10. Covergirl for Tiger Beat Teen Magazine

250k likes – View Post on Instagram What IS @johnstamos really like? #AnyUpdateOnJourney #tbt

Date: February 1984

Overview: Courteney would have been about 20 years old in this picture (taken from her own Instagram @courteneycoxofficial) This shot really puts her ‘Before & After’ looks into perspective – she’s barely out of her teenage years and has had no work done here. This look is totally fresh faced.

2. ‘Dancing In The Dark’ Music Video

Date: 1984

Overview: At around the 2:30 minute mark, who should we see? That’s right, the gorgeous Courteney Cox sans fillers or cosmetic work! She’s up on stage with The Boss dancing in a muscle shirt and blue jeans and looking gorgeous while she does it.

3. The Tampax Commercial

Date: 1985

Overview: Fun fact, Courteney Cox was the first woman to say ‘period’ on television in place of the term ‘menstruation’. Hell yeah Courteney, normalise those bodily functions! You can see from the commercial that she looks completely normal and surgery free, so no botox for Courteney Cox here yet.

4. “Starring Courteney Cox as Monica Geller”

191 likes – View Post on Instagram She’s a beauty 😍😍😍❤️❤️

Date: Circa 1994

Overview: This was taken around the early 1990s during the beginning of Friends. Sure, Courteney’s face looks different to the previous pictures, but here it’s just a case of her thinning out as she matured and wearing her hair longer

5. At The Turn of The Century

101 likes – View Post on Instagram I heard #tbt? what about this dark and stunning look? perfection, right? ❤️🤩 #courteneycox #90s

Date: Courteney attends the First Annual Project ALS Fundraiser in 1999.

Overview: Courteney looks different but that’s just because she’s embracing the 90s beauty trends – thin eyebrows and chunky accessories.

6. The 54th Emmy Primetime Awards

136 likes – View Post on Instagram #tb bc this day was iconic and special for my babe(s) ❤️ and.. the emmy awards is almost here!!!!! I miss this even being so little at the time hahahahahahaha 🌟 #courteneycox #jenniferaniston #emmys

Date: Courteney and best buddy Jennifer Aniston attended the 54th Emmy Primetime Awards on 22 September 2002.

Overview: After four previous nominations during its first seven seasons, Friends finally won the Outstanding Comedy Series without a directing and writing nomination. It was around this time, towards the end of Friends that Courteney recalls self-doubt creeping in. “I grew up thinking appearance was the most important thing. That as long as I looked OK, I would be OK, which got me into trouble” she explained to NewBeauty. “I was trying so hard to keep up, and that actually made things worse.”

7. Season One of Cougar Town

244 likes – View Post on Instagram #tbt this photoshoot from the very first season of cougar town is gold 😍 #courteneycox #cougartown #photoshoot

Date: Circa 2009

Overview: During the early to mid 2000s, experts speculate that Courteney started experimenting with botox and filler. “I think there’s a pressure to maintain not just because of fame, but just being a woman in this business,” she explained to wilderness survival guru Bear Grylls when she appeared on his program Running Wild. in 2016. “Getting older, I don’t think that’s the easiest thing. But I have learned lessons. I think I was trying to keep up with getting older and trying to chase that. It’s something you can’t keep up with.”

During the episode she expressed regret for all the cosmetic work she had had done in the past. “Sometimes you find yourself trying, and then you look at a picture of yourself and you go, ‘Oh god, I look horrible,'” she lamented. “I have done things that I regret, and luckily there are things that dissolve and go away. So that’s good because it’s not always been my best look.”

8.”Layered and layered”

2,267 likes – View Post on Instagram one of her best looks 💙 #courteneycox #friendstvshow #monicageller @courteneycoxofficial

Date: Courteney attends the 2006 ‘FOX Summer TCA Party”

Overview: In retrospect, Courteney says she thought her surgery and cosmetic procedures were gradual, but in fact they ended up making her look overworked. She told NewBeauty “The next thing you know, you’re layered and layered and layered. You have no idea because it’s gradual until you go, ‘Oh sh*t, this doesn’t look right.’ Cox also said, “It’s worse in pictures than in real life. I have one friend who was like, ‘Whoa, no more!’ I thought, I haven’t done anything in six months. I didn’t realise.”

9. Courteney Cox Now

868.6k likes – View Post on Instagram The world definitely got brighter the day this girl was born. Happy birthday sweetheart! I Love you! ♥️

Date: Posted to Courteney’s Instagram on 12 February 2019 to celebrate Jennifer Aniston’s birthday.

Overview: Today, Courteney has reverted back to living a cosmetic/surgery free life. She let her fillers dissolve and consequently feels more comfortable in here own skin. “I’m as natural as I can be. I feel better because I look like myself. I think that I now look more like the person that I was,” she explained. Cox also told US Magazine “I have done things that I regret, and luckily they’re things that dissolve and go away. So, um, that’s good, because it’s not always been my best look.”

10. It’s A Dog-Eat-Dog World

159.9k likes – View Post on Instagram In my happy place. #weekend #cavilerkingcharles #sunshine

Date: 19 May 2019

Overview: Courteney Cox seems to be hands-down winning at life these days. She and her ex-husband David Arquette do an excellent job of co-parenting their teenage daughter Coco. Courteney has been a loving relationship with John McDaid, lead singer of Snow Patrol, since 2013. Her Facebook series ‘9 Months With Courteney Cox’ has been an eye-opening look into 10 different couples experience of pregnancy, and we can’t wait for Season 2!

Courteney Cox Loves Laser Treatments & Isn’t Afraid to Show It

As a celebrity who is constantly in the spotlight, Courtney Cox tries to look her best at all times—even on makeup-free sweatpants days when she’s grabbing a cup of coffee or picking up a few groceries. Whatever she’s doing, her skin always looks flawless. Her secret? Laser skin treatments. Here at our plastic surgery center in Orlando, we offer some of Cox’s favorite skin rejuvenating treatments, including Fraxel ® Laser and Ultherapy®.

Fraxel Laser

In an interview with New You magazine, Cox talked about her interest in Fraxel. She also showed off her results on the Ellen Show. Fraxel works by emitting tiny, precise beams of light into the skin’s surface. The laser can penetrate deep into the skin to remove damaged skin cells while promoting the regrowth of new, healthy skin. Fraxel treats skin imperfections such as:

  • Fine lines an wrinkles
  • Superficial scarring
  • Irregular pigmentation
  • Redness
  • Mild skin laxity
  • Large pores
  • Stretch marks

This impressive treatment not only works great for the face, but also on areas like the neck, chest, and hands. Fraxel is FDA-approved and safe for most skin tones, textures, and types. During treatment, we will pass the laser handpiece across the treatment area in certain patterns according to your skincare needs.

Patients describe the feeling as a mild pinprick sensation, and we use cool air during the treatment to minimize any discomfort. Following treatment, we will apply a cool facemask to reduce any swelling. Treatments are much less harsh on the skin than other techniques, so you can expect a shorter recovery time.

See real patient before-and-after photos.


Cox says she has also used Ultherapy to increase the production of collagen. Ultherapy is a safe, nonsurgical skin tightening treatment that uses targeted ultrasound energy to penetrate deep into the dermis without harming the skin’s surface. This stimulates new collagen growth and strengthens weakened collagen, providing you with a more youthful and glowing appearance. Ultherapy is a good choice for individuals who have mild to moderate loss of skin elasticity in the following areas:

  • The neck
  • Under the chin
  • Above the eyebrows
  • The décolletage

Treatment takes anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes. Your skin will be slightly red post-treatment, but this will fade within a few hours. Some patients also experience tenderness, but you can return to your normal daily activities within 24 hours. Most patients see results after 2 to 3 months. These results can last 1 year or more and can be maintained with touch-up treatments.

See real patient before-and-after photos.

If you are interested in these age-defying treatments and are ready to discuss your options, request a consultation online or give us a call at (407) 333-3040.

Every face shape is unique and will look different in various hairdos. If you have a long face, you surely are looking for ways to break that long feature and make your face a bit more rounded up. If having a long face is your concern, you are in the right place! Choosing a hairstyle correctly can help you minimize the long face effect and look flawless! There are actors and celebs like Liv Tyler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Kardashian have oblong facial features but always look gorgeous. There are hairstyles for long faces that can make you look as polished as these celebs!

Nowadays are so many hairdos making rounds on the internet. And you can get a little confused as to which one will suit you the best. It is not possible to try all these hairstyles. But you can surely take your time to choose the one that is flattering to your facial structure. We have carefully compiled styles that can fit anyone from short hair to long hair and all hair textures as well. Here are 86 hairstyles for long faces that you can browse through to find the perfect fit for you!

Shaggy hair

The shaggy hair is well suited for ladies who have a high forehead. The messy and relaxed hairstyle can take length off of your forehead and is perfect if you have shoulder length hair.

Middle parted hair

Keeping layers balances our face well. The partition in the middle helps keep the hair on either side, which creates a well-balanced look. This is one of the universally flattering hairstyles for long faces.

Feather cut

The feathered cut was widely popular back in the day and has managed to stay relevant in many ways till now. The side shaven hairstyle is adding a touch of glamour here, and we love it!

Long Layers

If you have long layers in your hair, this is the one to choose. The middle partition will give you enough hair on either side, and the waves from the layers will frame your face thoroughly.

Side Swept

This is a perfect side swept hairdo that works best for women with long hair. Keep casual waves and place it to the side, and you are ready! This is an excellent hairdo for a glam event.

Shiny hair

If you have healthy shiny hair, then you can pick any hairstyle, and it will look great for sure! The middle part and the waves in this hairdo is sure to please anyone!

Kim Kardashian’s hairstyles for long faces

You can hate her or love her, but you have to agree her hair game is always on point! Kim has worn many perfect hairstyles for long faces, and we love these too.

Her side swept hair steals all the attention and manages to look glamorous even after being so straightforward. The waves here are an excellent detail added to the hairdo and is looking beautiful.
The bangs here are a great way to conceal your forehead. Choosing the right kind of bangs can make your face well rounded and cuts off the long length. Add layers to enhance this look.

Courtney’s hair

Courtney Cox has an oblong face shape, and she managed to look great every time. Her casual curls here add much-needed definition to her face, and the bangs on the sides frame her face well.

Glamorous hair

Try this glamorous hair and be the one to get all the compliments on your next event! This simple yet sultry look can be done at home, and that is why it is so approachable. The blonde here is also adding many dimensions to the hair, and we love this one!

The bangs

The bangs here are a great way to hide your forehead! If you are looking for hairstyles for long faces that also conceals big foreheads, this is the one to choose. Try this if you have shoulder length hair.

The bob

The bob is a great hairstyle that can be worn in so many different ways. The hairstyle is perfect for any occasion and looks beautiful, effortlessly! You can surely amp it up with colors and add waves or keep it straight as you like!

Reese Witherspoon’s style

Reese’s hair has framed her face very well. The deep side-parted hair has added so much body to the whole hairstyle. The blonde hues have made her skin tone stand out in this attire!

Side Braids

This loose side braids are beautiful. You can do this hairstyle at home, and you can wear this for a casual day out. Keep some loose strands at the front to frame your face. Try this one, and you will surely love it.

Messy Bun

This messy bun is approachable and is perfect for a summer day! This relaxed, natural looking hairdo is less time consuming and looks cute as well. You can’t go wrong with this hairstyle.

Pixie hair

Pixie haircuts are very trendy, and we love this easy hairdo. You can wake up every day and look great without any styling. Pixie cuts are the perfect hairstyles for long faces chosen mostly by women over 40.

Cool braids

The next time you are heading out and want to try on a fresh hairdo, this is the one for you. This hairdo is perfect for ladies with long hair. Try adding extensions if you have thin or short hair. The play of colors here is pretty good too.

Soft waves

Here we have a short bob, and it has slight waves here and there that adds so much texture to the hair. This romantic hairstyle is sure to catch everyone’s attention.

Messy curls

Curls look great on anyone, and they add so much texture to the hair. This bold wavy look is perfect for a beach day. The vibrant makeup makes this look even more alluring.

Jennifer’s perfect hair

Jennifer Aniston has been known for her gorgeous hair. She has never had a bad hair day; it seems! Her chic and elegant hairdos are very approachable. Try this one if you are looking to be merely trendy!

Nina’s long hair

Nina Dobrev’s long locks gave us primary hair goals. This is one of her curly hair looks that we adore. If you want a trendy hairstyle for an event, you should give this one a try!

Sexy hair

Going out on a date? This is the perfect sexy, bold look that you should try. The streaks of darker and light hair colors add dimensions to the hair. There are slight waves here, and they are one of the perfect hairstyles for long faces.

The lob

The lob here styled with slight waves is not only easy to maintain but is also very chic and stylish. You can wear this one to any event and can transition from casual to formal very easily.

Sleek hair

Keep your hair smooth and straight, and look stunning. This is an elegant hairdo and has a youthful vibe to it as well. Here are two options for short to shoulder length of hair that you can choose from.

Dakota’s short hair

Dakota Johnson’s short bob is eye-catching. The play of colors is admirable, and we surely want to recreate it! You can surely wear this every day and look as stunning as Dakota herself!


Sarah Jessica Parker has sported many hairstyles for long faces. Her oblong face shape looks well balanced with this side bangs. Give this hairstyle a try for a casual hairdo.

Voluminous waves

There is so much volume in this hairdo. Waves and layers help make perfect hairstyles for long faces. The bangs here are framing the forehead, and the textures added by the waves look fabulous.

Ombre hair

Ombre wavy hair is one of the best hairstyles for long faces. You can add slight bangs on the front if you have a prominent forehead that you don’t want to highlight. If you have lengthy hair, you will surely love this one!

Angled Bob

Angled bobs are classy and trendy choice of hairstyles for long faces. You can wear this hairstyle for any event, and it will look great! Make your choice of colors to make this angular bob pop out even more.

Middle parted bangs

Adding fringes to your hair can make any hairstyle look youthful and vibrant. Add a partition to the hair on the bangs, and you can achieve a well-balanced look. This will help create a well proportioned facial effect.


Add ringlets to the front bangs, and your simple updo will transform into an elegant one.

Long Bangs

Ombre hair looks great on anyone no matter what. But if you are looking for hairstyles for long faces, try this look with long bangs. You will look adorable in this hairdo for sure.


There are many glamorous hairstyles for long faces, but this one is our favorite. This is a striking hairdo with stunning side bangs. This look will surely make you look like a supermodel.

Straight cuts

If you have single length straight hair cut with no layers, this is the most suitable hairstyle for you! These bangs here frame your forehead well, and the sleek hair is also gorgeous.

Bold curls

One word that describes this hairdo is striking. This is one of the many charming hairstyles for long faces, and we surely do recommend this one for anyone with a longer length of hair.

Tight curls

Try some tight curls on your short hair and achieve this beautiful hairstyle in a matter of minutes. This look has a soft, romantic side to it and we love the wavy side bangs here too.


This is one adorable hairstyle that works well if you have medium hair length. Try this ruffled and messy hairstyle pinned at the back and look cute.

Strong cut

The sharp lines here at the base looks fierce. The waves here look beautiful, and the middle partition makes this one of the perfect hairstyles for long faces. This blonde hair color is also gorgeous.

Flowy hairdo

This is a soft flowy hairstyle, and we love how effortless and relaxed it is. Try this hairdo if you want to add width to your face.


This simple middle-parted hair is just simple yet elegant. The soft layers and the hair partition makes this the right choice if you have a long face.

Back in time

This hairstyle takes us back in time. This vintage hairdo is taking the attention away from the extended facial features and is a glamorous one for sure.

Adele’s bob

Adele looks fresh and beautiful with this hairdo, and you can imitate the singer and look as charming as she does!

The Royal look

Kate Middleton keeps her hairstyles simple and manages to look polished and pretty as always. Her slight waves and the middle-parted hair is the perfect combination.

Hailey’s half up pony

Thus half up pony is very casual and can be worn for a day out when you have a lot of errands to run and to a glam event as well!

Medium length

Ladies, if you have a medium length of hair, this one is for you. You can get this layered hair cut and manage to style it without much effort every day!

Razor cut

Many stylists term this hairdo as the perfect hairstyles for long faces. The bright hues give it that edge, and it surely adds a lot of texture to the hair. You will surely be astounded by how effectively it can take away the length of the face.

Thin hair

If you have a thin hair an oblong face, this is one of the most glamorous hairstyles for long faces that you can opt for. The curls add texture, and the bangs take the length from the forehead.

Long hair

If you are blessed with long healthy hair, there are many hairstyles that you can try on! You can use your hair to frame your face and create perfect hairstyles for long faces.

This waves with a side part look are widespread and still manages to look different on everyone!

This is an everyday look, and the ruffled hair is for those days when you don’t care for looking extra polished.

This is another ruffled up hairstyle that has a sexy, glamorous vibe to it. Try this one, and we are sure you will love the ease that comes with it.

Keep your hair on a side with a clean side partition and add waves to make this look feminine and pretty.

There is a lot of hair texture here, and the long bangs frame the face well.

Make things spicy and youthful by adding fringes on the hairdo, and you will love it.

Use a hair curler and add these waves to your hair and look polished.

Megan fox’s waves

She looks gorgeous no matter what she does, but her hair in this hairdo is merely elegant and romantic. We adore the big curls here and the way they have been put together!


Add layers to your long hair and break the monotony. Add layers carefully since they can make you look droopy and dull too. Here is some layered hairdo that you can take inspiration from.

Layers start at the base here, and we love the wavy details.

The layers here start from the base of the neck and looks flowy and well merged.

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This flowy bob has so many layers, and it looks beautiful.

Glam and elegant

This is one hairstyle that is always fashionable. Opt for this when you have a glamorous event to attend to. This is a classic hairdo, and we are sure you will love it.

The long bob

If lob hairdos are the ones you want, here is a collection of them for you to choose from.

This is a stunning hairstyle with the bold choice of colors.

Here are some dark brownish hues for you to get inspired by.

Try a lavender hair color and stand out in the crowd!

Here are some ruffled up messy lobs for that lazy day. You can style your hair by keeping them straight or curling them in slight waves.

Bang on!

The bangs here steal the show, and we love this look. They can take away from the fact that your facial structure is long.

Short hair

If you have short hair, you are going to love these beautiful hairstyles. These fun and flirty looks are sure to make you look young and vibrant every day.

The Fringes

This is a unique hairdo, and we inevitably find this one captivating. The sleek hairstyle has fringes with sharp edges, and the inwardly curled hair looks fabulous too.


Amanda Seyfried has this wavy hair that is perfect for a first date. Her soft, romantic look is looking great on her, and this is an excellent choice for ladies with medium to an extended length of hair.

Angelina’s style

Angelina Jolie carried off this half-up look very well, and she sure looks like a goddess here. Try this curled look and grab the attention of everyone anywhere you go!

This messy look is well suited for you if you have thin, beautiful hair. Try this one and follow the messy hair trend.

Sandra’s locks

The beautiful Sandra Bullocks styles her hair in a side part and angles bangs, and we love this on her.

Angled bobs are very trendy and have been a choice of many women over the past years. Here are some angled bob hairstyles for long faces that you can pick from.

The ash blonde here looks great and in sync with the darker roots. It is a sweet hairdo, and a must try!

This is a longer bob, and the waves here add a lot of texture and dimension to the hair.

Medium hair length

If your hair lies somewhere between too long and too short, you have a medium length of hair! Try these hairstyles if you are looking for a change.

This look is subtle and simple. The waves are beautiful and have a very romantic vibe.

The middle part here with sharp cuts at the base makes this a casual hairdo with an edge.


This look here is very captivating. We love how the dark and light hair works here. The bangs are curled outwards, and the rest of the hair is also in waves. You can try this one, especially if you have thin hair.

Loose beach waves

This is a very summery hairdo perfect for a day out. This casual hairdo has loose beachy waves and has a very relaxed vibe to it.

Side parted waves

The side partition here with classic waves makes this a beautiful hairdo. The highlights here are gorgeous. If you want a bit of length, but still desire a short hair, this is the optimum choice for you.

Long face waves

Here we have gentle waves and twists, and we love the way this hairdo frames the face. This is one of the best hairstyles for long faces, and these bouncy, voluminous waves have us swooning over them!

When choosing a hairstyle, one should keep the facial structure and hair length. Adding bangs to the hair can reduce your face length. You can add curls and waves to make your face look broader and not emphasize the more extended facial structure. You can choose hues to create dimensions in your hair. If you have long hair, you should avoid adding excessive volume too.

We are sure you have found the perfect match of hairstyle for you. These beautiful hairstyles for long faces have been carefully compiled to match the needs of women with all hair textures and length. If you liked our effort, so comment down below to let us know and share this article with your friends and family as well. Do stay with us for more on fashionable hairstyles!

You might think that rocking long hair isn’t for you, but we’d like to see if we can change your mind! After all, if these inspirational male celebrities are sporting the style, we think it’s worth taking a second look. Be it filming for their latest movie, or making a red carpet appearance, this round-up of famous men with long hair is bound to make you reconsider.

Whether you’re thinking about growing your hair out, or are already sporting an impressive mane, take a look at our list of celebrities, guaranteed to convince you that men with long hair are some of the finest around.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto has become the poster boy for long hair – and for good reason, too. Credit: Getty Images

Jared Leto is the poster boy when it comes to long hairstyles for men – and it’s no surprise. His long locks are now a signature in Hollywood and he does a great job of styling them for various occasions.

During formal red carpet events, Leto rocks a sleek and polished man bun, and when he’s off-duty, he chooses to wear his hair down with relaxed waves.

James Bay

James Bay donning his signature Fedora hat. Credit: Getty Images

The British singer and songwriter captivates us with both his music and his hairstyle. So take a leaf out of Bay’s book and accessorise your locks with a hat. It’s a great way of adding personality to your look, and if you’re time-poor, it’ll also a good way to hide your less-than-fresh mane (a win-win!).

Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom has donned long locks both on and off-screen. Credit: Getty Images

Okay, Orlando Bloom hasn’t had long hair for a while. However, we still think his previous lengthy ‘dos (on and off-screen) definitely warrant a place on our list.

He also scores extra points for rocking cool curls as Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean series and for pulling off a platinum mane as Legolas in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Editor’s tip: If your hair is on the curlier side and you want to rock longer lengths, then make sure you reach for the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil to fight frizz, boost shine and tame flyaways.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand works his naturally wavy textures to their advantage. Credit: Getty Images

Russell Brand might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but love him or hate him, the British funnyman has lovely long hair that’s worth taking note of. (Just try and forget those early days when he backcombed his mane into oblivion!).

Instead, draw inspiration from his current look that’s more casual and effortless – a positively grown-up take on the long hair trend – especially if you have naturally wavy or curly textures.

Harry Styles

One Direction star Harry Styles has had his fair share of experimental hairstyles. Credit: Getty Images

The One Direction singer is another great example of how men with long hair can sport wavy tresses. Harry Styles has been quite daring with his locks, trialling man buns, headbands, half-up ‘dos and even half cornrows.

We’ve got to hand it to the pop star, he’s definitely been great at experimenting with tons of hairstyles!

Austin Butler

Austin Butler’s got effortless Cali cool down to a T. Credit: Getty Images

The actor and model has grown out his hair and distanced himself from his sleek, polished image. Why should you consider him as your hair hero? Because Vanessa Hudgens’ beau does a fantastic job of rocking the effortless and cool look of a Californian surfer.

Editor’s tip: For that effortless, fresh-off-the-beach look, make sure to spritz your hair with a texturising spray. For this look, we always turn to the TONI&GUY Messy Salt Spray for giving us that surfer look.

Chris Hemsworth

When it comes to rocking long hair, Chris Hemsworth’s a natural. Credit: Getty Images

Like Orlando Bloom, we have to applaud Chris Hemsworth for being able to sport long hair on and off the screen.

Whether it’s a polished bro bun, Norse-inspired locks or a casual half-up ‘do, there’s no denying the Australian actor’s a natural at rocking sun-kissed long hair.

Kit Harington

As famous for his hair as his role, Kit Harrington works it! Credit:

His alter ego John Snow may have made him a household name, but we think that his dark, long curly locks are worthy of celebrity status in their own right!

Part of his signature look, he’s definitely the poster boy for curly hair. Suave and sultry, we like your style Mr Snow, sorry Kit, we mean Kit! Credit: @kitharingtonn

Ben Barnes

Throw it back to Dorian Grey and when Ben Barnes rocked long hair. Credit:

When Ben Barnes was filming Dorian Grey he sported longer, messier tresses. While he tends to keep his look a little more styled these days, we actually really dig this look on him. Credit: @benbarnes

Christian Bale

Christian Bale with long hair while he was filming his role as Jesus. Credit:

In his role as Jesus, Christian Bale rocked wavy, long hair. We imagine there weren’t many barbers back then, so this look was all about natural-looking hair, that had no specific style. Still, we think it rather suits him! Credit: @christianbale_

Keanu Reeves

Keep it classic like Keanu Reeves with his long hair. Credit:

As one of Keanu’s iconic looks, longer locks have done this actor proud. It’s a little bit bad boy, a little bit mysterious and a great look to try if you want to dip your toe into the world of longer hair. Credit: @keanureeves__official

Josh Holloway

Josh Holloway rocks surfer dude worthy hair. Credit:

Channel your inner surfer dude with this messy blond look that’s a favourite with Josh Holloway. Perfect for those who would still like to slick back their tresses to feel like they’ve got shorter hair.

You’ve got movement, texture and length to play with, without having to grow your hair really long. Credit: @officialjoshholloway

Leonardo Dicaprio

Leo looks great filming The Revenant. Credit:

When filming his Oscar-winning movie, Leo grew his hair out to look like the legendary explorer Hugh Glass.

While we want to bet that the frontiersman, cared more about the angry bears then he did his hair, we think that this edgy ‘long hair don’t care’ look is a must-try for gents who like an adventure. Credit: @leonardodicaprio

Brock O’Hurn

Channel your inner Viking like Brock O’Hurn. Credit:

If the Vikings taught us one thing, it was that long hair not only made them look fierce, it was also a pretty fierce style statement!

American actor Brock O’Hurn loves to keep his locks long and flowing and we must say, we think he rocks this look. Credit: @brockohurn

Brooklyn Beckham

Like father like son – Brooklyn keeps his locks long. Credit:

Taking a leaf out of his famous father’s style book, we would expect no less from Brooklyn Beckham, than to rock an achingly cool hairstyle.

Think rebellious boy band member, with outgrown tresses and you’re there. This style has plenty of movement and texture, allowing you to just wake up and go. Credit: @brooklynbeckham

David Beckham

David Beckham rocking his longer hair slicked back. Credit:

This famous footballer father has often led the way in the style stakes and he’s still making waves when it comes to his mane.

Here we see Becks with longer tresses, that are still short enough to sweep back and off his face, with the help of a little gel. We can see why his sons would look to him for style tips! Credit: @davidbeckham

Matt Damon

Why not try a low ponytail like Matt Damon? Credit: Rex by

The best thing about having long hair is that when you’re tired of your flowing locks, you can easily sweep your tresses up into an oh-so-stylish low ponytail – or even a man bun – should the mood strike you. We’re not used to seeing Matt Damon with longer hair, but we think he totally rocks this look.

Adam Driver

May the flow hair be with you. Credit: Rex by

If you’re wondering how long hair can work as an everyday style, Adam Driver is the perfect source of inspiration. His shaggy cut is low-key enough for everyday wear but still scrubs up like a charm for fancier occasions too.

Editor’s tip: To give your mid-long length hair hold without making it feel stiff or hard, try the VO5 Matt Styling Paste. The reworkable formula gives your mane just the right amount of definition and staying power, with a natural-looking matte finish.

Timothée Chalamet

Timothée Chalamet has the most coveted hair around right now. Credit: Rex by

Call Me By Your Name star Timothée Chalamet is about as famous for his majestic mane as he is his acting accolades. Wavy and full of texture, if you’re looking for a style that’s totally of the moment, this is the way to go.

Justin Bieber

Style it out skater boy style like the Biebs. Credit: Rex by

If man buns and monytails (that’s man ponytails, FYI) aren’t really your vibe, Justin Bieber‘s casual cap look is another option for styling out long hairstyles. While they look cool, they’ll also help hide any unfortunate hair days which can only be a good thing.

Ahhh, the magic of Hollywood. Everyone expects a little lifting, tucking, and plumping. But full on face swaps? Yikes! Take a look at the celebrities on this list whose faces have totally changed.

No one can ever be 100% sure if it’s make-up, age, or something that rhymes with “Go-tox,”but it is painfully clear that there are big time changes happening to a lot of celebrity faces. Renée Zellweger shocked the world when she debuted her “new” face at the 2014 Elle Women in Hollywood Awards. And have you seen Meg Ryan lately? No one really has – but people have seen someone who is claiming she’s Meg Ryan. Kathy Griffin is one of the most known celebrities whose faces changed. And Heidi Montag sparked her own celebrity face controversy when she had a reported 10 procedures in one day.

While some of the celebs on this list cite new diets – like Olivia Munn’s obsession with Japanese potatoes – a lot of these celebs have also copped to the fact that they’ve been injected and filled, including Nicole Kidman and Melanie Griffith. As for the others, well, they’re not talking, but it’s not like the world doesn’t know what’s going on…

You better get scrolling before these celebs update their faces again. Vote up the craziest face change!

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The Rise in Procedures throughout the UK and America. Which is best Restylane Botox or Dysport? I have wrinkles between my eyes Can improperly injected Dysport cause bags under eyes as it wears off? Welcome to the award-winning Spa at Salish Lodge. At Rockwall Dermatology Botox and Dysport are commonly used to soften wrinkles around the eyes forehead mouth chin between the eyeows

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The “Pillow Face” Look Caused by Too Much Injectable Fillers

As people get older, the first place that they notice signs of aging is in their face. One way to preserve a youthful appearance is with injectable fillers. Unfortunately, too much of a good thing can be bad. The end result is a condition typically referred to as pillow face or chipmunk cheeks. Even famous celebrities such as Madonna, Nicole Kidman and Janice Dickison have all fallen victim to over-injection.

What Is Pillow Face?

It’s a condition that occurs as a result of a person getting over-injected with dermal fillers in their face. This leads to an overstuffed look, which causes the checks and other areas of the face to puff out.

Nicole Kidman before(left) and after (right)

Lindsey Lohan before ( right) and after( left)

While dermal fillers are a great way to combat signs of aging and add volume back to your face, it’s important to visit a professional who knows the correct amount to use to make the face look natural. In some cases, untrained professionals add too much filler to stretch out the skin. In cases like this, people would be better off getting a face lift.

This condition is a real concern for people who are thinking about facial injections. Visiting a professional for all of your dermal filler injections is the only way to make sure that you look natural and avoid the chipmunk cheeks that so many celebrities end up with from over-injecting.

Using Dermal Fillers the Correct Way and to Avoid Pillow Face

When using injectable fillers to combat aging, technique is everything. The key thing to remember about correcting volume loss is that skin loses elasticity as it ages. This means that the skin can’t hold volume in the same way that it did when it was younger. This can lead to unpredictable results such as lumps if you get work done by someone who isn’t a professional. Increasing the volume of your face doesn’t mean it should be injected with large amounts of dermal filler, even though it’s tempting. Overfilling the face will lead to an unnatural look and damage your skin elasticity even further.

The way dermal fillers work is by smoothing out wrinkles by injecting directly into the wrinkles. When doing this, small amounts of filler should be placed under the skin to add volume to that area. It’s like having a “liquid face lift.”

What Are the Risks?

The good news is that dermal fillers are generally safe to use. However, there are some risks that might arise, such as an allergic reaction to the filler or an undesired look when over-injecting. These risks are why you should never take facial fillers lightly and always visit a professional such as Aventura Plastic Surgery. Doctors who take their work seriously always use fillers that have been approved by the FDA.

Dermal Fillers or Fat

Both dermal fillers and fat can be used to give people a youthful appearance. However, both of these fillers can lead to problems if not done correctly. Using body fat as a facial filler has become a popular trend in Hollywood. While there aren’t any side effects from using fat from your stomach in your face, you should still use caution. The fat in your stomach tends to gain weight faster than the fat in your facial area. As a result, it’s possible to end up with an uneven look in the face as the fat you injected from your stomach expands quicker than the rest of the fat in your face.



PILLOW FACE – the celebrity trend that you don’t want to follow!
Decades ago, stars like Joan Rivers and Cher underwent excessive facial surgeries that left them with stretched ‘wind tunnel’ faces. The advent of Botox and fillers saw a dramatic decline in facelifts and consequently, that pinched-face look became a thing of the past. However, a new cosmetic surgery side-effect is now appearing and that ‘gone-too-far face’ is back in the form of the ‘pillow face’.

What is Pillow Face?

Pillow Face is a condition that occurs as a result of a person getting over-injected with dermal fillers in their face. This leads to an overstuffed look, which causes the cheeks and other areas of the face to puff out disproportionately. Madonna and Kylie Minogue are the most obvious examples of stars whose new, youthful glow seem to suggest that they may have had fillers or fat implants in their cheeks, causing the pillow face effect.

As we age, our skin becomes depleted in the substances that give it elasticity and volume. Older people, especially if they are slim, will notice a hollowing of the cheeks and around the eyes. These things visibly age the face. Fillers are chemicals that occur naturally in the body, such as hyaluronic acid or collagen, that are injected into areas in the face to plump out the skin, restoring a youthful look. Unfortunately, too much of a good thing can be bad. The end result of too much fillers is a condition typically referred to as ‘overfilled syndrome’ also known as “pillow face” or “chipmunk cheeks”. That’s why it is very important to ensure that you are being treated by highly skilled and experienced professional who knows the correct amount to use to make the face look natural. The correct usage of the type of fillers is also important. In some cases, untrained professionals add too much filler to stretch out the skin. Overfilled syndrome or pillow face is a real concern for people who are thinking about facial injections.

Don’t let your quest to stay young turn you into a pillow face
Visiting a professional clinic like Apex, that has highly experienced board-certified doctors for all of your dermal filler injections is the only way to make sure that you look natural and avoid the overfilled pillow cheeks look. At Apex, our team of highly experienced board-certified, fellowship-trained dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and doctors will ensure that there is no over-injecting or misuse of fillers, using injectable fillers to combat aging, technique is everything. They may also recommend other procedures such as energy devices like the Exilis Elite™ or threadlifts to lift sagging skin. You can be sure at Apex that you are in safe, experienced and trusted hands.

This cosmetic treatment immediately ages you

Two decades ago, full facelifts were the only way to tighten ordinary sagging skin. But times have changed and celebrities don’t need to go under the knife now to achieve stunning results.

The only problem? Not knowing when to quit.

Case in point: Lily Tomlin. She’s 79, but her face looks a little flat, a little puffy — like she’s wearing a cat mask.

If you’re nearly 80 years old, it’s OK not to have smooth cheeks. Picture: Robyn Beck/AFPSource:AFP

Or, maybe you’ve seen Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible — Fallout. At 56, Cruise is still doing his own stunts, but that beautiful face just doesn’t look the same — and it’s not because he’s older. Cruise looks like he maybe had too much MSG in his honey king prawns the night before. His once-chiselled visage seems a little bloated, a little mask-like.

Could he be using dermal fillers?

Cuba Gooding Jr seems to think the Top Gun actor has certainly dabbled.

When asked by Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live if he thought his Jerry Maguire co-star had had anything done, Gooding Jr replied, “Absolutely!”

MORE: Plastic surgeons warn fillers can cause blindness

“I don’t know what he’s had done, but I remember I surprised him at his house one day and he had all of these dots all over his face and I was like, ‘You all right?’ and he goes, ‘I didn’t know you were coming’ and I was like, ‘I can see why.’”

If Cruise is using fillers, he’s certainly not alone. The treatment, which involves injecting hyaluronic acid directly into lines around the mouth and nose to minimise wrinkles, is Australia’s second most popular treatment, behind Botox.

He’s less ‘pillowy’ than other stars, but Tom Cruise’s face has changed dramatically over the years. Picture: Alex Edelman/AFPSource:AFP

It’s favoured by Courteney Cox, (who publicly announced last year she had them removed) Jennifer Aniston, (who has also said she’s sworn off them) and of course, Madonna, who’s devotion to them earned her the nickname “pillow face” among plastic surgeons for her overuse.

“As we get older, our face loses structure and tissue volume, altering our facial contours and causing subtle changes. Dermal fillers replace this structure and tissue volume, minimising the changes that age us,” said cosmetic nurse practitioner Katherine Millar-Shannon, who also thinks Cruise has had filler treatment.

So what went wrong?

“Inexperienced injectors can treat clients by overcorrecting an area, sometimes by using the wrong amount of filler, or injecting the wrong area,” she said.

Madonna is the queen of fillers, having sported the pillow face look for many years now (pictured here in 2016). But she’s 60 and it might be time to let go of the smooth face look. Picture: Angela Weiss/AFPSource:AFP

“Cosmetic injectors, like their clients, have different ideas of beauty,” Ms Millar-Shannon said.

And, here is the awful truth: Too many of them have seen so many clients, they now have a skewed idea of what looks normal. Ms Millar-Shannon named one famous Australian celebrity in particular who has gone too far.

“I bet a man did her face!” the nurse said. “Some men just don’t understand that women need subtlety.

“Too much filler can create a very ‘Hollywood’ look where clients appear puffy, unnatural and older.”

The problem, apart from the notorious “pillow face” seen on Madonna, and way too many Real Housewives, is that too much can actually make you look older.

“Because our faces tend to widen around the chin and jawline as we get older,” Ms Millar-Shannon said, “too much filler tends to exaggerate that look.”

So what can be done?

“There is truly an art to cosmetic treatments, which is why it’s important to go to an experienced injector,” she said. A skilled injector can provide the highlights along the orbit (the area around the eye socket) and cheekbone while properly creating the shadow in the hollow underneath it.

But the real solution lies in where exactly you get your filler. One place frequently overlooked? The jaw.

“Enhancing the jawline with filler injections can give you a more youthful appearance by filling in loose skin,” the cosmetic nurse said.

“Smoothing the contours of the jaw increases the definition of this area and can also decrease the appearance of jowls, or hanging folds of fat and skin drooping beneath the jawline.”

So the next time you see a celebrity over 50 with the chiselled look, it might be genetics, or it might be that they’ve found the right place for their fillers.

7 Celebrities Embracing Wrinkles & De-Stigmatizing Growing Older — PHOTOS

The thought of aging is ofter a sore spot for many ladies, to the point where you don’t see a lot of women embracing their wrinkles in public. Instead, photos are softened, erasing the lines like a mistake made with a pencil. Creams are stocked up in medicine cabinets, promising to take back years of laughing and being underneath the summer sun. Lunchtime appointments are made to make the skin a little softer and a little smoother than it was that morning.

From an early age, we’re bombarded time and time again by images of women freaking out over who they see in the mirror. And what’s worse is that we’re sold this idea that it’s just an integral part off being a female. Feeling crappy is part of our code, like getting lusty over a pair of heels or craving pumpkin spice lattes. It’s all about as outdated a concept as the idea that our place is in front of an ironing board.

Thankfully, a rising group of women who roll their eyes at ridiculous, ageist standards of beauty is rising. Growing older is an integral part of living, and to fear it is to spend a huge chunk of your life being unhappy. The good news, though, is that this nagging fear over gray hairs and fine lines is learned. And when you can learn one thing, you can unlearn another. Below are seven beautiful celebrities who embrace wrinkles at all ages. Consider studying their thought process and give yourself a chance to change yours.

1. Helen Mirren At 70

John Phillips/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Signed as L’Oreal’s new leading lady, Mirren seems to have a plan to not ride the industry’s obsession with youth, but to change it. And how is she going to go about doing that? By being a L’Oreal’s spokeswoman, on one condition: That the company not Photoshop a thing. Mirren wants every single wrinkle represented in magazines and commercials, refusing to hide the fact that she’s 70 and looks it.

She explained her decision in a Sept. 2015 interview with The Guardian. “The more those roles change for women in life, the more people get used to that image — seeing an older woman’s face. They become more familiar with it. It’s not uncharted territory, visually, so it’s not such a shock to the system any more.” Her words shed light on what could be the culprit of our youth-obsessed culture: We see too many women feeling ashamed over what “time has done to them,” rather than enjoying it.

2. Diane Keaton At 69

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

In a Hollywood bubble where women sometimes look stretched and pulled and frozen, Ms. Keaton looks like her regular, Annie Hall-like self. She just gives off this self-accepting, honest, candid vibe. And the best part about her? She doesn’t pretend that being old feels better than being young, but she wouldn’t say being old looks bad either.

In a 2014 interview with Vogue, she said, “The more you change, the more you see differently. And the more you see differently, the more you’re open to different kinds of beauty. I think the more we embrace what our own feelings about beauty are, the more fun it’s going to be for us as we go along.”

3. Cameron Diaz At 43

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Carrying around the title of “America’s Sweetheart” for decades now, Cameron Diaz is tired of the dialogue we as women have perpetuated for ourselves. She shared her concerns in an interview with Oprah on OWN, saying, “Women don’t allow other women to age gracefully. And we don’t give ourselves permission to age gracefully.”

Diaz pointed out how nonsensical that predicament is by explaining, “For me I feel like if I — it’s almost as if we have failed if we don’t remain 25 for the rest of our lives. Like we are failures. Like it’s my fault that at 40 years old… I still don’t look like I’m 25.”

When put that way, those wrinkle creams in your bathroom don’t make a whole lot of sense, do they?

4. Jamie Lee Curtis At 56

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jamie Lee Curtis is outspoken when it comes to the subject of laugh lines and crow’s feet. A firm believer in aging unapologetically, she sports silver hair like a badge and refuses to believe that the lines on her face are something she needs to “fix.” She made clear in an article that she wrote for Huffington Post in 2012, writing, “I am appalled that the term we use to talk about aging is ‘anti.'”

Society’s thoughts on lines do seem more than a little extreme, don’t you think?

5. Reese Witherspoon At 39

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Reese Witherspoon champions for strong female role models, leading the way when it comes to changing the script so that we can see that a strong woman can come in all shapes and sizes (from the pink-loving Elle Woods to the damaged and lost Cheryl Strayed.) So it comes as no surprise that the 39-year-old actress has a well-grounded opinion when it comes to aging, shaming no one in the process while shedding light on what our “anti” behavior actually points to.

In a 2012 interview with UK Glamour , Witherspoon shared her thoughts on plastic surgery. “I’m not for it. I’m not against it. I have plenty of friends who do stuff and if it makes you feel good, great. But I don’t think it’s the fix for some sort of unease that you’re having about who you are as a human being.”

6. Diane Von Furstenberg At 68

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You would think that a woman with such a strong role in the fashion industry would be caught up with its unrealistic and hard to uphold beauty standards. But when it comes to the legendary Diane von Furstenberg, that just isn’t true. Instead, she chooses to embrace the way her face has changed and, more importantly, not merely live with it but love it.

In her memoir The Woman I Wanted to Be , she wrote:

“I know that people look at me and wonder why I have not succumbed to the progress of technology. Why have I not frozen or filled in the lines of my forehead? Why have I not clipped the bits of surplus skin on my eyelids In my older face, I see my life. Every wrinkle, every smile line, every age spot. There is a saying that with age, you look outside what you are inside. Your wrinkles reflect the roads you have taken; they form the map of your life. My face reflects the wind and sun and rain and dust from the trips I’ve taken. My face carries all my memories. Why should I erase them?”

Indeed, why?

7. Drew Barrymore At 40

Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Drew Barrymore has always had this bubbly, warm-as-sunshine persona, and her brightly optimistic attitude carries over to her thoughts on aging, too. In an interview with Woman’s Weekly in 2010, she shared her thoughts on how it felt to age. “It’s the best time of my life — it’s not traumatic at all. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier. It’s like the older I get, the better I get. Gravity and wrinkles are fine with me. They’re a small price to pay for the new wisdom inside my head and my heart. If my breasts fall down to the floor and everything starts to sag, becoming hideous and gross, I won’t worry.”

Preach, ladies.

Apply SPF Like It’s Your Job

“Sunscreen is the number one anti-aging cream you can use right now, every day,” says New York dermatologist Robert Anolik, MD. “The only time you don’t have to put it on is at night.” That’s because, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 90 percent of skin aging comes from the sun. Sure, your tropical vacations require more diligent protection, but Anolik points out that it’s actually cumulative daily bursts of ultraviolet light (UV) exposure that will fast-track wrinkles, brown spots, and blotchiness. And don’t rely on the SPF in your makeup or moisturizer; it isn’t enough unless it’s at least 30. Then there’s digital light (aka HEV), emitted from your phone and computer, to worry about: HEV damages skin cells, just as UV does. To ward off both, look for a mineral sunblock containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which act like physical shields. We like Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinte Physical Daily Defense SPF 30 ($36) SHOP NOW and Burt’s Bees Renewal Firming Day Lotion with SPF 30 ($20) SHOP NOW.

Resurface Regularly

Anolik, like most dermatologists, swears by retinoids. The vitamin A derivative has decades of science behind it, affirming its ability to diminish pigmentation, boost collagen production, lessen fine lines, improve texture, and reduce the appearance of pores and breakouts by increasing cell turnover. However, the potential downsides to a prescription retinoid—dryness, irritation, and flaking—lead many to ditch their Rx before their skin can benefit. To minimize potential side effects, Anolik has patients start with a pea-size amount of .025 percent tretinoin every other night and apply moisturizer on top. If your skin is supersensitive, downgrade to a gentler over-the-counter retinol, such as Clark’s Botanicals Retinol Rescue Face Serum ($105) SHOP NOW; StriVectin S.T.A.R. Light Retinol Night Oil ($100) SHOP NOW; L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Cicacream ($18) SHOP NOW; or Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM Night Serum ($65) SHOP NOW.

Balance Your Microbiome

“The gut and the skin are intimately connected,” says New York dermatologist Whitney Bowe, MD. “Toxins from your gut are released into your bloodstream and trigger inflammation systemwide, including in the skin.” If your gut bacteria are out of whack, your complexion will appear dull—no matter how religiously you stick to a skin-care routine. Or, worse, you’ll experience outbreaks of acne, eczema, or rosacea. According to Bowe, the solution is to starve your gut’s “bad” bugs with a diet rich in probiotics, prebiotics, and healthy fiber, which will rebalance its “good” flora. She also recommends taking a probiotic supplement containing multiple strains of 10 to 15 billion colony-forming units, working your way up to 50 billion. “You see significant changes in your gut microbiome in as little as three days, but it could take a few weeks to translate those differences to your face,” she says. Try Genuine Health Advanced Gut Health Probiotic ($20) SHOP NOW.

What Really Works

It’s a no-brainer: Commit to using SPF daily and work a skin resurfacer into your routine, pronto.

From left: Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinte Physical Daily Defense SPF 30 ($36); StriVectin S.T.A.R. Light Retinol Night Oil ($99); Ziip Nanocurrent Device ($495); L’oréal Paris Revitalift Cicacream Face Moisturizer Pro Retinol & Centella Asiatica ($18) Courtesy of the brands

This article originally appeared in the September 2018 issue of ELLE.


Nicole Catanese Nicole Catanese is a beauty and wellness editor.

CW: Plastic surgery

I woke one morning recently with a pretty bad hangover and staggered to the bathroom to inspect the damage. This usually consists of checking whether my eyes are gummed together with last night’s make-up, whether my fake eyelashes are stuck to my chin or whether I have transferred a hand-stamp to forehead. This time, however, there was something new. Beyond the usual mascara catastrophe or gin-fed pimples.

I had forehead wrinkles.

Now, I’m not an eejit. I’m fully aware that at 26 years old, I’m going to obviously start developing visible signs of ageing and that these are going to be relatively minor. I’m not saying I woke up looking like Mickey Rourke. But the wrinkles were there and they terrified me. They weren’t my first wrinkles – I’ve been rocking a little mouth wrinkle for the past year or so. However, this was only on one side of my face which gave me the nice delusion that I have a cute, wonky smile a la Patrick Wilson, so it was easier to ignore.

Exactly how I look in my head.

After spotting them in the mirror, I immediately went online to research Botox and fringes. I bought a new night cream and skin serum, and every time I frowned at the price of these products, I’d desperately smooth my forehead out with my fingers.

The next morning, my eyes were drawn to the sea of foreheads joining me on the commute to work. On the Tube I glared at every hairline, comparing people’s foreheads to mine and trying to guess how old they were. A baby boarded the train (accompanied by a parent, obviously) and I was jealous of its forehead.

As I walked through the Underground station on my way out, my forehead-pervert eyeballs glued to the advertisements lining the walls, I noticed something. 100% of the women shown in the ads did not have forehead wrinkles. Of the men, approximately 60% did not have forehead wrinkles. So there were far more male forehead wrinkles. Even on ads depicting older people of mixed genders, the men would have their forehead wrinkles and the women, even those with greyish hair (usually that in-between blonde and grey colour they always use on older women), would have these Photoshopped or Botoxed out. No wonder I felt like a bulldog! In the idealised world of the media, women do not visibly age. Their wrinkles are considered inappropriate, and wholly unsuitable for the public eye. Men, too, are supposed to hang onto their youth as much as possible but at least they’re allowed to reach that “grey and distinguished” stage, and have a huge range of highly sexualised celebrities in the limelight they can look to who proudly display their wrinkles (Depp, Pitt, Clooney being the Holy Trinity). Major female celebrities with wrinkles seem to comprise solely of:

– Meryl Streep

– Judi Dench

– Helen Mirren

– Maggie Smith

– Betty White

And that’s about it.

A film came out recently which utilises almost half of these stars, and is a rare example of a film which explores the lives of older women. Let’s take a look at its poster:

Putting issues of colonialism aside (as this film did), there’s a strange pattern of visible ageing here. We’ve got some light forehead wrinklage from Maggie Smith and Judi Dench – these are women in their eighties, remember – but the rest are hidden away with fringes or almost non-exist in the case of sixty-something Lillete Dubey. Now look at the bad boys on Richard Gere and Bill Nighy. They’re younger, but are allowed to show their age in a way the women can’t.

I’m not blaming the female actors for their smooth foreheads. They’re obviously under enormous pressure to look younger, and everyone knows that roles for women dry up the older they get. It’s a shame because their job is literally to emote and if they succumb to the pressure to look youthful, they inevitably give up the ability to move their faces as well:

Society took the acting skill of Nicole Kidman and I shall never forgive it.

We know, after all, that women cannot have everything.

A lack of representation for older women not only renders them invisible in society but it also creates unrealistic expectations and fear in younger women. So how underrepresented and misrepresented are older women?

  • Research has shown that while leading men will get older, their leading ladies will not. There are some excellent graphs available to see which show the disparity of ages.
  • A 2002 study by Nancy Signorelli found that the vast majority of female characters over the age of 40 fit negative stereotypes. Common qualities include craziness, bitterness, bossiness, ignorance and desperation.

  • A 2014 analysis of some of the most popular programmes on BBC1, Channel 4, ITV and Sky1 found just 15% of women featured were aged 56 or over, half the actual make-up (30%) of that demographic in the UK. Men outnumbered women by a ratio of almost 3:2, with women more likely to be aged between 20 and 39 than their male counterparts.

Of course, these facts also fail to take race into account. Ethnic minority women over 40 suffer pitiful levels of media representation – I was unable to source a single study that even looked at the issue.

So who’s benefitting from the extreme culture of youth that we have in the Western world? Unsurprisingly, it’s the same culprit that benefits from the wider idea that a woman’s value lies solely in her appearance – the beauty industry. Older women often have more money than young women, so it’s smart business to make them feel shitty about themselves until they purchase the means to make themselves look younger. It works particularly well as younger women will spend increasing amounts of money as they get older, replacing the market each time.

If we look at the less ‘invasive’ anti-ageing products, we can see that in 2012, the UK skin care market reached a value of £2.1 billion. That is an incredible amount of money to make, particularly during the tail end of a global recession. The value of the UK cosmetic procedures market is growing too. It was worth £2.3bn in 2010 and is estimated that it will grow to £3.6 billion by 2015. Non-surgical procedures (which includes Botox) account for 75% of this total, and around 90% of all cosmetic procedures in the UK are carried out on women. So it’s worth it for companies to encourage feelings of deep insecurity in women.

After looking at these facts, I was predictably less enthused about buying into the ‘youth scam’. After all, every day I see women who have visible wrinkles and are no less gorgeous for it. The more we’re exposed to women in their natural state of ageing, the more normal it will look to us and the less likely we’ll be to rush to the beauty counter or cosmetic surgeon’s office at the first sign of a wrinkle. By way of example, see below for a photograph of my mother. She gave her permission with an amazing, “I’m nearly 50 so go for it, girl!” and is clearly straight up beautiful:

Anyone who knows my Mum will also know that she is a woman of excellent facial expressions. In every wrinkle, there are thousands of ‘I don’t like the sound of that’ screwed-up-faces, ‘You’re being a silly twat’ pointed-looks and ‘Politely showing surprise while being bored senseless’ raised-eyebrow-faces. I love that you can see what an expressive woman she is, and all of the joys, sorrows, rages and boring dates she’s been through. Once I got over the shock of seeing my own forehead wrinkles, I realised that they too show my experiences (as well as the eyebrow-waggling genetics of both my parents). This can be additionally helpful in the workplace – I feel like my academic career, with all those late nights in the library eating Tangfastics and Googling ‘quotes on Modernism’, is clearly visible in my face and lends a more knowledgeable air. A friend of mine admits to wearing ageing wire-rimmed glasses when she works, to avoid patients asking nervously when she qualified. While this demonstrates the increasingly difficult tightrope women are expected to walk – not old enough to have wrinkles, not young enough to be considered inexperienced – it can be comforting knowing that your first wrinkles will possibly make you look that much wiser.

I, for one, am learning to embrace my baby wrinkles. Make-up does collect in them throughout the course of the day, which is annoying, but this is only one of the many annoying things associated with wearing make-up, so it’s okay. My wrinkles show that I’ve lived. So come, let’s marvel at our forehead wrinkles! And our crows feet, and our grey pubes. Let’s revel in the memories that our bodies have given us, and admire the evidence of those memories.

The forehead wrinkles in question. Yes, they are relatively slight but fear not, for one day they shall be crevasses deep with the knowledge of a thousand embarrassing moments and limitless Buffy trivia.

I hate to end this post with a quote from Marilyn Monroe because it makes me feel like a living Pinterest board, but I think this one is particularly poignant and makes us remember the true value of ageing:

“I want to grow old without face lifts. They take the life out of a face, the character. I want to have the courage to be loyal to the face I’ve made. Sometimes, I think it would be easier to avoid old age, to die young, but you’d never complete your life, would you? You’d never wholly know yourself.”

Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962)

Let’s be grateful for the evidence that we’ve known ourselves.

– Jade Slaughter is editor of The Jar Belles and has written for The F Word, Parallel and Litro magazines. Follow her on Twitter: @msjadeslaughter.

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