfer
      Cycling shoes have stiffer soles compared to running and regular gym shoes. Therefore, the power better transfers into the pedals.
    • You can focus better
      Your feet will stay firm in position without moving so, you can concentrate better and do more powerful pedal strokes.
    • Powerful pedal strokes
      Using the best spinning shoes will get you a better pedal stroke. The cycling shoes help lift your pedal on the upstroke.
    • Spinning shoes are comfortable
      The best spinning shoes prevent the “hot spots” and help you keep your feet more comfortable throughout your spinning workout.
    • Indoor cycling shoes are safer
      Last but not least, women’s spinning shoes prevent injuries. They don’t slide off the pedal, unlike the gym workout shoes.

    9.1 Total Score

    Finding the best spinning shoes for women is a time-consuming job since there are a countless number of companies manufacturing indoor cycling shoes for women. But we took the burden of research away from you by picking the 10 best women indoor cycling shoes in the market. The list of the best women’s spinning shoes includes 10 different footwear from reputable cycling clothing brands such as Shimano, Reebok, and FiZik. Now it’s your turn to pick the footwear you like to bring maximum efficiency and comfort into your spinning class routine.

    Shimano SH-TR5W Women’s Cycling Shoes 9.9 Fizik R5B Donna BOA Shoe with Fuschia Trim 9.9 Pearl Izumi Women’s Spinning Shoe 9.8 Pearl Izumi Women’s Road Cycling Shoe 9.8 Shimano Women’s RP2 Road Cycling Shoes 9.7 Reebok Women’s Actifly Indoor Cycling Shoes 9.9 Tommaso Pista Women’s Road Bike Cycling Spin Shoe 9.7 New Balance 09v1 Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoes 9.7 Zol Predator MTB Mountain Bike and Indoor Cycling Shoes 9.7 Venzo women’s spinning shoes with clips and pedals 9.6 TIEM Slipstream Ladies Spinning Shoes 9.7 User Rating: 4.2 (5 votes)

    Top 10 Best Women’s Cycling Shoes in 2020 Reviews

    For women who have been cycling for ages and for those who are getting into the sport, a great pair of women’s cycling shoes is an important part of your cycling experience. When shopping for cycling shoes, finding the right pair in the many available brands can be difficult.

    Best Women’s Cycling Shoes Reviews

    Apart from your budget always remember that you want a shoe that will give you high performance at the same time providing comfort and security. Take a quick look at the top 10 best women’s cycling shoes on the market today, and you will be able to settle for just what you are looking for.

    10.KUKOME Women Mountain Bike Road Cycling Shoes

    See It Now on Amazon

    If you are out to get a pair of shoe that will leave all the other women staring at your feet and wanting to own a pair too, this is just the shoe. The shoe is made in the latest design and is available in a range of colors. This pair of women’s cycling shoes is made of Velcro lace straps and an elastic conditioning making them easy to put on.

    It’s high ventilation design guarantees cycling comfort as your feet remain cool all through your ride. The carbon fiber road shoes are wear resistant and are anti-skid resistant for comfort and security. In addition, the shoes have a reflective wear off the belt with a high light reflective texture making them visible at night or even on a rainy day.


    • Lightweight
    • Very comfortable
    • Have a reflective belt for visibility in the dark


    • Standard shoe size may differ from the right shoe size, use the size chart provided

    9. Zol Centurion 3-Bolt Road Cycling Shoes

    See It Now on Amazon

    These women’s cycling shoes will offer comfort, style and high performance during any ride. The synthetic leather shoe has a breathable mesh upper construction to help cool your feet at ease and an inner sole with holes for perspiration ensuring quick drying. The reinforced nylon-fiberglass sole increases power transfer with each and every pedal stroke making you stronger and faster.

    It also has Velcro straps that provide a perfect fit and firmly hold your feet for comfort and security when cycling. The Zol Road cycling shoe is two-bolt compatible that is; SPD, Crank Brothers and Time fit and three- bolt compatible.


    • Highly durable
    • Comfortable
    • Easy cleats installation


    • The perfect size may differ from your average shoe size

    8. Smartodoors SIKEBIKE Women’s W All-Road and MTB II Cycling Shoes SD-001

    See It Now on Amazon

    These athletic shoes are ideal for all levels of riding making them one of the best women’s cycling shoes on the market today. This shoe has been designed with lightweight, highly resistant materials. The material used inside makes them easy to slip in and wrap the heel making it difficult to fall. They also have a buckle closure to firmly hold the feet in the shoe and for easy adjustment.

    The cycling shoes have a nylon outer sole to provide superior compressive power transfer and a breathable insole to keep your feet cool all through your ride. These shoes’ ergonomic outer and inner soles ensure you have the desired comfort at the same time maximizing performance during cycling.


    • Comfortable
    • Durable
    • Easy to use


    • Your regular shoe size and the cycling shoe size may differ

    7. Giro Manta Bike Shoe for Women

    See It Now on Amazon

    The Manta women’s cycling shoes feature a supple microfiber upper and a nylon outer sole, with its performance comparable to other expensive carbon fiber plated shoes. The microfiber upper enables your feet to cool easily during use. For security

    and comfort, the shoe comes with a robust and secure buckle closure.

    This pair also has a supportive EVA foot bed with Aegis anti-microbial treatment to enhance comfort. Are you out looking for the best women’s cycling shoes, to use in your indoor or outdoor cycling and spinning? This stylish pair is definitely worth your time.


    • Very comfortable
    • Highly durable
    • Ideal for cycling and walking in when off the bike


    • The perfect fit for your cycling shoe may differ from your average shoe size

    6. Shimano SH-RP2 Women’s Touring Road Cycling Shoes

    See It Now on Amazon

    This specially designed shoe for women comes with features such as a narrower heel cup, reduced volume, more support in the instep and a smaller toe box. With a woman’s specific fit, it secures the foot for more efficient upstrokes. Its fiberglass nylon sole creates the perfect balance between stiffness and compliance. In addition, it has triple asymmetrical straps that prevent uncomfortable pressure on the foot.

    The upper, synthetic leather in not only supple and stretch-resistant but also lighter and stronger making the shoe quite durable. This shoes’ air intake and exhaust system will keep your feet cool, dry and fresh even after cycling for hours. What more would anyone look for in a good pair of women’s cycling shoes?


    • Durable
    • Comfortable
    • Lightweight


    • The right size may differ from your shoe standard size

    5. Giro Women’s Petra VR MTB Shoes

    See It Now on Amazon

    This features a bike shoe highly efficient in cycling and a high-traction outer sole for comfort during walking. The outer sole provides traction and grip when used with the flat pedals and is flexible enough for off the bike pursuits. The molded EVA footbed and the middle sole with an arch support enhance comfort.

    Its high-quality microfiber and mesh upper make it breathable and water resistant. To ensure it fits perfect it comes with easily adjustable non-slip laces. These women’s cycling shoes will not only give you excellent performance, but you will also have the advantage of being able to use them on and off the bike.


    • Comfortable
    • Easy to use
    • Can be used when cycling and off the bike


    • The sizing could differ from your actual shoe size, go for a size larger

    4. Shimano Women’s SH-WR35 Road Shoes

    See It Now on Amazon

    These shoes’ lightweight, riding performance and walking convenience has had it rated among the best women’s cycling shoes. Its Multi-layer stretch resistant synthetic leather makes it durable while the mesh enhances breathability and quick drying off. The fiberglass middle sole plate increases pedaling efficiency.

    The shoe has a flexible rubber outer sole with cleats that allow you ride or walk in them comfortably. In addition, it has an adaptable cup insole that can accommodate a variety of foot shapes. Designed for women, it has a narrow heel cup, extra support in the instep, reduced volume and a smaller toe box, all to ensure you get the desired comfort during use.


    • Very comfortable
    • Perfect fit
    • Can be used both on and off the bike


    • Your standard shoe size and the ideal cycling shoe size may differ

    3. Pearl Izumi Women’s Tri Fly V Cycling Shoes

    See It Now on Amazon

    This fabulous shoes’ closure prevents hot spots and excessive pressure from the forefoot resulting in that good feel and performance all through your cycling. It’s fully lined mesh upper ventilations allow breathing and cooling, and you get to ride sock free without feeling hot and discomfort.

    The shoe is concavely shaped for low height, enhanced stiffness, and anatomic support. It also has a longitudinal arch support for maximum power, support, and efficiency. Unlike other pairs in the market, this one comes with a replaceable heel bumper in case it wears out!


    • Very comfortable
    • High-quality shoes
    • Has a replaceable heel bumper


    • The right fit may not be the same as your regular shoe size, use the size chart provided

    2. Louis Garneau Women’s Multi Air Flex Fitness/Mountain Cycling Shoe

    See It Now on Amazon

    Are you looking for the best women’s cycling shoes in the market today? The Louis Garneau is worth your time. These shoes’ synthetic leather and upper mesh allow breathing, are supple and also water-resistant. For stability, comfort and high airflow the shoe features a ventilated EVA insole.

    Its outer sole is also ventilated and has an excellent toe flexibility for easy walking and to prevent heel pressure. It has an HRS -80 retention system that positions the heel to generate a more powerful pedal stroke. In addition, this pair of shoe has a reflective heel that enables visibility even in the dark.


    • Highly durable
    • Offers great comfort
    • Has a reflective heel for visibility


    • The correct fit may differ from your standard shoe size, order a size bigger

    1. Pearl Izumi Women’s All-Road III Cycling Shoe

    See It Now on Amazon

    Ideal for road, trail and indoor training, this pair of cycling shoes has found its way among the top 10 best women’s cycling shoes in 2020. It has a closure with forefoot straps positioned at a 25-degree angle for better contouring of the foot, which reduces pressure and increases comfort and security. The anatomic closure follows the shape of the foot to remove pressure from the instep.

    It has a concave power plate that minimizes weight, enhances stiffness and provides anatomic support for the foot at the same time transferring power directly to the pedals. The synthetic leather upper mesh is well ventilated, breathable and durable with the rubber tread providing traction on and off the bike.


    • Durable
    • Comfortable
    • Can be used when cycling and walking


    • The ideal cycling shoe size may differ from our average shoe size


    Apart from looking for your desired brand and perfect fit, ensure that you pick a pair of women’s cycling shoes that match your bike’s pedals. Alternatively, you can get pedals that will match the pair you have chosen. Another primary consideration should be the ventilation. Ensure that the pair of shoes allows your feet to breathe and that in wet conditions the water will quickly drain out of the shoe.

    With the list of the best women’s cycling shoes in 2020 and the features for a perfect cycling shoe, you can now comfortably make a pick of the right cycling shoe. Take that pick, order, and we will deliver to your doorstep before you know it.

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