Sebastian Faena Ben Hart, a personal trainer and CEO and founder of Qinetic, an online health and fitness community where you can share and discover trends, people and brands, says if you want to look svelte in a short period of time, these are the exercises that can transform your body:

1. Cable Squat And Row

“This move is simple and you can do it on any cable machine at your gym. It’s effective with even a little resistance,” says Hart.

HOW TO DO IT: First, grab hold of the long bar on the cable machine with both hands. Adjust to a weight you feel comfortable doing quite a few reps with and walk the cable out a few feet. Now that you’re in position, all you have to do while holding it is squat, then row. “Squat your body down low (keeping your hips back and your weight on your heels when you go down) ,and as you come up, pull the weight into your mid stomach to do the row,” explains Hart. “Go right back down into a squat and so on. Repeat for 30 seconds continuously—no rest—for about 4 sets.

WHY IT WORKS: “These really hit your back muscles, and get your legs, too,” says Hart. “But yes, you will feel it everywhere for sure (legs, back and biceps) because you want to hit many muscle groups to help you burn more throughout your day.”

2. Alternating Jumping Lunges

“Jumping lunges are one of the best exercises for your legs in terms of power, strength and balance, which all play a huge part in the rate you burn calories,” explains Hart.

HOW TO DO IT: Start in a lunging squat stance with your feet about three to four feet apart. Do a slight jump to get both feet off the ground, switching legs in the air so that the leg that was in the back is now in the front. Next, continue this movement, alternating legs for 30 seconds straight and aim to complete four sets total.

WHY IT WORKS: “Explosive interval training never fails in burning a ton of calories and it boosts your heart rate,” says Hart. “Your legs have the largest muscles in your body, so when worked to fatigue (especially your quads and glutes), they burn the most calories, too.”

3. Mountain Climbers

“These hit your abs just as effectively as any other core-centric move but also have the benefit of getting some cardio in at the same time,” says Hart.

HOW TO DO IT: Start in a plank position. Then bring your right knee up to the left side of your chest, then rotate, so that you are switching and alternating which leg is coming up to your chest, keeping your core tight. (Think of it like high knees facing the ground, says Hart.) Continue for 30 seconds straight, doing each right- and left-leg combo at least four times total.

WHY IT WORKS: “Because this can be a cardio-based ab workout if done properly,” says Hart. “And not only will this really target your abs, but it will also hit your shoulders, triceps and chest just by you holding and stabilizing your weight throughout the 30 seconds.”

4. Squat Shoulder Press “This is one of the best full body exercises you can do,” says Hart. “It targets your glutes, quads, shoulders and triceps—and let’s not forget, your core, too.”

HOW TO DO IT: Grab a weight (like a dumbbell) that’s light enough that you feel comfortable that you can shoulder press repeatedly. Hold it in front of your body and up in front of your shoulders and go into a squat, keeping your hips back and heels on the floor. “As you come up, shoulder-press that weight so that your legs give you just a bit of momentum and support to get it up,” says Hart. Lower your arms back down to the starting position and repeat for 30 seconds straight.

WHY IT WORKS: “Your whole body is being used, targeting shoulders, core, triceps, quads and glutes,” explains Hart. “And because there are so many large muscles being used here repetitively, your muscles will have to burn a ton during and all day long, too.”

5. Power Jumps

“You can expect to assist your power, coordination and core strength with these power jumps,” says Hart.

HOW TO DO IT: Begin by standing tall. Next, jump up, bringing your knees as far up to your chest as you can, then land on the balls of your feet. (And the less time your feet are grounded, the better, says Hart.) Keep jumping for 30 seconds. “If it helps, you can jump moving forward and think about jumping over something,” he says.

WHY IT WORKS: “This is a high-intensity interval that is going to boost your heart rate through the roof,” explains Hart. “The purpose of this exercise is to help you burn fat fast but at the same time, it will target your core from the explosiveness of you bringing your knees to your chest.”

Nicole Catanese Nicole Catanese is a beauty and wellness editor.


Bikini Body Workouts from Home – Are You Ready For The Summer?

It is long been told that the sun will come out tomorrow, but are you be ready?

Amid the sand and sea, wind and waves, we would all like to look as fanciful as the beach we walk on.

When the conditions are right, weather is good, the last thing you would like to do is hide underneath your clothes.

Still, so many of us do! All due to the fact that we feel self-conscious and uncomfortable in our own skin.

Well now it’s time to settle the score and turn the tables!

You no longer need to put up with the displeasure of not being able to wear your favourite bikini. The days are gone of settling for a floppy and nasty swimsuit.

Get ready to become part of the marvellous spectacle that is a public beach and bring back that sizzling bikini!

The equipment and information you require are literally at your fingertips.

Despite what you are thinking, in today’s digital world, everyone has access to the knowledge they need to look at their best. And it can all be achieved from the comfort of your own home.

If your cup of tea isn’t expensive gym memberships and time-consuming personal training, look no further. With one click of a mouse or tap of a finger you can connect you with professionals that will teach you the tricks and tips to get back that awesome body!

More important than belonging to a gym or trying every new fad diet is this: finding a workout program that has proven results and success and sticking to it.Using the internet as your guide, you can find endless videos and fitness programs that will give you the results you demand.

One such program that is inexpensive and includes the many benefits of learning to workout at home is Bikini Body Workouts by Jen Ferruggia. It’s a complete fitness program designed for women to get the bikini body look you have always dreamed of having in an easy to follow format.

Check out my bikini body workouts review by jen for my honest opinion to see if this is the right program for you.

Most of us have become masters at making excuses for ourselves, let’s face facts.

For instance, “I have too much to do today, I just haven’t got the time! What about, “There is no hope for me, why bother!” Or perhaps “I have been doing great lately, I deserve a day off!”

Listen up, if this sounds familiar. In our pursuit of a fabulous figure I’m going to share with you some common misconceptions that trip us up.

I Don’t Have The Money/Time for The Gym!

While the gym can be a great tool and resource for getting toned, it is not necessary! When we need to leave home and “make time” or spend money, it’s much easier to tell ourselves that we don’t have to.

While we might start off strong, juggling work, friends, family, and just life in general has a way of throwing us off the path and commitments to make it to the gym regularly often fall through.

The fact is that for some of us ,justifying our inaction is simply our way of convincing ourselves that we need a gym.

Learning to workout at home makes it much more difficult to make excuses for yourselves and also allow you to save money and time.

When we have a workout routine, it is also much easier to maintain simply due to this fact: there’s a good chance your day will start and/or end at home, no matter what you may have been doing on any particular day.

I Already Know How to Exercise, I Don’t Have to Follow A Guide

Since many of us are not professionals in physical fitness or health, our best results will come from looking to those who are. While technically you already know how to exercise may be a true statement, this frame of mind will most likely hinder your progress.

Imagine the following event: You have a younger sister who is just learning how to read. Despite your willingness and offering to help, they insist they can do it themselves.

After all, they “already know how to read 3-4 letter words!”

One way or another, they will more than likely learn.

However, it may be challenging to read difficult words and you can imagine that it might take them longer.

When it comes to working out the same thing holds true for most of us.

We all have some basic knowledge of what it means to workout. It’s even possible that we might even achieve some level of success without any guidance. But, when the professionals are ready and willing, why not get a lift up?

Following a guide such as Bikini Body Workouts by Jen Ferruggia has the following advantages:

Guarantied results. Nearly all guides out there have testimonials from those who have gone before.

Decisive planning. A workout plan is designed through professional knowledge, with a specific goal in mind.

Easy to follow. Many people are visual learners. We learn best by watching and then imitating. This can aid us to get the best results possible while avoiding injuries, especially when performing new exercises.

Your sexy bikini body guide will look very different from a guide to competitive body building.

Try This Monthly Workout Plan to Overhaul Your Fitness Routine

Supawat Punnanon/EyeEm/Getty Images

You may hear recommendations to do cardio three times a week, strength twice, active recovery once—but what if you also enjoy aerial yoga and swimming and have practice for your kickball league once a week?

It can absolutely be difficult to Tetris your workouts together to create a plan that’ll help you meet your fitness goals. Need some guidance? Turn to this monthly workout plan to gain strength, build your cardio endurance and abilities, and feel like you’re on track to crush anything in your path. (Also check out this Guide to the Perfect Week of Workouts.)

This monthly workout plan was designed to build lean muscle and jumpstart metabolism so you’ll feel like you’re fittest self in just four weeks. Follow along with the program using the calendar below for a far-from-boring workout schedule that’ll keep you interested—and keep your muscles guessing. Each week of the monthly workout plan is designed to grow progressively more intense to help maximize your results and avoid a progress plateau.

Don’t forget: Your eating habits play a huge role in any fitness or weight loss goals and in your overall health and wellbeing, so be sure to pair this monthly workout plan with a healthy diet. Stick with nutritious meals packed with moderate portions of lean protein, whole grains, and vegetables. (Maybe even consider trying this 30-Day Clean(ish)-Eating Challenge.) Fuel up properly before and after each sweat sesh with healthy pre- and post-workout snacks.

Monthly Workout Plan: Week 1

  • Killer Core Circuit
  • No-Treadmill Cardio Workout
  • HIIT Bodyweight Cardio Workout

Monthly Workout Plan: Week 2

  • Lower-Body Strength

Monthly Workout Plan: Week 3

  • Abs and Arms Workout

Monthly Workout Plan: Week 4

  • Total-Body Strength and Cardio

Image zoom Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong

  • By Jessica Smith @jessicasmithtv

Bikini Ready Workout: 8 Week Workout for Women

It’s going to be bikini season before we know it.

And instead of hoping on some fad “lose weight quick” scheme, how about we take some time to go over a workout and strategy that will have you looking fabulous in your bikini this year.

If you start now, there’s no reason you can’t be confident at the beach, pool, or wherever you find yourself at this summer.

This workout will take a two-ish month approach into helping you shape your body in a way that makes you feel comfortable in your two-piece this year.

Let’s get started!

The Bikini Ready Workout Overview

The workout below is an 8 week workout routine to promote fat loss while shaping your muscles so you can look great in your bikini.

The workout is an upper/lower workout focused on compound movements to get the best bang for your buck in the gym. Focus on getting stronger at these lifts and watch your body begin to tighten in all of the right spots.

The upper workouts focus on shaping the back, chest, and shoulders. Indirectly, all of the exercises will target your arms. If you would like to add in additional arm work, you are more than welcome to. However, it isn’t necessary with this routine.

The lower body workouts focus on the entire leg. There are exercises to target your hamstrings, glutes, quads, and calves.

The off days also provide some bodyweight work you can do at home to assist you with your goals. These at-home workouts shouldn’t take more than 25 minutes and will provide additional work for your core and glutes.

During the 8 weeks of this routine, it is also recommended that you perform 30 minutes of low intensity cardio either in the morning, after your workout, or some other time during the day. These cardio sessions will help boost your recovery from your workouts while also increasing your calorie expenditure for the day.

Rest on all exercises should be kept to just 60 seconds. For the off day bodyweight work, limit rest to just 30 seconds.

Bikini Workout 1

Exercise Sets Reps
T Bar Row 3 10
Seated Cable Row 3 10
Lat Pull Down 3 10
Shoulder Press 3 10
Push Up 3 10
Dumbbell Curl 3 10

Bikini Workout 2

Exercise Sets Reps
Barbell Squat 3 10
Leg Press 3 10
Romanian Deadlift 3 10
Leg Curl 3 10
Standing Calf Raise 3 10

Bikini Workout 3

Exercise Sets Reps
Dumbbell Bench Press 3 10
Machine Chest Press 3 10
Lateral Raise 3 10
Rear Delt Fly 3 10
Close Grip Pull Down 3 10
Tricep Cable Extension 3 10

Bikini Workout 4

Exercise Sets Reps
Sumo Deadlift 3 10
Hip Thrust 3 10
Barbell Reverse Lunge 3 10
Goblet Squat 3 10
Standing Calf Raise 3 10

Off Days from Gym

Exercise Sets Reps
Plank 3 1 Min
Oblique Crunch 3 15 Each
Reverse Crunch 3 15
Crunch 3 15
Bicycle Crunch 3 15 Each
Glute Bridge 3 15
Frog Pump 3 15
Fire Hydrant 3 15 Each
Glute Kick Back 3 15 Each

Extra Tips for Fat Loss

Resistance training is helpful in shaping your body. Cardio is great from a mental, calorie expenditure, and overall health aspect.

However, to really achieve fat loss it takes a full well-rounded lifestyle approach.

This includes diet, stress management, sleep and managing your cycle.

When it comes to diet, the biggest indicator of whether you’ll have success with your workout routine is your calorie intake. If your goal is to lose fat, you’ll need to be in a slight calorie deficit. Use a bmr calculator to determine your calorie needs first.

From there, subtract ~250 calories from that number to create a small deficit to lose fat. You can increase this deficit if you wish, however, it is recommended that you don’t increase it greater than ~500 calories below maintenance.

After that, you’ll want to ensure you consume enough protein. Having a high protein intake will increase your overall feeling of satiety throughout the day while also helping you recover from your workouts. In addition to this, protein is also thought to have some thermogenic benefits as it requires the most amount of energy for the body to digest and consume.

A protein intake of ~1g per pound of bodyweight is recommended during the duration of this workout. When it comes to carbs and fats, you can consume however many grams you prefer of each so long as you are in a calorie deficit during the 8 weeks.

In regards to stress management, you’ll want to minimize stressors where able. If you need help in determining strategies to reduce stress, the following article is a very helpful read.

Your menstrual cycle can also affect your progress, for obvious reasons. To learn more on what you can do to maximize your diet and training during the ebbs and flows of your 28 day cycle, read this.

Lastly, sleep is super critical to hormone regulation and fat loss. Not only is the quantity of the total hours of sleep you get each night important, but so is the overall quality of sleep during those hours. Try to limit blue light exposure and intense activity before bed.

Instead, trade these in for more meditative activates such as a yoga practice or read a book.

If you have any questions about the Bikini Workout or the fat loss tips that followed, please feel free to leave us a comment!

A photo posted by Marissa G. (@thenotoriousmbg) on Jun 22, 2015 at 6:46pm PDT

Cardio: 4 days per week. Choose from:

-2 days of a 20 minute high intensity interval training session after lifting

-2 days of a 45 minute cardio session of choice, done before breakfast in the morning

Lifting: 5 days per week. The schedule:


-Day 2 LEGS

-Day 3 REST


-Day 5 REST


-Day 7 LEGS

My shoulder, chest, and tricep day included:

Dumbbell shoulder presses: 3x 8-12 reps

Dumbbell lateral raises: 3x 8-12 reps

Wide grip upright barbell rows: 3x 8-12 reps

Incline chest press: 3x 8-12 reps

Incline dumbbell flies: 3x 8-12 reps

Straight bar tricep press-downs: 3x 8-12 reps

Bench dips: 3x 8-12 reps

Ball crunches: 3x 25 reps

Weighted ball Russian twists: 3x 30 reps

Leg day workouts included:__

Dumbbell plié squats: 3x 15 reps

Leg press machine: 3x 12-15 reps

Dumbbell step-ups: 3x 12-15 reps

Dumbbell deadlifts: 3x 12-15 reps

Leg curl machine: 3x 12-15 reps

Leg extension machine: 3x 12-15 reps

And my back and bicep day included:

Wide grip lat pull-downs: 3x 8-12 reps

One arm dumbbell rows: 3x 8-12 reps

Seated V-bar rows: 3x 8-12 reps

Back extensions: 3x 8-12 reps

Incline bench reverse dumbbell flies: 3x 8-12 reps

Standing barbell curls: 3x 8-12 reps

Preacher curl machine: 3x 8-12 reps

Leg raises on floor: 3x 15-20 reps

Tri-reach crunches on floor: 3x 30 reps

But here’s what I actually did…

Week One: 2 lifting workouts (out of 5), no cardio classes

Week Two: 1 lifting workout (out of 5), 2 cardio classes

Week Three: 1 lifting workout (out of 5), 4 cardio classes

Week Four: 2 lifting workouts (out of 5), 2 cardio classes

Is that a respectable amount of workouts for the average person? Yes. But not nearly what I was hoping to do. I enjoyed hitting the gym, but in order to do these workouts regularly, I needed to be a full-on member and not someone just dropping in with a guest pass 1-2 times a week when I found a free hour. Takeaway #1? Join a gym either next to your apartment or next to your office. Takeaway #2? Major workout plans are best done when you’re either single and not dating, or in a long-term relationship.

Now, that being said, I haven’t been a slouch! I worked out regularly over the past month, and did a fairly decent job following the diet plan and taking the supplements. But did I actually lose weight or change my fat-to-muscle ratio at all? Stay tuned to find out…

This 12-week Bikini Body Workout Plan for the Gym is your surefire shortcut to a firmer body, shapely figure and stronger curves.

This isn’t the same as the other bikini workout plans you find on the internet.

It’s not your typical light weights and cardio plan. Nope, it’s a hardcore female athlete program with one goal in mind – building a bikini body to be proud of.

This your best opportunity yet to get beach ready and build your confidence.

Take on this advanced program and achieve a shapely butt and legs, strong but slender arms and a lean waistline that accentuates your hourglass figure.

A confident, athletic you is just around the corner.

Let’s get going.

What does this program cover?

Goal: Fat loss, muscle conditioning, fitness
Aimed at: Intermediate level women
Program duration: 12 weeks
Workout duration: 45-60 minutes
Equipment needed: Barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell, body weight, resistance machines

The Bikini Body Workout Plan for the Gym

Imagine 12 weeks from now.

You’ll be walking along the beach with an unrivaled, carefree confidence.

You look stunning.

A radiant, confident and sporty female, ready to show off what you’ve worked hard to achieve.

This bikini workout plan is for any woman who wants to improve the way they look. It suits those at beginner level right through to the more advanced – it’s been designed to be adaptable to your own individual starting point.

It’ll get you in shape fast. Your dream physique is waiting for you and all it’ll take is to follow this program.

With hard work and discipline, a killer booty is only 3 months away.

The secret weapon bikini body workout for killer curves

As a woman, you’ll have been told that cardio, cardio, cardio is the way forward. If you wanted to lose fat you’d have been told to do steady state.

If you wanted to ‘tone up’ you’ll have been told to hit the stairmaster.

And you’d more than likely been made to avoid to the weights as they’s make you ‘bulky‘ and ‘overly muscular‘.

But to really build lean curves you’ll need to be innovative. You have to harness the power of the most up-to-date, cutting-edge training methods to make a difference.

And that’s what this bikini body workout plan for the gym gives you – a science-led, research based fitness program.

Here’s what you’ll achieve:

  • Strong is sexy – lean and athletic muscle, not bulk
  • Reduced body fat to perfectly show off your curves
  • Confidence, conviction and boldness

Outline: Bikini Body Workout Plan for the Gym

This program is designed to take you from your current starting point, whatever that might be, to a stronger and curvier woman.

It dispels the myth that females shouldn’t lift weights and should instead focus on aerobics, fitness classes and cardio work.

Goodbye steady state cardio, hello strength training

We’ve taken the long drawn out cardio program, screwed it up, and launched it straight in the bin. We might have even set it on fire first to tell you the truth.

Now don’t get us wrong, cardio has a time and a place. It can be a good fat burner when used in the right context.

The problem is though that low intensity, steady state cardio inefficient… and to be honest a little boring too.

What’s the solution?

In this Bikini Body Workout Plan for the Gym you’ll be lifting weights in each and every workout!

Now here’s the thing. You’ll only burn fat if you’re in an energy deficit.

If you don’t monitor what you eat and how many calories you take into your body you’ll find it impossible to trigger fat loss.

Note: If you don’t know how many calories you need to lose fat you can check out our calorie calculator here:

Strength training is a great companion to an energy deficit because it speeds up progress.

  • Strength training burns calories – every time you hit the weights room, lift a weight and crank out a set you’re burning energy. It’s a great way to boost your daily energy expenditure.
  • Muscle has a metabolic cost – the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn – even while your’e sat at home on the sofa. More muscle requires more energy.
  • Strength training provides all of the benefits of cardio – if you plan your strength workouts properly you can still get the benefits of cardio. You’ll elevate heart rate, improve health markers and increase calorie burn. It’s all about the approach.
  • Cardio won’t give you curves – the problem with cardio is it isn’t intensive enough to give you the killer curves and incredible booty you’re after. Strength training builds muscle… cardio burns it.

You can’t spot reduce fat but you can spot target muscle and curves

Let’s HIIT it up for more fat loss

One of the greatest revolutions of the fitness world over the last few years is the use of interval training.

As an intense cardio workout, high intensity interval training provides a breath of fresh air. It’s short, sharp and provides a potent stimulus for fat shredding beauty.

HIIT is designed to supplement your strength workouts by promoting direct fat loss.

You work as hard as you can for short spells and then recover. You repeat for the designated number of reps and you let your fat cells do the rest.

According to research, HIIT is far more effective for fat loss and fitness than steady state cardio .

It’s your secret weapon on this bikini body workout plan for the gym.

  • HIIT burns more calories – ramp up your energy expenditure in a shorter time frame when compared to traditional cardio.
  • Higher intensity cardio has a larger afterburn effect – you’ll continue to burn excess energy for hours and hours after your workout.

A complete transformation is only 12 weeks away

With grit and determination it’s easy to change your body in a few weeks. But what we’re going for with this Bikini Body Workout Plan for the Gym is something completely different.

We’re going for a jaw dropping, double-taking transformation. A complete beach body overhaul.

And that takes time.

In as little as 90 days you’ll look and fine completely different. You’ll be able to cruise up and down that beach with a brand new body.

Your hourglass figure will be perfectly silhouetted by the setting sun and your personality will shine through your athletic, womanly body.

Weeks 1-4: Getting started and zoning in on a new figure

In these first few weeks of this Bikini Body Workout Plan for the Gym you’ll be introduced to the core concepts of the program – strength training and cardio.

You’ll be completing 3 weights workouts per week. 2 will be heavy and focus entirely on muscle shaping. The third will be lighter and focus on higher volumes to hit both muscle and cardio.

Get ready to hit the ground running though because this isn’t a gentle initiation. You’ll be targeting full body workouts that shift from one major muscle group to the next.

Now, a bikini body workout wouldn’t be complete without an emphasis on your booty, abs and legs – and that’s what we’re doing here.

This way you’ll leave no stone unturned in the quest for an hourglass figure.

Day 1

Number Exercise Reps Sets Rest period
1 Goblet squat 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
2 Lying leg curl 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
3 Chest press 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
4 Static lunges 8-12 (per side) 3 90-120 seconds
5 Deadlift 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
6 Side plank 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
7 Seated row 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
8 Back extension 8-12 3 90-120 seconds

Day 2

Number Exercise Reps Rounds
1 Jump Squats 15-20 3
2 Press-ups 8-12 3
3 Dynamic alternate lunges 15-20 (per side) 3
4 Ab curls 15-20 3
5 Step-ups 15-20 3
6 Glider hamstring curls 8-12 3
7 Mountain climbers 15-20 (per side) 3

Note: In this workout you’re aiming to complete all exercises back-to-back with minimal rest. When you get to the last one you can rest for 2-3 minutes. Complete a total of 3 ’rounds’.

Day 3

Number Exercise Reps Sets Rest period
1 Box squat 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
2 Romanian deadlift 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
3 DB shoulder press 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
4 Lateral lunges 8-12 (per side) 3 90-120 seconds
5 Hp thrust / glute bridge 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
6 Cycle crunch 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
7 Lat pulldown 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
8 Mountain climbers 8-12 3 90-120 seconds

Weeks 5-8: Ramping up the intensity

In this second phase of training you’ll be turning up the heat by dialing in on intensity.

You’ll already be feeling different in your clothes. Your belly will be tighter and your booty and legs will be starting to feel that little bit firmer.

The overall structure of the workout doesn’t change that much – you’ll still be hitting the full body workouts, but the order of each muscle group has been adapted to maximize the cardio effect.

And because we’re turning up the strength workouts, you’ll be adapting the HIIT sessions too. We don’t want you to burn out so we’ve balanced the workouts to sit nicely between all-out intensity and total workload. After all, if your program’s too difficult you just won’t do it.

Number Exercise Reps Sets Rest period
1 Back Squat 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
2 Romanian Deadlift 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
3 DB Incline Press 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
4 High step-ups 8-12 (per side) 3 90-120 seconds
5 Kettlebell swing 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
6 Russian twists 8-12 (per side) 3 90-120 seconds
7 Barbell bent over row 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
8 Hyperextensions 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
Number Exercise Reps Rounds
1 DB thrusters 15-20 3
2 Jumping lunges 8-12 (per side) 3
3 Narrow press-ups 15-20 3
4 Lateral lunges 15-20 (per side) 3
5 Burpees 15-20 3
6 Glider hamstring curls 8-12 3
7 Suitcase crunch 15-20 3

Note: In this workout you’re aiming to complete all exercises back-to-back with minimal rest. When you get to the last one you can rest for 2-3 minutes. Complete a total of 3 ’rounds’.

Number Exercise Reps Sets Rest period
1 Deadlift 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
2 Leg press 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
3 Lateral raise 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
4 Reverse DB lunges 8-12 (per side) 3 90-120 seconds
5 Seated leg curl 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
6 Plank 30 second hold 3 90-120 seconds
7 Underhand grip pulldown 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
8 Cycle crunches 8-12 3 90-120 seconds

Weeks 9-12: Plug into circuits for extreme fat loss

In your third and final phase you’ll be adapting your strength workouts even further – this time with an emphasis on superset training.

You’ll be completing to exercises back-back (you’ll see these as ‘A1, A2’ for example in your program). This way of training ramps up calorie expenditure and really challenges the muscles.

Again, complete both exercises together with minimal rest. Give yourself just a short break between each superset until you’ve completed 3 total round. Then and only then do you move onto the next exercise.

Upper body work isn’t supersetted as we’re only going to maintain muscle in this phase.

You’ll be completing 4 sessions per week – that means you’ll repeat one workout twice per week.

To really maximize fat loss you need to target your fat cells with combined cardio and strength. That’s what we’re giving you here.

You’re be on the home straight now, already looking great and making the final fat burning tweaks to discover your bikini body.

Time to roll up your sleeves and give it your all.

Days 1 and 3

Number Exercise Reps Sets Rest period
A1 Dumbbell squat 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
A2 Dumbbell Romanian deadlift 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
B1 DB bench press 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
C1 Hip thrusts 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
C2 Kettlebell swings 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
D1 Low cable row 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
E1 High step-ups 8-12 (per side) 3 90-120 seconds
E2 Bulgarian split squat 8-12 (per side) 3 90-120 seconds

Days 2 and 4

Number Exercise Reps Sets Rest period
A1 BB hip thrust 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
A2 BB deadlift 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
B1 DB shoulder press 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
C1 Walking lunges 8-12 (per side) 3 90-120 seconds
C2 Sumo squat 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
D1 Wide grip pulldown 8-12 3 90-120 seconds
E1 Russian twists 8-12 (per side) 3 90-120 seconds
E2 Dynamic plank reach 8-12 (per side) 3 90-120 seconds
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Get every inch of your body toned, fit and ready for the beach with this HIIT Bikini Body Circuit. A 30-minute high-intensity workout to blast fat, sculpt your body and tone your muscles from head to toe!




Start this full body bikini circuit with a 10 minute warm up routine.


Repeat this circuit 3 times and rest for 60 seconds between sets.
1. Jump rope: 60 seconds. Keep your knees slightly bent and jump with both feet at the same time, one foot at a time, or alternate between feet.
2. Medicine ball push up: 45 seconds. Start in a push up position with your legs extended back, the hands below the shoulders and a medicine ball under your left hand. Start bending your elbows and lower your chest until it’s just above the floor. Return to the starting position, roll the ball to your right side and repeat.
3. Cross jacks: 60 seconds. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, your arms up and extended out to the sides, and jump up, while crossing your legs and arms in front of you.
4. Wall crunches: 45 seconds. Lie on your back and with your legs up the wall. Lift your shoulders off the mat, squeeze the abs, and hold for 1 to 2 seconds.
5. Jump start: 30 seconds + 30 seconds. Stand on your left leg, bend your knee, extend your right leg back, and touch your left foot with your right hand. Jump quickly, drive your right knee up and land softly on your left foot. Repeat for 30 seconds and switch sides.
6. Sprinter crunch: 45 seconds. Lie on your back with your legs fully extended and your arms bent and by your sides. Lift your torso off the floor, bend your right leg and bring your right knee close to your left elbow. Repeat on the opposite side.
7. Breakdancer kick: 60 seconds. Get on your hands and knees and lift your knees a few inches off the floor. Lift your left hand and your right foot, rotate your hips to the left, place your left heel on the floor, and kick your right leg to the left. Return to the starting position and repeat on the opposite side.
8. Tricep dips: 45 seconds. Place your hands behind you onto a bench, extend your legs and start bending your elbows. Lower yourself until your arms are at a 90-degree angle and then come back up.
9. Basketball shots: 30 seconds + 30 seconds. Bend your knees, press your hips back, and take both hands close to your right foot. Jump up and extend your arms above your head and to the left. Repeat for 30 seconds and then switch sides.
10. Plank leg lifts: 60 seconds. Start in a low plank position with your body in a straight line, your elbows bent and under your shoulders, and your feet hip width apart. Lift your left leg to a 45-degree angle and hold for 2 seconds. Switch legs and repeat.

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Stretch your whole body and relax with this 5 minute stretching routine.




Enter your weight to find out how many calories you can burn doing this bikini body circuit:

Not so long ago, “getting ready for summer” meant one thing — total boredom. In other words, those monotonous, long-winded 40- to 60-minute cardio sessions plodding along on a treadmill or pedaling away on a stationary bike to nowhere, in the hopes of eventually burning enough calories to squeeze into your warm-weather wardrobe.

Thankfully, science has found a better way. It’s called high-intensity interval training and is essentially a method to incinerate more body fat in a shorter period of time. Combined with another innovative HIIT technique called Tabata intervals, you’ll have a one-two punch to transform your body in as little as four weeks

Scientifically Shredded

In order to burn as much body fat as possible, you need to perform workouts with a high metabolic cost — intense exercise that stimulates all the major muscle groups. These kinds of workouts mobilize lipase, an enzyme that releases fatty acids from adipose tissue (that would be your muffin top). These acids move into the bloodstream and then to the mitochondria to be burned for energy.

HIIT is by far the best way to boost workout density — the total amount of work you can cram into a certain time frame — and incite this catalytic chemistry needed to burn fat. With this cardio style, you alternate short periods of near-maximal intensity output with a recovery-level pace in a repeating pattern. As a simple example, if you were outdoors running, you could do a 20-second sprint followed by a 40-second jog, or a 20:40 interval. The active phase can be shorter or longer based on your personal fitness level, and the rest period should be as long as necessary for you to be able to give 100 percent effort on the next sprint. A novice athlete may want to start with 10 seconds of harder activity coupled with 50 seconds at the slower pace and work toward a more intermediate and advanced level of 30:30 or even 60:60, always keeping in mind you shouldn’t lock yourself into a rest period that’s too short for you to fully recover.

Research has shown again and again that HIIT burns fat and spares muscle. One oft-cited overview of research compiled in the Journal of Obesity concluded that regular bouts of HIIT produce significant increases in aerobic and anaerobic fitness while also lowering insulin resistance and inciting a number of muscle adaptations that result in enhanced fat oxidation and improved glucose tolerance. Other research has focused on HIIT’s ability to reduce subcutaneous and abdominal fat.

The Summer Strong-and-Shred Program

In a typical training schedule, you’d likely perform one or two HIIT sessions per week, leaving at least 48 hours in between those bouts to recover. For the purpose of this plan, you’re going to push it a little, crafting a four-week overreaching program, which forces your metabolism to adapt to higher demands.

Each week, you’ll consolidate your strength-training workouts into three days of full-body training and will add in three HIIT workouts and one Tabata session. Whether you follow our sample workout week or build your own schedule, just know that when a HIIT or Tabata session falls on the same day as weights, do the weights first so you can be at your strongest for lifting. Schedule one to two days of complete rest for optimal recovery (drop a full-body weight-training day if your recovery is lagging), and always perform some mobility and flexibility activities before and after your workouts.

One thing to note: This is an overreaching program and is designed to optimize fat loss while maintaining and building muscle. However, because of its intensity, return to your normal schedule after four weeks — six weeks max — to prevent injury and overtraining.

HIIT Workouts

These three HIIT programs use a variety of equipment, including a rower and a treadmill, and were designed by Erin Stern, two-time Figure Olympia champion, Oxygen Challenge coach, Dymatize athlete and author of The Bodybuilder’s Kitchen: 100 Muscle-Building, Fat-Burning Recipes, With Meal Plans to Chisel Your Physique (Alpha, 2018).

HIIT A: Bike Blast

Adjust an Airdyne or Assault bike to fit your frame and warm up with three to five minutes of moderate cycling. Then perform the sprints as directed, counting the calories burned versus a specific time period per sprint. Afterward, cool down similarly with three to five minutes of slow pedaling.

The Workout

Week 1: Do 10 sprints of 10 calories each at 90 percent intensity.

Rest at least 60 seconds between sprints.

Week 2: Do six sprints of 30 calories each at 80 percent intensity.

Rest at least 90 seconds between sprints.

Week 3: Do eight sprints of 20 calories each at 90 percent intensity.

Rest at least 75 seconds between sprints.

Week 4: Do eight sprints of 25 calories each at 100 percent intensity.

Rest at least 75 seconds between sprints.

HIIT B: Treadmill Hill Sprints

This plan starts with five minutes at an easy walking or jogging pace with the treadmill set a 3 to 5 percent incline to warm up and prep for the upcoming sprints. Next, set the incline to 10 percent and choose a speed halfway between your warm-up and sprint pace. “A good one is usually between 7 and 8 miles per hour,” Stern suggests. “Stride for 30 seconds at that pace. If you’re really winded after that, you’re very close to your sprint pace. If the stride was easy, increase the speed.” Here’s a four-week program starting at a 7-mph pace:

Week 1: Do six 20-second sprints at 10 percent incline and a speed of 7 mph.

Week 2: Do six 20-second sprints at 10 percent incline and a speed of 8 mph.

Week 3: Do six 20-second sprints at 10 percent incline and a speed of 9 mph.

Week 4: Do six 20-second sprints at 10 percent incline and a speed of 10 mph.


“Start each sprint with the treadmill set to a 10 percent incline at a 3- to 4-miles-per-hour walking pace,” Stern explains. “Increase the belt speed to your sprint pace and perform the sprint. At the 20-second mark, grab the rails and step off onto the sides of the treadmill before adjusting the controls back down to 3 to 4 miles per hour. Walk for three to four minutes before the next sprint.” As for rest, take as long as you need to be able to go all-out during the next sprint. To cool down, walk 10 minutes and finish with full-body stretching.

HIIT C: Rower Ladder

To begin, warm up with five minutes of easy rowing. “Focus on getting loose and gradually elevating your heart rate,” Stern says. Next, set the rower damper to 5 and row at a 50 percent effort for 30 to 50 seconds. “Keep an eye on your strokes per minute, as this will help you gauge where you need to be for the full sprints,” she instructs. “If you’re very winded, you’re very close to your sprint pace, but if the effort was easy, increase your strokes per minute during the workout.” Here’s a four-week program starting at a damper level of 6 and nudging that up by one notch each week:

500-Meter Sprint

Rest three to four minutes.

400-Meter Sprint

Rest three to four minutes.

300-Meter Sprint

Rest three to four minutes.

200-Meter Sprint

Rest three to four minutes.

150-Meter Spring

Rest three to four minutes.

“During the rest periods, you won’t be rowing; stand up and slowly pace around as you recover,” Stern says. “After completing all sprints, walk, bike or row for 10 minutes at a comfortable pace to cool down, then stretch for 10 minutes.”

TABATA Training

A Tabata is one of the simplest and most effective ways to increase your workout density: You do 20 seconds of all-out work and take 10 seconds of rest for eight rounds, or a total of four minutes. A single four-minute Tabata can torch some of your fat cache, but to get summer-shredded, you need a little extra oomph.

These workouts stack three separate Tabatas to push the limits of your fat burning to the edge. Do them on days when you’re not strength training because they are intense and will gobble up all your energy — and then some. Choose a moderate weight (12 to 16 kilograms) for your kettlebell swings and goblet squats, and for the farmer’s carry, aim for 50 percent of your bodyweight.

One thing to note: In order for a Tabata to be effective, you have to go all-out — literally giving 100 percent of all your energy possible during each 20-second work interval. Push yourself and you will be rewarded with that perfect bikini body!

TABATA A: Battle-the-Fat Tabata Stack

Exercise Instruction Rounds Minutes

Goblet Squat

20 seconds on/10 seconds off



20 seconds on/10 seconds off


Battle Ropes

20 seconds on/10 seconds off

Cool down with 10 minutes of steady-state cardio at an easy pace, followed by 10 minutes of stretching.

TABATA B: Swing Time

Exercise Instruction Rounds Minutes

Kettlebell Swing

20 seconds on/10 seconds off



20 seconds on/10 seconds off


Farmer’s Carry

20 seconds on/10 seconds off

Cool down with 10 minutes of steady-state cardio at an easy pace, followed by 10 minutes of stretching.

Bikini body workout plan

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