Your guide to boutique fitness on a budget

Love boutique fitness, but don’t love the price tag that comes along with it? We totallllly feel you. Before we started SATC, we found ourselves constantly looking for ways to save money on this healthy, yet expensive habit. At this point, we feel we’ve gotten a pretty good handle on how to navigate the boutique fitness scene without draining your bank account, so we’re dishing our best money saving hacks!

First time deals:

Take advantage of these! You’ll be surprised to find that most studios have them! Off the top of our heads: Solidcore has an awesome introduction package of 3 classes for $79, Rumble has a BYGO first time deal, and CorePower even gives your entire first WEEK for free. Make it a goal to try a new studio or two every month – trust us when we say you will save a lot of money (and you might just be pleasantly surprised by how much you enjoy the variety).

Community Classes:

It’s shocking how many people aren’t aware of community classes! These classes are taught by new instructors or instructors-in-training, available at serious discounts or even for FREE. We’ve seen studios like The Class by Taryn Toomey, SLT, SoulCycle and 305 Fitness offer them. Try looking through the schedules at your favorite studios, and look for “Community Class”!

ClassPass Hacks:

We know ClassPass is NOT the free for all that it used to be – we, too are mourning the loss of the days where UNLIMITED classes were only $99. However, we’re still big users of the platform, as classes generally work out to be about $12-$16 each (in NYC). And yes – there are ways to maximize your credits! Go on off-peak times (if possible) and put your credits towards studios where classes cost more ($), this way the ClassPass discount you’re receicing is more valuable. For example, we hardly ever see deals on Flywheel Sports’ website, so it’s a worthy use of your credits. It’s worthwhile to do your research and cross check your favorite ClassPass studios with their individual websites.

Local Deal Sites:

We’ve seen SO many amazing studios like P.Volve, ModelFit, Bar Method, 305 Fitness, 100’s Pilates, Pop Physique, Exhale and more on Gilt City and Groupon. Bonus: these flash sale sites often have site wide sales as well, so stock up when this happens! Sometimes you can get classes for as low as $8 each … that’s cheaper than your Uber Pool to and from class.

Holiday Sales:

Around Christmas time, Black Friday, July 4th, and other major holidays, many studios offer promotions. Barry’s sells their packages for 25% off during Christmas and their credits dont expire for a year and Core Power Yoga does $100 worth of classes for $80 … $20 off doesn’t suck!

Boutique Studio Memberships:

FitHouse: have you heard about this boutique fitness gym yet? They are rapidly growing in NYC … and for good reason. FitHouse offers amazing package deals, as well as unlimited fitness classes at their studios (and you can cancel at anytime!) There’s no workout they don’t cover: HIIT, Barre, Yoga, Trampoline Cardio and Sculpting classes are all available. They also have top notch trainers like one of our all-time favorites: Isaac Boots.


Streaming options are getting better by the DAY. We’re talking live streaming with personal trainers, on-demand classes from our favorite studios, fitness tracking apps … you name it! Working out at home is an amazing way to fill the gaps between your IRL classes, and also saves a ton of time. Our personal favorite is OBE Fitness: they offer LIVE streaming classes every day, as well as on-demand classes. Everything from abs focused workouts to HIIT, to dance cardio and yoga is offered. One of our absolute faves instructors, Megan Roup, leads workouts on OBE – and we find it to be SUCH an incredible at-home option. You can sign up for OBE here and stream from anywhere in the world. It’s now available to purchase in the US + Canada. Use code: “SWEATS30” to receive 30% off!

Don’t cancel!:

This one might be a no brainer, but flaking on your classes can really add up. Ever look at your credit card statement and feel a little shook by how many classes you bailed on that month? We know cancellations are sometimes inevitable, but try to be more aware of this!

Say NO to the money grabbers:

We used to spend $2 on water and $3 on spinning shoes every time we went to SoulCycle. Five dollars seems like nothing, but if you go once a week it’s costing you over $250 a year … and that doesn’t even include the class itself! Our go-to spin shoes are TIEM – they’re designed for indoor cycling, compatible with SPD cleats and are fashionable + functional. Not to mention, much more hygienic to bring your own shoes! (use code: “SWEATSANDTHECITY” for $10 off!).

Working the front desk:

This is great for students or those with flexible work schedules. Some studios only require you work the front desk a few hours a week for free classes (or seriously discounted rates!) Call up your favorite studios and see what they’ll offer.

Activity Swaps:

Ok, this isn’t anything we don’t know, but let’s be real: most of the plans we make with friends involve spending money. It is scarily easy how fast you can drop drop $80 on a couple of drinks and/or dinner in NYC. And don’t get us wrong, we are all about a night out, but see where you can swap some of these dates for a workout, walk, manicure or lunch at Sweetgreen instead! You’ll be seriously be shocked by the money you save, and, you’ll kill two birds with one stone. Also – some studios give out credit when you bring a friend for their first time!

What NOT to do:

Create multiple accounts to receive first-timer deals. This can be risky, as we’ve heard several embarrassing stories of friends who tried to fake a new name only to get caught at the front desk (… talk about shame). And while you may think you’ve gotten away with it, many studios just try to save you the embarrassment and instead write it in your account notes. Big no-no!

We hope you enjoyed our boutique-fitness money saving tips! What are your best tips?


Black Friday and Cyber Monday represent one of the best times of the year to score killer deals on everything — and that includes yoga gear. Are you in the market for a new yoga mat? Or maybe you could use an aerial yoga swing, yoga gloves, straps, or a carrying case.

This is usually the time to find the top deals. It’s also a perfect time to begin shopping for new yoga gear for the winter, as the weather gets colder and people start heading indoor for their exercise.

Read on to discover what’s on sale this year as the big shopping days approach! Note: The 2019 Black Friday deals haven’t all been announced yet, so here’s a look at some of the best deals we’ve been able to find so far. You can probably expect more sales this November when Cyber Monday arrives.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 Yoga Deals

Manduka Discount Codes for Black Friday + Cyber Monday

Manduka, one of the top names in yoga gear, always has a ton of items for sale on Black Friday. For the 2019 holiday season, Manduka is offering discounts on lots of gear, as well as discount coupon codes.

To get Manduka’s Black Friday discount ($25 off an order of $100 or more), click the banner below and enter discount code “BLACK25” at checkout. This offer is valid from November 23 through December 1.

To get Manduka’s Cyber Monday discount (25% off sitewide!), click the banner below and enter discount code “CYBERMONDAY” at checkout. This offer is valid December 2 through December 6.

Amazon Black Friday Yoga Deals

As of this writing, there aren’t a ton of Amazon deals yet for Black Friday. So if you’re seeking discounts on yoga merchandise, just keep checking back to see what they might have added. Here are some of the best deals we’ve found this far. The suggested deals include clothing and basic yoga gear such as mats, towels, and carrying cases:

Women’s Yoga Leggings

I’ve never seen women’s leggings this cheap! Made from breathable polyester, these yoga leggings come in 13 different styles and colors. Options include floral and striped designs. It wouldn’t be surprising if some of the more popular styles sold out, so don’t sit on this one.

This is a new product so it doesn’t have a ton of reviews, but of course you can always return anything to Amazon if it doesn’t work out, so there’s no risk.

Foam Roller Massager Stick

Another extremely affordable product is this massage stick from IDSON. Use before and after workout to reduce pain and stiffness. This massage stick doesn’t come with massage balls, so if you want to target smaller areas of your body, see our list of the best massage balls available right now.

Mandrill Fabric Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great tool for deepening your stretches and toning your core muscles. This three-pack of bands is up to 28% off for Black Friday. The bands are made of a thick, durable material and they’ve received excellent reviews on Amazon.

TOPLUS Non-Slip Yoga Mat

As Black Friday yoga mat deals go, this one is pretty solid. The TOPLUS Non-Slip Yoga Mat comes in roughly a dozen different varieties. Most of the designs are 1/4 inch thick, which is about average. However, a few colors are 1/8 inch thick, which is quite thin. So be sure to go with the level of thickness that you desire.

This mat is very cheap, so we recommend it more for beginners who are still figuring out what type of yoga mat they prefer. We haven’t had a chance to test this one, so it doesn’t yet appear on our list of the top yoga mats, but it could be a good deal.

Reehut Yoga Block Set

Here’s a nice set of Reehut yoga blocks available at a discount price. Available in pink, purple, blue, turquoise, gray, and black, the slip-resistant blocks can be purchased individually or as a two-pack.

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing yoga blocks, this would be a good time, because you don’t often find foam yoga blocks on sale at this price. For maximum home workout effectiveness, you may also want to grab a yoga strap as well.

Yoga Mate Tie Dye Yoga Towel

We’re in love with this blue and pink tie dye yoga towel. They do have other colors as well, but this one looks so cool! The tie dye color is a few bucks more than the others, in case that affects your purchasing decision.

Fortunately, in addition to being eye-catching, this towel is also functional. It gets great reviews for absorption and durability. It’s lightweight and machine washes easily. And you can never have too many yoga towels, right?

Gaiam Yoga Mat Bag

You can get by without a yoga mat bag, but why do that when you can get one of these super cute bags from Gaiam? They contain a zipper closure and a cargo pocket for storing small items like headphones and keys.

The bags are 30 inches long, so they’re big enough to fit most any yoga mat, regardless of brand. Choose one of Gaiam‘s signature paisley designs, or go with the sleek and attractive Citron Storm (gray and neon yellow) design.

Other Cyber Monday Yoga Deals

According to a website that tracks Black Friday deals, yoga pants and leggings are one of the most popular items on sale this year. Lululemon has deals on tights, pants, and tank tops. Of course, Lululemon clothing tends to be quite a bit more expensive than other brands, so unless you must have that Lululemon label, you might be better off just browsing Amazon for better deals.

In past years, Sears has also had yoga leggings on sale, but according to their 2019 ad, that does not appears to be the case. They do have tons of pajamas and sleepwear on sale, so if you practice yoga at home, some of this attire may be appropriate.

Those are the main yoga-related deals we were able to find at the moment. As of this writing, some stores still had not yet released their Cyber Monday deals, so we’re keeping an open for any discounts, offers, coupons, and sales they might be cooking up.

So check back here as we get closer to Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, and we’ll fill in the details as they come along. Here’s a taste of what last year’s Black Friday yoga deals looked like.

And while you’re shopping for new yoga clothing and gear, now might be a good time to work on your form. Take a look at our list of common mistakes that yoga teachers typically see.

The Best Black Friday Activewear Deals You Can Shop Right Now

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

We collect leggings like it’s our job (and it often is), so when we see a good deal on our favorite stretchy loungewear, we most certainly take advantage. But it’s not just leggings that we’ve found on sale.

With Black Friday finally here, there’s a ton of buy-in-bulk-worthy activewear on sale Whether you’re looking for great deals on stretchy, pretty yoga clothes, gym-ready workout gear on sale, or just affordable athleisure to take to brunch, we’ve rounded up the best Black Friday activewear deals, a bunch of which you can shop right now.

Keep reading to see our top picks from New Balance, Nordstrom, Good American, and more.

Get 40 percent off site-wide for Black Friday from November 21 – 25, excludes sale items & free shipping if you spend more than $50+.

Beach Bunny
This Black Friday, get 30 percent off your order of $200 or more with code BBTHANKFUL, plus get $99 bikini sets, $35 separates, and new markdowns 30 percent off.

Use code INDULGE30 for 30 percent off select items only.

Get up to 60 percent off SALE from November 20 – 25.

Take 25 percent off sitewide and get free shipping from November 21 – 24 with promo code BLACKFRIDAY25.

Shop Gap’s entire site for 40 percent off right now with code GIFT. If you’re a Gap cardholder, take 50 percent off the site with code CARDBF and an additional 10 percent with code PLUS10. Plus, check out our top Gap picks here.

Good American
Shop Khloe Kardashian’s activewear label for 25 percent off from November 23 – 25. Exclusions include core denim, performance, and new Holiday 2018 styles.

Shop Macy’s One Day Thanksgiving Sale from November 12 to 14 and get 20 to 70 percent off clearance. Plus, you can shop tons of Deal of the Day activewear right now. Get 20 percent off Black Friday Preview with code SCORE from November 15 to 20, and get 20 percent off Black Friday Sale with code BLKFR from November 21 to 24.

New Balance
Take 15 percent off your purchase or, if you are a member, take 20 percent off. Use this opportunity to shop comfy sneakers, hi-tech outerwear, and performance leggings.

Old Navy
Save huge with Old Navy’s sale — take 40 percent off sitewide with code STYLE, and take 50 percent of coats, sweaters, jeans, and pants. See our top picks here.

Save huge on Nordstrom’s Black Friday Sale happening now through November 18. Take 60 percent off women’s apparel, including tons of amazing leggings and activewear.

Get ready for 30 percent off everything at puma.com with code PUMAFRIDAY from November 21 – 25, plus tons of daily deals. On Nov 21, save an extra 20 percent off all accessories with code DAILYDEAL1, on November 22, take an extra 10 percent off sale with code DAILYDEAL2, on November 23, take an extra 20 percent off kids footwear and apparel with code DAILYDEAL3, and on November 24 get $10 off track suit separates with code DAILYDEAL5.

From November 22 – 25, take 30 percent off all sale items with code BF25. Take advantage of Volcom’s excellent outdoor gear selection during this Black Friday sale.

Find out all of the Cyber Monday yoga deals.

Cyber Monday is quickly approaching and a lot of clothing companies have some sweet yoga deals you’ll want in on this holiday season. This week is a good time to make a purchase for yourself or a loved one if you’ve been eyeing that sleek pair of yoga pants or non-slip yoga mat.

Read on to find the best online yoga deals for yoga clothes and yoga gear we’ve seen so far.

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The Best Cyber Monday Yoga Deals


Adidas is offering up to 50% off of yoga pants, shoes, sports bras, tanks, tees, and jackets.

Shop here.

What We’re Buying:


$46, adidas.com


For Alala, the more you spend, the larger the percentage off of your purchase. If you are looking to grab a pair of pants and a cute sweatshirt, you will still receive up to 30% off.

Shop here.

What We’re Buying:


$145, alala.com

Alo Yoga

Select items from Alo Yoga will be 30% off. You can sign up with your email for early access to be the first to shop.

Shop here.


$104, alo.com

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This Cyber Monday sale has already begun! Tops, leggings, sports bras, pullovers, are discounted up to 70% off.

Shop here.


$54, A-C athleta.com

$54, D-DD athleta.com


Bandier hasn’t released any official Black Friday deals, but they are offering a special warehouse sale until 11/22. This includes 20% off all sale items—bras, tops, shoes—you name it.

Shop here.


$39, bandier.com


We were hoping that Lulu would have a big Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, but they don’t “technically” observe the holiday because they are a Canadian brand, according to our friends at Refinery29. However, on Thanksgiving (and every Thursday), they add new items to their sale section.

Shop here.


$39, lululemon.com

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FP Movement

Free People will be offering up to 50% off on select dresses, but the activewear is what we’re really here for. On freepeople.com, you can already access the sales for the movement collection, which are up to 50% off the original price. Stay in the loop by signing up for the exclusive Black Friday deal.

Shop here.


$48, freepeople.com


For red card holders, access to the Black Friday sale begins 11/21. Target is offering $10 off (yoga) apparel and accessories when you purchase $40 or more and $20 off when you spend $75 or more.

Shop here.


$31, target.com

Old Navy

There’s no need to sit tight until Friday. This week, Old Navy is launching a new special every single day. Today, is 40% off your entire purchase, which includes their already inexpensive yoga pants.

Shop here.


$35, oldnavy.com


We’re pretty grateful about this next deal. Onzie Flow is offering 40% off all online purchases when you use the code “GRATEFUL.”

Shop here.


$35, onzie.com

Outdoor Voices

OV is offering 40% off select styles—for both men and women—in stores and online.

Shop here.


$85, outdoorvoices.com

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Yoga Outlet

The early access Black Friday sale is already poppin’. Yoga Outlet is offering everything your yogi heart needs—and they are offering discount starting today. Up to 40% off Manduka yoga mats, buy-one-get one 60% KORAL leggings, up to 50% off yoga props (blocks, bolsters, straps), 90% off a yoga mat bag, and more.

Shop here.


$37, yogaoutlet.com

YJ Online Courses

Save 50% on Selected YJ Online Courses! Whether you want to learn therapeutic practices for back pain relief or upgrade your sequencing game, today you can sign up for our groundbreaking workshops at half the price.


About the Author

Bridget “Bee” Creel is the editorial producer for Yoga Journal. She works as a yoga teacher in NYC and is the co-founder of the wellness community, Mood Room.

Alo Yoga Black Friday 2020 Ad, Deals & Sales

Alo Yoga is a yoga focused clothing brand focused on creating the most comfortable and best yoga clothing in the world. The company began in 2007 in Los Angeles and sells direct to consumers via their website and via five locations in California. The store locations sell product while also offering classes and training. Their flagship location is located in Beverly Hills and is their biggest location.

Traditionally in the past, Alo Yoga has offered fantastic sale pricing during the holiday season. Their past promotions have started well before Black Friday and continue through Thanksgiving weekend. They’re also no stranger to Cyber Monday deals, extending some promotions and offering new discounts and savings through all of Cyber Monday week.

What Alo Yoga Sells

Thrive Market’s large collection includes:

  • Tops
  • Bras
  • Jackets
  • Tees
  • Shorts
  • Pants

Alo Yoga also focuses on collections and full outfits, specializing in increasing your yoga style and comfortability.

Black Friday 2019 Popular Ad Scans

See All Ad Scans

The Alo Yoga brand is high quality yoga clothing, but the company does offer many ways to save big over the course of the year and during the holiday shopping season. During the year, customers can save the most by shopping the Alo Yoga Sale section, which often features 20-40% off of Bottoms, Tops, and Jackets. The company also frequently offers big savings via online coupons found at various coupon deal websites.

Alo Yoga does offer a reward program for its members, however the membership is limited to yoga instructors. Once you are an established instructor, you are eligible for up to 30% off of certain Alo Yoga apparel. Signing up for membership is easy, just head to the Alo Yoga website and complete their online application and, once verified, they’ll add you as one of their Alo Yoga Pro members. Discounts can be used immediately but are strictly limited to just yourself (sorry, no family and friends discounts here!).


Yoga Sale

We’ll let you in on a little secret here at Gaiam. A few times each year, our product development and apparel design teams clear out their research rooms, sample racks, and storage closets to bring us employees one of the most coveted events of the season: the Gaiam sample sale.

Clothing racks line the walls, crammed with last season’s clothing, scrapped seconds and one-off samples. Piles of yoga mats, tall and heaping, loom in the corner. Foldable tables are pushed end to end, stacked high with DVDs, yoga gear, fitness accessories, and photo shoot props. Special appearances are made by exotic furniture, products of seasons past, and prototypes that never made it to production. Otherwise cordial and considerate co-workers become hungry competitors, ruthlessly snatching that one-of-a-kind top out of another’s hands. There are those who hoard all the “good mats” for Christmas presents, even when Christmas is still nine months away. (Alright, so there may be a little embellishment here, but it’s all in the name of riveting storytelling.) Payment is only cash or check — no credit cards, newbies! — and goodie piles will only be held an hour. Come early, come caffeinated, and come with your car trunk empty.

While this epic yoga sale is a perk provided only to Gaiam employees, we do what we can to spread the love to our other most valued group: our loyal customers. Our yoga sale page features some of our coveted, high-quality products at appealing (and sometimes rare!) prices. You’ll also find products that are discontinued, last season’s, or ones we made a few too many of. But above all, you’ll find good deals, amazing values, and reasonable prices. And even if we can’t bring you inside the mayhem that is our employee sample sale, we can bring you great value and prices on the products you’ve grown to love.

Alo Yoga’s 2018 Black Friday Sale Has Moto Leggings & More Crowd Favorites For 30 Percent Off

The verdict is in: Leggings are pants. At least they are according to the celebrities obsessed with Alo Yoga leggings, who wear the stylish leggings with leather jackets, trench coats, and basically anything else in their closets. Still not sure about it? Try a pair for yourself, because the normally expensive leggings are majorly discounted during the Alo Yoga Black Friday sale.

Makers of the famous Moto leggings worn by Gigi Hadid, Alo Yoga is offering 30 percent off your entire online order (and free shipping!) starting Nov. 16 through Nov. 22 when you use the code EARLYACCESS. There will also be a sale from Nov. 23 through Nov. 27 that won’t require a code, because everything will be hand marked at 30 percent off. All of Alo Yoga’s most popular legging styles — the Moto, Goddess, and Airbrush, just to name a few — will be on sale, and honestly no one would blame you if you bought a pair to wear every day of the week.

Usually, the luxury leggings are on the pricier side. Called the High-Waisted Airbrush Legging, the leggings Kendall Jenner wearsregularly retail at $82. The price doesn’t just cover the celebrity-endorsed style (though the five inch high-waisted rise is a winner); the leggings are engineered without side seams from moisture-wicking fabric, and tested by yoga practitioners. But just order your pair during the Black Friday sale event and they’ll only cost you $57.40.

Alo Yoga’s Moto leggings are so good the brand patented them. The leggings are made from a fabric that’s both matte and shiny, giving off a leather sheen, and paneled with sheer mesh for a cool moto aesthetic. Normally, a pair of the beloved high-waisted leggings would cost you $118. At 30 percent off during Black Friday, though? The leggings will only be $82.60.

The price may still seem high, but buying high-quality leggings is actually one of the best presents you can give yourself. You don’t want leggings that’ll inevitably rip (always during the worst possible times) and end up in the trash can, so invest in leggings that will withstand whatever yoga move your teacher throws at you. Alo Yoga also only makes 100 percent sweatshop free clothes and incorporates sustainable practices.

Alo Yoga crafts all its athletic wear and athleisure as expertly as the leggings, and understands what goes into well done street style. Some of the cutest pieces from the sale aren’t in the legging section, either. If you’ve been looking for the right teddy jacket to wear through autumn’s early chilly days, grab the Foxy Sherpa Jacket in pale mauve while it’s on sale at $131.60 from $188. It’s made from sherpa fabric, not imitation, and has an oversized fit with a detachable hood.

Whether you go to yoga three times a week or only wear leggings to watch Netflix, there are hundreds of luxury active wear pieces to choose from, all 30 percent off. Below, shop eight deals from Alo Yoga’s Black Friday sale before it ends.

These Celeb-Loved Moto Leggings Are Marked Down to $43 on Amazon — but Only Until Midnight

Splash; Getty; Splash; Startraks

Move over, basic black leggings: There’s a new pair that’s destined to become your go-to, and you can thank stars like Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, and Cindy Crawford for discovering them in time for this massive Cyber Monday sale.

These moto leggings from celeb-loved brand Alo are comfortable enough to work out in, chic enough to wear outside the gym, and — here’s the best part — up to 61 percent off in honor of Cyber Monday. Amazon marked down the versatile leggings to start at just $43, but this one-day deal will be over soon.

Image zoom Amazon

Buy It! Alo Yoga Women’s Moto Leggings, $42.99–$77 (orig. $65.54–$110); amazon.com

Shoppers can get the marked-down leggings in three colors (navy, anthracite, and black), all of which feature contrasting matte, glossy, and mesh panels, plus sleek moto-esque lines. Designed with a moisture-wicking fabric, a flattering fit, and a touch of stretchy Spandex, the leggings have unsurprisingly developed a massive following.

Fans of the brands can also save on other Alo leggings styles, including the Airbrush leggings (now $54.60), the ⅞ Lounge leggings (now $66), and the high-waisted Dash leggings (now $89.41) — but just like the Moto style, these deals will be over soon. Stock up before the prices go back up so that you can run errands, work out, and hang out with friends in Alo leggings, just like the stars do. We have a feeling you’ll be a fellow fan in no time.

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