Have you been on a search for the perfect butt lifting leggings? There’s no shame in it at all!

We’ve all looked at the mirror and saw our booty and wished to have more or have it a bit more lifted. Whether we barely have any or have enough, a desire to show off our curves is ever-present.

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10 Best butt enhancing leggings

Clothes are all about making us look and feel great, so when it comes to wishing our butt looked amazing, there are some leggings that can come to the rescue. I’ll guide you through the best 10 butt shaping leggings you’ll find on Amazon that will turn heads wherever you go.

These best booty lifting leggings were chosen based on:
– Quality
– Best reviews
– Comfort
– Fit

So if you’re on the look for enhancing your booty, follow me through this guide!

1. Perfect for yoga or Pilates: SEASUM Women’s High Waist Butt Lift Tights

These SEASUM bum enhancing gym leggings are perfect for your athleisure wear looks. There are 37 different colors you can choose from, giving you plenty of option to make the most of this brand.

Whether you’re planning on exercising or simply want to run errands looking your best, these leggings are a great option. The brand highlights these following features:
– Breathable
– Seamless
– Tight fit
– Strong compression
– Stretchy

Your booty will love these leggings!

What customers say

Apart from being the best-reviewed booty lifting leggings, they also have some other features that have made hundreds of customer give a 5-star rating:
– Their high waist tucks tummy in
– The thick fabric conceals any cellulite
– Makes your booty look amazing
– Great price

2. The best leggings for casual and workout outfits: SEASUM Women Scrunch Butt

37 different prints and colors to choose from! These SEASUM have the same quality as the ones above (same brand) but they are not textured. So if you feel like wearing textured leggings is too much, or are looking for leggings for casual outfits only, then consider these your best option.

These booty leggings will make your curves pop!

What customers say

Customers have loved how awesome their booty looks after trying them on, but they also can’t get enough of how soft the fabrics is. Many of them have already purchased or ordered more in other colors.

“Way better than expected” is what some say, which makes me want to order my own pair right away.

3. AGROSTE Women’s High Waist Yoga Pants Butt Lifting

These AGROSTE booty lifting leggings will make you the center of attention! They have butt lifting feature that gives your bum a juicy peach look, making it look natural yet super curvy.

The fabric is also an “A+ Material”, with a mix of polyamide and spandex which offer a smooth and ultra-soft touch that will make you want to live in these leggings. They’re also super stretchy and hugs your waist while tucking in your tummy.

If a sexy outfit is what you’re looking for, these are the leggings for you!

What customers say

“Amazing stretch”, “fit beautifully”, “butt looks great” and “not see through” are some of the great reviews these AGOSTE leggings have received from their hundreds of customers.

These FITTOO textured leggings have 20 different colors you can choose from and offer great booty enhancement while making you look stylish and sexy.

They have a high-quality fabric composition: with 90% polyamide and 10% spandex which gives you extra stretch for those days when you’re feeling a bit more bloated and simply want to hide your lower belly.

Either for the gym or casual looks, these FITTOO will definitely make your booty look much bigger!

What customers say

Women have fallen in love with how these leggings enhance their booty. They get compliments from random people and feel amazing wearing them.

“Glorious”, “phenomenal”, “super comfy” and “Incredibly flattering” are some of the top features that these FITTOO leggings have received from customers. Way better than some expected, these leggings will not disappoint you.

5. The best compliment for your gym looks: RUNNING GIRL Butt Lift Leggings

These RUNNING GIRL leggings are great for anyone who loves a good run AND a sexy look. They have a butt lifting feature that makes your bum look naturally lifted and big while hiding away any cellulite.

If you’re not convinced about their butt lifting features, their internal silicone will surely make you want to believe! They will give you an extra OOMPH and will turn heads as you run by.

What customers say

These RUNNING GIRL leggings do what they say they do, no lies hidden. Customers have loved how amazingly round and lifted their butt looks from the very first moment they tried them on.

These leggings will surely make you want to reorder them in all the 11 colors!

6. Amazing leggings for a fun gym outfit: Lunyu Womens Ruched Butt Lifting Leggings

If you have a fun style, these Lunyu leggings are made just for you. With 26 different cute designs to choose from, you’ll find it nearly impossible not to order all of them!

The best part? These are definitely bum lifting! Not only will you look cute and stylish, but you will also make everyone wonder how you got such an amazing booty.

With high quality and lightweight fabric, these leggings will be your go-to option whenever you feel like feeling comfortable because they’re not solely for the gym. You can also lounge in your house and have some friends over and rock these leggings!

What customers say

Customers have really loved these butt lifting leggings, claiming that they feel and fit way better than expected. They also highlight how comfy, stretchy and butt flattering they are.

7. Enhance your style and your booty: Bon Bon Up Women’s Leggings with Internal Body Shaper

These Bon Bon Up leggings will lift and boost your natural booty! If you’re looking for traditional looking leggings, these are perfect for you. You can choose solid and neutral colors that will definitely be a great addition to your wardrobe, working as staple pieces while making you look sexy.

What customers say

“Definitely worth it” says a customer who claims the purchase has been a great investment. The material is super comfy and stretchy which flatters the bum and ticks in any belly fat you may have.

But what customers have loved the most is the high-quality fabric, which makes them feel “tight” and have everything in its place. No cellulite, no tummy, and a great butt lifting look, these leggings are something worth trying.

8. Best for tummy control AND a sexy look: Meilidress Women Scrunch Butt Lifting Leggings

If you’re on the look for a comfy pair of leggings but also want to look sexy, these Meilidress butt lifting leggings are what you need.

They’re high waisted, wrinkle-resistant, butt lifting, seamless, breathable and stretchy. The best part? They have 39 different cute prints and colors you can choose from, which makes them perfect for casual, dressed up or gym looks.

What customers say

Customers have loved the perfect fit of these leggings and how smooth and soft the fabric is. Apart from feeling great, they also make your booty look like you go to the gym 24/7.

“Obsessed”, “favorite leggings” and “I’m in love” are some of the expressions used to describe these cute bum enhancing leggings.

9. For a sexy and round bum: CROSS1946 Women’s High Eaist Back Ruched Leggings

If you’re looking for leggings that make your butt look good, these will not disappoint you. These CROSS146 leggings have a variety of 27 different colors and prints that will enhance your gym style AND your booty.

Their butt lifting features will make your assets look round and lifted while making you feel super comfortable. You can wear these for the gym or for a casual date with friends.

What customers say

“Booty looks good”, “perfect fit”, “super stretchy” and “not see-through at all” are some of the compliments these CROSS146 leggings have received. Perfect reviews for anyone who’s on the hunt for the best investment leggings.

10. For tummy control and butt-lifting features: HURMES Women’s High Waist Textured Butt Lifting Pants

These textured Hurmes leggings have a high-quality fabric that hides any imperfections: from cellulite to lower belly fat, these leggings are perfect for fitness lovers who also want to look and feel great.

They also have a ruched back which will boost your botty’s natural curves, which makes them perfect for a sexy and comfortable outfit!

What customers say

Customers have loved how these leggings are not see-through at all and how they go all the way down to their ankles.

With many “definitely recommend (them)” reviews, it’s impossible not to feel tempted to buy a couple of these Hurmes leggings.

Wrap up

If you’ve been searching for a comfortable but booty flattering pair of leggings, then these leggings with bum enhancing features have come to the rescue. From solid to prints, and textured to smooth fabric, these are the best ones you’ll find on Amazon!

I hope these top 10 best butt lifting leggings will help you find the best ones for you.

Are These Gymshark Pants the Best Leggings for Your Butt?

ICYMI, the athleisure market is exploding, and new brands of workout wear are popping up left and right-meaning there are a million different places to scoop up some workout leggings.

Chances are you’ve heard of one of these new brands: Gymshark, an up-and-coming, Instagram-fan-fueled clothing company. Their social media fanbase is impressive-more than 1.7 million Instagram followers between two accounts. What’s even more impressive: In a market saturated with stretch pants, there’s such high demand for their Flex Leggings that they’re almost always sold out. Say whaaaaa?

So why exactly are people scrambling to get a pair? For one, at just $38, they’re much cheaper than your average pair of performance workout pants. Second-and most importantly-they’re guaranteed to make anyone’s backside look utterly bootylicious. (Just one reason leggings are the best thing ever invented.)

In the name of Important Fitness Journalism, we set out on an epic quest to see whether these leggings were really worth the hype. Here, you have seven regular human women (i.e., the Shape.com staffers) trying on the famed Flex leggings. See the booty transformations for yourself, and read what the #ShapeSquad has to say.

Image zoom

They’re *super* comfortable.

These leggings were way comfortable-like sweaters-for-your-legs comfortable. It’s tough to tell from the photos, but they have a second-skin knit feel, versus some other brands that may feel sleek or sweat-wicking.

“I liked how they felt-the material was a little more knit than I was expecting, but comfy,” says Amanda Wolfe, Shape digital director. That being said, several editors agreed that they would totally wear these on the couch instead of at the gym: “I’d probably wear these again for yoga or for a Netflix and Chill marathon,” says Marietta Alessi, Shape social media editor. (YES, leggings are pants. And that’s final.)

Image zoom

They’re not quite as tight as you might think.

If you’ve gotten used to the zipped-up feeling that your fave pair of spandex gives you, these might leave you feeling a little ~loose~. “I generally prefer more actual compression for my generous booty and hips,” says Wolfe. However, the lack of compression is indeed one of the reasons they’re so comfortable. Plus, you have 100 percent range of motion with these babies-which doesn’t happen if you strap yourself into a super-tight pair.

For some workouts, though, editors weren’t convinced they would cut it: “Even though I #lovemyshape, I wish they had more compression and sucked, tucked, and lifted my booty since that’s how I like to work out in my leggings,” says Alessi. “I kickbox, so my legs go all over the place and I need to feel secure.” (P.S. She’s talking about #LoveMyShape, our kickass body-positive campaign.)

Image zoom

They really do show off ~the booty~.

Compared to a pair of plain black pants, the expertly placed shading really does add dimension to your legs, hips, and glutes. “They do accentuate my curves really well, so I can see the draw,” says Alessi.

And, obv, they make for fabulous ‘grams. “The colored panels definitely made my butt look more contoured so I can totally see the appeal for those Instagram-worthy #belfie shots,” says Wolfe. (Or, you know, you could go the old-fashioned route and built that booty with a butt workout.)

Image zoom

But that means sacrificing that high-waisted-ness we love.

If you’re really into the wide waistband, corset-style top of some other popular legging brands, you might want to pass on these. “The low-rise cut made them feel unflattering,” says Kiera Carter, Shape executive digital editor.

“I’m not even going to sugarcoat it: I hated these leggings,” says Kylie Gilbert, associate digital editor. “They created a pretty unfortunate camel toe situation thanks to the extreme low rise, negating any benefit they may have had for my backside.”

Shape web editor Alyssa Sparacino agreed: “The biggest culprit was the low rise, which feels so ’90s and hit my hips in all the wrong places.” Current leggings waistband score: high-waisted with three, and hip-huggers with zilch.

Image zoom

And they’re certainly not for blending in…

“The ‘contouring’ effect wasn’t exactly subtle-it’s really just a giant blob circling your booty, which felt a little Kardashian-Jenner to me,” says Carter. “To each her own, but I’m more the ‘deadlifts quietly in the corner’ type, preferably in black leggings.”

But if you’re in the gym to see and be seen (hey, zero shame in that-feelin’ yourself and your gym outfit can even make your workout better), then these might be the perfect in-between leggings that fall nicely between rainbow tie-dye pattern and basic black. Not to mention, some of Gymshark’s other colors are a little more subtle; their all-black pair gives a more subtle (but still booty-benefiting) illusion.

Image zoom

The Takeaway: Booty pop if you dare.

“Overall, I thought my butt looked (and felt) better in my trusty high-waisted black leggings and I will be sticking to contouring my face exclusively from here on out,” says Gilbert. Sparacino adds: “I’d choose a good pair of tight, performance leggings with a higher waistband any day of the week.”

Not everyone vetoed the Flex leggings, though: “I was very skeptical at first; I honestly didn’t think my butt would look any different, but I was surprised,” says Jasmine Phillips, Shape social media writer. “These leggings definitely made me want to walk around backward just to show off my booty.” If these leggings do make you feel like a boss, bootylicious babe, they might be the only motivation you need to crush that next leg workout. “It’s that look good, feel good connection,” says Alessi.

And, hey, if you’re not into wearing them to the gym, at least you know they’re 100 percent comfy enough for the couch.

Image zoom

  • By Lauren Mazzo @lauren_mazzo

Perfect Booty Yoga Pants

Give your booty that extra Oomph! in these leggings. You already do enough lunges, squats, mountain poses, and half locust poses that your booty is already close to perfection. Give your booty that something extra and be the talk of your instagram feed with these perfect booty yoga pants. With plenty of colors to choose from these breathable elastic push up yoga and gym leggings pair perfectly with any outfit

Item Type: Full Length
Sport Type: Yoga
Fabric Type: Jersey
Closure Type: Elastic Waist
Material: Polyester,Cotton
Brand Name: FNMM
Gender: Women
Fit: Fits true to size, take your normal size
Model Number: DP02118
Pant Length: Full Length
material: 95% cotton 5% polyester
Season: All Seasons
Feature: Breathable, Quickly Dry, Elastic
Style 1: Yoga, Running Sportswear
Style 2: yoga pants 2018
Style 3: sport pants women
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style 6: fitness pants women
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sport trousers women: sport leggings push up
Quick-drying Fitness pants: compression pants women

Leggings have transitioned from everyone’s favorite piece of workout wear to a literal way of life. From running errands to getting brunch with friends to actually—gasp!—exercising, athleisure has taken over the world (not that I’m complaining). So, if you’re gonna wear leggings 24/7—which, trust, you are—why not opt for a pair that accentuates your assets? After all, it’s 2019, folks, and butt-lifting leggings not only exist, but are all over the place.

It’s about time you threw away those old apple-bottom jeans, because these babies can really perk up your peach, thanks to high waists, side panels, and compression features. They’ll all make your tuckus look like you’ve been doing thousands of squats, even if you haven’t hit the gym in a bit.

And you don’t have to spend like a Kardashian to get a booty like one, these amazing butt-lifting leggings will fit your bod—and every budget:

Under $50: Meilidress Ruched Butt-Lifting Leggings

Amazon Ruched Butt-Lifting Leggings Meilidress amazon.com

Skeptical about buying activewear on Amazon? Don’t be. These leggings feature a back fold design that gently presses your butt to boost its, ahem, volume. Made of breathable, seamless, and strong compression fabric, you’re in for a tight fit that (thankfully) won’t feel like it. Plus, the material isn’t just moisture-wicking while you work out, but quick-drying after you throw it in the wash.

Under $50: Zella Lyrical High Waist Crop Leggings

Lyrical High Waist Crop Leggings ZELLA nordstrom.com $35.40

Made of “figure-sculpting performance fabric,” these cropped leggings are ready to become your booty’s new BFF. The additional seams running down the back of leg will not only make you look lean, but draw the eye to allllll the right places. And since this pair’s on sale for only $35, it’s a total steal.

Find out how to work your booty without squats or lunges:

Under $50: Gymshark Flex High-Waisted Leggings

Flex High-Waisted Leggings Gymshark gymshark.com $50.00

High-waisted wins again! Not only are these great for holding in a tummy, but the figure-contouring shades accentuates your legs and, more importantly, rear. Plus, they’re non-slip, breathable, and supportive, meaning they’ll go the extra mile whenever you do.

Under $75: Gymshark Energy Seamless High-Waisted Leggings

Energy Seamless High-Waisted Leggings gymshark.com $55.00

One look at the rear of these, and you know they’re designed to give you a round tush, whether you have one IRL or not. Best of all: The seamless knit means there’s no crack seam, so your butt—and only your butt—is on display. Eyelet detailing on the side panels further flatter your thighs.

Under $100: Lululemon Wunder Under Crop Mid-Rise Full On Lunxtreme Leggings

Lululemon Wunder Under Crop Full-On Luxtreme Leggings Lululemon lululemon.com $88.00

If there’s one thing Lululemon’s known for, it’s making butts look their best. (Trust me, I know from personal experience.) And this pair is no exception, thanks to the Full-On® Luxtreme fabric that offers great support and coverage. These leggings nail the perfect balance between feeling light, like a second skin, and being strong enough to sculpt and smooth.

Under $100: Beyond Yoga Spacedye Essential Leggings

Spacedye Long Essential Leggings Beyond Yoga zappos.com $88.00

Another second skin full-length legging (as long as you order down a size!), these stretchy ones from Beyond Yoga use spacedye performance material to keep you comfy and rounded… if ya know know what I mean. The waistband is also designed to prevent slippage and sagging—helping your booty stay lifted.

Under $100: Sweaty Betty Contour Workout Leggings

Contour 7/8 Workout Leggings Sweaty Betty sweatybetty.com $105.00

Let’s put this pair squarely into the “wow” category. You can choose between two eye-catching prints, like this comic-book inspired design or a simpler stripe down the side, that help disguise any lumps or bumps that solid leggings don’t. The quick-dry fabric keeps you cool—a good thing since you’re bound to wear these babies everywhere.

Under $100: Athleta Stealth 7/8 Tight

Stealth 7/8 Tight Leggings Athleta athleta.gap.com $98.00

The seams wrap ever-so-elegantly around your curves to accentuate your butt, so make sure you pair these with a top that will show it off. Plus, Sculptek technology helps them retain their shape and boost your backside. Win-freakin-win.

Under $100: SPANX Active Leggings

Spanx Active Leggings Spanx spanx.com $102.00

These leggings have all the smoothing, lifting, and compression power of your trusty pair of Spanx—while being stretchy enough to do a HIIT workout without making you feel like you’re getting squeezed to death. Instead, they hug you just where you need it, making that booty POP. (Added bonus: they come in cute patterns, crops, and plus sizes.)

Under $120: Beyond Yoga Spot On High-Waisted Midi Leggings

Beyond Yoga Spot On High-Waisted Midi Legging BEYOND YOGA carbon38.com $110.00

You want full-length compression leggings? You got ’em. Beyond having a wide waistband that smooths and contours, the all-over metallic dot print will round out your behind and flatter your tummy at the same time. Plus, the fabric comes with four-way stretch and UV protection, so you can wear this anywhere and everywhere.

Speaking of high-waisted leggings, here’s even more for you to fall in love with:

Under $120: Alo Airbrush Tech Lift High Waist Leggings

Alo Airbrush Tech Lift High Waist Leggings ALO nordstrom.com $118.00

These leggings are pretty in pink, and they’ll make your peach look pretty (d*mn good), too. Featuring smooth flatlock seams and an extra-wide waistband that can be worn high or folded over, they fit like a second pair of skin shaping your rear end. They’re also moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, meaning they can handle your sweatiest workouts—and then some. Pair these with your favorite crop top or sports bra, and you’re good to go.

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  • Gymshark: They are all over the ‘gram and slowly becoming the most common pair of leggings in the gym… but are they worth the hype? They are middle of the road in price, think more expensive than Target less expensive than Lululemon. Do they look as good on “normal” people as they do on Gymshark sponsored athletes? I had ALL of these same questions! Luckily, I love giving my opinions and recommendations on things so keep on scrolling for my honest Gymshark review.

    For reference: I am 5’5, 138-140 lbs, and I wear a size 2.

    1. Original Flex leggings: Charcoal Marl/Dusky Teal – Size Small

    These are like the OG Gymshark leggings. I feel like these are how everyone heard about Gymshark, myself included. All of the fitspos I followed had them and their butts looked amazing so reasonably I had to have them too! They appeared at least mid-rise on the girls on Instagram but they are absolutely hip hugger/low rise leggings. AKA major love handles. Even on my leanest day, I do not wear these with just a sports bra. I think really thin girls can pull these off without love handles but I am not that girl. The waist band digs in so it creates love handles even if you are pretty lean. Also, if you’re bloated, the waist band can be uncomfortable.

    However, the booty contour is amazing. Perfect for leg/glute day! The material is really stretchy and comfortable. They are a little long on me but I don’t mind because I like the way they look when they are rolled up a couple times. If that’s not your style and you’re short like me, these will be probably be too long.

    Pros: Booty contour is amazing! Material is really stretchy and comfortable.

    Cons: Low rise with a tight waist band. Not the most flattering collection. Slight camel toe. Extremely long.

    I rolled one leg and left one unrolled. These are the longest pair of Gymshark leggings I own. This is the way I wear them! Great for leg day.

    2. Flex High Waisted: Washed Khaki Marl/Blush Nude – Size Small

    So obviously the problems with the original flex were heard and they recently launched high rise flex. I was thrilled. Because they are high waisted with a seamless band it definitely fixes the love handle issue. The color I bought (washed khaki marl/blush nude) has a very slight green hue to it. They look grey unless you put them right next to true grey.

    Side note: I don’t wear underwear with any of my Gymshark leggings except the original flex (listed above) because I don’t want lines or colors peeking through. In an effort to be truly transparent with you, this color, while squat proof, you can see the outline of some things (use your imagination) in well-lit rooms… like a gym for instance. Personally, I’d recommend getting one of the darker colors instead…. lesson learned. I probably should have sized down to an extra small in these but mostly because I have a smaller butt, so it doesn’t quite fill them out as nicely as I would like. These are compressed only on the waist band, nowhere else.

    Pros: Fixed all the cons from the original flex. Booty contour is still on point and material is comfortable.

    Cons: I like these but because they are only compressed on the waist band they are a little less flattering than some. Also, my color choice was not the best. Other colors probably do not have the issue I mentioned above.

    One leg rolled and one unrolled for length comparison!

    3. Energy Seamless high waisted leggings: Purple wash – Size Small

    These are the original line of Energy Seamless. They have since come out with a new line called Energy+ Seamless. These have a higher waist band than the Energy+ and are ever so slightly stretchier than the Energy+. Personally, I don’t mind the higher waist band. I am short but I have a long torso so that may be why it’s not so extreme for me. Plus, you can roll them down a little if you want.

    I like these because they give a little more coverage of the mid-section when you want to wear just leggings and a sports bra. They are very different from the flex; thicker material and compressed all over, not just the waist band. I love the compression because it holds me in right where I want it to without being so tight that I look like a stuffed sausage spilling over the top OR flattening the booty —priorities am I right?

    Pros: Comfortable, flattering due to the compressed/high waist band, quality booty value!

    Cons: The only thing I don’t like about these is if I want to wear a crop top and still show some mid-section skin, the waist band is generally too high for that. However, its perfect for covering more skin if you just want to wear a sports bra.

    4. Energy+ Seamless leggings: Indigo – Size Small

    I love both collections of the energy seamless. Like I mentioned above, the waist band is slightly shorter on these as well as the length. Perfect for shorties! Slightly less stretchy than the original Energy Seamless. Same positives as the original! I personally LOVE the indigo color. It’s super vibrant and fun.

    I have these in black as well but they are the cropped version, think capri length. Obviously they fit exactly the same but I prefer full length. The black is extremely flattering though so I definitely recommend it if you’re not into the bold colors.

    Pros: Same as the original Energy seamless.

    Cons: If you like the feel of the super high waist band then I would go with the original seamless. Otherwise, no cons!

    Not rolled up at all. Love the length of these!

    5. Flawless Knit Tights: Ruby – Size XS

    Okay, I am obsessed with these. They are my favorite of all of the Gymshark leggings I own. I went down in size because a girl at my gym let me try hers on before I ordered mine, and I am SO glad I did. The waist band is a little tighter due to sizing down —obviously, but they fit my butt so much better. The waist band is compressed but nowhere else. These are not too long either!

    The material is definitely thinner than any of the others. Personally, I like that it’s thinner, but I did poke a teeny hole in mine with my finger nail while I was pulling them up. Maybe I’m too rough –oops! The little holes on the legs of this collection makes them more breathable and I love how high up the detail goes on the thigh/butt. I personally like the small “Gymshark” on the left thigh and the logo at the hip. I am partial to ruby/garnet colors (Go Noles!) but I’ve seen the other colors on girls at my gym and they’re all really nice!

    Pros: Flattering, breathable, awesome for the booty.

    Cons: These are less compressed than the Energy Seamless, so they don’t “hold you in” quite as well but I think they are still flattering on different body types!

    If you could only buy one pair, I’d recommend purchasing either of the Energy Seamless! I think they are the most universally flattering and really comfortable. If you can splurge, then definitely get the Flawless Knit!

    I totally believe in the Gymshark hype. They are absolutely worth the money! I hope my personal and honest review was helpful. If you have any questions or if there is anything I missed, just comment and I am happy to answer.

    Friendly Reminder: Posed pictures look WAY different! Remember we all post our highlight real on the ‘gram

    Happy shopping friends!

    -The Relatable Red
    • Leggings are god’s gift to woman. I wear them at home, at school, at work and I am 24/7 wearing leggings to the gym because shorts riding up my a** just isn’t a cute look. With as much as I workout and the amount of brands I’ve tried, I’ve got a pretty good grip on the bottoms that work for me. Sooo I’m gonna keep this straight up, real, to the point and let you know the real deal when it comes to fit, price, fabric and resilience of leggings from some of the most popular athletic brands.


      Oh Lulu, I had to start with her. Why? Because quality over quantity always wins for me.


      Lulu has a range of leggings that will overwhelm you, but the same goes for each pair: they fit amazing. They have hundreds of materials that go from buttery smooth to cotton to spandex. I like when my leggings are tight and not loose in the ankle or knee; and Lulu is top notch at ensuring that their clothes fit like a glove. No rubbing, no camel toe and everything is made to fit tall or short people. However, if you’re like me and are the size of a toddler, then just know that one of the best perks of Lulu is FREE ALTERATIONS FOR LIFE. So hem away!

      Last thing, for the girls who deal with chafing and those little balls forming between your legs, don’t you worry; Lulu will exchange your pair for freeeee because no one deserves to deal with that.

      Working Out

      I have found that most of my Lulu leggings have a slight tendency to slip down while working out (but I also like my leggings to literally be up my ass, so that might just be me lol). They are 100% squat proof so when you bend over, they will not be see through; however, they are 100% NOT sweat proof. Even in my black leggings, the material they chose is great for your skin, but horrible for resisting sweat.

      Size Range

      This is my only complaint. While the sizes do go fairly high, they only go up to a size 12 in most styles. I would love to see a broader size range so that everyone can enjoy them!

      Price: $$$$$

      Average legging price: $88

      If you are a coach of any kind, just know that you can receive 25% off as part of the “Sweat Collective” for wearing their leggings as a coach (just sayin).

      Is it worth it?

      Hell. Yes. (My favorites: “the align”, “wunder under”)


      Joylab is a Target brand going for fashionable and functional looks. Just one more reason to love Target.

      The fit of these leggings is sooo much better than you would expect from Target (I don’t know why I doubted Target, its Target). Their fabrics are primarily spandex and so, they are a little less breathable. BUT, the fabric isn’t too thick or thin so you don’t feel trapped. I had a minor problem with the leggings being loose in my ankle, which is more so a personal thing that usually doesn’t bother most. The length isn’t bad at all either, it hits the ankle nearly perfect on my height (MIK’S HEIGHT) as well as someone much taller at 5’6”. Slight rubbing from the material, no camel toe, and I would say slight pinching in the waist from the seam at the top.

      These legging sit very nicely on the body, however, they do kind of rub me while working out. It’s just the feeling of having that spandex material on. These are 75% squat proof, meaning they don’t show my thong, but they get shiny when I bend over from the material stretching more than it wants to. They are also 100% sweat proof.

      Broad. Target goes by XS-XL sizing rather than waist size, but JoyLab also offers a plus size section which makes them 10x more amazing.

      Price: $$

      Average legging price: $35

      Is it Worth it?

      Absolutely! Not every material is the exact same and I think this brand is affordable, functional and a must have in your closet.

      (My favorites: “high rise scalloped” legging)


      Gymshark is an Australian based brand sold online. They’re fairly new in the industry, but, honey, they know what’s up.

      There are three different Gymshark legging lines: “Fit”, “Seamless” and “Flex”. First and foremost, I must say that all of Gymshark’s leggings will give you a camel toe. Not like a camel staring at you, but it will 100% give the bikini outline just from standing there.

      The “Fit” line is pretty basic leggings with gnarley branding on the waistband that has “GYMSHARK” written all the way around it and the length is great. However, one thing that I love about the waistbands is that they have a thin elastic piece on the middle, inside of the waistband, to keep the leggings from falling down. Pretty clever, right?

      I have one word for the “Seamless” line: compression. These leggings hold your body in like nobody’s business. I must say they’re a struggle to get into, but they are soooo nice once you’re in them. They feel molded to your body and like nothing is going to move or fall out. “Seamless” also has the perfect length.

      The “Flex” line are the famous booty contoured leggings. Now, these make your butt look amazing, yes, but they are SOOOOOO long. I don’t just mean for short ole’ me either, I mean that my friend who is around 5’7” had almost a foot of extra material. The length of these honestly made me dislike them, but otherwise these are the stretchiest and most comfortable leggings you could own. The amount of stretch that these leggings has is unbelievable, a small could probably fit a large with the way that these stretch.

      “Fit” line: 100% NOT squat proof, 100% sweat proof, will not slide down.

      “Seamless”: 100% squat proof, 100% sweat proof for the dark colors (I LOVE working out in these) Gray and red are 0% sweat proof. These will not slide down.

      “Flex”: 100% squat proof and sweat proof, these will not slide down.

      “Flex” leggings are an all around amazing fit for anyone, the other two styles go from XS-L and do not have very much space to wiggle.

      Price: $$$

      Average legging price: $45-55

      From what I’ve experienced wearing these, It’s definitely worth getting a pair and seeing how you like them. Not only because they fit well, but also because they have a 10% student discount, hollaaa.

      (My favorites: “Seamless energy”, “High waisted seamless”)

      Forever 21

      Forever has a huge athletic section that seems to go completely unnoticed by most.

      Forever 21 leggings, hmmm where do I begin. They have hundreds of different styles hiding next to each other that you wouldn’t even see because just there’s so much stuff. First thing is, I hate most Forever 21 leggings. The only reason being that they are loose in my knees and ankles and that doesn’t roll with me. However, their seamless leggings are tight as hell and amazing. They do give a slight camel toe outline in the bikini line, but that’s minor. Their fabrics for the seamless leggings are pretty soft and again, they just mold to your skin.

      These leggings do slide down a little bit and I find myself having to hike them back up, but they are 100% squat proof and sweat proof.

      HUGE, they have sizes for pretty much everyone with their plus size department as well.

      Price: $

      Average legging price: literally 20 bucks

      For sure, but try them on first!

      (My favorites: “active ribbed” legging, “seamless” legging)


      I am not excited to talk about this brand.

      The fit of these leggings is decent. They are snug and tight in all the right places when it comes to staying snug on the body. The only thing is the cropped version cuts into your calves a little and the waist seam cuts into the stomach as well. The biggest and most frustrating thing about this brand, that I wanted to love so much, is the quality is sh*t. The seams were falling off after a day of wearing them, the material is not really comfortable on the skin, any mesh is irritating and I’m so sad about it. Kate Hudson gave me hope, man, but it just didn’t do it for me. They don’t give a camel toe, but that’s about it.

      God damnit, I hated them. They slide down, they are 100% NOT sweat proof and I could feel them wearing down and stretching as I continued going through my workout. I will give them this though: they’re 100% squat proof.

      Size range is large but not enough to cater to every woman wanting to try them out.

      Average Legging Price: $50

      No 🙁


      Nike is a funny brand. They excel in quality across the world, but there’s a reason I stopped wearing them.

      The fit of Nike is great. They cater to tall, short, curvy, thin: everyone. Their leggings are tight and feel really good when you first get them because they conform to your body and feel good. However, the materials they have wear down horribly. I’m someone who takes great care with my leggings, washing on delicate and not drying. But even still, Nike leggings rub into crap. Their materials are usually a spandex-cotton blend or straight up cotton. After more than a couple months, without fail, both materials become see through and the color fades. Your black becomes light black, which I HATE. The fit has stayed consistent for sure, but the see through butt and quick desire for your leggings to hold onto all lint, was too much for me.

      They are great for working out and keep their shape. They don’t fall down and they stay in place really nicely. 100% sweat proof, and 100% squat proof–at least for the first couple months, then not so much.

      XS-XL. Nike does a pretty great job of catering to a wide range of body types.

      Average Legging Price: $50

      It may be worth it, but don’t come complaining to me when your a** starts making an appearance at the gym.

      (My favorites: Nike “Power legendary” legging)

      You can thank me later.

      Butts in yoga pants

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