Some fans wrote they were worried that Ho was struggling with disordered eating and feeling like she had to achieve an ideal weight that she couldn’t maintain.

“i’m honestly very worried about you,” wrote one fan on Instagram. “I really want to believe that this is ok but deep down I don’t think what you’re doing is sustainable because you’re placing unrealistic expectations on how your body should look.”

Ho told BuzzFeed News she had mixed feelings about the comments.

“I think it’s nice that people are concerned about my mental health, but I also find it really offensive,” she said, adding that people should not try to diagnose others with a mental disorder via the internet.

Ho addressed the criticisms in follow-up blog posts on days two and three of her challenge, acknowledging that she has struggled with disordered eating in the past and that she had worked hard to have a better relationship with food.

“For the record, I am in a very happy and healthy mental state that I have worked VERY hard for,” she wrote.

Ho told BuzzFeed News she appreciates constructive criticism, but not when it goes too far.

“Your words have so much power, so I would caution people to be careful what they say, because you’re talking to someone real,” she said.

Ho said she is a big believer in being body positive and changing beauty ideals.

“I don’t even look like the average fitness instructor, and I love my body and what I can do,” she said.

And she wants to challenge herself to start, as she wrote on her blog, “getting healthier, increasing your confidence, feeling happier, and getting stronger.” In her mind, that is still being body positive.

“Weight loss and body positivity can go hand and hand, as long as you love your body and are grateful for your body every step of the way,” she said.

If you’re looking to join a crazy-popular fit tribe on Instagram, you’ve some options. And it’s a tough choice when you see a regram of abs so chiseled they could cut somebody (thanks to Kayla Itsines’ workouts) and then an OMG before and after photo that gives props to Cassey Ho of the Blogilates camp.

But if you’re looking to lose weight, which IG-famous trainer should you go all-in with? Well, it depends on your workout personality, says Jessica Matthews, ACE-certified trainer and senior advisor for health and fitness education for the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

“One of the most important variables to consider when exploring different workout routines is the type of exercise and movement you enjoy most,” says Matthews. That’s because research indicates individuals are more likely to stick to a regular routine of physical activity if they enjoy it, she says.

While finding a plan you will actually enjoy is key, we’re breaking down the most Instagram-popular training plans so you can find the one that will help you drop pounds.


What it is: Arguably the most famous of all Insta workouts, Australian trainer Kayla Itsines has a legion of 6.6 million followers. For the uninitiated, you may have seen the #BBG hashtag on IG accompanied by some ah-mazing transformation photos.

How it works: Itsines suggests three, 28-minute sessions of high-intensity resistance training each week (like burpees, jumping lunges, and mountain climbers), along with three 35- to 45-minute low-intensity steady-state cardio workouts (LISS), a stretch day, and a rest day. A monthly membership to use the programs via the app is $19.99.

Weight-loss perks: Noticeably absent from Itsines’ IG is talk about the scale. In fact, she recently posted on IG: “Being healthy is not always about losing weight. Health is a mindset, it’s about looking after your body, treating it right, being happy, feeling confident and loving yourself.”

But, no doubt, you can drop pounds on this plan, says Matthews. While research shows that intense cardio intervals are better for weight loss, Matthews says three days of low-intensity steady-state cardio in addition to three days of intense strength-training intervals is still good for weight loss. That’s because it helps you move more and burn more calories overall. On top of all that, the BBG community is clutch for keeping you motivated and fostering positive reinforcement.

Try Kayla Itsines’ no-equipment, total-body workout for yourself:

​ View this post on Instagram

@fitenery2017 Progress using my #bbg program! #bbgprogress

A post shared by KAYLA ITSINES (@kayla_itsines) on May 8, 2017 at 7:03am PDT


What it is: With 1.3 million Instagram followers, Anna Victoria’s Fit Body Guide crew uses the #fbggirls hashtag to share their dramatic progress pics. Like Itsines’ plan, Victoria’s features both a meal plan and workout, but we’ll only be focusing on the workouts here.

How it works: With this plan, you’ll follow a 189-page workout guide with 12 week’s worth of moves. During each workout, you’ll spend five minutes warming up by jogging, biking, jumping rope, or stair stepping, followed by a light stretch and your prescribed workout for the day. Victoria breaks the workouts into three days focused on circuit-based strength training (think bodyweight moves like lunges and squats one week and weighted dumbbell lunges and squats the next). The plan also includes three days focused on cardio (a mix of low-intensity steady state cardio, medium-intensity training cardio, and high-intensity interval training cardio). Sundays are reserved for rest and stretching. Most of her workouts can be completed in 30 to 45 minutes. One 12-week workout guide is $49.95.

Weight-loss perks: Matthews says Victoria’s program is a well-rounded approach to exercise, much like Itsines’, because it incorporates cardio endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility. This program also utilizes online communities to hold you accountable, which is clutch for weight loss, says Matthews. “Social support is an important component when adopting a new program and it is an important predictor of program success and long-term behavioral change,” she says.

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What it is: Though she doesn’t have quite as many Insta followers as Victoria and Itsines, Jeanette Jenkins has trained celebrity clients like P!nk, Alicia Keys, Serena Williams, Amber Rose, and Kelly Rowland. As part of her Hollywood Trainer Club program, Jenkins has created an online library of more than 330 workouts, 150 healthy recipes, plus motivational tips.

How it works: When you buy the program, Jenkins’ gives you a weekly workout plan with six daily workouts that range between 30 and 35 minutes each. A sample week includes cardio kickboxing, Vinyasa yoga, abs cardio sculpt (think: planks and pushups), Pilates, cardio camp (circuits of things like running in place, star jacks, high knees), and a dance workout. On any day, though, you can sub in other workouts from her library. You can also take her printer-friendly circuit workouts to take to the gym. Those workouts also include Jenkins’ recommendations for reps and weight to use. A monthly membership is $19.99.

Related: Dance your way fit with High-Intensity Dance Cardio, the first-ever socanomics DVD!

Weight-loss perks: This program has everything you need to make weight loss happen, says Tyler Spraul, C.S.C.S., head trainer for The video workouts in this plan include a good mix of cardio and yoga, which helps burn calories while allowing your body to recover, as well as bodyweight and free-weight training, to build metabolism-boosting muscle, says Spraul. Plus, the printable workouts in the plan allow you to focus on major muscle groups and customize them to your fitness level. That means you can increase the difficulty as you make progress, a feature that helps with sustained weight loss, Spraul says. This plan is accessible to anyone but it can be made more challenging over time to help people continue to lose weight, he says.

View this post on Instagram

Today’s workout in the club for our 10Day Summer #BodyBlast is #BikiniBootcamp2 a combination of Cardio, Sculpting, Ballet & Pilates a 600-1000calorie burner! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Get it done! You can do it! It’s never too late to get in shape & it’s never too late to join us! 🔥💪🏽

A post shared by The Hollywood Trainer Club (@hollywoodtrainerclub) on Jun 11, 2016 at 6:23am PDT


What it is: Blogilates founder Cassey Ho rose to internet fame on YouTube with high-energy Pilates workouts, but she’s also got a solid Instagram fan base with 1.3 million followers and counting. Her PIIT 28 program, which stands for Pilates Intense Interval Training, is a 28-day fitness plan available via e-book. Your purchase comes with access to her website so you can follow along to the video workouts and see GIF demos of each move.

How it works: Ho says she designed her program when she was traveling and didn’t have time to make it to the gym. She challenged herself to come up with a plan that could be done in a small space with just a yoga mat or towel. The result is a routine that alternates between cardio and Pilates moves. Each move is performed for 45 seconds and is followed by 15 seconds of rest. The first workout in the queue, for example, is a series of mountain climbers, bicycle crunches, high knees, crunches, plank jacks, seated windmills, and side-lunge jumps. Each sweat sesh is to be completed in 28 minutes and 40 seconds, six days a week. The 28-day guide is $39.

Weight-loss perks: The combo of Pilates moves and bodyweight strength-training exercises like squats, lunges, and planks are great for people who are new to working out and want to get started with simple moves that don’t require equipment, says Spraul. “For weight loss, the results will depend on where each person is starting from,” he says. “Someone who works out regularly and already follows a healthy diet will probably see more gains in strength than weight loss,” he says. “If someone is new to working out, the workouts alone will provide some weight-loss benefits.” Spraul also likes the strong emphasis Ho puts on warming up and cooling down because that will keep you injury-free for the long haul, which is great for your long-term weight loss goals.

Overall the plan is well rounded, especially for beginners, he says. But if you hit a plateau, it might be worth adding some weight to some of the total-body movements, like squats and lunges. “Using medicine balls, dumbbells, or kettlebells with those moves would increase your weight loss potential,” he says.

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TONE IT UP Bikini Series

What it is: The Tone It Up Girls, Karena and Katrina (as seen on Bravo’s Toned Up), have 1 million followers on Instagram, and their feed is packed with countless before and after photos of women who’ve tried their signature two-month “fitness and lifestyle challenge,” the Bikini Series.

How it works: This eight-week online program features daily workouts (which change week to week), an eating plan, and eight workout videos to follow as part of your daily workout. When you sign up for the Bikini Series ($34,, you get access to all of that. Then, each week you head back to the site to get your weekly workout schedule, which typically includes a 30-minute workout video, plus 15 minutes or so of cardio. Karina and Katrina also post live workouts to follow via their Instagram stories.

Weight-loss perks: The workouts are a combination of bodyweight movements (calisthenics, yoga, and Pilates moves) and some weighted exercises as well, says Spraul. The movements are formatted circuit-training style, with each move performed for a certain number of reps before moving on to the next. That means you’re not going to get bored, he says.

In addition to the variety of each daily workout, the moves typically involve major muscle groups, which help you burn more calories in less time, says Spraul. Exercises that torch fat, like squats, deadlifts, side lunges, rows, overhead presses, are all included here. “You’re going to get a lot of exercise out of every workout,” he says.

And while those moves should set you up for success, one major weight-loss bonus is the Tone It Up online and social community, says Spraul. “It makes you feel like, ‘we’re all in this together,’ which holds you accountable and keeps you motivated,” he says.

A Youtube video of Blogilates founder, Cassey Ho, has gone positively viral, attracting many comments and inspiring people all over the internet. On the surface, I love this video. It’s a compelling commentary on the abuse of Photoshop and the unrealistic expectations we face as women. However, when we consider Cassey’s teachings as context for this video, it’s not good. Not at all.


In case you didn’t already know who Cassey was, she’s described as the “Queen” of the Blogilates empire. She’s the pack leader of impressionable girls everywhere, who call themselves POPsters. She has over 2 million subscribers on Youtube. She published a book, titled ‘Hot Body Year Round’, which she claims is the ‘#1 Best Seller in Fitness”. This is her job. She earns money from teenage girls, by telling them what to eat, how to exercise, and she sells tee shirts. Every month, a new workout calendar is released, telling POPsters what to do every single day. Blogilates isn’t just about exercise. It’s a way of life.

Though I am vehemently against fat shaming of any kind, including comments that insult Cassey’s figure, I can see why people would have an issue with her body. She appeals to consumers by promising them fat loss. Take a look at her Youtube videos: ‘5 Minute Fat Attack’, ‘30 Day Thigh Slimming Challenge’, and ‘3 Unusual Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight!!’. Now, there’s more to her war against fat. She says: “Fat is just a result of what you haven’t done to take care of your body. Fat will be gone when you begin to eat your veggies, drink your water, and get active!” Cassey disguises her fat shaming by claiming she is ‘very worried for Honey Boo Boo’. So basically, fat on her is okay, but the fat on Honey Boo Boo’s mom deserves insults.

Now, I actually love Cassey. She got me taking fitness seriously, and improved my core strength tremendously, even though I no longer do her workouts (due to a lack of results). But she is teaching millions of girls everywhere, and I fear she’s doing it wrong. As she said (as an excuse to subtly slut-shame Miley Cyrus): ‘People who are famous hold a lot of power. And with power comes the ability to change people, events, and history. Celebrities are leaders who have an army of fans that will back them up, dress like them, act like them, and at the deepest level, wanna be like them.’ Please don’t be like Cassey. This video is a good start to eliminate fat shaming, and I hope Cassey changes the way she views fat.

5 Pilates Myths – Busted!

In the article What Is Pilates? you learned exactly what to expect from this very popular form of exercise favored by everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Madonna to seven-foot-tall professional basketball players.

But can Pilates help you lose weight? Is Pilates a full body workout? Do you need special machines for a good Pilates workout? In this article, I’m going to tackle 5 important Pilates myths so you can make an informed decision about whether Pilates will meet your fitness needs.

Myth 1: Pilates is a Good Way to Lose Weight

In the article Does Yoga Burn Calories you learned about multiple studies that have shown Yoga to be relatively ineffective in burning calories or causing significant weight loss. While Pilates has definite benefits, weight loss is not its strongest suit. As a matter of fact, a 2006 study found that body weight and body fat percentage was not significantly affected in adult females using a regular Pilates routine. A 2004 study found that while Pilates does indeed help to improve flexibility, it does not significantly affect body composition, even after 6 months of practice.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Pilates can’t indirectly help you lose weight. Because it does such a good job strengthening your core, reducing your risk of injury, and improving your flexibility (which is why many famous athletes like it), Pilates may help you “stay in the game” longer when you’re working out, and keep you from getting sidelined with an injury. People who do Pilates regularly may also be more likely to engage in other forms of exercise, since you often find yourself visiting or joining a gym or health club to take part in a Pilates class.

But when it comes to pure calorie burning and fat loss, running on a treadmill, riding a bike, or lifting weights will be more effective than Pilates.


  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • last “

Cassey Ho, AKA: Blogilates, is an American fitness instructor and online entrepreneur. She’s regarded as one of the most influential fitness icons in the world.

With her Pilates workout videos, she’s reached an army of fans whom she motivates to keep a healthy workout routine.

However, Cassey’s mission in fitness isn’t just to give training tips. Her main goal is to motivate, educate, and help others feel happy in their own skin – no matter their background.

This is her story:

“Why do we treat our bodies like we treat fashion? Stop throwing your body out like it’s fast fashion. Please treat it with love & respect and do not succumb to the beauty standard. Embrace your body because it is your own perfect body.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Ho Vinh Cassey
Weight Height Age Date of Birth
115 – 125lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg) 5’5″ (165cm) 33 January 16, 1987
Nationality Profession Era
American Internet Celebrity, Fitness Entrepreneur 2010
Weight 115 – 125lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg)
Height 5’5″ (165cm)
Age 33
Date of Birth January 16, 1987
Nationality American
Profession Internet Celebrity, Fitness Entrepreneur
Era 2010

“Working out should make you feel happy, energized and motivated to take on the rest of your day. Feeling good will translate into looking good, too.”



  • Winner of 2014 Streamy Award for Best Health and Wellness Channel
  • Socialfitness Shorty Award
  • Named Best Healthy Living Blogger of 2012

“The scale no longer controls me as much as it once did. Of course, there are days I have my moments…but I catch myself getting emotional, and I repeat to myself “it is just a data point.” And that’s it. Hope that helps any of you going through a messed up scale relationship.


Cassey’s Life Before Fame

Cassey Ho was born in Los Angeles and raised in San Francisco Bay Area. She’s half Chinese, half Vietnamese.

Growing up, Cassey went to James Logan High school and was an excellent student. In addition, she also had a knack for modeling – which she found out after winning the Miss Teen Chinatown pageant.

The Beginning of Her Online Ventures

Cassey started her online channels way before she reached internet fame. In fact, her journey all began while she was still in college.

Cassey began recording workout videos which she would later upload online. At the time, she didn’t take this seriously, but rather as her side hobby.

It wasn’t until 2009, after moving back to Los Angeles, that Cassey began uploading her videos on a regular basis. Soon enough, she began to attract more and more followers on her profiles.

People started asking Cassey to film more workout videos, such as leg and ab training sessions. With an increasing number of requests, Cassey began to realize she could make a career in the fitness industry.

Switching Over to Fitness Full-Time

Cassey kept uploading new videos over the months, as her number of followers steadily increased.

However, this still wasn’t enough to provide Cassey with a full-time income, so she had to work another job on the side.

She kept working hard on her goals, and in time, reached a point where she was able to make fitness her full-time job.

Reaching Internet Fame

By 2012, Cassey Ho already had a small community of fans online. Two years later, this number grew to over 1.2 million followers.

More and more fans kept coming to her pages, as she became famous for not only her workouts but also her inspirational quotes – promoting a healthy body image for women around the world.

Cassey Ho before and after transformation.

“Sometimes I choose not to stretch after a workout because I’m afraid I won’t get a 30-minute session in. But, who cares? 3 minutes is better than zero! I think we overwhelm ourselves with goals that are too big for our current reality. What habit do you want to build?”


Cassey’s goal is to fit six workouts per week into her fast-paced schedule of an online entrepreneur and fitness instructor.

She enjoys combining various training methods, from regular weight training to Pilates body-weight workouts.

Intense Cardio vs Long Cardio

Cassey Ho isn’t a fan of long and steady cardio, believing it only de-motivates people to reach their fitness goals.

She said; “These don’t have as many benefits compared to high-intensity workouts combined with strengthening moves.

You don’t need to spend endless hours on the treadmill to get fit. You can burn fat and build more muscle with a thirty-minute HIIT routine than a long hour session of just cardio.” – Cassey Ho

Losing Fat and Toning Muscle at the Same Time

One of Cassey’s favorite fat loss methods is combining HIIT with full-body Pilates exercises to create a short and intense workout.

One round of such workout lasts for 7 minutes and 10 seconds. An entire session, which consists of four rounds, is precisely 28 minutes and 40 seconds long.

Cassey measures every second of her exercises to ensure her workout is as efficient as possible.

This type of training allows her to build muscle and burn fat at the same time, and it doesn’t require any equipment.

Training With No Weights

Some of Cassey’s most popular training videos are those where she trains without any weights.

She believes that it’s not just about the weights themselves, it’s also about her form and the intensity of exercises.

In Cassey’s opinion, all it takes is a yoga mat and a little bit of consistency to achieve an awesome body. As she said; “Get a yoga mat! All you need is a mat to get a killer workout in!”

Cassey’s bodyweight workouts all boil down to one thing – to pump as much blood as possible into the muscle. This ensures optimal nutrient delivery, allowing the muscle to become more toned.

Cassey’s Top 10 Fat Loss Exercises – No Weights Required

Scissor Sit-Ups

Target Muscles: Core and thighs

Scissor Sit-Ups are one of Cassey’s favorite exercise because they allow her to train her inner thighs, outer thighs, and core simultaneously. Cassey says this workout is not only “fun,” but it’s also “killer” in terms of intensity.

How to do it: Cassey first lies on her back with her legs straight in the air. Her arms are extended behind her head. She beings the exercise by lifting her arms up between her legs as she moves her legs apart at the same time. Cassey then lowers the arms back down while moving her legs back together. She repeats the process for 12-15 reps, 3-4 sets.


Target Muscles: Abs and obliques

Wiggle has become a popular exercise among Cassey’s fans because it works on abs and obliques at the same time. “A total core move,” Cassey says.

How to do it: Cassey lies on her back with her knees up and wide. Her toes are touching and her legs are in a diamond shape. She places both hands behind her neck, after which she lifts her shoulders, neck, and head off the mat. She moves her elbow and her knee on the left side toward each other, before doing the same with the other knee and elbow. Cassey does this for 15-20 reps per set.

Back Behinds

Target Muscles: Back

According to Cassey, Back Behinds are an exercise that helps improve the posture and strengthen all back muscles.

How to do it: Cassey begins the exercise in a crossed-legged sitting position. She raises both of her arms out to her sides. Her palms are facing down. She keeps her palms open while squeezing both elbows towards her mid-back. After this, she returns to the starting position and repeats the process for 20 reps.

T-Stand Pulses

Target Muscles: Glutes

T-Stand Pulses help tone Cassey’s glutes, along with building up her core strength. However, she says it’s not an exercise for beginners since it requires a quite bit of balance. But with a little bit of practice, she believes anyone can master it.

How to do it: Cassey slightly bends one of her legs and places the other leg behind her. She lifts both arms out so it looks like she’s flying. After this, she raises her back leg up as high as possible. She then pushes her leg up and down continuously. If the exercise is too hard, Cassey advises starting with the leg lower. If the movement is too easy, she suggests flexing the foot – this will make it harder.

Plié Squats

Target Muscles: Legs

Plié Squats are one of Cassey’s top movements for toning up her legs.

How to do it: Starting the exercise standing, with her legs past shoulders and hips, Cassey raises her arms out to her sides before gradually lowering into a squat position and returning back. She repeats the process for 15-20 reps.

Side Lunges

Target Muscles: Inner Thighs and Legs

In Cassey’s eyes, side lunges are as challenging as they are rewarding. Similarly to T-Squat Pulses, she says this might be a tricky exercise for beginners. But if done correctly, it’s one of her favorite ways to tone ger inner thighs.

How to do it: With her hands together in front of her chest, Cassey stands wide with her legs and lunges down on one side. Meanwhile, she ensures that her other leg stays straight and toes facing forward. After this, Cassey will lift up into a regular standing position while keeping her leg straight. She’ll repeat the process for 10-15 reps for each leg.

Fire Hydrant + Heel Up

Target Muscles: Glutes

This is Cassey’s go-to exercise for making her glutes firmer. She likes to do it to the beat of a song, which makes it both interesting and challenging. “Try to finish the whole song,” advises Cassey.

How to do it: Cassey starts by placing her knees and palms on the yoga mat. She ensures her knees are aligned with her hips, and her palms with her shoulders. Once she’s done that, Cassey will lift her leg outwards to the left side and return back to the starting position. She’ll then lift that same leg up behind her while keeping her knee bent. She’ll repeat this for 15-20 reps for each leg.

Oil Riggers

Target Muscles: Triceps

Oil Rigger is one of the fundamental exercises in Cassey’s upper body workouts. She says they are “super fun and super effective.”

How to do it: With her palms and knees on the mat, Cassey extends one leg out behind her. She lowers her chin down to the floor while bending her elbows while extending her leg high. She comes back to the starting position and repeats for 10 reps with each leg.

Hot Potato

Target Muscles: Glutes and thighs

The main advice Cassey gives in regards to this exercise is to try to keep the hips forward. “Also, don’t lean back with your leg. This will really attack your butt and thighs,” she explains.

How to do it: Cassey will lie on her side and rest her head on her arm. Alternatively, she might prop herself up with her elbow. After she’s all set up, Cassey will tap her top leg on the ground two times, before lifting it as high as possible. She’ll then tap the same leg on the ground behind her two times, and will repeat the entire process for 12-15 reps with each leg.

Pushing Grasshopper

Target Muscles: Triceps and Glutes

In this exercise, Cassey pays special attention to her form – squeezing and holding each rep to maximize its effect.

How to do it: Cassey begins by lying on her belly with palms resting on the floor near her shoulders. She keeps her knees out wide, bringing her toes together in a diamond shape. Cassey then presses up into a position called ‘half-cobra,’ while maintaining her elbow squeezed to her side. After this, she lowers her upper body back down. She then squeezes her glutes in order to lift the quadriceps up, before going back down. She does 12 reps in total.

“If you’re currently unsatisfied with what you’re doing in life, think about this: if it isn’t making you happy or isn’t making you money, why are you doing it? Get honest with yourself. Make the move. This is your life. You don’t have to be stuck doing something you don’t like.”


Balanced Nutrition

Cassey Ho is aware of the importance of nutrition; as a result, she likes to eat as healthy as possible.

However, she encourages others to eat foods they enjoy without restricting themselves too much, too often.

As Cassey likes to say:

“There are seasons for clean eating and seasons for eating whatever the heck you want because it tastes good.” – Cassey Ho

Cassey Ho: Daily Meal Plan

Cassey has five to six times per day to keep her metabolism ‘on fire.’

She eats three main meals, with a few healthy snacks in between. In addition, Cassey drinks 3-4L liters of water per day to keep her body energized.

Here’s how her daily meal plan looks:

  • Breakfast (8:00 A.M.) – Two eggs, chicken sausage, mushrooms, spinach, and some salsa sauce on top.
  • Lunch (12:30 P.M.) – Chicken salad (5 oz of roasted chicken breast, 4 oz of lettuce, 2 tbs of strawberry vinaigrette dressing, and two tablespoons of sliced almonds.
  • Dinner (7:00 P.M.) – 6 oz of tilapia, 1 cup quinoa, 1 cup butternut squash (roasted), two tablespoons of her favorite sauce, 1 cup of boiled spinach
  • Snacks: Fruit smoothies, strawberries with coconut yogurt, peanut butter, and an apple.

“My taste buds are hyper-sensitive to the cocoa in chocolate, so it literally tastes like bitter medicine to me.”

Idols and Influences

Cassey’s Motivation

Cassey Ho draws her motivation from setting new goals and reaching them through hard work.

If there’s something that inspires her more than anything, it’s seeing her fans achieve their fitness goals by following her advice.

What we can learn from Cassey Ho

Cassey Ho has taught us that when you really want something, and when you work hard for it, there’s no limit to how much you can achieve.

She started her fitness journey by filming videos of her workouts in her dorm room between classes. Although the progress was slow at first, Cassey never gave up.

She kept uploading videos, and over time, saw her popularity ‘blow up.’ She’s now regarded as one of the biggest fitness icons, and an inspiration for everyone looking to improve their life.

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Pilates guru was asked: ‘Why are you fat?’

She is best known as Blogilates on YouTube and the creator of the famed POP Pilates workout.

She boasts the No. 1 female fitness channel on YouTube, with more than 3.1 million subscribers and 340 million views since 2009.

And more than 3,500 fans turned up yesterday morning to exercise with Vietnamese-American fitness instructor Cassey Ho, who hosted Singapore’s first-ever POP Pilates workout for the Zespri SunGold KiwiFest at Empress Lawn.

But for the 29-year-old, who is not married,success did not come without a price.

Although she is today an expert on staying in shape, she had to overcome the same insecurities and self-esteem issues that plague many women today.

Miss Ho said she was “quite chubby” growing up and experienced her fair share of bullying in school.

She also struggled with an “eating disorder” after competing in a bikini competition in 2012 and has been hit with body-shaming comments on social media because “I don’t have the biggest boobs or the tiniest waist or the big butt”.

Miss Ho told The New Paper in an interview before the event: “When I was around eight years old, someone pointed a finger at me and said, ‘Why are you fat?’

“I didn’t even know what ‘fat’ was, I was just going to school. I had friends and I did whatever I did.

“And all of a sudden, I thought I had a problem because somebody pointed it out and it really, really hurt.”

Miss Ho first opened up about her “eating disorder” in a YouTube video in January.

She said: “My (bikini competition) coach, whom I stupidly listened to, had me working out four hours a day and eating 1,000 calories.

“In eight weeks, I lost 15lbs (6.8kg) and I’m not that tall so that’s a lot of weight for my body.

“I was a mean person, I was unhappy. I looked a little bit more toned, but it wasn’t worth it because I wasn’t even thinking straight.”


Ho was also influenced by images of “beautiful girls with beautiful bodies” on social media, thinking “that could be me”.

After the competition was over, she developed an “eating disorder”, afraid to even eat apples and bananas, thinking they would make her fat.

She said: “I didn’t dare touch brown rice. I had that bad a problem.”

For two years, Miss Ho suffered metabolic damage, meaning she kept putting on weight despite working out and eating healthily.

“That was terrible because I am a fitness instructor and to look at your body but not know how to make it work was so frustrating because I know the formula – work hard, results come – and that didn’t work for me for two years,” she said.

The turning point for Miss Ho was when she realised that she needed to eat for energy, nourishment and happiness, and not for her looks.

It was the switch in her mindset that changed everything for her.

At the same time, Miss Ho also had to deal with parental disapproval, especially from her father.

A traditional Asian man, he looked down on her career choice as he had wanted her to become a doctor instead.

He would tell her she would fail and that she was dishonouring the family. She would break down in tears amid screaming matches.

Miss Ho, who studied biology at Whittier College in California, ended up not speaking to her parents for a few years, but made amends a few years ago.

She said: “They are happy now because they see that I’m successful, happy and making a living out of what I love to do.

“It shouldn’t have taken this long to show them that I can be happy without being a doctor or a lawyer or fitting into these moulds of what success is supposed to look like.

“It’s sad that we lost a few years of our relationship because they couldn’t see that I knew how to figure it out for myself. But they weren’t finding a way for me to be happy.

“I think happiness equals success, but success doesn’t always equal happiness.”

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