The Science of Shapewear

It’s the biggest hoax in fashion history. Some might even call shapewear controversial-from its potential health implications to dates being misled by “toned” bodies that are really squeezed into figure-flattering undergarments. Even still, we’re thankful for them, we wear them, and many of us are proud of our use of them. Now all we want to know is, how does this fashion technology work? We turned to experts to uncover some of our probing shapewear questions…

How does shapewear attempt to make us skinny?

Shapewear brand Va Bien’s co-founder and fit expert Marianne Gimble says, “it makes us skinny by sewing or knitting together elastic or rigid fabrics that are cut into such a pattern that when worn, the finished garment nips and tucks the body.”

ResultWear shapewear designer Kiana Anvaripour tells us other minimizer benefits: “Properly fitted undergarments improve your posture, your confidence, and the way you walk, which gives you an all-over sleeker physique.”

Is shapewear very effective in actually slimming our bodies?

“Absolutely,” Gimble says. “Especially when cut and sewn together-as opposed to knitted seamlessly like hosiery. When cut and sewn, designers are able to use pinpoint accuracy to ‘catch’ curves in the perfect places and enhance them. Hosiery-style seamless knitting, by contrast, tends to flatten curves,” she says. “Both techniques slim the body, just in different ways.”

Amy Sparano, senior vice president of sales and merchandising of It Figures! and Private Brand Breaking Waves International LLC, does point out that with skimpy shapewear, excess fat can be pushed up over the waistband of a bikini pant, for example, creating the “muffin top” look. “With appropriate coverage of the torso, the control fabric holds the body in a smaller area, making the body appear thinner and smoother,” she explains. So if you’re going to take advantage of the minimizer, choose the kind that works!

Does wearing shapewear pose any dangers?

Various reports have pointed out that the constriction that happens when wearing shapewear can cause blood clots, acid reflux, and breathing problems. Some shapewear proponents will have to disagree and claim that if proper shapewear is worn the right way, there should be no health implications at all.

“Shapewear and undergarments have been worn since the turn of the 
century. Remember Scarlett O’Hara being laced up into her corset in Gone
 with the Wind? Sometimes beauty is pain, but our generation is lucky,” Anvaripour says. “With technology, fabric, stitching, and high-quality design, you can achieve that hourglass look without pain. No boning, no horse hair. Our lifestyles as modern women don’t afford us the ability to be in pain.”

Gimble adds that shapewear can actually have health benefits. It can stimulate circulation and provide support to muscles.

Where does all of the fat go?

Those who wear shapewear and even those who don’t have all wondered this at one point or another. We’ve established that shapewear works-it slims, smoothes out lines and what-not, and even supports. But wait a minute, where does all of the fat go? Gimble points out, “Fat can move into spaces where muscle is compressed, such as the abs. It can also be moved directionally, towards more desirable places.

Jason Scarlatti, creative director of men’s brand 2(x)ist Underwear, adds that the flab is just made more compact. “Shapewear is engineered to funnel excess weight to help you appear to be more slim; it can slim you up to 1 to 2 inches,” he says. “The excess flab is condensed, the same way as when you push your hands on your belly to push in the fat.”

If the shapewear is well-designed, the fat comes out in a more sexy and appropriate place like your breasts/cleavage and butt, Anvaripour says.

  • By Ysolt Usigan

Ladies, we all know the marvels achievable with shapewear – those slimming, stretchy undergarments that can help you go down a dress size and make your body seem smaller and firmer.

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Unlike Victorian-era corsets, with their tight lacings and metal panels, modern-day shapewear is not going to permanently narrow your ribcage or relocate your organs.

“That’s not to say shapewear, such as SPANX® or Maidenform Flexees® and many others, can’t be taken to extremes that can cause some physical problems,” says hepatologist Jamile Wakim-Fleming, MD. But worn with some common sense, these little miracle workers are perfectly safe she says, offering these tips.

Watch skin reaction

The most likely problem you might encounter with shapewear is skin irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin and you wear the garment for long periods. An allergic reaction to the chemicals that give the garments their stretch could be the culprit.

With an irritation or allergy, the skin becomes chafed and may turn red or itchy – and could eventually become infected. If shapewear is irritating your skin, take a break from wearing the garment until your skin clears up, then try another brand or a larger size, Dr. Wakim-Fleming says. And of course, keep your body-slimmer clean with frequent laundering.

“These garments touch with skin more than any other fabric you are wearing,” Dr. Wakim-Fleming says. “Because it’s synthetic, you can develop an irritation.”

Not too tight

Make sure you are getting the right size when you purchase shapewear – or any type of clothing for that matter, Dr. Wakim-Fleming says. If the garment is tight around the hip area especially it can constrict the blood circulation to the lower legs. One should use common sense and if there is discomfort, should attempt a larger size.

Ultra-tight shapewear could compress nerves – particularly if you are thin – resulting in tingling sensations or numbness. If you have poor circulation, too-tight shapewear could worsen the condition, or result in increased swelling in the legs.

One rule of thumb for shapewear: “It if makes a mark, it’s too tight,” Dr. Wakim-Fleming says. And wearing the appropriate size also means your silhouette will look smoother in your clothes.

Because of its stretchy nature, shapewear won’t permanently damage your organs, Dr. Wakim-Fleming says. But if you wear a body garment that is extremely tight for a long time, it could squeeze your digestive tract enough to create acid reflux, a condition in which stomach contents leak into the esophagus. One of the first pieces of advice a doctor gives acid reflux patients is to wear looser clothing, Dr. Wakim-Fleming says.

Poor-fitting shapewear also could be responsible for gassiness and bloating after you eat because the gas produced with digestion and the air that you naturally swallow while eating has trouble escaping.

“You’re slowing the free motion of the gastrointestinal system and trapping the gas inside,” Dr. Wakim-Fleming says.

For women in their 50s or older, another potential risk includes worsening pelvic organ prolapse because of the increased pressure inside the belly. This causes the pelvic organs (including the uterus and the bladder) to drop down and press into the vagina. This can be a serious health condition.

Use common sense

Above all, Dr. Wakim-Fleming says, use common sense. So stop wearing shapewear if it irritates your skin. Get the right size. And don’t wear them for extremely long periods of time or sleep in them.

“If people want to wear these garments, they should wear them,” she says. “Unlike jeans or belts, they are extremely flexible and the stretch of these fibers is up to 500 percent. But be smart about your choices.”

I am fat. Not the sort of “fat” that thin people think they are—the sort that is easily concealed by forgiving wrap dresses—but actually, legitimately fat. Some might prefer to use the term “plus-size” to describe a body like mine, but I call it like I see it.

You should know I am also from the South, where Dolly Parton, in Steel Magnolias, famously said “these thighs haven’t left the house without Lycra on them since I was 14,” a message that many of us, even into the early 2000s, took to heart.

My first piece of shapewear was a legitimate girdle, swiped from my mother’s lingerie drawer, and it made me feel thin for the first time. I would wear it under my jeans and T-shirts, thinking that it was somehow masking the fact that I was fatter than the other girls. It was the full-bodysuit type of girdle, that promised to smooth away back and belly fat alike. In reality, I looked a bit like an angry sausage—sweaty from the compression and all sucked into a too-tight binding. But I persisted, wearing that uncomfortable monstrosity throughout high school, when it finally fell apart at the seams. Fortunately, the loss of my first girdle cosmically coincided with the invention of Spanx, which promised to be every woman’s shapewear dream come true.

In reality, I looked a bit like an angry sausage—sweaty from the compression and all sucked into a too-tight binding.

Unlike the poorly-constructed, too restrictive garments of the past, Spanx offered smoothing and shaping that didn’t make you completely miserable. Or at least, that was the promise—if you’ve ever sweated through a pair of Spanx at an outdoor wedding, you know that these claims are not exactly scientific. But you shrug and carry on, because you can’t imagine life another way.

Spanx continued to be a regular part of my life well into my 20s, when I would wiggle into a pair before throwing on slacks for work, or use them to blur the “visible belly outline” on anything remotely form-fitting. If you are going to be fat in this society, I thought to myself, it’s important that you erase the most glaring reminders of your fatness—exposed fat skin, visible rolls of flesh—in order to avoid the most virulent hate. Strangers on the street have no problem telling you that you’re fat, and they’re certainly more likely to do it when you’re being visibly, unrepentantly fat.

At some point, the chafing and gastric distress of wearing these restrictive garments all sort of came to a head. There really is no watershed moment for deciding that you no longer want to struggle into one of those pairs of flesh-toned shorts and “Power Panties”—it’s more of a cumulative thing, a barrage of moments like picking the nylon out of your buttcrack in the middle of five-star restaurant, or sneaking off to a bathroom to readjust the shaper that’s settled onto the wrong part of your thigh and rubbed a wicked blister.

Since that day, I haven’t forced myself back into Spanx once, and surprisingly, my wardrobe has gotten so much better.

The first time I left the house in a dress with no Spanx, no shaper, no Lycra on my thighs at all, was equally liberating and terrifying. As a girl who didn’t wear many dresses growing up, not unless forced, I was convinced that I would be showing my entire ass (literally) to someone when the wrong gust of wind came. Even knee-length skirts felt like they could become scandalous at any second. Once discarded by teen-me as too feminine and fussy, I didn’t realize just how much a comfortable maxi or skater dress felt just like pajamas when you haven’t crammed your belly and thighs into a piece of fabric that is too small to contain them underneath.

Since that day, I haven’t forced myself back into Spanx once, and surprisingly, my wardrobe has gotten so much better. I hadn’t owned a dress since my mother was buying them for me, and now I have a closet full of them. I even bought a pair of shorts, something that was never a possibility before because they couldn’t be worn without a pair of shaping shorts underneath. My body is the largest that it has ever been, and at this point in my life, I am able to wear more things than I could even when I was younger and thinner.

My body is the largest that it has ever been, and at this point in my life, I am able to wear more things than I could even when I was younger and thinner.

Still, I haven’t thrown the Spanx or any of the other shapers I own into the garbage just yet. They still fill nearly an entire drawer. I see the nude, slgihtly shimmery Power Panties every time I change clothes, and I remember what they can do on days when your thighs feel too bumpy and your belly too big. There is occasionally a twinge that tells me I should put them back on, that my body deserves to be hidden from sight as effectively as possible, no matter how uncomfortable it is.

In the back of my mind, it seems as if there could always be some occasion, some outfit that could make me start sucking it all back in again. But it hasn’t happened yet.

Ultimately, I can’t help feeling like the shapewear sort of showed me that I actually like—and sometimes love—the way my body looks in clothes. And hey, nothing beats not having to worry about wedgies.

The Kardashian’s seemingly can’t get enough of waist trainers – but do they work?

If you haven’t heard about using a waist trainer – the latest ‘slimming’ craze favoured by the A-list (disclaimer: this is a phrase that immediately rings alarm bells in our head) – then you’re clearly not fans of the Kardashian clan. The showbiz family including Khloe, Kourtney, Kim and Kylie, love posing up a storm on Instagram in their elasticated waist cinchers, a practice officially known as ‘waist training’.

But the Kardashian’s aren’t the only fans. Whilst there are plenty of ways to healthily lose weight fast, in a magazine interview, Jessica Alba revealed that he wore a double corset ‘day and night for three months’ following the birth of her daughters, candidly revealing that ‘it was brutal; it’s not for everyone but it was worth it’, in order to get her shape back.

But do waist trainers work? How long do you have to wear one for and are waist trainers dangerous? We investigate…

Great lighting…

How waist training works…

Essentially a waist trainer is a wide elasticated belt. The theory is (and we say the word ‘theory’ very, very loosely) that used continuously, the belt ‘trains’ your tummy to hold a smaller, firmer shape. There’s really no science behind it but some wearers swear by them. Naturally, if the Kardashian’s swear by them, then a lot of people want in…

Makers say that you should wear the waist trainer for around four hours every single day. If this sounds too uncomfortable by half, try consuming a few of these genius flat stomach foods instead, a pretty good starting point that doesn’t require sucking in fat and can make a difference to your silhouette, without any discomfort…

Waist trainers are not to be confused with a boned corset

Dita von Teese told the Huffington Post, ‘It’s funny because I’m watching the (waist training) trend and it’s like the blind leading the blind. People that actually know a lot about corsetry are not the ones publically speaking about it.

And I’m seeing some of these corsets that they’re saying are waist shapers and I’m like, ‘That doesn’t work.’ They’re like stretchy fabric. If you really want to get into it you should probably look into real corset makers that have been doing it for decades and decades. Waist trainers are just a fast fix. If you put on a corset and you pull the strings tight, you instantly have this silhouette and it’s great – but it’s not going to modify your body if you’re not engaged in the serious regimen of it.’

What the waist trainer-makers say…

The guys who make the waist trainers for the Kardashian’s, the Waist Gang Society, say on their website; the ‘waistshaper is a unique latex material which attacks unwanted fat and impurities within your body. Our reshaping line will strengthen your core all the while improving your posture.

The thermogenisis created within your body will allow your body to rid itself of harsh toxins and impurities, through perspiration. While wearing the garment or waist trainer, the tight compression will help to reduce food intake which will help achieve the healthier practice of smaller meals, more often, rather than three large meals a day.’

Please note the co-ordinated trainers in the background

Are waist trainers dangerous?

Anyone who has ever worn a lace-up corset will tell you that at times it can be difficult to breathe (shocker!). The corsetry compresses your bladder, your lungs, your kidneys, you name it, so you certainly won’t be doing yourself any favours wearing one for long periods of time.

Elasticated waist cinchers aren’t so brutal; they’re tight, of course, but they won’t compress your insides in the same way as a corset. That said, if you’re wearing one that’s too small or too tight, you can feel light-headed to say the least.

Do waist trainers work?

The truth is they don’t work – well, not at least in the way you’re hoping. They instantly slim your waist while you’re wearing them, so as shape-wear at least they have some merit. But if you’re thinking this is your short cut to a Dita von Teese waist then don’t get your hopes up. There is absolutely nothing to prove that they can make you permanently slimmer. After all, where would the fat go?

If there is any reduction at all in the size of your waist it’s likely down to sweating like a pig – or the thermogenisis the Waist Gang Society talk about, but it won’t be down to the compression.

This is what happened when senior beauty editor Anita Bhagwandas tried a waist trainer out for size…

‘Aesthetically, and superficially, it works. And I mean it really works (probably because it’s made of industrial-strength latex- breathing optional). I’ve spent a fortune on those fabric waist shrinkers in department stores, and all they do is displace your flab elsewhere, like a circle that’s been squeezed in the middle. This one seems to make a good four inches around my waist disappear – but sadly, they do come back once you fling it off.

Shop now: waist trainers at Amazon from £6.99

‘While the brand itself doesn’t say that continual usage will change your waist permanently, the reviews I’ve read online do. But wearing it sat at a desk was uncomfortable, so I wore it to sleep (as directed by customer reviews, henceforth to be treated with extreme caution). It seemed like a great idea in theory – shrinking as I slept – but in order to be comfortable in any way, you have to lie flat down on your back and not move. By 4am I had groggily struggled out of it’s million hook-and-eye fastenings, and was face-planted into my pillows. I’m desperate for a waist, but my sleep is too high a cost to pay. My advice? Give it a go for nights out, rather than for its permanent effects.’

If you’ve ever considered a body shaper to make you look better, you’re not alone. Body shapers have been rising in popularity in recent years, and should only get more and more popular as the baby boomer population ages, and needs more support holding everything together. It’s also a popular choice for those that are only slightly overweight, as it’s meant to reduce the appearance of things like the waistline by a few inches instantly.

What Do Body Shapers Do?
Body shapers can do a lot of different things depending on what you’re after. If you have a specific body part or region in mind, they can help improve its appearance, either by making it look more slimmer or trimmer. For example, if you have a problem with back fat, there are body shapers that can work to smooth out your back and make it look less noticeable.

If your midsection is your Achilles heel, the way it is for most of us, you can get a body shaper that will help hold everything in, thus giving the appearance of being a few inches trimmer – instantly. There are even body shapers that work on things like keeping your butt in the right place, and also hiking up the breasts so they appear fuller and perkier.

Are Body Shapers Safe?
It may seem that body shapers can’t be good for you, because the body isn’t meant to spend so much time all smushed together like that. It also raises concerns about circulation, and cutting off the blood supply to certain organs and limbs. Of course nothing is more natural than just being natural, and so wearing a body shaper can’t be deemed as safe as not wearing one, but as far as it being a health hazard, that’s quite a leap. The best piece of advice would be not to wear a body shaper that causes any amount of discomfort. Luckily the ones being designed these days are very comfortable, and manufacturers have realized that people aren’t going to wear something that doesn’t feel good.

Body Shaper Review Recaps

With so many various body shapers on the market, each with it’s own special function, it can be hard finding one that does what you want it to do. There are ones that work on the whole body, while some are only worn on the upper or lower body. Choosing the right one will ultimately be up to you, since only you know which parts you want to focus on, and which ones can be left alone. Here are some of the best ones we’ve found so far, to help shorten down the time it takes to pick a winner.

Kymaro Body Shaper Recap
Muffin top and back rolls can be a thing of the past with the Kymaro Body Shaper. At least that’s what actual users have been saying about it. Although the magic wears off once you take it off, you’ll be able to pull of the appearance of being more fit looking and just tighter all around.

The key is in the special material they use that flexes to fit your body right, without squeezing you so hard you can’t breathe or move. It works only to compress things like you want it to, but without being uncomfortable, or giving you that “packed sausage” look.

See our full review of Kymaro Body Shaper

Trendy Top Recap
Trendy Top works to specifically cover up the midsection, making sure that you don’t show off the goods when you wear low rise jeans. You won’t be showing off your butt cleavage, and you won’t have to worry about revealing your midriff when you reach for something over your head or bend down to pick something up. This is a great way to avoid awkward situations at work, or anywhere you don’t want people seeing what they’re not meant to.

We gave the Trendy Top our Thumbs Up rating, based on the way it fits, and covers what you want it to while still giving you a slim, sexy look.

See our full review of Trendy Top

Ardyss Body Magic Recap
Ardyss Body Magic is a total body shaper that is designed to not only make your upper body problems go away, but also works to slim the appearance of your lower body, and keep everything in place. This would be a one-stop fix to everything that bothers you about your body.

The reviews that have come in on this are mostly positive. There were some complaints with the ordering process, apparently they make it more complicated than it needs to be, but in regards to the product itself it was well-received.

See our full review of Ardyss Body Magic

Spanx Recap
Spanx has been quietly growing and is not responsible for producing the youngest self-made female billionaire in Sarah Blakely. They make a wide assortment of different body shapers, and are unique in that they let you narrow the search by whichever body part is giving you the most trouble. This lets you spot treat areas instead of having to work your way into a full-body unit.

We definitely recommend trying them out, as it’s a solid product line, a bit pricey but worth it for the quality and comfort aspect.

See our full review of Spanx
Kymaro Curve Control Jeans Recap
Curve Control Jeans might not seem like a body shaper, but they are in fact a way to contain the fat around your thighs and hips, giving you a sexy look in a pair of jeans without the struggle of getting into a conventional pair. Instead of working against your body’s natural shape, this pair of jeans embraces your curves and puts them in the best light possible.

If your primary gripe with your body is the way you look in jeans, you might want to give these a try. The reviews were split, but there was enough positive feedback to put this in the Try category.

See our full review of Kymaro Curve Control Jeans
Insta Slim Recap
These are for the men out there. It’s a largely female dominated market so getting the guys involved is tricky business. But men are just as self-conscious as women, or at least that’s the hope of the makers of Insta Slim. These are compression shirts that are made to smooth out and compress man boobs, while at the same time reducing the appearance of the waste.

Since they look like normal undershirts, they should be a smooth transition for guys, and a soft sell. As long as they make you look better without having to do situps and pushups it’s a winner.

See our full review of Insta Slim
Underworks Recap
Underworks is attempting to make a girdle that’s not just for women but for men too. They have the guts to use the word girdle in the 21st century, and they’re managing to pull it off. This aint your mother’s girdle though, it’s basically been redesigned completely while retaining the original functionality. It holds everything in, allowing you to look your best, but also allowing you to breathe and move about.

It can make you look and feel more fit, which could in turn get you eating better and feeling like working out. We like any product that makes people feel better about themselves and we gave this our Thumbs Up.

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Do Body Shapers Help Lose Weight?
Body shapers are not designed to help you lose weight, but it can be a natural byproduct that comes with wearing them. They might work on a pychological level, showing you what you can expect if you actually did lose the weight and really were a few inches slimmer. The compliments you recieve can be the motivation you need to start eating better

Can You Wear Body Shapers When Pregnant?
It is not recommended to wear a body shaper while pregnant. This is a time to allow your body to grow as it sees fit, and although your natural urge will be to try to look as good as you can while pregnant, it’s not a good idea to constrict your body during this natural process.

All in One Body Shapers
An all in one body shaper will do just what the name says. It can also be referred to as a total body shaper. It will start at the upper body, helping smooth out your upper arms so you don’t have all of that arm fat flopping around. Next it will work on the chest, getting rid of moobs for the guys, and hiking up the bosom for the ladies. Any all in one body shaper worth its salt will flatten the midsection. But it won’t stop there. It continues on to the lower body, slimming the hips and thighs, while hiking up the but so it’s not flabby-looking.

Plus Size Body Shapers
If you’re a plus size, you might be frustrated that many of the body shapers out there aren’t designed for you, and if they are they are priced more highly than the standard sizes. It seems counter-intuitive that something meant to make you look more slim doesn’t come in plus sizes, but they are trying to target the largest market possible, and unfortunately plus sizes aren’t it. There are a few companies out there that are catering primarily to the plus size market, but we haven’t had a chance to review them yet. If you would like us to review a specific brand, please contact us and let us know.

Our Body Shaper Recommendation

When you’re looking for a body shaper, keep in mind that it is not a workaround to diet and exercise. You can use it to get a jump start on the positive feedback you’ll get from people, but don’t let it delay taking positive steps to getting a better body. We live in a society of instant gratification, and this can provide that, but don’t let that stop you from getting your body down those few inches, or working on overall weight loss until your problem areas aren’t problems any more.

If you couple wearing a body shaper with good eating habits and regular exercise, you will be getting the most out of it.

Are you fed up from your flabby tummy? Looking for a quick solution to get a curvy waist? Then this is the perfect time to choose one of the best body shapers for a quick fix!
The body shaper is a temporary solution to give someone a stunning illusion of a flat stomach. A majority of the women wear it under their wedding dresses to give a spectacular sexy appeal.

Table of Contents

How does body shaper actually work?

The body shaper is worn by compressing your bulgy areas of the body specifically the tummy area to give your body the desired shape. I really don’t mean that it will work like a miracle and you would shed tens of pounds with the best girdle to hold in the stomach.
In fact, body shapers are designed to cover up the flabby areas of your body and thus giving your body a tighter look. Body shapers come up in versatile designs to help women choose according to their body needs.

For instance, you can choose a range of best full body shapewear, a thigh slimmer, waist clincher or shaping top and much more…

Today, I will give you a detailed overview of 10 best body shapers & how they actually vary in terms of shaping up your body. I believe in giving genuine reviews for my readers and therefore, Whatever I say- I really mean it!

Top 10 Best body shapers reviews

1. Nebility Women Waist Trainer Corset Zipper Vest Body Shaper Cincher Tank Top with Adjustable Straps

Before making an ultimate decision to buy best body shaper for dresses, the first thing that comes in my mind is its quality and affordability and I think this is what every lady looks for! While the key point here is to consider whether you’ll achieve your goal of hourglass curvy figure with such shapewear or not?

Nebility has introduced one of the best body shapers that leave no room for any questions. This product is something beyond perfect. It has been designed by keeping in view the smallest details of different body structures.

One of my cousins suffered from a back injury last month, I recommended her to use this product as it also aids in protecting the spine while giving additional support to their back. She noticed an incredible change in her body posture and recovered sooner than expected.

Special Features of the Product:

  • Made up of premium material that is stretchable and controls moisture of your body.
  • The U-shape push up designs makes your breast more appealing.
  • Covers up your back fat & lumps.
  • Acts as a perfect waist trainer and even helps in postpartum recovery.
  • Provides high quality in lower price.

2. LadySlim by NuvoFit Lady Slim Fajas Colombiana Latex Waist Cincher/Trainer/Trimmer/Corset Weight Loss Shaper

Wearing shapewear might be tricky for the beginners as they are unaware of choosing the right size. For this, you should be informed that shapewear is worn from the legs and is pulled upward. If it doesn’t move upwards, it means that you should go for the next size.
Generally, shapewear is tighter than usual clothing and one might feel like suffocated but LadySlim has a solution for you. Its latex texture increases the sweat around your

abdominal area and helps you to reduce fat deposits quickly. The waist cincher sheds your waistline up to 3 inches immediately.

Why choose this comfortable body shaper from Ladyslim?

  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Acts as a waist training belt with notable results
  • Bestseller on Amazon
  • Comes in a range of colors to choose from
  • The original product is shipped from the US

3. YIANNA Underbust Latex Sport Girdle Waist Trainer Corsets Hourglass Body Shaper

So, here comes another best shapewear for tummy in the marketplace. This shapewear from Yianna implies the best sheerness to be covered under the clothes. So, if you really want that your friend should not notice something around your waistline, then this is the best option for you.

“Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle”
Besides the quality of sheerness, Yianna has been proven as the most comfortable body shaper when compared to other long-run competitors in the market.

I gifted this best body shaper from Yianna to my mom and I am very happy that she uses it for her Yoga classes. A very useable gift indeed!

What are some of the great features of the product?
 Three-layered fabric for a perfect slimming effect
 Comprises of hooks and eye-closure for perfect adjustment
 Can be used for correction of your posture
 Promotes rapid postpartum recovery & compresses your tummy

4.VENUZOR Waist Trainer Belt for Women – Waist Cincher Trimmer – Slimming Body Shaper Belt – Sport Girdle Belt (UP Graded)

Venuzor is known for producing one of the best body shapers & I am sure you will really love it. I do agree that the tight fitting of body shapewear is not easy to carry for the whole day, therefore, this premium material is designed perfectly for easy breathing with stretchable quality.

This shapewear differs in its construction as it also acts as a trimmer belt. It is made of neoprene and polyester that aids in intense sweating and burning your fat. What I like about this best girdle to hold in the stomach is its adjustable hook and loop closure to provide different levels of compression for controlling your tummy.

“In the beginning, shapewear used to be too tight and it would push the fat in the wrong way, which was just not flattering,” says Los Angeles celebrity stylist Sophia Banks-Coloma.

What features of this best shapewear for a tummy are eye-popping?

ü The product is available in a vast color palette

ü It is used as a multifunctional waist trainer

ü Best for an intense workout or postpartum recovery

ü Quality product in a reasonable price range

5. Eleady Slimming Body Shaper

Eleady’s body shapewear outlays a detailed guide for its users. It also keeps in view the health hazards of restrictive clothing therefore, Eleady’s shapewear always has a small room for breathing and ensuring that the organs are not brutally pressed.
The best part of this shapewear is that it is light-weight and hardly gets noticed under any dress. Moreover, the fabric is also skin-friendly and a continuous usage does not cause any rash on your body.

What do I like about Eleady’s Body shapewear?
 The product is also included in Amazon’s Choice.
 It is light weighted but gives rigid support to your body.
 Can be paired with any clothing or costume to give a slimming look.
 Perfect for everyday use

6. Wacoal-Red Carpet Strapless Shaping Body Briefer

Wacoal has introduced a perfect best full body shapewear to assist your body in the most discreet way. With thin fabric it can be easily worn in summers. I personally have this shapewear from Wacoal & what I praise about this shapewear is that it prevents the annoying visible lines under your outfit & your fishy inside material hardly gets noticed.
“To change your body, you must first change your mind”

This Wacoal’s best body shaper comes in black & white tones. I suggest going for whiter if you are going to wear it under any outfit while black is advisable for cardio activities. One of my friends found a new way to use it- as a swimsuit. It was really amazing when I saw her wearing this body shapewear at the beach. It looked just stunning!

Interesting Features:
 Removable and adjustable straps
 No need to wear an additional bra
 Stretchy fabric aids in disappearing unwanted bulges
 Comprises of hook and eye closure for a contemporary fit

7. luxilooks Waist Trainer Plus Size Waist Nipper Shapewear

Body shapewear have different construction levels from higher to lower while Luxilooks waist trainer is designed for all types of body. The texture is highly elastic and made up of polyester and spandex. Such textures are always breathable and control moisture to a great extent.
Getting in shape is always a dream for all the ladies but some might find it difficult to get in there. Luxilooks has introduced one of the best comfortable body shapers to create an hourglass curve for a sexier appeal.
Say goodbye to that flabby area & muffin top on your waist!

 Conceals bulgy areas of your body and gives a slimmer look
 Relieves postnatal pain and helps your tummy to shrink to normal size
 Decreases 3-5 inches of your waistline on immediate basis
 Also comes in lace design

8.SHAPERX Weight Loss Hourglass Shaper/Girdle

The body shaper from Shaperx is a marvelous addition in the marketplace. These shapers are indeed body-hugging and create compression on your body which leads to intense sweating.

I recommend it as one of the best body shaper specifically for sportswear. The best part of this shapewear is its moderate abdominal compression while also providing support to your back. It isn’t that tighter to compress your nerves or develop any health hazards.

When I began to review this body shapewear, the first thing that came in my mind was its latex texture that is allergic for many. For giving genuine reviews to my readers, I wore it for 5 hours each day but I did not notice any allergies on my body.

I wore the same shapewear during my gym activities and noticed an increased amount of sweat in my waistline. It really works to shed your waistline to a greater extent. It can also be utilized as a bone waist training corset.

9. Willowy LE Weight Loss Latex Shapewear Breathable 25 Steel Boned

Let me introduce a shapewear from Dilanni to give you a stunning six-pack look. What if your look has been snatched after your newborn, you can bring back your confidence by shopping for Dillani’s body shaper.

I have truly witnessed the transformations it brought to the women’s body. The fabric is highly breathable and eco-friendly. Some ladies complain about the latex smell but it doesn’t last longer.

Besides controlling your waistline, it also aids in reducing your appetite with its compression. You get a perfect posture in no time but I always suggest listen to your body first and then choose your product.

10. Wonder-Waist Trainer Corset Trimmer Belt Body Shaper with Zipper

Here comes my last pick of the day, a body shaper that also acts as a women waist trainer. The best shapewear for tummy increases the body temperature around your waistline and helps to reduce fat deposits.

This weight loss belt also promotes thermo activity and you can get hourglass curves instantly during your workouts and fitness routines. What I like about this body shaper is that it increases the blood circulation around your body and it’s a great plus point for your healthy growth.

So, whether you want to reduce you weight instantly or plan for gradual weight-reduction, body shapers are always a great tool in your hand.

Can Wearing Shapewear Help You Lose Weight?

I often get asked the question “can wearing shapewear help you lose weight” or “can waist cinchers shrink your waist?”

The answer is yes and no – not terribly helpful, I know.

Let me explain what I mean:

The act of putting on shapewear and wearing it for a decent period of time WON’T do anything to your figure permanently. There is no way a piece of fabric can change the make up of your body – it won’t remove fat or add muscle, which are the only ways of changing your shape permanently.

What shapewear WILL DO is hopefully give you a bit of body confidence. This is the bit that can’t be underestimated.

Don’t Underestimate Good Self-Esteem

Think about a time when you were feeling good in what you were wearing. You looked good, you felt happier, it was a nice boost to your self esteem.

Whenever we are feeling good about ourselves, the likelyhood of doing our usual self-destructive actions lessen.

So you are less likely to over-eat, binge or any of the other many bad eating cycles lots of us fall into. You are more likely to go out and do something, which is far better for us physically than sitting in front of the telly eating crisps.

Fitting into nice clothes also helps us psychologically. It encourages us to want to fit into MORE nice clothes, it boosts our will power to lose weight, get fit, get active and get healthy.

Over-eating Is Impossible!

I ummed and arred about writing this bit, but I’ve decided to add it in as it is true. Wearing shapewear that presses on your stomach, stops you from eating too much. It is the opposite of putting on a big pair of pyjama pants to pig out on pizza. For me, having something pressing on my stomach whilst I am eating just makes me more aware of when I am feeling full. And I would say eating too big portions is my main problem when it comes to my diet.

So What About The Grand Claims About Waist Cinchers Making You Thinner

Waist cinchers are a funny one. We don’t put any claims on our website about waist cinchers making you thinner (without one on). But the manufacturers do claim that this can happen.

A Few Thing I Do Know Are True About Waist Cinchers

They do help with post partum (having a baby) recovery, where your body has been pushed out of shape. When we have babies weird things happen to our bodies. Our rib cages widen, our organs get pushed around into different places. Everything EXPANDS. Having something to help push things back into their original place does help. I personally used a waist cincher after the birth of both of my children. I felt it really helped put my body back in the right place.

(If you do decide to wear a waist cincher after giving birth, please do chat to your doctor or midwife first, especially if you had any complications or surgery).

Exercising With A Waist Cincher On

Exercising with a waist cincher on CAN be beneficial. There is a lot of talk about micro-compression and sweating, but the main benefit from wearing a waist cincher when you work out is that it gives you tons of support. It helps you to work out for longer, especially if your core strength isn’t that good.

A Temporary Change

Wearing a waist cincher for 10 hours a day for 2 weeks WILL give you a smaller waist TEMPORARILY. Anything that is squeezed and compressed for that long period of time is bound to change. But, as soon as you stop wearing it, your flesh and muscles will start to move back to their natual positions.

So, to summarize my thoughts, shapewear on it’s own won’t help you to lose weight. The positive effects that wearing shapewear brings CAN help to boost your self esteem and therefore help you make better lifestyle choices.

The Shapewear I Wear All The Time

I wear a pair of Spanx Higher Power probably 70% of the time. I find them really comfy, make my clothes fit nicely (especially around my waist) and they make me feel much better about myself on down days.

The Waist Cincher I Wore After Giving Birth

I wore an Esbelt Waist Cincher for weeks after giving birth to my kids. I felt like my body had almost collapsed from the inside out, and it gave me core strength, support and LOADS of lower back support.

The Waist Cincher My Friend Wears To Do Cross Fit

I don’t do much exercise, apart from walking, swimming and running around after the kids. However, my friend is a super-human who does cross fit, including competitions. She wears an Esbelt Workout Waist Cincher when she is training – she is so Kim Kardashian in disguise!

Find the right shapewear for your weight loss journey

Image of shapewear from

If you’re familiar with pre-1970s shapewear, you know about iron and whalebone corsets that crushed ribs, restricted breathing and caused fainting. Fortunately, today’s body shapers for weight loss are nothing like the old days. They’re comfortable, effective and natural-looking under your favorite clothes.

Shapewear is the perfect foundation garment to smooth out bumps and accentuate your curves. Body shapers also keep clothes from clinging and make you feel more confident in your body. If you’re interested in shapewear for weight loss to help you look your best while pursuing your weight loss plan, here’s a guide to help you find the right products.

Types of shapewear for weight loss

From tightly woven fabrics to strategically placed elastic, you can find the perfect shapewear to hide imperfections. Consider the range of shapewear available today to help you choose the right style.

  • Light control shapewear comes in the form of seamlessly knit hosiery to smooth over your thighs, hips, rear and tummy. It’s a flexible option that feels nothing like wearing a corset.
  • Firm control shapewear takes the form of sturdy fabrics sewn together. The seams catch bulges and shift them into less noticeable places. A firmer control waist shaper for weight loss results in a more sculpted looking body shape, but more restricted movement as well.
  • Thermal shapewear is even available to help you lose weight while contouring your body. It stimulates perspiration around your midsection to help get rid of pesky water stores at your waistline. You’ll notice a slimmer waist from the shapewear’s compression and enjoy long-term weight loss assistance with the thermal feature as well.

It’s just as easy to don a body shaper for weight loss as it is to put on a new pair of underwear, but in order to see the results you want, it’s important to keep a few things in mind as you shop. Here are three steps to follow when shopping for shapewear:

  • Step 1: First, pinpoint which trouble area you want to control. Shapewear for weight loss targets everything from your thighs and hips, your tummy and waist, to your bust line and upper back. Bodysuits target everything all at once.
  • Step 2: Speak up when being fitted with new shapewear for weight loss. If you experience any pain, numbness or difficulty breathing, you need a larger size. You’re looking to tighten up without feeling extremely uncomfortable.
  • Step 3: Keep the type of fabric you want in mind. For example, breathable fabric is perfect for summer while thermal shapewear is more comfortable in winter. High spandex content around 25 percent is also desirable if you want stretchy fabric. The edges of the shapewear are important when it comes to providing a seamless, natural look. Edges with silicone gripper tape stay in place and lace edges don’t roll or bulge.

Businesses that cater to all body types

If you’re still in the process of losing weight, you probably want to purchase some excellent body shaping undergarments until you reach your goal. That means you need to find businesses that offer shapewear for plus-size women.

Whether you’re shopping locally in San Antonio or getting an idea of what’s available online, consider doing business at these locations that cater to plus-size shoppers:

  • Catherine’s
  • Town Shop
  • Bare Necessities
  • Woman Within
  • Hourglass Angel

In the end, you shouldn’t abandon diet and exercise just because you found a good body shaper for weight loss. There’s no substitute for the health benefits that come from eating well and staying physically active. Although we understand that everyone wants to feel confident and look good, it’s even more important to feel good on the inside by sticking to a healthy weight loss plan and living a fit lifestyle.

For more help accomplishing your weight loss plan, please contact BMI of Texas today.

What’s the main reason to buy shapewear?

We’d guess most women would say that they want to look slimmer and enhance their curves.

And while those are definitely the most obvious benefits of shapewear, did you know that there are several other reasons why shapewear can be a part of a your journey to health and happiness?

Here are some of the surprising benefits of shapewear that go beyond shaping.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

We believe that every woman is beautiful just as she is—and you should feel sexy and confident no matter what your shape and size! Shapewear can help you look great and enhance your natural features, while helping your clothing fit in a more flattering way, the way it was designed to.

Self-esteem can go a long way in helping anyone succeed in work and in life. Your coworkers, friends and loved ones notice because when you feel more confident and secure in your own skin, you’re giving yourself the respect you deserve. And when you’re respecting yourself, other people are more likely to respect you as well.

There are many garments that can help you feel confident no matter what you’re wearing. We recommend the Best Body Shaper by Vedette 104 as an all-over shaper that can benefit any body type by slimming the waist, lifting the butt and bust, and controlling the hips and thighs.

Posture Support

Certain shaping garments not only slim and shape your figure, but also provide posture support by helping you pull in your tummy and sit or stand up straight.

The benefits of better posture are numerous. Photographers will be the first to tell you what a difference it can make in portraits and wedding photos. Subjects with better posture look confident and beautiful, while subjects who are slouching just don’t have that same glow.

And it holds true in real life as well. By standing taller, your demeanor is naturally more confident—even if you don’t feel it at first (we bet you will grow in that feeling eventually!)

Good posture also has health benefits including being easier on your joints and spine, helping you breathe more efficiently, and even improving your mood, energy levels and mental health.

Any firm compression garment that supports your torso can improve your posture while you wear it. The Mia Corselette Body Shaper by Vedette 136 is a favorite shaper that uses firm compression around the waist and is supported by shoulder straps, for a firm, tall hold.

Increased Heat, Better Workouts

One of the things you’ll notice when wearing a compression garment is that it makes you feel warm. In fact, stimulating heat and perspiration is what can make shapewear so effective—especially in waist training.

When you wear compression shapewear during workouts, you’ll stimulate thermal activity in the skin underneath, which will stimulate perspiration and increase the intensity. And a sweaty workout is a good workout (and good reason to choose high-performance activewear that also wicks away sweat).

Waist trainers, shaping leggings and compression tops are all must-haves for your workout attire. They make you look great whether you’re at the gym or taking selfies, and you’ll achieve your most affective workouts.

Complementing a Weight Loss Program

While there’s nothing magical about shapewear that makes you lose weight, it can play an important role in your weight loss program in several ways.

First, wearing shapewear while you’re trying to lose weight can give you a vision for a slimmer figure and can help you stay motivated. You may find yourself a lot less likely to reach for junk food when you look in the mirror and see what the healthy, confident version of yourself looks like.

Another way shapewear can complement your weight-loss goals is by intensifying your workouts, as mentioned above. Do a combination of cardio of varying intensity along with strength training, paired with a nutritious diet of whole foods, and you’ll have a winning combination for better health and weight loss.

Lastly, a compression garment like a waist trainer can steer you towards eating smaller portions because it will restrict your midsection, making large meals uncomfortable to consume. We recommend eating several small meals a day rather than two or three large ones in order to optimize your health, and shapewear can remind you to stay on track.

With all of these benefits, it would almost seem strange not to want to wear shapewear! Whether you’re just starting out or you want to add to your collection, we’ve got the shapewear selection you need on your journey to a happier, healthier you.

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