The Only Thing That Will Get Candace Cameron Bure to Respond to Hateful Comments Online

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When Candace Cameron Bure was co-hosting The View for two seasons, her more conservative views sparked debate amongst her fellow hosts, but she says she made an effort to remain civil when things got heated. “At the end of the day I always wanted to make sure when I spoke and shared my opinions that things were kind and respectful even if we didn’t agree,” Bure tells Shape. Her time on the talk show was a motivating factor in writing her new book Kind Is the New Classy: The Power of Living Graciously. Etiquette books might not be as hot as they were in previous decades, but in the age of the Internet troll, it’s fair to say everyone could use a refresher course on kindness right about now.

Advice the Fuller House actress gives in her book applies to both IRL situations (read: Thanksgiving dinners with extended family) and online interactions. She provides tips for navigating situations at work, home, and with friends, with advice on how to stay calm under pressure and handle negative criticism. Bure says she usually tries to just ignore any nasty comments online, with a few exceptions. “There are certain things that I won’t let go,” she says. “If someone talks about my kids-I’m a momma bear, so I won’t always sit back and let those types of things pass,” she says. She’s also chosen to speak out when body-shaming comments are directed at her trainer Kira Stokes. In fact, critical comments about Stokes “looking like a man” helped spark the Mind Your Own Shape movement aimed at making the Internet a kinder place. “I’ve tried to defend her when they attacked her fabulous muscular body shape,” says Bure. “I’ll always stick up for my friends.” (Here’s more proof the two are #FitnessFriends goals.)

What’s more, when a troll recently compared Bure’s body to her husband’s, she did decide to respond to the commenter, but without biting back. She suggests reacting to body-shaming by focusing on the things you love about your body, whether or not you choose to openly respond. “Whether you’re body-shamed or someone writes a comment about you, the last thing you want to do is attack back, because it just fuels the fire and no one will feel good at the end of it,” says Bure. (Related: Why Body-Shaming Is Such a Big Problem and What You Can Do to Stop It)

Bure has a few strategies that she shares in the book for remaining kind even if someone is really getting under your skin or hitting below the belt. When things are getting heated, take a nice deep breath before you respond. She also suggests trying your best to see the situation from the other person’s perspective, however far from your reasoning that may be. Finally, find something you can do every day to put yourself in the right frame of mind. “Meditation or prayer in the morning really centers you and gives you perspective going into your day,'” she says. (More tips: How to Calm Down When You’re About to Freak Out)

Being kind doesn’t just benefit who you interact with, it can leave you feeling happier, she says. (And research suggests she’s right.) Being kind has “given me a sense of peace because I know that when I’m my most loving I can feel good about what I’ve done in a day or feel good about myself without regret,” she says.

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Candace Cameron Bure Tells How She Succeeds at Balancing it All

Candace Cameron Bure is both outspoken and passionate about her family and faith. Known to millions worldwide from her role as “D.J. Tanner” on the iconic family sitcom “Full House.” With an acting career that started at the age of five, Candace appeared in several national television commercials and prime-time hits such as “St. Elsewhere,” “Growing Pains” and “Who’s the Boss.” Candace also earned a string of lead roles in television movies including the critically acclaimed portrayal of an abused teenager in “No One Would Tell” and a college date-rape victim in “She Cried No.” Her feature film credits stand up to the light of her television success with appearances in such films as “Punchline” with Tom Hanks and Sally Field and John Hughes’ pop culture hit “Some Kind of Wonderful.”

After Candace married NHL star Val Bure, she put her career on ice for a while in order to stay home and raise a full house of her own. She has been happily married since 1996 and is the proud mother of Natasha, Lev and Maksim.

After taking a ten-year hiatus, Candace has reemerged appearing in Disney’s “That’s So Raven,” as well as fulfilled the duties as guest host on top rated daytime hit shows “The View” and “The Talk.” Candace starred in the made-for-television Hallmark Original Movie, “Moonlight & Mistletoe” which rated as the #3 all time most viewed original release for the Hallmark Network. She most notably and currently has finished a three year run as her character “Summer Van Horn” on ABC Family Network’s “Make It Or Break It.” In 2011, Candace became a part of Walmart and P&G’s Family Movie Night starring in TV movie “Truth Be Told,” co-starring David James Elliot, and hit a home run for GMC in Emmy nominated “The Heart Of Christmas.” Candace also added NY Times bestselling author to her many titles with her book “Reshaping It All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness” that inspires women to embrace a healthier lifestyle by moving faith to the forefront of their relationship with food.

In her new film “Christmas Under Wraps” (Premiers November 29th 8/7c), Bure stars as ‘Lauren,’ a woman who appears to have it all, a residency at a top hospital, a boyfriend she adores, her whole life figured out. But when she loses both her job and her boyfriend on the same day, Lauren reluctantly accepts a position in Alaska. As her unexpected holiday detour opens her eyes to life’s unplanned joys, she must choose between the life she always wanted and her new life in Alaska. The film, a Hallmark Channel Original, is part of the network’s Countdown to Christmas event, the #1 treasured holiday destination by television viewers.

Candace says, “Being a wife and mother are the single most important roles in my life. They take a lot of work, a lot of patience and help from God and His Word, but if you put in the effort it’s more fulfilling than anything on earth.” Candace and her family spend Thanksgiving at her Mom’s house. She says, “She’s always been the cornerstone of our day, preparing turkeys, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberries and pies all from scratch. Everyone else brings a side dish. We’ve had Thanksgiving dinners as big as 80 people at her house, and the smallest with just immediate family is probably about 40. It’s quite the day and we all love it.”

For Christmas, Candace and her family have started a new tradition. “A few years ago, we decided to take over a homeless shelter for the morning. My sister, her family and some friends join us. We bring in breakfast to cook and gifts to give. We cook for about 60 people and sit down and eat with them, sharing stories and encouraging them through their hardships. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas and give the most important gift we can, the gospel of Christ which we share through conversation. After, we go home and open gifts that were left under our Christmas tree with the kids. And then we all head to my brother’s house to celebrate a big Christmas dinner with extended family and friends. Christmas is a big family affair for us! My husband is Russian, and they celebrate Christmas after the New Year, so we usually have a small dinner then too”

Candace tries to stay healthy over the Holidays, choosing to bring roasted tri-colored cauliflower or roasted Brussels sprouts to family meals.

  • The Fuller House cast is currently filming their final episode of season 5.
  • Candace Cameron Bure, who plays D.J. Tanner on the Netflix series, tearfully documented her “tough day” on Instagram.
  • Several other members of the original Full House cast — Jodie Sweetin, Scott Weigner, Bob Saget, Andrea Barber, and more — have shared similar sentiments on social media throughout the week.

Full House and Fuller House fans have spent 33 years (!) with the Tanners — and now it’s all coming to an end (at least that’s what the cast says). While fans of the Netflix reboot are still hopeful that season 5 won’t be its last, Candace Cameron Bure’s latest Instagram posts say otherwise.

Just a few days after the 43-year-old actress opened up about her “hard couple of days” filming the fifth and final season, Candace returned to Instagram to document her final day playing D.J. Tanner. “I’m feeling happy and a little sick to my stomach. I’m not at tears yet, but I know I will be. I have more butterflies, but so much gratitude,” she said.

But even when she was on the edge of tears, Candace took a moment to express her gratitude to her show, cast members, and army of fans. “There are so many good memories to take away and I’m so happy and grateful and blessed that it all happening,” she explained. “I’m really proud of it.”


Once the Hallmark movie star looked through a scrapbook full of Fuller House memories in her dressing room, she let out the tears she knew would come. “There’s nothing worse than having no makeup on and crying, too,” she laughed.

Leading up to this moment, Candace and the rest of the cast have been gushing about how much they love this show — and more importantly, each other. The day before the final taping, she posted a photo of the entire Fuller House cast sitting on the house’s front stoop with a caption that read, “Chillin out, maxing, relaxing all cool. I’m gonna miss this bunch 😭.”

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Candace Cameron Bure (@candacecbure) on Nov 13, 2019 at 10:17am PST

And while it still hasn’t been confirmed when fans will see the Fuller House crew back in action on Netflix, Bob Saget recently told TV Insider that the first nine episodes will air “at the end of the year, and the last nine will come in the winter-spring.” That means fans can look forward to 18 all-new episodes before saying goodbye to one of TVs most iconic families.

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Fuller House star and former host of The View, Candace Cameron Bure, told Fox News she wants The View to acquire another conservative host.

“I really hope that it is a conservative seat because I think it will balance out that table,” she said. “They need more than one conservative so I really hope it’s a conservative.”

Bure spoke about Meghan McCain, who is on the panel currently, and stated that McCain should not be the only one there to balance the table.

Bure, who is a Republican, has not been fully supportive of President Donald Trump. She commented on Trump’s conversation about John Kasich’s eating habits to Fox in April 2016.

“It’s incredibly disappointing,” she said. “And you listen to Donald talk about how unpresidential John is eating, and how unpresidential are you being by pointing that out, Donald? I would like to see some maturity among the candidates and I’m not seeing that.”

Candace Cameron-Bure attends Celebrity Fight Night XXIV on March 10, 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona. Bure is a Republican and wants to see another Republican on “The View.” Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Celebrity Fight Night

Bure was unsure who she would vote for in the election. “You know, I’m really looking at everyone this year. I really am,” she said.

She is an active Christian influence on her social media accounts, which resulted in a backlash in 2017. Winner of Season 6 of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Roy Haylock, or Bianca Del Rio, called Bure a “homophobic Republican” in April 2017. Bure responded in a comment on Instagram.

“Why do you have to be nasty to me? You don’t know me or my heart. I’m not homophobic and always sad when people think otherwise. Loving Jesus doesn’t mean I hate gay people or anyone,” she wrote. “You sent a bunch of hateful people to my page writing horrible things. I hope next time you’ll spread love and kindness, even when you disagree with people. Sending you love and wish you all the best. Truly. – Candace.”

Current hosts of The View include Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Paula Faris and McCain. Haines and Faris will be leaving the show. Bure was on the show from 2015 to 2016, though she split her time between filming The View in New York and Fuller House in Los Angeles.

“It’s definitely less stressful not commuting back and forth every week to ‘The View,'” Bure told Fox News. “I watch it now and then because I am actually at work during the time that it’s on, so sometimes I’ll catch clips on Facebook or something, but I read the news.”

5 Powerful Branding Lessons From ‘Fuller House’ Star Candace Cameron Bure

June 6, 2018 8 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

If you don’t know who Candace Cameron Bure is, perhaps you know her famous character, DJ Tanner, from the popular early 90s sitcom Full House, and now Fuller House. You may remember her as what most would consider the “token conservative” host on The View in 2014, a contestant on Dancing With the Stars that same year, and she has also starred in over 14 — 14! — Hallmark Channel movies and specials in the last decade. She is also a New York Times bestselling author of five titles, the most recent of which, Kind Is the New Classy, was just released.

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Most of those accomplishments came after a decade on hiatus from the entertainment industry. Whether you agree with her values or not — Bure is open about her Christian faith and conservative ideals — you have to admire not only her comeback, but the brand she’s built since. Her sixth book is already in the works, she just launched a line of products with DaySpring Cards, and she has over 3 million followers who hang on her every Instagram Story.

So, how did she do it? If you’re an influencer, author, speaker or entertainer who wants to build a massive personal brand, read on for tips on how you can build yourself into a megabrand like Bure has done.

Be yourself … by figuring out who you are.

“No matter what you’re doing, no matter what business or industry you’re in, is to know who you are before you go out into it,” Bure shared, “because the world and the culture will try to tell you who it thinks you should be. and if you don’t know, that’s when you’re gonna get tripped up.”

She explained that growing up working with adults as a child, and then leaving that industry to focus on her faith and her family, allowed her to find herself relatively early on. She is secure in her foundational principles that “my ultimate success is in my relationship with God and to leave a legacy with my family.” Her priorities and boundaries guide her projects and brand partnership decisions. To build a strong, cohesive personal brand that attracts partnerships and multiyear contracts, you need to have clear values and solid guidelines for yourself.

Not sure where your uncrossable lines are? Unsure of your priorities? Get sure. To do that, you need to basically apply the classic “How Do You Like Your Eggs Exercise” from the movie Runaway Bride to every area of your life. Take some time off from the hustle, get quiet and really get to know yourself. Ask yourself some hard, deep questions. Where do I want to go? Who do I want to be? Who do I want to serve? When am I most confident? What do I love? What do I hate? Why? Why am I doing this at all — tackling this work or creating this art or building this business?

“I knew what I wanted to accomplish and I knew where my roots were and I knew what my purpose was and what was important to me and set up those boundaries, and prioritized so I would know that when push came to shove, or if I had a lot of decisions to face, I could go back to the basics.”

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Be bold.

When Bure decided to become a co-host on The View, she drew her lines in the sand. From then on, there were roles, projects and brands she would never be able to work with. This suits her, of course, because she is sure in her convictions. This is why I listed point No. 1 as point No. 1.

More importantly, by boldly and publicly professing her less-than-popular faith, and unusual-for-Hollywood views, on that particular show, she attracted brands and partnerships to her as well. She positioned herself as a Christian favorite in Hollywood. She could have passed on the role, sparing herself the on-set ridicule but also the media exposure. She also could have pigeonholed herself into working only with projects or networks that shared her views, another more comfortable bet that — I’m guessing — could have hindered the revival of Fuller House on a coveted Netflix roster spot.

Once you’re sure in your convictions, go big or go home, so you attract (and repel) clients, followers and partnerships.

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Be patient.

Patience is mentioned again and again when I interview millionaires and celebrities. Success is a marathon, and it can seem even longer if you are going against the flow of your industry. “I’ve said a lot more no’s in my career than I have said yeses. I think it’s important for people to know when you do have certain convictions and standards that you want to uphold, you certainly can, but you are gonna have to be patient and you have to have thick skin and not feel defeated,” Bure said.

Along with my guests’ patience usually comes an abundance mentality. Whether they believe in God or not, most tend to believe there is more than enough opportunity, wealth and success out there for all of us, which allows them to relax about rejection and failure.

Bure recalled, “I have certainly had opportunities that, after talking to my husband and my family, we’ve turned down because it just didn’t make sense. And it hurt. I was like, ‘Ugh. I wanted that. I really wanted it.’… I have to hope and trust that there’s something around the corner for me. You hang in there and just wait for the next opportunity.”

Be smart.

After Bure and Hallmark started achieving significant ratings, Bure negotiated for a bigger piece of the pie. Now she is the executive producer of many of her projects in addition to being the star. As your personal brand grows, make sure you are adjusting your contracts and rates accordingly.

“I get to make a lot more decisions and have a lot more creative say and control in everything that I do. I love being an actress, but there’s so much more of an entrepreneurial spirit in me, so I’ve wanted to grow my career in other arenas.”

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Be yourself offline and online.

If you want to book more speaking gigs, brand partnerships, endorsements, etc, you can’t ignore The ‘Gram. Social media has to be a huge part of your brand, and you cannot do it well if you aren’t completely, consistently yourself.

Other than the occasional promotional images, Bure handles all of her social media herself.

“It’s actually been a surprise to me. I love engaging with the fans … I’ve had so much positive feedback from , and I don’t know why it’s resonating with people, but that’s just me being me. I’m not strategic about it. I don’t have a plan. I’m just living my life and including people in certain aspects of it.”

She hops on Instagram and posts genuine clips almost every day — from running to get last-minute school project supplies for her son, to snapshots of her dog, to Bible verses, to glimpses behind the scenes on set. If you watch her for a few days you realize that yes, she is indeed that cheerful, that positive, that serious about her faith and that excited about working out. (I can also confirm this after meeting her, in case you’re wondering — she is exactly as you’d expect!)

In order to show up, as your true self, online and “IRL” over and over again — get clear on point No. 1 and then make sure you’re in your sweet spot. Make sure you love the work itself and will love it for years. If you’re dreading posting that sponsored post or delaying signing a contract, it could be time to pivot.

“I really love what I do. I am genuinely passionate about it.”

Learn more success lessons from Candace Cameron Bure about work/life balance, motivation, persistence and more by watching the full interview on Humphreys’ YouTube channel.

Full House star Candace Cameron Bure has a few choice words for her former employer, The View. At Hallmark’s Summer TCA party this week, the ex-host of the ABC talk show (she co-hosted from 2015 to 2-16) told Fox News that she believes The View would benefit from having another conservative host on the panel. Meghan McCain currently represents the conservative point of view on the show, but Bure believes that adding another right-leaning host will bring about some much-needed “balance.”

Bure told Fox News that the departure of The View hosts Sara Haines and Paula Faris, both of whom are religious and fall politically towards the middle, has created somewhat of a vacuum. “I am so happy for Sara that she has her own slot with Michael now on GMA,” she said. “That’s fantastic. And Paula is moving on as well. So I am curious to see who fills that conservative seat.” Bure went on to explain that the show could use another host to back up McCain, who often finds herself alone on certain issues. “I really hope that it is a conservative seat because I think it will balance out that table. They need more than one conservative so I really hope it’s a conservative.”

During her time on The View, Bure was open about her faith and her conservative beliefs. Leading up to the 2016 election, the actress was open about her “disappointment” with the GOP, particularly Donald Trump’s racist and sexist behavior. Bure seemed to like serving as a conservative voice on the show, but ultimately, commuting weekly between Los Angeles and New York proved too difficult, so she left The View in December 2016.

The View just wrapped Season 21 last week, and it will begin airing new episodes in September. McCain, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin are set to return as co-hosts, but there will likely be a new face at the table come fall. The question is, will ABC take Bure’s advice, or will they add another left-wing voice to the panel?


  • Candace Cameron Bure
  • The View
  • Candace Cameron Bure posted on Instagram about Netflix releasing season 5 of Fuller House early Friday morning.
  • The actress explained Thursday night that she “really wanted to watch it” but had promised her son Lev Bure that she’d work out with him early in the morning.
  • Part one of Fuller House season 5 is now available on Netflix.

The Complete First Season

Candace Cameron Bure is really pumped for season 5 of Fuller House. The only problem is … she’s having a hard time finding time to actually watch it.

As diehard fans of the Full House spinoff probably already know, the streaming giant released part one of Fuller House season 5 at 3:01 a.m. ET on Friday, December 6 (meanwhile, we’re still waiting for info on when part two of the fifth and final season will be available). Excited for the launch, Candace hopped on her Instagram stories Thursday night to connect with her fans. Surprisingly though, the actress announced that she wouldn’t be able to stay up and wait for the big release.

“I was thinking to stay up and watching it, ’cause I’ve actually not seen any of the episodes except for the two that I directed … And I was super pumped, and now it’s nine o ‘clock and I’m super tired and now I’m going to bed,” she explained over a series of slides.


Candace went on to say that even though she really wanted to watch it the second it came out, she forgot she had promised her son Lev Bure that they’d work out together at 5:30 in the morning (in other words, she needed her sleep).

And Candace did just that. Around 7:30 a.m. her time on Friday, she went back on her Instagram Stories again to share that she and Lev had completed their workout. Even still, Candace was too busy to watch the new episodes — turns out, she had an “appointment” to go to.

That said, later in the day, she shared a screenshot of a TV displaying Fuller House’s page on Netflix.


“Season 5- first half- is now streaming!!! Only in @netflix,” she wrote.

Welp, we know what we’ll be doing all weekend long.

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