Are you more apple or pear? Hourglass or diamond? It seems like new body types and terms to describe them are created every day! But don’t worry—there are still plenty of tried and true tricks to help you determine your body type and how to find the best swimsuit fit for it.



Find the Best One Piece Swimsuits and Bikinis for Curves

Fortunately for hourglass-figured ladies, this body type is easy to identify. Hourglass body types are shaped like… well, an hourglass! Curvy hourglass figures usually have a waistline that’s noticeably narrower than the top and bottom of their torso, and the shoulders and hips of ladies with hourglass figures are very similar in width. Ladies with this body type may have fuller busts, hips, and thighs. Great swimsuit styles for hourglass figures include:

  • Two-piece bikinis: Because two-piece bikinis accentuate the perfectly proportioned shoulders and hips of an hourglass figure, ladies with this body type can rock a classic bikini like nobody’s business.

  • Swimsuits with underwire: Whether you’re looking for a one piece or two piece bathing suit, choose suits with underwire or strategically placed straps to keep your bust fully supported.

  • Full coverage bottoms: Want to show more midriff? Full coverage bottoms can help create the appearance of more balanced proportions between your hips and midriff area.

For hourglass body types, our designers recommend:

  • Island Goddess Halter Tankini Top paired with a ruched swim skirt

  • Island Goddess Halter Bikini Top

  • Island Goddess Multi-Strap Cross-Back One Piece


How to Choose the Best Swimsuits for Athletic Body Types

Wouldn’t describe your body as “curvy”? Your body type is most likely a rectangle. This body shape is marked by hips and shoulders that are the same or similar width, as well as a straight, indistinct waistline. You may also see this shape referred to as an “athletic” or “banana” body type. If this is your body type, you likely have an average or small bust—but don’t let that stop you from having serious style! The best swimsuits for rectangle body types include:

  • Swimsuits that are fitted in the waist: Ladies with a rectangle body type can use the fit of their swimsuit to play up their shape. Choose a swimsuit that accentuates your waist to give the appearance of curves.

  • Push-up bra style swimsuit styles: Boost your bust for a shapely, full look. Go for suits that have built-in cups.

  • High-waisted bottoms: If your torso is on the longer side with a straight shape, high-waisted bottoms are a great way to break up your body’s proportions visually.

For rectangle body types, our designers recommend:

  • Island Goddess Twist Front Lingerie One Piece

  • Push up bikini top with a high-waisted bottom


Find Flattering Swimsuits for a Pear Shaped Body

A triangle or pear body shape is one of the most common body types. Are your hips wider than your shoulders? Does your upper body have more of a slope into your hips than a super-defined waistline? If so, your body type is a triangle. Flattering swimsuit styles for triangle body shapes include:

  • Swimsuits with push-up bras: Playing up your shoulders and bust flatters your body shape, so choose swimsuit tops that have a built-in push-up bra to give you some extra lift up top.

  • Attention-grabbing swimsuit tops: Detailing like ruffles or off the shoulder swimsuit styles can also draw more attention to your shoulders and create a proportionate appearance in your torso.

  • High-waisted bathing suit bottoms: Need to give your backside some love? High-waist swimsuit bottoms can elongate your shape and give you the perfect amount of coverage.

For triangle body types, our designers recommend:

  • Push up bikini top with a high-waisted bottom

  • Off the shoulder ruffle one piece swimsuit


Choose the Best Bikinis for a Strawberry Shaped Body Type

An inverted triangle is precisely what it sounds like: an upside down triangle. In contrast to a triangle body type, this body shape is characterized by shoulders that are wider than hips, and it’s often referred to as a “cone” or “strawberry.” If this is your body type, your waist may be less defined, and your body tapers down or narrows from your shoulders to your hips. The best swimsuits for inverted triangle body types include:

  • Swimsuit bottoms that accentuate your hips: Since your shape is the opposite of a triangle, the features you want to play up are opposite, too. Choose bikini bottoms with side shirring or detailing to accentuate your hips rather than your shoulders.

  • Sweetheart necklines: Give your bust plenty of support and an understated appearance with a sweetheart neckline.

  • Full coverage or tankini bathing suit tops: Try swim tops that cover more of your upper body to keep the focus on your hips and create a balanced look.

For inverted triangle body types, our designers recommend:

  • Island Goddess Tankini and Side Shirred Hipster Bikini Bottom

  • Island Goddess One Shoulder One Piece

  • Island Goddess Ruffle One Piece


Look for Swimsuits to Flatter a Round Body Type

There’s pear, there’s banana, there’s strawberry, and then there’s apple! This body shape is round, with well-balanced hips and shoulders. Ladies with this body shape typically have an average or large bust, shapely legs, and a less visible or undefined waistline. The best bathing suits for oval body types include:

  • Fitted waists in tankini sets or swimsuits: Like with a rectangle body type, oval body types look fantastic in suits that accentuate your waistline. Choose full coverage styles with a slightly cinched waist or one-piece swimsuits that have built-in tummy toners to define your waist.

  • Waistline details: Shirring details around the torso provide visual interest to define and play up your waistline curves.

  • Sweetheart necklines in bathing suit tops: A classic sweetheart neckline can create a well-balanced silhouette to round out the shape of your upper body visually.

For oval body types, our designers recommend:

  • Island Goddess High neck Belted One Piece

  • Island Goddess Underwire Tankini with Ruffle Skirt

  • Island Goddess Convertible Shoulder One Piece

Shop La Blanca Swimsuits for Every Body Type

Ready to find the most flattering swimsuit for your unique body? At La Blanca, we design swimsuits for all body types. Your next favorite swimsuit is waiting for you, so take these tips and shop for your perfect fit! Can’t decide on your favorite swimsuits? Order multiple sizes and styles to try out at home, no strings attached. We always offer free ground shipping and returns on orders over $75. What are you waiting for?

Tips and Tricks to Find the Best Swimsuit for your Body Type

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Just in time for Memorial Day weekend and this summer’s beach vacation season, Lady Lux Swimwear shares their top tips on choosing the best swimsuit for your body type.

Find the Best Swimsuit for your Body Type

Body Types

1. Pear Shape

Hips are significantly wider than your waist and bust.

2. Apple Shape

The waist is wider than your hips, and equal to or nearly as wide as your bust.

3. Hourglass shape

Bust and hips are about the same size width, but your waist is smaller.

4. Straight

Thin all around, with no significant difference between your hips and bust.

You’ll want to look your best when you travel! Read my travel tips to Pack Light Stylishly!

Seersucker Underwire Bikini Top & Bottom

How To Select The Right Cut

1. A one piece will hide your waist.

Choose one with shirred panels, details, dark or solid colors.

2. High cut bikini bottoms will make your leg look longer.

If you’re short, or long in the torso, this is a good option.

3. Halter tops draw attention to the bust,

as do triangle tops.

4. Bandeau tops will make the bust seem wider.

If you’re a pear shape and want to imitate an hourglass shape, choose a bandeau top with ruffles or a busy detail.

5. To minimize a large bust,

look for a straight across cut at the top of your swimsuit with wide set straps. Try a bikini top with an underwire and a thick chest band for extra support.

Many travelers designate one packing cube just for their swimwear, bras and underwear.

Top Strap Detail One Piece Swimsuit Plus Size

Tips to Choose A Flattering Pattern

  • Chevron prints show a flattering side to your body and keep eyes moving
  • A petite small print makes you look smaller and shrinks you
  • Vertical and angled stripes have a slandering affect

Lady Lux suggests: Try our Rock the Boat, Rock the boat monokini, Desert Rose, Jet set ready, Indian Summer or Irresistible bikini

Lyla Underwired Non Padded Halter Bikini Top & Bottom

If You Have A Large Bust

  • Try underwire in a top for extra support
  • Red is slimming and appears to be smaller
  • Multiple straps on a swimsuit top add twice the support
  • Animal attraction: a small animal print plays down the chest size

Lady Lux suggests: Try the Red Hot, Tainted Love, Summer Siren, Jessie’s Girl, Sugar Rush, Guilty Pleasure bikini

Ruffled One Piece Swimsuit

If You Have A Small Bust

  • Lightly padded bra suit gives you believable cleavage
  • Underwire suit tops enhance what you have as well
  • Enhance your top with frills or bows
  • Avoid a pancake bandeau top with hardware in the front or a twist tie front

Lady Lux suggests: Try a triangle top like our Gold Digger Bandeau, Ride Like the Wind, or Call me maybe

Cut Out Backless Halter Monokini Bathing Suit

Want An Instantly Slimming Style?

  • Try fun printed monokinis: They are slimming and show off your legs
  • Deep monokini plunge shows off the girls, yet give you an elongated feel

Lady Lux suggests: The Gold Digger Monokini and Palms Springs Primmed are perfect slimming suits.

Sundance Underwired Bandless Halter Bikini Top & Bottom

Expert Tricks To Enhance Your Best Features

1. To highlight a feature you like, use a bright color or pattern

Ex. Guilty Pleasure, Sugar Rush, Summer Siren, Strawberry Shortcake

2. To hide something you don’t like, use a solid color.

Ex. Summer siren, Sugar Rush, Rich Girl, Call Me Maybe

3. To add volume (bust or hips) choose a piece with ruffles or hardware details

Ex. Gold Digger bandeau, Jessie’s Girl, Ride Like the Wind, Indian Summer, Rock the Boat

TFG Top Picks

Underwired Bandeau Bikini Top | Body Glove Bikini Top

These are my two of my very favorite bikini tops and the best part? They’re bra sized! Read my full round up of underwire swimwear!

What are your best swimsuit for your body type? Share your tips in the comments!

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Welcome to our bikini advice column, featuring the hard-earned wisdom of our very own swimsuit master, the Bikini Whisperer. Today, we hear from a woman on the hunt for a perfectly fitting suit — and the Bikini Whisperer has some ideas for how to handle. Looking for some advice of your own? Drop us a line!

Hi Bikini Whisperer,

I’m shopping around for a stellar bikini and would love to use the Shop by Body Type feature available on the site but need a little help. I struggle to recognize the difference between a pear shape and a curvy silhouette. Who knows, I may even be an hourglass! Could you please expand on each body type and help me out?


Bikini Hunter

Hi Bikini Hunter,

Of course. Let me give you a brief breakdown of the different body shapes. Remember, not all figures fit into a specific category, and labeling all of our beautiful uniqueness into five specific shapes is unjust. Use this only as a broad guideline that allows you to narrow down swimwear selections.


Slender bodies are usually defined by waist, hip and bust measurements being in line with each other or within one to one and half inches apart.

The best thing to look for are cutouts, which add dimension to your shape. OYE’s Rorschach one-piece suit has strategically placed curved cut-outs that define the waist indent.

Adding focus to the waist is key, and high-waist bottoms can do the trick. Tori Praver’s Lotus bottom is perfect for a slender shape because it cinches the waist while adding dimension with its side cutouts.

Stay away from the matchy-matchy colors or solid-colored one-pieces, which will make you appear boxy. Go for a two-tone bikini or mix and match prints. Mixing textures is also a great way to add shape to this silhouette.


Pear body shapes carry most of their body weight in the hip and thigh area, meaning hips are wider than both the waist and bust.

Look for side-tie bottoms like Acacia’s Anini bottoms with longer ties that hang along your thigh, disguising your bottom weight.

Find a suit that rides higher on the hip but doesn’t fall directly on the waist. Completely stay away from high-waist or low-rise bottoms, which will make you appear heavier than you really are. Mid-tier, moderate-coverage bottoms work best. I’d even recommend going for a looser fit or possibly sizing up so that the elastic band does not pinch at the wrong place.

Pair it with any top that accentuates your breasts. Avoid showing too much skin on top because it will draw attention to the bare skin and make the top section appear smaller. You want to blend things as much as possible and balance the coverage. Acacia’s Panama top is ideal for covering and highlighting the bust.


Athletic shapes have a muscular build. Shoulders tend to be broader than the waist and hips, which are in line with each other.

Shy away from extremely sporty suits or high-neck tops, which make your shoulders appear wider. Instead, wear a bikini top with thick straps.

Mikoh’s Tuamoto top lends an athletic appeal with a soft approach, ideal for athletic gals. Its delicate color and crochet details add a light touch to your look, while the bikni shape complements your structure. It’s not about hiding your muscular build — be proud that you’re strong and fit! — but about representing it in the best way possible.

Look for curved lines like scoop necklines rather than sharp, angular cuts.

Opt for thicker-band bottoms, anything with cut outs, or delicate details. MIkoh’s Kapalua bottoms feature string side accents which can add roundness to the hip area by spreading the strings apart.


Curvy babes have a waist wider than the hips and is about the same with the bust.

Busy-printed suits are not your friends. They typically confuse the eye and give your body unnecessary dimension. Instead, choose a solid-colored bikini with clean and interesting lines. Simple goes a long way — focus on fit.

Beach Joy’s Petal top is minimal yet interesting and is proportionally balanced when paired with boy shorts. Seek boy short bottoms that follow the curvature of your behind, which lends an instant lift.

If extra bust support is needed, opt for comfortable bustier top that fits snugly and accentuates your features.


Hourglass figures have a narrower waistline than shoulders and hips. Shoulder and hip measurement tend to have one to two inch difference.

Avoid one-piece suits or monokinis with side cutouts. These suits are typically not intended for hourglass shapes and end up giving you a baggy waistline effect due to excess fabric. One-piece suits can hide your waist — stick with a bikini.

Be cautious if choosing a high-waist bottom — make sure it hits right on the narrowest part of the waist. If it sits any lower or higher than the waist, it will make you appear wider.

I suggest choosing a same-color bikini, which draws attention to your mid-section. A bikini with a thick band top and thick band bottoms will give the same emphasis. Ula’s Cyprus bikini is ideal with its thick bands with gold detailing that draws attention to your greatest asset.

How many types of bikini are there?

The origin of the bikini:

  • The artwork dates back to the Diocletian period (286-305 AD) in Villa Romana del Casale, Sicily.
  • This was excavated by Gino Vinicio Gentili in 1950-60.

The modern bikini was introduced in 1946 and since has gone many changes till today.

  • The bikini that was worn in 1946 by Micheline Bernardini modeling one of the first modern bikinis

Evolution of bikini.

  • The modern bikini variants are very revealing and smaller than the original versions.
  • There are many different types of bikinis which are as follows.

Best Picks for: Skimpy or Hourglass shaped women

Bandeaukini/Strapless Bikini

Best Picks for: Women with flaunting shoulders bones

Multi-String Bikini

Best Picks for: Hourglass shaped women, Women who dare to look steamy!

String Bikini


Best Picks for: All body types


Best Picks for: Water Sports, Surfing, Beach games

High Neck Bikini

Best Picks for: Skinny Women


Best Picks for: Well-toned women

Sling Bikini

Best Picks for: Women with slim waists


Tip: It’s a great pick if you have post pregnancy stretch marks and still coming back to shape!

High-Waisted Bikini

Best Picks for: Slim women

Fringe Bikini

Best Picks for: Women with flaunting corves

Flounce Bikini

Micro bikini

Bikinis are available in different patterns, including stripes, polka dots, and animal print.

Enjoy the summer using your favorite bikini.

The Different Types of Swimsuits & 10 Bathing Suit Shopping Tips

Is there anything more intimidating than bathing suit shopping? If you don’t have a swimsuit you like (or even one that fits), it can feel like the storm cloud on a trip to the beach. Don’t miss out! Put an end to the frustration with our guide to the different types of swimsuits, tops, bottoms, and some tips to keep in mind before you hit the water.

Types of Swimsuits


Description: a two-piece bathing suit, typically with a bra-cut top and bottoms that cut below the navel
Best for: showing off your figure and mixing and matching colors, types, and patterns


Description: one-piece bodysuit, oftentimes with cutouts in the middle to lower back
Best for: overall support and more coverage

Active Swimwear

Description: one- or two-piece bathing suit made for water activities like swimming or diving
Best for: staying in place and not riding up, even during activity


Description: two-piece bathing suit consisting of a top that covers the navel and your choice of swim bottoms
Best for: better coverage but with the versatility of a two-piece


Description: one-piece bathing suit with an attached skirt
Best for: the most coverage, especially in the butt and thigh region

Types of Bikini Tops

Triangle: adjustable straps around the neck and back, the quintessential bikini look, best for smaller chests

Halter: straps that fasten around the neck, offers more support for bigger busts, wider coverage all around

Bandeau: strapless top that typically includes soft cups or boning to remain in place, good for small to medium chests, fewer tan lines

Underwire: top with bra-shaped cups for support and lift, can run from big to small, can offer push up

Flounce: top with bra-like straps that are adjustable, flowing fabric in the front, can both increase the appearance of a chest or make a bust look smaller

Shop women’s swimwear here.

Types of Bikini Bottoms

Cheeky: bottoms that cut low, exposes your rear, gives the illusion of a fuller booty

High waisted: covers tummy, sits at natural waistline, slims overall silhouette

String: low-rise bottoms, ties on both sides, helps elongate legs

Hipster: sits comfortably on your hips, offers good coverage, stays put

Skirt: bottoms that skirt over the thighs, good coverage for booty and thighs, retro vibe

Swim shorts: short bottoms, modest coverage for booty and thighs, ideal for activities

10 Bathing Suit Shopping Tips

  1. Always choose black. Not only is it slimming, but black also attracts the sun so you’ll feel hotter, physically and metaphorically.
  2. Size down. Bottoms should be on the snugger side when purchasing because the water will stretch them out over time.
  3. Keep it sanitary. Always try on bottoms first with your underwear (a thong is fine) for cleanliness.
  4. Opt for versatility. Choose tops that have removable pads so you choose whether or not you want an extra chest boost.
  5. Go pattern crazy. Tops with intricate designs can give the illusion of a larger chest.
  6. Think ahead. Buy a top with several clamps around your chest and shoulders so you can tighten over time, if needed.
  7. Take cover. Consider purchasing a coverup to easily throw over your suit whenever you’re on the go.
  8. Stay classic. If you’re looking for longevity, stay away from trendy patterns and prints. Solid colors will last longer.
  9. Wiggle a bit. When deciding on a suit, hop around or bend over to see if you have the support needed for activities.
  10. Be confident! Every body is “beach body ready.” Pick a swimsuit you feel the most yourself in. It will show—trust us.

Women’s swimsuit lingo can be a bit confusing to even the most fashion forward fashionista. What does this mean? What kind of style is that? There are so many different types of bathing suit design features that it’s hard to keep them all straight. So we’ve put together a comprehensive list of swimwear terms to help you in finding the perfect swimsuit.

Asymmetric – A bikini top or one-piece a strap over one shoulder while the other shoulder is bare. A high fashion look. Asymmetric one-piece by Anne Cole Plus

Bandeau – A strapless one-piece or bikini top offering bare shoulders for no tan lines. Due to having less support they’re best suited for cup sizes A – C. Some have strings you can use or tuck away. Bandeau Swim Tops

Banded Bottoms – A bikini bottom that has a wider fabric covered elastic band for a flat, sleek look. Moderate back coverage. Banded Bottoms

Banded Halter Top – A halter bikini top that with a wide elastic band under the bust to give added support. Elastic Stripe Halter Bra Top by Anne Cole

Bandini – A two piece swimsuit that is bare on the shoulders like a bandeau top. Anne Cole Control Color Block Splice Bandeau – Kini

Blouson – A swimsuit that is drawn tight at the waist, causing it to blouse out and hang over the waistband. Perfect for hiding your extra tummy Anne Cole Blouson One Piece

Board Shorts – Cool and breezy polyester shorts perfect for any summertime activity. Available in long, standard and short lengths. Board Shorts

Bows – Bows are an accent feature that is sewed on the bathing suit. Cole of California Bow Front Tankini

Boy Shorts – Bathing suit bottoms that provide full coverage with a lower leg cut. Sometimes called hot pants. Color Blast Fold Over Boy Short by Anne Cole

Bustier (alternately bustiere) – A swim top Its primary purpose is to push up the bust by tightening against the upper midriff and forcing the breasts up, while gently shaping the waist. Running Wild Underwire Bustier by Raisins

Brazilian – Swimwear with a thong like bottom. Absolute least amount of butt coverage possible.

Bra Top – A swimsuit top that’s built like a bra with over the shoulder straps. Bra Top

Chevron – An inverted v-shaped pattern. This pattern can have a great slimming effect around the tummy. Anne Cole Mesh Halter

Color Block – A swimwear pattern of two or more solid colors in blocks. Color Block One Piece by Anne Cole

Constructed Shelf Bra – A hidden part of a one piece or bikini top that uses molded foam cups, and a soft, plush wide elastic under the bust. Cups may be sewn into the fabric lining or may be inserts inside pockets. These offer the most support. Marina Stripe Bikini by Cole of California

Contoured Top – A swim top that has cup seams that create a rounded cup shape to fit your body like a second skin. Contoured Top

Control Top – One-piece or tankini swimsuits that incorporate power lining and special construction to make the wearer look more slender and sexy. They’re built to smooth out troubled areas like your side and stomach. Anne Cole Control Color Block V – Neck Halter

Convertible Dress/Skirt – A stretchy swimwear cover – up that can be worn as a dress or pulled down to the hips and be worn as a skirt. Most are one size fits most. Smocked Cover Up Dress by Anne Cole

Cookie Pads – Small foam oval shaped pads that can be inserted into the pockets of swim tops for additional uplift and shape.

Cover Up – Swimwear that is worn when not swimming. The often forgotten fashionable swim apparel. Cover Ups

Cross-Back One-Piece – A one piece with criss – cross back straps. The criss – cross is a sexy design element that also offers functionality in that it cinches the waistline of the suit. Elastic Stripe Scrunchie Tankini by Anne Cole

Cutout One-Piece – A one piece suit that is very open on the sides as if they were “cut out”. Sometimes called a monokini. Juniors Let Me Check Cut Out One Piece by California Sunshine

Embellished – Beads, decorations, heat transfers, embroidery or any bells and whistles added to a swimsuit.

Fauxkini – A women’s swimsuit that looks like a two piece tankini but is actually a one piece bathing suit.

Flounce – A strip of decorative fabric attached by one edge to the bathing suit. Great for enhacing the look of women with smaller breasts. Radio Fiji Pyramids Flounce-kini

French Bra – Sexy gathered cups to increase cleavage with underwires and removable cookie pads. Ties behind the neck and has an adjustable back strap for a perfect fit. Pearl Island Twist-kini by Leilani

Fringe – Extra lengths of fabric are added to the swimsuit. Bali Fringe Bandeaukini by Raisins

Full Bottom – A bikini bottom with additional coverage on the low hip.

Full Cut Top – A bikini top with more cup coverage. See It Through Tankini Set by Becca Etc.

Full Piece Bathing Suit – Another name for a one-piece swimsuit.

Gusset – A rectangular piece of fabric sewn into the crotch area of shorts or pants to allow for a better fit where the center back and center front seam meet the inside leg seam.

Halter Top – A bathing suit top that ties behind the neck. Now or Never Halter-kini by Radio Fiji

High-Waist Bottom – A bikini bottom made with a waistline just below or above the belly button. A very vintage style High Waist Bottom by Anne Cole Plus

Hipster Bottom – A two piece swimsuit bottom designed to sit low on the hips. Hipster Bottoms

Hot Shorts – A bikini bottom that look like short shorts. Fold down waistband for comfort. Think Solo Shorts. Becca Show And Tell Hot Shorts

Keyhole – A suit with a round cut out of fabric. The keyhole may be at the neckline, exposing skin between the breasts, on the stomach or in the back, revealing a very sexy, bare back. Despite the name implying that the cut out is small it can actually be quite large. Anne Cole Control Keyhole Halter

Light Fastness – The degree to which a fabric holds its original depth of color after being exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time. Pastel colors such as pinks and light blues do not have the light fastness of dark colors such as black and brown. One of worst enemies for girls who like to tan in their swimsuits.

Lycra – Lycra is a trademarked name for spandex.

Maillot – Pronounced My-OH. Another name for a one-piece swimsuit. Usually more simple. Lingerie Maillot One Piece by Anne Cole

Microkini – A very very skimpy bikini that keeps the wearer just within legal limits of decency but not quite nude.

Mitered One-Piece – A one piece suit with stripes sewn into a “V” design that slenderizes and flatters your figure by tricking the eye. Beaded Stripe Halter One Piece by Anne Cole

Moderate Bottom – A bikini bottom, not too much coverage, not too little. Perfectly sexy. Eden Basic Bottom by Becca

Molded Cup – A foam cup that has been permanently molded into its shape. May have thicker padding at the bottom outside of the cup for additional push-up. Push Up Underwire One Piece Swimsuit by Leilani

Monokini – A one piece suit that has the look of a bikini. Minimal fabric or connectivity between the top and bottom of the suit. Often looks like a bikini in the back Also called a cut-out one-piece.

Ombre – A variation of colors or tones that shade into each other. Usually, the pattern of colors fade from light to dark or vice versa. Beach Ombre Shirred Slider Halter Tankini by Cole of California

Peek-A-Boo – See Peekaboo Crop Top by Raisins

Plunging Neckline – A tankini or one-piece with a deep V cut exposing the cleavage. Great for distracting from the midsection. Plunge Golden Stripe One Piece by Raisins

Poncho – A sexy coverup that is loose on the body & pulls over your head. Butterfly Caftan Cover Up by Raisins

Push Up – Swimwear with cups designed to push up the breasts making them look perkier Namaste Gemini Push Up Tankini Top by Leilani

Rash Guard – A type of water wear shirt that is often long or short sleeved. Also known as a swim shirt.

Retro – A style that is influenced by previous eras. Generally refers to a style that’s at least 15 years old.

Reversible – A reversible swimsuit is where the bathing suit can be worn either way. It will typically have different patterns, or colors on the reverse side. It’s like getting two swimsuits for the price of one 🙂 Defining Moment Reversible Halter Top by Becca

Ruched – The technique of gathering the fabric as to create a puckered effect. Classic Bali Tank One Piece by Leilani

Ruffles – Extra fabirc is added giving a ruffled look. Great for women with a smaller bosom. Bali Bralette Top by Radio Fiji

Sag – A bad feature of worn out or improperly fitting swimsuits

Sarong – A piece of swimwear fabric sewn in a curved shape to tie comfortably around your hips for an instant coverup. Palm Teak Cover Up Sarong by Anne Cole

Sash – A soft fabric tie at the neck, back or hips to secure the suit on the body. Umbrella Reverse-kini by Anne Cole

Scoop Bottom – A bikini or maillot bottom designed to have a scooped waistline and a slightly higher leg line. This bottom accentuates your curves. Moderate coverage. Sante Fe Cala Textured Bottom by Radio Fiji

Scoop Neck – A swim piece with a deeply curved wide neckline. Cole of California Isabella Scoop Neck Tankini

Scuba Bottom – A low-rise bikini bottom with an accenting belt. Also known as a surf bottom. Think Ursala Andrews in Dr. No Cruise Ship Bikini by Cole of California

Seduction Top – Molded foam cups with built – in push up pads in a sweetheart shape. Elastic neck and back straps for comfort. Pockets with additional cookie pads in all sizes. Painterly Stripe Bandeau-kini by Anne Cole

Shaping Pads – Rounded foam cups that may be sewn into the lining of the top or slid into lining pockets for shaping. This type of padding does not add fullness just shape.

Shelf Bra – A hidden component in a bikini top that is a fabric liner with soft, plush wide elastic under the bust. Provides medium support.

Side-Tie Bottom – A bikini bottom that is bare on the hips except for spaghetti ties or sash ties. Usually provides moderate coverage. Half Moon Solids Side Tie by Raisins

Skirted Bottom – A bikini bottom with an attached skirt. Sahara Stripe Asymmetrical Skirted Bikini Bottom by Anne Cole

Spaghetti – Thin fabric strings used for swimwear. South Beach Slide by Raisins

Spandex – A synthetic fiber which gives the swimwear fabric (poly or nylon) excellent memory and the ability to stretch a lot more than yarn without spandex.

Specialty Foil Fabrics – Metallic foils are applied to fabric using a special adhesive in a multi – step process. With care, foils can retain their luster all season long.

Sport Top – A bikini top designed with no underwires or padding that might interfere with sports activities. Usually has more coverage than similar styles.

Sweetheart Top – A swimwear top that looks like the top of a heart.

Swim Dresses – One piece bathing suit that is made like a short dress. Great swimwear for women with big thighs.

Swim Shorts – A bikini bottom in the design of a short. Fold down waistband for comfort. Fully lined. Longer length than hot shorts. Swim Shorts

Swim Skirts – The bottom of a bikini in the design of a skirt. Rock Swim Skirt by Anne Cole

Tank One-Piece – A one piece suit that has shoulder straps that are similar to a tank top. It can have thick or thin straps. Also goes by Maillot. Anne Cole Rugby Lingerie Maillot

Tankini – A bikini top with a “skirt” that covers your midsection or belly. Tankinis may be at the waist or longer, depending on the particular style. Combining a tankini top with a higher waisted bottom creates the look of a one-piece suit with the comfort of a bikini. Tankinis

Triangle Top – A bikini top with cups in the basic shape of a triangle. Usually ties behind the neck and back with spaghetti strings. Triangle Bikini Tops

Tricot – Tricot refers to the type of stretch that the knit fabric has.

Underwire – Metal wires inserted into fabric casings under the bust to enhance the shape and support of the bust. Underwire Push-Up D-cup by Anne Cole

V-kini – An extreme scoop bottom. It’s what you think of when you hear 80’s bikini

V Wire Bandeau – A bandeau top but with v-shaped cutout. This style of suit is great for those women who want to show off that extra bit of cleavage for an even sexier look. V wire bandeau offers even less support than a regular bandeau. Also comes in U shape. Bridget Bandeau Swim Top by Radio Fiji

Wrap Skirt – See Sarong Beach Club Beach Scenic Pareo by Anne Cole

Wet Suit – A swimsuit that covers most if not all of the body.

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Do you have an hourglass body shape? It is important for you to know that there are different types of bikinis and that some of them are more flattering than others, depending on the body type. However, if this is your case, you are very lucky.

Women with an hourglass body shape tend to have a curvy silhouette, a pronounced waistline and hips, and also aligned shoulders. Even though it is known to be the classically feminine silhouette, the truth is few women have it.

However, if you are one of the women who have it, on this post we are going to show you the best bikinis for hourglass body shape that will help you highlight your curves and turn your body into a… hot body!

How is an hourglass figure?

Before we start talking about bikinis for hourglass body shapes, it is important that we focus on this type of silhouette for a moment, to fully understand how it is and get to know if we can include ourselves in this group.

This body type has the following characteristics:

  • Shoulders and hips have a similar width
  • The waist is very defined, achieving this “S” shape typical of the feminine body
  • When you look in the mirror you can easily see your curves and you have a beautiful and curvy figure

If this is your silhouette, well, congratulations! Why? Because you have a body type perfect for any kind of clothing and style and anything you wear will suit you!

Image Source: TKM

The best bikinis for your hourglass body shape

Now that we have learnt how this silhouette is, it is time to give you some beauty tips that will help you choose bikinis for your hourglass body figure, that will suit you perfectly and will help you highlight your natural beauty.

As we mentioned earlier, to have this body type is to be very lucky, since it is the most harmonious body shape. It is the classic 90-60-90 and, because of this, you won’t have problems to choose a nice swimsuit to highlight your features.

It will depend on what you like, but you have the chance to choose a bolder bikini to show what you have to the world. The smaller pieces, such as a minibikini will help you tinge your figure and make it look even better.

We are going to give you some general advice that will help you when choosing the right bikini for an hourglass body shape. Ready?

Strapless bikini tops

If you have an hourglass body shape, well, you are lucky! You can easily choose a type of bikini that doesn’t tend to suit any woman without a problem.

We are talking about bikinis with a strapless top. These tops don’t usually suit most body types because it creates an optical effect that can make anybody look wider and with a square shape; however, you and your curvy waist can wear it without a problem and you can do it while knowing you look great.

Just keep in mind: if you have big busts, we recommend you to avoid this top because it doesn’t offer enough support and you might have an uncomfortable “accident”…

Flashy and printed bikinis

Unlike women with a different body shape, you have an advantage and that is that your body is symmetrical and harmonious. Therefore, you can wear a printed bikini or a super flashy one, it doesn’t matter If it is the top, the bottom or both.

Just keep in mind that when the body isn’t homogeneous, we need tricks to help us divert attention to one area or another, depending on what we want to “hide”. But that is not your case: you can wear a printed bikini, with patterns and bright and flashy colours and you will look beautiful anyway because your body is 100% harmonious. ¿Could you ask for more?

Sweetheart neckline: perfect for the hourglass body shape

Sweetheart neckline bikinis are also one of the best choices for you because they highlight, even more, your physical qualities. This is the reason why it is a good option to go for a swimsuit with a sweetheart neckline to lift your breasts and make them the star of the look.

You can also choose a Brazilian bikini bottom (which means a smaller bottom than usual) to highlight your hips. But if you have stretch marks or cellulite, you can avoid them and choose a bikini to cover the imperfections… that we all have!

Knot and hoop bikini briefs

The bikini bottoms with smaller sides are a good option for women with a curvy and really feminine silhouette since they will help you refine your hips and highlight your natural curves even more.

That is the reason why you can go for bikini bottoms with hoops or knots on the sides. It is a beautiful way of wearing a bikini and it will make you look more attractive.

Cut-out swimsuits: a great choice for your body

We will finish this post about bikinis for hourglass body shapes talking about a tricky but beautiful swimsuit that hardly works for any female body: the cut-out swimsuit, also known as trikini and monokini.

This bathing suit will let you show your hips while covering up other areas such as the belly, which means it can be tricky to wear for girls with a different body figure. However, in your case, cut out swimsuits will be a great choice because they will highlight the most beautiful parts of your body, the hips, and will make you look elegant, sexy and feminine

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Best Swimsuits for Hourglass Body Type: How to Choose Right

When choosing the best swimsuits for an hourglass body, consider yourself— an hourglass shaped woman — lucky. Of all the body types, hourglass has the most harmoniously balanced proportion. Meaning, you won’t have to deal with proportion imbalance and looking good in a swimsuit will require little to no effort on your part. All swimsuits’ shapes, cuts, and styles will look flattering on you.

Are you a plus size hourglass? Click here instead for the plus size version of this guide.

There are, however, guidelines on how you can maximize your dollars in terms of comfort, coverage, and design. Here’s a detailed guide on how to choose the best swimsuits for an hourglass body type.

But first, let’s define what makes an hourglass body:

  • well-endowed booty and breasts
  • waist is curvy and well-defined
  • shoulders and hip proportion is well-balanced
  • your shoulder-waist-hip proportion is 4-2-4

In a hurry? Jump directly to the swimsuits specifically recommended for an hourglass body by clicking here.
Otherwise, read on to learn the best styling principles for your body type.

Table of Contents

The challenges of an hourglass body

Since an hourglass has the most aesthetically harmonious proportion of all body types, you can pretty much wear any swimsuits and look good in them. Meaning, don’t have to worry too much about the visual.

However, you’re likely gonna encounter the following challenges if you’re an hourglass lady:

  • You find it hard to find swimsuits that offer enough support for your ample breasts and booty.
  • You might also have problems with breasts sagging.
  • Most one-pieces’ fabrics aren’t stretchy enough to accommodate your busty, curvy figure.

And here are the recommended swimsuits that’ll address these little inconveniences for an hourglass body type. I’ve grouped them according to different body goals.

If you want to flaunt your curves

If your goal is to sport a Kim Kardashian look and flaunt your voluptuous hourglass shape, remember these guidelines:

  • Swimsuits with added details on the hips like strings and ruffles will emphasize your hips and make it appear even more defined.

Click here to view in Amazon.

  • Wear a one piece with cutouts that mimic an hourglass shape. They’ll make your waist appear even slimmer and more defined.

Click here to view in Amazon.

If you want to elongate your legs

To elongate your legs, wear high leg cut swimsuits. High leg cut swimsuits hike up higher than regular creating the illusion of longer and more shapely legs.

Click here to view in Amazon.

If you feel adventurous, opt for Brazilian bikinis. They’re not only exceptional for elongating your legs but also for flaunting your voluptuous figure.

Click here to view in Amazon.

How to make your arms appear more slender and longer

To make your arms look more slender and longer, look for swimsuits with deep plunging necklines. It could be a U or a V neck, it doesn’t matter. They’ll create the illusion of longer and slimmer looking arms than you actually have. The deeper the plunge, the more amplified the effect.

Click here to view in Amazon. Click here to view in Amazon.

If you want a secure bust support

Hourglass women tend to have well-endowed breasts. If you hate the thought of adjusting your bikini top every 5 minutes but you love to move in the beach a lot, remember these designs when choosing a bikini top.

Underwired bikini tops

Underwire bikini tops are not only designed for women with small breasts but also for busty ones. They not only support the breasts but they also keep them from sagging. If breasts sagging is your problem, underwired bikini tops will provide you that much-needed shape and support from sagging.

Click here to view in Amazon.

Sports bras

Click here to view in Amazon.

If you’re just allergic to bikini tops with underwires, sports bras are your best bet. Devoid of underwire, they’re extremely comfortable yet supportive and hold your breasts well.

Their cups are designed to secure your breasts despite constant movement but without the metal underneath. They don’t need to be boring, mind you. There’s a wide variety of choices when it comes to designs.

Halter tops are particularly good at support. It pulls everything up, and with its razorback, it offers an extra strong hold behind the neck without the boning and underwire.

If you want to look taller (especially for petite hourglass)

Swimsuits with vertical stripe is a must-have if you’re a petite hourglass. It visually elongates your figure thus making you appear taller than you actually are.

Click here to view in Amazon. Click here to view in Amazon.

Petite hourglass should avoid:

As much as vertical lines are elongating, the opposite is true for horizontal lines. They make you appear shorter and wider. So if you’re a petite hourglass, steer clear of horizontal stripes if you don’t want to look even shorter.

For a retro look, wear high waisted bikinis.

In this article, I explained which body types look best in high waisted bikinis and one of them is the hourglass. Since hourglass ladies retain their beautiful curves no matter what they wear, high waisted bikinis will only accentuate their feminine figure.

If you’re an hourglass with a long torso, any type of high waisted bikini will look flattering on you. Period.

Click here to view in Amazon.

You can wear any style of bottoms but if you want one with great coverage and support, go for sporty bottoms with a boxer cut. You can move, play and swim in it without having to adjust every 5 minutes

Of course, there is no reason that you should avoid cheeky bikinis if you want to flaunt your well-endowed booty.

If you’re a petite hourglass:

If you’re a petite hourglass, however, and you want to elongate your body especially your legs, opt for high waisted bottoms with high leg cut. They’ll expose more of your legs and will create the illusion of a taller figure.

Click here to view in Amazon.

Best one piece for hourglass body

You can wear any one-piece design to your liking as long as it offers enough support and coverage for comfort and movement.

However, due to the big width difference between your slim waist and your defined bust and hips, finding a one-piece that fits like a glove could be a challenge.

Although it’s possible, your bucks are much safer with a two-piece, especially if you’re shopping online. But if you must buy a one-piece, remember these two pointers:

  • Get the swimsuit’s exact sizing for its bust, waist, and hips.
  • Avoid one-pieces with polyester as the main material. Polyester isn’t stretchable enough.
  • Instead, look for one-pieces with at least 70% nylon and/ or spandex. These fabrics are stretchy enough to accommodate an hourglass-shaped body.

Styles that an hourglass body type might wanna avoid

  • Be wary when shopping for bikini tops with flimsy strings as most of them offer little bust support. Although you’ll look flattering in them no question, you don’t wanna readjust every five minutes to make sure nothing’s spilling out.
  • They’re absolutely perfect though if you’re tanning or just lounging around the beach and don’t mind adjusting your bikini from time to time.
  • You might wanna avoid too much ruffles at your hips and bust. The classic string bikini bottom is okay but you might not wanna go more embellished than that.
  • Too much embellishment at the hips will only make your hips appear overly wider. Of course, beauty is subjective and to some hourglass women, this is completely fine. So choose whatever you consider is the perfect design for you.
  • Avoid bikini tops with thick padding. They’re more suitable for small chested ladies but too heavy for large breasted women like hourglass.

Hourglass body trivia

Research found out that most men prefer women with an hourglass figure. What’s more, an hourglass figure female is even more preferred than breast or facial features.

While it is true that most men were initially drawn to a woman’s cleavage, it was her hips and waist that were in fact what they found the most attractive.

List of recommended swimsuits for an hourglass body

Now that you know which designs will flatter your body type, here’s a list of swimsuits that meet the above-mentioned criteria.
I specifically curated them to fit only an hourglass body type for a seamless shopping.

There can be no better time to hit the beach than during the summer season. For a lot of women, it is also the perfect opportunity to bathe in the heat of the sun and be revitalized by the waves and splash of cooling water. Therefore, it is only natural that many are shopping for new bikinis that don’t just look great but must fit perfectly as well. Here you get a simple step-by-step measurement guide for bikinis, including size tables and converters for all common international sizes. Additional tips, tricks, and info on current trends in two-piece swimwear are also available.

At a Glance

  • Sizing of bikini tops generally follows the same system observed in bra sizes. Bikini bottom sizes, on the other hand, are typically labeled the same as standard or classic clothing sizes.
  • To determine your correct bikini size, you need to (1) take accurate measurements of your chest (bust and underbust), waist, and hip circumferences, and (2) calculate your bra size.
  • For the bra size, you need to take measurements of your (1) bust and (2) underbust circumferences. Your underbust is necessary to determine the band size of your bra. A bikini’s cup size is the difference between the underbust circumference and the bust circumference.

How to determine the perfect bikini size

Bikini Top

Sizing of bikini tops generally follows the same system observed in bra sizes. Size labels are made up of a combination of numbers and letters which corresponds to a particular cup size and underbust measurement, respectively. For example, you’re probably familiar with bra sizes like 32B and 36C.

Bikini Bottom

Bikini bottom sizes, on the other hand, are typically labeled the same as standard or classic clothing sizes. Sizes are usually numerical and are based on the measurement of waist and/or hip circumferences. For example, a size 4 or 6 is usually for petite women while sizes 18 and 20 are for those with a curvier built. However, there are swimwear brands that use the best-known international sizing system (e.g., Small, Medium, Large, etc.) to classify their bikini bottom sizes.

International Sizes

Bikini manufacturers are rampant not just in the United States but also in different countries abroad. Hence, it comes as no surprise that many brands also feature sizes based on UK, EU, German, French, and Italian size systems. Usually, the manufacturers have a lot of liberty in deciding what sizing system they will follow and how faithfully they will stick to it. Consequently, sizing is not at all universal and your best tool at getting the right fit when buying from a foreign brand is to refer to the company’s published international conversion chart.

Bikini Sizes

To determine your correct bikini size, you need to (1) take accurate measurements of your chest (bust and underbust), waist, and hip circumferences, and (2) calculate your bra size. Write down your measurements in inches and centimeters. Then, refer to the size chart below to find your corresponding US size. Keep in mind that these are approximations so the fit may still vary.

Standard Size US Size Bust Waist Hips
S 0 32 78 24.5 60 34 84
2 33 80.5 25.5 62.5 35 86.5
4 34 83 26.5 65 36 89
M 6 36 88 28.5 70 38 94
8 38 93 30.5 75 40 99
L 10 40 98 32.5 80 42 104
12 42 103 34.5 85 44 109
XL 14 45 110.5 37.5 92.5 47 116.5

International Sizes: How to convert correctly

You can convert US bikini sizes to UK, EU, and other foreign sizes with the table below.

US Size UK Size EU/German Size IT Size AU Size
0 4 32 36 4
2 6 34 38 6
4 8 36 40 8
6 10 38 42 10
8 12 40 44 12
10 14 42 46 14
12 16 44 48 16
14 18 46 50 18

Measure bra size correctly

When it comes to bikini sizes, knowing your bra size is very important if you want to find a well-fitting two-piece swimwear. To accomplish this, you need to take measurements of your (1) bust and (2) underbust circumferences.

You’ll need a reliable measuring tape for accurate measurement-taking. You can also use a string or a cord to wrap around the body and just measure it with a ruler afterward. If possible, find another person to help you. Make sure you inhale briefly and hold your breath before measuring. The measuring tape should rest horizontally and loosely; it must not press into the skin. Otherwise, you might get a size that’s too small for you.

From there, you can determine your corresponding band size and calculate for your suitable cup size.

Bikini underbust measurement

Your underbust is necessary to determine the band size of your bra. Measurements are usually taken in inches and are rounded off to the next even number. For example, a 31.5-inch underbust measurement fits a 32-inch band size.

Knowing the underbust circumference is also needed to calculate the cup size.

Bikini bust measurement

A bikini’s cup size is the difference between the underbust circumference and the bust circumference – the highest point of the chest area. Once the values are subtracted, the resulting answer translates to an equivalent letter. For example, a bust measurement of 34 inches and underbust measurement of 32 inches has a difference of 2 inches, which is a B cup.

  • Underwired bikini
  • Bandeau top
  • Halterneck bikini
  • Bustier
  • Triangle bikini
  • Push-up bikini

There are several ways to wear and secure a bikini top. Some bikinis come with straps that are tied at the back and behind the neck. Some are equipped with clip closures that are fastened at the back. There are also tops that are designed with a more practical front closure.

Bikini Pants

  • Panty, hipster, hot pants or swim shorts
  • tanga
  • string
  • skirt
  • front bodice briefs

Bikini briefs are either made in one piece like conventional underwear or can be tied or closed at the side.

It’s fitting that Paris Hilton dropped her latest single, “Best Friend’s Ass,” as I was writing about how difficult I find shopping for swimsuits. Bikini sets never fit me quite right. I was always—and still am—larger on the bottom than I am up top, which meant if a string bikini (the silhouette of the early aughts) fit across my butt, the accompanying triangles would sit like deflated balloons across my chest. (I remember illicitly mixing and matching swim separates in the store, hoping a salesperson wouldn’t notice. To them, I apologize.)

The thing is, I always thought my behind was the culprit, what prevented me from being able to wear whatever swimsuit was of the moment (like the Burberry bikini Beyonce wore in 2003, which I wanted so bad). I never considered that perhaps what’s up top—or rather, what isn’t—was kind of, maybe the real obstacle.

Let me confirm: Though I’m a size 34A, I do not want bigger boobs. I never have. What I have wanted, however, is the ability to wear whatever style of bathing suit I’d like, regardless of cup size. When it comes to swim bottoms, you can simply size up. The same cannot be said for tops: With so many different cuts—triangle, bandeau, halter, underwire, tankini—achieving the perfect fit requires a little more experimentation, trial and error, and even some expert advice.

Over the years I’ve found my old reliables: the backless one-piece that’s the ideal balance of skin and coverage; the ruched tankini that looks more like a shirt than a piece of swimwear; the teeniest, totally unlined scoop-neck that gets balanced out with an extra-high-waist bottom. But that doesn’t mean I’m satisfied. That’s why I talked to designer Roxana Salehoun; Sidway founder Sarah Sidway Godshaw; Solid & Striped design director Amelia Lindquist; and Lively CEO and founder Michelle Cordeiro Grant and director of retail Sam Foster. I wanted their expertise on achieving that perfect fit when you have small boobs. Here’s what they had to say.

Show off what you’ve got. First, it’s important to remember that having a small bust can be an asset (and, let’s be honest, way less of a pain to shop for than a DD+ cup). Instead of thinking about all the cups you can’t fill, consider all of the low-cut necklines and more revealing styles you can without feeling overexposed. Feel free to skip the underwire or padding, Cordeiro Grant and Foster say, if the support isn’t necessary. No longer does your first thought need to be How can I make my bust look larger? However, if that is the look you want to achieve…

Fake it till you make it. To give the illusion of larger breasts, pay close attention to gaping—it’s a sign you should size down, Cordeiro Grant and Foster say. Styles like a triangle, tie-front, or halter can make your bust appear bigger than it actually is. Adjustable straps help too.

Go up a cup size. If your aim is to add a little something extra, opt for the tried-and-true classic: the padded cup. But you don’t need to go overboard. Sidway Godshaw recommends trying light padding via a balconette style or tops that allow you to slide in and layer removable cups. That way, you can control how much you’re adding so it feels both comfortable and natural.

Ahead, shop the best swimsuits for small boobs for summer 2019.

Bikini for body type

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