If there’s anything worse than trying on and buying jeans, it has to be finding a hot bikini. It’s easy to simply find cute styles when they’re everyfuckingwhere but when you have a bigger bust than all the junk in your trunk, it’s fucking hell. No one wants to strut the beach with like, no ass when you already have so many insecurities about your winter weight gain. Even though July literally starts this weekend, you still haven’t started your “summer workout plan” because if we’re being honest, you’re not stepping foot into a gym more than twice and you’re sure as hell not going to do a 30-day squat challenge at home when you have to take care of drinking and catching up on Bachelorette scandals other responsibilities. If you aren’t waking up with a 6-pack tomorrow (like, same), here are the best bathing suit bottoms to buy that will make you have the best J. Lo-looking ass on the beach. And the best part is, you don’t even have the exert energy to get it. Bless.


Marysia Swim Broadway Scallop Bikini Bottoms

Scalloped edges give any flat ass a great lift by accentuating your hips with its edgy cut. The illusion gives your body just the right amount of curves without making you look wide.

SHE MADE ME Crochet High Waisted Bottom

Thank god for the high waist trend because this style gives your butt a big boost and hides any slight muffin top by hugging your hips. A ruffled crochet pattern adds volume to widen the bottom too. Although black is the only relevant color ever because it makes us look skinny AF, for an opposing thickening appearance, find the style in white.

MIKOH Kenya Cheeky Bottom

A cheeky fit does exactly what it says. By showing more skin, the high rise sides give your body an hourglass figure so your ass looks fuller with a lifting shape but like, without making you look like you have an awk wedgie.

Billabong Dreamer Hawaii Reversible Bikini

Usually, stripes are a big no-no. However, to give the illusion that you have a nice ass, opt for this style with a little bit of scrunching and horizontal stripes to widen your bottom half. It has just the right amount of slutty with its slightly revealing cheeky cut, aka ideal for quality beach Instas.

MILLY Graphic String Bikini Bottom

The classic string bikini you probs wear every year is actually good for your booty if you have a style with a bright design. Bright colors and trippy patterns confuse the eye into thinking your ass looks larger than it really is—kind of like hypnosis shit or wearing “drunk goggles.” But for your butt.

For Love & Lemons Capri Scrunchy Thong Bottom

Similar to wearing underwear, I know, but you should know by now that in order to achieve max booty poppin’ results, you need to strut in the Kardashians’ fave style: the thong. With dainty straps and in clean white, this bottom will make any nonexistent ass look fucking amazing.

Pretty Little Thing Mix & Match Black High Waisted Bottoms

For the real deal, you’ll want a style that’s on the sporty side. Whether it’s block-colored or solid black, a simple high waisted style with full coverage enhances a small frame. More fabric adds shape, curve, and therefore, makes your butt look like you do a hell of a lot of lunges.

ASOS Spaced Floral Mesh Hipster Bikini Bottom

A hipster bikini is your go-to if you don’t want any booty flaws, like annoying cellulite, hanging all out on the beach. The mid-rise style still hides your lower stomach so like, no rolls, and hides your love handles so you can still look toned and athletic. This brief cut provides good coverage by keeping most of your butt inside, and making it look fuller.


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When should you start preparing for summer goodness? If you have ever wanted to make your butt look good in a bikini, then let me tell you now that you shouldn’t wait for warmer weather to show up before you start thinking about your booty. The key to having a bikini-worthy butt is keeping it in shape year round, not just when the weather turns bikini friendly.

In this article you’ll learn how to make your butt look great in a bikini, even if you’ve been a bit slack with preparation. Like anything worthwhile though, it will take some work, but the results will be so worth it. So are you ready to get started?

Why We Love Bikini Butts!

A cute bikini is a great way to show off a beautiful booty, and let me tell you now that a good looking bikini butt can be a definite attention-grabber! I’m speaking from experience (and I’m a girl). I can only imagine how much male attention a sexy bikini-clad butt would get – if I’m noticing it, the the guys surely are too!

photo credit: midwestnerd via photopin cc

Clearly, you will get a lot of good attention from having a sexy bikini butt.

Keeping a Good Butt Year-Round

Ladies, don’t fall into the trap of letting your body and your butt get a bit flabby during winter. Just because you may be rugged up with clothing for a good few months, doesn’t mean you should let yourself go.

Keep yourself in bikini body form with a workout program like this. The same workout plan can uncover your best bikini body yet!

Having a great looking butt which is ready to be shown off in a cute set of bikini bottoms at any time of the year requires a bit of work, but it’s not impossible.

You can easily achieve this with the right workout program, or by incorporating some super effective butt exercises a few times a week, and keeping a healthy diet.

Make good habits now, and you’ll be glad you did later when you are getting compliments about your butt and jealous stares.

Okay, but what if you haven’t got a lot of time? You got a bit lazy, holidays got the best of you, and you’re struggling with a few extra pounds. How can you shape up in a short amount of time?

Shaping Up, Quick Smart

Only got a week or so before you need to be bikini-ready? While you may have left it a bit late to be at your best, you still have a bit of time to try and shape up the best you can.

The best way to shape up your butt in a short amount of time is by doing butt exercises to build muscle over the next 7 days and watching what you eat.

Eat ‘clean’ for at least a week and you can drop a bit of weight quite quickly. The Flavilicious Cooking recipe book is a great one as an introduction to clean eating.

Make a last-ditch attempt to firm up your butt by building up your glute muscles. Don’t overdo it with the exercise though, give your body time to rest so that it can actually build that new muscle tissue that you’ve worked so hard for.

The body responds quite well to stimulus, and exercise for muscle growth is one of those. It is possible to see fast results in a short time period if you put in the hard work.

Selecting Your Weapon of Choice

Selecting the perfect bikini to flatter your butt is another essential key to making your butt look good in a bikini. The wrong bikini choice can really take away from your look, or even make your butt look bad.

When considering a potential bikini, you should always try on the bikini and have access to a change room that has dual mirrors so that you can see how you look from the front and behind. This is absolutely vital if you want to make sure your butt is looking good in your bikini choice!

photo credit: BOMBTWINZ via photopin cc

Tips for Selecting a Flattering Bikini Bottom


Choose a bikini bottom cut or style that flatters your butt shape. There are many different styles out there to choose from, for example:

  • Classic bikini – your classic bikini bottom cut. photo credit: www.bluewaikiki.com via photopin cc
  • String bikini – a bit skimpier than the classic bikini, these have strings or ties at the sides to add a bit of variety to your look.

photo credit: MarkScottAustinTX via photopin cc

  • G or V bikini bottom – for the bold and the beautiful, this will really show off those buns if you’ve got something to flaunt. A G-string bikini is a lot skimpier than a V-bikini, (which just has a V shape to show off more of those cute cheeks but without the inconvenience of riding into your butt crack).

photo credit: midwestnerd via photopin cc

  • Boyleg bikini bottom – a great option for those who might not be as confident with a skimpier bikini bottom.

photo credit: RobW_ via photopin cc

  • Highcut – this look is decidedly straight from the ’80s, but high cut bottoms can flatter a tiny waist, if you have one and can pull it off!

photo credit: The Bikini Open via photopin cc

  • Padded Swimwear – this is a great option if you feel a bit flat in the butt and want a bit more volume – check out this product which can add up to 3/4″ to your butt discreetly and instantly!

Padded bikini bottoms by Bubbles® Bodywear


Many bikini bottoms now come with additions to add a bit of flair and create a unique style. For example, beads, knots, chains, buckles, diamontes, ties, tassles, bows or other jewelry might be attached to the garment to add that little bit of pizzazz.

Other features such as frills, lacy highlights and use of different colored or textured materials – including stitching to create flattering ruffles (called the ‘scrunchbottom’ look) – can also work to create a style all of your own.

photo credit: jamaicajohn via photopin cc

I wouldn’t recommend going too overboard with these kind of features if you don’t want to draw too much attention to your butt, especially if it is a bit bigger or you are carrying a little extra weight than you would like.

However, depending on the particular bikini, sometimes these features can work in your favor to hide or play down your less-desirable features. For example, frills can create the illusion of fullness for those with a flatter butt.

Tasteful stitching can flatter your butt cheeks, and create the illusion of shape. The scrunchbottom stitching and elastic does this perfectly:

photo credit: micadew via photopin cc


There are so many options when it comes to fabric prints for swimwear, that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Your main two options are a plain color, or a patterned print.

photo credit: Roro Fernandez via photopin cc photo credit: Hypnotica Studios Infinite via photopin cc

A plain, dark color can be good if you don’t want to draw too much attention to your butt, or would otherwise like to keep it simple and classic.

If you’re confident though, or would like to draw attention to your butt, then choosing a fabric print with a pattern can be a way to make a unique or bold statement. Horizontal stripes work well, as do patterned prints with bright colors. This can be a great way to express your individuality as well.

Adding the Finishing Touches

So you’ve selected a bikini bottom that makes your butt look sexy as, and you’re just about ready to hit the beach. One more thing that you might want to tweak before you strut your stuff though, is one that nearly all women struggle with at some stage – cellulite.

Keep the dimply cottage-cheese look in check with these cellulite busting tips. Another way to downplay cellulite is to consider investing in a spray tan or fake tanning lotion, as these can reduce the appearance of cellulite.


If you’re a little underprepared and not feeling confident in your skin, then you can still rock the bikini look and make your butt look good, just accessorize!

Try a feminine sarong or wrap if you’re worried about cellulite, these can look great and still accentuate all your curves and show off the shapeliness of your butt, without having to be subjected to the skimpiness of a bikini.

photo credit: micadew via photopin cc

Hot pants or short shorts are another accessory that can be used if you’re uncomfortable with bearing all in just bikini bottoms. There are a lot of cute boardshorts that fit the bill and are suitable for the beach or pool. Again, this is another way you can still make your butt look good by creating that little bit of mystery around the shapely butt that is hiding underneath!

Go and Rock it!

You’re ready! Time to go strut your stuff girls, I am confident that you now have what it takes to be the star of the show if you put these tips into action! Let me know how you go!

Make Your Butt Look Good in a Bikini: Prepare now for next summer! Tagged on: bikini

Swim for Girls & Women – Swimwear, Bikinis, Monokinis

There’s only one place to buy swimwear this summer, and that’s ROXY. Over the years we have perfected our swimwear designs to include styles that look great on every woman. The quality of our product is unmatched, and our immersion in the surf and beach lifestyle is what really sets us apart from the competition. When you buy ROXY swimwear, you not only are getting a swimsuit, you’re becoming a part of our family and culture. We aim to keep you inspired to live the lifestyle that you love, and if a great new swimsuit helps to facilitate your ideal day of adventures then we are happy to be able to help make that happen.

Our Swimwear Trends are Ahead of the Trends

When it comes to swimwear trends, ROXY is always ahead of the curve. We’ve been designing women’s swimwear for years, and each collection we release gets better than the last. Our roots in surf culture and lifestyle have allowed us to design swimwear that is not only fashionable, but functional as well. We want you to have swimsuits that you can live in all summer, whether you’re soaking up the sun on the sand or showing off your skills in the surf. Swim fashion is something that we, as a brand, take very seriously because we know that women’s swimwear holds an important place not only in your wardrobe, but in your daily routine as well, and we want you to be able to dress to impress in the best of the best each day that you’re at the beach. Summertime is all about being free and enjoying all of the hours of daylight, and we want to provide you with epic styles that will keep you motivated to life life to the fullest each and every day of summer. So, next time you’re settling for falling in line with the latest swimwear trends, cut the line with ROXY and start setting the summer trends yourself.

Swimwear Suitable for All Beach & Watersports

What’s your summer sport of choice? Do you enjoy surfing? Or maybe you enjoy a good SUP workout. Whatever beach activities and watersports you’re into, ROXY has the swimwear to keep you covered. Do you ever wonder what to wear to the beach? When you stock up on ROXY swimsuits you will never draw a blank when deciding what to wear for your next trip to the beach. All of our swimwear designs are constructed to be as functional and durable as they are fashionable which means that you can confidently wear them as you surf or stand up paddle. Improve your skills on your board by being able to fidget less with uncomfortable swimwear and focus more on your surfing skills. We love to have fun in the sun and especially in the water, and we want all of you to share in our passion for a great day at the beach filled with activities. You choose the activities, we will take care of the rest.

The Possibilities are Endless with ROXY Swim Clothes & Accessories

Do you love bikinis? Do you spend all summer practically living in your favorite swimsuits? Refreshing your summer wardrobe? If you answered yes to any of the above, ROXY has all of the swimsuits and swim accessories you need for an epicly fashionable summer. Our collection of swimsuits for women offers a wide range of styles so that you can choose your favorite cuts and silhouettes. Select from bikinis, monokinis or one piece bathingsuit designs and rock your own personal style on the sand and in the water all summer long. Looking for something light and stylish to keep you covered while you travel to and from the beach? One of our bathingsuit cover ups will do the trick! No trip to the beach is complete without the appropriate swimwear accessories! Choose from a wide variety of swimwear accessories when you do all of your summer shopping with ROXY. Are you ready to be the best dressed at the beach? We thought so.

Thanks to Kim K, endless peach emoji merch, and Instagram’s #SquatGoals, the booty is “in” like never before. All we can say is, it’s about damn time. If you’re blessed with more to love down there, then more power to you.

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Now that we are in the throws of summer, your rear end is bound to start seeing the light of day—at the beach, pool, or even your own backyard. Hence, it’s time to start the search for a new swimsuit that’s just right for you. What’s awesome is that there are more options in swimwear than ever before for those of us with full-figured tushes: bikinis, one pieces, monokinis, high-waisted, cheeky, the list goes on and on. Of course, all of these options are great for women of every size, and we strongly feel that you look best in whatever makes you feel your best—aka Beyonce-level flawless.

(Protect your skin this summer with this gentle Coconut Sunscreen Stick, available at the Women’s Health Boutique!)

That’s why we rounded up some of our favorite styles of swimsuits for the big-booty girls among us. Whether you want to flaunt what you got or have the emphasis be on your other amazing assets, we’ve got you covered with a variety of fun, stylish, and flattering options. Scroll on for our best picks:

Note: The items in this slideshow can’t be guaranteed to be available after publication.

Joe Fresh Side-Tie Bikini

Joe Fresh

Show a little (or a lot of) cheek. Adjustable side-ties let you call the shots. Plus, since the suit is black and white, you can mix and match it with solid tops and bottoms to get more mileage out of it.

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Buy it: Joe Fresh Print Bandeau Top ($19, joefresh.com) and Joe Fresh Side Tie Bikini Bottom ($19, joefresh.com)

Tommy Bahama Skirted Bottom

Tommy Bahama

No, a skirted bikini bottom does not have to be safe or boring. While the skirt is on the modest side, the slit adds some spice, giving you coverage exactly where you want it.

Buy it: Tommy Bahama Graphic Jungle Halter Top ($98, tommybahama.com) and Tommy Bahama Graphic Jungle Skirted Hipster Bottom ($88, tommybahama.com)

Mara Hoffman Bikini Bottom

Mara Hoffman

Show a bit of love to your butt with a chic cheeky bottom.

Buy it: Mara Hoffman Triangle Bralette Bikini Top ($125, marahoffman.com) and Mara Hoffman Exclusive Classic Bikini Bottom ($110, marahoffman.com)

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H&M; Deep-V Swimsuit


If you want to shift people’s gaze elsewhere, we’ve got the suit for you. We can pretty much guarantee that no one’s going to be looking at your caboose in this daring number. Go ahead, take the plunge.

Buy it: H&M; Halterneck Swimsuit ($29.99, hm.com)

Get the summery hair to match your beachy look:

Land’s End One-Piece Wrap

Land’s End

Let a darker bottom work its below-the-belt magic. Optical illusions aside, this one piece is comfortable enough for a day at the beach, but not so covered up that you’re getting weird tan lines.

Buy it: Lands’ End Women’s Wrap One Piece Swimsuit ($75, landsend.com)

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Ruffle One-Piece


This suit has you covered, literally. The bottom is cut in a way that should leave you wedgie free. And the one shoulder ruffle detail/bright color combo draws eyes up and keeps ’em there.

Buy it: Ted Baker Ruffle One-Piece Swimsuit ($169, nordstrom.com)

Summer is coming up, and we all pretty much want to look like a Kardashian in our bikinis. Well… a Kardashian that isn’t Rob. Sorry Rob, feel you though. Anyway, with “slim thick” being the latest and greatest body trend, it’s no secret that ano skinny is out and #slimthick is in. The good news is that now you can feel slightly less guilty about having dessert because right now it’s all about packing that “cake.” (Yes, I do realize how I sound, THX.) The bad news is that if you’re not someone who can magically channel that dessert directly to your ass, then it’s time to go swimsuit shopping. But like, that’s actually kind of good news too since now you have an excuse to shop. You don’t have to get injections to make your ass look bigger in a bikini. Just look for these styles of swimsuits that will make your butt look bigger.

1. Cheeky/Brazilian/Thong

Free People Palm Sandy Bottom

This one is pretty self-explanatory—the more skin you show, the bigger your butt appears. A cheeky or Brazilian cut will give an illusion of apple bottom roundness while also helping to lift the butt.

2. High Waist

Revolve MILLY Wave High Waist Bikini Bottom

Choose a high waist bottom with a cheeky cut to give an overall appearance of a toned and perky butt. This award-winning combo will really do wonders to lift your sad little ass.

3. Ruched

Free People Soleil Bikini Bottom

The ruching will make your butt appear larger and rounder by creating a flattering heart shape. The style of this bottom itself is naturally curvy, so it only makes sense that it brings the necessary help to your otherwise non-existent rump.

4. Ruffles

Free People Frilla Bikini Bottom

Adding ruffles to your bottoms means that you’re adding more fabric, which then creates an appearance of fullness—the same goes for bikini tops when you’re looking to make your boobs look bigger. At this point, if you haven’t taken my advice and added a ruffle bikini set to your Revolve cart, then I’m sorry but we can no longer be friends.

5. White

Free People The Kate Bikini Bottom

You know how black is slimming? Well white isn’t…which is perfect when shopping for a bikini bottom that will make your ass look fat. As an added bonus, a white bikini will make you look tanner, too. I see no reason not to buy like, six white bathing suits right now.

Congrats! You’re now equipped to head to the beach looking, as famous one-eyed philosopher, Fetty Wap, would say, “slim thick wit’ yo cute ass.”

Images: Jernej Graj / Unsplash; Free People (4); Revolve

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It’s almost the end of Summer, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to get some bikinis on sale for next season! If you’ve been workin’ on your booty with Booty Maxx, it’s time to debut the bootylicious results in a new swimsuit that accentuates your curves. We picked the best swimsuit styles to play up your assets and make sure you look extra sizzling at the beach this summer.

Our bigger butt pills and cream will definitely help in filling out the top and bottoms of these swimsuits. Also, if you’re self-conscious of the fat on your body (especially your waist/midsection), you may want to consider our fat trim kit that includes the waist slimmer fat trim belt and fat burning cream.

Without further ado, here are the 5 swimsuit styles to make your booty pop:


Malai Japanese High Waist Bottom at Orchid Boutique

High waisted is a great swimsuit style to show off your bootylicious backside because it creates the illusion of a smaller waist. With a smoother, tucked in tummy your butt appears more rounded. This leafy design by Malai Swimwear added extra cutouts to the classic high waisted style to make it even more fun.


Beach Bunny Rib Tide Knot Top & Skimpy Bottom

The cheeky style is perfect for making your booty pop! The low coverage brings all attention to your bum, so make sure you strut across the beach with confidence. Plus if your cheeks are out, you won’t have to deal with awkward tan lines later. This flaming hot bikini by Beach Bunny will have all eyes on you every time you wear it out.


Dress Lily Plus Size Lace Up Floral Swimsuit

Who says a one-piece can’t be sexy? This style is definitely making a comeback, with cute patterns and details that create a fun and flirty vibe. Adding a high-cut creates length for your legs and a rounder shape for your hips and butt. A low-cut back also emphasizes the shape of your backside, while one-piece coverage slims the waist. This criss-cross backed suit by Dresslily is perfect for the girly girl who loves florals.


Crochet Scrunch Bikini at Doll.com

Ruched or ruffled bottoms add even more volume to make your booty stand out! Frills spice up a swimsuit for extra dazzle. Ruffles on the top bikini also give the illusion of more volume on your chest if you want a boost there too. Although the color white is known for making people ‘look bigger’ in clothing, a white swimsuit works to your advantage by exaggerating your booty (not to mention white also makes your tan pop). This cute side-tie bikini from Doll.com is a perfect fit.


AJ Voyage IBZ Cut Out Striped Swimsuit

While vertical stripes are slimming, horizontal stripes can create the opposite the effect and play up your booty instead! Grey and white stripes are perfect for a nautical swimsuit to wear at the beach or pool this summer. Look like a total babe in this cutout one-piece at AJ Voyage.

If you haven’t started working on your summer booty yet, don’t panic! It’s not too late to get results with Booty Maxx before this swimsuit season. Many Booty Maxx users notice a change within 4–6 weeks, leaving you just enough time to get ready for bikini season if you order now. Booty Maxx offers both butt enhancement pills and creams (which work best when used together) made with natural ingredients for natural-looking results. Visit the Booty Maxx website to see real reviews and order our top selling booty enhancement formula.

Follow me @thewhimsysoul for daily curvy style inspiration!

Best One-Piece Swimsuits For Curvy Women

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: you don’t have to wear a bikini to prove to yourself or anyone that you feel confident in a swimsuit. I personally love one pieces, they are my go-to style of swimsuit because I love how they “hold everything in” so to speak, and that makes me feel comfortable and thus confident.

Best Bikinis For Curvy Figures

I’ve only recently felt confident in a bikini again. I think the key was finding bikini bottoms that had tummy control / high waists. I think I so much of my time thinking that bikinis were only thin barely there things but that’s so far from the truth! Bikinis CAN be curvy girl swimsuits! And they can be so much fun, I’ve found myself reaching for a few of these bikinis of my one pieces this summer. Shop my picks below!

>> What I’m Wearing: In these photos, I’m wearing this bikini from Madewell. It’s super comfy with the high waisted bikini bottom! My other go-to bikini of the season is this swimsuit from & Other Stories. I love the yellow color scheme and get so many compliments when I wear it!

Best Swimsuits With Prints & Original Design

I know some women prefer basic swimsuits (and I have basic, solids as well) but I LOVE a swimsuit that has a good print for a fun design. I think magazines like Seventeen and Cosmopolitan trained us that plus size swimwear HAD to be black to “slim us down” and that curvy woman should never wear loud prints. Calling bullshit on that one! I get the most compliments on the swimsuits that are the “loudest” plus I feel great in them! I think all sizes can rock a loud print at the pool.

Best Tankini Top Swimsuits For Women

When you want to wear a bikini but aren’t quite there yet, a tankini style bikini top is perfect! There are constantly new arrivals to some of my favorite stores with great styles. Long gone are the days of tankinis swim tops only being for mothers or grandmas.

Best Active Wear Swimsuits

Maybe you’re trying to find a hidden waterfall in a forest, surfing all day in Maui, or running around the Sierra Nevada Mountains trying to find all the hot springs (my personal favorite summer activity, by the way.) Sometimes you have to skip the fun confetti details for a swimsuit that’s practical and made for movement.

Quick sidebar: I own about 12 Summersalt swimsuits and most of the styles on this list are from this company. That’s because they are masters at designing bathing suits that fit ALL types of bodies and also with the expectation that those wearing their suits are going to be moving, a lot. So many of you (the readers!) have bought these suits after I shared mine, and told me how much you love them.

I also really love Swimsuits For All, they are basically an entire company dedicated to plus size bathing suits. This is where Ashley Graham has her swim line! (Plus they have great customer service!)

Best Cover-Ups & Beachwear

No beach day is complete without a pretty cover up to duck into the bar in for more margaritas or roll right into dinner. I love cover-ups that make me feel really pretty. Skip the boring cardigans, these pretty styles will make any beach or pool day extra elevated!

As I rounded up all my picks for this huge guide, I couldn’t but think about how far I have come on my body journey. Rewind 10 years ago and I was undoubtedly in better shape but I had a way worse attitude towards my body. I was working out every day, dieting and obsessing. I hated wearing swimsuits in front of other people and would also pull on shorts, a towel or a cover-up when I left a pool chair.

Now, I weigh more and I have way more jiggly parts, but I love my body. I have so much more respect for it and no longer cover up at the pool. I’m not exactly sure, but I think it was a combination of age but also blogging. Taking photos of yourself every day and then sharing those photos with the world helps me in huge ways to embrace ME. And of course age. Being a teenager is HARD, especially in the early 2000’s before all the modern women empowerment movement started.

I had a realization on my bachelorette party back in 2017. We went to Austin and I got all the girls these cute red swimsuits with “Squad Goals” on them. These are NOT the best swimsuits for curvy bodies mind you, they were these cheap things I bought on Amazon and the side of them cut up really high. Despite that, all of us on this trip were bloggers and wanted to shoot some fun photos of the swimsuits at the pool. There was a moment when I realized that here I was – running around in a very skimpy swimsuit in front of strangers at a pool and I didn’t care what so ever.

I hope you can get to this point as well! I used to fear the warm months because I meant I had to either miss out on fun pool days or subject myself to severe anxiety. If you need more words of advice, check out my blog post called 5 Tips For Building Self Confidence where I share some of the ways I retrained the way I talk to myself!

And of course, I hope this massive curvy swimsuits guide helps you find a style that you LOVE this summer! I want to see all of you out there on the beach, pool, etc rocking what your mama gave you. Make sure to tag me on Instagram @thewhimsysoul so I can see your favorite swimsuits and give you some love! As always, if you ever need someone to chat body image with, I’m always a DM away. Stay sexy ladies!

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Summer is finally here, meaning it’s time to freak out and buy shit loads of bikinis that you will wear during your one-week holiday in Spain and then never again for a whole year. Yay!

More than ever, navigating the mine-field that is swimwear shopping is an exhausting and confusing experience.

You only have to watch one episode of Love Island, see so many different kinds of bikini that you don’t know what’s real any more, and decide to give up on the whole thing altogether.

Add to that the makeover bikini bottoms have had this year, namely in the rear-end department, and it might be time to swat up on the styles you need to know about next time you go shopping.

Low-rise: Bikini bottoms which are low at the front, usually on, or below, the hip bone.

BillaBong/New Look

E.g. Solsearcher Hawaii Lo bikini bottom, Billabong. Pink floral low-rise bikini, £4, New Look.

High leg: You can thank the Kardashian/Jenners for making the super high-rise, above the hip bone, Baywatch-style bikini bottom cut a trend.

E.g. High leg hipster bikini bottom in Gingham, £11, ASOS. Black mesh high leg bikini bottoms, £14, River Island.

High waist: Bikini bottoms that sit on the natural waist, over the hips. They can either be low-leg for higher coverage or high-leg for a more contemporary feel.

E.g Missguided super high leg high waisted bikini, £10, ASOS. Kiini high-waisted bikini bottoms, £105, Avenue 32.

Tie-side: Bikini bottoms that are tied together at the sides. Often low-to-medium-rise in the popular bikini ‘triangle’, offering medium coverage at the back.

E.g. Tie-side bikini bottoms, £14, Topshop. Premium triangle bikini bottoms, £16, ASOS.

Hipster: Hipster bikini bottoms hug the hips with a thick-ish band, generally sit medium-to-low-rise and have slightly less than full coverage on the bum.

E.g. Side mesh hipster bottoms, £11.81, Victoria’s Secret.

Shorts/Full coverage: Short briefs offer the most coverage both at the rear, and around the bikini line.

E.g. Limbo green low-rise boy shorts, £25, Freya. Ultimate beach short bikini bottoms, £4.20, Debenhams.

Classic brief: In-between the cheeky cut and the boy shorts, the classic brief offers good coverage over the bum, similar to knicker briefs.

E.g. Eres Ovale bikini briefs, £140, Net-A-Porter.com. Fantasie Milos deep brief, £17.50, Debenhams.

Cheeky: cut at the back with just a little more coverage than a thong bikini, these cheeky bottoms do what they say on the tin.

E.g. No Worries Hawaii lo cheeky bikini bottoms, £34.95, Billabong. Calvin Klein black cheeky bikini bottoms, £25, Urban Outfitters.

Thong: this is the ultimate bikini bottom for those who want to get their cheeks as tanned as their tummies. Minimum coverage, full exposure.


E.g. Dolty bikini bottoms, £20, Roxy. Sea lovers bikini bottoms, £30, Roxy.

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Bikini bottoms that make your butt look good

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