Britney Spears’ social media has turned into a healthy-lifestyle bible in the recent years, but recently the Hit Me Baby One More Time singer has been even more revealing when it comes to not just showing her fans that she’s more fit than ever, but also in sharing her weight loss tips. In one of her latest posts, she happily announced that she has lost four pounds and opened up about how she did it. Are you ready to discover her secrets?

Back in May, the singer posted this stunning picture where the results of all her efforts could already be seen

“Okay, so I just lost the four pounds that I wanted to lose, but now these are the fruit and veg I eat to keep them all off,” the 37-year-old says, before revealing her detailed grocery list, filled with items she says can help fight ailments. “I have weak eyes and stress and asthma and headaches,” she adds. “So this chart has helped me with those problems… and my weight! Whoop, whoop! As mother of pearl would say, it works well for children too.”

The singer looked relaxed and fit in her crop top and low-slung pants

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Britney’s chart advises how carrots and celery are good for the eyes, and that there’s nothing better than banana, pear and strawberry to fight your stress. Whether you are a firm believer in the power of diet or not, from the looks of it the healthy combination is working for the music star at least where her figure is concerned. In the social media post, she shows off the results in one of her signature looks: a pair of low-cut pants and crop top

Britney has been working really hard to lose weight and the proof is in her videos. When she lost the first three pounds, she told her fans that for her, it felt like seven

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Britney has been regularly giving fitness updates to her 22 million social followers, also sharing the exercise routines she follows to complement her diet. “The key to my workout is repetition,” she says in one of her posts, “but that gets boring so I have a booklet I´ve made with all my favorite exercises. I usually wear headphones… music takes me away.” And speaking of tunes, there’s another exercise secret: Ms Spears doesn’t just listen to her own tunes while exercising. Is that Selena Gomez we hear? Turn it up, please!

Britney Spears reveals her secret to weight loss

The secret to a Britney body? Fruits and vegetables.

The troubled pop star took to Instagram on Tuesday to talk about the diet she follows to lose weight and to combat various health issues.

“Okay so I just lost the four pounds that I’ve been wanting to lose but now these are the fruits and vegetables that I eat to keep it all off,” the 37-year-old wrote in a video of herself wearing her signature look of a crop top and low-rise shorts.

The “Womanizer” singer posted a chart following her video that listed multiple ailments and corresponding fruits and veggies to help negate them.

“I have weak eyes and stress and asthma and headaches,” she captioned the video. “So this chart has helped me so much with those problems …. and my weight !!! Whoop whoop As mother of pearl would say …. it works well for children too.”

Although most comments on her post consisted of fans expressing their concern amid her ongoing conservatorship drama, celebrity stylist Brad Goreski chimed in with a sarcastic zinger.

“This lists almost every vegetable known to mankind,” he wrote.

In June, Spears posted a workout video on Instagram explaining that she was trying to shed a few pounds.

“I’ve been working really hard to loose (sic) weight …. and for me 3 pounds is like 7 pounds it’s a lot. I don’t like doing too much cardio. My body has muscle memory, cus I use (sic) it be a gymnast and I can bulk up …. so I like isolated movement,” she wrote. “The key to my workout is repetition, but that gets boring so I have a booklet I’ve made with all my favorite exercises. I usually wear headphones …. music takes me away. I know I don’t look perfect here, but I’m working on it. Hopefully one day I can give my boyfriend’s abs a run for their money !!!!”

Her fitness posts come after she accused paparazzi of photoshopping her vacation pics to make her look heavier.

The Britney Spears diet consists of 3 meals, 2 snacks and a pre-workout shake. Other than the occasional leftovers from her kids, Britney Spears keeps her diet healthy.

The Britney Spears diet was revealed in the 2015 January/February issue of Women’s Health. In the interview, Britney says that she is into a lot of raw food. Instead of using a chef or personal trainer, Britney Spears just eats food she likes.


For Breakfast, Britney Spears eats:

  1. A smoothie on some days (day 3 of her journal)
  2. Eggs and wheat toast on others (day 7 of her journal)

On day 3, Britney says:

It’s a good thing I had a smoothie for breakfast! Some days I need that extra energy to get through the third set.

On day 7, Britney says:

Got up early and made scrambled egg whites and wheat toast before I hit my gym.

Pre-workout Shake

Britney Spears has a pre-workout shake for energy and protein. She says the shake contains:

  1. Milk
  2. Ice
  3. ViSalus shake mix

Britney admits she uses ViSalus Pro because:

It’s the one protein shake that actually tastes good.


For snacks, Britney often finds herself having whatever her kids are eating. If it’s up to her, she prefers Nut Thins. Britney Spears also reaches for any kind of fruit. She especially loves peaches.

Lunch & Dinner

For lunch & dinner, Britney says she is on a raw food kick:

I’m really into raw food–sushi basically.

Britney confesses a love for chocolate. It makes her feel independent and loved. Being from the South, there’s only one thing that Britney won’t ditch from her diet. She proudly admits:

I love Sweet Tea!

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  4. January/February 2015 issue of Women’s Health Magazine

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Britney Spears reveals diet tips for ailments and weight loss


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Published Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Britney Spears has revealed the diet tricks and tips she uses to combat her health woes while working on her weight loss plan.

The 37-year-old singer opened up about her ailments and weight loss plan, and shared a chart on social media detailing the food she eats to help with her own regime.

She wrote on Instagram: “I have weak eyes and stress and asthma and headaches.

“So this chart has helped me so much with those problems …. and my weight !!! Whoop whoop

“As mother of pearl would say …. it works well for children too (sic)”

The chart recommends apple, cucumber, kale, ginger and celery to help with regular headaches, while the stress remedy is banana, strawberry and pear.

For asthmatics, the advice is to eat carrots, spinach, apple, garlic and lemon.

Britney revealed she’s also switched up her diet to keep up with her weight loss.

She said: “I just lost the 4lbs that I’ve been wanting to lose, but now these are the fruits and vegetables that I eat to keep it all off.”

Last month, the ‘Toxic’ hitmaker opened up about her health regime and revealed while she struggles with the “repetition” of a workout, she was keen to stick with it.

Sharing a snap at the time, she wrote: “I’ve been working really hard to loose weight …. and for me 3 pounds is like 7 pounds it’s a lot. I don’t like doing too much cardio.

“My body has muscle memory, cus I use it be gymnast and I can bulk up …. so I like isolated movement. The key to my workout is repetition, but that gets boring so I have a booklet I’ve made with all my favorite exercises.

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Print Email Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Whats App Pin InterestJune 19, 2019 – 12:38 BST Hanna Fillingham Britney Spears shared a video of herself working out on Instagram and revealed that she had lost weight

Britney Spears has been impressing her fans with her incredible physique in her latest workout video – and what’s more, she’s already seen a result too. The singer took to Instagram to share the footage, which saw her doing various exercises in the garden, dressed in a tiny pair of shorts and crop top. In the video’s caption, the mother-of-two revealed that she had lost 3 pounds as a result of her increased workout. She said: “I’ve been working really hard to lose weight, and for me 3 pounds is like 7 pounds, it’s a lot.” Britney added: “The key to my workout is repetition, but that gets boring so I have a booklet I’ve made with all my favourite exercises. I usually wear headphones – music takes me away.”

Britney Spears showcased her weight loss in a new workout video

The star continued: “I know I don’t look perfect here, but I’m working on it. hopefully one day I can give my boyfriend’s abs a run for their money!” Comments soon followed, including Britney’s boyfriend Sam Asghari, who wrote: “Perfect as it can be! Lioness always inspiring the world!” The star’s fans were also quick to compliment the singer. One wrote: “You go girl!” while another said: “You look amazing Britney.” A third added: “I love your workouts.” Other followers, however, were quick to point out to the star that she looks perfect the size she is. “You are beautiful just the way you are,” one wrote, while another commented: “You don’t need to lose weight, you are already beautiful. Do it for yourself, not others.”

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Britney has been dedicated to fitness and her health over the past few months

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Over the past few months, Britney has been sharing various workout videos on social media. In May, she posted a clip of herself doing yoga at the park, and another of herself doing weight lifting at her gym. The star’s dedication to fitness and her health follows on from her checking out of a wellness treatment facility in April, where she received therapy. In one caption for a video she posted at the end of May, Britney wrote: “After therapy and being too serious it’s nice to be silly!!”

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IT’S hard to believe popstar Britney Spears is now 35, because the mum-of-two is in a better shape than ever.

If you want to tone up like Britney, these are her exercise and diet secrets.

4 Britney Spears is 35 years old, but she’s in better shape than ever beforeCredit: britneyspears/Instagram 4 Pictured in 2007, Britney wasn’t always as toned as she is nowCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Britney famously sang “You want a hot body? You better work, bitch” and it seems she is really living by that motto these days.

The 90s’ icon works out every single day and does a combination of cardio and light weight lifting – and posts the evidence on her Instagram page.

While she told Shape magazine she does two 90-minute yoga classes a week, and credits the stretch classes with keeping her toned. These are her favourite poses.

A quick scan of Britney’s Instagram page reveals she’s a big fan of press up, squats, pull-ups and sit-ups (doing up to 1,000 a day of the latter).

The good news is, all these exercises can be done at home, without any need for pricey gym memberships.

Britney first wowed with her toned bod in 2015, ahead of a new residency in Las Vegas.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on Mar 10, 2017 at 1:08pm PST

She enlisted celeb trainer Tony Martinez, the man who once helped Janet Jackson shed a huge 4st 4lb in just four months, for the skinny mission.

His motto? “Workout smarter, not longer”. Sounds good to us.

Britney worked out with Tony three or four times a week, doing “intense” 40-minute workouts, according to the Mail Online.

Workouts included running backwards, playing tennis and skateboarding. She also did lots of dancing, obviously.

Tony doesn’t believe in crash diets, and recommends a goal of losing one to three pounds a week.

4 Britney works out every single day, and does yoga twice a weekCredit: britneyspears/Instagram

In December 2014, when she was working towards her Vegas goal, Britney wrote a workout schedule for Women’s Health.

She explained that her breakfasts consist of scrambled egg whites on wholemeal toast, or a protein shake with milk.

Last year, a source told Now magazine Britney had cut out frappuccinos, Cheetos chips, chips and burgers completely.

4 She’s also cut out all her favourite junk foods, and eats a healthy breakfast of scrambled egg whites on wholemeal toast before working outCredit: britneyspears/Instagram

“She’s banned bread virtually altogether. But it’s all about moderation – if she does have a chocolate bar or a slice of pizza, she’ll work harder at the gym,” they added.

“She’s doing 1,000 crunches a day to get her abs perfect – she doesn’t quite have her stomach back to where it was before her kids, but it’s almost there.”

Britney’s reported to have membership at five different gyms, so she can workout wherever she is.


Britney Spears shows off eye-popping cleavage and toned abs as she works out in tiny shorts

smell of success

Britney Spears shows off her incredible legs in plunging leotard in stunning new photos to promote fragrance


Pop princess Britney Spears shares a video of the gruelling fitness regime that has got her in top shape


Britney Spears shows off her incredible dances moves on beach during day off from tour in Thailand Video


Britney Spears shows off her incredible abs during gruelling workout in Japan

Britney Spears does yoga wearing only a tiny, blue bikini

Britney Spears doesn’t need yoga pants to pull off a tree pose.

The “Toxic” singer stripped down to just a tiny, blue bikini to practice some yoga outside her home in Los Angeles.

“Only in LA can you wear a bathing suit in October!” she captioned the clip on Instagram Monday. “It’s so beautiful out …. and first time to walk on my hands up and down stairs.”

In the video, which has received over 1.8 million views as of Tuesday morning, Spears, 37, and an instructor do stretches together. The same coach has appeared in other fitness videos with the pop star on her Instagram.

Last week, Spears shared a video of her coach helping her with handstands and back flips.

“It’s been exactly a year today since I’ve done gymnastics …. lol 🤸‍♀️” she wrote. “Such a beautiful day to play outside and work up a sweat with the help of this mate !!! As you can see, my back is too stiff on my back walkovers !! He’s trying to loosen me up and he’s great !!! Such a fun day !!!!”

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on Oct 21, 2019 at 7:49pm PDT

While Spears is on her “indefinite hiatus,” following a stint at a mental health facility earlier this year, the pop star keeps her fans updated on her fitness regimens.

In June, she shared a workout video and revealed she was trying to lose some weight.

“I’ve been working really hard to loose weight …. and for me 3 pounds is like 7 pounds it’s a lot,” Spears said. “I don’t like doing too much cardio. My body has muscle memory, cus I use it be a gymnast and I can bulk up …. so I like isolated movement.”

Britney Spears Wears Purple Bikini and Shows Off Her Yoga Skills in New Video

Britney Spears is staying fit in the new year.

In an Instagram video on Thursday, the singer gave her followers a glimpse at her yoga practice and shared some of her fitness goals for 2020. The footage showed Spears wearing a purple string bikini and cycling through a number of different yoga poses outside.

“Today I’m outside and I’m about to do a little bit of yoga to open up my back and my chest, and I’m out here with my dogs and we’re going to have a beautiful day,” Spears, 38, said in the beginning of the clip.

“In 2020 I will be doing a lot more acro yoga and the basics for yoga,” the pop star explained in her caption. “I’m a beginner and it’s kind of hard to let go …. learning to trust and letting someone else hold your body 😳 !!! I have a lot of things I keep bottled up so I have to keep my body moving !!!!”

In her caption, the “Toxic” singer” also commented on the beautiful January day.

“Thank God for Mother Nature …. she’s really no joke …. she grounds me and helps me find my feet and always opens my mind when I step outside …. !!!! I was lucky today with this beautiful weather 🍀🍀🌸🌸🌸☀️.”

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Besides working on her yoga practice, Spears explained that she is also planning on running more in the new year.

“I just flew in from a trip with my family and I ran a 6.8 speed outside my house for a 100 meter yard dash … I did 6 in high school so I’m trying to gain speed !!!!” she wrote. “I hurt my thigh so I apologize if my legs look swollen 😔😔🙄🙄🙄.”

“PS I’m so cool with my tennis shoes and yoga 🧘‍♀️,” she added jokingly. “It’s the new thing you know 😹😹😹😜😜 !!!!”

Image zoom Britney Spears Britney Spears/ Instagram Image zoom Britney Spears Britney Spears/ Instagram

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The yoga video comes after Spears kept her fans updated on her Christmas celebrations.

On Christmas Eve, the star shared a video compilation on Instagram that featured her modeling a new white babydoll dress that she got for the holiday. In the clip, Spears can be seen twirling and posing on her balcony in the ensemble, which she paired with a jeweled choker and a high ponytail.

Spears concluded the post by reminding her followers to not “forget to leave Santa cookies🍪 …. and milk tonight 😜😜😜.”

Have you seen Britney Spears lately? We have, and it’s hard not to fixate on her popping abs! If you’re thinking you could never have her abs, think again. Britney is a badass mother of two, and her amazing body is totally attainable. In a lot of ways, Brit is just like any one of us, and we can learn from her example and have a beach body all year-round.

Britney’s best advice is, “You better work, b*tches,” and it is one of her common Instagram captions on her workout videos. Are you ready to work? To get a bit more specific advice, we turned to one of our favorite fitness professionals and contributors Sarah Chadwell, CPT. Chadwell told us, “Every personal trainer will tell you that it takes discipline in five areas to have poppin’ abs like Britney: determination, core training, cardio, diet, and consistency. Is it easy? No. Is it achievable? YES!” So, let’s get to work!

“I browse Britney’s Instagram account because I enjoy her exercise clips. It’s easy to see she’s back in the gym for the long haul, and she’s enjoying it. Britney is mentally focused and it certainly shows physically. She has really found herself in her 30s,” Chadwell told POPSUGAR.

A quick browse of Britney’s social media will give you a sneak peak of how she’s toning her tummy. Here’s a sampler of her greatest core hits with some tips from Chadwell to help you master the moves!

Britney Spears is switching things up. The pop star recently revealed that she has altered her workout routine to incorporate more cardio and dancing into her exercise regimen—and that she’s nixing the hot yoga.

On Monday, Spears, 37, shared a shot of herself doing the splits on Instagram in a white sports bra, black shorts, and knee-high socks. While she didn’t add a location tag to her post, Spears says she was working out in a yoga studio—but not necessarily doing yoga the entire time.

“So I found this adorable simple yoga studio in Maui,” she wrote in her caption. “I tried to start off by doing yoga but I danced the first 20 minutes and let go ….. I finished with stretching, splits and yoga!”

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on Oct 7, 2019 at 6:31pm PDT

Spears explained that her previous workout routine included lots of hot yoga, but after a while, she says she took it a little too far. “I overdid it,” she wrote. “I prefer cardio and dancing now.” She noted that the studio she was visiting in Maui was lit up at night with “baby twinkle lights,” adding that she “preferred nights” at the studio. “It was magical,” she said.

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This isn’t the first time the singer has opened up about her workout routine. A quick scroll through her Instagram page shows that she regularly posts videos of herself dancing, stretching, or working out at the gym.

The pop superstar has also been upfront about other time she’s taken it a bit too far in the gym. Back in 2018, Spears shared a selfie on Instagram in workout clothes talking about taking a break from the gym. “I love cardio and sweating, but over doing anything just isn’t good,” she wrote, adding that in her spare time she’d started hanging out with her kids more often.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on Jan 29, 2018 at 1:55pm PST

Spears has a point—and while everyone’s definitely interested in her workout routines, it’s nice to see her taking some time for a break (and a little extra self-care) too.

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Britney spears workout routine

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