If you’ve never seen BIGBANG‘s bulging pecs and chocolate abs, today is your lucky day!

1. After years of leaving much to the imagination, T.O.P finally flaunted his physique in Tazza: Hidden Card!

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T.O.P, why would you hide that? Why?

2. Seungri let these ladies get up close and personal in the “Fantastic Baby” music video.

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Shouldn’t it be “Fantastic Body”?

3. T.O.P turned up the heat in this sizzling Tazza: Hidden Card scene with Honey Lee!

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Time to crank up the air conditioning!

4. G-Dragon can be shy about his body sometimes…

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5. …but other times not at all!

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So much attitude! So much swagger!

6. Seungri seems to really love showing off his abs to the ladies!

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They’re not complaining. We’re not complaining. No one’s complaining.

7. Daesung is fed up about being put on a time-out…

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8. …but with muscles like this, he can easily break free!

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Could he be more perfect?

9. Fact: There are (probably) more photos of Taeyang with his shirt off than with it on…

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10. …but his fans are okay with that!

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His wife, Min Hyo-rin, is one lucky woman!

Kaley Cuoco has gained a reputation for exhibiting transparency, a trait loved by her fans. The “Big Bang Theory” actress certainly does not find it difficult to casually drop confessions, like admitting that she hates running or illustrating her experiences with plastic surgery.

There were even times when she would share things about her romantic relationships, which most people find endearing. Truly, the fans see Cuoco as a figure who is fond of recounting daily dilemmas or giving countless tips about almost everything.

The best thing about all of these is how she shares her secrets on her dietary preferences, workout routines and how she is able to maintain her toned abs.

Cuoco previously told the public that she found it hard to look for a workout routine that she can stick to. She once did running, but that did not work out in the end. As she continued to explore the available fitness options for her, she soon realized that what suited her taste and body needs are actually yoga and pilates.

“I fell in love with it and was like, this is my thing,” Cuoco said. Even though the 31-year-old actress is deeply attached to her CorePower Yoga classes, she still does not necessarily jump out of bed every day. However, when she does, Cuoco makes sure to prepare a well-rounded meal before heading out to one of her classes.

Half a tablespoon of peanut butter is how much she puts on her toast every morning. For lunch, she usually opts for half of a sandwich. Apparently, Cuoco has a thing for not eating whole portions, but this does not mean that she is starving herself. For dinner, Cuoco shared that she eats fish along with vegetables on the side. In addition, Cuoco also gave up on eating meat.

Just like most people, Cuoco also gets surprise cravings at night. When those hunger pangs would hit her, she waysides them with a healthier alternative, like an apple with a drizzle of peanut butter.

Eating properly and keeping herself fit now comes naturally for her, and her day will not be complete without these healthy habits.

© Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Haute Living

The life of an actress or actor really isn’t easy. Not only do you have to follow a rigorous schedule, but it also comes with a certain lifestyle behind the scenes. The cast of Big Bang wasn’t eating pizza after every show – instead, most of them had strict diets and training routines during the show’s many seasons.

Take Sheldon as an example; the guy is a beast in the weight room, and if you don’t believe us, you’ll be pleasantly surprised scrolling down the list. All that amateur stuff with Penny on Big Bang was the actor just portraying a character. He’s one heck of an athlete off the set!

We’ll take a look at a lot of the other cast members as well, hitting the gym both on and off the set. Enjoy, folks!


17 One-Arm Workout

via Pinterest

She’s putting in the work and, admirably, she’s doing so with one arm. Cuoco is still managing to shake the rope as hard as she can while rehabbing her other injury. Now that is serious goals right there.

If you ever need that extra push to get to the gym, this picture can be a friendly reminder that there should be no excuses.

16 Mayim Kickboxing

via Pinterest

Mayim is also putting in the work and getting it done. Unlike Kaley, who prefers throwing around dumbbells and taking yoga classes, Mayim goes the aggressive route of taking on a kickboxing class.

No doubt, she’s burning more than a few calories while kicking some serious butt.


15 Parsons & The Sled Push

via Pinterest

Jim is going all out and he’s isn’t holding anything back. Take a look at some of his workout videos and it’ll become obvious real quick, he gives it all he’s got during a workout, unlike those hilarious Big Bang workouts, alongside Cuoco, on the show.

He’s performing a sled push above – as if there wasn’t enough weight, he’s even pushing with a dude on top.

14 Galecki Post-Workout

via Pinterest

We get a glimpse of the Big Bang star leaving the gym out in L.A. It is almost impossible to hit the gym in the area without getting noticed by the paparazzi.

At the very least, he was able to exercise in peace, though he was sniped after the training session, from afar.


13 Time To Roll

via Pinterest

Melissa Rauch aka Bernadette is stretching out before tackling a grueling workout session. For those that train religiously, this is a must. Foam rolling before a workout (and after) is absolutely essential.

She’s got the yoga mat underneath as well – who knows, maybe she was joined by Cuoco.

12 Landmine Squat

via Pinterest

Not only is he strong, Parsons isn’t afraid to try tough exercises like the one above, a landmine squat. To ensure that he’s going all the way down, Parsons has a ball underneath as a resting point.

The Big Bang actor seems focused and completely in the zone. By the way, how cool is that Captain America weight?


11 Time To Plank

via Pinterest

As if a regular plank wasn’t hard enough, Cuoco takes things a step further by planking on top of two rollers.

That makes the move that much harder, especially in terms of trying to stay stable the entire time. Penny pulls it off like a pro and we really aren’t too surprised.

10 Mayim Is In The Zone

via Pinterest

A candid pic of Mayim, when she’s clearly in the zone. This would’ve made for quite the Big Bang episode… just imagine Sheldon’s reaction to Mayim kickboxing – the reaction alone would’ve made for a great scene.

She’s the real deal and not just faking it – she seems exhausted, but still ready to go.


9 Leonard On The Treadmill

via Pinterest

Who can forget this hilarious episode of The Big Bang Theory, with Leonard trying to keep up with his fellow colleagues? He learned the hard way that cardio isn’t easy, a harsh reality lots of us learn.

Lifting weights is one thing, but that darn cardio can be seriously draining.

8 Bodyweight Strength

via Pinterest

Sheldon has some serious bodyweight strength, pulling himself up in a dip position. Not only does that take some serious upper body strength, but it also requires a degree of both stability and flexibility.

Maybe he should have stunned the Big Bang audience, performing such movements on the show. Leonard’s reaction alone would’ve made it worth it.


7 Side Plank Work

via Pinterest

She’s in a side plank position but, once again, Cuoco makes things a lot harder on herself. She’s got the yoga ball between her legs while resting the other arm on a plank.

Maintaining that positioning really isn’t easy and it brings quite the burn. Kaley is a pro when it comes to abdominal movements…just take a look at her abs today.

6 More Sled Pulls

via Pinterest

The challenge for this exercise is doubled. Not only is the heart rate accelerating, but, at the same time, the muscles are doing a lot of the work, trying to pull all that weight.

So yea, it isn’t the easiest exercise, but with proper form, it can be mastered. Sheldon seems to have the movement perfected, with strong technique.


5 Golden State Of Mind

via Pinterest

She’s got the pro gym gear on and she’s using a cable extension in the exercise above. Cuoco posts a lot of her workouts to IG, putting them up on her Stories, like the pic above.

Like so many other celebs, Cuoco is also snapped on the norm heading to the gym or yoga studio. As she revealed in several interviews, when it comes to her fitness routines, she likes to keep things fresh.

4 Raj Training

via Pinterest

Yes, Raj exercises too, well, at least on the show. Finding a pic of Raj exercising in real-life is like finding a needle in a haystack…not the easiest task! Find a pic with Raj and one of his fast cars and it is a different story…

Nonetheless, fans will have to settle for this pic, as he performs some yoga movements alongside Penny.


3 Pre-Stretch

via Pinterest

An important reminder is to get a nice stretch in before going for a jog. Penny’s doing some static stretching, which is actually preferable for after a workout. Ideally, you want to move the joints (and not just hold them) prior to a stretch.

At least she’s working, while Sheldon hilariously looks on in complete confusion. He’s fooling us all!

2 More Stretching With Sheldon & Penny

via Pinterest

The show started in 2007 and, right from the start, one of our favorite relationships on the program was between Penny and Sheldon. It wasn’t always smooth, but fans adored the connection between the two, despite their obvious lifestyle differences.

This was one of the more memorable moments between the two on the show. They were stretching in Sheldon’s apartment.


1 Penny’s New Look

via Pinterest

It was a surprising start to the season as Penny sported a new look, cutting her hair. Without a doubt, fans weren’t complaining as she pulled off the style to perfection.

In another memorable scene on the show, Penny finds her Zen side, performing yoga movements – she did so like a true pro.

Sources – YouTube, Twitter, Instagram

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I have to warn you, the Big Bang Theory TV show is so funny that you will be laughing your way through this Big Bang Theory TV show cardio workout! Get ready for some fun!

I love this show because I am a nerd. I can totally relate to Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard’s social awkwardness. Put me in a room of people and I’m bound to act weird. But, that’s okay. We all have a little nerd in us.

Now, you can laugh along with the nerds and get a great workout in at the same time. You’re going to burn tons of calories in only 30 minutes while you enjoy one of the funniest shows on television.

A lot of people find Sheldon to be annoying, but there are some things I love about him! I think there are 4 important life lessons we can learn from Sheldon.

  1. He is always honest. Some might say too honest but honesty is honesty.
  2. He is true to himself. He doesn’t try to change who he is to impress others.
  3. He is a great friend. Even though he can be brutally honest to his friends, he never wrongs them.
  4. He is ambitious. He keeps learning because he wants to be the best he can be. He has goals and works towards them.

Frog Jumps

Begin standing with your feet wider than your hips and your toes turned out slightly. Squat, keeping your chest up and lowering your butt towards the floor. Your knnes should be behind your toes. Touch your finger-tips to the floor. Quickly press up through your legs and jump straight into the air. Land with your knees bent returning immediately into squat position.

Mountain Climbers

Start in a high plank position. Bring one knee towards your chest. Return that leg to starting position while quickly repeating this with the opposite leg. That is one repetition. Continue to sprint your legs forward one at a time.

Jumping Jacks

Jump your feet wide while lifting your arms above your head. Jump your feet back together while lowering your arms to your side. That is one repetition.

Switch Lunges

Jump into a forward lunge with one leg. While jumping into the air, switch legs and bring the opposite foot forward into a lunge. That is one repetition.

Cross Jacks

Jump your feet wide and spread your arms straight out to the sides. Jump your feet and cross them in the center while also crossing your arms in front of you. Jump back out into wide position. That is one repetition. Repeat while alternating the front arm and leg with each repetition.

Basic Burpee

Begin with a squat, pressing your palms to the floor. Jump your feet back into a high plank position. Jump your feet back towards your hands. Jump straight up, lifting your arms above your head.

Skater jumps

Jump one leg out to the side and bring the opposite leg behind you into a curtsy squat position. Leap to the other side, leading with the back foot. That is one repetition. Try to touch the ground each time.

Tuck Jumps

Jump straight up while tucking your knees up towards your chest. Tap your knees with your hands. Land softly with slightly bent knees and repeat. You can go as quickly as you’d like.

  • Kaley Cuoco posted an Instagram video that gives a BTS look at her workouts.
  • Kaley works out at Proactive Sports Performance with trainer Ryan Sorensen.
  • The Big Bang Theory actress enjoys weight training, yoga, horseback riding, and spin class.

If you’ve been admiring Kaley Cuoco’s arms (or, tbh entire body) on the red carpet or The Big Bang Theory recently, you should know that the actress works super hard for her sculpted muscles. Kaley is totally dedicated to exercising on the reg—and she just posted an intense workout video on Instagram to prove it.

In the video, Kaley shows some of the many moves she and her sister, Briana Cuoco, perform during their joint sweat sessions with trainer Ryan Sorensen. See her crank out a single-arm cable chest press, side plank, squat hold, kettlebell squat, dumbbell chest press, forearm plank, and even an intense sesh on the Versa Climber. Dang, Kaley!

Jewelyn Butron

“When you train with your cool sis @bricuoco at the coolest gym @proactivesp with the coolest trainer @ryan_sorensen and they make you the coolest kick ass video,” Kaley captioned her post.

(FYI: March 1st is National Workout Buddy Day! Post a photo with your gym bestie and tag @womenshealthmag!)

The “coolest gym” she’s referring to, btw, is Proactive Sports Performance, an enormous 5,000-square foot facility in California’s Westlake Village, that offers both personal training and rehabilitation programs. According to its Facebook page, all of Proactive’s programs “are designed to maximize performance and minimize the chance of injury.”

Proactive Sports Performance has some other high-profile clients, including Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, the NBA Utah Jazz’s Donovan Mitchell, the NFL LA Rams’ Andrew Whitworth, and the MLB Milwuakee Brewers’ Christian Yelich.

Kaley is openly obsessed with PSP and credits it with helping her to get back into shape after her shoulder surgery in July 2018. “his place has been a major refuge for me in many ways,” she captioned an October 2018 Instagram post.

“Their entire team has been incredibly instrumental in rehabbing my shoulder and having me fall back in love with the gym and personal training. Staying in shape is hard and it takes work, so when you find a program that works for you, don’t let it go!”

And speaking of what works for her, the Big Bang Theory star has apparently been athletic from an early age. In an interview with Women’s Health last fall, she said she played tennis when she was a kid, and fell in love with horseback riding as an adult. She loves weight lifting but is always looking for ways to switch up her workouts so she stays engaged.

To maintain her seriously sculpted abs, Kaley is all about the plank. Seems like they definitely pay off. Kick ass, indeed.

Big bang theory workout

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